is it true that if a person cuts his/her hair regularly then the hair will grow faster?
Unnatural hair combinations?
Long Hair vs. Short Hair Guys?
I need hair advice for my horrible hair!?
straight or wavy hair for school?
Should I dye it brunette?
Are Manic Panic Semi-Permanent hairdyes available in Xiamen China?
Any suggestions for a good Dandruff shampoo?
you like the rain?
How many styles of hair wigs are available?
18 and hardly any facial hair?
Hi I am a male, i have medium length hair and i wanna grow my sides is there any suggestions?
What shampoo works best for falling hair?
Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Creamy Aloe Shampoo?
jml titanium hair straighteners?
EE! Where can I get a CHI with a lifetime warrenty?
what color highlights should i get :)))?
What are some cute hairstyles for totally black colored hair?
I am looking for advice for a hair salon that is affordable for haircut and highlight that is affordable.?
what are the best shampoos, conditioners and other products for dyed red hair?
blonde hair?
should i go blonde or a dark brunette (pic)?
Does my hair look good scrunched?
Hair color for pale skin and blue eyes?
have u ever died ure hair platinum blonde or close to white did it turn out good did u like it?
Is it possible to dye my hair purple... With out bleach!?
why does my hair smell?
please all girls answer?
There's Hair Color on the market that has ammonia in it and some doesn't. What purpose does the ammonia serve?
hair problem....?
how to get hair like this picture rhiannon fish without using a curling iron or other products?
i want to dye my hair? picture included!!?
A few things I need to know about hair extensions.?
Shampoo or Conditioner?
i want to know how to do corn platts in my little girls hair???
How do I convince my mother to let me wear a blue cosplay wig to school?
blonde hair and pale skin or blown hair and black skin?
Hair cut help!?
Would this look good on me?
Guys do you prefer blondes, redheads, or brunettes?
random questions quiz on hair products!!!!!?
How do I make short curly hair straight?
Fall / Winter Hair Colors?
shampoo and conditioner?
How much can I thin my hair?
Since I have dyed my hair with this "permanent dye" how can I get it back to normal within a day?
what is a good hair straightener to get?
Do you think short hair would look good on me?
How do I remove semi permanent hair color?
Does anyone know any good micro braids people in Clarksville tn?
What does barbicide smell like?
How to make a mulan hair piece?
Does any man in this here o!answer know how 2 treat a women?
red hair,......????? yes or no?
what Serum should i use(PICS)?
Hair Help (pics)?
whats the website that you scan your photo on to find the hairstyle that looks best on you?
how should i cut my hair (pic) !! :(?
how to tease my hair help!?
Are my eyebrows unattractive?
I have texturized my hair 3 times in the a period of 7 months , & I did a texturizer a week ago .?
need a new hair style?
Hair dye question please help!?
does anyone know any five minute hairstyles for medium, wavy, brown, thick hair if you pleez tell me the site!
using egg yolk on your hair?
how can i moisturize my hair???
What shade of Blonde hair goes well with fair brown skin?
palty hair die?? please hellp mmme!!?
I've tried every hair product and nothing helps my dry/damaged hair.?
I have REALLY thin hair...?
How to apply full lace wig leaving natural hair out to the front?
guys please--- how do you like a girls hair.?
What color should I dye my hair?
trichotilomania help...?plz? (I pull out my hair)?
i just straightened my hair but its sort of thick . . . . .?
I'm Not So Sure about my Hair and everything else.?
Am I short 4 my age?!!?
do you know how to do this hairstyle?
longest lasting unnatural hair color?
how do you get gum out of your hair?
I always completely air dry my hair, would my hair look different if diffused it? How?
what color should i dye my hair? (pictures of previous colors)?
What does aloe do to your hair? Easy s.?
hey i just donated my hair to locks of love does any 1 else do that?
How can i do a high pony tail and messy bun?
Does Human Weave Get tangled and gross like synthetic weave?
how long does it take for hair to get thick after u shave it for the 1st time?
What straightener should I get?
What types of extensions would work best for me?
what orgnaic products can I use to define my curls?
Best strong gel for men?
Lightening medium brown hair a few shades?
How to grow relaxed hair long?
How can I help my hair to grow long fast and healthy?
Need help with hair!!!!?
do you like getting your hair washed at the salon?
Can I use more developer (6%) than hair dye to get α more lighter color?
Im a guy and How should i do my hair?!?
How to style short hair?
i have frizzy hair how to get rid of it?
How do I get my hair like Leighton Meester's?
What is the best way to style your hair when, it is shoulder length, naturally curly, and sometimes frizzy?
what color streaks should i get???
please answer im bagging you?
how do i get my hair like this? and boys do you think this hairstyle is attractive? ?
Hair help. Please answer?
Does the Paul Brown straightener last long?
What kind of hair products should i use?
what color is ur hair/eyes?
If you have black wavy hair,how can you make it curly ?
should i get bangs?
I need hairstyle help!?
what hair color makes blue eyes stand out more?
is there any way to take off hair dye from my hair?
Help, Easy 10 points, Pix included!!?
u have black hair... am i counted as a brunette?
How to style my hair?
How to make a perfect bun ? I dont know what's it called -_-?
i tried to color my hair blonde, nowits yellow and brown and orange.. how can i fix it?
do you think i can pull off side swept bangs?
Will my hair still be straight if?
FRONT BANGS problemmmm .. ?
how to get busy?
what are the advantages and disadvantages of getting hair permanently straightened?
What color should i dye my hair? ( with picture)?
The artistic view of hair color! Help please?
what is a relaxer?
so i bleached my hair and it didnt all bleach?
should i chop my hair off?
whats is a delicious smelling shampoo/conditioner?
how do you cut kids hair?
how do i keep in my curls all day?
what should i do to my hair? im so sick of it (pics)?
Shampoo & Conditioner?
I used a frost and tip kit on my hair and it turned out yellow instead of lighter, What do I do to fix it?
How much would is cost to dye my hair?
What is the best thing for thinning hair on a woman?
I need a straightner that cost like 10-15 dollars!! Do you know any cheap places where i can buy one?
how do you get the pills that grow your hair?
Would emo/scene hair look good on a Chinese girl?
What do i do? ill answer yours!?
would red tips look good on natural red hair?
Anyone know salons that do hair infusions in Los Angeels, Ca.?
How do I style my Italy wig?
i have grey hair. I do apply hina mixed with other ingrediants. even then it gives redish look?
Clip-in Hair Extensions in NYC?
how much are chi flat irons?
how can u get ur arm hairs to become lighter?
Shaving down there? Should I do it?
How curlers are used ?
I need to name a hair salon I'm buying. Any ideas for a fun name people will remember?
I've had bleach highlights in my hair and i want to go back to brown?
What leave in conditioner do you think i should use?
MALES. What's the best hairstyle on a female?
I start taking a gaiter loosens but I don't know if its hard or not ?
Girls are guys with dark brown hair attractive to you ?
How can I Scrunch my hair nicely without using a blow dryer?
Does a nose clip really change your nose?
what will i look like with this hair (pics in side)?
Would i look weird if i were blonde? (pic)?
Thermal reconditioning?
What mens hair style is this?
Does facial hair have anything to do with growth in height? if so what?
today i shaved my chin hair for the first time ever?
Girls, do you shave your arm hair? I Need a photo of an arm?
Will the olive oil hair treatment still work if I don't wash the olive oil out of my hair?
I have clip in hair extensions, real hair, and wear them everyday. How long should they last with proper care?
blondes, brunettes, or redheads?
what neon color would look best with my hair color?
Help! my hair has been ruined and its my prom in 5 days! how do i grow it back?
Getting rid of hair permanently?
i need a cute hair style?
Blonde shaved hair help please!!!!!!!?
How to grow out your hair? also how long will it take?
I have really fine hair and hair clips just fall out of my hair. Any suggestions?
How often do you flat iron your hair?
What r my options as a hairstylists ex. booth,commision,hourly???
If i put hair remover in my ex bff's mousse/ hair gel, will it hurt her at all?
Does anybody think brown hair is pretty?
What type of hair extensions should I get and how much should I pay?
How to get your hair like this?
i have rough curly hairs, i have tried a lot of things to soften them. plz suggest me how to soften them??
Do biotin pills really help with hair growth?
blonde, brunette or redhead on a woman?
HELP!!! lol I need help with my hair?
does dying your hair alot make your hair fall out when your older?
How do I get money to start a small beauty supply store in a small town?
Hair shedding/dry?
I want to dye the tips of my hair, what is a good brand of dye to use?
JUST got finished straightening my hair...?
Opinions on a new haircut?
What can I do to make my hair grow!!!?
how can i get my hair from dark dark red to quite bright red?
i have science stream so please tell me either i go for BCA or BBA?
My hair is gold/yellow, blonde, and brown what color box dye to make it all awesome?
How to grow longer hair?
New Haircut... Opinions, Please?
Hair colour help! stripping colour?
Different between these two flat irons?
cute curled hairstyles ?
I have a Hair Question? HELP?
What hair wand should I buy?
How do I Style My hair formally?
help!!!!! serious problem!!!!!!?
How can I do my hair like this?
does this look okay to buy(hair extensions) ?
How often should I wash my hair?
Which hair product should I use 1st, 2nd and 3rd.?
What hair cut should I get? (pic included)?
How to Bleach hair Without store bought hair bleach?
help plezzzz!!!?
What color hair do u think looks best with green eyes on girls?
quinceanera hair styles?
What color should I dye my hair ? (pics!)?
Help with static hair?
How can i keep my hair straight?
how do you shave nappy facial hair??
i want extensions! soo soo bad?
Bangs go around my glasses?
Girls, does bikini waxing hurt?
shampoo & conditioner for frizzy dry hair ?
my hairs poofy on the top?!?
side bangs but with lift?
easy hair styles????????????????/?
How do you make a fake ponytail out of synthetic hair...?
what kind of hair product can i use that would make my hair not frizzy?
How can i promote new hair growth?
How would I look like with glasses and bangs? (PICS.!)?
I have got wavy hair can any1 tell me the best hairstyles dat can suit me?
Good hair color for fair skin and dark brown eyes?
I want to how to straigthen my hair without getting kinks in it, How do i do it without getting kinks?
Which is the best option? ill answer yours!?
does it hurt the first time you get your eye brows done?
help pleze.?
Hotter which one.?
Help me pick which hairstyle to wear on valentines day?
help with dandruff shampoo?
Would this hair color look bad on me?
how much work is a pixie haircut?
my hair falls off so crzy, i lose hundreds of hair everyday and am only 15. Suggestions? Please.?
What face shape do i have?
Where can I buy Mane n' tail shampoo and conditioner in australia- without ordering online?
Really good unnatural highlight/lowlight colors for...?
When you do hair transplant[ie .hair graft] ..will the hair grow?..or is it just a show piece like of hair.?
hair!!!!!! demi lovato,aubrey o'day!! 10 points?
I need hair drier help!!?
HELP! put my hair in the microwave to dry it off and its started to fall out?
Looking for hair extensionist in ny that does micr?
How long should i wait to re dye my hair?
10 points...which name is better for a blonde hair boy?
What one of these hair colour suits me? Pictures included?
Please help, what kind of haircut is this?
what is a good haircut to make poofy, thick hair feel lighter and thinner?
Girls that straighten their hair almost everyday ?!?!?
How do you think this hairstyle would look on me? (pictures included!)?
my hair gets very frizzy easily what should i do?
Does My Hairstyle suit me?
Cheap micro braiding hair in st. louis.?
is it bad to cut myself?
......Scene hairstyles.......?
My hair wont stay straight -.-....?
How should I get my hair cut? (or not)?
Orange Bleached Hair-HELP?
what color should i dye my hair(:?
Uhhh... I have a mustache?
Whats you favourite?
How to fix my hair for prom with strapless dress?
Do you take the shampoos and conditioner bottles from hotel?
Anyone seen this hair growth article?
What Shampoos and conditioners are bad for hair?
What is the best shampoo/conditioner for short hair that is dry, thick, and wavy?
Long, medium, or short, with pics?
how do you get your natural hair color back after dying it black?
Do You Think Long or Short Hair Is Sexier For Women???
what do u do when u get a bad haircut!?
Coke In Hair? Best Answer s!?
Know how to add volume to hair?
how would i learn hjow to do hair extensions?
Do girls like guys with long hairs?
How do I take care of cornrows with weave added; when I excerise religiously and sweat as well. ?
How to grow hair out fast?
Dominican hair salon or stylist in Indianapolis, Indiana?
HERE GUYS!!SORRY BOUT THAT...Hair advice!!?? Would black look good on me? thx everyone♥?
How long does it take?
what are the best hair straighteners? I'd love some ghd, but they're too expensive.?
Any tricks to get rid of hair?
My hair needs help! Any suggestions?
What product should i use on my hair to make it less frizzy and more wavy/curley??
What's the best type of straightener to get?
Could I pull this style off?
What to eat to bring our natural hair colour back?
Would this hair color look good on me? Any suggestions?
Do you think I'll look good with bangs?
Advice on Perms?
why do girls think that they are saying something better than her friend. insted they know that they r wrong?
What Shampoo Makes Your Hair Silky?
How to cut long hair into layers?
How to help flat hair?
Should I cut my hair and donate it to Locks of Love?
how can i make my hair grow faster than normal?
Where can I find a wig shop on Okinawa, Japan? Im near Kadena Air Base.?
best medicene for hair regrowth?
is this a good color for my hair?
Which one looks better on me?
Darn Grey Hairs?
natural remedies to use on hair around the house for shinner and healthier hair?
Will Colour B4 get my hair back to bleach blonde?
does brown hair go ginger when you use a blonde dye?
who likes Britney spears new hair cut?
how do i get rid of the volume in my hair?
Curly or Straight? Pictures!
if u dont use hair straightners everyday, will it fry ur hair???????
Guys emo/scene blonde hairdos?
Does thin hair grow faster than thick hair?
I have blonde hair. Would black and red streaks look stupid?
Blue dye in medium blonde hair?
Hi should I naturally dye my hair darker brown or lighter?
Fly-away hair?
Any hits or tips on glueing in hair wefts ??? I have european hair that is around 6 iches long .?
am 22yrs i have been colouring my hairs since 4years now it has become very dry and fizzy .?
Different ways to style hair ...?
How Can I Blow Dry My Hair In 10 Mins Before School ?
What is your favorite brand of shampoo?
What do you think of herbal essences long term relationship shampoo and conditioner?
How can i make my hair les frizzy?
I like my body hair short but gf does not like it i have wrestled all through?
what do i need to buy at SALLYs to lighten my hair?
Curly hair?
what is a perm???
What are some popular long haircuts for guys please give sites so i can see pictures of haircuts?
Would a 5 on top 4 on sides and back with a 3 around the edges look good?
Does Loreal Color Zap take away all coloring including your natural color?
Is it bad to wash your hair every day?
How to Style a Fringe Like This (Ellie Goulding) its cut practically the same, how to get it to sit like this!?
Should I cut my hair?
My hair is wavyish and at the ends it going in different directions and looks horrible, how can I stop this?
is long curly red hair beautiful?
straight hair or curly hair?
I am 16 and don't have enough hair. My hair is long, and I don't want to get extensions. What products do you.
Why do people tease ginger people....?
Thick crimped hair that Makes my head itchy?
RELAXED HAIR!!!!!.... xD?
how to do this hair???
L'Oreal Natural Match hair color?
i'm 14 years old and i shave on the side of my face(lower),and i'm noticing that i have hair on my upper cheek?
Hair extension help 10 points?
In a salon, if a stylist does a bad dye job, is it okay to ask her to fix the problem at no extra cost?
What can I do to get my hair like this?
How long does ur head have to be to dreadlocks ?
how do i keep hair out of my face at night?
is it true if you put your hait in a braid it will gorw?
Would layers be good for me?
should i get this hair color (pics)?
Do you....?
Whats the easiest way to curl your hair like Jennette Mccurdy?
How should I wear my hair to prom?
Best hairstyle for an inverted triangle head shape?
How would you cut and style this hairstyle? (Men)?
How do you curl your hair with a curling wand when you have short hair?
HELP ! Please , my hair is falling since I moved to a new country !?
Do you think Blonde hair would look ok? (Picturee)?
Should i do this again with my hair. s best answer! PICS!?
Does beauty sleep help your beauty?
what is labelle floras phone number?
Hair gurus/professional help!?!?
HELP! RATE MY hair!?
Hair problems,,, help please!!?
8th Grd Gradution Help!!?
describe your hair routine (shampooing, styling, etc.)?
Where can I find Kerastase Loreal products in Charlotte NC?
To all caucasian people on this site... please help me understand?
What brand for hair straightener?
do u think i would be gay if i was tp straighten my hair. (guy)?
Curling iron that is big at the bottom and gets smaller toward the top?
i want my hair back???
Will bleaching my hair ruin my naturally curly hair?
Should i thin out my hair?
Can i use my old hair as extensions?
I want to get my hair like this? Help?
I'm thinking of undercutting my hair?
Time To Shower?
Does my dyed red hair look okay?
Does picking at ur hair cause hair loss?
What hair color do you like best?
How do I get my fringe to be straight without using heat?
How long from buzz to jb hair?
How to get your hair straight?
If you dye your hair, will you make it orange or blue?
GIRLS I NEED HELP...over here?
What hairstyles look best on round faces?
how can i restore my hairs health,shine and strenght after so many years of fry,dye and blowdry?? please help?
can't choose between these two hairstyles?
wat is the kind of product you use to highlight ur hair?
for a first day at work how shall i do my hair?
does ironing of hair 5 times a week can damage my brain?
which brand of hair dye?
curly or straight hair?
How to do emo hairstyle?
how to prevent greasy hair?
How can i make my hair thicker?
how do you remove haircolor stains on skin?
What conditioner leaves your hair smelling good for a long time?
do you hate gingers?
Is it weird that part of my hair is waterproof?
Would I look okay as a blonde?
which do you think would be hotter? dark blonde, blue eyed or blonde blonde, brown eyed?
Does your eyebrows grow back?
my daughter had radiation to her head and the hair is being really slow at coming in what can she do?
What do they call the stripes they cut in barber shops?
safe way to remove armhair?
How to get thick hair even after straightening it?
hair question .... does putting your hair up make it shorter ?
what hairstyle looks best *pics*?
Do u think i could do bangs with my hair? PICS INCLUDED?
How to make my straight hair Wavy?
How should I get my hair cut?
How do you bleach your dark hair blonde?
Would olive oil help maintain or take out a wavey perm?
what color hair is the best: blonde red brown,ect...????
How should I do my hair?
teenage hair loss HELP!!!?
I look like a 5 year old with short hair?
what hair color is the hottest?
What product can you use if your hairy is frizzy?
What do you typically tip your hairdresser?
What do you think of a tan-ish girl with light pink hair?
What can make your hair grow ??
What coloured streaks should i get in my hair?
Does dying your hair lighter cause damage?
How can I get my hair bleach blonde?
hair transplantation ! how much does it hurt?
High PonyTails or Low Ponytails?
how much do they charge in toni and guy?
how can i make my hair straighter, thicker and blacker without going to the salon?
how long does it take for ur dreads to thiken up?
How Do i Make My Hair Thinner............?
what hair color would tis be?
do u like curly hair or straight hair better?
Is the Raw Beyond Bleach White-Out kit any good?
Black Natural/Transitioning Hair Concern?
if i have pale skin and blue eyes?
How to do this hairstyle?
Do you think my cousins hair is boyish? (she wants to know) =S?
Why is my hair getting lighter? It used to be black, help? :(?
shall u plz tell me which shampoo?
little bit unibrow help!?!?!?!?!?
pictures of a body wave??
I want my hair to grow longer quicker but how??
Which hair do you like best?
can i bleach my hair again ?
Girls, how do you feel about guys with beards and/or mustaches?
Ladies, do you prefer hairy chest or waxed?
Can i safely use a hair conditioner meant for chemically treated hair on my hair which has never been colored?
My hair is to make it look better?
how do i get my hair to grow longer, quicker?
Tips to make hair oily and dirty for styling?
i hate my hair now?
Need simple hairstyles!?
how can i do my hair?
please help me i have problem with my hair?
What are the best hair products for short, fine hair?
how do i take care of my dry unmanageable hair?
Looking for new hairstyles?!?!?!?
Pin straight vs loose waves?
do you think i can pull off the haircut i want?
What hair color/style suits me best?
I have ridicualously dry hair, what do ido?
i have beige skin tone and i want to dye my hair black, would it look nice?
Wen I scrape my hair bak I want a product to make it look sleek insted of hard when i use mousse or hairspray
Why is my baby's hair getting thinner and thinner?
blonde hair blue eyes.?
Guys - Do you find girls with short hair attractive?
Long or short hair on dudes?
Im a dude and i have hair down to my shoulders should i cut it off?
i have red-ish brown hair, and i was thinking about highlighting my hair, dont forget to read details?
If you wax your hair could you describe the level of pain when doing it. So you apply the wax,let it soak?
Which red would suit me better? Henna, pictures included?
Toning blonde hair to get it white?
how healthy/unhealthy is it to dye your hair naturally with plants?
Where is Sally Beuty Supply Store????
what age do you think it's okay to start waxing from?
What hairstyle would suit me?
okay, what can my hair be classified as?
What should I do about my hair colour and eyebrows?
Can you put mousse to your hair after washing it and go to sleep?
i need agents illegal immagration?
Would it be weird to all of a sudden come to school with long hair?
I wash my hair on a night and it's greasy in the morning?
How to get more volume in hair if it won't take anything I try?
what colour can i die ma hair ?
I need hair advice please help?
What are the best hair color products for home coloring?
Is there anything wrong with women in there 40s having long hair and wearing jeans?
I Would Like To Know How To Get This Scene Hair Style?
Can you mask a hair follicle test to pass it?
My hair is falling help?
What's a good way to get rid of unwanted white hair caused by unavoidable stress?
Sedu Revolution Pro Nano Tourmaline Ionic Styling Iron.. DOES ANYONE HAVE IT?!?!?
can you're hair fall out from dying it too much?
i went to a dermotologist because of my hair lost, and he DIDN'T prescribe anything?
where is a good website where I can search pictures?
Im a year old 14 girl and need a hair style change. help?
Good hair styles to wear to gym class?
Which toner for my hair should I use?
How you think I would look blonde? Platinum. Opinions pleaseee?
Can i Wash my hair EVERYDAY?
Hair trouble? you like the shaggy hair look for guys?
Does CHI thermal hair straightening work?
I used a relaxer in my hair over a week ago, my hair started falling out because I used the wrong one.?
Simple haircut helpp?
How do I get long hair? Like its growing just not quick enough >:(?
What color should i die my hair? (pics)?
Haircut for 14 year old guy?
i dyed my hair blonde and its gone orange, help?
is scene hair attractive?
how can i get my blue streak to go away?
please what is the best drug or cream for slightly balding guy?
To what degree does Sage actually darken hair?
Hey girls! You like long hair or short hair on guys?
red hair, blonde, or brunette which one is best?
how can i grow out my hair fast?
Hair Extensions around Philadelphia, PA?
Is there a such thing as a girl with chest hair?
Hi, please help! short hair?
if my hair is red but i dyed it blonde, why isnt brown?
should i get blonde highlights if I have brown hair?
how do i get my hair like this?
Do girls HAVE to shave down there?
How to get lice out of medium lengthed hair.?
I have greasy hair and I can't wash it tonight?
Which hair straightener is better?
Redheads VS. Blondes?
(Please help!) - How to go from black, to blonde at home?
which shampoo is better?
what should i do about my friend?
which of these cuts would suit me? (pics)?
How do I style my boyfriends hair? HIS HAIRCUT LOOKS LIKE ****.(pic)?
im 13 my hair is just past my butt. natural light blonde...but do guys really like long hair?should i cut it?
what do you prefer curly or strait?
Help me!!!!!!!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!!…
Getting my hair done Saturday, Any ideas?
Does anyone carry Nexxus Maxxistyler Sculpting Spray Gel? Do They still make this particular product?
Help me get my hair color right :) please!?
i need to grow my hair long agian HELP!!!?
how do i make homemade blonde hair dye?
What should i do with my hair?
Why does my hair get frizzy when I scrunch it?
I need a picture of this hairstyle...?
how bad does this hair color look on me?
Best hairstyles/ cuts for round faces?
side fringe? gappy? widows peak? years of annoyance?
I permed my hair, then two weeks later bleached it. I want to dye it dark again, how long should i wait?
What happens if you dye non-permanent hair dye over permanent hair dye?
so my hair smells burned when i straighten it!!?
How do I take care of cornrows with weave added; when I excerise religiously and sweat as well. ?
Can i do anything to make my hair grow faster?
Body wave perm, help?
Hair coloring ideas please ?
What's your experience with L'oreal Feria hair dye?
How should my boyfriend get his hair cut? How should he style it?
My hair is curly & good but my hairline is ruff (im a female help me plz )?
How do I make my hair grow long fast ?
How much does it cost to have some back hair removed?
What colour do YOU think I should dye my hair? *Photo*?
Is curling hair everyday with heat harmful to your hair?
what's wrong with ginger?
Dandruff problem! Help?!?
How can I stop coloring my hair?
would a razor cut work with a fauxhawk?
do you think this scene hair will look right on me?
Are there any new products out there to save my hairline or reverse it?
Hair Color.....?
how do u get rid of fizzy hair?
Just had chinese spare ribs for my tea. What did you have for your tea.?
I am having sooo much trouble keeping my curls in...?
Does emami hair oil work?
Conditioners similar to Shimmer Lights?
what kind of haircut is this? plz help!?
what product do you use for the best(hair product)?
How to lighten hair ? :)?
hairloss at the age of 20?
Should I get a haircut? (Picture)?
Need Hair Volume, Extensions?
Should I die my hair darker ?
im scared to dye my hair?
Does dying your hair damage it?
What color(s) & hair style should I get/do to my hair?
Which hair color do you like best on me?
Are you suppose to wash your hair w/ hott or cold water?
how to get my hair like this?
I want a new haircut and I really like Rhianna's Inverted Bob..Should I get that one?**((PIC))**?
I died my hair without asking...?
Cutting my own hair emo style?!!?
What is the most affective way to shampoo?
Keratin treatment? curly hair.?
is it ok going to bed with wet hair?
Will I Look Good ..?
what hair color do you think looks good on me?pics**?
does pantene pro-v work?
Blonde... is it me?
what are bangs??????????????????????
Can you die your hair with Kool-Aid?
Is getting extensions in your hair good?
Would it suit me ? (pic)?
Does Hair Colour Effect How Dumb You Are?
how do you bleach the ends of your hair?
Hairs dat are dry in nature.?
What do you think about front bangs????
Girls: do you like guys with long blondish hair?
How can i get a stylist to highlight my hair BLONDE not yellow?!?
Need Hair Volume, Extensions?
How to use these in your hair!?!?
i m 21 year male and am fedup of the way i look. i want a makeover.where can i get it in Delhi. please helpme
Hair growth ):!!!!!!!?
I don't think "bleach" would ever be a good treatment for your hair, Why would you suggest it?
can anybody mention names of conditioners i should use to make my hair silky and healthy?
do you think i look better as a blond or a brunet?
Advice on shaving down there.....any help?
Curly hair?
Help with dying my hair?
How long does lush henna stay in hair?
What should I do to my hair?
How do I stop my hair from crimping when I curl it.?
i wanna wax but im embarrassed to show all my hair?
how to get Pin Straight Hair?
Hairstyle rules in South Korean Highschool?
How do I curl my hair without using a curling iron, rollers, perm, and braiding it??!!?
could i be a model? Please be honest!?
HAIR CURLING CERAMIC TONGS?! by VISIQ, 3 in 1 set? worth it?
Ppl with long hair, what do you eat alot of?
what site is their that help you choose an attractive hairstyle or cut for natural hair ?
How long would it take!!!!!!!?
How old do I look with curly hair and with it straight?
help what to do w/hair in 30mins?
Can anyone help me Growing my hair out?
So did I totally mess up my hair by doing it pink and blonder?
does any one have any punk rock hair style photos?
girl with mustache? KISSING?!?
How to get hair semi-curly like this girl? Pic included !! Party tmrw !
Guys - long hair or short hair?
Girls and guys-How should I do my hair for the dance!?
What Shampoo do you use ?
What should I do to change my look?
girls.. do you dig curly haired guys?
does mira hair oil help ?
am 23years old my hair is weak, breaking and doesn't grow. what can i do?
Which Hairstyle suits me best? (Pics included)?
Hey girls out there do u like long hair or short hair?
Blondie to Brunette? you decide!((:?
Washing your hair with cold water ?
What should I say at the hairdresser?
can i get a fringe do you think ?
What (neon) color should I dye my hair?
How do you get your hair wavy?
Is sulfate free is good for your hair?
What colors do hair chalkings stain blonde hair?
Is it bad to straighten your hair everyday?
how do i drastically change my hair color using fotoflexer?
Mane and Tail?
Do you brush your hair before or after shower?
I straighten my hair an within 1 hour it just goes curly?
what hair/earings should i get?
hair help please?!?!!?
anybody know of any miracle hair products they swear by?
How long does it take to make dreads?
how can i make my hair completely straight without using straightners"?
Do I look better with longer or shorter hair?
Is non-permanant hair color with no ammonia damaging?
what is the best shampoo?
Anyone know how to do this hairstyle?
can i used hair colour on heena applied hair before one month?
do you tip your hairdresser who owns the salon?
Do you think I should stay a blonde or dye my hair brown? Look at pic!?
I want my hair longer?
How can i get my hair like cleo de niles ftom monster high?
omg major hair cut problems?
punk hair cut?
How do you feel when the hairdresser massages your head ?
Hair related.................................…
Hair Help. I have a few questions?
Would short hair suit me?
Can coffee really make my hair darker? I already have dark brown hair?
nappy hair reccisive trait.. blck man / wht women?
Black and white hair suggestions?
Dying hair black to brown help!?
How can i make my hair grow really fast when my hair is medium length?
Who do I contact to donate my hair to a cancer patient?
Do blondes with blue streaks match?[First Question!]?
How can i make my hair curly/wavy?
How do you scrunch your hair??? please answer!!!?
How should I do my hair with this strapless dress?
How to make my hair look like this?
What do you think of VO5 heat protector?
blonde, brunette or redhead (not ginger) on a woman?
Poll: Do you like Ginger Hair?
Please suggest homecoming styles?
Don't you love this hair color?
URGENT. would i look good if i dyed my hair this color?
flat irons!! hair straighteners?
what's a french twist? and a bee hive? (talking about hair)?
what to do with my hair? [pic]?
is there any way possible to grow my hair four inches in four months?
I'm Going To Dye My Hair With Kool Aid, What Color Should I Do?
Hair Straightening???Plz Helppp?
Anyone know how to do a messy bun?
Would my hair fall out?
How can I help my hair grow?
Can you bleach your hair afterusing the Organix Brazilian keratinhair treatment?
How do you make home made shampoo?
Is short hair going to be in for fall 2007?
Ideas for Short, Curly Hair?
What does a dominican blowout consist of?
im ginger will light brown hair dye take to my hair?
one side of my hair never straightens good?
What face shape does a girl need to pull off short hair? (Like a pixie cut)?
How to thin my long hair?
I want dreadlocks!!!?
Hair loss of Styrofoam?
do you prefer straight or wavy blonde long hair?
Hairstyle Help! [Pic]?
how to fix split ends?
which hair color brand is best for self use?
What hair color can you get to go from med. brown to blonde in as few applications as possible?
My hair is really straight thats the only way i know how to wear it.?
Do you wash your hair daily?
will the CHI TURBO hair dryer fry my hair worse than conair?
what should i do about extream hair loss????
how can i get tie dye out of my hair?
how to get my hair like this or similar?
should I cut my hair before or after?
Okay, so which haircut?
I have a small face what haircuts would work good for this.?
is it ok if i temporarily dye my sons hair?
What are "bangs"???? ?
Do I look better with dark or light hair?
can you give me hair coloring ideas?
Need help styling my hair?
Would It be possible for me to dye my hair back to my natural color?
How Do I Change My Hair Color From Brown To A Light Blonde?
which bangs is cuter?
best way for using heena (mehendi) coloring hairs to achive darkest shade?
HELP!! im thinking about getting my hair cutt should i get my hair cutt off or dead ends cutt off?
if lemon juice is natures bleach.....?
Low maintenance colour that I could die my hair too? (Pic)?
Females: Do you have long, medium or short hair?
how do i brush my hair?
Should I remove some thin hair on my belly and back?
What do I use to get a 1950's Slicked Back Hair style?
I need some help with highlights?
I there a thing called a Flow-bee?
Isn't dreads the new "style" these days?
What else can you do with your hair, other than curl or flatten it with hair irons?
How should I wear my hair if I'm going into town to go shopping?
Why do some African-American women prefer fake hair over their real hair?
curls or straight?
could someone please tell me on a scale of 1-10, how painful is a bikini wax?
how long should i wait till i color my hair again?
Chest / abdomen hair, yes or no?
Dry hair remedies?!!!!??:(?
Which is a better pomade? 360 waves or murrays?
How much does getting hair stripped and highlighted at the hair dressers cost?
The way my friend wears her hair is really ugly.
Do I look better with Black hair or brown?
Recommendations for semi permanent hair dye?
Chemical Straightening. i need help on the side effects.?
Benefits of wearing your hair up? Or down?
does anyone knows what hair products do Korean celebrities / kpop artists use?
hair question...?
Why are all the guys into the blonde's?
Spring valley hair,skin & nails vitamins?
If I am 14, and my hair is mid-back length, how long do you think it will be in a couple of years?
Would I look right with blonde hair?
is it OK to use TREsemme anti breakage shampoo with tresemme vitamin c&e condiontner?
any ideas please don't ignore :(?
straightening your hair!?!?
How does a guy go about getting his hair to just lie down flat?
Does Electrolysis really work?
how long is your hair?
hairstylists.....what have you found is the?
which haistyle will suit my face?
What do guys like?
What is the best bleach out kit and where can I buy it. What is the best purple hair dye?
How to achieve straight relaxed hair without heat?
HEEEEEELP! could i do this with my hair?
Which picture do you see?
Help with hair growth ...?
do you prefer long hair or short hair?
Whats the quickest way to take micro-braids down?
My hair falls out like crazy, help please I'm getting depressed?
Thick hair sheds a lot?
How Do I Get Rid Of My Dye-Line!?
Vaseline in hair. Help!?
Can I dye my purple wig?
Would I suit a bob hairstyle?
Do I look better with curly or straight hair?
About Hot Topic?
Lads poll: curly hair or straight hair?
What female celebrities look better with short hair ?
chocolate brown hair color...yay or nay?
Straight hairstyleeee?
Which is best to curl????????????????????????????????????…
Is this hair re-colour worth it?
Wow! major hair highlighting crisis, HELP!?
What to do,to get rid of dandruff?
why do u girls do this??
Cosplay Help Please!?
What happens if you wash out a keratin treatment after 2 days?
i want to tone dwn the volume of my hair, i want it to be sleek. any solutions(natural products)?
why do people perm their hair?
How to curl your hair so it looks natural?
I need a job in a hair salon in boston but I need a good one?
Is a bob cut sexy if not how can I style it to make it look sexy?
What haircuts do girls like best on guys?
Do you think straight, curly,or wavy hair is better?
Is hair too long for a guy when it starts to cover his ears?
my hair is so dry, to the point of where it feels like horse hair..?
blonde or brunette? (pictures)?
Curly haircut?
i have been growing my hair a little over two month's is that long enough to get my dreads?
i shave my legs and i have little cuts and they become scabs and i need to kno how to stop it?
How to get long hair?
When I straighten my hair, it becomes wavy after an hour or so...?
What hair do you think is better?
Do you think i would look good as a strawberry blonde?
Q. about black women's hair ?
How long does it take for colored hair to fade?
the "1 million" hairstyle?
Should I Cut/Dye my Hair like This? (:?
damaged hair, please help?
I don't like my hair?
What Do You Think Of Jet Black Hair ?
What do you think off this haircut?
Question about dying black hair?
What kind of bangs you like the best?
Naturally thick, wavy and fizzy hair?
how to wear my hair to school?
how do u do permanent dry in hair?
Hey girls do you COMPLETELY shave....ya know.....down there?
How can I make my hair look like this? (picture)?
Cutting my hair SHORT? yes or no? with picture?
Highlights and roots! UGH!?
Can you go swimming when you just dyed your hair?
Who is the chinese male model for Loreal hair colouring in Singapore?
What would happen if i let my friend who is a blond use my brush. Would I start growing blond hair?
Help on Hair, pleaseee?
How can I repair my hair?
miley cyrus can't be tamed hair feathers!!!!!! Please help?
Which of these young ladies has the best hair?
Home highlights suggestions?
need advice on what new hair color to get! wiv picz?
How bleaching my hair will affect it?
Shall i dip-dye my hair?
"Is dark and heavy eyebrows count as a beauty symbol?"?
Are you proud of yourself whenever you accomplish a stunning hairstyle on your head with your own hands?
Is my hair considered "Asian"?
Should i take a shower?
What color should my hair be? ?
Is it ok if I put hair mousse to my frizzy curly hair?
Various domestic ways to minimise hair fall?
My hair is gets greasy after one day.. Help?
How do you get dreads out of your hair?
Is Paul Mitchell Forever Blond Shampoo + Condition color safe?
hair colour..?
Help with a nice ash brown colour?
Any help for short hair?
Does my hair look bad? Honest answers, please.?
Will this haircut fit me?
Hair dye??
What Hairstyle should I get?
whats some good sites for cute hairstyles?
How to dye my hair with jello?
How do I get my hair back to its original color?
what kind of comb should i use for my curly hair?
Do I look better blonde or brunette?
red hair vs blonde...what d u think looks best on girls??
How to remove dye from hair?
How do you get nail polish out of your hair?
has anyone tried good treatments for thinning hair please tell me?
what is the best way to get rid of lip hair?
what are some websites with tips on how to fix your hair?
What is water based pomade and what does it do to your hair?
If i colour my hair and?
Should I dye my hair dark brown?
what color should I dye my hair?
is it okay if i only use garnier conditioner on my hair?
My hair is very thin and i want it to be thick can someone help me out with some local methods ?
How do you make your hair grow faster and longer?
Is it healthy to wash your hair everyday?
Would I look ridiculous if I dyed my hair black or bleached it blonde?
Blonde hair with jet black streaks?
What does 'layered 'hair mean? Has it got anything to do with highlighting or is it rather a way of cutting?
Are chi flat irons worth the $?
Which shampoo is better Schwarzkopf Boncare or Garnier Shampoo+Oil?
Is there a way to lighten your hair that isn't bleaching?
Hey! all u guys! what is the most sexiest piece of clothing a woman could wear?
What can I use to straighten my hair besides a relaxer?
How long does hair have to be to get extensions?
How do I use Adrell Unred Color Drabber?
blondes v.s. brunnettes: which one is better?
Anyone have easy tips for growing more facial hair?
Is it okay to wash your hair every day?
In shampoo and/or conditioner, if an ingredient ends in "cone" does it mean it contains silicone?
is it true that if you eat jello it elps grow a bit?
Im a 16 year old boy and i want to know what kind of hair style would look good on me?
how do emo kids or scene kids get their hair so soft and thick?
Help me with my hair style!!! Please Help :)?
Do you lose alot of hair when you take a shower?
Which hairstyle seems better to you?
anybody know any cornrow (braid) design websites?
Will WEN make my color fade?
I need a haircut, what style should I try?(pics inside!)?
How do i get my hair like this?
Wet to Dry Flat Irons? (any good ones)?
What do you ladies think of curly strawberry blonde colored hair?
why do wemen lose there hair on there head?
what is the correct way to get dreadlocks?
hair salon?
What color is this celebrity's hair?
I'm a 14 year old boy with hair problems help me!?
Can I Pull Off Dreadlocks?
would i look good with blonde hair?
hair tips?
Getting rid of male body hair?
I'm 16 and I have straight hair. Should I dye it gray?
boys! do you prefer women to have blonde, brown, black or red hair?
why is it called permanent hair dye when it isn't even close to permenant?
do you use shampoo???????
Will rock n roll red manic panic look like this picture on my hair?
GVP Mini Flat Iron vs. Hot Tools Pink Zebra 1" Flat Iron Ceramic TI Tourmaline?
Should I dye my hair darker?
Guys what kind of hair do you like best on girls?
How can I get my hair wavy?
do YOU think that brunettes have more fun? i do!!?
whrere may i find a permanently hair removal?
Girls do you find this type of hair attractive?
people make fun of my redsih hair?
Is it okay to use one kind of shampoo and a different kind of conditioner?
is a schwarzkopf 6-8 day washout colour called?
Which hair color is prettier? ( PICTURES INCLUDED )?
Where can I get a thermo cut (hot scissors haircut) in Virginia?
anyone near quincy massachusetts know how to highlight hair? I want to get some hihglights?
Dying hair a lighter color without bleaching?
Same question what hair style? repost?
Do you think this haircut would suit me?
My hair is black, I want it to be brown?
Do you like red hair?
why doesn't my hair comb?!!?
straightening hair w/ a flat iron and maintenance?
Is it ok for a twelve year old to get their hair dyed a solid color?
tips to make my hair grow longer?? no extensions?
Can I cut my own hair?
how old shod u be b4 u dye ur hair????
I've already asked this question but WHAT COLOR SHOULD I DYE MY HAIR?
I have waves on the top of my head but none on the sides or back how do i get em there?
my baby hair is falling out?
does straightning of hair cause hairfall?
Hair Help Please!!!!!!!!?
can you straighten curly hair with a blow dryer?
how would you describe this haircut to your barber? picture included?
does hinna make your hair go white/grey earlier than it should??
Going back to my natural hair color?
What color is her hair?
if you shop at walmart can you help me?
(girls) what would you do if you went bed 2nite and......?
do u find body hair attractive or unattractive?
i just got a perm this friday october 15th...i want to get another one before i go away on november 15th...?
How Do I Get My Hair To Stay Straight!?
What do you think of PHILIPS hair straighteners?
what are are some braid shops in Milwaukee?
How long would it take to grow my hair this long?
hair dyes, semi perm, pastel colours?
How do i get my hair to look like this???!!!!????
Anything at ALL to get long, smooth hair?
How can i make my Hair Curly without using any type of iron? ?
What is a natural looking subtle highlight color for medium brown hair?
I love the curls I have after washing my hair, how to i maintain them all day?