What do you think of a girl without hair?
What should i do with my hair?
I am getting my hair cut in 2 hours and i haven't decided yet plz help! easy 10 points?
How can I get my hair lighter?
is it cool to have 1 big long eyebrow?
What hair color would help neutralize my yellowish skin?
How to reduce facial hair?
How to get hair dye off of a sink..?
should i buzz cut my hair or let it grow?
Free Websites that let you cut out famous boys hair and browse it onto your own hair?
What happens if you strip your black bleached hair?
Where can I find pictures of GOOD hairstyles?
Do you wash your hair daily?
Is baby oil for your hair bad?
What hair would suit me?
My hair is short and i want it long but my mom is mad im growing it out?
whats the best hairstyle for guys in there late teens?
Dying my hair pink from dark brown?
How do u curl ur hair without using a curling iron or curler?
will blonde hair suit me ?
should i get bangs? pictures included.?
Why is my hair so oily/greasy?
Hi any idea on how to prevent hair thinning?
Blondes or Brunettes?
Best clip in hair extensions online?
how to get scene style hair?
How to get nonfrizzy hair?
Do guys need to condition their hair?
How do you make straight hair wavy? materials I need to buy and what do I do?I want to do it myself. plz help!
What to tell a barber????? PLEASE?
Is hair straightening only for girls and women?
Can I redye my hair with a different brand?
What is the best thing to make dreadlocks grow, or to help maintain them?
which hairstyle suits me better [pics included]?
how much do you tip a hair stylist when they own the salon?
looking for harringtons hair salon in 85 guildford park road, surrey?
dry hair! Wat 2 do!♥♥♥♥
What color do i need to buy?
I saw a man today with no hair on his legs and I thought he looked rather girlish. Slight hair or not on legs?
What hairdo should i get?
Can I return a hair waver to ulta if it was already opened?
Dyeing hair question?
Rollerset HOW TO??
Should I wash my hair?
Is using blond hair dye like bleach?
Do I look better in bangs or hair combed back?
Does this sound good?
Should get my hair to its original color or keep it the same?
what happens if you dont wash your hair?
Can you recommend some short hair styling ideas please?
Hair help? Could I pull it off?
would i look good with blonde hair?
Can I dip dye hair without bleach?
which hairstyle do you like better?
looking for a new look ,ihave really thick hair,dont know what to do with it its about shoulder lenth,hate it?
where can i get a sorta scene/nice hair cut?
What type of Hot Rollers are good for my hair (picturess)?
Best products for my hair?
How do you go a few days without washing your hair?
whats a good scene name for me?
how do you tie a chiffron?
Has anyone used the revlon #46 Medium golden chestnut brown hair color?
Can anyone point me to a hair salon that uses Schwartzkopf hair color in the Dallas,Tx area ?
How to have my hair for prom? it is shorter at the back&longer at the front, with layers on top.?
Which hairstyle looks better on me?[pix inside!]?
What looks better on a guy, shaved head, or long hair (down to shoulders) and why?
I dyed my hair green and now nobody likes me...?
how do u braid your own hair? like braid it behind your head if u kno wot i mean?
what hair colour suits pakistanis?
What's the best way to curl my hair? My boyfriend got me the My Pro Styler wand curler. What do u think? ?
Should I dye my hair red?
what will happen if you eat moose for your hair?
ladies, chest hair?
How short is too short for bangs?
Fox Tail head.?
Question about back hair.?
I have allways had my hair done professionally. tried it at home and disaster?
What color to dye my tips?
What bad things can happen if you rebond your hair?
I want to colour my white hair black with a homemade remedy.?
are thermofibre hair extentions good?
What's wrong with my hair? HELP!?
Do girls prefer guys with long hair or short hair?
How should I part my hair?
fast hair growth?!!!!!!?
My freind went to get his hair cut and took a picture with him and it didnt turn out right?
how to remove brown hair dye from white bathroom door?
did anyone use mane n tail's hair & scalp oil treatment creams?
How should I wear my hair today?
Is there some kind of medical procedure to have thicker hair besides a hair transplant?
Does anyone know all the compenents for a blow dryer and when they were created?
♥Can u put baby oil in your hair?
good hair products for curly hair ): ?
Would I look good with platinum blonde hair ?
What color would you say my hair is?
What shampoo and conditioner do you use?
Can I blow dry mousse into my hair before using a curling iron?
I'm African American and I have an Oval Shaped Face(read details)?
thick or thin eyebrows?
How can I do this with less pain?
Which side bangs do you like the best?
did you ever cut your own hair?
What's hot? long straight hair or Long wavy hair?
how could i get my hair to grow faster?
how i can look like taylor swift?
i need instructions on clairol metalex,do you use it like a conditioner?
Will my flatiron catch fire?
Is it safe to use "Nair" on your head?
What shampoo and conditioner do you use?
what color would you say my hair is? (pic included)?
Which shampoo/conditioner is right for me?
Is revlon hair dye any good?
Women, do you like your guy to?
what hair style should i do for....?
What's a good hairspray for men?
How to repair extremely damaged hair?
How can i do my hair like this?
What do you guys out there prefer blondes or brunettes? Also short or long hair?
Did I tip my hairstylist well?
Do you think that 14 is an appropriate age to highlight or lowlight your hair?
Should I bleach the bottom of my hair ?
How can i make my Curly thick rough hair more smooth and less poofy?
Where is the best salon for a guy to get a styled hair cut?
should i dye my hair brown? (pic)?
Should I let my hair grow?
have you heard the news?
What hair colour? Please help =]?
can i use a hot comb, heated electric comb on my caucasian hair?
What is the best way to get your hair to grow longer?
is there a natural way to make my hair grow?
Do you think its weird that i use shampoo thats ment for babies?
How do I get my hair to grow longer???
Is it possible that someone's hair has already turned white by the age of 45?
Dance Hairstyles... Help me plz!!?
Female Hair Transplant in Dubai?
HELP! would this hair look good on me ?!?
How often should I touch up my dipdye? (hair)?
What are your favorite color of hair?
Hairstyles for medium, thin hair?
How to cure very damaged and dry hair with split ends?
I just dyed my hair black with DEMI-Permanent hair color. Will it actually wash out in 28 shampoos?
OH MY GOD HELP ME please!!!!?
How do you get longer hair?
will human hair extensions matte and frizz?
Girls and Boys should I keep my hair long or short - confused!?
ariana grande's hair?
what are the best hennas for hair?
Should i dye my hair red if it's black ?
wat fruit makes ur hair grow faster?
I want curls like this?
agghhh imreally hairy! nd am getttin a wax 2morow!! aghh shud i b nervous!?
Longest lasting BRIGHT red hair dye?
i need help keeping my hair straight throughout the day?
Would I look good with this s!!!!?
A lot of people say lemon jucing ur hair is BAD idea...but alot of people say its ok.? whats the truth?
How to dye your hair blonde and keep it healthy?
What do you do if you burn your hair?
250 bucks to do this.....should I?
Old-fashioned Hairstyles?
how to lighten dark brown-henna'd hair?
What is the coolest hair style for a long hair boy this fall at school?
What can I use instead of bleach powder?
What can I do to my hair to make it look decent for school pictures?
Hey I'm looking for a healthy, natural way to make my hair grow faster?
shoud i shave my head?
Which one should i get?? [EASY 2 Points!!]?
how can you get rid of dandruff?
Hair growing from the inside corners of my eye?
Why do people say blondes are dumb??
Braids with a full fringe?
Should I cut my hair? My hair is down to my ankles. I do not know if i should cut it.?
my hair help?
How long does indigo dye for hair last, and does it have any effects?
I need serious help.?
give your own personal opinion, what is the best shampoo & conditioner you have ever used!?
what can be a substitute for a hot oil treatment for hair.?
Everytime I grow out my hair, I get headaches and it falls out. How do I grow it long?
how to dye your hair yourself and make it look good :)?
I have been wanting ot get side bangs but I'm not sure .......?
Can I put perfume in my hair? I want my hair to smell good.?
Am I attractive with short hair?
How much should I tip the hair dresser?
I have pretty long hair and don't know what to do with it?
Chemically treated hair poisoness/harmful if in mouth.?
how to grow your hair faster!?
Should I take my daughter in for a hair relaxer yet?
shampoo and conditioner?
How can I achieve long but thick scene hair? :)?
I need some hair product tips, i'm trying out a new hairstyle and need your opinion?
best do it yourself haircut?
my hair got little bit burnt with fire,'ll anything happen to my hair?
What kind of hairspray should I use?
hair fall from fast 6 months?
Should I get the chop?
Black hair to brown ?
Hair problems, share your thoughts!!!!!?
best suggestion to get dark brown hair to a caramel blonde. ?
which hair suits me best?[pics]?
What different hair styles can I do with shoulder length hair and sideswept bangs?
How much does hair on a man head matter to a woman?
Which hairstyle should I use? s for best answer?
does putting mascara make your hair grow longer faster?
I want to get my hair cut short, would it suit me?
How do you tame frizzy hair?
Hairstyle ideas for 15 year old?
I want to color my highlighted hair at home...?
Suggestion for new hairstyles!?
How short should i cut my hair ?
do you prefer shaved or hairy women ie not shaved genitals .i think it is more feminine to leave it as it was?
Where to buy human hair peices wholesale?
♥Do u guys want to help me w/ something? lol?
question about shampoo?
How do i make my permed hair have soft curls rather than crunchy curls?
would you shave your head bald for a 100 billion dollars?
do you think he wears a wig ? (pics included)?
How do you quickly fade your hair colour?
Anyone know a lot about relaxers?
i want a good quality but cheap hair curling iron!Help plz!?
What do you think i should do with my hair?!?
How Do Men Feel About Women With Short Hair?
How do you french braid your own hair?
how can i get my hair dye to cover my gray and last i cant afford to get it done professionally?
can you put vitamin e from capsules in your hair?
tomboy trying to be girlie any suggestions?
what to do when your hair is static?
Would this color suit me?
What is your natural hair?????
Will this turn out? (Dyeing)?
Blond or brunette women?
long or short hair for me?? (pic included)?
Hair help please????,?
bleaching hair, 27 weeks pregnant?
Is it just jealousy or what?
Girls should have short hair or long hair AND WHY?
I wanna get new bangs because I cut my bangs but there too short now..?
How Do iGet My Hair Curly Like Her?!?
What kind of shampoo is good for relaxed hair?
How do you make your hair grow faster?
what color highlights go with black hair?
how do i get my hair like that?
How do I get my beard and hair to grow out faster and longer?
I am sad because my hair starts falling. in fact im getting bald, yet im still 25.?
How to stop hair loss?
I need hair help!?
Can 12 year olds get white hair?
what can I do for frizzy hair?
why is long hair going out of fashion ?
Is facial hair (beards, gottees, and moustaches) a good thing or bad?
i want directions to variety beauty salon in brooklyn park?
I want to dye my hair but it sais i have to bleach it first?
HAIR HELP?! (picture)?
Will the chlorine effect my hair if I relax it?
Mens helmet hair style?
Hair!!! whats the trend for fall?
Should I go to hair school?
Waht is ur favorite hair style?
New to dyed hair ...?
Red Hair Roots Question?
I want to dye my hair temporarily any suggestions? Please read?
How can you enhance your hair style?
Is having your hair over one eye attractive?
Dry...Thick...Frizzy...Messy...Curly-ish… ?!! HELP PLEASE?
why dose my hair get so greacy/oily so quickly ?
With todays hairstyles everybody uses hair products, how do you strip a build up?
Has Sunsilk worked for anyone?
Which haircut do you prefer A or B? Thanks?
what is the best kind of shampoo and conditioner to use besides pantene?
How do I do my hair like this (picture included)?
the frizies got to me! helpppp!?
What is the best blonde hair dye that works?
what is the best almond oil for hair?? like the brand and how do you use it?
Short layers in long hair? WITHOUT LOOKING SCENE!!?
So, why do you think?
Guys, Curly or straight hair on a girl ?
hi. how can i make my regrowth look lighter with out getting die.?
Okay, Time to get my haircut!What to ask for?Anything special?How to prepare for the new cut?
Is there any good hair blogs?
Nartual parting in hair!! help!......?
Do I need to bleach my hair before dying it blond?
What kills facial hair?
Should i dye my hair blonde?
How much does a perm cost and how much does the upkeep cost?
Can a person have been born with white hair?
If i have split ends, should i cut them or tear them?
May I know take how long for my hair to get long from ear below to shoulder length.?
What hair color is this? (Pictures inside)?
Is this normal!!!?? Please read!?
Need an easy hair idea?
I don't want to be racist- but aren't hair curlers only for white people?
I have a mohawk and i'm letting it grow out it looks really bad what can i do?
Do you think I'll grow back my hair?
I have chinese-type spiky hair. What to do with them?
I've run out of shampoo and i need to wash my hair. Whats the best thing to use instead?
What hairstyle?
How can I make my hair straight forever?
HAIR STYLIST OR HAIR DIVAS PLEASE HELP!! Would you recommend this product for my hair type?
Girls Only Please !! What do you think about guys with a hairy chest ?!?
Is this hair style cute?
Can dying your hair with permanment dye cause any damage that can make your hair fall out?
What are some decent brands of semi-permanent/temporary hair dye?
what haircut would suit my face?
Is there any shampoo I can use to make my hair shiny and straight?
What hair products to use to make your hair have the dry look but will stay in place 4 short hair?
Going to bleach my hair...?
i just dyed my hair red with Vero K-Pak, how long will it stay red, and what can i do to keep it red longer?
Dying my hair darker..?
Has anyone had any type of hair extensions besides clip in?
My hairdresser messed up my color?
i don't know what to do with my
How do you get rid of dandruff?
How can I grown My hair out fast?
Can you dye you hair after bleaching?
I regret cutting my hair off short. Help!?
What do you think of my hair color change?
Which hair dye(crazy colours, like purples) lasts the longest in your hair before it fades?
What hair products can i use on my toddler?
please help with hair!?
Suggest best brand of silicone serum.?
i have long hair?
Black Hairstyle--universal salons?
how to style emo hiar?
why does the conditioner always run out before the shampoo?
Graduated bob hairstyles!?
Is this hairstyle too much I think it actually sounds CUTE. lol?
Should I wash my hair extensions after dyeing them?
how do i lighten my hair and eyebrows naturally????????
do I look better with short hair or long?
How to have long hair?
how do u cut your hair correctly more so layer it and then roll it up correctly s it can have body?
I want dreads but I'm shaving my hair in two months?
What should I wash my straightener with?
Hair Cut??? Should I get this one???? Will be picking best answer!?
I'm having hair fall since 1 year,what is the best way to stop it as soon as possible?
How can I get healthy hair?
Do men prefer long or short hair?
Like my new hair? xD Also, how many of you do your hair in the morning?
Should my bestest friend stick with brown hair or go blonde again?
can someone plzzz help.. :(?
i have blondey honeyish hair and was wondering should i dye it black?
Can anyone suggest 2 or more hair colors that'll look good on me?
hair question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
Please answer this haircut question.?
I'm new to Portsmouth VA and I need to get my Daughters hair cut?
which hairstyles would suit me [PICS]?
i have white stuff in my hair but its not dandruff.what is it and how can i get rid of it or prevent it?
Is tresmme a good shampoo?
Question about bleaching hair?
Do you think these bangs are cute?
should i dye my hair pink?
How can I fix my hair after a color mis-hap?
Short or Long hair? Which Looks Better? GUYS AND GIRLS ANSWER.?
Does anyone have info on the Empire Beauty Schools in Virginia?
hair - whats a 'bang'?
how do i straighten my hair?
How many parts peroxide & bleach powder do I need to get a NATURAL blonde ?
short hair? CURLY! HELPPP?
Are fabric-covered hairbands still bad for your hair?
Un-dye-able hair? HELP?
how to take out mirows?
Ideas for Crazy hair day?PLEASE help?
How do you french braid hair?
Which looks better??Long or short hair? (pictures)?
How to stop hair from getting greasy overnight?
whats the best way untangle hair?
Thinning dry hair! HELP!?
do ya like to whip your hair?
Are side swept bangs and layers a good haircut for someone with really straight hair and and a side part?
I need a good red bright* ish hair dye?
how to get this hairstyle?
What is more attractive,Guys with long hair or short hair?
How to grow hair REALLY fast?? 10 points for who help.?
how visual kei bangs like miku (an Cafe)?
Why is my hair turning curly?
Scene Hair Problem.?
26 and found white hairs growing on my head!?
Do you find redheads attractive?
Which Hairstyle Would Look Better On My Friend?
What color should I dye my hair *(PICS)*?
I want a buzz cut should I?
what color is your hair?
How do I tame this terrible cowlick ?!?!?!?!?
Need help w/ 2 types of hair spray!?
I don't know why...?
I need help with my hair.?
What should i do with my hair to make it look really good?
What are good haircuts for Oval/ Oblong-ish faces?
i need some hairstyles that look really pretty pleasseeee?
Help Me On My Hair !?!?!?
if i permentaly straightened my hair yesturday..pllz help s best answer!?
Is it ok , and cheaper to get my hair braided at a flea market?If so how can I make sure they do a good job?
Dying my hair red...?
My School Picture Day Is Tomorrow And I Need A Hairstlye!! Any Good Ideas????
Bleaching hair without damaging it at all?
why is my hair like this?
How do I help my frizzy hair?
How often should people with very thick, curly hair wash their hair?
Any ideas/advice how i can stop my hair going greasy so quickly, so i dont have to wash it everyday?!?
Whose hairstyle do you love most?
Can anyone recommend a good hair cut/color person in the Denver (Colorado) area?
Ladies: Is it gay for men to shave or wax pubic hair?
Front part of hair wont grow. Why?
Help from the pros, please.?
what helps make your hair grow faster?
Does my hair look emo, scene, prep, goth, or skater?
Are there any ways I can wear my hair??
Which hair color is best?
I peroxided my hair then got it dark brown?
do i lok ok with bangs?
How do I get my parents to allow me to dye my hair?
is bob hair in or out?
What is a cute hairstyle for school?
how do i know whether i have high or low cheekbones?
how can i make my straightener and curling iron cord tangle free?
sally hansen extra strength wax hair removal for face..?
How can I gain my hair back?
Tips on using curling irons?
Hair advice about dying hair?
what can i do with my hair for school?
Whats the best hairstyle for wavy/curly hair? Cut straight across in the back, or in a U or V shape?
Looking for a good hair straightener.?
How often should I wash my hair?
I need a new haircut style. Any suggestions?
How can I get Hair like this?
what should i do with my hair?!?
What do you think would look best?
Hair Despair!?
Do you have to get your hair cut off if you want layers !!!?
What measures can I take to prevent dandruff?
Is it true that ones eyebrow color, always matches the color of ones pubes?
Do guys like punky girls?
Want to dye my hair from blonde to black?
Halloween party hair ideas?
Embarrassing hair problem....?
Did your dark brown hair get lighter in the summer?
would i look good with side bangs ?
Working with natural curly hair?
How do i get my curls to look like this (PICTURE):?
Is renpure shampoo and conditioner residue free?
any suggestions for grownig out my fringe/bangs?
What is the BEST curling wand?
Which horse shampoo grows your hair faster?
honest opinion on a serious change of looks?
have dandruff,synus..problem with hairfall..can any one give solution natural treatment ??
Why do Orangutans have red hair?
I want my hair to grow faster?!!HELP!!?
How can I get my hair like this?
De-frizz hair treatments?
what do you think? Pics included?
Would I look good with blonde hair?
Could you see me as a blonde?
Cute hairstyles for school? (15 year old, sophomore)?
what 2 do to grow bear & moustache fast.?
Any hair treatments?
Whats the best way to flat iron your hair?
how much does the average barber make?
how to make hair grow faster and stronger?
What are good products for curly natural hair?
who else thinks this is stupid?
Do I condition my hair after using Clairol's Sem-permanent color?
how to maintain clean shaved head ?(no hair growth again)?
.s! which is better? as first or as last name?
i want indian women hair style since 1960, what i do?
How do I get the beautiful hair that is shiny and bouncy?
How to use Nair for face without winding up with a burn?
Tonyc Salon and Spa...?
my hair is so damaged!
Which are the best least expensive human hair extensions?
UGGHHH!!! I have thick shoulder length curly hair wat styles can i wear?
Where can I find amazing clip in human hair extensions?
what dose it feel like to get a buzz cut?
if i wanna get highlites and i have red hair what color is best?
Why dont gyes like red hair.?
If I hair on me and I remove it via pleating(don`t know if it`s the correct word).. does it grow back?
Does anyone remember the Avon creme rinse called One Step?
How to add volume to my roots?
Do i look better blonde or brunette?
I just asked a question about my hair...? (Pics)?
where can i get dip dye from in the uk?
Which is better: Blonde or Black?
Is my hair becoming curly?
ok my bf thinks thta i broke up wiht him and i really didint now hes going out wiht some1 else. What do i do??
Dying my bleached hair with a brown wash out dye. Will it ruin my blonde once it washes out?
How to I get my healthy hair back?
Leave in conditioner/mask to use for dry or damaged hair ~ HELP?
How to make my hair grow faster?
How do I make my hair curly?
how should i clean my straightener?
what color should i die my hair?
Is pubic shaving a permanent trend or just a fashion?
Help with hair cut decision?
Blue hair dye over dark brown/black hair?
My husbands facial hair doesn't grow on his chin and right under. What can we do to make it grow fully?
could you pleasee help me? what should i do to my hair? ?
which product of Nioxin is best to prevent hair loss??
I need your advice with my hair?
how to be cool?
What do you think I should do to my hair? picture..?
Grow hair realllllly FAST?
julianne hough's haircut?? how to get it??
How do i get waves in my hair?
can a 13 year old girl dye her hair?
How to control greasy hair?
Ombré hair with chestnut colored hair?
What do ya like better: long or short hair?
Do you think I could pull off side swept bangs?? Pics?
Hair color blotchy how to fix it?
does schwarkopf xxl platinum blonde colour over ginger ?
Can i get a perm with any type of curl i want?
mariah carey is just pretty?
What color should I dye my hair?
Which hair color?!!!!?
What to do with my hair for prom as a date?
shampoos and conditioners?
Hair trouble...?
What is your hair colour?
can you braid my hair?
How do i get a salon color out of my hair please :(?
Tons of Questions on perms?
What are some of the hairstyles for a junior prom?
Poll: Ladies: Do you like a hairy chest or smooth?
Egg treatment for hair?
do you perfer short hair or long hair?
What is hair transplantation?
permanent hair dye symbols!?
I have really long hair and it is very damaged and dry...what should i do?
Any good hair styles for 13 year old boy, dark brown hair, fringe upto eyebrows, back n sides thick n short?
Do people with short foreheads look good in bangs?
Hair ?....How much hair do u need for tracks?
how you you keep your hair pin straight (or as close to it as you can) ?
I have short wavy hair, just covering the top half of my ears.?
Can anyone suggest a good product for hair???
How do I straighten short curly hair without any type of heat?
I have frizzy hair and need help. (read additional detail)
Cutting my hair & want to donate it to a cancer society for a wig, know how to go about this?
what kind of style is this haircut? [Picture]NOW?
Which product is better for frizz and shine: Garnier Sleek and Shine Serum, or Sleek and Shine Spray?
I want to know hair colors without bleach...?
what's the difference between bleaching and dis-coloring hair ?
How to get this hairstyle? plz help 10 points?
If I have a lot of split ends, is my hair ruined forever?
what hair cut would look good?? URGENT!?
What hair colour should i go ?
What hair recovery actually works if any? Hair-loss or thinning.?
What is the best cure for thinning hair?
does mexican hair products work on black people?
would this look good? :)!?
What shampoo is right for my hair?
which is sexier, red or blond?
if a person aged 50 is losing hair, is there anyway treatment where by he can go to save his crowning glory?
how fast does hair grow?
I have blonde hair. Would black and red streaks look stupid?
is there any way to make my hair grow faster?
Is there a specific hair gel that makes your hair look dry?
what looks better on a girl? long hair or short?
Do you find Fabio attractive?
why do lots of people hate 80s hair?
why is my dad freaking out that i want a curling iron?
What would a #1 sides and back with a #3 on top be like?
if i tone my hair will it turn white?
How should I do my hair with this dress?
Is your hair supposed to be nappy before you get a sew in ?
Is this a pretty hair color?
Headshave question, girls please answer?
What causes grey hair (other than age)?
How can I make my hair grow?
Why do girls like brown hair on guys so much?
what can i do with my hair for school?
I have dark brown hair, how can i die my hair blond without turning it orange.?
Why did almost all First Ladies of the United States had rather short hair?
what do you tip your hair stylist, who is the salon owner?
Ladies, do you find body hair to be a huge turn-off?
Don't you love this hair color?
How do I prevent bald spots?
What is your favorite way for a guy to have his facial hair?
What hair color should I dye my hair?
How to get my hair like this? (pictures)?
Any good shampoo and conditioners to make my hair soft, shiny, and touchable?!?!?
How can I grow a lock beard? Facial hair technician needed . Help!?
I need a good hair salon that can do 5 up dos for a wedding, any suggestions on where to go, i live on long is
Short hair style for my face type?
is miley cryus hair thin?
would this look good with blonde highlights?
If you are 15 then are you too "old" to wear simple braids?
how long do hair extensions last and how much are they?
Does anyone know of a good way 2 curl your hair in little ringlets for school without it taking 30 min.?
I have black hair and i wanna dye it to a light brown but i don't wanna bleach it.Any suggestions?
whats a good crazy hair color for hi-lites?
Hairstyle question best answers gets 10 points?
Anyone have a really good name for a hair product. But it has to be one you made up yourself.?
I really want to get my hair done like the omg girlz?
Would I look good?
what color should i dye my hair? (PIC)?
hair question.?
My hair is naturally blonde, can i change the shade without bleach?
Micro-bead hair extension infomation?
Is it bad for my hair to be up all the time?
How to get rid of nits and eggs?
How can I keep my hair "not poofy" when I go down the beach?
How do I get my hair to look like this?
How do you make your hair grow?
Hair idea that i have ?
What type of hair relaxer should I use? suggestions?
can u dye your hair when pregnant?
What are the effects of hair dying? positive or negative.?
What color should i dye my hair? i want to go light i need something new, my pic is my icon thingy!?
Have you ever tried to cut your own hair?
How To Curl Your Hair Naturally ?
Did I Pull off the haircut?
facial hair???
Anyone or any website that has Shampoo pictures?
What unatural hair colours show up in brown hair?
Can I use ICE spiking Gel (mens) to get curly messy hair for girls?
What are some methods for growing out a medium length haircut?
If i dye my hair violet on top of my light pink hair will the color go weird or something?
ladies w/ big foreheads?
are most scene girls blonde or brunette?
Razor, shaver, waxing or creams?
Questions about dip dyin my hair?
how can i get my hair to be just one color like honey color?
what colour should i dye my hair?
Why is it that one day your hair turns out good, and the next day it doesn't?Even though you do the same thing
What to do with with oily hair and frizz!?
Is thr any solutn to remove body hair? Only hme remedies sugestn plz...?
What should I do for my dyed hair?
Where can you buy wash out highlights?
Will or does Mane n' Tail Herbal-Gro Sampoo and Mane n' Tail Original Conditioner work out together?
would you consider my hair long?
Do i look better with Blonde hair or Brown (pics) (: ?
any ideas for crazy hair day?
what makes your hair grow faster? Are they good High Quality hair extensions?
keep it long or go short?
i sthere any good shampoo and conditioner for black people?
How can I get red hair dye out of my hair for good?
a salon that focus on healthy hair name would be?
i need to know how to do a cute hairstyle for the club this friday because my hair is curly and bad..ideas plz
How to curl hair without an iron?
Conair You Curl Curling Wand Help?
What are t-line highlights?
Strawberry blonde to Dark blonde?
hair line help ...... please answer !?
How can you make your hair curly without curling or doing a french braid?
How to make hair lighter and minimize the damage I do to it?
how do you remove gum from hair?
What is the longest you've went without washing your hair?
Can I bleach my hair then dye it straight after?
Why am I so short? Like come on I am 5'0". Do you think that I won't grow any more. Will I be short forever?
What are good hair styling ideas / products for thick curly hair?
What Would Happen If I Straightened My Hair And Did Not Wash It For A Month?
how should i wear my hair?
dying hair extensions help!?
Where can I buy clip on bangs in Atlanta, GA?
can you recommend a reasonable hair salon in nyc for a college student. i just need a trim?
Cool and unique hairdos?
What happens if you walk off without paying a hairdresser?
In which of these photos do you prefer my hair?
should i keep a ponytail??
I need help with my hair?
Would this be a bad idea?
Does pale skin and blonde hair look good?
some ideas for hair styles?????????????????????
hair problems :[ help please?
Natural Way To Lighten My Hair ?
What do you think of my hairstyle?
Dose waxing eyebrows hurt?
Do you braid your hair before going to bed ??
Razors don't live too long . We use them once or twice , not any more . Why ?
Haircut number sizes - 5 on top, 4 on side (uk size) how long would that be(Pics pls)?
do you like miley cyrus?
Am I ugly or pretty!!!!!!!!!?
Whats a cute hairstyle for someone who has very long and curly hair? Im tired of always doing the same style?
Sedu or GHD hair straightener?
girls, maybe you can answer this about my boyfriend?
How should I do my hair??? (pic)?
I want long hair now :)!!!?
How do you use those figure 8 hair ties?
What kind of hairstyle should I get?
Why would women get their hair cut short like a guys?
I missed a spot on my hair, can I dye it again?
How to make my hair not dry ?
help!!! im gunna cry.?
What colour should I dye my hair (photos)?
Which shampoo and conditioner do u use?
I have a 6 yr old who has lice her hair is so thin we can't get the nits our w/ the comb. Any suggestions .
Good websites with pictures of blonde highlights?
How to get coconut oil out of hair?
My Sweet 16 is coming up and I dont know what Hair Do I want.?
how can i do this braid?
how do i get my hair like this?
What is red hair called? --10 points to the best answer?
hair straightenin?
Is it worth going to the salon to get my hair dyed?
Do girls prefer brunets or blonds and why?
Do I look better blonde or Red?
I need some pictures of bangs.?
Which brand of shampoo works best for you?
What length of hair do you prefer?
do we guys prefer longer hair on girls rather then short,or is it just me?
Is there a word for brown hair?
How to get your hair to grow faster?
how do i curl the hair on the back of my head?
Ponytail Question?
When I wash my hair, no matter how thoroughly I wash it, when it dries the shampoo is still there?
how to go brunette to blond?
i have a paper cut. am i gonna die?
should i dye my hair blonde or if not what other colour?
Am I pretty?
Do bald people get Dandruff?
what do you think of middle partings/how to pull one off?
i think i want dreads. but i have bangs.. what should i do? (pics included)?
How can I make my hair shiny and pretty?
Do you think it's odd to collect hair brushes?
Ideal hair colour depends on what you or people are used to?
Any tips to make my hair less poofy after a shower?
Do you prefer long hair or short hair?
which bangs?
Blonde or Brunette? Pictures included?
What color is your hair & do you want to change it?
Would I look good with this haircut?
How should I style my hair?
What is a really good straightener?
my hairs completely burnt by the straightener?
applying egg to your hair is good ?
l'oreal paris hair color remover on blond hair?
i have a friend who's only 13 but wants to start dying their hair and i think shes to young, what should i do?
Should I Get Bangs Like These???
I put advicado and oil mixed in my hair is it ok?
how to do this with your layers?
Is it bad to wash my hair everyday?
What color should I dye my hair?
Does hair stop growing at a certain length?
My hair is reallly curly and sometimes there are knots in my hair and i rip them out is this bad?
Shave off all of my hair?
Which hair length is better (girls only)?
should i shave my head...for a big change??
Why do peole ask me if I got a haircut ? Can't they see my hair look shorter the day after?
Why does my hair grow so fast?
What halloween costume has pink hair?
I need a cool hairstyle, read details.?
POLL: Do you have long or short hair ? :D?
girls:hair extension questions!?!?!?
What can I do with my hair?
which female celeb has the perfect face shape??
Does hair grow better and straighter once you shave it?
How do I get my side bangs like that? (pic)?
how often do you shampoo?
Should I get purple highlights?
I recently bleached my own hair from medium brown help ideas to fix?
whats better blonde hair or brunnettes???
Any recommended hair frizz shampoos and/or conditioners?
what is the best and easiest way to remove bikini home?
Curly Scrunchy Yucky Bangs- A BIG No-No?
keratin express treatment help!?
i need some ideas?
Does my hair really annoy people? Why?
What color streaks go best with black hair?
How do I convince my mom to let me dye my hair blonde?
Is brown hair and green eyes pretty?
What are the disadvantages of getting hair transplantation treatment?
Hairstyle Help Pronto!?
should i color my 3yr olds' hair?
What does shampoo look like when it's dry?
I have really curly/frizzy hair. How do I blow dry it straight?
Fringe or no fring (pics)?
Does dr. miracles hair care line really grow your hair significantly?
Where is a good hairdresser in Rome, Italy??
They keep cutting my hair too short!?
how do you get chuwing gum out of hair ?
can i temporarily dye my golden blonde hair to brunette?
Who created the first permanent wave?
Can anyone tell me where i can get hair screws?
How do I bleach black hair extensions from sallys?
how do i make my hair curly again when i already straightened it?
do i really have to bleach my hair?
Lemon Juice or Sun-In on newly dyed hair?
What goes good for blond curly hair?
HELP is there something wrong with my hair?
Is using flat iron after a hot oild treatment bad?
Which hair color do you like on me best?
Would i look weird with black hair? *picture*?
How to get rid of frizzy, dry hair?
How do I style my hair?????????
What are your thoughts on women who have ARMPIT HAIR. Lets hear from both male & female on this one.?
What's an easy way to get hair out of brushes?
Should I get layers in my hair?
What color was Carmen. Ejogo's hair in sparkle?
can you tell me if anyone sells a cordless blow dryer. I have a cordless curling iron.?
which hair color looks better?? (pics!)?
Bangs with glasses Yes or No?
I need a boyfriend? im 12 and have brown hair and green eyes?
What happens if you walk off without paying a hairdresser?
how to feel less pain while getting your waxed?
what hair color should i get?
What are some reasons a guy grows a full beard?
something crazyyy.?
Girls, haircut advice?
Is it bad to dye your hair two days in a row?
I want a full or front fringe but it doesn't sit naturally ?
What's brown and sticky? ?
How come when someone touches your hair it feels good, but when you touch your own it doesn't feel as good?
Is it natural for strings of hair to come out when you comb it?
about hair growth of replantation of hair?
what is the best regime for the Redken Extreme Repair Line?
We've all heard the term dumb blond but...?
Does this work to keep a mohawk up?
am i bettter looking...with curly or straight hair?
Change my hair color from dark brown to a very visible purple without bleaching?
What hair dyeing product is safe to use on my hair?
I want 2 but should I?
How do you get wavy hair to go straight?
What happens to your hair if you mix 30 volume creme with 9 activator?
I have dark brown hair and i want to get pink and blonde hightlights, will it look good?
Twists or braids???
is GiGi Ready-To-Use Cold Formula Wax good?
i went to the salon today and got my hair bleached and now my hair is thin and falling out . is this normal???
Are men more attracted to blondes vs. brunettes?
Should I dye my hair black or blonde?
Is it bad to wrap your hair up all the time like 24-7? or does it need to breath and get some air?
Hair extensions for thick hair?
I have not used in 1 month, but i need to take a hair test next nonth! That's not 90 days,any 1 know if Max wo?
what about this hairstyle?
Do clip in extensions slip out easily?
Straightening hair????????:)?
Im almost 17 and my hair is falling out?
What do girls think of slicked-back hair?
help with my cousins hair?
Should I give her another cCCChance??? 3 strikes your out?
Extreme hair
How do I explain this hairstyle to my new hairdresser?
Does my hair look dirty blond to you?
how do u make your hair really curly without any heat after shower?
Why do my curls fall after using half the damn hairspray bottle?
What is a good conditioner for detangling long thick hair?
Makeover Ideas/Tips ?
how can i make my hair grow faster?
what's best hairstyle for naturally curly and wavy hair?
how would you describe this haircut to your barber? picture included?
Split-Ends, I Need Help!?
WHAT TO DO WITH THAT HAIR! [10 points to best answer :) ]?
the regular dawn dish soap i heard works to strip hair dye, will i have my natural color back after?
How do I make my hair grow longer?
HI i'm 18yrs,5'3 with wheatish skin & i want to be fair,with long hair what to do?
would this cut work?
How can I make my hair grow longer?
What should I do with my hair? For GUYS?
i am looking for black beauty salon in melbourne or ballarat australia so i can get a relaxer?
What shampoo and conditioner?
What the heck does hair have to be with sexy?
girls=do u prefer a man with a beard, a goatee,or fully shaved?
I need a hair cut but have no idea.?
Does This Hairstyle go with my prom dress,(pictures)?
How long is zayn malik's hair on the top and sides?
what is the best celeb hairdresser in Covent garden Area of London?
how do i get my hair to be rich and thick?
How do i get my hair to look like this???!!!!????
whats better - guys with looooooooong or short hair?
What to do for curly hair?
What are dreadlocks??????? Seriously, I dunno what they are.?
How much do you tip your hairdresser, the shampooer, the blowdryer, etc?
my hair is loosing what i do ?
could i pull off red hair ?
how can i layer my hair like this?
Where to get purple hair dye at?
What would a low fade 3 on top with a taper in the back look like?? haircut?
What do I do ?!?!?!?!?
Short hairstyles for a 16 year old boy?
lip peircing?
can i lighten my hair after it has been dyed black a few weeks ago?
getting my eyebrows waxed??
girls.. which do you always run out of first?
What is An AC Motor In A Hair Dryer?
How do you get hair like this? [Tumblr girl hair]?
Hair Weave vs. No Weave?
Dr miracles hot growth treatment.... how do I use it?
Does dying your hair the fist time damge it???
i would like to know a easy wasy to remove hair?
getting ready to dye my hair- advice on how to go.?
What are good foods for healthy growing hair?
I need help with my hair!!!!!!Plz help?
How to make my hair like Obama's for a day?
How does my hair look tonight?
help! how to remove black hair dye!?
Should I dye my hair....?
where can i get good hair clippers?
HAIR FOR HOMECOMING??!! in 3 days please answer:)?
Which hairstyle looks better?
Where can i buy kronos haircare in australia?
Any good websites for Cute Hair Ideas?
what kind of perm do you use and what strength(mild,super or WHAT!)?
Whats the best way to lighten hair, even slightly, without dying it?
hair go green?
whats your hair routine?
Going blonde without bleaching?
Will loreal Feria work on my hair?
Blonde to brunette at home?
How to make my hair longer, and healthy?
how do i make my wavy hair straight in humid places??
How to make hair less greasy?
is there a way to make my hair curly?
Losing a lot of hair already?
I have too thick hair!?
Mkay, So I just got my hair cut.. How bad does it look? /:?
Should I use Rusk Elimin8 to remove color from my hair?
Getting hair done tomorrow need answer quick^!?
what to do with wavy hair?
What Is The Best Permanent Hair Color Brand For Blue Hair?
is it true that by trimming your hair frequently it grows faster?
How should i wear my hair for prom when i have an oval face?
Anyone ever use henna to color their hair?
Do you like having your HAIR WASHED at the SALON?
Having trouble getting my naturally curly hair to look curly, not tangled; suggestions?
Medium Auburn to Blonde?
Best inexpensive long lasting holding hairspray?
how to do my hair for my birthday soon help :3?
What's this haircut called?
Is it ok to brush your hair while taken a shower?
Should I get a buzz cut?
Am i losing my hair? pls help.?
How many shades lighter is it healthy to dye hair at one time?
lately my hair has been thin and dry, is there anything I can do?
Chest hair: turn-on or turn off?
Is the babyliss hair straightener good ?
hair bleach made skin itchy?
Professional Hair Dye Products?
I NEED A HAIR CUT BAD! any suggestions to how I should how I should cut it? PICS included INSIDE!
How can I make my hair look like this? It looks like adding volume to your bangs...?
Whats a good nick name for a red head?
What should I do with my hair? It's so boring...(pics)?
Is there a silent hairdryer? And what are the features to look for in the worlds quietest hairdryers?
could i pull off being blonde? pic... ?
How can I style my hair like this? (thin hair)?
olive oil hair treatment?
Is this totally ugly?
does my hair look as bad as I think it does?
who should i give my foot+ of hair to?
What to do about thinning hair on an elderly woman?
Hair extentions/ HELP ME!!?
How to thicken your hair out?
arghhh! help what is the best shampoo for frizzy hair??
My hair is really, really thin, and i'm only 17 :-(?
I am 39 and have long hair. Do you think that when woman get older they should cut their hair?
how do you use a headband?
wat do you think of this hair??
have you met a child who died there hair?
My hair won't stay straight!!! Any suggestions?
Is $1 dollar Suave Shampoo and conditioner bad for your hair?
my hair gets greasy REALLY fast?
Hair cut for long straight hair?
Anyone else growing out their dyed hair?
Can i do this with a Straight Hair Perm?
What can I do with my bangs??
Well i have freckles and light brown eyes with dark brown hair and highlights but i wanna paint my hair what ?
i just washed my hair it still looks like a grease ball!?
can some one help me do u no any wedsite that can show me hair syles from the 50's.?
Does anyone have any advice for enhanced hair growth?
What do you call this hair color?
HUGE emo hair Clips?
any cool japanese/asian hairstles?
Hair help please- how do i stop tangles?
Really short hair cut! Pics. Does it look better?!?
(Girls Only) Do i look better with long hair or short *pics inside*?
what should i do 2 my hair?
Hair is oily, no time for wash?!?
Tryin dyin my hair !!?
Ways to damage hair ?
how can u get longer hair in less than a month!?
what are cool hair does ??????
What do you think of this hairstyle?
where can i find lustersilk perm?
What is the largest hair salon in Midland, TX?
How can i get blue hair color out of my hair?
Do girls like this hairstyle on men?? ?
What is the best straightner?
Okayy so i want lots of layers in my hair but idk wat to ask at the hair salon, nd also need pictures. help!?
inam looking for a place like "InTown Suites some kind of hotel at i can stay in for up to a week for cheap
What product to use for hair?
What's a good hair style?
what is your natural hair color and is it the same now or have you changed it ?
How would the world be without peroxide>?
Girls, what do you think of a guy with long hair?
Please Answer!!!!!?
what is the brightest red hair dye there is?
how to do curly/wavy hair.......?