hair issues?
Softer,Silky hair?
How to fix my damaged hair?
Seriously, can someone help me with my hair???!?
I recently and bleached my hair and now it's really short and damaged I don't know what to do with it?
SHOULD i get BANGS??? if so please include a pic?
A classmate of my keep copying my hairstyles. What should i do?
how can a guy dip dye his hair?
What can I do with my hair? I want it to be healthy..?
How do i go back to blonde after i dyed my hair brown?
What's the best way to get rid of frizzy hair (without straigthening or going bald)?
are bangs(long) in or out?
using temp. manic panic dyehard hair dye NEED HELP!?
What hairstyle would suit me?
How do I hide my little hair next to my mouth?
where can i get the brazilian blow out in Montreal or ottawa?
can you suggest some simple updo's?
How do I get Volume at the top/crown of my hair when curling/waving like this?thanks!?
My hair feels greasy at the back after washing it?
after putting in my hair a violet based toner to cancel out the yellow on my hair what color do i put on?
My hair is dry..what kind of hair product shld i use.I heard kerastine is a gd it true?
help what is this called!?!???!?
Is hair on a mans butt cheek considered pubic hair or just hair?
How much does it cost to do the "Japanese Relaxer" to your hair?
What's a really good shampoo and conditioner that is PH balanced?
How to keep my curls to not look frizzy?
Smelly hair and scalp?
Are Blondes REALLY dumb? Myth?? or reality?
How to make hair extensions curly?
Long hair on women over 30?
Show me pictures of celebrities with caramel hair?
Women! do you like guys with facial hair or no facial hair?
What should guys with long hair use?
What color should I dye my hair?
which hair is prettier?
Is my hair "weird"?!?
Do u think i could do bangs with my hair? PICS INCLUDED?
Will I look good in this haircut?
Which type of hair are more common ....straight hair,curly hair,wavy hair.?
dyeing and highlighting hair at home, at the same time?
Is there a way to make my hair lighter without dying it?
What hair colour is this?
dreadlocks pllllllllllllllz hellllllllllp?
How do you make a minnie mouse hair bow?
Hair growth in a month?!?
How much is a really good straightner? I'm looking for a good straightener under 40 bucks.?
What is this called? ombre or dip dye?
Why do older guys date younger girls?
.s which name is better for blonde hair boy?
I have long,light brown hair,and I want a cute jrock hairstyle.Not very excentric,but cute,like bou's(an cafe)
Bleaching hair from dark brown to blonde?
Boys: What colour of hair do you like on a girl?
a good black hair salon in jacksonville florida?
Please help me, time is very limited!?
What is the most affective way to shampoo?
how can i straighten the front bit of my hair?
for an Indian lady tell me the products to be use daily on hairs to make silky, oily?
What's the best hair extension brand?
will hairdressers dip dye hair?
How do I bleach my hair all one color?
When you have your hair color stripped does it leave your hair white?
Is it true that if you shave somewhere it will come back with more hair? ?
All I need is a simple opinion about a haircut?
greasy hair?
i need to dye my roots?
Are ghd's really worth the money?
I want to dye my hair blonde underneath? good idea?
Something to stop losing hair?
question on using a hair mask?
How to choose a best hair dying color?
Are layers still in style?
How do you differentiate thick hair from thin hair?
Questions about semi formal?
hair remedy for dry,split, damaged hair?
What color will my hair turn if i bleach it ?
what's the right PH for color treated hair products?
To all cosmetologists: If you could go back would you still choose cosmetology as a career? Why or why not?
Can I dye my hair a different color after bleaching it?
if my aunt has a beard can i call her uncle?
what it a good way to dye your hair a bright color and keep it vibrint...aka like dying it pink,or light blue?
Can I dye my black hair lighter?
Do guys like long or short hair better?
I just last week started smoking virginia slims 120's to look more sexy for my I want to get long
Why are there so many hairs on mens body where as women have less?
Which Haircut Should I get / Which Haircut Will Look The Best On Me?? (Pics included =)?
How should a metal head like me grow my hair out?
i am getting my hair highlighted tommorow but i dont know what colour of highlights to get?
How to make my hair grow longer FAST?
Peruvian or Brazilian hair: Which is better? >> PLEASE ANSWER!<<?
Should I use Nair or Veet?
☻☻☻ Do I look better with Blonde or Brown hair (Pics included) ☻☻☻?
My hair will not stop smelling burnt!?
what is the proper way to cut your own bangs?
Using Hydrogen Peroxide to lighten hair Vs. Bleach + Toning/Dying?
Is this hair brand good quality.?
what if you shave your "mustache" and your a girl? what would happen.?
What do you think good hair is?
hair in a bob?
what should i say to the hair stylist when i wanna dye my hair like this?
Whenever i straight up my hair or curl them up they fall off?
what do guys think of red hair?
My hair won't stay straight :(?
How to dye my hair exstension?
Getting my hair dyed blonde on top. Any pics please?
Grow Hair Products n4 Black?
which is the best salon for hair straightning & hair cutting in ahmedabad?
question about hair straighteners?
i cut my bangs too short.. school dance coming up!!?
Wearing Orange with Strawberry Blonde Hair?
help me with my hair! (pic included)?
How to get Tobey Maguire hairstyle?
Black blonde hair, easy process?
What is the best way of getting rid of spilt ends? Beside cutting you hair.?
does loreal sensi balance is good for hair ?
God Damn,My hair is totally ruined???Help!!!?
what are the best straighteners to use on curly hair ?
how to get my hair like the girls in this video?
what helps to make your hair grow faster?
i straightened my hair for the first time and it didnt look so good, if i keep doing it by practise?
does anybody know where jd,s and victor,s hair studio is i keep hearing it?
question about rag curling hair!!!?
What is the BEST shampoo + conditioner that doesn't damage your hair like Pantene and Dove?
My hair is so dryed out, what can I do?
bangs cut to short how long until they grow out and can be restyled ?
iam 25 years old from last 3 months my all hair fall no moer hair on my body any body help me to sovlmy prou?
Do i look better with short hair or long?
striked hair.. any advice?
I hav long hair & my hair was getting too many when it was free?
What hair colour do you think looks best?
facial hair increasing!?
Hair toner? bleached hair?
are REDHEADS desirable?
Does anyone know how to use a hair clamp?
Would shoulder lenght hair suit me? *pics*?
They dyed my hair too dark, would lemon juice work?
My 3 year old daughter cut her own hair with scissors!?
Hot comb or hair straightener for afro hair?
does my hair look horrible?
Chi vs. Maxiglide, which is better?
where can i find a paul mitchell flat iron/straightner?
Do you prefer long hair or short hair on a girl?
Will dark blonde hair dye cover my brown hair?
How do I use cold water in showers?
Which haircut do i look better in (PICS)?
will cleaning bleach make my hair blonde if its dark brown?
Is there anyway to get rid of split ends.?
Balding Men. Cut it short or not?
how do i get blonde hair?
How do i keep my hair straight all day!?
How do I get rid of huge knot in back of hair?
Has anyone ever used color stripper in their hair?
Are expensive shampoos better than cheap ones?
I need help on how to get longer hair faster...?
any side effects of hair weaving and hair bonding?
How to get scene hair?
hair transplant is it work for white hair solution?
just out of curiousity, what kind of hair do you guys out there perfer? long,short, blond, burnette?
Do you think 360 waves are out of style?
How does permanent hair dye work?
help me;should i cut my hair, or grow it back out? [pics]?
What way should you part your hair if you are a girl ?
Why do MEN go BALD and not women?
john frieda brilliant brunette products?
what is your opinion on this hair, UGLY OR CUTE?
hair gel that doesn't darken hair?
i wanna change my hair to .....?
what is the best way to get my mohawk to stay up?
hair dye, HELP please?
hairstyles for teen girls?
I had my hair cut yesterday and its too short help!?
Cute easy hair styles ?
I need a new hairstyle? Please help?
i have got extremely broken and dry hair.Wot can I do to solve my problem.?
Do you think I could be a model?
tresemme vs garnier fructis vs paul mitchell?
what short hairstyle would i suit?
I want REALLY STRAIGHT HAIR! What can I use to get it?
haircuts for athletic men?
how bad does straighening damage your hair?
Do girls like guys with brown hair?
should i get yuko straightening?
What hair color should I go for? (pic)?
How long would it take me to grow my hair to my waist?
At what age did you go grey.. if at all... I'm 37 and have my own hair colour for the meantime.?
Can anyone recommend a good hairdressers in Belfast City Centre?
What to do with thick eyebrows? =(?
What haircuts do girls like best on guys?
Ok so i have kinda dirty blonde hair, kinda light. idk what color i should dye the tips or underneath. help !?
is it safe to remove your body hair with mens razor?
What are the best hair trimmers for men?
My hair is curly and wavy and I couldn't control it properly.....what should I do?
Help me, please?
Would a hair stylist know what to do if I asked this?
How does hair transplant surgery work?
How do I make my hair look like zac efron as link larken in Hairspray.
Hair damage from using a straightener too often, how do I fix??? Please help!!!?
Do guys prefer girls hair straight or wavy?
I have curly hair but when I brush it out it becomes fuzzy,I usually straighten it,should I get bangs then?
How to hairspray my 'bangs' out of my face? Please HELP! =]?
how to get the waves in the middle part of your hair?
Babyliss straight and shine plus 10 POINTS BEST ANSWER!!!!!?
im growing my hair natural but im affraid to cut my hair real short?
Hair Dye- Black?
How to keep hair straight all day?
Ladies, what do you think of this guy's hair?
how to get sleek hair without using any hair tools?
How can I make my hair stay TEASED!?
Guys, what's your favorite hair color on a girl?
which shampoo is best for hair loss?
I need a really good thermal spray protection product when I straighten my hair. Any advice on products?
Is there anything that makes your hair grow faster?
How can I style my hair like Taylor Lautner?
Blonds or Burnetts????
what color high lights should i get?
What is the daytime schedule for the Paul Mitchell schools?
my hair was up to my shoulders.i want long and smooth shining hair.?
How long do i have to wear my hair in a french braid until it grows?
What's that name of this haircut/hairstyle?
How to stop hair loss and grow new hair?
Shaving with hair conditioner?
is my hair ok? pic included?
Advice on pubic hair please?
Is dip-dying your hair really unhealthy?
HAIRCUT! side swept bangs?
Eric Szmanda CSI haircut ?
I have MASIVE GIANT knot in my hair and its not coming out no matter what i do...?
How do you ...?
How to grow out my hair the right way?
whats peoples problem with curly hair?
How should i get my hair done for KingsDominion {Pics imcluded}?
Who is sexier, a blonde, a brunette or a redhead?
what are French chignons?
Will bleaching my hair help me pass a hair sample drug test?
Which hair style?
Girls, Curling Hair Dilemma?
how do female infants dress for beauty contest?
any tips for elbow-length black wavy hair?
Do I shampoo after a Hot Oil treatment?
Looking for a good hairdresser in Halifax/ Dartmouth area?
Hair up or Down?
name 3 hair products?
how good are clip in hair extensions?
how can i perfectly straighten my blunt bangs???help!=o?
Is it bad to shampoo your hair everyday?
Should i dye my hair like this?
Im thinking of dying my hair. What colour do you think?
Removing a Demi Permanent Hair color, HELP!!?
Whats the customary tip for a hairdresser?
Is dying your hair unhealthy?
Do people think guys with blonde hair are gay?
Does it bother ya if you have a really bad hair day??:)?
What's your fave hair colour?
What can I do to my hair without the use of non-natural color?
What should we dress like? Please help!?
getting ready to dye my hair- advice on how to go.?
Do you think Supercuts can do this hairstyle for me?
How can I make my hair thinner ?
need more volumee in mt hair?
do you think i'm nice with blonde hair??
has anyone used nioxin and had good results please tell me?
Will cutting split ends stop hair growth?
How do i convince my mom...........................…?
please hair my hair my hair?
How is this hairstyle called?
what up! what the hell happening to my lil cousin..?
Hair die question?????????????????
which one of these 2 hairstyles do you prefer?
Flat Iron cause Permanent hair loss?
Hair dye harmful for health? Please help! Read details :]?
does tion lead to hair loss?
Hairstyle needed male HELP 10 points?
Hey i need a hair-cut and please look ( i have a pic)?
John Frieda/Color Oops?
need help with hair?
What hair style should I have?
Is there a haircut that can make my hair look like this????
Chemically relaxed hair...?
about hair rules in secondary scool for boys.?
how should i grow my hair long?
does anyone know and good hair styles for medium length hair i have a GHD and short layers?
Dying hair, I have a question?
why does my hair have so much dandruff?
Which hair do you like best?
wat to do with my hair?
Aussie Curl Definition Serum..(need reviews)?
Does anyone know this straightener?
will bleach stop my hair from growing?!?
Can I get hairstyle ideas?
Who here thinks blonde hair is getting out of style?
I am in desperate need of a haircut and have no clue what to do! help meeee!?
*****PLEASE HELP ME!****** How can I style my hair for my wedding?
EasyStraight 1 Week Straightener?
How to straighten my hair!?
what is federal Kastro style?
How to grow out my hair!?
is there a easy homemade recipe for getting bleach blond hair?
How to get really silk hair when i straighten it?
Can I use L'Oreal Brass Banisher on hard water hair? I'm freaked out by them calling it a "color"? HELP PLEASE?
On a scale of one to ten how damaging are hair straighteners?
i dont know how to do my hair?
Long Hair or Short Hair?
i have thick hair and it doesn't stay straight what do i do?
What ya think about me? [[Pictures]]?
Why does my hair do this?
HELLLPPP i totally messed up my hair color!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Are some Leave-in-Conditioners made for after ironing your hair?
should I cut my hair to shoulder length or keep it really long like it is.?
Do anybody know a website i can go to that has pics of haircuts like residente de calle 13?
Which types of haircuts could this be?
Does anyone know of any wash out hair dyes that will not tint my hair?
Highlighted blonde at hairdressers, what will happen if i use box colour brunette?
Which is prettier, Natural Red Hair, Blonde or Brown?
Is my hair too girly?
Doo gro stimulating growth oil?
How much would these extensions cost?
Does deep conditioning hair interfere with permed hair?
Permanent hair color vs Demi Permanent hair color?
Is it ok to leave work early for hair appointment?
products for straightnening hair .. ?
hair straightening problem, help?
How do I fix my hair?
what do you tip a hairstylist who owns the shop?
Help about my natural hair?
How to add volume to hair?
who thinks that bleached blonde hair is OUTTTT?
What should I do with my hair?
Curly or Straight hair? HELP!?
What can I do for dry hair?
i have a unibrow and i need tips to get rid of it with a tweezer?
do u think i could pull of a mini curly fro ?
Would this haircut look good on me?
Year book photo help?!!?!?
would i look alright if i got hair extensions?
How to make hair less puffy?
?should i chop all my hair off to shoulder length?
What easily accessible temporary hair dyes exist?
I want REALLY STRAIGHT HAIR! What can I use to get it?
Does a guy with long hair look better then a guy with short hair?
how can i make my hair grow quicker?
How can i get straight hair without a straightner?
my hairs are rough and dry.what shuld before going to parties?
how can i get my kinda straight kinda not hair wavy or in curls without getting a perm?
what is permanent hair dye?
How can I make my bangs less greasy?
Short Lolita Hairstyles?
What do you think about this hair style?(Female only)?
anybody ever tried wen ???
How often should 12 year girls wash their hair?
Picture included!, what color should i dye my hair?
How often do you take a shower???
Can you dye your after highlights?
what hair color do you like best? [pics inside]?
Will this cut and color fit?
how long does hair dye take to come off skin?
is it bad that i dont use conditioner?
Would I look good with dreadlocks?
Your opinions on possible haircuts?
Is Pantene shampoo good for hair?
dont you think guys who dip their heads in hair gel are annoying?
do you think i should get bangs?
Has anyone tried Victoria's Secret Hair Care?
Semi-permanent hair dye - damge hair???
What to do about my hair ?
Do bald people get dandruff?
Hair coloring, and straightening?
Hairdressers that do cornrow tree braids in the united kingdom and approx cost.?
what do you prefer, curly hair or straight?
I want my hair like hers!?
do streak hair extensions make your hair look longer?
orange, blue, pink.., know of any hairdyeing brands with those types of colors?
How to grow hair fast?
Facial hair question?
Where can i get permanent pink hair?
Can monoxidil (rogaine) help facial hair grow?
How do i Retighten my Locs Using the Latchin Technique?
Would hot pink under black hair look good?
Long Brown Fine Hair HELP! Getting cut tomorrow. NEED PICS. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP!!!!!! THANKS!! =]?
what website teaches u how to make hairstyles with instructions?
Oh em gee my hair died please help me out?
How to lighten dyed extensions?
How to get my hair to look shorter than it is....?
OMG Horrible Haircut!?
Any ways to rinse/clense your hair?
i dyed my hair and everything went wrong please help me?
If I blend Avocado,mayo,coconut oil,olive oil,jojoba oil and honey....can I let it sit in my hair overnight?
Do all women have hair below their belly button (their happy trail) joining their pubic hair?
Hair color help & suggestions?
How can I make my dreads smell better?
Bad haircut... What should I do?
What's the best method for removing hair on legs?
if i have blonde hair and i put lemon juice in it will it turn it blonder?
What should I do with my hair?
Should I shampoo my hair everyday?
How can I remove excess hair from my back without shaving or waxing?
Is my hair ugly? EVERYONE at school says it's ugly. :'(?
which to do first, perm or dye?
How often should you get your hair coloured?
washing hair everyday?
Somebody help? i hate myself?
How to get lice out of medium lengthed hair.?
how grow mustache me no know?
What does the taper control on hair clipper do?
why do my braids (cornrows) itch so much?
What is the hottest hair cut?
Would I look good with my hair cut like thiss?
What should I do to my hair (pics included!)?
Do you think i should get bangs?
Guys emo/scene blonde hairdos?
Should i die my red hair?
Help i cut my eyebrows too short?
Women out there: Do you shave or somehow get rid of the hair on your thighs? and if u do how do you do that?
Is this hairstyle good for me. I don't want to be girly for my date?
Nioxin Shampoo? (20 characters)?
i have red hair, and i want to know if i can bleach it to a yellow colour and put a white toner on it?
i want to go from dark brown to ash brown. URGENT?
Lee min ho hairstyle! Help!?
Can I dye my black hair with Kool Aid?
What hair rollers are bigger? Help please!?
dying hair at home or salon?
THIS is ABOUT permed hair?
Do you think that front bangs suit me?
how do i straighten my hair without frying it?
Should I cut my hair?
Why are woman always right?
What is meant by 'my bangs' ?
What exactly is anti-frizz serum?
Breakage on top of my hair? I don't straighten or dye it. 10 points for the best answer!?
I Want To Ombre My Dream Weaver Hair. Will The Dye Damage This Brand Of Weave?
is straight hair or curly hair better? or wavy hair?
Whats the best Hair Protectors for heat?
why do people say get a trim every 6 weeks for you hair if it grows from the roots?
How much can long, thick hair weight?
where can i find punky colour hair colour stockists in montreal.?
what color should i dye my hair? (i have pics)?
how should i wear my hair for easter?
I want really long hair, but my stylist says cutting it will make it grow?....?
Should I dye my hair this color ?
Need help with Curling my hair?
will i suit this hair style?
My hair is black haw can i get it red?
clip on hair extensions with helmet?
what do you think of this haircut?
Help!! horrible hair cut??? HELP PLZZ?
How bad do I look? Im bald and 21 (FEMALE OPINIONS PLS)?
Should teenage guys highlight their hair?
What is your FAVORITE shampoo and conditioner?
Plz help me hair damaging?
Would this haircut look good on me? (:?
Ok ladies! What do you prefer, hair or no hair?
How do I keep my hair from frizzing?
New hair: like it or not? (pictures)?
Do blondes and brunettes make gingers?
How do I get my hair THIS colour? This is my ideal colour?
What colours are they? Hair dye?
Which looks more stupid: white person with corn rows or white person with dreadlockes?
No Scream Cream Where can i buy it?
how can you...............??! (easy 10)?
If i dont use my hair straightener for a week, will my hair grow faster and be healthier looking?
Hair style ideas for a half black girl?
I can't get my hair to stay straight after I wash it!?
What shampoo and conditioner do I use for greasy hair?
would i look good with scene/indie hair?
Hair lost at the age of 18 :O?
How can you permanently straighten your heir?
Preferences : long hair or short hair?
What is the easiest way to prevent/treat split-ends?
some girls said curly hair is dorky and i should straighten it?
I have mousy brown hair an naturally blonde eyebrows which are the same colour, I need advice.?
Big hair oops someone please help :(?
how do i thin out my thick curly hair?
what is hilary duff hair color in what goes up movie?
What is Cheryl Cole's hair colour?
Do you like my hair color ? ♥?
My hair is too long?
I dyed my hair a natural light auburn colour but it has turned dark brown?
very very damaged hair?
I am very hairy, how do i get rid of it all?
what is the BEST MEN'S Hair Thickening volumizing shampoo for sale in INDIA and ?
do most women shave their... area?
50 year old women with long hair, sexy or ridiculous?
Do you think my hair is long enough for a ponytail?
how should i do my hair?
PIX INCLUDED: Do you like my hair curly or straight? and what color do you like my hair? 10 points best answer?
if i were to were a durag to flaten my hair what would GIRLS think about it and would you like it ?
should i keep my hair long or short?!?!?! help! ppic. included?
What's a good product for split ends/dry hair?
This is important !!!?
Ive got hair drama... help please? ?
Anyone know where I can get my hair colored exactly like this?
Have you tried Pantene Ice Shine?
Should I dye my hair red or blonde for Christmas?
IS it bad for girls to brush their hair a lot? ?
Has anyone used the Remington Wet 2 Straight hair straightener?
What hair color is sexier....Brunette or Blonde?
heres one for us gals...long or short hair on men?
Is it safe to bleach my hair again?
What is the fastest way for my hair ta grow out ?
How to repair my hair?
Demand for hairdressers?
how should i do my hair on the first day of school????
Want to dye my hair. But quick question?
Best Hair straightner?
Using synthetic hair causes breakage?
do you prefer bangs or no bangs?
Do you enjoy getting your hair cut/done?
whats a good straightner to curl hair?
Is it bad when u die ur hair?
what emo/scene hair would suit me? (pics inside)?
Tigi pineapple hairspray?
Mens Hairstyle Help Please!!?
What do you think of my hair cut??
Do people's hairstyles reflect upon their personalitys?
How to make my hair grow really FAST?
how do u get ur hair looking naturally wavy after u get out of the shower?
How should I have my hair for senior school?
Will not washing your hair everyday help damaged hair?
How is the Wild hair growth oil?
What hair should i get for my 16th birthday?
What do I do about my hair. I'm really upset?
What is the best brand of hair weave that is easy to manage and doesn't tangle?
Loreal Feria , #66 Ruby Fusion Permanent Hair color?
Is this a cute hairstyle for 2008?
Wanna Remove Hair's In My Hand ?
What's the processing of dying my hair?
What is a blow*** please help?
which of these hairstyles are the best? (pics)?
I might also get my whole haired died and i do not know what color right now it is black.?
Dyeing my hair back to natural color! HELP!?
Where can you buy a Helen of Troy flat iron?
How can i straighten my hair really good?
How do you get the kind of straight messy look?
How to create loose curls?
Bored with my hair, what should I do with it?
Should I get bangs or not? pic included!?
Whould i look good with Scene Hair ([ictures here too)?
Hair problem...please help?
What's the best Shampoo/Conditioner for damaged hair?
what is the best product and method to bleaching your own hair?
Does moxie girlz stamp and style work on brown hair?
I have REALLY thin hair...?
Messy bun for straight hair?
whats sexier curly or straight hair??
I really want to shave my eyebrows...?
Hairy legs??????????
Blonde or Brunette?
Good product for tangled hair?
how do you make straight hair curly or wavy without using a curling iron?
when i go to korea, should i get a wave perm?
What will happen if you dye over green hair?
how to style ? this stupid hair !?
Why won't my hair take color of hair dye?
Any shampoo that gets rid of dandruff?
I have Dark Auburn/ Aburn Mix hair?
my hair is too dry...
Should I go to hair school?
how do you view blonds?
where can i find clip in hair extentions?
How do i get my hair soft, silky and non tangly?
How should I fix my hair for the first day of school (pic included)?
straight? natural? hair!?
How come boys like blonde's?
What shampoo helps thicken and strengthen hair?
3 inch liberty spikes?
Does NoNo hair remover work on a man's legs?
best shampoo and conditioner????
Any quick and easy hairstyles?
would you pay $165 for a straightener?
do you use hairspray everyday? if not, when do you use it (girls only)?
Should I get hair implants?
Lemon Juice or Sun-In on newly dyed hair?
How can i get my hair like this? (Pics)?
Any websites of hairstyles with pictures of long and short layers ???
should i dye my eyebrows too??
split ends?
So everyone knows that ppl w/brown hair r called brunettes and ppl w/red hair r called red heads?
I got my hair darker. Do you think it looked better blonde or the color it is now?
What is the best shampoo product?
Does anyone know how to get a NJ Beautician's license if you have one from Oklahoma?
what is the best straightner?
How do I get my hair to comb back?
Asians have brown hair?
Ear Cartilage and Perm ?!?
How Often Can I Dye My Hair? What Dye Should I Use?
Should my daughter donate her long hair to locks of love?
what is a cute "scene" haircut?
Headphones and hair loss?
How should I cut/style my hair? Photos included.?
would i look good with brown hair?(pic included:)?
How do I make my hair wavy?
do boys like girls with longer or shorter hair?
Do you think brown hair would work on me?
Would it be a bad idea to get bangs?
Does anyone know how Taylor Swift does her hair?? I love it.?
wats the best medicine to treat dandruff??
girls, how much time do you take to do your hair before school?
Homecoming Edgy Hair Ideas?
Why does OCD kick in soo bad when I get haircut?
Clarifying before or after hair rinse?
How to wear curly hair up?
Should I Get Side bangs? (pix)?
My boyfriend told me that he was tired of my brown hair so I dyed it blonde...?
Should I cut my hair like this?
get long hair?
My step daughter is losing her hair has anyone any suggestions. Serious answers only please.?
My hair cut is going to cost me $60.00, how much tip do I leave her?
what to do about dried sweat on hair?
do you like clean cut guys?
how can I fix my fhi hair straightener?
How to make my hair stay non-oily for the whole school day :p?
help me get a good haircut?
Blue hair? What would rate her? {Pictures}?
Will dying my hair dark chocolate brown from blonde hair be successful?
Long or short hair? (pics )?
colouring my brown hair ?? helpp :) x?
why are some people hairier then others?
I got my hair highlighted & it looks like a two year old did it What can i do?
What You Think Of My Hair Cut From The Barbers?
I need help with my hair. Can someone please help?
What do women think of men who want curly hair and get perms?
Ladies-have you(or know someone who has) ever used Rogaine for women?
I have Dandruff in my hair as a 12 year old what should i do?
ur favorite shampoo?
My hair is so flat at the top?
What can I use to keep my hair straight and stop it from frizzing and curling up?
how to stop breakage in a 13 year olds hair?
i just got a job and i have to wear a hairnet how do i wear 1?
How long will it take me to grow my hair down to my bum?
What do u prefere, redheads, brunettes or blondes?
hey franz i want to do Hair dressing diploma,so where i go for study?
how much do you pay for your haircut?
My hair falls out!?
hey,how long does my hair need to be to get corn-rolls (braids)?
how hard is it to transfer a California cosmetology license to Texas?
What color should i die my hair? (pics)?
How much would be trimmed off?
Would you ever get brazilian hair removal?
Should i go completely blonde or keep the highlights? Pic included?
How long does it take you to do your hair?
Do you think any guy can pull of this haircut?(without looking gay or weird)?
Is it ok to get a keratin treatment for my vviolet body wave permed hair?
Are Origins Knot Free shampoo and conditioner sulfate free?
Question about relaxed hair? 10 points!?
Is there a more precise name for this hair style?
How do girls get there hair to curl so nicely?
How do you usually wear your hair?
can you think of a name for my mobile hair business?
how old does she look?.... [pic]?
I am looking for a hair cutting place for guys that has hot chicks in MIchigan?
Losing hair...?
Any ideas on how to scrunch hair?
Why do men tent to loose hair on top of head, put grow it out their nostril and ears?
Bright Red hair touch ups?
Hair Situation.. Please give advice!?
i keep getting told my hair is like jb and i hate jb?
how can I curl my hair?
hair flicks at the ends after straightening?
I want to dye my hair dark brown, but how?
where can i find a picture of nicole kidman's new hair cut?
Do guys like curly hair?
Should I Get Side bangs? (pix)?
where can i buy catwalk hair products in manila, phils?
Hairdressers: how can I lighten my hair?
Does dimeats have funny hair?
How can I make my hair look 80's?
What hair color will look good on me?
I wash my hair once a day, help?
Soo hair colour disaster Please help :)?
good hair salon in LUBBOCK TX?
what do you think of my hair?
Please answer: What hair color would suit me? PICS!!!?
Alright ladies, is it time to shave my head?
Wat kind of hair does Rob Dyrdek have?
Is it normal that im a girl and i weigh 200 pounds and i have asshole hair and stomach hair?
UK only: What do you think is the best hair thickner on the market?
Ahhh! Omg, I have no idea what... [easyy s]?
Where can i but wen cleansing conditioner?
Is it possible for an African to have a White American hair style?
im allergic to phenylenediamine in hair dye?
Apart from eggs which other foods are good for your hair?
My shampoo sucks or something...?
How often do you wash your hair?
how should i do my hair for a school dance?
Can you wash FAKE hair?
What will happen if I put raspberies in my hair?
how can i make my hair go curly?
wat is da benefit of coluring hair? is it gud 4 health?
is flyaway hair usually straight or curly?
I want to get a mohawk, and dye my hair plaintum blonde and black highlights, should I do it or not?
How should I get my hair done? PICS OF ME INSIDE.?
Should I dye my hair before prom or wait?
How to get permanent hair dye out?
does anyone know where i can buy ahairpiece attached to an alice band please.?
How do you think hair treatments like re bonding and colouring actually damage your hair?
Girls only?
natural blonde, dyed it black, then back to blonde..?
how do i get my hair kinda wavy without being a mess?
How to create a lace front wig yourself?
Do you leave your hairdresser a tip???
Do GIRLS prefer blond or brunette on guys?
Grow Hair Products n4 Black?
Girls to answer only - Do you wax or shave?
why do people hate gingers ?
Do you think that if you have really pale skin that the only good hair color to have is blonde?
What are some ("scene") hairstyles that would complement me?
Cute, easy, fast hair do's?!?
My hair is very thick & very long ?
Can I dye permanent red hair dye over permanent red hair dye?
Is it bad to straighten your hair 2 times a week?
ingrown hair after upper lip wax?
!10 point .Which surname sounds better and posh?
What exactaly does "air dry" mean?
How to get and maintain a sidefringe/bangs like this?
New school, new hairstyle!!!! Help!!
Which hair cut should I get?
I want a Halloween costume that requires shaving my head. I really want to do it. Any suggetions?
can you dye your hair with menstrual blood?
What do you think of this pic? ?
Bleached my hair and it turned orange?
Bleached Hair problems?
Skin burn due to shaving? Teenager, please help?
i am looking fora hair care products name doctor wonder tingling gro hair/scalp treatment from new york,ny 1.?
would green eyes look good with black hair?
Hair? Should I cut it how it used to be?
What is your opinion of this braid style? (pic)?
Nervous to show people my haircut?
Any updo style ideas for short hair? I have a pixie cut -Long in front, but short in back??? Ideas???
red or black??
how long does it take for ur dreads to thiken up?
How to take care of my hair now? Mixed race bushy hair! Help!?
How can I keep my curls from falling during the day?
What color should I dye my hair?
Does The Infiniti straightner by conair work?
can you make your hair less and thinner?
Does jojoba make your hair grow longer quicker?
What hairstyle would look good on me???
FADE/TAPER haircut? Help?
Do I look better with or without facial hair?
Hair growth? by using certain shampoo and conditioner?
How do you grow out relaxed hair?
how should i cut my hair?
my hair is so puffy and curly what should i do??
Pubic hair or no pubic hair?
I've been advised to use a moisturizer and body builder for my hair, but which should be the shampoo?
How to get this hairstyle? plz help 10 points?
What is a good conditioner and shampoo?
Hi, I am trying to dye my hair blond but I keep getting orange! My natural color is brown can someone help???
i am almost 15 and flat chested??
How can I keep my hair from getting messy in the morning?
What is a good leave in conditioner for naturally curly thick hair?
what do you think about my idea? or What do you think? (pics)?
which hair looks best on me - pics!?
im thinking of going brunette =) Will it suit me?! any advice?!?
Why don't more young women have short hair?
How can i de frizz the ends of my wig?
What is a good site to find modern hairstyles for women?
I am severe alergic to chemical hair colors. Has somebody used any natural hair color to cover the grey hair.?
do any girls know?
Messed up Haircut with a bald-spot. Need Help on how to hide it or a different way. READ DESCRIPTION?
Would this haircut look good on me?
what color highlights for light brown hair ?
What is the English word for the spiral pattern of hair found on the crown of almost every person?
my hair are a bit mixed up, rough, hard and they fall a lot? what is a cheap and easy way to improve them?
my friend is gay?
I am a guy with wavy(ish) hair and i need a new hairstyle!?
Is there a such thing as a girl with chest hair?
What is the easiest and cheapest way to rid your hair of dandruff and make it shine?
Would I look good with red hair?
EPILATION;When/Why/How did it begin?
Where can i get Manic Panic Hair lightening kits from in Aust ??r=1224487539?
How many parts peroxide & bleach powder do I need to get a NATURAL blonde ?
African American hair question!?
How would you describe this guys hairstyle?
How do I get rid of split ends?
what hair style should i do for....?
I have Blond hair. I am having my hair dyed this weekend. Should I go Red?
is there any shampoo which grow hair very fast?
Tip or not tip???
Best way to wear your hair during a fight?
where can i find a listing (ratings) for the best hair salons in dallas, tx?
Will punk dye ruin a future professional hair coloring?
Do you need to tell someone you are dating that your current hair color is not your natural color?
Would I look good with forehead bangs? (pic included)?
I have awesomely straight hair, but?
Blonde hair. Will dying it brown help it?
how do i grow hair!?
What is a crimp bead? (hair extensions)?
my bangs got messed up. are they that bad?
I want to get my haircut like this...?
What do you really think about Red heads??
straightening gives my hair weird curve.... 10points for gud help!!?
Should I dye my hair red? Pics included?
why do people laugh at redheads?
!!!!omg help!!!!!!!!?
do you u use shampoo, conditioner, leave in treatment all in the same day?
Will lazer hair removal work for slightly dark reddish blonde hair?
why do i get split ends?
Should i make my hair darker?
How can I gain my hair back?
which hair colour should i choose?** pics **?
How do you curl your hair with a hair straightener?
How do I get the orange tone out of my hair after bleaching and dying it medium blonde?
how can I count how many hairs I have on my head.?
What shampoo/conditioner do you use? And reccomendations?
How much hair grows per second?
Shave my head: yes or no?
whrere may i find a permanently hair removal?
Suggestions on goth hair.?
Blonds or Brunette?
I have 2 friends that are reaily nice but i like this boy and they like him to and they wont me to give him to
Dying my hair dark brown today?
What hair colour will look good on me.?
Apart from permanent dye, what should I use to colour my hair that will last through a three month holiday?
Is it cute when girls wear their hair like this?
Am I going to get bald because of this?
What's the best way to deal with female pattern baldness in regards to hair weaves, hair extensions, & the lik
what is the best hot iron to buy out there?
Not getting anywhere with my hair?
How can I make my hair curly like this?
hair troubles please help?
what is united state?
What color hair would suit me best? I have a pink skin tone, I'm a little pale and have dark blue eyes....
How do I get rid of oily hair?
What is the best shampoo for long brown hair?
Serious plz!!! help me!! plz help me?
I curl my hair with straighteners but it doesn't stay curly!!! HELP!?
Best hairstyle?
What to wear and do hair on camera!?
Do you prefer blonds or Brunettes?
Does my hair look better blonde, black/brown or ginger (pics)?
What color should I dye my hair?
What to do before dying hair?
was it a bad haircut? *pics*?
How to get defined raised look?
Will straightening or curling your hair cause it to fall out?
Do guys look better with short hair or long hair?
HELP! Hair problem- 2nd bleach session/yellow hair (pic inside)?
Need Help - What colour streaks???
What is the most natural color of highlights?
emo fringe's please?
Grow hair in 2months? 4 inches!?
I died my hair about 4 days ago and its fading away. Is it okay for me to put some more color in.???
beard question?
Whats the best way to remove facial hair, especially side burns for women? And dont say laser hair removable.?
how do you make your hair curly with moose ?
What's the best straightner/flat iron for no "hair pull"?
Right, I have NATURAL BLONDE hair and I want to get/dye it to a white/grey/silver colour! how do I do it?
What product/detangler/conditioner is good for dry/colored hair that is unmanageable?
What haircut should i get? I have longish nat. curly hair and i have a long shape face. what are my options?
Why do some strands of hair feel really bumpy?
Mixed Girl Hair Dye Tips?
How do i stop dandruff?
when i shake my head flakes and hair fall out.What's that all about?
having trouble dying my black hair any colour?
I have dry frizzy and wavy hair. What can I use to straighten it out?
what color should I keep my hair?
Can my 15 year 0old use jamaican black caster oil?
what is the best hair straightener flat iron i can buy??
Sun-in with salon highlights?
What should I do with my hair for a wedding?
Would I look good with a side cut or short hair?
Asian Fuaxhawk or Spikey hair? Age of 18?
Pink Chi....?
is it true that if you put lemon juice into your hair and...?
Is there a specific reason I'm not supposed to use my hair dryer in the shower?
Does straightening hair burn it off?
Brazillian Blowouts?!!!!!!?
help please! another hair question?
I have real bad dandruff flakes.Please help!?
How should I have my hair to be girly?
I have 2 weeks to grow my hair out as much as possible its pretty short now.?
Poll:Curly or straightt hair?
Brazilian wax: Professionally done or at-home kit?
How do I get my hair straight?
Is there anything wrong with guys with long hair?
I'm black and have been using the same relaxer for 3 years. Is it a good idea to switch?
websites that lets you try on different hairstyles?
How can you make your hair grow if you had a perm?
Which hairstyle is better? 15 years old male
Is it true that redheads have a higher tolerance for pain?
do you have split ends???
How do I conquer a frizzy top layer of hair?
how can i have a styley looking to my hair wihtout need hair hot drier?
could you guys tell me what's all fuss about blondes?who likes them?
If I crush biotin pills and add them to my hair products do you think they will have an effect?
what hair color is best for me?
Has anyone ever used this color toner?
need help with prom hair!?!?
Best type of black hair dye?
Which is worse: Hair falling out for a girl or hair falling out for a guy?
I'm going to have my eyebrows waxed, but i'm 13, am i too young?
do you like classic or modern?
What can i do with my shortish hair?
What age were you when your mother last did your HAIR (any style whatsoever....)???
What should I do about my split-ends?
What is my Faceshapeeeee??? ?
i need special advice pleeeeeeeeeeeeease help me?
what do you think of this hair on me? pics!!?
Getting a basic job with semi long hair (guy)?
Booooring Hair!!!!!!!?
How can i make my hair frizzy?
Why would braiding your hair be a good way to make it grow faster??
Help. How can grow facial hair?
what color should I dye my hair? PICTURES INCLUDED.?
Where can I get Vegetable hair dye?
Should I Get My Hair Cut/Dyed Like this?
What are good conditioning sprays for synthetic wigs?
i buzzed cut my hair but i want it to grow longer but it won't grow back prolly what should i do?
Would i suit blonde hair? Picture inc.?
Cut My hair?
my hair is straight, but lately it's been frizzy and staticky. how can i get it to behave? (see details)?
which are cuter side bangs or straight bangs?
I have brown hair. If i bleach it. Can i put a home dye kit of blonde over it, after i rinse the bleach out?
what scent is your current shampoo?
HELP! Brunette to Blonde...?!?
How can I keep my hair straight with the humidity?
How long does it take for hair dye stains to disappear from your skin?
[ should i do it? or not? ]?
how often do u wash ur hair?
I got wavy hair, but the waves aren't there a way to make waves look nice without any products?
short hair. curling with straightner?
where can you get a creaclip to trim your hair?
My hair is wavy/frizzy how do i fix it.?
i have naturally curly hair. what is the best product to use to keep the curls def fined. ( not frizz ease)?
Which product is the best for shaving long hair on legs?
Does jojoba make your hair grow longer quicker?
what do you think of pigtails and blunt bangs (like my avatar) on a 20 year old?
ive had the same hair cut for around 20 years?
what ghd's should i get?
whats a good way yo keep my hair healthy?
I want a scene haircut?
Curling hair?
Should I dye my hair this color? Pictures included.?
whats the fastest way to curl your hair before school?
quick and easy hairstyles?
how to ask my mom this?
How to get your hair like this?
which hair looks cool long till knee or short becoz i hav long hair till knee?
Do men prefer blondes?!?!?!?
What does the lather mean as in lather, rinse and repeat?
Brittle dry hair? How can I make it softer?
What color should I dye my hair? (picture included) ?
Do you like my hair style?(pic)?
hair color???? please answerrrrr?
Can I mix rosemary, lavender, and jojoba oil with pantene shampoo or do I need a herbal or natural shampoo?
Will dyein my african american hair honey blonde make it look ruff and dead?
Why do I pull out my hair?
i know this is kinda retarded...?
I have red hair and....?
what do you think of pale skin and black hair?
Hair advice about foils and dyed hair?
Please check these photos. Am I losing hair?
im 13 and have facial hair?
My sister can't stop pulling on her hair?
my hair gets really dry and like straw in the summer.?
What is a vintage hair receiver vanity jar and what does hair receiver mean?
Do guys like girls that have red hair ?
I need help with hairstyles! How to make it grow faster and styles while its growing out!?
Please .s. Sew in weaves ?
how can i get nicer hair?
Ugly Split Ends Damaged Hair ! Any Product Suggestions?
is my hair gonna grow long by next week?
What to do with layered bangs/fringe?
How can I grow out my hair?
how can i make my hair like this?
Dark hairline after cutting braids?
how fast does hair grow and how can i make it grow faster?
Should i get Bangs? Please look at my Picture.?
Some people say that colouring damages hair. Is this true?
the study of hairdressing?
Please help want to grow out my hair?
Im 5 mns pregnant can i put perm on da front part of my hair?
In remission, how long should I wait to have my hair braided?
Can I dye my hair after bleaching it?
I curl my hair with straighteners but it doesn't stay curly!!! HELP!?
Where can I buy Schwarzkopf "natural and easy" hair dyes in London?
I have long black hair and I want to do something different anyone have any ideas?
Hair types? Hairstlye help.?
should i tip my barber? if so how much?
Colorful hair?
If im allergic to henna tattoos, am I allergic to hair dye?
did i cut my bangs too short?
Best hair styling product?
will putting baby powder on my hair really get rid of oil on my hair?
Hair straighteners!!!?
do girls like guys who are loosing their hair.?