Would I look good with this haircolour? [Pictures]?
wanna go for my hair highlighting. how many days it takes to regain original hair colour? any side effects?
whenever i do ponytail some 10/15 hairs at the front gets loose.i have curly toget straight ponytail
scene hairstyle help please!????
Will Bleaching My Hair ONE time damage it?
Blonde hair, yes or no?
In the eighties, did you have a perm?
Help with my bangs??
Hair Dyeing (Black to Brown)?
how can i solve my dry hair and from being frizzy???? HELP !!!!?
How can I make my hair grow? I recently trimmed the split ends && I now have layers (:?
what looks better on a guy, short sporty hair, or long flopy hair?
How to naturally darken brown hair?
can u give me a free website of different hairlstyles for my natural long curly hair?
Hairdressers/people with expierience in hair styling?
Do you perfer your hair up, or down???
Any suggestions on what products to use on Mulatto children's hair?
How to get this haircut?
Hair Gurus on YouTube with shorter hair?
my hair is very dry and thin it is also permed and colored are there any good products to add some moisture?
I need a good hair color?
Thick Hair?
what is this hair color called?
do you dye your hair???
why does it take so long for hair to grow?
What to do about LICE?
At what age should one expect grey, white, or awol hair?
Is she a natual blonde (pics)?
Dyed my hair dark brown now it's turning orange?
i bleached my hair, now it's REALLY REALLY dry?
has amy winehouse dyed her hair?
what kind of hairstyle should i use?
who should use sculpting lotions?
Statistically how much more common is long hair on little boys than in past decades and same for short hair on?
Guys, what is hotter? long hair, short hair or...?!?
why is my hair like this?
Whats the best way to get big boho curls?
At one point I had my hair colored red. LOVED IT!!?
How do I get that Christina Milian hairstyle?
my brothers mate keeps taking mick out of my ginger hair?
Just dyed my hair blonde, now what?
(pictures included) Do you think my red hair suits me?
How can I get my hair like this?
How to get my hair to look nice? 10 Points for best answer?
Tipping hair stylist AND hair washer?
Can anyone find a picture of this hairstyle?
What are some great hair products?
Is it MY fault I'm ginger?
What was the name of newton's hair style?
wat colour should i dye my hair?
I have extremely dryed damaged hair what do I do?
Have any women here ever waxed ??
Im really worried because of Hairfall & Dandruff...can anyone please help me out :-(?
What do I do. Please help?
How can I prevent uneven hair growth?
how old do u thin k i am?
Why are black people hair so nappy?
Looking for a free website..?
If weman could grow a beared would u grow one? And how long?
Is long hair for a man unprofessional for a high school teacher?
Hair dye??! orange over blue?
How do I lift black hair color and make it light brown at home without damaging it?
What hair should i get for my 16th birthday?
i have red hair, can i dye it blonde?
If i get my hair permently straightend will it damge my hair?
Husband hates haircut??? :(?
Does my hair look better long or short ? picturess---?
i want extensions! soo soo bad?
How to get this hairstyle? plz help 10 points?
What color should I dye my bangs?
Why do women not like facial hair?
my hair takes forever to grow?
How can i make my hair superrrrr curly?
Does Anybody Watch Hair Battle Spectacular..[[ATOMIC Fans!]]?
i really need highlights?
How can i stop my hair from breaking off?
Is it bad to tease your hair?
how can i get this hair style? kind of ( jheri curl)?
Does anyone know where I can buy a Maxi Glide Hair Straightener from in NC without ordering from the t.v.?
Getting Hair in to a Afro?
How would you describe this hair cut?
Am I allergic to hair dye?
How can I make my hair grow long quick?
Do you use a comb or brush on your hair?
How do you style a bob?
which is more professional facial hair or none at all?
Help! I don't know if I should shave my arms or not?
how do i get back my natural color?
Ladies....If Jessica Simpson Was A Hairstylist Would You Let Her Style Your Hair?
coconut oil for hair?
Deep red tips?
How to do cornrows in your hair.?
do you think this girl with red hair cute?
HELP!!!! My hair is impossible!!! Advice is appreciated.?
how long does it usually take for hair to grow? i mean if you cut?
Do you own a hair brush?
Curly or Straight? (pictures included)?
Do i keep my long dark hair with blonde highlights or go for the victoria beckham look?
Girls: What hair color do like best on guys?
I really want Scene hair, but I can't figure out how to get it.?
What do you think of wigs?
Should I braid my hair before I go to bed so that I'll have waves in my hair for picture day?
How can I "undamage" MY HAIR????
!.s. which last name suitable for a businessman?
i really want this hair? help?
I dyed the bottom half of my hair darkish blonde?
i can you get permed hair to grow faster and longer?
hair dye color? i dont know what to choose?
can i leav hair conditanar in my hair all day???sry 4 miss spell?
Best unnatural hair colour for my skin tone?
i have dark hair i want to get blonde highlights how can i dye it at home?
Should I dye my hair red? (with photo!)?
how can i achieve this look?!?
I feel like I don't look good with my hair down?
please recommend a violet black hair dye?
Curling with Corioliss...?
how do i curl my straight silky hair???
what are some good shampoos and conditoners for damaged hair that worked for you?
wanted to know about a black hair style called infusion?
what color should i dye my hair?
what blonde colour hair dye should i use?
Which looks the prettiest?
How to get rid of white hairs before it spreads? :(?
what do u think of this hair color? (PICS)?
Hair cut and hair style?
Should someone with black hair get blonde highlights?
how to koolade die ur hair purple?
difference between permanently dying and temporary dying your hair?
After I wash my hair and it dries it gets REALLY puffy and a little frizzy do u know a product to flaten it?
what can i do about my hair ?
What types of clues can be obtained through hair analysis?
Hairdressers Wages?
does anyone have a suggestion for hairstyles for medical assistant?
do you like miley cyrus?
How often do you get your short hair or long hair trimmed from the hairdresser?
What color should i dye my hair?
What color should i dye my hair!!?
do boys my age like it when a girl curls her hair?
Do girls care if guys have facial hair?
How to do this hair? (pic)?
will waxing help to thin out the hair when it grows back?
how do you curl your hair with a straightener?
When can I dye my hair?
is this good should i try it?
Can anybody tell me which company first manufactured the hair dryer?
why do black people have different hair from white people?
Dark-ish brown hair with black highlights?
how to get rid of pubic hair?
Year book photo help?!!?!?
I am 20 years old my hair is becoming white what can I do to prvent it.?
What colour hair does Nicola Roberts have?
What's the best hair removal cream around?
how do you get floam out of peoples hair?
Has anyone ever heard of the hair magazine called "Brave Portfolio"?
What is the best human hair weave for under $30 or $40?
Really cute Hair cut?!?!? s best answer =)?
Hairstyle help!?
hairstyle? please?
Do you prefer a blond or a red head?
First (real, not idk) answer gets ten points!!!?
would this hair color suit me (PIC) ?
How should i wear my hair for a homecoming dance?
Is it safe to dye my hair while pregnant ?
what hairstyle are quick are easy, i go to a private school so it has to be up?
my ten year old daughter wants blue highlights in her hair?
where can i get a straightener?
best way to get rid of head lice???
Is it MY fault I'm ginger?
what do you think when you see my picture?
what would you rather have, curly or straight hair?
split ends?
Does your hair dry naturally into the style you wear it day-to-day?
Dying my hair from light brown to blonde?
how should i put my hair it is long like to the botom off my ears?
I cut my bangs to short? what to do?
do i need a protein treatment?
for Girls with big foreheads??
If i blow dry and straighten my hair and im a guy does that make me gay?
clip-in extensions in Houston. where?
How to turn my thin hair to thick hair!?
how should i get my hair cut?
Any ideas for dandruff shampoos?
How can i get hair like louis tomlinson?
would anyone recommend a perm?
what vitamins do I need to take for healthy hair/stop hair loss?
i want to dip dye my hair but want to see it before i do it is there a website where i can do this?
Fun, cute hairstyles for shoulder-length brown hair?
how long does facial hair grow if you shave it everday?
Where can i get 6% peroxide and oxidizing powder to bleach my hair? PLEASE HELP!!?
urgent hair question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Is saw Palmetto helpful for hair growth or thinning hair?
What treatments/products/vitamins effectively give you MORE hair?
How can i keep my hair from getting oil in it?
Where can I get pure black castor oil??
how do you make ur hair grow faster?
where can i get proper permanent neon coloured hair dye in the uk, rather than semi-permanent?
What is red hair called? --10 points to the best answer?
Am I the only girl with short hair?
How to curl my hair that last for hours?
Whcih Hair style Should I Get For Prom?
whats wrong with being blonde?
looking for photos of short choppy or shaggy hair cuts?
How should I style my hair?
What are some cute, but simple hair styles for school?
how can i make my hair shiny?
Long Thick Wavy Hair?
What is a shampoo that makes men hair soft and gets any dandriff out and makes hair not look greasy?
How long till my hair grows back!?!?
I'm 13 and i'm getting white hair?
What colour should I dye my hair?
Will my hair go lighter?
What is your hair colour POLL:?
Do you like straight or curly hair best?
How to grow hair faster?
Should I cut my mullet or let it grow?
how to to my hair in a pony tail ??? but is really short ?
hair emergency!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
how do i really volumize my hair when straightning it.....without bump-its?
Is it bad to take a shower 2wice a day?
I need to new and different hair styles my hair is boring and i want a change?
Hair styles that would fit my face structure? (Pictures included)?
does my hair look better curly or straight?
I need pics of girly faux hawks.?
Curly or straight hair? (pics)?
Whats the name of the new curling iron as seen on tv?
How do I make my hair wavy?
can someone tell me a site to go to to find a chi cheetah print straightener to buy?? ?
What is too short for a lady?
How to go dark blonde at home?
pictures of side swept bangs ?
Would brown hair suit me better?
Would I suit blonde hair? Picture Included!?
green hair to red hair ?
Do you think this hair colour is ginger?
what are some cute but fairly simple hairstyles?
Curly pixie hair?????
Kanekalon wigs in the rain?
question for hair dressers!?
I have very long thick hair and have to brush my hair a lot to avoid lots of tangles, I need a new brush ?
What is a good product to curl straight hair that can substitute for an actual perm?
my hair are dry , curly nd thin. So which shampoo of matrix suits me best?
horse shampoo; does it really help hair grow?
why do young girls try to grow up so fast?
I'm african American and i want to know how can I get curls without using a iron or going to the hair dressers
How do I curl my hair?
Im 15 and my HAIR is FALLING OUT?
(Please please please answer) How can I get this hair color?
i have a short curly black hair.i tried many oils,but its not growing.what to do?
im starting to get alot of split ends?
How much does getting hair stripped and highlighted at the hair dressers cost?
My hair is flat what should i do with it ?
where does white hair come from?
how to prevent hair from getting frizzy.?
what is the life expectancy of an eye lash?
How can I grow my hair another foot?
bumble and bumble thickening spray?
What Hairstyle Can I Use?
How do i get kesha hair?
How do i get winged hair?
How to mantain a mini afro?
I want about 4 tracks in my hair. How do i make it look like my natural hair?
Can any teen girls help me with me hair?
i just got highlights?
today i bleached my friends hair...?
I have just dyed my hair from brown to red ! Can I dye it back to brown straight away as do not like red?
How to get Hair Less Frizzy?
Should I cut my hair shoulder length? My hair is long brown and wavy. People love it long.?
Am i the only person who doesnt really like straight hair?
Can anyone cornrow my hair?
Round face middle part? yes or no?
Making baby/toddler headbands?!!?
Recently more of my hair seems to be comeing out than normal when I am in the shower?
Which shampoo is better DOVE SHAMPOO or GARNIER FRUCTIS??
What color should i dye my hair?
Which hairstyle should i get?
Is my hair absolutely gorgeous?
can i sell my hair?
after you starighten your hair?
How often do people wash their hair?
Tips for growing afro.?
Which hair colour is between natural and crazy?
i have hairs on my chin,plz give suggestions to remove it?
Can anyone help me decide on my new hair cut?
Are Side Bangs Hard To Take Care Of ?
Curly or straight hair? (pics)?
Girls (and guys if u want) do I look ok with short hair?
would i look okay if i died my hair blond?
Where can i get the...?
Curly hair or Straight hair? Your Choice?
What is scalp blushing? How do you get it?
what color should I get highlight? gold or pink?
Is it true that women wake up with beards on their 40th birthday?
Can u put both serum and heat protectant in your hair at once?
Do you like this hairstyle?
what do u guys prefer? Natural or fake blonde? Y?
Heeelp! Would my hair look bad black? ?
can you use syntheic hair to braid if you use want romance curls?
Will wearing a ponytail make my hair grow slower?
hairstylists help me~!?
what is the best remedy to grow your hair in the temple area?
i am white and i want hair extensions- long hair braids.?
what looks better, sleek straight hair or big loose curls?
Do you wash and style your hair before going to the hairdresser?
Help! I am 24 and losing my hair big-time! Any inexpensive ideas to stop the hair from receding?
which side do i part my hair on?
are neat twin hair plaits a great choice for an 8th grade girl ?
How do you keep a roller set looking fresh?
what can i do with my hair [photo included]?
How can I grow my hair faster longer?
My hair is naturally curly...?
What's the best DIY hair coloring for hair professionally colored (base w/ highlights, blonde) 2 mos ago?
Getting my haircut. Should I get one of these? Or any ideas? 10 points)?
My hairs about an inch below my shoulders, how long do you think it'll be by April/ June time?
What products do i need to Bleach my hair?
what would you do if...?
how to install utip hair extensions if you haven't got the wand?
What is this hair colour?
What should I do about my hair for wrestling?
Need ideas for a GOOD conditioner that won't reck my hair. Help!!?
What is the fastest hair will grow/when you can see a change?
I bought the veet hair removal spray but nothing is coming out of it? What should I do?
Good haircut for asian men?
What are your opinions on mutton chops?
I am mixed and my hair is like black ppls hair n me n my mom don't know what I can do to get it straight.....
Do you know the address of GHD, Babyliss and Chi straighteners?
Hot or not?????????????
I'm a ginger. How can I dye my hair with koolaid and have it turn out brighter?
What kind of haircut should i get?(pic included)?
should a man have long hair ?
my hair! is short!!??!!!!!?
People with naturally curly hair: How can I get my hair too look like this?
Which hairstyle looks best on me?
Dying hair twice in one day...?
how can I make my hair stand so stiff? like a hedgehog :D?
curly hair help:( night time wear?
i want to lighten my dark brown hair w/out highlights or dye. what should i use?
when do u think a girls hair becomes too long?
Best way to reduce dandruff?
Who has Dreads?
Help! Which of these hairstyles looks best on my face shape?
I have dark brown curly hair and i would like to get to get hilights. Im thinking light brown?
my hair falls just below my hips and ive noticed its stopped growing....?
I wanna dye my hair a natural color without ammonia?
Ladies: What length of hair do you like on a guy?
How often do you wash your hair?
How should I wear my hair with a poodle skirt?
My stylist cut my hair WAY too short help?!?
Dying and bleaching hair?
what hair style is better ?
Does My Hair Look Really Strange To You [Pictures]?
What looks better with blue eyes, blonde or brunette hair? and why?
Melanın makes lıght haır?
Does any one know of a stylist in the flint or ann arbor area that is really good with emo/scene haircuts?
Types of permanent straight hair?
I need to get my bleach blonde hair back to my natural color, light brown. how do I do this pretty cheaply?
Hair help please answer?
Brown or blonde hair?
What uk hairdressers could do this style?
What looks better with girls hair down or up?
How to convince my parents in bleaching my hair?
Is it safe to color my hair?
What do you know about hair?
How do I get my orange highlights to be blond?
how can i get my hair to dry nice?
- Hair Color Ideas???????????????????
I Really Want Big Hair!?
I'm a mixed woman B/W and need a hair cut where can a find agood hair style?
how do i get my hair like this?
For high school and college girls only...?
Blonde hair help please!!!?
Girls, Do you get an orgasm when you use Herbal Essences to wash your hair?
should i die my streaks purple?
Shaved my
What is this hair style called?
I have jet black hair and I wanna make it blonde?
What are good products to naturally straighten your hair?
Crochet hooking dreadlocks?
How do you like my hair best? [pictures]?
Hair Help, I Have pictures.?
How can I get rid of dry,frizzy hair?
What color would work for me?
How do you grow your hair long in a short time?
this is kinda embaressing but do you know how to shave your pubic hairs without getting bumps.?
the hair dresser butchered my hair !!?
hair extensions? would anyone recommend 'tantrum' ?
For the ladies..... Do you prefer a guy with spiky hair or regular hair.?
how do u deep condition hair?
What are some good hair care products for natural hair I can buy from the store?
Is Loreals casting creme gloss semi permanent?
how healthy/unhealthy is it to dye your hair naturally with plants?
Please help me. I've bleached my hair but it's gone bright orange and I have a job interview on wednesday.
Sticky curly hair problem?
I want my bangs to look like this. Help?
How much would it cost to get the tips of my hair dyed at a salon?
What color would you say my hair is?
Can you get your hair chemically straightened if its already pretty straight?
I'm scared to go to school after cutting my hair!?
how to flat iron my pontail so it will be humped?
I am black... I orginally had hair past my shoulders I tried to go natural and all my hair fell out...?
What is the best way to control hair fall?
Hair Care...........?
What are some coll haircuts for medium lenght, thick hair?
How to I hydrate a heat damaged human hair weave?
How to hide dyed hair?
so i got a perm now my hairs curly how do i style it?
How can I prevent my hair falling out?
i need a good shampoo for hairloss without harsh chemicals any good ones out there?
Ways to make your hair grow really fast!??!?
Should I dye my hair black? (Pic included)?
Hair Question-Dead Hair!!?
what is the color of ur hair right now?
is it safe if i wash my hair twice a day, then condition it? everyday?
Where can i buy Special Effects Hair dye?
What hairstyle would look good on me???
HairDo Extensions?
does anybody know where i can get nexus therrape shampoo for cheap??
how to live with curly hair?
Is alot of hair supposed to come out with the brazilian hair extensions?
Which product should I use to dye my hair?
Aquage hair product?
hair dye???
Seriously, what kind of haircut is this?
Should I let my pubic hair grow?
Scene Makeup/hair?
what can i use?
What are all the products that you put in your hair? In what order? What accessories do you use?
Whats the name of that hairstyle?
Hair? Im bored with it! Pics included :)?
when i shave my face the hair comes back very quicly after 5days theu are back again!?
Does having extensions help your hair grow?
If i use bleach for the first time will it damage my hair?
Do you believe you can get the model-like hair which is showcased in the ads? What do you feel about it?
natural hair hilightining?
Does my friend look better with long or short hair?
Can I wah my hair with shampoo only?
How do you put in hair extentions?
At what age should I not have long hair anymore?
help with dieing hair clairol natural instincts?!?
please help me relaxed hair?
My Hair is soooooo boring! (photo)?
Hair extensions.....?
Can a Cosmetologist set their own hours? This is what I would like to do. Thanks?
how can i not lost alot of hair?
My hair is falling out big time!!!?
I'm bald and too cheap to buy a toupee, what can I do?
what you doing at present now ?
should I dye my hair brown (its blonde now, pic included)?
How do I know which hair style suits me. Are there any consultants?
I want to dye my hair with grape Kool-Aid, help please?
Does anyone have any good shoulder length hair styles or hair cuts?
What oils or creams help your hair to grow?
How to make my hair curly once again ?
Curly hair cuts?
What is a good conditioner for the hair, I have naturally curly hair.?
Should I wear these to the show tonight?
I need cute hairstyles for long thick blonde wavy hair?
I want Zayn from one direction hair.?
Do i look better as a blonde, or a brunette?
Would you rather have hair or eyebrows?
where can i get a good hair straightiner?
Can Any One Tell Me The Name Of The God Of Hair.?
How to style hair withOUT heat?
how can i get my straight hair to have full pretty curls? ive tried using mousse(sp) but it really doesnt work
Which hairstyle looks the best???[Pics]?
Is it safe to dye my hair while pregnant ?
Selena Gomez hair????????????????????
Are showers bad for you?
how do i grow my hair long?
Does all at home blonde hair dye have bleach in it?
Poll: What's your favourite hair colour and why?
what are the best straightners out there?
i have brown hair and they are very dry.wat should i do to make them soft and shine?which is the best shampoo?
what facial hair style should i go with?
Which Hair Dye should I use???
im 38 with complete silver/grey hair should i dye it back to near its original colour or is that to vein ????
What differences do any of you black women out there find in relaxers vs flat ironing?
Is it okay to bleach hair twice in one day?
Do girls have hair on their legs?
My hair is light brown with dark blonde roots- How to dye my hair light blonde correctly?
What hairstyles an I style with this haircut?
If you rip out your eyelashes, do they grow back?
Is it okay to wash long hair every day?
How do I repair my hair so I could grow it?
how should i get my hair cut?
What website can i go 2 to see what i look like with a different hair color?
Question about back hair.?
Is it necessary to use conditioner on your hair?
Should i die my hair?
Is moose better than gel?
What dose mayo do for my hair?
Wearing Hair extensions during rain?
how do i get my hair to look like this?
just dyed my hair yesterday?
Damaged/ burned hair!? help?
why does razoring your hair make it split ?
When dying black hair to cool brown what professional lifter do you use?
do guys like long or short hair?
Hair Straightening (Answers Only from ppl who had it done please)?
making my hair thinner...?
which side do i part my hair on?
Cute prom hair ideas ??! Please answer fast?
Any ideas how i can style my hair like hers?
Un-dye-able hair? HELP?
where can i find leafy herbs?
Is there a certain side a side swept fringe should be on (left or right) for females?
Does anyone know how to separate curls?
Can you curl natural curly hair?
how old do u have 2 be to shave?
Bleach and dye?
Is it bad to never have your hair cut?
what's a good shampoo for frequent washing?
How much longer does Manic Panic's AMPLIFIED forumla last in comparison to the classic cream?
I'm naturally blond, what color should i dye my hair if i wanted to?
plz plz help?
Hair styles for guys with curly blond hair?
Will straightened curly hair extensions return curly after being washed?
Best way to get remove of public hair?
What can I do to my hair when it's wet overnight, that will be easy in the morning?
to the women. do u like a guy with long hair or short hair?
How to do you do kinky twists? (no weave.)?
How do i get a salon color out of my hair please :(?
I bought curl shaping gel and it leaves my hair crunchy/wet looking. Not what I wanted. Ne way around it??
Should I Go Blonde Or Stay Brunette?!?
how to make a simple korean hair for boys?
I Bleached And Cut My Hair What Do You Think ?
How can i grow a fringe with think hair (male)?
Can i use glue in my hair?
How to do this hairstyle?
should i get my hair cut like hers?!?!?!?!? picture of me inside?
What is the longest a black girl's(relaxed) hair can be????????????????
manic panic isn't working for my hair.. help!?
Problems with my hair?
what color should I dye my hair?
chocolate brown hair color...yay or nay?
How to get rid of upper lip hair?
what wax or hair gel is the best for the messy look that doesnt make ur hair so hard that it looks like spikes
Curly hair or straight? (pics)?
Red Highlight what color low lights?
Is temporary hair color temporary?
how do I make my hair grow long and fast?
which style is best, (pictures)?
Hair Loss makes women less attracted to men??? why?
can i put hair dye on top of dyed hair?
How to make hair dye fade?
Would lightest blonde hair look nice on me?
What are hair extensions called?
Is there a siter or a program that I can buy to see what I'd look like with different hairstyles and colors?
can you put hair moisturizer and grease at the same time?
how can i get longer hair?
how can u get ur hair soft?
I need help transitioning without cutting!?
how do i tease my hair?
how do i do nubian knots and what do i secure them with?
do guys care about a snail trail on woman? only small but so embarrrassing?
i have frizzy hair how to get rid of it?
did any one used hair revive 5 natural defense hair vitamins? If yes did it worked for you?
What's the difference?
pin straight hair?
Uhm, hello, I'm wondering whuht to do with mi hair?
What hair color should I dye my hair?
is olive oil for frying can i put it on my hair to make imy hair longer ?
Grow my hair in 2-3 weeks?
how can i make my bangs lie flat?
my hair is curly and dry iwant to make straight is it possible?
does eating eggs everyday help your hair grow faster?
Survey: have you ever died your hair?
While i grow out my hair what is a good way to style it to keep it out of ky face?
Does our diet affect our hair health?
What are dreadlocks??????? Seriously, I dunno what they are.?
What happens to women's hair if Permanent Solution is left on too long?
how to make big hair?
Hair Loss - I am too young for this ((((( ?
I need hair help?!?!?!?
could i pull off this haircut? pics inside?
What colour do YOU think I should dye my hair? *Photo*?
Should I cut my hair like this ?
What does tom cruise put in his hair?
What hair colour should I go?
Different hair styles on youtube. LOOK!?
how can i get my hair like this?
Awesome emo hair dyeing ideas?
Why do boys tend to not like short hair on girls?
Do I look anything like Taylor Swift?
How can I get all the shampoo out of my hair and not have it feel chunky?
What Hairstyle Should I Get? (Male)?
Any recommendations for an electric hair trimmer for your head?
what are some cute hair styles that would look good on me.? nothing too short&pics included.(:?
i'm a african american...and i can't do nothing with my hair...perms don't work, when i hot comb it only be
Is the product Sun-in a dye and does it significantly change the colour of your hair?
How can I make my black hair to before silky and smooth?
Is it strange to see an Asian male with blond hair???
What colour should i dye my hair (PICTURES INCLUDED)?
can someone tell me a site to go to to find a chi cheetah print straightener to buy?? ?
Girls Please: What kind of hairstyle do you like best on guys? Thanks!?
Dying my hair a crazy color?
How can i do my bangs?
i had my eyebrows done pencil thin some time ago.but it makes me look can i grow them back neatly?
what are some good ways to lighten your hair naturally?
Do i look better with straight or curl hair? *pics*?
What age is too old to wear your hair in pigtails?
what the hell is going on?
what are some really easy hair styles besides a pony tail that i can wear to skool but i can still look cute..
alot of leg hair , need help ?
Have you ever cut your own hair?
How to get wavy hair by braiding?
Okay guys do you really like blonde's more then brunettes?
I want everyone's honest opinion (especially guys)?
has any1used gliss hair products on their hair and does it repair hair and really work?
how do you win a agrument with a ***** who think she knows it all?
How can I make my hair heavier?
What do you think about my new hair ?
Curls won't hold?
can anyone tell me wht haircut does vanessa hudgens has ?
Ever heard of "Fast Grow" hair vitamins?
Curly hair...............?
Should I bleach my roots at home?!?
how do i make an egg wash so my hair can stand up?
What colour hair do I have?
Do you straighten your hair...?
lightening hair with lemon juice?
Alternatives to hair bleaching?
How should i get my hair cut? (pic)?
anyone ever use bindi hair assecories and how do yu attch them to hair?
straight hair...want wavy?
Can anyone help me find pictures similar to this girl's hair color???????????????????????????????????…
How do you make your hair grow faster really long?
how to curl a boys hair..?
help?? hair!! boys and girl opinions! 10 points?
Should I be scared to do something extreme with my hair?
do you like my hair+sidebangs?? [pic]?
would this pixie cut suit me?
how do you spike ur hair?
i need help my blonde highlights look a little yellow I want like a platinum blonde,?
how do you strengthen hair?
What do you think of this hair color?
how can i stop my hair from poofing up and being frizzy?.....i have a lot of fly aways and im tired of them?
Is it worth it to have your hair dyed by a professional?
hair styles for teen male?
dyed red to blonde....?
what hair cut should i get please be spicific.thanku?
Should I bleach my roots at home?!?
How to tame my frizzy hair into waves?
I cut my bangs really short and I don't know what to do?
i have a hair 911?
What developer should I use on my hair?
Ways to make your hair healthy after dying it to much?
How long will it take me to get a fro?
what do people have against red heads??
Growing My Hair (:?
curly hair not being crunchy!?
where can i find a picture of a black girl?
Tresemme curl care- supposed to make hair crunchy?
best hair gel to make my hair stand straight up?
Sock bun hair style?
My hair is Black with blondish highlights?
Chi spray or Biosilk? What is better?
How to grow hair faster?
OMG I Just Dyed My Hair Pink (Pictures)?
I have brown hair want to go blonde, but..?
has anyone use m-t-g for hair growth ,did it work?
I want to dye my hair. What color?
what color should i die my hair?
My hairs flat and boring any ideas?
Bleach disaster!! My hair is falling out and it's fried!!!!?
How do I get my hair like these girls
my hair is very damaged. how can i help it get healthy again?
What should I do with my hair? help!?
Why Am I not supposed to condition my sewn in weave when I wash it?
Should I dye my hair? Picture included?
Does this hairstyle suit me???? (pictures)?
hair dye not working!?
would it suit me ? (pic)?
how should i get my hair cut?
If you use gel, do you have to wash your hair everyday? Whats happens if you dont. Will your hair comeoff?
is there anything i can do to make my hair grow a lot faster?
i need help?
I have shortish hair (above the shoulders) and was wondering how to do like a surfer hairstyle?
Can you wash synthetic dreads?
What colour is this hair?
Eyebrow dying?
do hair skin and nails vitamins work?
Can I get a mullet if my hair is wavy?
for guys only!!!! do u like blonds or brunets better??????
Hair Do's??
bleaching my hair, should i dye the eyebrows?
How can I make my hair grow faster?
Would this work for my hair?
Should Bald men wear a wig?
What color would this dye make my hair?
Any guys out there that pluck their facial hair? If not, how long do you think it would take?
should I dye my hair first before getting it trimmed and conditioned?
Blonde hair or brown skin? opinions please?
Should I go brunette?
do you know guys that can French braid very well ?
Would I look pretty with dreadlocks...?
What color should I dye my hair?
Garnier frutis anti frizz serum?
whats ur fave curl enhancer hair product?
what hairstyle do u like better ? CURLY OR STRAIGHT ?
Should i die my hair blonde and get extensions?
Is there any possible way that I can get my hair to look like this?
Do you like my hairstyle?
Can I blow dry mousse into my hair before using a curling iron?
Help finding a shampoo that makes hair shiny?
How long should i waitafter dying my hair with permanent?
Haircut for small, oval face and small forehead?
hair regroth treatment?
Extension Hell (:?
Do i look better with neat or messy hair?
why do i always have greasy hair ?
How can I get rid of oily hair?
Is there a way to change my hair color from red brown to just brown?
is it ok to have short hair and only 2-3 split ends, will hair still grow?
What's The Best Shampoo/Conditioning Product?
How I can get hairstyle and color?
what can i do with my hair???pics included!?
How do I use my Chi Flat Iron effectively?
New Straightener! I am asking for one for Christmas... which professional brand is best?
hair & eyebrows matching???
Tips for making your hair grow quicker?
Dyeing my hair?
Loreal Hi-Color in Intense Red on all the listed things done to hair? Please help!!?
How do I explain this hairstyle to my Hairstylist to cut it this way? (PICTURES!)?
how do i unparten my hair it has a line goin striaght down my head???
How do I get my hair silky and straight?
How can I convince my parents to let me buy hair extensions?
I really want to do something with my hair?
HOW do I get my HAIR LIKE THIS (pic)?
what should i do to look better? (with pics)?
How to do scene girl hairstyles?
what makes your hair grow faster?
how to stop my hair from breaking or falling?
How can I get my brown hair blonde?
could i pull this haircut off?
I was wondering how much you pay to get your hair highlighted?
Why is my hair green?
Help! Dyed my hair bright red?
How do you get hair like this?
Why won't my hair straighten..?
how do you style your hair like this [picture]?
I am 'bout 15 and need to straighten my hair?
how do i get back my natural color?
Omg Im So Depresseddddd about my hair?
Hair Coloring?
Rihanna red hair, Affinage B red. need advice!?
what do girls think about guys who grow their hair out below their shoulders?
should i dye my hair black instead of dark brown to avoid the color fading faster?
easy hair styles????????????????/?
What do you think of PHILIPS hair straighteners?
What do u think (PICS)
A "diffuser" on a blowdryer for straight hair?
If Black Hiar was bleached and Hot pink was appplied why didn;t it com out Hot pink it's faded pink?
Hair colour problem!?
my daughter is a natural blonde, she dyed her hair brown. It has a green/gray look, how do we get it out?
Hair problems my hair looks dry!? Help?
What's a good hair product that promotes fast growth?
Do you like my hair color? does it look okay? (pictures incuded)?
generally do guys like curly or straight hair?
green eyes/fair skin(pink undertones)... Hair color suggestions?
how should i wear my hair for easter?
What should i do with my hair?
would dark auburn be okay hair color to pick or wash me out,?
how do i straighten my hair without frying it?
Womens facial hair question?
How to get straight hair?
This Dress This Hair = (: or :(?
Can someone tell me step by step how to "knot" my hair once I braid my hair in micro braids. I call myself "Kn
how to look girly with very short hair/boy cut?
Is it bad to shampoo hair everyday?
How To Talk My Mom Into Letting Me Dye My Hair?
i have long hair and am thinking of cutting it.?
What's a good STRAIGHTENER to use?
i want to get a hair cut but i dont know what style to get it cut?
how should you shave down there?
how do i tease and add volume to my hair?
Where can I find wigs store in Davao?
Haircuts for girls - helppp !?
Splat Hair Color help...?
I would like to get the simple scene hairstyle?
Stripping Dye From Hair?
greasy hair...NEED HELP PLEAASEEE!!!!?
Girls, would you date this guy?
Would straight across bangs look good on me?
a question about hair braiding..?
Does Vaseline really make your eyelashes grow?
Should I cut my hair? [pictures]?
can you have ur hair bleach blonde in hairdresser?
Is this a good straightener? [pic]?
what's the best way to straighten black people hair?
Girls Only - Should i get a haircut or no? (PIC INSIDE)?
Why Do Guys...?
Why do guys like Blonde's better ?
should i dye my hair black instead of dark brown to avoid the color fading faster?
My Hair is like a flag with colors, all i want is to go back to my natrual color,anyone know how?:)?
For guys, is there something you can spray in your hair to make it stay in place when it looks good?
whats a good science project for 8th graders with the topic hair? any fun girly things?
Which hair color looks better? With pictures?
what color hair do you like best on me?(pics)?
does hair grow faster if you dont use a hair dryer or straightener?
What's the best grocery store shampoo?
how should I do my hair?
Will frequent tion cause more hair growth on the legs and underarms?
can i go swimming the day after i chemically relax my hair?
Should I get the SEDU flat iron / hair straightener?
Which are the best hair straighteners? GHD or SCP?
is it bad to put olive oil in your hair ?
what colour should i get my hair (pics)?
What can i use to make my hair grow?
What is the difference between dying your hair at a beauty salon or dying your hair yourself at home?
Do bald people wash their head with soap or shampoo?
Is it MY fault I'm ginger?
shall i dye my hair darkest brown or black.i want a change?
Cotton candy halloween costume? Hair/makeup?
Shall I cut my hair short?
Need help with haircut name?
What does it mean to "push your hair up"?
Shaving Head?
Professional hair advice?
If I get my wavy hair chemically straightened will I still have to "touch up" my hair with a straightener?
can i use a normal cooking olive oil in my hair?
Would my hair look good dark burgandy brown?
If I have short banges, in 2 months from now will my banges be longer?
What are the best hair straighteners?
My hair is so flat. Tips? 10 points! :)?
I'm a guy with Blonde frizzy that sexy?
why should you not use a relaxer after highlighting ethnic hair with bleach within two weeks?
What does it mean to tense hair?
i need a unique and fun name for my new hair salon.any ideas??
Best blonde shades for pale skin?
My hair its dry! And my freckles, are multiplying! Help, please!?
Why does every hot guy want a blonde girl with super long hair?
My parents wont let me dye my hair..?
What age were you when your mother last did your HAIR (any style whatsoever....)???
How can you enhance your hair style?
how to maintain long hairs for men..?
How to make pin straight hair "bouncy" and "full of life"?
How old were you when you first shaved ur legs?
How to get my hair like Gaspard Ulliel? (See pic)?
how could u get ur hair permed straight cheep?
ok im a girl and looking for emo's haircuts?
what is the best hairstyle: braided hair or ponytail?
Do I need to stop coloring my hair?
I need advice for my hair!?
how do u help stop greasy hair ?
Would I look good with red highlights?
Does anyone have a home remedy for hair loss??
Platinum Blonde Hair?
How do I make my hair grow fast?
My hair is breaking really badly!!!?
Is ombre hair still in fashion?
which pic of my hair is better???? [pics]?
hair products?
has anyone heard of or actually had PERMANENT human hair extentions applied?
How should I highlight my hair??
Is it bad to wash your hair a lot?
Girls: What kinda hair do you like on guys?
where can I buy charles worthington dream hair lustrous locks moisturising shampoo for dry or colour treated h?
What color should I dye my hair? picture included?
Can you die your hair with Kool-Aid?
Can I still dye my hair without bleaching?
what would you do if...?
i have a unibrow?
how to get semi permenant hair to fade faster?
How can you get naturally curly hair to grow faster?
What is better light or dark hair on a woman?
i am looking for homemade hot oil treatment for afro textured hair?
Can heat protector spray dry out your hair?
What do i do to my hair? without ruining it?
Do I look better with dark hair or light hair?
Do you know anyone who sports a Mullet?
How do you get your hair wavy?
What kind of heat tool would get my hair like this?(pictures)?
im only 24 and my hair is falling out!!!?
does TRESEmme split remedy sealing serum protect against heat appliances?
which way do i look better? curly vs. straight. pictttttures(:?
If I try to flat iron my hair extentions, will they melt?
Hair Extension Help!!?
What hairstyles can I do on my medium hair?
can I swim after I chemically straightened my hair yesterday?
The best hair bleach for dark hair?
What Should I do with my hair? (picture)?
Get healthier hair? ?
Is it bad to wash your hair twice a day?
I have short hair and i was looking for haw to style my hair?
My layers suck. Help!?
So...I'm loosing my hair...why?
hair color dying question!?
will the stiffness in your hair return to normal after a few days after you've had your hair relaxed?
What color should i dye my hair?
I am a black 15 year old boy what are some homemade ways to make my hair grow faster?
Does short hair make me look younger?
I need to shave my pubes but I don't have hair clippers, is there an alternative?
Should I Dye My Hair?
Tips for dying hair two colors?
What is your hair color ?
£108 for a hair cut and colour. Have I been ripped off?
Will vinegar in my hair mess up my highlights tomorrow?
how long do guys spend doing their hair?
How old do you think someone should be before they start waxing their upper lip and eyebrows??
What shade of blonde should i dye my hair?
MY HAIR IS STUPID!!!!!!!!!!?
I want to wear my hair in loose, flowy curls tomorrow. Which should I do?P?
For any stylist out there?
Can anyone find me pictures of a nice hair colour, in brown?
Should I get bangs? (pictures)?
Thick Brown hair with natural high lights and low lights and the lenght is past my sholder blades?
If I want hair extinsions where do I go and what is an appropriate price range?
What are cute but fast ways to do my hair for school?
simple question about biosilk?
Should I two-tone my brown hair like this for school...?
why do guys this days have long hair?
Should I get my Hair Cut/Dyed Like this?
i have a natural complection do you think i will look good if my hair is ash blond?
How do I get bubble out of my hair ?
How to protect hair frm flat iron?
What is a body wave?
What should i do with my hair? (pictures) ?
How do I straighten my hair myself?
Do you prefer curly hair straight hair or wavy hair??
How do you tell a hairdresser that you don't like your hair?
How to get messy beachy hair?
what hair dye should i buy?
where can I get a good cheap haircut in central london?
how do i treat and prevent male pattern baldness?
Would I suit blonde hair?
I hate my hair?!? Please answer?
Bradley cooper hairstyle?
What hair colour would suit me?
what can i do for damged hair??
$250 bucks if I do this....should I?
Haircuts for a 13 year old that are cute, sweet, sassy, and or chic?
Should I grow a beard? Do girls like that? And can I just set it on fire when I don't want it anymore?
Easy attractive style for very long curly hair?
have any white girls ever gotten cornrows?
Why my flat iron keeps beeping?
question about hair dye?
My hair frizzes up during humid weather and it's also damaged. Should i use smooth control or repair rescue...
What hair prouducts keep your hair straight?
why do women put towels around there heads for hours after getting out of the shower or bath.?
Should I cut my hair?? (pics included)?
new hair cut ... rate it?
Which haircut to choose? (PLEASE HELP! ♥)?
what is your hair colour?
Are braided extensions bad for African American hair?
Is it true that blonde hair grows faster that darker hair?
I want to dye my hair red...?
How much do hair extension's cost? And what is the best method?
How do you get your bangs like this?
How can I get hair colour like this?
Where can I find a cute rocker teen hairstyle that's unique?
How long till my hair grows back!?!?
What would happen if you put real bleach in hair?
My hair is very dry.What products should i use to make it silky and shine?
i have natural dark brown hair..ive dyed it perminant black but its starting to go..redish..why?
I really really need a new hairstyle ...........?
I am 38 yrs, I have dark cirlces under my eye?
making curly hair straight?
Nice Hairstyles For High School?
Best way to dry and straighten hair after washing?
has any1 dyed there hair with mehndi (henna)?
Out of this picture collage, which do you like best?
How would I look platinum blonde? (pics)?
The bottom half of my hair is already an unnatural color...
What Should I Do With My Hair?
guys answers?
I wanted to put some highlights on my hair. What color is nice to look at?
hair help please! :)?
Should I dye my hair blue?
Guys!!! When are you ever going to cut the mullett?!?!?
How should I wear my hair for skating?
Do guys notice girls with short hair?
Why does curly hair turn poofy when it's dry?
Make-up and hair tutorials?
Girls, do you like these Converse for men?
my hair gets greasy after 1 day?
Which Style of hair is better on me? 1 2 or 3?
How long are 18 inch hair extensions? :)?
is scene hair attractive?
How do you keep the natural oils in your hair?
Blonde or Brown?
should i dye my hair( pics included)?
Hair Problems!!!!!!!!!!!?
Why do women like these men with shaved heads?
Opinions wanted!! I want to do new cut and color to my hair. Any ideas?
Revlon 3 Barrel Waver?
what is the longest hair that looks good on a woman?
How much does a perm cost?
Can you give me suggestions for a professionally done half up half down up-do!!?