what are bangs that are to the side called?
i need tips on how to spick my hair where the spicks will stick up?
Dove Curl Defining Styling Cream?
Should I dye my (natural) blond hair that has dark roots that look bad.?
hair web sites?
How to use manic panic hair bleach?
Why do i have super fine/thin hair?
I have thick curly dry hair, I want to get my hair chemically straightend so I can have a mohawk david beckham
What hair color should I dye my hair?
Is it possible to tell whether someone's hair is naturally curly/wavy, but straightened?
What color should i dye my hair?
Someone to my 14 year old brother in law that he could fix his mohawk with vaseline and it will work. will it?
Red hair or brown hair? Which looks better on me? (ladies especially)?
which pic of me looks better?
Help please, shampoo & conditioner...?
From hairline to chin, how long is your face?
Should i cut my hair??????!!?
I would like my girlfriend to go completely bald. Any advice on how to convince her? She has really long hair.?
Shoulder length hair or short hair (PICS)?
Do you like to wear your Ponytail Holders on your wrist ???
hairr??? pics....?
my hair's really dry, what can I do to improve its condition?
Do plants go to the bathroom?
Do Walmart Smartstyle Salon highlight hair? Cost?
The best hair products for thick curly hair?
should I get this haircut, will it suit me?
what's a herbal remedy for hair treatment to make it stronger so it doesnt fall and helps regrow hair?
Why do I always feel like I need to wash my hair?
I want to dye my hair purple but I dont want to bleach my hair?
how can i control my hair from dandruff?
Aerosol sprays on flight?
My sister, 10, just caught Lice! her hair is down to her waist, straight, and healthy. What should we do?
Why do I have a white strand of hair at a young age?
What should I do with my hair? Keep it? Cut it? Style it?
is it true that if you braid our hair befor sleeping it will grow faster ?
Is it okay to pull out a gray hair or does that really make it worse?
how do i know whether i have high or low cheekbones?
how to make your hair grow and help damage hair?
whats the website that you scan your photo on to find the hairstyle that looks best on you?
can people use different types of shampoos/conditioners?
My hair is really bad.?
is it possible to do an Ombre hair look on already colored hair?
How many of you girls starighten/curl their hair all the time?
hair help?????????????????
On Average, how much money do hair sytlsts make? Is it a good paying profession?
African boy, i have small curls. 16 yr old what do you think about small curls?
Is this weird? (Hair)?
best product to dye hair!!! pleaseee answer!?
How should i wear my hair tomorrow for school?
Can I iron my hair if I put semi-permanent dye on it?
Is salt water bad for your hair?
How Do I Cut My Bangs To Achieve 'The Hipster Side Bang' Look?
Do you like the bangs, hair highlights, and the guy's facial hair in this picture?
photos of teenage boys haircutes?
How can I grow my hair faster in 2 years?
Can I Re-Use Bleach ?
Where can i buy cheap hair extensions?
For natual curly hair?
what do you do when uput oil in your hair by an accident the day before a party?
My Hair is soooooo boring! (photo)?
Im thinking about cutting my hair?
I need a good website with pics of side swept bangs?
How to get Kristen Stewart's hair? 10 points?
Help with dying my hair an even red colour?.. Hairdressers?!?
Is semi permanent hair dye supposed to wash out in one wash?
How do i get a salon color out of my hair please :(?
What color dye would go good with dirty blonde hair?
hair question ?
what should i do with my hair?
hi... plz tell me how to make my hair soft and smooth as well as straighten in home made products itself ???
redhead?? would i suit it?
Remington Keratin Therapy Pro Curl or Remington Pearl Wand?
Any coooool hairstyles for middle school?
any good straiting creams and heat protectors for flat ironing ?
Should i thin out my hair?
how to get a good hair cut that will make hair wavy and pretty?
How to improve quality of hair?
Is it O.K to wash our hair everyday when we take a bath?
Help Me With My Hair Please ` ? ! ''/?
why does my hair feel like this!? 10 POINTS!?
hair styling help please?
Hair falling out due to stress? How to stop?
how to keep Afro from shrinking?
How long does it take for streaks to fade?
Big buds on dreadlocks?
'Doo Gro' users, I just started using this product and have a few questions?
is this hair to "grown up" for me?
what hair cut is good for me?!?
Does anyone know any good websites for finding hairstyles? (Girl hairstyles?)?
How to curl hair without heat?
What do I do? I put all my hair in one long ponytail, but now the strands framing my face are smaller!?
How can i make my hair a lighter blonde?
when you have long hair, will the hair grow slower?
How to take care of my hair?
i want to try a new hair product. its called profectiv growth renew.?
what do you ask for if you want "scene style" hair?
what colour hair colour can i put on my hair?
is this true about blonds...?
I am looking 4 hairdressing classes in italy or spain. I can't find anything.?
How to get rid of greasy hair fast?
is there a way to make you're hair longer???
Has anyone ever heard of the hair magazine called "Brave Portfolio"?
The best permanent hair removal products?
girls medium length hairstyles?
How do you get a rinse to show in ...?
What is the beast way to grow ur hair long fast?
What is the in style hair for 2012. well that is for ultra short hair?
why the heck did i do it?
Do you like the hair?
What is the BEST way to thicken your hair?
What hair colour goes good with green eyes?
help with a haor color?
When do you brush your hair?
How do you do a messy bun?
Do you trim and cut your pubic hair to give it some shape or do you let it grow as it pleases?
Hi i recently turned 13 and have armpit hair , how close am i to genitile growth PLEASE ANSWER?
How can I make my hair grow long and healthy?
i hve hair on my uppper lip how can i remove it?
Solutions for hair that's thick and bushy?
Would My Friend Be Able To Pull Off This Look?
Why is my hair really hard to straight?
Hair Straighting Tips URGENT?
How do you do a messy bun?
need help knowing the colors in her hair?
What side do you wear your bangs on?
Hair styles????
What is the best way to get rid of dandruff?
When's that next haircut due?
how long should i wait till i color my hair again?
Should I change my hair color?
My hair turned green?
What color highlights should i get?
Looking for a company to buy hair to make wigs?
How can I style my hair? (see description)?
My hair looks best when I don't wash it?
Should I Dye My Hair?
About how much would it cost to get bangs, a trim, and layers?
Best approach on dying my white hair black?
Should I dye my hair darker or lighter? *pic*
what are some cool hair styles?
Rene Zellwegar "Chicago" Hair How To?
Do I look better with short or longer hair? (photos) suggest new hair styles?
how to do my hair like this?
hair cut help and new style ?
if u could dye your hair any colour in the world what would u chose and why?
Woman's opinion - For guys with thinning hair...?
how do i get wavy curls?
im a black teenager with dry hair, even when i shampoo my hair...what do i need for my hair to keep it oily?
Would I look good with a buzz cut?
Calling all (fake) Blondes! Whats the best Blonde hair dye to use?
How should I style my hair/should I cut it?
HELP over processed hair!!! ?
Will semi-permanent black dye stain naturally red hair?
do you like my haircut? (before and after)10 points!!!!!?
why does my straightened hair have little hairs sticking out?
Help, Balding at age 19?
What are good hair salons?
Wuts a rly in haircut like a bob or layers any suggestions and i only want long hair!?
OMFG I need Hair help NOW!?
please help...?
how to remove brown hair dye from white bathroom door?
Thing 1 and thing 2 hair?
How often do you straighten your hair?
Girls with fine or thin hair, what's your hair care routine?
How can black women take care of their hair?
Are these hair normal?? Or is this hair loss?
Great Clips Haircuts?
i have a question about hair?
Does a hot oil treatment helps cure dry scalp and dandruff?
do hair implants look natural?
how do i get my hair to look like this?
I just dyed my hair.. is it bad?!?
Hairstyles! I need pics of cute hairstyles really layered hair with/ and side swept bangs?
side bangs?
What color looks better?(WITH PICTURES)?
what blonde hair dye do i use?
i want to do something new to my hair help me outtt!?
Doesn't shaved pubic hair seem like a well groomed publc place that expects to continue entertaining often?
I can't do anything with my hair! Any ideas?
A question for females.?
Best hair product for split ends?
Would I look right with blonde hair, or at least blonde streaks?
I peroxided my hair then got it dark brown?
new hair style!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
hair style site suggestions please?!?
where can you find prenatal vitamins?
does my hair look good like this?
Can I dye my hair blonde temporarily?
How to get the mice out?
How do i use Velcro Curlers?
do u trust hairdressers ?
should women in late 30 wear their hair long?
Does anybody know that is there Japanese hair designer in Novi, Michigan?
Should I do this to my hair?
i have ginger hair.?
Full Bangs or Side Bangs on Me ???
Help with my hair!?!?
Kaleidocolors? Bleach? Help!?
How Can I Make My Hair Color Last Longer?
What is the best shampoo for a dry, itchy and sore scalp please?
I have very dark brown hair...what color highlights will look good on me?
I need some ideas...?
clip-in hair tangling. Quality?
i am going to turkjey in july and i was going to get ma hair permed good idea?
What colour is your natural hair colour?
What is the best way to remove hair from the genital area?
Permanent solutions to frizzy hair?
Hair dye?.............................?
Does hair grow faster or more thick once you cut it?
What would be the best way to set curly hair at night?
Should i wash my hair every other day?
How do i get wavy hair with this......?
I'm thinking about dyeing my hair black[PICS]....?
What haircut would look good on me?
long hair or short hair?
Best clip in hair extensions online?
what are some things I can do to get my hair to grow faster?
how do i keep my hair straight ?
Would I look good with scene hair?
what haircolor is best for green eyes?
Tried dying my hair & nothing happened. It's still the same color, can I try again in the same week or wait 6?
Best Organix Hair Line???
This is my hair!Do you like my hair?
my feather hair extensions fell out what do i do?
Doing hair ..? I need some help .?
What is the best way to do dred locks in hair?
I don't think "bleach" would ever be a good treatment for your hair, Why would you suggest it?
Ion shine Hot Rollers?
Blond or Brunette? ?
Blonds Or Brunettes?
Question for teenage girls?
Does my hair look better short or long?
If I am 25 years old and I am starting to notice a few gray hairs, what does that mean??
Should I Get Scene Hair?
would you say this person's hair color is red?
Why is my hair frizzy now?
I've a problem of hair fall for last 2yrs. I'm 18.?
I need some opinions on my hair!?
My daughter has thin, coarse, dry hair (not curly) like myself. I don’t know what to do?
hair question?
Fringe or no fring (pics)?
whats so great about the "professionals at john frieda"?
How should i do my hair for a Military Ball?
Does Waxing Make your hair lighten up?
what color would you say my roots are?
is it more sensible to become acosmotologist than a barber .?
Should I cut my hair short???
How to get your hair dirty blonde from dark brown hair?
highlights or . not ? im confused?
quick! my mom put olive oil in my hair last night................?
Why do we have to have hair "down there"?
I'm in charge?
is suicide the answer to my problems?
where can i get a trim?
Looking for a particular hairstyle? do you like you're guys haircut?
Can not washing your pillow cases often cause dry scalp?
Will organics leave in conditioner and gel spray fade my dye?
any ways to make hair grow faster?
Men's Hollister Hair?
just took shower and am I'm going to straighten hair in morning, i have really curly ringlet hair, ....
what kind of mixtures applied to hair make the hair grow? (egg...)?
should i get a new hair style ?
what to eat and what to do for white hair at split ends.?
why shouldn't girls shave her arms hair?
Survey: What Colour IS Your Hair?
what hair colour would suit me? i have a pic!!?
should i dye my hair brown?
Which do girls like more??
My hair will not curl, help?
Extreemly damaged hair...will I have to shave my head?? I'm only 15?
Girls pleasel answer this!!!?
hey everyone come here i have a question for everyone plz come here?
Where can I buy neon green hair dye?
okay, so i spray dyed my hair purple and i want to shower w/out it coming out. what do i do?
could i pull off being blonde?
Out of these hair colors/cuts which would suit me better?
How do i dye my hair differently?
how can i make myself look pretty? *pics*?
What should i do w/ my hair *pic*?
How can you remove temporary hair color fast?
Can you get highlight in your hair if ou have already dyed your hair a darker color?
what unique color should i dye my hair?
How much does a relaxer cost?
Should i Shave, Bleach, or Cream wax my body hair???
Do I look better with Long or Short hair?
My hair is long and boring what's a good style for me? see pic?
what color should i dye my hair?
Does ebay sell good hair extensions?
Straightening My Hairrrr?
Would I look good with red hair?
Long or short hair on girls?
Is there any easy way to grow long hairs in a short time?(naturally)?
what is a GOOD hair straightener?
whats the best school to learn hairdressing? I'm in PA. does it cost a lot? Thanks!?
Looking for men's hairstyle advice?
Is getting a body perm the same as a perm?
Best shampoo/conditioner? your opinion...?
hair help? (pictures?)?
Can you buy a TopStyler in Australia?
How to make your hair grow faster?
how to get rid of the white stuff on the ends of my hair?
How long will it take to grow my hair?
Hair experts?
my mom wont let me dye my hair?
What shape is my face? What hairstyles go with it?
Considering dying my hair dark brown, need help!?
i have a question about hair?
What is the best way to get smoother hair.?
Could I get my hair like this? (pics included)?
I dyed my hair black cherry yesterday and got dye all over my hands?
How to slick back baby's hair for an Elvis look for Halloween?
Hair question!! confused please help?
Where can I buy Manic Panic DyeHard?
HELP AGAIN. Darker roots?
hairstyle for my confirmation?
What is wrong with my hair?!?!?
what can i do to make my hair grow faster?
Any good website for hair styles ideas??
Girls: Do you rather a guy with a clean shave or or just a little facial hair?
What shampoo and hair conditioner do you use?
I need a hair fall solution..?
How to style my hair, peaked cut with matte finish?
What color highlights should i get? or what should i do to my hair?
Is there something I can do to get curly hair most of the time?
What shampoo and conditioner do you use?
should i dye the tips of my hair blue or red?
how do you make your hair grow faster?
How could i have a messy look with my hair dat are partly curly?
What is the old fashiones term used for hairdresser, like from the 40's?
Hair dye- how long can i leave it mixed for?
my hairs falling out?
I have black, permed hair and am trying to go natural. What is a good moisturizing shampoo or oil for my hair?
What color should i dye my hair???
where can i go to get my hair doing in chicago,il 60620 on june 2, 2006 5:00a.m.?
Loreal hair dye?
What is a brunette?
Eyebrow problem??
What kind of hairstyle for first day of school?
What is something that can be done with black hair that gets gray hair quickly?
If you are a female and could choose, where do you prefer hair on a man? The chest or the legs? And Why?
Would it be pathetic\rude if i cried over a haircut?
Why wont my bangs grow?
Should my Husband wax his chest hair?
cheap, good smelling,long lasting hair products for after straightening?
is there a cco (cosmetic company outlet) in Los Angles?
help! what's in my hair?
Should I dye my hair red or blonde for Christmas?
Does sleeping with wet hair have any consequences?
what can i do to make my hair grow?
what colour should i dye my hair ?
What is healthier for my hair?
What is your opinion on the mullet hair cut?
girls:what is the best way to get off facial hair?
how do i get gum out of my hair?
Is being Ginger really that bad?
what do you tip a hairdresser?
best hair bleach i can buy? L'oreal or goldwell?
Quick, easy hairstyles help!?
Is bleaching arm hair too frequently harmful?
How to give hair volume when no product or technique works?
does anyone know how to devolumize hair without getting it thinned?
Does my hair color look decent (picture)?
what do you think of my hair.?
Help! I need an answer ASAP!?
how much is an inch of hair?
I Need Opinions Please!?
I really want to get another biosilk flat iron. I see that theres a black one and a blue one.?
Please please give me your opinion!?
Can a 14 year old buy hair dye?
Should i cut my own hair?
Can I wash my hair now?
is trimming connected with hair?
Would I look good with this hair cut?
how to comb my *** hair?
are there any cheap ways for me to grow my hair fast(or just anyways in general?)?
How do people get there hair like this?
Do guys like blondes ??
I need a hair cut, any ideas? (pic included)?
Does eating shampoo make you high?
What colour do you think is better?
Dandruff..dandruff..dandruff Please Suggest Me?
i'm reuben (male)can u give me a good hair style... im tall(5.8) and chuby .it should be easy nd doable?
I WANT THICK LEGS. help help help?
should i cut my hair like this?
anyone have any straightening hair tips?
To dye or not to dye? (Hair) That is the question.?
What hair cut do most models with long layered hair have?
another question?
i need a cool hair styles read details!?
who likes brunettes?
what are different ways to make hair curly without using iron curler?
Black hair and bleaching parts!?
Hair trouble! Girls Needed!?
how to get healthy hair if the hair is very thin & looking dull?
whats your favortite color?????
Is there anything wrong with guys with long hair?
What is a good shampoo and conditioner for slightly frizzy hair, that is not real expensive?
Why do all old ladies have short hair?
Any good nice hairstyles ?
I have blue eyes and blond eyebrows what color should I dye my hair?
What color highlights go with black hair?
Which Hair Straightener Works The Best?
Is it safe to highlight my 6 year old's hair?
my hair is falling out?
curly or straight with this top?
what can i do with my hair?
I'm a girl, and I'm getting a mustache...... tips?
Is Nair for men any good for getting rid of pubes?
If your hair could talk, what would it say?
What shade of blonde is Ciara's hair in this picture?
braids...cute or no?
A hair question i have?
Is my hair too simple...? (pics)?
conair infiniti hair curler, can you curl as you dry?
what to do against hair loss?
Would I look good with "Hayley Williams" hair?
prenatal pill for hair growth(ladies please)?
What is my hair type?
Should I get this haircut or not?? (pic. included)?
Can someone recommend Black haircare products to keep natural curls cute & manageable?
hair won't catch a color!!!!!!!!!!?
When you cut hair, are you supposed to cut it how it's worn?
Products for hair growth?
Should i cut my hair if im trying to grow it out?
Dyeing my hair?????????????????
How often should a guy wash his hair?
Would I Look Good with a Pixie Cut?
Does this growth seem fast to you?
I'm wondering where I could find a website on how to fix your hair in different ways not haircuts?
Should women over 40 wear hair styles for their age group?
How to get really straight hair?
Is black hair boring?
Ok so when should i do this?
Can a permanent Light Brown/Dark Blonde hair dye lighten my dark brown hair?
What Are Some Nice hairstyles for frizzy wavy hair?
how much does infusion hair cost???
washing hair everyday?
temperory hair color for guy?
Dose shaving your mustash make your mustash hairs grow faster?
Wat do u fink?
Ladies ....... is your hair your crowning glory ?
Where can I buy Pantene overnight repair treatment in zip code 55350?
sugget some easy home cut for my wife's hip length hair which is managable?
whats better?
my hair is thin and blond. what is the best vitamin or mineral to take to make it grow and become stronger?
I am a 5 foot 1 inch male and need to find a good hair style?
Beneficial for hair? Coconut milk and olive oil together?
do girls like long hair???
What can i use to bleach my hair dark/gray?
What hairstyle do you recommend...?
How often do you shave & what tool you use? How about olive oil?
Is it possible that i'll go bald?
Help with hair for Prom 09!!!?
Any way to make my hair grow longer, faster?
How can i get shiny black hair?
how to prevent hair loss and white hair?
What is a reccommended/relatively cheap brand of hair extensions?
how can i make my hair grow faster within 1 month?
a lot girls like me and i think its bcuz of my hair should i cut it?
Which Hairstyle do you think will suit me?
How long is your hair?
Plez Help What makes HAIR GROW LONGER?
I am male and i want silky hair my hair is very dry and rough help me please?
how to style guys hair like the "psyc" guy?
What's the best place to buy affordable tape hair extensions online?
What to do with frizzy curly hair!?
Platinum blonde hair for olive skin?
Is Revita growth shampoo going to make your facial hair grow?
Ladies, do you prefer a short cut or long hair on guys?
is short hair puffier than long hair?
my hair is really flat?
How long do i have to wear my hair in a french braid until it grows?
I want to leave my hair down but?
is there a good vitamin to thicken hair?
Do hairstylists at salons use heat protectant on their customer's hair?
can anyone tell me if you can dye pubic hair?
How to prevent growing a mullet?
should i get blonde streaks?
Does anyone know a good hairstylist in the Bronx, NY?
What is the best look for your hair?(Girls)?
Redken heat glide?
When "raking" product through naturally curly hair, is hair supposed to come out?
Vodka for hair??
do u like colorful hair(pic)?
help please so like i want to get bangs but idk if it will look good cuz i have braces?
Pastel hair question (seafoam green)?
how do i straighten my hair without using a flat iron?
Should i dye my hair like this?
How much is a haircut at Floyd's Barbershop in Burbank?
How do get my to look like this...?
My hair is super do i make it curly?
treatment with Epila laser?
Is it ok to straighten my hair everyday if…?
How can I prevent my long hair from getting tangled while being asleep?
Please help me with makeover?
Simply dying blonde hair pale pink..?
What do you prefer short hair or long hair?
How can I make my hair less frizzy?
what brunnette hair colour suits me best(photos)?
Is my hair short, medium, or long?
What color goes with black hair?
are there any organic shampoos work like mop lemon grass volume shampoo?
I have this long hair around my anus?
How to get long hair ?
When a girl gets a weave are you supposed to feel the braids?
should i move from memphis to atlanta to further my hairstyling career ?
How much do highlight touch-ups usually go for?
How to get curly thick hair?
how can i make hair do this?
i have hair problems!!! (pic inside)?
Cute easy hair styles ?
Really need help with my hair please?!?
How to make my bangs look less awkward during the "grow-out" phase?
why do women put towels around there heads for hours after getting out of the shower or bath.?
question about dieing your hair?
what hair cut do u thing guyz are the best on a girl and what can i do make me more atractive?
How to get Liam payne hair?
strighner for sale?
Are GHD straighteners worth the money? Can someone who is hopeless with hair expect to achieve good results?
Why do balding guys get clown hair?
I need to shave my pubes but I don't have hair clippers, is there an alternative?
Is It True that pantene has wax in it???
Black and Blonde Hair?
how to make my hair asian straight?
Should I dye my hair blonde?..?
How do I keep brown dyed hair from turning red over time?
How do I eliminate greasy roots?
What is the best treatment for super damaged hair?
how much hair is it normal to lose in a day?
I wanna get my hair cut...any idea?
How do I get my hair like this?
Does "One Source Hair, Skin &Nails" Multivitamin Mineral& Herb Work?
Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Need Step by step Instructions on how to do twisties!!!!!!?
Does long hair look good on a guy?
Boyfriend lost bet to me (follow up to my question)?
Does anyone make a long barrel curling iron? I have very long and it is very hard to curl my hair.?
HAIR TUTORIALS, need help!?
I have done amateur video.What do you think? I want to be an actor.
Ton of easy hairstyles for medium hair?
How to get her hairstyle and possibly makeup?
What is the easiest way to straghten your hair?
Should I get bangs? (pic included)?
Whats your hair......?
Before or after haircut?
Straightening tips and advice?
should i go blonde or a dark brunette (pic)?
What color for my hair?
good hair products?
Dying my hair brown because of my mom?
dry shampoo that smells CLEAN?
I'm thinking of cutting my hair, but my hair is thick. Is there a way for me to get the thickness out ?
What looks better on me? (+PICTURES!)?
dO yOu f!Nd p30Ple wHO wR!tE LiK3 ThI$ AnNoY!nG?
Is it dangerous to get laser hair removal in your pupic hair? 10 points!!?
is steve irwin really dead?
What is this hairstyle called?
I want my hair to be free from dandruff.I also want my hair to be soft.Tell me what to do please?
Do you know any tricks to grow hair fast?
what do you think of infusium 23 FRIZZ?
what is a good shampoo?
I dyed my hair dark brown and unfortunately it didnt show up. help?
I have a small sty on my lower eyelid. How can I style my hair so that it's not noticeable?
Where can I get a professional scene haircut in Phoenix, AZ?
is it ok to bleach hair on stomach for eg?
Which hair style would look best on me (pics)?
Do bald people get Dandruff?
Does eating lot of protein cause hair fall??
Why does pubic hair stop growing at a certain length, yet the hair on your head grows continously?
What site can i find Long layered hairstyles?
What color should i dye my hair?
Guys hair should be - Curly or Straight?
Which hero dosen't change his hair style in any film?
Help me out please! (10 points)?
how do i get my hair to grow?
Can i leave in My hair mask for more than 5 minutes?
Where can I find short hairstyles with a view of the front and back?
Since more and more girls are letting their underarm hair grow, should I?
Which is sexier...Short or long hair???
I need to cut my hair cuz of all these split ends..?
Whats this hairstyle called?look at pic?
cheer tomorrow. hair ideas ?
do boys like girls with longer or shorter hair?
what color streak would look better in long brown hair?
As a beginning barber what are some tips for a tight edge up, so that it isn't uneven and symetrical looking?
HELP ME PLEASE i have got a serious problem?
I'm 18 and my hair is already starting to turn gray...?
Is my hair stupid looking (pics included)?
Do guys like girls better with short hair or long hair?
What is the best hair treatment for curly hair?
why is my hair like this and what products to use?
Hair Dilemma...plz read before answering!!!!?
scene hair extensions question?
How would I style my hair like this?
what color highlights looks best on brown hair?
What should I do with my hair?
What color should I dye my hair?
red and white hair picture?
Help with hair growth ...?
what do you think about it?
i need some advice on how to do my hair. pleaze help really important! thanks!?
short scene hair??? (pics)?
Beautiful Brunettes - What Impression do they give?
Good shampoo for my hair?
Bleached my hair 10 times and its ruined! Crying so much?
prom hair, up or down?
Mane n tale?
If I put my hair into pigtails before going to sleep ..?(see details)?
Which Haircut Should I Get?
Does dying your hair hurt it?
Alternatives to the pony tail?
Tomarrow is my 8th grade Semi-Formal!!!?
Should i dye the underneath of my hair lilac?
One Direction TWITTER HELP!?
how do u do permanent dry in hair?
I am a 15 year old guy and am loosing my hair, what's wrong with me?
Question for the ladies.?
Good waving iron for natural looking waves?
Blonde, brunette, redhead?
How can I have healthy hair?
Does anyone know what the hairstyle on the left is called?
Growing out my hair? Help?
Would this hair color suit me?
Are nexus hair care products good for damaged hair?
can i dye all of my hair with raw demi permanent hair color?
YOUR favourite youtube beauty gurus?
which is a better hair style 1 2 or 3??
How can I make my straight (asian type) hair be flat?
What color should I dye my hair?
I am thinking about getting a new haircut. My hair is very long, brown, and all one length. What should i do?
Is there a way that I can color my hair with stuff at home (besides kool-aid or hair coloring kits)?
how to make you hair grow faster? products at walmart or a drug store or at home remedies :)?
witch hair color suits me more???plzzz help!!(with pics)?
What to do with hair? (male, pic included)?
Do you think I should dye my hair blue?
what color should i dye my hair? (with pics)?
Garnier Nutrisse Multi Highlighting dye?
Guys: do you find girls more attractive with long or short hair?
Hair Help?
new hair? (pictureeeeee)?
Dyed my hair accidently black and now I regret it?
how can i get my hair wavy like this
do you think my hair is cool?
one more question about tight taper haircut?
My new hairstyle! (pics) Tell me what you think??
I have blonde hair. Do you think I should die it brown or stay blonde?
What's the average cost to dip dye your hair in a salon?
ladies in need ur advice please..?
how many times should you wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner?
Help! Straight Long Bangs or Side-bangs?
what helps to stop falling hair?????? a home remedy would help....?
I need help with my dreads?
I dyed my hair, and I wanted to perm my edges, and the perm contains lye but my hair was semi-permanent. HELP?
long hair eh??.........................?
might be a stupid question but....?
i can't decide on which flat iron to buy..?
liquid developer & liquid color help?
Do you know any shampoos that makes your hair temporarily curly?
would red hair dye look good on natural red hair?
is a spiral perm easy to fix when you dont have much time in the morning?
I wanna know how can I use hair gel to give my hairs typical style. do gels have bad effects on hairs?
How will black henna look in hair?
HELP i need help with my hair?
Sticky curly hair problem?
Do you think I could get bangs?
how can i get red dye out of hair i died hair 4xs dark brown the reds still there?
how do i maintain my nappy hair?
How to get frank iero hair?
whats looks best for me?? pictures included?
what do you think?
easy hairstyles that require no heat?
Hair Help Please!!?
Okay, so when i braid my hair to make it SUPER wavy it turns out great but poofy!?
Koolaid tip dye help?
your opinion on this?
if theres any red marks on my head right after i shaved it does it just mean my skins irritated?
I am 13 and not alou to shave my legs, what to do?
Tomorrow haircut! help fast!?
i have split ends but i don't want to cut my hair. Do i have to?
Would you rather have curly hair or straight hair?
Help!!! question about hair color?? :l?
What's the best shampoo and conditioner from Garnier Fructis?
do you think this will look good blonde?
Someone help me with hair dying??? :)?
bestt shampooo/conditionerr?!?
Does facial hair send a negative message? Is that why you never see politicians and CEO types sporting it?
I want to get my hair like this? Help?
What's a way to keep hair straight over night?
How do I get my hair like this ?
What Are Some Hot Hairstyles That I can Try!?
Would purple shampoo even out the different tones?
What hurts more plucking or waxing your eyebrows?
what can i do with my hair?
What should I do about my hair.?
Buying new hair extensions?
If i bleach my hair dye it with semi permanent dye after it fades can i just dye it again?
What makes hair salons better then barbershops?
Ladies, I need your thoughts with my hair.?
How do I lighten my dark brown hair to a medium brown shade?
lam quite tan and want to die my hair blonde. Will that look ok? what color contacts should Iget to go with th
do you like curly hair or straight hair?
Is the Cortex Pro Curling Iron good for making loose curls?
can anyone recommend a good conditioner for coloured hair?
Should i get this hair cut?
Should I Stay Blonde Or Go Red (Picture) ?
Hair Grow solution?
What do you use to keep your hair static free?
How long does ur hair have to be for extensions?
I have long hair - Should I cut it?
Does she look better with long or short hair? Please answer?!?
this is a survey! please take!!?
Hair Extensions Question (:?
do you like ginger hair?
i need some extra extra extra strong hair prouducts?
how to get my hair like the girls in this video?
What's your favorite shampoo/conditioner?
What do guys seem to like more; Curly hair or straight?
What is the best hair color for Asian hair?
Do I look better with black hair or brown hair? (pictures included)?
Should I Change My Hair Colour? *Picture*?
Hair smells like hair dye still?
Help i only have 20 hair developer!?
my gf put lemon juice in my hair and it gave me light blonde highlights in my medium blonde hair? Permanent?
What tipe of shampoo should i use with well water?
Any nice sites where I can check out the different hairstyles? Especially for long curly hairs....?
How long does ur hair grow?
Can I get a barbers license with a felony. Its a felony 3 Poss. of drugs.?
scene hair suggestions?
How can I make my hair softer an shinier ?! -help-?
help ! i messed up my relaxer !?
where the people at who braids hair in the north houston area?
do you like this hair cut?
How keep white/blonde hair from yellowing?
my hair gets really oily really fast how can i keep it from getting oily too quickly?
I'm addicted to facial hair, is that bad?
How can I get a dianna agron inspired look?
iam 16 yrs old and iam a guy my sister told me today when she was lookin?
how often should i wash my hair.?
WHats a good hairstyle to go with this outfit?
How do you make your hair wavy?
Dye my black hair medium ash brown?
Instead of using a bleach, Is it possible to use Color Opps THEN color my hair blue?
I am doing hair extensions and I cant get the top piece right can anyone help me?
What shampoo should i use for my hair?
Help!!!!Straighten my permed hair!!!!!!!?
whats the best shampoo and conditioner?
Geordie shore haircutt ??
What Do You Think Of A Couple Streaks Of Pink?
I have texturized my hair 3 times in the a period of 7 months , & I did a texturizer a week ago .?
What are the lengths of an aggressively tight taper haircut?
What are good hairstyle's for round heads?
my hair is completly 100% damaged. i bleach it once a month and straiten it everyday. i neeed help!!?
i tried to dye my hair blonde and it went orange cani dye it black without my hair falling out ?? im scared?
When I curl my hair with a flat iron, only one side will curl. Help!?
Hair Question?
What can I do to get a better job out of my straightner??? Girls?
Should I get bangs? Or leave my hair the way it is? Pics Included?
Do anyone know anything about applying for a business loan.?
I'm gonna dye my hair pink and i have to bleach it first and i want to do that at home, help!!?
what kind of hair do you have?
What hair straightener should I get?
What shampoo brand is the best?
To all cosmetologists: If you could go back would you still choose cosmetology as a career? Why or why not?
Are men with facial hair attractive?
While i grow out my hair what is a good way to style it to keep it out of ky face?
Is it bad to sleep with wet hair?
i have curly hair.and i have trouble to straighten it, how can i put it straight???
What short hair cut should I get?
Would this hairstyle would suit me?
Should i do It or not ,to my flat iron burned hair ? please help?
Help on split ends ? pleaseee?
which hair dye last the longest.?
Hair Extension clips- can you only sew them onto a weft?
does anyone know how much extentions cost, or a website telling u?? i need to know asap?
Beneficial for hair? Coconut milk and olive oil together?
How do you straighten hair without a hair iron?
Is BALD truly beautiful?
If you shave the hairs on your arms will they grow longer and thicker after that?
what is the best way to bleech long hair ?
HELP please help me fall asleeeeep. i really need to get to sleeeep. PLEASE PLEASE HELP!?
Which Hair Looks Better. *Pic*?
How can you lighten your hair without damaging it?
i dye my hair brown can i go swimming pool after 2 days?
How often should i co wash my hair?
shedding extensions !?
can u plz ezplain why black women have very short hair that does not grow and breaks off the scalp?
will my bleached hair turn green if i dye all over red?
what colour would you say my hair was?
Is my hair actually growing? (sounds stupid, read whole description please!)?
how can i scrunch/wave my stick straight hair?!?!?
when I color my hair why......?
What kind of bangs should I get?
i have shot hair those are very thin and cuel but i love straight hair.should i go 4 staighting or u suggest?
What kind of curls does Katherine Pierce, have?
Am i going BALD at 16?!?!?
short or long?
What is this Hair style called?
What crazy color would look cool with dark brown hair?
Which hair color looks better on me?
I have wavy hair and its Blonde so its messy! how do i get a perfect ponytail??
l'oreal majicontast vs. l'oreal exellence HiColor?
Where can I find amazing clip in human hair extensions?
flat irons?
I have dark brown hair and I want it blonde?
Grow long hair fast? Thanks(:?
How to master the fishtail braid?
i work 3.5 days per week, wed-sat ,do i get bank holidays mondays on top of my 20 days?
Guys only!! do u like short or long relationships?
Guys I have curly hair im a male but is THIS curly hair?
What's the best hairspray for the short feathered 80's look?
I love long hair no matter what anyone says?
Haircut for teenage girl?
Would I look good with light or dark hair?
Which hairstyle suited me better?
Does my hair look better short or long? pics included?
what is the purpose of male pubic hair?
What's my natural hair type? (Pics inside)?
How many years will it take?
Are girls supposed to shave their pubic hair?
can anybody mention names of conditioners i should use to make my hair silky and healthy?
How often are you REALLY supposed to wash your hair?
hair help?
I have dandruff in my hair Plz give me any solution???????????
How to get hair like this?
HELP ME!!! how do you get rid of split ends?? 10 points to whoever helps!! the mostest!
Where can I buy Alterna(Tampa) and how can I straighten my hair w/o damaging it?
My mum has braided my hair and it looks horrible!?
How do I grow out my relaxer without doing a big chop?
is brushing your hair when its wet bad 4 it?
Blonde's or Brunettes?
How do I deal with a REALLY bad cowlick?
What hair waver would you recommend?
Hair dye question! please help?
Should I dye my hair dark??
Teenage Boy Hair???
Look what split ends did to my hair! HELP?
What is the name/type of hairstyle that some japanese girls have?
What shop in england can i get purple dye from that will last 2 weeks?
does your pubic hair turn white as you age?
What's a hairstyle for my face shape?
Help with a haircut? pics included?
Eyes open or closed when getting SHAMPOOED at the Salon?
what are some good homemade things to use for your hair?
Hair dyes? Please help!?
Is my hair auburn or ginger?
Will my hair every grow out...?
The Hoxton Fin?
If I blow dry my hair will it be more straight?
is curly hair considered "bad hair" by girls?
How much should I tip the hair dresser?
How to make my hair less greasy?
At home hair straighteners.. are they good?
does my hair look better wavy or straightened? (pic)?
What am I supposed to do with such short hair!?
Why won't my hair grow long?
What color should I dye my hair? (Pictures included)?
which straightner works better?
How do you open a Noxzema shaving wand to change the battery?
Would this hairstyle and colour suit me ?
How to get rid of a red tint in my hair?
Which is better Blonde or Brunette?
how much does it cost to dye my hair?
How shall i get my hair cut?
What should I do for crazy hair day?
does smoking damage hair?
would my hair look better with like a little blonde highlights in it(pics)?
Do woman like gelled hair on a man?
Hair loss due to moms shampoo?
I've been bald for several years. Will rubbing mustard on my head make me grow hair?
HELP ME PLEASE i have got a serious problem?
How do i explain side-swept kinda choppy bangs to my hair dresser in spanish? v.v?
Would This Haircut Look Good On Me (Pics)?
Should i go blonde again?
I use Alterna Hemp Hydrating Shampoo and conditioner?
whats the best emo haircut?
how do u get rid of split ends w/out cutting ur hair or separating them by hand?
my hair is so curly and i have to straighten it but i only want to straighten it like twice a week?
What should I do with my hair?
is it normal for clumps of buildup(of dread wax) to be in some parts of some dreads?
what colour should I dye my hair. pictures also included. ten points best answer.?
where to buy Wella Shockwaves extreme shine on spray online?
Blondes or Brunettes ?
Do you like this hairstyle (Girls and Guys) pics included?
My hair has been really greasy lately?
which hairstyle to you like best on me (pics)?
Hair cut idea? Pictures included!!?
SHould i go blonde ????(pics)?
i started growing my hair in march 2012 when can i get dreads?
should i dye my hair?
Should i use Sharpie?
Where can I purchase Punky Color hair dye in the UK?
Has anyone tried Regenix?
how to scruch hair???????????????
How does Ken Barlow keep his hair in such beautiful condition for a man his age?
anyone have curly, frizzy hair?...?
Short-ish 'scene' hair?
what colour is your hair?
Ladies who wear weave!?
I hate my curly hair!?
Blonde hair on guys???
why hindu nonmarried girls wash underlg hair with cow.urine or milk? is it hindu culture?
does the name 'Vega' sound more like a little girl with curly brown hair or curly blond hair?
hat question?
whats the best way to get rid of nits!!?
which one is better? Highlights or no highlights?
help with a perm?
i want to lighten my dark brown hair w/out highlights or dye. what should i use?
PIX INCLUDED: Do you like my hair curly or straight? and what color do you like my hair? 10 points best answer?
Hair Cut/Style Advice Pleeaasse! What Would Suit Me?
Blonde or brunette???:)?
I've dyed my hair...what can i say to my mum?
Where can I buy macadamia deep repair masque?
Is it bad to wash your hair twice a day?
Hair style/ colour question. [pictures included]?
do girls love greasy hair?
Bright red hair dyes?
If you're bald or shaved all your hair off do you still have to use shampoo?
is my hair cute like this?
which hair color should I do next?
do you switch shapoos?
Do You Think That Children Nowadays Act Very Mature For Their Age Today?
What hair color would look better?
do women like getting their hair cut?
My hair was cut too short, my life is ruined, help?
is it true when u highlight your hair u get cancer?
Best purple shampoo for blonde hair?
Why do I sometimes get really curly hairs on my head?
In my new hair salon, do you think we should do children's hair?
I hate my hair, i need help with ideas 4 my hair?
Does dark brown hair or black hair look best on guys?
will straighting my hair once damage it?
Hair breakage question please help?
How to curl my hair without a curling iron or rollers?
POLL: Do you have long or short hair ? :D?
How can I get my hair to look like this !?
No No Hair Remover, Does it work?
guys you ar enot getting my point i use conditioner+ iron too?
Needing a new haircut!?
How to keep your hair shiny like D-Pryde ?
Poll : Does blonde hair look good with tanned people ?
New HairCut ((pics Included))?
Laptop memory.?
How do I increase the sebum production in my hair?
HELP!! I was told I have a lot of hair but it is fine?
what color should i dye my hair?
How do you get hair like this?
Does your hair color influence your personality?
Hair plus questions?
What is the leaast damaging brand of hairdye?What is the most?
should I dye my hair red?? Here are some pics...?
my hair is very dry, i want to make them silky, can someone help me how to do it?
whats the best way to get a lighter colour using goldwell topchic?
what are the best hair products for blonde/brown hair?
good thing to remove hair from the bikini zone without harm or something? a cream name ? a wax? any easy way?
How can I keep my brushes from creating static in my hair?
Leave in conditioner?
Should I let my boyfriend cut my long hair? HELP.?
What is the best brunette hairdye to use ?
Is there a full lace made of synthetic hair?
Is there anyway I can get the hair-dye to wash out faster?
which retail stores carry Bijan hair colors in Europe?
Does "Nouritress" hair growth product really work?
iam allergic to dyeing hair. i use henna to cover my grey hair but i am not satisfied with the result as this
Poll: how often do you wash your hair?
HELP!!!!!!!! I CAN'T BRUSH MY HAIR!!!!???
how to get my pale yellow/blonde hair to a platinum/bleach colour? bleach again or toner?
How can I style my hair?
my hair is really curly like this , is there any straightener that would work and if so what kind and if?
My hair is always up in a bun, what can I put in it to keep it healthy?
I have really knotty hair but its really beautiful when its brushed.?
Do you think its hotter when girls have long hair or short hair like victoria beckham?
Summer is fast approaching, what do you ladies think of guys shaving their heads in the summer?
Is this okay for a protective style?
My daughter has VERY curly, frizzy hair. I've tried everything! Anyone know what will help?
bald men by choice yes or no?
How to make mens hair thicker?
Indigo henna for dark brown hair? Will it work?
Is a hair straightener and a flat iron the same thing?
TJ Maxx: Used straightener/flat iron?
Babyliss straight and shine plus 10 POINTS BEST ANSWER!!!!!?
Where can I find the Chicago Salon "Art & Science?
what hair style would be best?
Should I let my 15 year old get dreads?
Ways to do my hair for basketball? My hair wont stay in a ponytail!?
I want really long hair!!!:O?