Do I look better with Black hair or brown?
Of you have a scar on your head how do you grow hair?
Ive been washing my hair with mane & tail shampoo with this really nice conditioner for like three months.?
What's the best Home Perm?
i need summer hairstyles?
i need help to get this hair style?
I have really tan skin and I want to dye my hair light brown?
How to get hair from bleach to natural blonde?
I Hate My Hair. What to do with it?
what good to use on a dry scalp when its itchy and scaley?
I am a 17 yearold lad with long hair, whats a good and easy to do hairstyle.?
Will 4 boxes of splat bleach blonde cover my dark black hair?
Would I look good with red streaks in my hair? (pic)?
Want to colour my hair?
What are the pros and cons of shaving your head bald?
I have very thick hair and want to grow it, but it's to stiff. Can I thin my hair some how?
What brand of hair wax is the best for men's long thick hair?
Does facial and/or head hair grow faster in the summer or winter?
I need a haircut, female, (pics)?
Does anyone have any suggestions?
Can straightening your hair cause your hair to stop growing curly?
i hav some problem in my hair. how can i stop to fall down my hair?
What color should I dye my hair?
What kind of hair supplies are used here?
Is 28 too old to be wearing braid pigtails?
Is a girl that wears two braids in her hair cute or to childish?
What color streaks should I get in my hair?
How should I do my hair on school picture day pictures please?
What does bang mean? (in hairstyles?)?
Does semi-permanet hair dye wash out?
girls i need your opinion on my picture?
How would you do my bangs like this?
how can i do my hair like this by myself?
How to grow more facial hair?
do i look better blonde or brunette??
How to get hair like this girl?
Hair Cut! Please help!:DD<3 (scene hair)?
Can split ends keep your hair from growing?
Haircut for summer please help?
Hair straightners...which is the one where the plates are made of red velvet? which is the best to get silky?
Does Fantastic Sams do good emo/scene haircuts?
how do u spike your hair perfectly???
Is L'oreal Super Blonde a Bleaching kit?
What is a greek braid?
How to repair damaged ends of my hair?
How did hair become apart of our body and how would they look in 1000 years?
should I perm my very straight and very fine shoulder lenght hair?
how do i make my hair grow longer?
How many times do u have to wax your legs before it's stops growing ?
Which hair colour would turquoise look better with...?
where can i get instructions for giving a crew cut?
is there any real way to stop baldness?
Straightener and layers issues ?
Long hair, short hair?
What is the best hair cut for a brunette?
what's the natural remedy for hair loss in male?
Blonde or Brunette....? Short or long....?
does anyone use herbal essences here ?
I dyed my hair darker and now I look like a freak... :c?
Do boys like longer hair or shorter hair?
what product to use with flat iron for heat protection?
who here is Brunette?
copolla keratin treatment?
how to get rid of pubic hair?
why wont my hair stay curly?
Job Interview Today && Took Out Braids Last Night!!!! What Should I Do !!?
I am opening an hair salon with three of my friends. Can I have some advice regarding this?
is it true if your shave your body hair it will grow back thicker and/or darker?
how can i totally remove my pubic hair??
i want to cut my hair what should i do with it?
Where can i get a good haircut in mumbai?
Does My Hairstyle suit me?
How should I wear my hair to graduation tomorrow?
poll: whats the best hair color?
How to get a straight, volumptous look?
Please help with my hair!!
How can I get the red tint out of my dark brown hair and also make it lighter?
How can I terminate poofy hair?
Tips on taking care of my hair~black male
What's a great name for my business?
men, brethren, what is better on your women...?
Would i suit being a blonde this summer?
what hairstyle should i have?
Shall I go blonde or ginger (pics)?
What do i have to mix to get light hair?
Dip dye help? Colours?
Hairstyles! help please. ;]?
HELP!! My roots are lighter?
how can i get melted plastic off of my porcelain hair straightener?
will short hair be more sexier or long hair, for laddies?
Do you like my hair better now or when I was younger?
What should I use to have stronger and healthier hair?
What hair colour for my features?
Any blonde girls color their hair brunette?
I Have A huge knot that contains about 40 percent of my hair, how do I get it out without becoming bald???
How can I make my hair grow faster?Thumbs up for all appropriate answers!?
what kind of hair do you have?
someone with hairstyling experience? pics included!?
Garnier causing hair loss - Is there a shampoo like this brand?
What colour would you say the models hair is in this picture?
Growth rate of Asian / Indian Sub-continent hair?
girls please... hair on guys question?
What is this hair color called?
how to prevent greasy hair?
I have locked hair and i have a hard time with lint. what are somethings i can use?
can you straighten curly hair with a blow dryer?
Too short?
Heat resistant sprays?
I Died My Hair Light Brown A Week Ago And I Want 2 Go Dark Brown In A Week. Will It Go Green?
How do I apply a rinse to the ends of my hair only?
Is it Wrong for a Boy?
Hairstyles? And How to get rid of wispy bits in hair?
what is a GOOD hair straightener?
What developer should I use on my hair?
I did have medium brown I wanted light blonde. I dyed it and it ended up strawberry blonde how can i fix this?
how long...?
My hair is now dark brow and i wanna do that cristina aguilera look "the blonde with black" will it look good
Has anyone tried Paul Mitchell The Cream leave in Conditioner, if so how does it work?
OK, my boyfriend cheated on me and now he is locked in a dog cage. How long should I keep him in there?
My hair has stopped growing?
What are my odds of going bald?
How to dye hair with dark Blonde roots with dark brown hair?
Does your real hair have to be short in order to use curly weave for braiding?
Cut my hair short and I hate it...what can I do?
If I get my hair bleached will it come out orange?
How can I fix my hair?! I tried a light blonde dye, but got light orange hair!!!?
Preppy hair suggestions. Easy ten points. :)?
just took shower and am I'm going to straighten hair in morning, i have really curly ringlet hair, ....
Does anyone know where I can find a website for African American hairstyles?
questions about hair?
some things i could do with my hair?
i am a 14 year old boy.. and i just want to know if my hair looks good or should i cut it or style it ?
How do i get these waves?
how can i make my hair softer?
1-10 What would you rate me! I'm curious!?
Dyed my hair...?
Should I go swimming today and ruin my hair?
Help with synthetic dreads?
how to get thin hair ?
I really want longer hair...should i get clip in extensions or professional extensions?
how big do you need your hair to get cornrows?
How to I use Foam Rollers?
If Black Hiar was bleached and Hot pink was appplied why didn;t it com out Hot pink it's faded pink?
What would a guy use to wax his ... area?
What color should i dye my hair? ( with picture)?
Straightening your hair everyday?
Is Biotin Good For Me?
need to make bows for cheerleaders, the theme of the teams are "Full House" as in cards. ideas??
Should i cut my hair?
How to dye my hair to this color?
Do girls like guys with brown hair?
Peroxide to get green out of hair? PLEASE HELP? ;p?
do the manic hair gel at hot topic work without bleaching???
2 braids came out of my head last night. How much should and would they charge to put back in?
what should i use on my hair?
should i go blonde? pictures?
Help on coloring my hair??!?
Help Please!! Girl messes up my hair?
How often should you get your hair coloured?
how to get the festival of colors chalk out of bleached hair?
Is it true that you don't need to tip someone if she/he providing the service is the owner?
Would this haircut look good? (Pics!)?
Toning My Yellow Hair With Manic Panic Virgin Snow?
Ideas on what to do to my undercut to jazz it up a bit?
Strighting your hair and blowdry?
How can I keep my hair looking good all day?
Hey i need some help. Would i look good with short hair. im looking into getting it cut short like a buzz cut?
Why are my pubic hairs turning purple?
I need hairstyle ideas?
How do u fix hair w split ends???
Good tips on how to make your hair grow faster? (:?
Question about dying hair.?
Why does hair grow on your legs?
I am a 16 year old bi boy and I hate my leg hair, should I shave?
What is a good shampoo to use when trying to remove DHT from hair?
would black highlites look good with blonde hair?
About perms?
what color is your hair??
For guys who shave their heads: What is the best method to shave my head daily to avoid cuts and blemishes?
How should i do my hair?
this is a weird question about pubic hair?girls onlyyy?
Mississippi Jheri Curl?
I have dry hair and wavy hair problem.. How can I fix it?
I'm VERY open to new hair color and I'd like some suggestions before I go to the salon ?
What green hair dye should i get?
Should I get highlights? If so what color?
How to add volume to hair?
I am a swimmer but I would like to dye my hair natural red. What will happen to the color?
How to prevent frizzy hair?
What do you think about my hair?
What can i do with my look.. SEE PICS?
Should I wash my hair before curling it?
Can strighting you hair too much be bad?
How do you fade your hair color?
The Hair dye?
is anyone good with hair?
how hard is it to do this hairstyle for my wedding?
Help? Hair Color Question?
who has tried Mark Mega Volume- Root Lifting Spray??
Is thin hair bad to have?
How should i get my hair cut? (picture included)?
What curling iron should I buy?
what do like u more? curly hair or staight hair??
How to style my hair like Andrea Russett?
I am a hair stylist and need to know what tax paper I need...Help?
Ok, So I bought one n only color fix for my black hair..?
Ladies... do you color the grey/white/silver out of your hair?
How often do you flat iron your hair?
Centrum vitamins. Are they good for nail and hair growth or would you recommend just good nutrition&any multi
Which haircut would I look better with? (Pictures.)?
Is my hair nice?????
I have a schwarzkopf XXL hair bleaching set, how do I use it for a shoe shine?
Going from black hair to ash brown?
I waannaa a funky hairdo!! plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz suggest?
what straightener should i get?
Bleaching and dying your hair?
Black 14 yr old . i need a new hairstyle for the new term. suggestions?
How do i straighten my hair?
hair styles?
Short Hair or long hair?
how to make curls last all day?
i want to curve my hair and make it red,how can i pursuade my mum?
how can i get my hair to grow longer?
I'm 26, and i like my hair kind of long, I am a brunette, how long should my hair be?
Please help me!!! Hairstyles?!? Thanks!!!?
Best colour for brown dip dye hair?
How do you get waves in your hair (African American Male)?
why do women cut their hair?Is it to get noticed or to showoffs?
I Need 100% Honest Opinions, That Is If You're Up To It?
How can i do this with my hair?
how to make my hair straight?
how to get wavy/curly hair?
How do i get my hair in a wavy crimp?
10 point..which name is better for a blonde hair boy?
Blonde highlights?? Help!?
how to remove unwanted hair from face in natural way?
which is better??????????????!!?
How long sharpie last if you put in your hair?
is there any1?
what hair clippers do i need to start barbering school?
How fast does hair grow a night?
after i straighten my hair, it smells burnt?
How do I get bubble out of my hair ?
I usually have thick hair but its been falling out and becoming thin. Whats wrong with me? What should i do?
Has anyone here ever gotten a gloss treatment done to their hair? If so did it make it shinier/softer/silkier?
Is there a semi-permanent hair colour that I can buy to cover a small amount of grey hair?
How to treat really tangly hair
indian recipe?
do you think this haircut would look good on me? (pics.)?
virgin coconut oil for hair?
How do you get gum out of pubic hair.....???
why do guys think long hair on girls is sexier than short hair??
how the hell do i straighten my hair?
In Asia, there are a lot more male hair stylists than women hair stylists. How about where you are from?
Could wearing a hat cause baldness?
How do I get my parents to allow me to dye my hair?
I gave myself a haircut and it's awful! I have school tommorow!?
How long do hair extensions last?
Should I dye my hair for the first time?
How to make blonde hair, white?
If I put lemon juice in my hair and sit in the sun will it lighten?
My arms are super hairy... and my mum won't let me cut, shave or wax them?
Help with a horrible haircut?
what are different ways to make hair curly without using iron curler?
Hair Dryer?
Which colour hair looks best on me? PICTURE LINKS?
Should i cut my hair short?
hair style advice (picture included)
How to make my hair grow Fast in a week?
Girls, what do you think the most attractive hairstyle is for a guy?
What are some mantainence tips for taking care of a weave?
Please answer; Which color do you like better?
Toll free hairdressers phone numbers?
Whats your craziest hairstyle?
How Do I Get Hair Dye Spray Out of my Hair?
Hair advice?
If you are a girl answer this?
Long Thin Wavy Hair Do HELP!?
How do I treat my oily scalp and hair loss?
Curly hair or straight hair?
Will this hair color suit me?
what are some pretty prom hairstyles for meduim size hair?
How would I look with a shaved head?
are there any good websites that have great haircut pictures?
grey hair is it attractive?
Help! does this work?
Need Help With My Greasy Hair?
Does AG purple shampoo lighten hair?
What is the best type of shampoo and conditioner for thick wavy hair?
Temporary black hair dye that washes out really fast?
which pic of me looks better?
natural remedies 4 split ends?besides trimming...?
Conditioning your hair on days that you don't shampoo?
what is t he best shampoo and conditioner to use for frizziness and breakage?
Do you like having your hair SHAMPOOED at the Salon?
can you suggest me some good and cheap hair straightners?
What is this Hairstyle called?
I need hairstyle ideas?
Does anyone know a website for short wedding hairstyles?
i want to dye my hair close to it's natural color using a box?
I'd want to do my hair emo/scene like and I have naturally curly hair?
Survey: How much do you pay for a haircut (guys and girls can answer)?
Taking out curled hair extensions?
Which aussie mousse is best for scrunching thick/ wavy/curly hair?
how can i convince my parents to let me dye my hair?
I have no hairspray...what can I use?
Do guys like long hair or short hair?
I Don't Seem To Know What HairStyle Suits Me. What To I Do?? How Do I Explain To The HairStylist??
what are the best dandruff shampoos?
Frankie Stein hair? From Monster High?
How can i bleach my roots perfectly?
Haircut. which kind of styles would be best
What colour should I dye my hair?:D?
marley or afro: which hair is better for natural looking two stand twists?
When you dye your hair, should you dye your eyebrows too?
Straight hair for black guy?
what's the name of this haircut and would it suit me?
Out of these, which would you prefer?
how would my hair turn out if i showered and then braided it when it was wet?
hair help!!?
where can i find elastic ponytail holders with hooks?
Best shampoo and conditioner?
hair color question??what would look better?
should I do this?
Best Manic Panic color for me?
Has anyone tried Sea Kelp for hair growth, and if so does it work?
How to curl / style hair best?
So I need some ideas for my hair.?
How long should I leave Jerome Russell in my hair?
Hair dos for highschool for curly hair with full bangs?
What not to wear hair products?
where can i buy a chi iron and how much would it cost?
Whats a Great Hair Salon in los Angeles CA that specializes in Medium to short haircuts?
I'm a boy, should i straighten my hair?
If I have clip- in hair extensions...?
Does my hair look good?
Should i flat iron my hair today?
Do women look better with short, medium or long hair?
Is $500 dollars too much money for a hair do ?
At what age do guys start getting receding hairlines?
Palty Raspberry Macaron Hairdye?
which bbangs look better on me? (pics inculded)?
How is Janet Jackson hair styled in "that's the way love goes"?
Is it ok for a 15 year old girl to use Johnson's baby shampoo?
would this hair suit me? (pics included)?
What is the best shampoo to use with oily hair?
How Should i have my HAIR LONGER/SHORTER????
wash in wash out hair colour?
Where can i buy clip in hair extensions online ?
My hair won't come clean after washing. I havn't done anything different. Any ideas what the cause is?
does anyone know any females with a piggy or very turned up shaped nose?
Guys do u like long hair or short hair?
How do you create this hairstyle?
What do i really do?
hair question/girls?
Which shampoo and conditioner is better for red colored hair? Pantene or Garnier?
keep hair straight all day?
Is biotin good for hair growth ?
Should I dye my hair brown? (pic )?
What kind of shampoo do you use?
is it bad to wash your hair daily?
Would you rather have long hair thin at the ends with some split ends or shorter, healthier looking hair?
I feel bad because I have a bob haircut? :( I feel ugly?
How do I do this hairstyle? (pic)?
blonde or brown headed girls?
How long will it take for Kool aid dip dyed hair to fade completely?
hair stylist in france for black hair?
Can your hair fall off of dying your hair to much?
can someone plzzz help.. :(?
Would my hair look good like this? (PIC)?
I have random brown redish hairs on my head?
My hair is long and boring what's a good style for me? see pic?
Help! I cant get my natural hair back!?
where can i buy stuff to do blue highlights in my hair????????????????????????????????????…
Hair Color....?
I have real long hair, but it's very thin. What is the best product that i can use to make it thicker???
what color should i dye my hair?
what number haircut is this?
Hair And Make-Up Styles Suitable For School.?
photos of black hair styles?
How / what do I use to straighten my hair healthily?
Some straightener help?*?
is there a natural way to get shinier hair?
At home highlights with garnier 100% colour bleach.?
Help a teen going through puberty out, just shaved for the first time?
Magic treatment to repair hair?
what is the difference between remy and human hair?
hair help!! i have blonde hair, and...?
Is there some type of hair advise website?
Would this type of hairstlye look good on me? Easy Points!!!!!!?
Dandruff? Please save me?
How do I make my blonde hair white?
How much is having ur hair done where celebrities have thiers done?
How can I get my hair to my waist?
My hair is fried, I hate my hair color, what do I do?
whats a good hair product to thicken your hair black women?
if i cut my hair short and go from brown to blonde will i damage it again?
fix hair color from home dye?
how do you srunch your hair?
my hairs are falling day by day and they are medium sized in lenth so please tell me something about the hair?
Should I dye my hair or cut it?
What is the process like when you get waxed down under?? lol?
The best supplements to make your hair fuller?
Would my hair look okay if i dyed it blonde?
blonde or brunette?
Whats the best hairstyle to go to school with if you have long hair?
How can I make my hair grow faster?
What is the average cost at a hair salon to dye my hair?
How can i get my hair really straight?????????
Which Hair Colour Suits Me Best?
Which hair you like more? PLEASE ANSWER!?
I would Like 2 make my hair wavy?
hair help...?
I have red hair and people say its nice and i shouldent die it but i don't like it should i die it?
how long will it take for my eyebrows to grow back?
Whats the best shampoo/conditioner out there? (in your opinion)?
Are afros on a white guy hot?
Does hair relaxation cause hair loss?
I am a 16 year old girl and get some gray hairs. Whats wrong with me?!?!?
Bleach and dye?
how to make facial hair grow quicker other than shaving it?
Should I go for this hairstyle?
What year was the jheri curl invented? And did Dr. Willie Morrow invented it or Jheri Redding?
Should i shave?
Any suggestions on shampoos or techniques for my hair?
What is a very easy/simple/fast hairstyle to do for school days?
can a hairdresser give you a good hair trim without washing your head?
how can i get my hair to grown back?
Girls: What do you think is sexier on a guy- straight hair or curly hair?
What do I do? I got a haircut, but I dont like it.?
What Style Is Your Hair?
What color?(will answer yours too)?
My hair is terrible please help me!!!:(?
What hairstyle looks the best on me?
i dyed my hair but it came out retarted lol?
what are some good emo haircuts for medium-long hair with a side swept bang or without it?
How long will it take to grown my hair back ?
14 year old girl shaving hair for charity?
Should i shorten my side bangs or grow them out?
What can be done to keep fringe cut longer than the eyebrow, from cascading downward into the eyes?
I need haircolors&a cut for tm !!?
i got dandruff in my hair terribaly and it's very itchy. Can I get some suggestion to remove it.?
do u think my hair looks good long?
What Should I Do With My Hair?
home remedy for keeping curly hair straight all day?
Does anyone have a suggestion for a hair salon for great color and highlights. I also need a trendy cut.?
which hair color looks best on me (pic included)?
Hairdressers easy question!?
HAIR HELP PLEASE?! (with pics)?
I am11, Iam a girl, and I have a mustache, what do I do?
thoughts on long haired guys?
i like this guy and my friend asked him who he liked and he said i dont no then he said he likes some1 with a?
I was "with" a black girl and her hair smelt so bad?
trying to dye my hair black....?
Where do you part your hair when you are dying the top and bottom different colors?
Hair question. Please help it will only take a sec!?
How do I get my hair to stay straight all day?
Which Alterna is good for me?
How long does the hair need to be if you wanna wax it?
Does Mira Hair Oil work?
What color's her hair..?
My shampoo is really watery now and I would like it to be a little bicker so it does not run through my hands?
Should I dye my hair brown?
Is this good conversation ?plz help and u will get good points!?
I just grew my hair out and the ends are dry. Any suggestions?
I want to cut my hair, but I'm terrified?
Is there such thing as natural DARK red hair? like closer to Black then brown?
dry and thick hair,help needed please?
should i dye my hair?
I need a hairstyle to suit me..?
Who likes Victoria Beckhams new hair cut?
what can i do to help make my hair healthier, stronger, and better looking? (i have a lot of split ends)?
When i get cornrows i wont have alot of hangtime should i put extension in them?
Peruvian or Brazilian hair: Which is better?
Hairstyles for thick hair???????????????
Will this haircut look good on me? I'm a guy that really wants a new short haircut! PLEAsE HELP ME ASAP!!!!!!!?
Tommarow is tacky day, any hair ideas? (pix inside)?
What do you think of guys with long hair?
What can I use instead of bleach powder?
What is the name of the French highlighting method by Vidal Sassoon?
Need some advice on dreadlocks?
curly hair question!!!!?
What can I do for my fine, thin, blonde oily hair?
is anyone using mega tek or shapley's mtg for hair growth?
Scene/emo hair extensions?
HOW or how LONG will it take for my hair to grow way longer?
hair extensions question?
Whats a good hairstyle for school?
I am a black woman and I do not know what products that I can use for my hair growing out of the relaxer.?
How do i mend my split-ends?
what is the best moisturizer for coarse kinky hair?
How cute from 1 to 10?
How do you repair African-American hair overprocessed by relaxing?
haircut help pleasee?
how to straighten hair?
I've got the straight hair blues...?
Is my hair long enough for cornrows? Pics included?
What is the "perfect" color of highlights for me?
I need good sites that show formal hair styles!! pronto!!!?
Are these two color dyes the same shade?N-Rage Crimson Red & Manic Panic InfraRed?
what kind of shampoo can i use to get my hair straight?
My hair keeps breaking off at the ends. what are some awsome hair products to stop this from happening? HELP!?
Guy needs hair product help?
little survey :P:P?
What's the best brand of do it yourself hair dye?
Which color or colors should I dye my hair?
curly or straight?
hair problem, please advice?
Hair color/perm?
I colored my hair Auburn...Its too dark..:0( Can I mix shampoo and 30 volume peroxide and leave on hair 5 min
I just got a bad haircut?
how often do you use conditioner?
If you have a tattoo are you allergic to just hair dye that has ppd?
How to make your hair thicker?
How long can I wait to dye my hair?
what is the most effective way to remove dandruff?
Pantene Beautiful Lengths shampoo and conditioner
If I dye my hair brown will I become more intelligent?
Can you straighten a wig?
should you dye your hair blonde if you have dark eyebrows?
Tips on growing hair out?
i want extensions! soo soo bad?
Is it okay to not cut your hair?
Do you wash your hair everyday?
What are some good Hair Straighteners?
Which hair color would look better on me?
right now my hair is just black whats a good color to put in it?
Can someone please answer this question.?
Help me with my hair!?
I'm a female with long hair. I'm thinking of shaving myself bald. Do you think the style will catch on ?
part of court for friends quincenera -need ex of hairstyles--needs to be and up do or half up and down?
Do I need to bleach my hair?
Whats The Best Haircut For My Round Face?
What are good hair products for African American teens?
mixing two different brands/colors of boxed dye?
do salon dyes last longer then boxed dyes?
How can I convince my mom to let me bleach my hair?
How can i retouch my black hair to blonde??
How to style bangs like thiss??please?
Curly Haired women: Sexy or no?
What is Flat Ironing your hair?
I have Upper lip hair and shaved it?
what color should i dye my hair and how should i get it cut?
How do I keep my hair from getting greasy?
Ways to achieve heatless curls?
Do y'all have any ideas for...?
How do you make your hair curly with moouse?
Mixing semi permanent hair dye with shampoo?
what's the best brand of temporary hair color dye?
"Oh... that shampoo/conditioner is for white people..." Is it true?
is it safe to mix sesame oil with cocunut oil?
Will it my hair look thicker ?
survey if you've straightened your hair.?
whats the best way to get wavy hair?
Shampoo or Conditioner?
Do girls look better with long hair?
Do guys like long hair or short hair?
my hair's really dry, what can I do to improve its condition?
Which hairdo should I sport?
How do i get grease out of my hair?
How should I do my hair for prom? [Pictures]?
What type of purple hair dye should i use?
Let us show your new wigs !?
Shampoo and conditioner...Which do you think is best?
I swim every day because im on the swim team. its really bad for my hair. what should i do!!!??
Do girls prefer long hair on guys, or short?
Is the Aveda Institute better that Paul Mitchell School?
What is that thing called?
Not allowed to shave my legs so...?
how to control hair fall caused due to straightening????
What hair cut should i get this fall? (pics)?
Is using level 30 creme developer okay on already bleached hair?
tips for taking care of my mixed daughters hair?
How do i get rid of curly hair fast?
What sort of shampoo and conditioner should you use on your pubes?
Dry shampoo week away ? x?
How do I do my Hair like Satine in Moulin Rouge??
Is Murray's pomade for black people?
if u dont use hair straightners everyday, will it fry ur hair???????
Why won't my hair friggin grow?
if you could die your hair what colour would it be and why?
How do you achieve the wet look with hair gel?
what do you call a recycling place where they give you a dime after you give them a plastic bottle.?
i just cut my hair and its really healthy.. any ways of keeping and maintaining it healthy?
Has anyone ever tried Pureology's hair mask?
Which heat protectant should I buy (For hair)?
How do I make my hair grow faster?
How can i get my hair really straight?????????
How to cut the fringe on my hair? (I got a hair trim I didnt like so I trimmed it myself......)?
Is it risky to bleach your own black hair?
How can i make my hair grow like a girl's hair downward?
How to fake straight across bangs?
are pigtails ok for a 13 year old to wear?
How should i have my hair cut?
How so you manage curly, thick, frizzy hair with stuff at home?
Easy ten points concerning pictures!!!?
ok help me please! omggggg.?
STRONG TREATMENT? what can i use to get the HIGHlights out of my hair?
i want my hair to look WET and curly ALL DAY!!!!?
Best way to tame unruly hair??
How can i keep my blonde hair blonde?
Would this hairstyle fit me?
Does anyone know a black hairstylist in Reno?
What is good to get rid of dry frizzy hair?
I bleached my hair twice in one night?
is it possible to make your hair thinner by a hairdresser?
How can i make my hair straight?
Red or blonde hair: I really need opinions because I'm not sure what looks better. ?
what color should i do my hair?need help =[?
How do I get my hair to grow faster?
Look at my pic i really need a haircut?
My hair falls out all by itself?
is it true that some would kill for wavy long hair?
Poll: Straight, wavy, or curly hair?
are my parents right? or am I?
I really want Scene hair, but I can't figure out how to get it.?
Do you find Fabio attractive?
how do i get my hair cut to look shaggy?
what can you put on micro braid wavy hair to make it shiny and extra wavy.?
how to get long waves in hair?
How did u wear ur hair for prom?
Would you perm a nine year olds hair?
How do you style scene hair?
how do i get soft, longer hair?
how to grow hairline?
What are cool and professional hairstyles to have while I wait for my hair to grow down to shoulder length?
Does Schwarzkopf 'Smouldering Red' (L43) take well to unnaturally black hair?
I like to bald my head ( clean head shave ) but i have not been getting good clipper. And i like to do it myse
what hair color makes blue eyes stand out more?
Tigi pineapple hairspray?
I got half a head of foils?
How should i style my hair for homecoming?
Do you agree women can look nice even with short hair?
Hair is weighing itself down? Curls not staying as it has grown?
how can i get my hair really really stright?
should I dye my hair?
What is the best hair colour for men.Is it black , dark brown or blonde?
I just grew my hair out and the ends are dry. Any suggestions?
Should i do anything with my hair?
Will only blow drying your hair everyday make significant damage?
How can I make my hair thick and healthy?
Biotin help me out !?
Is it weird that i shaved my pubic hairs?
Will silver shampoo make my hair white? I'm blonde and I want to go silver/white/gray?
What is a way to remove blonde hair colour from you hair, besides dying over it?
Which hair styler should I get?
Why do people with straight hair want wavy/curly hair and vice versa?
A girly question regarding hair removal.?
Coconut oil is good for hair?
What colour should i dye my hair ?
Best hair straightener for my thick curly hair?
whats a good way to style medium lenght hair?
how to lighten/highlight black hair naturally?
Girls do you prefer guys with short hair or medium cut like surfer or emo style?
i would like to lighten my hair but i don't really want to use chemicals any ideas?
I need some websites to style my hair.Does any one have any?
Looking for a good steam flat iron with teeth for my kinky curly hair?
Recommended curling wands?
What color highlights should I get?! *PIC!!!!!*?
How to get my hair like...?
My hair is straight and boring, how do I make it wavy in under ten minutes?
how can i make my hair air dry faster?
best at home dye for crazy thick black hair?!?
how to maintain red hair?
Should i die my hair blond?
Do I look better with straight or curly hair?
help with hair extensions?
What do you think of this hairstyle?
if i braid my hair dry tonight will it be crimpy in the morning?
short or long?
My mom said she is going to take me to get my hair cut, i said no so she said fine ill sell your guitars then,?
what is the best box color dye if you want a REALLY small change.?
do u use conditioner only on the ends of ur hair or all over?
I am 25 years old and I am bald but why? I am very young to start balding?
How to make my dreads grow faster?
I recently killed my sons?
My hair is really dry! What do I do?
Shaving ur legs(GIRLS ONLY!)just summer or all year round.......?
Hair dye fix?
I died my hair without asking...?
dying ur hair alot of times can it cause some type of disease? i heard on tv somethin like that?
How should i style my hair!?!?!?!?!?
When to touch up my roots?
Would blonde hair look good with brown eyes?
I have a business license for barber management can I apply for grant with a existing business?
Can i get a perm with any type of curl i want?
Product to reduce hair poofyness?
I'm thinking of buying a GHD from
should i change my hair?
My boyfriend gets frustrated with my hair all over the house! Any solutions?
I need help explaining my haircut?
my hair is curly and want to get them straight but without using any straightner machine.any idea??
hair has suddenly become coarse?
Dont know what to do with my hair !?
What type of hairstyle is this? [PIC INCLDD]?
Is it better for your hair to wash it every day or every other?
Will purple shampoo do anything to black hair?
Fellow hair dressers and colorist! Need opinions ASAP?
Need help. I want to dye my hair, but it's really dark and nothing works!!?
trying to get instant messenger on paltalk?
Problem when I curl my hair!!?
What kind of hairstyle/cut would suit my face?
How do you lighten hair naturally?
so how do you make straight hair wavy?...... I don't want curly hair.....?
what color are your eyes and your hair?
Hair curling problem?
What's the best 100% ceramic flat iron?
10 point if u want!just answer dis, im not kidding..<3?
Is there wash out brown hair dye?
Is there a way to have longer hair ?
Which axe hair gel should I get for long hair?
thinking about dying hair blonde?
do you think i am pretty...?
Frizzy hair?
Should I dye my hair dark or stay blonde?? SEE PICS?
Dying my hair black for Halloween... Help~?
What shampoo do you use?
I need help choosing my new hairstyle!?
If I dye my hair, will it look like this?
Permanent or semi-permanent hair colour?
Curly hair or straight hair on me?
Your opinion of white people with cornrows?
what hair do i look best with?
Which is better Tourmaline plates or Ceramic?
burnt hair?! what can i do!!
can anyone help me with the PSI cosmetology exam.?
What is the Best Black Hair Dye?
In your honest opinion, is ginger hair ugly?
Shiny hair?
African american..Thinning hair line at 17?!!?
I was balding, and now I have a full head of hair, could this be the reason?
Would I look good with blonde hair?
Can I wash my hair with a shampoo that are mixed 3 or 4 shampoos?
Do you prefer a guy with straight or curly hair?
What is this hair style called? or how do you do it ?(braid)?
Need a new look? Something subtle or dramatic?
What color highlights do you prefer on me?
Is it possible for an African to have a White American hair style?
what is the best hairstyle: braided hair or ponytail?
How do i do lady gagas bandana hairstyle?
can I color my hair twice in the same day?
What are the possible reasons of young guys' getting white hair..?
How would I go about getting Noah Wyle's Hairstyle?
which type of hair fits me?
looking for a good hair product?
Hair Extension Help?!?
wat should i tell my hair stylist if i want my hair like this:?
help me with my hair?
wich do u like best for school?
My hair is becoming rough after swimming... WHY ??
What hair type do i have?
I'm thinking about dyeing my hair black[PICS]....?
How do you make your hair shiny?
Does anyone know where i could buy blue extensions?
would these bangs look good on me?
What shampoo/conditioner should I use?
What should I do to my hair?
I have my hair blonde now and i want to go brunette? This is my picture?
To cut, or not to cut?
How long does it take you to straighten your hair? (and HELP with the puffiness!)?
does any body know that there is relation between body hair and hairloss?
should i cut my hair?
Where can I do virtual haircuts for free?
Wha'ts your style?
Are you supposed to condition your WHOLE hair or just the tips?
Ladies, I'm growing my hair long.?
jolen bleach for upper lip hair?
Name of this hairstyle? Help!?
whats with racism of the blonde goddesses?
Hey i need some help. Would i look good with short hair. im looking into getting it cut short like a buzz cut?
How do i have a fuller scalp? There are big empty spaces between hairs?
Should I grow my hair?
Does Mane n' Tail shampoo&conditioner really make hair healthy even if it dries it out?
does this hair style look good on me?[pics]?
The best Hair colour removal to remove layers of different colours!?
What is a good conditioner for coarse African American hair?
what happens if u dye ur hair blonde and u have headlice?
whats can i use to make my hair grow,that really works.?
how do i get my hair "poofed" like this girls hair?
Why do some strands of hair feel really bumpy?
My really extreme haircut.. do u like it? (pics)?
how often should i wash my hair?
how to cut a fade haircut?
Do other women find men with shaved heads attractive/sexy? I think they're ugly?
I have dirty blonde hair,should i dye it a chocolate brown?
what are some good shampoos and conditoners for damaged hair that worked for you?
HORRIBLE haircut i hate it please help!?
How many people here usually shampoo twice?
where can I find protein fillers for damaged hair in the UK?
dying my hair, please help?
is my hair too long?
Do you think I would suit Blonde highlights through my hair?
Are curly haired people more attractive than straight haired people?
How to straighten up a really stubborn hair?
I just got half head foils??
What colour is best to dye my hair?
What i sthe best way to tell if a girl likes you?
Should I dye my hair black/dark brown-photos?
Why is nostril hair so coarse, shiny, and looks so strong compaired to the hair on your scalp?
Can I get a barbar to shave my tongue?
How Do I Get My Hair To Stop Breaking Off And Retain Length?
Why do you think in your opinion that black girls have to straighten their hair?
Should I dye my eyebrows?
I want to grow my hair long?
What kind of updo could I pull off?
Short-medium emo hair?
this could be really confusing but my bright red hairdye doesnt take to my roots? Help!?
In your opinion, what is the prettiest hair color?
Best cut for my hair style?
How Often Should a Guy Condition His Hair A Week?
a new hairstyle?
i am starting to loose hair what is the best way to avoid that.?
Anywhere i can get these feather hair extensions?
flat bangs?
Suggest best brand of silicone serum.?
would a bob hair suit me?
Vitamin E Helps Hair Growth?
Can i perm my hair in august if I lightned my natural hair color from black to medium brown?
What do you guys think??? (pics)?
My hair is very damaged and frizzy, what can I do to repair it that isn't too expensive?
what's the best hair vitamins for people that have thinning hair i want to know a really good vitamin to take?
whos better blondes or red heads??? ***guys who do u like better**?
Anyone tried pro-oxide bleach and 40 vol developer?? will it work on my light ash blonde hair?
Bangs on me?
What's the best hairspray to use?
Are there any products that work like Ms Jessie's CURLY PUDDING?
Hairstyles for amusment park?
Straightening my hair for first time?
How to make my hair more silky?
Hair falling out and Dandruff?
How can I get this hair?
How should I tie my hair during sports and still look cute?
I really dont know what hair style i should do or is it nessery what do you girls do?
hair question?
Hair Color?
Where can you buy a pink curly wig?
What is best way to straighten my hair without using thermal reconditioning treatment at salon?
can you lighten hair dye? and is this the right way to do it?
what happens if you forget to put fruit oil concentrate in the hair dye?
Will Soft Water make a difference?
How do you scrunch your hair??? please answer!!!?
How to make hair thicker?
allergy from hair bleaching?
i want to dye my hair blonde, need some!?
please answer!!?
so im black and i am visiting columbus ohio and i wanna get my hair done i want to get a sewn in weave.?
♥ Do I look better with bangs or without? ♥
Hair falling from sides? help please?
My hair ?!?
Why do white guys have long hair?
Should guys dye their hair? Should I (pic)?
is herbal essence a girls shampoo?
How can I grow my hair longer ?
how do you take color out of hair?
Dying my hair.....HELP?!?
L`oreal casting creme gloss 323 -dark chocolate??anyone tried it?
how to lighten hair?
What's a good hair straightener for around $100?
how long do i have to wait to dye hair again?
Cute up-dos that don't involve bangs?
my hair gets really frizzy at times..... wat is a good way to get rid of it w/o spending money?
How many blondes does it take to screw in a lightbulb??
What hair products would you recommend?
Where is the best hairdressers in Leeds?
What product is the best for a male with really dry scalp and hair?
Is it ok to dye my hair twice in one week?
i am 14. i have long,light brown perfect curly hair with natural highlights.i want a new look. n.e suggestions
How do I style my hair like this?
I am losing my hair at 27 years old and I hate it, feel inferior and ugly compared to my peers. Please help me?
Where do you buy your hair extensions?
How do I get rid of frizz?
What does bleaching your hair do?
are all blonds dumb?
My layered hair won't straighten?
How many of you girls out there have Naturally curly hair?
can i re-dye my hair?
what hair color would suit me... i have pictures!!! :0)?
Afraid to get haircut?
Is Splat ok to the scalp since it's a stain?
Do I change my hair colour?
having a bad hair day.?????????????????????
Would my hair look good like this? (picture)?
Pic One.. Blonde Or Brunette?
Dyed my hair red, but it didn't go all through?
what haircut would look good? I have thick wavy hair...
Help me what can I do to so my hair can grow faster ?
How do you like my new hair color?
Im blonde wuld black hair suit me and if not wat color streaks wuld suit me?
Where does all of the hair that goes down our plugholes go?
What shampoo should I use??
who blacc has gott the japanese relaxer/straightener/thermal reconditioner?
I need a new hair style!!!! Help please!!!!!?
what color should i dye my hair?
how can you wear a human hair 3/4 piece in an updo or even a ponytail for that matter?
a website 4 black hair stlyes?
What hair conditioner is similar to Pantene but cheaper?
How to get long lasting curls?
Shoulder or chin length haircut?
how can i soften my hair? my hairs r too dry?
i need a permenant solution to remove facial hair by herbal home made treatment,can some one help me please???
What is my face shape? (male) for haircut?
Picture of the girl in the 21 guns music video?
Best blonde hair dye?
how long after getting a perm can I have my hair straightened?
Can I make a waxing kit from stuff around the house?
what is the best hair relaxer?
I have no clue what to do with my hair and the dance is tonight!?
Does my hair look korean/kpop?
Which Hair Straighteners Are Better Than GHD ` S ?
how can i grow my hair like andreaschoice?
I have short hair and i was looking for haw to style my hair?
Dark auburn hair on dark skin.?
What can i do with my hair??
Can I pull off a pixie cut?
S curl permanantely changed my hair?!?
could i pull off being blonde?
Preventing Static-y hair?
Why do people say i have orange hair when its orange-red?
What hairstyle would look good on me? pics?
Do they still sell dove heat defense in Fresno ca?
how long to wait before bleaching my hair?
What's wrong with my face??
what is the home remedy for removing a perm?
Hair knotting really bad?
Get rid of blonde patches?
Does my hair look bad like this? (pic)?
is american crew forming crew bad for your hair?
how do you master the side parted, low chignon?
i wanna die my hair partialy...?
How can I restore my original grey hair?
Hair got thin
What kind of Shampoo and Condition do you use for your hair girls?
Do i have to bleach it?
What kinda bangs should i get?
How can I get big hair? any cheap solutions or hairdos? help!?
What is a good shampoo and conditioner brand for Relaxed hair?
How can I make my hair less oily?
How to do this "hairdo"?
do i look anything like selena gomez?
Which one should i get? (pics)?
my mom would like to know if she should buy a nicer home but ours is fine or a solan to make more money.?
Why does curly hair grow slower?
Do you think its ok 2 bleach ur hair at the age of 15 or is that to young?
how should i get my haircut/styled?
I need some help with brown hair coloring?
Where can I purchase Punky Color hair dye in the UK?
what number haircut is this?
what colour is your hair?
Buzz? Should I? [[pictures]]?
how often should you use an Intense Hydrator on your hair?!?
junior bridesmaid hairstyles?
i really want one but cant find one?
Should I wash my hair before temporary dyeing it?
is short hair in or out of fashion?
If I put hair mousse on my hair will it go luggy and look greasy?
Natural hair color enhancement and coffee grounds?
What color should i dye my hair? (:?
What am I going to do?
Is my hair really that ugly? D:?
Why does hair always look so healthy and shiny and thick after dying it?
How do I get my hair back to it's natural color?
Why do I have so much hair on my stomach ?
why big hair bows are popular in other countries ,and here (USA) not ?
GUYS!! BLONDE(me) or brunette?
Where is Chloche made from?
My Hair Falls Too Much...What Can I Do?
What color of highlights should I get on black hair?
how do i get my hair curly like this...pic?
If you have long hair, why does your hair hurt when you take it out from being tied up?
i hav dark brown boring hair. how can i spice it up? aha lol!?
is loreal wild ombres dip dye set any good?
where do i get dreadlocks in houston tx?
Which hairstyle looks best on me (Pics)?
women's growing independence is a challenge for men . give reasons?
hairdressers, if I trim just my bangs, will I ruin my shag?
Im getting a haircut what should I get?
help me pleasee?
Should I change my hair color?
on sally's beauty supply website which price is the real price?
Beauty contest! what to do?! (with pics)?
Do you like the look of a girl with quite a pale face and dark brown/black hair?
how can I make my hair grow healthier and longer?
What colour hair do you like the most?
Can I pull off a middle part?
Where can I get my hair dyed?
What brands of hair dye have alot of colors to choose from? colors like red, bule and purple, etc.?