If your a sports girl but your hair is down to your shoulders and it is blonde does it look cute.?
Could this look be achieved through perming?
Do guys like girls with short/medium hair?
what do you think of my hair?
How can I get my hair to grow faster???
18 and hardly any facial hair?
I cut my hair recently and wanna style it! but i dont wanna use gel,.........?
What is your favourite hair colour?
What natural hair color would you HATE to have?
What color should i dye my hair? (With pic!)?
do guys perfer long curly hair or long stright hair?
What hair color would suit me?
what makes hair grow faster????????
Can a person make a living being a hair stylist?
One 'n Only Colorfix question?
Should I get Bangs?
Hair trouble....HELP?
My hair is short and thick, how can I make it long and thin?
Wht color is my hair? blonde brunnet or red?
What is the BEST permanent hair straightening product/?
where to get hair cut for lots for love?
(GUYS HAIRCUT HELP) Need help for bangs?
Hairdresser burnt my sculp with hair straightners?
Poll.. How often do you wash your hair?
how to obtain semi straight/natural waves hair? or defined frizzy-free curls?
If you have dark hair, can you use a red semi-perminant hair dye?
I need to find customer service information for saturday's family hair care.?
What kind of hair product should i use to get a messy,but dry look?
When Can I Dye My Black Hair Light?
What should guys with long hair use?
Hair dye that would match this color?
Is lemon safe for rebonded hair?
Do guys really care whether you are blonde or brunette?
how can I get used to wearing my hair down if I am so used to wearing it up?
What is the best ANTI FRIZZ hair CREAM?
My layered hair won't straighten?
I need some god hair products for this:?
how should I get my hair cut?
Okay, so I opted for keeping the extensions in the sides a little longer.?
How do you use a curling iron correctly?
Pixie cut or bob?...?
who has a perm and how often?
How can I get the perm out of my hair?
very over-asked, but.... HELP???
Why do some strands of hair feel really bumpy?
What Colout Should I Dye My Hair Next ?
How can I get soft curls in my hair?
light blonde hair to dark blonde hair?
Would I look better with short or long hair?
hair cut ?
hair up or hair down for a pub visit ?
Can I lighten very dark brown hair by using a 12% developer and a light ash brown hair dye?? Please answer?
How do you do your hair like this?
names of online hair stores that sell sennsaionel remi goddess yaki select hair?
which straightener is better for your hair?
Do you have straight or curly hair?
Are there any cool hair dying trends BESIDES dip dyeing (with non natural color, ex: blue)?
How to get hair like this?
Does hot water cause the hair to split?
what shampoo should I get ? s?
should i get feather extension?
What's a good hair straightener for wavy hair?
What do you think of black girls dyeing their hair really light colors (like Beyonce', Tyra Banks & Ciara)
girls do you like guys with chest hair?
How can I make my hair grow faster?
what kind of straightner?
In your honest opinion, is ginger hair ugly?
hairstyles plz?
Where can I buy human hair online (for African-Americans) ?
do i need a hair cut?
straight hair vs curly/wavy hair?
Hw do I get elasticity back into my naturally curly hair after using a flat iron for a year ?
Teenage girls, what do you think of teenage guys that completely buzz their hair off, but not shaved?
How do you fix damaged hair?
How to make my hair not poofy after I get out of the shower?
help what to do w/hair in 30mins?
do you think i will look cute with blue hair?
is conair you curl and infiniti by conair the same?
What should i do with my crazy hair? Help?
Does anybody know if Roux Fanciful Rinse discontinued the color Red Riot? If so, would anyone know of a?
what does it mean when i wash my hair that my hair comes out in handfuls?
Should I dye my hair?
DIY Clip in hair extensions?
good hair wax for short mens thick hair?
What hairstyle would look good on me?
Can I get 2 snaps-up for Jeezus Jans hair?
why do people say that its bad to wash your hair everyday?
Can I dye my hair purple?
How to wash MY hair under my sew-in weave?
hair coloring??
What can I use to volumize my hair?
A dreads question??
GIRLS: Do you like long hair or short hair on guys??
does any1 know how to do the gotti hair style aka blowout?
how should i do my hair and makeup for picture day?
Do you think i am short?
How would I look with this hair?
longer or shorter hair whats in at the moment?
Are there any materials that I could use to make my hair look thicker and have more body?
Does gel make ur hair fall out???
should i go lighter or darker?
emergency!! i need my hair to grow fast?
what do people have against red heads??
How to have my hair styled?
Which of these straighteners is your favorite and why?
how can i get wavy hair?
Is high & tight a good hairstyle for a 16 year old guy?
Houston Colorist???
Is dyeing your hair really bad for it?
i really need another opinion.............?
whos hotter? blondes or brunettes?
i need to kno how ta do pencil and straw curls and how u curl the ends of your kinky twists with ur own hair.?
What do you think of this hair?
What Kind of hairstyle should i make if i have short hair and i want to wear a sari?
For the summer, should I try to grow out my bangs or just get them cut again ?
I'm only 12 and I want to dye my hair vibrant red. Will it give me any sickness?
What do you tip a hair dresser?
Black Hair Products For Hot Comb?
where can i find a good brand of brazilian wave hair at and does the inch depends on how many bundles?
hairstyle help??????
Hair cut for long straight hair?
What hair colour do i suit best?[pics]?
how often should I shampoo?
what is the best flat iron for hair?
Rogaine on the scalp question?
Just dyed my hair blonde, now what?
Advice on getting highlights:)?
has this happened to anyone else?
Should I go darker or lighter with my hair? [pics]?
which hair dye should I get?
please help, best effective hold hair gel product out there?
How should i care for male, black/mexican hair, that is dry. No perms ever, needs to be soft. he has alot!?
Should I dye my hair a lighter blonde?
How many have you dyed.. your hair..?
I need a cute updo that's easy to do?
What are some cute, non-damaging things I can do with my hair?
How to get my hair less yellow?
Any Good hair products?
if your dads bald, does that mean you'll go bald?
HAIRRR! (: (for people in Tennessee only.)?
Girls, What Do You Think?
Hair survey --- directed at teenage girls ---?
Do you like victoria secret shampoos and conditioners & why?
Should i change my hair? (pics)
No matter what I use my hair still never hold curls. Could someone recommend a good product to use?
how much such you tip a hairstylist?
Good leave-in conditioner for long, dry curly hair?
whats with all the scene hair?!?!?
Hair mousse and wax related question?
how much is a straight perm if your hair is about half down your back?
Is the Oster Classic 76 clipper worth the money it costs?
What can I do with my hair to make it look cute?
What is the best brand to color my hair or to put highlights?
do I have a big forehead?
do i look good with short hair?
scene hair??
urgent! i just highlighted my hair at home and I think i messed up?
Are Fudge body builder booster, body building shampoo and the body builder conditioner good products?
Do you wash your hair every day or so many times a week?
japanese and korean bangs??
I really want to do something with my hair?
If you have a longish oval face but not because of a big forehead, what haircut should you get?
what are undertones for hair?
shampoo anyone? only for 10 points :)?
Just another hair question?
How do I make my hair like this?
My Hair Is WAY Too Curly?
How to get a straight, volumptous look?
Why do women change their hair style or color all of a sudden? Does this mean something???
burnt hair?! what can i do!!
Should I get a haircut?
Oka, Can This Help? PLEASE HELP!!!!?
hair colouring and cut?
Blonde Or Brown (PICS) ?
where do you buy this one bottle of citric shine shampoo thats in an orange square bottle(big)?
What can i put in my hair to get it to stay straight without having to straighten it everyday?
Hair lightening without bleach???
Which one looks better on me?
how do u keep ur hair straight w/out using a straightner???help i'm goin on a date!!!?
sence hair cut?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?
RENAULT clio dci cutting out HELP!!!!?
Haircut help? Please answer before Friday afternoon!?
L'OREAL Feria 66 vs. 67?
Need hair dyeing help?
Does anybody know if sephora in yorkdale mall sells the GHD?
How do I get the Jessie j bob?
plz plz plz plz help?
how to co-wash your hair?
What are some good straighteners? (flat irons)?
Show me pictures of celebrities with caramel hair?
What Volume developer do I use to color brittle hair?
what kind of hair sytle must bi-polar girls have?
Could Bed Head Manipulator lift thin hair 4 inches long without hairspray?
I'm a black man. How do I get waves in my hair?
What is a pomade? What's a good brand of pomade? How do you use it? What's the difference of it and gel?
what new hairstyle can i try?
I need a new hairstyle can anyone help me?
is it true that if a person cuts his/her hair regularly then the hair will grow faster?
Hair Colour Dilemma?!?
Would this type of bang look good one me?
what is a good web site to go to, to look at different hairstyles for men?
what is the best smelling mousse for hair?
help with hair dying?
Girls Do you like it when guys shave there legs?
What are the best Hair Straightners on sale ?
Which extensions do you prefer? Dolce Vitta hair or Luxy Hair?
should i get extensions [[pics included]]?
I want this hairstyle. Do you think it could be cute on my hair type?
what should i get a flat iron or a straightener?
Hair dying results?
How to get this hairstyle?
Are blondes or brunettes more attractive?
Have you taken Hair Vitamins and found they have helped?
My hair is burnt on the ends by the hair straightners ive stopped using them hw do i get rid of the burnt ends
should i get this hair cut?
I plucked my pubic hair in Maths and now I have detention?
How can I get my hair more healthier and grow faster?
do you like my hair better longer or shorter? and should i dye it?[picss]?
My hair is so damaged?
2 Quick hair questions :)?
losing your hair? at 13?
does anyone know how much it costs to get your hair permanantly straightnened? often do you wash your hair? Everyday? Every 2nd day?
hair extensions?
Fusion Hair Extensions?
how do i get pin-straight hair w/o flat-ironing it every day!?
What do you think is the most attractive hair and eye color? On a guy? A girl? And what shades?
I am getting a new haircut but I don't know what exactly I want?
whats the first thing that comes to your mind when you see this hairstyle?
Hair style for me. 4th freaking repost with still no answers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
how long does it take for arm hair to grow back?
Has any one had their hair cut at Toni & Guy or Toni & Guy Essentials? What is the difference and was it worth
My ends are seriously damaged, what is the best products to bring them back?
What color should i dye my hair?
Do you know anything about Ouidad???
hair scrunching?
What do guys think of girls with dyed hair? In wild colours?
What should i wear on the first day of school?
do guys like brown hair better than blond?
How long does it take for hair vitamins to work?
What color hair should I have?
What do you think of my ankle length hair?
I am trying to create a advatar pic for myself. I can't make my hair blonde, Why NOT!!!!?
ok guys, wich one do you like better, curly, strait wavy and so on?
GIRLS. Do you like guys with shaggy like hair?
blonde hair dye on dark brown hair?
Nikki Reed's hair on Jimmy Kimmel Show - How can I get it?
Dye it first or cut it?
A good hair routine?(clueless)?
How do i wear my hair on the first day of 7th grade?
Where can I find Extentions that are simply braided in?
my hairs getting very grey should i dye it or just keep it short ?
do these highlights look ok? (pics)?
does hot topic's raw/ white out bleaching hair stuff work or make black hair orange?
How can I get the hairs on the side of my head to stop breaking?
What should I do about my hair??!?
Do you use shampoo & conditioner on your pubes?
how much does the hair product "mane and tail" cost?
Is that hair style is feminine 4 a boy?
how can i grow my hair like andreaschoice?
Which Hairstyle Do You Like The Most?
How to get lice out of medium lengthed hair.?
Any good pictures of choppy layered hair?
could i pull off the shaved head look? pics inside?
ADVICE!!!!!!!!!! mom will kill me if u guys dont help me :(?
If i have split ends, should i cut them or tear them?
Will blue shampoo noticably enhance ash tones?
Which hairstyle would suit me?
Hairstyle problem, please help?
I'm 13 and want to shave my legs, how do I ask?
how is hotter jesse ar will smith?
Poll: Cute styles for wavy hair?
is this true???please help mee?
I am 19 years and have white hair. What is dying?
How to dye black hair brown, using box hair dye?
Should I dye my roots first or ends first?
What's a FREE editing site to edit a piece of my hair that's a bit messed up? (NOT THE COLOR)?
Two bald spots on each side of the front of my head ?
Hair problems, share your thoughts!!!!!?
i m a male how do i remove my body hair?
how can i untangle this ?
Do My hair extensions look real?
Does anyone have any good pics or links of good haircuts/hairstyles for heartshaped faces?
Hmmm straight or curly hair ladys? =) (pics)?
Getting my regular hair color back?
I need an answer. I am desperate.?
Is it true that when u trim your hair like every three months it will grow out faster?
I cut my hair off and I don't get noticed anymore.Why do men seem more attracted to long hair?
Who has used Olia by garnier the hair dye?
Why is my hair constantly falling out?!!!??!?
I'm a guy with a ponytail..should I get a short haircut?
have you tried the lightening heat of Ma Evans?
what do you think of me.?
how to get rid of dandruff?
How do I tease my hair?
I have extra thick curly/wavy hair and im going to camp how can i mange my hair?
3 inches of hair in 2 months?
do you remember these?
What items i can use to color/dye my pure black hair?
A weave or extensions for my Wedding?
i need help with hair thanks?
Is there a Spray that makes your har wavy?and..?
for a first date: would u straighten or curl ur hair?
why are people not satisfied with their natural hair?
how to curl straight hairs of a five years old boy. straight hairs should be soften& cury.?
How can you grow your eyelashes longer? 10 point for the best answer!?
Is there an easy way to dye my eyebrows?
Is curly hair really that out of style?
Which hair style is better on me? *pics*?
Which is better: long hair or short hair?
should i cut my hair short like up to my chin and with lots of bangs in the front and die it black or leave it?
how would bangs look?
Can I straighten my hair wet?
i have really curly frizzy hair and its so damaged how do i keep it controled and healthy?
POLL: What colour is your hair and how long?
Hair trouble please HELP!!!!?
how many inches does your hair normally grow in a year?
What can i use to make my hair grow faster and longer ?
What is an actual hair bulb?
Does Black Hair Dye Wash Out?
Hair is constantly dry and feels thinner?
How can i cut my hair like Leda Monster Bunny's?
how can i style my hair while growing it up to make it asian style?
hairstyles for sweaty scalps?
how much damage would my hair get to dye it bleach blonde again?
what colour to dye my hair?
what's a good shampoo/conditioner for dandruff aside from head&shoulders?
Do you like my hair cut?
My hair is DEAD ! HELP!?
i ran out of hair ties and have no rubber band, anything else to tie my hair up with? i don?
I'm looking to purchase 20 inch corkscrew hair weave, what site can i find this on?
Do french and Russian girls trim their pubes and arm pit hair?
do i need a hair cut?
Would I be able to pull of Rihanna's hair? (PICS)?
How to make my hair thinner?
How to look better when I wake up in the morning?
What is the best hair color remover, based on experience?
how can i make my straightener and curling iron cord tangle free?
i have long blonde hair and im getting bored w/ it....?
I need hair advice?
How old do you have to be OR SHOULD BE to dye hair?
My hair cut costs $11, and its just a cut only. How much should i leave a tip if she did a good job?
is it true when you use baby shampoo for your hair it grows faster?
A Hair Question For The Guys (a~c) & Everyone (d onwards)?
Im transitioning from permed to natural hair. Are kinky twists a healthy tranistion hairstyle?
What is the best thing to use when flat ironing your hair?
Is it bad for your hair to sleep with a ponytail?
When dying hair, is it better to put it in for a half an hour or let it sit overnight?
Survey: what colour are your eyes + hair? (:?
What hair places to go to in Zanesville Ohio?
do girls find facial hair attractive? ?
grow longer, fuller, hair faster?? true?
how do you style side swept bangs?
What is kanta karika?
Will I be able to go back to blonde after dying my hair purple?
If u straighten ur hair with a clothing iron will it hurt ur hair?
How much hair loss is normal for a 21 year old.?
so i have short
can you deep condition with ever straight brazilian keratin therapy shampoo?
Why are blonde glamour models signifacantly more attractive than red, brunette or dark haired models?
Best hair salon in Hemet?
What do you think of ginger hair?
what do guys want down there?
growing hair out for first time?
i am i the only person in the world who has curly hair?
Why won't my mom let me dye my hair?
is long or short hair "in style"?
do you like blonds or brunettes or red heads?
What type of hair extensions?
Should I dye my hair black?
What kind of gel doesn't make hair flaky for guys?
should i go blonde or what should i do with my hair?
My hair is thinning on!?
what do i do if i am being bullyed i am a boy and i have long hair?
how can i make my hair go curly?
Best Hairstyle? 10 POINTS?
Deep conditioners for kinky curly hair?
HOw can straight fine hair have body?
Would i suit blond hair?? (pics)......?
Wearing a flower in my hair?
How can i turn my hair to the color i want ? pLEASE HELP !?
Could I pull off this hairstyle?
What kind of short hairstyles suit my face?
HAIR- still changing my mind, PLEASE ANSWER, emo/scene haircut PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE ANSWER EVERYONE!!!!!?
How did Africans started using weave?
how do you bleach the ends of your hair?
What hair color are good for yellow/olive skin tones?
How fast will my hair grow if I ...?
Is it bad to sleep with wet hair?
green hair to red hair ?
Spiral curls - whats the best way to achieve them?
So im dying my hair......its already blonde (done in the foils by the hairdresser and quite blonde)?
How Can I Make My Hair Grow Faster?
What color should I dye my hair?
did i look better with dark or light hair?
Is this hair style cute?
Why does my hair dont get completely wet?
Has anybody try Yuko System?
What is a good, yet cheap, hair straightener?
What color is your hair?
do i look better with curly or straight hair?
Guys and girls, How do i fix my hair? (pics included)?
How to make the perfect hair curl?
what do hair texturizers do???
Good barbers in North York (Sheppard Yonge area)?
Hair coloring help! What should i do?
Is this AXE shampoo notif. real?
How can I convince my parents to let me buy hair extensions?
how do i curl my hair without using gel?
where can i get this hair dye???????? PLEASE ANSWER!!!!!!!?
Help with hair ! IMPORTANTT?
which ones prettyer???x?
Is there anything wrong with being a red head?
I am confused about my hairstyle? Can u help me?
Confused About Stretching a Relaxer?
Should I wax my upper lip?(aka mustache)?
Can anyone tell me about the LIV diamond irons?
What color Should i dye my natural curly hair?
How to hide dyed hair?
black tea bags?
Does Sun-In work?
What's this men's hairstyle called?
What brand of hair straightener do you have?
how many times do you need to wash your yaki weave?
Does this hairstyle suit my face?
When I get my hair cut I get a stiffy?
Men's Asian Haircuts For Short Hair?
How much is a haircut for a 14 yr old?
guys, whats your take on blue hair?
what hair color do you like the best ? pictures. ?
why women play with their hair?
What type of hair sytle is this called?
what color should i go?
Girls: Does this haircut (short) look good?
I just colored my hair and it is really fried. I don't know how to bring the moisture back in my hair?
Insanely confused about hair care?
new haircut! i need some tips?
How do i get my hair like this without using a curling iron? pixs inside?
Are the extensions from "Robin Kay Nails & Hair" in upper Canada mall good quality?
what hair style is that?
Is my hair going to get damaged!!!!!!!? :((?
how to get taylor swift bangs?
Do you think that this hairstyle would suit me?? (pics) EASY POINTS!!!?
Which is better....permanent or semi-permanent hair dye?
Do you think I'll look good with bleached hair [PICS]?
Is Chestnut hair common in a guy?
how do i get my hair to stay straight?
Why does my hair fall out so much?!?
how can you layer your hair at home by doing it yourself, im not sure i think it is a bit too risky?
what color should i dye my hair (picture)?
How to ombre your hair like Lea Micheles?
After a long time of waxing does the hair stop growing as much?
Is coconut oil good for your hair?
How can I show off my natural curly hair without poof?
Best hair product for frizzy hair?
I have dandruff! HELP ME GET RID OF IT!?
Why do people hate black hair?
I hate my hair! What should I do?!?
guys, would u rather go for a blonde,red head,brunette,or a brownie?
What hair color would best suit me?
Bleaching hair whilst breastfeeding?
Did I make a mistake by cutting my hair?
Will flat ironing your hair help get rid of lice?
how do u mmake ur hair grow faster?
ew my hair is greasy?
how do you get your hair to grow super long!?
what's the number one beauty school in America?
Any tips on faster hair growth?
Anybody know this hair product or can name a good one?
How can I turn my curly hair a bit more wavy?
well, i have a receding line only at the front. and not sideways??and curly and thin!! suggest?anyone?
I've just had my hair chemically straightened, how long should i wait to wash it?
Is it true that guys only fancy girls with blonde hair?
If i have blue eyes and blonde hair.....?
What bottle colour would make my hair go from light blonde to this picture. Please help?
Best shampoos,conditioners,and deep conditioners.?
Flat iron for African American Hair?
a straightener won't straightin my hair what should i do for it to straight?
Where can i find coral blue hair dye?
do you think its to young for a 13 year-old to have a scene/emo hairstyle?
what would be the opposite of "kempt hair"?
Does applying onion juice on scalp and hair overnight prevent and remove dandruff?
what magazine was the photo of nicole richie in ruffled booty shorts with short hair looking in a mirror?
I want to buy brazilian hair online, but I am confused now!?
wondering about my haircut?
How to get longer hair?????
how to make hair grow faster longer healthier?
What colour would my hair go if I dyed it lighter?
Do you straighten your hair????
Bleached my hair three times and I'm still orange?
How to heal dry brittle hair?
Poll: what looks better on a guy short or long hair?
How long do I keep bleach in my hair for?
i like this guy and my friend asked him who he liked and he said i dont no then he said he likes some1 with a?
How to get waves in your hair like this?
Am I balding what is wrong with my hair I had this for almost 3 years now I don't know how this happen?
How could I get this hair colour from what my colour is now? (pics)?
how to shave pube hair women?
hair thinning?
Any Temporary Hair Dyes...?
should i delete this? i watched it it looks stupid?
Do you perfer curly hair? or straight hair?
I've colored my hair blond for years,it is so dry,feels like straw.what i i use to get it to be soft and shiny
I have dark eyebrows, I want to color my hair blonde will that look stupid? What about blonde highlights?
How do I style my hair like this?
Get answers from millions of real people.?
Any Tips for oily hair?
Straighting hair Question?
what can i do to stand out ? :)?
Should I get a relaxer or perm in my hair to make my hair straight?
Biotin 300mg or 600mg which wil be take better to stop hair loss?
Which side bangs are better?
any tips???
Do women prefer men with facial hair or no?
What kind of hair rollers should i get for thicker, frizzy hair?
Is there any way I can naturally lighten my hair?
Should I get my haircut again? (pic included)?
How to grow a bit longer hair (A Dude)?
how do you get of rid of black heads ( with out products)?
Can I go blonde in one day?
What's a relatively simple, yet elegant, way to put my hair up?
how do you scrunch your hair ?
Who dyes their hair, and what color?
What does a water reservoir do in a straightener?
Hair problem, help!!!!!?
why do some women shave their pubic hair?
What hair colour would look good on me? With picture?
Day to Day Hairdo Question?
would she suit chocolate brown hair?
What sort of hairstyle should I go for?
how do i get my hair 2 grow?
Miranda Cosgrove hair color?
is this unhealthy? straightening hair situiation!?
How does this hairstyle look? (pics)?
How can I grow my hair?
Is bedhair spray goOd ?
How often do you wash your hair?
high lights?? streaks??
How should i have my hair?(with pictures)?
No Clue What To Do With Hair, Help?!?
Why did God give me this hair?
how do you feel about red heads?
This is the worst day of my life...(please read)?
help me find some pictures of dark brown hair with a real thin layer of blonde ontop? (pics inside)?
What shoud i do with my hair?
My friend wants to have her hair a deep red and its only getting her roots and not the rest of her hair.?
What's the best shampoo for slightly frizzy but mostly dry and poofy hair? (Which is SUPPOSED to be straight!)
PLEASE hELP ME! ... ANSWER MY QUESTION!!!!!!!!!!???!?!?!?
Opinion? Do you think I could pull off this hair cut or no? {pics}?
Current hair color or natural hair color? (pics included)?
Blow drying hair?
any tips for growing healthy long hair?
do we guys prefer longer hair on girls rather then short,or is it just me?
guy hair styles?
How much do perms cost?
Aren't those "crocks" soooo ugly?
can i use body lotion to make my hair look wet and wavy?
How much do you tip your hair dresser?
How to slow down the growth of facial hair?
What Does Emo stand For? easy ten points?
i have hair that is die blue only on top is that weird?
how can i get rid of split ends with out cutting my hair?
suggest to me a perfect name for my newly opened beauty hair salon.?
I want dye my hair red but im scared. would i look good in red?
How can I make my hair grow out longer?
does black hair look alright on me?
Going back to my natural hair color?
Where can i buy hair color spray in Sunway Pyramid?
Hi guys! What do you think of my new hair color?
Why do a lot fat people die their hair?
What shall I ask my hairdresser?
How can I make my curls stay put?
Poll: Guys and Girls - Which hair color do you prefer on a girl?
what are the ingredieants/mixture to get hair shiny and/or straighter?
For a 27 piece weave can you use just 1 pack?
how to smoothen my hair? plz help!?
Is getting extensions in your hair good?
Help! What color should I dye my hair?
would you consider a shaved head a hair style?
how do i blow bry my hair staight?
How to make my hair healthy, shiny, and smooth again?
What is a good shampoo?
what are the home remedies to improve hair quality?
Would bangs look good on me?
How does the hairstyle look?
How can men straighten short hair?
what can i use on my hair to keep my ends from becoming dry and brittle. I 'm black and have shoulder lenght h
do you have any idea how to style layered "emo" looking hair? its thin, and has no volume.?
what color to dye my hair?
Help with dying hair?
Help me create Dawn Swan's messy hair style (Eastenders)?
Highlights on a 11 yr old?
how do you trim your own hair?
So i died my hair blond and it turned out WHITE? i wanna go back dark brown,how long should i wait to redye?
I hate my hair?
Can anyone give me a hair tip on hair coloring?
How does hair detangler work?
guys which is sexier, light hair or dark?
How can you treat early grey hair?
i want to change my hair completly but i dont know what style?any pictures or ideas?
how awesome is GOT2BE glued?
What does mousse do?
which do u prefer: Blond,redhead or brunette?
transitioning to natural: will i damage my new growth and hair?
Hair Dye and sheeding more hair than normal?
how to get long hair?
is my red hair ugly? or pretty? i dont know...?
17 and already losing my hair. Olive oil?
Best product for anti frizz hair?
Hair Loss Problem Someone PLEASE help?!?!?
Does really long hair look good on girls?
I need a new sexy, edgy haircut - guys & girls -help!?
How do you make your hair grow faster?
Does very short hair look good with round heads?
what colour should i dye my hair?
GUYS: What kind of hair do you prefer on a girl?
I find long hair (head) sexy on a man, what is your opinion?
Is this enough time after a perm for a dye?
which hair color do you like best? (pics?)?
Should I Get Extensions? (pix)?
How too get this hairstyle?
How can I get this hair?
would i look good with blonde hair?
How should I wear my hair?
Girls Only - What is the least amount of money you would need to be paid to shave your head bald?
nautral hair moose for curly hair?
i have a mini afro. when i pick it a little of my hair falls out.?
Hair Suggestions?! anyone?!?
I just dyed my hair and its too dark. Will it fade eventually?
Do hair masques work for split ends?
What is my hair colour?
You just failed you'r history test and can't stay in cheer leading as captin?
I want the "scene" cut how do i do it myself?
Why did Sebastian remove there hair products from State Beauty Supplies?
is this unhealthy? straightening hair situiation!?
how do I color my blonde highlighted hair back to dark brown?
using lemon juice in hair to lighten it?
I am trying to grow out my hair, but....?
This question is for guys?
How can I style my hair like Taylor Lautner?
I need pics of long haircuts for dark hair?
Do you have a wacky hair style?
Easy hairstyles for school?
How to help my damaged hair?
blonde or black hair woman?
What is the best way to restore dry hair?
Girls: Which hairstyle do you prefer?
does hair grow faster if you dont use a hair dryer or straightener?
My hair looks best...?
what woman has the best hair?
How do i make my naturally wavy/curly hair less poofy and more relaxed?
What color highlights should I get If i have dark brown could pass for black hair?
How much do hair stylist's make at...?
How do you care for wavy/curly hair?
Hair is falling out?!?!?
How long do u wait after u have a baby to get a perm in yr hair?
How to Straighten Hair with Volume?
What should I say at the hairdresser?
do you think weaves are gross?
My Hair is so thick and coarse can someone out there give me some tips to make it silky and STRAIGHT! PLEASE!?
Longer Healthier Hair Faster?
Answer this question about my hair please!!?
how do you remove head lice eggs from your hair?
How do i care,maintain and make my afro hair grow.?
Where can I get these hair curlers?
How can I keep my hair looking like I just got out of the shower?
Do I have more pubic hair than most girls my age?
Hairdye questionn yo?
Will Purple Hair look good?
Henna hair dye or normal hair dye?
Does anyone know about hairstyles and how to get one without going to a barber?
I used this 'prelightener' by loreal and it kinda made my hair orange..?
what is the best product to use to blow dry black hair straight.?
I need help?
How can I make my hair stay curled?
Have any tips to keep my hair without frizz?
What do I do to get this red out of my hair?
Perfume or hair treatment products that contained alcohol?
Can you flat iron your hair wet?
What kind of hair style should I get?
should i get my hair cut like hers?!?!?!?!? picture of me inside?
Why do girls shave their viginas?
I tried dying my hair from dyed-dark brown to light brown but it did nothing but bleach my 2-inch roots! HELP!
Are bald men proof that hair is redundant and would be extinct in future?
Should I wear the wig?
I don't wash my hair?
Cute things to do with hair for picture day? 10 points!?
How can I make my hair healthy fast ?
why do people have such great and straight hair and we cant????
i am very depress after my marriage?
help, i dont know whether to cut my hair or not (includes pics)?
Do any hair salons dye or lighten your eyebrows to match your hair color?
what is the cause of varicose veins?
I got my hair colored and it was very gold/ yellow, so I went back and had it re-toned, should I tip again?
I'm a natural redhead....?
What Hairstyle Do You Recommend?
Will my natural curls ever come back?
has anyone ever tried vector hair removal?
how to get voluminious and thick hair?
Can I use Demi permanent hair color?
Anyone have advise on how to get your hair to grow faster?
would u donate your hair if it went to a good cause?
what hair color is best for a men?
where can I buy liquid keratin?
how do you get your natural hair color back after dying it black?
Good shampoo for split ends?
Is my hair color light enough to dye pink?
Which of these hair dye colours would stay in the longest?
Can doing this trick ruin my hair?
What is the best way to curl your hair without going out to get a curling iron?
What haircut style should I get?
how do i get healthy,shiny dandruff free strong hair...?
What kind of style do you prefer for long, blong, very wavy hair: very curled up (naturally)?
How to get gum out of hair?
What do guys think about redheads?
HAIR HELP!!!need hair help??!!?
Which picture do i look better in?
Crimped pony tail or not?!?!?!?
Best option to remove leg hair?
Ways to damage hair ?
How can I help my hair grow faster?
which one is better blond or black hair?
Should I Bleach My Hair Blonde?
Blonde or Brunette, which looks better on me?
how to make hair grow faster? 10 points for best answer!?
could i pull off the shaved head look? pics inside?
How do you make pastel stay in your hair?
Good shampoo?
Do I need hairspray?!?
Do I need to go to a salon to make black hair last? It always fades!?
Long or Short hair?
What are some good haircuts out at the moment?
What type of hair rollers work?
i have a very long and thick hair but suddenly there has been sudden hair fall drasticallypls help me.?
How's my hair? Do you like it?
How to make body hair grow normally again?
What's the most annoying and best thing your hairstylist does?
does anybody know of any hair gel brands that can make your hair super stiff?
why do people have different bald spots?
Which Hairstyle Do You Like The Most?
Opinions on hair salon?
what color should i streak or highlight my hair?
Clairol color refresh ?!?!?
Why does my skin feel wierd after hair removal?
How can i get rid of this annoying hair on my chest/abs?
Should i cut my hair or leave it long?
what to do about my hair? i dyed the front and its gone gingery help?
rate me pleasee. 1-10. how old do i look? i'm very bored. and i have nothing elsee to do.?
is "18" 90g of remy hair extensions good?
How Should I Get My Hair Cut?
How to go from dark brown to dark ash blonde?
How to know if I'd look good with red hair?
Is growing of the hair around the nipple around good or bad?
what are "bangs"?
can u tell it´s a wig?
what should he put on his hair?
which is the best place in bangalore for straightening hair and deep conditioning?
!10 point which last name do you like better?
which hairstyle do YOU think looks best? (pictures)?
how to get hair to grow faster?
i need some hair tips please help?
Help-need quick hair straightening tips?
how to get my hair like this quick and easy ?
What color would this dye make my hair?
list of hair buyers all over the world?
Is it true that once you shave something on youre body (i.e. arm pits, face, etc) it grows back twice as fast?
My hair gets tangled through out the day? What can I do to keep it from tangling so easily?
How come my I have bright blonde eyebrows but dark brown hair?
Hairr dying helppp???? (yes i know i postedd it before butt i didentt think the title was good)?
where can i find?
Do u like this haircut? **pics included**?
i need a good hairstyle.?
I have dyed black hair, how can I get it brown again?
Major Hair Question: I was just reading my new issue of Seventeen and I saw a cute hairstyle.....?
Do you think this would be a good hairstyle?
What's better? Wen or Aveda?
i dyed my hair blu-black n Nov.of 05 an it faded out to my natural hair color brown and i want to go plat blon
Bright red hair dyes?
Mane and Tail Shampoo and Conditioner!?
how can a 11 year old girl be a hair stylist?
is wondering........?
Alright listen up hair section!!!!!? Your in for it!!?
Why does it take forever to grow out your bangs, but when you keep them short, they grow too fast?
Does anyone use macadamia natural healing oil treatment ?
my hair "Bump Its" dont work..or im not doin it right. HELP!?
new hair cut for school?
can someone help me do you think i would suit scene hair?!?
how do i get that surfer look? What do i wear, or do with my hair?
my chin stcks out how can i fix it please help i'll answer your questions back?
Which is the best hair oil to make my hair strong, long & thick ?
If weman could grow a beared would u grow one? And how long?
Am i a unicorn?????!?
help with hair???
is suicide the answer to my ugly problems?
How do i do this hair colour?
I need a name for my salon! Hurry! Grand opening is very soon!?
what kind of gel was i using?
how to treat EXTREMELY fried hair? (:?
What color of hair should I get?
How to bleach eyebrows?
Will it dye my hair bleach blonde !?
orange, blue, pink.., know of any hairdyeing brands with those types of colors?
How do i make my hair grow faster? ><?
Girls with Mohawks, help?
How do you get your hair to stay straight without products?
What colour to dye hair?*Pic*?
what can dye black hair from home?
What's the best?
What should I do with my hair (pic)?
what haircut should I get? scene or leave it? (Pics:))?
to get rid of orange hair?
Does anyone use Garnier's Belle Colour hair dye? Does anyone know if anywhere sells the conditioner sachet
Brunette top, bleached bottom layers?
wat r sum really cute hair styles for braids.?
17 and already losing my hair. Olive oil?
whats your hair opinion?
What hair suits me best?
if i have dark brown hair is it possible to bleach it untill it turns white?
I'm am getting lowlights but what color?
How often do women shave?
What medium length mens hairstyles go good with glasses?
what is the best brand of hair straightners out there please?
Should I shave/wax my arm hair?
I have ugly hair, how can I make it better?
Should I get my hair stripped or bleached? Please help, s!?
wat color do you think i should color my hair?
How to get tommy how ratcliffs inspired hair?
Help!! I have crazy hair day at school tomorrow!! answer fast?
What color hair would work? (pics))?
dying and highlighting hair?
Is it weird for a 15 year old male to wax his legs?
What hairstyle for a very round full female face? Please no insults.?
My hair is always a lil bit frizzy. Would a flat iron help w/ that?
What color to get for dip dying hair?
how can i get rid of these bloody headlice?
What the f*** are bangs?
I want to change my hair color, but I don't know which color?
when highlighting my hair can i colour it first with a darker colour?
Is there a WEB SITE TO FIND A HAir style by putting in face shape etc. that tells the best cut for you?
How much can hair grow in 2 weeks?
Do you like my new hair colour?
What do you think of this haircut?
which hairstyle is nicer?
do you have any suggjestions for cury hair styles?
Do you know a good salon to start my dreads (dread locs)?
How do I get my hair cut like this? (pic included)?
How can I make my hair stay curled?
your hair colors?
I hate my hair. Should I cut it all off?
My hair falls a lot after i come out of a hair wash.What can i do to stop it?
How should I cover up this bald spot?
Before or after haircut?
Is cheveux naturel the same as brazilian hair?
wat do u do to the ends of two strand twist?
HUGE KNOTS IN MY HAIR! Please heelp!?
Do I look better blonde or brunette?
Which looks better on me short or long hair?
what color should i dye my hair?
What color was ur hair when u were born?
HAIR LOSS..pls help me i am losing a lot of hair for the past 3 weeks,my hair now is very very very thin?
hair options...? pics...?
what shade of lipstick goes with bleach blonde hair?
HELP!! What color highlights should I get?! *PICS!!!!!***?
Is this hair re-colour worth it?
What to do to avoid frizz when curling my hair?
why do young people have white hairs? can this problem be solved?
how to add in weave when braiding your hair (cornrows)?
Is it possible for a tanned person to have red hair?
Natural Hair Style. Why is it the way it is?
how to make my hair straight?
i just cut bangs across my face?
Would i look nice with black hair?
What is the best shampoo for men!?
is my hair too long for a perm?
How can I get this color out of my hair?
how should i get my hair cut? (pics included)
Curling Iron/Wand Questions?
just say yes or no for easy points plz,picture inside?
I just put a texturizer in my hair, should I wash it w regular shampoo or buy a shampoo especially for text?
how do i straighten my hair ? 10 easy pts.!?
How do I do my hair like this in the bun. Picture included?
I bought a hairmax laser comb for my my husband to help with his thining hair. does it work?
Hair dye fiasco, HELP!! How can I fix this?
Should I Get My Hair Cut Like A Guy's?
I dyed my hair blue and it went gray?
styling putty help O.o ?
A few questions about honey hair lightening?
why did my hair start turning gray at the tender age of 21?
Do i look better with or without bangs?
My young lady haircutter suggests.......?
Would It Hurt if I waxed My Nose Hairs~?
Do females of the 16 to 20 age range find full length sideburns attractive?
i have dark brown hair and i dyed it dark blonde but it looks the same?
Should I brave it? Best answer = 10 points!!!!?
HELP....Katy Perry hair on an asian indian girl!?
Raw white out hair bleach?
my hair is really short and i want the Brazilian knot extensions done,how do i conceal my edges?
how to make hair grow faster?
what should i do my hair like tomorrow for the secong day of school?
How do go from ginger to blonde without bleach?
hair products that help stop hair from thinning?
Hey ppl .. need help ... with my hair?
Simple scene hair ideas?
I need a new hairstyle..?
Should i wax my peach fuzz on my cheeks?
How do I lighten my hair naturally?
What emo/scene hairstyle should i get? (pics inside)
Girls, what do you do with the hair on your stomach?
Does 'Hair out eyebrow strips' hurt? Or is plucking better?
Is it normal for hair to feel thinner after you wash it?
I want long hair! How can I achieve this?
Clairol Natural Instincts question?
What shampoo is good for hair that gets greasy fast?
I have a VERY wide face, but yet my hair is always in my eyes! ?
how do you get hair like this? (link included)?
How to fade Lorreal Feria Red Hair color quickly?
can i dye my hair med blonde from light brown than steak with bright auburn?
Can I go the beach after I dye my tips?
which do YOU think the best product range for hairstyling is??? Garnier or shock waves?
whats better for light blonde hair curly or straight?
Which style looks better? Please help!?
Hi will I am mixed with half black and half white..I have more of the black kinky hair?
I'm 32.Can I get away with wearing ponytails?
what is damp hair because my gel says only to use on damp hair please!!! best answer 10 points?
How can i naturally darken my hair?
What is this exact hair color?
HAIR HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
need a change to my hair. any suggestions?
what do i ask my barber if i want jaden smiths haircut?
I want to dye my hair from light golden brown to golden blonde and I don't know how.(see my pic)
What is the best type of Shampoo, conditioner, and other hair products for me?
Do you think I could pull off this hair?
How often does your hair get oily?
Picture day is this Monday and I need a quick simple thing for shoulder length blonde hair?
A cute hairstyle??? PLEASE HELPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!?
My edges are coming out of my hair I got a satin pillow but it still dries I got bonets but I it fall off when
im a guy, my hair is curly. i want it straight , what can i do?
What do they call that hairstyle that Ala from Psycho Cyborgs has?
Do u think platinume blonde hair on top of dark brown hair is trashy?
How long is your hair?
What is this Hair style called?
how old should you be to dye your hair?
green hair... question!?
Too much volume, dry hair, big mess!?
How can u make your hair super straight and will last for the whole day?
how to make a simple korean hair for boys?
What do you think of Curly Hair?
i need a new haircut/hairstyle? *pic*?
What is the best way to get out Beyond the Zone Spike It Hair Cement out of hair?
What is the purpose of the cold button on a blowdryer?
How do I get curls without a curl iron?
what is the best hair product if you have curly hair?
What should I do to my hair?
should cut my hair short?
Do you colour your own hair or go to a salon?
How do i get a Fro-Hawk like this. Btw im black :P?
Beauticians please help!!?
Hair! help!?
Please help hair gel or wax?
will thinning out my hair and getting it layered help keep the poofy/bulk down?
plz help help help im dying...........?
Do I look better blonde or brunette(pics)?
ARGH!! why is my hair so greasy :(?
Male dying hair brown from dark blonde?
miley cyrus hair color?
do your parents let you straighten your hair?
How do you get scrunched waves in your hair?
i dont have a cap to streak my har. what else around the house can use as a cap?
Blonde Dip Dye Not Showing Up On Brunette Hair?
Do i look better with Blonde hair or Brown (pics) (: ?
do guys like really long hair?
whats the best straightener in canada?
how do i drastically change my hair color using fotoflexer?
Whats the best way to get rid of male pubic hair?
im a dude with long hair and every one gives me stick about it?
Do you like black hair?
How long does it take for you to straighten your hair?
What is the difference when doing this to ur hair?
Where can you sell handmade pinup style hair clips and flowers?
what sHould i do wiTh this??????????
How do you get your hair to look like this?
Box hair dye question?!?
Bush and Bikinis?
How much should you tip your hairdresser?
omg im finally aloud to change my hair colour please answer?
is it ok to use egg yolk in my hair?
Please suggest a good shampoo that will make my hair soft.?
what shampoo shall i use if my hair it falling out?
Does argan oil thicken hair?