my hair is naturally kinda striaght. but it is way too frizzy.?
How many times a week should i wash my hair?
If Your Daughter Had a Mustache/Facial Hair...?
What does Eye Candy means?
How to make my hair nappy?
is there such a shampoo that makes your hair grow quicker?
different ways to style my hair when i wear it down?
Need help with hair ?
How should i have my hair for a beauty pagent ?
I wanna shave my legs but I don't know how to tell my mom?
How To Make Your Own Homemade Sugar Wax: Hair Removal?
red hair tinge?
what is a good shampoo and conditioner (and other products) for super long hair??
Should I cut my hair into a single length bob?
What hairstyle will compliment a square/oval face?
What is your hair color.?
fastest way to grow my hair?
Do you think i should go blonde?
wht color contacts would look good with black hair?
what size barrel should i use to get beach waves?
Ladies who straighten your hair--what's your routine/how long does it take?
can your boobs grow from driking alot of milk??
Cheap place to buy Ojon Thickening Conditioner?
Hair dying question ?
do you think...?
true or false?
Does my hair look better straight or curly?
umm.. i want my hair to grow really bad?
Which hair cut do you like better.......?
does your hair grow faster if you cut it often?
I went to get my haircut and the lady cut it twice as short as I wanted! Our school pictures are in three day!
I'm having some hair dying issues. Help?
Getting a perm have a few questions.?
what color looks good with pink hair dye?
which hair color is sexier/prettier ?
Should I die my hair blue or blonde? if so how much?
What color should i color my hair?
Coconut milk hair repair treatment???
Does Weleda Rosemary hair oil help in growing your hair faster?
help with straightening hair?
Hairdresser in NYC?
wich is hotter? burnet, blond, red, or blackhair?
best straighteners under 200$?
What prevents greesy hair?
Why is my hair turning silver at 14?
how can i look like taylor swift in her "we are never ever getting back together " video?
FADE/TAPER haircut? Help?
Does anyone know of any good sites that sells weaves and wigs?
Should I try the Biotin vitamin for hair growth?
How do you wear your hair?
Why is my hair so unstyleable?
Is Corioliss iron a bad straightener?
Would this damage my hair?
Help! Questions on dying my hair blonde.?
Are my straightners broken?
Scene/Emo Help Please?
does my hair look bad like this?? ?
Eyebrows question! Help?!?
Tresemme Vitamin C Deep Cleansing Shampoo ?
Should I dye my hair darker, or lighter?
Should I bleach my hair before I dye it?
What is the best Houston based salon?
For girls 10 points for the best hair growth?
26 and found white hairs growing on my head!?
How long does it take hair to grow back?
How many times do you brush your hair in a day?
Shampoo for damaged hair?
Ladies....If Jessica Simpson Was A Hairstylist Would You Let Her Style Your Hair?
Do hair stylist make good money? ?
What do you think of my hairstyle?
Anyy Cute Hairstyless?!?
Whats the youngest age someone should get their hair died?
What is defined as good hair?
What is something subtle, funky, but not overdone to do to your hair?
How do you get BIG hair????
who thinks this album is worth buying?
Is it safe for a 13 year old to take Hair Skin & Nail Pills?
If a guy straightens his hair does that make him gay?
What kind of haircut should I get?
What is your favorite hairstyle? 10 Points for Best Answer!?
does spiked hair suit me?
How to keep hair not oily?
Do you trim / wax / shave down there?
how to dye hair with kool aid?
What do you think about this hairstyle?
heated rollers recommendations?
Long, Medium, or short hair?
Best hair product?
Good Hair Straighteners?
Hair turned pink... help please?
I'm lookinkg for a hair add on as a donut bun hair piece.?
How do you get your hair like these girls?
Who can give me a hair-makeover for free?
is it uncommon to have brown hair and grey eyes?
what hairstyle does guys find attractive in a girl?
How to let the hair dye grow out?
How can I get my hair to look radiant, golden blonde?
what do you think of my new haircut?
do you girls like guys with messy hair? please help?
How to get this hairstyle? plz help 10 points?
will it still show youve smoked within 90 days, if your hair is shorter then 1/2 inch?
10 points i need cool pictures of bangs hairstyles?
How can i stop my hair from shedding?
What color is her hair
if you curl/straighten your hair everyday, will it ruin your hair?
How to make your hair longer?
is my boyfriend chaeting on me.?
does anyone know a good place to get a haircut in toronto?
What is a good haircut to get to have extensions?
Should a girl part her hair on the left side or the right side?
Why am I losing so much hair everyday?
What was the best shampoo and conditioner set you have ever used?
I want my hair to grow faster. How can I make my hair grow faster?
What do you do to a afro when you're going to sleep?
I died my hair about 3-4 months ago can i die it again?
Best curly perm? 10 points!?
Could Hair Dryer be the cause of sweating?
How do i curl my hair????? .s for the best answer!!?
Does my hair have ANY HOPE ?! HELP?
So i died my hair blond and it turned out WHITE? i wanna go back dark brown,how long should i wait to redye?
How do I convince my parents to let me dye my hair?
Why are people mocked for having red hair?
Women only - how many days do you normally go without washing your hair?
What is a body wave?
what is your favorite shampoo?
If hair is removed from the ROOT, how come it still grows back?
What is a blow*** please help?
How to make your hair grow FAST!?
I need hair tips in a really bad way!!!!?
♥Are hair vitamins safe to use for any age?
Fudge.the hair grooming product?
What hair straightener should I buy?
anyone used frizz-ease by john frieda? how does it work? any special instructions i should know?
Cosmetology Teachers Please Help?
is the shampoo&&conditioner john frieda or eufora better? to long and healthy hair?
a good black hair salon in jacksonville florida?
Which is better red hair or brown hair?
Should i break up with my girlfriend because she got fat?
What is this hairstyle called?
Asking the girls: Short hair or long hair? Pics inside?
Where can I find everyday hairstyles on the web?
can you make it and if yes how to?
ok well i'm 12 and about to turn 13 and i'm a total bear!!!! i have hair on my stomach and i want it gone!!
How do i make my hair blonde?
Can i use permanent hair dye on bleached hair?
Scene/Emo Hair?
Sun-in hair lightener-how often should I use it and how light wil it get?
should i chop or not HELLLLPPPPPP?
Best dark purple hairdye?
how much does it cost to have your hair high lighted at jc penney?
How to go dark blonde at home?
Help me Please! Need an answer now!?
Dying your hair a different color?
Is it a bad idea to use Sun In on dyed medium brown hair?
Can I put Lottabody setting lotion in dry hair?
How can I get this hair cut? (my avatar)?
can i style my hair emo without having a slanted fringe cut?
Look what split ends did to my hair! HELP?
how do you tame frizzy hair?
what 's the difference between monofilament wig and lace wig? Why does the lace wig more poppular ?
should i get side bangs? pics included!! :) your opinion would be reallly goood?
I'm getting a hair cut but i dont know where to go to so i need help finding a place?
I have a heart shaped face and long, brown wavy hair. I wanna get a hair cut, help!?
can straighting your hair make it shorter?
what is a good hair straightener to get?
how can i repair my protien damaged hair?
I need a specialty hair person?
My parents wont let me dye my hair..?
Should I get highlights or ombre?
Do all hair removal cream leave a stinky smell in whatever areas you put it on for like 3-10 minutes?
How to sleep with tiny beaded braided hair?
How Much Should I Tip For Hair Extensions?
am trying to get a new flatiron?FHI vs solia?
Hair colour advice pleaseee?
Help - hair related.....?
What is your opinion of a woman who shaves her arms?
What state do you live in?
Bleaching my hair, Home vs Salon?
Can I make the end of Yaki's hair wavey ?
can waxing leg hair make it grown back darker thicker and longer?
I need help with Hair Extensions..?
I lost a bet!! HEELP MEEE!!!!?
Does anyone know where i can see black haircut designs similar to kanye west haircut?
How can you completely get rid of knots in your hair?
I have been growing locks for 5yrs now, but the lint is diving me bonkers, any knowhow on how to reduce it?
How do u get rid of of Dandruff besides head and shoulders?
Help with messy hair please?!?
Best hair product?
How to DIY hair mask?
how to use hot rollers?
How do I get my parents to allow me to dye my hair?
how can i put my hair in two french plaits?
My hair hair is VERY damaged and I have SO many split ends! I need SERIOUS help!?
what is a good hair style for me ?
Do you yhink I would look good with platinum blonde hair?
should i dye my hair maroon/dark red?
Witch hair is better, Curly or Straight?
What different hairstyles can I use for school?
can I return my hair extensions?
I have been wearing a faux hawk for a while now. What else is in style?
Which suits me better?
when shampooing your hair,do you rinse and repeat?
How much will it cost to get my hair dyed at a salon????? answeerss?
What are some cute hairstyles for shoulder-length hair?
i have shoulder length hair an iam running out of ideas for the perfect do.can you help?
my hair keeps breaking, i of african decent?
ideas for a haircut?
Does straightened hair become unstraightened after a shower?
whats wrong with my hair?
What's the reason for leaving the brazilian straightening treatment on for 3 days?
What is Nine ether hair? Nine ether hair?
I fell asleep with egg yolk in my hair!!?
do you have to be girly to have short hair?
What are the best products for long, thick, coarse (sometimes dry) frizzy hair?
I have Red Purple Kool Aid Dye in My Hair and My Scalp Kind of Itches. What do I do?
do u braid ur hair after when its wet after washing and b4 u go to sleep to achieve the wavy look?
What type of makeup & hairstyle would look good with this costume?
what color should i dye my hair?
need for a hair stylists advice ?
Hair. Layers. Side Fringe/Bangs. Helppp.?
do any women out there feel the same why i feel?
do boys like long hair or short hair on girls?
<[[pic of me..]]> what should i do to my hair?
What's the best shampoo/ conditioner for bonded human hair extensions?
how do i get rid of my split ends.?
what is this haircut called
How much does a double process usually cost?
What type of bangs should I get? My hair is getting old to me.?
How expensive is manic panic?
Will drinking water help hair growth?
I'am trying to grow my hair out (African American) what should I use...?
how often can you safely dye your hair without damaging it?
Quick cute hairstyles?
what's the best shampoo and conditioner?
do those straightening creams really work?
What color should I dye my hair? (pics included)?
Wanting to lighten dark brown dyed hair with highlights at a salon?
What is a good salon product to make my hair curly?
(PIC INCLUDED) Do the waves in my hair look pretty...or not?
how to spruce up your hair?
do you think i can pull off the haircut i want?
I have brown hair and i want to dye it berry red?
is my hair too long? pics included?
how do YOU curl YOUR hair??
what color???
What are some really cute hairstlyes i can do with head/hair bands?? I have long brown hair. I need help?
Which Hairstyles nicer?
Long hair or short hair?
Does anyone know how to have naturally straight hair?
Whats the/Is there best shaving cream for women that prevents ingrown hair and still has all the?
when you die your hair red, when it fades will it go ginger?
Im a guy with long hair, I want to shave my head?
Which way do you like my hair?
Hair cutting question, please help. ?
How should i cut my hair short?
Girls only question! Can u rate me 1- 10 how i look?
Why is my hair dye washing out?
i really want curlers but my mom says i aint allowed one till i am 18 but i want it now what should i do?
a good teen hairstyle site?
Can anyone give me some help?
who is more handsome, long hair boy or shorter one ?
how do i get rid of Dandruff?
Best hair dryer in current market?
why is my scalp itchier in hot weather?
Does my hair look pretty?
Hair Dyeing? Please read.?
Is it possible to ombré my dark brown hair a mahogony red WITHOUT bleaching?
What highlights would be good on a dirty blonde?
Is this Lice or Dandruff?
What is a good product to buy to control frizzy hair?
What straighens hair?
I need someone to style my long hair?
hair parted down the middle or the side?
Whats up with this girl i reealy need help?
what dose press and culr hairstyle look like?
How to style a french bob?
What is the difference between highlights and streaks?
I'm 13, what can I do about my upper lip hair?
How do I get my hair this color?
Why does 3N end up looking near black on me?
What should I use to get rid of my frizzy hair?
My birthday is coming up soon?
My x bf keeps calling me a slut cuz i went out wit 1 of his friends,should i try to get bac at him 4 it?
should i get a perm?
what is the perfect shape for a goatee with pictures?
how to co-wash your hair?
should i go back to my natural color?
What is the darkest hair dye from...?
do you think this hairstyle is hot?
i have very frizzy and puffy hair?
How to get 360 waves?
My daughters hair is falling out - What do I do?
Should I stay brunette or go red?(10points best answer)(pics)?
What Color Highlights Should I get?
Does anybody know how to make ur avatar show?
What hair dye would I need for this hair colour? Specific names please!?
hiii is frequent use of a volumizer harmful for the hair ??how can i make optimum use of a volumizer ?
Should I dye my hair darker? *pics*?
Can i dye or highlight my dark brown hair HOT pink without bleaching?
PLEASE help BOYS i need your opinion!!!?
How do you u use rollers? What other materrials u need? help plz?
Which haircut would look better? *10 points*?
How often should you wash your hair in one week?
Would you like it if your boyfriend french braided your hair?
What do you think of my hair? Is it pretty?(PIC)?
what can i use on my hair that will make it grow longer?
Have anyone heard of putting powder on a male head right before they get a edge with clippers?
prolly a dumb question, sorry?
Should i dye my eye browls to match my dark hair? Mine are redish brown rightnow..?
I need a specialty hair person?
Hey today im dying my hair brown and i also wanted to do highlights today also. is it ok if i do them both?
How to secure a lace front wig?
Would this hair colour suit me?
What can I do to my hair without the use of non-natural color?
Is my hair to curly???
After you get through washing you hair and let it air dry and damp it back up so you can style like it?
i was thinking about having a hair cut and i have really curley/ frizzy hair and i dunno what will suit it?
Trimming your eyelashes?
how do you make your hair?
How do i style my hair as a flapper?
What color should I dye my hair?
How would you describe this hair colour?
how many times a week should i WASH MY HAIR?
Can I go back to blonde?
Whats with everyone going blond?
what are some other ways to straightin my spiral curls without damaging it everyday with a flat iron?
What is the most easy way to get bleach blonde highlights back to brown without going to a salon?
Where is the best place to buy hair feather extensions online?
why are most blonds dumb?
How to get hair like Walden Schmidt?
How do you defuse a perm?
What hair color should i go for? (pics included!)?
Can i dye perm hair after 2 weeks?
who thinks they have "oprah" sexy hair?
I have little short pieces in my hair, how to grow it out? READ MORE?
What is hotter,blonde or brunette?
what color should i die my hair?
Bleached my hair, don't like it, what colour can I dye over it?
Do girls HAVE to shave down there?
My 11 year old is coming out of a relaxer, and her hair is badly damaged. What can I do?
strapless dress, how should i do my hair?
is it normal to lose hair when you brush it and wash it?
How should I wear my hair with a strapless dress?
my hair is falling out...?
does this look okay to buy(hair extensions) ?
Shaved half my head on a whim?
Hair color?????
Question about hair dye?
What shampoo do I use for my hair to make it sleek, silky, straight and shiny?
how do you get your hair curly?
what is it called?
any hair growing tips?
Curls that last all day?
How old is too old for a woman to wear long hair if it's not yet gray?
Let me know what's the latest trend in men hair style?
uggh i am so sick of it!?
Getting a razor haircut?
Damaged hair?!?!?!?!?
How long after a weave should i relax?
does lemon always lighten hair?
Would you let your aunt cut your hair?
How do I dye to blonde from frosted dark red?
thick or thin hair?
Is there any way I can just temporarily dye my hair?
Can you straighten your hair with a curling iron?
Cheap micro braiding hair in st. louis.?
Shall i go a lighter blonde (pictures inside)?
Howcome mostly men go bald? What does hair loss have to do with what sex you are?
How to make hair look gross and weird for Halloween?
:: STRAIGHTENING HELP (read details) ::?
which of these looks better?
What is the best hair cut that a woman loves on a man?
Can I put semi permanent dye on head to get rid of highlights?
help with homecoming hair?
im in middle school, should i dye my hair black?
how would i look with blonde hair?
if you have straight hair how do you get permanet hair like Paula DeAnda?
I need hair help!? Best answer chosen in 1 hour?
if I want long hair should I cut it (not as stupid as it seems)?
Should I change my hairstyle? (pic included)?
ADVICE?! What hairstyle/hair color would best look on me?
what shampoo to use for hair loss?
Help with Hair Skin & Nails?
Can I straighten my hair when it is still damp?
Is baking soda a good substitute for shampoo?
I never leave my hair down?
Curly hair help!?
How and why does hair gel have bubbles in it?
What do I set the clipper lever to for a buzzcut?
blondes or brunettes?? which look better?
My hair is straight and i want a little (not alot) wave to my hair, how do i do that im my own home?
Bleaching natural dark hair?
how should i clean my straightener?
How to keep my hair nice..?
Can a black haired guy dye his hair blonde partially?
Permanent Perm?
Is there any possible way to make your hair grow faster?
My hair is currently dyed black, how can I get it ice white?
I want to go from blonde to brunette?
A good shampoo for severe hair loss please. I have bad hair loss.?
Does using beeswax hurt your dreads, and does beeswax make them weak and easy to break? is gel better to use?
my hair is medium to dark brown quite short i'm?
How to grow your hair fast?
Can you give a good opinion on this please?
How long do I wait from dyeing my hair to highlighting it?
How to flatten an afro without making it straght?
Is there a good web site with hairstyles?
Will your armpit hair go balck if you shave it off?
Can I bleach my hair from red to pale blonde with 20vol developer?
How would I discribe brock lesnar's hair cut?
orange hairspary but have blonde highlights will it stain ?
Long, Short, Curly, Straight? What hair do you have and what do you WISH you had?
I came across?
which shampoo is better?
Extensions ;o?!?c:,,,?
Girls Only! Please answer!?
has anyone used F&D hair straightners ?
How can I grow my hair long and quicker ?
can you get a perm that straightens you hair?
will my hair fall out if i just gota relaxer and i put a permanent color and highlights put in?
How can I get hair like this?
Cute Hairstyles For School?
Thin hair problem! :P?
I have a hair question?
You know how if you bleach too much your hair falls out?
Will relaxing my hair make it not poofy?
How can I convince my daughter to cut her hair short?
My hair gets greasy to easily, advice?
What colours your hair?
Please answer my question below which is about cordless hair straightener?
are hairy armpits a no no on women, does it really matter?
I want to make my hair longer , how ?
what is the alterative name for reddish hair?
what kind of hairstyle should i get?
how do i get my hair like this?
Can I wash my hair now?
what texture is your hair?
Need help growing my hair (for a boy)?
what is the nicest hair colour?
Do you like my hair better died darker or natural color?
curly scene hair!!!!!!!!!!!?
Is there any shampoo I can use to make my hair shiny and straight?
How do I make my hair look like the wolf-guy from the Evanescence music video?
Haircut. Helpppp?
blue or pink scene hair?
What are some short hairstyles I can tryout?
what hair colour would suit me?
Shampoo that takes pink tones out of hair?
When to Shampoo after Rebond?
Scene hair websites for guys?
Which hair color suits her better (pics)?
what hair cut most suitable for me?
curl or no curl? (pics included)?
how can i change it up a little bit? (pics included)?
I wash my hair everyday, is that bad?
whats the name of this song?
what haircut would look good? I have thick wavy hair...
Is straightening hair everyday healthy?
what is the best hair style?
How to style my hair in a specific way?
I've had microbead hair extensions for about 3 weeks & all of a sudden my head is REALLY itchy, why?
My haircut done by my girlfriend and her mother. They are very proud of their work and i'm not what do i do?
HEEEEEELP! could i do this with my hair?
Multicolored hair dying help?
This Hairstyle.......?
I put nair in my sister's shampoo bottle because she called me "the dastardly dungeon master" in front of....
Do You Think That Hair Above Shoulders Is Non-Feminine???
My synthetic wig has Lice how can I wash the wig and kill the lice and the eggs without damaging the wig?
Should I get a hair straightener?
What looks best on me? Sideways or middle part? 10 Points!?
Need advice on how to curl totally straight hair.?
How do i know if i have split ends?
Looking to grow out hair.?
Is pubic hair on men gross?
How much can I sell my Asian/Hispanic hair for?
Should I dye my hair despite management's "wishes."?
Hair Extensions around Philadelphia, PA?
Is it true that women wake up with beards on their 40th birthday?
Should I shave my legs or leave them hairy?
I just shaved my head with one of those norelco triple head shavers?
Guys, what do ya think! Girls what could I do with my hair, cut and color! Pics!!!?
Where can I buy heat protection moisturiser, not spray. Like gel/creme or something.?
Has anyone tried the new herbal esscences line of Dangerously Straight?
What colour to dye hair?*Pic*?
Best way to remove pubic hair?
What hair style should i get?
What emo hairstyle is trending? (2012)?
How Do I get this hair!! PLEASE HELP!!?
how to get curls like these?
My Hair Is Too Straight?
ladies, do you like my hair?
Will dish soap degrease my hair?
what type of shampoo will make my hair grow?
keep it stretghned?
How do i lighten my hair without stripping it?
Would I look good with hair like this?
Should I dye my hair blonde?
Are there Paul Mitchell Schools in Canada?
Sort of hair question?
how do you remove hair weaves?
what's the best hairdo for a fat lady with straight thinning dark hair?
what are some good homemade treatments and tips for hair?
How to do this hairstyle?
What color highlights?
what to do about the arkward stage?
How can I tame my curling-ironed curly hair over night?
what sorta hairstyle would suit curly-haired, big forehead, oval face?
r hair straighteners gd for ur hair?
Dying over blonde highlights?
How can I get my hair to stay how I want it?
My mom got her hair done and now its...?
how do i curl/scrunch my hair?
should i dye my pubic hair green ?
Are Whiting American Cape fly fishing feathers safe to use as hair extensions?
hair color?
Should I get darker or lighter hair? Pic included.?
BoA Haircut- Need help on what type it is!?
should I go blond again?
How much would 20 inch sew in extenions cost?
HAIR HELP: My hair is greasy but I have dandruff... What do I do?
how can i make my hair grow?
How to get PERFECT hair?
Is there any way to make hair that looks like this into that?
What do you do when your not naturally pretty?!?
Should I cut my hair?
My hair feels greasy?
Should i go for a darker tan?......(pic)?
what is the correct way to get dreadlocks?
Does my hair look ridiculous or does it look nice?
Ladies: What do you do about extra eyelashes?
What do you guys out there prefer blondes or brunettes? Also short or long hair?
getting a perm and highlights?
I shaved my Daughter's head? When will it go back?
How do you style the curly almost kinky hair?
Has any one tried...?
please help! what color should i get my hair dyed to?
What will make my hair grow?
How can I style my hair like this?
How to let my mum let me get highlights?
how do you grow out your hair longer?
where can i find a good site for hairstyles?
Why doesn't my hair stay silky?
do hair skin and nails vitamins work?
Guys - Do you find girls with short hair attractive?
How long does it take hair to grow back?
Which bangs would look best on me (pics) ?
Is black and white hair a good idea..?
How do I do my hair like the girl in this picture on the left ?
Can I get same results with travel sized hair straightener?
Hair Styles For Hair Flipping?
How should i wear my hair for prom?
how do i make my hair look really nice and natural but, big?
PLEASE PLEASE please please help me.?
Really Really good flat irons!(:?
Greasy hair HELP!!! Please I don't know what to do?
is julbere a good straightner and is biosilk good for your hair?
How's my hair?
What to do with my hair?
Why don't people measure hair color spectrophotometrically instead of with the naked eye?
HAIR.....HELP.....please.....Please help me.?
Best shampoos for curly/ wavy frizzy hair.?
Prom Hair Extension and Hair Health?
how to do my hair help please?
How do I get a knot out of my hair?
Do you think I'll look good with bangs?
How to get your hair to grow?
should i cut my hair shorter? (pics!!!!)?
Hair probleeems please help me!?
I have split ends!?
what is ecophane powder?
Any tips, hair question.?
How should I do my hair for an interveiw???? Updo?? Downdo??
how to keep my hair from frizzing out on me?
(Girls) What is the CUTEST nickname you have EVER be called??
hey still about the blond i still dont no!!!?
Braiding inmature dreadlocks?
how long does it take to grow braids?
What the hell can i do with my hair? ( pic )?
How long do you have to wait to dye your hair another color after bleaching?
.s..whic name is better for a blonde hair guy?
what looks better??
Is it logical to cut hair with a beard trimmer?
i have thick wavy/curly hair what would it be like if i thinned it out?
My 8 yr. old daughters hair is so dry.What can I do?
How long will my hair take to grow 3 inch longer?
Question about dying my hair?
How to wear a beanie with thick curly hair?
my hair is so dry & fluffy, how can i mosturize it?
Difference between razor comb and hair razor?
I have naturally dark red hair. I want to dye half of it black??? should i? ?
I have curly blonde hair down to the end of my neck its all one length but the front pieces are angled?
dry hair dilemma?
I have naturally curly hair, how do I straighten it with out chemical treatment?
what hair color should i get?
Will I have to bleach my dark brown hair to get this colour?
How may of you fear the mullet?
I just last week started smoking virginia slims 120's to look more sexy for my I want to get long
Human hair for a wig?
Need hairstyle ideas for overweight female....?
Can I pull off a bob cut? *pic*?
why is my hair falling?
Hair removal from embarrassing places?
Hair bleaching didn't quite work, should I do it again?
Help my hair lice or bed bugs?:(?
What should I dye my hair (pictures)?
Can anyone help me with my hair ?
Why do people stare at my hair and give me an attitude?
what kind of shampoo do you use?
is there any cute ways you can do with your hair?Pictures included if anything?
Should i cut my hair?????
Can you strip brown to get back to the previously bleached color?
Good hair companies to get 16-24 inch non/virgin Brazilian/Malaysian hair in Philadelphia.?
Is dying your hair with markers damaging?
which shade of red hair do you like best on
bedhead foxy curls?? and bedhead body products
why should you not use a relaxer after highlighting ethnic hair with bleach within two weeks?
does the way food is stored affect its freshness ?
Can you flat iron your hair when mousse was put it in while it was wet?
Something is wrong with my hair?
How should I get my hair cut?
why does my hair smell?
any way to make the hair on my head thicker..??? any remedies or products??
How to grow hair faster?
does straightening your hair once a month damage it?
i would like for u to help me with this?
Any good MILD scene/emo hairdo's?
where can I find protein fillers for damaged hair in the UK?
what color should I dye my hair ? Its an easy 10 points. Pick A OR B?
my hair is wavy and shoulder length can I get an over the counter perm and just comb it in to make it straight?
i want to grow my hair out natural.....does anyone one know how i can do this and still look cute?
Apparantly I have won the Nigerian lottery, $16m ... I need $37'000 more to pay admin fees to release it?
Tips on layering(at home) and styling my hair emo/scene ? (pics plz)?
what colour looks better on me?
How do i do my hair like the girl in this video?
I have straight hair but i need to have some variation other than wearing it down i need more styles?
Cute Hairstyles ????
im ginger will light brown hair dye take to my hair?
Easy ten points concerning pictures!!!?
Ginger roots how to get rid of them?
i am about to turn 13 and i am emo...i cut mysefl only when i get really mad. is it OK to cut myself??
What is the name of a haircolor to highlight, used by the salon only, & does not contain bleach & takes 10 min
looking for I-pro link beaded method hair extensions of good quality and a reasonable price in the UK?
Has any one tried Carol's Daughter products? If so please detail what you felt about them?
does wella shaders and toners warm red still exist?
do black women look better with blonde hair if their hair is short?
whats the best hair straightener? ?
Should people with red hair avoid wearing red?
Hair Question??????????
Can you buy JoJoba Oil in walmart?
My hair is falling out?! Why?
Is Your Hair Looking FIERCE!!!! Today????
How do you avoid static cling with dyed hair?
brenda song pass the plate banana?
girls do you like boys with long hair or short hair better?
how should i keep my hairs black and grow more?
Does anyone know a good hair dye?
if i keep get my hair braided in fake hair going to the back and then a month later get them in tiny singles?
Best Hair straightner?
Hair Survey, take it :) ?
Be honest - if you saw someone with blonde hair and dark eyebrows would you assume it's fake?
a young 50 plus?
Marc Anthony Instantly Thick Hair Thickening Shampoo & conditioner or Mane & Tail Shampoo and conditioner?
What shampoo to use for damaged brittle hair?
If the sun lightens hair, and the sun is a source of vitamin D, then is it possible to....?
is mane and tail good for afros?
do you like this haircut?
worlds best hair curler?
what is the the hairstyle that would best fit a round faced girl?
Microbraids... BSS hair help!!?
Hair Coloring?
Is there a way to get permanent hair dye out?
Blonds or Brunettes?
Are there any hairstyles for shoulder length ha?
why is "bald" a hairstyle t ಠ_ಠ?
Please Answer! WHAT HAIR COLOUR WOULD I SUIT? picture inside?
How to get my hair less yellow?
Girls!!!!! Would You Rather Look Like.....?
how to curl short hair without curling iron?
Big Chop Help! (Hair Products/Tiny Knots)?
How many times per week should I wash colored hair?
Do Guys........?
I am tired of my boring hair, what do I do with it?
How do i...?
Do you like this hairstyle?
do i at least look decent with dark hair!(pics)?
what will make my hair grow faster?
How can I get soft shiny and silky hair?
Anybody tried kool-aid on there hair?
Do woman like men with moustaches or beards?
i have wavy hair...does anyone know what will bring out the waves to make it curlier?
Do I look to asian to go blonde?
what's a good shampoo/conditioner for dandruff aside from head&shoulders?
Hair help :D please ?????????????
what are good hair styles?
How long do u have to wait to color ur hair again?
Is my hair too dark should I dye it lighter (pics)?
Does the keratin hair treatments work?
is it ohkay to iron hair everyday?
Full sew in weave with 6 Cornrows or ?
Would a buzzcut make me look fatter?
Im tired of THIS?
sum1! give me tips on how 2 get my hair like cassycutthroats!?(PICS)?
Will my hair fall out if I bleach it near white/blonde?
Do you think i would suit brown hair?"?
how to brush curly hair on days when you don't wash it?
How do i make my hair really soft (i'm a boy)?
New look . ?
Boys - curly or straight hair?
I'm growing dreads and I wanted to know how do you lock them to turn into dreads?
Is salt water bad for your hair?
How long will my beard be?
Which color is the closest to Selena Gomez's hair color?(easy points)?
Does blow drying your hair damage your hair?
So which hair is better?
Fringe or no fringe? *Pictures of both*?
What type of hair is this?
What are some hairstyles that will look good?
People are calling me emo because I like my hair dark, what should I do?
How long will it take to grow back my long lengthed locks?
hair salons for black/african american in las vegas(i live north lv)?
How to dye my dark brown hair lighter with less damage?
What colour should I dye my hair (See pic)?
how much does it cost for a usual hair straightening?
Do you think this hairstyle would be cute?
Did I tweeze my eyebrows too much?
How do I wear wavy tracks when my hair is straight?
Can long dangling earrings and hair impede your vision when they are blown into your face when driving?
i have lots of split ends&its not growing?
brunette or blonde?
Hairspray ... do you like the smell of it?
my hair is so dry from using hair straighteners,what can i use to stop it drying out ?
how do i do my hair like this ?
Where can i get dreadlocks?
what hair products do you like?
Whats the best hair deo for dirty blonds and short hair people?
What hair colour should i have?
how long can thick braids in hair lastt ??
hair styles..?
Any home-made recipe for split ends?
Should I shave my Cha-Cha in the shape of a STAR, or a GOAT?
What hair color would suit me?
Layers and thickncess question?
layered hair??
My friend is always throwing his hair to the left or right with his head. Does this mean anything?
what it takes to have long hairs?
Does bleaching your hair really hurt it?
what do you think of blonde guys?
Where can I buy American Crew Thickening Shampoo?
Does blow-drying your hair dry it out?
shampoo to help with a tender scalp?
What is your hair color?
Everytime I Wash my hair it gets poofy. What should i do so it wont get proofy? Any Ideas?
Dark or light hair which should i go for?
Dying my hair blonde?
I want to get highlights?!?
what's your opinion on braiding hair?
What is the best way to remove hair from the genital area?
What helps your hair grow really fast?
my hair is damaged ! someone help me ?
my hair smells so burnt1?
Dying my brown hair dark purple without bleach?
Why Did I Have To Have Blonde Hair?
would this haircut suit me?
What do you use to get really, really, smooth and shiny hair?
Ladies... long or short hair? ;o)?
Blonde to brown?
How can I control my hair?
super extremely dry hair help?
10 POINTS WHO EVR GIVES THE BEST AWNSER! what color should i dy my hair?
Looking for an organic hair dye (not henna) - No alcohol, harsh chemicals etc?
My hair is Little Mermaid red! Help!!?
What hair dye can I use to get a darker, shiny-er black (picture included)?
How does she get her hair like this? (Pic)?
I'm looking for punk hair colors?
Bangs or no bangs? What do you think?
is there some sort of scene/emo hair style for a 13 year old?
What is ur Favourite TIGI hair product?
how do i get the wet scrunched hair look?
How do I dye my hair blonde and make it look natural?
what should i do to my hair ? pictures included.?
is this SCENE?
Hair dyeing problem?
Does shaving off hair on the head lead to thicker hair?
What can I use to grow my hair?
Do you like armpit hair on a woman?
My hair grows a 1/2 an inch a week, (NO joke...ive measured) Does that mean its pretty healthy?
Is this hair style cute?
How do I keep people from touching my hair?
What hair color(shade) of blonde is this?
how we can get rid of the white stuff called dandruff in our hair. what is the stuff wewant to use. tell that.
What can I do about an uneven hairline?
My hair is a bit past my sholders, dark brown, only died it a couple of times should i get a perm?
where can i buy feather hair extensions in philippines?
how can i style my hair like josh dumahel?
I used to have wavy hair and now its like dead straight?
Can anyone tell me how to get rid of my Oily hair? plsssssss.....?
Would this hair look good on me? (PICS)?
How in the world do you find a decent hair stylist?
Would short hair make me look more professionally?
how do you get your hair from an ugly wavy mess to stick straight hair??
Should women over 35 wear their hair with bangs?
hair split ends.?
how can i grow my hair faster?
Why are you dying your hair...?
What is the prettier hair style to boys....side pony tail?? or down?
Hairstyles!! i need a hairstyle updo thats really quick! help 10 points best answer?
my hair is very damaged. how can i help it get healthy again?
How do you get rid of unbelievable damaged hair that is short ?
What kind of maintenance would this hair style need . . .?
My 70old wife claims her hair is white just like everybody in that age frame.?
I'm embarrassed to tie my hair up?
Biracial Hair question? Relaxed versus natural?
what do guys like better in a girls hair color?
How do you get nail polish out of your hair?
What do u like better?
Would this hair suit me???
Do bantu knots work on synthetic hair?
I need a St pattys day hairstyle I have really long thick hair got any ideas oh yeah my hair is extremely thik
my friend that lives in canada has lice and i cant go over until all of it is gone!?
Home made hair products?
I am African American, and I want to know how to style my hair with a flat iron? <<pics include>>?
What color should i dye my hair?
Why does my scalp smell?
Good, cute hairstyle ideas?
why do old women never have hair longer than 4 inches? is it a legal requirement for their pension?
how to make Mohawk with medium length hair?
if you had spongy hair and you got a perm , if you don't get anymore perms will it be like it used to?
How do i get my hair long help?
Do you perfer blonds,brunets,orred heads?
I have really short hair(like two centimeters below my ear) I want my hair to grow sooooo bad and its thin too?
Can sun affect the color of my hair?
A question for hairstylists?
what to do with my hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Will my hair grow back?
Girls!! what do you think of...?
do i look better with curly or straight hair?
how can i make my hair grow longer?!?
My hair is greasy all the time?
is it okay to wash your hair once or twice a week?
How come my hairdresser can't do my hair ?
Anyone know of a really good blow dryer?
henna on medium brown hair?
can i dye my hair purple without bleach?
What color to dye my hair?
how do i find out the owner of a bussness?
I have Long hair. Help.?
Where can i get pictures of asian teen hair cuts? mostly layered?
help with a new do?
girls!! Would you ever get a tattoo??
what should i do?
If you take1 tablet that contains 300 mcg of biotin, by taking 2 tablets a day, is the dosage now 600 mcg ?
Getting Bangs? I need pictures.
how to get longer hair fast?
How to streighten hair without heat?
guy trouble?
whats the craziest thing you have done with your hair?
Halloween question???
What's the best method for removing hair on legs?
What are hair colour slices?
How often do you wash your hair?
How do dye hair?
Haircuts for slightly wavy frizzy hair?
Hair care tips for dry and damaged hair?
My mom won't let me dye my hair!?
I need a hairstyle for short hair?
umm what does stripping hair mean?
should i cut my hair?
How to change red hair to a golden blonde/brown?
products like Redken for curing dry hairs?
Hair salon help..????
How to make hair thick temporarily?
What do you like better on men long hair, or short hair?
is oiling really good 4 ur hair? if yes which oil would u suggest and when should we oil them?
will i regret cutting off my hair?
Instyler or Chi a better straightner?
does anyone know where i could get fringe extensions?
How should I style my curved hair? Read below.?
do you think i should dye my hair blonde? (pictures)?
Keeping my hair healthy?
why do i have a big nose and nappy hair?
Hair question????!!!!?
Will a blonde (wash-in) hair dye make my blonde hair any lighter?!?
Who should I have cut my hair?
how to get my hair a nice chocolate brown.?
Is this too much hair for a 13 year old guy? (see pic)?
What hair color do you like?
my fairs is falling can i stop them?
Can't afford a hair straightner?
Can you still grow healthy hair and color it at the same time?
how would this hairstyle look?
hair cut styles???????
what kind of shampoo do you use?
Does anyone here live in Hawaii?
I might also get my whole haired died and i do not know what color right now it is black.?
What semi permanent hair dye..?
How do I get my hair to be flatter, thinner, and straighter. With less body.?
which is better blonde or brown hair? pics included?
what happens if you dont wash your hair?
Any information about GUYS getting hair relaxer?
I have medium hair it comes down to bout 2-3inches past my shoulders would i look good in a perm?
tipping your hair....?
How to do this hairstyle?
Black Women? Relaxed to natural hair advice?
i have black hair(dyed) and want to dye it blonde.. ?
Should I stay blonde or go back dark?? (Pics of each included) x?
what does orange and purple make together cuz im dyeing a strip in my hair ?
How to Make Hair Grow Faster?
Is Just For Men Only Used For Grey Hair And Not For Changing Hair Colour?
My hair is falling out?
What type of hair relaxer should I use? suggestions?
I am an Afro-american woman. I have a texturizer in my hair.?
Is there any way i can keep my hair straight all the time without straightnening it?
i was thinking about getting dreadlocks and i have some questions..?
perfect hair vitamins?
How can I dye my hair best answer?
redhead's ,brunette's or blonde's? which is the BEST?
I've tried every shampoo on the shelf and from the salon if they say HYDRATING...why is my hair still dry??!!?
What makes your day?
what hair colour would suit me best?
Should I dye my hair? If so, what color?
i'm dying my hair blonde and red! which color do you think i should do first?
Is texturizing gel the same as mousse?
What to do to my hair?
if y0u have pretty badly damaged hair?
can you make thin hair thicker?
Do you like my new hair? pics?
What is the difference when doing this to ur hair?
Why is my hair so weird like this!!?
Do bald men wash their head with shampoo or soap?
Do you think people who colour hair to look younger are generally liars ?
knots in hair please help ? 10 points ;)?
where can i get blue hair dye?
How to wash your hair without getting it wet?
how popular are popular are hair colouring services within the uk?
Hairstyles with a widow's peak . . .?
What are your thoughts on women who have ARMPIT HAIR.Let hear from both male & female on this one.?
hair dying.............?
can you use jolen bleach on your hair?
Where can I find a decent hair straightener for less than 50$?
Do Blondes have more Fun?
How long should I leave hair dye on for?
what do you think of this hair style?
do guys prefer brunettes or blondes?
Sexier hair color for me-- Black or Brunette? (pic included)?
What do you think of gold colored hair?
Is it possible to go platinum Blonde at home?
Tips for curling short hair?
Removing hair die at home?
I'd like to color my hair I have alot of gray streaks?
what is a good shampoo and conditioner that WONT dry out my hair
Do you like this hairstyle?
What should i do to my hair? (pics**) Please help(:?
Which wig should i buy?
Getting my hair thinned.....?
which one would look best on me?
how to obtain semi straight/natural waves hair? or defined frizzy-free curls?
How do I straighten my hair?
How should I wear my hair to a wedding?
What the hell is EMO?
Do natural tan girls look good in red hair?
how can I curl my hair using no heat?
Best smelling hairspray?
Pleazzze Guys... Hair advice needed!!!?
any good websites for toddler girl hairstyles?
Natural blonde dip dye?
I know hair color from a box is terrible for your hair, but...?
mii bum hairs r growin up my back, how can i get rid of dem#?
How to control dandraff?
how hair for long and big hair?
Hairstyles for my hair?
can shampoo for colored hair color your hair?
Is it true?
Which hair color looks better on me? ?
I want a new look i have a layered chin length bob that is straight my hair is dark brown.?
How do I get fairer hair and lighter eyes.?
when you have a full face, should you have a long or short cut?
harmless hair color/dye 4 touching up?
Does biotin really help your hair grow?
eckkk hair has gone grey help!!!?
striaghtening question..?
Hair help!! s. best answer!?
who knows the address of a reputable black hair dresser in London?
at what age would it be approprate to....?
I need help with Sallys Hair Extensions i-tips?
Will I look okay with scene/emo hair? ♥PICS!♥?
Spring valley hair,skin & nails vitamins?
Is the mousse I just bought good?