Do you guys think red hair is ugly?
Bicarbonate of soda damages your hair?
What would be the best CURLING TONGS to get??
Is thirty too old for long hair?
Hair disaster? Bleached my hair 9 times?
Can someone send me some shampoo?
Guys...blonds or brunettes? ?
Do I look better with or without facial hair?
Any way to curl hair without a curling iron, and something that doesnt take too long?
Should I cut my mullet or let it grow?
would I make a good red head?
do weave make your grow?
Sur La Mer, Do you believe this video?
What do you think about girls with mohawks?
What's the difference between a hair straightener and a flat iron?
I dyed my black hair red but it didn't change much? and I want to be able to dye it properly? how?
How to get rid of my side fringe?pics?
Why did my curly hair stop growing back?
Were can i buy hair chalk in bayonne nj?
how to get rid of head lice in your hair brushes?
how can i get rid of dandrof?
is it okay to put hair gel in my braids?
Can someone tell me how to do this braid?
Will blonde hair fit me?
Will the olive oil hair treatment still work if I don't wash the olive oil out of my hair?
What is the best haircolor out there? Why dont people stay with the natural haircolor they were born with?
HELP!! My roots are lighter?
Know of a good natural shampoo for nappy hair?
Thoughts on scene hair?
How do you get your hair to stay back (pic included)?
What is the best shampoo for my needs?
Whats wrong with my hair?
Can damaged/fried hair be repaired?
should i keep my hair long or short?!?!?! help! ppic. included?
what type of hair dye should i use?
Can you put cow poop in your hair to make it grow faster?
I want to go natural but my mom won't let me.?
Should I cut my hair? (pics)?
i hav really frizzy hair. what can i do 2 mke my hair look betta.?
What do you think about dreadlocks?
Should I bleach my hair? Please help :(?
Is It True that pantene has wax in it???
Will regular blonde hair dye do anything to my hair if its straight black?
What is the difference between a "dominican" salon and a traditional hair salon? Suggestions for Atlanta?
I have extremely damaged hair, need help!?
need a product that gives wavy hair, not curly?
My girls' hair has never been cut and yet they both have shorter, thin hair. It just won't grow. ?
Is it bad that I wash my hair everyday? Why?
Japanese Herbal Essences?
What is my face shape? And what kind of hairstyle would look good on me?
A new hairstyle and how get my mom to say yes?
Will the squirrell ever get his acorn?
Why does every hot guy want a blonde girl with super long hair?
help help teen boys haircut girls only!?
Would this hairstyle fit me?
250 bucks to do this.....should I?
Will temporarily dying my blonde hair black ruin it?
I shave my head at least 3 times daily...Is there a way to get hair to stop growing?
How can I style my hair when i have no time and my hair is totally straight!!!!?
how one can rid of unwanted hair....................for gals?
What looks best? Hair help pleasee?
If you dye your hair, will you make it orange or blue?
How can i get these loose - ish waves like this girl? :P?
Is growing my hair 2.5-3 inches by Christmas impossible?
Haircut advice? Can this be done?
What's the best haircut for thick and wavy hair?
Straight hair in clubs?
How long does it take for permed hair to break off after not perming for a long period of time?
How can i fix my damaged hair?
i am loosing hair on my head what the possible remedy to stop is there any hair and skin transplant in medical
Girls answer please?
why do women have such shiny hair when it's long?
Can I get smooth shiny hair?
What is Bioslik Silk therapy, does it have chemicals and is it good and where can i get it?
I Need Curly hair help?
why is my hair oily and how i can have shiny and long hair?
i went to the salon and got my hair chi straightened? my hair got curly again?
Is it okay to wear low pigtails?
How do I get my barber license without going to school?
How could i have a messy look with my hair dat are partly curly?
How do I get long hair?
I have pink hair! help! ?
How could i make my hair grow faster?
I feel gay asking this but.. girls help?
Microfiber Hair Wrap?
If i dye my hair blonde will my highlights show through?
myyy hairrr...?
Why is my hair so greasy ?
where can i find elastic ponytail holders with hooks?
Brad pitts haircut?
When I pluck my eyebrows, sometimes there is a little white gelly thing on the end. What is it?
How do you make your hair smell good??????
what is my mom's best and worst feature? her on left?
When i went to get a hair cut i got my line up done.?
Does applying castor oil or other specific oils/vaseline help for thick eyelash growth ?
How can I make my hair more red?
why i cannot color my hair if i had used henna before?
I'm fed up with my hair!?
Does my hair look better up or down?
If i dont have tie dye stuf can i use something else?
Sick of watching my dry and damaged hair!?
Is it o.k to dye my hair with ammonia 4 days after I dyed it with-out ammonia?
I got a bad perm, It is too curly to wear normal and too straight to be curly.?
What kind of Extensions should i get please help?
What Colour Should I Dye My Hair?
only a girl would know how to handle this......?
What color do you put on dark hair that has been lightened to a level 8g if you want to tone down?
How do you dye your hair dirty blond if your hair is dark brown?
i am a boy and i have straight hair, how can i get wavy or curly like hair?
whats the best shampoo and conditioner for dandruff?
Im so bored with my hair...?
What can I do about my curly hair?
I just last week started smoking virginia slims 120's to look more sexy for my I want to get long
Good Natural Shampoo and Conditioner for African American hair?
Good inexpensive blow dryers?
Haircut/highlights Wed. What to do? (pic included)?
How can I do hairstyles with very short hair without having to put my hair down??
My hair is falling out like crazy?
Can I dye my hair from reddish purple, to dark brown?
Girls - What kind of Facial hair do you like on men?
ok i have dirty blonde hair. i want to die the bottom layer jet black i need a picture. is it a good color?
How old does my baby boy look now after his first hair cut?
Poll: Blondes are Dumb or Smart?
How do I make my hair grow faster!?
What is THE BEST hair straightners out there?
Hairstyles for Straight Cut Hair?
What's your favorite website for cutting-edge hairstyles?
Ladies, your prefered hairstyle for guys?
how do i use this heat protector for my hair straightening?
Can a guy still be hot, even if his hairline is receding?
I want my hair to grow!?
how to tease your hair or make it look like an 80's hairstyle. Need Help!!!?
How do I make my hair wavy?
any tips how to make hair grow faster??
Does anyone near Dayton Ohio know any info at all about the new salon "karma salon and spa" near Miller Lane?
How do I make my hair look like Wendy from Peter Pan?
Does flexi rods work on milky way hair ? Somebody tell me please : ) ?
what hair color would look good on me? (i have pics)?
what can i do with my hair?(pic included)?
Hair growing longer????????
How to dye black hair brown, using box hair dye?
which hair looks cool long till knee or short becoz i hav long hair till knee?
to CUT or NOT to cut. HAIR?
What hair cut would like good?
Where would I get pre natal vit. from?
Can I dip-dye my dark brown hair with lime gatorade?
curly hair?
Would you rather have no eye brows or no hair ?
Guys: If your girl needs to pull her hair up, would you prefer it twisted into a clip or tied into a ponytail?
How can I make my hare grow faster without taking supliments?
If you straighten your hair once, will it damage it?
Need a new hair style?
How do I keep my hair healthy before I cut it off to donate it?
do i have to have to use a hair color remover to change my dark brown hair to dark burgundy brown ?
Hair do problem!!!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!?
my hairs gone grey what colour should i dye it?
Should i ever use hot water to wash my hair out?
where can i find facial hair dye for woman?
How do I make my hair wavy?
My hair is really, really thin, and i'm only 17 :-(?
Can I exchange a hair dye?...?
how much do barbers make a week?
Why doesn't he want to braid my hair?
after you shave your head, does it grow in wavy or curly?
I have different colored strands of hair?
Do you look down on parents who allow their sons to have long hair?
I wanna get my fringe (bangs, if you're in america) like this....?
how can you get your hair back to its natural colour?
is vitamin water good for your hair?
My hair feels greasy at the back after washing it?
what r the best ways to straighten your hair for verry curly hair?
anyone know the best way to remove chest hair?
how do i get rid of it?
what is a good hairstyle for soccer?
De la ritz color eazy hair dye instructions?
question about how to grow your hair faster? ♥?
Why does Shampoo have the words "poo" and "sham" in it? Aren't those bad?
I don't want to wear my hair down incase people laugh?
Anybody know any good products for really dry,brittle hair ?
Blonde with blue and black streaks?
Shall I have my hair braided?
Should I dye my emo styled hair (pics included)?
Removing a Demi Permanent Hair color, HELP!!?
How do I make my hair grow?
Will this make me look bad?
Would you date a man who wears a rug?
Does brushing your hair really grow it out a little quicker?
Redhead or brunette? HELP?
Has anybody heard of the tanagra nanokeratin permanent hair repair system?
What is the perfect hair length for a girl?
Do I look better with curly hair or straight hair ?
Whats wrong with hair? (pics included)?
Im a black gal and need some help with hair styles?
where can i get pics for a haircut?
How do i get a scene hair cut.?
What shampoo/conditioner is good for dry & itchy scalp?
What is the BEST BRAND of hair to purchase for Nubian Twists & Kinky Twists?
how can i make my hair look scene without spending too much money?
How do I get my hair softer?
how to repair damaged hair? HELP PLEASE!!?
Which curling wand would be better for my hair?
Why did you do your hair like THAT? What is WITH that?
Girls - which do you prefer, clean shaven guys or guys with goatees?
i want to dye my hair blonde. it is dark brown right now. any opinions? here are some pictures...?
hair grows too fast!?
What Haircut Should I Get (Girl)?
new hair, needing opinions?
How do I fix my fried ends?
how do you get a sleek straight salon blow dry????
How do you get nice bangs?
Girls rate From 1-10 pls?
Would my haior look good this color ? (pictures)?
Do most men shave there pubic hair?
how do i get my hair this way?
bald spot? TEENN! hair help ):?
GIRLS - Do I look sexier with longer hair or shorter hair? - Pics?
what is better having black hair or blonde highligts?
does my hair look better teased or flat?
how to do a messy bun with CURLY HAIR?
My biosilk straightener won't turn on?
How can i grow my hair!!!?
How do u do this hair style?
I have curly hair....but not really long..and i want it to be straight.?
My hair are too brittle and dry. Can you advise me a good conditioner thats available in india?
Have you ever used a spiral curling iron?
do you think i should highlight my hair.............??????
What hair parlor should I get a haircut?
whats the best way to stop fly away hair?
Concerned aboyt my hair? only 17? :(?
How can i get my hair to be longer?
Is it bad to sleep with your hair all wet?
Where can I find 1940's hairstyles?
i want to straighten my hair but i dont want to damage it what shall i do ?
Is this ok to do with my hair?
Different types of braids?
Recommend a pomade for men?
better blonde or brunette?
Hair Rebonding a.k.a Japanese Hair Straightening (only for those staying in EDMONTON, AB, Canada)?
what is true love?
What does your hair look like naturally?
problem!! my hair gets really curly when i sweat or wet it. layers and bangs... yes no maybe?
i have big cheeks do you think ponytails/buns look good on me?
~i straighten my hair almost everyday, how do i keep from getting split ends so fast?~?
Is it true that mixed poeple have the best hair?
my gf put lemon juice in my hair to give me streaks and it turned orange. how can i get rid of this.?
How do i get a Fro-Hawk like this. Btw im black :P?
what kind of hairstyle/ cut does this girl have ?
which straightener is best?
which shampoo smells the best( 4 gurlz)?
what type of hair dye should i use?
How do I fix my fried ends?
Dip-dying hair with Kool Aid?
Will it be hard to dye my blonde hair red?
I have curly hair! What do I do?
Dying hair from blonde to brunette help (pics)?
Should I grow my hair out again?
Wearing a flower in my hair?
Have you ever had a REALLY TERRIBLE haircut?
Which hair colour do you like best on a girl!!!! PLEASE ANSWER?
omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!… help!?
which looks better?(pics)?
i sometime wish to get lost in the cloud of her long, dusk hairs. Can a women be beautiful without hair?
I am 40 can I get away with this?
Keep it or dye it? Please help (with pics)?
Does anyone know any shampoo and conditners for hair thats falling out?
not wash hair for 2 days?
would this cut look good?
Which Brand of Blow Dryer is Best to Dry thick hair Straight?
Fabric Flower Hair Clip?
Can someone show me a picture of long side bangs that are not swept bangs?
What's the difference between thinning your hair and getting your hair straightened?
for halloween i i am going as a greek goddess, but my hair is only to my shoulders, and i wan to look nice?
What is your favorite hair cut?(easy 10 points!)?
What haircut should i get?(pic)?
i want a new haircut?
I just recently started using professional shampoos, like Matrix?
is washing you hair everyday bad?
HAIR hair and hair??
How to get curly ringlets like renesmee cullen? ?
Does anyone know how to get rid of frizzy hair? I cant seem to get rid of it.?
hair style plsssssss,help.?
Does anyone know a easy thing to do with thick hair,so the hair doesn't make your neck burn up.?
What color hair do u have?
What happens when you put lotion on your hair?
How do I get bubble gum out of my hair?
im a 17 year old girl and going bald!help!:(?
your favorite shampoo and conditioner?
Cutting my hair and dyeing it...?
What do u think of my hair?
I need pics of haircuts *details Inside*HELP Scene haircuts mainly?
What can happen if i hold on hair dye on my hair too long?
what color should i dye my hair?
anybody have some tips on growing out your hair the fastest and most effective way possible?
How to know if blonde hair would suite me?
how much does infusion hair cost???
when u r putting lemon juice in your hair to highlight it, do you have to get it wet?
My shampoo works realy well, but in the winter I use a hair dryer which electrifies my hair. any sugjestions?
how can i help my hair grow?
Best hair gel/wax for men ? (Firm holding)?
What can I do to make my hair....?
Advice: Looking for cute short hairstyles for a heart shaped face...?
Haircut Help!? 10 points?
Can short hairstyles be as attractive as long hairstyles?
What hair color would suit me best?
Do you straighten your hair????
tanning oil got on my hair normaly silver, gray /black, what to do?
Random black hair in light hair?
Hello. How many times a week do you wash your hair?
How can i make my hair grow?
What kind of haircut would look good for my face?
Is Fergie's hair better or worse?
How can I tell if I have a cut on my head?
how come hair is so hard to handle?
Hair Twist Extensions??
can anyone recomend a hair straightner?
i need hair help please???????//?
which treatment is good for damaged hair?
Guys what do you think of redheads?
hair weave needle and thread?
Why does god punish people by giving them red hair?
Does Axe Make Good Hair Gel/Pomade?
How do I de-tangle a synthetic hairpiece?
How Do I Get My Hair Longer When I Can't Use Extensions????
how do you cut a mohawk?
why is my hair falling out?
Where does your hair grow from? Your tips of your hair or your roots?
What kind of hair do girls like on guys? (Girls only please)?
Would bangs look good on me?
what is the best hair straightener?
Am I ugly?!? Please Be Honest?
Best drugstore shampoo for color treated haiiir.?
Why Bother Growing Hair Out When You Can Just Get Extensions?!!? Stupid?
Where can i find this?:/?
What is the name of the hair product that is supposed to help you braid your hair?
does hairspray affect the growth of your hair?
Do you know any hairstyles?
Help me fix a bad hair dye job please?
Who have thick hair with volume here?What do you use?
how do i make my hair grow faster with out any pills or prodect just a house hold thing.?
Hair cuts..................?
is there any cute ways you can do with your hair?Pictures included if anything?
How would you describe this hair colour?
Is it true that 72% of girls notice the hair on a lad?
i want to get my hair cut..?
hair became elastic like rubber band after permanent hair straightening!!!!?
How should i do a Fishtail braid?
my hair is going to be greasy tommorow nd going holiday cnt wash it cause going early wat to do nd if i wear i
Is there any products that I can use to make my hair curly temporarily?
I've been with my hairdresser for a long time. Recently, her salon has become one of the American salons that?
Is it safe to Brazilian wax yourself?
If vampires can't see their own reflections, how is it that their hair is always so neat?
How to do a wash n go(Black male)?
Should I color my hair Intense Bright Red? Or keep Natural Brown?
What is a kiss curl and how do you do it?
i have recently coloured my hair can any1 give some tips of how to maintain it?????/?
How do I make my hair pretty again...?
How can I get rid of static in my hair. I already know about the dryer sheet trick. It only works for a while.
please, i need hair tips!?
Why do Indian woman ALWAYS...?
Hair questions: Bleaching, and going from dark red to blonde. Easy 10 points?
What's wrong with my hair?
do you think this hairstyle is hot?
Why does my hair keep breaking off in tiny pieces despite good care!?
do guys like girls with long hiar or short or medium?
hello,coud you tell me how to make Shakira's hair?
How old do I have to be?
Can you still curl and straighten synthetic hair extensions?
narrowed it down a little, which haircut?!?
Have you brought an instyler?
How do you feel about mullets?
What is the best smelling shampoo/conditioner ?
so i'm getting a perm and i don't know what kind to get and i don't wan't tit curls something losehelp me ?
Should a twelve year old be allowed to highlight her hair if she pays for it herself?
I have dyed my brown hair to blond (5 years ago) its starting to break..I would like to go dark again ..?
favorite david beckham haircut?
Why do i have gray hair ?
Product for thinning hair?
What color hair does it look I have have?
What color should I dye my hair?
How do I get Straight Hair Without a Straightening Iron?
Nice haircuts for hair between shoulders and ribs?
I wash my hair every day.... Is this bad?
Is really long hair ugly?
is dyeing your hair after you bleach it bad? please help!?
Blonde or brown??
how to grow your hair out really quick?
how much do you tip a hairdresser?
Should I grow a ZZ Top type beard?
I feel like I'm killing my hair!?
How do I go natural? (African AMerican hair)?
Could I pull of this hair cut?
What is the cause of the loss of the hair and what can I use to stop it?
why would a man have a ponytail?
If I get a weave can I put it up in a ponytail without anyone being able to see the corn rows underneath?
How can I make the back of my head not greasy?
Is it worth going to the salon to get my hair dyed?
How do I convince my mum to let me get a hairdresser training head (and how to bring it up!)?
Great and cheap haircut in NY?
How long does it take for your hair to grow one inch??
why is my hair taking so long to grow UGH please answer?
Hair and Beauty helpppppppppp?
What Can I Do To Bleach My Human Weave?
what do i mix loreal diacolour with?
What are the best hair trimmers for men?
I wash my hair daily, but why is it getting greasy?
How to get hair color like this?
What is the best Hair Exstensions out there?
How to achieve this hairstyle?
dry hair????help?
How do I get bubble gum out of my son's long curly hair without cutting it?
Will it work as well if i use live colour XXL ?
Anyone know a lot about relaxers?
new da vinci hair dye? help?
What do you think of braids for a white girl? Would it even work in straight hair?
i have a friend and shes kinda chuby and she wants to know should she grow out her hair or cut it?
What are the best hair rollers for big curls? (No heat)?
Do you straighten your hair?
is it okay if i get a curling iron that is 20 dollars from CVS?
is long black hair a turn on?
What Shampoo would work for me?
not wash hair for 2 days?
Does temporary hair dye damage hair?
Things to do with straighted hair?
hair weave needle and thread?
Do you like my hair better blonde or brown? (pictures)?
permed hair ?
what is the best way to straighten frizzy curly hair?
What's a good conditioner/detangler for long hair?
What is the best shampoo to use for african american hair ?
How to do ombré hair at home?
When is a good time to dye your hair?
Would anyone else shave their head if the hair was donated to charity? If not for what price, would you do it?
How do you get your hair to grow faster?
what looks better on a guy, longer hair or short hair?
how do the actors and actresses make their hair grow fast that they can get ready for the next movie to make?
shaving head to get rid of dandruff?
Hair help please answer?
How long do foil highlights last for until they need to be redone?
How to reduce arm hair?
If a killer in your area was targeting brunets would you dye your hair blonde?
What product can I put in my hair? I have curly hair!?
would i look good with this haircut?? pix included...?
Does the Sunsilk Straighten-Up really work???
bangs / hair help please?
I have the same kinda hair as V.Hudgens and i want my hair like this. Does anyone know how to do this look?
what do you think of dyed hair?
Attention Girls!?
Flat iron question!?
Girls!!!...would u prefer men with long hair or short hair?
If you are a girl answer this?
How do I remove hair from my legs with out shaving or waxing ?
Hey. Is this hairstyle cute?
(Pics included) Do i look better with wavy hair or straight :D loads of answers please :D?
main and tail shampoo? ten points :)?
I need to find a good conditioner/detangler for my biracial 2 yr old son?
brunettes or blondes?
I have Jazzing Hair Dye But It Says Towel Dry Hair And I Tried So Should I Do It Dry ?
Dying my hair..Bright red or not?
does long hair make a teenager look older?
I have very curly hair, but the top wont curl?
16 year old hair problem *best answer*?
How can I get my hair to be really shiny and soft?
guy shaggy hair help?
I flat iron my hair daily and the ends are dry. What is a good product to protect my hair from heat damage?
Conditioner that makes your hair SUPER SUPER soft and shiny?
how do you get your hair to feel like it feels when it just gets done?
would i look good with this hair?
3 barrel iron/volume?
Does anyone else have curly hair?
how to do this? (spirt week)?
I am a brunette considering dying my hair blonde. What do you think? Pics included.?
Good hairstyle for this dress?
What shampoos and conditioners would be best for me?
Can someone find me a picture of the hairstyle I'm trying to find?
How can I stop my hair from getting tangled so easily?
How many teddy bears do you have?
what is this hairstyle?
Which Hair Straightener Should I Get? ?
I have my hair blonde now and i want to go brunette? This is my picture?
Leda monster bunny pink hair dye combination?! Manic Panic!?
where can you find hot pink temp hair dye without going to some gothic store?
I wanna wash my hair again.?
Bob Haircut? (PIC)?
is true if you put lemon juice on blonde hair it will make it blonder?
Is there a permanent hair color that you can use right after getting a perm.?
If you are around someone who smokes weed does it stay in your hair?
How can I get my bangs/parting to flip like this picture? PLEASE HELP?
how can i keep my hair in good condition?
Should i go red or blonde or hi-lights ??? picture?
Advice on how to land Vidal Sassoon apprentice?
whats the fastest way to curl your hair before school?
hairstylists help me~!?
Should I dye my hair blonde or dark brown?
Did John Frieda stop making the Radiant Red shampoo and conditioner?
i burned myself with a straightner?
How easily from dark brown hair to blonde?
How well does purple shampoo work at removing yellow and orange from hair?
do you know where i can get free instructions on how to do a quick weave?
What vitamin should I take for my hair?
Oily Hair......???
what is the best way to stop frizzy hair without buying anything?
how can i make straight hair wavy? or make curly hair wavy?
I have straight hair, i reeeaally want it curly! help 10 points!!!?
what r good makeup companies can you go to for eyebrows if your blonde and have light eyebrows?
can i put cooking olive oil for my hair ? want my hair to become longer for 1 week what tips can i do ?
if i have straight hair, and i get a perm will i be able to get 360 waves?
where can I find pictures of extra short women's hair that shows the back of the head?
Hair Falling Out?
So i dyed my hair and washed it with head and shoulders how can i fix this problem?
How can i make my hair to look like antonnela's from ''pattito feo'' season 2?
Feeling like **** because i have body hair...?
How to make my hair look less dry?
Messed up my hair, top is red bottom is lighter in color. How can i make it all the same as the top color?
how to get dark brown hair dye on my head?
I have frekals and I'm thinking of dying my hair dirty blonde would it look okay?
Pouring vitamins in shampoo helps hair growth?
I did this girl's hair and she didn't have enough money to pay. Do I have her arrested?
drinking water.................................?
What is the best brand of hair dye?
hair trimming?
how do i get my hair when it is straightened to have more volume?
does Pantene Pro-v thick and full actually thicken your hair?
I dont know what to do with my hair- help!?
My wife is 29 yr old. She is facing the problem of sever hair loss inspite of good maintenance.?
How to get the perfect Justin Bieber hair?
What do barber shops do with the hair? Also, what uses can can we make out of human hair?
Were can u get horse shampoo?
Is keratin treatmen good for virgin hair ?
do you think it is too hot to have your hair down ?
my hair is relaxed and washed 4 times and its thick and naturally kinky i wanna scrunch how can i do it?
What are some pretty red-brown/dark auburn box hair dyes?
How Long Will It Take For My Hair To Grow This Long (PICTURES INCLUDED)??
Please help?Hair Problem!?
4c Hair care regimen?
Should I go lighter or darker (pics)?
What should I do to get hair like this?
Thinking of dying my hair..would this look good?
how can you make your hair grow longer?
I want to get my hair cut but don't know which cut???
what do you think of my hair?
Does anyone know the name of a hair salon in NY for biracial hair?
What do i have to mix to get light hair?
Insecurity about hair issues?
Can you blow dry your hair after dying it with a mixture of marker ink and conditioner or marker dying?
How do you french braid your hair????
color of hair?
What color should I dye my hair?
Brunette, or Red head?
can i have some pictures of short hairstyles from the 60s, 80s, and 70s. thanks.?
Why does my hair keep falling out?
Which way do I look best? (pics)?
which hair colour is the nicest on me? [pics]?
Plaitted hairstyles?
What is the name of this classic hair style?
Is it safe to go to bed with wet hair?
Scene with a bad hair cut :O?
Which hairstyles make me taller looking?
would you consider a shaved head a hair style?
How much is it to get hair blonde at the salon ?
What the heck is up with my hair?
Why won't my hair grow?
Which Hair Style? Am I Pretty?
Can I dye and frost my hair both in 1 night without screwing it up?
Did anyone from India use panasonic hair styler EH8465 or EH7926 ?
black girls: want hair perm but havent had one in three years, should i get it?
Whould this look nice?
Pageant Hair ..?
Do men get weaves or lace fronts ?
Can you straighten your hair if your a boy?
how do i stop someone from stealing my style? its driving me NUTS!?
What are some women's hairstyles of the 1950s?
How would my hair look?
Who has the most fun? Blonds or Brunettes?
ladies! your advice on hair extensions appreciated please?
Is it okay to glue a broken piece of my straightener back on?
hair tips. do u think this is wierd?
good straightener?
Do you like blonds?
is there any real way to stop baldness?
Ladies How long have you gone with out shaving your legs or arm pits?
Hair colouring and highlighting? will choose the best ans?
how can i make my hair super shiny?
Natural hair care products?
What color should I dye my hair? (Pictures)?
Can you straighten your hair when it is wet?
help..fried hair, need rescue?
Does Straightening your hair with a straightener damage your hair ?
I have alopecia and need advise if i should cut my hair all the way off.?
Do you like me better with brown, black, or auburn hair? :)?
How To Legitly Grow Damaged Hair Out?
Haircut + picture morphin help please!!!?
one question?
Just because im blonde--doesnt mean im dumb....?
What do you do in the few minutes you have to wait for your conditioner to settle in?
Should i start straightening my hair pictures inside?
Should i shave my head?
My hair is really straight and boring, how can I make it curly?
why is the jewelry ME & RO so expensive?
how should i get my hair cut my mom says i have to get a haircut thursday?
I shaved all my pubic hair for the first time?
how do i make my hair dry faster?
Have any of you used semi-temporary hair dye?
How to get too much hair product out of hair?
Why is my hair so frizzy?
how to get long hair?
Can anyone please tell me where i can buy...?
Dying my black hair to light ash brown? easy points!?
What do I do with my sideburns if I am growing long hair?
names of cutee scene haircuts!?
Tips for Frizzy Hair?
How do i explain what scene hair is to my hair salon?
Greasy hair?
I think i have split ends, what should i do?
can you get a perm that straightens you hair?
Is it true if you don't wash hair for 6 wks it will be completely natural??
How much do you tip a person who cuts you hair?
Are brunettes jealous of blondes anymore?
Why has my hair which was perfectly straight and relatively smooth?
Do you like guys with long or short hair? please please help me?
How do you straighten and flip out the ends of a short chin length with layers haircut?
Do girls like the stubble beard look on guys?
How can i make my hair like this (picture)?
How do I make my hair not frizzy?
what product can i use to make my hair grow and get strong?
How do I get my hair shiny?
Does trimming your hair make your hair grow faster?
Can 12 yr olds use Herbal Essences Shampoo?
How do I hide my real hair underneath my glued in weave?
What should i do with my hair?
What should I do with my haair??
Black women, question about hair?
I want to dye my hair? Help? ;)?
whats you favorite song!?!??!?
Hair Color Suggestions?
what is this haircut called that most girls have now?
How to I get wavy hair like this?
I dyed my hair bright purple and my roots are starting to come through...?
I put dye in my hair and it's burning my head?
I have dark brown hair and i want to lighten it to light brown. Help!?!?
Would this hair color look good on me (pics)?
What I be able to go from a copper color to my natural blonde hair color?
Did Kuz hair growth shampoo make your hair grow?
Do I look good for you ppl?
What is the best treatment for my hair?
how can i make my hair grow faster?
Help! 10 points to the one who can help me!?
Casual Quick And Easy Updos For Side Bangs And School NO BUNS!!!!!!?
what is the best way to get rid of split ends?
whats a good item for removing body hair?
Should I go from a Blonde to a Brunette?
What can I use to stop my hair from falling out?
Are GHD straighteners really any good?
how to make hair grow faster?
If you have dark hair, can you use a red semi-perminant hair dye?
frizzy hair problem....?
Haven't washed my hair in 3 days..?
silver shampoo made my hair silver apart from my light brown highlights?
What's the best hair straightener?
What highlights would be good on a dirty blonde?
~Picture~ What do you ask your hair salon for this hairstyle?
What product do you use during the day?
Why do guys always go for girls with long hair? Even if the girl is not good-looking?
i'm a black male from the carribean...why is half my hair curly & the other half regular black man hair?
Should I remove my pubic hair?
Is there any way to get bubblegum out of hair?
henna hair colour?
What type of hair extensions are good?
Is it normal that im a girl and i weigh 200 pounds and i have asshole hair and stomach hair?
How to ge really long, healthy hair?? :))?
what colour is you hair?
Please help, I have got really bad facial hair what's the best method of removal?
how do i get hot wax out of my clothes?
i bleached my hair two weeks long till i can dye it again?
what is cure for grey hair?
what the average age for people who never had long long hair try it and how may really go thur it?
Latest and nice haircuts...?
What is your favorite shampoo?
Do you like this hairstyle?
What color hair should I have?
Why doesn't pulling a hair out by the root keep it from growing back? 10 points.?
I have a question. Easy points, just asking for an opinion?
Growing out my hair help please!?
umm can somebody please help me fast!!!! ill appreciated!?
if you shave a babys hair will it grow thicker and faster?
Good hair products and shampoo?
which female celeb has the perfect face shape??
Would cornrows suit me?
if i use a 1/5 inch curling iron to curl my hair, how many sections shoud i divide my hair into?
How often do you wash your hair?
reasonable teenagers hairstyles?
I am getting ready to open a Beauty Salon and need a classy name.?
Does Suave Keratin dry shampoo get rid of the keratin in your hair?
should i keep my hair long or short?!?!?! help! ppic. included?
Girls, do you find curly hair on guys sexy?
Why does my hair keep falling out?
How can I get curly/wavy hair?
im tired of always having my hair down. i need some websites that can show me different ways to put my hair up
How to keep my hair curly? What curling iron should I use?
I have dyed and highlighted my hair but it didn't turn out right and now i am not sure how to fix it?
How do I use argan oil?
how do you dye your hair with kool-aid?
Should I dye my hair all blonde?
How long does it take for your hair to grow 2 inches at least?
Can You Tell Me Any Great Shampoo's Just Curious ?
Do girls like short or long hair. ( like a buzz or flow)?
Will blonde hair suit me?
How old were you when you first shaved ur legs?
Which hair looks best?
Is hair rebonding not good for anyone?
Why is pubic hair such an issue?
Great place to get hair foiled/highlighted in Tampa Florida?
What is your favorite scent of shampoo?
how can we stop hair fall and dandrufs ?
I usually have thick hair but its been falling out and becoming thin. Whats wrong with me? What should i do?
how to get rid of unwanted hair?
Is it true,if i cut my hair by the light of the moon--it'll grow longer?
how do i get rid of frizzy hair?
Any cosmotology students out there in Miami Florida?
Red or blonde? I have photos.?
What haircut should I get..this one or this one.. (pics durrr)?
i have my hairline receding from the front and my hairs are also thin. what wud b the ideal hairstyle for me?
hair style is this a cool style??
How do i get the wet look in my hair, what product should i use?
How do i explain what scene hair is to my hair salon?
Wht is the best way to grow hard-to-grow african american hair?
HELP!! I have stick straight hair, but want some curl...what should I do...I don't want to curl it everyday!?
What hairstyles do women like on men?
Will my hair color come out evenly after bleaching?
Shopping for flat irons!?
Full Bangs or Side Bangs on Me ???
Should I go all blonde or blonde with black underneath?
"Windblown" hairstyles?
should i cut my hair?
How do I get my leg hair to grow straight without shaving them?
How to maintain the colour?
Can I dreadlock my pubes? If so, how long do they need to be?
Would I look good w/ short hair? Should I cut & dye it a little lighter? Pics?
My hair is curly and i can never doing anything with it!?
How do i get my hair to look better?
I have long dark brown hair with bangs, and I'm tired of it.... what would be some good hairstyle ideas??
Looking for new hairstyles?!?!?!?
wanting to go blonde!!!! 10 points?
I want to cut my hair but I'm uncertain?
im lookin 4 'paul brown' Hair Products?Cant Find The Web Site?Can Anyone Help?
Pink Hair extensions on a 6 year old?
what are the differences between hair relaxing & re bonding?
Girlies.. Are you a natural blonde
Why is it if you have straight hair you have to curl it, and curly hair you straighten it?
How can a white guy get waves in his hair like the brothas?
straight or wavy hair for school?
Purple hair? Yes or No? (Pic)
How can I get my hair grow faster?
Gray Eyebrows???? How to fix it!?
Would I Look Good with a Pixie Cut?
i loose 40-60 hair strands a day and im turning 17, is this normal?
why do people cut their own hair ?
HELP me choose my hair color?
I am a brunette but would like something different?
my best facial feature? (:?
what do you call people with black hair?
How much is it to have extensions in my hair in Manchester?
Is there any way that i mix any shade of brown with red to prevent it from fading quickly?
Tips for healthier Hair?
Best Shampoo's For Hair Restoration?
Guys with long hair?
how to get jamie laing hair?
Before i go to sleep i don't have tangles in my hair when i wake up i do?
hair question?
I dyed my hair black how do i get it to turn red?
Washing hair every other day?
Which color do you like the best? easy 2 points! =)?
Should I Get My Hair Cut/Dyed Like this?
Help! I need haircut ideas.?
Loreal excellence hiColor for dark hair product?
im tired of my old hair styles but want to keep the length.....?
10 POINTS WHO EVR GIVES THE BEST AWNSER! what color should i dy my hair?
which is the best hair salon for males in hyd?
Anyone know how to do this hairstyle?
i just had my hair cut shorter and i hate it?
Girls......Any good ideas how to hide roots ?
How do I style my hair like Andrew garfield from the social network?
short hairstyles?
Please tell me is it good for the hair to use the mixture of fenugreek and amla?
If I am a natural blonde, and I dye my hair red, does this mean I am now a natural brunette?
i had naturally straight hairi started straightening it 4 my skool year now its puffyandwavyhow do i fix it?
highlighting hair at home?
Straightening hair, questions?
hair color for tan color?
does spiked hair suit me?
which sounds better?
How do I go blonde?
Hair drenched in Argan oil resulting in possible benefits?
heavy hair, how to stop it being weighed down?
Should I Get dreadlocks? Please answer?
were cani buy dragon hair clips?
How do I deal with a bad haircut?
What is the best treatment for long, brittle hair?
How to make my hair shiny or grow faster?
How can i maintain my hair colour.??
How do you grow dreadlocks and how long would it take?
Is it true if you trim your hair regularly it will grow faster?
the best and stongest bleachs/ lightners for white hair?
Where to buy Hair Fixers?
Do raw eggs on your hair really make your hair grow faster?
What do you think for a new look?
Could someone please suggest a natural blonde hair dye?
How do I make my hair look like Elliot's from season 3 of Scrubs?
Would I look better as a brunette or as a redhead?
my hair always falls out in huge handfulls..why?
Does yogurt really make ur hair softer?
What hair color looks best on me?[[pics included]]?
Everyone want to know how to get rid of premature gray hairs; but I want to know how to get more.?
What hair color should I get?
What is the best solution for keeping hair clean...?
how do i make my hair grow longer faster in months or days?
I have lots of frizz and fly away hairs?
How do i let my hair grow?
I hav micro braids how can I make my new growth less visible?
I have micro braids in my hair and there is like piles of dandruff in my scalp?
wats the best shampoo 2 use everyday tht doesnt damage ur hair tht much.?
I want to get side swept bangs?
How to keep braids and kinky twists clean?
How do you dye hair extensions in cool patterns?
i have very dry hair, how can i improve texture of my hair?
How can I have wavy hair everyday?
Would I look good with black hair (pics)?
What is the best long lasting hair dye brand?
How could I get this hair colour from what my colour is now? (pics)?
how do i get my hair to look like this?
Am I balding or is my hair just damaged?
I had sex with the wrong guy. Has this ever happened to anyone, what should I do?
Guys, What Do You Think About Girs With Short Hair?
Do you braid your hair before going to bed ??
I would look terrifying with blond hair right?
If I shave my facial hair every day, is it possible to grow it faster and thicker?
home remedies to stop hair falling and to increase weight?
Loooking for a new haircut...?
Do you like this haircut?
hair lightening tips??
What shampoo and conditioner would you all recommened?
how to remove brown hair dye from white bathroom door?
What is the best shampoo for curly, dry hair?
is mixing axe shampoo with mane n tail conditioner bad?
would you rather have a girlfriend with thick, or thin hair... both healthy looking?
I have a perm and colored hair, but my hair is fried so it doesn't get curly... what can i do to fix this?
ok well im thinking of dying my hair purple.?
Hair!!! please help :)?
Hairdressers opinion please on Shay Mitchells hair?
What is a cute way to wear my hair? I need something different!?
Do i look better ?
Dye my hair ?
If i have dyed my hair yesterday and i hate the colour can i dye it again today?
How should i grow my facial hair?lol?
How do i change my part?
How long do I have to wait to dye my hair again?
Hairstyle ideas please =)?
Would I look good with razor cut bangs?
whats a hairstyle for someone with a big forehead, and painfully strait hair?
Need a punkish hairstyle!?
How to keep hair not greasy?
How often do you straighten your hair with a flat iron ??
Does this look better then my old hair?
Hair extension questions?
Have you ever seen a bald man with sideburns?
do you notice when??????
What type of hair styles do girls like on guys?
Can short hairstyles be as attractive as long hairstyles?
How to get Kristen Stewart's hair? 10 points?
Hair colouring advice (bleaching).?
I'm going to a fancy dress party as mafia/gangster. how should I do my hair,side parting or slicked back?
how to shave pube hair women?
how to make hair grow really fast?
Girls, what haircuts do you like more?
Due to repeated swimming and washing my hair is fried. is there something i can do to make it how it was.?
When I bleach my hair do I dye it to the roots or not all the way..?
What can i eat to make my hair grow longer?
how to get semi permenant hair to fade faster?
Does anyone know where to buy RAW Hair Dye in the UK?
does this have a certain hair type name?
What is nicki minajs real hair look like?
I need some cute hair styles?? like NOW!... Please?
my girlfriend always spikes my hair. y do u think she always wants to spike my hair?
How do I get rid of hair stubble on chin?
read this plz i really needhelp!?
How to cut hair so that?
I have a dandruff problem :|?
How do you increase the speed of hair growth?
What color hair should a girl named Whitney have?
Is beauty depends on the colour of a person?
Is it true that if you shave your facial hair, it grows faster?
Girls that straighten their hair almost everyday ?!?!?
GIRLS!!!! What Colour Hair Will Suit Me!?!??!?!?!?
Where can I find a website with how-to hairstyles for long hair?
Donating bleached hair- Sun In?
I need a new hair style yo?
HAIR EMERGENCY! lol big hot curlers?
What color should I dye my hair?
When can I dye my hair? ?
is it necessary to tip your barber or hair stylist, if so how much should u tip them?
Is it possible to get straight hair into tight waves?
How can I convince other men to shave their heads?
How to get my hair to last without a wash it a week?
to avoid hair fall?
which is better bio infusion or olive oil?
what should i do?
how often do you wash your hair?
What do you call my hair color?
What is scalp blushing? How do you get it?
If I had lice and went to a hair salon, wouldn't the hairdresser be able to see?
Can I donate my rebonded hair?
What haircut numbers should i ask for i want to spike my hair?
hair ideas please :)?
where in Bristol can i find a hair salon taking on apprenticeships .?
i have big cheeks do you think ponytails/buns look good on me?
Do u like this hair style?
What do you girls like on guys? long or short hair?
What's the weirdest mustache ?
How can i upload music into my band profile?
Looking for my sister LORRAINE UPHILL may now be married use to live in DENNING RD, WADDON, ENGLAND.?
where is a website so i can see pictures of girls w/blonde hair on top n brown hair underneath? or visa versa?
Should I go natural?
How do braids work to retain length?
what will 18 inch hair extensions look like, and will they be to thick?
I need some hair dye help?
Is this a good preppy hairstyle?
Baby fine hair and frizz control?
How do i get my mustache to grow faster for movember?
Who likes this hairstyle???
Another hair dye question. Help?
Lightweight and hold hairspray?
I'm scared to wear my natural hair to school?
What can I do to make my hair healthy and straight, without straightening it?
How do you look good with red hair?
What should I ask the hair dresser to get rid of split ends?
Can I dye my dark brown hair to a red/brown?
HELP?! How do I get my hair like Miley Cyrus' old hair?
the hair down there . . .?
I want to bleach my dyed black hair! What's the best way? As Ive had huge problems in the past!?
Lead singer's hair gone bad, how to fix?
Agave smoothing treatment vs keratin smoothing treatment?
Help me!!!!!!!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!!…
what color should i die my hair? heres a pic?
dyed my hair!! what do you think?? with pics?
What color should I dye my hair (pictures included)?
which hair straightener....?
hairdressers help me please?
hi i know im stranger yo u. but would u like to share some moments with me?
Plez Help What makes HAIR GROW LONGER?
After a shower, do what do you with your hair?
How to control hairfall & dandruff?
I got a perm and 2.5 months later did an at home curl remover, worked great, but when can I shampoo my hair?
Best hair dye to turn brown hair auburn?
is 12 too young to get my hair colored?
does pantene pro-v really make your hair fall out?
how do you cut a mohawk?
What color goes best with a girl with blonde hair and green eyes?
I don't know what hair cut to get?
Which hair style?
What is the difference between the appearance of dandruff and lice eggs?
Piecy and wavy hair.?
Is it normal aving hair in you ears?
How can i make a really nice but cool hairdue......?
Whats your eye color???????????????????
Which hairstyle should I pick?
What is the proper amount to tip your hair dresser?
How do i dip dye my hair?
Can your hair actually fall out from dyeing it ?
Do guys notice girls with short hair?
how to look girly with very short hair/boy cut?
Girls do you like long curly poofy hair on a guy. Please answer!!!!! 10points!!?
Can anything happen bad to my hair when it dies out when I striaghten it?
has amy winehouse dyed her hair?
Do you straighten your hair?
Could you help me?
Ahh! Can someone please help me and not laugh?
Does anyone have any tips on combating hairloss. I'm 23 and have the hairline of a 50 year old! :(?
How can I get rid of heavy dandruff?
Any ideas on what to do with my hair?
i need hair help!!! plz!?
Is your hair supposed to be nappy before you get a sew in ?
New hair color?
I have blonde hair. i would like it lighter. without bleaching it how do i lighten it?
Will lemon juice really lighten hair color?
How do you wash your hair ? Hair tips !?
Could i get a hair cut like this if i have thin hair?
If I Hi-Lite or bleach my hair do I have to get touch ups like dyeing?
Poll: Girls who have used Mane n Tail shampoo AND conditioner, did it really make your hair grow faster?
how can you crimp your hair without a crimper?
What to tell hair trimmer if you want...?
Is a fohawk possible with the same hair length on top of the head?
i have lots of split-ends n my hair...wat should i do??? pls some1 help me!?
is this unhealthy? straightening hair situiation!?