Does anyone know of a salon in NYC or Wahington, DC that sells and applies lace front wigs?
How long should i leave henna my hair?
I can't figure out who I am. Who am I?
organic ingredients for 4a/4b hair?
Do US hair salons do perms?
How to grow uneven hair?
How long does it take for you girls to straighten hair?
Should I go lighter or darker (pics)?
What can I do to make my hair grow!!!?
How the H.ELL do you get red hair dye off of your hands?
If jyst met a g I rl and i complimeny her hair and telk her hiw pretty abd shinny it is?
How do you make pastel stay in your hair?
Can ypur hair still get very damaged when u flat iron it with heat protecting spray?
What is the best method for spiking your hair??
what hair dye should i buy?
How can i get my hair straight?
Am i better looking as a blonde or brunette?
Hair product help! Only answer if you know hair!?
How can I make my hair curly not frizzy?
What is the best korean shampoo to treat damaged thin and hair loss?
Are Side Bangs Hard To Take Care Of ?
Should I get layers in my curly hair?
Color question?
where can i find punky colour hair colour stockists in montreal.?
Do you like "scene" girl hair (:?
What kind of hair products to use for a biracial child's hair?
I Have a Wig Its Not Human Hair but iI would like to know if I Can Still wash it with Shampoo and stuff?
What color streaks look best with brown hair?
Does the spin pin work with thin hair?
How do I cut my hair like this?
How to make your hair healthier?
Is spraying lemon juice on your hair and then sitting in the sun to lighten your hair bad for it?
i got a horrible short haircut, help!?
i have black hair, how can i go blonde?
What are some good hair drying equipment?
Important hair dying question!! [Please Answer]?
I need to find a good conditioner/detangler for my biracial 2 yr old son?
For all my black ladies........?
Can you give me suggestions for a professionally done half up half down up-do!!?
Can I use any shampoo to make my hair grow wat kind( FASTER BECAUSE MY HAIR ONLY SYOPS TO THE MIDDLE OF MY EAR?
is sally's a good place to get hair extensions ?
What are some hairstyles I can do in less than 15 minutes that look pretty?
Should i Dread my hair again?`?
is it true that to much conditioner can cause split ends?
Do you prefer black Asian hair or brown?
how do u straighten hair with out a hair straightner ?
What do you think of Halo hair extensions?
Hair dye??
My hair is short and curly,i want it straight, do you thnk i should relax it?
(MANIC PANIC EXPERTS)How to get manic panic Ultra Violet not to be blue?
i want to do something new to my hair help me outtt!?
Hair ideas! Need help with changing up my style!?
why do blonds always get some much crap?
would i look good with blonde hair?
Hair color/perm?
3 Quesitions?
change my look a little?
Hairstyle for wet hair ?!?
are blondes really better than brunettes?which do men prefer?
What brand Shampoo & Conditioner do you use?
How do I make my hair soft and smooth again?
Damaged Hair HELP????
When can I wash my hair?
How do you get 12 year old guys to like you.?
What are something bad about dying brown hair, blonde?
How do I bleach my hair (at home)?
I am black My hair grows into an afro but i want it to grow into a skater hair style?
What colour koleston do I use to lowlight Bradley bleached hair?
Brands of semi-permanent hair dye (that have pink or bright orange)?
Dark hair dye REFUSES to stay in my hair.. help me!?
do girls like short hair or long?
How can I keep my braids from getting frizzy?
What hairstyle would be best for my wedding?, shoulder length hair and will be wearing a strappless dress?
what is the best mousse hairspray or mousse gel to make my hair look wet on the sides?
I'm losing my hair an am only 13?
What's a good dye to darken hair?
should i cut my hair like this...?
can you die ur hair with grass?
Should I go back to Blonde or Brunette?
what do you think about hair extent-ions?
Facial hair question?
What would you recommend to my hair? It's a bit dry and it does not have a style.?
Will my eyebrow hair grow back?!?
what is japanese hair straitening?
Is it OK to do hot oil treatment immediately after hair color?
What colour should i die my hair (PICSS INCLUDED) Should i go lighter or darker??
do you straighten your hair?
Can u use herbal essence hello hydration on colored hair?
How would I do my hair like this?
How would you describe this hairstyle?
What hair straightener should I buy?
i am of age 20 i have hair fall problem &this is not genetically i tried some medicines but no result found?
Is there a way to make your hair grow longer, quicker?
leg hair question?????????
I have a big forehead...?
what color should i dye my hair?
I'm getting a haircut. What should I get done? (short hair ideas?) (pics)?
dying my hair, please help?
What do you prefer, blonde or brown hair?
When getting Locks(DREADLOCKS) is it best to have the Interlocking Method done or the Backcombing Method?
What are at home remedies to get my brownish-blonde hair super medium to light blonde?
Which haircut should i get? [pics]?
will my hair fall out if i just gota relaxer and i put a permanent color and highlights put in?
How should I cut my hair? > > [ pictures ]?
13 year old and want a perm?
Hair product for a guy help?
"Friends don't let friends get mullets." Do you agree? (No offense)?
Girls: do wemen perfer scruffy facial hair or clean shaved?
how do you remove dax wax?!?
Ok i have long curly hair and am not sire what to do?
tresseme philips ceramic straighteners, babyliss tourmaline or morphy richards straighteners which are the bes
what are some ways to straighten your hair besides useing a flat iron?
does sun in work?
How do I Style My Spiral Perm? Mousse, etc Preferably no scrunch?
could someone please tell me on a scale of 1-10, how painful is a bikini wax?
how can i naturally lighten my dyed blond hair?
Do you think that 37 is too old to wear long hair?
What is the name of this hairstyle?
Tips on Henna hair dyes?
Blondes or brunettes?
is their any good oils for hairloss?
Would I look good with black hair? *pics*?
Have you ever donated your hair?
What kind of shade of blonde shall I dye my hair?
should i dye my hair this color [pics]..?
Do girls think its "Gay" if a guy straightens his hair?
new hairstyle!! which 1 is better?? pics inside?
How Should I Get My Hair Cut?
SEDU they work like a professional or better than CHI??
blondes or brunettes?
Question for the guys - Do you prefer girls with dark black dyed hair...or dyed red hair?
I have naturally mixed curly hair, how often and what product should I use to moisturize my hair?
What foods help hair to grow and wich are not good for my hair?
hairstyle options for really long hair??
how do you get hair like this?
Straight or Scrunch?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Why do guys prefer long-haired girls? Do you find short hair sexy? What hairstyle do find sexy?
is it bad to get micro braids more than twice in a row?
What hair color is this?
So im dying my hair......its already blonde (done in the foils by the hairdresser and quite blonde)?
Important hair dying question!! [Please Answer]?
Hair dye gone seriously wrong?
I Look Like A Little Girl! Curly Hairstyle Ideas!?
Dying Hair Black?
How do you think you would do this ponytail?
how to get natural looking loose wavy curls like what jessican simpson sometimes has?
i really want this hair? help?
can you put vitamin e from capsules in your hair?
Where can I buy a Chi online ?
Would purple and pink dip dye suit my hair colour?
What type of hair cut can I get if I have a round face and thin hair?
What highlights would look hot on an asian?? ?
Burn from hair color on my upper forehead,?
What could I do with my hair?
curly hair or straight hair?
My hair is so dry, what can I do to make it soft?
Why does my hair feel weird?
how awesome is GOT2BE glued?
I got MicroLoop hair extensions yesterday and theyre falling out?
Wedding Hair Help?!?!?!?!?!?
i want to dip dye my hair......?
Should I go blonde?
Does she look better with long or short hair?
Should I grow my hair because my gf prefers it long?
Im looking for a completly new, edgy and cute hair style. any ideas? please?
I have black hair.. i want my hair this colour (Picture inside).. How do i get it?
Is it cute when girls wear their hair like this?
Do u have hair straighteners?
does sun -in burn if you get it on your skin?
Will "dark blonde" hair dye with #10 toner lighten my dark brown hair TOO MUCH?
would i look good with black hair?
Do you know what this is?
should i cut my hair?
How do I get my hair back to it's natural color?
How would I die my hair this color?
I need help with my hair?
What should I do horribal haircut?
I got a trim, now its about an inch shorter?!?
Do you know any website were i can buy cheap wholesale 3/4 wigs and hair peices? 10 points?
Does anyone know a remedy for plucked eyebrows?
I have really frizzy hair.. HELP?
does tion lead to hair loss?
How would i ask for this haircut?
Do you like red hair?
what is a great hair gel for black women?
hairdresser cut my hair too short - teenager!?
What should I do to help my hair?
What color should I dye my hair?
What would it take to get my black hair to a pure white,And if bleach at would it take?
Girls+boys shall i dye my hair blonde or red?
where can I find some cute hairstyles that are braided?
I am a dark brunette, and I want to dye my hair fire engine red, I want to know the best way?
How do you make your hair smooth not huge, dry ,and puffy!?
I want dreads but I'm shaving my hair in two months?
Will cutting in layers with a razor make my hair look thinner?
wut color hair do u have?
Do you like Sally beauty supply?
Should I finally cut my hair?
How to convince my parents to let me dye my hair?
How long will it take for 'Manic Panic' purple hair dye to be stained in my hair?
I dreads is not growing?
What straighteners can I use to get my hair as straight as this?
Whats better blond, brown, red or black NATURAL hair?
Where can I buy Special Effects hair dye?
Kevin Murphy's mermaid kit?
Does pubic hair go grey?
How to keep blue hair dye from bleeding while swimming?
how do i bleach my hair with lemon?
Hair color that's good 4 me?
Should I dye my hair dark brown?
How to recover extremely fried hair?
how do u install a tilt mechanism for a hair wash basin?
help please??!!?
What treatment at the hair salon makes hair really soft?
Is dyeing your eyebrows safe?
Hot Topic shoppers help needed!?
What do you tip a hairdresser?
can anyone tell me what is a great hair straigtener to buy?
is it true you have to trim your hair every 1-2 months so its non-splited and beautiful?
Is Strightining your hair bad for your hair ?
Looking for a cute teenaged girl haircut.?
How do you differentiate thick hair from thin hair?
How do you control thick frizzy hair?!!?
How Do I Explain This HairStyle...???(pic included)
what color should i dye my hair?
long hair styles...any ideas?
How to make my bleached hair brown?
I need a good hairstylist on the west side of tampa, Fl?
Have highlights, will coffee rinsing them make than darker?
What to do with my long thick hair?
what colour should i die my hair!?!!?
I cannot get rid of the red dye from hair.?
i dont like my hair. what can i do to see different styles besides a barber shop?
Is this hair cool? (Pic included)?
how to cut ur hair scene whe ur hair is wavy?
do u trust hairdressers ?
Whats best titanium-ceramic or just ceramic or something completely different?
How do I curl my hair like this?
how much do they charge in toni and guy?
What do you think of this hairstyle?
i have really curly frizzy hair and its so damaged how do i keep it controled and healthy?
Does anyone know any sites with good pictures of male hair styles and colours?
Does Hairspray Damage Your Hair?
What is a good shampoo and conditioner brand for Relaxed Black hair?
is this new haircut cute?
I want to become a distributor in the hair business where should i began?
What is a good temporary (1-2 day) hair dye.?
where can u go 2 get ur hair done in twisties??
How come the hair grease jar says to put it directly on ur scalp but other are saying not to.?
as anybody used a laser comb to help thinning hair? if so does it work? and where can i get one from?
Help with hair bleach please?
Going blonde. Costs and would it look good.?
is it bad for your hair to get it thinned?
Would I look okay with long hair?
What's the best way to hide grey hair?
What do you think of my looks and body and what can I do to improve?
Is it bad to wash your hair everyday?
growing my hair?
short emo/scene/punk hair suit me?
Do you like girls with brown hair or blond?
How to keep the ends of my thick hair straight?
I need a new Hairstyle desperately! Help!?
can you help ?!?
How to curl my hair without a curling iron or rollers?
For some reason my facial hair will not grow in certain areas.?
I would like to purchase a really good salon-quality flat iron. Any suggestions?
If I already have really thick hair and I want to use horse shampoo just for hair growth, is that a good idea?
has any of you bought the rapunzel rapunzel hair extensions how was your experience with them?
is it weird for a guy to straighten his hair?
what do you think of ombre hair?
Can you make your hair even straighter by using a blow dryer, followed by a hair straightener...?
Would this hair style work for me...?
How can you make temporary (washable) hair dye?
Are you supposed to tip a hairdresser?
how do you make your hair grow really fast?
scene hair for round heads...?
Hair style ideas after treatment?
Should I dye my (natural) blond hair that has dark roots that look bad.?
I need help? 10 points for best answer!!?
Facial Hair Growth Hurting Face?
What color do u think i should die my hair *pic*?
How can I bleach my hair to a dirty-ish blonde?
hard to dye grays?
Would short hair suit me?
How to keep a hairstyle overnight?
My hair has turned blue grey and green?
Are hairy chests attractive?
i have reddish/dark brown hair i want to die it lighter brown with caramel highlights,should i?
wanna know if it's ok to apply heat to your hair once scalp fungus clears up??
straightening my hair 2 times a week?
Where could i buy remi hair extensions in liverpool?
Hairdressers and Blonde Hair?
why is it that not everybody cant be a blonde?
I want to cry.?
I love my grey hair but I'm having a hard time getting rid of the yellow, any suggestions?
when getting meche highlights is it as bad as bleach? what exactly is meche?
Short haircut ideas for a preteen girl?
How can I stop my hair from getting frizzy?
what color should my friend dye her hair?[picture]?
Which flat iron/straightener would you recommend?
Which hairstyle suited me better?
Getting my natural hair color back?
My friend needs more opinions can you help her?
Does it burn you?
just got blonde highlights underneath and in the back of my hair?
urgent hair question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Do you really believe "shorter hair takes years off a face"?does it really make one look younger?
I shaved my head and i was wondering the rate at which hair grows?
I uses GHDs but how do i get my hair to hold longer?
somalien hair question?
Do you like straight hair or curly hair?
what do you want? clean shave or trim?
How can you make you hair more blond?
how can i get this hair (picture included)?
Would Nice 'N Easy Color Blend Foam be right for my hair?
My hair is rather greasy but I don't want to wash it! Any ideas on how to make it less greasy?
Brunets or Blonds?
dark or blonde hair?
hair. what color?
Dyed hair yesterday... color coming out in shower?
Why did harry styles cut his hair?!?
would I be able to pull off this hairstyle???(Pics included) PLEASE answer?
hair grow faster!!!!?
Red hair question?
I have thick hair it takes forever to flat iron ??
I want my hair to be more blonde.?
If I Ban The Straighteners Will My Hair Grow?
pictures of long choppy haircuts with layered friges
bestt shampooo/conditionerr?!?
Is it possible to have natural dark ash blonde hair?
Do women prefer men with facial hair or no?
HELP! What color should i dye my hair ?! (:?
When should I relax my hair?
dreadlocks pllllllllllllllz hellllllllllp?
Why isn't my hair growing back right?
What is the best hair salon for men in richmond virginia?
Should I get fusion extensions? Or cut my hair in a bob?
Would blonde hair suit me.. Pic?
when you have a full face, should you have a long or short cut?
Tipping hair stylist AND hair washer?
Ladies: Should I cut my hair? My grandma says I look like a bum and my dad says I look like a homo.?
is it ok to have a full bangs on hair with a long shape face?
is it ok for male swimmers to shave there legs?
I wanna get rid of my body hair?
I need a new stylist. Can someone please tell me where's the best stylist in DFW area you have had?
Why does it seem like every other race's hair is different than black people's hair?
How to stop the ends of my hair feeling so dry?
How can i get really long hair?!?
is honey good for my hair?
On guys do you like long hair or short?
do the manic hair gel at hot topic work without bleaching???
How do I get Jenna Fischer's hair?
How do I get my hair to be... please help easy 10 points!! :)?
How much does chemicaly straightening your hair cost?
Which one is better? Brunette or Blonde?
How do you make your hair really shiny without being greasy.?
Hair Style?
Any ideas for a new hair cut? See description!?
Would purple and pink dip dye suit my hair colour?
I have bleach blonde hair and i want to go to black as soon as possible?
What makes your day?
What hair color looks best with green eyes?
Hey guys what shampoo is health and gives your hair SHINE?
what are the best hairstyles for a layered haircut?
what kind of haircut does kendall jenner have?
What to do if you have a huge knot in your hair HAIR EMERGENCY!!?
Whenever I straighten my hair before school, my friends always say it doesn't look straight (Read the details)
which hairstyle is better?
What are some ways to get rid of lice out of the hair?
Should I change my hair color?
My hair used to be kind of wavy and now it barely is is their away to help it become wavy again.?
How should i do my hair?
Is it a good idea to dye my blonde hair black?
How to style short hair?
thinning curly/wavy hair?
Can being in chlorine a lot really hurt your hair? If yes how can I help my hair?
L'Oreal HiColor HiLights?
I have long hair and I need a new . . .?
why did all the black people at my school hate my hairstyle while all the white people loved it?
What Should I Do With My Hair (I have pics included)?
what hair color looks best for pale skin and blue eyes?
eyelashes always falling out?
Should I cut the hair?
What is your favorite shampoo/conditioner?
How can I get my hair like the Doctor's Hair?
Does wavy hair get straighter as it gets longer?
should i be shaving by now.?
what should i do to grow hair on face?
I need help with bushy, curly hair!?
What to do when I have extensions and its time to get a relaxer retouch?
I need to find a haircut! SOON!?
Please help me get something straight with myself ty.?
how do you get your hair to feel like it feels when it just gets done?
Face has shape of a shield, what face shape do I have?
can you please anyone suggest me which shampoo/oil will prefer for hair thicker/darker?
What are the best products for a body wave?
Would scene/emo hair look good on me?
I have red hair, as you can tell in my pic, would it look bad to highlight it with sun-in?
do i look good with short hair?
What are some good human hair extentions?
Natural or Dyed Hair, which is Best?
How can I keep my curls from falling during the day?
Which hairstyle is better?
What color blonde should I dye my hair to put blue streaks in?
HELP!! i put pink sharpie in my hair...?
Will my Eyebrows grow back after I accidentally peeled them off with a eyebrow stencil kit?
Should i go to sports clips for a haircut?
straightener help?! PLEASE?
What would be the next wacky hair design that teens think i trendy and cool???
What hair style do you prefer?
Wich Is The Best Flat Iron?
Does your hair grow back darker after getting blonde highlights put in?
Can I use anti-frizz hair cream and mousse at the same time?
Which cut should I get?
Do women like hairy men?
DO u think these bangs look good? link included?
Every time i brush my hair it gets a lot of static in it. how can i stop this?
Ever tried not washing your hair for years?
Do you shave or wax your pubes and underarm?!?
would I look strange with blonde hair?
African American cosmetologists answer this for me please?
How long does a Hair Cellophane Treatment takes?
Do I keep my side fringe or get a full fringe?
How much Lush Hair Henna should I use?
My hair is really dried out from color and highlights. What is a good conditioner?
hoping to get ticker hair?
how do you make your hair grow faster?
I'm going to dye my hair brown at home for the first time. How do i know if i use COOL or WARM?
do guys like long hair?
How to make my hair grow long?
What would be your first impression of me ?(Pictures)?
soft hair rollers for african american hair?
annoying hair?
Help with dry hair? Please help!!?
Which of these hair colors looks best on me?
Help with hair growth ...?
Minority races and blonde hair?
Should I flip my hair out?
so im going from black to platinum blonde....?
how do I put my hair in a high ponytail?
What color is kendall jenners hair?
Other than waxing what can get rid of hair for a few weeks?
my question is that why till now i dont find my life patner i like goodlooking handsome and from the age of 39
hair styling?
hair: have any of you tried this?
My hair has gone orange! Help please! (:?
Do you think I would look good if I dye my hair blond?
(pic) what hairstyle would suit me?
Is their a name for that grown out mohawk haircut?
does anyone knows what hair products do Korean celebrities / kpop artists use?
How to use loreal paris hair conditoner?
Do guys like long or short hair?
How Would I Get This Hairstyle?
Hair Help?
Should I get a buzzcut?
Is tieing men to a bed then leaving them there for their friends to find them wrong?
Where is a website with black-n-white sketches of men's hairstyles like typically found in a barbershop?
Why hair appears stringy ?
Shamwow && curly hair!!?
i have very frizzy and puffy hair?
Problems with hair?? please help only 17 :*?
Half Black Half Pink Hair?
which brunette type of shampoo is the best?
i have auburn hair, and i was wondering what shade of highlights or lowlights i should get?
Whats sexier long or short hair?
what are bangs? - im english and have no idea what they are :L?
i want bangs really bad!?
I have the same hairstyle (halfshave) but how do I this updo?
Stripped hair black turned orange then died it dark golden brown and turned orange brown how to get it brown?
i want to die my hair?
How do I start an African American hair braiding business?
How to straighten hairs very close to scalp?
looking for sale of hair cutting blending shear item number 5420?
What shade of blonde is this?
How to do my hair before bed so I dont wake up looking like a witch?!?
what is this hair color?
I trimmed a bit of my left eyebrow?
I have dark eyes(brown)with specks of green in them, and have dark brown hair, i want to change my color does?
how can i keep my hair from not turning into a monster?
is it me or are kids getting shorter nowadays?
Are the expensive shampoos really much better than the cheap ones?
Best Hair Transplant in Delhi?
how can i get my bangs to stay down?
What should I do for my formally bleached hair?
how do you get your hair to stay curly?
I want this hairstyle what do you think about it?
i HATE my hair so much !?
Does Moroccan oil work? I need Hair Products FAST!! Anything?
What are some home remedies to get rid of frizziness in your hair?
What Shampoo and Conditioner would you suggest for long, dry hair?
Does L'oreal Feria color last a long time?
demonstration speech for coloring hair?
Best product for curly hair?
for guys: do you prefer blonds or brunettes? natural, of course... not dyed.?
My hair is thin on the opposite side of my part?
what are 10 different hair styles i can do without using hot iorns and stuff?
Tips to grow longer hair?
is my hair long?
hair highlights????
what is the best straightening iron that i can get at walgreens?
girls: do you have a pixie cut?
I want to temporarily color my hair black (without damaging it) but I don't know where to start! Help!?
Why did girls do this to me?
Do i look Better With Blonde Or Brown Hair?
side effects of hair weaving?
what type of hair style was used on asia, japan, china and korea for the 80's?
Hair Extension Help?!?
what do you think?
john frieda shampoo for brunnettes?
Please Awnser?????10 points?
Best way to get silky straight hair?
Where can I get hold of a bottle of Polytar Shampoo in the UK?
Do women look better with short, medium or long hair?
Is Pantene really that bad for your hair?
Where can I buy Denman hairbrushes locally?
How to get rid of waxy feeling from color buildup on hair?
Why do guys tell girls what colour to dye their hair?
HAIR DYE DISASTER! please help?
any ideas for crazy hair day?
What do you think of my hair on my ball/prom night?
Best hairstyle/cut for a heart-shaped face?
Will deep burgundy hair look good on me?( PIX)?
does long ,healthy, shiny,soft and fluffy hair increases beauty to girls?
What hair color would look good with green eyes?
.s Which two names sounds better?
Do guys expect you to have pubic hair?
what is the hair fall solution by organic foods?
Help with hair/bangs!?
Where can i buy some candy pink hair dye?
Which hair colour do I look better in?
when you condition your hair, do you put it on your hair or scalp?
I am looking for advice for a hair salon that is affordable for haircut and highlight that is affordable.?
what iz da fastest way 2 grow my hair??
How to fix a bad hair day?
I have very long hair and would like to straighten it 1x a wk w/out my hands dying...any sugg. what to use?
Is baby shampoo safe for permed hair?
Nisim Fast. hmmmmmm.!?
which hairstyle do you like the most(long hair)?
Anyone who's had Keratin deep hair conditioning.. How much did it cost you?
Cutting off split ends to make hair grow?
Does this sound like good shampoo and conditioner?
web site to find cute hairstyles for black people?
Has anyone tried that opti smooth?
Why does the top of my hair feel sticky?
How can i make my hair to look like antonnela's from ''pattito feo'' season 2?
Do you put lotion in your hair to make it soft and take the frizz out?
should i stay with this hairstyle?
I need a really good hairdryer...?
10 points for best idea for a cute updo?
I bleached my hair to dirty blonde but i want to go lighter, which toner is best?
I have a few grey hairs on each side of my head and don't want to change my hair colour? Any ideas?
Dandruff!! help!?
getting rid of split ends?
either or, please help ?
What is a 'dry' shampoo?
Hair colors for fair skin?
How to go white without bleaching?
Is he cute and what do you think about his hair??? (pic)?
This is a question for girls...Should a girl shave the upper part of her legs above knees?
What hair straightener do you recommend?
My hair doesnt stay pin straight!! HEELLLPPPP!!!!!!!!!?
When is it a good time to perm a child's hair?
Which shampoo is the best for fine hair?
some things i could do with my hair?
How do you choose the best hair color shade for your hair?
what is the best straightner??? i have thick curly wavy hair?
Someone help me, my hair is dead?!?
Prenatal pills to grow hair?
What kind of hair cut would look good on me?
Need something new........?
I have really bad split ends?
GIRLS - What sort of hair is sexiest on me?
how do you prefer my hair (pics)?
Will my flatiron catch fire?
what should i do......i need help!!!?
Prom hairstyle help!?
had any one got there hair rebounded?
is it hard to manage a bob style hair cut?
Home remedies for dandruff?
Does this look cute?
Very coarse thick frizzy hair long and totally unmanageable any advice to tame my unruly mop?
How should i cut my hair ?? need help?
How to grow hair longer?
which companies shampoo doesn't contain Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS)?
How Long Can I REALISTICALLY leave John Frieda Mousse Dye in my hair before washing it out?
where can i find ic black hair product in toronto?
Why Does My Hair Get Sooooo Staticky When Its Cold Out And I Straighten It?
How do you get rid of flakes in hair fast?
how can i?
i lose so much of hair when i shampoo them?
How can i make my hair grow?
How would I go about getting my hair like this?
What should i ask for the hairdressers to do to my hair if i want it all blonde ?
How do I get this hairstyle?
Best curly virgin hair?
Is there anyway to make your hair....?
how old???????????? will these look good????????
How can i keep my hair from falling out after keratin hair treatment?
How can I accelerate hair growth?
What is your opinion on the mullet hair cut?
do chicks like being swung around by their hair?
Would I look good with a buzz cut?
can i dye my hair this color?...?
how should i get my hair cut?
Which is better synthetic or human hair for a weave?
Why do my ears stick out of my hair?
which victoria beckham hair style would suit me? (pics)?
Hairstyles. [Please Read]?
Blue highlights?
Help, I want to stop cutting my hair and make it grow with minimal effort?
How do you use wella 050 permanent liquid haircolor?
What kills facial hair?
When does hair get too long?
Coloring from Reddish-Brown to Dark Blonde?
Do these Bangs Look good?
I dont have a shower cap and I CANT get my hair wet, help?
OH MY GOD HELP ME please!!!!!!!?
Ladies, what would it take for you to shave your head?
so guys if u had to pick blonde or burennet witch 1?
I feel gay asking this but.. girls help?
I have really thick long hair, and it's so heavy that it falls straight. How do I get volume into my bangs?
How to get hair to stay in a braid?
Do Cholesterol Deep Conditioners Work?
i have black hair!!?
How to make my hair grow faster?
What can I do about my annoying hair?
What do you think my friends will say?????/?
what does 'apple hair' look like?
How to grow my hair edges?
Poll: Girls who have used Mane n Tail shampoo AND conditioner, did it really make your hair grow faster?
Hair Dilemma!! Help me fix the racoon stripe?
SPLIT ENDS =( !!!! can someone please help? =)?
notice anything different?
Hair hair everywhere...?
How do I grow out my bangs faster?
Is there a way of letting my hair to dry curly and look brushed and neat?
How do you put those little extentions on your hair?
What different waste products are in a hair salon? How do you keep them together?
How much is it to have my hair stripped?
13 getting my head shaved will i be judged?
Popular teen hairstyles for girls?
My hair is so thick and messy! I don't know what to do with it :(?
Punkish Hairstyles and dye!?!?
how can i get my make-up, style, and hair like niki farrow's??
Has anyone heard of Elegant Effects hair dye (from dollarama)?
Buying 100% enemy human hair for braiding?
I want to dye my hair dark brown or black?
Can semi or Demi permanent hair dye dye your hair red?
why do men prefer blonds with blue eyes i jus dont get it?
help i have used so much gel now my hair is too rough?
what do you girls find more attrative a man with brown hair and blue eyes or with blonde hair and blue eyes ?
What make of hair shampoo do you use?
need dyed hair?
Can you buy a magnetic dandruff remover?
Facial hair: hot or not?
Does anyone know...?
Why does it matter that Hair Straightener damages your hair?
Wut should I use to make my hair healtheir ?? Like wut can I do to make it no so dry an damaged?
How To Make Curly Hair (Boy)?
Help!!! My hair is going crazy.?
Honest hair opinion!! (with pic)?
I saw the color and fell in love but when I did it, disaster...?
Which pink dye? Atomic pink or Cupcake pink (Pics)?
Where can i get 6% peroxide and oxidizing powder to bleach my hair? PLEASE HELP!!?
so i'm getting a perm and i don't know what kind to get and i don't wan't tit curls something losehelp me ?
Does streightening ur hair affect it?
Help me with new hair color ideas? Urgent(pics included)?
How do I start a haircut referral program for my new barbershop?
are there any alcohol free hair spray's?
I Cut My Bang Too Short?
i need to find a good prom hair style any good free websites to check out?
how is a good shampoo and conditioner to maintain purple hair?
Would i suit a side bang?
Hair curlers?
Damaged hair question?
How should I style my hair?
should i dye the tips of my hair blue or red?
Does this mean your old?
What can I do with my hair?
Does the instyler actually work?
whats better - guys with looooooooong or short hair?
Is a dry straightner good for thick hair?
Hair Ideas...I have kinda long hair that is fine?
is my blonde hair light enough to be toned so i can go white. i have a pic?
How do you get your hair wavy?
where are some good places to get your hair done?
i have my real hair braided in micros. can i dread my hair as it grows from the root with a relaxer?
who can help me to know about hair boutique?
I want dreads bad!!!?
What colour should I dye my hair?
Whats the safest way to go from light brown hair to blonde?
How to fix my damaged hair?
What hair color would look best on me? (PICS)
I want to highlight my hair..what color?
Help! I dyed my hair and i hate it! Please Help!!! (pictures)?
what is the best hair color for a female?
How fast do hair grow?
Would I look good in black hair?
How to make hair thinner?
should i leave my conditioner in for an hour?
How to lighten black hair without bleach?
I have dry thin frizzy hair HAIR HELP:)?
is straighning your hair once a week bad for your hair?
which hairstyle on me do you like more?
I just bought a Farouk Chi Ceramic Hairstyling Iron[1"]?
hair help pleassssse :D?
Which hairstyle would suit me?
Hair is falling out like crazy!!! 14 year old?
which haircut should i get for the first day of school?
why the girls have started puting on the Jinse like boy?
What are some nice, long-ish hairstyles for guys?
If you could do anything with my hair what would you do?
I need help finding a way to do my hair for a pageant.Any ideas??
whats a good hairstyle?
Is my hair long enough for cornrows? Pic included?
Could I pull off Cat Valentine's hair?
anygood vitamins for hairloss with good results i have been taking biotin for one month i still see no results
I had road rash on my eyebrow . The scabs are coming off but my eyebrow hair is attached . Will they grow back?
How much does it cost to get a men's haircut at tha chop shop?
Where do I go to renew my cosmotegy liscense or get a copy of one?
I used a box of hair dye.. and my hair is totallly screwed up, how can i fix it?????
Does my hair look nice? *Pic included*?
I have very light eyebrows and i want to darken them,can u suggest a home remedy for my problem.?
Which hair color is right for my type?
I got thick eyebrows[Guy]..What should i Do?[Pics]?
Lowlights and Highlights?
Which is more damaging to your hair?
Can you perm your hair during Miconazole Nitrate challange?
Hair's falling out! scared, please help?? ):?
I got a perm today, can i go to sleep while its wet?
Do you like my hair like this?
How old were you when you first got your gray/white hair?
Where can i sell my hair in London UK?
my hair is dyed brown and i tried to dye it red?
Before i go to sleep i don't have tangles in my hair when i wake up i do?
LONG HEALTHY hair??????
HAIR HELP?! it wont straighten >:( .?
What do you do if you don't like your friends new haircut?
My hair frizzes up during humid weather and it's also damaged. Should i use smooth control or repair rescue...
What color is your hair & do you want to change it?
Do boys like red haired girls?
Blonde hair, brown hair, or Black hair. A new color?
do gals prefer gelled hair or no gel in hair?
Any hairstyles for long hair..?
How do i get temporary hair dye out of my hair?
What age can you get a Brazilian keratin hair treatment?
how do i put my hair in a messy bun?
Serious plz!!! help me!! plz help me?
How do I take care of cornrows with weave added; when I excerise religiously and sweat as well. ?
Help me with my scalp?
does your mum still put up your ponytail in the morning ?
why do people say get a trim every 6 weeks for you hair if it grows from the roots?
Straightened hair problems for a guy!?
Why do men comb over their hair?
shall i get a full fringe?
Do i look better with dark or light hair!?
I like herbel essances?
what to do against hair loss?
if i use semi permanent blonde hair colour on my ash blonde hair, will it make any difference?
Does anyone have tips for a hair updo for a wedding party?
do you like this hair cut? PLEASE TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK. p i c s?
If you put honey in your hair,will it stick?
How much would it cost for the short Rihanna hairstyle?
How do I get rid of hair static?
Does anyone know of a link for how to do fancy up-do's for long hair?
How do you put extentions in?
Dark hair with purple.......?
Will Sun-In highlightening spray damage your hair like bleach?
In the eighties, did you have a perm?
Clip in extensions/sew in?
how do i explain this colour hair to my hairdresser?
What are good hairstyles for medium length very curly hair?
how do i locate wig companies who buy hair?
Does getting your hair thinned out make it flat?
is it to young for a 14 year old to get there hair highlighted?
I need a messy bun for running?
how to avoid white hairs in my head?
How would I ask for this haircut?
Where can i find a suppiler of black hair products?
Do you have curly hair?
Temporary hair dye won't come out, help?!?
What color should I dye my hair? (pic included)?
i just cut my boyfriends eyelashes..?
What is a simple yet elegant hairdo that I can use for everyday?
I dyed my hair red and I hate it!?
Should i cut my hair short? Or dye it red?
videos for my hair????
if i have blonde hair and i put lemon juice in it will it turn it blonder?
Will dyeing my natural hair make it fall out or get damaged?!?!?!?
What to do for my hair?
is conola oil the same as olive oil? is miracle whip the same as mayo? it's to put in my hair.?
Are blondes still considered sexy in this day and age?
How do you get hair dye stains off skin a.s.a.p.?
Dying Hair With Kool-Aid...?
Is there anyway to get the green out of your hair if it turned green after being in a pool?
Can anyone help me find pictures similar to this girl's hair color???????????????????????????????????…
Hair broke a lot in the shower?
How to get hair like them...?
My bangs are way to short what should i do to grow them out?!?!?
i need pictures of this hairstyle?
how can i bleach my hair the cheap way?
Before and after pictures?
what is a real god hair product?
What is this hairstyle called?
please tell me somethink about my hair.?
Are there any products that will make a black woman's thin hair thicker and longer?
How do i make my hair straight without using straightners or blow drying?
How can i get my hair to look like this?
Do I look better with curly or straight hair?
do you think i will look cute with blue hair?
who else thinks this is stupid?
i have a problem with my hair?
Brittney? colors? rainbows? ponys?! help?
What is the most popular hair colour in your neck of the woods?
Hair Growing. iNfO?
what should i tell my barber to get a good pompadour?
Would I look good with black hair?
Melanın makes lıght haır?
Can you have bright blonde hair on pale skin with light blue eyes and pull it off somehow??
plz help soon i have hair problems?
Dry Damaged hair? HELP!?
hair help!!!!!?
I want my natural hair colour back. How can I do it?
Do i look better with dark or light hair!?
cut it or grow itt? (pics included)?
Soo hair colour disaster Please help :)?
how should i cut my hair?? ?
straightened hair?
If I do dye my hair dark..?
My hairs about an inch below my shoulders, how long do you think it'll be by April/ June time?
black hair dye advice???!!!!??!?
Help With Hair Extensions Please?
Im an African american 12 yr. old girl. am i gross if i dont wash my hair every single day?
Is it more healthy to diffuse hair?
Where can I find cheap ceramic flat irons?
What kind of hair products to use for a biracial child's hair?
what can i use to stop human hair from shedding?
where should i get my haircut at?
what are some good hairstyles.?
Girls - Do you like guys with long or short hair?
I need some help figuring out what color should be put in my hair.. Please help?
Everyday curly hair routine?
Should I dye my hair? (Pictures inside!)?
Hair Loss Problem Someone PLEASE help?!?!?
How to use vidal sassoon fan tail??
Should I dye my hair blonde with brown streaks?
Too short?
Is it true or false that Rough Collies need a haircut beyond cutting the hair on their hocks?
What do you think of this hair?
Why do you think Male lions have a mane and females do not?
How To Get Straight Hair?
Should I pixie cut my hair!?
The type of hair color used on Kate Hudson in Bride wars when she had blue hair?
Im moving into the area in july this year, Im a licensed cosmetologist. Looking for work.?
blonde or brunette?
What does caramel hair color look like?
so what's the story about black peoples and their hair. some don't want to go swimming and others don't care.
How do you use pantene pro v style extra straight comb in cream?
My girlfriend dyed her hair and I miss her long hair what should I say?
Bangs or no bangs? What do you think?
Unique Hair Ideas for a teenager?
How to change red hair to a golden blonde/brown?
i dyed my hair with kool-aid and...?
is it cute to have blone highlights underneath my hair?
Does Flat iron damage hair?
would this hair suite me?
intervals between hair colour?
Help :) Daughter is so tender headed?
have any of you ever cut your hair on your own?
How can I make my bangs less greasy?
What hair texture would look good on my face?
what hair color would look good on me!?
I have REALLY thin hair...?
what is cure for grey hair?
Does hair style make looking more beautifull?
what hair style should I get?
Buzz? Should I? [[pictures]]?
So i got this haircut and I really liked it...?
10 points to anyone who can photo shop hair color?
What is this hair style called? link in discription?
Does curly or straight hair look better?(pics)
How would brown hair with black ends look?
New hair cut. pictures included?
Cheerleading hairstyles?
How do you straighten your hair without it being TOO straight?
Do all women have under arm hair?
Some dreadlock questions?
What's this haircut called?
ANSWERS FAST PLEASE: Should you bleach your hair before using Manic Panic temporary DYE HARD gel?
What Brand Of A Straightener Is The Best?
Would diluting coral or hot pink make a better baby pink?
How to keep your hair feeling good at the Beach?
so i cut my own hair, what do you think?
Hair removal and shaving?
my hair is falling out!!!!?
how to grow my hair in a week?
I cut a little bit too much hair off and now it looks like I'm going bald?
Removing semi-permanent hair dye?
Burning scalp syndrome?
Hairstyle for 16 Year old?
How can I whiten my goatee without using bleach?
Is Minoxidil 5% suitable for woman with hair loss due to tying hair too tight.?
Bangs or no bangs? Choppy bangs?
what conditioner is good for dry hair,,,,,,?
cute hair styles??!?!!!!?!?! help me?
Can I apply blond dye on my brown hair with blond highlights?
what is a good gel/wax/moose that will hold hair in place and keep it soft but not make it hard or crunchy?
Am I a ginger if I have freckles but black hair?
Upscale salon in atlanta?
Scene side ponytail for school pic?
How can i convince my parents lo let me cut my hair?
Dyed hair yesterday... color coming out in shower?
Black hair and blue eyes?
Should I get this haircut and color? (pics)?
What's a good product to help flatten hair that sticks up; but doesn't make it look greasy or shiny?
Does anyone know of some cool hair styles for school?
Is their a way to change the texture and overall look of you hair. Example; from straight to a thick afro?
I cant stop straightening my hair?
Is hair extensions safe ?
Bed Head straightner doesnt get hot?
Which is a good age do you think to be able to choose your hair style?
i want a new haircut, but dont know what to get. Help!?
I miss my long hair. How can I make my hair grow faster?
Showering twice a day, everyday?
How do I get my hair thicker?
is it bad for hair to dye it twice in a row? my dye job turned out really ugly, so is it bad to dye it again?
Does black hair look good on pale people?
What color should I dye my hair?
whish color would look best on me?
Is facial hair on a girl unattractive?
I am lookink for Michael Di cesare products specifacally Oatmeal hair shampoos any help please?
why are girls with long hair more attractive?
what is the best product to use dye color resistant grey hair?
Can I use Manic Panic (Vegan Semi-Permanent Hair Colour) on top of Henna (pure henna, not compound henna)?
How to make hair curly?
how do i make a puff for my hair?
my hair is brown but i wanna bleach it so i can dye it green which hair dye shouild i get?
girls only.... what can i do to make my hair hair is short and has refused to grow me fast.?
Hair dye issues?! What should I do?
What would you call my style?
How can i do shiney moon zombie hair?
what iis your favorite shampoo and conditioner?
Question about hair color?
what haircut suits on curly, wavy hairs?
why is my hair is thinning?
I have blonde hair and want to dye it red *see pic*?
how many times a week do u need to wash ur hair?
Question on straightening hair...?
What is this hairstyle called?
Why does my hair never wanna do or hold anything?
whats best, clean shaven, a bit of stubble, or a beard??
Hair takes so long to dry?
Hair help? Blah...???????? jeezzzz?
how to make your hair grow?
whats the best shampoo for green hair from the pool?
Will dying hair back brown after a bad blonde dye job make my hair red or green?
if 3 different people work on your hair at the salon, does each of them get tipped? should the owner be tipped
Why is my hair so frizzy?
Why is my hair so greasy?
how to curl hairs for 6 months?
How do I make my hair look like Ashley Benson?
how do you use a curling wand?
Scene Hairstyle pictures?
how do i spike my hair??
I have got wavy hair can any1 tell me the best hairstyles dat can suit me?
Can someone explain to me when Mohawks specifically the ones I see lately on bruthas were fashionable.?
Ladies, I need your thoughts with my hair. Please answer.?
How long is your hair?
what is the best hair product to use?
Can I relax all my hair after relaxing just my roots 7 months ago?!!!?
How to know if I'd look good with red hair?
If I've used henna on my hair is it safe for me to use a drugstore box dye my hair?
can someone tell me the name of this website?
Dandruff problem!!?
What color should I dye my hair?
Do Walmart Smartstyle Salon highlight hair? Cost?
Why do alot of African American Women get facial hair?? And for those who do what do you use to get rid of it?
What is a good conditioner and shampoo?
What Color Should I Dye My Hair?
do i have straight or curly hair?
Which hairstyle would suit me?
is loreal ever strong a good shampoo?
14 year old girl- could I go to the doctors for this?
Thinking about dropping out of school to be a cosmetologist?
Do women think long hair on a man is nasty?
Dying hair at salon over dyed hair?
Someone on YA said that perms are so 80's. Do you agree or no?
what is the best homemade remedy for for dry hair?
Would I look bad with...?