Is her hair blond or brunette?
What is a point wavy perm?
What would happen if I bleached my hair again?
Half up half down hairstyles?
Have you heard that Pantene is bad for your hair?
necessary minerals and vitamins for hair?
if my aunt has a beard can i call her uncle?
help me my hair looks terrible i need your advice!?
How to get my hair like Miranda Kerrs?
My hair is really dry! What do I do?
im thinking of putting lemon in my hair its dark brown and i want it light brown! ...will it work ?
What would the gratuity be when getting my hair done?
has anyone used loreal excellence honey blonde hi color for dark hair, and if so, does it come out nice?
I am a male with long hair, Should I wash it every day or no?
Should I dye my hair black?
sCeNe hAir help??????
I want to go much shorter and chane colour? please if you got any ideas tell me thank you?
where do you put the coconut oil in your hair? if your trying to make it grow fast?
does my hair look better all brown or with highlights?
how do you get rid of these sore bumps??
how can i get my hair like this in the front?
How to get long hair in a week without using oil?
Would I suit a fringe?
I want to dye my hair, I have naturally Dark Brownish hair But,?
how do I (a girl) cut my hair to boy length?
What color should i dye my hair? Or should i dye it at all?
where can i find garnier color intense hair dye in shade 366 deep burgundy brown much obliged?
i'm white... can i get a weave put in my hair ???
good products for curly hair???
My dad got furious that i dyed streaks of my hair green?
how can i get my hair like this?
why do sme men get bald and others dont?
I used to get rope permanents and now want to get supplies to give to grandchildren no one knows how?
Can I dye my hair 4 days after dying it?
My hair is just brown and blaahh. I need color suggestions!!!?
Where can i get some good clip in extentions?
10 points..which last name is posh?
I have blonde hair. Would black and red streaks look stupid?
what hairstyles will look good and are easy to make on a round fair face?
Any easy ways to cutting hair?
I need help buying hair straightener?
Help? Curly hair and I don't know what to do with it?
need advice about dying my hair?
Attack of the frizz!!!?
I'm 15 and wear daily my thick hair in a waist-length heavy braid, mom won't let me cut,what to do?
hair sraightner?
Does anyone know a hair tutorial for this?
Blonde to brunette?
How can I stop my hair from getting greasy?
What shampoo to use?
How can I get my hair to grow faster naturally?
How do I cut my own hair like Brookelle Bones?
What is THE BEST blowdryer you can buy?
How to have my hair grow fast now?
How can i get my hair like this?
my hair is on fire! what shall i doo?
I'm sick of people passing comments about my gray hair.?
whats worse blow drying or straightening?
Does smoking affect hair growth?
My hair sheds a lot. Help me?
Please suggest a hairstyle for me?
can you shave your arms ?
[guys answer only please!]what's hotter?
Is ok to wear my hair curly while im going natural?
Why won't my hair grow? Please answer!?
What would suit my face better- red hair or black hair with blonde highlights?
Bleach and hair dye help?
i really need help with my dry,breaking hair.i have tried every shampoo n conditioner but none seems to help..
Hair help!!!!!?
How can I straighten my hair without it frizzing?
how can u grow my hair longer?
Claires accessories spending spree. hair accessories , hair styles?
What is a good name for a hair salon with a spa atmosphere?
Whats sexier long or short hair?
After you dye your hair at home, how long will it take to see the color in your hair?
Hi, please help! short hair?
whats your fav braid extenction hairstyle?
what are some quick and easy hair styles for school?
Does short hair look good on thicker people, with not a fat face, but a round face?
where can i find a mens barber in perth that does mens shaves?
Using laundry bleach for hair?
if i have brown hair want to highlight my hair with 2 color one i want is red what other color should i get?
how does beyonce, fix her weave/ wig?
Girls, do i look better in long hair or short hair?
My Looks and My NEW Hair Style?
What kind of hair do girls like on guys? (Girls only please)?
How do i get my hair to look better?
Hairstyles in the 60s or 70s?
How to grow long hair?
How can i stop my hair from getting puffy?
my gf put lemon juice in my hair and now i have blonde streaks in my hair how can i get rid of them?
How hard is it to cornrow my white girl hair?
Which bangs would look best on me (pics) ?
How long until Sun In starts to work?
What can I do about my curly hair?
does hair fall out more when washing and blow drying ?
Do you think I should cut my hair shorter?
What happened to my hair?
Do you think curly hair will ever be "in style"?
Bleaching then Dying Mohawk?
How can I get excepted as an emo?
Do you think blonde hair will suit me?
would a bob hair suit me?
girls only...what do you do to your leg hair?
Is my hair pretty?
Which hairstyle do you like better?
what colour hair do lads find most attractive?
hey!! Who knows about hairtopia vitamins? browsing the web to find effective product for faster hair growth.
Will i look good with this haircut?
would i look good with blonde hair?
what if your a teachers pet and your friends don'y like you anymore?
What should I do with my hair for homecoming?
how soon after dye-ing my hair can i do it again? i don't like the colour.?
What vitamins/supplements can I take to help my hair grow?
Does hair really grow back thicker when you shave?
do u like Bella's hair in "Twilight"?
Why is my hair falling out?
How else can i help my hair grow i take hair nail n skin vitamins and i use mane n tail shampoo n conditioner?
I have hair growing on the bottom of my foot, is this a medical condition?
Is it true that if you pluck a grey hair several will grow in its place?
has anyone ever used the strong colour b4 on coloured jet black hair?
my hair, i wnat it emo?
What are layer cut style names?
what is the best and cheapest way to control frizzy hair?
Burgandy hair color...?
how to avoid splittings in hair?
Tomorrow is picture day, How do i style this hair (PICTURE)?
Which haircut is better? (pics included)?
What's Yours FAVORITE HAIR Products?
How can I help my dry hair?
Color Fiend: Rockout Red?
is it kindy gay if ur a guy who wants to shave thier legs?
how do you dye your hair chocolate. but with no chemicals.?
This is so embarrassing but.....?
I love straight hair but can never get mine as straight as I’d like it to be. Any tips?
Why don't black women like there natural hair ?
any idea about my hair problem solution , does refectocil works , if so why i can found it ?
What are some good hairstyles?
does having your period effect when highlighting hair?
keeping my hair black ........ heeeeeeeeeeelp ! !?
How many people cut their own hair????
dyed my hair!! what do you think?? with pics?
what should i do with my hair?
save me from boredom?
Help with my hair! It's not cooperating and I want it to look like this picture?
how did lavender lillie wear her hair?
What colour will the hair of this kid be?
Is this hairstyle too "young" for a 34 year old?
My hair is strawberry blonde with natural highlights..?
i want to wax my hairy arms? is it bad?
I need a cheap straightener...suggests?
why when babies ate born they have lighter hair than when they get older?
what is the best way to get rid of lice with out having to cut very thick, long hair?
What hairstyle would you do for homecoming?
Can you put streaks in your hair after bleaching it ?
Sally Beauty Supply Silky Yaki Hair Extensions?
What hair color would go with dark brown eyes?
Why do guys not find red haired girls attractive?
so what's the story about black peoples and their hair. some don't want to go swimming and others don't care.
does mane n' tail shampoo cure hair loss?
Should i dye my hair, or leave it?
Can I bleach my hair from red to pale blonde with 20vol developer?
Would this hair suit a 16 yr old with an oval shaped face, like miley cyrus?
How did u wear ur hair for prom?
(Weave) Vivica Fox Wink Evertress Chocolate Yaky?
is my hair nice dark or blonde i have two pic upon my pofile?
anyone know how I can go from light brown to blonde without turning my hair orange or reddish??
What can we eat to make hair darker?
what are some excellent hair salons in chicago?
I really want to ombre dye my hair?
I straighten my hair alot, what can I do to keep my hair from being damaged from the heat of the iron?
should i cut my hair like this?
Do you wash your hair first or last when taking a shower?
How Do I Lock The Ends Of My Two Strand Twists?
My daughter has thin curly hair which falls out alot and does not seem to grow alot. Any recommendations?
where can i get a perm and wrap for $45 or less in detroit michigan?
Do you use hair oil regularly ?
Why is blonde and brown hair the most popular colour?
PLease help!!! Need for tomorrow!?
eyebrow help?
I want to change my hair color?
Best vitamins and/or food?
Is she pretty?
What kind of hairstyles should i wear to school ?
What are the names of Black hair shops in Sacramento, CA where I can buy hair or get my hair done?
Would i look good???
Who sells the best hair extentions online? Best Brand?
Is it bad to never cut your hair in your life,not even get a little trim off since you where born up to now?
How do i get my straight hair curly?
Is it possible that after taking fish oil for the past 3 months that it's causing hair to fall out?
best shampoo for permed hair?
Questions about Sallys or any other store. help ASAP?
where can i get an affordable hair salon near York University/woodbridge, Toronto?
What hair color should I chose?
Where to buy Hair Fixers?
Long black hair, straight bangs or side?
What color hair looks good on olive skin people?
Deep Conditioner every night?
How can i get my hair to appear thicker?
Is it bad to flat iron hair often?
question on bleaching hair?
do you u use shampoo, conditioner, leave in treatment all in the same day?
can someone help me with my facial hair problem?
today what happened ..................?
Can I dye my black hair?
How do you get rid of lice for good?!!?
Ladies, how much do you pay for?
what d o i do w/my hair??????????????!!!!!!!!!!?
Can I use dry shampoo on my clip in extensions?
Would I Look Bad With This Hairstyle?
how do i spike up my faux hawk?
please help me out im getting bald in 20 yrs?
How can i make my hair darker naturally?
can you suggest me any nice HAIR CUT?
What color should i dye my hair?
Straightening hair question?
Which hair suit me better as the mostly everyday hair :( 2 Pics?
Had my hair cut last week? BUT...?
would you say that this is scene hair?
Will semi permanent hair dye damage my hair?
Why is my hair thinning?
what is your job?
my hair wont curl.? :c?
What do perm chemicals smell like?
W0Uld THiS hAiRSTYlE l00k G00d 0N ME??? [[PiCS iNClUDED]]?
Is Mystique in Marketfair a good place to get my hair cut?
I need a hairstyle...?
Why does everyone go blonde?
how can I get my hair red if my roots are blonde?
Okay this is me. What kind of hairstyle do you think suits me the most?
gray hairs?
WHich HaIRR COloR LOOKs THe bEST?!? pics inculded?
Snakebites or spiderbites? Do they suit me?
Who is sexier, a blonde, a brunette or a redhead?
What hair straightener should I use?
what does having your hair layered mean?
Good Haircuts...?
are ghd's worth getting?thx ?
Why do men lose their hair as they get older?
How do I get hair like this?
question about washing hair with eggs?
What's the best way to dry hair?
Should I Leave Conditioner On All Night?
I have fried my hair with a Chi straighening iron - help!?
is it better to wax your legs or shave ??
need some cool, decent hairstyle?
why hindu nonmarried girls wash underlg hair with cow.urine or milk? is it hindu culture?
hair falls?
Does curly hair look nice dip dyed?
Do prenatal pills really work for your hair?
y cant black people get mohawks?
any solution of very rough n dry hair,,,,/?
umm i want YOUR opinion.?
For ladies between the ages of 26-35:Preferred facial hairstyle on men?
Where can I buy hair cholestrol?
40s hairstyle with side bangs/fringe?
Im blonde (but not bleach blonde) and i want to die half of my hair black underneath.?
Are these highlights?
help please so like i want to get bangs but idk if it will look good cuz i have braces?
I Have a perm and my hair falls out in the shower?
should i cut my hair?
Just A Couple of Hair Questions (Men)?
Should I dye my hair brown?
poofy and frizzy hair problem?
I have tried to dye my hair at home from bleach blonde to brown?
how do you do your hair for PE/sports in school ?
what do you think of this haircolor???
How do I Style my hair like this?
Web site for seeing your photo with different hair styles?
will having hair extentions help my hair grow any quicker??
What is the name of jeremih haircut?
why is it hurt to leave the people you have been with for a long time ? is it love or what?
Hair Care After Swimming?
pics of layered hair w/ side bangs :]?
What to do when hair conditioners make your hair fall. (Now puhleez don't say 'stop using'em'.)
what iis your favorite shampoo and conditioner?
If I bring a picture of the hair I want to a hair stylist could he get my hair like that?
What brand of shampoo and conditioner would you recommend for very bad dandruff?
Do you lose hair if you use a lot of gel?
What is the best flat iron/hair straightner?
Please Help Me??????
i need some self esteem. help me?
I am11, Iam a girl, and I have a mustache, what do I do?
Which is better? Curly hair or straight hair?
Why is my hair falling out?
I'm afraid my head will look big if I put my hair up into a ponytail?
I HATE being picked on for being "ginger"?
tips on growing out hair (products/vitamins)?
Decent hairspray for thin hair, CURLS?
advice on dealing with awkward hair growth stages? its driving me crazy!?
What shampoo is good for slightly oily hair?
how do you train your hair to go back even if its really straight and wave caps dont work for me?
what do i do with my hair?
Coloring hair over a month after having used Color the same rules still apply?
How do I shave my pubic hair?
im thinking of dying my hair black is it a good idea?
what is an adequate tip for a $100 haircut?
cute hairstyles for thick hair? [girls]?
What Is your favorite Way of fixing Ur Hair?!?
Men, can shorter hair on women be as sexy as long?
my hair is medium to dark brown quite short i'm?
how long to grow my hair?
Sprayed dry shampoo in my ear?
How to get dye out of my hair without bleach?
Does anyone have any pictures of hair layered around the face?
is it true that you must cut your hair if you want it to grow more?
how to do scene hair with medium length hair?
When taking ''vitamins to grow hair'', do they have side effects?
I have dirty blonde hair, and I want to die the underneath part of it fucia coloured. WHat hair die will work?
My bangs just wont stay no matter what?
Why do boys tend to not like short hair on girls?
Would I suit short hair?
If i dye my hair will it grow back the same?
What are some fun summer hairstyles?
what should i do to my hairr?!? (pic)?
A good shampoo for oily roots and dry ends?
can i dye all of my hair with raw demi permanent hair color?
Any hair styles for straight, medium-long hair?
How do I keep my hair nice over-night?
Can shampoos like Nioxin with DHT inhibitors help prevent or slow down hair loss?
What else could I use for hair extensions besides glue?
WHat is the best heat protection spray?
What is better for my hair type, gel mousse or hairspray?
can i put hair dye on top of dyed hair?
How to make hair that is already grown out thicker?
Does anybody know if Roux Fanciful Rinse discontinued the color Red Riot? If so, would anyone know of a?
how long does a hair rnse stay in your hair?
How long should you wait to color your hair after you color it again?
How to do my hair for picture retakes?
Wet to dry hair straighteners?
Does she look better with long or short hair?
Brunettes or Blondes?
To all the guys out there who do more take seriously blondes or brunettes?
Why are bald men so arrogant????
What do you think of my hair?
I am looking for a traditional Barber?
What hairstyle would go well with a one strap formal dress ?
tell me about good leave in mostiruser of hairs?
How do i get a faux hawk like blake lewis?
Is it good to ........................................…
Do most girls like facial hair on guys? do they like guys that have a goatee, beard, mustache, etc.?
Would this haircut look good on me? (:?
Why are you like your hair and how to maintain it?
What hairstyle would suit me?
Scene hair question plz help me O_O?
how do you help greasy hair?
Unnoticeable high lites! Easy ten points!
HELP EYEBROW LADY AGAIN. I also tried to dye my pubic hair,?
Should guys pluck their eyebrows?
Fading my hair color?
My friendz hair is terrible. Any idea's for cute hair in guys?
Why does my scalp hurt while my hair is in a high ponytail?
What is Hair Transplantation?
I just got a new hair cut and people @ my school are laughing @ me what do I do???
How to make straight hair curly?
My hair is dyed dark gold, if I bleached it back to blonde will it work?
does anyone have pictures of peoples hair that look similiar to this??
How to take my hair extensions out? Help!!!?
I'm getting my hair dyed today?
would a girl find it funny if I shaved off her hair when she was asleep?
should i apply heat protector on my hair before or after i straighten it?
What colour should I dye my hair?? Pic?
can sum1 help me with my uneven dread loc sides?
How to straighten my curly hair???
do you like the shampoo you use and would you recomended to others?
Does anybody have any cool hairstyles for girls?
I have honey beige coloured skin, but I'm hairy everywhere. They're black, fine hairs, but they show.?
Burgundy hair color on dark hair?
What can I do to get my perm out?!!!!! Asap!?
How old do you think you have to be to shave?
My girlfriend wants to shave her head?
Can you use 40 volume to bleach roots?
Hello gorgeous hair extensions!!!!!!?
is her hair real(miri ben ari),10 points to the best?
Is there a salon in Stockton, CA that does maintainence on dreadlocks?
How often should I wash my hair?
does dying ur hair damage it?
Does my hair look better straight or wavy? (Pics)?
Would I look good with this haircut?[picture included]?
Good hair products that'll keep my curly hair from frizzing and poufing out?
How to get this hairstyle? plz help 10 points?
Why have my eyebrow hairs been falling out?
What colour should I dye my hair?
Back in June I colored my hair from brown to blonde and I now have two inches of growth, I do not have the?
Hairstyles for thick hair???????????????
Has anyone tried Brazilian Keratin Treatment on very curly hair?
How to train your hair to be backcombed?
Where can I find old type of Gillette safety razor in India ?
What is the best hair straightener or flat iron?
Messed up Haircut with a bald-spot. Need Help on how to hide it or a different way. READ DESCRIPTION?
How can i???????????
How long will it take to get my shoulder lenght hair back?
Mens helmet hair style?
What do you think about the pink Revlon straightener ?
what hairstyle is prettier?[pictures included!]?
BEST SHAMPOO?! :) what you think?
I have so much split ends? Should I shave my head?
Do guys prefer long hair over short hair on a girl?
How can a guy grow his hair long?
mixed hair need help nativeamercn/white?
How to "shrink" a forehead?
Short Hair Or Long Hair? (pictures included!)?
I have curly hair but my mom says I can't press it because it will get ruined is it true?
What's the best hairstyle for round/square faces this fall?
I havenot got hairs as beard!!!?
how do you think I would look if i dyed my hair red? HELP!!?
What color?
Do my hair extensions look too fake? [Pictures included]?
How can i get curly hair like madison pettis?
How can I get my hair like is use to be ?
I just asked a question about my hair...? (Pics)?
What do I do to my hair on the days I don't shampoo it?
Have you ever plucked your entire leg?
Is it possible to take out dye?
Hair care i need help!!!?
Showering twice a day, everyday?
i want to straighten my hair but i dont want to damage it what shall i do ?
Anyone know a good way to make your hair grow fast???
why do people have hair?
how to get rid of acne for just 2 days/one week the most? how to loss weight in a month? How to grow my hair?i
Does pulling out greys encourages more of them to grow?
im a dude with long hair and every one gives me stick about it?
How do i get my Black hair to LIGHT blonde?
how do i get my hair like this??
What would suit better, Blonde or Black?
hair ideas for grad? please help?
Hair help. Please read.?
how do i make short hair look girly?
whats your favourite hair colour?
How should i cut my hair...(pic included)?
I am 13 and i am not allowed to shave!! but i can't use like nair and veet. what should i do???
what am i sposed to do about my hair problem.. helpp.?
Is naturally curly hair attractive?
Do you like brunets or blondes better!?
ok so i have dark brown hair...almost black?
should i tell my wife to shave her chest hair ?? its embarrassing?
prices for extensions!?
Is Ombre The Hair For Me? (Pictures Included)?
WHICH DO YOU LIKE BEST?!?! please answer (picpicpic)?
Can I dye my hair blonde?
clip-in extensions in Houston. where?
Can anybody tell me how to braid cornrows?
Which hairstyle should I use? s for best answer?
I look like (pic) so should I get this hair cut(pic)? and would it look good on me?
i just dyed my hair red with Vero K-Pak, how long will it stay red, and what can i do to keep it red longer?
how would i look with bangs?? pics included?
What color streak should i get in my hair?(PIX INCLUDED!!)?
What is the Best shampoo/conditioner for Curly/ Wavy hair?
what color of nail polish should i wear one the 1st day of school?
How do I get my hair like this? (Pics included)?
my gf put lemon juice in my hair and it gave me light blonde highlights in my medium blonde hair? Permanent?
can thermal straightening permanently change hair's structure?
i want to dye my hair blonde, need some!?
Help! I want to dye my hair! But I'm only 12!! How do I convince my mom?!?
How do I get my hair to grow?
a promblem and its does guys really lie to you so they dont have to listen to are mouths?
I have very long hair.Can I see how it would look/feel if I cut it much shorter before actually cutting it?
how should i wear my hair to winter formal?
If you have split ends, will it still grow? What is the best solution for it?
Online place to buy bumble and bumble hair products?
how can i buy flat iron for my hair?
Can I straighten my hair every day?
I have many white can i reduce my white hair?
Is having long hair a pain? How do you deal with it?
I have aways had long beautiful hair. I am 18 and i have never cut it in my life!!..?
Im asian and I want blonde hair?....?
Best hair products for curly/wavy hair?
does anyone have good sites/pics of guys with shaggy hair?
How long will my hair have grown by 2014?
How do you french braid your own hair?
Guys what hair color do you like most ?
Do you think I will look good with short hair?
I need helppp with my curly hair?
how much do solia flat irons cost?
does anyone have different hair style ideas?
Should i die my hair black?
what do you think when you see someone with pink hair?
What else should i do with my hair?
Whats the best hair product?
is it bad if my ball hair is white and im black?
how to dye over colored hair?
What is a cute hair cut for a 13 year old girl w/ red hair?
Why do beards often grow in a different color than the hair on top of the head?
Girls!! what do you think of...?
What are cute hairstyles for the first day of school?
Is having a weave in for 7 months bad? Will my hair grow with not much damage?
Is there any natural ways to turn a curly hair into a straight and silky hair???
Does a "u shaped" haircut look require a certain hair texture?
Why won't my hair grow!?
Are ceramic hair straightiners better for your hair rather than, well not ceramic?
whats the best hair dye to use for a natural red color?
i have strawberry blonde hair but hav bleached it blonde with lemon juice and want extentions !?
what happens if you stop using Talika Lipocils ?!?! plz help?
How do I get nice wavy hair?
i like to spike up my hair i usually get a 5 and a four on the sides how should i get my fade if i want one..?
Ginger hair to light brown?
i have a paper cut. am i gonna die?
what do i use on my hair extensions to keep them soft and beautiful....?
HAIR DYE HELP!!!What are hair dye prices in Ohio?
What is a good hair cut for me?
Can you permanently straighten naturally curly hair with a flat iron?
what hair color would look cool with green eyes?
which would you rather do?
Can I dye my darker hair a ligher color?
how to maintain hair fall?
*GUYS or GIRLS* What do you like better? Dark Hair or....?
Hey guys! which do you prefer blondes or brunnettes?
Don't know whether to get this haircut?
Curly Hair or Straight?
How can i tell if a hairstyle will suit me?
What is the diffrence between a ceremic flat iron and the "other" ones?
What color should I dye my hair? (Pictures included)?
How to dye hair the right way? (at home)?
blahhh, help me with my hot rollers?
hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i need help girls!?
Hair Ideas...I have kinda long hair that is fine?
im getting highlights and im wondering what colors would look good in my hair?
can you dye your pubic hair?
how do you bleach someone's hair without them knowing?
Which hairstyle looks better?
Is Halle Berry hair colour number #2 or #4?(pics included)?
What does alcohol do to hair?
Do flat ironing your hair damage your hair?
I just dyed my hair yesterday dark Brown #4 (Scale #1 Black - #10 Blonde) and i wanted to get ?
Yay or nay to blue hair (pics)?
How do I become a barber in Australia and will it give me a stable amount of pay to pay bills etc?
How do you dye your hair with peroxide?
How can I make my hair shinnier and thicker?
guys, what do you prefer?
my hair looks horrible down, any ways i can fix this?
How much does it cost to get your hair dyed at a salon?
hair styles of mine need help?
short hair or l0ng hair for me?(pics here)?
Why does hair turn gray at a young age?
Will pink splat washable hair dye ruin blonde hair?
Information on dreads?
would i look okay with light blonde hair *pictures*?
does hair gel affect my scalp in any bad way?
How many tape in extension pieces are needed for a full head?
haircuts for a heart shaped face?
Girls, how long does it take you to straighten your hair?
Going to my 1st Prom and I'm SO nervous?
how do you make oily hair less oily?
question about dyeing my hair?
What do I do after bleaching my hair?
How often should I wash my hair?
coconut oil for black hair care. is there a specific kind you are supposed to use or any one will do?
How do I Style My Spiral Perm? Mousse, etc Preferably no scrunch?
Do women, well girls like long hair on men?
Do girls like it when guys have long blonde curly hair?
can blackstar weave curl?
If I washed my hair with Suave Shampoo will it keep my hair color from fading quickly?
Are my eyebrows unattractive?
Advice On This Haircut?
I was wanting to get an undercut, and I was wondering how long I should wait to grow it out?
How do I get hair like this?
if i soak my hair in eggs and rapeseed oil before washing will it get moisturised?
knots in really reallly long hair?
What type of curly perm would this curly hair look be?
Would this type of hairstlye look good on me? Easy Points!!!!!!?
My ends and roots turned green after bleach washing them anyone know why?
I've been growing my hair out for two years, maybe has grown 3 inches I really need help.?
what would suit me **pic!?
Do you think my avatar looks ugly?
help please! another hair question?
How to make my hair like Obama's for a day?
What brand of hairspray is alcohol free?
A question for girls who had a spiral perm? ?
i have a question about my hair!?
How do you feel about Ginger people????
How can i keep my hair from breaking off? I want to wear it natural :)?
GIRLS on a guy do you rather blonde hair or dark hair?
my hairs completely burnt by the straightener?
How do I get my hair really wavy?
Hair Help please...need answers?
CLICK HERE PLEASE i need serious help please!!!!?
Should I wear my hair curly or Straight?
I'm getting splt ends, how do I stop them?
Can you believe this?
latest trends of hairstyle in 2007?
Is scene hair still in?
how to convince my mom to let me dye my hair again?
How much does getting your hair coloured professionally cost?
i have a moustache !?
What are women's opinions on moustaches--neatly trimmed, none at all, only on older people, etc?
Does her hair look better dark or lighter?
Should guys pluck their eyebrows?
my hair is damaged ! someone help me ?
Red, blue and blonde highlights in brown hair?
how to be bald permanently?
how to ask my mom this?
is is it possible to make short thick curly hair permenantly straight?
Why does it hurt when I shave my pubic hair?
Are you wearing braids right now?
Would short hair suit me?
i want to curve my hair and make it red,how can i pursuade my mum?
junior bridesmaid hairstyles?
What is your favourite Hair colour?
need a new hairstyle?
What order should I do this in?
how can you...............??! (easy 10)?
how to put hot rollers in my hair???
.s! which boy name do you like best?
What can I do about my annoying hair?
What hair is the prettiest? Pictures.?
How do I get black hair dye out of my hair! My hair was dark brown and I look terrible now!?
Girls, do you find these types of hairstyles dirty or no?
how to look good with either long beautiful hair or short fashionable hair cut/?
ive noticed my hair is a bit boring....?
How do curly perms look? How much do they normally cost?
(Hairstylists only please) How would i describe this hairstyle to my hairstylist? (PIC)?
i'm growing my hair out...?
is avril lavignes hair medium ash blonde?
I need hair tips I need new styles and a way to leave the shampoo scent in :)??
What should I use for my thin and dry HAIR?
Short hair or Long hair.?
hair dying question...?
HELP! how do u get rid of frizzy hair?
what should i do with my hairr?
I need Wave Nouveau advice. What kind of care do I need?
hair question 4 girls?
hair help!! please answer quick. im about to do this?
After I wash my hair and it dries it gets REALLY puffy and a little frizzy do u know a product to flaten it?
what are some good hairdos for chin length hair?
How long should you leave red hair dye in?
Hair colour/highlighting?
halloween or christmas?
I want highlights. What can I use, that is just a household item or something u don't have to buy.............
how often do you wash ur hair?
Im 15 and i dye my hair and straighting my hair like 4 times a week?
Wanna straighten my hair as i have very thick and curly hair.What would be your advice?
Is there a vitamin out there to make hair grow faster?
Where can I get a light blue toner? PLEASE HELP.?
What Were Your Experiences With Mane n Tail Shampoo and Conditioner?
Should An 11 Year Old Get Highlights?
Best salon in fredericton?10 POINTS?
Could you please describe the hairs on your leg?
Will purple shampoo do anything to black hair?
if you have quite frizzy hair what would be the best thing to use to make it straight when you put it up?
Am i going to lose my hair?
I really want a buzz cut. Should I get one?
what do you think about dreadlocks in women??
My hair is black haw can i get it red?
how to get rid of unwanted facial hair... (girls)?
What hair color do guys like best?
can i use my shampoo daily bacause anyone told me that it could be harmful for your hair?
What hair color will look the best on me?
need 2 know the name of hair tool that pulled a ponytail through itself. i think it is called TOPSY TURVY?
Hair ideas for homecoming?
Blonde or brunette, and why?
Should I keep my beard, or go with a goatee, or go babyfaced?
tell me what you think! (pic included)?
do any girls like emo hair?
have u died ur hair before?
Going back to blonde?
Help me create Dawn Swan's messy hair style (Eastenders)?
I'm thinking of dying my hair red?
How do you get that blonde peekaboo layer of hair on the back of your hair?
which pictures the best??
last season on laguna beach?
How can i get straight hair without a straightner?
what should i do with my hair?? pics?
Has anyone experienced hair loss due to prolonged Lunesta use?
Would I look good with short hair?
fair skin and hair how do i fix this what should i do?
dying my hair purple, I need tips and suggestions?
Would a hairstyle like Katy Perry's suit me? ?
Im taking prenatal vitamins...?
What is the best way to transition from permed hair to natural African American hair?
i am black, but i have short caucasian/indian like hair. does anybdy have any clue how i can develop waves?
How do i get a synthetic wig to go straight?
Who's better Luxy or HeadKandy?
i need to buy a blow dryer.. A/o know of a good one?
When you shower?
is curly hair for girls really that unattractive?
Concerned about my hait? only 17:(?
bikini line?
coloring hair extensions?
Do men get weaves or lace fronts ?
What to do with a head of hair with fine follicles, but there is a LOT of it?
Do girls find armpit hair attractive?
how do i do my hair like this?
curly or straight hair,,whats in right now?
shaved or not?
Gel for Slicked back hair?
Please i cant stand it anymore Help?
Where can I buy Avatar Hair Dye in Calgary Ab?
Wanna dye my hair a different color,pictures included,what would be best?
Help! I cut my bangs too short!?
How do you get wavy hair completly strait?
Do you think this hair color will look good on me?
What color should i get my hair dip dyed? opinions?
should i dye my hair (pics included)?!?!?
Ultra CHI Red Hair Dryer
what is the perfect haircut for somebody with really straight hair?
What have I found on my comb?
What should I do to my hair?
How long does it take you to straighten your hair? (and HELP with the puffiness!)?
Does anyone here have frizzy hair? How do you control it?
How do you keep 3c hair straightened?
What are the best hair products for very damaged, dry hair?
help me please?
I have a light brown hair color can i dye my hair back to blonde?
how to aviod the hair loss?
Straighten or wavy for the first day?
Can 12 year olds get white hair?
Guppys being saved with water conditioner?
should i get the chi flat iron?
Can this work, and I'm serious?
What haircut looks best on me and why?
i dyed my hair blu-black n Nov.of 05 an it faded out to my natural hair color brown and i want to go plat blon
What hair colour is this~? =]?
if i want to do a perm at home does it will come out good?
HELP!!! I'm having a hair meltdown, and i don't know what to do with my hair! *pics* ?
how to grow hair like Johnny Depp?
I cant decide!!!?
fusion hair extensions?
hair help question please and thank you
Is it a good idea to get my hair cut like this?
Girls---with good taste...?
Hair ideas for a dance party?
pic ofme thinking of dying hair?
How can u lighten your hair?
Do I Look Better With Short Hair Or Long (Pictures)?
do you think I would look good with this hairstyle?
I dyed my hair blonde again, haha, what do you think?
I want straight and smooth hair?
Which Brand of Blow Dryer is Best to Dry thick hair Straight?
How to get the reddest results from lush caca rouge henna dye?
10 points is 7 1/2 big for a fitted cap? ok im 6 feet and athletic.?
I need help choosing a wedding hair style. I will be wearing a strapless, mermaid wedding dress. Help!!?
I'm not sure I'm using my hot rollers right...?
which is better to use, gel or mousse?
Hairstyle Help! [Pic]?
What do you think should be in a hair care kit? Specifically?
Should I stop washing my hair every night?
things i can do to make my hair grow faster?
Hair Ideas?
Can i use Pink Oil Conditioner in my hair while it is still wet?
I dont like my new haircut. What can i do about it?
Is washing your hair every other day better than all the time?
How would you describe this hairstyle?
i'm dying my hair in 2010.... i need ideas!?
How should I style my hair?
Chi vs. Maxiglide, which is better?
do i have cancer or something else?
What do you think of black girls dyeing their hair really light colors (like Beyonce', Tyra Banks & Ciara)
I have black hair (dyed) any household ways to bleach it?
I squirted spray in my hair?
is this hair cut/style cute???
Would you like a Virtual Makeover with your photo (completely Free No Strings)?
What is christina grimmie's hairstyle called?
How Can I dye my black hair back to its natural color darkbrown?
dying hair with grey covering hair..?
Best place to get hair cut around Cincinnati, Ohio area?
Can too much hairspray make your hair fall out?
how do you do that messy-tied-up hairstyle?
Should I use anti humity or anti frizz ?
Dreadlocks or not?
A looser spiral perm?
hey help ? I am 13-girl and need my hair.....?
how to get my hair like this?
Is it true that blonde is the prefered hair color?
What's the shade of my red hair called?
Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine Serum?
What colour should I dye my hair?
what are the best hair straighteners? I'd love some ghd, but they're too expensive.?
best afro / caribbean hair salon around south east london?
What hairstyle would go well with this outfit?
Will semi-permanent hair dye take out my natural streaks?
Would I suit blonde hair and do you like this blonde?
*pets your hair...* your hair is so pretty... it be a shame if some one shaved it off... 0_0?
Do you like Kelis new haircut or her big curls?
Can you have bangs if you have a cowlick?
Do you like this hairstyle (pic included)?
My best friend has hair on her face...?
do blondes rlly get more guys???
Mom-approved scene look?
is ohpra winfrey hair her own natural hair or is it a wig or weave?
Got my haircut and dyed what do you think?
Should I wash my hair every night?
I was wondering how you would cut your hair so it would be suitable for spiking front and back (not sides).?
Do you think that those claw clips that have the curly hair on them are nice? Have you tried one?
have you ever died your hair?
Quick! Should i trust my mum to cut my fringe?
does prenatal vitamins help your hair grow?
Would I look good blonde-ish?
please tell me name of prenatal vitamins used in india?
whats a good way yo keep my hair healthy?
What it the best hairspray to use for teasing hair?
Why does my 3 yr old daughter have gray and orange hair? We are African American, it doesn't run in the family
How can I natuarlly darken my hair?
Haircut question for guys. (.s)?
whatever happened to that pill which restores gray hair to its natural color? i believe it was made in the UK?
Please help! I cant decide what to do with my hair!?
thyroid and hair loss?
Blondes, Brunettes or Redheads?`?
should i perm my curly hair straight?
what size barrel should i use to get beach waves?
Which one is better? Brunette or Blonde?
What haircut/hairstyle would be best for me?
How to grow hair REALLY fast?? 10 points for who help.?
how do we can clean a comb or a brush from dirt or hair remains without the damage to the teeths?
how does this girl style her hair/what products? (pictures)?
Im worried what people will say at school about my hair?
I Bleached,Dyed,Colored,Relaxed My Hair All In A Month My Hair Fell Out What Can I Do To Make It Healthier?
How to tease your hair!?
i curled my hair before i went to sleep what can i do so it doesent get flat in the morning?
Which hairstyle is better?
Besides clip ins, which method of hair extensions are better for thin hair.. Fusion or sewn in?
how to stop hair thinning?not hair fall due to breakage.?
Shaving Head?
I don't what to do about my hair :( ?
Box dye questions? 10 points?
i have a quiestion about dying my hair with food colouring?
Do model looking women like men's buzz hair cut?
i have long hair almost to my back do girls like dudes with long hair?
what can i use to stop my hair from frizzing ?
is there any solution for dandruff ? i am fed up with dandruff. i tried all types of shapoos but not cured.?
Remidies to get blue/black box dye from hair ?
Why dont baldness affect back and side hair?i noticed yesterday so....?
What color should I dye my hair .?
very damaged hair, how to get it back?
I want to do something cool to my hair, but i also don't want to look like a weirdo. (Picture Included)?
Okay i died my hair black thinking it would come out pretty black.. like shiny and stuff.. thats not the case?
How can u stop thining hair - Dnt worry its not for me haha!?
Do i look better with curly or straight hair? (pics)?
what should i do with my color treated hair? please help!?
Any experience with TIGI Bed Head Uptight Heat Activated Curling Spray?
my hair is frizzy and puffy wat should i use and were or wat store did u get it?
I have just dyed my hair help!?
why do men prefer long hair on women? Not short?
How can I lighten my hair withouth actually bleaching it?
Which Hairstyle Looks Best On Me?
Hair help.. Help me out people?
How can I stop my hair from getting split ends?
I know what SHAMPOO is for, but what is CONDITIONER for?
will having pimples on ur scalp interfere with healthy hair growth?
Going to a new school soon. Any first day of school outfits and/or hairstyles?
at my very young age i already have white hair is there any cure on that? thats the one thing that bothers me!
flat ironing my hair?!?
If you're bald or shaved all your hair off do you still have to use shampoo?
How can I get my hair to grow longer?
where can i find this please answer! ?
clairol shimmer lights?
how to get wavy hair?
Lost election bet, is my hair ruined?
Why does this guy have a weird hairstyles ?
How do you remove Lipgloss out of your hair?
I think ive ruined my hair?
what is the best shampoo?
Ladies have you ever used this hair removal product?
how much shorter will my hair be?
Heat settings for flat iron?
Will Purple Hair look good?
If i dye my hair dark brown would it get it on my hair?
What are good permanent vibrant colorful hair dyes?
I want some loose curls or waves?
Can you give me pics with wavy/loose curls?
How should I wear my hair for homecoming?
Same question what hair style? repost?
how to get scene hair?!?!?
Whats the worst that could happen? Packet hair dying?
How do you get hair like this... (pics) ?
Why do men tent to loose hair on top of head, put grow it out their nostril and ears?
hair/makeup/anything help pic included?
!.s which name is better for a blonde hair boy?
Should I grow a mustache?
How can i get killer straight hair.?
how can i do hair rebonding WITHOUT GOING TO SALLON???
how can i keep my hair looking non greasy without washing everyday?
iwanna reduce my weight can you give anysuggestions .?
new cute hair styles?!?!??!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!??!?
Should I get bangs cut into my hair?
how do you make your hair grow faster ?
How long will it take me for my hair to grow like this?
guys please--- how do you like a girls hair.?
what are the best hairstyles for heart-shaped heads?
what is this hairstyle called?
how do i get long hair fast?
do you prefer curly,wavy, or straight hair?
What hairstyle looks the best on me?
i want to dye my hair an ash brown but will my roots show up dif than the rest of my hair?
Can I dye my hair blonde temporarily?
Is it okay to use a conditioner once a week or so?
I NEVER wear my hair down, how can i force myself out of my comfort zone?
I heard that if you don't wash your hair for long enough, it eventually cleans itself?
When do you get better results? Straightening when hair is wet? Or dry?
my hair is black and i wanna bleach it!! damaged will it be?
do hair dryers have toxins in them the fumes?
Should I dye my hair....?
Have chemically treated hair?
Do birth control pills make curly hair go straight?
My hair is cut short and I need a style for it everyday.?
What are the vegetables for healthy and long hairs ? ?
Can you scrunch your hair with hairspray?
Do my bangs look good? (i cut them myself)?
any one can recommend me for a hair and make up salon for my sister in san antonio tx her budget is 100 dollar
Cute hairstyles to impress a guy?
Question about hair dresser products?
at what age do you think girls should dye their hair?
Do you love or hate your naturally curly hair?
ill be 23 this year and still don't have facial hair jst a bit of mustache. dats all lol!?
Which suits me better? blonde/brown, pics?!?
Does a chin-length bob with sideswept bangs look cute?
Natural Long Hair or Edgy Short Hair?
If i dont have tie dye stuf can i use something else?
Can you buy Rogain for women at Walmart?
What color should I dye my hair? (Pictures included!)?
Ok. I need to know if anyone knows of a good website i can go to, to find a great hair cut and color.?
what is the best way to ask your parents to get you hair dyed?
How do i convince my mom...........................…?
What is the easiest way to go blonde, using the supermarket haircolours?. My hairdresser won't do it for me.
Should I cut my hair? (picture included)?
How can i get wavey hair without heat?
Has anyone tried on "Maxius Adjust-a-Curl "?
Kool Aid Dip Dyed Hair?
how to get smooth, perfect hair?
How could my hair grow longer and faster ?
Should I color my hair or no?
What's an easy, fast way to curl my hair?
i have flyway hair is so hard to keep it nice & neat anti freeze don't work what can i use?
where can i buy John Frieda Beach Blonde Ocean Wave Sea Spray Texturizing Styler ?
How do I curl my hair and get it to stay if it is raining outside?!?
would I would look good with this haircut?
How to straighten my hair naturally without a flat iron?
Do I look better with curly hair or straight hair?
Best product(s) for thin curly hair?
When straightening your hair..?
Is it normal to lose a quarter sized bundle of hair in the shower?
lyricsWhy does long hair not care?
Long pink extensions?
How do I get my hair to grow long and thick within a month?
I'm a bartender and I have to wear my hair up everyday to work I am searching for ideas on up dos for everyday
Guys Only: can short hair be sexy on a girl?
How would I style my hair like louis tomlinson's current hair style?
what hair dye lasts the shortest amount of time in the color red?
straightening hair???????????
How to make hair grow faster?
Hair product help easy 10 Points?
I live in Charlotte, NC and I am a black women who is looking for a hair salon to do extensions?
what color would you classify this as? pic included?
Does demi permanent black hair come out of dark brown hair?
How Do I Get Rid Of My Dye-Line!?
Homecoming tomorrow, help with dress and make up?
Do you use natural shampoos?
Curling Hair help :)?
Whats the average number of hairs a person loses per day?
What the **** is Wrong with my hair ?
I want to get rid of hair?
What is "comb-in-color"? ?
How to get side swept bangs?
What color highlights look good in asian hair? :))?
When I curl my hair with a flat iron, only one side will curl. Help!?
Azelaic Acid for hair loss?
do i look better with blonde or brown hair?
How do you go natural from a relaxer?
How to get long, thick, super healthy hair? Read before you answer please...?
what do you think? (pictures*) TEN POINTS!!?
I have been wanting a new straightner that will help with my thick hair. Any suggestions?
best after care for chemically straightened hair?
haircuts? pics. IL ANSWER YOURS.?
I Dyed My Lighter Trying To Dye My Roots?
should i keep my hair light or go back to dark (pictures)?
Is coconut oil and coconut milk the same thing if the milk is a cosmetics one?
(I'm a guy with wavy hair) How long would it take to grow my hair two or three inches?
what extentions take hair dye well?
what colour is my hair?
Do you like me with curly or straight hair?
Hair style's for long long ,curly, frizzy hair?
Black hair dye? questions?
Greasy hair :( What can I do?
Dose the full fringe suite me?
What would the exact name of my haircut be? -pics-?
What hairstyle.........?
Should I stay a red head or go back to blond?
What is a cool hairstyle for blondes?
Which looks better on me: short or long hair? (guy)?
How should I do my hair tomorrow? I have...?
Hairstyles for amusment park?
does ironing of hair lead to dryness?
Bleach and then use hi lift blond?
Mom says i have to wait till I'm 16 to choose my own hair cut isn't this unfair?