please help me with hair extensions?
is it true its illegal to shave if you're under 15 years old?
Biosilk how well does it really work?
What is "Gatsby"? The hairstyling product?
How long should i wait to colour my hair again?
what color should i dye my hair??? pics?
Recently got a short mohawk, now I got a quick question for the ladies about it.?
Will dying your hair too much eventually make it fall out?
Does anyone know what this was?
What is wrong with Suave shampoo, if anything?
how much does a japanese straightening treatment cost???
Does anyone know a good hair dresser in MI that wont break my pocket, and around the area of Detroit?
What disadvantages do I have by the time I grow up, if i shave at the age of 13.?
Removing Splat Hair Dye?
what type of beeswax should i use for my hair? Beeswax blcak or organic beeswax? and why, which is better?
How should i do my hair?
Any tight curl hair routines?
How would you call this haircolor?
help! how do i get koolaid dye out of my hair?
What colour should I dye my hair? (see pic)?
japanese hair straightening??
What is your favorite shampoo and conditioner?
today I have a christmas party and I want to look my best. so should I curl my hair or straiten it?
What can I use to remove hair dye from around forehead and face?
how to deal with humidty and haaair?!?
does the Kiyoseki styler work well?
My hair WONT curl under. Good website for hairstyles?
How often do you wash your hair (girls and boys)??
Should I brave it? Best answer = 10 points!!!!?
What are bangs I wanna know !?
Who hates hairy people?
blonde or stay the same?[pics]?
Would this haircut look good on me?
what are the ingredients in loreal extreme creme and superior preference?
I want to dye my hair, what color(s) should I go with?
what is your hair colour?
Is this bad for your hair?
how can i get my hair like this.?
what are the best flat irons?
What is the best OTC shampoo for getting rid of dandruff?
Anybody who goes to mastercuts and knows there prices!!?
Do You Know how to do hair?
Is it ok to wash your hair everyday, mine is really dry too and how can i get extra shine into my hair?
Best and fastest ways for eyebrow growth! ?
How should I interpret this warning label on my shampoo bottle?
i'm 14 years old and i shave on the side of my face(lower),and i'm noticing that i have hair on my upper cheek?
how to grow out your hair?
How can I get this hairstyle?
I need help finding out why this conditioner is so great, because they have discontinued it. HELP ME!?
when you die your hair is it true that if you wash it that day the color will come out?
How To Make Curly Hair (Boy)?
Bleached hair colored blue and trying to dye it another color.?
do girls prefer boys with long hair?
What Is A Cute Hairstyle 4 Me?
Other ways to lighten your hair without die?
I have long straight hair, any tips on how to curl hair so i can have long loose curls?
hair styles for emo cut layered hair?
Girls, Would You Wear Shorts With Hairy Legs?
hair color to bring out my features?
laser hair removal ! help i need to know if i went to the right one!?
How often do you cut your hair?
need a short hairstyle for my self?
what do lice eggs look like?
has anyone used laserwand for hairloss is it good?
How do I style it?
Should I shave my pubic hair?
Does hair replacement treatments really work? my boyfriend is going bald..?
POLL:do u have curly or straight hair? ?
HELPPPP!!!! Should I straighten my hair every day?
Does anyone use biotin?
how do you die a black guys hair red?
how could i look better?
CHI straightener?
How to grow hair faster?
Do you think Curly hair is sexy?
does anyone know the name of this hairstyle?
Shampoo or conditioner?
A good pic for scene hair for girls?
how can make my body hairs finer and lighter constant?
i have long hairs but they r not very healthy. they break easily and r 'tshiny .how can i make them look good
What color hair do you have??
How can I fix my hair after a color mis-hap?
I want my hair in an emo hairstyle but I dont know what to ask for when I go to my stylist?
Can you use a toner to darken your hair after using a toner to lighten it? Please help!?
Should I straighten my curly hair?
what do hair love and hate?
Hair dying questions! Please help!?
How can I make my hair grow faster?
New Haircut? Looks horrible?
How would I style my hair like this?
VERY effective split end mender?
do you guys like my red hair ?
I have really short thin hair that keeps breaking can i grow it out longer?
i dyed my hair blonde and its gone orange, help?
could i put my hair up if it looks like this?
do you think i would look good blonde? or what colour?
Which scene hairstyle do I look good with?2?
looking company that sells head start vitamins besides the one in ft lauderdale?
Curly or Straight hair?
how do I get rid of curls in my hair when a straighting iron doesn't?
Hair style for Thick medium hair?
Manic panic hair dye?
What kind of hair do you have?
what can i do to get more bounce and volume to my hair?
i have tangled hair what can i do ?
PROFESSIONAL HAIRSTYLIST should i purchase a sedu ultrapower or CHIturbo ceramic ionic(pic inside)?
How should I do my hair for an interveiw???? Updo?? Downdo??
How do I get my barber license without going to school?
What's the best eye colour with red hair?
Can I Get This Haircut/Style?
i am getting my hair highlighted tommorow but i dont know what colour of highlights to get?
Receeding hairline at age of 17?
Do i use overly uses of Hair Products?
Oily scalp and dandruff. Help please?
do catholic high schools allow you to dye your hair?
what does garnier nutrisse color cost?
POLL: Do you have long or short hair ? :D?
How to thicken up hair?
darker or lighter highlights? 10points?
My mom wont let me dye my hair??
what should i do with my hair?
which hair color/cut should i get?
Using laundry bleach for hair?
Chi straighteners....?
How would your hair turn out if you dye it with Kool-Aid.?
How can i dye my dark brown hair blue?
Hairy back?!?
Did anyone know Pre-Grow shampoo ? can u please tell me where to buy ?
So I need some ideas for my hair.?
How do you do a corn row for a weave track?
my hair is falling out?
my hair is meessy and i tried to fix it..but i what can i do..??help me..?
what colour should i dye my hair (with pics)?
What kind of hair do u like better - straight or curly?
I need help with my hair color!?
I am getting bald. I'm only 23. What local treatment shal I take?
Question: Are all dry shampoos sulfate free?
Does it bother ya if you have a really bad hair day??:)?
I want dreads but I'm white? (PIC INCLUDED)?
Do you think I look better with short or long hair?
should i dye my hair this color?? please help!?
what color is ron wesely's hair?
What should I do about my hair.?
What are good haircuts for me?
How do you scrunch your hair?
I've got soft, curly natural do I grow it without relaxing it? Help!?
Which is more attractive short or long hair?
Highlights and roots! UGH!?
how to dye your hair blonde from dark brown/black hair without bleach?
Any good products for long hair?
My hair is so long and thick and I cant do anything with it!?
I'm a women-Do guys like dark dark hair better then blonde?
why do young girls try to grow up so fast?
should i go from brunette to black?
which one of these hairstyles?
Where can I buy highlights?
ingrown hair after upper lip wax?
How do you get your bangs to be sideswept?
what hair colour makes you look older ?
Which hair color looks best on me?
would it be okay to wash my hair everyday?
why does everybody [well almost everybody] think that all black people wear weave?
Is dying light brown hair to blonde a really bad idea?
Im trying to grow my hair its already pretty long, past my boobs now but the ends are getting dry?
what are some good homemade treatments and tips for hair?
I need help ! how to get nice hair!?
Matrix Biolage Ultrahydrating Shampoo, Ultrahydrating Balm, Cera Repair Pro4. Anyone have problems with them?
How is kims hair from The Real World cut?
Remington Air Wave Hair Dryer?
I got my hair cut by a friend this morning and she has done it all wrong!?
how do i make my hair silky, smooth, straight, soft, and sleek?
What should I do with my hair?
I am looking for a turban-style hair net with flower like petals covering it.Dark colors preferred..?
How much would nice, professional extensions cost?
can someone please recommend a hairstylist?
is there a way to remove perm from hair?
Have i lost the nutrition in my hair from not eating?
Oka, Can This Help? PLEASE HELP!!!!?
Is it ok to use a hair lightening product on already dyed blonde hair?
Would you accept $9,000 to shave your head & continue your normal activities without wig or hat sans?
how do I make my MLP FIM applejack's hair like the show?
What would be the best shampoo for "oily" hair?
Is it okay to dye my hair?
black people .. ginger hair ?
How can you curl your hair without a curling iron?
Good styles for short curly hair?
damaged my full hair after a hair straightening only if i blow dry or iron they look tamed help what cai i do?
Any tips for hair growth?
i have dry hair, now in bangalore b'cse of hard water i'm losing my hair and its texture?
What hair cut should I get?
Peek-a-boo or reverse ombre?
Where is a good hair salon in Rancho Cordova that can cut and colour for under 70 bucks?
which hairstyle(pics)?
What can I do to make my hair grow faster?
Can you suggest any efficient and trustworthy treatment for hair loss?
Getting rid of body hair?
Bleaching hair?
How do you grow your hair faster??
is it true that lemons..........♥?
How to get my pale yellow/blonde hair to a platinum/bleach colour? bleach again or toner?
Why is it my hair feels greasey when ive just washed it?
What starts with a C and ends with T, is hairy, oval, delicious and contains thin whitish liquid?
I have really short thick hair, would it be a bad idea to get some sort of a perm to try something new??
OMG can somone answer this i feel so stupid?
Is your hair all natural?
Should i wax my peach fuzz on my cheeks?
Whats your idea of happy hair?
why does my hair smell like burnt after curling it?
i want to try blonde!?
What type of haircut should I get?
can sum1 help me with my uneven dread loc sides?
I'm losing hair and I don't know why?
Why does my hair go greasy so fast ?!?
what do you prefer blondes or brunettes ?
Do you have locs (dreadlocs)?
Platinum Blonde Hair?
whats the most populated color of hair around the world?
Funky long hairstyles?
Do bald people use shampoo?
hair help??
Supercuts highlights????(:?
haw to remove body hair?
Garnier fructis leave-in conditioner?
how to keep hair straight all day?
Did I look better before... or after?
fun things 14 year olds can do?
Tips for growing hair long, shiny and strong?
Which hair straighteners would you recommend and why ?
question for black men's hair?
How do I prevent that "ropey" frizzy look in my hair?
what are the best wax facial hair removers??
How many girls are natural down there?
Would i have to bleach my hair if i wanted to dye my hair red i currently have it black ?
what happens if u dye ur hair blonde and u have headlice?
would you let a 13 year old dye her hair?
Are front bangs childish?
how to make a french plat/braid?
blonde to red
How can i keep my hair curled w/ out tons of hair spray?
what highlight color do you think would look good on black hair?
How do I find the address and phone number of the corporate headquarters for a hair salon?
Dying your hair when it's freshly shampooed?
What kind of hairstyles are in fashion right now? Teenager, girl?
How do you get hair..that looks like"wet hair"??please help!!?
What hairstyles can I do with really short hair ?
Body hair looks??????
What color should I dye my hair? Pictures(:?
what color should i dye my hair should i get bangs?
which hair color would u rather have drak black or blonde? wat do u think of a girl that has black hair ?
Straightening my hair with an iron?
Nair help. Anyone that shaves legs please answer :]?
Dying Black hair Blonde?
do you like my hair better naturally wavy or straight?
does nuzen gold hair oil has side effects?
am i putting too much product in my hair?
help- limp lifeless hair?
How can I get really long hair for less than three weeks?
girls with strong jaws?
How does the hair absorb shampoo/conditioner ingredients?
I have a unibrow, should I shave it?
salt water lightening hair?
do you think I would look good with this kind of hair (pics)?
should I get layers? I cant decide if I should or not ?
Im a girl and if i shave my head......?
I have 360's in my hair but one side of my head has no waves (the side i sleep on) can some one help my?
How to loosen some of my curls?
How could I cut my bangs like this but at home?
How do you straighten your hair faster?
Can I bleach my hair with just powder bleach and developer?
how long until i grow this out ?
How long would these be on me?
girls - do you concentrate more when your hair is tied up or just down?
Does blonde hair look okay with brown eyes?
Is my hair black or brown?
What should i use to get rid of dandruff?
Main n tail - shampoo or conditioner?
I need new hair ideas!?
Why do blondes have more fun...what makes blondes so special...?
what should i dye my hair? picture included!?
How to get long hair fast with no products?
Will coconut oil lighten my hair?
how do i dye my hair??????? homemade dye? PLEASE HELP?
My Maxiglide stopped working....?
What color would light pink hair dye fade to?
Help with Hair growth please.?
is it safe to get your hair straightened twice in a month?
is there any simple home made remedy to lessen hair loss?
Attack of the frizz!!!?
Why do people hate red hair?
Has anybody had decent results with Manic Panic Hair Dye? I'm going with "Wildfire(red)"?
My pubic hairs are 18 inches long ! How can i stop them hanging down below my shorts ?
I would love your opinion on this - I get my hair colored and cut once a month and I pay $100. I don't make
do chunky girlls look gud with short hairrr??
is it true that everyday 20-30 hairs are being lost?
How often do you wash your hair?
i just dyed my hair red with Vero K-Pak, how long will it stay red, and what can i do to keep it red longer?
what to do with my hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Girls Only! Which do you prefer?
Can i use mayonnaise in my hair to repair it?
Do you like my hair longer or shorter ? (pic)?
should i let my gf dye my hair brown and then let her put caramel highlights in it would it look good?
emo/scene hairstyle helpp !!?
Should I use a wide toothed comb to detangle my hair throughout the day for less damage?
WITH PICTURES.. Ugh I'm so sick of my stupid hair.. Should I just re-dye it dark brown?!?
How should i dye my mohawk?
how do you make hair dye?
How should I get my hair cut? (pictures are included)
is this racism or what?
Are you suppose to shampoo your hair everyday?
how to get my thick, wavy hair to look like this??(pic)?
I want two toned hair . My hair is black , so what colour should I get the bottem half ?
Should I cut my hair (Picture inside..)?
Will My Hair Fall out If I Continue To Dye It?
how can i spike my long hair?
If you were to dye your hair what color would it be?
what do head lice hate?
I have long hair to down to my breasts lol the length of my hair?
How do I get my hair to......?
I have natural, untreated hair; can you tell me how to straighten my hair without the aid of harsh chemicals?
Which Hairstyle Is Prettier ?
How do I know if short hair would fit me?
I have really bad damaged hair?
Guys, is it hot for a woman to have butt hair?
What should I do to change my hair?
what is the best permanent home hair dye?
Level 3 hairdressing cut?
please help me?
how can i get my hair to be wet without gel ?
co-washing relaxed hair help?
prom hairstyle for a blue strapless dress and what kind of make-up color?
Black And White Coon Tail Extensions?
Will I pull this hairstyle off?
What color hair do you have?
Can you lighten your hair? ?
Is there anyone else who can't blow dry their own hair ?
New hair colour- help?!?
Question about hair color?
I want to dye my hair red...?
What is the difference between these 2 CHI flat irons?
How do you remove sparkles/glitter (the craft kind) from child's hair/scalp?
How did Allyson arm dye her hair.5 stars?
What was your worst Bad Hair Day experience?
Do Gnc men`s ultra nourish hair really work? ?
I have high forehead..........?
can any one tell me whare i can get pubic hair extensions?
i need advice about my hair colour ?
For the Women in the house: When you wanna look cute, how do you style your hair?
when i was little, my dad would always tell me that if i put handsoap in hair, it would fall out. will it?
How can I make my light brown hair darker permanently without store bought dye?
How blond will my hair go if I use lemon?
she bald now wanna put da blame on her beautician????
if you could dye your hair , what color would you dye it ?
How to grow natural hair out after BC?(a few other q's too)?
How do I repair my hair so I could grow it?
Would chalking or dip dying your hair work for medium color brown hair?
Bleach blonde to dark blonde?
What should I do with my hair?
Growing singed hair and eyebrows back quickly?
i have such a big forehead:(?
Would I look good with dirty blonde hair?
Can you tell that I have extensions? [pics]?
what should i name my salon?
Does anyone know which is the best Moisturizing shampoo (and conditioner)for Africam American hair?
Is there anything that safely lightens your eyebrows a little?
Do I have more hair than the average female?(girls only please:))?
how to get rid of dandruff???????????
how can i make my hair blond without dying it... its light brown?
Domincan blowouts fade hair color?
Is there any way to dye hair without bleach?
can short hair be attractive on a girl?
As a child/teenager (former or current), were u ever forced to get a cut/style you hated?
do any other women use scrunchies on their ponytails? is it totally OUT now?
Can I use the thermal straightener quantum with this??
hair colour advice? *picture included*?
do u think a blond is to stopid to get a job!!!?
I have a mustache???
Straight Hair vs Curly Hair?
Dying my hair turquoise (la riche directions)?
i need help on my hair? pics included! ?GUYS?
How does weave work with natural African American hair?
I dyed my hair blonde again, haha, what do you think?
What colour should i dye my hair (pics provided)?
Is hair gel bad for your hair?
can anyone tell how to get rid of dandruff and prevents hair loss?
Hair so ugly?? and flatt?
What are the best make of straightners?
Why do some girls not shave their arms?
Could i go blonde? Pics!?
How do you get your hair to be straight naturally and permanently?
Why is my hair falling out?(13yr girl)?
i need help with my greasy hair!?
Two toning my hair...?
thoughts about LUSH LOCKS hair extentions?
Hair ideas! Need help with changing up my style!?
whats the best thing to wrap dreadlocks with?
how can i make my hair grow really fast?
How could you describe this hairstyle in a detailed, interesting way?
What is a good shampoo that is practical for dry sorta greasy hair?
Would red highlights be visible on dark brown hair?
Just got into cosmetology school?
How would I style my hair like this?
What hairstyle would suit me? [Picturesss]?
Do girls prefer guys with long hair or short hair?
if i have a dirty blonde color hair then what can i do 2 make it lighter 4 cheaper tahn the hair salon??
Which would look better on my friend(hair color)?
how do i get my hair to grow faster?
got lots of black hair dye what should i do with it?
what hairstyle do you choose?
I have a really weird question about shaving hair (not just on your head)?
how can you make hair grow faster?!?
If I dye my bright purple hair very dark brown will it go green?
is it painful for a white guy to have his hair African braided (first time ever) ? which styles are OK age 18?
Can a 13 year old take Biotin 5000mcg?
Who invented the perm? you know the way you get your hair curly at a salon?
what is best to straighten afro hair?
getting a hair cut....any suggestions?
how do you grow african american hair?
My hair WONT GROW!?!?
what should i do with my hair?! (pics)?
Do i have a big forehead? (Pictures)?
A product to relax hair for whites?
i love my hair a lot, but does it love me?
what should i tell my barber to get a good pompadour?
Does my hair look nice? *Pic included*?
Is It Okay To Leave Conditioner In Your Hair Overnight?
Ladies: survey. DO you prefer long or short hair on yourself?
Why do girls cut their hair short???
Does birth control pills really help your hair grow?
Unwanted belly hair + belly button issues ):<?
How can i get my hair like this?
How can i stop severe hair breakage?
Is medium brown hair and dark blue/greenish eyes common?
What do think of black women wearing weaves much longer than their real hair?
Step-by-step instructions on how to peroxide-blonde your own hair?
can you still have this hairstyle without the highlights?
Will my hair fall out if i do this?
what are some solutions for my hair coloring dilemma?
How to make my hair grow faster?
How do you get your hair to grow longer?
how should i have my hair?
Hair growth pills and something that will stop hair loss????
How to achieve this gents hairstyle?
I want to buy a hair straightener around the price range of £25 or under?
i have natural straight, thick hair. i want curls!?
Is Revita growth shampoo going to make your facial hair grow?
I need major hair tips please?
Girls, which do you prefer?
is it even true?!?!plz answer...?
Fleas in my hair. What should I do?
Is peppermint oil and tea tree oil good for african american hair?
should i buy the Kiyoseki Styler?
perminantly straight hair??
Blondes or Brunettes?
my hair is gross. Greasy&with dandruff.EW.?
Why does my hair feel and look healthier when I blow dry and straighten it?
would i look okay with short hair?
What's The Best Products For My Hair?
how should i do my hair?? help!?
Guyz,what can i apply in ma hair for fast growth nd smart only home remedies please?
how to make hair shine?
What are these white things in my hair?
How can I keep my hair completely straight all day?
Could you see me as a blonde?
will i even out? or am i done growing?
How do you persuade your parents into buying a $200 Coach Bag/ Or How do you get money? BESIDES A JOB!?
Does anyone know what is water wax?
easiest points eva;?
kindly suggest me the best shampoo ?
What colour hair do you like best on me {With Pictures}?
has anyone ever tried the flat iron "maxiglide"?
what are cool hair does ??????
The battle of the pomade-type-things?
hey can i get some quick advice?!?
[PICS] Is my friend ugly??
Girls do you like a guy to have soft fluffy hair/ wet/gelled /waxed?
How do i get peanutbutter out of my hair?
cute summer hair styles?
How do I style my boyfriends hair? HIS HAIRCUT LOOKS LIKE ****.(pic)?
Can I dye my hair with my period blood?
Do you gals cut your wigs?
Dying my hair black!?!?!?
For the girls - What male hair styles do you find attractive (include links to pics please)?
Hi this is for all my sistas out there, i have the most nappiest hair, and i want to add some body, and shine?
hairr downn there?!?!?!?!?!??(girls or guyyss but mainly girls)?
I have texturized my hair 3 times in the a period of 7 months , & I did a texturizer a week ago .?
Question About Cutting My Own Hair (.s)?
doing my hair brown and blonde?
How often do you wash your hair?
should i die my hair?
what are good bright colours that i can put through my medium blonde hair?
what can i do for my hair to return to normal? after i been relaxing?
how to get my hair like alyson micalka?
Should I Cut my hair?
I need a good hair straightener, help anybody!?
How to dye hair purple without it turning brown?!?
My hair will not stay straight!?
what does girls do with their pubic hair?
how to get thick lashes?
I just got a horrible haircut OMG!!!!?
Why isn't my hair soft, shiny, and silky anymore?
Cute, Tousled/messy Bobs?
What shape should I get my hair cut?
How to get rid of greasy hair.?
Best Hairstyle for Asian Boy?
How common is red hair?
Something crazy but cutee....?
How Should I Cut My Hair?
When leaving my hair naturally curly, should I straightened my bang?
How can I make my hair like this?
i need help finding the preficte shapoo for my hair....?
whats the latest hair styls girls?im a hair dresser?
How long will it take for my dyed black hair to fade to light brown?
Do I look better with long blonde or short dark hair?
How do you straigthen hair without putting water on it.?
Hair length whats long?
I need help with HAIRCUT? (pics included)?
Would I look good with a buzz cut? forehead to big?
Which are better Blondes or Brunettes?
my hair is super curly & i don't want it chemically straigtened.. HELP!?
how to grow moustache?
How often should I change my shampoo?
I am 15 years old, and i am having hair loss problems, what can i do to help keep my hair?
How do I remove red in my hair?
How should I highlight my hair??
Theres this picture on twitter on facebook of this hair.. Read description?
i need an opinion on the girls at mastercuts,wat about candace?
should i get layered side bangs?
I want my hair to grow faster?
What can I do to help my hair grow faster?
Where can I find Indian temple hair extensions?
What should I do with my hair ? (Pics of me now :] )?
getting hair cut friday! help!?
Anyone have any ideas for girl, medium length, punk hairstyles?
New Haircut Suggestions..(PICS!)?
cons of matrix biolage hair screams?
Do you have to cut to be emo?
whats the best product to make my hair grow really fast?
why do women shave their legs and armpits?
anyone know how to grow hair back please?
I need a new look,for a hispanic female?
Just Got My Hair Done.. Do i Suit It? (Pic Inside.. )?
What are some cool long hair styles for guys?
where is edens hair salon in poway, california?
Do some chinese people have red hair?
What is the best way to get rid of frizz in your hair?
Is 80$ a month too much for a guy for haircuts?
anyone have good websites for hair for homecoming?
What will happen if I bleach my hair?
I am in need of some hair dye help..?
Can i use dread wax after using lock peppa?
Which has the best hair products for dry, damaged hair?
How to stop hair loss?
what works better? Blonde hair on a sexy girl. or red hair on a grandma.?
straight or curly???????????????????
Should I die my hair blonde?
Does Revlon Frost and Glow have PPD in it?
Hair on my upper lip?!?
thick or thin eyebrows?
Kristen Bell's Long Hairstyle?
Curly or straight?!?!?!?
why does hair frizz?
Would this hairstyle look fab or "ick" on me? (pics included)?
Color Shampoo?? HELPP?
Dye my hair - good idea?
Black guy trying to straighten hair?
How to moisturize my relaxed hair?
Easy hairstyles to do for school?
Wut should I use to make my hair healtheir ?? Like wut can I do to make it no so dry an damaged?
why is my hair falling out so much?
define long locks?
what kind of perm do i need to make my hair look like this?
is my hair long enough? (pics included)?
i wanna know how to make my hair grow longer?
How can I make my layers look edgy like this?
What do you think about dark skin and blonde hair?
What is a really good curling iron that matches my description?
Do you have to tip your hairdresser if she owns the shop? If so,how much?
How to repair damaged/frizzy hair?
Hair Cut! Please help!:DD<3 (scene hair)?
I'm 30 yrs old female & noticed that I already have 20 over gray hairs.?
.s! which name do you like better?
How do I get Straight Hair Without a Straightening Iron?
Should i always leave my hair up or down?
Should I dye my hair purple?
I have dark blonde hair ,I put a rinse in to tone down,my hair turned black,need to lift, what can i use?
tips on growing hair fast?
I am putting black in my dark blonde hair and I want it to be crazy?
I dyed my hair red, how often should I wash it?
I don't want to go to my hair stylist anymore.?
blue hair dye?permantent?
Is this expensive for a haircut? (In your opinion)?
.s!!.which name do you like best?
Martha Stewart Haircut?
Why do some guys have long hair?
What is your favorite conditioner?
please help me before i run out of time!?
how can i stop my hair looking greasy?
Scene haircuts for 14yr olds with round face? EASY 10 POINTS!!?
i wanna have emo hair. how?
HELP!! im thinking about getting my hair cutt should i get my hair cutt off or dead ends cutt off?
would you pay 80 dollars for THIS haircut?!
i have lots of hairs on my body what should i do?
Is wholesfoods the only store that sells beautiful curls leave in conditioner kinky to curly by alaffia?
Is there a way to have longer hair ?
How long will it take to grow my hair?
do guys prefer blondes or red heads?
How did African Women grow their Afro Natural Hair Long down their backs Thousands of years ago without hair p?
Any hairdressers/hair people out there? :)?
For my wedding should I wear my hair up or down? What do you think?
which hair cut do you like pick two PLEASE!! SCENE HAIR?
What is hair serum? Is it very different than hair oil ?
I need a new hairstyle.. ideas?
What's the best hair lotion, gel, etc (hair products besides shampoo, and conditione) for an african american?
What hair product or home remedy will help with the shedding of caucasion hair.?
Hair pictures or virtual haircut?
Is hair color for women and men the same?
cute summer hair styles?
What hair color is good for a pale girl with blue eyes?
after 6-9 months after rebonding,will the hair be at least less curly than before rebonding?
i need to fix up my hair a bit?
HAIR.....HELP.....please.....Please help me.?
What are Good Curling Iron Brands ?
how do you make your hair wavy?
I need a cut hair do for a party? I really want it look great!?
Is it okay to get corn rows if your white?
Do you think this hair style might end up looking emo if i do it like this?
What color will my hair turn?
What are some websites that i can scan my picture and find hairstyles that i can where????
How do i get smooth and silky legs?
to perm or not to perm?(pictures included)?
How can I soak up oil in my hair without washing it?
if you were 16 would you?
Strangers of , I need help with my hair...?
Curly Scrunchy Yucky Bangs- A BIG No-No?
What color should I dye my hair?
I saw a man today with no hair on his legs and I thought he looked rather girlish. Slight hair or not on legs?
Hi I am a male, i have medium length hair and i wanna grow my sides is there any suggestions?
What hairstyle should I get?
How did Kimberly Wyatt do her Mohawk when she had long hair?
How can I fix my stubborn hair?
can someone explain hair products and what each type does and how and when you should use it?
Whould this look nice?
Dandruff problem, please help!?
I need hairstyle ideas that are easy to do for a formal event?
Concert hair help!!!?
Drama production hair emergency!!!!?
How should I do my hair ?
Would I look good as a blonde?
my hair gets really frizzy at times..... wat is a good way to get rid of it w/o spending money?
What is a good cut for long hair?
what can i do to keep scalp from itching all the time i have really thick hair?
Pictures of Prom Half Up Half Down Hairstyles?
can anyone help me my hair get so greasy i try all sorts of shampoo's and conditioner?
Hair removal recommendations!?!?!?!?!?!?
i am getting my hair highlighted tommorow but i dont know what colour of highlights to get?
How can i get my hair to go like this?
where in houston can I get my hair done
hair product that doesn't make hair look thin?
should i cut the hair of a girl who sits in front of me in english class?
Which do you prefer?
my hair is soo dry, what should i use to help my hair?
i got a horrible short haircut, help!?
How can I make my hair grow REALLY fast?
HAIR COLOR HELP!!!Profesionals welcome!!?
how to curl thick, straight, slick hair?
Would I look good?
OK, do girls prefer guy who have long hair or short hair?
How do I get VERY long hair?
Guys (or girls I guess)- What's your fvourite hair colour?
What colour should I dye my hair to bring out the brown or the green in my eyes?
a question for guys....?
Which haircut/style looks better on me?
What are hairstyles that people really think is cute?
What's the best flat iron you've ever used?
Do you know the address of GHD, Babyliss and Chi straighteners?
What is the best straightener? for thick curly frizy hair?
how to get my hair back blonde, its gray!?
How does my new hair look?
What is the best type of hair straightener that leaves no damage?
Leda monster bunny pink hair dye combination?! Manic Panic!?
2 braids came out of my head last night. How much should and would they charge to put back in?
How to get me blonde again?
how do i increase my hairgrowth as i m havin a serious loss of it.?
my hair! is short!!??!!!!!?
Can coloring your hair cause hair loss?
Do you have any advice?
What shade of brunette is good with Asian people?
where can i get a permanent hair removal solution?
Accidentally used ethnic hair care! Help!?
Can you make your hair grow quicker?
Curly hair or straight hair?
guys- do you like the whole blonde hair blue eyes thing on girls?
What color hair do you have?
i have short brown hair and im going to a wedding in december.?
Girls, which hairstyle do you think suits me better?
Is thirty too old for long hair?
Side hairline cuts in before side burns why ? Im 16?
straight or curly hair? (pics.)?
I want my fringe like this. But how do i describe it to the hairdresser?
what vitamin's help your hair grow?
Do I have a butterface?
What shampoo for curly hair?
Do i look better as a blonde, or a brunette?
ok what can i do with this?!?!?!?!?
I'm wondering what kind of hair to get, here are the options.?
how do i prevent my hair from hard water?
i have red hair and im a guy... should i dye it?
should i plant trees in my hair and try to grow some type of garden?
what can i do with my sons hair?
my head is burning, help!?
If you're familiar with ethnic hair, what do you think i should use to get my curls more defined like this?
what do you think of red heads?
*IMPORTANT* Should I cut my hair low or keep it medium.?
Why do people assume that when you have blonde hair you must be stupid.?
Does anyone know where I can get a scene wig?
how to grow long hair down to the back bone within a month?
Does this person look better with long hair or short hair?
Anyone have easy tips for growing more facial hair?
Please help, I have got really bad facial hair what's the best method of removal?
Why do guys tell girls what colour to dye their hair?
how do i get scene hair?
how can i get curly hair?
are side bangs still in?
Hair colour and skin tone ???
how do u get rid of fizzy hair?
how should i do her hair? rate the pics...?
Red haired stunt ??????
Fringe/ Bangs like Carly Rae Jepsen?
What products can I use to "encourage" the curl in my hair?
Guys do you prefer long hair or short (head hair) in girls?
based on your experience, how you can make your hair grow fast? i want a long hair.?
Hair Cuttery?
Whats is a really good straightener for super curly hair?
what is a great perm brand container for hair?
what is the best medicine for losing hair?
wheres the cheapest store to buy good hair extencions?
my hair is beautifully smooth and shiny brunette how is your hair?
What's the BEST deep conditioner and why?
Can you put mousse to your hair after washing it and go to sleep?
Will Japanese Hair Straightening Imitate Justin Bieber Hair?
going to sleep with wet hair?
friend is coloring my hair, good idea?
very itchy flaky shampoo to use for very dry/thick hair that requires conditioner.?
Things that damage your hair?
Magic Powder instead of shaving?
Protein shampoo?
How should I cut my hair short?
I'm losing hair real fast, is there a remedy or treatment that actually works?
Does hair grow back after balding ?
I want to dip dye my hair but can i do it without bleaching?
Shampoo Problem?
hair extensions, help!?
Hair Nutrition Shampoo?
Great working flat irons?
whats better blond or browns or reds?
do you think miley cyrus is wat they say she is?
How can I get leg hair? ?
I really want hair extensions but idk too much about them?
can i do dark hair, with green eyes and pale skin?
I want suggestions for cute hair styles for girls.?
how do my new highlights look? *pics*?
hair dressing sizzors?
i have very hairy legs what is the best to get rid of them and how long does it last .?
How should I wear my hair with this top?
Err? A technique to drain out my hair color? HELP?
do i look better with long hair or short hair(pic)?
Healthy Straight iron?
Why does my hair do this.....?
i want to remove hair color...?
Help getting semi-scene hair!?
which shampoo is good for receding hairline and hairfall,please help?
Best 5/8 flat iron for about 30 usd?
i'm a natural red , and my style is out dated.?
HAIR!!!! hehe?
Best way to "break up" with your hairstylist?
Need a new straight iron..any suggestions?
Where can I purchase oleocap hot oil treatment? I live in Northern Virginia.?
Guys - Do you find girls with short hair attractive?
My friends kid has lice that she REALLY wnts to get rid of, any sugestions?
How can I make my bangs stay in place?
Can you part your hair differently with the weaving closure ?
How long will it take for my hair to grow back thicker?
What kind of hairstyle should i go for with my face shape?
girls look cute in long hair or short hair?
Do guys prefer long hair over short hair on a girl?
Can I use Regaine (Rogaine I think in the USA) with a shaved head?
Washing hair everyday damaging?
If I mix olive oil and heavy cream and apply it to my hair, will it make my hair more moisturized?
which hair straighteners are the best?
Poll: What's your favourite hair colour and why?
What is my face shape? (Male) (Pics)?
How to style wavy hair?
Is it ok to brush your hair when its wet?
How can i get my hair really straight?????????
if i use a blonde hair dye and go over in red, how will it turn out?
How can i stop my hair from getting puffy?
Why do guys hate short hair on girls? How short is too short?
Easy hairstyles for school?
ariana grande's hair?
if i dyed my hair black, is it possible to dye it in another color next time?
Girls(teenagers): Do you like buzzcuts on teenage guys?
how do i keep naturally curly hair from drying out?
Is ginger ugly? What do you think?
should i straighten my hair when the humidity is at 65%?
Slightly scene/emo hair?
what house hold item can i use to lighten my hair? will bleach work?
does this hairstyle fit me?
Why is my hair dye fading completely in a week?
Hair replacement options for a woman battling cancer?
Attention all hair ppl!!!!?
new hairstyle?
What hairstyle does sylvester stallone have in first blood?
Is my hair considered curly?
How to perm a black girls hair.?
What would you recommend to my hair? It's a bit dry and it does not have a style.?
Do women prefer Long or short hair?
what numbers or name of the haircut does kirko bangz get ?
My hair is starting to break alot!?
what can i do with my hair in the summer?
Dying one side of my hair hot pink?
Does your hair smell good after you take a shower?
Hair Color Suggestion!!?
how much costly to straight my hair.i hay a silky hair.?
Growth for Natural Black hair?
i have knits on my hair ?
What exactly causes curly hair to curl and straight hair to be straight?
How to make your hair grow faster?
How to put long asian hair in an updo?
Bleaching my hair .? 10 points for best answer ! :D?
how would i look as a blonde?
Cori Cooper my life as liz hair color?
Blonde or Brunette???
Where can I buy human hair online (for African-Americans) ?
I am mixed race. What can I use to make my hair longer and thicker?
teach me how to sext?
Question about grownups who still have baby hair?
Will this hair style look good on me??
Would it look bad if i dyed my hair black :D?
Why do a lot of blonde haired or blue eyed girls think they are all that?
is there any african american women who have used the chi hair straightening system on their hair did it work?
does anyone have sites for hair styles?
can you use reg. hair dye to highlight your hair.?
Eggs make hair softer?
What type of hair rollers work?
POLL: What color dip dye?
What is the best dye for brunette to blond hair?
my hair is curly help!! how can i control it?
Girls what hair style do you like lads to have?
What colour should i dye my hair?
beard or no beard?
how do i make my hair curly?
Will this hair look good on me???
Have you ever gone to Supercuts.....?
How can I grow my hair?
Popular teen hairstyles for girls?
Just dyed my hair red and blonde, any idea on how it's gonna turn out?
New hairstyle!?and bulb hairstyle!?
which company is really up to something with hair cloning?
Is there anyway you can make your hair grow faster?
a question for guys?
i recently went to a beauty parlour and had a hair hair is vry dry and frizzy.....the beautician der?
Should this be my hair colour?
Long or short??
Pictures of cute inverted bob haircuts?
Should I wear straight across or swooped bangs?
which hair iron should i chose.?
would i look okay with red hair?
How does my hair look better..? (pics included)?
What are some good Shampoo and Conditioner brands that makes hair grow faster, stronger and healthier?
how long does it take to grow your hair about 4 inches?
Hair color question?!?!?
Will this work ? hair colour and extensions?
Help want blonde hair!?
anyone know how to help mens hair growth through certain food and diet?
best barber clippers?
Do you agree? It is better to cut your own hair?
Really Bad Bald Spot ... Need Help !?
Plss help i used anne french hair remval cream nd now after a week i m getng red spots it is worring me alot?
In those emo pictures their hair is always hella poofy and it sticks out. How do i do that?
which hair style look better on me?
How long does kool aid dye stay in hair?
POLL: What kind of shampoo/conditioner are you using now?
Please suggest me..whether i can go for re bonding for my hair?
Is there any shampoos out there that can make your hair grow faster?
Calling all people with longg hair?!?! :D?
do you think this girl with red hair cute?
does costco sell Chi Silk Infusion?
What is the best shampoo for oily hair?
is curl life a good enough product?
Have you heard about Romantaque - The New Hair Minimizer. Seems that it is voted an award from INDIA US Forum?
can i dye my hair when is humid or raining outside?
what should i do to my hairr?!? (pic)?
on a girl typically, do you like blonde hair or brunette?
What should I redye my hair to?
do u tip the hairdressers...?
Would this look good on me?
How can I care for my hair correctly!!!?
I dont know how to make a ponytail?
Girls! easiest way to get rid of pubic hair and is it easier to break your hymen when your younger or older?
What type of hair style girls like the most short hair cut or long hair like emo guy?
Okay, so I just took a shower then blowdried my hair(not that much, still damp) and how do i make it wavy for?
Where can I buy blue hair dye in The Spring shopping mall?(it's in Kuching,Sarawak)?
facial hair?
How can i get this hair dye out?!?
Hair Bleach Help (This Needed Twenty Characters)?
Shouldd I cut my hairr? *pics*?
Is there anything wrong with women in there 40s having long hair and wearing jeans?
how can i keep my hair from getting to greasy?
My hair is growing shorter help!?
What is prom really like?
Hey how would you say i look ugly or attractive?(picture)?
I fried my hair, what can I do to improve its condition?
Are redheads really going extinct?
I just got my hair cut. What do you think? pic included?
Should i tint all my hair burgundy?
Is it safe to keep straightening my hair everyday i use ceramic straighteners?
What color am I coloring my hair right now????
hw do u do Train Tracks???????????
Semi-Permanent hair dye? Will me hair return to its original normal color after 6-12 washes?
Best Shampoo- for a guy but doesnt care if girly...?
Dying my dark hair a lighter color?
Is brushing your hair when its wet really really bad?
I have a boat dance coming up and need help with finding a matching hairstyle with my dress!?
removing the highlights in it?
How do I grow my hair super long?
bleaching hair?
how to straighten hair?
Hi i recently turned 13 and have armpit hair , how close am i to genitile growth PLEASE ANSWER?
where can i buy manic panic hair dye?
What you use on your hair everyday?
How do I naturally lighten my hair?
Is it possible to take out dye?
Should i go platinum blonde or darker brown?
Women: Whats your opinion on her hair?
What is the best way to make hair grow longer faster?
ive heard of hair bows that you can glue on a babies head. i think the glue is made of sugar. i cant find them
What Are Some Nice hairstyles for frizzy wavy hair?
Hair is falling out!!!pls guys help me!!?
So...Hair Perfume, anyone?
How to go from blonde to red?
why is my hair falling??
Should I grow my hair?
Is hair colour an issue?
my friend ruined my hair?
Do I look better blonde or go brunette?
what is you hair colour?
What does Baby oil do 4 ur hair?
What colour hair do I have?
hair extentions at school ? (:?
my hair gets dirty fast?
Better or worse? Hair?
Hair wax product on his hair?
how can i change my long curly hair to soft hair , plzz help me !!!?
Hair Emergency!!!?
Semi Brown dye on blonde?
Will frequent tion cause more hair growth on the legs and underarms?
PLZ I need help and fast!!!! (10 points)?
What shampoo/conditioner helps me grow my hair out without spilt ends?
Hair looks green/grey - help!?
Hairstyle help! need options?
Ladies: Which is better, baby smooth or stubble?
i dyed my hair black, i really hate it. ?
Can I pull off the pixie cut? Please help!?
bleaching hair to get it pastel pink?
should i get this hair cut?
How do I get my hair softer?
How do I make my hair look like this?
ok so i have dark brown hair...almost black?
small amounts of belly hair?
do you still ask your mother to do some hair styles for you ?? like what kind ?
How to get gum out of my daughters hair????? I dont want to cut it?
What hair color would suit me? (Picture inside)?
what is something simple & cute that i can do with my hair in the morning?
how can i get my hair like this?
How can I get my mum to let me dye my hair black?
Did you ever get a bad haircut - how did you deal with it?
I have brown hair would john frida go blonde work to go lighter?
What shape of face do i have? picture.?
what color should i color my hair?
My hair needs your help (oily)?
why is my hair falling out?
How to improve hair growth?
What are some new hairstyles that I can try ?
(PIC) what would suit me more, my current hairstyle, or a shorter hair style?
How can i handle my curly hair!!?
how do you get chuwing gum out of hair ?
Do i look better blonde or brunette? Photos?
What are those things in this models hair?