I have a job interview at a salon tomorrow. What would be a good way to wear my long hair?
How can I keep my hair straight for tomorow?
Which horse shampoo grows your hair faster?
how would i look with straight, black hair?
how do you master the side parted, low chignon?
is it true when u highlight your hair u get cancer?
Will straightening or curling your hair cause it to fall out?
where can i get hair styles from anahi from rbd?
How can I get my hair to curl...?
Get ma hair straight?
blonde hair blue eyes.?
i have fudge no lift creme developer and fudge permanent hair colour. how much of the two do i mix together?
hey do you prefer medium,short or long hair
I am bulimic and aneroxic and my hair is falling out what can i do to stop it?
i want to lighten my dark brown hair w/out highlights or dye. what should i use?
What do you tip for a haircut in Houston, TX?
Get rid of blonde patches?
How do I create well defined curls in my curly dry hair?
What shoulddd i have my hair like tmoz ! :O?
Why does my hair fall out? :(?
Light or blonde hair? (pic include)?
any stylists got african american hair help?
I want bangs, any suggestions?
Used blue "directions" semi permanent dye, now I hate it! Help?
Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Question?
Is there any way possible that i could speed up my hair growth?
Why does my hair go puffy after thinning?
what is your hair style?
How do I get loose waves for my hair?
bullied cause of hair?
new hairstyle question.?
How can I make my hair look like Marla Singer's in Fight Club?
Best Hair Straightener?
my hair dosent go the same way i brush it!!?
Is this a bad habit for my hair?
Should I get my hair cut before or after school photos?
Do you tip your hairdresser if he owns the salon?
Pictures of dark chocolate brown hair with dark auburn highlights?
hair cut help!!!!????!!!!!!!?
What is bad for your hair, gel or mousse?
How do I Style My hair formally?
Hair question?
Fix for stringy hair?
How to get my hair to look not greasy?
how do you straighten you hair?
does anyone know of a great african american hair salon in or near Pembroke Pines, FL?
i have very weak n rough hair.please suggest me with sum stuff?
im very curios about this hair stlye?
what hair color is best for me?
pantene pro-v?
Okay.... personality hair?? Stupid or not?
what are some cool hairstyles for a 17 year old girl with short, thick hair?
how to fade hair dye?
does anyone knows what hair products do Korean celebrities / kpop artists use?
Diffuser for wavy/straight hair?
How do I blend in my hair extensions?
Whats the best gel or any other hair applicant to keep the hair straight?
my jaw and my hair? please help?
am i pretty??
does a perm hurt your hair?? in any way?
which looks best? Straight or curly?
prom hairstyle with kinky twist!?
My friend saying no one can be born with black hair?
Can you post some websites that have good pictures of sidebangs that i could show my hairdresser?
i am fed up of the adds of shampoo plz tell me which is a good one for all hairs.?
any good emo scene hair cuts?
i only have hat hair on one side of my head what do i do to get the other one to go up?
My hairs very rough & dry ? What should i do to make them beautiful strong and silky?
12 years old, want to cut hair by myself?
ways to keep hair in place?
Suggest a new hairstyle please?
How do you spiral curl your hair with curlers by yourself?
what is a shampoo and wettowel?
Hair Help!!!!!!!!!?
If my hairs bright pink do I need a filler colour to go dark brown?
Growing out bleach blonde hair?
How to get tommy how ratcliffs inspired hair?
Does my hair look scene? (boy)?
What do you think of facial hair on men?
how do we get to know wether we have oily hair or dry hair?
Extensions and a sidecut?
My hair won't hold curl no matter what I try, curling iron, round brush, hot rollers, foam rollers, etc.?
goddess hairstyles help?
should i do this? please help?
Whats a good dandruff shampoo?
what color should i dye my hair?
Can I please have some help with my hair?
how do you make cornrows with 3 inches of hair?
Can i deap Fry my Hair?
Question about changing hair color with roots showing?
Just got my long hair layered. Hairstyle possibilities???
How is the Wild hair growth oil?
Is a ponytail boring?
How often should I trim my hair if I am trying to grow it out?
How much do you think my hair will grow by September 4th?
do you think this girl with red hair cute?
do you think I should cut my hair?? picture!?
Is this expensive for a haircut? (In your opinion)?
So i just started dreading my hair and have a few questions?
Which one should I do first or should I do them all at once?
What kind of haircut should I get?
How do you style your hair like this?
should i dye my hair back to brown (picture included) ?
Stop Curly hair, desperately need help?
I have dark brown hair can I dye it ligh ash brown?
I need some advise on how to dye the tips of my hair!!!?
Wavy Hair Suggestions?
should i get my hair relaxed?
What to do with my wavy hair? Help!?
Should I get more highlights or go natural (pics)?
can i wash my synthetic wig with an all natural shampoo?
Is it possible for a person inexperienced in hair styling to cut their own hair and still make it look nice?
What do you think of this hairstyle?
scene hairstyle help please!????
how to reduce hair fall?
OK, so my hair do i remove all traces of semi-permanent hair colours?
How long is too long?
What different ways could I style my hair (not cutting)?
help me!!!!!!!! 10 points!11 hair crisis?
red hair color question?
I am 20 year old guy & my 30% hair are white what can I do for it remedies in ayurvedic will be preferred?
How to make semi-parament hair dye at home?
Would I look good in a pixie cut?
ways to make your hair grow faster?
Does anyone know the name of this curling iron?
Should I shave my head?
mii bum hairs r growin up my back, how can i get rid of dem#?
Perm Help?!?!?
my bangs are super short?
I bought a fake ISO straightener from
Can you dye your hair and have highlights put in on the same day?
Which Flat Iron Is Better?
Which hairstyle fits me best?
Do girls like boys with beards and leg hair?
Can you bleach/dye dreadlocks?
Do u like this haircut? **pics included**?
Are GHD straighteners worth the money? Can someone who is hopeless with hair expect to achieve good results?
What do you say to someone if they ask is that your real hair when you know you got a really nice weave in?
Nice Hairstyles For High School?
How long does it take to grow 6 inches of hair?
What can I do with my hair for an 80s night?
What hairstyles can I do for my curly hair?
cabn i buy non paraphenyienediamine hair dyes?
Ok i have long curly hair and am not sire what to do?
Would red hair look good on me? (pic included)?
Is it okay to bleach your back and stomach hairs ?
Bio Ionic Ismooth or the CHI Turbo?
swoop side bangs ?
Ok, I have porcelain skin and green eyes, what should I do about hair color!?
What color will look the BEST on me????!!!!?
do i look better with straight of wavy hair?
what should i do wit my hair?
Should I go back to short hair + profile?
can you cornrow relaxed hair?
Does dr mircle hair products work? ?
What should i do with my hair?
How to take glue in extensions out?
How do you die your hair black and blonde.?
should i wear my hair straight or curly to school monday?
What scene hair cut is best?
How can i get wavy hair overnight?
how do i make my hair lighter without bleaching it?
Can u help me?
How to make curly hair straight without straightening iron?
Are chi flat irons good?
Cheaper alternative to D:Fi Light wax?
Should I get a new hairstyle??? (pic)?
how to get long and straight hair free from short broken hair that stand like spikes.?
Reddish hair on Asians?
Should i dye my hair red if it's black ?
cheap hair products vs. expensive?
What's the best shampoo to make my hair grow faster?
Help! Overtoned my hair :(?
should i dye my hair blonde?
Does Nutra Renew really work?
How can I ask about removing hair between the eyebrows and upper lip hair?
Hair is DRY and damaged!! what should I do?! anything you swear by?
Is shavng of the pubic hair common among women ? What % age shave ?
Does anyone have the Conair Infiniti Designer, is the piece hot to the touch?
Hair help with extensions? Really poofy natural hair wont stay?
what colour hair would suit me?
Hairstyles, please help?
if one has fine black hair, then dying it light ash brown will it make the hair thinner than usual?
Ok so the haircut i got was a little shorter than i wanted, how can i make my hair appear to be longer?
Where can i get boar hair brush in india?
What dye brand should I use?
How can I boost my natural curls?
I'm scared! Why is my hair and eyes changing colour!?
What is the best way to comment on a baaaaad hair dye job ?
What face structure do I have? Oval, circle, square, ect.?
How do i get a faux hawk like blake lewis?
where can i buy pantene...?
Anyone else have epic FAIL with Ice Cream hair dye?
How can I scrunch my hair?
How did Kimberly Wyatt do her Mohawk when she had long hair?
What do i do this summer?
Why do people freak out so much when you get a short haircut? It's just hair!?
is long or short hair "in style"?
How can i maintain my alternative hair style with african american hair?
I have a question...I am white(DUH!! lol) but I love cornrows...My family does not think it is appropriate for
what products can i use to prevent damaged hair especially by the temples?
What hair extensions from Sally's are good quality?
How can i make my hair grow?
What do you think of my long hair (BOY) (PIC)? ?
How do I get the dark red hair color I want?
What are some good make-up and hair ideas?
anyone know what this haircut is?
Hair Relaxer,What is it?
Lemon Juice in HAIR?
what color should i dye/highlight my hair?
Need help with my hair.?
Can someone tell me about bleaching hair that's been dyed 3 times lately?
Ahhh! Omg, I have no idea what... [easyy s]?
Do I look better with short or long hair? (pics)?
Is it just me or does the clothing ads just don't like having blacks with straight, short but nice hair?
i have a lot of hair on my body!! which one should i do: laser or electrolysis??
Is revlon hair dye any good?
What African American products promote hair growth?
does lóreal hott straight work?
How to deal with a bad haircut?
whats a good straightner to curl hair?
What color streak goes best with light blonde hair?
what is the best way to shape eyebrows without plucking them?
Best way to strip my hair?
My daughter hair is growing to long?
which hairstyle do you prefer [with photos]?
Is it safe to dye your hair while taking medication?
Blonde Hair Dye?
What do you think about young men who use "spray on hair" to cover up thinning hair?
what do you think about highlights?
Help!Do u like/what color is Audrina Patridges new hair color?im a bit more tanned than her so will i look go?
how do i get rid of nits out of my 5 year olds hair tried all the lotions?
Should I get front bangs..?
Dyed hair at salon? ~?
Will texturizers curl naturally non-curly hair?
How can I strip my hair colour without harsh treatment?
I have a question about Optimum Care hair?
What hairsyles wook look good with my hair?
Ariana grande hair - how'd she do it?
Girls: do you like guys with long hair?
Can you give me an honest opinion?
what color is your hair?
My hair needs your help (oily)?
he girls should i wash my hair every day or every other day?
What should I do with my hair?
Best shampoo and conditioner for color treated hair?
How to dip dye hair at home?
CM Punk with blonde short blonde hair?
Does tresemme with argan oil helps make your hair grow?
Is it safe to keep straightening my hair everyday i use ceramic straighteners?
I regret cutting my hair off short. Help!?
how long does your hair grow in a month?
I want to shave my son's head for school do it or not ?
Why is my hair and eyelashes falling out? I'm only 16!?
is it necessary to shave armpits?
Elchim 2001 vs. T3 Bespoke Featherweight hair dryers?
clip on hair extensions?
Bronze hair, blonde patches?
How do I control my frizzy hair?
hairstyles from my friend?
how much will permanent straightening of hair cost?
Have you heard about Romantaque - The New Hair Minimizer. Seems that it is voted an award from INDIA US Forum?
Is Loreals casting creme gloss semi permanent?
My stylist fried my hair beyond fixing, what do I do?
What hair products can prevent split ends caused by straightening hair?
how to make my clip in extensions blend more?
how to get rid of pimples in scalp??
What products can I use to repair extremely damaged hair?
what should i do with my hairr?
how to grow unnatural hair?
What do girls like better short or long hair?
why does razoring your hair make it split ?
Would I look good in black hair?
Is Pantene a good brand for shampoo and conditioner?
What hair colour do you like best?
My hair gets oily again 2 days after washing it! Help please?
my hair is damage what can i do to make it look cute & good looking??????
Is it legal to go get hair done by yourself without parents?
short curly hair? should i?
Which hair color looks better on me, red, brown or black? often????
Bleaching hair whilst breastfeeding?
I'm nervous people won't like my hair. Its for grad, and my mom and hairdresser and sister say it looks good..?
is it right for guys to straighten their hair?
How long until redye hair?
No heat hairstyles?...?
how can i solve my dry hair and from being frizzy???? HELP !!!!?
(Guys and girls!)Which hairstyle looks better? (pics included)(scene btw)?
Should I cut my hair? How?
Is my hair a total disaster?
whats up with my hair?
I just dyed my hair, when can I swim?
What would a 3 on sides and back and 4 on top haircut look like? ?
How Will I Take My Hair To Grow Longer?
my friend and i are both 13 and out hair is falling out?
Will my hair grow faster in a bun ?
Lately my hair seems as though it is "thinner" I have tried shampoos but no luck any other remedies out there?
Did i totally mess up my bangs? [pic!]?
Whats the difference between a $15 haircut and a $100 haircut?
How to turn my hair white?
Best orange hair dye I can buy in stores?
Why hair color would I look good with?
Do I look better as a BLONDE or BRUNETTE? (pics included_?
Does anyone know any secrets to hair straightening?
Would this hair style look good on a teenager?
What color should I die my hair? (Pics are included)?
is there anything thst can make my hair grow faster?
How do I convince my mum to help pay for GHD hair straighteners?
what color should i dye my hair?
These side-swept fringe bangs on me (pic)?
There's Hair Color on the market that has ammonia in it and some doesn't. What purpose does the ammonia serve?
How do you keep your hair straight after you are done straightening it?
how do i change the hair color?
how do you bleach the ends of your hair?
What hair color do guys like best?
i ve long face n athletic build,wat type of hair style i should try ?
Do girls like guys with short or long hair?
I need a new hairstyle! any ideas???????????????????????????????????…
does anyone know what's this hair of bosco called...?
Yes or No :: Do you use hair oil everyday ?
What kind of jewelry do you normally wear with a formal-event halter topped long dress?
does my hair look lame?
are there any brands in drug stores for hot oil treatments>?
Should I trim my pubic hair?
easy oily hair girl! people who commented :@?
does rogaine extra strength for men grow women hair?
What's A good shampoo & conditioner???PLZ ANSWER!!!?
i get little curls around my forehead (about 3in. above ear ) and they wont go down i dont know what to do?
How to style my hair?
what do you call someone of black puertorican indian heirtage?
How do i make my hair..?
8th grade dance hairstyles?
how to stop a fringe separating?
what 's the difference between monofilament wig and lace wig? Why does the lace wig more poppular ?
How to style hair (guys) but still looks natural?
Large families! When it's haircut time, do you go out & pay big bucks, or do you do it yourself?
Do I look better blonde or brunette?
I had my hair cut yesterday and its too short help!?
Okay so i want a whole new look?
which hair style do you like better?
How often to wash my hair?
What are your opinions on African American hair?
How to wear hair for Kings Island?
Best way to tame unruly hair??
Where can I learn how to make "fish tail" braids?
are GHD's worth it?
after i straighten my hair, it smells burnt?
How can I convince my parents not to cut my hair?
Are highlights JUST for gurls?
Could I pull off black hair?
Cute hairstyles for long hair with short layers?
bangs? with picture?
Would a Victoria Beckham ''Pob'' (bob) haircut suit me?
My relatives are bald, will I ever be?
WITH PICTURES.. Ugh I'm so sick of my stupid hair.. Should I just re-dye it dark brown?!?
Conditioner that makes your hair SUPER SUPER soft and shiny?
my girlfriend wants to dye my hair black should i do it? I have blonde hair. Will it look good black?
Does Head and Shoulders strip hair color?
Help me with my hair please?
Please help find the Best Hairstyle for me!! ?
How to get hair like this (PIC)?
Just dyed my hair red and blonde, any idea on how it's gonna turn out?
"silky straight hair"?
If I keep my hair braided for the rest of the year will my hair be to my shoulders?
need info on micro loop hair extensions?
I wanna dye my highlighted bleached hair to a dark chocolate brown?
hair straghtener 4 a guy?
What do you think of this hair color?
Is it bad to go to sleep with a pony tail in your hair?
I need a haircut, How should I cut my hair?
what color should i dye my hair?
how do i take care my hair?
Do you think I'm being "the best" owner to my hair?
is 143 pounds @ age 13 fat?
Is it really bad for your hair? (Bleaching hair)?
Hair grows sporadically, how do i slow hair growth?
What are some short hairstyles I can tryout?
Can the keratin treatment get rid of split ends?
do u have a.....................?
A Questions for the Ladies?
does baby shampoo makes my hair more stronger,shiny and healthy?
Help "shaving" pubic hair?
Should I try a new hairstyle?
can a person get lazer hair removal if they have an ICD?
I have long hair just below my boobs, and I've been thinking on shaving the side, should I?
GIRLS, what brand of flat iron would you recommend?
Isoplus Castor Oil, Thoughts?
Good shampoo for thick hair?
y do people dye their hair blond if blonds r so stupid?
how often do you use conditioner?
Girls do you want guys legs to be hairy or smooth?
beyonce's hair?
additional body hair?
i have long hair almost to my back do girls like dudes with long hair?
how do you die your hair wit coffee, and how long does it last?
Anyy Cute Hairstyless?!?
If you have black hair, are you considered a brunet?
is my hair supposed to look like this?
Looking for fue hair transplant in pakistan?
if you wash your hair everyday, does it make your hair grow longer?
I have relaxed hair, can i still get a perm about a month later?
the ultimate question?
A question for all HAIRSTYLISTS out there...?
Dreadlocks or not?
Hi i am 26 years of age... and having trouble with my dry hair and also lossing hair..?
Are ponytails a good look?
senagalu advantages is it useful for growing my hair?
What's wrong with redheads?!?
Is there a way to remove the s curl from hair?
Bleached my hair and it turned orange!?
How do I keep my curly hair from becoming a huge mess while I sleep?
How to get this hairstyle?(Picture included)?
I want long hair?
how would you describe this guys hair?
What should i do with my hair?
where can I buy balitese dry shampoo?
Flat iron hair please help?
should i dye my hair red?
How can I get my hair curly ALL over not just at the bottom?
Beach Curls for wavy/Semi-poofy hair?
how long are 14 inch remy extensions?
Would I look good as a brunette...?
How can I get rid of the pink part of my hair and make it brown instead?
How would this hair cut look on me?
Should a 48 year old lady cut her knee length hair short?
How can you give short/straight/fine hair a little volume/thickness?
haircut ideas please?
I'm 17, and going bald, fast.?
What color should i dye my hair?
what color should i dye my hair? (i have pics)?
Do u shave your arms (Girls)?
Should I wear my long hair in a ponytail or loose?
Short or long hair. What's the fashion for this season?
herbal essences?
looking for a black hair salon/barber in ventura county?
how can a person remove his face hair by the liser?
Would I suit this hair color?
What color should I choose?
What type of hair cut does she have?
Girls: long or short hair on guys?
What brand of shampoo do you use?
What colour should I dip dye my hair?
Going to bleach my hair...?
Will I eventually get chest hair?
Growing hair.........?
Ladies How long have you gone with out shaving your legs or arm pits?
Is there a way to make hair grow faster?
do i look better with or without hair extentions?[pics]?
Would you consider her hair long?
Girls Only: What is your opinion on guys dying their hair?
help!!! 14 yrs & my hair is fallin also....?
Does anyone know how to lighten the colour of the hair without using and dye products?
I NEVER wear my hair down, how can i force myself out of my comfort zone?
hello which haircut should i get?
Help Help. Is it normal for relaxed hair to look shorter with new growth?
what is the best hairstyle when wearing a scarf?
after you starighten your hair?
Advice on bleaching hair?
is every hair in our body gros at the same rate?
Looking for good ceramic straightener?
!!!!omg help!!!!!!!!?
What does it mean when your hair falls out?
So I plan on bleaching my hair and then dyeing the same day, would it work?
how could i straiten my hair with less damage?
Hair cut!!! Help!!!?:);(. ..?
How can i straighten my hair ?
Is Pantene a good brand for shampoo and conditioner?
how to get soft silky glowy hair from rough dry curly hair?
Is Vaniqa Hair Growth Reducing Cream effective?
Dying dark brown hair red?
How Do I Curl My Hair the Right Way?
HAIR STRAIGHTENING: Is it worth a guys time? Opinions on it?..
If you rip out your eyelashes, do they grow back?
im 15 i have a bush deep voice and some facial hair but no armpit hair why? Have i reached puberty yet?
Straightening hair...?
How's my hair?
Long hair or short hair? Should I cut my hair??
Look what split ends did to my hair! HELP?
My short hair wont fit in a ponytail and i want to pull it all back. What do I do?
How to straighten hair better?
Why is it that All Old Ladys have curly hair?
How to temporarily dye hair?
Do you shave your pubic hair?
how long does it take for permenant hair dye to fade?
Is it alright to just leave your pubic hair alone?
Should i cut my hair like this?
Which flat iron/straightener would you recommend?
Is aloe vera good for hair loss?
Do you have any websites for wedding hair styles?
Where can I buy the Corioliss Compact Red Leopard Ceramic Hair Straightener in Vancouver, British Columbia?
How to get ringlets?????????????????
Should my Husband wax his chest hair?
what is the ideal haircut for me?
Should I Shower with HOT or COLD water to make my Hair Conditioner more Effective?
Hair dye gone wrong HELP?
how do i get rid of my thick hair and turn it in to thin straight hair?
New Haircut Ideas? (PICS INCLUDED) :]?
why has my hair suddenly been so full of static for the past month?
treatment with Epila laser?
Can you scrunch your hair when its DRY? Like use gel? No?
So I'm a guy and I got a short haircut that looks rediculous, What should i do?
Should i dye my hair like omg girlz?
Help with hair spray?
Need a new haircut, which of the 4 is best?
What are some good hairstyles for curly short layered hair?
Loreal hair dye?
I need to find a place that shows pictures of short hairstyles for plus size women?
does lemon always lighten hair?
HELP EYEBROW LADY AGAIN. I also tried to dye my pubic hair,?
Help with hair dye?!?
FRIZZY Hair?!!?
What's the best shampoo and conditioner from Garnier Fructis?
Howong do hairs have to be to get brazilian wax?
How can I get my kids braids to not curl at the end of the braid?
How can I flatten my hair and make it not poofy.?
should i get bangs?
Is it good to use Loreal Vive shampoo?
Would this hairstyle look good on me?
Preteen hairstyles?
What color highlights would look good on black Hair? 10 POINTS?
Whats the best shampoo and conditioner brand ?
What shade of blonde should i dye my hair?
help recommend me a new hairstyle (girls)?
my eyebrows meet in the middle and you can notice them being shaved?
Hair growing tips anyone?
How can I get my hair to look like this?
help now how deep do you plant tulip bolbs?
i have a quiestion about dying my hair with food colouring?
opinion of girls with short hair?
How to maintain the colour?
What can I do to grow my hair really fast??
10 points for the funniest and most unique answer!?
how can i get hair like thisss?
Why do Blondes think that ALL guys love them?
should i cut my hair n if i should hell me wit a hairstyle? [pic included]?
whats a Good way for someone with hair like mine to wear there hair?
why all of a sudden have i got static hair?? its diving me crazy!! how do u get rid of it??
My granny's hair is coming out in clumps?
Where to get really curly hair cut?
how can i make my hair softer?
If i have dandruff and i want to bleach my hair?
What Colour should i dye my hair ?
Should my niece change her hair color?
What shaped face do i have? (pic)?
I have really reallly really dry damaged hair; HELP!?
dying my hair? HELP PLEASE!!!!!?
my hair is falling & i have dandruff problem.also my hair becomes slowly in white colour.pls advice.?
what are those hair ponytails called.?
dyeing hair with koolaid?
hair?? please help?
I have plain, light brown hair. Do you think this makes my hair look less plain?
What does Semi-Perm Black dye over Perm Black dye do to your hair?
Should I continue washing my hair everyday?
how can i make my hair longer?!?
I have discovered a grey hair. Do I shave my head like Britney Spears or shoot myself?
Am I balding or is my hair just damaged?
How do you like the new hair color?
Just applied bleach kit to black dyed hair..?
How Can I make my Hairstyle Like Davey Harvok...the singer from AFI (Miss Murder)?
do i have an ugly hair??
how can i have beautiful hair?
bad haircut. suggestions please?
How to get wavy hair!?
Do you have short,medium,or long hair?
Beard growing faster and thicker than moustache?
hair style site suggestions please?!?
If I dye my hair red does that mean I have to give up my soul?
what hair color is best for me?
How long does it take to grow my hair to 6 inches?
Blonde hair with brown dye, keeps fading red?
Frankie sandford hair on me?
so my friends sister did my hair she bleeched it and it turned out a orangy color and i want a white blonde?
Best hair serum in india?
Please help me get rid of HEAD LICE! PLEASE!?
How much does a perm cost at Perfect Look(without tax)?
What hair color would look best on me? [Pictures]?
What is the best way to get curly hair without getting a perm?
Recommendations for hair curlers??
sould guys have short or long hair?
what do you think of fohawks? should i get one?
How do people (girls) wear their hair at weddings?
For black hair do you make it light brown and maybe put some blonde highlights on it as much as possible
Is it healthy??? Plz Help?? 10 ponts! easily?
Lightening medium brown hair a few shades?
Anyone else have epic FAIL with Ice Cream hair dye?
Should I wear my hair straight or with curls?
How do I keep my hair straight?!?
Dying my hair blonde?
How to dye my dark brown hair lighter with less damage?
Justin bieber's hairstyle or adam levine's hairstyle?
what can I do to have healthy looking hair?
how i look blonde?
grow hair 2 inches 1 month ?
revlon ceramic rv062??
how should i wear my hair for easter?
Have thick hair, need help!?
How do you french braid your hair????
Does light or dark hair suit me better?
Nikki Reed's hair on Jimmy Kimmel Show - How can I get it?
need a new hairstyle?
do *guys* like smart or dumb blondes better?
Should I dye my hair blonder?(PICTURES INCLUDED) ( :?
im a 21 year old lad looking for a new cut and style....?
How to end braids sorta like dreads?
you like freedom?
I want to shave all my hair and regrow it?
How to care for hair before doing a weave cap?
any suggestions on how to repair over processed hair?
looking for a new hairstyle. pics included?
How can i change my avatars hair color?
Did I pull off the look?
either or, please help ?
i have long ginger hair how should i wear it to school tommarrow?
How often do you colour you hair?
Will my hair grow back darker ?
my sister just pullled a really big chunk of her hair. she's been using glue to spike it up?
wat kind of shampoo do u use??????????
How should I have my hair for a party?
I'm nearly bald!!!! HELP!?
How would a get this texture to my hair?
If I constantly slick my hair back wil it start growing straight ?
I'm nervous people won't like my hair. Its for grad, and my mom and hairdresser and sister say it looks good..?
How to get rid of dry ends?
How long will it take for my hair to grow up to my waist?
Would blonde hair suit me? (picture included)?
Does your bean of band of brissell brush persist on pertruding perpendicular from your pate?
What i need to do to get my hair to grow faster?
Arm Hair..?
I bleached my purple hair and it turned hot pink!!! Help?
my haiiiiiiirr hot or not??
My wife got a new hair style and I cant stand it. ?
How do I scrunch my hair with mousse?
What's a good product for split ends/dry hair?
how to keep my hair straight all day?
Why is the back of my head growing hair faster?
can I dye my uneven highlited hair to jet black?
Should i qet side banqs? [Pictures]?
A few questions, is my hair damaged?
How to get long hair in a year!!?
boys AND girls ages 13-17, what do you think of guys with long hair?
is blonde expressions by pantene pro-v a good shamppoo and conditioner?
Finding Manic Panic products in a store?
how do i curl my hair with hot sticks??
Has anyone tried Victoria's Secret Hair Care?
What is your natural hair color?
Is it bad to shave your arms?
What can I do to make my hair grow?
Will my hair go back to my natural hair colour if I dye it?
How to blow dry a faux hawk?
Hot or not?????????????
Would I look good with side bangs?
Would blonde suit me?
Would I look good with caramel highlights?
I'm taking a poll, how long is your hair? (females only)?
How many times a week should i wash my hair?
Does temporary Die ruin your hair?
how close does your avator look like you?
I need a new Haircut (pics)?
dirty hairstyles for fine hair?
what would you recommend for my hair...?
what color should i dye my hair? (picture inside)?
should i get this hair cut?
what is your hair care routine?
Help! My daughter dyed her hair orange. How can we fix it?
I want to grow my hair....?
Why do I have to have a cartoon as my picture?
Ladies: would it be a turn off on the first date a guy took a MASSIVE dump in your bathroom and clogged the?
Is the amplified version of Manic Panic better than the classic?
bikini line?
I just brushed about 3 tablespoons of lemon juice through my hair, and im about to go to the pool.....?
10 points..which name is better for a blonde hair boy?
is this hairstyle that bad ?
how can i make my hair straight when its humid outside????
do you think???
bleach/blonde hair dye?
Is it okay to use a rusty Curling iron?
Dying Eyebrows! Is that stupid!?
Do u dye your hair yourself or go 2 the hairdressers?
Which color would look cool on me?
what sould I do with my hair?
what can i do to be vip ???
Which hair would you prefer?
Need New Hairstyles (naturally curly hair)?
Styling ideas for curly thick hair?
Help with gappy fringe?
Can I lighten my hair with only using hair dye?
What should brand I use to dye my hair?
what can i do to prevent further hair loss, i loose hair every time i take shower?
I have curly, stubborn hair. What's a good straightener?
What are people's favourite types of hair?
What's better if the head is completely bald or balding?
ok i need tips on how to dye my hair?!?
What do you tip your hair dresser in the US?
How to get Shiny & Glossy hair?
Thinking about dying my hair blonde on my own...anyone with lots of "blonde" experience?
What hair cut would go good with this type of hair?
If your hair fell out due to chemo - would you wear a wig?
what are some cute shoulder length hairstyles?
I have 360's in my hair but one side of my head has no waves (the side i sleep on) can some one help my?
I want to dye my hair dark brown?
How long does hair chalking last?
How long after bleaching my hair (not my scalp), Can i dye it?
straight or curly hair?!?
hair websites?
should i let my youngest daughter get her hair cut like this?
I have new hair but what if people hate it ?
Can I dip dye my hair with any colored drink?
I need help with side-swept bangs?
I need help with my hair?
i dyed my hair but how can i make it alittle lighter?
If i dont have tie dye stuf can i use something else?
I need help with a hairstyle.?
What kind of haircut is this?
What color should i dye my HAIR!? (with pictures!)?
Quizz for all guy's?
what colour should i dye my hair, it is light brown but blond or black will ot look good?
What is the best hair straightener out there?
If you put oil on your hair, does it make your hair grow faster or slower?
do you??????????????????
Is this an unusually large hair part? (Picture)?
I have found a grey hair and I am only 23?
what can i do?
Will my dyed hair turn lighter?
Where to buy cosplay necessities?
are my eyebrows too thick? (pic included)?
Leopard print hair?? At a hairdressers?? Pricey?
tigi modern lightener w/tonal blends or paul mitchell dual purpose lightener, what if your pref. bleach?
Funky Hairstyles?
summer time calls for a hair cut!?
Hair bleach and dye brands?
How Much Does Your Hair Grow?!?!?!?!?!
Hairstylists Only..Please!?
What is the best black haircare for little girls....?
What are the best products for my hair?
conair infiniti hair curler, can you curl as you dry?
how can you get the hair inside your nose to stop growing?
What is the best weave to wear chlorine water?
How should I do my hair? PIC?
if your hair color is a darkest brown and you try to dye it a chenut red will it turn out right ?
Lauren Conrad's hair?
Ashley Tisdale Haircut?
a good remedy for head lice?
Why is human hair growing?
What should i do with my hair? Help!?
What straighteners do you have?
How should I grow my hair for a ponytail?
I don't know how to put my hair up!?
i need a new hairstyle!! what would look good (pic included)?
A question about bleaching my hair ?
HELP . my hair is soo frieedd !!!!!?
go brunnette?
good way to get thicker hair?
toner and bleaching question?
Girls, what exactly do you do when you put your hair in a messy bun?
i need help with hairr?
How can i lighten my hair without a bleach as iv got black hair.?
should i stick with blonde or brown hair
what can i do with this hair?
i want help with a new hair color =)?
i am not a rich person but can i growth without falling hair.plz tell me prapare advice?
I have the same boring hair every day. Any ideas for me?
How to twist your hair, but not lock it?
I want to perm my hair, but i dont know because of the first time?
what color should i dye my hair?
HAIR STYLIST OR HAIR DIVAS PLEASE HELP!! Would you recommend this product for my hair type?
What's a good hair straightener??
ladies what should i do with my hair help!?
i want to wear a beanie but is my hair is too short?
What color highlights would go good with my hair? How to convice my mom?
Can someone save my hair!?
When to touch up my roots?
Plz help ASAP...why r my bangs suddenly not cooperating?
okay girls with nice hair do you wake up wash blow dry and straight iron your hair every single morning?
is it bad to use too much hair gel /styling gel?
very very healthy hair?
I'm looking for pictures of wedding updos with a tiara and side swept bangs.?
what will happen If I dont wash my hair for a year?
Help? how ahould i have my hair?
Good hair color for fair skin and dark brown eyes?
How can I make my hair straight all day?
Whats a good hairstyle for a male with a funny shape head, circle round and with thinning hair but not bald.?
can you use syntheic hair to braid if you use want romance curls?
how do i get my hair like this?
**10 POINTS** How can I thin out my hair? And what kind of a haircut? **10 POINTS**?
What hair colour/style?
how is a man suppose to shave his eye brow's?
Will this look good on me?
Help with hair?
Should I go darker or lighter?
Dye it first or cut it?
Could I pull off this hairstyle?
where offline can I buy human hair wefts/tracks?
Should I get my hair cut?
How can you make really curly hair naturally straight?
What is the best hair serum/friz-ease/heat preventer to use on hair?
Help me out please! (10 points)?
can anyone tell me how to get vicks out of my babys hair washed it 3 times still cling on?
I want to dye my hair?
What kind of hair style is this? I want to tell my barber.?
no damage straight hair?
should i apply heat protector on my hair before or after i straighten it?
How do you get rid of frizz in really thick hair?
How to get my hair to grow faster?
What shampoo will give me the same texture outcome that I get after swimming in salt water?
*HAIR DISASTER*.. please help?!?
Which Colour Should I Dye My Hair First..?
How to choose schwarzkopf hair dye?
i have my raugh hair problem,please help me what can i do?
Where is there a good salon in providence RI that can deal with different hair types?
Embarrissing Question?
if i put hydrodion pexiode in my hair what color will it turn?
How often should I wash my hair? (Men)?
Which is better?
does brown or blonde hair look better on me?
What ever happened to Sy Sperling?
I have red hair but i want to dye it blonde what do i need to do?
what color blonde should i dye my hair??? pics included?
what are the risks if you apply a store baught temporary (8 to 12 washes) dye to previously bleached hair?
what is a good hair style for someone chubby?
whats a good hot oil thing for your hair?
Good Hair Straighteners?
How do I get healthy hair again?
I ordered extensions from . They are still processing.?
do you use hairspray everyday? if not, when do you use it (girls only)?
is it ok for a guy to straighten their hair?
Lee min ho hairstyle! Help!?
Ion Color Brilliance Brights Hair Color?
Why do guys tell girls what colour to dye their hair?
if we wash our hair with bear will they become very silk?
how do you get dye out of your clothes that comes from your hair?
What are the best hair products for my hair?
what do you think of these bald beauty?
I can't afford to pay $80 to get my hair done again. Please help...?
does true love exist?
How can i keep my hair REALLY straight.???
going bald or hair product?
How to style my hair? Short hair?
i need special advice pleeeeeeeeeeeeease help me?
What are good hairstyles for medium hair (male)?
How can i get my hair back?
Why do some people think that...?
why does my hair get so damaged?
How can I get my hair like this?
how my hair frizzes?
Do you like really long hair on a girl?
How can I style my hair like this?
whats the best haircut for men at the moment?
Why is my hair thin when I get it flat iron?
Do u know anything about coarse hair? if so please answer?
need urgent home remedy to strip the bronze\red from my light colour hair.?
Is there a good video on how to curl hair with straightener?
how to get Longer hair?
Hairstyle for Picture Day?
whats worse blow drying or straightening?
how to get longer hair fast?
has anyone used toppik to cover thinning hair and is it good?
My hair is all frizzy. Is it because I dryed it in the microwave oven?
If you wax your hair could you describe the level of pain when doing it. So you apply the wax,let it soak?
Tell me what you think honestly?
how do you get your hair to look like it is naturally curly?
Should I dye my hair?
best haircolor for fair skin and dark green eyes?
Where can i find Axe Heat 2 in 1 shampoo?
"scene" hairstyle help plz?
Small black bugs in my hair?
wanna cut my LONG hair?
How could a do a bun like this?
How can I learn to do color at home?
Does your hair look good when you wake up,or resemble a hay stack?
how to do a high messy bun for long hip legth hair?
Do you think I should cut my hair?
How should I style my hair?
chocolate brown hair color...yay or nay?
how do i make curly hair permanantly straight?
How to curl hair. african american hair?
How do you do conditional hair coloring?
does straightening your hair once a month damage it?
Have you ever stayed home from work or a social event because you were having a “bad hair day”?
how to keep my hair from frizzing from heat/humidity?
Are bangs in or out? If in, what type?
How to get rid of greasy hair?
What is causing this?
in jsut died my hair and it is wawwaaayyyy too dark...what should i do/?
hair ideas for a 13 year old?
I'm trying to take care of my hair...?
How-to-do hairstyles help please?
Which color do you like best?
How can i make my hair grow faster?
Is a faux hawk considered punky?
Going brown to ginger?
What hair color looks better on me?!?! I can't decide [PICS]!!?
itchy hair?. watz de remedy?
Hair Extensions on Really Short Hair, Where to go, What to Expect?
What's better,blond hair or brunette?
Bleaching to white/silver/grey hair?
what hair color is good on light complection?
Best way to wear your hair during a fight?
hey i caught my cook unloading body fluids on a burger what shoudl i do fire him or keep kim?
Sould i stay brunette or go blonde?(**!pictures!**)?
Cute hairstyles for school? (15 year old, sophomore)?
I have greasey hair?
Is there a website that tells u the best hairstyle u could have?
say yes if u have long brown hair?
Is there a way to remove hair from your arms without shaving or something not so expensive?
I have a bunch of different hair colour pics. What colour would look best?
do you think it looks cute when girls wear ribbons w/ their ponytails?
should i buy goldwell highlift tint? or goldwell bleach and peroxide? pale yellow blonde to platinum?
Is red hair yucky? Should I be embarrassed about it?
Really easy 10!!?
I want to grow my hair out! Please help! (maine and tail, treseme, organix brand, please read!!!)?
Does this look cute?
Is there a home straightening kit that is permanent that anyone highly recommends?
Do you think blonde streaks look strange on black people?
Few questions about growing hair?
Which hair color looks the best on me? Blonde or Brunette?
i want longer hair... without extensions!?
should you condition your hair every day or just once a week?
what is the top 10 hairstyles of 2006?
What is the best way to bring my hair texture with my diffuser. I tried using mousse, gel but my hair looks?
Should i die my hair for high school Brown with highlights or blonde??
im using dorag but my hair dosent stay down how long does the dorag have be on to stay down?
Straightening hair tips ?
are hair colour removers damaging to hair?
Which hair looks better GIRLS ONLY?
Iam lossing hair a lot after my second delivery and they are very dry, kindy suggest remedy?
is this a cute hairstyle?
why dose my hair look like I haven't washed it. when I washed a day before?
I got my hair dyed and want natural colour back and the bleach out!!?
Extremely damages hair!!!! Advice???! Bb?
i need advice about my hair colour ?
What is the best hair treatment for curly hair?
Is it good to remove hair down there ?
when i was younger my hair was straight but now its curly. if i shave my head will it grow back straight?
My face is oval shaped, which hair style would suit me the best during summers?
how should i cut my hair?
ew my hair is greasy?
thick, unmanageable hair?
How can I have a smoky look in my eyes with a black liner?
Does anyone have the instyler?
new haircut for a 18 yo guy?? any suggestions?
Used blue hair dye but now my hair is GRAY?
curly to wavy hair?
What should I do to make my hair dense and thick, specially in herbal things like amla?
I Hate My Curly Hair!!!!!?
How do i make my hair grow long kinda fast?
Hair Styling question?
Can sun affect the color of my hair?
Does pubic hair turn grrey when a person (woman or man) grows older? If it does, do they color it?
should i get bangs? (pic included)?
Does kissing boys really make you bald?
I have pink hair! help! ?
Is Vivica A Fox Intrigue weave good?
help with hair (im a guy)..........and i do pic best answer?
whre can i go for my hair makeover in banglore any hair spceialist ?
Hair is thin and falling out URGENT?
How long does eyebrow hair take to grow back?
I need help?
how do you prevent this?
It's my 16th birthday today, should I keep my hair open or tied up tonight?
I have thin wavy hair.I am a bit tired of blowdrying and ironing my hair.Was thinking of hair rebonding.?
what is your favorite haircolor?
Does anyone know where I can find variations of the inverted bob hairstyle?
I need to know where to get this hair bleach?
i have short hair and i am going to prom on saturday and my dress is open in the bck i need hair suggestions!!
Go to school for hair design or apprentice under someone?Will I learn the same? and save $? it is all hands on?
whats the best straightener in canada?
Do I look better as a blonde or brunette?
Do you like my hairstyle?
help with wave nouveau?
What is the name of this hair style?
Can you use creme developer with hair colour?
should i get my hair dyed at a salon or get a box of hair dye?
How to Repair Dry and Damaged Hair?
Why is my curly hair always look and feel so so dry and parched?
i have long hair?
I have long straight hair, any tips on how to curl hair so i can have long loose curls?
Curly or straight hair?
10 points rewarded quickly!!?
I want longer hair, but I don't want to poison myself.?
I have extremly oily hair, what shampoo & conditioner should I use?
What hair color would match a grey dress?