Would side bangs look good on me?
Are ponytails on a 14 year old considered weird and ugly?
What should I use for an oily scalp?
Dyeing hair question?
What shampoo do you use????????
What are some good professional salon shampoos?
where can you get hair exstensoins and get them done fast?
epic hair fail??? :|?
How should I cut my hair?
how do i get straightish hair when i have really curly hair?
How to have sleek hair?
Am in a realtion wit a guy v r in a realtion 4rm 4yr ..i love him so much. Hes very happy bing wit me. ?
Why does my sedu make my hair suck?
My hair gets super greasy, super fast?
sooooo, how does this look on me?
Light blonde hair, dark eyebrows?!?
help me what kinda hair should i were?
What are quick hairstyles for wavy hair?
Would I ever open my own dance studio soon?
I dyed my hair, using Nice n Easy Natural Black, came out extremely dark?
Help! My son has head lice. Should I shave his head?
I want to dye my hair but...?
Would you say Ryan Gosling has blonde or light brown hair?
Best hair straightener?
hair growth in 4-5 days?
split ends?
How can I make my hair wavy?
what percentage of girls have excess hair?
What are smart tips to get volumized hair?
How do I make my hair thicker?
how to put in two 7 piece hair extensions?
Rate me? Scale of one to ten.?
What hair color would look best with hazel eyes, fair skin, and brown eyebrows?
What are some treatments/supplements to help restore/repair/grow my hair?
how do you get straight hair?
what facial hair style should i go with?
which looks better [WITH PICS]?
Do guys care about pubic hair?
HELP!!! I'm having a hair meltdown, and i don't know what to do with my hair! *pics* ?
help! how to shave underarm?
how often do you shower, seriously? wash your hair?
When my hair is wet it always drys messy and firzzy. How do I make it not frizzy when naturally drying?
What can stop frizzy hair?
Do you like this hairstylee ?
how can i make my hair straighter if i'm a guy?
what are some good flat irons to straightening black hair?
how can I count how many hairs I have on my head.?
Do women prefer Long or short hair?
i need to know if you have any historical hairstyle information?
I need to know how to make my hair grow faster, it's to the middle of my bust..I just got it cut.. Answers?
what are the ways to get rid of from hair fall?
i need my hair different any suggestions?
Dying hair failure. help?
Any tips for faster growing hair?
weave hump..anyone?
i am trying to highlight my hair with foil should i roll top straight back then sides or part hair in four sec
How do you grow hair long?
how do you make your hair grow long? ?
My parents hate my haircut?
Can you use garnier nutrisse ultra color for hair that's already been dyed blonde?
is it safe to dye my hair?
Will a hair straightening iron harm your hair?
How can I achieve a gothic hairstyle?
Keratin hair straightening lasted 2 days!!!!!!!?
Why do blonds have such a bad rep?
Should a woman require her husband's permission before she cuts her hair, given that a Michigan law says that
my hair is becoming white and i had dandruff?
How to fix faded red hair?
Does this hairstyle have a name?
I am trying to grow my hair long. Do I still need to trim the ends?
how to grow my hair?
What face shape do I have [pics included]?
(pic) should i keep this facial hair style?
Straightening your hair everyday?
black hair, should i highlight my hair green, blue, or purple?
How to get the mice out?
I got my hair colored and it was very gold/ yellow, so I went back and had it re-toned, should I tip again?
if turkish can be inlove in one asian person?
Where can I find free hair up hairstyle ideas online?
Red hair, should I dye it?
PIC? how can i make myself look better?
What do u think of dove hair care products?
it's been 10 day since i perm hair can i use a permanent color?
Want to die hair and get contacts in a theme?
Whats your favourite?
Can you have bright blonde hair on pale skin with light blue eyes and pull it off somehow??
Does the vitamin Viviscal really make your hair grow?
Guys do you prefer hair down or up?
Easy way to get curls?
why do body hair grows back after waxing?
Does Henna hair dye produce a good color?
My 5 year old daughter has beautiful long blond hair that gets very knotty?
high or low hairline?
is it bad to sleep with your hair wet?
What should i do to reduce dandruff in my hair?
Hair falling from sides? help please?
how do i use fructis style wonder waves mousse?
If I put henna on black hair what color will it turn?
strawberry blonde with red highlights, or dark brown with blonde highlights?
Burning head from head and shoulders?
How can i get my curls under control??
guys i need help, my hair is like light orange/strawberry blonde atm i wanna go blonde advice ?
Im looking for a new hairstyle short with color do you know of any websites that have like a hair cut gallery?
How do I get rid of frizz?
What will happen if i bleach and dye relaxed (African American) hair?
GIRLS do you thank long hair looks good on guys?
I have 4 cowlicks in my hair!! What do i do??
Problems with hair?? please help only 17 :*?
im so upset.?
How long will it be before i get long hair?
Is curling hair everyday with heat harmful to your hair?
dying dark blonde hair to brown with semi permanent dye?
Changing Perms?
How can i keep my hair soft in winter?
bride asked me to change my hair color. what do i do?
how can i get curls like...?
Crap! Help! My hair is greasier than french fries and I have to leave in an hour!?
which haircut should i get tomorrow?
Opinions on Special FX hair dye?
are hair extensions hard to take care of?
Where is the best African American barber shop in Columbia S.C.?
i want to get my hair done heres a pic of me,
*help me with dyeing my hair please!*?
How to make hair curly?
Would Bleaching my hair ruin it?
I hate my hair! Please help! *Photos*?
where can i find russian raw human hair?
what should i do with my hair?
How can i style my hair like chris brown?
Best hair dryer in current market?
naturally curly hair...what to do?
What color is Miley Cyrus' Hair in these pictures?
advice for my curling perm. pleaseeee help?
I have long brown hair, and I need to style it!?
How to grow out hair fast??? Bad haircut:(?
should i dye PLAIN Blonde hair to blonde w/black streaks er just plain black?
should i dye my hair blonde or brown?
I shaved my bangs and now they are so ugly . I've been hiding them with my bangs .?
what is the new hair removal process.?
Do u think that wearing pink when you have red hair clashes?
Should I dye my hair a light pink color?(picture included)?
Does dark hair look bad on natural blondes?
What color should I die my hair?
African American Barber Shop in California, PA?
Permanently straight?
how should i cut my hair??
who makes more money? a photographer or a hair stylist?
Should i dye my hair red? (pics included)?
Did any body used HAIR CLUB products for hair loss? Do they work?
Hair styles for medium length hair. ..?
why did my hair start turning gray at the tender age of 21?
How many of you out their wear odd hair colors (whether it's dyed hair or wig/hairpieces)?
1-10 What would you rate me! I'm curious!?
does long wavy hair down to the chin look goood on a boy?
How bad is waxing the bikini area?
What color should i dye my hair?
Does my hair will burn if I keep straightening my hair?
What will happen if you leave conditioner in your hair overnight?
What products do you use to have your hair grow fast ?
Do people like other people with double crowned hair?
if i dye my hair too much, would i end up going bald in the future. will my hair quit growing?
what hair cut should he get?
Putting a blonde streak on my dark hair?
Big hair problem! help?
i want my hair like that! anyone kno where i can get it done?
What is a product for remover the hair?
Girls: Should i stay with straight or curly hair? (pics incl)?
how can i make my hair grow faster within 1 month?
in your opinion, what is the most beautiful hair color?
Whos hair do you prefer? (pics)?
I bleached my purple hair and it turned hot pink!!! Help?
Is it like one or the other? Please help :)?
How to get my hair wavy?
What's hotter brunette or blond ?
im 47 a female and distraught as lm losing my hair at the front, please help me as im so depressed over it?
Best hair product?
what hair color is best for fair skin and ice blue eyes?
Is this a fohawk or faux hawk ?
Is it okay to use volume 10 developer when going to a darker hair color?
Would I look good blonde? (pictures)?
where do you get your bikini waxing; at home or parlour?
I have v thin shoulder length hair. dont want to chop it off, is there anythin that will make it look thicker?
Can I dye my hair 4 days after dying it?
my hair keeps breaking, i of african decent?
Should I or shouldn't I?
Anybody know any good products for really dry,brittle hair ?
can thermal straightening permanently change hair's structure?
What hair colour would i suit?
Which hairstyle looks better on me (pics)?
after marriage is there possibility of grow long hair?
how do i get my hair like thiss?!?!? PLEASE HELPPP!!
Ladies, how do you feel about hair on a man's body?
Red hair dye panic how lOng should I wait to finish? ?
what hair products are good for tight, coarse curls?
Has anyone ever actually left the house leaving their hair straighteners on?
if I want long hair should I cut it (not as stupid as it seems)?
Whats a good mousse?
how many average hair fall per day?
Do you go to sleep with wet hair?
i want to put a crazy color in my jet black hair...? 10 points?
i have natural curly hair i am Latina and i want to stop using so much gel what can i use so it could be soft?
any hair styles PICS INCLUDED?
I have knee-length hair. Is it possible to get a perm with hair this long?
How should I do my hair?
Do I look better with short or long hair? (pics)?
What can I do to get rid of the red tint my hair has...specifically hair dye without red tint?
Please please PLEASE professional hair stylist advice!!?
How can I help my hair grow longer faster?
Cute ways to do short hair?
The stylist cut my layers too short?
How excited are you about tomorrow?
How do I hide my little hair next to my mouth?
Do you have a comb over?
what is cactus oil used for? is it good 4 the hair?Read the details?
is it normal to use gel everyday?
I'm in NEED of hair tips!!?
How may of the people here have dandruff?
My gf always wants to spike my hair. It kinda gets annoying cuz sdhe does it a lot.?
Does Aveda Be Curly Work on Coarse Dry hair?
what should i do to my hair to make it lighter?
Why do people use shampoo when they are bald?
Midwinter hairstyles? Pics?
my hair is long and my face is kinda round. Can you suggest me a good haircut with bangs?
Hair Style for back to school?
My friends are saying its impossible to be born with.......?
What is your opinion of long hair on a 44 year old woman?
My hair is breaking around the hairline. Is there a remedy for this?
What color should I dye my hair?
how often do you wash ur hair?
how to straighten my hair perfectly?
lemon juice makes your hair lighter?
i want my hair to look like this....?
Hi has anyone heard of the Ladine hair products?
What shall I do with my hair? [pics]?
where can i get teal hair dye that will wash out of my hair ?
Good shampoo for thick hair?
Changing Perms?
Will red hair drip and fade if I'm in the rain?
How do you style the curly almost kinky hair?
do women shave their armpits and legs? girl and women only!!!?
whats the best way to curl hair but without a curler?
do hair extensions cover baldness?
Ladies, what would it take for you to shave your head?
Hair: Perms before and after pictures?
I'm 5'2 how long will my 20 inch hair extension be ?
any ideas for 13 year old black girl with short hair?
On guys do you like long hair or short?
What hair color should I do(includes pictures)?
my hair reaches my neck how do i make it longer?
Which size Solia Tourmaline Straightener should I get?
Should I cut my hair?
Do you think pink hair is ugly/trashy?
do people shave there pubic hair?
Does main & tail actually make your hair thicker?
RAW hair dye/ non amonia and peroxide dye.?
Cute hair styles for School (pics included)?
SOS formal is tomorrow! no idea of hairstyle?
i need some serious help on how to curl my thin hair?
Hair Grown in Bald Spot ?
What shade of red is right for me? with pics.?
Sunny Isles Jamaican Black Castor Oil!!?
I always wanted dreads and can't decide how to begin with either plaits or twist (backcombing). Anyone know?
How do I get my hair like this?????!?
Bleached hair and it turned orange help?
how do you think I would look if i dyed my hair red? HELP!!?
Does anyone know a good vitamin that makes your hair grow?
How to style my hair like this? Who is this person?
My friend told me when you shave your legs, the hair grows thicker. Is that true?
Can I dye my black hair lighter?
i want damn shes fine hair?!?
What to ask my hairdresser?
anybody knows a good site for haistyles for teenage boys?
Can I add box hair color to shampoo to help color last?
Am I too hairy(girls only pls)?
Does black hair look good on me?(pics)?
is it possible for a human hair totrate the skin?
Can you permanently straighten naturally curly hair with a flat iron?
problematic hair....!!!!!?
for men out there! do u like woman with long hair or short hair?
which hair style is better on me?
my eyelashes have been falling out a lot lately?
please read! please help ! hair loss !?
Looking for a good hairdresser in Halifax/ Dartmouth area?
How do i explain what scene hair is to my hair salon?
What should I do with my hair?
Question about hair roots?
Why are people against gingers?
do bendable twist rod rollers work good?
i cut my hair to shoulders how long do you think it will take to grow to my boobs?
What is the best brand of white hair dye that I can obtain?
what's the best flat iron straightener?
how to get black hair dye out quicker?
My hair is natually curly but when I brush it, it gets kinda like puffy I details?
Can I fix or re-henna my hair?
Do you have a job?
i have thin dirty blonde hair and need a haircut?
Best haircut?
Has my hair stopped growing?
Does straightening my hair damage it?
How can i make my hair healthier?
Which Shampoo from this list do you use to wash your hair?
what hair colour do u like best??
Right now: is your hair clean?
Senegalese twist or sew in weave?
Opposite of ombre hair?
Is it ok to cut your hair in layers if you have thick curly hair?
Powder to give your hair a backcombed effect...?
But really how do you do this Pinterest bun?
How come hair on your head doesn't know when to stop, but hair everywhere else does?
Can I mix unrefined coconut oil with these oils?
How can I make my hair shinier??
I have hair loss due to: thyroid problem as well as severe Iron and B12 deficiency. How do I treat them?
Which drugstore hairspray doesn't make your hair hard?
How can i get highlight out of my hair?
what kind of mens haircut supplies do i need?
dose anyone know where i can get banana shampoo?
what hair style do you like better?
Was back hair ever considered attractive?
which is better? hair relaxing or hair rebonding?
what is the best product to use on curly hair or a way to do?
How do you do this braid?
where do you get your hair cut and is it good-australia?
how to dye black hair dirty blonde?
Blonde or brunette girls?
if my hair is pink can i dye it back to blond?
what is the best hair straightener?
What's my best physical feature? (PICS)?
straight hair. and i mean verrry straingght!?
How should I cut my hair?
How do I get rid of my dirty hair ?
Color Fiend Hair Dye?
Guys please answer. (girls too) HAIR QUESTION.?
How to get my hair to stay scrunched?
Cute Hairstyles For School?
Am I pretty do I need to dye my hair or straighten it?
how do you use a curling wand?
would it look good if i dyed my hair red when its already alburn?
Would red hair match me?
Would I look better as a brunette or as a redhead?
Orange streak in my brownish hair?!?!?!?
how do you keep your hair from becoming too dry?
black cherry hair dye?
Is Her Hair In Layers? (image Included)?
what hair colour would you say this is?
10 Points for Sure~ Anyone wanna help me look for hairstyles?
Curly Scrunchy Yucky Bangs- A BIG No-No?
Can some1 help me?
what helps hair turn less frizzyer?
I got a bad haircut and I need some hair tips?
Air drying my hair after dyeing?
How do you do bun messy updos?
The most beautiful shade of light cool blonde is?
Would a bob look right on me?
Is it more healthy to diffuse hair?
Hey I accidently shaved half my eyebrow.?
Did I pull off the look?
How can I repair damaged disenigrating hair as a result of leaving hair dye in too long?
What are some good different braids a male can use?
ur favorite shampoo?
if i do myhair in a french braid wil it look good when it comes out? ?
Would i look good as a strawberry blonde?
How do I straighten my weak hair?
Oh My... She shaved her head?
how to make hair staright?
how often can I dye my hair?
What should I do with my hair? help?
Any Creams to Straingten my hair?
Cutting my hair, good or bad??
new hairstyle?
what are those hair ponytails called.?
question for hair dressers!?
should i cut my hair ?
ok so i was wondering how did michael jackson have the type of hair he has?
I need some help questing with hair coloring?
is it okay to leave in non-leave in conditioner?
I HAVE to shower daily.. Why do I hear that's bad for you?
How to get less frizzy hair without having to sweat?
Does anyone make a long barrel curling iron? I have very long and it is very hard to curl my hair.?
how can i get my wavy hair to look more wavy?
Adding hair extensions to long hair?
Dying my hair back to black-ish?
i would like to know a easy wasy to remove hair?
Question about black hair dye?
i had thick and strong hair.but now they are falling at a rapid there any particular reason?
what happened to my hair?
how to get platinum highlights on colored hair?
Great Clips or Supercuts?
Who can answer this one without being mean?
I just cut my bangs short...?
How to get this color hair?
How Do You Make Black Hair Bleach Blonde?
Can I get hair dye that comes out after every shampoo out if i wash my hair 3 times a day?
which hairstyle is better?
Help i have hairyarms?
Whats a cute hairstlye to wear during water sports?
Is it safe to remove pubic hair ?
Ladies ... do I look good with short hair or shaggy hair?
Kool-aid powder for hair dye?
How Much to pay for a cut and highlight from a home stylist?
will blowdrying my hair after my shower make my hair straighter when i straighten it tomorrow?
Where can I buy Vidal Sassoon Shampoo?
Could I Pull Off This Hairstyle..?
i want pretty curlyy hair, help please?
What is a good shampoo for curly hair?
which hair dye should i use, Manic Panic or Punky Color?
has anyone here tried any dr. miracle products?
Using two colors on my own hair?
im going to dye my hair blonde and red. would that look good? (pic)?
HAIRDRYERS : What are the three different settings ofmy hairdryer. Ceramin; Ionic Ceramic; Ionic?
please help me with my hair?
what should i do with my hair?
What hair color should I get?
My hair is greasy all the time. what shall i do?
how to get curls like these?
What does highlighted hair look like?
Question about hair weaves?
How can i pick the best highlight for my hair?
My friend wants to cut my hair, but I keep saying NO! help?
Should I change my hair?
Is it normal for you to be 15 and your hair is falling out?
Tick in my pubic hair area ?
Short haircut help?!?
Which hair style below do you like the best (with or without the fringe/bangs)?
How do can I do a girl mohawk?
brown hair? pic included?
what is the best hair salon/barber to take my 10mo old son. Pahrump,NV?
Should i cut my hair ?
How much would is cost to dye my hair?
Which hair colour i need you opinion?
how long should i wait to dye bad highlights?
Has anyone tried the John Frieda Hair glaze for dark-haired brunettes?
1 1/2" or 2" curler?
Is wearing hair in a bun everyday a boring hair style?
is it better to have short hair or long hair?
would i look good as a blonde? pics?
what is Para-dyeis it another name for demi-perment tint?
what color should i dye my hair?
What is the best smelling shampoo for girls?
What is the wildest commercial hair color that u can get?
If u straighten ur hair with a clothing iron will it hurt ur hair?
virgin snow and electric lava manic panic?
I like women with really long hair?
need non-damaging highlights! help!?
will toothpaste freshen my hair up?
Wut conditioner should i ends are totally split??
which is better? (pic)?
How long will it take to grow out my hair.?
Do you think I'd look decent with this hair color?
How often do you wash your hair?
Cute hairstyles for sports?
Is this Rare GHD flat iron fake?
Should I get a $300 haircut or a $10 haircut?
How come fugly girls think bleaching their hair blonde will make them hot?
.s!!.which name do you like best?
Hair ideas?
Any hair shows in Texas around July 28 - Aug.12?
Getting your hair razored causes this?
What color should I dye my hair?
Where can i get a digital perm in houston, tx?
Need a new hair color! (pictures)?
How do I get my hair like this? ?
Have i lost the nutrition in my hair from not eating?
how long does milky way human hair last?
Are hair dryers bad for your hair?
Can I dye my hair dark brown if it is black?
What's your hair color?
Is 'sun in' really bad for your hair?
ANSWER THIS DONT SKIP!!!!!! readdddd 5th asnwer gets 10 points?
What is the best way to dye my hair blonde?
I want longer hair?! Help me!!!?
Revlon Colorist vs Perfect 10 Hair Coloring?
Should I bleach my hair in grade 8?
A good shampoo for oily roots and dry ends?
Hairstyle for wet hair ?!?
Are you happy with your natural hair?
Hey I accidently shaved half my eyebrow.?
Why does every barber ever cut your hair 1 and 1/2 inches shorter than you said?
im a boy and...?
What Shape is my Face? (pic included)?
How do I do this to my hair?
what is your favorite hair style?
Do you have any grey hair, do you love the grey hairs?
What do you think of girls with one side of head shaved ?
How to get hair dye out of my hair?
Whats more fun... Long hair or Short hair?
Best type of color protect shampoo?
Side-bangs or not? Help, haircut tomorrow?
Will co-washing remove the natural oils from my hair?
how bad would straitening my hair twice a week be?
how much do i tip a hairdresser, if i spend 125 dollars???
Would this be considered double highlights or color and highlights?
would this hair cut look good on me ? <pic included>?
Aveda Hair Salons?
how do use bonding glue when trying to put in weave in your hair?
What should I do to remove my hair dye?
jamie lynns new hair?
What are some good products for when you straighten you hair?
MEN: is it true that most men have a bit of a thing for red-headed women?
Where are the best african american hair salons in prince georges county maryland?
whenever i feel a hair on my arm i freak out and i have to get it off of this odd?
regis hair salon?
do red heads really have red pubic hair?
to be answer by males ONLY !!!?
Hair dye: should I go to the hairdresser's?
Hair loss!!!!!!!!?
If my natural hair was black will it be healthier if i dyed it back to my natural color?
what is you favourite hair colour?
witch hair is better big curls or little curls?
does short hair suit girls?
What hair style do you think is the best on me?
How old were you when you 1st started combing your own hair?
how do i curl my hair?
Do I look better before or after? *pics?*?
Do people like other people with double crowned hair?
Can school force me to cut my hair?
I have frizzy wavy thick hair and I don't know how to manage it?
Does St. Ives still sell haircare items in your neck of the woods? They disappeared from here years ago.?
dandruff problem plz advise me.drandruff look like a powder?
ladies... whats your opinion of my hairstyle? (pic)?
Should I...?
is this for normal hair? (link)?
Dying my hair dark brown today?
Why am I losing so much hair?
how to cut my wavy hair?
Are updos a must as a bridesmaid?
my 24 year old son is almost completely gray(HAIR) what are the causes? how does this happen? he looks 30?
Should I dye my hair? If so, what color?
What would be a good description of this hair color?
how to do easy hairdos?
what if I hate my hair?
Anyone Studied NVQ2 Fastrack Hair/Hairdressing?
I wanna have a perm.will it damage my hair ?
Does anyone else find that their hair strengtheners lose their heat intensity over time?
What hair style should i were on the first day of Year 7 ?
what are some good ideas for birthday parties?
Pantene is it good for hair or no?
Shampoo & Conditioner?
alot of leg hair , need help ?
what is hair infusion extensions ?
how to cut your hair like Coleman from 50 pills?
Graduation hair? its in one week!?
what do i come off as?
Losing hair at the front and sides....?
which hair color is best on me? pics**
Would this pixie cut suit me? Pics.?
I want a brazilian,but hate PAIN,and wot if its a man,oooh the embarassment?
How to scrunch hair without frizz?
Megan Fox hair? HELP PLEASE!!?
Is it true that by shaving your beard, the hair that regrows comes out thicker and darker?
who else thinks this is stupid?
Cute formal hairstyles that I can do myself?
what should i do my hair are falling very much my friends told me to use HAIR LOSS cream which is good .?
Would this hair look right on me?
What color is your hair?
desperatley need help with my hair color?
Should i bleach my hair snow white?
Blonde or Brunettes?
when u get ur hair thinned is it annoying when ur growing it out?
Need help with my hair! PICS!!!?
How to dye hair bleach blonde to dirty blonde?
whats the difference between moisturizing shampoo and hydrating shampoo?
My gf cut her hair for me--was this mean?
Would this work in my hair?
Photoshop change hair color???PLEASE!!!?
which hair length do i look better in?
do you straighten your hair?
How old do you have to be to take biotin pills?
I used too much baking soda for my hair!?
how can i have my hair like gwen stefani?(pictures included)?
Going from black hair to ash brown?
should i cut my hair? (pictures inside)?
which looks better on me curly or straight hair ?
is Herbal Essences a good brand?
How long did it take Jim Morrison to grow out his hair in the People are Strange video?
My hair is dying!!!!?
What hair color would you say this is ?
What is a good high quality, effective hair product to prevent split ends?
wud i look good with streight hair and highlights?PLEASE ANSWER!?
Using nrage hair dye? Bleach?
is the chi straightener a good straightener?
what do u do when u take micro braids out and u have knots in ur hair?
How to get straighter hair
i want to die my hair, am i to young?
how can i accelerate my hair growth?
chemical straightening?
Hair bleach: Twice as much liquid and powder lightener to half the creme lightener? What would happen?
had my hair cut in a bob, but dont feel so attractive, am i being silly??
What color would you change my hair? *pics and TEN POINTS**?
what is the best shampoo for growing hair?
Should I get a buzz cut? Please help.?
Which hairstyle is cuter?
how old do you think i look? i know bad picture. too much sunlight. :0)?
light blue hair that lasts two weeks?
what is a good color to highlight my hair?
OK.. Guys... Do You Like Girls With Straight hair, or Curly?
do layers look good on curly hair? [pics included]?
What Can I do To stop my Hairloss?
I need new Hairstyle please help!?
Bleach kit gone terribly wrong, please help!?
do people think curly is ugly?
Girls what can i do about hairy arms?
What should I do with my hair for the upcoming casual dance at my school?
What are some coll haircuts for medium lenght, thick hair?
SHould i go blonde ????(pics)?
Knot at base of head?
What shampoo and conditioner should I use?
I pulled out my hair extension help!?
When will I start growing facial hair?
Informative/ persuasive speech on hair/ makeup?
damaged hair, please help?
is it ok to shave pubic hair?
How long sharpie last if you put in your hair?
I have oily head skin but very dry hair, so what kind of shampoo I should use for every 2 days ?
how much do hair extentions cost and where can they be bought?
what do you think of this hair cut?
How to get my hair to stay straight during the school day?
Any more smart blondes out there?
Where can i get L'Oréal X-TENSO hair straightening cream in India through online?
strighner for sale?
Help me make up my mind about hair? hair hair!!!?
OMG!! I just found the BEST straightener EVER!!!!!!! (and I just had to tell ya about it)?
Need to find easy hairstyles for a spa party?
hair help pics included?
Anyone have any pics of punk/goth/emo hair styles?
What is this hair bun called?
will long hair make me look older?
Oily Hair Conditioner?
Would ombre look good on me? 10points?
Anybody knows a good website for men haircuts ideas?
Any information about Feather Extensions?
Shaving off curly would it grow back out?
are the new ghd mark fours really worth the money?
hairstyles for teen girls?
Whats wrong with red hair?!?
Flat iron hair please help?
I've straightened my hair for about two years straight, I want to restore it, help?
what should / do i do ?!?!?
Long hair or short hair?
how do i get rid of it?
graduation hair?
How to look feminine with short-ish hair?
how do i get the orange tint out of a bleached blonde?
how do i look as a blonde?
What other ways to make hair 2 shades lighter?
how i can look like taylor swift?
should I have???
What is the best shampoo to use for colored hair?
Why do I cut myself ?
how to blowdry hair straight?
[serious question] does a redheaded man (or woman) have red pubic hair?
Can you get your hair permanently curled?
My hair is sorta half color!!!!!!!!!!?
What's "sex hair"? I have no idea?
Help with my hair ? :/?
Can I have a pony????????
should i keep my hair brown with blonde or change it ?
21 and going bald!! Girls, does hair mean that much?
What colour should I dye my hair?
Hi, gettin' a new hair style .. I need pictures.
need a change to my hair. any suggestions?
What color hair do you have?
what's the best shade of brown for me? (please include pictures!)?
What is the difference btween an s curl hair and texturized hair? can you put on curlers on texturized hair to?
what's a french twist? and a bee hive? (talking about hair)?
how do you remove hair extentions?
What would be a good color for a guy to dye his hair ?
Is purple hair on guys gay?
How often do you shampoo/conditioner your hair?
What shampoo should I use.. ?
Blonde or brunette girls?
i heard the bigger the curls, the more sexier u look, so how do u get big curls?
should i get my hair cut like hers?!?!?!?!? picture of me inside?
I need a good hair style.Any suggestions?
Does Aussie scrunching spray work?
What colour should I dye my hair?
why is it that women with long hair look so beautiful?
Dying hair two days in a row?
which hair color do you prefer?
Twisting my hair?
Best hairstyle from 90210 to wear for homecoming?
What is the best shampoo?
any tips on how to get thicker hair my hair is really limp and looks so dull and thin?
I'm having a bad hair WEEK!?
Hair help A.S.A.P!!!?
How do I keep my hair from getting greasy?
What colors do I need to get this ombre hairstyle?
Can you get newly started freeformed dreadlocks wet?
Blonde Hair or Highlights?
What hair color do you like best on a woman?
my girlfriend..... help?
Flat irons?
should i cut my hair like this?(male,age14)?
what treatments are there for overly proccesed hair?
i dye my hair blonde but i want to know if i can do Jerry curl with permanent color?
I want a new look for my hair?
do guys prefer blonde's or brunette's?
I need help with my hair?:(?
What is the fastest way to make your hair grow longer?
Girls (and guys): How are u wearing ur hair right now?
how to straighten my hair?
Is it normal to have body hair?
hair coloring question?
Hair Styles?
Can a dark brown haircolor go a silver-grey?
Girls! How often do you wash your hair?
Witch is cooler (GIRLS) short or long hair?
What should I feed my 4 year old for lunch since she is allergic to milk, soy milk., nuts, eggs and wheat?
Would this work? Trying to find perm solution...?
Chemically straightening your hair?
where do babies come from?
Ok, my mom won't let me shave my legs, and each time I ask her if I could, she yells and says no!What do I do?
please help me with this?
how do i get straightish hair when i have really curly hair?
i really want to get a shoulder-length haircut- but my hair is puffy! what should i do?
Poll: Straight, wavy, or curly hair?
im going to a party tomorrow gonna be a jail girl. how should i do my hair?
Rapid hairloss........!!!!?
My hair gets really puffy whenever I shampoo?
hair video question? super easy *i'll answer yours*?
What hairstyle should I get and what kind of look would fit my face shape?
Should i dye my hair brown or black?
does black hair look alright on me?
I dyed my hair ginger accidentally, what hair dye should I put on it too make it blonde?!?
Waxing-Facial Hair-Man?
im getting my hair cut tomorrow should i get it cut or grow it long?
Do you wash your hair before you go to the hairdresssers?
Should I shave all my hair off?
How to make your hair thicker?
i have shoulder length hair an iam running out of ideas for the perfect do.can you help?
what is nicer brunette or blonde?
How do i get smooth and silky legs?
What to do with my hairrr [[Pics]]?
Girls Only: Fauxhawk or Skater hair on guys?
How can i get spiral curly hair?
i'm going to shampoo now.But whenever i shampoo my hair it gets more dry.What should i do for silky hair?
Do I need a haircut :P?
Can I sleep with my hair wet?
Is it bad to wear your hair in a ponytail everyday?
What is the name/type of hairstyle that some japanese girls have?
Hair dying question ?
Do I need to cut my hair?
I need to dye my hair and I need a hair cut! WHICH ONE SHOULD I GET FIRST???? THE CUT?? OR THE COLOR??
should i get my hair cut or leave it the way it is?
whats the best shampoo 4 staight hair that makes it look silky and soft?
Help with hair !!! Thanks?
if i already have some fat deposit in my body and im consuming less food means, my fat deposit will contibute?
Messing around and got hairbrush stuck in thick hair?
How to get curls in long emoish hair ?
where can you get clairol soy4plex(hair color) in ireland?
I need help about hair dye?!?
I went to a hair supplier today and they gave me white bleach but my hair is dark brown? white or blue powder?
Do I look better with long or short hair? (Pictures)?
Why do i golden yellow strands in my dark colored hair?
How to get volume without teasing?
i dont want long hair?
Is there anything I can help you with, such as grooming tips?
Will straightening your hair once a month still damage it?
Hair advice about dying hair?
long or short hair??(pics)?
Dying hair suggestions: blue eyes, light brown hair, fair skin
does this hairstyle fit me?
can i ask you something?
Why is my hair green?
Does hair grow faster when you trim it ?
My nose hairs have grown down to my chin, what should I do? Braid them, or put them in a mullet?
Black Hair Color for a Liqht Skinned African American.?
how much would it cost me to get my hair washed cut blowdried and dyed at Toni&Guy?
Which haircut do you like better (pics included)?
How do I trim my mustache?
should guys shave "down there"?
Will this hair color suit me?
should i buy the Kiyoseki Styler?
Can You Bleach Black Hair?
silver shampoo made my hair silver apart from my light brown highlights?
Hair problem can someone please help?
Do You Have To Have Your Parents Permission To Get Your Hair Styled In A Salon?
what is best way to get rid of dandruff? can yoga help...?
My hair does not grow!?
Looking for hair saloon in san bruno, ca for updo? anyone knows?
How can I straighten my curly, frizzy and super thick hair quicker!?!?!?
How do I make it grow longer?
should women in late 30 wear their hair long?
Should I Cut My Hair? (Pics Included)?
how should i do my hair today?
Haircolor: How do I get Jessica Simpson's hair color?
Would you rather have WAVY hair or CURLY hair?
Can I add box hair color to shampoo to help color last?
How to style my hair like this?
Ok! Here's an easy one. What is the obsessive, compulsive desire to pull (or cut) body hairs?
if you straighten your hair too much...?
i have black hair what color should i dye it?
Should I get my hair cut like this?
What colour shall I dip dye my dark brown, longish, wavy hair?
What color will my hair come out?
I've got my hair in braids, what hairstyle..?
HELP!! Extremely damaged, dry, brittle hair is falling out! Need professional advice!?
would i look better with short hair?
I just bought a curling iron and it works well but i dont know how to curl my hair?
what kind of hair straightner do you have?
should I become a Brunette?
i have horrible man legs!?
what is the best solution for hair loss?
If a man shaves his head does a woman gets turned off?
how do you make your hair grow quicker?
Pros and cons of weaves?
Hairrrrrrrrrrr!!!!! Helpp?
Which bangs would look better?
does the solia straightener work?
What is the best shampoo for my needs?
whats the best shampoo that i can buy for frizzy ginger hair?
What is the strongest of the strongest gel you can use on your hair to make it spike?
I <3 emo/punk/scenish hair and I really really need to find a good hair salon in the sunnyvale area of CA?
Would this hairstyle take alot of work?
i messed up... i cut ACTUAL bangs...on MYSELF. (ahh]??
Which Hair?{(*Pix*)}
Does curly or straight hair look better on me?
my hair color?
What are some hairstyles that work with a cowlick?
I have really dead, dry hair. how can i repair it?
Why my flat iron keeps beeping?
Half Shaved Hairstyle! HOT OR NOT :)?
women, do you like...?
How to have clean hair?
Is this hair style girly for a guy?
What do you think of my ankle length hair?
hair color help..?
African American Hair Dye Help?
What make of hair shampoo do you use?
Where can I get a sleep cap to protect my hair?
is there a way to make your hair perfectly straight?
why duz my life feel like it has no meaning?
I have naturally curly hair, but when I curl it with my iron it gets shorter. How do I prevent this!? :(?
is it better to wash your hair in cold water or warm water or does it not matter at all?
How do I get long lasting shiny hair?
hey miss or mr lou b thanks about the answer about hair grow, what "leave a bowl of water by your bed mean?
permanently straightening hair?? has anyone done it?
is james roday's hair straight or curly?
I need some new hair styles!?
How do I keep my hair straight and shiny without ironing, buying products or going to the hairdresser? (pics)?
What's the best dandruff shampoo?
Long Or Short??
Do I get hair from my friend?
Im a dude and i have hair down to my shoulders should i cut it off?
i want to lighten my entire hair without it turning yellow. how do i do this?
Where can I find KMS California products without buying them online?
Where can I find a website that lets me use my own picture of myself to find the haistyle that's right for me?
i have a question about my hair!?
Fohawk? i need some info from you ers, lol thanks...?
How to get my hair looking healthier?
When will my peach fuzz change to thick beard?
Goin to have my hair bleached back to blond, any pre-care I should do?
What are the pros and cons of getting hair dyed?
question about coloring hair?
Keep my longer hair or get it cut short?
I have some arm hair...?
I think i have dry scalp...?
I want to donate my hair?
Are there any good WOMEN'S WET/DRY electric shavers out there?
how do i make my hair really shiny?
how should i cut my hair?
blonde and pink?
Should I get hair extentions?
Dying my hair purple?
What are some better ways to grow out my hair faster and healthy?
I have long(to my waist)hair and I want to do something new with it, but what?
i had strong and bouncy hair,now its all falling apart..a lot of hair fall.need do i control hairfall?
How can i cut my hair without mom knowing or advice PLEAESE ANSWER!! soon :)?
i have new hair. but idk if i like it...?
Would I look bad with...?
Is my hair thinning? (Picture)?
Would I look good if I cut my hair like this?
What is the best laser comb for hair loss?
My hair dye went totally wrong!!!!!!!!!?
What's more intimidating on a man, a smoothly shaved head, via Goldberg, or long hair, via 'Devil's Rejects'?
What can I do with my hair?
I am bleach blonde and i want to dye my hair red, help?!?
I need a straightner that cost like 10-15 dollars!! Do you know any cheap places where i can buy one?
What should I do about my hair.?
who like long hair and who like short hair?
Can you give me a tip in anyhairn style for teens?
Should I purchase a new comb?
recommend a hair salon in burlington, VT?
How to do more to this hairstyle?
Frizzy hair?
In your youth, did your parent(s) ever force you to get a cut or style you absolutely hated?
i cut my side bangs a little short and i need help?
How much does it cost to get your hair done at Kim Kimble's salon?
What color hair do you like better?
What are some good Teenage Hairstyles?
how does a hair in your body know when its been cut?
Which size curling wand to get?
where can i buy a wig in the state of pennsylvania?
how to maintain my curly hair?
Is this Rare GHD flat iron fake?
Can someone give me hair advice?
can you think of a name for my mobile hair business?
shortish spiked black hair on guys. is it attractive?
Girls: What color hair do you like on guys?
does anyone knows what hair products do Korean celebrities / kpop artists use?
what kinda of hair style should i get?
How do I get the twisted natural look on my relaxed african american hair?
Severely damaged hair. HELP.?
Is this worth it........?
What can I do for my straw-like hair?
I REALLY want to dye my hair, can I? ?
How to thicken your hair out?
I want my original hair color?
is long hair or short hair better for guys?
Hair Restoration -> Driving me mad?
is her hair real(miri ben ari),10 points to the best?
Important HAIR problems! please help, thanks?
What is the best Shampoo & Conditionare?
i need a new ceramic straightener! not too expensive!?
What the hell is so wrong with body hair?
How should I style my hair?
Picture of the girl in the 21 guns music video?
What is a good hair product for my hair?
Cute shoulder-length bob layered cut?
What causes premature grey hair?
how can i stop my five year old daughter hair from breaking off she is african american w/ natrual hair ?
HELP, A BUNCH OF IDIOTS ANSWERED MY QUESTION...Can someone intelligent answer me?!!?!?
(Guys) Will you not be attracted to a girl b/c she has short hair?
Can I blow dry my hair every day?
Can dying your hair with permanment dye cause any damage that can make your hair fall out?
so my hair is medium length and gets terribly frizzy even when products are used. help?
Why don't women have facial hair like men.?
Shaved or unshaved? (female)?
!.s which name is better for a blonde hair boy?
Major Hair Problem?
HAIRCUT?!?! help please!! (boys and girls)?
Multicolored hair dying help?
Does anyone else like hairy/natural woman besides me?
Is it dangerous to get laser hair removal in your beard and mustache?
Do you have any tips for getting a perm?
which redken?
Ways to make your hair grow really fast!??!?
What are the best, cheap clip-in hair extensions?
How do I make my hair longer?
to avoid hair fall?
is hemp conditioner grease good for afro's??
How to lighten hair naturally?
what color hair do you like, not on someone, just in general, what color hair do u like?
*help me with dyeing my hair please!*?
Can I pull off Blonde Hair?
My hair has just been dyed, will it be terrible to die it right now again?
does anyone agree blonde only looks good if its natural?
What are some good professional salon shampoos?
Do you like Kate Gosselin new hairdo ?
Dyed black hair to blonde?
i want grey hair?
which straightner works better?
should i get bangs? pictures!
Is thr any solutn to remove body hair? Only hme remedies sugestn plz...?
do layers look good on curly hair? [pics included]?
Cotton-candy blue colored hair? Opinions?
how can i make my hair soft again because its burnt?
What Kind Of Hair Style Do You Girls Like On Boys?
Do I look better with short or longer hair? (photos) suggest new hair styles?
What colour should i dye my hair? ?
how do i wash my hair?
I got a hair sticking out of my head that looks like it's dyed, but I've never dyed before?!?
Mixing brands of conditioners and shampoo?
My hairs greasy! .. anyone know how to make it not so greasy?
opinions of natural red hair?
Facial hair or no facial hair on a guy?
Is there something I can use instead of a highlighting cap or foil to put highlight in my hair?
Am i getting bald?if iam then suggest a remedey?u can see me in my profile piture?
Help maintaining a hair style & cut!!?
Which hair color looks best on me? pics?
how can i curl my hair temporarily?
is pantene shampoo better than dove? i need to know or are they both bad?
I have no idea about hair styles and bangs and stuff. Someone help me?
What are the different kinds of chemical hair straightening?
I need a new hair style?
IS it good to wash your hair everyday?
Would side bangs look good on me?
What can I put it my hair to make it grow a little faster?
make thick hair look thinner?
Is there any way to make my hair grow faster?
i have naturally wavy hair. any ways to make it staighter, without using chemicals.natural products???
will long layers make my hair look shorter or longer ?
Ideas for medium length hair?
Why do people assume that when you have blonde hair you must be stupid.?