What hair color do you like best on a woman?
Can putting lotion in my hair get rid of dandruff?
What's the best straightener to buy?
Why is my hair and face so oily?
Using the vitamin biotin for hair growth, do you take the pill or put it in your shampoo?
Would this work if I dyed my hair?
hair styling help please?
When coloring your hair from dark to light do you HAVE TO bleach it?
If I have brunette hair what color could I put in it that would look good?
How much is a weave? And can you get it wet?
Share some wig websites?
I really really want my hair dyed.?
Should I cut my hair short?
Whats the best way to get curls without a curling iron?
Should I get a buzz cut?
Wavy hair with a curling iron.?
hair dos 4 shoulder length hair....?
What happens if you have the same part in your hair for 4 years?
How to straighten curly hair with no heat?
Will having rainbow hair impact getting a job?
so im dying my hair black?
How do I make my hair grow faster?
Fringe or no fringe HELP!!?
How much would it cost to have a hair cut at Richard John uk?
How to sleep with tiny beaded braided hair?
What color/style hair would look okay on me?
Help with my hair?!?!?!?
I really want my hair to grow!?
how should I wear my hair to my crushes 14th b-day party tomorrow?
is the Brazilian blowout good for your hair?
Should I go lighter? (pics included)?
what is a inexpensive way to remove red hair dye ????
Black hair wanting to get highlights? what color?!?!?!?
seriously,is their any latest invention regarding Hair Regrowth?
Which do you think I suit long or short hair?
I have blonde hair and blue eyes . . would it look really bad if I died it dark brown?
HELPPPP mee pleasse?
Which hairstyle looks better on me?
Should you really wait 24 hours to get a perm after taking out braids?
Does this hairstyle look like it uses extensions?
What are some cute, easy, and quick hairstyles for thick hair?
What do you think of Ariana Grande's hair color?
having a hard time trying to find a short haircut?
Facial hair question- im a guy?
Blonde or brunette?
a good remedy for head lice?
What bright colour should I dye my hair?
Using Manic Panic on virgin hair?
am i the only black sista' who was born w/ red hair?
Help? Trouble with parting my hair?
how can i get wavy hair with straighteners when i have short hair?
How can i get my hair up like the lead singer of motion city soundtrack???
BEST SHAMPOO?! :) what you think?
Does great clips do coloring?
i need help with hair suggestions?
What are bangs I wanna know !?
Does anyone know where I can find a website for African American hairstyles?
I have terrible Dandruff. Help Please!!!?
What kind of braids do yall think i should get for back to school???
Best haircut for balding man?
Have you given your hair to Locks Of Love?
Does putting mousse on curly hair help?
What hair style should I have?
Curly or Straight?
How should I dye my hair?
What kind of hair products make your hair shiny and manageable and thicker. What kind of gels too?
Can you please rate this hair style?
my hair is curly and dry iwant to make straight is it possible?
what gets hair dye off your skin?
why is my arm hair blond along with some areas on my thighs? both my parents are haitian but i was born in USA?
Would this totally fry my hair.....?
Do you like really long hair?
does dish soap get out dye or make it ligther? help?
Best Hair Dyes To Get Dark Brown?
Why does my hair fall out so much?
I have bleach, lifting cream, loreal high color highlights for red hair. I want my hair red. Help!?
i have wavy hair, do bangs look good on me?
Straightening Curly Hair
???any suggestions???
Whats wrong with dying your hair at 14?
what am i to do with this kinda hair???
how should I dye my hair for my 18th party blue,green or purple?
Do you think there's anything wrong with a 14 year old boy having the hair between his eyebrows waxed/?
how can i grow my hair like andreaschoice?
Have you use the CHI HAIR FLAT IRON?? Is it really good?
What is the best way to get cute hair from wet hair overnight? ?
I hate my curly hair !?
Hairstyles with braids in!!!?
How long should i wait to flat iron my hair after relaxing it?
Haircut ideas for a girl with really thick hair?
Whats up with my hair ?
would you pay 80 dollars for THIS haircut?!
My husband is trying to go bald with out having to shave everyday is there a way?
Curly or Straight? (pictures included)?
For the guys...?
please help! I have unmanageable hair? (pic)?
I want to go blonde..goood idea or not..pic!?
Would gold highlights look good in my hair?
Is it safe to do removing hair when you have a vein?
Why most women prefer men with dark hair and not that much blondes? Is blonde hair on men turn off?
What are some good make-up and hair ideas?
Why do people cry about their haircuts?
I want to get a mohawk, and dye my hair plaintum blonde and black highlights, should I do it or not?
Are redheads really going extinct?
Does "Wash n Curl" Shampoo really work??
What is better for your hair deep conditioner or hot oil treatment?
so im going from black to platinum blonde....?
where can i buy clairol/ hotrollers model #761?
would blue hair suit me ?
Would Black Hair Look good on me?
Would it be rude if I...?
Whats the best conditioner?
what magazine was the photo of nicole richie in ruffled booty shorts with short hair looking in a mirror?
Is a man with a ponytail a turn off?
I want to know how can i grow my hair very long and silky pls help ,kinjal?
How often do you have to wash your hair?
Hair style ideas bags/buns/up do?
What hair colour would suit me? (pics inside)?
Im thinking about getting hair extensions, but i want volume not just length, what price range am i looking at
if I put hair dye remover on my hair what colour will it go? my hair is reddy brown?
If a guy never takes off his hat and you've hung out with him 15-20 times does this mean he is bald?
Need ideas on how to style my hair for prom !?
why do people cut their own hair ?
Facial hair: hot or not?
are hair extentions worth the money?
How to keep my hair curled all day?
My uncle is becoming bald and is only 20 what should i do to make him happy?
hair straghitners good or bad?
what color you think i should dye my hair?
How do i look...............
I have curly hair & want it to grow at it's best!! What can i do to speed up or help the process????
Does my hair look better curly or straight??
am I going bald? OR dry damaged hair...?
I need opinions on this hair color?
How obvious will it be?
What shade of brown should I go for?My current hair color is blonde.?
My flat iron just broke and I want some suggestions on good ion straighteners?
i have curly hair anyone have an idea what i can put in it so its not frizzy?
How can i naturally darken my hair?
Is There a way to possibly grow your hair longer, faster?
I want a buzz cut should I?
need to match rooth with rest of hair?
Where can i buy "Revlon frost and glow" in the UK?
Asian Hair Straightening/Relaxing treatment?
What is the best hair color for me?
where can i find a site that shows different hair styles???(cuts)?
My hair gets oily really fast! What should I do?
hair color?
Black Hair Care?
What product should I use for soft curls?
Bangs with glasses Yes or No?
do i look good with short hair?
What do you think my friends will say?????/?
Do you like this haircut?
How to have healthier, prettier hair?
how can i get my hair to be more pink?
Would i look better with a faux mohawk and buzz cut the sides? and dye my hair red wit it?
Dying my hair. need some tips....?
What is tat Haircut call where u have your hold hair spike up, mostly Mexicans n Hispanics have them. PLZZZ?
I'm not sure if I should dye my hair?
how can i make my choppy hair grow?
Do you wash your hair before you go to the hairdresssers?
Which is better?
Hair problems (greasiness)?
Help! Bangs or no bangs?
Should i go platinum blonde or darker brown?
Will my kids have red hair?
How do I get rid of oily hair?
What is the best Hair straightening Flat Iron i can buy?
Could showering everyday make me break out?
i wont to know your opinion on people who dye their hair whacky colors.. what do you think about them?
What can I use to straighten frizz natural African American hair without chemicals?
OMG I Just Dyed My Hair Pink (Pictures)?
male hair styling?
How to make my hair grow longer super fast?
Ok, give it to me...annoying things hairstylists do!?
chicago salon that specialize in natural hair?
Can guy perm hair every 1-2 months?
Need formal hairstyle for in-between stage hair!?
My hair is frizzy and I cant control it. (pictures) (short hair; boy)?
Whats a good site that i can experiment with hair?
wanna straighten really cury hair!?
Does my hair cut look ok? (pics)?
I'm a ginger, why don't i get girls?
blonde or brunette, which do you prefer boys and girls??
i have dark blond hair...?
What is a blowout hairstyle?
some nice, simple styles for my hair?
howw to straighten hairr ?
help with my toddlers hair?
What's your natural hair color ......?
im 30 n going bald should i comb over or go skinhead?
How long does a spiral perm take at the salon?
Will this hair suit this girl?
Does my hair color look decent (picture)?
I have dark brown hair and im dying (tinting) it plum. What will this fade to?
Why is my hair so greasy?
Hair help please?
To middle part, or to not middle part?
should men be gagged 24 hours a day, or do you really want to hear what they have to say?
Do all mixed people have curly hair, Or are they spouse to?
quick way for a teen to make money?
Hair Health in America....?
Question about hair color?
what hairstyle do u like better ? CURLY OR STRAIGHT ?
what is he best way too remove hair from down there?
please any good ,natural , homemade CONDITIONER ?
What hair color would look good on me (i have pic)?
Facial Hair. PLZ HELP ME. = (?
Hey I'm looking for a healthy, natural way to make my hair grow faster?
Can you dye your synthetic hair extensions?
Is it true that mixed poeple have the best hair?
dying my hairrr ? (: what color ?!?
How long does Kool-Aid stay in your entire head? (Brunettes?)?
Question for fellow hairdressers....?
cutting hair into layers?
Where is the best place to purchase Remy Virgin Indian hair on a weft at an affordable price?
Need help with picking cut and color for hair. Would like something punk/scene. (Repost with pictures)?
How much would it cost to permanently get rid of all body hair on a woman (minus eyebrows, head and eyelashes)
Girls: What do you think is sexier on a guy- straight hair or curly hair?
Girls HOW do you wax?!?! It's pure torture?
how can i get big curls in my hair?
will my fan frizz up my hair?
i look funny with my hair up pics included 10 points best answer?
Will i have to bleach my hair?
Is my hair color washing out?
How do you get rid of split ends? Without Cutting your hair.?
Is it bad to use only conditioner, and not shampoo?
How do I explain this hairstyle to my Hairstylist to cut it this way? (PICTURES!)?
how do i get my hair back blonde?!?!?
What hair colour would suit me most?
Will this work with my hair?
What would be a good hairstyle for me? My hairs long, thick, auburn. Pic included!?
i want purple and blonde hair..any body have any ideas!?
How long will it take to grow my hair?
Color highlights for dark brown hair?
When washing your hair, should you lather and rinse OR lather, rinse, and repeat?
Natural Blonder Hair In the Winter..?
How would I look with this hair?
What are some good tips to grow hair fast?
Does the keratin hair treatments work?
How do I get rid of thick hair?
What is the best shampoo you have ever used?
what are some good ideas for birthday parties?
How to get my hair curly ?
Which is better - Dove or Pantene?
dying hair, someone help me?
As a black woman, what can I use in my hair to stop frizziness?
what hairstyle is prettier?[pictures included!]?
Will our hair turn green?
I have so many split ends it's not funny what do I do?
are side bangs still in?
whois prettier?
Did you ever experience hair loss?
my hair is falling out and it gets greasy fast?
Is it true that if you cut your hair is grows really fast?
Which look would you prefer better?
Free hair straightners?
hairstyles for lifeguarding...please help?
How do you do your own spring (Nubian) twist?
What is a good electric razor to get for a girl?
prom hairstyle??? i noes it early but yea..?
What shampoo should I use?
HELP! what hair colour should i get? Need Advice!?
Hair straightening..?
How do i get my hair to grow quicker???? any special tips or ideas?
how can i do my hair like this?
Should I get a new hair colour? (pic included)?
My hair sometime sticks
Coloring hair over a month after having used Color the same rules still apply?
Should I dye my hair a really pretty brown and dye my bangs either magenta or hot pink?
How can I get this hair?
Where can I buy the hair product Color Oops?
Girl's i need your help!?
what do people think of girls with short hair? i want to cut my hair short.?
Hair question!?
Argan oil for damaged and dry hair?
Are fake highlights okay to put in a thirteen year old hair?
Does anyone have a really good hairdresser that they recommend?
I am 18 yrs old and i am u ever heard about a treatment for it?
Shampoo for oilyish hair ?
Hair breakage inquiry?
Ideas on how i should make my hair for mid school?
do i look better with short or long hair?
When dip dying hair, how do you keep it in line?
Why is washing your hair everyday bad?
Are Origins Knot Free shampoo and conditioner sulfate free?
PLZ I need help and fast!!!! (10 points)?
Where can I get Copolla Keratin Treatment done in Orlando?
Hair advice/help! Please answer!?
What way do you like my hair?
Anybody out there with hair straighteners....! Help please :)?
What to do with my hair?
Do you like my scene hair ?
Spiral curls for natural hair? .s?
dreds or mohawks?
Hair problems?????????
Could i use garnier nutrisse ultra hair color red shades intended for dark hair, on my faded brown/red hair?
What should i do with my hair? (pics?)?
Does straightening your hair ruin/damage it?
how do you control curly hair?
Don't know I my head/ eyebrow shave was right?
does FAST shampoo work?
straight hair or wavy??
what is a way to get your hair straight without using a flat iron?
How do I get great blonde highlights on my black hair doing it myself on a budget?
i have a thinning widow's peak...what should i do?
Why doesn't the sock bun work for me?
I have black course hair that has been relaxed and i want to go natural what should i do?
How to get rid of pubic hair comfortably?
Guys & Body hair, how much stays...goes?
whats a good shampoo and conditioner for puffy hair?
senegalese twists? hair help?
How do you remove bubble gum from your hair?
How many times a week do you take a shower?
Should people shave their private parts? and if so why?
Hairr dying helppp???? (yes i know i postedd it before butt i didentt think the title was good)?
Is it too soon to re dye my hair?
Is my hair becoming curly?
Where can I find a good myspace layout for hairdressers?
Should I wash my hair or not?
how can i highlight extensions?
People dying hair at 14?
can i have your opinion?
best at home dye for crazy thick black hair?!?
I need help on how to dye the roots of my hair?
Does anyone out there think I'm odd for preferring brunettes over blonds?
what is a good way to straighten wavy/curly/ african american hair? without using a chemical?
Should I cut my hair?
Where can you buy Bigfish Amplifying Shampoo?
What hair colour would suit me?
anyway to make hair grow faster?!?
what do u think of blue eyed blondes?
i want to get my hair shaved on one size ?
Can anyone tell me where i can get hair screws?
Cute And Easy Hair Ideas?
What should i do to my hair for my party?
will my hair turn green if go swimming?
how can i maintain my red hair?
Do Highlights Damage Your Hair?
hair dye?!?!?
Girls/Ladies,If you went bald would you wear a bad fitting wig or would you go around with a bald head?
Hair Help Needed ASAP!!! PLEASE!!!?
Is HAIR TRANSPLANT surgery safe?
what is your natural hair color ?
should i dye my hair brown? =] pic inside?
What scene hair cut would suit a heart shaped face ?
Should i cut my hair emo-scene?
What are some great hair products?
Can straightening your hair make it permanently dry?
do girls bald??
What can I use instead of hairspray?
how often should i wash my hair.?
Should i get bangs like that??? (pic)?
I've seen pictures of Goth girls with fake dreads, called fall dreads, made of yarn. How do I make my own?
is it okay to dieyour hair twice so quikly?
Home made products to strip hair colour?
Do guys look better with short hair or long hair?
Different hair treatments?
Manic Panic Flash Lightning Didn't Work!?
How to get my hair to stay pretty?
My hair is curly and wavy and I couldn't control it properly.....what should I do?
side bangs staying to side?
I want my hair to be platinum blonde. How do I achieve this?
What color should I die my hair?
How can i make my hair healthy again?
whats the difference between shampoo and conditioner? when to use each? when are both used together?
How can I stop my hair loss?
how to get hairstyle like that?
hair question?
I Shaved My Pubic Hair && it Itches Now !! Help ? Please?
I wash my hair every day.... Is this bad?
Hey guys, need help scrunching straight shoulder length hair?
how do you figure out your boyfriend is cheating?
How would I look with short hair? Pic included.?
Prom hairstyles?
are sidebangs good for me?
would i look good with blonde hair?
how do i get a perfect fringe?
How to Grow hair on a Bald Spot?
Is it bad to never have your hair cut?
Hair help please?! What shampoo should I use...?
(SURVEY) prices u wuld pay for service at a salon?
What's the best brand of hair curlers?
What should I do with my hair?
do u like these highlights click on link?
what can i put into my hair to make it look, and feel healthier??
Is it okay to leave a hot oil treatment in for 8 hours?
does folica sell real ghd straighteners?
anyone near quincy massachusetts know how to highlight hair? I want to get some hihglights?
are pigtails ok for a 13 year old to wear?
I dont know what to do with my hair??
Can someone give me a list of good hair products to buy?
what are some good sites i can go on for great 2006 hairsyles?
What is the best highlighting kit for dark brown hair?
please explain my weird curly hair phenomena?
HAIR - please help me with my hair?
where can i find the hair product "bump it's"?
How do I make my hair pretty again...?
What are your thoughts on thick girls?
how do you get blonde tips in brown hair?
Do you know a specific Prenatal vitamin to help grow hair?
my brothers mate keeps taking mick out of my ginger hair?
what is ur fave colour of hair on a bf or gf?
What shampoo do you use?
I Would Like To Know How To Get This Scene Hair Style?
ok i wanna dye my hair but i dont no what color?
Which hairstyle should I pick?
haircut St y l e s?
How should I wear my hair for an interview?
I'm a SWIMMER and I need to GET RID of my HAIR!?
Why are all the guys into the blonde's?
I have pin straight hair with nooo body or anything?
what do i do with my permed hair?
Hair Problem Help ;o Please...?
Hairstylist! What do you suggest for my hair?
Should I die my hair? I'm a natural blonde.(See details.)?
straighting hair......?
Should i dye my hair Red or Black?
I am looking for a good straightener for my hair,its med length and very curly and thick.?
Would it look good if i dyed the bottom of my hair red?
What can I use to make my hair more smoothed down and control flyaways?
Any ideas as to what I can do to spice my hair up?
How can I get better shaped eyebrows?
Hair coloring advice?
i am looking for a website to view possible childrens hairstyles?
What are some home remedies to make your hair grow faster?
hair scruch?
Should I shave my shaggy rogers?
Can yu put gel in yur hair when yu have cronrows?
Is it good to straighten hair while it's wet still?
what hairstyles/updos would looks best with this dress?
Hey girls out there. Would u ever get a mohawk???????
Do steam crimpers/wavers work well?
How many shaves are disposable razors supposed to last for?
which hairstyle to you like best on me (pics)?
Hairstyle Help?
Please help, I'm going to cry. Hair breakage from bleach!!?
What is a safe way to dye black hair?
My hair is soo thin!!!?
Where can I buy Avatar Hair Dye in Calgary Ab?
Is it nice to have oily hair?
Do you think everyone could look good in blonde?
What color should i dye my hair?
is long hair sexy?????
What color should I dye my hair (picture included)?
Uh bad hair, help please ?
Much to Much hair,down there,how can i get rid of it?
Which is the best hair oil to make my hair strong, long & thick ?
what's a fohawk? ?
Should I die my hair blonde?
do I suit my hair straight or curly (pics)?
Conditioner advice? I want soft hair.?
what's better in your opinion blonde or brown hair?
Ok, from looking at my 360 profile picture, would I look ok with a shaved head.?
tipping at the salon?
Should i go blonde?
Help me, please?
would i look good with brown hair?!?
Any way to speed up eyebrow growth ??
Is your hair long or short .what is it now and whats your natural hair colour?
Should I get side swept bangs? [pics]?
Are chi flat irons worth the $?
Kaleidocolors? Bleach? Help!?
What hair colour would suit me?
What do I do when a salon fried my hair?
Are side bangs still in?
L'oreal Paris "Touch on highlights" Color Help!?
Brown to blonde hair at ulta?
can i use hair dye after catract eye operation? operation over by 27 days i am using this dye for more than?
Black Girls...what are some good but affordable brands of hair (please dont say sally's)?
i need help with greasy hair?
I got a bob, but it makes my head look so big and weird?
how long does it takes for you to straighten you hair?
Hair cut question?
how to get loose curly hair?
How can i make my hair straight without a straight iron???
Will washing my hair with baking soda take the demi permanant color away?
How long will it take for my hair to grow 5cms?
anyone know that hairstyle where it's like a little mohawk but you have long hair in the back?
How do I get a really bad knot out of my daughter's hair?
My hair is a BIG poofy mess?! How can i KEEP it straight ALL day?! As soon as i go outside is frizzes!!!?
my hair has been dyed about 3 times but it looks horrible.?
Do girls like curly or straight hair?
13 years old and hair falls out alot in the shower plz help?
would i look ok if i did my hair like this?
I hate my hair color. How long should I wait before redying it?
What shoulddd i have my hair like tmoz ! :O?
How to grow hair long, fast!?
New Straightener! I am asking for one for Christmas... which professional brand is best?
hair horror?
Do you think short blonde hair with light brown streaks would look good?
Do I need to wear a shower cap after applying hair dye and waiting for it to set?
Can you make your hair brown by using black hair dye?
Help with curly hair!?
What colour should I dye my hair? (see pic)?
What color do you think his hair is?
What to do?
mommy+waxing+shaving =not good.?
Before or after? (pics)?
Curly hair over night?
Babyliss or Philips straighteners?
How can my hair grow longer PLEASE HELP?
Share some wig websites?
Hair problem!!!?
where can i find a website where its like "face in a hole" only it has different hairstyles?
whats in parazone thick bleach my daughter drank a cup?
is it ok if a guy straightens his hair?
I want to dye my hair dark/emerald green! ADVICE PLZ?
what shampoo do you use?
I want to dye my hair frm strwbrry blonde to blck,i have amber colored eyes. will this look good?
How can we have silky smooth hairs ?
Best place in Fort worth Tx for a wig for a crossdresser?
Would I look good blonde?
Will layers make my hair look thicker or thinner?
Hi, can u please suggest me to grow long hair?
Where can I find somewhere cheap and effective to have my hair put up for a ball in Liverpool?
what do i do?
What should color should I dye my hair?
Who is going to let their hair go gray - especially for women?
How to do my hair like danny warsnop?
Can I use ceramic-coated hair straighteners on wet / damp hair?
Would I look good with jet-black hair?
Can u put both serum and heat protectant in your hair at once?
At what age do people start getting gray hairs?
i have a unibrow?
Hair Relaxer Question?
My hair has been looking Greasy... what do I do?
what should i do with my hair?!?
Is it bad to straiten my hair everyday?
what kind of wave bush should I use?
wearing your hair long ( ladies)?
Best shampoo and conditioner ?
Do boys like girls with red hair???
I got a haircut and the lady went sizzor happy. I need styling help!!?
Which hair color do you think will look best for me?
Do Hair Vitamins Make Your Hair Shed...?
How do you get rid of unbelievable damaged hair that is short ?
Is dying light brown hair to blonde a really bad idea?
How should I fix my hair for the first day of school (pic included)?
What products do I use for hair like this?
Curd should be used after shampoo or to use it?
question about dry hair?
how can i get rid of split ends in my hair..?
Can 12 yr olds use Herbal Essences Shampoo?
Do you like boys with long hair or short?
I want a perm..need suggestions?
If i stopped using Rogaine would that make my hair even worse?
if i get a perm will it fry my very fine hair?
Hairstyles/ Haircut opinions??!?
My natural hair color is a dark/medium reddish golden blonde?
How would I look blonde? (pic included)?
Bleached hair 10 times and its ruined?
Can you re-bleach your hair after you tone it?
who is sexier a blonde or brunette?
how long does weed stop growing in your hair?
Does olive oil treatment work?
Help! I need help with my hair (easy points!)?
Has anyone used Nature's Bounty Hair, Skin & Nails supplements?
Picture DAY!!! :D?
what colour will my hair go if..?
Which is worse for you hair????
longer hair?!!?
Can straightning ur hair damage ur hair or not?
i have a moustache !?
Hair removing cream like Nair?
what to do about the arkward stage?
Long hair or short hair?
can i dye my hair when is humid or raining outside?
Decent hairspray for thin hair, CURLS?
Do guys use conditionor?
My hair is very curly and puffy. What are some hair styles I should use?
How braids affect hair?
Do I look better with Straight or Curly hair?
Hair coloring problem please help?
I have fine hair but would like to curl it any advise on how to make the curls last?
How can i get my black hair to go blonde again?
Help with new haircut?!?
hair style ideas PLEASE?
is the beehive going to be the new bob?
Since 'they' say the styles of the '80s are coming back, do you think big hair will too?
Mohawk Maintenance?
should i cut my own bangs?
Bad spiral perm (frizzy wave, at best). What are my options? Hairdresser agrees to redo it, but...?
what will make my hair lighter?
straight or wavy?!?!?!?!??!?!?
Name some households that live on Benjamin Street in Crestview Florida?
If you don't like your haircut, is it OK to go back and ask them to fix it several days later.?
wat is the best way to get the surliest hair?
Why do women shave their legs?
Head and shoulders doesn't work, Dandruff problem.?
what is the best way or haircare product to grow afro/caribbean hair longer and stronger?
What can I do to make my hair non puffy?
why do hairstylist always use bleach and toner, why not use enlightner to get the correct shade of highlight?
does my hair suit me? picture inside?
Should i go dark again or stay lighter??
should i dye my hair?
best platinum blonde shade?
Would I look good with red hair?
Is curly hair pretty on girls?
you like the rain?
How long does it take for bangs to grow out a little bit?
HELP! Hair Saloons in Subang Jaya?
well i am having a sleepover but my friends love hairdressing i need ideas (my friends r girls)?
What are my odds of going bald?
scene-type hair 4 curly hair plz help!!!!!?
cute hairstyles for sports?
How do you wash your hair?
I need to grow my hair fast! Any ideas??
Do you think men should shave their armpits?
Dye my hair black or really dark brown? And why?
can you recommend a reasonable hair salon in nyc for a college student. i just need a trim?
What is the best laser comb for hair loss?
Is it bad to "copy" a friends hair?
what should i do first (cut my hair or dye it)?
Damaged Hair PLEASE HELP!!!?
Ombre-ing my black extensions?
Which haircut would I look better with? (Pictures.)?
which do guys like better....long or short hairstyles?
how to grow unnatural hair?
Is there any possible way to get permanent hair dye out of my hair?
Can hair (only on head) grow quicker when...?
What color should I dye my Hair?
ok so i have curly hair and all of my friends have straight?
Why are my hair wavy? Everyone in my family have straight thick hair. I am an indian.?
What is a really good Straightener?
How to stop your hair from being greasy?
What is the average life of a hair straightener? And is "Herstyler" a good straightener?
My hair is changing colors... why?!?
What color should I dye my hair? (Picture included)?
What are some hair cuts that would look good with a round face?
Does anyone know where I can buy the Sedu hair straightener?
how to avoid white hairs in my head?
what kind of shampoo do you use? just wondering!!?
soooo my prom is may 1st?........?
cut mt hair to short! HELP!!!!!?
Is there a way to make hair grow faster?
How can i do my hair like this?
How to get great curls?
What would happen if I left my hair dye in for too long?
Do guys like girls with short/medium hair?
my hair grow way to fast?
does my hair look as bad as I think it does?
Frizzy hair!! Please help!!?
How do I get my hair stylist back?
How do I style my hair like this?
what suppliments can i take to make my hair grow thicker and faster?
should you tip the person who cuts your hair?
For my wedding should I wear my hair up or down? What do you think?
Apparantely GHD's are great because they make your hair poker straight and stay straight all day....?
Do you prefer Emma Watson with short or long hair?
whats wrong with this haircut??
I did this girl hair and I charged her $60. She paid me $40 and said she would bring the rest Monday...?
How to get rid of a red tint in my hair?
Should i shave my legs?
best product to dye hair!!! pleaseee answer!?
I want to dye my hair pink? *Preffered pics inside.*?
Do My hair extensions look real?
(For boys only plz) Is it true that blondes are always preferred?
L'oreal Color Rays: Is it good?
How to clean a wide-tooth comb?
Are hairdressers grossed out by dandruff?
is there any tricologists here?
Do u think that girsl at the age 11 should be dying their hair colors?
Is it rue that trimming your hair will make it grow faster and longer?
I have dark brown / black in parts hair how to get it one coloured?
Hairstyles for (very) thin, shorter hair?
how long do i have to wait do dye my highlights lighter?
should i get dread locks?
what will i look like if i dye my hair purple? (im asian)?
I am 14 with no armpit hair?
How do i get my hair straight?
What is the name of the hairstyle where you pin back the front of your hair?
What would be a suitable age would be to start dying your hair?
How should I cut my hair? (pics included)?
Last minute homecoming hair dues?! Please help and suggest!?
help with homecoming hair?
Is she pretty?
Why do women wear their hair up or down?
Can you help me pick a new hairstyle? u like thin man with curly hair and glamorous?
can anyone help me fix my greasy looking bangs?
Lookin for the best hair stylist for hair color around Lansing mi?
has anyone used the hair cleaning stuff to pass a hair follicle test?
wat r sum really cute hair styles for braids.?
which is the best anti dandruff shampoo?
should i dye my hair back it was brown now its blond?
Possible Way To Straighten Your Bangs Without Heat?
how often should u wash ur hair?
what is the best way to develop waves in my hair?
Blonde or brunette? With pictures?
how does my hair look best (pics)?
Will Sun-In highlightening spray damage your hair like bleach?
Help I want longer hair fast..?
Got a perm today that completely fell out today?
I let someone at a salon bleach out my hair... Now it is orange and white.. how can I get it back to blonde??
how to prevent sun bleaching?! i'm in the sun and chlorine, and my hair went from dark brown to ..No swimcaps!?
Am I a stalker? Is this considered stalking?
I take 3 biotin vitamins a day, what are other ways to speed up my hair growth?
Does anyone know of any Punk/Scene/Emo etc. hair salons in Cleveland, Ohio?
Hairstyles online that use your own pic so you can see how it would look on you?
Hairstyle help?
Should I dye my eyebrows?
Is hair striaghtneing damaging my hair?
someone who can cut long, natural hair in southern new hampshire area usa?
I hate my curly hair !?
How do I get my hair straight?
How to master the fishtail braid?
Biosilk how well does it really work?
i need a little boost of confidence and hopefully some advice.?
what is really ''in'' now?
would my hair look rightt ?
Is it bad for your hair to wash it every day?
i heard splat hair dye stains skin...?
how to get your hair to go in points?
What would look better....?
How do i make my naturally wavy/curly hair less poofy and more relaxed?
i need some hair tips please help?
Advice from ladies about my hair?
Whats better my old hair or my hair now?
What are the best conditioners for me?
Why do Indian woman ALWAYS...?
Which do you like better? Short hair or long hair?
What should i do about my hair? My ends split like crazy.?
why did britney cut her hair?
Needs LONG HAIR!!!!!?
Do single braids/ cornrows look good on white girls?
How do i untangle my hair extensions?
how i make my hair like tlc chilli
Best hair repair/growth promotion products?
If I have spot baldness, what can I do so that I can wear my hair short and this not show?
Should i curler my hair or straighten it?
HairStyle Help?................?
how can i make my hair grow faster?
Would a long bob hairstyle with a side fringe suit any face shape?
whats is your favorite shampoo?
how often do you cut it for damaged hair?
Cute Hair Cut!!!?
Chopped my hair off and hate it..but my hair is too thick for extensions. HELP PLEASE?
What is the correct and NON DERROGATORY way of referring to African American hair?
How can I have brown hair without dye?
How to Grow Hair Out Before Prom.. FAST!?
Homecoming hairstyle ideas?
girls - do you concentrate more when your hair is tied up or just down?
What kind of hair is this and How can I get it?
How can I get my hair to grow faster?
my future studies and getting job ,settlement in life?
how do i get the alberto balsalm shampoo website?
Can a hair colorist do the base and highlights in the same session?
how can i make myself not look like a piece of crap?
Using regular bleach on hair?
Witch is cooler (GIRLS) short or long hair?
Remidies to get blue/black box dye from hair ?
How to make curly hair striaght? with extremely greasy hair?!?
how do i wear side combs?
French Braid?
My hair has been bleached professionally, how do i do it at home w/o turning it green!?
Im so bored with my hair...?
Need my hair to grow quicker!?
Question on hair growing?
Hair?!?! Long or short?!?!?
Hair dyes? Please help!?
If your hair was blonde would you still shave your legs ?
is loreal ever strong a good shampoo?
Does washing your hair everyday make it greasy?
I need a bigger picture of a hairstyle similar to THIS:?
Is hair color different?
should i get these bangs? pictures!?
why does my hair come out when i use conditioner? does anyone else have this problem? thanks?
Did you guys hear the latest revelation, that red-head women have most sex?? Wonder if it's true?
You curl or babyliss curling wand?
would u rather have curly or ginger hair on your head?
do guys look better with short or long hair?
best Way to get rid of or make arm hair less noticeable?
What do i need to know?
what should i do with my hair?? 10 points! i need GUYS&GIRLS opinions?
How can I style my hair like this?
What is the brand name of the relaxer they use at JcPenney's Salon?
where can i get cheer hair curlers?
How can I get my hair like is use to be ?
I cut my bangs short, do they look okay? pics!?
How to get my hair curly ?
Can You Dye Your Hair With Expo Markers?
Girls, long hair on guys, yay or nay?
Advice for ingrown hairs, down there?
Any good websites to show you the best hairstyle for your features and hair type?
how can i get my hair like astons of JLS?
Can I use home bleach to bleach my hair?
What kind of curling iron is best for these curls ?
can anybody tell me , where i can get my hair weaved in Brisbane, Queensland?
I got a perm and now I want it out also?
really damaged hair from straightening?
dose propecia work?
how we can take care of hair ?
hair growth remedys!!!?
Do you think that i look better with curly hair or straight (Pictures)?
straightening your hair!?!?
When i try to "scrunch" my hair.. it doesnt work.. how come?
what color lowlights or streaks should i get for black hair?
If I deep condition my hair for a few hours, will it mess with my hair color?
A question about Herbal Essences Totally Twisted Mousse?
how can i get melted plastic off of my porcelain hair straightener?
What are the best brands of hair dye and hair spray?
Mane and Tail productsss?
my hair always fly away, any tips?!...and how can i avoid split ends?!?
How to make my hair grow faster?
Do woman like gelled hair on a man?
Where can I find images of the hairstyle "modern mohawk" or mohican for a woman?
What color is my hair, I can never tell!?
my hairs r falling really much. i dont use nythn like heat straightng or blowdryin...still..evryday dey r gett?
How Do I get longer and healthier looking hair?
Anyone know a website that has a lot of cute long and medium hairstyle photos?
What African American hair care products promote hair growth?
does anyone know a free website to see how you would look with a different hair colour?
19 years old and have bumfluff, how can I grow real facial hair fast?
I'M GETTING BANGS?!?!?!? please help.?
Any natural way for getting rid of dandruff??
I have very scanty hair what should i do?
how can i buy flat iron for my hair?
Shall i cut my hair??
guys, do you like girls with short hair or long hair?
Do u like blonde hair or brown hair better? I need a color for my hair?
Does this look look good on me?
Hair Bleach Help (This Needed Twenty Characters)?
How can I make my hair thicker?
School hairdos for school.?
Girls do you wash your hair every day?And does it look greasy ever. Please help!!!?
what colour hair do you prefer better, brown or blonde?
Do girls have hair in their butt too?
How can I minimize red in my brunette hair?
Shaving for a party - help?
This cold wheather poofs up my hair! >.<?
what are the prices for regis hair salon?
Where is Yuko hair straightening available in Canada?
how to care for childrens hair?
i want a web site about the short curly hair style .can you help me?
I have to buy a GHD hair straightener.I reside at Bangalore.Where can I buy aunthetic GHD product.?
Best natural highlight color for dark brown hair ?
What percent of women shave their forearms??
where can i get my hair washed and set at a discount by students in houston?
how do i get long hair in like a month?
I am stuck. should i dye/cut my hair???
Insane dry hair.... HELP!!!!?
What color Hoghlight should I get?
Would it be ok to dipdye my hair the same night of dying it brown?
How soon can I dye my hair again? ?
shop for clothes and shoes?
I hate having naturally black hair :(?
How do you bleach your hair?
How to keep shorter hair from being frizzy all around my head?
If your hair was blonde would you still shave your legs ?
do women like hairy men,i mean in bed?
rebounding hair?
Is there any type of shampoo that you don't need to use water with under £7?
How should I colour my hair?
I am dressing up in '80s clothes for a costume party, but I don't know how to do my hair! please Help!!!
I would really REALLY like some great advice on how to grow my hair faster!?
which bangs do you like better?
What is the best way to remove hair from the bikini line without shaving everything?
do you think my hair......?
Curly hair or straight hair?
Question about dyingg hairr?
What's my haircut called?
what do you think of my hair color?
how to have curls without actually having permanent hair curls?
my hair is falling,plz tell the solution to reduce the hair fall?
which hairstyle would be best for me?
Girls, Im a guy, need HAIRSTYLE help *(pic)*?
should i cut my hair ?? (pic included hair shown)?
HELP AGAIN. Darker roots?
What is the best make of hair straightener?
GUYS do YOu what hair color do YoU prefer???
Dying my hair brown from gingery auburn?
Is there anything wrong with guys with long hair?
what color should i die my hair if i have blue eyes?
I have a Hair question....!!!?
Should I get blue streaks?
my baby hair is falling out?
how much costly to straight my hair.i hay a silky hair.?
Hair question????!!!!?
Where can I find a good myspace layout for hairdressers?
I want to grow the hair on the back of my head. Can I use Rogaine?
i have a perm but am now bored with it, any way to straighten this at home not using irons?
Should I Cut My Hair Like This?
what color should i dye her hair.[Picss]?
Girls:Is long hair hot on a 13 year old boy?
help lady asap plez i have never did this?
website that i can photoshop my photos to look tanner and lighten my hair?
How Does Miley Cyrus Do Her Hair like that ?
I bleached my hair today and its falling out I want to dye it dark is it to soon? What will happen?
would you consider a shaved head a hair style?
What ways can I style my hair without using any heat?
Brown hair to blonde hair?
Which one? ((((((((((PICS)))))))))))))))))?
How do you make pastel stay in your hair?
Would dark brown hair with a tint of plumb go with brown eyes and olive skin?
Are there complications with dying brown hair red?
How to dye ones eyebrows???
Does anyone know where I can find this color hair dye in drugstores?
will your hair turn brown if you wash it in the toilet?
Is L'OREAL casting creme gloss good?
Layered wavy hair styling?
how to get nice beach waves overnight?
Okay hair professionals, what is my face shape and what haircut would compliment it?
Can I pull off a brighter red *pic included*?
I need a good hair cut do you know any good salon that's near the Bronx or Manhattan?
I have dirty blonde hair, and I want to die the underneath part of it fucia coloured. WHat hair die will work?
Can I used color hair spray on dyed hair?
I want to change up my hair?
How to get my hair like this!?! MALE 10 POINTS?
Is my hair too long for extensions?
is it okay if i get a curling iron that is 20 dollars from CVS?
hair problem...............?
Why does everyone think that brunettes are ugly when blondes are way too common?
What is the worlds biggest split end? How do I find it?
what is the best kind of flat and curling iron?
hair colour blonde or brown?
How often should I wash my hair?
hiii is frequent use of a volumizer harmful for the hair ??how can i make optimum use of a volumizer ?
Is that thing where if you shave hair, it grows back thicker?
Has anyone used herba shine?
Is there a natural way to dyeing your hair? like using coffee or berries....etc...?
Box dye questions? 10 points?
Should I get a perm? (pic included)? you prefer short, cleancut hair or long hair on a guy?
Hair color suggestions,?
hair protection tips please?
My hair gets dry even though I don't use heat?
what are the side effects of getting hair cloured?
hix trend color hair for men this season ????
Where can I purchase a magnetic wristband for holding hairpins for Updo styles?
My hair is falling out!!! Please Help!?
What's your favorite way to wear your hair this summer?
My hair is long and I just noticed its getting damaged, should i?
how do i style my side bangs?
the best straightener?
hair perm? should i ask for 1 or not?
I want my hubby to get his chest wax, I dont like hair on his chest, just a little but I want it gone?
Are there any good websites I could look because tomorrow I am getting my hair cut and I want some ideas?
Redheads. Whats your opinion?
What is a good haircut for a teenage guy with straight hair?
How do I get this hairstyle?
Will a protein treatment help my daughter's hair?
LEG HAIR.....bit of a problem?
does lee stafford hair growth treatment work?
jordan aka katie price?
myyy hairrr...?
What color should i die my hair?
Some easy questions about hair i will rate you plzzz help meeeeee...........?
Split ends...Damaged hair?
How to do my hair before bed so I dont wake up looking like a witch?!?
Should I dye my hair black?
if i took 15 inches off my lucious wavy red hair?
Orangey yellow hair...what next?
how do i get my hair like this?
how to select a/my hairstyle?
how can i cut my bangs by my self?
my hair is dull and thin?
what type of shampoo should I use for my thick, wavy hair?
How do u be scene???????
what about hair styling games?are there any?
Should I Dye My hair/Am I Pretty?
Blonde, Brunette or Red?
What kind of side bang would suit an "emo" hairstyle?
Does my hair look better short or a bit longer?
i heard that there was this temporary perm you can do at home.. it supossely last for a few weeks..?
coloring hair extensions?
which is better? (pic)?
Would I look good with black hair?
Your favorite shampoo?
What color hair dye................?
how come blondes are dumer then brunettes???
Does my hair look better curly or straight?
I've recently started to double shampoo my hair and it has become dry?
questions about perms?
Please rate hairstyles - boys and girls (as many as possible) (pics included)?
anyone wash their hair 1 time every 6 month?
Why does every hot guy want a blonde girl with super long hair?
Ughh My hair!!!?
what is the best way to shape eyebrows without plucking them?
What epilators are the best?