hAiR qUeStIoN!!!?
Why do all old ladies have short hair?
where can I find Kerastase hair products online. (my spelling my be off)?
How long does it take a mustache to grow back?
Is it bad to straiten your hair everyday?
how can i cure dandruff?
I shaved my moustache off and i look ugly?
i wanna die mi hair but mi mama wont let me?
Im am looking for barber shops in orange county florida?
What Harry potter character has curly hair?
Need some new ways to wear my hair apart from in a messy top knot or like the picture of me I have added?
Would waxing my gooch be a good idea?
what causes grey hair?
what hair dye color should i use?
What shade/brand of dye should i use?
Which hair looks better GIRLS ONLY? u like thin man with curly hair and glamorous?
Can you bleach highlights in your hair by using like the bleach you wash clothes with?
How can i really curl my hair?
Will my hair grow back faster if I only straighten it once a week?
why is my dad freaking out that i want a curling iron?
what to do with my hair!!? its so boring now!!! help plz!?
Whats better long hair or short hair on guys?
I got my hair trimmed and blow dried. The total is $36. How much do I tip to be exact?
Where to get small colored braid put in hair?
Is it possible to brush my hair in the shower after I put the conditioner on?
am i putting too much product in my hair?
is this true?
Is red hair hard to keep up with?
Permanent dye on top of demi-permanent dye?
Weird hair parting at the front of my hair?
Is it ok to brush your hair when its wet?
How can i get rid of a Brazilian blowout?
long hair or short hair???
My hair is greasy and I don't know what to do about it.?
should i dye my hair blonde?? (pictures)?
Hair straightening tips?
How would I go about bleaching my hair?
year ten assignment-cond... ur own science experiment..any ideas?TEN POINTS BEST EXPERIMENT!?
If I deep condition my hair for a few hours, will it mess with my hair color?
Do i have to bleach it?
how do i get rid of my dandruff?
Any good Shampoo/Conditioners out there??
how can i get healthier hair?
Does the "No!No!" hair removal avtually work?
How much do you think my eyebrows need to grow before I can get them professionally waxed?
What color should i dye my hair?
How do I Dye only the tips of my hair?
Should I cut my hair [pictures]?
how to get my Hair Healthy Again?
How can I prevent my hair from getting curly?
Would this hairstyle suit me ?
do i have to use mega blonde developer if i use mega blonde coloring?
do u like curly hair or straight hair better?
How can i make my hair grow really fast?
Would brown hair look good on me?
Ladies, do you do your hair or make up first?
How Do I Dip-Dye (Ombre) My Hair With Kool-Aid?
Hair Ideas!?
do u think my hair looks better brown or blonde? theres pics?
Why is my hair so frizzy? How can I help it?
wat hair color do u have?
Whats a good hair dye to dye my hair with?
What colour is my hair?
hair stuff...?
I Want Hair Extensions. I Just Need Some More Information On them.. Wanna Hell Me out ?
What should I do with my hair ?
does anyone know how to french braid?
Can someone help me to describe thits hairstyle to a hairdresser (picture)?
am i prettty?
Any cute hair tricks or tips??? I'll stop at about 25 answers and find the best to give 10 points to?
Cheryl Cole's hair do? do you like it?
Question for people who have dyed their hair purple?
has any one tried this hair coloring kit from hot topic called?
How should I get my hair cut?
How do I keep my curly hair straight long after I straighten it?
How to get super hydrated hair?!?
African American cosmetologists answer this for me please?
What's the best semi permanent hair dye?(.s)?
What are some Quick And Easy Hairstyles That You Can Put Micros In Daily?
Teens: What would look better?(please read)?
Whats another way i could wear my hair?
Would the hairdressers get my hair like this?
Having a haircut 2morrow, any ideas?
What do you think of this hair?
I have light blond hair, will semi permanent dye come out completely?
What is the best conditioner you have EVER used that made your hair SOFT and SILKY?
If i have a cowlick can i have full bangs?
How soon after you wash your hair does it start to get dirty or greasy?
how can i get my hair to stay wavy for awhile?
Do you prefer blonde or red hair (pics)? Curly or straight?
Good Curly hair shampoos?
I'm going to dye my hair with Kool aid, what color should I do? ( see details)?
I need pictures for hair styles like this?
Is it ok to ask complent a girl hair and aay how shinny and pretty it is and ask her if i can touch it?
hairdressing interview tomorrow, help!?
Would I Look Good with a Pixie Cut?
blonde hair colors with highlights and lowlights for nude beige skin?
In your opinion, whats the best shampoo/conditioner out there?
where can I get remy sleek extensions in london?
what shampoo or spray or serum can i put on my hair to leave them straight all day?
Scene Bangs question?
Does this sound weird?
What color does my hair look best?
Is my hair baddddddd?):?
How to straighten my hair without a flat iron?
cant take it any longer!!?
which 'scene' haircut would look best on me?
How can I get my hair like this?
Who do you think was/is the prettiest redhead in show biz?
How do I blend in black hair with dark brown and red extensions?
Is it better to have your hair with or without oil when straightening it with the Maxiglide??
Chemical Straightening. i need help on the side effects.?
what's a crew cut, because i don't know?
Ok so I am debating cutting my long hair off. Is it worth it?
m hair is wavy to curly...can it become straight naturally?
What's a good hairstyle to match this dress?
I need a new hair color! help?
ladies,chest hair or nothing?
How do i get rid of my split ends?
What colour should I dye my hair?
Which shampoo and conditioner should I get?
What's this hair style called?
Which hairstyle is better on me AND WHY?
Hair straightening problems?
Does anyone recommend a reasonable hairstylist in Huntsville, AL?
How do I get curls like this?
Is there a difference between long hair and a mullet?
Leave in conditioner recommendation?
Do you think long hair looks better with or without a fringe?
Ladies Pleaz!! Is it terrible to wear my hair down with Capri's?
What hairstyle does sylvester stallone have in first blood?
What do girls like better short or long hair?
My hair is falling out way too fast?!? Please help!?
How to fix choppy layers?
If you take1 tablet that contains 300 mcg of biotin, by taking 2 tablets a day, is the dosage now 600 mcg ?
How do i stop my hair from frizzing?
can you really damage your hair?
I HAVE A HUGE PROBLEM! Im gettin highlights 2morrow and I dont know what color to get in my jet black hair?!?
curly hair help pictures inside?
can i use mane n' tail shampoo for hair loss?
How long apart should i trim damaged hair(i want to grow longer hair)?
If a person has blue eyes, what color hair would they typically possess?
How should i wear my hair with this dress?
my hair is brown in colour,i want my hair to turn it to black can i know how?
long face hair styles ?
wat to do with my hair?
How long does it take to curl your hair?
(pic) Should i do something with my hair?
Do people still sell their long hair?
would i look good w/ short hair and short bangs ? (GIRLS ONLY PLZ)?
How to not.mess.up your hair while sleeping?
I have a broad forehead ,i have black,medium size ,wavy hair.Which hairstyle will suit me best?
What is the best way to get rid of dandruff?
how to get hair dye out?
help please?!!?!??!?!?!??!?!?
i have thick black hair.what can do to prevent it from falling and being frizzy?
How do you find a good hair salon?
What can I do with my hair?
I have Upper lip hair and shaved it?
how can i get curly hair?
My mom is 47 short should her hair be ?
I want a new hairstyle any tips?
Poll: How often do you get your hair cut?
Do I look better better with my hair combed up or down ??
Is my hair colour lame?
15v year old with a mustache shadow?
do blach women have unwanted hairs ?
Why do some strands of hair feel really bumpy?
What's a good hairstyle for Asian guys?
how long should I wear a sew-in weave?
places that have a website online that sell wigs in louisville ky?
Can you straighten hair without having washed it?
Dying my hair blue black?
What color hair do you have?
Is this too old looking for a 22 year old?
Making your hair softer?
PLEASE ANSWER! In your opinion, what should i color my hair?
should i go chocolate brown, red brown or black?
my hair keeps falling out?
What is the difference between partial foil and single process color?
What do I do with my hair??
can i make 3/4 wig using hair clip extensions?
HELP?!?!?! Home hair dye results?!?!?
how many inches of hair do you need for hair to reach the shoulders?
Is my hair too long? (pics included)?
Whats the best name brand of human hair for sewn in weave?
hair and the sun?
i bleached my hair and it turned out yellow and orange plz help!?
Bored of my look, advise,please?!!(pics)?
is just for men beard coloring ok?
Who pulls the hair from their eyelashes?
do products like Nair or veet really work on your legs and/or bikini area??!?!?!?
How to get rid of vegetable oil in your hair?
Can i take 2 folic acids? ( HAIR GROWTH)?
good red (fire truck) hair dyes in Australia?
Are men more attracted to blondes vs. brunettes?
how to do this hairstyle without teasing?
straightener fade color?
whats the best hairspray to hold really really well?
What is the best hair moisturizing creme or hair product?
What type of shampoo and conditioner will help my hair?
Frizzy hair!! Please help!!?
How to stop my hair from sticking up?
hair dyeing help needed badlyyy !?
Should I go blonde?
Haircut Help?
Should I bleach my hair?
So what do you think? Darker or Lighter?
Can I dye my hair with my clip in extensions still in?
How do you get long healthy hair?
best straightener for my hair?
Is a pixie haircut good on girls?
I want to naturally lighten my hair, using lemon juice?
another curly hair question.........?
Is there a possible way to braid sowing string?
What are attractive hairstyles for guys?
My hair is falling out like CRAZY! im only 18.. scared!?
What bangs should I get?
Should i dye my hair red if it's black ?
bullied cause of hair?
Pink ombre with blonde streaked black hair?
can I dye my hair darker now?
I need a good medium hair style, please help. ?
is steve irwin really dead?
Do you like guys with Brylcreem in their hair?
which is better blonde or brown hair? pics included?
HELP! My hair is stuck to my face!?
Good barbers in North York (Sheppard Yonge area)?
Do you think girls with...?
Is it good to use Hair dryer regularly?
shaving... down there? girls... help? pleas?
how often can I dye my hair?
What should I do with my hair? (pics)
how do i get my hair looking like this(hairdressers, anyone?)?
How can I make my hair straight?!?
How to keep my hair from flaking?
do you think long hair would look good on me?
dying your hair jet black?
What color should I dye my hair?
What would happen if i put regular bleach in my hair and go out into the sun?
My friend wants to cut my hair, but I keep saying NO! help?
Is there a way that I can stop my hair becoming so greasy so quickly?
died black hair back to natural colour?
what hair cut/style should i get no one is answering my question?
Do girls/guys prefer hairdresser to be man or woman?
To color or not to color?
can they help me please?
If I am losing my hair, can I just rearrange my scalp. Is scalp landscaping an option? Chia pet perhaps?
How can I make my hair grow? I recently trimmed the split ends && I now have layers (:?
How much does hair restoration cost and does it actually work? ?
Is growing of the hair around the nipple around good or bad?
What is shower gel........?
how do i braid hair with weave?
which hair color????
How can I make my hair grow?
Cute ways to do long hair?
When and where did hair extensions originate?
Can I take leave in conditioner on an airplane?
I want to buy a hair straightener?
REALLY thick hair, help!!?
what does it mean to put sun in your hair?
am i going to go bald? if so when?
.what r some good hair growth stimulating vitamins. and where would they sell.?
how to prevent hair breakage and how to dye you hair safely ?
i just straightened my hair but its sort of thick . . . . .?
How to do hair like this (Link)?
is this kind of hair pretty? Honest opinion plz!?
shampoo & conditioner for frizzy dry hair ?
how do i get waves quick and im a boy who just got a fresh cut?
Can i get my hair professionally died wile prego?
How do I get my hair to smell better.?
I have olive skin & hazeal eyes should i color my hair blonde?
do I look latin?? 5 points?
FAST Shampoo or Hair Formula 37 shampoo?
Did I tweeze my eyebrows too much?
How often do you wash your hair?
Can you cut a pizza into 11 pieces with four straight cuts?
waxing hair "under there" questions?
how to become beautiful?how can v get fair colour?
What type of hairstyle is this guy's hair? Is it layered hairstyle?
Hairstyle Pictures? Help?
Jessica Biel On the front page of people magazine?
How should I colour my hair?
Good Hair Conditioner?
Does this colour and style of hair suit me or does it look horrible?
What shampoo could you suggest for faster hair growth?ΓΌ?
what are some good products for straight hair?
How to keep hair at it's healthiest?
is my haircut bad? (pics)?
What the best curling iron to use if you want your hair REALLY curly?
I really want a buzz cut. Should I get one?
How do I straighten my hair?
Can you answer my question on shampoo?
which hair u like pics included?
What are some fun and unique hairstayles (that are easy!)?
OK! i need help with my hair?
What di you think about this guy ? ( pic )?
Can coloring your hair cause hair loss?
I'm looking for a home treatment to extremely dry hair, help!?
What is the best shampoo and conditioner?
is there any NATURAL way to make your hair grow?
would it be bad to wash and flat iron my hair once a week i usually wait 2 weeks but it seems to get dirty?
hair help!!!!?
Does anyone here also think that pigtails are sexy?
How come some white people like me have really curly hair?
hello ..i have lot of facial hairs.what could be their permanent treament?n how much will it cost ??
Where do I find Vanilla and cinnamon shampoo?
What's wrong with my hair? HELP!?
Girls, what would you SAY and DO if?
what color sould i dye my hair? its black right now...look in my picc.?
i dyed my hair but now the roots are showing. What should I do? I don't want to keep dying it the same color.
(Boys Only)What do you think is the best hairstyle for girls- ponytail, down, pigtails, braids, or other(tell)
What color tinsel would look good in my hair?
how long does a hair rnse stay in your hair?
Birthday Makepver?
how many girls shave their pubic hair? Is it gross if they dont?
How long do I need to wait to re-color my hair?
What would happen if u wash ur hair everyday?
How hot is the haircut?
Does my hair will burn if I keep straightening my hair?
Does the japanese straight perm slow down the growth of your hair?
Do you think this haircut would look good? (pics)?
How shall I do my hair?
give your own personal opinion, what is the best shampoo & conditioner you have ever used!?
help me out please.... i need to buy a cell phone?
I have curly hair, and straighten it EVERYDAY, but it's beginning to get a chore, how can i make it last?
Dying hair twice in one day?
why is it not considered racist to constantly bully gingers?
Orange streak in my brownish hair?!?!?!?
is there a way to get my blonde hair a little darker without using dye?
Color Hair Dye?
How do you make your hair darker without dying it?
I dyed my hair In October, Can I dye It again?
Do you think I looked better 3 years ago or now?
Simple question!!!!!!!!!?
Quick hairstyles for work.. day old hair.. read details! help?!?
Any ideas for a style for long hair?
Thick crimped hair that Makes my head itchy?
hey i have alot of hair on my head should i shave it?
Can people give me ideas for Hair styles? Medium hair?
Which would you prefer, a hair stylist that doesn't say anything or one that talks a lot?
Do you like Shakira's hair?
should i get this hair cut?
what do i tell the hairdresser to cut it like? (pics)?
Can anyone recommend an easy do-it-yourself hairstyle?
Best products for frizzy poofy hair?
hair question help! dying hair.?
white man afro - gd or bad?
My hair is just above my armpits. How long will it take to grow it to breast length ...?
What color hair is this!? PLEASE ANSWERRR?
light skinned with black hair and blonde underside..good idea?
How can you stop from going bald?
my hair got little bit burnt with fire,'ll anything happen to my hair?
Where can I donate my hair to make wigs for children with cancer in Califonia?
How o lighten my hair? Help!!!?
does this hair style look dum?(pic included)?
What are your secrets to amazing healthy hair?
Manic panic vs raw color for bright red hair?
if u get a fringe/bangs do u always have to straighten it?
Can Chinese people have ginger hair?
What should I do if my hair has oily roots and dry ends?
Girls with long hair or girls with short hair?
would this suit me?
Does anyone know about braidless sew-ins and a good place to get it done in Sacramento?
some techniques 4 sleeping wit straight hair?
how to grow natural looking dreadlocks in a short time?
If I were to get a haircut, what could I do to make it look better?[:?
What looks best? Hair help pleasee?
Where can i buy good hair extentions?
Can you find the conditioner in hair dye boxes anywhere else?
Does anyone know what this haircut is called?
Do you need bangs for a side fringe?
should a guy with long brown hair go blonde? will it work?
How can i make my hair like this but to school and for it to last ?
'Kay loves, what is my face shape?
do girls like a little chest hair or not?
Are there any wash out black coloring for hair?
Which one looks betterrr?! (Picss)?
how to make your hair grow faster?
.how do I raise my prices,for a service.$5,$10?
Where did Debby Ryan get those slouchy hats for the movie, Radio Rebel?
Girls with hair extensions?? help?
what is the best hair serum , bath cream ?
Why do i still have dandruff?
Michael Jackson Hair-80's Dress up?
Why is my hair soo dry?
What do you think of guys who shave?
Does anyone else make a smiley face with shampoo?
Would this hair cut look okay on me? (pictures)?
What is better light or dark hair on a woman?
Any box hair color that would turn out to look like this?
how do I get rid of the triangle head hair?
Should i return my hair straightener?
I have a friend who has brown long curly hair, brown eyes, white skin. Would bleach blond highlights match?
How Does Miley Cyrus Do Her Hair like that ?
what is labelle floras phone number?
Why isn't my hair happy? Please read on...?
how can I curl my hair?
do i look better with long hair or short hair(pic)?
what do you think of natural red hair??? :)?
Is the You Curl Conair a good curling iron?
Should i qet side banqs? [Pictures]?
Recommended curling wands?
Will I regret cutting my hair?
i just cut my own hair and oh my god it looks horrible.?
Would red hair look good on me?
Is gelling your hair back a bad style?
Can I do this color? (pics inside)?
Is there a treatment for dandruff?
what causes split ends?
what box hair color turns into sammi sweathearts hair color?
Getting Bubzbeauty's hairstyle :]?
my underarms have black hair and no matter which way i shave i have black hairs~ how do i get rid of them?
what can i use to make my hair less frizz?
Male here plz hair problem?
DO I look better with Brown or Blonde hair (pics)?
Ann Arbor, Mi Salons?
How often do you shampoo your hair?
does tying your hair i na loose bun give you split ends or ruin it?
Blue or Red?
Does straightning your hair everyday damage it ?
How do i get my eyebrow to grow back?
!10 point Which name sounds rich and successful in his life?
What's the longest lasting hair color you've used?
how can i get my hair to grow longer and faster?
Should i dye my hair blonde again?
Does anyone know of any remedies for hair falling out?
is ur hair long or short?
I want to start growing out my hair naturally what steps should I take?
How much do you spend on your hair? cut and color?
would you say this person's hair color is red?
what is the best hair relaxer?
is it bad to dye your hair again a few days after you already have?
Would gold highlights look good in my hair?
Hair mask gone wrong?
Can I use runny hair mousse?
does this kind of spiked hair look good cuz this is how i spike mine?
Haircutt advise and help(:?
Anyone out there have an excellent hair coloring product recommendation that covers resistant gray hair?
What are the best tips you can give to make my hair grow longer?
Why wont my hair grow?
should i cut my hair?
What is the most you have spent on your hair?
Does wen hair care actually work?
Which Colour Should I Dye My Hair First..?
How long does a Professional hair color job last?
What is the name of the style of Hitler's moustache?
something for a change?
Do other races wonder what do Black people's hair feels like?
Hair cut idea? Pictures included!!?
What would you call my style?
blonde hair vs brown hair? which way should i go?
how to be lazy?how to get sexy?
i had nice hair b4 which Whose width is very gud n quite mediam hair..but now i have loosed lots of hair..?
How To Make My Hair Grow Faster.? :]?
question for a hairdresser?
i want my hair like
Would I look better as a blonde or a brunette?
how do i fix my loose iron plate on my hair straightener?
Why does my hair get so dry?
how do i straighten my hair. i mean i know how. but how do i get it perfectly straight like the preps?
How do i make my hair thin?
My mum won't let me highlight my hair. ?
How to make frizzy, wavy hair more defined?
Natural or straightened? Help, please? (:?
Would I look better with bangs?
I have thick, coarse, wavy hair I am looking for a ceramic hair straightener that also curls the ends. any tip
Does palty work on black hair?
Men! What haircuts or hairdos do you find attractive for women?
What shade should i dye my hair (pics included)10 Points to best answer?
what website lets me try on hairstyles for free PLEASE ANSWER!!!!!!!!?
Any opinions on All Natural Hair Shop in New Orleans, LA?
Help!!! I have weird poofy hair and have tried all kinds of hair products, but none seem to work. Any ideas?
What colour should I dye my hair (pictures)?
can anyone help with a complete makeover?
How to bleach my hair?
how to get rid of unwanted facial hair... (girls)?
If you look different from everybody else, why do people get all upset about it?
Why do some people still have jerri curls?
Is it ok to leave work early for hair appointment?
Does anyone know how to raccoon highlight my hair?
Do you have a wacky hair style?
Do you prefer curly hair or straight hair?
I have pictures included..What color should i dye my hair?
How should I get my hair cut?
Wgat could I have my hair cut like?
what can I get to strip the hair dye out of my hair safely,I like my natual color better?
what color is her hair, ! - easy ten points?
How do I make my hair grow?
I want to dye my hair? Help? ;)?
Does Egg's help soften your hair??
is it racist to ask black women about a hair product made by and for black women??
How to get rid of split ends?
Does epilated legs takes at least 2 weeks to have the hair grow back?
What is good shampoo for hair?
what can i use to make myy hair thicker????
to shave or not to shave ??
My hair is died black i want to be a dark blonde?
how to get rid of little curls infront of my hair and back im male short hair?
I want my hair done, but need help!!!!?
Why does your hair not hurt when getting it cut?
Why is my hair is falling out?!?
how expensive to dye your hair?
I need shape and volume in my hair.?
how make you french braid, make corn rows, and twistys?
Is there really any way I can increase hair growth?
How do I get my hair silky and straight?
Can you french braid 5inch hair?
if you have hair like a black person what can you put on it to make it look good healthy and smooth?
Sunshine - I can't figure out how to converse with you unless in the public forum. Should I just do it here?
can you use koolaid as a hair dye and if so, how do you do it?
Which one is the best: blue black hair or normal black hair?
is it possible for your hair to turn from wavy to straight?
Effortlessly messy hair look?
When to touch up my roots?
y do we have hairs?
Please help, after bleaching, toner or ash coloured dye?
How to get rid of a dry scalp forever ?!?
how can i avoid splits in my hair?
Curly hair...............?
Has anybody ever tried that Greecian Formula that's advertised for men/gray hair?
can i di my hair though im pregnant ?
For making my hair lighter, Should I mix with less developer and more color, to make it strong?
How much is it to get a haircut in New York?
What's the weirdest mustache ?
HELP! hydrogen peroxide for lightening hair!?
How to get relief from hair lies ?
What is the fastest hair will grow/when you can see a change?
how can i make my hair nice and shiny?
Why do Americans think we Aussies have kangaroos and crocodiles all over the place!?
Am I cute good looking?
Ladies who straighten your hair--what's your routine/how long does it take?
haircutt help pleaseeee? (pic includeddd)?
how do i get my hair to look blonder with household items?
What are people with black hair called?
How can I keep my hair "not poofy" when I go down the beach?
Used blue "directions" semi permanent dye, now I hate it! Help?
Is my hair long enough for cornrows? Pics included?
Do you think black hair will suit me?
Lucido-L Japanese Hair Dye?
how to do scene hair with medium length hair?
What would be the best hair color for a natural dark blonde hair, pale skin, & brown eyes?
Prenatal hair vitamins?
what hairstyle goes with side bangs?
Blondes or Brunettes?
hair dying....?
How do you get rid of dandruff on an 8 year old boy?
hair gets knotty sooo quickly?
What are the vegetables for healthy and long hairs ? ?
i have got thick and bushy hair likre hermione in harry potter!!!!!!!!!what should i do?????????
What can I do with my hair?!?
Laser hair removal made my hair thicker!!!?
Does Mane N' Tail shampoo really work?
Hair help? I need some advice please :)?
what color hair looks better on me.?
I have short, brown and really frizzy hair any ideas of ways to tame it?
What's the best heat protectant?
Do you think I should dye/bleach my hair blonde (pics)?
What are your four favorite hair colors?
help me get my hair curly for my dads funeral plz x?
Dark hair dye REFUSES to stay in my hair.. help me!?
My Hair is falling out and braking off bad please help!!!?
Loreal Hi-Color in Intense Red on all the listed things done to hair? Please help!!?
Sizta2sizta hair care products ?
can you wash your hair before you get a relaxer?
what [SHAMPOO] should i use....???
Do teenage girls shave their arms?
Good human hair extentions.?!?
What hairstyles work best for me?
Can anyone suggest me a good diet, medicine supplements for faster hair growth?
i cut a litle bit of my hair 2 this little stub.. and it looks really stupid . wut shuld i do?
Would this hair color be a good look for me!? (Picture included!)?
How to get this hairstyle?
Should I Cut My Hair?!?!?
I dare you to do it???
Is it bad to apply peppermint or tea tree oil directly to the scalp?
no foils just colour?
Should I cut off all my hair?
How do you straighten a 10 year olds hair?
Is there a hair dye that.....?
Why does my hair fall out so much?
I have thick hair, just got a weave but my hair is poofy on top and thin on the bottom. What can I do?
What are your pet peeves regarding hairstylists?
I want to color my hair ash brown, but ash colors turn my hair red. What do I need to use?
how can you get chewing gum out of ur hair please?
what do you use make your hair look and feel thicker?
what would be the best color to do highlighs in black hair?
How do I get a tiny if purple in my hair?
whats a good style to put on a brunette?
How to regrow my hairline? I'm not going bald by the way I am only 20yrs old.?
How do i slow down natural oils in my hair?
Curly hair over night?
i am getting bald. help!?
Hair problem! Overall I've straight and fine hair, but there are always a few hair that curl out.?
hair rebonding..........................?
How do I STYLE my bangs to look like the ones in this video?
please help, best effective hold hair gel product out there?
How do I get my hair to not be greasy?
Can you dye your hair twice in one night?
How do I fix my bangs, they're too short?
ANY SHAMPOO GURUS OUT THERE? answer mine ill answer yours. Put link in your comment !?
Someone please answer this hair coloring question quick!!?
Do I Look Like Jessica Alba???
For women ONLY!! ?...Do women find bald guys or guys that shave thier head attractive????
Im worried what people will say at school about my hair?
What is best for to stop spilt ends in hair?
Can you tel my hair is Longer, and healthier?
i have black hair. and i want to get fuschia highlights...HELP.
How to dye brown hair blond??
when your in fifth grade and your hairy what do u do?....not aloud to shave. in my religon where not aloud to!
are american crew products available in India?
Sprayed dry shampoo in my ear?
What color should I dye my hair?
What's the name of this haircut?
how can i grow my hair fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
(pic) im a guy, what hairstyle would suit me?
New hair cut....[ 2 pics included]?
would i look good in bangs??
i want to do something with my hair but i don't know what to do?
what hair cut do you like best out of these three?
Do guys prefer girls with short hair or long hair?
black hair, should i highlight my hair green, blue, or purple?
where can i buy a hairdini?
how to prepare shampoo?
how often should i straighten my hair?
24 and going bald (alleys getting wider) - time to shave my head?
please help me.?
how long does it take to grow your hair long?
why does john cena win a these battles?
My friend repays my favors with a cut and color. How much should I tip if its a free cut?
Did my haircut go well? [Pics Included]?
please help with hair problem?
Straightning hair tips?
should I Bleach My Hair?
frizzy hair - what to do?!?
I'm scared to wear my natural hair to school?
Should I wash my hair after Hair Spa treatment?
How do i get Jessica Simpson /Kate Hudson's soft curls?
what do you think of these? HURRY?
Good shampoo/conditioner for my hair type?
Fanci-full temporary hair color?
i a thinking about getting my hair permantley straight wat do u think and about how much would it cost?
Is there anyway to regain my natural texture after a severely damaging color job?
How to style short flipped hair/bangs?
I got a terrible hair cut today, how can I fix it?
blond to brunette?
Do You Think These Hairstyles Are Cute?
question on using a hair mask?
Am I able to go to a hairdressers without knowing what I want?
ohkay so i have really straight hairr. but i want something like this.. pic inside!?
Anybody ever try putting egg whites on hair?
tell me what you think of this hair?
My hair is extremely damaged due to color and flat ironing. What is a good shampoo and conditioner to use?
How do I get my hair to look like this?
hairstyle opinions?
Tips on Growing hair faster.?
What are the best make of straightners?
Men! What haircuts or hairdos do you find attractive for women?
i've dyed my naturally brunette daughters hair light blonde since she was 5 now shes 11 is that sick?
about my wahl hair clipper
i have golden dyed blonde hair , plz answer?
I dyed my hair two days ago when can i dye it again?
how do i get my hair to look like this?
How do I get this haircut?
My hair is falling out!?
Is it ok to wash your hair everyday, mine is really dry too and how can i get extra shine into my hair?
If I Ban The Straighteners Will My Hair Grow?
i need some hair styles? HELP?
White blonde hair, please help?
Is it ok to cut your hair in layers if you have thick curly hair?
can a man get turned on sexualy by a hair dryer?
where can i get this hair dye???????? PLEASE ANSWER!!!!!!!?
14 year old girl...wierd hairline?
Which hairstyle would suit me?
wat do u think of the color?
Are brunettes the sexiest girls on the planet?
Fellow hair dressers and colorist! Need opinions ASAP?
is it ok for a guy like me to dye my hair. I dont have any grey hair I just feel like a change?
how do you get the messy look with your hair?
what's a good hairstyle for men with curly hair?
What is the best way to make hair grow faster after a bad haircut?
Can anyone tell me if VO5 Strawberries & Cream Smoothing Conditioner is any good?
How to keep my hair curly?
how do you do a weave on just your bangs?
Would the "scene look" look good on me if i have no bangs?
Can you tell that I have extensions? [pics]?
do women like manly hair?
What Color Do You Think I Should Highlight my hair ?
where can i find an inexpesive wig?
what hairstyle?!?!?!?
What cause's you to go to one type of hair salon rather than another?
does a cheap hair straightner work just as well as an expensive straightner?
Which side do you part your hair on?? (girls)?
My haiR DOES NOT want to curl!!!?
i am after a good australian hair straightener for around 100 dollars to buy online?
would you like it if a guy french braided your hair?
how can i make my hair curly?
Hair probleeems please help me!?
what is the name of this hairstyle?
i have lite skin and green eyes with dark blue in them my hair is like a med. brown now.... i love it when it?
if your dads bald, does that mean you'll go bald?
Does washing your hair every day kill it?
do guys like long brown hair?
Are men with facial hair attractive?
Do you prefer Before or After? (Hair pictures)?
How do I dye my hair permenant blue? I have dark hair!?
Which brand of shampoo works best for you?
How should i wear my hair with this dress?
What straightener is best for my hair?
just curious as to what you pay for your haircut?
is short hair in ?
Will my hair fall out if I bleach it again?
what colour should i dye my hair?
does anyone know a good brand for purple hair dye?
How do i go about getting this hair colour?
How can I stop my hair from getting frizzy?
what would happen to my hair if i put olive oil?
Looking for cheap affordable hair extensions in Australia?
i have shot hair those are very thin and cuel but i love straight hair.should i go 4 staighting or u suggest?
how do i get my hair straight all day without it getting frizzy?
Hair dye troubles, can you help?
My hair always gets frizzy?
What do u prefere, redheads, brunettes or blondes?
Pink Hair extensions on a 6 year old?
Ugggh The Hairdresser was Jealous of Me So she Ruined My Hair?
what is a good hairstyle for my friend ???
How can I tell if my shampoo is Ph balanced?
Cute hairstyles?! Pictures. && ??
Curly Or Straight? Which is better?
has anyone used loreal excellence honey blonde hi color for dark hair, and if so, does it come out nice?
Ways to hide hair extension line?
What do they put on your driver's license for hair color if your bald?
What must i do while my hair is fastly falling?
Best drugstore clear gloss treatment?
i need A LOT of hair styles that i can ware with hair up or down.?
What should I do? Hair is growing back but.,.....?
Can anyone recommend a good shampoo and conditioner?
How would I style my hair like louis tomlinson's current hair style?
what's d best hair color for an asian girl?
i got a bad haircut what should i do (please answer quickly)?
My scalp is flaky and dry? Help?
What are some cute everyday updos for short hair?
whats you favorite song!?!??!?
Which hair colour? (Photos included)?
What would happen to my hair if I did a black persons perm?
Can you dye your hair without bleaching first?
Should I go blonde? Please see pic...?
What do you think of my hair color change?
How to fishtail braid?
How does a guy know if a hair salon actually welcomes men?
Why is my hair falling out?
I have naturally curly hair that frizzes in humidity, also fine hair. What product can I use on my hair?
So guys I have asked a question about my eyebrows before.....?
How to do a waterfall braid in your hair?
Please Awnser?????10 points?
What is the best hair smoother/straightener?
how do i get 360 waves?10 POINTS?
Long Thin Wavy Hair Do HELP!?
Need honest opinions. Which one looks best? *pics*?
I need a new haircut, help!?
Greasy hair, help what works x.?
Need help dying blonde hair?
what is the best haircolor for someone with hazel eyes?
I want a perm..need suggestions?
How do you make blonde hair shine amazingly?
How do you know if short hair will look bad on you?(at jaw or higher)?
Any ideas how i can style my hair like hers?
what is the best way to straighten hair,lfor thin hair?
What color would light pink hair dye fade to?
What is your favorite shampoo?
How can I get people to stop touching my hair?
help, i dont know whether to cut my hair or not (includes pics)?
I have frizzy straight hair... help!?
Do girls usually like long hair or short hair?
do i have to use mega blonde developer if i use mega blonde coloring?
How to dye black hair brown, using box hair dye?
Does my hair look good straightened..??
How soon can you dye your hair?
should women in late 30 wear their hair long?
Do you think Blonde hair would look ok? (Picturee)?
What does the colour pink smell of?
Where to buy cute pastel wigs?
Any up do ideas for straight hair?
What's a shampoo I could use?
I woke up noticing my hair was green when it's normally brown?
Whats a good cheap curling iron?
Whats the best way to straighten African_American hair? Besides spending a fortune at the beauty parlor?
What should I do with my hair?
How do I style my hair?!?
Guys who don't grow beard!!!!?
Ugly choppy hair, any advise?
Help with my hair?!?!?!?
I have dark brown, sometimes wavy- sometimes curly hair, any ideas for hairstyles?
How dangerous do you think it would be to get an inexpensive "wet and cut" trim while in between hairstyles?
How do I get my hair blonder *naturally?
How should i convince my mom to let me dye the ends of my hair rainbow?
Dying hair for first time, need some tips?
do hair transplants work?
How to get thicker hair?
Need help with flat ironing hair styles!?
Stinky Hair after Shower?
What is the best smelling shampoo?
What do you think of my hair?
I'm a female with long hair. I'm thinking of shaving myself bald. Do you think the style will catch on ?
What color should I dye my hair? (pics)?
Is a chi straightener worth getting?
Dying your hair = Rebellious?
How to make your hair unbelieveably soft and shiny? and how to get rid of acne!? EASY 10 POINTS!?
what colour would you say my hair is ?
which is better: sunsilk products or garnier fructis?
help me find a haircolor and product?
What's a conditioner that i can buy to make my hair soft?
How can you strighten you'r hair without damgeing it?!?
Can i do my hair like this (pics) ?
What are bangs?!?!?!?!?
Oily Hair....................???
How to make hair pompoms?
i want to watch a video of a woman shaving her head?
What are good shampoos?
Ways to do my hair for basketball? My hair wont stay in a ponytail!?
how do you fix a horrible haircut?
Help! I Don't Know How To Straighten My Hair!?
What product should I use to make my hair sit?
is this a cute hairstyle? PLEASE boys and girls! and yes this is really mee! thank you :)?
How Can I Grow My Hair Quickly?
Should I cut my my hair shorter(I'm a guy), or keep them a bit longer? (Picture included)?
Is Indian Henna Hair Dye good & healthy?
whats the best hair cut for a gay guy?
This may sound silly, but can anybody explain exactly what finishing cream is used for?
how do i get lauren conrad hair?
HELPPPPPP!! s best answer!?
should i dye my Hair blond?
Long or Short...What do u prefer?
Nair hair remover lotion?
Okay so I'm trying to?
hairstyles please?? easy 10 points!?
is there a white person that has black hair?ive never seen that before.?
I am african-american, what is the best texturizer for me to put in for the 1st time?
Any advice on how to hide regrow?
HAIR COLORS ! Which hair color do you like the best !! Pictures! ?
Could I pull this style off?
What should i dye my hair?
in the morning when you wake up how do you make your hair straight?
Should I dye my hair blonde?
I think i have a hair problem.
How are hair extentions attached?
I can't Curl my hair_ what to do!?
Should I dye my hair back to blonde or should I dye it black?
Need serious advice from a stylist about a chemical burn from haircolor @ salon.?
How to prevent white hair in a 16 year old girl?
what do you guys think of my?
best small hairdryer?
hair dying tips. blonde to black.?
girls.. would u get a makeover like this for $1000? (pic)?
How to make my hair straight (using a straightener) where's there's a lot of humidity?
Dying my hair myself?
Can you give me suggestions for a new hair do?
How do you make your hair curl?
If you had dandruft in your hair what kind of shampoo would you use to get it out? (I don't have dandruft.)
What products do nick arrojo, and carmandy use?
I have heard that guys make more money as a hair stylist a lot of the time...?
Brown hair, I turned blonde! How long do I wait to re-bleach?
How do i make my hair extreamly straight?
Is there any thing you can do to take oil out of your hair?
how to get straight hair without straighteners?
I am getting ready to open a Beauty Salon and need a classy name.?
What colour should I dye my hair?
When i go to the barber do i just give him directions or the name of the haircut?
I would like to go for best hair weaving done, can you prescribe any of those services available in Bangalore?
I am 14 years old and i dont want to lose my hair, The older people in my family. . . .?
How do 3 in 1 shampoos work?
If I cut my curly hair will it get more curly?
How to get 50's pin-up hair?
Do I look better with long or short hair? (Pictures)?
What type of Hair cut would look good on me?
What is going on with the Long Hair Community website?
Do guys like long hair or short hair on the girl that they are dating?
why women in general wear long hair and men in general short hair?
I dyed my hair and it went red at the roots and stayed a light brown with blonde highlights at the ends?
How to make my hair grow faster?
I was wondering what hair dye would i need to achieve this color?
How to grow hair faster?
me and blonde friends r wondering.................guys!?
Is it bad to wash your hair everyday?
If a guy gets his hair braided, is that sexy?
need to get my cosmetology license renewed and i need an application where?
What is the style for hair today, long or short?
what is the best flat iron for hair?
I need a new flat iron, but not sure what to get..?
Should I cut my hair shorter??(pics inside)?
I need some cute hair styles?? like NOW!... Please?
What is your natural hair color?
What are bangs?
My Hair OMG! PICS!!!?
Will people think I'm lesbian If I cut my hair like Emma Watson?
How can you curl your hair without a curling iron?
how to make a messy bun?
I would like the springy looking curls I sometimes see on Oprah. What you I use to get them?
What color should I dye my hair? (Pictures included)?
I want a pixie cut, but I'm scared?
i got dark brown hair and thinking of dyeing it copper you think it would be a Good color?
I cut my bangs short, do they look okay? pics!?
This Hairstyle? Help?
Really want a new hairdo...?
What colour should i dye my hair?
synthetic dredlocks?
How can i back comb my hair to make it look like i have A LOT of volume?
How to use conditioner ,what the use of it?
What do you think with my bangs? Pic included?
Thinking about dyeing my hair for summer.. (pics attached)?
I hate my hair, i need help with ideas 4 my hair?
hair cut help ASAP!!! pics included?
Hair removal and shaving?
how do i dye my hair??????? homemade dye? PLEASE HELP?
Head Lice problems for extremely long hair!?
how to be himegyaru??
i wont to know your opinion on people who dye their hair whacky colors.. what do you think about them?
If you want new straightens get Bellezza Wet 2 dry!!?
how visual kei bangs like miku (an Cafe)?
What methods should I use in order to grow my african american hair long and healthy?
Scene Hairstyle pictures?
Are side bangs hard to take care of?
hair tip on gettin hair like this?
Trimming hair in between cuts?
I am 28 years old guy,my girlfriend is 20 years old...both me and my girlfreind have tremendous dandruff?
Is there a haircolor that I can use temporarily while growing out my natural color?
How long will it take for my permant hair dye to wash out?
how can i grow my hair out long?
My hair is fried and I've tried all sorts of conditioners, and leave-in. Nothing helps, what do I do?
do u use conditioner only on the ends of ur hair or all over?
Ion shine Hot Rollers?
Do I look better with straight or curly hair?
What is you Hair and Eye Color?
Hair extensions?
Do boys find ginger hair pretty?
Can anyone give me the directions for L'oreal brand hair dye, I recently got it and no instructions came along
How to attach the clips on hair extensions?
Best product Affirm, Mizani, or Dudley's?
How does this haircut look?
How can I fix hair that's been bleached, grown out, and change the color all together?
My hair is down to my mid back and i want a lose perm all my friends say it will look good what do you think?
ATTENTION: 40 or 50 year old hairdressers?
Is There A Hair Product That Helps To Straighten Hair?
HELP. i don't want to fry my hair , but i don't know what to do with it.?
When i get cornrows i wont have alot of hangtime should i put extension in them?
Nourishing Coconut Milk Anti-Breakage System Serum?
i need a fantastic haircut before school who should my haircut look like?
straight hair?
How fast does hair grow.. PLEASE HELP..?
My hair is falling out! I'm only 24! Why?
Which is better brunette or blond?
Salons in south county STL that sew n extensions?
I am suffering from a severe case of dandruff and i have oily skin which makes it even worse. Please help!?
which is the best wave 4 hair?
How can i regrow my hair?
How do I get the back of my hair to grow?
Whats the best hairstyle for girls with thin hair?
how do i get my hair to grow longer and faster?
can too much biotin make your hair fall out?
How Can I tell her.........??
i m having round face which hair cut suitsme?
what do you think about gingers?
Nature's Bounty: Hair Skin and Nails?
HAIR HELP! Urgent!!!?
where can i get a hair tattoo done in metro detroit?
would I look good with red hair?
Best hair bleach to lighten roots?
Should I dye my hair at WALMART HAIR SALON ? how much will it cost?
what's better in your opinion blonde or brown hair?
How do I get my hair white?
Hair Styling question?
What will the cinnamon/conditioner treatment do to my hair?
is it weird for guys to use straightners ( be as honest as you please )?
for people w/ curly hair..........?
Has anyone tried putting birth control pills in their shampoo?
What hair cut should I get? (pic included)?
will my hair EVER grow back?
Is there any possible way that I can get my hair to look like this?
is there any way to make hair darker without dye?
Hairstyle for round face ? (Asian)?
any advice if you have excessively blonde highlights after a trip to the hairdressers?
how can i make my blonde hair lighter?
what would make me look prettier? eg. dye hair.?
how do u get rid of flyaway hair and breakage.?
I'm 15/female and I have few hair next to my ear?