will my hair look good with blond highlights? (with picture)?
do you prefer straight or curly hair?
Easy hairstyles for school?
What should Leelee Sobieski do to her hair?
how do you get your hair straight?
How do you do raccoon stripes/coontails?
i have 2 hours!! need a hairstyle now!!!! pls pls pls?
To dye dark brown hair dark blonde or light brown?
Who Invented curly Hair?
how should I dye my hair? Suggestions pleaaase. (:?
Guys: favorite hair color?
will food coloring come out of your hair?
where would i find a hair stylist that does dreads locks.?
Have you ever cried over your hair?
Could I add any household items to my hair-dye or after dying my hair to make my hair appear more lighter?
Hair extensions in rockford Illinois? ?
how to get wavy hair somewat easy without heat?
From long blonde to a dark pixie crop *pictures*?
How can I curl my Hair with out any heat ?
What's the difference between rebonding and a straight perm?
HAIRSTYLE Help!!!!!?
what is approprate to tip a hair stylist of a 15 dollar hair cut?
Girls please answer curious?
What do I ask my hairdresser to get this sort of hairstyle (male)?
What haircut should i get? pictures posted.?
PLEASE HELP MEE!!! i have frizzy hair and going to school now?
What can help my hair?
Dying hair from Black to Light Brown?
Do you think smoking should be illegal?
How to Tame Poofy Hair?
do you think the wiiu will get a price cut?
Is it ok to use clarifying shampoo if....?
updos for school dances?
How do you do a poof just right?
How to curl your hair without heat?
Would I suit short hair?
Skin Vs. Hair Question?
How to get my hair straight?
Will bleaching my hair help me pass a hair sample drug test?
Dip dying my hair yay or nay?
What shuold i do with my hair for picture day??
how do i get tangles out of my hair?
My hair's broken...what do I do?
Do home hair electrolysis kits really work (I have seen them range from 30 to 200 dollars)?
What straightner do you recommened?
What is the best way to get natural looking hair color that stays in black hair?
does laser treatment help in improving hair growth? because a clinic in chennai(south india) claims so!!?
Any hair advice, please?
Should I cut my hair short?
I have curly, frizzy hair and I want to cut it. Should I?
How should I get my hair cut to reduce frizz and still have a great cut? (Any tips appreciated)?
is there a way to make you're hair longer???
Should I straighten my hair?
Anyone ever done a Malibu Treatment?
layered hair help please and thankyou![ pic included]?
should I glaze my hair or just use a deep conditioning treatment?
Does "Wen" by Chaz Dean work?
how to get long hair?
a straightener won't straightin my hair what should i do for it to straight?
A friend of mine has just had high lights done and they are very blonde and light any tips on toning them down
Is it okay for guys to bleach their own hair?
Want to get rid of belly hair?
How long do u think my hair will take to grow?
any one knows of good shampoo and condition and hair products for fine hair?
why do young (12-25 year old's people grow gray hairs?
what makes hair grow faster????????
Do eyelashes grow back?
Hair problem...............?
can i please have some help finding beachy style formal/prom hairstyles?
different color? side bangs? whats your opinion?
My stomach has hair on it !!! I'm a girl !! ?
Could I do this with my hair?
ok heres my thing my friend nos i wear skirts and heels her mom passed black dress and heels?
someone help me with my hair pleasee :D ten points xx?
Are there other ways to curl your hair without using a hair curler?
I'm thinking about getting the 'Aeon Flux' hair cut. Anyone know a good stylist in Phoenix, AZ?
What is the advantages and disadvantages of curly hair.?
Help me what can I do to so my hair can grow faster ?
What is the best split end treatment for hair?
Why do a lot fat people die their hair?
what's the right age of applying hair colors ?
How do i know if I should straighten my hair or not?
What should i do with my hair?
Normal hair growth?
Best way to wear hair while traveling in car?
Do you prefer a guy with straight or curly hair?
Do boys prefer girls with curly hair or straight hair?
Why do i have gray hair?!?
Where can I get these hair extentions?
How do you color gray hair naturally without harsh chemicals and not getting odd colors like pink or green?
What is the best hair salon in Las Vegas or Henderson?
can u suggest a shmapoo?
How do you get rid of split ends and dry hair?
How to create loose curls?
hair transplants in west midlands?
What is the best way to get my natural hair to grow fast?
Hairdressers in Renfrewshire?
How come when i dye my hair it fades in like a week it sucks :(?
Blonde highlights in natural strawberry-blonde hair?
I dont use shampoo. Is that odd?
If anyone read my last question?
What percentage should you tip a hair stylist?
which flat iron, ghd vs chi?
Can salons dye your hair to BE salt and pepper?
help my hair is always really big and frizy after only about 1 to 2 hours what should i do?
How Do I Tie My Hair Back?
what color highlights should i get?
I use to have thick hair?
What colour hair does this look like to you?
What can i get done to my hair without having a perm? (Just took twist out)?
I'm using to Loreal Quick Blue to Bleach my hair do I have to use blonde color after that?
In general, do guys prefer Straight or Curly hair?
Why does my hair feel so greasy?
how long did it take you to see results or hair growth using rogaine for Women?
Shaved half my head regret it?
Even though I've colored my hair for years, I could still cause irreversible damage?
What do you think ??!!!?
How can i get hair like louis tomlinson?
how long will my hair grow in 50 days?
My baby's hair: Should I cut it?
Long hair or short hair, girls?
Should i dye my hair jet black?
does it ruin ur hair???
How can I achieve this hair style?
Can I pull off the pixie cut? Please help!?
black or brown hair !!!!>?
Could hair colors for my appearance?
My faithful, horny girlfiend?
Hair salon in Tampa, Fl to do scene hair...??
would a dull red head look good as a brighter redhead w/ strawberry blonde highlights?
what will 18 inch hair extensions look like, and will they be to thick?
Red hair, should I dye it?
Chi, Ceramix, Babliss, etc.? Hair STRAIGHTERS !?
does Chlorine change the color of lightened hair?
Which are the best least expensive human hair extensions?
I have red hair and have to dye it blonde as my boyfreind doesn't like red heads?
what web page can i go to to see different was on how to sew tracks in my hair?
so if i've got no pubes and i don't wash my can i make shower gel lather.?
leave it or cut it? (pics included)?
how to keep my bangs in place?
How the H.ELL do you get red hair dye off of your hands?
How do you lighten naturally dark hair?
Is there a site which shows pics of cute braid styles for african americans?
What should I do with my hair?
how do you feel about scene hair?
how is this beard style called?
Big bleaching hair problem?
How can I curl my hair?
Choose a color that fits my hair?
Red Hair and Freckles.... ? Do you like?
Deep conditioners for dry weak hair?
How long does it take to grow 6 inches of hair?
I want to dye my hair red...?
Is Ojon haircare products good? I've heard from some people that it is amazing and others say its a waste of
If you've shaved your head bald, have you ever gotten a really bad reaction?
Be honest - if you saw someone with blonde hair and dark eyebrows would you assume it's fake?
Is it normal to have body hair?
is redken 5ng caramel too dark?
Going to a new school soon. Any first day of school outfits and/or hairstyles?
Where can I get a thermo cut (hot scissors haircut) in Virginia?
Why do i have to aply conditioner just on my ends?
How can i remove my pubic hair inside anus?
Why do many older women have short hair?
Well, i was taking a shower and i got a little soap in my hair is that okay??? HELP?
Can you have 2 types of curl patterns?
What Color is her hair???????
how to scrunch my hair like her. pic included*?
What can I do about frizzy hair?
Planting according to the lunar cycle?
jessica alba beach hair, how to get it?
why i cannot color my hair if i had used henna before?
could a hairdresser take my hair from black to dark brown with out bleaching it?
Would I suit short hair?
Do you like your natural hair colour?
red or blue?
i ahve thick hair and i want to get it thinned but i dont want it to end up frizy what do i do??? HELP?
Bleaching and dying your hair?
Can you dye red over red hair?
How to control greasy hair?
hair style involving moms fear of salmonella, opinions?
Guys do you prefer long hair or short (head hair) in girls?
I want to have nice hair?
Would i look good as a blonde?
Do indian women die their hair?
I need ideas on how to do my hair?
Dyeing my hair blue? PLEASE HELP!?
I braided my hair what will happen? do you like your guys hair to be?
should i stay long, or cut my hair short?
Is there a way to grow facial hair quicker?and fuller? besides shaving?
How do make scrunched curls in my hair?
Is it better to use shampoo?
name this hair cut...?
how does your hair look today? having a bad hair day?
How does green hair look?
What should I do with my hair?
Do you like having your HAIR WASHED at the Salon?
At what age do the men start losing hair in your family?
which is the best medicine to control hair loose?
what do you tip for a haircut?
A good, relatively cheap hair straightener?
How can I get my haircut like Christofer Drew's?
need help with dandruff?
What color should i dye my hair?
is this 4MH mahogany cool toned?
How to get a side slanting fringe?
I have a curly hair how can I make it straight?
Would demi permanent hair black dye damage my hair?
How to style my hair, peaked cut with matte finish?
Do layers make your hair thicker or thinner?
Why are people so obsessed with my hair?? How can I stop getting attention about it? Help?
Help with my hair!?!?
can i scrunch fake extensions ?
how often can i use henna in my hair? I used it today and missed some spots in the back.?
Why does your hair not hurt when getting it cut?
i want to naturally bleach my hair.. wat do i use?
Can I permanently change the type of curls I have with a perm?bigger/smaller?
guys like gals with curly hair or gals with dead straight hairs??
any idea of what style hair will suite me?
ive been thinking bout keeping my braids for 3 weeks now i need help to make it look freashes possible?
my hair is so curly plz help me!!!!?
Do women really find bald men sexy and attractive?
how do yuo get your hair like dave schmii[breathe carolina]?
Couple of questions about my hair?
Paying money to have hair washed?
How can I fix my hair?
how can i get my hair wavy like this for tomorrow?
I haven't washed my hair in 11 weeks, will my hair fall out?
where to go for voice leseon.?
What colour should I dye my hair (pics)?
My hair use to be curly curly now it's just curly wavy more wavy :(?
Should I get scene hair?
What Hair Product Does Lucas Scott Off One Tree Hill Use?
How long does it take for permed hair to break off after not perming for a long period of time?
i wanna get my hair cut but my hair is really curly. like tight curls.?
Hair Ideas For Layered Hair?
I really want to go for a light velety red. How would I do this without bleach my black hair?
very long hair???????????????????
what clippers are better wahl or oyster?
How are hairstylists able to do this?
How do I straighten my hair more efficently?
how to tease hair after curling?
About how long does your hair have to be to do a "katniss braid"?
Hi! Any 1 please help me ????
Hairstyle that i really need help on ppl!?
What hair color is this? ( pic )?
How can I get my hair to obey?!?!?
i have side bangs and i was trying to grow them out, but they are too hard to deal with?
Should I put olive oil on my hair?
Which hair-color looks better on me? (PIC)?
straightening problems???
How to remove baby hairs?
Can you dye your hair dirty blond if you have relaxed hair and how long after should you wait to do it?
Kurt Cobain face shape?
I'm getting my hair cut and dyed soon any ideas (picture included) ?
how can i style my hair?
hair growth in 4-5 days?
looking for a tag line for hair and beauty salon, something catchy, reasonable prices top service, thanks?
why is my hair so greasy?
ok im a girl and looking for emo's haircuts?
If I use K pak reconstruct conditioner can I use in infusium 23 leave in or do I need another conditioner?
Before or after? (pics)?
Does Redken make relaxers?
when i straighen my hair it never stays straight.. got a hair spray?
How often can I have my hair highlighted?
How do I fix my frizzy curly hair?
How do i get rid of split ends without going to the salon for a cut?
Scene haters question?
I'm looking for a reputable hair salon in Overland Park, KS. Esp. good with highlights/color?
Is frosting and highlighting hair the same?
Will bleaching my hair ruin it?
The Just for me texture softener? Your Results...please post?
Should I dye my hair and get bangs?
Women, do you think I would look better with facial hair or without?
Cutting hair at home?
What Hairstyle Out Of These? (PICS) More Girl Answers Please?
Urgent!!! Using Framesi hair color right I rinse or shampoo it out???
what is the best hair product to use on a mixed toddler?
If I already have really thick hair and I want to use horse shampoo just for hair growth, is that a good idea?
how do you get gum out of pubic hair...?
My hair was relaxed at the beginning of last it too soon to dye it?
How can i keep my color dye in longer?
were can i find a good hair piece store?
which one looks best on me??
Should I cut my hair?
Do you wash your hair twice (10 points)?
What are some cute things to do with your hair for school?
Do most guys prefer that girls have long hair?
What shampoo/conditioner can I use on my dry, thin, dandruff hair?
I need to find a haircut! SOON!?
Oily hair! :( Won't go away! Any suggestions?
a few questions about HAIR COLOR & BLEACH? & toner wella t10 or 14?
Is Nair bad for hair?
oh which hair cut is better for me?pics incl.?
Does my hair look better curly or straight?
Need some extra help? with hairstyle for school?
Would bangs suit me?
what is the hair fall solution by organic foods?
Outre half/ Wig, keeping care of hair underneath?
Would i be able to dye this hair blonde?
Hair Help!?
should i cut my hair short?
why people hate red hair so much?
Do thinning scissors work well?
have any of you ever cut your hair on your own?
if i just get blonde regrowth done, can i get a toner that makes my hair the same colour as i left last time?
Could I use this hair dye?
how should i wear my hair to the movies?
My hair is always there a way i can make it stick out a bit more without using gel?
can someone tell me some hairstyles for school.?
How should i cut my hair? pics included?
Good websites to buy wigs, weaves, extensions and hair pieces?
what is ash blonde? , please help easy ten points, picture include.?
I use egg for conditioning my hair,but what to do to remove egg's smell from hair?
Blue dip dye on blonde hair?
How to convince my mom to let me dye my hair.?
Do you like my bangs?
How can I keep natural curls longer?
Ombre-ing my black extensions?
does anyone think sidebangs are cool?
penelope cruz hair bangs?? pic included?
Is getting Sandy Blonde hair achievable for a natural dark brunette?
i have a acne problem i wash my face every night but it never seems to get better?
When will my hair grow back?
Would this hairstyle suit me ?
Tigi pineapple hairspray?
Question about Blue Hair Dye...?
Ladies, Do you prefer facial hair on a man? If so, what? Full beard, mustache, mustache and goatee.?
Help! How should i get my hair cut?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Do some people think hair is gross?
The best shampoo and conditioner!?
Do americans think koreans live in a dirty house such as made of bamboo?
what would happen if I bleached part of my hair once?
Why does anti androgen cause breast swelling? I just bought some Nuhair for hair loss and i'm worried...?
Do you have straight or curly hair?
Would this hairstyle suit me?
greasy hair ?
Do I look better blonde of brunette?
How can I make my hair thicker?
Need to find easy hairstyles for a spa party?
hair treatments around the house?
Using 10 Developer for hair bleaching/coloring?
what products can be used?
Remedies to make hair grow faster?
wht would my hair look like in about 4 years without cutting it?
would this hair cut look good on me ? <pic included>?
should i shave my head? for this reason..?
Is there any websites that can teach u how to do cool hairstyles?
How do I go about dip-dying my hair?
How can I get my hair to look like this?
How can I make my extensions less porous so I can dye them lighter?
What Color Highlights Would Look Good With My Hair Color {Pics}?
is james roday's hair straight or curly?
I died my hair black... it cam out REALLY splotchy.. and the black looks bbaaaddd.. i dont want to kill my hai
What preventive medication should be taken for premature non greying of hair ?
I dyed my hair and it went wrong...?
Should i do this to my hair?
Highlights for bangs?!?!?!?
What Is The Normal Salon Price For Coloring/ Dying Your Hair?
How to get rid of fly aways?
What do i do to my hair? without ruining it?
What length would my hair have to be to do this style and could it be done by perm?
How i can use brylcreem?
Do you find Fabio attractive?
Can you believe this?
plz help i dont like my hair easy 10 points?
My hair is wavy and moderately thick is there any product to keep its curls?
What would be the best shampoo for the hair?
Can I color damaged hair with demi permanent color?
Blondes or Brunettes?
tan skin, with red auburn hair?
Which haircolor do you like better?
What shampoo do you use and what has it done for your hair?
How do I get my hair to be straight permanently , I have like a wavy type of hair . Help ?
lemon juice makes your hair lighter?
whats the best way to make your hair grow?
how to wear my hair to school?
How do I get My hair healthy after dying it so many times?
pictures for the hairdressers?
How do I keep the hair from the back of my head from standing?
What color hair does she have?
i have REALLY curly hair whats the best flat iron?
which is the best method to make henna paste for coloring hairs?
Hibiscus flower,rosemary leaves,sage leaves in coconut oil?
Hair is falling out, any help?
Who dyes there hair JET BLACK?
should i cut my hair like Rhianna's hair right know?
For the Women in the house: When you wanna look cute, how do you style your hair?
A really bad haircut!! please help!!?
Hair growth?
How long do you think Chantal Jones hair is from season 9 of americas next top model?
I shaved my pubic hair and it still itches. i only did it cause someone said you need to trim it?
how do i mouse scene hair?
Would I suit a full fringe?:)?
Ways to make my hair thicker?
What color hair do you have?
why my mom is soooo demanding when it comes to my hair ?? no bangs,must tie ponytail,always neat,etc ?
What curling iron size should i get?
is it okay to be naturally red headed?
I am a man with long hair- I use shampoo and conditioner, yet my hair is dry and damaged- what can I do?
what hair colour do teenagers usually wear know a days?
Can you dye your hair blonde without using bleach?
i'm going to a hippie constume party.. how would my hair look better.. in waves or straight?...giv me ideas...?
Is it bad to straighten your hair every day (pic)?
what is the best smelling mousse for hair?
i need to find a prom hairstyle for my length of hair...QUICK!?
who knows grandma esters hair growth secret???
How can I keep my hair like this?
Okay, yet another hair question. How to cut and style my hair ?
Coontail in my hair :)?
What are straightening hair products that aren't greasy?
chemically straightened hair! severely damaged! HELP PLEASE!!!?
will olive oil make hair grow?
How Can I Get My Hair To Look Like Gerard Way's?
how do i make my hair look like emma roberts from unfabulos??
could i pull off this hair color?
Good looking Haircut for a 15 year old guy?
curling iron help????????????????????????????????
Who is the chinese male model for Loreal hair colouring in Singapore?
How to get rid of a mustach @ 13 ?
i need anyone and everyones honest opinions pretty please?
Is my hair falling out im really worried? im only 19?
i hv straight hair and but.... its look soo dry ... what kinda treatment i have to do ? or any product?
Whats the best hair straightner?
Is this a good Hair straighter?
what's the instructions to Wella's 6% hair dye?
do you carry keratea products?
how do I keep from getting spit ends?
Is long straight brown hair attractive?
What color should I dye my hair? (pic)?
Rate it 1 to 10.?
How can I make my hair grow really fast?
a question about dying my hair balck?! please answer! im scared lol (any tips)?
Can I wash my hair with my regular shampoo after dying it?
i bleached my hair,will the hair dresser be able to make it a nice blonde colour again?
which hair color would i look better with ? (PICS)?
How can I fix my hair??
what shampoo do i use for my dry hair?
Dry shampoo week away ? x?
i need the truth about dreads and rubber bands?
Does styling gels damage the health of the hair?
About how long does asian spiky hair have to be to fall down?
What is it called when you do this to your hair?
i have like red browish hair i tried to give it a purple color to it. i bought a 10 cream devloper peroxide,?
Is it better with short or long hair?
Can you still do Zain Malik's hair style if you have small forehead?
Macadamia Oil Shampoo and Conditioner?
How to get longer lasting curls?
Im going to a superbowl party.. and idk what to do with my hair.?
How To get the megan fox hairstyle?
How can i explain these bangs?
How do I stop my hair sticking out at the sides?
Dip dye help? Colours?
do you like dreadlocks ? do u think they look nice on girls?
what hair color should i get?
How do i fix a bad haircut (i'm a guy)?
do u think my hair looks better brown or blonde? theres pics?
what is the best hair-thickening shampoo/conditioner?
i need 2 know wat shampoos da best 2 cure dandruff! plz help me!!!?
Whats the best conditioner?
Can I Pull Off Dreadlocks?
How do i get my curls to look like this (PICTURE):?
how do you curl you hair with a straightener?
cute summer hair styles?
I have chinese-type spiky hair. What to do with them?
What can i do to repair oily thin hair?
Highlight touch up, Root to Tip?
Be honest - better as a blonde or brunette?
Are gray hairs a sign of wisdom?
How do i get my hair to poof at the top like rockabilly chicks?
Trimming.. "down there"?
Blonde or Brunette?????????
Should I go Blonde?
i dyed my hair?
I have extremely fine hair and not a lot of it and am young, Is there something wrong?
Help with hair dye color?
What unnatural color should I dye the underside of my hair?
could i pull off these bangs?
Dry, brittle, and damaged hair?
how much would you say you spend on getting your hair professionally highlighted?
should i dye my hair blonde?
Is it bad to dye your hair more than 3 times a month?
is it true that if you braid our hair befor sleeping it will grow faster ?
Guys and girls, what is your opinion on girls with very short hair?
I want to dye my hair dark brown or black?
Which are the best hair straighteners besides GHD's?
Poll: Coconut oil, Olive oil or Almond oil.............
which is better straight hair or curly hair (IYO)?
Guys, If a girl has a little upper hair on her lip, or maybe a lot, Would that disgust you?
Hair ideas?!?
Help. Red to Blonde Hair?
What products can i use to make my hair grow longer faster?
should i dye my hair blue/green?
How do u do a French plait??
i have very short hair whats good accessories so i dont look like a boy?
Which hair length looks better on me long or short?
Is your hair curly or straight?
What hair cut/ color looks best on me?
does anyone know where i can find "how to do" for long hair. i've already checked &
Help with hair color ? Opinions , should I get it or not ?
Hair Styling tips?
what is your favourite hair colour?
how do i make my hair longer its in a short bob cut?
is cornrows a black hairstyle?
Is ''Nutella'' good for your hair?
I want this hairstyle but I have curls?
I have a hair question..anyone?
if i add water on my hair , will it grow faster than usual?
Help with my bush please?
help- limp lifeless hair?
Dyeing my roots!!! HELP?
what is the right age to start putting makeupon?
my hair is so ugly i want it to be straight but i wont what do i do?
What is the best way to permenently straighten your hair?
Which is hotter: blonde, brunette, or redhead?
How do you apply hair conditioner on your hair?
How can I have a soft hair?
Help settle an argument about taking a shower.?
What makes your hair grow fast?
what would happen to your hair if you went swimming today and got a perm yesterday?
Do Guyz like wazy lite brown hair with a curl or stright?
What kind of haircut is this?
l'oreal paris hair color remover on blond hair?
how do i get my hair texture to look like this?
Is hair color safe for a 22 year old?
what shampoo is best?
How to style DRY hair without any heating appliances.?
ive got short hair and want it to grow?
help me please please please hair problem!?
Is it bad to wash your hair everyday?
Help me decide how to change my hair? (pictures?)?
How to get rid of spit ends without cutting my hair short :(?
I don't know??????????
Help. Please. My hair......?
I wanna dye my hair, but don't want store bought color. What's the best professional hair coloring?
How to straighten crazy curly hair!?
I have a dandruff problem :|?
Is it better to use a hairdryer or let it dry naturally?
Haircut for teenage girl?
How to get rid of frizzy hair?
People think I am a boy?
where to find a good and affordable hairdresser around los angles?
Do WIG CAPS dry out your hair?
does anyone know how to get your hair like this pic?
How do I get rid of uneven skin tone and hair bumps under arms and on legs?
I'm 20 but i didn't have beared and moustache,but i have hair on my chest and other pubic areas.?
i am going on my first date what should i do with my hair?
Another option is for me to find a hairdresser that just looks to change my style/colour on every visit.?
How old do I look to you? [PIC INCLUDED]?
How do I make my hair straighter?
Want to know some good and healthy hair gels? Any tips?
How could you describe this hairstyle in a detailed, interesting way?
curly hair?
How can i get rid of my frizzy hair?
how can i maintain my red hair?
Is curly hair really "gross"?
I use garnia frutis smooth and shiney but?
Can I get side swept bangs?
what is the best way to flat iron my hair?
Why isn't my hair going blonde?
What do you think of this hair color?
What color should I dye my hair? (pics included)?
I have allways had my hair done professionally. tried it at home and disaster?
Is it just me or does the clothing ads just don't like having blacks with straight, short but nice hair?
How many have you dyed.. your hair..?
Any recommendations to make my hair grow longer, if that makes sense.?
good colours to dye dark brown hair?
How to grow out black hair for men?
girls, which looks better on guys, long , short, or buzzed hair?
what colour should i dye my hair?
How many of you ladies or girls have long hair?
I'm dying my hair but?
I need some hair advice?
If I dye my hair a light brown would that look bad (pic)?
How to get brassy tones out of hair from box dye?
Have you ever cut off your layers?
What hair should i get?
how do I change the color of hair on my avator besides just the normal hair colors. Like green or crazy colors
how should i cut my hair? (pictures included)?
I would like to color my hair, but im struggling on what color to dye it. What do you think?
Ok, so what to do???
How do I make my hair look good?
What are some cute hairstyles for a seventh grader to do in the morning that take less than 5 minutes?
I just got an awful haircut, and I'm going ice skating w/ 2 popular guys in a few hours!?
Best heat protectant spray?
how to round off a dreadlock?
What color is your hair?
Does anybody know?
Is there any home remedies that will help me grow longer hair and take care of it better.?
better blonde or burnette?
how can i get taylor swift's curls in the video 'our song'?
If i dye my hair will it become softer?
Can anyone tell me how my african american hair will look texturized?
How should I do my hair?
do girls like long hair on guys?
I've heard if you don't wash your hair for two weeks it starts to clean itself, is that true?
How can I fix this? help?!?
what color should i dye my hair next?
How to get your hair dirty blonde from dark brown hair?
Fringe help!!!!!!!Please awnser!!!?
Ugh...I feel so ugly! And my hair is a mess. What should I do?
When does chest hair grow?
I've got the straight hair blues...?
Shaved my head hate it?
How to get my hair like this (I have the cut)?
Why does my hair go greasy only two days after washing it?
What color highlights should I get?
Do u think asian ppl have perfect hair?
how can i get my hair to look something like this!!!?
Would I look good with dreadlocks?
Can I Get Some Gel Help?
Why am i hairy? How do i remove hair so it doesn't grow back?
Do I look better as a blonde or as a brunette?
what to do with wavy hair?
My sister can't stop pulling on her hair?
Cute Hairstlyes? 10 points, URGENT?
What's the best homeopathic remedy for hairloss?
How would I look with dark hair? (pics included!)?
I want curly hairr(:?
whats a good technique to spike your hair straight? (not super perfectly straight)?
how often do you wash you hair? surveyy....?
flippin out about my hair! help me~!!!?
straightening hair???????????
Is coconut oil good for your hair?
Good conditioner for dandruff?
Highlights over previously colored hair?
How to get thick curly hair straight?
What is happening to my hair ,whats causing it and Will it change back?
i have hair on my face?
How do I get Oprah's new hair style?
Why do I always regret cutting my hair?
Does your hair get thicker as you get older?
How do I bleach black hair dye out of my hair?
Do i look better w/ blonde or brown hair?
anyone know how to grow hair back please?
which hair looks better on me ? pictures.?
Could pulling up your hair everyday dry it out?
Which is better red hair, blonde hair, or brown hair?
i have a Leonardo company cooking and body massage olive oil ...can we use body massage olive oil for hair ?
Why does my hair keep falling out?
If I dye my hair which color ?
what is the name brand of wig Oprah Winfrey wears?
PLEASE HELP !!! i ruined my hair?
Do you think this hair colour is ginger?
Babyliss pro nano titanium mini over regular?
Need hair change!!!?
i need to buy european hair in ukrein for wigs .do u know?
If I washed my hair with Suave Shampoo will it keep my hair color from fading quickly?
If lemons can be used to lighten your hair...what can be used to darken your hair??
Does anyone have thin hair that is also frizzy? What products reduce frizz but don't leave thin hair flat?
hi help plz?
Scene Hair Pics and Teasing help!?
How to get dreadlocks?
how do hair salons actually STYLE your hair?
What is the 'apple hairstyle'?
Shampoo etc for hair loss/thinning?
Anyone know whay I can use to straighten thick Curly hair?
How do you get your hair to grow really fast?
What are some ways IF any, to help make the hair dyed last just a little longer?
What color should I dye my hair?
How can I make my nappy hair like a white girls?
how to know if your hair is growing?
how should i cut my hair?
How should I do my hair? :)?
An easy question s :] EASY?
How can I make my hair grow faster?
How to make a Christmas Hair bow?
I have lots of frizz and fly away hairs?
Can HairSalons do this?
What Hair Color Brand has the Best Red Collection?
Hair Vitamins for men?
I Live in Water If you cut my head I am at your door If you cut my tail I am a Fruit If cut both I am with you
How do I curl/style my hair like this?
any hair tips i could use?
i cut my hair yesterday?
I'm a ginger, why don't i get girls?
Is It weird that I straighten my hair. I am a 16 year old guy (straight if anyone was wondering)?
Why do we have facial hair?
My hair is SO damaged, would you help me? 10 points!?
Need to get my hair done. Black with crazy colored extensions. How do i get started?
What should i do with my hair BEST ANSWER 10 POINTS!!?
Going straight, thin and smooth from thick, dry and a bit of natural curl?
I have very straight and thin hair, my hairstylist said I should get a "partial perm". Good or bad idea?
whats hotter, black or blonde?
Is there a difference between pressing and flat iron?
Spike long hair????
is flaxseed oil pills good if you want your hair to grow?
should i grow my hair long?
How do i get my hair really straight in 2 hours?
how do i get the ends of my hair straight?
Do you like my hair style?(pic)?
What style bangs should I get?
Which type of hair is attractive curly or straight?
How can i get shiny looking hair?
Should you be hated over your hair color?
What HAIRSTYLE would look good on ME??
Do I look better w short hair or long hair?
How many wefts do i need?
my boyfriend wants me to cut my hair to my chin, should i do it (pix)?
terrible haircut! HELP :'(?
how often should i use shampoo and conditioner, and should i use them at the same time?
how to ask for this hairstyle?
Hair Extension Question? *.s*?
What should I do with my hair? (Pic included!)?
I can shave, but I can't remove facial hair?!**PICTURES**?
What hair spray wont make my hair feel stiff?
I want to remove my hair?
Graying hair, process reversal?
How do i get my hair healthy so it can grow back long again?
What causes premature grey hair?
Thirsty Dry curly hair looking for moisture.?
can brushing your hair over 100 times per day every day cause hair loss?
Can I take a shower today?
If I dye my hair twice will that make the color brighter?
How to get rid of cherry red Kool Aid in my hair?
How do you get Beachy looking waves(hair)?
Questions about salon hair dye?
how do i dye my hair white at home?
hair smells please answer!?
what colour do you think....?
long hair or short hair on a girl?
why is my hair is thinning?
for blondes who use hair serum regularly....?
i am 21 how much is the minimum wage for my age?
Should I cut my hair?
do you like dark brown hair???
will the Brazilian blowout zero KILL my hair an not work?
Easy hairstyles to do for school?
i dyed my hair yesterday and i want to do it again today what will happen?
What is happening to my hair? am I going bald? and why?
Brunnete or blonde?
Anti Brass shampoo available at drug store?
where can i but the loreal tangle tamer?
how can i make my hair even more curly?
anybody have some tips on growing out your hair the fastest and most effective way possible?
my hair hair is approximately 7 inches this healthy...?
Looking to change my hair (pictures included)?
How is this hairstyle called?
Very Curly Hair?
How do I get rid of dyed black hair?
can you cornrow relaxed hair?
What's the best hair lotion, gel, etc (hair products besides shampoo, and conditione) for an african american?
Cute Hair Styles For Girls ?
i want to dye my hair black?
Want to change my hairstyle?
What can I do with my hair?
Can I get a haircut before taking my SAT?
What can I do to help my nappy hair look nice, straight, and shiny, without feeling greasy?
How can I make my hair look like this? It looks like adding volume to your bangs...?
Long Hair Style / Growing Long Hair?
How long will it take to grow my hair? (Pics)?
How can I make my hair naturally straight?
POLL:Short hair or long hair?
What products can make my wavy hair curly?
DOes Brazilian treatment cause cancer?
HAIR PROBLEM... i need help y'all!!!!!?
Do you think Blondes are Dumb?
Bored of my hair color.?
Different Ways Too Make Your Hair Wavy?
how to make my hair shine and silky naturally at home?
bangs or side-bangs? *pics*
what hair dye will help me acheive this red color?
Last minute homecoming hair dues?! Please help and suggest!?
What straightener should I get?
How do you make hair grow faster?
can I dye my hair with marker?
Which hair style do you think fits me best?
Front part of hair wont grow. Why?
average cost to get hair colored?
How can I cut my own hair like this?
do guys find brown hair boring?
my hair gets greasy after 1 day?
why is my hair so frizzy in the winter time?
Are you Blonde, Brunette, Black-haired, or a red head?
Dove Curl Defining Styling Cream?
Have I inherited my mothers hairline?
How should I get my hair cut?
I cant keep my hair straight for longer than a few hours...?
Best curling iron for super straight hair?
Will i regret dying my hair orange?
Does my new hairstyle suit me?
i used to have mideium length layered hair...i wanted to trim it?
Do you know of any hairstyles simaliar to this one? Picture included! Thanks!?
How to dye my hair red the faded to black?
what blonde hair dye do i use?
how should I dye my hair for my 18th party blue,green or purple?
Where can i hide a dead body?
What hair do you like best on me, 4 pics to choose from! I need all the opinions i can get. Thank youuu =D?
Which Hair Color Looks Best on Me? ?
How to use loreal professional paris absolut repair cellular lactic acid shampoo?
how do people dye their hair with kool-aid?
Please help me! My hair is so bad?
How do I get my hair to grow? It's really short.?
Does my hair look bad?
i want my hair to grow !?
my hair is so light blonde that if i got highlights they would be almost white what other colors could i try?
please women only?
What colour hair would suit me?
ok. i bleached my hair from dk brown to blond. but its orange and yellow. what should i do?
how do i cut my satin strands hair extension?
Just cut my hair...does it look weird?
Would it be weird if i .......(please answer))?
I need help with my hair?
Temporary hair colour?
I need your opinion..?
i have long hairs till my waist and has a good growth ,which cut shall i have?
What color should I dye my hair?
What type of haircut should I get?
How can I have a hairy chest?
When they dye your hair in a salon do they make sure not to get it on ur clothes?
How to dip-dye hair at home?
how do you un-frizz curly weave?
which of these haircuts would i look best with?? [pics included]?
what highlights would go good in medium golden brown hair?
Do you have long or short hair?
hair styles?
which hair straightener is better?
what color should i dye my bangs?
Would I look good with this hairstyle?
Does anyone here also think that pigtails are sexy?
I am mixed race. What can I use to make my hair longer and thicker?
what are good shampoos to use that don't have chemicals?
Girls help with hair anyone????
My hair? Is it fried?
Is it possible to dye your hair to lighter brown from dark brown/black?
which bbangs look better on me? (pics inculded)?
iv'e brittle ends can i get them back normal or do i need to cutt it, im trying t grow it x?
If I take hair vitamins will I get more hair in unwanted places like face or arms?I am genetically very hairy)
Does anyone know this straightener?
If I leave in brown hair dye, will it turn green?
if almond oil thickens hair, if putting it on your skin, wont it thicken your facial hair as well?
What is a Chi Straightner?
Could I pull off a red hair style? *pics*?
Have You ever had Hair Extentions :(?
Has anyone tried the new Loreal Color Match? What do you think?
Hair stylists: how hard was it to find clients/jobs after you finished training? Any suggestions to those new?
Do u know about the hair straightner GHD ?
How can I get my hair to look like this?
I want to buy a new hair straightener. But I am not really sure which one to buy?
should i dye my hair this colour?
What do you suggest for wavy hair that is frizzy and thick but someone wants to wear it down (straight)?
black hair with red bottom or black hair with red highlights?
Pain Curl Perm Pictures?
y r bangs called bangs?
i want my hair like jeff hardy, half black or brown and half purple, my hair is now black, how would i?
can you really damage your hair?
how do i keep my hair straight?
does my hair look as bad as I think it does?
Should i let my friend cut my hair?
how much does a hairstyle(haircut) cost in habib's beauty parlor(bangalore)?
Do you have to use Shampoo?
should i?????
How can I restore my original grey hair?
What can I use instead of bleach powder?
how get soft silky natural hair?
Pantene Vs. Garnier Vs. Dove Shampoo?
im dying my hair black and pink?
Can you photoshop my hair to blonde?
What do you think about red hair?
My hair is really thin! anything that will make it thicker? Please!?
I want to get my hair dyed. But I don't know what color?
What color should I do my hair?
Guys!!! When are you ever going to cut the mullett?!?!?
hair weave help?
BLONDE OR RED???? u tell me?
does hair color damage your hair?
Are there any lefty females?
I have oily hair what do I do?
Is it really better for your hair if you apply hair serum (or other type of hair care products) than using?
Question to girls. Do you like your man to have a mustache or beard.?
how can i get rid of the hair on my stomach and back , its really noticable and black... im only 16 ?
is this hairstyle good for face?
Whats more humiliating?
how do i prove that my hair isn't dyed?
What shall i do?
how do i make my hair lighter without bleaching it?
Does anyone know a really quick way to grow your hair?
i have reddish/dark brown hair i want to die it lighter brown with caramel highlights,should i?
What's your favorite shampoo?
how much would you tip?
how do my new highlights look? *pics*?
i have red/blond hair i want it light brown and my hair is also thick - any hairstyles?
How Much Should I Tip For Hair Extensions?
Can i wait at least 3 months to trim my split ends?
Haircut!! {{PICTURES]}}?
Do you like my hair? (pics)?
How do I make my hair healthy ASAP!?
im not washing my hair for a month how can i keep it clean?
What hairstyle would suit a round face?
10 Points....Which name is better for a blonde hair boy?
How do i fix frizzy hair?
What should be the proper hair care for extreme dry hairs?
What is the best semi-permanent hair dye?
hair straightening- how often?
How can i make my hair lighter natrually.?
Do girls like Edward's hair style in Twilight?
Is it true that tweezing causes ingrown hair?
Hello, i need pictures of nice haircuts for me..any suggestions Pic included.?
Girls do you like men with long hair?
What scene haircut should I get?
if i use semi permanent blonde hair colour on my ash blonde hair, will it make any difference?
whats the best way to use bendy rollers to curl hair?
Why does it matter that Hair Straightener damages your hair?
blonde or word answer.?
Got my first perm today. Now it's just fizz?
whats the point of pubic hair?
Why does my hair never wanna do or hold anything?
Can I color damaged hair with demi permanent color?
Should I get layers for my hair?
How can i make my hair curly without visiting the hair salon?
I never leave my hair down?
Where can I get this?
is it ok to dye your hair while it is greasy dirty?
Dip dying brown hair purple?
Hair growth at sides of head?
What hair style should I have?
How often do you wash your hair?
Hairrrrrrrrrrr!!!!! Helpp?
how long does permanent hair straightening stay?
help with a good steam hair iron..? Need names....?
Hair grows sporadically, how do i slow hair growth?
How do I repair my hair?
Please help with my haircut?
how to make your hair soft with eggs step by step?
How long do I have to wait to dye my hair again?
What color is my hair?
How do you do an updo like this?
How do you do the best blowout to your hair?
Is Black Heena(Mehandi) Natural & it is safe for hair?
What hair colour would I suit?
What is THE BEST hair straightners out there?
Girls wearing a Snapback with curly hair?
What's the difference between these gels?
oily/greasy hair treatment...?
i cut my bangs myself, and they are very uneven. how can i wear my bangs until they get longer?
Why do people think of hairdressers as stupid?
I am a Bengali girl with a medium-brown skin tone.Should I highlight my hair blonde much like Beyonce?
can you dye synthetic hair extensions darker with fabric dye ?
Any good web sites with prom hair ideas?
Is red hair not pretty?
Should I go Blonde?
should i let a girl put braids in my hair?
what kind of curling iron do i need if i wanna get curls like taylor swift?
Whats the best brand of women's shampoo?
has anyone ever used that new hair straightening kit if so does it work?
is it normal for clumps of buildup(of dread wax) to be in some parts of some dreads?
what hair shampoo do u use??
How can I improve my looks?
HAIR PROBLEM... i need help y'all!!!!!?
My hair is naturaly straight, but i want it curly,?
what hair colour would you say is the most common?
Why shouldn't you use colored hair spray on bleached hair?
free hair & make-up makeovers?
should i go brunette or stick with blonde?
How should i do my hair?
how do i get rid of bad dandriff in my hair?
Whats a good straightener??
should i dye my hair brown?
I used manic panic hair lightner I want to go red but I wanna do a perm can I do it ?
What is a picture edit site, that fixes your hai? (not the color)?
If u are a girl and u cut ur hair so so short do u think it owuld look like a boy look?
What are some hair styles other than a ponytail, straight, and curls?
how do I convince my mum to let me get hair extensions?
Should I keep my hair like this or dye it?
Wash heavy oily hair before relaxing?
New hair extensions! Please read :)?
Nrg...New haircut?
how to get rid of head lice in your hair brushes?
how to bleach colorful hair?
HELP, homecomings in 14 hours and my hair looks GRAY!?
Why do people assume I'm stupid and a ditz because my hair color is blond?
is it easier to straighten short hair or long hair?
I really want to do something fun with my hair, like get highlights, but i don't know what color to get.?
If you shave your head does it really grow back thicker?
Should I shave my pubic hair?
WHAT are some moisturizing?
How to straighten My Hair?
I got my haircut yesterday, she cut off 2 in. w/out asking me! what do i do?
What can be the appropriate haircut so that i'll look more cute? thanks.?
Are permanent waves bad for your hair?
DIY hairstyle help needed please?!?
Is the paul mitchell strong shampoo good?
hair help please?
Does oiling the hair anyway help in preventing hairloss?
do guys like curly hair???