what hairstyle should i do in the mornin?
My mom cut my hair way too short?
How do I prevent my leg hair from growing in so fast?
How can you stylie choppy layers?
Need hair cut advice - fine hair?
About how long does asian spiky hair have to be to fall down?
Straightening hair?
can any one tell me how to maintain the hairs in good condition?
Hair removal from embarrassing places?
Temporary red hair dye for natural blonde?
:'( pleazzz anwser!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plez!?
How do I get curly hair over night?
OK.. Guys... Do You Like Girls With Straight hair, or Curly?
hey girls, do you like the haircut?? (pic)?
Should i dye my hair like Ariana Grande?
pointtss very fassttt. just answerrr correctt!?
Advice on getting a perm....?
Will Chi Keratin Mist damage healthy hair?
Help 22yr old female I'm going bald?
Has anyone tried the Wen cleansing conditioner? Results?
What do you think about guys getting highlights in their hair?
Whats the rarest eye and hair color?
how should i wear my hair tomorrow for school?
how do you know if you have lice and what do they look like and what are the symtons?
How soon after using a bleaching product on hair like Feria, can you repeat the process to make it lighter?
what is your personal opinion about...?
i have really thick, wavy/kinda curly hair....?
Where can I find heat-resistant pouches/mats for flat irons in Singapore?
Which me looks better in your opinion, I am considering short hair?
My hair is gets greasy after one day.. Help?
What colour would these be?
Can someone explain: The hair on my head are not growing at the same rate ....?
How can i make my hair not grow so fast?
My hair is super straight and sometimes I would like to curl it but it doesnt hold curl...what should I use?
Does chlorine change dyed hair color?
got my hair cut, what ya think??
Straightening natural/transitioning hair?
What is the meaning behind Gianni Versace's work ?
What type of hair extensions do you have?
How do you get rid of Head lice?
Atoms atoms atoms yay?
Women, what kind of shampoo & conditioner do you use?
how long does it take for an inch of hair to grow?
Using Colour B4 before dying hair red....?
At what age should I let my daughter dye her hair?
how much is a mens cut and colour at a saks salon?
How to get this hair style?
what is the best way to straighten your hair without damaging it?
How can I grow my hair longer ?
Do girls like guys with facial hair or without?
How do you get hair like this?
I cant decide!!! (Pics)?
how to get scene hair!! HELP!!! :O?
What will happen if i dye my already dyed & relaxed hair.?
Does anyone know how to grow hair on your back faster?
Help i need a new hair routine!! (((pic included)))?
So about not washing hair.....?
names of online hair stores that sell sennsaionel remi goddess yaki select hair?
L'Oreal Excellence HiColor highlights red will my hair turn out lighter red if I use it on my dark blonde hair?
I need a new hairstyle?
Is it Ok to wash my hair three days in a row?
How do you get waves in African American black hair? I have a re;axer and unable to get a perm till next wee
Which haircut should i get? (10 points)?
Can you scrunch your hair with hairspray?
Help With Spiking My Hair?
What should I do with my hair to change it completely? (pics)?
Where is a good priced salon in Reno, NV?
Does the lemon juice thing really work to lighten hair a little? (pics)?
what the best hair remover for you whole body?
a question for people who have tried any of the john frieda brunette hair care products?
Can you bleach/dye dreadlocks?
help like i am 12 and i have really embarissing am pit hair im afraid to my mom i think she will flip help me?
Skin burn due to shaving? Teenager, please help?
how to turn curly and dry hair into straight and silky at home only?
please help!!!?
Is there anything that i can do/add to my hair to make it grow longer?
Who is hotter blondes, brunettes or redheads?
i have a perm can i still straighten it?
Does it mean I need a hair cut?
What do you all think of this hairstyle? *pic*?
What should I do with my hair?
ok, so i dont know which one to choose...i want to donate my hair...who do i donate it to?
How do I cut the girl's hair without getting me in the trouble?
Brown or blonde?? Don't know what to choose, help?!?
is it bad if you wash your hair everyday?
if you have hair like a black person what can you put on it to make it look good healthy and smooth?
gel in hair, yes or no?
Bleach my hair then dye it?
Red Velvet hair colour?!?
Is it safe...?
has anyone used Agree shampoo, is it the same scent as the 1970?
What are the best type of rollers for me?
I need a website that shows haircut ideas?
How do I explain this hairstyle to my new hairdresser?
What beauty supply store sells "Dr. Miracles" relaxers?
Fun things to do at Gaylord Palms? need help! (:?
how can i get my hair to wave like this?
what color should i dye my hair?
Curly or Straight hair?
what face shape do i have?
How to Wash Hair: Is It Bad to Shampoo Daily?
You good with hair? Just 1 minute of your time to help me with mine would be nice!!!!?
What to do before dying hair?
which hair color would look best on me? (pics)?
is suicide the answer to my ugly problems?
GUYS ONLY! Whats hotter? Down hair or ponytail ?
I dyed my hair golden brown help?
Oval face shape emo (Boys)?
How do I get my hair to look like this??
How can I dye my hair to be this color? (Please read!)?
Dying Hair Please Help!!?
HELP AGAIN. Darker roots?
What's your favorite shampoo/conditioner?
What is a good mustache joke?
i dyed my hair! [+pics]?
Is there anything you can do to make yourself grow a beard... forcefully?
Poll: whats your favorite style and length of hair on you?
Have you ever tried Dove hair products?
Have I inherited my mothers hairline?
How to style your hair really cute?
why does my hair change colors?
Ladies: Long hair or short hair for a guy?
do you have any idea how to style layered "emo" looking hair? its thin, and has no volume.?
wtf happened to my seamonkeys???!?!?
Can some body answer this quick...?
Which shampoo is good for an oily scalp but really dry hair?
I want to grow my hair faster?
What hair should i get?
should i dye my hair maroon/dark red?
i have a 4 month old, since im still breast feeding, would be ok to color my hair?
My hair fall. I am going to be bald? and some hair tips please.?
quick and easy hairstyles?
Whats your favorite tv show?
Opposite of ombre hair?
Hair length question!?
hair extension help please?
Question about hair extensions!!?
how often should I shampoo?
right now my hair is just black whats a good color to put in it?
How can I color my hair honey Blonde if i have it black?
did you use brilliant brunette, and did it work?
Is good the sun for hair!?
Does purple and gray match plz answer?
Clean way to shave your head?
fast, cute, beach hair?
What's your current hairstyle?
How to make mens hair thicker?
Bleaching dyed black hair ! . Please help !!?
How old do you have to be to take biotin pills?
which hair i have pics?
Hairstyles for school?
Is it wise to wax one's face?
how did flappers from the 1920's get that wavy hairstyle?
would this haircut suit me?
What kind of reaction do you think I'll get if I go to school with white hair?
Beard, or no beard? Which is better and why?! Kinda want to keep growing one, but not certain!?
What Hair Product Does Lucas Scott Of One Tree Hill Use?
what should i put in my hair before i curl it in spiral curls with a curling iron so it is not frizzy?
Does black dye fade to gray?
How to get rid of really bad split ends?
How light should my hair be for me to dye my hair orange?
Why does my pink hair dye fade so quick?
what is a good hairstyle for someone with a small face anarrow nose and big eyes?
Should I keep the blonde hair?
how can I grow my hair very very fast?
Scared to dye my hair?
Is Her Hair In Layers? (image Included)?
Cocoanut oil treatment on recently colored hair?
why dont i have armpit hair yet??/?
is it to young for a 14 year old to get there hair highlighted?
Girls: Does this haircut (short) look good?
can hair dye damage my hair?
I was wondering how much you pay to get your hair highlighted?
I need to change my hair style?
can people be born with gray hair?
how do i get more facial hair?
how to make shampoo?
Which aussie mousse is best for scrunching thick/ wavy/curly hair?
Do girls like guys who put gel in their hair???
Natural Way to calm frizzy hair?
Have you ever joined two or more Dreads into one?
Does a girl have to have black hair with icy blue eyes to be considered drop dead gorgeous?
anyone here a licensed cosmetologist?
Require info on intensive hairdressing courses?
what is the use of trichogen scalp lotion?
Does Biotin Pills help to grow hair?
What shade of Blonde hair should I get? *picture included*?
do the cheerleaders in your school usually wear twin French braids ?
Could you give me some advise about my hair?
Which is better Curly or straight hair ?
how to get out black hair dye?! URGENT!?!?
long hair versus short hair,which do you prefer?
I'm blk and looking to get a sew-in weave. Does anyone know about how many bags of hair I'll need?
whois prettier?
If i dye my hair will it grow back the same?
What is a great styling product for a male with an itchy scalp?
is there a way to make my hair grow faster than normal?
How do I stop the oils in my hair?
if you have.. THICK HAIR or want to help someone who does.. CLICK HERE NOW! =]?
i cut my hair 4 months ago but its not growing what do you suggest i do?
My Hair Use To Be Long?
how should i do my hair and makeup for picture day?
Do I look better as a blonde or brunette? (pics)?
Can I use Sedu with convertor in India?
Help???Big chop to twa advice?
my hair is very dry.what can i do?
what length/style should i cut my hair?
I recently got the keratin treatment/brazilian blowout done and my hair turned out brassy any advice?
hair color?
Virtual Hair?
What color highlights would go good with my hair? How to convice my mom?
whats the difference of 2000turbo or a 3000turbo hair blow dryer?
how to use Frosting/Tipping Cap? I have the tool to pull the hair what? lol?
If I bleach my hair from black to brown will it do much damage?
Hair color gone wrong - blonde to black :(?
what is the best straightener to use for curly hair?
should i die my hair black?
How do you put extensions in if you have two colors in your hair?
My hair is so puffy and ugly, I'm going to the beach tomorrow how should I do my hair? 10 POINTS?
Is that hair style is feminine 4 a boy?
my hairs are curly ,what shampoo should i use?
curless hair!!!!!!!!?
how can you make your hair grow faster?
What's good hairdye that I can get in Detroit?
is ombre hair still in?
would i look good with this hairstyle?
Dying hair blonde with black streaks?
What do you think would look better with very dark brown hair, caramel or honey highlights?
how long do hair extensions last and how much are they?
how do i get my hair like this?
if ur a female with facial hair, how often should u shave?
How can i naturally lighten my hair at home?
Should I dye my hair black?(pic included)?
what shud i gift my wife this valantine she likes to have a hair curler which is the best hair curler ??
Im Going Grey Very YOUNG.?
Different ways to wear my long blonde hair?
Who is the Malaysia top hairdresser?
What are easy school hairstyles for layered hair?
What's the best ionic hair straightener?
Herbal Essences Pin Straight? (10 Points Best Answer)?
My hair is ruined, how do I fix it?
what color highlights for my hair should I choose????
like to know about hair transplantation/ hair viewing. also suggest centers in Bangalore, India?
How often can you use a blow out relaxer?
why does my hair get curly again when i straighten it?
Hair color blonde toner help!?
Should I get Blonde Highlights or Dip dye?
How can I make my hair grow faster?
I wanna learn how to do this braid ! HELP !?
Want to dye black hair red?
Why doesn't my natural hair color show in most photos?
Do you like brown or blonde hair?
Which looks better: Long or Short?
what to do about my Hair?
What color should i dye my hair?
I'm a guy with dark brown eyebrows, and i'm bleaching my hair blonde tomorrow. do i need to dye my eyebrows?
underarm hair problems?
Where to buy pastel teale hair dye?
can white people use black people's hair products?
Hair trade extensions?
how do i put beads on the end of braids?
Everyone talks about blonde hair, black hair or red hair... how about brown hair?
Have you ever cut your own hair???
How can i get rid of my loser friends i hate people and i dont talk to anyone.?
How is this hairstyle done?
Which is harder; going curly or going straight?
What kind of bangs....?
How to get rid of dark blue hair?
my hairs r fallin much. gettin thinner. i dont use blowdryer or staigthnr n i m juz 21. plz help m tensed?
if i go to the beach everday...should i shampooo everyday as well?
Anyone know a good hair strengthening/thickening shampoo for men?
Natural blonde dip dye?
i have hairs on my chin,plz give suggestions to remove it?
Haircut poll: What celebrity has the best pixie cut?
I dyed my haiiir dark brown from blonde(pictures)?
Hilarie Burton........?
what color should i dye my hair?
Black women: hair help? Please?!?
Hair dye fiasco, HELP!! How can I fix this?
Ladies is chest hair repulsive?
My hair refuses to bleach how do I fix it?
What brand of shampoo do you use?
What to you think of long hair? Opinions?
im not sure how to get my hair cut.its shoulder legnth now.?
How do I make short curly hair straight?
what does silk protein do for hair?
How can I make my wavy hair prettier?
Mullets or mohawks?
Can someone please help me with my hair!?
hair weave help?
Does my new hair look bad?
whos better brunnettes or blondes?
Where can I buy a professional "pin comb" for teasing my fine hair to add volume?
Highlighting my 5yr old daughter's hair?
Whats this hair style called?
i used a hair remover on my eyebrows for like hair growin above them and now it looks like i shave............
oMG what DO i DO?!!!!?
POLL: Blue eyes with brunette or blonde hair?
i just dyed my hair today...?
How to put your hair up in a hot bun using a pen or pincel ?
which is better blonde or brunette?
What color does she dye her hair?
How do i add *PIZAZ* to my hair?!?
How do i get my hair to this shade of blonde?
If vampires have no reflection in a mirror then why is their hair so neat and tidy?
How can I keep my curly hair atleast 6 hours?
What is the proper way in which to give myself a scalp massage to promote healhty hair growth. I know it seems
can you wash a lace front like real hair?
My hair is always a lil bit frizzy. Would a flat iron help w/ that?
what should I do about my hair? It looks lifeless and dull?
What do split ends look like?
Cosplay shipping in 4-6 business days?
Would you ever dye your pubes?
How do u do a messy bun?? ?
What's a good Shampoo and Conditioner? 10 points!?
How to do this hairstyle?
How should I change my hair?
Is it true that if u dye yr hair a lot, it falls out?
How can I make my hair like this?
Can i have my hair semi re bond even though i just got it cellophane a month ago?
What kind of Extensions should i get please help?
How to achieve this ponytail?
How to make your hair grow faster?
i just cut bangs across my face?
How do I fix my bangs, they're too short?
Which hair style to wear to the movies? (with pics!)?
Can I take leave in conditioner on an airplane?
is it better to have clean or unclean hair before bleaching it?
I missed a spot on my hair, can I dye it again?
Which hairstyle? (Have an appointment this week!!!)?
How should I cut my hair? help!!! all ideas pleasee
Should I shampoo my hair everyday?
Is it possible to change a jet black to a mahogany hair color?
i didn't take the allergy test for the hair dye?
How to grow your hair longer faster?
What treatments/products/vitamins effectively give you MORE hair?
If i wanted to know my hair type can i just look at my brother's hair?
i have really blonde hair that has turned green from swimming how do i get my beautiful blonde hair back????
What happens if I wash my hair daily ?
Should I keep my beard, or go with a goatee, or go babyfaced?
I want to dye my hair with temparary hair dye but i don't want to damage my hair?
ez-weft hair, does it look good?
how do i keep my natural curls when i come out the shower without it poofing into a pyramid?
If a man starts to have thinning hair, does that make him less attractive ?
Frizzy hair problems!!?
Drugstore shampoo for wavy hair?
Can I flat iron my hair with a little hairspray in it?
What are some nice ways I could wear my hair to my moms wedding?
What color does she dye her hair?
How To Convince My Mom To Let Me Get Hair Extensions?
why do people say that you can not wash your hair and bath when your period is on?
bottle for shampoo manufacture in indonesia?
do you know where to find pictures containing goth hairstyles?
Anyone used VO5 Matt Clay?
Can you give me some perm information?
how do you scrunch your hair ?
Girls do you like men with sideburns or without? What's more attractive?
how to get ombre hair?
PIX INCLUDED: Do you like my hair curly or straight? and what color do you like my hair? 10 points best answer?
Any tips on how to remove cigarette odor from hair?
Victorian hairstyle for shoulder length hair?
does baby oil make your hair stronger?
Is have blonde highlighted hair but my roots are brown will bleaching them and dying a all over blonde work?
Any hairstyle suggestions?
Out of these 2 which straighteners are the best?
what product to use with flat iron for heat protection?
what should i do with my hair?
any hair tips??
Can anyone recommend a conditioner that really works on very dry hair, or is it hopeless :-)?
Whats the best hair product to put in my hair after i take it out of braids?
how should i dye my hair?
For a girl, this is a serious problem...please answer this question!?
Should I dye my hair?
Looking for hair extensionist in ny that does micr?
i need help with my hair growth?
Speed up hair growth?
what is the best product to use dye color resistant grey hair?
do you do your hair every day or just put it up in a poneytail?
Does anyone know if your hair is shinier then it means that you eat less sugar?
GIRLS do you prefer a mans lower region to have hair or not to?
What is the best shampoo and conditoner for dry ends?
mixed hair need help nativeamercn/white?
What color blonde should I dye my hair to put blue streaks in?
Wat do u thin about Platinume blonde hair?
How can ya tell if girls like you? Which ones are the right ones?
Black Hair?
What is the best brand/color of blond hair dye?
My hair turning into brown color I want it black once again plese help me out ?
Henna for my hair Question!!!?
Confused about how MPB works.?
How do you get "beachy" hair?
which is more beautiful short hair or long hair?
How do you usually wear your hair?
how to get my hair to look goth?
Im considering getting my hair chemically straightened..anyone done it before???
In what pic do you think my hair looks better???
what is the best hair products for fine, thin hair?
What updo should I have for a ball?
Where can i find this red hair dye color?
Nexuss Emergencee/Keraphix vs Aphogee 2 Step Protein/Keratin 2 Minute Reconstructor?
Hair help. Does it look ok? Im entering a teen modelling competition?
What's the best, hottest hairstyle for men?
can using lemon juice mae your hair blonde, or just ur highlights?
should i cut my hair..........?
How light should I go?
How can I make beachy hair waves like this?
Would this work? (Lemon juice and pool cholrine?)?
What are some cute haircut styles?
what color should i dip dye the tips of my hair?
transitioning from relaxed to natural hair?!?!?
What to do with with oily hair and frizz!?
how do you do it?
Will my Shaved head look like this in a Year? *PIC included !?
what's your favorite hair mousse?
hairdresser cut my hair too short - teenager!?
would this haircolor look good on me?
Why are Americans hair colour golden?Do they have gold in their body ?
How do I get my hair soft?!?
Are there people with naturally black hair?
Please help! idk what to do!?
opinions on flat-irons?
Greasy Hair and Dying Hair?
Can you return Jerome Russel Hair Spray Color Back To Walgreens After Opening Seal?
why is grace annoying?
i need to find someone that can do tree braids?
How To Legitly Grow Damaged Hair Out?
who could advice for a good afro hairdresser in kingston-upon-thames?
where can i get my hair braided in sarasota, fl?
If i used hairspray and water, will my hair stay straight?
Does long straight hair look good layered?
Naturally thick, wavy and fizzy hair?
Should I get my hair cut?
How should I do my hair for gradation?
What causes a person to leave a hairstylist after several years without notice?
How can i grow my hair?
Would I look good with red hair?
having a bad hair day.?????????????????????
whats your favorite shampoo and conditioner, and why?
I need help with my hair !?
Anyone have any ideas for what to do about VERY thin, but curly hair (to make the curl stay)?
should i straighten my hair?
Hey guys, i was Just wondering If you prefer long hair or short hair on a woman?
How should I wear my hair for biking?
Please read all. Help with my hair?
Do people like red-haired girls?
rschneid80, please tell me more about the pre-natal vitamins!!?
How to get yellow/gold color out of bleached hair?
Do you prefer facial hair on a guy?
without all the expense what is a good hair color for a grey haired male?
Good hair editing sites? Badly needed!?
how can i make my hair grow faster?
What hairstyle is best for for a heart shaped face?
i dyed my hair pink....?
Am I pretty?
What treatment at the hair salon makes hair really soft?
what should i do with my hair?
What to do with my wavy hair? Help!?
bleach blonde to brown do you have to go orange first?
Different ways to curl my hair?
I need hairstyle ideas?
How to turn hair natural blonde? Also any advice on damaged hair?
What colour should i dye my hair?
How to achieve messy bed head hair.?
whats your favourite hair colour?
Do you think 14 is a good age to dye my hair?
Dying your hair when it's freshly shampooed?
I'm looking for different ponytail styles.. anyone have any ides?
How do i get my hair like blair Waldorf's? I have Long dark brown hair but i don't know how to style it.
I don't own a straightening iron and I don't want to buy one. Is there another way to straighten my hair?
blonde or brunette? help?
how do i make my hair grow please help?
if I died my hair this color.........?
Is my hair "emo" or "scene"?
Oh no! My hair has turned grey?! Whaaaat!?
I dreads is not growing?
how do i find out how mix hair color?
my hair grows really really slow, anyone have any ideas BESIDES pregnancy vitamins?
Why do women shave their legs?
Forehead hair loss it obvious for a teenager.?
help please?!!?!??!?!?!??!?!?
what do u do when youve had long hair and you just got it cut short?
I have a round face, what hairstyle would work better for me?
should i cut my long blonde hair?
Fell asleep while dyeing my hair???
My hair sucks!!!!!!!!?
How much does those hair transplants cost from Bosley?
Plz answer this has been asked sooo many times but.....?
Dyeing your Hair. !!?
Are their any Websites on how to do different hairstyles?
just been for a bath!?
Does n e 1 in Phx Arizona know a upbeat fun place to get a GOOD haircut.?
I have shoulder length dark hair I want is to stick up on my head like edward sissor hands.. what could I use?
How can I get this hair?
Hi Girls we are having a debate here in work do women prefer men with or with out hairy chests ??? thanks?
how to ask my mom this?
most people divide their hair from left to right but i divide from right to left. is that ok?
What is the best Hair Exstensions out there?
Im 15 and i dye my hair and straighting my hair like 4 times a week?
How do I do the Belle hairstyle?
Women: My hair is getting kind of frizzy. Do you find really short hair attractive?
Help me chose a new hairstyle!!?
Do you know any good places 2 get a perm?
i need my hair blonde.?
Aquage hair product?
After using nair does the hair grow back stubble-y?
Whats the best solution to thinning hair???
Got some pics of my current hair on here....any new hairstyle suggestions?
Greasy hair too quickly...?
question for girls with mohawks?
What hair dye should I buy if I want it to be orangish red , like a copper color ?
How do I get my hair to go into a middle parting?
How do u make eyebrows grow back faster, my just got shaved for a bet?
is it ok to dye your cats hair?
what is a good guy's haircut?
what are some good hairstyles for school?
I have very thick coarse hair and it is greying. Can't seem to find a good style.?
Why does EVERYONE dye their hair black?
What would happen if I dyed my light/pastel pink hair with Manic Panic Ultra Violet hair dye? Would it work?
What are the most effective hair products for women with thinning hair?
What would happen if I dye my dyed hair platinum blonde?
how do i get my hair to grow faster and longer?
how bad are chemicals that straighten hair?
Make your hair silky and shiny?
Is putting my hair in a bun to the SIDE bad for my hair growth?
best Way to get rid of or make arm hair less noticeable?
How can I persauid my mum to gye my hair ?
Suggest some hairstyles for me? (I'm a guy)?
Will my dad be mad if I go emo!?
what Serum should i use(PICS)?
my hair is turning light brown?
i have got hair problems and need help!?
what hair style would be best?
is it true that when you pull a hair from your head, 3 grow back?
Hair Ideas...I have kinda long hair that is fine?
Dye hair back to a normal color?
Who has used Axe Shower Gel + Shampoo?
how did you do to be beautiful and pretty?
i dyed my hair and I'm afraid it looks unnatural. Whats your honest opinion.?
is this heavey bangs[fringe]?10points?
How long does it take for eyebrows to grow back?
Best Hair Products?
I'm going to Hawaii soon. How can I control my curly/ frizz prone hair in the high humidity???
What's a good perminent orange hair dye?
Boys - curly or straight hair?
what color should i dye my hair?
Which hairstyle????? pics?
I'm going out tonight, is it worth washing my hair?
Is it good to wash your hair everyother day or more?
I just got a new hair cut and people @ my school are laughing @ me what do I do???
LAST question about haircuts!?
Should I get my hair cut like Skrillex?
What other hairstyles can I try ?????
What hair color would look best on me? (PICS)
Which Hairstyle Do You Like The Most?
Will my hair fall out ?
I've got a few grey hairs, how to hide them or get rid of them please?
Does any1 know how to wrap fine hair? Are there any videos out there that i can watch?
How to go ginger from dyed dark brown hair?
are home hair color kits safe and if so, what is a good brand?
How should I cut my hair? Or should I at all?
Essential oil hairloss?
whats the best shampoo and conditoner to buy and use?
i have a quiestion about food colouring in hair?
Anything to help my hair grow quicker?
Which hairstyle for graduation?
What is the best way to maintain shaved sides like Rihanna?
Short or Long Hair?
what are the best curling irons?
Can I switch to freeform dreadlocks?
what color and haircut would be good 4 me? [pics]?
micro braids?
I NEVER wear my hair down, how can i force myself out of my comfort zone?
lol how do you put in a bobby pin..either my hair is too thick or im doing somethin wrong..please help?
What is the best brand of shampoo and conditioner?
If I wax my arms, will the hair grow in thicker? Or no?
What order do i use hair products?
How Often Can I Dye My Hair? What Dye Should I Use?
Will Colour B4 get my hair back to bleach blonde?
Dying naturally dark brown hair to a light brown shade?
What is your haircolor?
I need some ideas on what helps for hair nots in the morning?!?
I am a women, Should I shave my head?
does your hair get cut when it get razored??
What hairstyles look best on round faces?
what do you think of this hair style i want to get? (pic)?
What are some fun hair ideas?
Girls with blue hair strange?
How can I make my hair curly without using heat?
Does main n' tail conditioner work?
ok so i have long hair and on the sides it pings out help?
I am wanting to dye part of my hair pink (just a section) but the dyes I have seen seem to fade fast... help!!
why do people have a problem with people with ginger hair?
Why do women like these men with shaved heads?
Poll: Which hair style do you think looks better: Curled or Straight?
Alright ladies, is it time to shave my head?
Can dye be removed from my hair after 6 months?
how do i use oganic hair thickener?
Where can i find color dyes??
Can you use horse shampoo for human hair?
Help! I got a bad haircut, my hair got completely cut off! Where can i find hair alternatives?
grey/white hair? age 14?
I colored my hair Auburn...Its too dark..:0( Can I mix shampoo and 30 volume peroxide and leave on hair 5 min
Has anyone else just realised...?
Trying to grow my hair but just keep cutting help?
effects of relaxer?
Important HAIR problems! please help, thanks?
How fast does the hair grow?
about removing armpit hair?
if i have curly hair what can make my hair straight?
Which suits me better Curly or straight hair? (pictures)?
LADIES ONLY !! what looks better?
Need help in choosing right color plzzz????
in young people quikly have gray hair? why?
Should i dye my hairdark brown?? 10 points*?
I want a new hair cut that is choppy and has a side bang but i don't know what colors i should go with?
Does my hair look better blonde or brown?
What style of hair do girls like on guys?
How Do I Get Rid Of My Big Forehead ?
Getting Natural Hair?
can I blow dry my hair during my period ? HELP PLEASE !?
I am loosing my hair at a very fast rate.Though i changed my shampoo but still it didnt work.HELP!!!!?
What's the best hair products, shampoo, and conditioner for long hair?
Curly Hair or Straight?
Do you Like my Hair or my Friend's Hair Better..?
Are There Any Other Ways To Straiten My Hair. Without an Iron or Straightener?
Why dont you blow dry your hair on the cold setting?
Should i grow my hair out(pic included)?
Question Hair Stylists!!?
MEN: is it true that most men have a bit of a thing for red-headed women?
Does anyone know a good website to get good hairstyles? specially with highlights??
does lóreal hott straight work?
any idea of what style hair will suite me?
should i get bangs?
Is your hair supposed to be nappy before you get a sew in ?
does use of honey on hair lightens the colour of hair from black to brown ?
is it easy to have emo hair style?
How to manage curly hair?
pleasee helpp! which of these is best for wavy hair?
Does anybody know a good hair salon in albuquerque which uses cruelty free products?
Can anyone give me some links to a site where I can upload a picture of myself and try on hairstyles and?
What do you think of ginger hair?
wat can i do w/my hair today? i need some hairsyles that will make my face look shorter?
straightening my hair?
Hair help :D please ?????????????
what's your experince of using minoxidil for your hair?
please help me, please read?
i have hair on my face?
Anyone out there with this problem?
any white guys with dreads?
how often should i wash my hair!?
Anyone have pictures of a long & layered haircut?
What color should I dye my hair? HELP!!!?
where can i find new hairdo's?
How can I get my daughter to cut her hair?
I colored my hair and it turned green in the pool. when should i recolor it?
Does hair color genuinely matter?
is curly hair for girls really that unattractive?
Rate me on a scale of 1-10??? piccisse!!!?
I want to find out more about sistah locks and information on classes.?
whats some good skater/emo hair for a guy?
what should i do with my hair?
Are electric shavers up to the task of shaving my ENTIRE head?
does strong chamomile-tea work as a silver-shampooo?
How to get over fats from tummy, thighs & hips except exercising?
Getting Silvery/white hair?
Tips for blow drying hair?
I want my hair like hers!?
Hair growth pills and something that will stop hair loss????
How to cut my hair myself?
ahh my hair is soo annoying! help!!!?
Do all women have under arm hair?
what is the name of the EMO girls haircuts ?? am just asking cuz am a new emo and am gona cut ma hair?
Do you think my hair looks better curly or straight? (PICS!!?
How to convince my mom to let me get highlights?
What shampoo do you use?
Is this cute or ugly?
how to make my hair thinner???
Manic Panic Hair Dye Question?
How do you get your Hair like this!? What product is it?
How long will it take for my hair to grow back thicker?
Need Help With Dead Hair!? ?
Hairdresser help. Bleaching hair?
Toner turned my hair gray?!?
girls - do you concentrate more when your hair is tied up or just down?
if i straighten my hair before i go to bed will it be straight in the morning?
Ways to strengthen and rejuvenate thinning hair?
I need Flat iron help...PLEASE!!!!!!!!!?
how do i dye my hair white?
Do you still need to trim your hair every 2 months if you have no split ends?
do you know where to find pictures containing goth hairstyles?
i m loosing my hair badly i dont no what i hav to do.plz sugest me what i hav to do in such conditions?
what would suit me **pic!?
how can i untangle this ?
Are there any Hispanics with naturally blonde hair?
What are some good technics for hair styling?
which hair iron should i chose.?
GHD max styler or classic styler?
how do you curl your hair with a straightener?
What is the best shampoo?
Should men shave their pubes?
Long hair or short hair? (pictures)?
Do girls prefer men to have long hair, short hair or no hair?
Is there any way of sticking your hair up using products and make it look and feel natural at the same time?
Blonde or Brunette?
How to naturally make black hair dark brown?
How should I cut my bangs? (I want scene hair)?
I hate my bangs. What should I do about them?
Putting white steaks in black hair?
What are some good hair styling products for men?
hair done bad. needs help on what to do with it?
If I dye my hair dark brown how long should I wait before going to the salon to have blonde highlights added?
My hair is dead, help?
Hair color-changing questions!?
how much does biotin help with hair growth?
senegalese twists? hair help?
hair styles 4 long hair?
What is the name of a A+ quality shaving cream that you put on your face let sit and wash off?
is it true that its bad to blow dry your hair?
I shoved an apple core up my @$$ and now can't get it out?
Hairstyle Help please? :(?
i want to die underneath my kind of dark brown hair a different color?!?
Any hair advice, please?
What length should i get my hair buzzed to?
has anyone used the hair cleaning stuff to pass a hair follicle test?
Naturally Curly hair - help needed for a winter ball style!?
What are some tips to keep your hair from looking greasy?
How to make my hair....?
What is the average age to grow noticeable complete FACIAL HAIR?
Any tips on healthy and stylish hair?
how to make my hair shine and silky naturally at home?
Do these suit Oval face shapes?
brown hair > blonde hair ?
Why Einstein's hair always stood up like that? Why didn't he comb his hair nicely?
Grow hair long in 3 weeks?
POLL: How many times have you dyed your hair ?
I have a big forehead??what haircut fits for me??
What does your HAIRDRESSER say to indicate that they will be WASHING YOUR HAIR?
What is Flat Ironing your hair?
african american women how do you....?
Change my hair! (photo)?
Is it possible to get platinum blonde hair if your hair is naturally very dark?
i dont like how my daughter dresses plz help?
I have super huge big hair...?
what do you think of emo/scene hair?
how can i make my hair straight ?
bestfriend wants to dye her hair black will it work?
How do I stop the thinning /breakge to my hair due to recently putting a developer and perm in w/i 2wks apart?
how can i do my hair like ke$ha's?
Why is my hair turning curly?
Carol's Daughter Products?
Blonde or black hair? (Pictures included) :)?
What kind of hair style or hair cut does brittany snow have, when she has her haird down ?
so im a trainee hairdresser and i was wondering how to make a shiny non friizzy blowdry on a client?
How can you grow your hair without having dead ends?
Mens haircut questions?
What colour should I dye my hair?
what would you rather be GINGER or BALDY its a toughy?
Do ladies like shaved head guys?
Should I accept this from the salon after they botched my color?
Hair Dye Problem!! Help..?
How to get really shiny, silky, and amazing hair when you straighten it? 10 points?
Which hairstyle (with pictures) do you prefer?
what can i do to make my hair grow faster?
one for the lads blondes or brunettes?
Fine yet full head of hair?
Would this hairstyle look good on me>?
what do u think of blue eyed blondes?
how can i dry my relaxed hair after washing it without damaging it to much?
Help with my hair :(?
how to make your hair grow?
Can anyone help me please? 10 points to the best answer!!!!?
Your opinion of white people with cornrows?
should i do that?
hairstyle help...what do i tell them?
Does curly or straight hair suit me?(pics)?
any hair styling advice?
Why does my hair feel like its being pulled. Are my follices tight?. I bleached my hair.?
Hair question Super easy s?
i need some help -- fast please?
I want hair extentions. i have never had them before and neex some help.?
Whts the place where i can go to get my hair cut or dyed by students in beauty school and its cheap?
i use pantine pro,v. how come my hair doesn't look like in the commercials?
dark skin with pastel hair?
Should i get hair extensions again? (pics)?
How the fxck do you curl your hair?
What haircut should I get?
how would i look with dreads?
Victorian hairstyle for shoulder length hair?
Curly hair or straight hair on me?
Do I have nice think hair? What else can I do with it? I am a boy.?
Can someone please help me with my hair!?
Does anyone know of a product that I can put in my hair to make it lighter when I'm out in the sun?
Should I go Dark brown or Blonde... GOT PICS.. HELP.?
how to reduce over active sebacious glands?
what shampoo will make ur hair grow longer fastest?
are silkymits any good for getting rid of you hair?
Why do I have so much hair on my stomach ?
What can I use to make my hair more smoothed down and control flyaways?
should i straighten my hair?
Best Shampoo & Conditioner?
Ive never cut my hair before. Should I?
Sould I Go Blonde?
Which hairstyle is better on me AND WHY?
Contemplating growing hair out - need opinions (girls only - pics included)
why do women shave their legs and thighs.?
would i look better as a blonde or brunette?
tips on making my hair good without products?
what color hair should i go for?
Where can i find coral blue hair dye?
Why are people so mean to girls with blond hair?
How do you get gum out of hair?
Hair Emergency!?
Why am I losing hair?
guys ONLY plz?
what is the best at home chemical hair straightener?
is it possible to have black natural head hair and a brown/blondish beard? Visa Vera?
help me find a haircut please?
Best colors for red hair?
How can I get my hair straight?!?!?!? HELP?!?
i am going to turkjey in july and i was going to get ma hair permed good idea?
where do you get your bikini waxing; at home or parlour?
what color should i dye my hair???
which oil is best for dry breaking hair?
Japanese hair straightening?
How should i get my haircut?
How do you get over psoriasis by using regular products from stores like wal mart?
im sick and tired of my hair (PICS)?
Which hair cut do you think I should get?
how to dO this?????????????
Any 100% effective way of preventing hair fall (men)? :(?
simple way to bead hair?
How should i have my hair?(picture included)?
Short hairstyles for a 16 year old boy?
Please Help With My Hair!?
how can you do fast curls in your hair ?
Would a short haircut look stupid on someone with a fat face?
for the ladies! Do you like black guys with short haircuts or black guys with dredlocks better?
How can i stop my hair growing back as quick?
Girls, should I change my hair color?
What colour hair do you think Adam and Eve had?
good products for curly hair? ?
hair problem please help?!?
has anyone who've ever sewed in remi weave know's which brand is the best to use?
If I use head and shoulders will it remove my hair color?
How can I get my hair to grow?
Okay will my hair ever go back to the way it was...(pics)?
How do you style your hair like this?
Please help with this hair dying question?
How should I do my hair?
I like to curl my hair at night since I have more time?
tips on curly hair :)?
were cani buy dragon hair clips?
Should I get my hair stripped or bleached? Please help, s!?
Is it okay to dye your hair another color while the red Splat hair dye is already on?
Hair color that will cover my dark brown hair?
how do I make my natural hair color change?
What are some good products for helping dry curly African-American hair grow?
How can I get my hair back natural?
Hair dye question??????????????
Websites with good hairstyles for girls going to homecoming?
Does my hair look better curled or strait?
How can I make my more interesting? (I'm a male)?
if your hair is straight and gets tanged real easy how do u make it stay straight besides hair spray?
Do the girls care if a guy's chest is hairly?
What am I doing wrong? My coarse hair isn't getting longer?
Permanent Straighteners?
I need advice, should i cut my hair or grow it out?(pic)?
I wanted to know if their is a hair tutorial video up or do anyone know how to achieve these curls.?
severe hair trouble. please help!!?
I moustache you a question....?
Ok i washed my hair,towel dryed it, then i applied dye too it! my hair is the same color! i need help asap! ?
how can I keep my neice's hair in good maintenance??
Biotin for hair growth?
How good is Argan Oil for your hair?
pony tails?
does family dollar sell Africa's Best Kids Organics Gro Strong Triple Action Growth Stimulating Therapy?
i really dont know what to do with my hair? please help il choose best answer?
Do you like short hair?
I have frizzy naturally curly hair what can i use to reduce the frizziness?
How would i look blonde? Picture.?
What are the latest hairstyles for men?
Will the color hairspray last over night?
how would i do my hair like this?
How do I create hair volume on thin hair with hair straightners?
what shampoo are you using?
How to get my flatten and remove dandruff from my hair?
how much does a feather cost at cost cutters?
What to do with hair!!!!!?
Should I get this Haircut? [pic included]?
If a man shaves his head does a woman gets turned off?
my hairs falling out what to do?
i am loosing hair on my head what the possible remedy to stop is there any hair and skin transplant in medical
best black hair box hair dye?
FAIL the top of my hair is red but not really the ends? what happen?
dying my hair but i already washed it?????????????????//?
Growing hair?
What is your opinion on a 13-year old wanting to change their natural hair color? Is it safe?
how can straighteners and hair brushes make your hair more shiny?
which do u think is prettier curly or straight hair?!?! :P?
Why does my hair become puffy and afro-like as you can see in these pics:?
White hair why plz read and thibk and answer?
whats a good fix for dandruff?
Should I permanently straighten my hair?(pic)?
should i go blonde?
should i cut my hair short? (pictures)?
I think I'm immune to shampoo?
Fall hair color 2006?
Should I get my hairhiglighted again?
Henna for my hair Question!!!?
need more volumee in mt hair?
Would this hair suit me??
how can I volumize my flaat hair?? HELP?
How often do you shave your legs?
does blond hair dyed look great on asains?
i am in love with 2 people they both love me what do i have to do?
What is the best place in New York where I can get a curly top hairstyle?? (I'm a black american)?
should I dye my hair black?
my straighteners smell bad :S?
Non-natural hair? please help! (:?
Which hair colour suits me best?
do it suit my hair better blonde or brown? pics included.?
ways to get rid of greasy hair.. ?
Any hairdressers out there? I have a product question.?
Which Hairstyle Looks Better On Me (Pictures)?
Hair Dying Prices!!! Please Help!!!!?
Wondering if i was bad looking......
What colour should i dye my hair (pics provided)?
Is it true if you keep a kids hair short for the first5 years it will grow in thick and lush after that?
Should i dye my hair white blond?
how to do with hard and thick hair?
how should i get my hair done b 4 school?
HAIR??! please answer! :)?
do you have split ends???
which is the best way 2 remove hairs from hand?
omg i asked my mom if i can highlight my hair and she said its not respect full?
Which hairstyle should I use? s for best answer?

what is the best product to use for frizzy hair?
What color should I dye my hair?
why do Eastern european women shave their genitals?
What's better, guys with long hair, or short hair?
help.. Hair color question? ?
how can i grow out my hair fast?
I have permed hair and would like to know how to control frizz?
How to tell your haircut person / barber?
How do I keep my hair curly?
What color should i go with?
is my hair black or dark brown ? pics :)?
What could I do with my hair?
How do you dye your hair when you have dark brown hair and no bleach ?
wat should I grow hair on my head..its getting there any medicine?
How can i make my hair grow?
i have black hair(dyed) and want to dye it blonde.. ?
Will a clarifying shampoo dry out my hair?
What do you call this kind of hairstyle?
Does hair growth conditioner really work?
Japanese hair straightening in Seattle?
Can shampoo make your hair fall out in the future?
Black Male Hair Thinking About Something Questions Sorry its so long.?
Is There a way to curl my hair without curler or flat iron?
Soft Hair??
how to darken my facial hair so its more noticeable?
how can i get my hair to grow? ~ i'm afriacan american~?
What type of weave /hairstyle do u recommend ?
hair problem???
hair highlights????
how do i get black hair dye off of cream colored walls?
cutting ponytail?
Jet black hair and rate me thanx(pic included) ?
If the plates pop out, is my flat iron broken?
What haircut would look good on me? What Hair color? (Picture included)?
How long would Britney Spear's hair be now?
How can i make my hair straighter?
Does 'Mane n Tail' really make your hair grow?
What product to use ?
Curling my Hair?
Best way of getting rid of dandruff... forever!?
what color and style should i do to my hair? (pic included)?
on what does oiliness oh hair depends?
Was this gay to say to this girl?
How do you do your hair for school :) ?
whitch is better reds or blonds?
I have very thin hair and I fear I'm going bald. What should I do?
My dad says bald people are evil, is this true?
How do I put my hair in styles if its super curly and it gets tangeled fast with no mouse on it?
Why is it unhealthy to dye your hair?
Is this hair style okay for me?
Should I go brunette or stay blonde?