Should I cut off my split ends? 10 points!!!!?
if i dye my hair temperary purple and i go to sleep, will it stain my pillow?
Good hair gel for a messy look?
ponytail question?
What is the best shampoo to use for fine, curly hair?
where do you get all these hair styles for the avators, i dont have all these options?
home colour, blonde, looking for tips?
Does dark skin go good with black hair?
how do i get my hair straight so i can spike it?
Do you think read head girls are pretty? It's all about blondes these days! How do you feel?
Looking for new hairstyles for performances...any suggestions?
How to scrunch my hair?
How can you grow your hair without having dead ends?
whats the best way to get wavy hair?
What should i do with my hair ? (pics)?
Does this look good? (hair pic)?
why do woman cut their hair?
How can I prevent my long hair from getting tangled while being asleep?
hey hair emergency!?
i accidentally left in my hair conditioner........?
What do you think of my ankle length hair?
whats the difference between a shape up and tape up haircut?
How can I find the address of a hair salon?
how to prevent destroy hair?
Help Hair Emergency Big time?
I like to make fun of people that don't think you can make your hair grow faster, bad thing?
Why am I so attracted (not sexually) to ashy colored hair!?
vinegar and lemon for oily hair?
How can I get my hair to wave?
what does it mean if someone has a unibrow?
What do you think about red hair?
What shirt and hair style should I wear today?
Do guys gross out when...?
Should I Dye My Hair Blond? [[Pics]]?
Why does my hair get oily after i wash it over and over again with a certain kinda of shampoo?
What is toxine?
Which is better for straighting my hair, the Instyler or the Chi?
What do you think looks better?
who created hair weave?
WHere to buy Sedu Ionic Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron (1 1/2") in the Philippines?
my daughter 's hair will not hold when i curl it, what can i do besides putting holding spray in it?
Do you think that I look good with front bangs?
My hair is just a tiny bit longer than my hair in the avatar. I want to know what to do with my hair?
easy question, Pics included :)?
How can i wash my hair without water or dry shampoo?
How do I find the best hairstyle for my face type, age, body type, etc???
Does dye damage your hair and to what extent?
Hair stylists please (girl hair)?
Would this hair style work?
Can u put nail polish in ur hair and if so does it look good????
Which hair style is better for me?
In remission, how long should I wait to have my hair braided?
how easy is it to get a barber job just out of barbering school arlington mass. and surr. area ?
How to grow DREADLOCKS?
Whats a good anti-breakage shampoo?
should i be shaving by now.?
Are there any EXCELLENT men hair style websites?
My hair is really dried out from color and highlights. What is a good conditioner?
does my hair suit me?
Mayo in very fine, highlighted hair?
How to do a really flat bun?
hair help needed ASAP!!!!!PLEASE?
Which hair style is best for me? (pictures)?
Why dont girls like boys with short spike hair?
Should you use products on your hair?
Is there any product that can make dry, rough hair really soft and silky...?
which way should i....?
A Hair Question For The Guys (a~c) & Everyone (d onwards)?
Would my sister look good with side swept bangs?
copolla keratin treatment?
What to you think of long hair? Opinions?
can you have hair transplanted to your head from another person?
Is Choppy layers different from just layers, and can Hair salon people notice it?
Why do I bleed when I shave my pubic hair when hair is not fully grown out?
Black with natural hair that is coming out when I wash it. What to do? Its really curly.?
Will Applying Hairspray Before You Flat Iron Your Hair Keep Hold Longer?
Dry scalp problem??????
how do you make your hair straight with out a straitener?
Blondes or Brunettes? Blue Eyes or Brown Eyes?
help me pick...(emo hair)?
What would u do if the lady at the salon cut you're hair short on one side?
Do you have short,medium,or long hair?
anyone know where to pictures of sarah hardings new bob hair cut?
Short hair+Extentions=?
what is the # 1 hair product to eliminate orange and yellow tones on blondes?
15-17 year old girls ONLY. (has to do with pubic hair)?
Strawberry blonde or copper blonde hair dye?
How to help hair grow?!?
What do you think of braids for a white girl? Would it even work in straight hair?
are redheads pretty?
how long is the recommended time to keep conditioner in my hair?
how do you do a pagent inspired hairstyle?
How can I wash out my semi-permanent hair dye FAST?
Wht to do with my mates hair colour?
Today I just brought Garnier Fructis Smoothing Milk.....?
What Blonde Shade of Hair would suit me? *picture included*?
How do I find a hair salon that will match a hairstyle to my facial shape?
I am a 14 year old boy and I shaved my pubic hair. 2 questions?
Is there a way to make hair grow faster?
how can i get my hair like Devin Oliver from I See Stars?
can i redie my hair after dieing and putting a toner in?
What are some amazing shampoo, conditioners and hair treatments?
Girls: How often do you wash your hair????
How do I do these hairstyles?
is short hair or long hair in fer middle age ladies.....?
re:hair formula for blondes...?
I need a new hairstyle! Help!!!?
i have black hair, how can i go blonde?
can i condition my hair after rinsing the toner?
Remington air wave hair dryer?
...k im a guy and I want to know how can I get straight,fine,thin hair? U know the "cool" hair. Im 14
Wavey or staight hair?
Boys, what do you think when you see a pretty girl with short hair?
Am I cute good looking?
I am very bored with my hair, what should I so with it to make it lood edgier? any suggestions?
how to get rid of dreadlocks?
can you make thin hair thicker?
how do I style my hair to look like a tomboy?
kindly suggest me the best shampoo ?
Why does my hair fall out? :(?
what do u do when you have curly hair and want it straight?
how do you trim the hair down there?
What colour should I dye my hair?
bleaching hair question?
How do you stop puffy hair?
how do u get gum out your hair?
i want silky hair help me?
Curly or Straight hair?
How much would it cost to get my already dyed hair bleached?
how to get my hair vibrant red with splat?
How can I naturally darken my brown hair?
How long will it take for my hair to grow back after I shaved my head completely bald? ?
Where is a good website that has a complete list of hairstyles???
what should i do wit my hair?
mid-length blonde hair ideas? urgent?!?
why is my hair so greasy?
Help with Hair cut (Pics included:])!?
I have really long hair and I want to do something cool with it. What should I do?
What colour should i dye my hair? :)?
Frizzy Hair .. Suggestions ?
Does soaking your hair in black tea really make it a few shades darker?
What Hair Colour Would Suit Me?
will this hair style suit me?
Wat should my hair style be for school for a senior?
What should I use to spike up short thick hair?
How Do I Get Emo Hair?
Baby Hair / layered shoulder length Hair HELP?
i try 2 curl my hair , but it goes wronge and straight . any advise ???
What hair cut would make my face appear more narrow?
Red hair dye. can i was my hair day after?
What should i do about my hair? help!?
why do some people hate men with long hair?
how can i take off gum from my hair?
would i suit short hair?
what color hair do you have?
Know of any good box hair color to go from medium brown to cool blonde?
Hair bleaching fiasco... HELP!?
Haircut problems?
Girls, do you shave your arm hair? I Need a photo of an arm?
At- Home color remover?
Let's JAM for hair?
silver shampoo made my hair silver apart from my light brown highlights?
What is consider too much makeup?
home colour, blonde, looking for tips?
Rate me? Scale of one to ten.?
what would happen if you didnt wash your hair for a year?
do you have to be qualified to do nailes hair ?
How can i do my hair like this?
How can I get this look?
Help with my hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
how can i get hair like this? ?
straightening hair with no heat?
will lemon juice get the oil(residue)out of my hair that is left from the shampoo?
do you reckon this hair style will suit me for prom?
do girls like boys with facial hair or clean shaven??
Why doesn't my hair smell as nice as my friends?
HELP!? [with a picture!]?
where can i get a small clip to do a simple poof ?
How to fix uneven bleach?
what should i do for my 9 year old daughter for a singing performance?
How to take care of a lock of hair?
I'm looking for a really good hairstylist in southfield, michigan who can give me the Rihanna hair cut.?
Want to dye my hair a bright colour in a place which can be hidden at school?
Help me brush my hair?
How can I make the back of my head not greasy?
Styling Spray/Hairspray??? urgent!?
Exactly how to cream developers work?
Which unatural hair color should I get ?
is curly long hair or straight long hair sexier?
I want this hairstyle!!?
Ugh! my hair?
where is the best place to get a scene hair cut?
how to keep hair dye from fading?
Help! I want to dye my hair blonde.?
Which is better? Curly or straight hair?
How do you do this hairstyle?
What is this certain kind of hair gel?
What colour should I dip-dye my hair?
What type of hairstyle is this?
Do red heads go grey?
Why is my hair so greasy?
How do I go about conditioning my hair with egg yolks/vinegar?
i bleached my hair,will the hair dresser be able to make it a nice blonde colour again?
Bleach gone wrong, its gone ginger! Helpppppp!?
Supercuts or Fantastic Sams?
Best purple shampoo for blonde hair?
What is in your opinion, the best shampoo and conditioner?
Which hairstyle/ cut should I get?
What is a good hair straightener to buy?
New to dyed hair ...?
Major hellllppppppppppp!?
armpit hair, is that sexy on girls?
what is cure for grey hair?
Pink ombre with blonde streaked black hair?
what do u think of my hair?
What Color Should I Dye My Hair?
how do you cut your hair....?
How much does Salon Blu charge for extentions?(santa clara)?
i scrunch my hair but how do i get it to look different. i like it but it gets a little boring sometimes.?
How do I make my hair look better?
How do I get my level 8 blonde to a level 10 without bleach?!?
How do i get ariel red hair?
Question for Girls: Do you prefer shaved or hairy armpits?
How can I find the right hair colour for me?
If you were going bald, would you consider a wig or hair replacement?
How much times should i wash my hair in a week?
Will blonde hair look okay with dark brown eyes?
Should i die my hair?
Why don't I want to cut my hair?
Bleaching hair questions?
what the hell is pubic hair for?
what type of hair die do u use?
Do I look good with curly hair (pics)?
are blonds really dumber than brunettes or other hair colors?
curly or straight?
How do i style my hair?
how to get straight hair???????????????
does washing ur hair everyday harm it?
what home products are ok for dry hair...?
would my hair look good like this? (pictures)?
what hair color would you reccomend?
what r some really cute hairstyles for long hair?
To cut hair or to not -- that is the question (pictures included)
How to hold my curls?
How should i tell a stylist to do this to my hair?
TUGAIN 2 or FOLIGAIN HAIRLOTION.. which one is moreeffective for hair growth...??plzz help...?
I'm 15 and wear daily my super thick hair in a waist-length,heavy braid,my mom won't let me cut?
how to curl my hair using tongs like vanessa hudgens?
can you buy wen from a store anywhere? Not just online/tv?
My little sister is so mean, what should I do?
do you like my hair better picture?
Does my new haircut give me Mojo?
would i look good blonde?
Do girls like guys who spike their hair with gel?
what are cool haircuts for boys?
how can i get my hair like this..?
is it okay to dieyour hair twice so quikly?
Hairstyles for curly hair?!?
GHD Hair Straighters...why are they meant to be the best? What makes them better than cheaper regular ones??
What is the best hair cut for straight thin hair???
What is the BEST HAIR STRAIGHTENER ever?!?
i dyed my hair wrong?
What's the Best Hair Bleach?? and NOT sun-in please?
What is THE BEST hair straightener?
What color is your hair?
How do you make your eyebrows grow faster?
How can i turn my desk thats in my room into a vanity/make-up/hair area?
I have bleached platinum hair and I want to go light brown?
Im thinking about getting my hair trimed today. Will this help my hair grow longer or should i just leave it?
cute, fast, and easy hairstyles for thick hair?
Clique roleplay ing?
Whats the best shampoo and conditoner?
what do i do to fix my hair?
on what does oiliness oh hair depends?
Is there a way to tie up my hair and keep it straight?
I bleached my hair and now it's gold and orange! Please Help!!!!10 points.?
which hair style do you like better?
im an african american female whats good to use on your hair to stop breakage?
My hair won't stay straight!!! Any suggestions?
Can you go swimmming after you conditioned hair?
How should i do my hair?
Damaged hair?
What should I do about my body hair?
Question about hair extensions!!?
What can you do with short hair?
I have curly, stubborn hair. What's a good straightener?
would this hairstyle look good on me?
haircut ? 10 points (:?
if u have black hair & u put hydrogen peroxide in it, wut color wuld it turn out?
do you like my haircut?(before and after pictures)?
ples help!to find which shampoo good for thin damaged hair?
what color should i dye my hair?
does dying your hair damage it?
Will ketchup get rid of the green in my greyish/greenish/blondeish hair?
How can I do my hair?
does shaving hair make it grow back thicker?
How often do you take a shower???
Highlites with black hair?
I want to donate 11 inches to locks of love, should i?
My girlfriend is always asking to do my hair?
my hairs are curly and i want t grow them long ,these they cme till my nose .help me out?
I want my hair to be more blonde.?
Where can I find Long hair extensions?
i have recently coloured my hair can any1 give some tips of how to maintain it?????/?
Do you think long hair is better than short? If so why?
What's your hair colour? :D?
I plan on bleaching my hair this weekend, but i don't think it'll work?
Want to make womans head crown / like wedding crown / Arts & Crafts Supplier?
does regular dawn dishsoap take out dark brown, close to black hair dye out of your hair?
How to get rid of frizz and flyaways for good?
How do I make hair kind of have a curl in the front like a 40s hair cut?
Hair bleaching guide?
someone please help me!!?
new haircut,what should i have my hair cut like?
Hair salon experts?
10 point. which last name is posh?
would black hair suit me?
i am 17 and i want a good haircut. i have long shiny ,black hair ,straight,&neatly maintained. wat style do u?
Do you know about any over-the-counter products for thinning hair?
How do some girls have perfect hair and skin?
What is the best curl re-activator?
doe's anyone know where you can get real human hair extention's?
Stubble or No Stubble more attractive?
what to do about the arkward stage?
Cute hairstyles for school?
Can someone explain a 'how to' for a certain hairstyle?
Easy and quick gothic or punk hairstyles?
Does black hair dye ever come out?
I have blonde hair, pale skin, and blue eyes. Should I dye my hair black?
Do girls like hair on guys?
Hair growth!!!!!!!!!!?????
what hairstyles do girls like on guys?
bathing with a synthetic wig?
what size clipper is this?
How do you wash your hair with ketchup?
i want to get a hair cut but i dont know what style to get it cut?
what should I do with my hair?
Do you prefer me with long hair or short hair?
If you dye your hair, what brand is the one you use most frequently?
Should I get Blonde highlights?
pleez help me with my bad haircut, i need a way to make it look more punk. (pic included)?
where can i buy the phiten yuko hair repair iron
i dye my hair to much. and its so dead. how can i make it healthier?
Which side to part my hair on?
Im 15, in highschool and was wondering if girls like hair on guys faces or should i shave it?
hi,I'm about to buy a chi flat iron. If I buy it at folica, will farouk honor the warranty?
im basically dying my hair red and i was wondering...?
FAST Shampoo or Hair Formula 37 shampoo?
what type of hair cut should I get
Where do we get our hair "gene'' from?
Can i pull of this hair style?
when will strighten hair go out of fashion sick of seeing it?
Anyone know of a good hair gel that doesn't harden your hair, it justs act like water and holds it together?
This question is for guys only. Do you like girls with long hair or short hair?
ghd straightners.?
why am i losing hair?
what color should i dye my hair??? pics?
Im Going Grey Very YOUNG.?
What is the best way to wear your hair when you go swimming?
connected hair sticks on tv?
Is it bad to be blonde haired/ blue eyed?
Straight Hair!!!!?
W0Uld THiS hAiRSTYlE l00k G00d 0N ME??? [[PiCS iNClUDED]]?
I don't know what eles to do with my hair it's so dry?
Would a conair infinite hair designer work well on african-american hair?
Natural Hair Help!!!?
Dark streaks in Brown hair?
what sort of hairstyle should I do?
Hormones make hair curly?
What type of fringe will suit me (pic)?
How do you make your hair grow?
How long does it take to blow dry hair ?
is there ne way to make my hair grow fast?
i always try this but i never works...?
why hairis falling and how can it be reduces?
Mayonaisse and eggs?
Fudge vendetta red hair dye on dark brown hair?
What color would you consider my hair (pics)?
what color would you say my hair is? (pic included)?
Would this be a good hair color on me?
Will this medium length work with thin hair? Link provided.?
Hair genetics! How did my daughter get blonde hair?
how to take hair glitters out of my hair?
Girls: Is my hair too long?
How to end braids sorta like dreads?
How do I make my hair look like this?!?
What treatments are for extremely damaged/brittle hair?
Can I bleach my hair without damaging it?
bleached my hair, now feels like elastic. ?
Is it bad to straighten your hair everyday?
How do I get old hair dye stains off my sink and wall?
Do you have a favourite Shampoo?
where can i get a free ipod?
My hair is normally dark brown, but in the summer it gets lighter.?
solomon harper invented electric hair treatment in 1930 i can not find. iam doing a report on her.I need help.
How to get hair to not look oily?
What are some cute everyday updos for short hair?
How to remove heaps of hair wax?
Should I cut off my eyelashes?
What do you call this hair style?
Should I cut my hair to a pixie or dye it?
does the conair designer tourmaline really work?
What Hairstyle should I use?
Which Bangs are Better?
How should i get my hair cut?
Are you going to straighten your hair today?
What are textured wax? I got Garnier Fructis style Texturising Wax. Good hold but no shine!?
What's better on girls - side parting or middle parting?
My friend, who is a girl, wants to shave her underarm, legs, ad down there. But wouldn't the hair grows back ?
which hair looks better [links inside]
How do I get my Hair like this?
how can i get my hair like..?
Herbal Essences Pin Straight? (10 Points Best Answer)?
how do people get rid of lice?
Girls, what do you think of this haircut on men?
Does anyone have any ideas how I can so my hair for crazy hair day?
Hair Skin and Nails questions s!!? often????
what hair cut do u thing guyz are the best on a girl and what can i do make me more atractive?
What is your opinion on black hair?
If you look different from everybody else, why do people get all upset about it?
How-to-do hairstyles help please?
how can i make my hair grow faster?
How to get my hair like this...(Pic)?
Does anyone still get their hair permed who is under the age of 70?
best hair products to use on toddler with african american ethnicity?
i just bleached my hair yesterday and i hate it?
Would caramel streaks look good with my hair?
is there a easy homemade recipe for getting bleach blond hair?
what hair color(s) would look best with really white skin and bright blue-gray eyes?
Let the salon client set price. Is it a good idea?
jessica alba beach hair, how to get it?
Whats the best highlight kit?
Is there a product that REALLY makes hair thicker?
How much would it cost for the short Rihanna hairstyle?
I dyed my hair yesterday...Can I go in the pool today?
What should I do with my hair?
Does my dyed red hair look okay?
Curling iron help!!!?
Where can I buy Special Effects products near or around Northeast Philadelphia?
Can anyone tell me a good curling iron you can get at Sally Beauty and how much they cost there?
What type of visual kei hairstyle would look good on a Swedish guy like me?
I have 50's party to go to want to slick my hair back like they did then. What hair product should I use?
ladies! your advice on hair extensions appreciated please?
what is the best way to untangle hair for a child?
Snakebites or spiderbites? Do they suit me?
Straightening my hair for first time?
I hate my haircut, can someone help!?
What do i do? ill answer yours!?
your favorite shampoo?
Why wont my hair bleach?
How can I achieve this look with rollers?
What would hair care products for white people hair do on black people hair?
how to grow hair out long on men?
ok then..if your here you should be able to answer..?
I'm 16, should I shave my beard?
Where are some good hair cutting placed in North Carolina, Havelock?
dying my hair for the first time?
I'm loosing about 150 hairs in 1 day before few month i loose only 25 to 30 hairs what should i do pleez help
How long do I have to transition for to get this hair style?
Dying hair after haircolor removal?
Dying my hair!!!?
Should I apply mousse to my braids before taking them out?
Does dr mircle hair products work? ?
Can you buy hair tinsel at Ben Franklin?
What color is your hair?
I want to dye my hair HELP!?
How to grow my hair out without looking stupid?
Nizoral Shampoo scares me=(?
Would red hair look good on me?
Would this haircut look good on me?
can scratching your dandruff make your hair thin out? and?
Hair down there!!!!!!!!!! :(?
Dying hair from Black to Light Brown?
Should I shave my back?
Would this hair colour suit me? Pictures included?
How would i prevent my face from becoming oily?
Questions about dying my hair? Please answer!(:?
Mane and Tail Shampoo/Conditioner?
does anyone know??
HELP! My hair always sticks out on the side!!!?
new hair cut!?!?
will a pixie cut suit my face? yay, nay?
which hair colour is hotter on a girl... brunette or blonde?
How is comb twisted natural hair twisted to the left or to the right?
What color will my hair come out?
Is it really THAT bad to shave your arms?
What kind of hairstyle suits me?
What is the name of the Canadian made hair treatment that smells like raw egg, but is incredible?
do you think this kind of haircut is cool?
casual hair, do you get what i mean?
hair disastor?
how to dye your hair from black to brown or red?
should I dye my hair black? (pic included)?
Is it bad for hair to use straightening iron everyday?
what is difference between rebonding & straightening?
different hairstyle?
What are cute styles for long straight hair?
hair extentions????help??
What's the best brand of hair straightener?
What should i do with my hair? (pic)?
good hair products for dyed dry thin hair?
Blondes or Brunettes?
Best shampoo to use after the pool?
I wonder has anybody had Hair Extensions?? If so what did u think of them??
where is a good place to buy #4 brown clip on bangs but not that expensive?
hair color?
do i look better with brown or blonde?
Does Speaking french make my mustache grow faster?
Girls: how old were you, when your armpit hairs got completely grown? ?
my hair is brown in colour,i want my hair to turn it to black can i know how?
Hair? Should I cut it how it used to be?
Would I look good if I cut my hair like this?
Is this hair cool or what?
How do I keep sweat from messing up my bob? I exercise everyday and it is a mess after I get done. I don't?
do you dye your hair?
Some questions about bangs? 10 points!?
Hair color help ? multicolor strands ?
Should I Get Scene Hair?
I need a new hairstyle!!! Help!!?
Bleaching black hair with 40 volume developer?
What do you think of this haircut?
How can I grow my hair longer?
How to get some waves?
how do i drastically change my hair color using fotoflexer?
Help. My hairs dead. how to fix this?
My mother wont let me get my hair cut. What should I do?
About that blue black hair ?
Can hair color naturally change in a week?
Should I get a long bob? Pictures included.?
help with a perm?
What should I do with my hair?
What color should I dye my hair?
Would short hair look good on me
Coconut oil -- what's the purpose?
how do you remove a perm for your hair?
What is your preference ...long or short hair ? and ...?
Do you think it would be wierd?
apprentice hairdressing?
How often do you straighten your hair?
I cant figure out how do to my hair for my wedding!! Opinions please!(pics!)?
This Question is for the Ladies?
HOW CAN I .................... ??????????????????????????????…?
is straight hair or curly hair better? or wavy hair?
Which guyz under 15 like brunnetts better than blondes?
I'm 19 years old and I have lost a lot of my hair in the past two years.I take advil, may this be the cause?
is it safer 2 use trimmer 2 trim pubic hair?
what hair salon would you recommend in melbourne?
Why is my hair so greasy?
does lemon on your hair lighten it? ?
Will It look stupid/funny if you curl short hair?
how to prevent hairfall?
What does it mean when a chick says no when u offer gum?
how to to my hair in a pony tail ??? but is really short ?
How can I make my hair grow super fast?
hair dryer and straightner is burning my hair, what do i do to restore it?
Is there something wrong with bangs swept to the right?
Twists or braids???
what is a good way to remove hair from your arms without having it come back thick and sharp like on your legs
messy chignon hairstyle? (or an updo hairstyle)?
which do i suit best ? pic included?
I dyed my hair and I hate soon can I dye it back and will it work?
what haircut name/style should i get as a black guy with waves on his hair??
is there a natural way to make my wavy hair straight?
do guys prefer blonde's or brunette's?
What color exactly is deep auburn red in hair color terms?
Need your advice!!!!?
Do you think blonde hair would suit me?
Why? why does it not look right?
Face framing my own hair........?
How do you fix patchy permanent hair color?
Step Cut, Feather Cut or Layer Cut?
Do you think that I should get pink in my hair??
is there a website on different styles to puck my eye-brews??
Shampoo then conditioner?
Hair Help! Split ends!?
I need the name of a good, reliable hair gel or mousse that will give my hair some height when I use it.?
what do you think of this hair cut on me?
how do i cut my wavy, thick, black hair, half way down back?
Would I look good with red hair?
which haircut is it ?
Hair colorists, simple question!?
How should i do my hair???
can i find a tint brush at a store like wal-mart or kmart? if not, where?
How can i keep my hair straight?
Should I Dip Dye my hair?
HAIR IDEAS?! (picture)?
How long does it take to curl your hair?
How do i fix frizzy hair?
i have never shaved my legs. i always use hair remover creams. should i shave?
Black Ladies: What is the best flat iron for our hair?
Garnier Nutrisse hair dye and hair dye advice! please!?
would blonde hair suit me? (pic)
Pretty hair styles for curly hair?
What hair color should i get? neon?
How do I grow out hair dye?
How do I get hair dye to fade away?
How do i make my hair grow faster?
Would bright blonde hair with black underneath look good?
Does salt slow down hair growth?
Long mid or short hair?
Could I pull off this hairstyle?
what is the difference between the ghd kiss and the ghd pink ?
HELP!! i want to know what to do with my natural hair when i straighten it!?
Please answer if you ever dyed your hair...?
does maple syrup get rid of split ends?
I went to Ricky Reyes salon and was told the flat iron they used is called "Bestide Flat irion"?
how do i get really beachy wavy hair?
Girls only!! What hair...?
What color should i get my highlights?
How do Ipart the hair ready to extension?
Which hair color lasts longer?
Hair color!!!???? Please help?
Can you suggest any website belongs to suggest you hair styles as the shape of ur face ? well, mine is round.?
How should I do my hair?
Hair help? If your going to be rude DON'T ANSWER!!! Thanks?
How to get rid of dandruff?
Hair problem?
any websites on hair cuts?
Best method for extensions?
please recommend a violet black hair dye?
Growth of Hair .... ?
Protective styles for transitioning hair from relaxed to natural?
i want really blonde hair?
home made easy recepies for shiny hair?
How can i do my hair crazy without putting hairspary or wigs?
i had naturally straight hairi started straightening it 4 my skool year now its puffyandwavyhow do i fix it?
dry hair!!?
Do guys prefer blondes or brunettes more?
how do you transfer blonde hair to grey hair using makeup ?
I CAN'T CURL MY HAIR?!?!?! xx?
Locs/Dreadlocks. Who's wearing them & what do you think of them?
HELP PLEASE!! What is the best hair products to use on a 2 yr old african-american girl w/ natural curly hair?
What's a way to keep hair straight over night?
how to remove bleach?HELP!!!!!!!!?
Loreal Paris color pulse?
I need a hairstyle within the next 30 minutes! :S?
Korean Male Hairstyle?
Help,I am 17 and losing a lot of hair!?
i have very curly hair and i'm not good at straightening hair.. tips please!?
Straighten Hair and new hair cut?
My hair is SUPER straight and won't do anything!?
Is my hair colour lame?
Where can I buy Avatar Hair Dye in Calgary Ab?
Should I cut my hair? (Pics)?
do i look better with curly or straight hair!? help?!?
witch hair is better big curls or little curls?
Is a fohawk possible with the same hair length on top of the head?
If I grow more hair on my head and cut hair on side of my head, does it make me look taller?
how to cut a bob haircut?
Hair ideas for very short hair?
what is Shapley's mane,tall,groom?Does it work on Afro Amer?
HELP!! I need a warm chocolate brown color from Henna, Indigo, and Amla!!?
I shaved my arms now there stubbly.?
why do white people and people with that kind of hair wash it alot?
HAIR QUESTION? Help please?
Didnt add detail, sorry?
How do you get that loose wavy hair look?
red_headed_rebel,4 evr1?
Should I cut my hair or let it keep growing?
how is can i make my hair like john legends? how can i style it myself?
Can i get blonde highlights?
Do sock bun curls really work ?
Need your advice!!!!?
How to convince my parents to let me dye my hair?
what different hairstyles can you do with micro braids?
What's the shade of my red hair called?
what are some good short hair styles???
my hair is dyed brown and i tried to dye it red?
Can a white girl go to a "black hair" salon?
ish dis outfit cute??? pictures included?
How long does it take for hair vitamins to work?
would my hair look rightt ?
How do I do my hair like this?!?!?!?
Can you describe the craziest hairstyle that you have ever had?
Does Nanogen Nanofibres really work?
how can i get my haircolour to go from black to very dark brown? (one shade lighter)?
what should i do with my hair?
What do you think of the curly wet hair look?
how do i get healthier hair?
How do I get my hair in a low ponytail with no part?
my hairs really dry?
I have black hair && i dont want it anymore.?
hair dye RED- strip hair first?
SLS Free Shampoo or Nizoral?
Would purple and pink dip dye suit my hair colour?
how do i dye my hair rainbow and scented like fruitloops?!?
red hair mess please help
What hair colour looks best if you're tanned?
Okay i died my hair black thinking it would come out pretty black.. like shiny and stuff.. thats not the case?
What hair color did I look best with ?
How to get this hairstyle? plz help 10 points?
how do you get the pills that grow your hair?
how to make my hair smooth?
Where Are Good Funky Alternative Hair Salons?
What product (shampoo) can fade brown highlights in my hair?
Is short hair on women really that much of a turn off?
Which one looks better on me?
Would this hair style look good on me - I have a round face-see picture.?
how do you change your hair colour on the computer?
got 2 b glues freeze spray?
What are the best shampoos for fine limp hair?
Do you guys like curly hair or straight hair and why????
Best hair colour for me?
How long does hair dye last after you buy it and store it away?
what color should i dye my hair? pics?
Does this look look good on me?
How often to you wash your hair?
What to do About Hair loss for women?
Is it true your hair only grows up to a certain length?
HELP!! I dyed my hair and nothing happend?
How can i get a perfect curly hair ?
OMG!! LICe EVERywhere.and nOTHinG WOrKS!!!!?
How to do hair like this ... (Pic Included) EASY 10 PTS !?
what does silk protein do for hair?
would i look good with blong hair, and if so what shade?
Ginger hair to platinum blonde?
is it bad to straighten your hair every day?
shave the beard or let it grow?
i dyed my dark blonde hair to a lighter shade last week will it be ok to dye it again this week?
what should i do with my hair?.?
green hair... question!?
Visible scalp through hair even when it's dry?
what products can you use to lighten hair without dying it?
Whats my face shape? i need a haircut?
Teasing short hair?
How do i look? (picsincluded)?
how often should i get my hair trimmed?
Should I due my hair black/ dark brown?
what is a good SHAMPOO?
long hair or short hair ?
How to do a waterfall braid?
human raw hair wholesaler.?
What causes hair loss for teenagers?
My hair feels like string!! HELP :,(?
can you strip milky way yaki weave from a brown to a honey blonde?
what hair couler do guys find better on girls..blonde or brunette?
What hair color looks best w hazel eyes?
Can you straighten your hair when you have the brazilian keratin treatment?
How do I treat flaky scalp?
I have a dance tomorrow and I need hair opinions!?
Is Dying My Hair Blonde A Good Idea?
Home perm with sponge rollers?
How can I get overnight waves for thin hair?
how to do your hair like the hannah montana wig in season 3?
I'm planning on getting highlights, but i need help on the cut...?
Does dying ginger hair blonde work?
best shampoo for me?
How do I de-tangle a synthetic hairpiece?
Suggestions for new hair style? =] (pics included)?
Should i get this haircut?
How can I convince my parents to let me dye my hair?
how do I manage split ends?
Should I do platinum blond/lightish med. golden brown highlights?
britney spears.............bald!?
Would this hair colour suit me?
Hair cut ideas neeeededdddd :D?
Will rock n roll red manic panic look like this picture on my hair?
wat hairstyle is the best for a 14year old??
Rate it 1 to 10.?
when i shave i look about ten and dont like the feel of it, yet my stubble is stupid and friends always take t
How often to you wash your hair?
how can i make my hair flat?
Is It okay to dye your hair every 5 weeks?
blonde or brunette?
What color should I dye my hair? PLEASE HELP. Appointment tomorrow!(Pic included)?
what do u thing hairstyle would suit me?
what color should i dye my hair please help!?
I WIll be going to the salon soon, what hair styles will look gOOd?
Should I cut my hair? (picture included)?
concerned about my hair? please help only 17 /?
i asked about glue in extentions and i someone suggested clip in extentions?
is it okay if i get a curling iron that is 20 dollars from CVS?
about shaving ur hair?
Did my hair look better before i cut it or after?
How long is your hair?
what is this hair style called?
i need help with hair?
Is it true that there are few Black salons in Colorado?
Will a deep conditioner/hot oil treatment give my hair volume, shine and get it soft?
How to grow more hair?
Real red or hypnotic red xxl?
10 points..Which last name is better?
Does horse shampoo (Mane and Tail) really work?
Black to Blonde Hair?
what is the first step in opening a hair salon?
would I make a good red head?
easy 10 points! please help sidebangs i messed up, im so stupid!?
Can guy perm hair every 1-2 months?
Best blonde hair color for pale skin?
How do I make my straight hair wavy?
How can I make my hair grow faster?
How can you make really curly hair naturally straight?
how can i make my dyed blonde hair grow faster?
Is it safe to dye your hair while taking medication?
how old shod u be b4 u dye ur hair????
what can i use to stop the frizz!?
If you wear your hair up a lot does it make your hair fall out easier?
Can someone help me find pictures similar to the haircut I want?
Do you have any gray hair? If so, how old are you?
Will chlorine wreck my extentions?
which hair style is better?
How do you go a horizontal french braid?
Where to buy purple and black hair extensions?
How do I get the "frizz-curling iron burned" look out of my hair?
Is there anything I can add hair dye to dilute it but I can use regulary??
Should i keep covering up my roots or just let my hair grow out its natural color again?
Stereotypes about hair color?
is there anything wrong in using baby shampoo on adult hair?
shall i dip dye my hair blond or not?
How to get hair like Kristen Stewart?
why does it coast so much to get your hair cut?
purm advise?
for girls with bangs?
Is hair striaghtneing damaging my hair?
should i get this hair cut?
I dont know how to take care of my hair, help!?
Why is my hair thick?
How to get my facial hair not to stand up?
What is consider too much makeup?
How can I have a hairy chest?
is TRESemme smooth and silky a good shampoo and conditioner?
Can I dye my purple wig?
How do you bleach or make your hair almost white ....?
How can i get killer straight hair.?
pleaseee helppp....which hairstyle is best for me? [pictures included]?
is my hair pretty ??
What color is Selena gomez's hair in this photo?
i have just bought a bleach blonde dye for my hair.?
How to convince my mom to wear my hair naturally curly ?
Haircut help, picture included ?!?
Would you mind having a gay guy do your hair?
What shall I do with my hair? [pics]?
How to make my hair straighter and less frizzy?
Is This pretty for 13?
i wanna dye my hair black to blonde i have short hair?
How did women in the 40s get big fluffy wavy hair?
I pulled out my hair extension help!?
What's wrong with my hair?
Should i cut my hair ?
The best hairstyle for my face?
What is the best hair straightener and where can I buy it? I don't care about price I want the best :)?
How to Get rid of unwanted facial hair?
How do I get this haircut?
Could this look be achieved through perming?
What can i do to make my hairs grow back less and thinner on my breast and back?
how to control hairfall???
How do i style my hair like this..?
Hair mousse to achieve curls or beachy waves?
what hair products do you use and how do they work?
is this 'out of style' for a 14 year old?
im in middle school, should i dye my hair black?
i have really drie hair what should i do ?
Does my hair look bad?
what looks better on me?
Whens the best time to lock up your hair for dread?
How to convince my parents to let me get highlights?
Removeable hair dye for Halloween?
my friend shaved my head please help school starts in 5 days!!!!!!!!!!!!?
can i have some pics of a short angled hair w/ layers?
Whats a Good Website on How to Do Some Good Hairstyes?
How can I get back my naturally JET BLACK HAIR?
please tell me?
Should I dye my hair back to blonde or should I dye it black?
I really hate my hair? Help, please?
I just grew my hair out and the ends are dry. Any suggestions?
What color should i dye my hair?
How to wear a beanie with thick curly hair?
I am 7 months pregnant. Is it okay for me to dye my hair?
When I shave my armpits, the hair grows back the next morning. How do I prevent this?
Would blonde be a good color or a bad mistake?
Nice n' easy hair coloring linked to cancer?
my hair gets so greasy what can i do to stop it?
I have long blonde hair that has been falling out since took peg-intron medication 5 years ago for 1 year.?
What kind of haircut should I get (w/ pic)?
does the keritain treatment really work?
Have you brought an instyler?
how do i get my hair to grow?
survey brunet?blonde?auburn?
who thinks this is cool?
a question about bleaching my hair?
Did I pull off the haircut?( 17 included)..
short lesbian haircuts?
Blondes or brunettes?
can anyone pls ans me?
I am having curling iron troubles?
what color should i dye my hair? picture included.?
How long does the hair stay gone????
What makes your hair grow quickly?
how can i fix the dark spots i missed when bleaching my hair?
It's my 16th birthday today, should I keep my hair open or tied up tonight?
my hair absolutely ridiculous, how can i fix it?
Is it true that Braids Caus Hair Loss????
how can i have a long hair?
how can i put my hair in a bun?
I'm only 17 and I have been losing so much hair, my hair has gotten dramatically thinner?
Does Anybody Know how to get my hair to look like Marouane Chamakh?
People say he is hot do u think he is?
hair straighteners?
Do you ever go to bed with your head of hair wet?
does this hair style look good on me?[pics]?
How to help my hair grow?
split ends and regrowth?
do u think a blond is to stopid to get a job!!!?
ok more hair talk. =] Shiny hair tips?
How to darken semi perm hair?
how to have healthy long hair ??
What color highlights would look good on black Hair? 10 POINTS?
how do i grow long feminine hair?
How long to do you have to wait?
how well does Jerome Russell Bwild temporary spray work?
Slightly scene/emo hair?
Shape up and longer hair?
How do I get my mustache to start growing?
which one should i get? KERASTRAIGHT or SHISEIDO ?
How can i get my hair to look like this?
how can I prevent my hair from breaking off?
is washing your hair everyday/using tons of shampoo and conditioner bad?
why are my bangs always oily?
How much chest hair is too much?
What should I do about my hairy legs?
Why won't my husband let me buy some new hair straighteners? They only cost £100.?
How long does it take hair to grow an inch?
Can I Dye My Hair With Manic Panic Without Bleach?
how to cure oily dandruff?
wat product should i use on my hair when i straighten it?
Scene hair qestion color?!?!?
Most Gentle shampoo available?
What are your thoughts on women who have ARMPIT HAIR. Lets hear from both male & female on this one.?
What are prices for styles in black salons in Houston?
Hair dye. I have really dark hair.?
Any help for short hair?
What is a good hair straightener to buy?
Pictures of scene hair before teased?
can u guys give me websites that i can go to for nice,cool,neat hairstyles?
Dying virgin blackish-dark brown hair to a dark brown?
Hair question help please? Any hairdressers here!?
can a puerto rican male get his hair twisted?
How would I look with dreads?!?
are there any other brands of hair dye that have a color like this one?
Any cute hair styles for a brunette with "past your shoulder" hair?
What do you think of this haircut for a girl?
A question for girls who straighten their long does it take you to straighten it?
goatee growth?
i tried to color my hair blonde, nowits yellow and brown and orange.. how can i fix it?
how can i make my hair grow faster?
what color hair do you have now and in the past????
How can i grow my fangs naturally? I am a human. Tell me tips and tricks, naturally making big fan every thing?
Does your hair get damaged from dying it?
I'm having hair fall since 1 year,what is the best way to stop it as soon as possible?
i am 14 yerars , F and had very thick hair but recently after a short hair cut i found my hair thinning . Why?
can u give me a free website of different hairlstyles for my natural long curly hair?
i have premature greying of hair ,if i henna my hair it gives a very bad color-orange.if i dye it the hair is?
I tryed hot oil treatment for the first time, left hair oily and dirty loooking?? how does it work??
Help! I bleached my hair too white!?
HELP?!?!?!?!?! please :)pretty please?
what should i do with my hair? (im a guy) 10 POINTS BEST ANSWER?
How do I give myself that nice sleek n straight hair?
how do you get hair dye off floors and tables?
Straightening hair- What am I doing wrong?
How to Grow Hair Out Before Prom.. FAST!?
why do people care about their beauty?
Where can I find heat-resistant pouches/mats for flat irons in Singapore?
plz help me with my hair! im desperate!?
how to be a cool person?
How can i make my hair grow faster?
Is my hair to short to wear it naturally curly? (PICS!!!)?
Am from nigeria,my hair is damaged so i cut very low but when my front hair is like a bald hair what do i do.a?
Where can I find Bed Head products?
Is dyed tips still a trend or an old style?
I have just been insulted by a hairdresser, is this "normal" for them to do this??
Is my hair better curly or straight? (pic)?
What is the hairstyle called that Sgt. Calhoun has from Wreck it Ralph?
What does hair,nails,skins tablet exactly do?
How would a salon/hair stylist fix dark dye splotches in my hair?
What's the best shampoo and conditioner in the world to use????????????????????????
Hair Fall. What is the solution?
what is an easy topic for a persuasive argument?
what's the best way to apply heat protection spray before straightening?
straightners- good or bad?
What can I do to make my hair grow!!!?
How should I do my hair for school tomorrow ?
how to style hair that hasnt been cut in a while?