How Can I Make My Hair Color Last Longer?
Why isn't my hair glue lasting?
How do I use tresemme heat defence styling spray?
How to make teal hair dye fade?
Would i look better as a brunette (pictures) !?
Why is my hair short dry and curly and wont grow?
Do I put mouse into wet or dry hair?
What do you think of my hair on my ball/prom night?
What causes hair to be curly or straight??
What is modern now in haircolouring?
What kind of gel would I use if i have really curly hair so it can still look wet and keep its volume?
What color Blonde would look besttt....?
hairstylists.....what have you found is the?
Synthetic Dreads: Where to get them?
What's more attractive- straight or curly hair?
Should I die my hair? and What color?
Do you get a headache when you wear your hair in a ponytail?
any products to lighten hair color naturally?
How long do I let my L'Oreal Excellenc HiColor in Sandstone Blonde soak into my hair???
I have lots of white hair?
i need sulfate free shampoo and conditioners?
If i dyed my hair, what color should it be?
Hairstyles for my hair?
why would a man have a ponytail?
going from brown hair to strawberry blonde ok?
what hair colour will suit my skin ,as it is not so bright.and what colour product is good and reliable?
the back of my hair want grow?
where should i get my haircut at?
What colours are they? Hair dye?
Which Hairstyle???
What makes gray hairs go away?
Update: what to help my hair?
anyone have a new hair cut idea?
Omg I have dandruff! help!?
At home split end trimming?
which hairstyle do you like the most(long hair)?
what do you think about hair extensions? pik.?
Would I look good in black hair?
Does hair replacement treatments really work? my boyfriend is going bald..?
hair growth tips?
Do girls like men's hair chest?
Does my hair look stupid like this?
Are there a lot of redheads in Wales?
what color hair looks better on me.?
hair: before or after?
I just dyed my hair and I want to relax my roots.?
would a perm suit her or not? pic inside?
What's your favorite shampoo and conditioner?
Where can I find a wig that looks like Christina Aguilera's hair from the video "Dirrty?" ?
Which hair colour i need you opinion?
Is it true that birth control pills in your shampoo makes your hair grow faster?
i wanna look like selena gomez 4 the first day of
Do I look better as a blonde or brunette?
Should a 48 year old lady cut her knee length hair short?
Besides old age, what really makes hair turn gray????
Should I get bangs that go across my face?
what color should I dye my hair (pics)?
Hairdressers- has your profession messed up your body?
Best brand of remy hair that can be dyed?
what would happen if I soaked honey in my scalp?
i dye my hair blonde but i want to know if i can do Jerry curl with permanent color?
why suddenly in the age of 30 my hair became so dry and having hair fall?
What haircut?
Do you think I should cut my hair?
Hairstylists!! My hair is really damaged...?
who else thinks this is stupid?
If i use a good hair treatment in my badly damaged hair can i bleach it again?
how many years has herbal essences shampoo been available?
If I were to get a haircut, what could I do to make it look better?[:?
how to grow hair SUPER fast?
Where can i find bernina hair dye?
How do I get red hair dye off my hands?
how could you bleach your hair?
Pretty Hair?
*HAIR DISASTER*.. please help?!?
help with thinning hair?
How will my hair turn out?
whats the most sadest song you have ever heard??
Does straightened hair become unstraightened after a shower?
How can i make my hair grow super fast?
Help... what hairstyle would suit me ?
why does my hair get greasy and hard after I shower and sleep on it?
Do I look better with curls or straight hair?
do you like these side bangs?
Do you think I should dye my hair red?
How often should I trim my ends?
How do you do this braid?
Keeping hair straight under tough conditions?
do women think its gay if a guy doesnt have much body hair?
Am I ruining my hair?
Need help wit poofy hair!?
I'm looking for a reputable hair salon in Overland Park, KS. Esp. good with highlights/color?
I got my hair cut today and it was a disaster!! I feel like crying.?
=( how to grow hair FAST?? plz click?
Ladies: Should I cut my hair? My grandma says I look like a bum and my dad says I look like a homo.?
Some good ways to remove hair?
How to make thick, long hair air-dry faster?
I need help for my bleached hair?
New hairstyle? new make up what? (pic)?
Micro twist need sum help?
wHats better girls with long hair or girls with short hair??
whats a good conditioner that makes my hair soft and straight?
Straightening Really Curly Hair.?
Help with hair styles?
What should i do to help my dry hair?
my face is really dry!?
help with homecoming hair?
What are top brush on highlights?
what's your hair horror?
clip-in extensions in Houston. where?
Does straightening stop hair growth?
Should I keep my hair the way it is or let it hang down and be all shaggy?
What color treatment is safe for use after henna?
would i look okay with short hair?
Should i dye my hair dark ash blond?(pics)?
Should I cut off all my hair?
I need pictures of a hairstyle.?
Want to dip dye but already have dyed blonde hair? Should I leave the tips?
How do you add volume to hair?
What color should I dip dye my hair? (: {koolaid}?
First (real, not idk) answer gets ten points!!!?
I want to perm my hair?
how can i get courage to touch teacher's pubic hair?
59 years old and hair has gone from straight to wavy?
Hairstylist..........What is in for this spring?
Do people think guys with blonde hair are gay?
What should I do to my hair?
Can you straighten your hair when it is wet?
I need to grow my hair long before school starts how do you do it?
How can i stop my hair from breaking off?
Japanese hairstyles?
washing micro braids?
How do I become a barber in Australia and will it give me a stable amount of pay to pay bills etc?
Help with my boyfriends pubic hair please?
help me;should i cut my hair, or grow it back out? [pics]?
Would i look good with this?
missed spots dying hair what do i do now?
How long should you wait after bleaching your hair to dye it?
Will this hair look good on me???
Can I return a hair waver to ulta if it was already opened?
i wanna know!?
what is girl with thich &long hair is called as?
long girl haircut ideas for a small forehead?
I cut my girlfriends hair off @ a mad party, she doesnt know it was me. Where can I stash her hair?
Girls, do you find these types of hairstyles dirty or no?
i really need help?
I have black, and i want highlights...?
Could i pull of this hairstyle (pics included)?
Should I get this hair cut ?!!?!?! ( P I C S )?
POLL: Do you have split ends on your hair?
what do i ask to get this hair cut?
what color streaks should i dye in my hair?
should i shave my num nums?
for bald guys?
What hair colors do you think I can pull off?
What to do? Ill answer yours!?
Do you miss?
My hair keeps secreting can i get rid of it???
Where can I buy hair nets for my bun?
Hair Style for back to school?
I really want to get another biosilk flat iron. I see that theres a black one and a blue one.?
Sprial Perms?
How can i make my hair grow longer and faster?
How do you get rid of curls in your bangs when they are to short to be use by a hair straightener?
i have got long hair i have got split ends .i drink a lot of water to prevent but it doesnt work what should i
i dyed my hair?
Is Dax Pomade good for relaxed hair? and does it help with hair growth??
i want to start a busniess hair dressing is the business but am afaird cause i dont much clients am discourage
How to make my hair shiny and strong?
How do i cut my own hair?
How do find a good hair salon when you move to another city?
What are some good hairstyles for school?
how do you take micro braids out really fast?
my hair condition...can somebody help?
How can I keep my hair straight, especially when it is humid outside?
Japanese hair straightening?
bangs and frizzeness?
A serious question for all us hairy women out there??????
places that have a website online that sell wigs in louisville ky?
Cool Hair Extensions ?
I dont want to keep dying my hair and it looks really bad at the roots what should i do?
What color should I dye my hair?
Your opinions on possible haircuts?
Facial hair. Trimming.?
Is straight hair the in-thing right now?
what color should i dye my hair?
How do I get this hairstyle?
what is the best leave-in conditioner to use?
need a new hairstyle what should i go for?
plz help me out with a question that has to do with hair?
what can a bearded woman do for her problem?
do i look good in this picture?
How To Make a Red Purple Hair Dye from Kool Aid?
Help my hair is shoulder length and?
Does anyone know of a really good afro hairdressers in Glasgow , preferably in the west end?
why is hair extensions acceptable and locks is not in most places ?
Can u show me pics of some girly hairstyles for long hair?
where can i get a product that makes my hair heavy?
Hair care for winter?
What shampoo would you reccomend is best?
would you bet your hair?
has anyone tried Sunsilk hair products ?....Do they work ?
A Question for you girls?
Is it good to ........................................…
Can a hairdresser put blonde highlights over brown and blonde? Please read info?
Is there such a thing as a HAIR STRENGTHENING SHAMPOO (drugstore)?
Blonde hair or dark hair, how do I look better?
What would be good highlights for dark hair?
How can thicker hair FAST?
are the many different kinds of herbal essences REALLY different?
Thick hair problems??? Help :)?
Good hairstyles for teenage guy with long hair?
when was the first issue of sophisticate's black hair magazine published? you wear a shower cap?
how do you get hair like this girl?
I'm biracial and want to due my hair?
I'm 15, is it a bad idea to get scene hair? & how much does it cost around?
is curly hair pretty?
what hair dye brands are the best on the market???
Best drugstore shampoo and conditioner?
What should I do to my hair?
I need advice about my hair?
Unwanted belly hair + belly button issues ):<?
the dog ate cat?
what should i do with my hair?
what side do you part your hair on?
Is coloring your hair at home with a medium blond color any more damaging than having it done at a salon?
Is it rare my hair changes color in the sun?
Do you like this haircut? (side bangs)?
What is a good way to grow your hair longer, in a shorter period of time?
What kind of hairstyle should I get [pictures]?
Does TRIA Laser actually work? Please help?
what color should i make my hair next?
Is there anything I can do to put protein back in my hair. It is very dry and baby fine?
I want to highlight my hair, but what color should i use?
i have a never ending hair fall problem!!?
how do i tease my hair?
Will straightening my hair ruin it?
What's a good straightening iron to buy?
using crazy colour hair-dye?
Does anyone have ideas of how to get rid of brassy and golden tones in hair?
how do i make my hair soft?
I need a new hairstyle, can anyone help?
Does my dyed red hair look okay?
Would u like my hair if .....?
my hair gets really frizzy after i blowdry?????
How do you manage African hair, when left out over a weave?
how do you girls like a boys hair to be like (facial and normal hair)?
what causes my long straight hair to be fuzzy + flyaway? how can i make it straight + shiny?
Hmm what do you think of my new haircut? (pics included)?
How do i do my hair like this?
How do i keep the toothbrush bristles straight?
Does anyone know an at home straightening treatment for kinky hair that wont make my hair revert when wet?
Which Flat Iron Should I Buy?
please help with hair problem?
How do i get my hair curly with a heating iron?
Do You Know Of A Good Flat Iron!?
Do you like my new hair? Or was it a mistake?
what is the "in" thing now?
How to make your hair grow longer faster?
hair bleaching/colouring!<3?
What is a good gel that wont dry out your hair?
How to stop an oily fringe?
If i let my hair grow out for 8 months where will it approximately be?
What is the best hair color for my skin tone?
What color should i dye my hair? (:?
What color hair?
How do you spike your hair like lucas scott in one tree hill season 3?
I have dark brown hair would it be possible to dye it blond?
new hair style!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
Where can i get some really good quaility mini clip in hair extensions?
How to get perfect hair routine help?
blonde, brunette, redhead, or black hair?
Dandruff and hair loss?
I would like to get the simple scene hairstyle?
what hairstyle is jonah hill using at the 2011 vmas?
Guys, If a girl has a little upper hair on her lip, or maybe a lot, Would that disgust you?
If someone offered to do your hair for free?
How do I preserve unusual hair colors?
How do I get shine for my hair?
How do you prevent ingrown hairs when shaving? particularly body hair?
If the perm/relaxer kit had not been marketed to the Black community, what would Black hairstyles be like now?
my cousin has spots on his hair?
How to lighten hair with lemon juice?
What is the best type of hair dryer?
i've heard that you shouldn't wash your hair everyday but....?
hair conditioner how often should it be used - for best results?
How long should you leave red hair dye in?
What hair style would suit me?
i want to dye my hair close to it's natural color using a box?
I need people to vote here because right now the vote is very tight?
Get rid of blonde patches?
how long are 14' hair extensions?
how do u get gum outta hair?
i really need help, hair dyee situation!?
how hard is it to cut your own hair?
Hairstyle advice?10 points for the best!?
Women out there: Do you shave or somehow get rid of the hair on your thighs? and if u do how do you do that?
Dyeing/bleach/Stripper/peroxide ?
Toning My Yellow Hair With Manic Panic Virgin Snow?
Biotin Or MSM For Hair Growth Or Both?
should i dye my hair color jet black?
How Can I Handle My Thick Wavy Hair After Swimming?
Matrix Biolage Ultrahydrating Shampoo, Ultrahydrating Balm, Cera Repair Pro4. Anyone have problems with them?
I'm 35 and I have been growing some grey hair, would it be weird if I had my hair colored?
Are These Partial Highlights?
what are bangs? ?
hair formula 37?
Merry Christmas!?
Whats your favorite Sephora Hair Product?
A cute japanese anime looking haircut?
Im 5 mns pregnant can i put perm on da front part of my hair?
Tell me what i can use!?
how can i make my hair grow really really fast?
i have a hairstyle question!?
For a guy who keeps hair very short, what is the best option for greying hair?
do zac efron and jesse McCartny hate each other?
Side swept bangs question?
Good Quality Hair Dye?
I need to find a good conditioner/detangler for my biracial 2 yr old son?
I went to a high end salon and the girl pulled her combs out of the drawer. it just grossed me out. ?
do guys prefer blonde hair of brown hair? Long or short?
How long until I can color my hair again?
will thinning out my hair and getting it layered help keep the poofy/bulk down?
Keeping hair extensions conditioned?
anyone know any washable hair dye from shoppers? Please help :o3?
some good hairstyles for short hair?
fun hair poll :)*thumbs up every good answer*?
Where Can I Find Hair Styles Like This???
How to braid short layered hair?
is this unhealthy? straightening hair situiation!?
Hair Styles and Color 4 Girls?
Why do guys prefer girls with certant hair colors?
How do I achieve this Jessica Simpson hairstyle look?
What should I be looking for when it comes to a hair dryer?
Natural Blonder Hair In the Winter..?
Is it true that blonde hair grows faster that darker hair?
What could i do for my hair it feels like straw and it always falls out??
my hair is wavey and frizzy what product can help?
Tips for maintaining red hair?
am i going bald? please help?
what is the hairstyle called that my avater image is?
Hair shedding or loss?
naturally curly/frizzy hair- how do i buy a GOOD straightener?
Have you shaved your arm hair when you were younger? What happened when you got older?
I have very straight and thin hair, my hairstylist said I should get a "partial perm". Good or bad idea?
why do some balding men wear wigs? Whilst most women would prefer them without as most look ridiculous anyway.
do girls look better with long hair?
how to dye hair with kool aid?
how to get heat less waves?
What Shampoo Do u USe?
does anybody ever compliment your hair?
Do you like having your hair SHAMPOOED at the Salon?
30 inch hair extensions!!?
what's the best Hair removal for the upper Lip?
I have really curly hair and I want to dye it a darker colour myself, not at a salon, will it ruin my curls?
Has anyone tried the Forever No. 1 hair from aliexpress? if not what are other quality hair brands from ali?
Im a guy, should i shave or wax my nuts?
Any tips on detangling hair?
How often to you wash your hair?
Do i look better blonde or brunette? Photos?
nick chavez "flocker" volumizer for hair..where can i buy it besides ebay and tv?
What type/level of developer do I need? I need hair dye help!?
stress and hair thinnig, can it reverse?
How can you take the dye out of your hair?
Please help me with my hair?
What are some simple, easy hairstyles for a 12 year old girl?
Who likes long hair, not cut or feathered or styled in anyway, just hair down to the waiste?
Does straightening your hair everyday ruin your hair???
How soon can you redye hair?
What kind of shampoo works to straighten hair?
Guys, what color of hair do you like on girls?
curl my hair??? **(PICS INCLUDED)**?
straight hair without a blow dryer or straightener?
Hair care products shampoos conditioner?
Best brand to dye my hair?
Opinions on hair salon?
What can I do to my hair without the use of non-natural color?
Do you like boys with long hair or short?
if i dyed my hair ruby red and now want to change it to mahogany.what will the color turn out to be?
What do you think of Halo hair extensions?
What is the best flat iron to get and what product should I put in my hair before straightening?
What color should I dye my hair? PLEASE HELP. Appointment tomorrow!(Pic included)?
How to style my hair in a specific way?
Best brand of remy hair that can be dyed?
do women like there men to be waxed and hair free? Or do you prefer the natural manly look?
What Do Women Think About Guys With Long Hair ?
how long do i need to wait to dye my hair after dying it with henna?
do short hair cut like rihana's look right on fat faces?
Straight or Curly?!?!?!! ?
Do I look better with an afro or braids PIC INCLUDED?
stop receding hairline?
how do u curl ur hair?
Will they grow back in 7 WEEKS!?
Where can i buy good hair extentions?
I'm male, have jet black coloured hair and have olive skin. Whats the best colour to dye or highlight my hair?
Which of these styles should I get? Pictures!!!!?
If you wash your hair with hot water, does that increase your chances of losing hair when you're older?
do i look good with long hair? or should i cut it shoulder length? pics!?
how can i get my bangs to stay down?
Swimming with bleached blonde hair?
My hair is greasy all the time?
A new hairstyle, a new me? (pics)?
Would I Look Good As A Blond?
I am trying to find a hair salon in Savannah, but I need help.?
hw cn i make my hairs long nd healthy?
My hair is too soft HELP!?
is gray hair sexy?
How many times a week should you wash your hair?
What your favorite hair color?
Should I dye my hair blonde? (Photo)?
How should I wear my hair for school?
who is sexier a blonde or brunette?
should i stick with blonde or brown hair
Whats the best hair-cutting place for guys in Houston?
How can I tell my parents I want to dye my hair?
Why are mullets so cool?
Am I a stalker? Is this considered stalking? I posted this question twice. Everyone thinks its stalking. Is i?
I have extremely fine hair and not a lot of it and am young, Is there something wrong?
does curly or straight hair suit me better?
I need hairstyling tips?
How often should i brush my hair to train it?
I have extra thick curly/wavy hair and im going to camp how can i mange my hair?
mop/shaggy style?
I have just found nits and headlice in my beard!! how can I stop them spreading to my hair?
How do I make my hair straighter?
Hair for swimming and beach?
i have really hairy arms?
What are the best straighteners?
Does Nioxin really thicken hair ?
I want to dye my hair dark brown but i'm not sure..?
what does orange and purple make together cuz im dyeing a strip in my hair ?
How can you tell if hair is breaking or if it is normal hair loss?
Why do people only focus on Blonde, Brunette, and Red hair color... Never Black?
I shoved an apple core up my @$$ and now can't get it out?
What kind of haircut should my sister get, pictures included...?
What product can you use if your hairy is frizzy?
how can I take color (permanent) out of my hair?
Can anyone tell me the steps to kinky twist, and the supplies needed?
Do model looking women like men's buzz hair cut?
Ladies can you please help me? thank you?
I need to straighten my hair naturally can i?
Name for a new salon...please respond.?
How can I make a side pony with extensions?
what is the best hairstyle for a football (soccer) player?
Wat color could I make my hair?
My hair is really dead! HELP!?
Whas the name of the song?!!?
what is it called when you get numbers or an image in your hair cut?
What do you guys think?
From this.. to this? (pix)?
After I straighten my smells burnt...?
Should I go blonde !? :) ** (pictures included!)?
Is there any way you can make your armpit hair grow faster?
How do you clean your straightening iron?
Can I use avocado and apple cidar vinegar as a leave-in conditioner?
Which hairstyle looks best on me? (pics included)?
Blondes, Brunnettes, Red Heads who do you prefer and why? Looking forward to hearing from you!!!!!?
Hairstylists and Curly-haired Friends UNITE! curly hair HELPPPPP?
Fabric Flower Hair Clip?
How can I mange my hair??
Hair extensions. Which are the best? Which are good value for money? What do they mean "getting them fitted"?
how do i keep my hair heathy, & still straighten it?****?
how long before baby's hair goes curly?
what does it mean when a pack of human extension hair wefts says remi but it also says yaki on it as well?
Are expensive shampoos better?
What is the best way to get rid of my unwanted hair?
do girls like long haired guys or short?
I straighten my hair practically every day.?
Best dark brown hair dye brand?
cant take it any longer!!?
How do I convince my mom to let me dye the tips of my hair blue?
Good hair styles to wear to gym class?
What are some tips for using a curling iron and making the curl last all day?
Can i pull off full bangs(pic)?
My scalp hurts after combing or picking my hair?
Can you help me pick a haircut?
Is it hard to dye your hair at home?
My hair is a wreck...?
who has a perm and how often?
how was taylor swifts hair cut in 2006?
My hair is thining out especially in front, i am black and i am breastfeeding. What can I do to repair my hair
Are you allowed straighten your hair everyday?
wich hair is better 1 or 2 ???????????
Does HyVee sell Loreal Hot Straightening Cream?
Whats a good way to put your hair up when you go to the gym?
i am looking for a hair straightener and need suggestions for a good one.?
which 1 is the happening hair cut?
How to dye your hair blonde and keep it healthy?
wat is frizz-ease line?
i just cut off 15 inches of my hair?
Do I look better with striaght or curly hair?
Is there really any way I can increase hair growth?
How do you treat hair loss that is caused after baby delivery?
does the conair quick wrap really work ?
What's the best flat iron you've ever used?
What is your best tip for healthy hair?
I have gray and black hair what is the best black sade for my hair?
How would I get this Male Hairstyle?
Should i wear my hair like this to school?
How do I get scene hair?
would i suit this bob hairstyle?
scene hair?
Would brown hair suit me better?
how can i trim my hair decently?
EASY TEN POINTS: Would I look ok with this hair?
how to make your hair curly?
How should i do my hair. im a guy looking for a new "do"?
What will the cinnamon/conditioner treatment do to my hair?
I'm going to bike (bicycle) to school since Summer's coming up...what should I do to my hair?
Does anybody know where can i find the White Sands Hair Products , like a drug store instead of the internet ?
Hair related.................................…
What colour should I dye my hair?
What is the best way to style kinky, course curly hair that is relaxed so it looks spiral?
new hair cut??
any one have good or bad feed back about super cuts salon . [being an employee]?
How to get rid of greasy hair.?
What flat iron / straightner is the best?
Which length looks best?
really broken dead and bleached hair?
How to get nice side bangs?
what do you think about dreadlocks on women?
Do I look better with bangs or without bangs?
blonde hair?
Questions about curly hair?
what facial hair style should i go with?
Can someone please tell me this hairstyle?
Should i do It or not ,to my flat iron burned hair ? please help?
How do I get rid of frizzy hair without buying exspensive products?
Bleached Red to Platnium help?
Which product is better Frizz ease straight fixation or Herbal Essences None of you Frizziness Smoothing Creme?
My hair seems to be falling out more often than it used to,can I get a body perm?
Would this wash in wash out hair dye work on my hair?
Dry hair. Any recommendations?
Ok...I just dyed my hair with Herbal Essences hair dye, and it is WAYYYYY to dark! School starts TOMORROW!?
Hairstyles Question!?
Do you think Raven is a bad name for a girl with blonde hair and blue eyes?
cheap hair extensions?
Would a Hair cut almost like this be to girly on a guy?
I accidentally cut my sister's head off.?
When my hair is curled what can I do with it?
what are some really good ways to prevent split ends in hair?
whats a nice hairstyle for a date?
Do heat styling protection sprays actually work?
which hair color would look best on me? [pictures included]
Best way to get silky straight hair?
If you had to choose between having a mullet or being bald what would you choose?
Will dark blonde hair dye cover my brown hair?
What's your most craziest hairstyle?
How do get my hair wavy without using any curlers or straighteners?
What's your favorite shampoo/conditioner?
help me please?
how can i style my hair (pics)?
Is it okay to pull out a gray hair or does that really make it worse?
bald spot? TEENN! hair help ):?
How should I wear my hair with a poodle skirt?
is it cute to have blone highlights underneath my hair?
how much would it cost to get my hair dyed and highlighted?
how long should i leave the foils in my hair for?
What is a good/cheap brand of hair bleach!?
what is census?
do men like short hair or long hair better?
Should I Go Darker or Lighter?
How can i straighten my hair?
Dying over blonde highlights..please help!?
How to grow you hair out!?
Hairstyles for school/ side bangs?
what are the best straightners out there?
Black hair originally, Dyed it Burgandy, now want to go light ash brown?
I want to apply my own hair highlights. Can someone tell me how to do this? Give me some tips.?
Does anyone know a good straightener?
What is the best curl re-activator?
could a hairdresser do this?
I have had a spiral perm since August?
How can i help my hair grow quicker?
Can you dye your hair with Sharpies?
what hair shampoo do u use??
how can I make my hair look wet??
How long does it take for you girls to straighten hair?
How do you know your real hair color? Is it the color of your hair under the sun? I'm confused.?
What the fashion in girls hair?
Stargazer Plume - Any Suggestions?
Hair survey --- directed at teenage girls ---?
how do u like my hair?
i have really curly hair?
Where can i get Manic Panic Hair lightening kits from in Aust ??r=1224487539?
Is it true that Olive Oil is good for your hair?
How to get curls in long emoish hair ?
I want to do emo hair but my mum wont let me HELP?
Can I go swimming after colouring my hair?
Help with hair colour. I want to go bright red!?
i need a good cordless straighter?
What do you think I am? ethnicity?
How to fix a "cowlick"?
Which hairstyle should I have?
what is the best hair CUT for long curly wavey thick hair?
What type of shampoo is good for dry/damaged hair?
How to use 'N-Rage hair color?
Is there a way I can make my hair permanently straight?
Who do you think is prettier, Vanessa Hughens, Demi Lovato or Selena Gomez?
Poll: whats better long hair or short hair?
Help! How do i stop my GHDs frazzling my hair??
What is an effective dye for blackpeople?
I got a horrible haircut help!?
Does Anyone in Philly know the phone # and location to Hands on by erica?
My friends wants to cut all her hair off?
Cans someone help me?
I need as many opinions as I can get here...... do I look better as a blonde or brunette.....?
Which hair color should I stay with?
Do girls like a guy with a mohawk?
I just dyed my hair.. is it bad?!?
i needdd helllppp meee asap?
I'm a guy and I want to straighten my hair, what do I need to know ?
what shampoo/conditioner can i use for my dry roots?
Hair product to get hair like this?
Do you guys think this hairstyle will look right on a round face?
How should I dye my hair?
which ionic ceramic flat iron for hair straighting is the best and cheapest.?
Where else can I get dreadlock-making stuff like those from ?
What are some good tricks to curl your hair?
do you think this hairstyle would look ok on a girl?
how to get straight hair?
Know of any good hairstyle websites?
which looks best? [ pics ]?
What do you think i should do with my hair? [PIC INCLUDED] :)?
Scene Girls?
How do you perm new growth hair?
My hair is ruined from Bleaching it!!?
How to Repair Dry and Damaged Hair?
i need a new look (Picture)?
herbal essences or garnier fructis?
Are there any products that make your hair grow?
Any good pictures of blonde highlights. I need a picture for when I go get my hair done?...
How Can I Grow My Hair Quickly?
Is your hair more managable and kept in style better when clean or dirty?
Hair HELP!!!?
Should I go Platinum Blonde?
Did ariana grande dye her hair brown(2012)?
head kandy extensions question/help?
do you like my hair??
what hair color is best for me?
i have a round head im wondering if there a hairstyle that will make my head less round?
bangs or side-bangs? *pics*
how do i keep my hair straight?
how to get rid/treat spilt ends?
I have dark brown hair and i want to lighten it to light brown. Help!?!?
Do you think I'm handsome?
Does your hair need to be wet for the sock bun to work?
Which hair would I look better with (pics)?
how to decide the best hair cut for you?
I completed chemo 6 mths ago, my hair was curly and thick b4, now it's short, thin & ugly. Please help!?
Any tips to make your hair thicker ?
How do i make my hair in long curls or ringlets?
HELP! I m totally freaking out!!!!!?
What is the best way to get rid of hair without shaving of waxing ?
going to sleep with wet hair?
How much can long, thick hair weight?
I have long hair that tangles really easy when I wash it. It is NOT thick or thin. What is best to use on it?
Guys and Girls which of these do you do/have?
How do you make your hair stay straight ALL day?
Know of any good Hair Salon's in England that you can't go wrong with???
Just died my extremely light blonde hair to a medium brown and it turned out with that green tinge!!,!?
Which hair styler should I get?
Should I shave up or down my legs?
What do i ask getting medium 'scene' hair? ?
Does my hair look better blonde, black/brown or ginger (pics)?
Which hair style do you think looks best on me curly or straight hair(pics inside)
Keratin hair extensions?
What do I need to make my overseas shaver work in the US?
my eyebrow hair wont grow full on the sides or just places i need them.?
Would I look good with blonde blonde hair! ?
How Can I Make My Hair Texture Like This?
Help with different hair textures and charactistics?
could i pull off dreads?
how can i do my hair like this...?
What side should I part my hair?
im getting my haircut soon, do you think i should change it or leave it. (picture included)?
The Disney Look Hair Help?
Red hair help, pleaseee? 10 points :)?
This is my hair!Do you like my hair?
Help :0 im 15 years old and my hair is falling out?
Help i done a hairstyle but cant see it from the back?
Condition or brush 100 times?
What shampoo helps greasy hair?
plz plz plz plz help?
Sunsilks Beyond Brunette???
Am I the only girl with short hair?
Can anyone give me a direct link to a virtual salon or place where I can try out hair colors on myself?
Can someone get me another picture of this girl for my haircut/color?
what's the best heat protector i could use, that's cheap?
should i cut my hair?
Wet hair in braids????
My Hair is over-processed and fried!!! Any suggestions???
My natural hair color is medium brown(?). I would like to go to a dark or medium blonde.
I have been straightening my hair for the past year and a half and my hair is destroyed and burned....?
Do girls like long or short hair?
Are clip-in tracks any good?
Which hairstyle looks better on me ?? ( Pics Included )?
Removing hair die at home?
any opinions for minoxydil?
seen a cutie today she had cute hair i wanna complement but how?
alright boys which do you prefer.....?
I'm thinking of highlinging my hair but due to my asian heritage should I?
looking for a new hairstyle. pics included?
will braiding my hair in a zillion braids make it wavy?
Can I fix or re-henna my hair?
How to fix a bad layered hair cut?
whats a really good brand of hair straightener without getting too pricey?
hair product that doesn't make hair look thin?
Please answer: What hair color would suit me? PICS!!!?
My hair turned WAY TO RED!?
How do you do a corn row for a weave track?
Which hair colour suits me best?
How many times a week do you need to wash your hair?
Fastest possible way to grow hair?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!????????!!!!?
my hairs are very dry n life less,how do i make it shiny n lusturous?
I need help with my hair!?
Hair questionnn helpp?
What should my next haircut look like? (picture included)?
i have thin straight medium length hair and im a guy. any styling ideas or websites with straight hairstyles?
Out of this picture collage, which do you like best?
I just dyed my hair yesterday, Can I dye it again?
Does facial hair send a negative message? Is that why you never see politicians and CEO types sporting it?
blondes or brunettes?? what are prettier?
Clip in Hair extensions?
If i have dark brown hair and i dye it blonde how do i keep it healthy and shiny and not let it get damaged?
What do you think of the "scene" haircut?
Which hair treatment is better for removing frizz but leaving the curls?
stop my hair from falling out?
I'm only 12 and I want to dye my hair vibrant red. Will it give me any sickness?
Bleached fringe disaster?
Hairy Legged Freak?
guys : is long hair pretty?
Shaving shops in Cleveland area?
dose anyone know where i can get banana shampoo?
OK... I bleached my hair and it's yellow?! please help!?
What should i use to make my hair go white?
Does my BLONDE look ORANGE to you? *PICS*?
How to get hair like Shakira?
i want a choppy look but i dont know which to get.i need help?
just got a perm and I hate my bangs,?
Where can I buy a my spring it?
LADIES I need your help.?
how do i get beach waves?
Best and fastest ways for eyebrow growth! ?
Ahhh, Bleach my hair blonde or get inked up?
Do anyone know a good tips how to do loc in man hair? Or Steps?
Help!!! i have dyed my hair black and i want to go blonde..?
What shampoo do you use?
What color should I dye my hair?
before coloring ebony hair a red color what do i need to do?
What are some good products or recipes to repair damaged hair?
What color is my hair?
Kool aid dip dye help?
should i shave my hair (arms and not armpit!) with a removal cream or not?
Dry shampoo suggestions?
how do i get rid of the green tint in my dyed blonde hair?
Will Biotin, Viatamins work for me?
greasy hair problem... help?
Which hair looked best on me[pix]?
how long does it take to grow your hair long?
How Much Would It Cost To Get Dreadlock Extensions In NC?
Is there any kind of food you can eat that makes hair grow faster?
What is a perm?
how long did it take you to see results or hair growth using rogaine for Women?
Has anyone tried MTG for hair growth or wild growth oil?
Why does my hair get so oily/greasy?
HAIRRR! (: (for people in Tennessee only.)?
Dying bang highlights from orange to burgundy?
fading hair color?
How should I do my hair for the first day of high school? (pictures included)?
straight vs curly?????
What type of cococunt oil should i buy?
Has anyone used the product "Celebrity Curls"?
I have a freind with 90% gray and her roots have half inch new grow her color is level 7 plus highlights kind?
Hair is kinda fluffy and puffy looking after I wash it, would using a straighter help get rid of the puffyness?
my hair is loosing what i do ?
My hair gets oily easy. Any tips on what shampoo to buy?
what specific hair colour is this?
Would my hair lok okay like this? (pics)?
Does cutting the dead/split ends from your hair help it to grow faster?
has anyone heard of this?
i took out my hair extensions, and now i need to get this bond off, what store products will work?
I'm getting my hair highlighted at Ulta in 30 minutes but...?
Is this hairstyle good for my face shape?
Do people look better with lighter hair?
How do I make it grow longer?
Blonde or Brunette?? Which looks better on me?
longer n the front shorter in the back...?
Should I dye my hair back to the original color?
What color(s) should I dye my hair?
Dry, brittle, and damaged hair?
what to use to not get splid ends when you straighten your hair?
Should I die my hair... or not?
Should I get a Pixie cut I have a small face?
Shoulder or chin length haircut?
Hair Question! Using mayonnaise....?
Do you think the "mullet" hairstyle will ever make a comeback?
What do you think I should do to my hair? picture..?
Teenage guys: Tell me your opinion on red heads.?
Hair Ideas Please!!!?
Curly hair or straight hair? Which makes you smarter?
Should I get a short haircut? HELP PLEASE?
Best products for repairing damaged curly hair?
i want to go blonde, but how can i do that.. (HENNA)?
how can i make my hair smooth?
Which is more product - 250ml or 8.5oz?
how can we prevent from hair loss?
is it bad to put moose and heat protection on ur hair at the same time?
How to fix faded red hair?
any tips for helping your hair grow longer?
GUYS: Blonde or Brunette girls?
i need advice about my hair colour ?
Which is worse? Finding a bug in your sandwich or hair in your soup?
do girls like guys with long hair?
How to grow waist length hair?
will my eyebrows grow back after threading?
where can i get a GHD for a good price?
Would this haircut look good on me?
my bangs are super short?
Black hair referred as brown hair? WHAT? HELP!?
Where is it normal for hair to grow for a teenage girl?
do i look better blond or bruntte??
Highlights or lowlights?
how do you fell about this hairstyle?
Olive Oil On Dry Damaged Hair?
should i get taylor swifts curly hair, in other words..a perm ? pic included.?
HELP! how to get my hair from quite ginger to blonde?
Minimum Length to Straighten Hair?
what are some school appropiate hairstyles.?
how do I keep my hair from nasty curls?
how can i blend my hair extensions into my hair?
So I lost an eyebrow, What should I do?
Why do so many people have prejudice against guys with long hair?
What would you call my style?
All of the hairdressers say my hair will fall out, I'M 13! Help!?
I'm mixed race (White english + Black jamaican) Will Medium Black be too dark for me ?
Girls: I need some hair help....?
How to grow hair longer and faster ?! help!?
Guys: How do you remove your green shade after shaving facial hair?
how can I get my hair to grow fast?
What is the best length to get your hair permanently straightened?
Do you think im ugly?
What do you call this guys hairstyle?!?
How to get rid of greasy hair?
i have lite skin and green eyes with dark blue in them my hair is like a med. brown now.... i love it when it?
Washed hair with shower gel!?
Is it true that if you pull out one grey hair, more than one grey hair will grow back in its place?
how to get the best hair without chemical treatment?
Natural remedy to strengthen hair?
Help! Is anyone on here a cosmotologist?
Do boys like girls with long curly hair?
What kind of comb should I be using for natural hair?
Is it true using hair styling gel daily,can make you go bald early?
What should I do with my hair? BEST ANSWER 10 POINTS!!?
Why do my hair follicles look huge? or is it something else?
Is Pantene expressions a hair dye or a shampoo?
what is a perfect hairdo for hair that is thick ,frizzy wild hair?
Whats better for wavy hair? Gel or mousse?
how do people get a streak of grey in their hair?
I want a Perfect hairstyle?
hair coloring help?
Hair straightening help?
How can you make your hair grow faster?
is brushing your hair when its wet bad 4 it?
Where do white women learn how to braid/brush their hair?
Whats your favourite way to do your hair?
Tips of my hair are springy?
Dying my hair blonde?
What hair colour suits me more? Black , blonde or brunette?
Should I dye my hair bright red?
Curly perm for a guy (help)?
Would I look good with shorter hair(pic)?
what causes your underarm hair to grow?
Is my hair going to get damaged!!!!!!!? :((?
how i can get my hair straight for ever?
Updos for waist length hair?
hair help question thanx?
Any suggestions on my hair style? (PICTURES)?
Curious question , do i look better with or without facial hair? True thoughts may be articulated!?
Will dying my hair a lighter brown and then dying it blonde on top produce a golden brown/blonde?
billy ray cirus...?
i deiced to let my hair down pigtails are to common now.....?
Why is my hair so thin? n falls?
10 point if u want!just answer dis, im not kidding..<3?
hair help plzz!!!!!!?
Hairstyles for straight hair?
I need hair dye advice....?
What color is this hair?
How do you fight frizz on really humid days?
Do you think this hairstyle would look good on me? (pics)?
Do you need to go to a salon to have my hair buzzed?
I really dont know what hair style i should do or is it nessery what do you girls do?
should i remove hair on my forearm with removal cream? do girls mind hair on guys arms and triceps?
how can i find a picture of hair of exactly what i'm looking for?
Which hair on my head is the longest?
How can I get my hair to grow faster?
How quickly does your hair get greasy?
What hair colour would be better for a mummy?
Shampoo Question for all?
hair style for homecoming?!! Help its tomorrow?
Can anybody give me advice on how to re-create a certain hairstyle.?
Washing Hair.....?
What Shampoo Do you Use !?
which haircut would look best (pics included)...?
Tips on growing hair?
What's the best way to do braids?
Is there any way I can naturally lighten my hair?
i have long hair.should i cut them?
Does anyone have their hair permed?
How to use egg as hair conditioner?
Why do boys think my haircut is scary?
What do you think of my undercut/sidecut (pictures)?
Whats hair style is the best?
hair colour blonde or brown?
Whats more common, wavy or curly hair?
Hair question? Guy here?
What are some good ways to style a pixie cut?
Eyebrows and parents.?
How do you braid hair!!?
How long from buzz to jb hair?
Razors don't live too long . We use them once or twice , not any more . Why ?
How do I get my hair like this?
Hair dye for halloween?
VERY itchy scalp?
Any 100% effective way of preventing hair fall (men)? :(?
Do Guys Like Curly Hair or Straight hairr?
What hair dye is good to use on asian hair?
How do I get my hair blonder *naturally?
what colour of hair would i suit ?
How can I prevent premature greying of hair?
hair help please! :)?
what shampoo or spray or serum can i put on my hair to leave them straight all day?
How to get 50's pin-up hair?
guys with red hair!!!???
how do i get my hair on 8Th grade promotion?
i recently cut my hair and its almost bald?
Should I cut off my awesome mullit just cause my new girlfrend doesnt like it?
What do you think about Locks of Love? Would you be willing to donate your hair?
How many times do I have to bleach my hair?
How would you describe this hairstyle?
What flat iron is best?
Do you like my new hair?
What is your least favorite hair color?
Reasons for hair loss?
What does your natural hair look like?
How to Style a Fringe Like This (Ellie Goulding) its cut practically the same, how to get it to sit like this!?
Lots of flyaway hair on roots? Help!?
Help! What is the best drug store shampoo and conditioner available for fine, dry hair?
How does hair know when to grow?
what can i do?? help!!?
Which hair color do you think would give me a dark brown like Megan Fox?
which shampoo should i buy?
How far in advance should a person get their hair cut or permed?
What brand if hair dye do i need to get?
Are bangs just totally out?
What's the best way to hide grey hair?
How can yu make hair shiny silky soft and smooth?
color streaks in hair?
What color is you hair?
i have waist length hair, should i grow it to my knees?
got any hair style suggestions?
Im so freaking angry i feel like just exploding!!!?
are you supposed to change your shampoo brand every 3 months?
Highlighted blonde at hairdressers, what will happen if i use box colour brunette?
Will this haircut suit me?
List of Hair Dye Products?
Regaring semi-permanent hair dye?
Brazilian blow out question?
Hair color help! (PICS**)?
Does these tips help hair growth ?
What happens when you use semi permanent hair color?
should i cut my hair?
Is there any kind of shampoo that is best for oily hair?
Perms And Straightening?!?!?
I NEED HELP!!!! how do you take out static out of your hair?im at school and it will not go down. ...?
Begining Neglect Dreadlocks?
How can i get this hairstyle?
how to curl short hair like this?
Affinage Eraser Hair Colour Removal.. Does it work?
Curly or Straight?
Is there a way to permenetly straighten your hair?
Where can I find a decent hair straightener for less than 50$?
Solutions for hair that's thick and bushy?
How to do this hairstyle?
im looking for a good shampoo?
Hairstyle for school idea ?