how can i get rid of split ends?
10 point, whats better to be?
How do I make hair ties looser the fastest?
Why don't males get rid of armpit hair?
If I dance with clip in extensions will they fall off?
beauty tip! =)?
What shampoo/conditioner is better?
What's the easiest way to go blonde (without damage) if your hair is naturally black? Do I have to bleach it?
Do you think I could pull off side swept bangs?? Pics?
If you brush your oily/greasy with a boar bristle brush, does that increase production of oil/grease?
What is your favorite hairstyle?
Howmuch the brazilian blowout straight?
Highlights and ombre?
do you like her hair? (pictures?)?
What should I say to ask for this haircut?
GIRLS: beard on 17 year olds? PIC INCLUDED?
Back to school hair style? .s!!?
Which shampoo makes your hair silky smooth and clean?
Making hair lighter with cinnamon and honey?
Would i suit being a blonde this summer?
What happened to my hair?
what (unnatural) color should I dye my hair?
omg dandruff is killing me!?
Thinking of getting a perm?
how do you get your hair like this?
What kind of hair do you have?
should I dye my hair brown or stay blonde!? pic?
Could i dye my hair black? (PIC)?
what can i do woth my hair?
im a guy and i straighten my hair is that wierd?
Is there any home remedy for hair falling?
how dark should i dye my hair (picture incuded)?
do beyonce wear her real hair or she wear weave?
My Hair, help!?
where can you buy eufora shampoo and conditioner besides the internet and salons?
High lift color is less harsh than bleach?
Any awesome Hair styles?
is washing your hair everyday unhealthy?
Can someone save my hair!?
do i wash my hair every week or evey 2 weeks?
I'm growing out my hair and my bangs are driving me crazy!?
Are there any free, online barbering courses available?
how should i die my hair(pic included)?
Cosplay Help Please!?
Can You Put 2 Semi-Permnant Color In Your Hair At The Same Time?
why does my hair still look greasy even after i take a shower?
Any hair color ideas?
hair straightening problem, help?
Does ANYONE have any ADVICE for a GIRL heading into HIGH SCHOOL?
does coconut oil rly help ur hair grow faster?? and how many time shd u apply it in a week?
Who else noticed red is the hair color in style (for girls)?
how do i make my blonde hair lighter?
hairline receding at age 19!?!?!?
What color should I dip dye my hair? Fire-themed?
Any experience with getting your hair chemically straightened? Any problems?
Where can I find velcroe rollers? Whats the name of a store and what is the best name bran weave to get that?
Can you make your hair grow quicker?
how can i curl my hair????
What hairstyles with bangs would look good on me?
Should I do The Big Chop? Again!!!?
Does this haircut look good on me? (pics)?
What is the best method of hair extensions?
how do i becomee emo?
i want to get emo hairstyle, a little bit shaggy and curl, how?
I have a friend who has brown long curly hair, brown eyes, white skin. Would bleach blond highlights match?
How do I get naturally great hair?
why do boys like girls with long hair?
What is the secret of beautiful hair?
Good hair straightener?
Just dyed my hair..what should i tell mum?
How long does hair chalking last?
hair loss treatments?
Shaving the right side of your head? 13 year old girl?
How should I do my hair on the first day of school?
should I cut my hair (pictures included)?
do u know a website that has diffrent hair styles (updo's or half up and down or downdo's)for hair a few ...
Should I shave my head?
How do i get rid of my ingrown hair?
Hair Syles?
How to get rid of dry hair?
My Hair, help!?
dieng my hair. wich color? (pics of me and haircolors)?
Poll: Blonde or Brown hair, which do you like?
Do I HAVE to wear a ponytail for Basketball?
where can i get a good hair straightiner?
how do you make your hair grow faster and healthier?
Do guys need to condition their hair?
How to make my hair soft silky and manageable?
what color hair would look best on me?
She cut her hair! Without permission!?
What causes women to loose their hair?
Is it okay to do this with my hair ?
I don't know if I should get bangs?
How do I get my hair to grow faster,quicker?
any tips for hair care?
Does conditioner make the hair more difficult to style?
How should I fix my hair for the first day of school (pic included)?
What shampoo/conditioner should I use?
What sort of hairstyle should i get?
Should I bleach my hair before I dye it?
how do you keep your hair?
How do I repair dry,frizzy, broken hair?
What are those -cover things- called that they use in hair salons to keep your hair off of your clothing?
what hair dye should i buy i want to get a blonde but not a bright blonde as i am 38 my hair is short?
i have blonde hair?
Would I look good with black hair?
blonde or brunttes?
Should I wear my hair straight of curly?
Does my haircut look good on me?
new haiir cut ? ideas ?
Do I look better with straight or curly hair?
how do you make your hair look like a greasers?
What color should i get my highlights?
why do you get static in your hair and how can you control it?
step hair cut?
Question for licensed hair dresser.?
Do you know what kind of haircut 50 cent has?
How to make hair grow REALLY QUICK?
Do you think I can pull this off (haircut/short hair) Male curly hair. pictures included?
Do I look better with straight hair or curly?
Do you like when the hairdresser runs his hands through your hair ?
Help with hair color?
how do you make you hair grow faster?
Funky long hairstyles?
I just dyed my hair and i HATE it! please help! ?
prom hair, up or down?
Straight or Wavy hair [Picture]?
I have green/blue eyes and quite fair skin, what colour red should I dye my hair?
if I dyed my hair tonight?
If i put blue on my red hair will it turn purple?
Does a pirm mess up you hair?
WhAt Do yOu ThInK of hair weave?
If I use this Mane n Trails product?
Whats sexier?
is it good to brush??
Can this hairstyle be tied up or clipped back...and will it look good?
rough hair???
Whenever I straighten my hair, it eventually curves inward at the bottom....HELP!?
How do I make my hair straight and stay straight?
can Nizoral Shampoo stop hair loss?
What would you say this hair color is? (Pictures)?
how to get platinum highlights on colored hair?
goatee or clean shaven?
How would I look blonde? (pic included)?
how do i get my girlfriend to stop picking my scalp ?
Should I get hair extentions?
Wax or just pluck the darker ones?
Important HAIR problems! please help, thanks?
What can I use to make my hair ultra glossy? I have naturally wavy hair & wouldn't like to straighten it?
Would I suit darker hair?
I've got rough hair.I don't want to go to the parlour to get it done. I want home made remedy. Is there a way?
Help with layers?
how do i do my hair like this? x?
I did have medium brown I wanted light blonde. I dyed it and it ended up strawberry blonde how can i fix this?
I need to find a good african american hair studio.?
best shampoo out there?
i have 2 foot length hair should i keep or cut?
What Hairstyle Should I Get? (Pics) HELP!!!?
Whats wrong with dying your hair at 14?
what is teh shape of this eye?
easy .s!..Which name do you like best?
Hair Extensions in Scotland??
Do I look better with Black hair or brown?
Does anyone know of a good treatment for hairloss in women?
Hairstyles and 13 years old!?!?
What color should I dye my hair?
What are the effects of gel on someones hair?
Guys I have curly hair im a male but is THIS curly hair?
How do i get softer, wavier hair?
Shoulder length hair or short hair (PICS)?
This question is for teenage girls in Australia?
What does it mean if you have hair on your breasts?
bleaching hair question?
Help please! (Bleaching gone wrong) :(?
Is it a rewarding fun job to be a cosmetologist?
im 14 i wanna know how to flat iron my hair with making every piece straight?
if you have a very bright red permanent red hair dye and mix it with an extra very bright semi permanent red
why do we av eyebrows?
Have you ever got pissed off and wanted to cut of all your hair?
please help me before i run out of time!?
How should I get my hair long?
new haircolor help (picture)?
how can i prevent my hair loss?
my hair smells so burnt1?
Split ends question s?
How long can i wait before I redye my hair the same color? Read details?
lignocain gell use before waxing?
What does a water reservoir do in a straightener?
Black Or Blonde hair?
Should I cut my hair down to 1/2 inch or leave it alone? It's about 4 inches now, and kinky-curly.?
How to make semi-permanent hair dye at home?
How often do YOU wash your hair?
1yr after perm and hair still falling out?
Black females of all shades who get blonde weave or coloring in their hair....why?
would i look good with hair extensions?
Does perming my hair straight a second time damage it ?
beachy up-dos (hairstyles)?
where can i buy blue hair extensions?
how can I regrow hairs,I think Im getting bald?
What could i do for my hair it feels like straw and it always falls out??
How should I have my hair for senior school?
Is there a way that I can stop my hair becoming so greasy so quickly?
what is the hair color in this picture?
Are extensions a good idea?
Good mousse for my type of hair?
Will a Crimper kill my Hair?
Do bald people use shampoo or soap on their heads?
is it true that if u have split ends in ur hair they can eat the rest of your hair and it could stop growing?
My haircut is very short and ugly is there any ways I can grow up by today ?
how often do you wash your hair?
Best Shampoo?
How do you get rid of these flakes?
Which Hair Style Looks Better?
what colour is your hair?
could i go blonde or close to it?
Dandruff problem! Help?!?
My 5 year old daughter has beautiful long blond hair that gets very knotty?
Who are hotter brunettes or blondes?
My hair is a wreck...?
Can a permanent Light Brown/Dark Blonde hair dye lighten my dark brown hair without blaching?
I put nair lotion in my moms shampoo bottle as a prank. was that a good idea?
doea the world have a good hair conditioner?!?!?!?
Is this a cute hair cut?
Do prenatal pills really work for your hair?
What woman's hair color do most men like and love?...blonde?brunette?black?red?auburn… and Why?
to shave or not to shave ??
im thinking of colouring my hair red, do you think it would suit me?
A hair question for the girls?
Would would happen if I straighten my hair?
Is it possible to take out dye?
girls do u like straight hair or curly hair?
What is the best hairstyle that would make my features POP?
What would be a good hairstyle/cut for me? (Pics)?
Do I look better with brown hair or black hair? (pictures)?
what type of bangs would u say this one was??
How likely is male pattern baldness if only my dad is bald...?
Need some extra help? with hairstyle for school?
How to lighten my hair?
Hair Dye????????????
The box lied?
What color should I dye my hair?
do you think bangs are in or out?
What hair color would you say this is ?
What is better hair dye remover or just dye the whole thing again?
How Do You Grow Back Your Eyebrows???
Is your hair blonde???
Getting smoke out of hair?
How long should I wait to bleach my hair?
Hair gel not working. // Girls & Guys Help Please!! Thanks!?
how do i my hair like this?
which stores is raw hair dye located at?
:( what CAN I do with my hair?
think my hair has stopped growing?
Question for men hair?
What type of haircut should i get? ((Help))
how to make hair curly w/ salt?
curling iron or flat iron?
what do you tip a hairdresser who charges $15 for a haircut?
Should I cut my hair short?
Is it true that 72% of girls notice the hair on a lad?
Can albinos dye their hair?
What color blonde should I choose?
what colors will take 2 black hair?
Which is better? Manic Panic or Punky?
What colors do I need to get this ombre hairstyle?
Long hair or short hair?
Should I grow my hair or cut it?
need a name for a hair salon ?
i have so many split ends but i dont wanna cut my hair short..?
Good hairstyle for this dress?
Do I look better with long hair or short hair???
will this hair color look good on me?? (pics of me and of the hair color inside)?
How often should I straighten my hair?
What color should I dip dye my hair?
Will food coloring be better than Splat?
Difference between Chi and Solia straightners?
Is this really mean to do?
Which looks better on me short or long hair?
How To Make My Hair Grow Faster?
Which hair colour is sexier? Black or Blonde?
Tips/suggestions for a more feminine hairstyles?
where can I find wig suppliers in Singapore?
does any1 know...?
Best answer gets 10 points! Hair help?
(girls)plz answer this(pics)do i look better with short hair or long? often????
do i suit curly or straight better? (pics)?
Does your avatar need to go to the hairdresser's ?
How do I get bubble out of my hair ?
What colour to dip dye my hair?
how often should girls wash there hair?
straightening hair?
what hair color is this?
What were the most popular brands of shampoo in the 1960s?
ladies,chest hair or nothing?
india mein hair fomula 37 kahan mile gaa aur iski rupees mein kya price hai?
What does a mean when a guy says let's keep talking and see? I have know him for like a months.?
what hairstyle....?
any home remedy to make hair stronger from roots as nowadays they break easily?
hey who knows a few good beauty schools in alabama for black(as in ethnic) hair?
How well do weaves work for athletes?
How can i get my hair very shiny ?
Hair help!! Im a redhead..and my hair is jank! haha help please.:D?
any1 had pre bonded hair extentions put in befor its guna cost me £150 n wanted to know if they worth it ?
Black hair?
How to curl hair with a curly iron?
Why do girls straighten their hair?
would i look good with blonde hair?
How do i stop my hair going greasy so easy?
what is your fav. haircolor?
Hairstyles for 8th grade recognition..?
Okay so i want a whole new look?
Can putting lotion in my hair get rid of dandruff?
help me and ill answer yours!! what shall i do to my hair?
Help with my hair!!!! Please!!?
from brunette to blonde?
Burn from hair color on my upper forehead,?
Would you (ladies/girls) shave your hair for 5000$?
How long after relaxer can i dye my hair?
Is there high possibility that I will be bald?
I have really long hair and i dont like it .i want to cut it but my family dose not allow what should i do?
How do i get my curls to look like this (PICTURE):?
what do you call someone with black hair ?
does hair and nails grow when people are dead?
is conair you curl and infiniti by conair the same?
Is the CHI Nano Ceramic Flat Iron better than the original CHI Ceramic Flat Iron?
my hair always fly away, any tips?!...and how can i avoid split ends?!?
Best way to remove or lighten hair on arms?
i need help with my oily hair?
How to get blonde hair when you have darker hair?
how would i look if i did my hair like this!?
What is the best color-protecting shampoo?
I want to cut all my hair but....?
how can i get my hair like this?
Would you kindly offer me some hair cut advice?
best hair striaghtener?
in need of a haircut! including pics :(?
Am I to young to dye my hair?
how to get my hair piecey?
What goes good for blond curly hair?
How can I improve my look (Pics Included)?
i have long black hair, like it is to my mid- back but i do not know what to do with it?
My hair is a BIG poofy mess?! How can i KEEP it straight ALL day?! As soon as i go outside is frizzes!!!?
is my hair long or medium?
what is a good hairstyle for someone with an large nose?
What would be a good hairstyle for me? (Pics included)?
Should I apply mousse to my braids before taking them out?
What is an inexpensive product i can use to control my frizzy hair?
do girls prefer long hair or short hair on guys?
what kind of perm should i get?
mens pubic hair?
Are showers bad for you?
how do i get my avatar to not have a hat i dont want a hat on it?
What do women really think about bald guys?
whats the best leave in conditioners for the hair?
How to make long hair look short without cutting?
How to make my hair thicker?
Is going bald better or worse than going grey? Or should I say being bald and being grey?
How has your hair changed over the years?
What kind of hairstyle should I get?
How to make frizzy, wavy hair more defined?
What's the best hairspray for a firm hold?
How should i style my hair? Pic?
How do you treat oily roots and dry ends?
i know how to wet shave but when shaving pubic hair should i try another method?
A year ago I used a relaxer on 2-inch overbleached, cowlicky caucasian hair.Scalp tension,hairloss,ACNE!HELP!?
thick hair not so poofy?
question about how to grow your hair faster? ♥?
what celebrity of our Indian women uses to extra shine and smoothness of their hairs as i saw on TV?
I have brown hair and i want to dye it berry red?
My platinum hair extensions turned grey?
Professional hair advice?
would it look okay if i were to dye my hair blonde for a party? (i am ginger)?
hair bangs cut by myself...?
what is the treatment of hairfall?
Is the GVP better the the CHI?
Helppp. I really want to do my bangs like, thisss.?
I have very long hair and tonight I combed through my hair straight after I put on the conditioner?
How do I blend hair extensions into my real hair?
Please answere my question ladies and men can I??
Is it true that if you pull out gray hairs more grow back?
Please recommend a Shampoo and Conditioner for Hair Extensions!!?
What is the best hair style to do on your first day of Jr. High?
I Want Waves in my Hair Please Help?
Pleases let me know if there is home remedy fro removing facial hair at the chin?
how do i get rid of my orange roots?
TEEN CHOICE AWARDS (pic included) should i straighten or curl my hair?!?
what is the best shampoo product?
How to pass a hair drug test?
If you have brown hair, what would be a good undertone for it?
If a man is under 40 yrs old and goes bald, should he get a hairpiece?
what kind of shampoo do u use?
How Often Can I Dye My Hair? What Dye Should I Use?
Hair toner question??????????
what's the secret of your hair style?
Would I look good with dark red hair?
Is propecia really #1 hair loss treatment pill?
what is a good hair straightener to use?
How to get my hair looking healthier?
How do I get my hair like this ?
What site or ideas, can i get on prom hairstyles.?
Which Haircut Should I get / Which Haircut Will Look The Best On Me?? (Pics included =)?
bad smelling and roughish hair?
PLEASE HELP can I get my bangs like the woman in this video...I AM IN DESPERATE NEED OF HEELP.?
What is the beast way to grow ur hair long fast?
Please answer if you ever dyed your hair...?
I have about 3 questions.?
Help with hair!!!!!!!! experts!!!!!?
i want to dye the botton half of my hair but...?
I need a new hairstyle! Help ?
Is this an okay facebook picture?
Would it be okay to bleach bath my hair?
color enhancing shampoo?
emo people?
dying my hair for the first time?
Do they make anti-persperant hairspray?
Wich hair color n hairstyle is in trend nw??
LADIES: What are your feelings on facial hair?
My hair is falling out big time!!!?
Girls!! What is your opinion on dreadlocks?
Eve is a brand name of a wig. the style is sandy.?
How to grow you hair fast?
what is your favourite hair style ladies that you think best suites you and why?
How to style hair like mario gomez?
Hey advice :) thanks?
Why Does my Scalp Smell Even After I Wash it?
straight hair?
The Quartermaster's hair?
What should I ask for in a barbershop if I want a typical 50s "greaser" haircut?
There is alot of hair on my but. Can I shave it?
employment in warrenton n.c. as a hair dresser?
should i shave my armpit hair?
hairloss at the age of 20?
How come hair on your head doesn't know when to stop, but hair everywhere else does?
How long will take for my hair to grow out to the middle of my back?
If I shave my head...?
best solution for dandruff?
Black Perm Rods????????
How to grow relaxed hair long?
Biosilk how well does it really work?
What to do with my hairrr [[Pics]]?
What colour should I dye my hair next?
whats the best shampoo and conditioner for dandruff?
I MIGHT be getting my hair cut next weekend. Should i get it emo scene or somethin else but i really want scen?
My hair puffs up like an afro, what the hello can I do?
should i straighten my hair?
would i look good with black hair?!?
which hair is best on me?
How can i make my hair grow longer faster?
Questions with dreading methods...?
does the hair on your head row as fast as the hair on your legs?
whats in parazone thick bleach my daughter drank a cup?
Can you tell me how to do her hair?? [Picture]?
GIRLS do you like longer hair or shorter hair better?
what is the difference between professional hair products and the ones we normally use...which one of these sh?
Is a bob cut unfeminine and unattractive?
Should I dye my hair blonde or dark brown?
Home remedies to make my hair healthy and shiny and soft ??? (10 points)?
What should I use for dry and brittle hair?
is this girl gud lukin?
I am having hairfall?
i am constantly picking at my scalp?
do girls like guys with hair on the chest?
do you have any tips on how to make your hair grow thicker?
how will my hair turn out if i put silver highlights in ?? (i have black hair)?
Has anyone ever used L'Oreal Feria M32 violet soft black hair dye?
How long will it take to get my head shaved?
Natural Highlighting?
Should i cut my hair emo-scene?
please help me with my hair?
What's the best thing to do for my hair right now? (Gatsby)?
Does my hair look better with or without bangs?
Tips on : Maintaining healthy hair?
Does it matter if i use shampoo or conditioner first?
What is the best hair style to do on your first day of Jr. High?
should i dye my hair black or get blonde highlights?
What color should I dye my hair[pictures]?
Is the Bee Hive hair doo still popular? How do u feel about it?
do emo girls wear wigs mostly or just work with their hair?
How can I get these curls/waves?
what color hair do you have now and in the past????
Does bleaching hair to get blue streaks ruin natural curls?
Thin hair. NEED HELP!?
Is it bad to wash your hair everyday?
How to get thinker fuller hair?
How can i get wavy hair overnight?
Which is the best studio for Hair Transplant or implant, Advance Hair studio,Elite Hair Studio, DHI in Mumbai?
Do you think short hair is coming back into style?
Which hairstyle looks better? (Pics included)?
I want my hair to be straight but straighteners don't work what do i do?
How to use manic panic hair bleach?
do red heads have red pube hair?
Is this hair color possible?
Is long hair outdated for 34yrs. old mom of 3??
What is the best hair care line for black hair - shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer, hair mask.?
I have to wash my hair every day, would any alternative products help me to reduce this?
My husbands facial hair doesn't grow on his chin and right under. What can we do to make it grow fully?
Should i die my hair brown?
How do I get longer sideburns?
What Color Is Your Hair?
new hairstyle please?
choppy layers?
Help me . My hair dye is coming out of my hair after one wash !!?
Curls w/o the stiffness?
My hair is not straight, or curly. It's more of a wave. I want to bring out those curls! Any ideas?
How do I get sky blue hair?
where can i find the hair product "bump it's"?
I think this style is hot, do you?
What brand should i use to dye my hair golden brown?
Good ways to remove hair?
what is a natural way of darkening hair?
Can you straiten when wet?
Paula Young wigs, thieves and liars.?
Curly or Straight?
How old where u when ur mom let u shave ur legs?
Baby Hair / layered shoulder length Hair HELP?
What does it mean when you have spots on your scalp ?
which is better at turning black hair to light brown: loreal or schwarzkopf?
Hair question!! confused please help?
Is it normal for teens not to have leg hair?
scene hair HELP ?!?!?!?!?
I want a hairstyel but i do not know any good ones please help me?
products for dry patches on scalp?
What are some women's hairstyles of the 1950s?
Hair Dye- Black?
Good shampoo for my hair?
Is shampooing your hair everyday bad for your hair?
can you geta a certificate in study of the scalp only?
What hair color is this?
i really need some help?
does it ruin ur hair???
how to get red hair?
i need some self esteem. help me?
What hair color is better with blue eyes? Black hair or blonde hair?
What's my natural hair color?
Sun-in on dark hair. works?
Help me pick a hair color?
how can i make my hair look lighter...?
who do i look like most?? what clique would you put me in?
Which Hairstyles nicer?
Serious question: Why is my hair so nappy?
how can i make my hair look like this?
Thirsty Dry curly hair looking for moisture.?
I use egg for conditioning my hair,but what to do to remove egg's smell from hair?
i bleached my hair and it turned out yellow and orange plz help!?
Permanent Hair Straightening?
On a woman, how long to you think her hair should be, or, how long is too long?
I have straight hair but i need to have some variation other than wearing it down i need more styles?
Is there any website for hair ideas?
What are some cute things i can do with my hair?
what is a good product for really really fast hair growth?
If I straighten my hair, will it become frizzy near an indoor pool?
How much will my hair grow?
help, bad hair cut?
What color should I dye my hair?
what to do with my hair?
Hair colour would I suit?
I got veet on the ends of my hair?
I have really dry hair, anybody know of any home remedies to help me?
What color should i highlight my hair?
What can you use instead of hair clay?
Should i bleach my hair snow white?
why is my Hair faling out WHY?
Which haircut is better? (pics included)?
Can Anyone Suggest Some Quick, Easy Hairstyles That Look Cute?!?
would I suit blonde hair?
what should i do with my hair? (pics) :]?
Coloring brown-red hair?
How Do I stop my frizzy hair??
What is a good product to use on my hair to eliminate the frizz when it dries?
Best way to blowdry hair after shower???? 10 POINTS?
Teen Hair Advice ??
What is a good hair straghtener for thick, super curly hair?
What color should i dye my hair!?
i have got lots of dandruff in my hair?
Help- hairstyles?
How would I style my hair like louis tomlinson's current hair style?
Strong Hair Conditioner?
How do i fix my hair like avril lavignes with a light curl at the ends.....?
Girlies.. Are you a natural blonde
how does methode trapeze apply to your hair?
can dark hair be dyed blonde without bleaching?
Do you think this hairstyle would be hot on a girl or is it too boyish?
Foxy locks hair extension vs luxy and headkandy ?
Looking for hair and look advice from the lads and ladettes!?
How to get curly thick hair?
What else can I do to my hair besides highlights?
does dip dyeing your hair brown at the ends when its blonde look okay?
What do you find the best hair shampoo?
how do i prevent greasy hair?
would I look okay if I dyed my hair red?
does permanently straightening ur hair damage it?
Do you know any tricks to grow hair fast?
What haircut is this?
Will putting lots of blonde highlights in my hir make it fall out? ?
is a malibu treatment for getting rid of green from blonde hair?
i have long curly dark leg hairs and i am in middle school and it is realy inbaricing what should i do?
Could I pull off these bangs?
How to make hair grow REALLY QUICK?
How do you color gray hair naturally without harsh chemicals and not getting odd colors like pink or green?
best way to beat poofy hair?
color pulse?
can anyone give me tips on how to grow my hair?
What does Semi-Perm Black dye over Perm Black dye do to your hair?
Shinier hair...?
What hair type is my hair?
Bleaching my hair!?!?!?
Hair help! how do i style it like... I ANSWER BACK?
If I am really getting bald, which part of the head should look bald first?
Mohawk Maintenance?
does hair cuttery participate in locks of love?
Should I curl or straighten my hair for senior pics? (pictures included)?
What sort of hairstyle should i get?
hair dye RED- strip hair first?
Is the paul mitchell strong shampoo good?
how do i get my hair curly?
I need full information on hair extensions!!!!?
Can hair that falls out of your head reattach itself to other parts of your body - say your arm?
I am a 15 year old guy and am loosing my hair, what's wrong with me?
Do I look good as a blonde?
Hey. Is this hairstyle cute?
How do I get my hair like this?
do men preffer women with black or blonde hair???
How to style short, bobbed hair?
Omg! know anything about hair!!!!!?
Do featherlocks go in different lengths of your hair?
I dislike my back hair? (removal)?
What is your opinion on a 13-year old wanting to change their natural hair color? Is it safe?
Do I look better blonde or brunette?
Short hairstyles for a 16 year old boy?
Would I look good with red hair?
how do i remove hair color stain from skin?
if ur a girl does shaving facial hair make the hair rougher and thicker?
New haircut? Suggestions!?
Any ideas how i can style my hair like hers?
My hair isnt growing?
ok so i have a dance coming up in two days and i don't know what to do with my hair.?
Female J-Rock Hair?
cute, fast, and easy hairstyles for thick hair?
what is your hair care routine?
Advice on layering my own fringe/bangs...
can you bleach your hair after coloring it red?
Braids or Pigtails?
how do people kep their hair totally straight? I seriously don't get it!?
any ideas on how to do hair?
what kind of hair style should this girl get?
How should I get my hair cut/style it? (16 years old male)?
Am I the only one with this problem?
What hairstyles would work/look good with blonde really thick hair?
Going back to my natural hair color?
Beauticians please help!!?
help me with my hair?
Black females of all shades who get blonde weave or coloring in their hair....why?
qualified but want to do mobile hair with no salon experince?
How can I color my hair honey Blonde if i have it black?
Whenever i straight up my hair or curl them up they fall off?
How does thickening shampoo work?
is their something wrong with my hair?
Can my hair straightener damage my hair?
Should I shave my pubic hair?
Zhang-Guang 101 and hair loss?
How can I get rid of the hair on my fingers permanently?
Nubian twist question?
how bushy would my eyebrows get if i shaved them and let them grow back in?
Poll: Blonde, Brunette, or Black hair??????
Would you rather eat slop for a year or shave your head bald ?
How can i convince my parents to let me dye my hair?
How many haircuts do you get a year?(approx.)?
i want to lighten my hair naturally?
Updos with a full fringe?
do you think i would look good with blonde hair?
Does anyone know some way I can style my braids so it could look nice?
Can I Get Weave—Whole Head And A Relaxer At The Same Time?
How long to grow my moustache?
How to get nice beach waves?
i want to dye my brown hair- but not blonde!?
Help with Hair??
Detailed instructions on how to braid my own hair?
I noticed that my hair has been getting very greasy...?
What should i do with my hair?10 points for best anwser?
year ten assignment-cond... ur own science experiment..any ideas?TEN POINTS BEST EXPERIMENT!?
Is my hair too thin? [pictures]?
Curly hair help ????
whats an emo?????
New hairstyle ideas for 17yr old girl?
What are ways a stylist can make your think wavy/curly hair permanently less frizzy?
HOw can i have silky smooth hair naturally?
What is perfect hair in your eyes?
Do girls like when you tug on their hair?
will my hair go curly if i eat my bread crust?
backcomb dreading.??????????
I have mousy brown hair an naturally blonde eyebrows which are the same colour, I need advice.?
what age does the happy trail begin to grow?
what is a really good shampoo for ....?
ANSWERR ...what straighteners should i useee?
Girls, what do you think of guys that do their eyebrows?
Brunette or Blonde, you be the judge?
I recently colored my hair....?
Hair style ideas for me?
What hair cut or style is good for round shaped faces?
how can i grow my hair very fast what i do?
How do i make my hair grow 1-2 inches in a month?
My hair smells like rotten eggs after i washed it!!?
Where do you part your hair when you are dying the top and bottom different colors?
How do you get green streaks out of blonde hair from chlorine in pools?
How to temporarily dye hair?
i really hate the colour of my hair.. ideas (pics) ?
Whats the best style for hair? ?
Straightening your hair everyday?
Is it normal to have hair growth on the bottom of my feet?
Is it normal to have clear or yellow clearish urine?
Do you have a birth mark?
how is the hair care market doing in the US?
should i dye my hair back it was brown now its blond?
if i have straight hair, and i get a perm will i be able to get 360 waves?
What is some tips for hair that is frizzy and split-endish?
How to naturally lighten my hair?
my hair looks retarded. helppppp!?
need hair dying knowledge/advice!!?
what color should i dye my hair?
How would this medium hairstyle look on me?
I died my hair black but now i want to go to a dark or medium brown. How do i get the color i want?
i want a different look and im thinking about getting my hair cut?
why do my leg hairs grow back so fast?
How do I get big loose curls?
what hairstyle is jonah hill using at the 2011 vmas?
what can i do i dont know?
How many times have you dyed your hair?
my hair so long how i do it???
has anyone taken biotin for their hair??
Does anyone know what I can do?
HOW or how LONG will it take for my hair to grow way longer?
make up and hair opinions?
I have to use a straightener and it's so damaging. What are some ways to cut down on damage?
hair growth remedys!!!?
Why is my facial hair getting thinner?
how old do i look.. and?
What are some ways to make your perm last?
Does putting hairspray on your eyebrows make them fall out?
does straighting your hair damage it?
My hair is thin and changing colors on its own AND my scalp is super itchy/greasy?
what hair color is right form me ?
Should I cut my hair?
How to use conditioner ,what the use of it?
Hair extensions help?
I have frizzy wavy thick hair and I don't know how to manage it?
a good hair straightener?
whos better brunnettes or blondes?
What do you think of this hairstyle? (I'm 16)? (please answer, no one else will)?
Girls pleas answer my Q (am a teen boy)?
Advice from ladies about my hair?
Favourite Shampoo Brand- VOTE!?
Hi has anyone tried ? Babyliss Colourliss/colourlights?
i have slightly poofed hair, what should i do wit it?
Is blonde hair and Brown eyes rare?
I dyed my hair and I hate soon can I dye it back and will it work?
best way for using heena (mehendi) coloring hairs to achive darkest shade? or not...?
Every time I dye my hair black, it comes out really quickly.?
Would this haircut be cute?
Can hair color naturally change in a week?
How to choose good hair straightener?
Help on dying hair?:( Pic included!?
What is the best flat iron for my hair?
How can I make my hair wavy and not like curly? like what products and stuff should I use?
guys answer only, do you like girls with short hair(pixie cut or even shorter than that) or long hair?
Where can i get manic panic dye in manchester?
can you damage your hair by straightening it?
Speeding up hair growth?
my hair s falling like hell? how to avoid it?
What colour should i dye my hair?
Wanting to dye hair red!!!!! :)?
Should i highlight my hair pink?
How can I stop my hair loss?
who do u find more attractive Blondes or brunetts ?
Hi, gettin' a new hair style .. I need pictures.
Would you rather have WAVY hair or CURLY hair?
Long Hair or Short Hair?
Guys... which do you prefer... short hair or long hair on girls? which is sexier?
somalien hair question?
My hair is sooo long! ~?
Is 15 too young to get a Brazilian wax?
first time dying hair black from dark blonde?
do you like long or short hair better?
Where do you buy klorane dry shampoo with oat milk?
Curly hair,.How do i make it manageable.i have medium length hair (below shoulders)?
Which hairdo should I go for?
i have dyed my hair twice in two months and i want to dye it again will i go bald or will my hair fall out?
How can I get my hair lighter without dying it....?
i want to dye my hair blonde?
Do you like this haircut?
How do you make dreadlocks point up?
how long is too long with hair?
Where to buy long hair extentions? (UK)?
I Need Opinions Please!?
Thick hair ?
I just got a horrible haircut OMG!!!!?
in which hair colour suits me better ?
Is body wash bad for your hair?
What are the steps to flat ironing short, curly [asian] hair?
I want to make my hair longer , how ?
How old is to old to dye your hair blue?
Is my hair to short to wear it naturally curly? (PICS!!!)?
best for my hair !!!?
Which hair colour is better ? Blonde, Brunette, Black or Red?
Wat you fink ?
red and white hair picture?
Do you ever feel guilty about the money you spend on Hair styling?
how do you get copper out of hair ?
i cut my hair yesterday?
are there any other brands of hair dye that have a color like this one?
Keratin treatment? curly hair.?
HELP what color should i dye my hair?
Which hairstlye should I get? (Pics included.)?
Hair styling tips for a Southern girl?
Why is it wrong for men to curl their hair?
what color would you classify this as? pic included?
How to make my long hair look short - Please help!?
the "1 million" hairstyle?
GUYS: Do you like girls with bangs/fringe?
A question for girls?
I want guys to like me but im a chubby?
How exactly do you twist little girls' hair?
How much does it cost to Ombre/Partial Highlight hair?
I love doing things wih my hair.?
Homecoming hair!!! Please help!!?
Why doesn't my hair stay a consistent style each day?
What to use for my hair?
What are the best smelling conditioners?
should i retake my senior picture?
How do you get straight hair to go curly?
How can I make my hair grow longer?
Has any one tried Carol's Daughter products? If so please detail what you felt about them?
Lower maintenance blonde hair?
I shaved all my pubic hair for the first time?
Why won't my hair grow?
Help me with my hair? Please!?
Does mayo really work on dry hair?
Is tea tree oil good or bad for your hair?
help! should i cut my hair *pic*?
Why is My Hair Falling Out?
How could i dye my hair?
does this hairstyle look good?
Hair help!?
is straightening your hair bad 4 your hair?
Do you think this is a good haircut for me?
Dying my hair please help!?
I have black hair and want to dye my hair,do you think this colour will match?[look inside]?
How to get kylie jenner waves?
How Can I Make My Hair Really Shiny?
How do deep conditioners work?
I have frizzy naturally curly hair what can i use to reduce the frizziness?
a sophisticated hairstyle?
=D Washin hair...just 0nce a week, g0od or Bad?
Frizzy hair?
I need help with my hair !?
where can i find this...... (pic)?
hairdresser cut my hair too short - teenager!?
HELP!! I have upper lip hair!!!!!?
what's a good way to make my hair grow faster?
How often should you use conditioner in your hair?
Everytime I get my hair done, I decided to grow it out, but then I will change my mind, why is that?
What is better : Long hair or short hair?
Will this turn out? (Dyeing)?
i have long hair and i'm not allowed to cut it!! please help?
Is it safe to use pure henna over a metallic dye?
(Asked to Girls) you want guys with long hair, or short hair?
Should I get the Justin Bieber haircut...?
Should I dye my hair back brunett or stay blonde ?
Ombre hair & extensions, already blonde?
Shaving arm hair (girls)?
What is this hair style called? link in discription?
I just dyed my hair black with DEMI-Permanent hair color. Will it actually wash out in 28 shampoos?
where can I find a selection of men's hairstyles?
How Do I get my Hair like this?
What are the negavtive or harmful effects of using leave-in conditioner on a daily or regular basis?
hair question?
what color should i dye the bottoms of my hairr??? **PICTURE**?
What are some ways i can fix my damaged hair?
How do i make me hair curly again?
Mixed race and wants blonde hair?
how to get curly hair ? -picture included-?
What is Kellie Pickler's shade of blonde hair?
Any hairstyle suggestions?
What can I do on a humid day when I want my hair to stay straight?
Are you happy with your hair?
why is my hair falling out?:|?
When Straightening hair,
Would this hairstyle look good on a round face? <pics>?
is it ok to blow dry your hair once a week?
What is this hairstyle called?
How to keep hair from getting greasy so fast?
Should i dye my hair blonde?
I have short thin hair i want to grow it out but its too thin what can i do to make my hair grow thicker?
What cool hair ideas??
what hair cut is good for me?!?
I need to cut my hair again? Do I look bad with semi short hair?
wut's the best temp setting i should use on my hair straightener to get "natural" looking straight hair?
Why do the 3 grey hairs that i have, insist on staying on my head?
How much does it cost to get straight perm/magic perm?
why does hair go greasy?
Do girls like guys with curly hair?
bangs conflict........?
who is the black donald trump?
Do you think girls with...?
Good site to view pictures of hair cuts?
What do think of black women wearing weaves much longer than their real hair?
Question about beards? Do men shampoo theirs beards or use soap?
does anyone know where i can get shampoo to clean my hair for a drug test?
Natural way of losing body hair for men?
goatees vrs clean shaven?
LUSH Solid Shampoos...?
Non-natural hair? please help! (:?
Can you scrunch your hair when its DRY? Like use gel? No?
My hair is getting thinner and falling out...why?
How do you get rid of reddish tone?
Hair question!!!! PLEASE ANSWER!!!?
Would Anyone Have Any Photos Of Themselves Doing Leopard Prints/ Coons / Zebra Hair?
If I wanted to style my hair at a hair salon......?
Has anyone had their hair ruined by Matrix Optismooth (the cold straightening)?
curly or straight hair (pics)?
My dad says bald people are evil, is this true?
Is there any demi-permanent hair dye that works on dark hair?
Hair styles?
How to get thick/puffy/afro-like hair to slick back into a bun?
Is it better to shower in the morning or night?
What hair colour . please. ?
how should i do my hair tomorrow?
Do you ladys know what hair means to a guy?
i want to cut my hair...??? can you help?
Should I get a pixie cut?
Just dyed my hair dark red-brown & want my blonde back!!?
*ladies*piks* what should i do with my hair?
How do I wrap my hair so it will stay straight in the middle also?
I want to grow my hair out but every time i try i fail?
How to make afro hair in to curly hair (male)?
What Colour Should I Dye My Hair?
If you rip out your eyelashes, do they grow back?
growing my hair?
do you like this hairstyle?
where to find beauty supply stores in atlanta?
how to silken ethnic hair?
how do you make your hair grow longer ad faster without extentions?
Hair Emergency!!!..ASAP!!?
what hair style should I get?
how can i get my hair to get cut the way i want it to?
I want my hair permanently straightened. How? Where? What? $$$?
What conditioner best reconstructs hair?
hairstyles for my face.. grr help!?
how to deal with super thick wavy/curly hair?
hair extentions????help??
How do I grow my hair?
Should I blowdry my hair?
does the keritain treatment really work?
Curl a guy's very straight hair, or make it wavy...?
what colour should i get my hair (pics)?
How can I grow my hair out like 3 inches in 2 weeks?
What age is the right time to start shaving?
What should I do to change my hair?
When should I relax my hair?
Hairstyle picture to show stylist?
Dye my hair a brighter red?
Which American Crew styling product should i use ?
will my hair look horrible?
Why do we have Hair in our armpits ?
I have stick straight hair, how should i wear it for my first day of High School?
should i cut my hair?
Hi guys and girls! Do you know why blonds such as Britney Spear, Ashlee Simpson, etc. are often dumb?
what hairstyle do you recommend?
Would this color of hair look good on me..?
Shaving my head! what do you think, [[SEE PICS..]]?
Do you think light golden brown would suit me? (pic included)?
Is it polite to tell someone you dont like thier hair, even if you dont know the person ?
if i twirl and twirl my hair into a bun but it's look too big then I break it in half then?
can someone give me medium to long hair cuts
how do you curl your hair with the coriolis hair straightner[iron]?
im trying to grow my hair longer?
Bad Haircut and regrowth of hair?
Will purple highlights keep me from getting a job?
should i have my hair highlighted before or after hols - i`m goin in 2 weeks?
What is the most natural color of highlights?
how to do katy perry hair color?
good unscented hair styling?
Questions for first day of school ourfit!?
How do you make a mans hair curly?