prolly a dumb question, sorry?
How do i ask my mom to shave..??
Black vs brown hair, which do you like better?
I need shape and volume in my hair.?
Does hair really grow back thicker when you shave?
Best place to get highlights near phoenix,AZ 85040?
Hair problem!!!?
i need new hairspray, any suggestions on what kind?
Junior Bridesmaid Hairstyle?
Why can't guys tell difference between natural/died blonde hair?
Receding Hairline or normal?
Hair make over?
Can I get Toppik in Malaysia or singapore?
Better for your eyelashes???!?
I hate my thin hair! What can I do?
do women grow facial hair?
Brown hair blue koolaid?
I have brown hair should i dye it?
why cant i grow a beard?
Senior pictures. Straight or curly hair? (pics)?
my friends hair smells REALLY bad?
tips for taking care of my mixed daughters hair?
Opinions on this hairstyle?
What unnatural color should I dye my hair?
Haircut help,plz?
What do girls like better short or long hair?
what hair color is this? I was thinking it was dark blond.?
roughyl how much does a hair cut cost?
Where is a good website to find ideas for hair styles for teen boys?
How do you dye hair with lemon?
Is it true that if i put pee on my face hair will grow?
Which hair color do you think suits me best(pictures)?
What is the best way to train a beard to grow neatly?
Hair proctection when straigtening?
If I let my hair get long will I look like a German male prostitute? Picture Die Hard German stereotype...?
Should I permanently straighten my hair?(pic)?
My hair dye turned out too dark... how can I lighten it?
wich do u like better girls with strait hair or curly or both?
Girls: Which hairstyle do you prefer?
I'm 16 and i coloured my hair the year before and now a year later i'm noticing little white hair or two....
hair extension weft help?
I have curly hair! and I need HELP!!?
Which haircut is your fav? (pix)
what color should i dye my hair (pics)?
How can I help my dry hair?
summer time calls for a hair cut!?
Aveda Vs Bumble and Bumble?
Which hair colour do you think looks better? Pictures included?
Hmm.. blue highlights in my hair? *MALE*?
what do you call someone with black hair ?
suggestions for hair extensions?
curling my hair?
What is your favorite shampoo and conditioner?
Would/ Do Braids suit me [x pics x]?
How do you "weigh down" curly hair?
my eye brows are big.. and my cousin told me today i should do something about it what should i do? ?
should i dye my hair darker?
should I dye my hair? {picture}?
What Color Kool Aid Should I Dye My Hair With ( See Details)?
How long should my hair be?
Question for girls about body hair...........?
Faux hawk question?
What can i do to further prevent hair breakage?
Why do some girls put they hair in pigtails?
Burning Hair braids. Afro-Americans... How do we know?
what color should I dye my hair?
Hair colour problem, what shud i do?
How to curl your hair without heat?
I got a "Fohawk" does my hair look better? PICTURES INCLUDED?
Is there any site that has cool hair styles for guys?
how can i make my hair grow really fast.
Natural curls?
{PICS INCLUDED} Help with Hair?
Is loreal feria super platinum power L02 a bleach?
Best straightening/smoothing hair products?
orange hair in scalp, why?
what hair style do you like better?
i want to dye my hair and dont know which color to do i hav a bronze skin?
I bought Nair at the chinese dollar store?
Before or after haircut?
have you ever done something really bad to your hair??
Nubian twist question?
I want to dye my hair, but I dont know what color would go good with my mocha complexion.?
whats hotter- blond, black or brown hair? on guys obviously...?
When should I wash my dreadlocks?
How Can I cut my Hair Like this By Myself?
I have long straight hair...and I need some ideas?
my daughter is mixed race and has very curly hair?
Help please! I need a cute short haircut!!!?
Is long hair for a man unprofessional for a high school teacher?
Is there not a serious hair treatment for hair loss that really really works?
i put blonde dye on my hair ,its gone orange,could i put brown dye on my hair now to get it back to normal ?
Permanent PINK hair dye?! 10 Pnts!!?
How to describe this hairstyle?
what type of hairstyle should i get?..i have a round-ish face and blue eyes and blonde hair?
How should I do my hair??? (pic)?
What shampoo do you use?
Can i leave in My hair mask for more than 5 minutes?
What hair do you think is better?
Does Mane and Tail do anything wrong to your hair ?
what hair color would look good on me? *picture?
im using dorag but my hair dosent stay down how long does the dorag have be on to stay down?
I got long hair & want new cut like sabrina Ryan when her hair is straight in the new cheetah movie?
What do you think of the Don Draper (Mad Men) hairstyle?
If you shave your facial hair will it grow back thicker?
What colour highlights should I get?
would this hair color look good?
How to bleach eyebrows?
plz help, wht is the hair style name of this actor. visit below & tell! & get d points!?
do you like robert pattinsons new hair cut?
is there a way to fix these horrendous bangs?
Should i ask to touch her hair after i compliment her hair?
I have a wet to straight iron. Is it really good to straighten wet hair?
Question for girls...?
lol. girls only plz... actually idk???
why is a pony tail considered unfashinable ? wa r ur veiws???
How do I get Alex Turner's hair from Humbug?
8th Grd Gradution Help!!?
Semi-permanent long lasting black hair dye?
I want to cry.?
On girls do you prefer dark hair and blue or green eyes, or blonde hair and blue eyes?
my hair is driving me crazy?
does honey make our hair soft??
Can i pull off red hair? (pix included)?
thinking about getting hair ladies preferrably.?
Greasy Hair Techniques?
using gallop horse shampoo on human hair?
Hi, Please tell me the recipe for a good home made shampoo comprising of ritha and amla.?
Witch is Better Red hair, or dark brown hair?
Hair lighteners for brunettes?
I got a really bad haircut...?
Will 4 boxes of splat bleach blonde cover my dark black hair?
I got my hair dyed yesterday. Can I wash it tonight?
what looks better??
should i take a shower my hair is so lond and it is causing flys around my hair?and peolpe are looking at me ?
Am I attractive with short hair?
would i look good with brown hair?(pic included:)?
Do guys like when girls shave or wax pubic hair? (teenagers only)?
do u have to rinse ur hair before doin the mayo n oil mask?
would I look better with short, medium, or long hair? (pics included) plz answer!!?
Ginger roots-!?
How do you style scene hair?
Is your hair naturally blonde?:)?
Help me decide how to change my hair? (pictures?)?
What is a natural way to dye your hair?
Will a darker hair dye cover up both colors I have in my hair to appear solidly colored?
what haircut is better for a guy?
is hot oil treatments good or bad for your hair?
When you put lemons in your hair?
how do you make your hair grow faster?
Will this hair routine work for moi???
what can i do for my hair?
how can I do my hair so that it is up and looks pretty?
I've shaved my head. Should I let it grow out or keep shaving it.?
Whats the best method for getting 360 waves?
Why am I 23 with gray hair?
How to grow your hair?
How do you get your hair to stay straight?
Lavender essential oil for Hair growth?
How do I get my hair beachy wavy/ curly?
Tips on curling long hair?
whats the best cheap shampoo on the market?
How do I get my Hair Really Curly?!?
How do i get my side bangs to stay to the side!?!?!?
Hair Straightening (Answers Only from ppl who had it done please)?
How do you dye your hair with KOOLAID?
would this hair look cute on me?
Hair help! I need help with my hair?
Would my hair look good short?
Does it make a difference if...?
i have orange hair....what can i do?
i want my hair to grow out quickly ?
Should I pull a Britney?
which haircut do you like better?
How to make curly hair straight without straightening iron?
How do you make pastel stay in your hair?
Is short hair or long hair better?
POLL: what colour is your hair?
What colour is your natural hair colour?
hairstyles for sweaty scalps?
permanent hair dye symbols!?
How short should I cut my hair?
what r some good hairstyles for a wedding,any website?
natural/organic hairspray that works?
how to make your hair grow longer and healthy?
would you buy feather hair extensions?
How to fade demi-perm hair dye? ?
what kinda hair cut should i get???
what color should my hair be?
lighter pink with sfx atomic pink hair dye?
Help me chose my hair color?
wht to do to make ur hair grow longer?
How do I keep my hair straight and shiny without ironing, buying products or going to the hairdresser? (pics)?
What color should I dye my hair?
dying my hair light brown ?
what color hair should i go for?
I want to go back to my natural hair color (black). Will my greys come out red??
What can I do for my hair?
what's a good product for very fine, but wavy hair- I am looking for a styling product, with hold but will
Small black bugs in my hair?
Picture of auburn hair with ash blonde highlights?
Is there a name for the haircut that has longer hair in the front and angles shorter in the back?
Hair is oily, no time for wash?!?
grow my hair out or cut it short??? (pics)?
How do I get my hair to look like this?
I want to have my hair professionally bleached, like platinum blonde, is it gonna screw up my hair or?
How do you put your hair up into a ponytail?
how do i look/what would look good, #2?
How to ombre your hair like Lea Micheles?
How would this look? Hair DO or hair DON'T?? NEW ****PICS****?
Foxy locks vs luxy vs pro extensions vs more help!!?
Something About My Hair?
You're looking really nice today, did you get your hair done?
how do you do the curly mohawk styles?
Messed up Haircut with a bald-spot. Need Help on how to hide it or a different way. READ DESCRIPTION?
What colour is your hair and why?
What should I use to protect my hair color while in the sun?
How do I know if short hair would fit me?
What hair colour is this on Demi Lovato?
How many of you think the Fellas look good with braids in their hair ?
I have naturally curly hair and I hate it. Help?
Dance Hairstyles... Help me plz!!?
Can I dye my darker hair a ligher color?
Any ideas for a formal dance hairstyle?
Why is my hair falling out?
What products should be used to remove hair extentions safely?
Ladies, I need your thoughts with my hair. Please answer.?
what do i need to say to the hairdresser to get this style?
do girls like guys with hilites in their hair?
bleaching or dyeing my hair?
Will John Frieda's lightening products work on dark African-American hair?
My old boyfriend is a jerk! Photos included?
Any tips on how to spike your hair asian style?
Why do girls straighten their hair?
Best way to straighten hair without straightners?
Is it okay to wash your hair without using conditioner?
I am a girl of 17years and i have a few private hair,how can i get it growing fast.?
should I cut his hair like this?
This is a hair question: What do I use to remove hair that had been infused?
Does Dr. Miracles really work?
Straightening Hair!?
Why is my hair so greasy?
Nioxin Shampoo? (20 characters)?
Brown hair or blonde hair?
whats a good curling iron?
Guys- Long or short hair on girls?
What is "Gatsby"? The hairstyling product?
I need to make my hair look shorter... Help?
Damaging to my hair - yes or no?
how do u make your hair grow faster? on your head that is?
Do u think arm pit hair in a woman is attractive?
Should i dye my hair blonde?
Which shampoo and conditioner is better for red colored hair? Pantene or Garnier?
What is your favorite scent of shampoo?
how can unclogged your hair follicle?
i have thick black hair.what can do to prevent it from falling and being frizzy?
How to make short hair grow faster?
Starting dreads, how can i get thick dreads?
Why am I losing my hair?
men, do you find women with mustache's hot?
What is the best way to tease hair?
What does it mean if I have Bella hair?
How to do ombre hair look with honey?
she i get purple on the tips of my hair?
is true if you put lemon juice on blonde hair it will make it blonder?
how would you feel if your boyfriend had longer hair than you?
Pros and cons of Brazilian blowout?? I'll answer yours!?
blonde hair blue eyes.?
This is me (picture)?
How do I get my hair THIS colour? This is my ideal colour?
Some help and suggestions needed on a haircut with bangs?
How can I stop ppl judging my hair? I'm black?
How can I get healthy hair?
hairstyles for 13 yearold boys?
how long does the remington wet2straight flat-iron take?
I need a Shampoo and Conditioner that smells like Coconut : )?
How to describe this hairstyle?
How should I get my hair cut? PICS!?
i just got 6 inches cut off my hair.It is ALMOST touching my shoulders now.What are some hairstyles i can do??
How can I make my curls survive work?
How can you naturally darken your hair?
Is Hair Jel bad for African American hair?
How can I prevent staticky hair?
Should I Get Scene Hair?
Had a bit of an uneven haircut (male) will it grow back properly?
Dyeing my hair brown?
Need some help for dying my hair!?
can someone please give me a better picture of this haircut?
is the 'Prostyle Plus' hair straightener good? and does it work well?
How do i know what hair dye is right for me?
How long does it take for you to straighten your hair?
Hair Straighting Tips URGENT?
do men with thin hair develop pattern baldness or baldness as they grow up?
dry, brittle, damaged hair!?
Bleaching my arm hair?
OMG! My Mom gave me blonde highlights and there starin to grow away so it's brown hair then blonde! HELP! PLZ!
How do i let my hair grow?
I really want a buzz cut. Should I get one?
Has your mom ever called your hair nappy before and insulted and offended you?
Im a 15 year old guy who shaves my abs, as a girl would u rather have a guy with hair, or no hair & razor burn
Honest opinions????????????????????????
Could i have blonde hair? part 2?
What colour hair does Nicola Roberts have?
Can anyone help me find some inexpensive hair that curls really good?
What haircut should I get?! Help please .. Back to school?
should i get a haircut? what would look good on a guy? (pic)?
My hair is a little longer than my shoulders and i have no idea what to do with it. Any cute ideas?
Is it healthy to let your hair get greasy?
Should i dye my hair half/and half?
Buzzcut help?
How do you grow out an effective FoHawk?
If i have dark reddish brown hair.?
Any bank holiday hairdressers?
i used to have really straight hair. now my hair is begining to get frizzy at the top. what should i do?
How do i stop hair loss? Big problem not the same as others?
What color to do hair? (pics)?
Which is better curling your hair with flat iron or with a curling iron?
Is this totally ugly?
is this to fancy if ur a guest at a sweet sixteen? (hair)?
what are the colors available for l'oreal cellophane?
What is this hairstyle called?
Whats a good hair gel to buy?
Sould I Go Blonde?
Is teasing bad for your hair?
Is it normal when you brush your hand through your hair to find a few hairs in your hand?
Who is the best hairdresser in the Grosse Pointe, MI area?
Good gel for really short hair?
how can i do my hair like ke$ha's?
Do guys mind facial hair on pretty girls?
What do you think of this dyed hair?
where does jobama take place?
How to dye tips of hair white?
Should I get my hair chemically straightened?
Is hair striaghtneing damaging my hair?
How does the nair hair remover work?Is it good for eyebrows arching?How long do it takeB4 U HAVE 2 reapply.?
which conditioner is the best?
Is there a way to permanently straighten your hair?
please women only?
Is it possible to heal split ends?
I cut my hair really short, does it look good?
undercut... yes or no (redo)?
How can I change me hair colour to mahawgani?
What are some hairstyles I can do for naturally curly hair?.?
Perm over brazilian blowout?
Hair Color Gone Wrong?
Help with Hair! pleaseeeee.?
whats the best hair die to use?
How to get this hair?
How can I make my hair super silky soft?
hair grow faster!!!!?
can i put hair dye on top of dyed hair?
Question for teenage girls...?
I have alot of dandruff in my hair please give me any desi totka that works,10 POINTS for a good answer, thanx?
Would I look good as a blonde?
What Shampoo is best?
My hair refuses to bleach how do I fix it?
How to use loreal paris hair conditoner?
Question about Alison DiLaurentis from Pretty Little Liars?
Which hair products brand is the best out of these?
Keratin hair treatment?
What flat iron is best?
Would bright blonde hair with black underneath look good?
what is the most beautiful hairstyle in the world?
What kind of bangs you like the best?
How do you make homemade hair rollers?PLEASE HELP?! Hair Emergency!!!!?
Do i need to bleach my hair for blue Splat hair dye?
What is the best shampoo and balsam for color-treated hair?
what kind of hairspray do you use?
Joe jonas at home hair colour?
Which Hairstyle would look cute on me?
Whos the most richest person owns chain of hair salons?
What hair color looks best on girls?
what colour should i dye my hair? pic?
Is the Raw Beyond Bleach White-Out kit any good?
what are the ayurvedic medicine for dandruf?
Hair reviving stuff that actually works?
What it the best hairspray to use for teasing hair?
Which way is my hair the best? am i uglyyyyy?
arm hair? help!?
why do bangs get oily/greasier faster than the rest of your hair?
How can I get rid of green pigment in hair without dying it? ?
How do i wear my hair like this?>?
How long do I have to wait to dye my hair??!!?
Can I have some ideas on good hairstyles for tomorrow?
how do you style your hair with a curling iron?
if u could dye your hair any colour in the world what would u chose and why?
how should i do it??
have you ever had chewing gum in your hair?
How to curl hair without heat or rollers?
Anywhere i can get these feather hair extensions?
how many times you suppose wash your hair?
how could i do my hair 4 the 8th grade promotion?
What do you think of this hairstyle (pic)?
How should my sisters and I do our hair as bridesmaids?
if i did this instead would i still have cute waves????? ?
Hair dying horror!!! HELP ME?
What is the best kind of perm to get for adding volume to thin, baby-fine, shoulder length hair?
hi i care about how i look and im a guy?
What hairstyle would look best on me?
I need a hairstyle for school!!! please help me if possible!!!?
How to make me have shhaved head forever?
what do you think of cassie's hair in this pic?
help with dying hair!?
Thirteen year old girl hairstyles?
Recommendations for hair curlers??
what are some different things i can try to make my hair grow faster?
I recently bleach my hair and a week later i PERM my hair and i have no hair on head what should i do?
Is it ok for boys to have all pubic hair waxed off?
my hair is long. but it was thick . now it is falling. what can i do....?
My hair is thick, curly and dry !!?
Blonde sew-in Weave on black hair?
I want my hair permed does anyone know if its in?
I want to dye my hair. Colour suggestions?
girls:long or short hair on guys?
Am i alergic to hair dye??
Bleached my hair and then dyed it purple? what will happen if i try to bleach out the purple?
how does one tame frizzy hair and go out in the rain and cold and not let it frizz up again?
is it bad to go outside without brushing your hair?
Isn't it cool how a haircut can make someone look so much different?
what color hair would look good on me?
mann have got your hair done oneday?
what do you think of this hair cut?
What should I do with my hair to make it more edgy?
My hair hasn't grown for 11 months?
Medium length "emo" hairstyles?
How can I get my hair to grow?
Back to school hair cut+10?
getting a haircut:D AH AH AH AH!!!!!!!!! :)?
What is your favorite scent of shampoo?
if you pluck a grey hair, does 2 really grow in its place?
why won't my mom let me dye my hair bright blue?
do emo girls wear wigs mostly or just work with their hair?
I just got my hair cut and I got this huge red bump on the side of my head is it from the razors?
In general, do guys prefer Straight or Curly hair?
I am looking for a good straightner. Not the cheap stuff , the real deal , that works well. Suggestions ?
How can i get my hair like cleo de niles ftom monster high?
Do most girls shave their pubic hair?
could i pull off a boycut like rihanna's?
Hair question (pics)?
Stop Curly hair, desperately need help?
should i get the rihanna hair cut frm!!!! take a bow?
Is there anyone else out that who has seriously thought about killing a hairdresser? Or do I just wear a hat?!
If I pull out my nose hairs will the hair grow back?/?
[serious question] does a redheaded man (or woman) have red pubic hair?
What colour is your hair? Is it dyed or natural??
i have slip ends. how to cure them?
can somebody show me some good hairstyles?
how long does it take to grow out hair ten inches?
does anyone know a good dry shampoo?
what hair colour suits me best?(photos)?
is there a correct side to part your bangs?
Is it normal to have clear or yellow clearish urine?
Well i was wondering if i could pull off curly hair?
Alright ladies, is it time to shave my head?
Do I put mouse into wet or dry hair?
I want to change up my hair for spring/summer?
what curling iron did she use?!?
What does lemon juice do to your hair/face?
what product could make my hair smoother and can move freely. ?
How can I make dark brown hair lighter/redder naturally?
Pretty hairstyles for high school?
Will honey make black hair grey?
dyeing hair please help advice... thanks?
If you shave your pubic hair how long does it take to grow back?
GETTIN THAT GREASY LOOK plz i cant fly!!!!?
Would brown hair suit me?
does lee stafford hair growth treatment work?
how do you curl your hair with a flat iron?
Side effects of Laser Treatment for hair removal?
What hair color would look best with hazel eyes, fair skin, and brown eyebrows?
tips on scrunching hair?
How to get real natural waves/curls?
Whats the name of this hairstyle, and do girls find this hairstyle attractive?
which shampoo is best for women hair? Dove?Garnier? or Head & Shoulders?
Should I go blonde or brown (pictures)?
What color is my hair? Pictures inside?
What is the best haircut for a guy who is losing his hair?
Can I get smooth shiny hair?
Which is the best PALMOLIVE or ELVIVE shampoo?
Any up do ideas for straight hair?
my hair is kind of wavy.i want to get it real i need to use something before i do with flat iron?
Is Shampoo bad for your hair???!! 10 points!!?
My friend pulls her hair out? HELP ME PLEASE!?
should i go blond? *pics?
what is the best way to get your cosmetology license while still working an paying bills?
What do you think is the most attractive hair and eye color? On a guy? A girl? And what shades?
do i look better with blonde or dark brown hair? (pics!)
Can I wash oily hair with shampoo designed for dry/damaged hair?
Does this really work for your hair?
What color should I dye my hair?
How could I make my hair grow out faster?
Do you think I Will look good with red highlights?
How can i remove my body hair?
I just cut my hair really short and i hate it tips on how to make it better?
I need hair help!?
How do you use chopsticks in your hair?
Will it benefit or harm women if hair-driers are banned?
i just got my hair cut and now i always flip up the front of my hair does anyone know any good gels?
is my hair TOO blonde?
Should i get side bangs?
Is it murder to use a flat iron on my hair everyday?
hairstlyes with side bangs?
Answer this pretty please!?
Should I dye my hair bright red or light brown?
I am african-american, what is the best texturizer for me to put in for the 1st time?
Some hairstyles for short hair?
Is this too much? (pic)?
How to cut curly mixed hair?
How awesome is my hair?
what colour hair would i suit?
i went to the salon and got my hair chi straightened? my hair got curly again?
Eating disorder recovery and hair regrowth?
I bought the veet hair removal spray but nothing is coming out of it? What should I do?
please i have bang problems!!! very easy 10 points?
What is the best way to straighten my hair so it will last ALL day? any technics? Advice? Anything will help?
help!!!!!!!! is she lieing to me???
Girls: straight, wavy, or curly?
does shampoo have expiration date on it?
Going from very light blonde to dirty blonde?
Can I still dye my hair without bleaching?
my wife wants to know how she can get her hair to grow faster?any tips?
does anyone know a good brand for purple hair dye?
question for boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
would i look good with short hair :s? (pic)?
How can I fix my hair?
How to make my hair longer?
How do you feel your natural hair complements your personality?
ughh..naturally curly hair ?!?
Men, do you like curly or straight hair better on women?
when doing kinky twist, how does the hair stay together at the ends and how do they get them to look curly?
Do I require a bleach before dying my hair...?
how long does your hair grow in a month? any ways to make it grow longer?
how often do you shower?
Color Oops or Color Fix for blonde hair?!?!?!?
If i stopped using Rogaine would that make my hair even worse?
can u give me some good websites for cool curly hair.?
is this haircut and color cute? =) thanks xoxo?
Should i get dread locks or just keep my long hair?
Where can I get a hair clip with dimonds on it ?
how would pink highlights look on dark brown hair?
How can i get my hair straight without getting splitends?
How can tell how long will u stay together?
I already have dark brown hair with golden blonde highlights. Could I add light blonde highlights?
Is it bad to comb my hair too much?
How can i make my hair curly/wavy?
Pubic hair, yay or nay?
How should I wear my hair tomorrow for school?
where do i buy GHD curling iron from? thanx?
What are some easy hair styles for coarse hair?
What hairstyle should this dress go with?
Begining Neglect Dreadlocks?
Is there hairspray that is safe with heat?
What colour should I dye my hair?
Hair colour??? QUICK i'm actually in the store-which packet do I buy?
Bleach for mixed girl hair?
where can i go for teenager cosmetology?
survey.. long hair... short hair... bald.... different?
looking for (L'Oreal paris studio lasting curl medium hold) can you help?
How do I get rid of head lice?!?
Girls plz suggest the hair style for long hairs ?
how can I get hair like this???
Do you trim / wax / shave down there?
Is there anything I can do to make my hair grow faster?
can i di my hair though im pregnant ?
How do you make fish braids?
How can I grow my hair longer fast!?
Do you like my new hair? pics?
My hair! Is it ruined?\ D;?
Any good hair styles for 11 (a couple of weeks until 12) year old?
Shaved head or not?
Whats the best thickning shampoo?
I need to make my hair look shorter... Help?
I want to dye my hair. which color should i do?
Why wont this girl talk to me?
Is it ever okay for a grown woman to wear pigtails?
what is the best hair straightener?
what is the best brand for clip in hair extensions?
what shampoo/conditioner can i use for my dry roots?
How can i straighten my hair without using irons ??? is there any products i can use ????
Hairstyle help please? :)?
For curly hair girls!!! Has anyone tried the line of products by Ouidad. I keep hearing that they have the?
Hair extensions not matching?
What's wrong with being ginger?
How would you do your hair?
which looks better [WITH PICS]?
Which would be better for my hair?
Nisim Fast. hmmmmmm.!?
Would this hairstyle suit me?
Is long hair attractive?
Should I go BRUNETTE?
Girls should i keep my hair are get it cut short(number 3 all over)?
How do I use hot rollers without the bend or kink that the securing clips leave behind?
i want to curve my hair and make it red,how can i pursuade my mum?
Hair issues! please help!!?
How can I get back my naturally JET BLACK HAIR?
Natural Match 3W Brown Black or Herbal Essences #66 Chocolate Velvet?
i have a 4 month old, since im still breast feeding, would be ok to color my hair?
How do I dye my eyebrows safely? or Can it not be done?
What is the best cure for hair that is SOOO dried out?Help?
im about to wash my hair...what shampoo should i use?
What is the closest black hair salon to Hemet?
how often do you wash your hair?
i need a good shampoo for hairloss without harsh chemicals any good ones out there?
I'm a guy, You think removing the unibrow is feminine?
Which Hairdo? PLZ ANSWER!?
is short hair puffier than long hair?
Does the Maxi Glide really leave your hair straight and does it allow you to fix your hair fast?
New haircut need some pictures?
whats the best shampoo and conditioner to use?
does girls like guys with long hair?
Hair dye made my head itch?
Can your hair stop growing?
Please help!!! hair issue!?
Girls do you like long curly poofy hair on a guy. Please answer!!!!! 10points!!?
bad hair day :/ . . . help ?
Waxing Facial hair for men?
Humidity resistant products for hair?
My hair ends are split, what can i use?
How do you do highlights with foils with color/bleach?
whats a cute way to make a ponytail?
URGENT! Straight or Curled hair for a devil?
Anyone know about mixed people's hair?
hair stuff...?
How offend do you straiten your hair?
What hair color would suit me best? (Pics included)?
My hair unstraightens by itself!?
is ginger hair ugly[plaese be honest].?
Is this too old looking for a 22 year old?
did my relaxed hair grow out?
conair infiniti hair curler, can you curl as you dry?
Mullets or mohawks?
Girls do you like a guy to have soft fluffy hair/ wet/gelled /waxed?
How i make my hair more strong ?
Major Help Needed!!!?
My hair has split ends?
Got a pink streak, can I wash my hair?
Can I shave off the hare at region around my penis?
My hair is naturally stick straight and long(to my tailbone) & an inch and three quarters thick. Perm?
iam 5 feet 4 inches nad my weight is 70 i wanted to reduce my weight my 20 kgs what should i do iam a vegitari
Can you help me find a hair color?
What is the best hair colour for Multi tones?
which color of highlights will look good on me? i have black hair?
Should I keep my hair natural, or continue to straighten it?
How do u keep your hair stright for a long time?
do blondes rlly get more guys???
What box dyes have a Violet Base?
i had my eyebrows done pencil thin some time ago.but it makes me look can i grow them back neatly?
i have black hair will i be able to get rid of it?
what is ur hair color?
Does this hairstyle look okay on me?
How do I trim my mustache?
For men what is the best way to cut your own hair and get a "fade" look?
My one friend used to be a brunette nows she's blonde, she said the sun died it is that possible?
how should i get my hair cut?
what actress has the cutest hairstyle?
Can i did dye my hair with food dye?
If you were going bald, would you consider a wig or hair replacement?
what is it called when you get numbers or an image in your hair cut?
does this make sense?
what are some things I can do to get my hair to grow faster?
HAIR HELP! do yuh like it??
How to get the scene hair and makeup?
why do some people have red hair?
How to curl Senegalese/two strand twists?
how much should a black person grease thier scalp?
Ridiculously cute easy updos..... :)?
does olive oil really make your hair grow faster?
I have curly hair but i straighten it everyday people say its looks better curly and some say it looks better?
what should i do...?
i have really nappy hair?
should i be blonde or brunette?
Who else besides me washes their hair to go to the hairdressers?
Bleeched my hair now it looks horrible .s.?
What is the best hair products to use to make your hair grow longer and stronger?
If I dyed my hair green already, and put bleach on top of it what will happen?
(pics) Should I dye my hair darker?
What scene haircut should I get?
What color should I dye my hair?
What hair coulour works best for me?
Should i go blonde?
Do bald people get Dandruff?
How do I get my hair like this at the front?
Can a person braid there own hair and if so how can it be done?
Do I look better with curly or straight hair?
Would dark hair suit me?
how a woman can be beautyful ?
does lemon on your hair lighten it? ?
can you help me with my hair?
what do you think of my hair?
Do you have to shave your head to get dreadlocks out?
how to cut my wavy hair?
How Can I Go From Red To Blonde?
pics of half up/down hair?
My hair is super do i make it wavy???
HELP! why is my hair is falling off more than it should?
What hair do you prefer on me?
R there more women with curly hair or straight hair.?
what shape is my face o.o?
Where can i buy liter shampoos and conditioners?
should i dye my hair black?(picture included)?
For guys with long hairs...?
Guys do you prefer short hair or long hair on girls and why?
I have 2 weeks to grow my hair out as much as possible its pretty short now.?
where can i get wash n curl curling shampoo in Bhubanesar give me some brand name?
Hair color?
want to buy black diamond hair extensions for weaving online, where do I need to search?
what haircolor do you recommend for me?
do you shampoo then conditioner or the other way around?
How can I add more definition to my curls?
How much would these extensions cost?
Got really difficult-to-manage hair, need help fast!?
Where can I find good pictures/ examples of different hair styles? I'm ready for a change.?
Would dark reddish brown look good on me?
Hair Question...........?
does dabbing peroxide on hair remove hair?
Girls, what kind of hair do you like on a guy?
is there a product for my hair to stay straight longer when i straighten it?
what are the natural remedies for hair fall?
Do I look better blonde or brunette? *photos*?
does a de mi permanent hair dye going to stain the pool?
Should I curl my hair or straighten it?
Grow my hair a inch a week?
How to make your hair grow longer faster?
ihave black gurl hair how do i get it to be strait w/ out it being crispy or gresey i already have it relaxed?
Is it possible for a Black woman to grow waist-lenght hair?
What differences do any of you black women out there find in relaxers vs flat ironing?
Wht to do with my mates hair colour?
any tips for dying my hair blue? i plan on using punky colors lagoon blue.?
Does anyone know a website with Europe shampoos review?
What SIMPLE hair cut would suit me? Pics?
are blondes hotter than brunnettes??
what brand of moisturiser is best for african type hair. (permed)?
how do I convince my mum to let me dye my hair?
do i look better with curly or straight hair?
How can i stop my hair from being greasy every 2 days or so?
Motion Lotion?
what is the activator for hair bleach stuff?
what happens if you put keratin on bare hands?
How do you get rid of dark follicle dots on legs?
What are the directions for the white out bleaching kit?
Will this really happen?
I died my hair jet black last month, can I bleach it to a honey blonde?
What is the fastest way to get gum out of your hair?
why is my hair starting to curl by itself?
What's your favorite shampoo?
I have full hair,How can i get it thin?
Are there any "home remedies" or treatments to make hair grow faster?
How do you get rid of hair lice?
Which side should I sweep my Bangs?
How to make really curly hair permanently straight without flat iron?
Is this hair routine good?
Does my hair look better short or long? pics included?
how long will it take for me to grow out my hair?
hair longer now! lol?
My hair was thinned a few months ago but it's still pretty thin?
I got a trim, now its about an inch shorter?!?
what is an easy sole trader business to start?
Hair Removal: Do these things work?
what would happen if i mixed bleach in a hair dye bottle?
brown eyes.. what is the best hair color???
Shower and Stright Hair?
Does my hair look better curly or straight?
I want to renew all my hair would this work??????
Is a bob cut sexy on a women?
HELP! Hair problem- 2nd bleach session/yellow hair (pic inside)?
Is my hair to curly???
what do i need to buy to color my hair with professional supplies?
How to do my hair for school?
Brown hair with blue tips?
What does mustard oil smell like?
i am working in taco bell and i have to wear cap and my hair it like very oily on inside cap area?
girls, what do you think of guys when they have a high ponytail?
underarm hair problems?
In which photo my hairstyle looks the best?
How can i get my hair color to fade faster?
For those who live in New York or in the U. S ? Where can I get hair wigs?
how can my hair grow longer?
how to make hair grow faster?
My hair is boring!!!?
how to dye hair white?
Would I be able to dye my hair blonde if I wanted?
Guys what do u think curly, straight or wavy hair on a girl.?
What is your favorite hair conditioner?
Hair? Should the style stay short-ish or go long?
I need hair coloring advice asap! Any professionals?
How to dye black hair brown?
Harry styles hair.....?
What color should I dye my hair?
Underarm Hair?
Im Asian, and i have really Curly hair is that natural?
Would like opinions on "Philips Tresemme salon straight Nano silver coated straightners" EHD technology
I have long eyebrow hairs and i was wondering does anyone know what i can do to make them look nicer?
how can i wear this in my hair?
I need some easy cool hair styles!?
How Can I Make My Hair Really Shiny?
Why do people like to dye teir hair black all the time?
I bleached my hair today and its falling out I want to dye it dark is it to soon? What will happen?
Where to find the best Afro Kinky hair extensions?
Does Hair Transplantation work on a spot that has been cut open due to a head injury?
How does a color booster work and it harmful to your hair?
girls, do you ever wear your sneakers without socks alot? if so why or why not?
Should I get my hair thinned out as I am growing it out?
Hair fallage any advice ?
Paramore? Anyone have pictures of Hayley when she has the red hair with yellow in it?
blondes or brunettes?
The curler the wand, which is better the thick one? or thin one?
How do I grow more hair on my head?
How to make your hair not frizzy?
Would side bangs look good on me?
What is the BEST way to get rid of leg hair?
What do you do with your hair when you sleep?
where do you get CHI silk infusion in the uk?
What is a great product for making my hair so shiney it looks like a mirror without leaving it oily?
can someone find me more pictures of this haircut?
How do i use a bun ring (10points)?
What hair curlers or hot rollers would work best for the 'Miley Cyrus' hair look?!?
Which straightner would you pick?
Does the "No!No!" hair removal avtually work?
how do i use hair rollers?
Is it dangerous or have a side effect to dye your hair monthly? thanks?
I just got my hair highlighted and my roots are showing is that normal?
Can I dye my hair from black to blonde without bleech ?
what hair color should i go?
I'm 23 yo woman! Super short cut, will it be hard to find a job?
Is blue magic good ir bad for your hair?
Do i need to bleach my hair after going bright red to make it brighter?
which is better shampoo?
Where is the best Dallas hairstylist?
Serums and masks for hair?
Do women find dark haired men attractive?
What kind of perm would make these curls? (picture)?
Are blonde headed people really as dumb as we think?
How to get The "Wet Hair Look" ALL DAY?
how can i put my hair curly?!?!?!?!??
How do I curl my hair without using a curling iron, rollers, perm, and braiding it??!!?
Should I dye it brunette?
Which hairstyle is better? 15 years old male
Is straightning bad for your hair?
If my hair is straight do I still need to use iron straightener?
how to make hair straighter no iron?
Is there any way to make my hair grow faster?
What is the best why to not itch ur head where there is a small cut in ur sleep?
What should i do with my hair (for this party)?
If you could kick a guy in the balls and get away with it would you?
What to do with collar bon length hair?
How much developer do I need for 9OZ of color?
Ok im a brunette and i want to make my hair blonde without dying it what do i do????
Will putting lots of blonde highlights in my hir make it fall out? ?
What's Your Hairstyle For The Summer?
im a girl and i have upper lip hair ive tried hair removal cream, tweezing and shaving any suggestions ?
Will organics leave in conditioner and gel spray fade my dye?
what do you prefer blondes or brunettes ?
Is it true that with years the hair on the legs grows rarer ?
How do celebrities switch haircolor from Dark brown to Platinum Blonde in No time?
how do you do french hairdo's, that are easy to do?
how to keep my hair non greasy at camp?
what is a GOOD hair straightener?
got lots of black hair dye what should i do with it?
How to get really curly/wavy hair overnight?? or after the shower?
i got my hair straightend and its really pretty but should i wear it to school?
Do you know of the latest hair straightening products from?
We all know that alot of men are now wearing dreads, How many think that that is sexy?
How do you get rid of that burned hair smell?
i am in love with 2 people they both love me what do i have to do?
I need a girl's opinion on this?
I have dry, damaged, dull hair?
How should i do my hair for the first day of school?
Help! I'm in my teens and I already have white hair. How do I deal with this?
A good heat protectant for hair ?
My mom said i was too young for curling and straightening my hair. What do you think about this?
We are going camping. How can I keep our hair from looking greasy?
Where can I get my head shaved without having parental consent?
What is the best silk shampoo/conditioner?
would this hairlook good on me WITH PICS?
Where can i find good pictures of hair styles?
how do i treat split-ended hair?
How to get shiny hair?? Whats the best shampoo even if expensive for dry curly hair?????
YOU and YOUR hair? Take the survey!?
I'm losing my hair! What ancient remedies ACTUALLY work?
What can I do to make my hair grow?
Red hair care?????????
How can i Curl my hair?
Help! I want to grow my hair out!?
What's the difference between an ionity hair straightener and a steamer straightener?Which is better?
Should I get layers and side bangs?
is really long hair supossed to make your scalp hurt?
How much do hair stylist's make at...?
how to prevent greasy hair?
Ladies ladies why change the color of your hair so often, are you on the lamb,or playn out some fantasy?
My hair looks exactly like my avtars hair (what do u think bout it) ?
Is the chi wet to dry better for your hair than the regular chi?
Can you dye your hair blonde without using bleach?
how can i wear my curly hair?
Would this pixie cut suit me? Pics.?
how do i make hair static go away?
Is it normal for a 16 year old guy to buzz his head to a #0?
Does Mane n' Tail shampoo&conditioner really make hair healthy even if it dries it out?
what do you think about have long hair in your late 30's early 40's?
Does Mens Rogaine Foam Work?
what is the best gel/spray for curly hair?
what products are good for your hair?
I have shoulder length hair, but would like a change,?
where can i buy sun-in for my hair?
Will it damage my hair if I use gel and anti-humidity hairspray every few days?
how can i cover up a bad hair cut?
Can anyone tell me where i can get hair screws?
Is it weird for a girl to have arm hair?
Is grey hair dead? If so, why does it grow? or is it a pigment problem in the hair?
Need someone to point me in the right direction?
curling hair with massive split ends?
Any long haired women in Chicago, USA?
My aunts wedding is TOMMOROW! Help with my HAIR PLEASEEE!?
Help with frizzy hair!?
do you think miley cyrus is wat they say she is?
Do you like my new hair?
What kind of Haircut style should I get?
HAIR HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
How should i do my hair for the first day of school?
wat makes your hair go blonde without using hair products?
Should I highlight my hair or not?
To trim or not to trim?
dying my hair???????????/?
frizzy haired people, what shampoo do you use and how does it work?
Where can I find good pictures of shaggy hair on guys?
how do you use a round brush with blow dryer?
Does my natural hair look nice? and suit me? pics included?
What's A Good product for straightning mens hair?
other ways to style my hair.?
what human braiding hair should i buy for micros and how much should i buy?
Everytime i grow my hair real long, it starts turning brown,and it becomes weak. so i start from scratch.Why?
My hair gets frizzy when i blow dry it what other things can i do before i go to sleep?
Hair cut idea? Pictures included!!?
How can my hair grow faster?
Tell me the names of these haircuts.just plz tell me the names of these hair is gi?
I died my hair black and I hate it now. Help!!!!??
My hair is wet?
What are some nice hairstyles with my hair?
should i cut my hair ? pic included .... opinions please!?
Poll: what colour hair do u have?
how do I get rid of the triangle head hair?
Is it true that our hair grows at least one inch a month?
(Pics. Male) Straightened my hair.. how do you think it looks?
What do I tell the barber to have my hair cut like my avatar?
How often should i co wash my hair?
Should I shave my head?
Why is my hair falling out?
How often do you get a haircut!?
how can i wake up in the morning with curly or wavy hair.?
My hair grows in the back faster than the front...?
my hairs are bit wavy i want to straight my hairs so plz tell me which hair straightning solution is good?
Easy way to curl shoulder length hair?
i have super long hair...what to do???
does sun-in work on brown hair?
Alcohol Free Products?
steps to frizz free hair?
i have medium length of hair and is wondering how much would it cost to get a perm?
Biosilk on my EXTREMELYcuryl frizzy hair?? help?
any1 know a way to curl hair without curling irons ?
How to go from medium brown to dark chestnut?
I am thinking about getting my hair dyed with the blonde on top and the black underneath?
How should I dye my hair?
Pictures of blonde peekaboo highlights in dark brown hair?
would this stop going bald?
Does anyone know a shampoo that will strip color from your hair good?
what is a cool website to find hair and makeup ideas?
What age can you get a Brazilian keratin hair treatment?
John Frieda deep cherry brown hair dye?
Would I look good with black hair?
What's this called exactly? its like a hair bun but it's not neat.?
Why is it important to blowdry your hair before straightening it?
Help with skincare please?
how to treat thin/fine/possibly balding hair?
How can I make my hare grow faster without taking supliments?
Back to school hair?? links will get a good rating!!!!! PLEASE!!!!?
How fast do female sideburns grow back?
Are you a blonde,brunette,or red-head? which is the most attractive?
What bright hair color would I look best in?
why is my arm hair blond along with some areas on my thighs? both my parents are haitian but i was born in USA?
does the hair extension put on with beads pull out your hair?
Is red hair hard to keep up with?
Can a hairdresser put blonde highlights over brown and blonde? Please read info?
wHats better girls with long hair or girls with short hair??
What are some funny facial hair styles?
How stop hair getting so greasy so frequently?