How do I become a barber in Australia and will it give me a stable amount of pay to pay bills etc?
Ladies, Thinking of cutting my hair.............?
pretty hairstyles for school ? :)?
I have (dark)brown naturally curly hair with highlights. I want to go lighter, but at home.Any suggestions?
.s..which name do you like better for a blonde hair boy?
Is it ok to use conditioner only if you are out of shampoo ????
Help me chose my hair color?
why is blonde hair with tan skin so ugly...?
Does hydrogen peroxide lighten hair?
What's better on girls - side parting or middle parting?
Remedy for clumpy dry hair and itchy dry scalp?
Hi my name is Mounika Im facing a problem with severe hair loss can i use olive oildaily to hair?
wat vitamins help hair get thicker?
How often do you wash your hair?
I bought a bald man a comb. Is it a good present?
is your hair short or long?
Minoxidil different products effect?
why does my hair fall out when i comb it?
PERSONALLY, what do you think of this hairstyle (PICS Inside)?
what should i do?
i'm a male 16 years old. how often should i be washing my hair.?
I am looking to get a rihanna like pixie cut.?
what do u thing hairstyle would suit me?
Would hair extentions look fake with my hair-cut?
i have grey hair. I do apply hina mixed with other ingrediants. even then it gives redish look?
Is teasing bad for your hair?
I dyed my hair In October, Can I dye It again?
Blonde or Brunette????
hair expart Javed Habib who give the solition about hair by sunsilk?
What are some good hair tips for black girls who have medium length hair that is relaxed?
I have to go to a pool party any ideas for I should wear my hair? =)?
Curly Hair Haircut!!!!!! (please answer ASAP)?
if i buy blonde box hair color and a developer, will that make me blonde?
Do I look better now or Before?
When I put my hair up in a ponytail?
how to get to outburst?
how to grow my hair fast without damaging it or spending a fortune?
Why do boys never like red heads?
How long does it take for non permanet dye to come out?
How should i were my hair to a wedding? (friends wedding that i am attending)?
Would a hairstylist be able to do this?
what hairstyle should i do?
Which hair color looks best on me? (with pics)?
My Hair Smells... HELP!?
is this unhealthy for my hair ??PLEASE help ?
How often should I wash my hair?
I hav a bald spot on the side of my head?
can you dread your hair properly if its layered?
why all people are not using a condionter and when they using a condionter they never do shampoo?
Does my hair look better shorter or longer?
my hair is falling what should i do?
Cutting my hair tips?
Would a short haircut work for me?
How can i get hair color dye off my skin?
Blondes brunettes or redheads?!?!?
do i look like a woman in this picture? or a man? oh and any hairstyle tips? this one is too HIGH maintenance?
Do men prefer women to wear their hair loose - or tied back?
What color should i dye my hair? (picture)?
What are your thoughts about permanently straighting hair?
how do you remove old hair color from my hair?
Haircut poll: What celebrity has the best pixie cut?
Would I suit this hair color?
My strange problem!! HELP?
i just coloured my hair yesterday, but it i dont like the result so is it possible to colour it again today?
how can i wear my hair down?
How can i git my hair straight if it is so poofy?
should an 11 year old go from brunette to blonde?
where can i find a web site that has pictures of men with beards or facial hair..mustaches, goatees,?
Cute spiral rod hairstyle ideas for teen?
What hairstyle would suit me?
what color should i die my hair? pics included?
plz help my hair is falin out alot?
All of the hairdressers say my hair will fall out, I'M 13! Help!?
What haircut should i get (pictures)?
being a hairdresser in hollywood for the stars and singers?
Does my hair look pretty?
Where can I learn how to make "fish tail" braids?
My mother wont let me get my hair cut. What should I do?
How to get smooth, and shiney hair, with now knots, and without having to go to the store?
Should I use conditioner?
Making a would you go about getting fruit extracts for hair?
Right now: is your hair clean?
do you think purple hair will look good on me?
Making baby/toddler headbands?!!?
Is cheveux naturel the same as brazilian hair?
side bangs or forhead bangs? (piks inside)?
whats color is your hair!~?
Are you very hairy?
Need new hair ideas!!! Any ideas?
Do i look better blonde or brunette?
which color dye box can i buy to dye my hair auburn red?
omg i asked my mom if i can highlight my hair and she said its not respect full?
Not using shampoo makes my hair look better?
How to get hairstyle like that?
Hair change advice?? (pics included)?
Curly or Straight Hair?
How can I get curly hair?
FOR THE GUYS...which is hotter, girls with long hair or short?
I need help with Deidara cosplaying!?
how to get curls like these?
How do i get rid of a chewing gum which is stuck in my hair.?
I can't get my hair to straighten!?
How long can you keep henna hair dye AND HOW DO YOU STORE IT?
what color should i dye my hair?(picture)?
do i look better blonde or brunette?
What is your natural eye color?
I'm 16, and I have gray hair!?
Blond or brunette?
When i straighten my hair do i absolutely NEED to spray it with heat protection or will it be alright if i dnt?
i hav curly hair. i dislike it.what is the best way to remove da curliness?which shampoo is da best in doin so
hair help!?!?!?!?
Wavy perm or advice to make my hair not so boring?
I need help having a lot of trouble with my hair!?
is it right for a male teenager to get a perm?
blonde or brunette? (pictures)?
hair wont grow long? guy?
can somebody tell me about a homemade hair masque for dry ends and oily scalp?
Would mini twists look good?
What should I do with my hairr ? :]?
anybody know of any good hairstraightner brands?
Should I get bangs...?
Should i get bangs?
Hair cut- how to stop hair trimmings getting stuck on your face?
How can I grow my hair faster?
how should i do my hair for my 15?
pictures of mandy lynn's hair?
Why Japanese like to color they hair yellow?
Preferences : long hair or short hair?
Is there a perm which does the opposite, and keeps your hair straight?
What hair color would look good on me(pics)?
Are there any permanent hair removal creams?
What face shape do I have? *pics*?
any price value to an old curling iron dated in the 1930?
hair weaving possibilities???
My hair reaches my butt and it has been like this for a long time. I have never had a different hair style.?
How can I make my hair really curly?
methods of dying a wig?
best method of hair removal?
What color to color over a streaking mishap?
why does my hair fall out when i comb it?
what kind of layers does selena gomez have in these pictures?
I want to cut myself so bad!?
Which flatiron do you suggest? Babybliss titanium or Karmin Salon g3?
just got blonde highlights underneath and in the back of my hair?
Does a pirm mess up you hair?
What hair texture do I have? plz help 10 points!?
what is the best way to cover Gray's?
What would you recommend to use to detangle hair?
Does anyone know the name of a Pomade?
Hello :) what colour should i dye my hair? ?
How can i get the beachy hair look?
what are hair relaxers?
Please help me with my hair!! (Pic of my hair included)?
What is your best tip for healthy hair?
How to do a regular bun for a 13 year-old?
I am a hair stylist that is getting 2 weeks paid vacation. How do I know how much I am entitled to?
Should I get darker or lighter hair? Pic included.?
I wan to put my hair up?
what to do my with hair before school!
GIRLS ONLY-does anyone know some great and relativly easy hairstyles?
Iam 17 n iam curved i want to look slim n ma neck is lift it looks really weird when i tied my hair ?
My hair....?
Do you think I look better with straight or curly hair?
What shampoo and conditioner do you use?
Is it scary getting most your hair cut off short?
semi-perm hair color?
Is there anyway to straighten your hair without using heat?
Hair is falling out, any help?
how can you cut the grease and add the shine?
how to spike the front of your hair and whole thing?
How do I make my hair grow fast?
What can I do to fix my problem of having frizzy, untamed hair? I haven't used any chemicals.?
How do i curl my bang's ?
How bad does my hair color really look?
Wanna straighten my hair as i have very thick and curly hair.What would be your advice?
Why am I bothered about changing hair colour?
lightening my hair without using bleach?
how do you straightnen yer hair w/out a hair straightner?
Does that (Proline) Hair Food really work on your hair? Does it really boost hair growth?
I just grew my hair out and the ends are dry. Any suggestions?
How can i turn my hair to the color i want ? pLEASE HELP !?
Is it hard to buzz your own hair?
what age do you think it's appropriate to start dying your hair?
How to get my sides to grow?
What should I do with my hair?
what hair color is better blond are black?
How would this hairstyle look on me?
Bleaching hair with house bleach?
Whats a good hair color for pale skin?
What flatiron would you recommend for VERY thick hair?
hair growth remedys!!!?
Best Shampoo Out There?
I want to straighten my hair...?
i want to die my hair dark brown like the color of megan fox's but its normally a sandy blonde color.?
Do you know of any cool hair styles to do for medium length hair?
Leser Hair Removal luton?
do you like blonds or brunettes or red heads?
how to aviod bald?
A Question for Ladies Who Spend Alot of Money Having Their Hair Done....?
Which do you like best on me curly or straight hair(WITH PICTURES)
My hair is damaged from straightening my hair!?
will my eyebrows grow back after threading?
need a new hairstyle?
Is it true that if you shave at a young age, the hair will grow back faster as you grow older?
how can i get my hair like this?
should i go a bit blonder?
Some ways to do my hair?!?
where can i buy Biosilk products in DUBAI?
I dont know how to...?
Quickly Dry Hair Straight (No Heat)?
What hair-dye is this?
have you used thermasilk lately?
What can i get done to my hair without having a perm? (Just took twist out)?
what can i put in my hair?
What kind of hair cut should I get?
Which hair color is best for fair/pale skin tone?
Highlight red hair?
Has anyone any idea why Chinese people have gorgeous hair...?
I am getting a sew in and I was wondering how many bags of hair I needed.?
Thinking about dying me hair darker? **PICS**?
Do you dye your hair or are you all natural?
Ok girls or guys can answer do i convince my mom to..............?
Is it ok to straighten my hair everyday if…?
Help! I need help with my hair (easy points!)?
Could I pull off red hair (pictures)?
please me with ideas of a new hairstyle?
hair on head turned white?
Ways to get hair to grow faster?
Which hair cut? {(*Pics*)}
Would you spend $200 on a hair cut?
Is my hair "weird"?!?
Does anyone know any bridesmaids hairstyles websites.?
What at home remedys can u do to get soft and shiny hair?
hair style ideas?
Which hair color looks best on me???PICS inside!?
I really want to highlight the tips of my hair and my hair is layered how do you go about it?
I'm a women-Do guys like dark dark hair better then blonde?
I have really short hair (pic included), and i'm thinking of getting extensions...?
hair ideas?
Is it okay to wash long hair every day?
Does my hair look better curly or straight?
Are blondes still considered sexy in this day and age?
Like my new hair? xD Also, how many of you do your hair in the morning?
Put any color in wigs?
when you remove your sideburns does it grow back hairier?
How do I get my hair like Ashley Tisdale?
Do I look better with long blonde or short dark hair?
Hair colour ideas please [read inside]...?
how long does a net weave last in your hair?
what hairstyle fits me? please help me!?
What would be a good haircut?
UGH! Help me choose between blonde and brunette? (pics)?
I just purchased some euronext clip in hair extensions?
What hair straightener should I get?
Are there any home remedies for long/colored/strong hair?
do babies hair colour change?
I have to wash my hair daily, because I use mousse or gel , what is the gentlest shampoo/conditioner to use?
Which protein treatment is good for my hair?
would you let your daughter dye her hair purple?
Which type of hair are more common ....straight hair,curly hair,wavy hair.?
Why am I losing my hair?
blonde or brunette......?
bad hair day!!!!!!!!?
The hot topic color fiend why isn't it showing up?!?
How to get hair like this (PIC)?
Has anyone ever dyed their hair while everyone is sleeping?
curly hair need brand new hairstyle?!?
Hydrating curly hair?
Is this a medium length or long?
How do you give long, straight, dead hair... well, some life!?
ladies do you really.......?
hair style/care for my hair type?
Which hairstyle looks best on me? (pics included)?
How can I get my hair to grow?
What to do with my hair untill i can afford new extensions?
Would I suit red hair or purple hair?
i want a change in hairstyle?
If I leave in brown hair dye, will it turn green?
Emo haircuts for guys?
Any shampoo to fade hair color?
Will someone tell me about hair tracks - extension?
Does kool-aid actually work to dye (stain) your hair?
Question About Spot Bleaching Hair?
I've just had my hair chemically straightened, how long should i wait to wash it?
Tips to keep Splat hair dye in as long as possible?
how do you make hair look more shiny?
I want my hair to grow long?
Which haircut do you like the best?
I just got a new hair cut and people @ my school are laughing @ me what do I do???
OK,I'm going to ask, and don't be cruel.....?
I need help for my bleached hair?
How to cut curly mixed hair?
I need help about gum?
How do I know when I should stop dying my hair?
Hair loss!!I'm just 19 yr old,and ya I'm a female too!!?
Does ginger or red hair matter?
who knows the best hair coloring product out there?
does this damage hair?
can you put xxl red hair dye over pink crazy colour dye?
What is the best haircare range I can get if I have coarse, damaged hair.?
Should i go for it?
how can i get my hair curly without a perm?
Can you go swiming after you get a perm?
Help???? Will I be able to get the colour out of my hair ??
Pics of bridesmaid hair suggestions for short/medium hair?
what are some pretty hairstyles for wet hair with hairspray mousse and gel??
girlz only!!!!!!!!??
Does anybody know where you can get a strawberry blonde hair coloring kit on the Internet.?
Name and address of the head of marketing for Fermodyl Hair Products?
what do u thing hairstyle would suit me?
would this haircut look good with my?
What hairstyle would I look best with? Pictures of styles I want and one of my current hair?
I will be bleaching my hair today, is there anything I should know before doing it?
My hair is really dry, broken, and split, I was wondering if anyone knew any good remedies.?
my hair so frizes out! does any one know a good sampoo that stops frizzing?
what length should i get my layers in my hair?
which do you like better?
Recurring Telogen Effluvium?
is my hair long or medium?
Should I dye my hair?
What is the best leave in conditioner?
As a girl, what d u like best in a man's face? goatee? some hair? a beard? shaved? or a Jonnhy depp's moustach?
How do you go grey gracefully?
How should I cut my hair? !!!!10 points!!!!?
Do I look better with curly or straight hair?
Why do girls let their hair grow so long?
Is Livon silky potion bad for ur hair ?
Can you save non mousse foam hair dye?
Thick hair how to get it to look flat?
Unnatural hair colors for dark hair?
If I dye my blonde hair brown, will the regrowth be my natural blonde?
First time waxing , can someone help in what to expect?
What is a correct way of shaving Pubic Hair?
Are there any FREE sites where I can see what my hair would look like with a perm?
epilating around collarbone?
How do you make pastel stay in your hair?
What would u do if nobody had hair?
i have a problem with hair colouring...?
what extentions r?
Should I buy hair extensions or clothes?
How Do you prepare for a relaxer (Perm)?
Has anybody tried using avocado as a hair treatment ? If yes, let me know if it really works?
The top of my head always smells bad, even in the morning after my night showers. Whats the best...?
hair styling issues? curly >>> wavy ?
Should I Get Side bangs? (pix)?
Easy hAirstyle ideAs??? plz!! :D?
Need help with hair coloring!?
What are some cute hairstyles for shoulder length hair?
How to get super hydrated hair?!?
I have dyed my brown hair to blond (5 years ago) its starting to break..I would like to go dark again ..?
how bad does this hair color look on me?
How can I grow hair fast?
I need some hairstyles?
Does anyone know of a good and inexpensive beauty shop that do "Locs"?
How to pass a hair drugscreen?
what color would make my hair look soft and shiny?
i want to ask about my hair bec they r falling,dry and having dandraph.?
hair problem!!! help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Do you trim / wax / shave down there?
what color should i dye my hair......?
Does my hair look better curly or straight?
How do I make my hair look like this?!?
How often do you have a haircut?
do you straighten your hair alot? please answer!?
Can someone explain: The hair on my head are not growing at the same rate ....?
My hair is one color but i want the other? (Pics) HELP? Red hair?
Where can i buy kronos haircare in australia?
how to bleach my auburn hair ombre?
do you like to paint your hair?
i want to get streaks?
what kind of hair is the prettiest?
I have a thin patch in my hair , ok im a teenager ???????
Where can I find a good myspace layout for hairdressers?
Hair Problems! Please can someone give me advice?
hair salon?
what's better blondes or brunettes?!?
how do you style this hair?
Why is my hair dark red?
Which method is better for dying hair with kool aid?
philip kingsley hair products?? any good?
do u like my hair like this? (pic's)?
What's the best way to remove armpit hair?
how do i blow bry my hair staight?
Hair help please?????
How should i comb my Hair ?
What shade of blonde?
Hair highlighting?
Is there ANY possible way to make your hair grow one or two inches within two or three days?
help!?!?!?!?! EMERGENCY?
How to thicken up hair?
To speed hair growth, how should you do your hair at night?
what curling iron do you recommend that I should use and is not too expensive?
what should i do with my hair?!?! pics includes!?
How long does it take to make dreads?
hi i have really long hair that goes almost all the way to my bottom should i get my hair in lares or get my?
Hair relaxer question?
best hair gel to make my hair stand straight up?
From hairline to chin, how long is your face?
How to get super shiny hair with at home recipes? And how to get completley frizz-free hair?
Do I look better with Black hair or brown?
How do i remove perminant hair colour form my hair?
tiger hair extensions? ?
Every time i brush my hair it gets a lot of static in it. how can i stop this?
Should you be hated over your hair color?
Girls, are you turned off by my beard?
Why? why does it not look right?
What colour should I dye or highlight my hair?
how to get this look?
I really need help with my hair!?
Would I look good with bangs?
can anyone give me a step by step daily routine to care for and grow my hair?
how do you....?
How do I look better?!?!?
which hairstyle? pics included?
Mustache or no mustache?
Best Razor electric or shave?
HAIR QUESTION? Help please?
!.s which name is better for a blonde hair boy?
i get my hair dyed a lot?
why do so many younger girls shave their pubic hair as soon as it grows in?
Do women find find men who are losing their hair less attractive than those with a full head of hair?
I can't stop thinking about this girl I saw at my hair salon.?
how can i have beautiful hair?
Should I dye my hair red?
whats a good hair dye to use?
good haircut choice? PLEASE ANSWER.?
I wanna have highlight for my dark brown hair with out damanging it at all help and i want it temporary....?
What colour is BRUNETTE?
Should I cut my mullet or let it grow?
best way for a brunette to go blonde hair??
Should I dye my hair blonde? Pictures are included :) Please give your honest opinion x?
Shampoo Help? Easy Points!?
Im an indian with Black hair looking for some highlights- what do you suggest?
how can i get my hair straight?
Will a Bull Mastiff kick a penguin?
how to make your hair not frizzy?
Does my hair look better straight.?
who likes this hairstyle?
At home bleaching fix?
my hair is so dry, to the point of where it feels like horse hair..?
Should I Take A Risk.?
Should I change my hairstyle? (Pic included!)
(GUYS ONLY!) Blondes or Brunettes?
Hair Help! I dont't know what to do. HELP!?
Blonde or Brunette?
Help for straight lifeless hair please!!?
will this make your hair grow faster?
what hairstyles could i wear when my hair is up?
i have two short bits of hair at the front?
how do I make my hair exactly like this?
I am mixed race. What can I use to make my hair longer and thicker?
What do you think of this hairstyle?
i've seen plenty of products that create voluminous hair, but what if your hair has TOO much volume?
Should I cut my hair?
What happens to hair when you cut it too much?
How should I do my hair for a big party in LA? HELP FAST!?
is there a way to make your hair grow faster?
how do i get my hair to grow onto my forhead?
what hairstyle would i suit? (PICS)?
Eyebrow Waxing...?
Would curling my hair create bigger curls?
My hair is super thick! any suggestions?
What is the best shampoo for my hair?Please help me?
damaged hair ?
I have thick hair, will a straightner make it thinner?
How do I achieve this hairstyle? PICTURES INCLUDED?
How can i get my hair to grow faster?
Does braiding hair damage it or make it longer?
where can i get a korean perm?
What quick simple ways I can keep my frizzy hair looking great?
Anyone used Loreal Paris to dye their hair?
Can you use regular hair dye hair dye fr you lashes and brows?
How come my hairdresser can't do my hair ?
What is your favorite hair style?
Does anyone have a T3 curling iron? Do you love it or not?
What do you think of the Shaved side of hair style?
How do you get a Side-Swept Fringe from a Full Fringe?
How do you get hair like this?
what are the ingridients for hair rebonding process?
is it ok to wash your hair with sewn in tracks in your hair?
i want to change my hair color for summer?
what else can i use to make my hair softer?
What's worse for hair - straightening it every day or wearing it in pigtails every day?
Should I permanently straighten my hair?(pic)?
thick wavey somewhat short hair?
Curly or straight hair ?
Growing out my hair? how?
What's your hair style?
hair help?
Hairdresser problem. Help please?
IF you have started to crochet dreadlocks do you have to start over?
How do you straighten your hair?
What crazy color would look cool with dark brown hair?
How much damage does dying your hair cause?
How do i thin out my hair?
Herstyler Curling Wand?!?!?
what permanent hair dye is best to use?
what haircut should i get?
is it normal for girls to have sideburns?
ethnic kids hair?
im going on a cruise to keywest and i want to get my hair braided what should i do?
Do you think my friend's hair is pretty?
curls like taylor swift?
Have chemically treated hair?
why did brittany cut her hair?
if i die my hair dark will i become smarter?
How to get my hair straight?
How should i wear my hair tomorrow?
whats better blonde or brunette?
why can't i ever curl my own hairs using a curling iron?
I trimmed a bit of my left eyebrow?
How to get my hair to look like this?
where can i buy Gatsby hair wax in Oahu?
I want to change my hair style, what's a good site to browse diferent styles?
Do I need to go to a salon to make black hair last? It always fades!?
What color should i dye my hair? (pic inside)?
Why do we need instructions on a bottle of shampoo?
Miley cyrus cut her hair?
Tips for bangs please!?
How long can you keep Tracks or Extensions in your hair?
cool shoot button in hair dryer..what and how to use it?
what hair color do i look better in?
Is this a good hair color?
if you could have any hair you want?
I would like to dye my hair black. What do you guys think?
Is this a pretty picture?
What is the best lotion or shampoo to stop hair loss ?
what should i do?
Color boost shampoo with feather hair extensions ?
I'm thinking of getting bangs?
What are some hair salons in the utica, MI area that do edgy cuts?
Vidal Sassoon Shampoo?
Can I use blue hairspray to make Liberty Spikes?
Where can I get my hair cut and styled in Tucson, and how much would it cost?
what do you call that hair style when your hair is up.........?
what do you think of blondes?
What is a hairstyle i can have while i wait for the top to grow for a side pomp?
I am an acute case of premature greying of hair esp on both sides of the temple?
Dyed my hair and the roots turned orange!?
Hair care advice for a black male?
is it really true love with me and my husband Rashid?
what is the right way to get a mohawk?
Short hair??
Best volumizing shampoo and conditioner?
How do I make my hair smooth and not frizzy!!!!?
what is the best treatment for frizzy, curly long hair?
hAiR qUeStIoN!!!?
I'm sick of people passing comments about my gray hair.?
how to blend and fade hair properly?
Ive got very very curly hair and want it staight?
Girls I need help about my hair!!!!?
bad hair day :/ . . . help ?
AVEDA Products?
can i use hair clip extensions?
why are dr spocks eyebrows like that.?
my hairdressers dyed my hair jet black how are they going to get it back to blonde help im desperate?
How often do you wash your hair?
Do vitamins make your hair grow faster?
Charlotte, with red hair?
should i buy this?????? easy points!!?
Question about keeping hair clean! read description!?
What Color should I Color my Hair?
How do I remove remaining hair dye from my hair?
HOW do i make my hair grow LONG and FAST????????
How should I wear my hair for homecoming?
How to apply dry shampoo?
why do women have facial hair?
How often can I use a semi-permanent dye?
I have lot of hair through out of my body. How i get ride from that?
hair help!?
How do you feel about this hair dye? I am a dirty blonde (naturally) and never dyed my hair but it keeps getti?
Should I go dark chocolate brown or dark red?
Do you have to (like must) use conditioner?
Where can I buy a Hannah Montana &Miley wig?
is it going to change my hair color if i use shampoo made out of henna?
WHY are brunettes so jealous of blondes?
How should i do my hair/make up for semi *pic*?
Do I have a strange face shape for a buzzcut?
I did Organix Keratin my throat hurts..what to do?
How is the best way to grow my hair?
Do braces look better with straight or curly hair?
what color should i dye my hair?
how can you make a semi permanent hair color permanent?
What hair color would suit me?
What do you think of this girl's hair?
What is the best shampoo for dye damaged dry hair?
which is better for my hair cold fusion extensions or a sew in?
Should i dye all my hair red?(pic)?
How do i give my hair more volume quick in the mornings?
My hair colour?
What Hair Would Look Better On Me?
would colour b4 work well on first time dyed hair?
What is the best electric razor?
Hair Emergency, please help!?
should i dye my hair 10points?
How to flatten an afro without making it straght?
Can anyone give me some tips on how to tease my hair, particularly in a ponytail?
Anyone know a stylist in the St. Louis, Mo area who can really do a good job in sew in weaves..?
How do you get your hair wavy?
New Hairstyle...Easy 10 Points!?
Crazy, Insane, Wacky, Intense, yet sophisticated teen hair style?
do i really need to trim my hair?
Help me get my hair longer guys?
Tips on growing hair faster?
I have black hair, recently i tried to dye it blond but all i got was a nasty orange.?
What is the best permanet non-fading color for gray hair?
OMG i hate my hair cut!!!!!!!!!! do you think it suits me?? :( pics?
does anyone no any tips for greasy hair ??
hairdresser problems?
why do boys like girls with longer hair more than short hair?
i NEED new hairstyles OR haircuts?
I have seen People in African Tribes wearing DreadLocks how do those People make their hair into DreadLocks ?
Pleeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaase help :( ? it wont take a moment?
Red or purple highlights?
hair dye help please!!!!?
How can I make my hair thicker, (more volume)?
Cute, easy hairstyles for school? Please help?
I put dye in my hair and it's burning my head?
Should i go with my long hair?
Does anyone know how you tip your hair at home?
guys...would you rather go for girls with straight or curly hair?
School Hairl Styles plz Help !!!!!!!!!?
Whats the best place/website to get hair extensions.?
Hair Color over mehndi is safe or not?
Should I get bangs or not?
I need some ideas:)? Please help!:)?
Do you like hairstyle 1 or 2 better?
Can hair grow back if you are experiencing hair loss?
Can i bleach and dye my hair in the same night?
Why can't we all get together and use the hairs in our shower drains to help bald people everywhere?
do you think my hair is nice?
I am trying to find a hair salon in Savannah, but I need help.?
any tips to take care of dry hair?
I need help fast!!!! Prom is only 2 days away?
Ok someone just asked if they should cut their hair and have bangs? can someone pls tell me wtf bangs are ??
Super Knotted Hair, Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
How to make my hair soft?
sidebangs ? please help.?
Would I look good with red hair?
I got very curly and dry hair. What should I do to style it?
HAIR dyeeee on my face! How do I get it off?
Accident. put shampoo inside bottle with hair dye?
blondes or brunettes?
Help! I put too much wax in my dreads!?
What hair color?
how do i get rid of oily hair?
I have dry hair and want to color it without damaging it...suggestions?
Why is half of my hair non-straight?
why does my straightened hair have little hairs sticking out?
Blonde types of hair!?!?
Epilator question...?
I really want to get highlights but my mom said no, how can i convince her to let me get them?
I bleached my hair and dyed it black, and now i want it brown?
can hair transplant extend a hairline that was never there?
hair dying.............?
I have straight her ,how can I get prety waves Without tons of products?
If I fall asleep with gel in my hair will that hurt my hair and cause me to go bald at all?
what is the best hair style?
I missed a few spots when I dyed my hair.?
Are perms very damaging?Any more or less than highlights?
do you think i should stay blonde?!?
What hair colour dye should i go 4 if i got black hair?
is it possible for an asians to have blonde hair?
Should I cut my hair or keep in long?
How can I curl my hair into ringlets by using rags?
need pics of a certain hairstyle?
Why is my curly hair soft ONLY when it's straightened?
Do you think it would be weird if a teenage girl wore a big bow in her hair?
I need ur quick opinions!!!!!!!!!?
As a child/teenager (past or present), were u forced by a parent/guardian to get a cut/style you hated?
Which one would go first while dying hair?
Is anybody familiar with the bendy-roller overnight curls? How does it turn out usually for you? :3?
what is your natural hair color and is it the same now or have you changed it ?
Hair is falling out from bleach and extensions- help!?
My EyeBrows Were Shaved off!?
How do you make stubborn tight curls looser?
I need a hair fall solution..?
What is the best leave in conditioner?
How do you make your hair darker without dying it?
How to make hair soft?
My hairdresser owns the shop and charges me $125 to highlight my hair. I give her a $5.00 tip.?
Hair color and roots?
Could I get my hair like this? (pics included)?
What about your hair makes you unhappy?
Girls with fine or thin hair, what's your hair care routine?
Why do people ask silly questions that nobody cares what the answer is? hehe?
Curly straight, or wavy?
What flatiron would you recommend for VERY thick hair?
How can I keep my hair from being greasy in the morning?
short or long hair ? [pictures]?
Popular hairstyles in the early 90's?
Hair dying question?
i have brown hair and want to dye it blonde, help?
I have pin straight hair with nooo body or anything?
color oops has anyone tried it?
The top of my hair wont wave up?!?
little help back-combing please!?
What's a good shampoo that softens your hair and dosn't dry it?
Do blonde highlights look bad in dark brown curly hair?
Does hair removal cream damage plumbing?
How do I part my hair?
Can you do emo style with salon straightner?
tips for growing hair longer!!!!?
What is the best hair volume product for long hair?
Am I suppose to oil afro hair every day?
What color is your hair.?
Was cutting my hair a big mistake (pics)?
Can someone please answer this? Its pretty important to me.?
Bullied becuase I dyed my hair pink?
why do i always have greasy hair ?
Where did Hannah Montana get her wig,or where can I get one like it?
I am in need of some hair dye help..?
Redye hair next after dying hair.?
Why isnt my hair curly anymore?
How do you get your hair to grow long, fast? ?
Is washing your hair every day bad for it?
How should i do my hair/make up for semi *pic*?
what is ur colour hair...=)?
Should I dye my hair blonde? Pictures...?
Could my hair be falling out from the roots due to me breast feeding?
im very curios about this hair stlye?
Will a curly perm work on kinky hair if left on only 1/2 the time required?
am i going to go bald? if so when?
What does Tom Welling put in his hair for the series smallville and what type of hair cut does he get?
How to get rid of scalp buildup?
my dad has hair down too his waist should i be embarrassed?
Do u use HAIRSPRAY after STRAIGHTENING ur hair?
Hair help?? (10 points)????????/?
What is temporary comb in color?
Guys- do u like girls that wear weave?
Does hair growth get slower as your hair gets longer?
Does a heat protectant ALWAYS protect your hair?
my hair falls out alot i'm going bald what can i do?
What is best for creating loose curls? Tongs, brushes or rollers and which is easiest to use & best results?
If i died my hair black, what could happen?
I have a problem please help me?
Product turned my blonde hair green!!!?
My hair is completely ruined help?
What does it mean if some one kissess you on the forehead?
What is my "face shape"?
Which brand developer is better for coloring grey hair, Clairol Pure White 20 vol or Wella Color Charm 20 vol?
i want to grow my hair out fast how can i do this?
What should I tell my stylist if I wanted this haircut.?
Is red hair yucky? Should I be embarrassed about it?
Will dyein my african american hair honey blonde make it look ruff and dead?
what do i need to say to the hairdresser to get this style?
How do you get rid of the part completely in your hair?
10 points...which name is better for a blonde hair boy?
My hair gets frizzy when i blow dry it what other things can i do before i go to sleep?
what makes your hair really soft?
should i grow my hair long?
would any one recommend botanicals soft and beautiful hair relaxing cream?
Help me before I chop the whole thing off please??? Hair color mistake!!!?
is my hair fine to be able to get a curtained hairstyle like leon from resident evil?
I want to dye my hair a lighter color?
How to use Wella color charm toner?
What is the best hair style for somone who has black hair & a flat head?
Does this really work for your hair?
****** up my hair.... any one know any AMAZING updo's?
How to Achieve this Bleached Color Hair?
Can I dip-dye my dark brown hair with lime gatorade?
Has anyone tried prenatel pills ? and there hair grew ?
What should I do with my hair?
Can you put streaks in your hair after bleaching it ?
Should you shampoo you're hair once or twice each time?
What do i do with my hair?
Is it really that bad to wash your hair everyday?
thin hair, please help?
smoother hair?
I have so many split ends it's not funny what do I do?
i work 3.5 days per week, wed-sat ,do i get bank holidays mondays on top of my 20 days?
need new hairstyles!! help?
When you permanently straighten your hair, does it last forever?
chicago salon that specialize in natural hair?
I need help with my hair? I have short, layered hair what can I do to make it look good???
hair problems?
how do you style a pompador?
Dark hair to light brown/ash brown?
Quick fix for getting smoke stink out of freshly washed hair?
Which haircut is better for me?
Do you think I can rock this COLOR!?
What color should i dye my hair?
How to get BLUE not green hair when dying bangs?
how can i make my hair curly?
what is the safe hairdye that can be used for a breast cancer patientwho had undergone chemotheraupy radiation
Hair color tips? help me, please? Easy 10 points :-)?
10 points!!!!! What type of haircut do the hodgetwins have?
How to make my hair get greasy slower?
can you dye hair that has been dyed black?
can i used hair colour on heena applied hair before one month?
If I dye my hair red does that mean I have to give up my soul?
should i dye my hair black?
i have a straightener. but dont know how 2 use it on my hairs.?
What is you favorite hairstyle for a female?
Name of a type of haircut for guys?
I want to temporarily dye my dark brown hair light brown?
Love anyone who would help me with this stupid hair problem! Pleeeeese!?
Yellow button on hair dryer plugs?
i want a good quality but cheap hair curling iron!Help plz!?
is pubic harir always the same natural color as head hair?
Do you think hes cute?
what do you think of curly hair?
I just had a baby. How do I stop my hair from falling out ?
Hair Dilemma?
Do you know what remedies, i can use to get rid of headlice?
where does steve harvey get his wig from?
Are afros on a white guy hot?
Whats you favourite?
What's the best way to grow longer hair?
what do you do if you have split ends, and short/shoulder lenghth hair?
How do i get my hair 2 grow longer/faster?
what 's the difference between monofilament wig and lace wig? Why does the lace wig more poppular ?
Any suggestions for a good Dandruff shampoo?
Help!! My hair has recently started to fall out!!?
how can i turn my hair blonde?
Where online can you go to, where a person can upload their own photo to try on different hair styles?
Do guys really care if a girl wears hair extensions?
What is the cutest hair style?
best black hair box hair dye?
How often SHOULD you wash your hair?! what counts as healthy?!?
Bleaching hair?
what can i do with my hair when it is in pigtails?
Long Hair Question?
How would I get this Male Hairstyle?
My hair is now a bright red. I tried bleaching to get blonde highlights. Two different kits didn't work. Help?
Which hair colour looks better on me?
How to get Hayley Williams bangs?
Does anyone know any good products for extremely dry scalp?
Why don't people like red head ? -pics-?
should i put hair spray on my face?
When should i get my hair layered before or after a relaxer?
where can I find wig suppliers in Singapore?
question for a hairdresser?
How did she do her hair and makeup?
Is this cute hair?????????
How do i prevent greying of hair?
Anyone know how i can make my hair grow any faster?
Is it okay to put heat on weave everyday?
what is the best form of getting rid of leg hair?
Where does Brookelle Bones get her extensions at?
What can I do with my old flat iron?
Is it safe to use hair dye that is around 5 months since purchased?
how can i get my hair like this? (pix included)?
Does hair really grow back thicker and fuller?
has anyone used a good essential oil for hairgrowth that works?
(females) How often do you shave your under arms?
I have coloured my hair for about 10 years but it now seems to have stopped going grey. Why?
any Good hair straightening cream?
How do you get rid of curls in your bangs when they are to short to be use by a hair straightener?
what do you think of my hair cut? pics included
when you go to the salon, girls, do.....?
What hairstyle should I wear for Thanksgiving?
where can i get pictures of black hair on the top and blonde on the bottom?
How to repair damaged and dry hair for a guy?
do men really prefer long blonde hair?
What do girls think about mustaches?
hair styles for school, with hair extensions?
I'm 13 and have a fair amount of pubic hair and don't know whether to shave it or not, any advice?
vitamins to thicken hair?
does lauren keyana palmer have long hair?
How should a 50 year old male get his haircut?
I was eating cereal and then something was in my hair, and then I was naked. What do?
Best to color hair wet or dry?
Why don't modern day women like hairy men? If I was only born a decade earlier!?
What color should I dye my hair?
Hair color? Opinions. ?
Should I cut my hair?
Would i look good with side bangs? (pics)?
Would someone give me a good product for hair, which is thin?
What do you call people with black hair?
best hair styling product for an asian mullet ?
How do you use sculpting paste for layers?
~~~How to get rid of frizzy hair? Help!~~~?
how to get many types of waves?
ladies in need ur advice please..?
i want to cut my hair. is there a website i can go to and find a picture of hairstyles that i might like?
Why don't you get rid of your neck hairs?
girls do you like men with long hair?
my hair frizzes in the rain!!?
What's the best shampoo and conditioner that you can buy ?
Thick eyebrows need thinning?
Ways to keep my hair straight? :D?
Which bangs would look better?
How can I get thinner hair?
My expensive strightener broke! the store wont take it back what can i do?
What color would you dye this hair?
How do you find a good barber?
i dyed my dark blonde hair to a lighter shade last week will it be ok to dye it again this week?
Will this help my problem?
how do i cut my satin strands hair extension?
How much does usually cost for really good clip in hair extentions?
What are some easy ways to do my hair?
How should I get my hair cut (pics included!)?
How do I get long hair? Like its growing just not quick enough >:(?
would dreads suit me?
What brand shampoo/conditioner do you like for preserving hair color?
What is the best brand for full hair coloring?
how long should my hair be for cornrows?
what is hair rebonding?
can I get hair advice?
hair 8th grade graduation???!!!!???
how do you take out gum in hair?
does anyone know the website that you can go to to donate your hair?
Do suave naturals shampoos and conditioners damage your long hair?
what color should i dye my hair?
what should i do to stop hair breakage...???
Ladies: How much do you pay for hair cut on average?
i am a boy and i have straight hair, how can i get wavy or curly like hair?
Clipper lengths haircut?
What can I do with my hair!?!?
Is it healthy for your hair if you showers everyday?
do you think boys should shave they legs and if you are boy do you shave your legs???
What is a drugstore good hair dye brand?
Seven-year-old wants to dye her hair. Is that okay?
Has anyone used temporary hair dye sprays?
I want to wear my hair down but...?
Any way to get my hair straight without heat or chemical relaxation?
Thick hair sheds a lot?
waxing hair "under there" questions?
Ok, my mom won't let me shave my legs, and each time I ask her if I could, she yells and says no!What do I do?
I'm going to dye my hair with Kool aid, what color should I do? ( see details)?
How should i care for male, black/mexican hair, that is dry. No perms ever, needs to be soft. he has alot!?
wha change should i make to look better ?
How to grow longer hair?
cheap hair products vs. expensive?
How do you stop grease hair?
i ask the question about long hair....what protein to take and detail on how to grow it i am new at this?
is it bad to like natural hairy girls?
Does sweating after dyeing hair make it fade?
my straighteners smell bad :S?
why when im dying my hair dark brown does it have a purple tinge to it?
I have what is supposed to be the best straightener (CHI) but my hair never stays straight.?
links to asian hair cuts plz?
what do you think about men with ponytails?
What color should i dye my hair ? (picture included)?
What shampoo and conditioner can I buy for my hair type?
How do you get kinky twist to stay tight when braiding?
Shower caps? and hair!!!!!!!!?
in a week how many times i can use chi ceremic flat iron wihouy damaging my hair?
what do you think when you see someone with pink hair?
How can I have straight hair naturally?
Working Out and My Hair?
girls do u like the guys whom shave their legs and chests?
wht color contacts would look good with black hair?
what color should i dye my hair?
how do i get gum out of my hair?
Spring Valley: Hair, Skin & Nail vitamins?
why does my hair fall out when I wash it??
My hair is frizzy how do I fix it?
How do you do a messy bun in fine hair?
should i cut my hair like this, pictures included?
Bangs never stay straight, what to do?
should i dye my hair?????/?
my hair is brown but my eyebrows and goatee are blonde, how do i dye them...?
I set a temperature on my hair straightener & let the plates get heated up...?
good BLACK hair dye to recommend?
Brunette, Blonde or Red-haired?
For the girls: Men with hair on chest and legs or Men without any hair on chest and legs?
what hair colour would i suit ?
will shaving the pubic hair be itchy as it grows back?
do girls like lads wit hairy chests?????
How to look like justin bieber such as hair style?
salt water lightening hair?
I just dyed my hair black on accident and I dont know what to do with it and I have school in the morning! Ugh?
Should i dye my hair blue???????
Favorite hair type-- wavy, curly, or straight? Gender doesn't matter.?
What color will be best for me when I dye my hair?
Should I dye my hair red?
What should i wear on the first day of 7th grade?
how do i get rid of ginger hair?
How do people with really dark hair dye it blond then?
after marriage is there possibility of grow long hair?
Does Axe Hold and Touch Hair Gel work good?
am i crazy, i want to dye my hair like dark red? *pictures.?
How to Keep hair Straight!?
what your Favorite hairstyle on a lad?
how many styling products do you use on your hair to keep it from puffing up from humidity and frizz?
hair like miley cyrus?
What unnatural color should I dye the underside of my hair?
Best way to get remove of public hair?
How to turn rough fuzzy rigid hairs to shinny smooth nd silky ?
Boys...Short hair or long hair?
What colour hair would suit ME?
I have had my hair highlighted w/ a blond color dye and also a bleach. Which is healthier for my hair?
how to use a curling iron?
How can I dye my eyelashes darker?!?
Redheads: hot or not?
does anybody know a remedie to get rid of lice?
electric shavers bring hair down to 5 oclock shadow?
I wanna wash-out dye a streak of my hair but....?
hair emergency!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
How can I "undamage" MY HAIR????
why do body hair grows back after waxing?
How long do I leave food coloring in my hair for it to dye it!?
It time for a change and I am not sure how to go about doing it......?
Burning scalp syndrome?