Why do you think black woman put relaxers in their hair?
Would I look good with side swept bangs?
I have naturally curly long hair, but I keep it straight. I need haircut ideas that work for curly & straight.
How can I dye my hair to be this color? (Please read!)?
How would my friends hairstyle look on me?
GUYS: Do you like girls with bangs/fringe?
How to make hair grow faster?
i have really thin hair and i wanna get it cut so i can style it scene again?
which hair color should i keep?
Should I have my hair purple or brown?
Do you girls like boys with long hair?
Ladies: Do you prefer men with or without Chest Hair?
should i style my hair every morning or just let it be itself so that i am different.?
should i buy two bottlesof hair dye?
I am having sooo much trouble keeping my curls in...?
Dying my hair...?
how do you get rid of frizzy hair?
How do I make my hair straight?
How should I get my hair cut (pics included!)?
What oils-if any-do you put on your African locks (dread locks)?
Best temporary hair colour brands to use?
why do my micro plus hearing aid keep falling out?
wots more attractive ?? blondes or brunettes ??
Straight Hair?
I need a new look? I'm bored of my current one?
What color should i dye my hair and what way?
how will a curly perm make my hair look?
wat can i do if i loss my virgianty before marriage and i m muslim,?
Hows the GHD straighter work for thick wavy hair?
wacky hair day @ school.any ideas?
i like how my hair is wet?
how to dye black hair dirty blonde?
how do i make my hair grow long?
asian with a fauxhawk?
I wanted to know a naturally way I could be able to straighten my hair whithout.....................?
How do I remove unsightly butt hair?
does brown or blonde hair look better on me?
Is there a way to permenatly remove hair?
is long hair or short hair in this year?
.how do I raise my prices,for a service.$5,$10?
How much would it cost to get my hair cut, stripped and highlighted?
Hair trouble (im a guy)?
does anyone know good hair products for long hair?
Can I buy hair dye for highlights that is good for hair?
is it ok to have short hair and only 2-3 split ends, will hair still grow?
is it bad to change shampoos? atleast when u ran out?
Hair question?
Is Spiked Hair still in Style??
are highlights painful?
Can someone please help me get over this ridiculous haircut..please tell me what you think about it?
Do you think I should stay a blonde or dye my hair brown? Look at pic!?
how do i straighten my thick hair and make it stay str8? cause ti always puffs out in an hour or two?
How can i make my hair grow very long?
shiny hair?
hair styles for school, with hair extensions?
What is the best Vitamin?
Why is it that a lot of guys do not like redheads?
Blow drying hair?
Do you think my hair makes me ugly?
What are some easy ways to do my hair if i'm going to the pool and want to look hot?
Can you wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo after a pre-poo treatment or do you use regular shampoo?
how do i fix my hair please help no ones answering s?
Why do guys flick their hair?
i am black, but i have short caucasian/indian like hair. does anybdy have any clue how i can develop waves?
Should I dye my hair red?
will this hair color look good?
would i look good with long(er) hair?
what hair colour suits brown eyes?
What hair color would best suit me? (pic included)?
What is the fastest way to dry my hair in gym?
hair cut help!!!!????!!!!!!!?
what are your opinions on people with coloured hair? (red, blue, etc.)?
Going Blonde?
What should I do to my hair?(Pictures Included)?
how 2 remove hair without leaving any scare?
New haircut ideas?
what places in australia do hair weaves?
I have extremely dry thick hair and the only thing that works to use sex lubes..?
I have red hair, as you can tell in my pic, would it look bad to highlight it with sun-in?
how long does a net weave last in your hair?
How can I get my hair to be less frizzy and damaged?
I'm on my way to walmart and want to know if they sell manic panic hair dye anybody know?
how do i cut my hair in the bathroom without making a mess?
Long hair or a shaved head? what do ladies prefer?
What hair style is attractive on a guy? give ur opinion.?
Big problem for my basketball game?
Is chemical straightener and relaxer the same thing? Whats the difference?
Cut and Color question..I have a very short cute pixie cut that I do myself..I also have naturally dark brown?
Girls: Do you get more attention as a blonde?
what is the difference between Ceramic plates and photo-ceramic plates?
Where can I find "Original " Herbal Essence Shampoo?
How can i lighten my blonde without bleach? UK only?
Hairstylist quesssstionnnnn' ? (:?
what color is your hair?
How to cut hair so that?
what does the parting in haircut mean?
Scene hair..?
Curly girls, what do you do with your wet hair if you shower at night?
What length is your hair and how often do you wash it?
Cute ways to pin up side bangs?
Want to die my hair! COST?
hi i m vidhii m having dry hair and splits so wat should i do?
Why isn't my hair going blonde?
can you hear me yet?
what are some good sites to find short hair styles?
What is the prettier hair style to boys....side pony tail?? or down?
Cute hair parts for girls?
Can anyone help me please? 10 points to the best answer!!!!?
Its MY hair not my Dads!!?
Mia Farrows hair color?
Bangs or no bangs (pics)?
Using Ash Blonde over bleached hair to remove yellow tones?
Tips for naturally wavy hair?
advise for dry and frizzy hair?
Have you used Nourish , healthy hair plus vitamins?
What straightener is best?
is it okay to straighten hair weekly?
What do I have to do if I want my hair to look like Jesse McCartney's hair?
is it true that if you wash/condition your hair in cold water it makes it shinier?
What is the best shampoo for men with curly hair.?
what brand of hair i to use ..that would make my hair wet...all the time....WET!?
Any hair female products/creams that really work/actually help hair if left in?
Does anyone know the name of this curling iron?
How to make our hair longer?
Hair: short or long (pics)?
Can I put hair mayonnasie on my hair when my hair is wet?
If you never dye your hair does that make your hair healthier then someone who does dye it?
i want to watch a video of a woman shaving her head?
which hair iron should i chose.?
What color should i dye my hair!?
What hair styles look good with a round face?
Lightening hair color (Men)?
Girls, what hairstyle would look good on me?
What's the perfect length for a woman's hair?
What do you think of the Shaved side of hair style?
china bangs?for big nose?
Will you do my hair?
How do you prevent split ends?
how do you keep you're hair shiny??????
do women feel resentful that men have short comfortable hair?
My boyfriend hates my dyed black hair, but...?
How do you straighten your hair without a flat iron?
Do U know of any sites with cute hairstyles for ppl w/ long hair?
How do I get shine for my hair?
Should guys grow their hair super long?
What's a good hairdryer that won't damage my hair, is relatively quiet and under $100?
does hair conditioner help thicker the hair or thinner the hair ? please help?
What hair straigntning shampoo works best?
What is a good haircut for an oval shaped face?
how to stop hair fall and tp prevent white hairs please?
Bleached my hair and it turned orange!?
How often should you wash black kids hair?
White Rain Shampoo..?
curly hair?
the colour of my hair is copper brown. which colour dye should i use to make it blonde?
Is it true that if you cut your hair it grows faster?
where to get barbershop accsecorie's?
blondes or brunettes?
I have long thick hair and I want to curl it for christmas can you please help me???????????
what is the best hair dye for dark brown hair i like white streaks like a frost and it never turns out right <
could i pull of a sipked messed up hair style?
I don't want to go to my hair stylist anymore.?
help help teen boys haircut girls only!?
Hair problem please help?
My hair wont grow longer than it is! Name a Product to stimulate growth!?
What product can I buy to silver colour my hair?
How do u get your hair to stay curly when u curl it with a curling iron?
side bangs for a round face ?
My 13 yr old niece has loss of hair, what can I do?
Quick, cute ways to style my hair in the morning?
i am thinking about dying my hair myself with bleach is this a good idea?
best haircolor for fair skin and dark green eyes?
Are mullets still in?
How do i make my hair grow faster? 10 points.?
Girls:Do you prefer long hair or short hair on a guy?
How can I stop the itch when I have cornrows?
I am dying my hair *right now I have dye on it*...from brown to the rest please!?
How to style hair like sodapop curtis?
How to keep your hair scrunched all day?
Which do guys like Burnett's or Blondy's?
I have really bad damaged hair?
I have thick do I blow dry it right?
How do i get good wave in my hair?
White guy's with braids yes or no?
my hair was naturally curly, now only the roots have curl. what can i use?
How can I fix a really bad haircut ?
Why am I losing my hair?
can u suggest a shmapoo?
what color should i dye my hair PICTURES INCLUDED?
How do you do dreds on black women hair?
What should i do with my hair?
help 15 pounds!??!!?!???!?!?!?
what looks better? dark brown hair like nicole from pussycat dolls or highlights like jennifer lopez?
Where can I buy highlights?
Is ombré hair still in style?
How much will my hair grow in 7 months?
What shampoo and hair conditioner do you use?
what is the cutest hairstyle for school?
What kind of haircut should a guy with a large head and forehead get?
Girls, do you like guys with long hair?
I need a hairstyle that i can do in like 5min to impress a guy??!!?
How long will it take to grow these highlights out?
how to make a simple korean hair for boys?
How do you braid hair?!!!?
Bleaching then Dying Mohawk?
Garnier Nutrisse, Intense Reds? Do they fade?
Is there a hair care product that REALLY takes out the frizz??
What's a similar product to Redken Color Injection Red/Violet?
Does My Hairstyle suit me?
Any one has Rihanna bob?
how can i make my hair grow a bit quicker?
coloring hair?
GUYS: What color hair is the most attractive?
Is it okay to straighten your hair everyday?
Going from very light blonde to dirty blonde?
wat is a better shampoo/conditioner?
OIL trearments for hair???
would you dye your hair like this?
What is the length (in inches) of the Supercuts buzzer attachments?
is it nice to have hairy legs?
If I put rollers in rolled in will my hair dry straight well curling in and I can just straighten the ends x?
What's real good gel for hair to keep it straight and stay without getting ruined? 10 points!!!?
What if the pubic hair never shaved removed?Hair Cutting is forbidden in Sikhism, how much do they grow???
What's your favorite moisturizing conditioner?
Do you like your hair long or short? What's your preference?
What's the most common reason for losing hair?
How can I keep my curly hair straight?
Why do i hate having my hair down?
How do I convince my mom to let me dye my hair?
my wife wants to know how she can get her hair to grow faster?any tips?
Can we grow hair under the arms or is it best to shave it?
curly prom hair style for black girl with armpit length hair pics needed!!!!!!!!!?
Short hair or long hair!?
Does anyone know how to get creme lightener to wash out?
My hair is a disaster, help?
do blonds have more fun????
Should I dye my hair black..?
Guys do you prefer blondes, brunettes or red heads and what hairstyle do you think looks hottest on a woman?
Too much hair to deal with?
how long should people go without getting there hair cut?
Dying hair with household bleach?
Should I Dye my black hair blonde?
What happens if you tie and wet your rebonded hair before 3 days?
to girls with long hair?
If a guy gets his hair braided, is that sexy?
how do i get the orange tint out of a bleached blonde?
My shampoo and Coditioner makes my hair dull and lack oil. how to fix?
mixed hair need help nativeamercn/white?
Is it wrong for a man to occasioinally use a woman's shampoo?
*pets your hair...* your hair is so pretty... it be a shame if some one shaved it off... 0_0?
Wavy, Straight, or Up for everyday looks?
What to tell hair trimmer if you want...?
knots at the end of micros?
what color should i dye my hair?
how to get straight hair???????????????
Is it cute when girls wear their hair like this?
Is it unhealthy to straighten your hair every day?
Does a girl have to have black hair with icy blue eyes to be considered drop dead gorgeous?
How can I get Blonde Highlights out of my hair?
Henna Hair Dye Made My Hair Greasy??Help!?
Should I dye my hair blonde or keep it brown (picture)?
should i get scene hair? (w/ pics)?
Can anyone recommend a shampoo and conditioner for dry/frizzy hair?
Terrible dry scalp-Hair help! PLEASE?
What should I do with my hair? *pictures*?
How tall are you?
My hair is really long what do I do with it?
Does your hair falls wen you have hpv?
"scene kid" cut??!?!?
HELP! Hair keeps fading ginger?!?
how can i get my hair like..?
What style wig is to buy?
Bangs up or down with ponytails?
need a hair makeover?
what highlight colors will go good with my blonde hair?
I have thick wavy hair and is looking for a product to make my hair straight, what do i buy?
My hair is acting so weird?! what do i do about it?
I recently discovered the magic of twist outs......?
my hair are rough, get easily broken and are not properly set?
What can make your hair grow ??
How can I get wavy hair like Lee Ha Yi?
Shaved eyebrows by accident.... :-(?
Help with my facial hair?
Hair growing longer - It's the stage where it looks crappy?
difference between full-head and touch-up?
how do i get rid of dandruff?
which hair product have u used that has REALLY changed ur hair?
Hair dye strand test question?
Should I die my hair black?
Straight hair...??
What are some hot actors or singers with blonde hair?
Whats the best way to get rid of nits and the eggs?
Would I look okay blonde?
How do you make your hair BIGGER?
how do I get my hair to stand up???
I want to do a sewn in weave with a side part with my hair out on top how do I accomplish this?
using egg yolk on your hair?
Who according to you has the best hair in the Bollywood industry? ?
All over color OR highlights?
John Frieda deep cherry brown hair dye?
red hair dye over bleached hair?
im thinking of going brunette =) Will it suit me?! any advice?!?
What color should I dye my hair?
I have alot of dandruff in my hair please give me any desi totka that works,10 POINTS for a good answer, thanx?
My hair are long. what can I do for make it silky?
How to get thicker hair?
Should I get extensions?
I want EMO hair --?
What do girls think about really short hair or shaved heads?
getting my hair dyed tomorrow...suggestions on color?
What do you think?????????????????
Do you like this hairstyle?
How do i get my hair like my avatars?
Girls: Which hairstyle do you prefer?
how do i get my hair to be smooth how i want it?
Does this method really work for making your hair blonder?
why do people shave their unnoticible mustache??
what are the best shampoos and conditioners for swimmers that are in a low price range?
Please help! I just have a question that can easily be answered by an opinion! :)?
how to lighten my hair naturally?
How do you get nice bangs?
Is it possible to make lazer epilation in my hair line, so my forehead can look a bit bigger?
I dyed my hair burgundy and then the color faded into a red!?
if i bleach my darkkkk brown hair, what would happen?
how to make your hair smooth and grow longer?
What are your pet peeves regarding hairstylists?
How should I wear my hair?
Blondes or Brunettes??
billy ray cirus...?
Can you take out hair if you have alot?
What looks better on you?? Curly or Straight hair?
i bought this blonde highlighting kit now my hair is red, please help?
Help! Im getting my haircut tomorrow!?
How many times do I have to bleach my hair?
I have got curly haor but somehow i always wanted straight hair.arepermenant hair straightening methods ok?
my hairs get dried up easily.and they are very hard. howw should i make them look wet all the time?
who is this girl, with the hair thats ginger?
i tried to dye my hair blonde and it went orange cani dye it black without my hair falling out ?? im scared?
Did Kuz hair growth shampoo make your hair grow?
How can I get small waves in my hair like this... (pic)?
Help!! Hair Dye Trouble!?
Bangs on a round face?
curly frizzy or straight hair witch is prettier?
Girl's i need your help!?
How do i get my eyebrow to grow back?
How long to leave WEN in?
what store can I buy chi straightening irons in?
What's a good hairstyle for Christmas party?
Could I look good with red hair? pic?
Great Clips Hair Salon in PA?! Ever been to it... 10 easy points! :]?
Where can I fine whole hair weaves and products?
i am 5'2" tall . i have straight hair .i look short when i leave it open.what kind of a haircut will suit me?
what to do about the arkward stage?
Manic panic hair dye.!!! Help.!?
Shall i cut my hair ?
how can i get rid of my split ends?
How do I prevent Split Ends?
What do you think of wigs?
Help long or short hair?
My hair didn't turn out the way I wanted it to... What should I do when I go and get it fixed?
ok, so i dont know which one to choose...i want to donate my hair...who do i donate it to?
What are your opinions GIRLS about pubic hair on a guy?
where can i find Garnier leave in conditioner?
what can i do woth my hair?
why do people say blondes are dumb ???
how to keep un-greasy hair?
My hair has turned blue grey and green?
my hair is wavy so it get all huge and puffy wat prouducts should i use?
what does caster oil do to men hair?
What is the best way to lighten ur hair?
Do you think it's odd to collect hair brushes?
How do I get blonde hair from black?
Whats your favorite hairstyle?
How long will it take for my hair?
how do you get money for cutting your hair?
Does it actually cost the salon $80 - $100 to color your hair hair? What is the actual cost of the coloring?
any1 have a pic of long blk hair w/ blond or brown underneath?
Rag Curls?
What's the best shampoo you've used for fine, limp hair that will add volume???
Why do most girls wash their hair every day?
Do you like this hair style?
What hair color would you say this is?
How can I make my hair stay curled?
help lady asap plez i have never did this?
what straightener do you use??
How to stop hair loss?
Jobs that accept odd colored hair?
Where can I get the BEST hair extensions.?
Back hair?
for the guys but girls can answer too?
Should I cut my hair? Is it worth it?
how often do you go to the hairdresser?
wat do lice hate dat u can put in ur hair and they go away?
Dying hair??!?!?! Answer please?
Girls do you like a guy with long or short hair?
I am joining a sorority and they give each new member a haircut - but my hair is to my knees!?
How to grow hairs fast ?
I have a ceramic flat iron, Fahrenheit($40 from winner), my hair is not thick,i bought GHD flat iron($250)?
Is my hair long enough to get this haircut?
Why do some people grow facial hair ?
How do I make my hair thicker and grow longer faster?
how often should you wash your hair?!?
(GIRLS help!!!)(Pic) I need a haircut. i want to look "hotter" and i need a girls opinion, please help!?
How long does your hair have to be to put it in a pony tail??
Do you think this haircut is cute?
Good homecoming hairstyles that go with this dress?
i have really think hair. i'd like to relax it but im scared it will break off. does anyone have any tips?
What color should I dye my hair?
What shade is her hair color? (pictures)?
Unwanted Upper Lip Hair?
i need some self esteem. help me?
What is the best product for frizzy hair?
which milk can be used to straighten the hair wether boled milk or unbolied milk?
Can I dye my hair two times the same day?
flat iron straighteners, which one is the best?
If I dye my hair blue will my mom get mad at me?
how do I get the green out from pool hair??
Getting my hair red from black?
my husband has red hair and i have brown hair, what's the hair color of our baby?
will it look gud on me?
How would i look with long hair?
what kind of hair straighteners are the best? I'm getting some for christmas but don't know what kind to get?
i want black or rockin pink hair, what do u think?
if you put hair growth formula on your arm will more hair grow?
what is hair corn rolling (not corn rowing) and how do you do it?
What happens if i put bodywash on my hair,instead of shampoo?
Would I look good with black hair?
Guys: do you prefer blondes or brunettes?
I have really thick and frizzy hair, what product besides a flat iron works?
Hair falling out- Teen girl?
Girls: hair style ideas wanted !!?
Hair question?........?
can some one tell me how to do micros?
should guy have short hair or long hair?
If i i dye my curly hair,...?
Is it gay or normal for a boy to get his eybrows done?
Straightening my hair please help?
what shampoo would you use?
I would like the springy looking curls I sometimes see on Oprah. What you I use to get them?
Is 5000 mcg's of biotin healthy for an 16 yr old?
HELP! ASAP! Bright red hair to pastel lilac color?
Should I cut my hair?
tumblr girl who is she?
How can i get my hair to look like this?(without a perm)?
Boyfriend came home with a crazy haircut...?
Did girls in the 60's/70's iron their hair on an ironing board to get it to be straight?
How to control hairfall & dandruff?
do you believe that your hair on your butt are connected to your eyelash? try to pull it and you'll see!!!
Would i look good brunette???And what colour would look better?
How do I keep people from touching my hair?
what is the best shampoo in herbal essences when it comes to scent?
Should I Dye My Hair Dark Brown (PICS)?
How can i make my hair like this but to school and for it to last ?
.s..which name is better for a blonde hair boy?
on a girl typically, do you like blonde hair or brunette?
Best Hair Straightener: Sedu or Solia?
Name this male hairstyle !?
Long wet blonde hair HELP?
I need to do something different with my look (picture included)?
Do u dye your hair yourself or go 2 the hairdressers?
If you bleach your hair once will it do much damage?
How should i dye my hair with out drying it out and making it look unhealthy?
Men: is it okay to not comb my hair after a shower?
What can i do about my mustache?
Can any age group wear pigtails?
hair volume?
How would I style my hair like louis tomlinson's current hair style?
What is the best haircare range I can get if I have coarse, damaged hair.?
Straightening hair......?
i want to do something new to my hair help me outtt!?
what is hair conditioner for? what are the different types? and should i use it?
what do u think of the shampoo pantine pro v? it's my favorite.?
What else can I do to my hair besides highlights?
How much longer does the average females hair grow in a month?
Haircut for a round face shape without bangs.?
i need help with my hair !?
what color is my hair?
I am thinking about getting hair extensions & was told they could wreak my hair...Has anyone had this happen?
Would this hairstyle look good on me?
I want REALLY STRAIGHT HAIR! What can I use to get it?
How do i get peanutbutter out of my hair?
Why do some people say light hair is beautiful and dark hair is boring?
Im worried what people will say at school about my hair?
Is this normal for hair?
Should I go lighter (hair, pics included)?
what is a 6th grade hair style?
Black Hair Care: Frizzy Ends Help !!!!!?
Guys do u prefer long hair or short hair on a girl? Straight or curly?
Can I leave a argan oil hair hydrating mask on overnight?
is it bad if you wash your hair everyday?
what is a perm???
Hair styles!!?
Can I get Cheryl Cole curls with a perm?
What colour should I dye my hair?
Dying my hair from a darkish brown to golden brown?
What color should I die my hair?
if youu dyed yer hair any color what one would it be?
Sulfate Free, Colour Safe, Keratin Infused Shampoo&Conditioner?
"Friends don't let friends get mullets." Do you agree? (No offense)?
My hair lost all its shine.?
is it true that if you stand upside down everyday your hair will be healthier?
Barbering courses?
how do you cut a fade haircut using clippers?
Pleas help I want long hair!!!!!?
What's a good shampoo and conditioner?
does this hairstylee suitss mee?
PLEASE HELP hair problems!!??
Do you wash your hair with Conditioner instead of shampoo?
how can i acheive models fillipa hamilton hair colour?
how to do your hair for prom?
Blonde hair n regrowth question ?
hair stripping help????????
Is your hair curly or straight?
Would I look good as a blonde? (pics!)?
I want longer hair?! Help me!!!?
Hairy back?!?
what color should i die my hair???!(picture)?
Will pink kool aid show on light brown hair?
Which celebrity pulls short hair off best?
Where can I buy Black Castor Oil products or any other natural hair care products in Houston,TX?
What is my face shape? (male) for haircut?
I need a home treatment for dry tangled hair, got any?
Why does my girlfriend get so upset when I call her TUM TUM?
what are the hairstyle(s) that Taylor Swift have in her video "Our Song"?
i neeed hair ideas please help?
how much does head & shoulders shampoo cost in the philippines?
Should I put my hot oil treatment in before I dye my hair, or after?
I love the way the conditioner from my hair dye leaves my hair, Can you buy it w/o purchasing the dye?
should i curl my hair or flip it out?
What colour should I dye or highlight my hair?
Question for people who have dyed their hair purple?
do i suit my new haircut, i don't like it ?
Do I look better with blonde or brunette hair?
what colour looks better on me?
whats the best leave in conditioners for the hair?
what do you think of my new hair?
Should I do this to my hair?? Tell me the truth?
does silver shampoo work on darker blonde hair?
What is a better haircut to have?
can i shave my hands or bleach them?
what are the advantages and disadvantages of getting hair permanently straightened?
Which look is better/ Which hairstyle suits best ?
What should I do with my hair...?
Is it a bad idea to dye my medium blonde hair dark brown?
How do I grow thick, and voluminous hair?
HELP! Terrible hair, pictures included?
I REALLY want to dye my hair, can I? ?
what does a doctor say for white hair for young age?
what shampoo & conditioner makes your hair smells fabulous?
Where's a good hairdressers in Glasgow?
Is there any hair straigtining method that really works[ dont want hot ceramic dont work]?
What should i do with my hair? pics included.?
which three bangs would suit me?
which do you think is better? hair straighteners or hair dryers? (to straighten hair)?
Should I stay blonde or go brunette (pictures included)?
I've tried everything, my hair is STILL SO DRY and frizzy!?
Girls(teenagers): Do you like buzzcuts on teenage guys?
Best Shampoo for oily hair?
how to stop hair from getting darker?
can i save my bleached hair?
Can I lighten my hair with only using hair dye?
How to grow my hair fast ?
how should i dye my hair to get it like this?
How would I look if I were to get a "mohawk"?
ur favorite shampoo?
any hair dos'? can you tell me how to do them, or give me the name of it, or give me some pics or sites?
okay. so i want to grow out my hair but i have very bad dead ends.. how do i get rid of dead ends?
How do i style my hair like this..?
Hair Advice ?? ?
I have shortish hair and i want to grow it faster but i have split ends, what should i do?
Why does my hair smell so bad?
Any links to tween hairstyles?
Do I look better as a blonde or as a brunette?
Do I look better with longer or shorter hair?
Guys who have used Bosley?
Best hair gel/wax for men ? (Firm holding)?
i bleached my hair and it turned orange!!?
Does temporary Die ruin your hair?
What is a camel's hair brush made of?
What do you use to hold up a mohawk?
Has anyone tried the pink Sunsilk shampoo? Does it actually make your hair thicker?
how to do my wacky curly hair?
question for boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Is the Sun In spray harmful to your hair?
how much is a cheep straightener that work??
i dont look like haley williams .., Do I?
What is a good flat iron to buy?
How to save curly hair overnight?!?
does anybody like aussie shampoo and conditioner??
Where can I buy Gatsby In Toronto Ontario ? ( The hair product )?
I need to find a place that shows pictures of short hairstyles for plus size women?
Cute hairstyle ideas for school?!?
Are blondes more popular than brunettes?
what do u think of this style?
i have boring hair with a lot of potential, help please!?
Which is your favorite shampoo?
Should i get Carmel highlights? **pics included?
Christina Grimmie hair!? Help!!?
How often do you wash your hair?
HELP! Please answer!(:?
Does my hair look good? (pic)?
Hair products that make hair grow anywhere?
Does anyone know any good sites etc. for homecoming hairstyles for long brown wavy hair?
If I bleach my hair once and not again how much will it damage my hair?
Need suggestions for a head-to-toe salon makeover as a girl?
What color should I dye my hair?
how to prevent hair fall and to have strong and heallthy hair?
How do i get my hair curly?
Who is going to let their hair go gray - especially for women?
my hair is past my boobs and it looks and feels so dead! i straighten it almost everyday but i LOVE the length
Please help! My hair is orange!?
how do i get curls like this? (pics included)?
where would I find mini furniture to build a mini hair salon?
Should I get a faux hawk or not?
The blond in the nexxus commercal?
For highschool what color should I dye my hair?
Hair style ideas!!! Shoulder length guys and girls?
How to permanatly straighten my hair?
Anyone have an idea what to do with my dip dyed ends?! HELP?
do u like this hairstyle?
What are ways i can wear my curly hair?
Should I dye my hair black?
is my haircut bad? (pics)?
Do you brush hair when blow drying? What difference does it make?
School photos are tmrw, HELP?!?
I peroxided my hair then got it dark brown?
What would you call a bad hair day?
girls do you put your hair down for a guy?
What colow should I dye my hair? Pic Included?
what color should i dye my hair?
i have really bad pubic hair and i think it has nits in it?
wat kind of hair straightner should i have?
How do you?
Does a trim really make your hair grow faster?
how to lighten Mahogany hair colur?
should you wash your hair before you dye it ?
Easy to do hairstyles?
Should i get my hair cut like this? PLEASE HELP :-)?
How much do you think my hair will grow per month?
For people that have actually done it or used it?
what hair products or medicine can alter your genetic makeup of your grade of hair such as from nappy to curly
what can a bearded woman do for her problem?
do you like any of these hair styles?(pics)?
where can i find pictures of half platinum blond on the top and half dark brown on the bottom hair?
Frizzy untamable hair!! 10points!?
do i look better wit da wavy or straightened hair?with picz :}?
Which haircut looks better and WHY!?
what color is your hair?????
I am 28 years old guy,my girlfriend is 20 years old...both me and my girlfreind have tremendous dandruff?
Does anyone know the best anti-frizz serum made by Kerastase or Redken for thick-wavy hair?
Wetting hair extensions?
Would olive oil help maintain or take out a wavey perm?
i dyed my hair and I'm afraid it looks unnatural. Whats your honest opinion.?
What should i do with my hair??? (picture)?
Do you think i would suit a fringe??? with pic?
want pic of wedding hair styles?
selena gomez hair questions?
how do u make hair grow longer?
Do u use HAIRSPRAY after STRAIGHTENING ur hair?
How can i get my hair like this?
what shampoo makes hair longer?
How can I tell my parents I want to dye my hair?
how to keep hair from being greasy in morning?
what is a good hairstyle for someone with a small face anarrow nose and big eyes?
questions about tampons?
Does Anyone Know Any Unique Hairstyles For Long Hair?
Does this wig make me look like a Greyhound Bus Station hooker or a drag queen.?
what's some good Short Weave Hairstyles?
Dreads or no dreads(see picture)?
do at home hair straightening kits work?
am I the only one here that thinks its sissy for a so called man to have long hair?
What colours should i put in my hair(pics)?
why is my hair falling out?
where do babies come from?
Does chamomile tea lighten hair?
i need a haircut. what should i do?
how to get rid of highlights naturally?
is it nessary to be good looking ?
can over coloring my hair ruin my natural curls? i have naturally curly hair that has been very uncurly latel
Would I look good with a full head of blonde highlights?
do you think this hair is nice?
What's the difference between dip dyed, ombre and dyed hair?
My hair looks H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E!!?
my hair gows relly big?
what is the best product for curly or wavy hair?
Im so scared, please help?! HAIR BUGS?!?!?
DO you think I could..?
what hairstyle to wear with this dress?
How to get my hair to grow faster?
How to stop my hair from sticking up?
Does anyone know how to get my hair like this? 10 points best answer!!?
Hair help! Please, I need advice, opinions, whatever.?
i tried to color my hair blonde, nowits yellow and brown and orange.. how can i fix it?
Hairstyle question best answers gets 10 points?
Should i get highlights? *pics included*?
hair styles, etc:?
How to cover hair at school to avoid trouble?
Is this a good hair straightener?
Please please give me your opinion!?
what color streaks should i get???
Splat washables? Help?
Best hair dye to turn brown hair auburn?
does leaving in regular conditioner damage ur hair?.s?
my hair is damm straight.plz help?
anybody got any idea where the best place in liverpool to get patterns shaved into my hair is?
Hairstyles for rainy days ?
Need Help - What colour streaks???
How can you make ur hair grow faster?
how long does it take for hair to grow long?
Is it possible to cut your own hair?
Have you brought an instyler?
How should I cut my hair?
do you think natural blonde look better than fake blonde hair?
How to get hair like synyster gates?
What do you think of my hair? (Scene/emo)?
Beyonce's Hair secrets?
what do you think of my hair ?
HAIR??! please answer! :)?
should i do a mohawk?
Natural dark golden brown hair...sun in?
i have very much dandruff...i have used lot of shampoos...still no use...pleasee hlp?
dying a strand of my hair pink?
Which kind of hair you like ( black - brown - blond ) ??
Girls QUESTION ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Girls and guys-Which do you prefer?
If I have split ends should I cut them myself or get them cut by a professional?
Is it healthy to straighten ur hair permanently?
Could someone show me how to do this?
Could i die my hair blonde?(pic)?
Is straight hair or curly hair better ????
Whats your craziest hairstyle?
human raw hair wholesaler.?
What colour hair dye would I need to ...?
Can I put on heat protection spray if I am not going to use heat?
Blonde Hair, One Brown Streak?
what shampoo and conditioner brand do you love the most?
is my hair ready to be dyed again?
what should i do?
Need a new haircut, which of the 4 is best?
How do I fix my bed-hair?!?
Awkward hair type wavy/straight?
Please help with my hair!!
I dyed my hair lighter. But my extensions are a bit too dark. Help?
how can i grow my bangs out longer?
I need hair help!?
what do you think of my hair?
I want to get a haircut... but how do I explain this haircut?
How long will it take for my hair to get used to being washed every other day?
Why are ceramic hair irons better than steel?
hair straghtener 4 a guy?
What colour hair would i suit? pic.?
What color should I dye my hair? ?
Should I cut my hair like this? (pics included)?
Putting streaks in my
Does straight or curled hair look better on me?
Can anybody help me get thinner hair?
why is hair extensions acceptable and locks is not in most places ?
Want to try a new hairstyle...?
How do you get rid of Dandruff?
how can i grow out my hair fast?
I am a natural brunette, Can I go blonde?
How can I get long hair???
My hair hair is VERY damaged and I have SO many split ends! I need SERIOUS help!?
Straight Hair Help! PLEASE!(pictures)?
bangs conflict........?
what color is my hair better?
What color hair dye would look best with a medium brown natural hair color?
Trimmed and shaven hair.Which grows faster?
do you guys like blue hair?
How do I make my hair grow long super fast?
please suggest a hairstyle or haircut for me. Thanks?
I have very thin hair and I fear I'm going bald. What should I do?
is it cool to have 1 big long eyebrow?
how can i dye my hair like fernando torres?
I'm bored with my hair!! Help please [pics]?
Toll free hairdressers phone numbers?
Is it a must that I use pressing oil if i comb my hair???
CALLING ALL WOMEN! i need shaving advice?
My side bangs are acting really weird!! Help!!?
how to turn natural hair to curly/wavy hair?
Ladies, I'm growing my hair long.?
Straight side bangs with curly long hair: cute or stupid?
should I cut my hair?
What would be the next wacky hair design that teens think i trendy and cool???
what hair cut do you think would look good on me?? (pic)?
my hair is dyed black but now I want to go all blond whats the best way to do this
Where can I get my hair done in Maine?
How do I make my hair like this?
my bfs hair is falling out?
I have some arm hair...?
how do you do it?
GHD emailed me saying 'Sorry, your order is being reviewed'?
at what age do you think girls should dye their hair?
Does short hair make you look fat?
How do u keep your hair straight?
Best Hairstyle? 10 POINTS?
Streaks in hair? *GUY?
Is it possible to get straight hair into tight waves?
After u have ur hair bleached, how can u make it healthy again?
Hair problem - Bangs?
go blonde or brunette?
guys answer please...?
whats a good hair style for a guy?
Different types of hair dying styles?
I have naturally brown hair, pale skin & green eyes & I wanna go blone, any ideas?
Me & my 3 friends want to dip dye our hair cream bleach, how many boxes do we need to buy?
Putting my hair up in a pony tail?
Has anyone tried Youthair products?
should i straighten or curl my hair for a dance?
Guys ONLY please: Opinion on my red hair.?
Will this work for my hair?
Girls that straighten their hair almost everyday ?!?!?
How do you deal with being called perverted names for being a redhead?
Is your hair naturally curly, wavy or straight?
Is there any method to get extra hair growth off ur body?
haven't washed my hair in 2 months./?
Facial Hair problem!?
which do you like better?
do you have any tips on styling a mohawk?
how do i scrunch my hair?
bangs trim?
Uh, Redheads?
How is emo/scene hair cut?
does black hair go well with blue eyes?
Should i die my hair? (open for details)?
Anyone know how to get rid of dye in your hair?
Protective styles for transitioning hair from relaxed to natural?
what do i do with new growth on dreadlocks?
question about hair colour...?
I dip dyed my hair purple but didn't like it after a while so dyed it back brown but it didn't work?
How do i curl my bang's ?
Where can I buy Remy Micro Ring hair extensions in the US?
Help!!!!!!!!!!! hairline thinning out?
What is the best hair straightener you have used?
can I use veet to remove chest hair?
How should my 13 year old little sis fix her hair for a wedding?
Chelsea Haircut on a girl???
brunnettes are better then you think so?...then tell why?
Help finding scene hair?
The Barber & you . How's it between you & barbers ?
Which haircut should I choose!?
Can you recommend a good hair wax?
I'm a guy, should I cut my hair? (w/pics)
Need hair help ASAP ?
Where can I find pictures Moesha hairstyles?
i can't find a good picture for a hairstyle?
how to get managable wavy hair?
Hi,i am frm india and 16 yrs old and i m not able to choose my hairstyle i always confuse seeing different ha?
Hair problems! Help help help :)?
would you consider a shaved head a hair style?
stopping bangs from becoming oily...?
how to get rid of dry ends?
What would happen if I left conditioner in my hair for more than 10 minutes?
What haircut/hairstyle fits my face shape?
party hairstyles???
Does my hair look korean/kpop?
How do i get my hair like this? please help!?
Where can I buy glue in hair extensions?
Will my hair color come out evenly after bleaching?
I want to know how to make herbal shampoo.?
What can I do about my dry hair?
My hair won't stay striaght all day , :( ?
What is the best way to prevent/clear up split ends?
pale skin + light blond hair = ??? help me out! (pix)?
Picture of auburn hair with ash blonde highlights?
What Hairstyle would suit me? (pics)?
what is up with black guys not liking their women wearing fake hair?
What is the best product to get rid of fizzy hair?
Why is it if you have straight hair you have to curl it, and curly hair you straighten it?
Is blow-drying my hair straight once a month bad?
Help please!? Which one is best............?
What is your NATURAL hair color?
I have red hair and its really thick. Its about shoulder length. Im getting it cut soon should i do layers?
I colored my hair too dark. How do I fix it?
hair problem!!!!!! prehaps hair professionalls or anyone please!!!!!!!!!?
I'm 13 years old and this is my 4th perm, I'm wondering can I dye my hair..?
Would cutting my hair short suit me? (pic)?
How to keep hair straight?
Someone help with my hair!?
What hairstyle would suit me?
do you think????/????????
Bleached Hair feels dry, like straw?
How can I dye my hair a purple WITHOUT bleaching it?
What's your natural hair color ......?
Which was my best hairstyle (pics included)?
Any ideas on how to lighten my jet black hair...?
i want a new look but dont know if white ash blond highlights go good with dark brown hair.?
Do I look better with Brown hair or light brown?
would using ghd straighteners evry day ruin my hair?
What hair products can I use to style my curly hair?
hair help!? ahhhhhhhhhhh?
Is bald here to stay, or is it on the way out?
Do these suit Oval face shapes?
Curly Haircut question (easy 10 points) pleas help!?
Is this woman's hair roller set?
curly hair need brand new hairstyle?!?
I have a hair issue. Split ends?
Is it possible to lighten the hair on your stomach?
Do blondes have more fun???
Going from very light blonde to dirty blonde?
what is the best way to treat hair loss caused by alopecia?
Do blondes have more fun???
What is the best at home hair dye?
what highlight color do you think would look good on black hair?
Would this look good on me (pics)?
my hair is curly and dry iwant to make straight is it possible?
How do I keep the hair from the back of my head from standing?
Help Me Pick a New Hair Color? (Pics)?
Random: What would you do if you woke up with green hair?
How to do a hair flip...?
is your hair brown :)?
How can I grow my hair out?
Need cute natural hair styles?
what is the best way to get rid of head lice?
Side bangs? pic included?
What should I do with my hair!!?
Can You Tell Me Any Great Shampoo's Just Curious ?
Which hairstyle would suite me? Pic inside.?
Any good stores online to buy hairpieces or wigs?
I'm 25, Bald, and Have a Lot of Money. Can I Get A Full Head of Hair?
i bleached my hair and i want to lighten it more- can i use bleach again?
can anybody send me a website where i can look at hairstyles cuz im goin to get my hair did?
Should i go fully blonde or just get highlights?
How Can you grow your hair like WWE superstars like shanw michaels or triple H?
i need some suggestions!?
Is this hairstyle Emo?
what do you think of dyed hair?
i need a website?
I know what SHAMPOO is for, but what is CONDITIONER for?
Where can I buy the Corioliss Compact Red Leopard Ceramic Hair Straightener in Vancouver, British Columbia?
coloring hair in black ?
How do I dye my hair so the underneath is a different color?
hellow how r u?
I have black hair. What color of highlights should I get?
Is it advisable to perm afro hair before weaving it?
Color boost shampoo with feather hair extensions ?
How many clothes should a 13 year old girl have?
Why am I so worried about my haircut?
does this flat iron have a changeable heat setting?
hair straightener / flat iron .. ?
Help! My hair won't grow :(?
hair products to suit my hair ?
How do I get rid of hair stubble on chin?
hair color?
Dyed my hair and the roots turned orange!?
10 point which last name is better, prestigious?
How can i style my hair like this?
Should I dye my hair blonde? (pics)?
is there anything that makes hair grow on the head?
Celebrity Medium Length Layered Haircuts?
Do guys like punky girls?
Like my new hair? xD Also, how many of you do your hair in the morning?
short hair or long hair?
What are dread locks?
Has anyone bought flat irons at CE-CI Hair Straighteners before?
10 points..whic boy name is better?
Where can I buy good and cheap hair extensions online?
My hair are very dry, rough,damaged n fly away types.what shud i do?
Can you dye your hair with beet juice?
does my hair look better straight or scrunched?
Sunny Isles Jamaican Black Castor Oil!!?
How many times should you straighten your hair with GHD's?
Im littary crying right now i tried dying my hair from dark brown to my natural blond color.... please help me
Those who are participating now .....thanks for ans. I am from India.?
What can i do to bring my hair to life if it is dead after i dyed it then did a permanent a week later?
Who has any hair styling suggestions?
How can I make my hair like this?
what is the color of ur hair right now?
Hair Help Plez!!! Best Answer 10 Points Up For Grab READ MORE?
Semi-Permanent hair dye? Will me hair return to its original normal color after 6-12 washes?
What's your fav hair color?
what color hightlights will go well with black hair?
What colour should I dye or highlight my hair?
Does anyone else have curly hair?
were do i get a eamail adrease?
Is there such thing as semi permanent black hair dye?
well i am having a sleepover but my friends love hairdressing i need ideas (my friends r girls)?
What color hair would best suit me? *Pictures!*?
How do i make my hair wet without using gel?
what hair colour do you prefer Blonde Or Red ?
How to style my hair like this?
Do I Happen To Have Asian Hair?O_o?
What should I do with my arm hair?