What shampoo/conditioner can I use on my dry, thin, dandruff hair?
How can I make my hair like this pic inside?
Which blonde should i go?? (Photos)?
how to get blonder hair not by dying?
How to grow your hair longer faster?
how can i wear my curly hair?
What is Olly mur's haircut called from Xfactor ?
I wanna dye my hair a natural color without ammonia?
I'm 20 but i didn't have beared and moustache,but i have hair on my chest and other pubic areas.?
What do you girls think?
anyone know that hairstyle where it's like a little mohawk but you have long hair in the back?
Any one has Rihanna bob?
Should I shave my Cha-Cha in the shape of a STAR, or a GOAT?
Can I sell my Afro Caribbean hair in the UK?
If I have a wedding at 5pm and pix at 2pm, what's the earliest I can get my hair done without it falling apart
blonde? brunette?
What hairstyle do you like best?
Should I get a bang? (pix included)?
Full lace wig and having no natural hair of you're own!?
how can i make my hair longer faster??
Best Hairstyle School For Me ?
what's the best brand of temporary hair color dye?
is blonde hair or brwn hair better?
do the scales completely surround the hair shaft on the human hair? On Animal hair and do they go around it?
How should I cut my hair? > > [ pictures ]?
Want to dye my underneath hair back to blonde?
Light/Medium/Dark Ash Blonde?
should i get bangs*pics*?
Would dark brown hair suit me? (picture included)?
Cute hairstyle ideas for school?!?
hi looking for a pic to cut my hair?
How should i get my haircut? Pics Included :)?
Please answer only if you are serious... thank you?
How should i get my hair cut?! HELLP! (pic)?
What colour hair would I suit?
New funky haircut ideas??
Am i ugly?? And any suggestions on what kind of hairstyle I should get?
can i use L'Oreal heat protection and anti frizz serum at the same time?
What's your opinion on the manly chest hair?
Anything to help my hair grow quicker?
cute hairstyles for thick hair? [girls]?
How many types of hair straighteners available in the market?
what is the best home remedy deepconditioner/ hair mask uve ever tried?
Does this hair colour suit me?
i am 29 years old i am suffering of hair loss of my front please give a good medical or known way for this?
Explain this picture in 3 words (Please)?
Redye hair next after dying hair.?
Should I Die My Hair Black?
Hairstylist: Tips for hairstyles for me? I posted pics... Please help?
Where can I buy real hair hair extensions online?
what hair products do you like?
Why does 3N end up looking near black on me?
HAIRCUT?!?! help please!! (boys and girls)?
Would it be better to trim my hair down to this?
Can i dye my hair? please help me......?
How can I get my hair bleach blonde?
do you like bald head or hair?
What should i do with my hair BEST ANSWER 10 POINTS!!?
what shades of manic panic should i mix?
What kinds of exercises can be done during pregnancy??
Opinions on Special FX hair dye?
My Hair?! Bangs or Not?!?
Pin straight vs loose waves?
How do i make my hair softer?
Long hair or short hair?
girls, what do you do about this ?
how to dye black hair dirty blonde?
I love her hair do you?
Do you think my hair looks good like this?
Question for the ladies. Is ?
How to get my hair healthy again? ?
Does anyone one know the permanant hair plantation clinic around tamilnadu?
Question about my Hair??
My hair is straight, almost down to my waist. wat kind of hair styles can i do with it?
where can you get a wand for yout hair?
Shaggy long layered hair with bangs?
I have hair on my upper lip. how to get rid of it?
Is it bad for a girl to SHAVE her facial hair?
Should I straighten my hair?
short hair? CURLY! HELPPP?
My hair is greasy all the time. what shall i do?
How do you make your hair grow faster?
how to prevent to back again the hair in underarm?
Thinking about getting highlights?
What are some different ways to style hair just above my shoulders?
Do you like epilators?
Can I use a toner on blonde human hair extensions?
What is a cute hair cut for a 13 year old girl w/ red hair?
Whats a good cheap curling iron?
What colour should I dye my hair (pictures)?
Good hairstlyes for a gala?!?
Does very long silky hair attract guys??????
does anybody out there you this product...?
Hairstyles for growing out my hair?
are blondes actually stupid or is it just a anti blonde qoute ?
Hairy chests?
what kinda of shampoo do you use?
Reply please,I need your help?
lighten facial hair naturally?
Changing my hair style. Ideas?
how can you lighten hair without using bottle dye?
Bleaching bad is it?
What Is The Best Way To Straighten Your Hair Without It Getting Poofy Later On and Without Using Moose+ect?
My hair is naturaly very curly. O yea. And frizzy!! Wut can i use to un-friz it!!?
Whatever happened to the original KMS line?
Shaggy hair?
What do you think is the best shampoo and conditioner?
if your hair is straight but the bottom is puffy , how can u prevent that!!!!?
Does Curly Perms make your hair grow?
My girlfriends having a haircut tonight, whats the biggest insult I can say as soon as she walks in the door?
is a bald man really hairless?
so i have some stomach hair(pretty much a happy trail).would guys think this is ok?
how to keep thick hair straight?
should i cut my hair if so how?
would my hair look nice with....?
Do women find men with shaved heads attractive?
Which do it yourself hair dye brands are the best?
What is the best professional hair clipper?
does any one know what kind of hair weave boots from flavor of love has cause it looks really natural?
Taylor Momsen Hairstyle?
Do guys like straight brown hair, wavy or curly?
Frizz hair help,)$,)?$)..$6?&7(76&:3)5/46;86?
how should i fix my hair on the first day of school?
Blondes or Brunettes?
Would you say that long hair is beautiful?
will i go back out with ben?
Where can you buy Moroccan oil hair products?
I have a hair problem...?
Do I look better with curly or straight hair?
Do you like my hair longer or shorter ? (pic)?
i have gray hair, but applying color is causing hair fall... what should i do?
whats the best way to get your hair cut into rockerabilly style like a pompadore?
what kind of styles can i do with this haircut?
Which way does my hair look best?
Using the vitamin biotin for hair growth, do you take the pill or put it in your shampoo?
What is a good haircut for an oval shaped face?
What kind of bangs should I get?
do girls shave their legs everyday?
Will this damage my hair ?
How would I get hair like this? (male)?
How does one go about curing dandruff?
Do girls prefer long hair on guys, or short?
which makes hair grow faster leaving hair down or braid ??
what to look for when buying a mannequin for doing hair?
i have a long hair ... i want a good hair style to do..?
where can i get a good hair straightiner?
What kind of a haircut is this?
Do you perfer curly or straight hair?
Is Aussie 3 Minute Miracle actually good for your hair?
plz help my hair is falin out alot?
I cut my hair, is it bad?
How Long Does It Take For Mens Permanent Hair Dye to come off?
once my hair is wet how can i have it dry straight?
should i shower in the morning?
I dont know what to do with my hair- help!?
is mayonnaise really good for your hair? why?
Where can i go to a cosmotology school in nyc?
what is a good hair straightener to get?
Can I wear my hair like this to work?
Are you supposed to wash your hair every day?
Would a full block fringe suit me?
Tips on becoming a Hair Stylist?
is this hair to "grown up" for me?
Which color fits my hair?
Does pink hair match with dark brown hair?
How long does it take for shaved off eyebrows to grow back?
Is there anything wrong with guys with long hair?
can you dye your hair with menstrual blood?
what makes your hair grow longer and thicker quicklier?
What should I use to get rid of my frizzy hair?
how do i curl my hair so it can look like the one in the picture. help?
How long have you gone without washing your hair?
Paul Mitchelle Super Skinny Serum ?
What is the best home remedy for dry frizzy hair?
How long does pubic hair take to grow?
curly hair products?
Does light or dark hair suit me better?
Does my hair look better straight or curly?
girls do u like chest hair on man?
pictures of a layerd hair cut?
I need a remedy for poofy hair. I have long hair, but it poofs when it tries.?
Is my hair UGLY?! PICTURES!?
i need my hair long, how do i do it?
Im 17 and I think my hairs falling out. What are the signs that it is?
do u dye your hair?
co washing relaxed hair?
Tell me step by step how to curl my hair please!?
i have naturally straight hair. but i have split ends and fly aways. is there an actual prodcut that helps?
My hair acts badly to humidityyy ?? HELP !!!!?!?1?
Is it possible really to have a fringe with curly hair?
Do you think this would be a good hair color choice for me? first picture is me second one is what i want?
i need some help.?
how would i get this type of hair?
do u know any asian hair salons in philadelphia?
What would be the best leave-in conditioner for my natural afro hair?
Naturally blonde hair, want to dye platinum, best store hairdye?!?
Can calcium and vitamins help your hair grow?
What is the best purple hair dye?
What's the best shampoo to use for....?
Which haircut looks better...?
How can I spike my hair like this?
Should I get my hair thinned?
How can I get my hair to grow faster?
How should I fix my color problem?
How many boxes of hair dye do I need?
Are GHD straighteners really any good?
I need some hair product tips, i'm trying out a new hairstyle and need your opinion?
How quickly does your hair get greasy?
How to make my hair not so oily?
What are some healthy alternatives to straightening hair with a flat iron?
cutting your own hair?
i dyed my hair twice in two days and it didnt come out right can i dye it again?
I have the same boring hair every day. Any ideas for me?
What should I do with my hair??? (pics included!!!)?
short hair or no?
Ok girls or guys can answer do i convince my mom to..............?
How do i grow my hair longer?
red or black??
at what age do women begin cuttin their hair real short?
problem with hair? please help only 17 :(?
What does it mean to "push your hair up"?
Im Dying my hair with Kool–Aid?
How do I get my bangs to go off my face?
tips on how to get longer, thicker hair?
hair problems?
what is the right length hair for men?
Hair colour disaster, what should i do?
Would I look good with sidebangs?
Are you a shampoo plus conditioner user or do you like use separate bottles?
What is the bed head product that..?
I need help with bushy, curly hair!?
what can i do to make my hair the best?
how often do you wash your hair each week?
whos better blondes or red heads??? ***guys who do u like better**?
~hair help PLZ HELP~?
How should I cut this hair of mine.. pic inside ?
will i die if i smell hair mousse for half a second?
How can I grow my hair?
curly or straight hair?
what happens if you stop using Talika Lipocils ?!?! plz help?
Which hairstyle do you prefer (girls advice for a guy please)? (With a picture)?
How o lighten my hair? Help!!!?
If someone has dreadlocks,how do they wash their hair?
How many of you girls starighten/curl their hair all the time?
best shampoo? hair issues?!?
What shape should I get my hair cut?
I Need To Change My Hair Color, Which suits me better?
What colour shall I dye my hair (pic included)?
I just recently started using professional shampoos, like Matrix?
What colour should i dye my hair?
Should I stay blonde or go brunette?
Help me chose a new hairstyle!!?
How do you bleach your hair? [10 Points!]?
What is the best hairspray to volumize a thick hair?
How do you achieve this look?
my mom wont let me shave?
How should i get my hair cut? (pic)?
Ginger hair?
Where can I get this?
Does short hair make a person look fat?
How often should you change shampoos?
do any body got some new hair styles i can try?
Grow hair long in 3 weeks?
Help on dip dye my hair!!!?
Recently my hair seems to be getting really greasy after a day. any ideas on how to stop this?
How to pin up wet hair?
Can u use herbal essence hello hydration on colored hair?
is long hair on guys still cool?
Does my super long hair make me older?
When is long hair too long?
Should i dye the tips of my hair blue?
Hairstlye help needed: how to do a it?
How can I scrunch my hair to look like this?
My mom got her hair done and now its...?
What Shampoo Makes Your Hair Soft?
What shampoo would you recommend? What product would you recommend?
Please help me!I need your opinion and recomendations!?
mid-length blonde hair ideas? urgent?!?
Hair dye colour help?
I have black hair.. i want my hair this colour (Picture inside).. How do i get it?
Confused about double ash color?
home made wax???how to do it???
do i look pretty with my new hairstylee?
How can I stop my hair from falling?
If you and your "husband" have blonde hair and you dye your hair black, will your child have black hair too?
does anyone know of any good videos for teaching how to do cornrows?
my mom messed up my hair really bad and i gotta go to school looking like this!?
facial hairs?
Help! Hair mask gone horribly wrong!?
Does anybody know any No heat hairstyles?
Punk hair style websites?
Is it ok to cut your hair in layers if you have thick curly hair?
Do u like this haircut? **pics included**?
how to get dreads?
I am indian & got my black hair bleached for blonde lookin streaks.its now gingery blonde!how can i change it?
should i dye my hair? (pic included!)?
this is a survey! please take!!?
could this hair style work for a round face?
Best way to remove hair on scrotum?
My hair is dark brown and I want highlights but i don't know what color highlights I should get! Can you help
How do i make my hair grow longer? are their any tips?
School uniforms && hair???
Hair style needed for semiformal dance!?
Where does all of the hair that goes down our plugholes go?
how to recede hairline permanently?
how to get healthy hair?
my hair has so many split ends?
as anybody tried the shampoo called fast, to make your hair grow 45% faster?
Scene haircut ??????HELP ME?
Poll : Does blonde hair look good with tanned people ?
what color should i dye my hair?
HELP?! i need a new haircut getting it cut TOIMMAROW!!!?
I have dry and split ends in my hair. Is Pantene better or Gardeners(?) ? whats the best shampoo?
Why Won't My Eyebrows Grow?
I am trying to grow my hair long. Do I still need to trim the ends?
My hair for today, crimped/wavey/own style?
How do i care,maintain and make my afro hair grow.?
How should I have my hair?
Thining hair??????? by yourself?
would honey golden brown suit a filipino??
What should I do with my hair ? ♥ ( pictures )?
which one would look best on me?
am i ugly?
what color should i dye my hair?
How to become a Laser hair tech?
Which one is worse highlighting your hair or dying it?
How to choose a good hair stylist for black hair?
I have REALLY long hair, and I need hair designs so I can stop wearing the same old bun.. please help?
What is the most efficent way to strip hair color at home?
are perms in right now?
Would my face shape look alright with this hairstyle?
I dyed my hair a permanent soft black. How can I go lighter?
coolway flat irons in europe ?
Pls advise natural remedy to prevent hair loss.?
What is the best color to dye your hair when your hair is a dark brown - almost black, long and straight?
What is a good hair cut for a 20 year old that has wavy, blond hair that is also only 5foot 2inches?
i feel kinda out of the "woman" loop....?
does anyone know any websites wher i can find cute hairstyles?
Can split ends keep your hair from growing?
Bleaching my hair, opinions?
What colour would my hair go if I put a purple hair dye over dark red hair?
New hair for school?
Alright which one would go better? URGENT I HAVE 4 HOURS TO DECIDE!!!!?
how much do you tip a hairdresser for a haircut?
ok i am 14 and still cant fix my hair in a ponytail can someone help please?
Does Henna hair dye produce a good color?
Which hairstyle colour suits me best? (pics)?
hair color question for you?
can straitening your hair make it unhealthy? even if,,,,?
What is your number one hair accessory?
Where can I get a small sample of Wen shampoo alternative cheap?
What liquids can i dye my hair with?
How often should I wash my hair?
Which hair care line is better for naturally curly hair, Pantene pro-v curly or herbal essence totally twisted?
Hair Help ?
How do I look? Waves or straight?
What is the length micros can be left in I dot want opinions i want the truth?
does anyone know where i can buy cheap hair extentions the ones that you clip in thanks?
I have dark brown eyes, medium skin tone...want to change my hair color. Suggestions?
Which is the best volumenizing shampoo to use for volumeness hair under $10?
how do u get a mohawk up with curly thick hair???
How to keep your natural hair curly?
Is laser hair removal a safe method to remove unwanted hair?
How Can i sell my hair?
59 year old female has been a natural blond all her life, a couple of weeks ago her hair turned brown, why?
Black Male Hair Help How to Make Smooth?
Where to buy the cheapest decent quality feather hair extensions in UK/online?
split ends and breakage of hair?
how do u "bump" up your hair?
Should I do It or not?!?!?!?
need a good emo/scene haircut?
does anyone know where i can buy little ribbons 4 my hair?
what is it called when you get numbers or an image in your hair cut?
what to do with my hair!!? its so boring now!!! help plz!?
If I straighten my hair a lot, will it really fall out?
Does Anyone know why this would be?
whats the best hair straightener to buy?
will Live Color XXL 89 (bitter sweet chocolate) dye over a faded XXL 52 (dark spice)?
Buying new hair extensions?
What hairstyle is best for a person with thick long spongy hair that she doesn't want to make it too short?
Am i the only person who doesnt really like straight hair?
How long will it take to grow my hair? (Pics)?
Hairstyles for girls ?! thanks xx?
Bleaching natural dark hair?
Koolaid tip dye help?
How can I make my hair go down?
want to know about tricho gram machine for hair in korae/singapore?
What Kind Of Hair Style Do You Girls Like On Boys?
Why does blonde girl have black pubic hair?
Is my hairline receding?
Hair melt for dirty blondes?
messy chignon hairstyle? (or an updo hairstyle)?
Girls Were Making Fun Of My HAIR TODAY :(((((( I NEED SOME COMFORT WORDS.?
is my hair straight or wavy?
What to do to my hair??
Should I dye my dark brown hair ombre? (picsss)?
How do I get my hair like this?! 10 points!?
Hair Dye Question.........?
How do i get my hair really shiny?
Can a flat iron cause Thinning and hair loss?
Should i go from long blonde hair to short black hair?
~~~~ extreme hair help needed!!!!~~~?
How do you tease hair?
How to do you hair like this? {PiC}?
Hair Coloring Question?
How to get hair like River Song from Doctor Who?
should i dye my eyebrows when dying my hair?
what colour to dye my hair?
I'm a guy with a ponytail....should I get a short haircut?
Getting your chemically relaxed hair wet?
What can I do to make my hair grow!!!?
Best hair straightning products?
How do I make my hair grow faster?
help me!!!!!!!! 10 points!11 hair crisis?
im going to be coloring my (really thick!) hair at home. whats a good way to make sure i get all of my hair?
Any ideas for haircut? Pictures Appreciated?
Can I return hair products I got at the salon?
How should i get my hair cut?
Can anyone describe business professional hair styles?
What will happen to my hair?
What colour will a wash in, wash out hair dye by on my hair?
What's the best way to curl hair that won't curl very well?
How do i get my hair to grow fast?
i got highlights without my parents permission what do i tell them?
What are hot guy names for a guy with jet black hair and forest green eyes?
My hair grows too fast?
do you think blond hair is more attractive than brown hair??
where can i find jojoba hair oil in navi mumbai?
How to make my hair not parted?
Colorful hair?
How do I do this braided half up do style?
Why wont my hair curl?
Better? Curly or straight? [[PICS :D]]?
is shampoo the same as body wash?
I have waist length hair and feel pressurised into donating it. What should I do?
any tips to make my sisters hair les oily?
Please suggest a good shampoo that will make my hair soft.?
Natural Hair Style. Why is it the way it is?
long hair or short hair on guys?
i am trying to grow my hair out faster before christmas '09 help!.?
What hair color should I dye my hair?
How much would it coast to turn my hair like this?
Is eBay a good place to buy clip in hair extensions?
What is your favorite hair cut?(easy 10 points!)?
What hair colour suits me more? Pink or brown?
What kind of hair style is that?please help?!?
Im think of dying my hair black but scared it will make me lk pale do you think it can b pulled of?
how to make your hair curly?
How do i make my hair grow faster, and healthier?
Very bleached damaged hair help?
Does anyone know who she is?
i have dirty blond hair what color highlights should I get?
what color should I dye my hair?
do girls wnat guys to shave their armpits?
is there any products to make your hair grow faster?
Brad pitts haircut?
Straightening hair?
Pleases let me know if there is home remedy fro removing facial hair at the chin?
where can i get pics for a haircut?
Is it bad to use heat on your hair everyday? PLEASE HELP =I i need it!?
What color of highlights should I get on black hair?
whats better - guys with looooooooong or short hair?
PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!?
Are hair extensions bad for your hair?
What woman's hair color do most men like and love?...blonde?brunette?black?red?auburn… and Why?
How do I eliminate greasy roots?
Cute easy ways to style bangs??? 19 points?
Help about my hair dying?
I need a guys help.............?
Scene outfits? And hair? Please please help! Will answe your questions?
Garnier Nutrisse, Intense Reds? Do they fade?
It just keeps breaking and splitting! help!?
am i losing hair???????????????
why are men not from venus?
Blonde or Brunette????
I'm Korean, Should i dye my hair blonde(pics included)?
Does blonde hair wash me out ?
how can you make your hair soft?
questions about hair coloring?
What color highlights would look good on black Hair? 10 POINTS?
Hair problem...............?
Does this sound weird?
Girls Only?
I need help with my hair right now:(?
Fine hair remedies?
Hair dye brand for dyeing hair without bleach?
Guys who don't grow beard!!!!?
How can i remove my body hair?
Wich side do your bangs go on?
I got a side fringe (side bangs) and I hate them?!?
The Disney Look Hair Help?
PLEASE HELP: How to Sto Balding in African American Teens??!?
Red hair care?????????
If i cut my hair how long will it take to grow back to shoulder length if i decide to regrow it?
A good hairspray....?
How ugly am I? Does my haircut even fit my face shape?
10 points for a quick good answer?
What at home hair colors have a blue-violet base?
what is the hottest hairstyle or haircut for women?
Would this haircut suit me?
Does anyone have any good pictures or sites with a little above shoulder length hair?
Is there any websites that can teach u how to do cool hairstyles?
Swoop bands and layers?
will i look ok with short hair?
would i look good with brown hair?(pic included:)?
How can I fade my hair dye?
okay so i was wondering what was the best virtual game online like ..... look inside for more?
is head and shoulders shampoo for men or women?
Highlights for dark brown hair?
If I want mike the situations hair cut what do i ask for at the barber shop?
I have already purchased my own much should I pay at max to get my extensions sewn in?
why cant i curl my hair with my new herstyler?
Haircut Help??!! (pics included)?
WHAT IS carbs- protein AND why should i eat foods with lot of then to gain weight fast?
what would be a good hairstyle for me?
should i dye my hair like this?
want to die my hair red?
How do I look better: with dark or blonde hair?
viktoria asked what is the best for underarm hair, twizzer or razor?
okay, what do you think i should do with my hair? Urgent!?
How can I deal with people asking about my hair?
what haircut should I get?
will my eyelashes grow back if I had pulled the same eyelashes a lot?
can you dye/wash micro loop hair extensions?
Does anybody know how to do this hairstyle?
should i go chocolate brown, red brown or black?
NeoLight Laser Brush (comb)?
I cut myself and ive been clean but wanting to replase?
How do I grow my hair out fast?
What are some easy ways to do my hair if i'm going to the pool and want to look hot?
how 2 do hair like this pic?
Facial hair problem!!!!!?
Any good nice hairstyles ?
Why does my leg hair get prickly the morning after I shave them?
How do i look with my new hair cut???
I have really curly/frizzy hair. How do I blow dry it straight?
What should i do with my hair BEST ANSWER 10 POINTS!!?
I'm a boy, should i straighten my hair?
Should i dye my hair dark ash blond?(pics)?
I not only have massive thick hair but a ton of it and it's very frizzy and curly..can anyone give advice?
where can i find a cosmetology school for students still in high school?
Do you like your hair better curly or straight? ?
My hair is frizzy and curly and poofy?
lighter pink with sfx atomic pink hair dye?
Hair extensions disaster.
hair help please?
Girls! Do you like slick back hair?
My hair is frizzy, any solutions?
Boys only please!! do you prefer blondes or brunettes more?
(PIC INCLUDED) what color should I dye my hair?!?
Do you like this hairstyle (pics included)?
Good hair masks? Or treatments?
Am I not straightening my hair long enough?
i cut my hair every 3 wks and i still have lots of split ends why is this?
How can i do a high pony tail and messy bun?
why do blondes think they are better than brunettes??
What is my hair type?
Extremely dry, brittle hair, please help?
Will my hair grow back thick again?
Anyone Used Pantene Pro V " Women of Color" Line?
I have red hair and i want to know how i can get it blonde with peroxide?
please help does anyone know a indian hair oil called "Ecosense"?
short lesbian haircuts?
what can i do here?
What do you think looks better?
is it ok for men to go to laser hair removal to remove chest hair???
Do you wash your hair twice (10 points)?
Hair. It's like, way too thin for my age.?
Nervous to show people my haircut?
How do you get rid of a hairless dent/bald spot on the top of my head?
What should i wear today?
weave hump..anyone?
If you have long hair and your mixed with indian and black hao should you wear hair?
Hair dye brand for dyeing hair without bleach?
How old do you think I look? (Picture included)?
Should I braid my hair before I go to bed so that I'll have waves in my hair for picture day?
How do I do my hair like this?
What's good about black hair?
should i cut my hair like this?
My dreads start to twist tight so is tht signal my dreads will grow fast?
What do you prefer, curly, straight, or wavy hair?
how should i wear my hair for the first day of school (10th grade)?
i want to dye my hair again its African hair?
What color should i dye my hair, last minute opinions?
Should i dye all my hair red?(pic)?
My husband cut his long hair and is acting different???? :(?
Bad haircut... What should I do?
Another Weave Question? What the best to take out a glued in weave with a little damage as possible?
I am planning on doing this now..?
do BED HEAD styling products work well on hair? They are fairly expensive so i assume they would. . .?
I need help with a good haircut pic?
how i can et my hair straight for ever?
what is the best hair gel in india?
which shampoo is best for hair loss?
Can head lice just disappear?
Is there anyway to make your hair grow faster?
How do you control frizzy/ static prone hair?
is that true that after highlight or hair color hair get damage?
How do you go a horizontal french braid?
How to do weeping angel hair?
how to do retro hairstyles?
How do I fix my frizzy hair?
Help! My hair is so dry! (male)?
Need help finding the perfect prom hairstyle?
Putting Red Dye Over Black ? Help ?
if you had to choose one would dying hair black or bleach blonde disguise thinning hair better?
what is the best style that apprroriate a gairl with coverd hair?
changing hair...?
Guys what do you think of short hair on girls?
which hair style is better on me?
What a good hair dye that won't fade so fast or break off hair?
Any good hairstyle that will suit me, HELP!!! (Photo)?
what kind of shampoo do you use?
hair rollers in public?
Does a middle part look good on a round head?
Which color is prettier?
how to explain emo hairstyle for a guy to a hair stylist?
help with scene hair?
My hair doesn't stay straight, why?
What color to dye my hair?!?
Can you dye your hair bright red without bleaching it?
I need some new 5 minute hairsyle ideas please?
I have Long hair. Help.?
Would this look good on me? (pics) ?
Any recommendations for an electric hair trimmer for your head?
Supercuts or Fantastic Sams?
Cute summer hair styles 4curly hair???
Ladies, when it rains, do you wear a raincoat??
Would other girls agree to this?
How long does your hair have to be to cut it off for Locks of Love?
Ladies, how much do you pay for?
where can i find a free download to decide which hairstyle would suit me best?
I don't like having curly / wavy hair. Is there any way to make it less curly / wavy without straightening it?
can i do dark hair, with green eyes and pale skin?
The best treatment for oily hair?
How do I grow facial hair quicker?
Cute and girly hairstyles for school?
hair color! please help?
how can i look like taylor swift in her "we are never ever getting back together " video?
Help How to get rid of ash tone in my hair?
which hair best suits me? pics?
How can I get my dark hair to light brown?
can i get a flattened tummy in two weeks?
Hair dye questions?!?
How do i straighten my hair without damaging it?
I have a small face what haircuts would work good for this.?
I'm using this new shampoo. After a few hours my hair gets clumpy and greasy?
I need to change my hair style?
what color should i dye my hair?
any hair dos'? can you tell me how to do them, or give me the name of it, or give me some pics or sites?
RELAXED HAIR!!!!!.... xD?
How can I make my hair shinier?
where can i find a good pic of the veronicas hair? because i want to get my hair done like it.?
What haircut would look best on ombre hair?
Does my hair look better curly or straightened?
Hair what should i so?
Is there something you can put on your hair to make it straighter without having to dry it out with heat?
do you think i could sue my hair dresser for desroying my hair?
Any ideas on how to lighten my jet black hair...?
What is the best new flat iron on the market? Sedu, GHD, HSI, Sultra, KQC?
red/black hair extensions...?
why is my hair greasy?
Does this look okay (Pics)?
Would this hairstyle suit me ?
How do i grow my hair back quicker?
HELP way too much hair?
Has Anyone Dyed Your Hair Purple?
Control for curly hair?
Strong shampoo?
Can you wear your hair in a high pony tail/updo with tape hair extensions?
Why is it my hair feels greasey when ive just washed it?
my fairs is falling can i stop them?
how can I get my hair lighter and blonder?
Vaseline in hair. Help!?
why do some kids dye their hair blue,green,pink,and purple?
my hair is so dry any tips?
What hair color would be best for pale skin and blue eyes?
How do you prevent frizzy hair?
guys..would you prefer girls with straight hair or wavy hair?
I have really nice hair and i want it to stay that way...any tips?
is it safe to use tea tree oil on children for hair lice.?
what can i do to my long hair? Im a guy and im new to long hair?
I have black hair & would wanna qo blond, any ideas of how i can qo blond without payinq so much ?
I need Flat iron help...PLEASE!!!!!!!!!?
Help?.. Does blonde or dark hair suit me better..?!?
Is there some kind of medical procedure to have thicker hair besides a hair transplant?
Do all females hate their hair? do males hate their hair too?
Is there a such thing as a good hairdresser and how do you find one?
Hair experts, dry shampoo help?
Christina Grimmie hair!? Help!!?
can i be a blonde? (pic)?
Pubic hair or no pubic hair?
How do you know your scalp is for sure clean?!?
Why are some of my hair follicles thicker than others?
Best style for long curly hair, if I want to leave it naturally curly sometimes but also?
how do i becomee emo?
Hair Cut/Colour suggestions?
How do you make a hair switch (hair extension) out of your own discarded hair?
what hairstyles should i do for my graduation?
Why is it bad to wash your hair everyday?
How to avoid hair loss??
Should I go brunette or stay blonde?
How can I make my hair look like this? It looks like adding volume to your bangs...?
I need to find a good african american hair studio.?
I have new hair but what if people hate it ?
How can i get my hair like this?
Hair dye help , and other things .?
i am a 65years old man with long hair when should i cut it? i have a ponytail?
How can I get this hairstyle?
what lightens hair colour?
I have thick wavy-when-wet hair and i wanna know how to get braid waves overnight with my kinda hair....HELP!!
do girls like short hair or long?
is there any other shampoo that works as good as ovation but cheaper?
How to make coarse hair grow longer?
Style please?
What are some good Hair Straighteners?
do you think thiis hair style will suit me ? ((picz inside))?
what is the best hair straightener?
help with hair (im a guy)..........and i do pic best answer?
How long does my hair need to be to slick it back?
i need a website?
what hair colour did i suit the most (photos within)?
i have an unmanageable curly hair..what should i do to fix it?
I need colour help?
this is going to sound stupid but im being serious!!!?
How to achieve straight relaxed hair without heat?
UGH! Help me choose between blonde and brunette? (pics)?
whats the best way 2 get ur hair wavy?
Can anyone telL me who this girL in the picture is? i think she`s korean?
When you dye your hair black isn't it the most permanent?
Dying highlighted hair?
Where can I find a cute rocker teen hairstyle that's unique?
What type of perm is this?
Who does steve martin look like with brown hair?
Can you dye your hair white? And does it look cool?
How can I keep my white hair white, not yellowed?
Why does brown hair look black sometimes?
blondes or brunettes?
I dyed my hair just over a week ago and its white at the roots and the rest brassy blonde what should i do?
Should I grow my hair or leave it as is?
Which do you prefer Brunette or Blonde?
What are good hairstyles for medium length very curly hair?
Toddler put developing cream in her hair?
What's a good shampoo .. please help !?
Blonde or brunette??:))?
Flat iron...?
Is there a way to make my hair lighter without dying it?
soo.. im getting my hair cut?
Help with hair styling please?
What's a good straightener to use for long curly hair?
How to ask parents for a buzz cut?
what is your fav. haircolor?
How should I do my hair for school tomorrow ?
What do I do if my hair is extremely damaged from over processed bleaching?
Getting white hair, Please read/Give input?
Oil treatment for hair?
Should I get remy hair extensions? and where?
(To the girls with fabulous hair) how do you straighten your hair?
i have dandruff in 4 years. how to remove dandruff? i'm so sad fo that. ?
The best way to get an S-curl for men?
do thermal protectors for hair work?
Would i Should Blonde Hair????????
my hair is thinning?
Help ! Really bad hair cut. She cut my bangs way to short, can I do anything with them till they grow in.?
What should i do with my hair? (pics included)?
Dip-dying my hair lavender..?
Would I look better with blonde or black hair? (Pic included)?
Does washncurl shampoo really work well?
why is my hair so frizzy in the winter time?
What shampoo is better Suave or Pantene?
ANTI CURL ... treatment for frizzy hair?
i dyed my hair yesterday and i want to do it again today what will happen?
What's the best DIY hair coloring for hair professionally colored (base w/ highlights, blonde) 2 mos ago?
What hair color is this?
hair questions?
Easy way to curl shoulder length hair?
Solia hair straightener?
i hav lice n eggs in my head how do i get rid of them soon?pls help?
Hot Topic Temporary Hair Spray?
How to deal with frizzy tangled hair?
how to make long & thick hair wavy?
Will I look good as a blonde? (pics)?
How short should i cut my hair?
When I straighten my hair my bangs dont sweep across?
Is there a way to get rid of facial hair for good?
should I shave my....?
Hair styles to sleep on to, to not damage hair while sleeping?
How to keep hair pin straight?
How to reduce frizziness in hair?
Which is the better straightener for my Hispanic/Latino hair?
can a white woman have true black hair?
Will you be the one to help me find the perfect hair cut?
How can i get this SPLAT hair dye out?
Girls, do you prefer short hair or long hair on a guy?
Is there any way I can curl synthetic hair extensions?
Dandruff. That nasty stuff. An I wash everyday!!!?
Whats a better color?
need a new hairstyle?
I have frizzy curly hair?
please tell me solution for grays at early age?
what do u think of blondes?
I want to dye part of my hair but my mum won't let me. What should I do to convince her?
So I need some ideas for my hair.?
Whats shampoo you recommend and conditioner for dry hair?
what are cute hairstyles for very long hair?!?!?
OMFG I need Hair help NOW!?
What's a brilliant shampoo?
What to do with my hair?
How do i get my hair like this?
Dyed my hair and overslept! ?
Does a hair straightening perm make your hair fall out or burn the scalp?
any hair connoisseurs out there?
Why does my hair get oily so quickly?
okay girls with nice hair do you wake up wash blow dry and straight iron your hair every single morning?
hiya i like need help... please answer...?
help!!picture inside?
what do you think is the hottest...?
why people like to live more than 70 years even after getting white hair?
What should we dress like? Please help!?
Wrong keratine hair treatment aplication?
Is there anything that you could shave with that makes hair grow lighter and shorter?
How to grow hair straight and silky naturally?
Which of these two bangs do you like better?
which are the tablets to control hair loss and want to regrow my hair which are available all over india?
Can you flat iron your hair when mousse was put it in while it was wet?
I have dry, frizzy hair :(?
How can I get my Frizzy natrually curly hair to straitghten???
does anyone think a red head like me is pretty?
in which site providing indian hair style picture for woman?
Raw/Manic Panic/hair color questions...?
Getting a haircut tomoro?
how do i mangage black hair?
Bill Kaulitz new hair, WTF?!?
How to make your hair grow faster?
do u girls like curly hair?
How can I make my hair thinner?
How to grow my hair? (please read description)?
i have very dry hair because i have a thyroid problem. what should i do to get my hair shiny?
Has any one used the new herbal essence drama clean shampoo?
how to get my hair my natural colour fast!?
What is your hair colour?
Would my hair fall out?
What is the name of a hair accesory for long hair that rolls hair and twists to style and stay secure.?
I'm asian, would I look good blonde? (pic)?
Does anyone know of any websites that have some cute layerd hairstyles?
Haircut help!? [pics]
do you use heat on your hair everyday?
Wich cut do you like better?
how to convince my mom to let me dye my hair blue?
Should I get the Justin Bieber haircut...?
Is Holiday Hair open on the 4th of July?
Why is my hair falling out?
What are the difference between developers?
What are some good Hair Straighteners?
red or blonde hair dye?
Do you like long, blond hair..?
Why do people think that it's Taboo for women to have very short hair?
Any opinions on Rumours Salon in Hemet, CA?
Where can i get some dreadlocks?
Why does my girlfriend get so upset when I call her TUM TUM?
What's your favorite haircolor?
How do I make my hair soft and smooth again?
Hair tips and tricks please?!?
am i losing hair???????????????
long hair or short hair for guys?
would this hair cut look good on me ? <pic included>?
Is this hair style good or bad?
would you vote on a hairstyle or suggest one? (pics included)?
how to get soft curls?
So I'm Asian and I wonder if dark red will fit me?
What exactly is hair toner? I know it is used to darken blonde highlights but......?
Would i look good with blonde hair?
(pictures) Should I go Blonde? or stay brown?
Bleaching hair just after dying?
Do girls like a guy with a mohawk?
What is the best way to get rid of leg hair?
Is It okay to dye your hair every 5 weeks?
Please read the rest of my question...?
26 and found white hairs growing on my head!?
Should I keep the beard or get rid of it?
underarm hair problems?
Hairdressers! What is your favorite pair of scissors?
How to stop my hair loss?
sewn in extensions for hair?
Do u think that with all the new formulas for regrowing hair, that people will still be going bald in 10 years?
How can you tell if someone is jealous of your hair?
Hair is always fizzy?
Can I was my curling iron unplugged?
how can i get my hair to grow faster?
Shaving Down There?
how do you get your natural hair colour back without dying it?
do women prefer longer or shorter hair on blokes?
What can I use to help grow my edges back ?
SOS!!My hair needs help! How do i get rid of split ends???
Is my hair too long for a guy? (pics)?
Why are guys with long hair called emo?
A dye like manic panic vampire red colour that doesn't fade to orange?
What is in for hair cuts and styles?
well i got a bad haircut and i hate it real bad! wat should i do?!?!?!?! scool starts in 3 days!
Should I cut my hair?
What color should I dye my hair if I have black hair?
How much does it cost to get bangs cut for the first time and touch ups?
My Hair???
Im thinking about dying my hair from blonde to very dark???
how can i get my hair to look just like this? (see picture below)...?
Is Venus Vibrance really worth the money?
what do you think of this haircut?
Question about purple hair! Help?!?
what do you use on your hair after its just been washed??
Long or short hair?
What's a good shampoo .. please help !?
how to make our hair soft?
Poll for Women only! : would you rather a guy have really hairy leg and arm hair or no hair at all?
why is long hair going out of fashion ?
Which of these salon brands have you used? & recommend? :)?
Can someone help me about hair dyes...?
What is my face shape and will this hairstyle suit me? (Pics included)?
how to be a cool person?
I have red hair?
monks and hair...?
do you think purple hair will look good on me?
how can you make your hair silky and shiny?
I don't know whether I should cut my hair or not?
i want to ask about my falling hair plz tell me about how's stop myy falling hair.?
simple hair question. easy points.?
how can i make my hair grow faster?
I have blonde hair and I...?
is she pretty?PICS...?
how to blowdry your hair straight?
how long does permanent hair straightening stay?
can ne one find me a pic!? -hairstyle?
Self Waxing?
What do you think of facial hair on men?
how do u get that nice wavy hair?
Will this hair suit me, pictures included,
Would not washing my hair,get it curlier?
About my hair color...?
what hair colour would suit me?
If I use K pak reconstruct conditioner can I use in infusium 23 leave in or do I need another conditioner?
please answer....that would really help........:))?
Should you shampoo you're hair once or twice each time?
PLEASE ANSWER! In your opinion, what should i color my hair?
What hairstyle would suit this dress?
How do i get my hair to look like this?
how much do you pay people that wash your hair?
what hair styles are best for an eight grade formal?Down and flowing with lavish curls?Or up in a simple bun?
Dying my hair? Crazy colors :P?
how do i straighten my hair without using a straightener?
does hair cellophane treatment removes lice and nits on your hair?
my hair is wavy :( what do i do?
naturally straight hair - blow drying makes it frizzy?
i have very dark brown hair if i put peroxide in it what color will it be?
God Damn,My hair is totally ruined???Help!!!?
Describe this to a barber?
Which looks better? <pics>?
what hair color would look better? pictures included?
do most girls prefer chest hair?
What colour is best to dye my hair?
intense conditioners question?
Whay really is the best at home hair color that leaves hair shiny looking..not dull?
What hair style suits men with wavy hair?
What Are Some Good Hair Products?
anyone use NIOXIN SYSTEMS?
Hair coloring stuff - What is best? Please share your hair coloring experiences!?
What are some good men hair products that keep a dark Caesar haircut smooth and black ?
Does Mane n' tail really help your hair grow faster?
is this hair too fancy for an 8th grader?
Pink Kool-Aid hair dye?
curly hair, pls help?
How to use/wear thick dry wavy hair?
I want to cut my hair like this....?
hair profesionals only?
Has your natural hair color changed any since you were a kid?
any one know about hair growth n thickness?
Styling ideas for shortish hair (read for details)?
how to braid hair in cornrows?
Homecoming Edgy Hair Ideas?
How Can I Grow My Hair EXTREMELY LONG Within 4-5 Months?
Straighten or wavy for the first day?
What is the best....?
Hair clipper guard sizes?
How do I increase the sebum production in my hair?
Best Treatment for over ironed/heat damaged excessively coloured Hair?
Help! Hair! Pictures included!?
how should a short white girl do her hair for the first day of high school?