Hey does any1 know any sweet** & simple hair styles?
How should I get my hair cut?
do you think girls look weird with long hair? ?
Short hair cut pics for thick hair?
Why do some girls nots shave/wax their mustache?
Okay so I want to get my hair cut.i have brown medium length hair.?
Would this hairstyle look fab or "ick" on me? (pics included)?
Girls, is back hair REALLY that gross?
First Day of School Outfits and Hairstyles ?
How do you do a corn row for a weave track?
How do i get bubblegum out of my daughters hair?
hair styles?
which are the main human head shapes???
Will I look stupid if I take a photo of how I want my hair to be styled like into the salon?
Is tresmme a good shampoo?
How long are you suppose to keep shampoo in your hair before washing it off?
What do you think? (pic)?
Look at my hair *pic* and tell me..!?
Do I look better with long or short hair? (pics)?
My hair is naturally curly and is pretty but it gets too frizzy, how do i tone down the frizz?
How to get super shiny hair with at home recipes? And how to get completley frizz-free hair?
Temporary black hair dye?
how can i keep my curly hair flat??
Brunettes or Blondes?
Which Color Pulse color is best for dark brown hair???
brown hair > blonde hair ?
Which hair style looks better on me?
what color should i dye my hair???
I want to dye my hair from black to have a blue streak arcoss my bangs/fringe.?
Hair growth ):!!!!!!!?
What is the best method of hair extensions?
What is the best brand of red hair dye that will turn your hair a natural looking bright red?
How bad is hair styling products (ie, hair gel) for hair loss?
What color hair would compliment me best?
HELP! i have a really special date coming up and my hair is a DISASTER i mean srsly!!!!!!!!!!!?
Help? I want to grow my hair, but I can't stop using heat!?
how much education is required to become a stylist or techician?
which hairstyle should i wear?(pics)?
Dying over lightened hair?
my husbands hairs are falling badly,some cheap remedy?
Black Hair Salon in Brooklyn?
Does the "Wash and Curl" shampoo really work?
does curly or straight hair suit me better?
What kind of haircut should I get?
What's a name for a hot guy with gray eyes and black hair that falls onto his face, slightly above his eyes?
has any body tried lemon juice on there hair before?
How to make my hair dye lighter?
When i get my hair straightened is goes kapooow?
want to dye my colour is brown.wat colour would suit?
When do you get better results? Straightening when hair is wet? Or dry?
do you think it's ok not to rinse out all the conditioner from my hair?
How can i stop my hair from breaking off and grow witbout cutting it?
Do you straighten your hair?
Is it bad to wash your hair everyday?
Is weird that a 12 year old is getting grey hair?
Can you mask a hair follicle test to pass it?
on which site we can try different hair styles,colours for free on our own face(picture)?plzzz help...?
How can I get my hair longer faster?
Read details -> hair style .?!?
How can I repair my damaged hair?
How should i style my hair!?!?!?!?!?
Am I damaging my hair?
do you think its bad?
How should I cut my hair? Or should I at all?
Am I a Ginger?? i dont think so?
Hair Emergency!!!?
What hair style do you call this?
can they help me please?
What should I buy to get curly hair like the dude in the pic below?
can candle wax, when dripped on hair, burn it away so it never comes back?
Poll: Which hair style do you think looks better: Curled or Straight?
Why white boy dont like nappy heads?
how do i make my hair look like a just from the beach look?
Points Best Answer ! I'd Realy Love Help :) Your Honest Opinion! Thanks :)?
is it easier to straighten ur hair wet or dry?
How do I get more volume in my hair?
What is the best dandruff shampoo for men?
where can i find robert cromean tee shirts for sale?
Would i look good with short hair?
i need a site that has good hair styles for homecoming?
are shampoos with sulfates really bad for hair?
Which heat protectant should I buy (For hair)?
Having trouble getting my naturally curly hair to look curly, not tangled; suggestions?
What Colour Should I Dye My Hair?
what is the best shampoo and conditioner?
I have a receding hairline and i'm trying to find a good hairstyle to fit my head?
Will Loreal's Dream Blond Oil effect brown hair?
which one is better?BLONDES OR BRUNETTE?
What color should I dye my hair?
wat do people think of mullets?
what color would you say my roots are?
help me it is so flat!?
Is there any way to get a subscription to hair magazine?
Does anyone know if there is a website for this?
what color is my hair?
do you hate Haig?
how do guys feel when they find out their girl has a weave?
Girls: Which hairstyle should I go with?
Im bored with my hair what should i do with it?!?
How to get hair like Rory Gilmore?? (help soon please?)?
I need a bair style. ?
If I color my hair today can I go swimming later day?
Why does my hair grow so fast?
Blonde Hair Or Brown ? (PICS)?
whats the best shampoo to use that isnt over 20-25 dollars a bottle? right now i use pantene pro-v?
I need a way to make my hair longer.?
Need formal hairstyle for in-between stage hair!?
light or dark hair? (pics)?
is there a website where i can upload my picture and try different hairstyles for free?
how can i heal my hair?
Is shorter hair (mid-back to necklength) easier to put into a neat, tight bun than long hair(waist/hiplength)?
LADIES ONLY: Which do you find more attractive on a man, long hair or short hair?
Blonde eyebrows, eyelashes?
what kind of comb should i use for my curly hair?
How can you promote healthy hair growth?
Cute Hairstyles? (Not Haircuts)?
What color should streak my hair with? (pic included)?
how can i highlight extensions?
Lynsey lohan pick a hair color?
why does everybody hate this hairstyle ?
should i go blonde [pic]?
Any ideas on cute up hair styles?
Should I get a pixie cut?
How to darken semi perm hair?
How to make hair grow longer, faster, and stronger?
can you use syntheic hair to braid if you use want romance curls?
what do you think of this hair style???
what do you think about japanese hair straightening?
Help me w/ my hair PLEASE?
Does pink hair match with dark brown hair?
ahh my hair is soo annoying! help!!!?
what color highlights should i get?
I'm wearing a black one shoulder dress. how should i wear my hair. thanks?
what color hair r u?
if i braid my hair dry tonight will it be crimpy in the morning?
Would going brunette suit me?
My Hair is 2 colours recently? dont know what to do with it...?
How do i get thicker hair?
what can i do with my hair in the summer?
Where do you buy klorane dry shampoo with oat milk?
what is the best thing to do to help your hair grow quicker?
Girls: straight, wavy, or curly?
How do you tell the difference between regrowth and when you need to re-perm your hair?
is it ok to shave pubic hair?
can a mullet ever be cute?
how should i get my hair cut?
Is it wise to wax one's face?
in which hair colour suits me better ?
what hairstyle do you think is best?
I put nair in my sister's shampoo bottle because she called me "the dastardly dungeon master" in front of....
does the shampos to grow hair really work??
Aussie Hair Mousse Review?:)?
where can i get my hair braided paisley or glasgow area please?
Does my hair suit me? [Pictures]?
How do you make poofy, frizzy, curly hair go straight without frizz?
Are there any products that will make a black woman's thin hair thicker and longer?
Is it normal for a teenager who is just turning 14 to shave?
Girls, Does my hair look better shorter or longer?
dyed my hair with permanent dye if i dye it again with a temporary dye will it turn back to my natural color?
Could I pull off platinum blonde?
Tree Braid Advice,Information and Help!?
Any medium layered side swept bang haistyles?
Can i dye my Red hair,Blonde?
How do you get your hair to grow? What can i do or use?
Fast and easy hairstyles?
Question about changing hair color with roots showing?
I have heard olive oil is good for hair.But i am confused as to which company is good.Please suggest?
are thinning shears bad for you hair ?
what's better in your opinion blonde or brown hair?
Advice for a greasy head?
i like how my hair is wet?
Which hairstyle would look better on me?
need help with curling my hair!!!!!!!?
Do you think I would look better as a brunette? Pic attached?
hair color?
Black hair + THIN blonde wig?
quest! 4 guys?
Would it be weird if I asked a barber/hairstylist if my hair is thinning/going bald?
I look like a guy with my short hair?
how do we say this haircut? (when hair are shorter above eyes)?
What is the name of Bobby's Salon in TOWIE?
Facial hair question- im a guy?
ladies:Do you like your men with or without facial hair?
Where can I buy Lowlights for my hair(DYI KIT)?
Should i get streaks in my hair or not and if i should what color should i get??!!??
i would like to know beauty parlours that offer excellent services in hair-straightening(temporary) in hyd?
Really Really good flat irons!(:?
what is ash blonde? , please help easy ten points, picture include.?
how to color my hair?
How to do this hairstyle?
How can I wash out my semi-permanent hair dye FAST?
Hair Care for Men?
Blonde highlights on an asian girl?
hello! i need photos of art/fashion models for free use. can you help?
what hair colour do teenagers usually wear know a days?
What's the best hair straightener for thick hair.?
I'm 16 years old and I want to grow my facial hair faster. Would I find results by using Biotin?
im allergic to hair dye does this mean i can't get my hair bleached blonde?
What hairstyle do you like better on women and which do you think is worse?
where can I find a big round brush to blowdry my hair with? Any good websites?
at fantastic sams how much would it cost to get your hair bleached and then colored?
how often should you wash your hair?
how can i use hair serum or vaseline to look my hair wet and curly?
my hair is really thin, how can i make it thicker and stronger?
the roles and responsibilities of a receptionist?
Your favorite product for frizz prone hair?
i have a mini afro. when i pick it a little of my hair falls out.?
I reallyyyyyyy need advice for my hair?
I'm planning on dying a streak in my hair, but I'm not sure what color. Help?
wat kind of hair???????????
How to stop my hair from having so much Static?
Should I get a Buzzcut?
why is my hair falling out? I have noticed more than normal hair in my brush lately.?
hair advice needed, please?
Im growing out my hair,is it bad to straighten it while it grows out?
how much damage will i do to my hair...?
how to you do a headwrap?
Is anyone else sick of Blonde jokes?
Do biotin pills really help with hair growth?
Is there a website that has current hair styles?
How to curl hard to curl hair?
Ginger it that bad?
How do I get rid of broken hair?
plz help me with my hair! im desperate!?
Where can I find something like this for cheaper?
how can I make my hair stringy?
Why am I loosing hair?
Where can I get TIGI straightening serum in Hong Kong?
is mane 'n' tail horse shampoo really good for our hair?
[pic included]what hairstyle would look good?
grow hair in 2monthS?
what color would be best?
do u think curly hair is better than stright?
If somebody has straight hair then will it also look good wavy?
Help! Damaged hair falling out with the roots attached! Is the hair dye responsible?
what kind of hair would probably look good on her? :o?
What type of cococunt oil should i buy?
4th of july hair,haha,read this!?
How bad is my hair loss?
I'm getting ready to get a new Flat Iron and I want to make sure I get a good one. Any ideas?
What do you think about this emo/scene hair?
Ginger hair - what can I do?
How would I do (a shorter version of) this?
how to make my hair grow faster?
Any one know of a good hair salon in croydon to get hair extensions?
Important curly hair questionnn!!!?
How schould I do my hair for school?
can i use manic panic and 30 volume peroxide?
What Were Your Experiences With Mane n Tail Shampoo and Conditioner?
What hair die would be similar to this?
What do you think of really short hair on girls?
how to get curly hair?
What would these bangs be called (pictures included)?
Girls Only: What is your favorite hairstyle on guys in general?
how do I style my hair like this?
I feel like a want to scream and cry?
What do I do about flaky Scalp?
Conditioner in hair dye kits ?
Does trimming your ends speed up the growth of your hair?
How can you naturally lighten your hair color?
What color should I choose for my hair?
Locks of Love question?
Am I cute?
How long can you leave directions hair dye on?
How doI stop premature greying of my hair?
what are cute styles?
How to make my hair grow faster(Things i can do at home with no/low cost needed)?
is there anyone with photoshop that can change the color of my hair from blonde to brown in one of my photos?
What are some good products for when you straighten you hair?
h0w to make SCENE HAiR coOL?
hair colorin while taking tamoxifen?
Does my hair look Korean/KPOP?
have you tried the lightening heat of Ma Evans?
why are people not satisfied with their natural hair?
What is the specific color of her hair? pics?
How to remove Scalp Plaque?
i need somone to change a pic of mine to a diff hair colour so i cn see what it looks like?
I need a good poem for fifth graders?
When and if you go bald or gray are you gonna do something about it?
Does this girl look better with short or long hair?
Hairstyles for boys that look cool?
how do u spike your hair perfectly???
if i took 15 inches off my lucious wavy red hair?
I'm in sixth grade and my mom won't let me straighten my hair?
How can i grow out my hair faster?
I need Shampoo/Product advice for....?
How can I get longer and thicker hair?
help me please!!?
I took a shower and for some reason my hair is VERY greasy. Why?
What is a good website to find hairstyles?
should i dye my hair caramel?
Will Herbal Essences Pin Straight Shampoo and Conditioner make my hair permanently make my hair straight?
Does male n tale make your hair grow faster ?
By looking at my picture should i grow my bangs or leave them?
LONG HEALTHY hair??????
I need some hair advice?
How do i prevent split ends?
Whats Hotter?
When my hair is curled what can I do with it?
I have blond hair but I want black?
How do you remove hair dye?
what can i do with my thick,long,curly hair?
What causes your hair to be damaged?
i already straightened my hair today but it has kinda gone back to its wavy state?
I'm planning to buy one of those hair straightening irons.does it damage hair?
I need votes!! Help me decide my new haircut!!?
hair dye question? (from blonde to browm)?
I have wavy hair just HELP!?
pic included of me,what color should i dye hair?
Just applied bleach kit to black dyed hair..?
Loreal EverSleek Finishing Creme?
Tips of my hair are springy?
Once your hair is cut can they take root elsewhere on the skin if they aren't showered off right away?
hair breakage disaster!!?
what colour should i get my hair (pics)?
Why dont Christians cover their hair?
does the name 'Vega' sound more like a little girl with curly brown hair or curly blond hair?
how do you u do this?
what color should i dye it? (pictures)?
Is that your natural hair colour?
best shampoo or conditioner to help my hair grow.?
Is there a website that shows how to style different hairsytles?
Should i get braids?
Is it ok to straighten my hair this much?
I just blew out my hair. How can I keep my hair from getting frizzy when its raining out?
girls, should i cut my hair back to short or keep it longish(picture inside)?
does anyone know the website that you can go to to donate your hair?
Can anyone tell me where i can get hair screws?
For dark brown/black below the shoulder hair...that is wavy/straight?
What can i use to make my hair curly?
How long will color fiend last if i wash my hair everyday ?
What is the hairstyle of james roday called?
Do you want an easy 2 points? I'm trying to get at least 40+ to answer this q! What is ur favorite hair color?
Whats the best product for keeping blonde highlights blonde?
Scrunch hair? Mousse or Gel?
Have anyone used Soft & Beautiful Botanicals Texturizer Kit on their hair?
Can I use Black Person Perm on My Hair???
HELP!!!!!!!!!!!! i need to kno whats my hair type is?
why are people not satisfied with their natural hair?
Wedding hair dye. im want to go plantinum blond but the tips of my hair are darker than the roots?
Short hair??
wht dya think of me hair??
The top of my head always smells bad, even in the morning after my night showers. Whats the best...?
what color should i dye my hair?
How can I make my hair healthy fast ?
Do ginger people die younger than those with different coloured hair?
Where can I find dominican hair care products in Chicago?
long hair for guys? or not?
Any spray or leave-in product can make my hair super silky and straight?
I want my long soft hair back help!?
hi everybody. another hair rut. help please?
how do you make your hair from thick to thin?
does it matter which conditioner you use to deep-condition?
help .. w/ hair color thanks!?
My hair has one wave in it and it looks really bad..ive tried to straightin it but no result...can anyon help?
after highlighting my hair can i color it a nice blonde to take away the orange-yellow tint?
Would I look okay with this colour?
Do I really have long hair?
Whats your Hair style preference?
What to do? ill answer yours!?
Question about "smoothing" hair products?
Does henna die hair that is natural brown and curly?? l?
I'm planning on dying my hair black?(pics included)?
i have no clue what haircut i should get for back to school.?
what should i do with my hairr?
is it true that you must cut your hair if you want it to grow more?
How to get rid of split ends?
looking for barve and creative hairdressers in this forum?
Should I wax my arms?
How to wear hair for Kings Island?
Everyone who sees this look here!?
Where can I buy "Flexirods" for my hair? (google them if you don't know what that is...) Thanks!?
How do you darken hair without dye. Nothing works.?
Best shampoo for stronger hair?
what color should i dye my hair(:?
Is it okay for a guy to bleach his hair?
hair up or hair down (girls ?)?
Need hair help!!!! humidity is killing my hair!!!?
how do i manage frizzy, poffy, mosturized hair?
If you bleach your hair once will it do much damage?
does my hair look better curly or straight? and why?
If i dye my hair pink and once it fades away will it leave my hair its regular color? or will it be different?
Does Axe Make Good Hair Gel/Pomade?
I am looking for a Call Center that has the ability to handel call for a hair color company.?
Can we get different texture, type hair if we shave our head?
Hairstyles for curly hair?
how can i stop my hair from breaking?
How long does ur hair have to be for extensions?
Should I go darker or lighter?
How do I get the red/gold tones out of my hair?? Help!?
dose this hair cut look hot?
Straightening hair- What am I doing wrong?
What are some ways you can tell that your hair is growing?
got my hair cut, how do i style it?
will this haircut suit me?
hair style should i cut like this?? pic?
Hair Problems!!! Girls I really need your help!!!?
How to style my hair like this?
Is it okay to swim while you have the Coppla Keratin treatment in your hair?
What's your favourite hair and eye colour?
Ladies which hairstyle is better? *Pictures*?
What should i do with my pubic hair?
Which looks better: Long or Short?
How do i get my boobs to grow naturally?
i want really blonde hair?
fastest way to grow my hair?
Any other guys with poofy hair ? Anyone know how to solve it?
how often do you wash your hair?
how do i make my hair grow longer, faster?
When you straighten your hair with a flat iron how long does it usally last ?
at what age should you start wearing make up?
How do I make this huge red scar thingy on my hair less red? :/?
What looks better?
What are the best make of straightners?
I Have Shoulder Length Naturally Curly Hair...What Are Cute Ways To Wear My Hair?
blonde or brunette?
Does a nose clip really change your nose?
what is hair loss and is there any natural way to cure it?
wash in wash out hair dye? go blond?
how do u mmake ur hair grow faster?
Boyfriend wants me to shave 'down there'?
What do you think of this hairstyle? -Easy 10 Points-?
Should I wear my hair up or down for junior prom (pics)?
Is it possible to slow down hair growth? PLEASE! THX!?
i have avery long curly hair and iam tired of it should i cut it very short?
I really want a buzz cut. Should I get one?
Why does my hair fall out? :(?
Dandruff treatment?
GIRLS! Can you tell the color of this hair?
Girls: Male beards, chest hair and so on.?
How to get this hair? Please help me?
I want to know how to get curly hair?
could my hair have really gotten longer or is it just all in my head?
What is the best shampoo for a women's hair?
what is the most vibrant bright red hair dye/color that is PERMANENT?
bleaching my hair gone wrong??!!!?
first day of college classes tomorrow .... natural curly hair or straight hair ?
Can mashed avocado be used as a hair conditioner? Why?
Please help,how should i.... ~~PICS!~~?
How to get hair from darkish/reddish brown to light blonde without bleach?
How can i get my hair into regular curls!!!!!!!?
Cute hairstyles for scene/emo hairstyles?
Do girls like long or short hair on guys?
How can I grow my hair 3inches by dec 31st 2012 10 POINTS BEST ANSWER?
demi/semi permenant dye?
Girls - Do you like guys with long or short hair?
Should I get highlights? (pics)?
How do you pick the right hair care products for you?
rough hair???
How to wax my chest and how long does it stay hairless?
how to make anime hair?
Growing Chest Hair?
is there a homemade leave conditioner recipe using olive oil that does inculde jojoba oik?
Curly and Frizzy Hair help?
Ever since i got a perm strands of my hair come out in the shower. What is it from?
Why is it Hard for Black Women to have Long Hair?
Does Anyone Have Pictures Of Scene Hair??
what color should i color my hair?
Embarrassing leg hair?
I need help with my hair. Can someone please help?
Skin Vs. Hair Question?
How can I tell if I have a cut on my head?
I'm cutting my hair tomorrow, any ideas on what I should do to it?
Question about Rachele brooke smith's hair colour?
I have naturally curly hair that frizzes in humidity, also fine hair. What product can I use on my hair?
Is my hair long? >>picture<<?
i need help with my hair life >.<?
For the Avacor users, can you give feedback?
how can i stop my hair fall?
Whats your Hair style preference?
what color hair do you have?
Stylists what levels of color and bases would you say is in this picture?
How many girls are natural down there?
Shall i cut my hair ?
How do u make my hair thicker? (im a boy with longer hair)?
do guys use conditioner?
hair? what to do it gets greasy?
any dandruff tips please....?
How can i make a good professional looking bun?
what do people put in their hair to get a mohawk?
how do u make your hair really curly without any heat after shower?
Would I look good with scene hair?
What is James g geordie shore haircutt?
Questions about hair extension feathers?
Hair vitamins?
How to get my hair out of my face when its down? Help!! =]?
go brunnette?
Do you like my hair better with bangs or without?
if u saw.....?
How do you get green out of blonde swimmer's hair?
should i cut my hair?
What will look better ?
Im a 16 yr old guy with long hair...?
ok, i want dye my hair white but i have dark purple/brown hair?
I accidentally got hair bleach on my hand how do I get it off?
what are some original hairstyles?
Things to do with curled hair?
girls who straighten thier hair?
(Male) Growing hair out!?
I'd like curly hair?
I am a 5 foot 1 inch male and need to find a good hair style?
what color should i dye my hair?
What kind of haircut should I get?
How do I go back to blonde?
Where can I get Emma Watson's headband?
What Color Is Your Hair?
Should I get a haircut?
What colour hair would suit me best? Picture!?
will long layers make my hair look shorter or longer ?
whats your favourite hair colour?
Hair problems lady's help me out!?
getting rid of dandruff?
Do i need red hair?????????????.?
how do i my hair like this?
need non-damaging highlights! help!?
Temporary highlights for my brother?
What can i do to give my hair more volume?
How to make hair shiny?
What color will look good on me: blonde, cherry red, or redhead?
what is AMICA, where can I find it?
Is it possible to lighten the hair on your stomach?
Can waxing cause premature skin ageing?
where can I find a place to purchase Sunsilk products in Houston, Texas?
When i straighten my hair do i absolutely NEED to spray it with heat protection or will it be alright if i dnt?
Worrying about hair???
Should I get a bang? (pix included)?
Where can I buy Vanessa Collection wigs in Detroit Michigan?
will roots lighten if I dye them after using lightening spray?
What haircut is this?
Help Me!!! What shade of blonde should I get for my hair?
Hair tattooing ideas?
Do you cut your own hair or do you visit a barber/hairdresser? if so why?
why is my hair shorter. my hair has gotten shorter after i looked in the mirror and was touching it?
Losing my hair! age 14?
A good hair straightner?????????????
I have naturally curly hair, but when I use a styler, the curls fall out? Help?
Any name suggestions?
Would these bangs look good on me?
Keeping hair flat on the sides (Men)?
how do i part my hair like this and style it just like this?(pics included)?
can anyone tell me some home treatment for dry hair?
how do i get that beach hair?
is game fun to ya cause they are to me?
I need some easy cool hair styles!?
Does anyone have any tips/websites on hair care?
I'm getting this hairstyle! What do you think of it?
Give my hair nice waves?
My hair looks H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E!!?
Whats your favorite Sephora Hair Product?
What shampoos and conditioners would be best for me?
What is a good inexpensive shampoo to use on colored hair?
How can I get my hair culry/wavy?
My hair locks together and forms gaps?
Im getting my hair done for prom, and I dont want the same thing everyone else will have...?
How should i cut my hair???? [pic included]?
Which hair color do you prefer?
Which haircolor looks better?
How to keep my hair straight?
i need a little boost of confidence and hopefully some advice.?
How do you bleach or make your hair almost white ....?
my hair is rough and wont manage to go in a shape?
i need help from someone who knows about hair color!! .s!! help!!?
Are you willing to lik me for who I am and my personality?
i shaved my head?
is there any good salon in Tucson that does ethnic hair( you know what i mean like black people have)
How can i make my Curly thick rough hair more smooth and less poofy?
What are straightening hair products that aren't greasy?
When will my hair stop falling out?
How can I make my hair grow longer faster?!?
How to get my hair to grow longer and faster?
How can I make my hair stay curly?
I WANT my hair like this?
Is leave in conditioner good?
Which haircut is cuter? (PICS INCLUDED)?
What is the best shampoo/conditioner combo for damaged hair that has been bleached two times?
ginger hair and i hate it help?
how to look after our hair properly?
Girls, what do you think of long hair on guys?
What the best product to use for breaking african hair and also enhance growth?
Should I brave it? Best answer = 10 points!!!!?
My hair is so thick that it takes 30 minutes to 1 hour to untangle. How do i get rid of my tangles????
What is your best tip for healthy hair?
I need straight hair(:?
how will my hair turn out if i put silver highlights in ?? (i have black hair)?
I'm 15, female, and losing hair...?
would it be dumb to take a picture to a hairstylist and tell them to do it like the picture?
what color is ashley tisdales hair? i really like it?
How to take care of black hair?
hi,i would like to dye my mustaches, plz tell me the sfest way?
Why does everyone HATE blondes? I mean come on it's just a hair color!?
How can I get my hair like this?
a question for guys....?
Why did my curly hair stop growing back?
Hair style suggestions?
Will stripping my hair color ONCE really do damage?
i'm thinking about dyeing my hair with the brand Color Pulse do I need to bleach my hair.?
So which vitamins should I buy to help...?
Where can I find these colors for my hair?
Will straightened curly hair extensions return curly after being washed?
Can anyone tell me some good websites for girls haircuts?
How to stop gaps in fringe?? (MALE)?
color oops worked the turns back to dark ! ?
I have developed severe hair lose, what do U suggest me to do?
Does L'Oreal Excellence HiColor (Permanent Creme High-lift for Dark Hair Only) really work?
Is this hair cool? (Pic included)?
i'm looking for instructional videos for black hairstyles?
which shampoo should I use?
My friend, who is a girl, wants to shave her underarm, legs, ad down there. But wouldn't the hair grows back ?
does mayo make your hair soft ?
need opinion!?!?
wat colour should i dye my hair?
should i cut my hair?
I have dry curly hair...Any ideas on a good moisturizer for my hair?
Hair questions & Split ends!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
How much do hair pro extensions cost?
How can i repair my damaged hair?
how to make my hair a rich burdandy colour?
Is It True If Your Take More Showers Your Hair Can Grow Longer ?
which hair color looks better?
Is it easy to put on clip on hair extensions?
Getting a haircut today....whats cute?
I am allergic to egg, can i still use it in my hair?
How do I keep my hair curled all night?
hair emergency!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Can you tell that I have extensions? [pics]?
How do I get my hair like this???(pics...)?
hair extension questions!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Does anybody know how to get rid of the burnt smell on your hair after you flat iron it?
what color is your hair?
Hair ideas for a dance?
would i look okay if ..?
Would you rather have curly or striaght hair?
Do girls like curly hair?
What kind of hair do you have?
Should I cut my my hair shorter(I'm a guy), or keep them a bit longer? (Picture included)?
My hair is really long (like 5 inches away from my butt.) and i want it shiny and smooth. HELP?
I want my hair to grow long?
Indie hair help! Pictures would help too. :)?
how can i make my hair grow faster?
how do you tell a girl without being mean that she needs to wax her upper lip?
Do You Appreciate Gingers??
What's the best haircut for my straight hair?
which is a better hairstyle for me?
what cute hair style can i put in my little cousins hair that wont damage it?
Where to buy bright hair dye in london?
Do boys alway look good when they are sassy??
Hair change advice?? (pics included)?
what kind of glue do i need for extension?
What solution do I put on my hair before giving it a steam treatment?
how long for a fauxhawk ?
short or longer hair on me (pics of both)?
How can I contain my frizzy hair?
i am looking for black beauty salon in melbourne or ballarat australia so i can get a relaxer?
when you go to school do you straiten you hair every morning?
People who have had there hair thinned out?
I am things of dying my hair and chaning my look.for a guy?
Hair Weave vs. No Weave?
Are bald men sexy?
Cheap Hair Extensions?
How can I get black dye off my hands?
Ladies...Which hairstyle do you like better on me (pic's)?
can you suggest me some good and cheap hair straightners?
How would you describe this hairstyle?
how do you get longer hair?
help!!! i just got my haircut and i hate it?
What are some tips and strategies to make my hair grow faster and longer?
How do I get my hair super-smooth?
I need to shave my pubes but I don't have hair clippers, is there an alternative?
My hair is not so thick anymore!!!!?
How often should you shampoo and condition your hair? ?
how should I were my hair for graduation?
Why does't body hair keep growing like the hair on your head?
If i shave up can it cut the root?
How do you get volume in your hair and how do you prevent your hair from falling out?
What is the best way to get at home hair coloring off of your skin?
why do man loves to see bald girls or girls with short haircuts?
How can i make my hair like this (picture)?
would this haircut be good?
I am a hairstylist and my ideal job would be to be a stylists for famous bands, how do I go about that?
What does it mean if you have hair on your breasts?
should i change my hair? (pics)?
Hair questions for people with Trichotillomania? Best tips?
Are there any good Scene hairstylist salons in Southern California?
Would this haircut look good on a guy with big ears/big nose?
I bleached my hair today and its falling out I want to dye it dark is it to soon? What will happen?
What hair color do you like better?
Can you use honey and oil treatment on extensions?
what is your favourite shade of blonde?
Can someone help me find this hair color ?
Which store has the better selection of Pomade?
Light of dark hair??
how long will my hair grow......?
Should i get streaks in my hair or not and if i should what color should i get??!!??
I lost a bet!! HEELP MEEE!!!!?
What are the best products for black hair growth?
Does my hair look korean/kpop?
my hairs r fallin much. gettin thinner. i dont use blowdryer or staigthnr n i m juz 21. plz help m tensed?
will the CHI TURBO hair dryer fry my hair worse than conair?
how to get many types of waves?
Is it possible to make my hair straight?
Side/front bangs. Photos?
How can i grow my hair!!!?
What colour should I dye my hair (pictures)?
How would you do this?
is long hair a turn off for women?
How can I get really straight hair and keep it that way?
how to get thick curly hair?
hair colour whats your opinion [pics] x?
How to curl impossible to curl hair?!?
wigs as a fashion accessory..good or bad?
What will make my hair grow faster?
how often to I have to wash my hair?
Help! I am 13 and my hair is falling out!!!?
how do you curl you hair by yourself i'm not sure how to?
Is it ok to dye your hair with a highlight kit from home?
What's my best physical feature? (PICS)?
what are the cause of hair loss?
I've got a few grey hairs, how to hide them or get rid of them please?
if i get extensions, by getting it braided, how long does it take?
My hair is very dry.What products should i use to make it silky and shine?
Are bald men proof that hair is redundant and would be extinct in future?
How to do Nick Zinner (of Yeah Yeah Yeahs) hairstyle?
Products for root touch-up?
Do girls like guys with short army hair cut or long hair ?
Do I look better with longer or shorter hair?
How to dye my black extensions to red?
I want to cut it ALL off, Should I?
How to keep my hair straight?
Would I look pretty with highlights? (Pics included)?
Any tips for growing hair to waist?
Has anyone tried that opti smooth?
What is your natural eye color?
Can a REAL stylist answer a hair question please!?
got browny red hair, how to enhance colour using makeup?
Best Highlight Color?
Haircut for guy with long/rectangular face?
what is the best hair straightener.............?
What a good product that causes you hair to grow fast?
What haircut would look good on me? What Hair color? (Picture included)?
what are the best products for frizzy .thick hair? shamp+cond Serums ?
what kind of brand is the best for dying hair?
How do I prevent that "ropey" frizzy look in my hair?
I would like to die my hair platinum blond, but I don't know if it will suite me, please look at my pictures
How Can I Spike My Hair Up?
i am a girl in year 8 and i get called names for my ginger hair i dont want to die it becasue it takes ages?
Can I pull this hairstyle off?
how to prevent oily hair?
Scalp itch?
How do I get my hair back to it's natural color?
Hair Disaster?
How do I braid/twist the back of my hair?
wats a good hairspray that wont leave u flakes?
How do I die my hair with Mio?
does anyone have a nice pic of brenda song's hair cut?
i want to get japanese hair straightening what is the best place in queens NY?
Cheap extensions for sew in's?
Chest hair grooming tips, what do I do with it?
Why my hair starts circling at a certain region near my forehead ?
how much does a body wave cost?
i want to dye the ends of my hair red when i turn 18 what do you think?
I was taking phendimetrazine and hair falling out now big clumps?
I am african -american I streaked my hair auburn. Ever since then it seems like my hair is breaking off. why?
Loss of hair. Not enough nutrients?
Which way is my hair the best? am i uglyyyyy?
Question about Hair\Perms\Hair Products? ?
Hair problems.. PLEASE HELP!!?
what can i do for getting long silky shiny hairs?
Blonde Hair Dye?
What Is your favorite Way of fixing Ur Hair?!?
How Does My Hair Look Best??????????????????????*PICTURES INSIDE*?
what color feather would look best with brunette almost auburn hair?
how many people like my new look.?
Cute prom hair ideas ??! Please answer fast?
Hair care: what can i use to make light/thin hair heavier?
How should I do my hair?
Can i perm my hair with organic root stimulator girls perm with highlights?
What do u think of this hairstyle?
Hair (pic shown) Please LOOKK!!?
Who else noticed red is the hair color in style (for girls)?
Will white vinegar work just as well as Apple cider vinegar as a hair rinse?
Do you like these jeans?
Should a guy wax his hair if its about 1.5 to 2 inches long?
How is this hairstyle called?
Whats better blond, brown, red or black NATURAL hair?
girls: do you use shampoo and conditioner?
What do you think? 10 points?
How do i make my hair do this....?
i just dyed my hair?
Can baking soda lighten hair?
What should I do to spice up my hair? (pic)?
1st day hairstyle for school?
I have hair loss due to: thyroid problem as well as severe Iron and B12 deficiency. How do I treat them?
How do you get rid of hair on your private parts?
how do you make your hair grow faster?
Has anyone heard of a curl treatment in professional salons, where I can have my curls shaped?
brown hair to blonde hair?
i want to dye my hair again its African hair?
What is the difference between these 2 CHI flat irons?
Hairstyles for curly hair?
why wash your hair EVERYDAY?
Unwanted body hair!!!!!!!?
POLL: is short or long hair better?
freestyle/micro braids?
Why do women not like facial hair?
How often do you wash your hair and why?
I had my hair cut yesterday and its too short help!?
Hair help!!!!!!! PLEASE HELP?
Can I dye my darker hair a ligher color?
help picking out a hair cut for me?
How can i style my hair wavy?its shoulder length long?
Did you see that?
Coloring extremely short hair?
An Alternative To Hairspray?
first dance hair! i need help! please!?
Be honest guys....blondes, brunettes or red heads?
reduce puffiness of hair?
Curly Hair??
how to curl my hairr?
Should I cut my hair?
I cut a little bit too much hair off and now it looks like I'm going bald?
Is your hair long or short .what is it now and whats your natural hair colour?
what color should i dye my hair?
What is my face shape? (male) for haircut?
Natural Hair Colour Question!?!?!?
Biotin for Hair Growth?
brazilian or bald,what do u prefer?
Naturally thick, wavy and fizzy hair?
What is the best hair straightener and where can I buy it? I don't care about price I want the best :)?
Is it just me, or does Britney Spears look hot bald?
What color should I dye my hair (pictures included)?
what color should i die my hair? i have red hair.?
Has any ever tried color oops? :)?
Can you change the type of "curly" hair you have?
help meeee !!?
I teased my hair last night..?
How do I put up my hair using a pencil or pen?
do you think its a good idea?
Is something wrong with my hair?Can't make a tight ponytail?
have you ever cut your long beautiful hair, short?
Is short hair really THAT unattractive?
i have red hair and im a guy... should i dye it?
What bugs live in hair other than lice?
Would you date a blonde haired guy?
are 24 inch hair extensions too long or are they attractive? who knows any celebrities that have 24 inch hair?
If I dye my blonde hair brown, will the regrowth be my natural blonde?
Why Does My Hair Smell Bad?
POLL: What is your hair color...?
Please help???? I have long strawberry blond hair and I need a new style.?
how can i bleach my hair with out bleach?
Should I dye my hair....?
Tutankhamun question for those in Philadelphia??
Do You like This Hairstyle?
Can i bleach my hair again if its already been bleached and dyed before?
How old do you think I look?
after baby birth my hair is falls how can i increse growth and thickness of hair anf my hair is falling?
good hairstyles for school?
My hair is so damaged?
how can i make my hair straight when its humid outside????
Should I dye my hair red? (PICS included)?
Hair dye help, asap please?
Should I cut my hair, or leave it long?
Natural Ladies: Why is my hair being so difficult lately?
If all people had the same hair color what color would you want that to be?
Guys tell me which one is better?
I have dry, damaged, dull hair?
What's this hairstyle called? *picture*?
Curling my hair???
What color hair does she have?
can you dye your hair over another hair dye?
what do i do with the roots of my hair after a quiting the relaxers?
My hair frizzes up after shower?
cute hair-dos?
When you wash your hair and put conditioner in it, are you supposed to rinse it out completely?
highlights......questions needed answered?
i had a bad chemical reaction to hair dyes, what can i do to color my hair?
where i can get VO5 hotoil treatment in india mumbai ?
why was my question about white hairstylist doing black persons hair perceived as racist?
how to get my hair like this or similar?
what to look for when buying a mannequin for doing hair?
How often to get a haircut?
should i dye my hair black?
Do girls like men's hair chest?
Any hairstyles for my thirteenth?
I want scene hair, do you think this is a cute haircut (pic included)?
Just bought a texturizer..?
do u think i would look ok with scene hair?
Do you trim / wax / shave down there?
Opinions on the 'Morrissey' haircut for a girl?
what is an afro?
i havelots of split ends & my hair is turning can i make it black naturally?
what kind of haircut is this?
What do u do if u have koolaid in your hair, and it won't come out, even after washing it?
Why is it that when i shave my legs, not all of the hair comes off?
At what age should I let my daughter dye her hair?
Where can I find a good barber?
Are you 100% honest with your hairstylist about the way they do your hair?
I straighten my hair?
What are th best straighteners..UK?
which looks better longer or shorter hair?
best hair dye brand for brown color?
How do I get my hair like this? Miley cyrus rocks it.?
What should I do to my hair?
Just another hair problem!?
should i get layered side bangs?
straightening irons?
What's worse for your hair...gel or hair spray?
I have brown hair and i want to dye it berry red?
i need to find a website that shows different mens hairstyles. i am tired of having the same one.?
best parlour in chennai for girls different haircuts?
Do you have to have you cosmetology license's to work at Sally Beauty Supply store?
I'm 13 & going to a formal banquet. What is a good hair style. I have a black dress. I am very tall for my age
Hair cut and hair length question help please(:?
how do i get rid of frizzy hair?
Is light brown hair considered blond or brunette?
how can i get my hair to look like this?
HELP with my hair i beg someone save me?
Where can you buy Moroccan oil hair products?
Has any one used the new herbal essence drama clean shampoo?
How can I get my hair to look like this? (Picture Included)?
How to do my hair like this?
should i dye my pubic hair green ?
How do you feel about yourself?
I am natural blonde. But I think brunette looks better.?
which bangs look better?
What does it mean when someone said (im natural, well ecept my hair)?
Am I a better blonde or brunette? (Pics)?
How to keep hair strong, clean and thick? I'm 15, male.?
Hair color... need help!?
Girls - what do you think of boys with long hair?
completly hair makeover, startover
what are some foods or anything really that can help your hair grow?
How Do I Get Rid Of My Big Forehead ?
What are your opinions on African American hair?
do women like men with braids or a clean cut?
Should I dye my baby hair? (.s)?
why do woman cut their hair?
Curious question , do i look better with or without facial hair? True thoughts may be articulated!?
Question about Long Hair Care.. Please Help?
i have black hair, and i want highlights..whats a good color?
im 20 i got grey hairs i want permanent natural treatment to make mine black forever?
Is chlorine taking off my hair?
is it unhealthy to not wash my hair?
does anynone put oil on thier hair after wetting thier hair?
How to curl / style hair best?
Hair color question please help ..?
How do you get straight hair to go curly?
should a man have long hair ?
How can I get my hair like this?
ladies personal question?
what color is your hair? Natural or dyed.?
How many of you out there have natural blonde hair and brown eyes?
how do you pin down a hair bun?
Blonde's or Brunette's?????
what's the best?
Why did my hair change colour naturally?
which shampoo and conditioner set would you recommend?
my scalp is getting this nasty stuff on it please help any docs out there???
WeLl CaN SuMoNe HeLp Me WiTh DiZ???
what color to dye my hair?
Dyeing my black hair, brown! Help?
What shampoo and conditioner do you use?
Is it rue that trimming your hair will make it grow faster and longer?
girls pleasee help ? (girls only !)?
How can I bring out my highlights slightly more?
help please?!!?!??!?!?!??!?!?
What color should i dye my hair ? Pic .?
What is a good hair gel product for thin hair ? (men)?
[PICTURES INCLUDED!!] If you could change my hair what would you do to it?
My hair is blonde on top and brwn underneath (t-bar) Would this hair style work?
Why do we lose hair? Give me reasons!?
Taking out curled hair extensions?
Help with hair colour. I want to go bright red!?
yasmin pills will it drop off ur hair?
This question is for all the girls out there! How should I do my hair? It is about to my boobs. Any ideas?
What to wear with curly hair?
How is it possible for my natural hair colour to change?
How much does it cost to Ombre/Partial Highlight hair?
Wig Shop near Seattle area?
how to ask my mom this?
Would I look good with scene hair?
how did eminem bleach his hair and didn't go bald?
How to get ashy light Blonde hair?
Does anybody know any No heat hairstyles?
Why do you guys have long hair?
what can i put in my hair to make it straight..?
How can I put my very long hair up?
What would you give as a tip for a $12 haircut for a man?
Singapore: Paul Mitchell Shampoo?
HELP! i need opinions on my hair color !!?
How Henna can be used to get the hair back black.?