Myra-e for kids?is that ok?5 points here?
is it racist to ask black women about a hair product made by and for black women??
Is it true that.........
How long does it take 4 hair 2 grow when taking biotin? Please answer!!!!?
which hairstyle should i take?
what is backcombing?
10 point! which last name do you like best?
what is the best shampoo, and conditioner?
what is the best hot iron to buy out there?
What hair color would look good on me?
1yr after perm and hair still falling out?
what should i do for crazy hair day at school tomorrow??!!??
Does anyone know how to achieve a great curl using a curling tong?
What is my face shape?
Do you brush hair when blow drying? What difference does it make?
Which brand of shampoo do you like?
how can i do my hair like this....[pic included]?
do you think i should die my hair brown?
I am a male in my early 40 and I am starting to get gray hair.?
how can i grow my hair faster and longer?
Damaged my hair badly?
Do you think pink highlights would be cool ? or stupid?
Girls... Is my hair better long or short.?
How do you undo straightened hair?
Help ! How long do i wait to re dye my hair?? Its hideous!?
Tips for becoming a hair stylist?
How to keep my curly hair?
Which Hairstyle Do You Like The Most?
How do i get avan jogias hair from the tv show victorious?
What hair cut should I get? (pic included)?
I want to dye my hair?
Can I use Demi permanent hair color?
Is aloe vera good for hair loss?
what kind of perm do i need to make my hair look like this?
I have hair to my shoulders and it been like this since my teens it wont get any longer how to get it longer?
Hair Detangler question?
how can i grow a beard?
My mom said i was too young for curling and straightening my hair. What do you think about this?
i would like to go blonde and need some advice!?
is it normal that i had super amazing hair but i bleached it once and now it is not as shiny?
What do you think about my hair?girls preferably?
will dying my hair blonde ruin it?
Would this be a bad idea?
Is curly hair better or straight hair?
Should i go brunette?
girls hair pls help?
Home remedies for oily hair?
Quick Question: Ways To Hydrate/Style Hair..More Details Inside!?
What color should I dye my hair??(W/Picture)?
What hair colour is this?
what to use to not get splid ends when you straighten your hair?
Will straightening my hair ruin it?
How to make my hair thicker? (teen guy)?
Would it be okay to due my hair tomorrow?
How to get hair like River Song from Doctor Who?
What's a fast easy way to do hair?
What is another name for Quiff?
what could i do with my hair. ***pic included*?
Would this work???!!!?
Why do we have hair on the back of our hands?
Hairstyles. [Please Read]?
Cute up-dos that don't involve bangs?
Should I get highlights? If so what color?
want to color my hair------but what color?
new hair styles?
I set a temperature on my hair straightener & let the plates get heated up...?
Haircuts PLEASE HELP!!?
I haven't left my house in over a year and now I want to go out but I don't know how to do my hair anymore and?
I thinned my hair too much how do I get it back?
Dyeing my black hair, brown! Help?
How to fix incredibly dry, frizzy hair?
Is it true that...??
I have dark brown hair & want to bleach it blonde, what should I use ?
When and how do you apply hair mousse?
Short hair style suggestions!!!?
Growing out my hair help please!?
wat color hair do people prefer blond, black, or brown (mainly 4 guys)?
Should I trim my pubic hair?
which would look better, brunette or blonde?
Info on going blonde at home, anyone?
I have blue, purple, and yellow hair, & I want to dye it black...?
should i go blonde lala?
If I take a bath with bleach in it will it bleach my hair?
should i use an ash color to take out the red under tones in my hair?
Hair stylist in Markham, Ontario?
I've got dark brown hair and green eyes, i wanna dye my hair, well a part of colour should i use?
I have medium brown hair, Im considering dying it chocolate/cherry?
what color streaks or highlights should i get??
Would This Picture Work? [[HAIRCUT]]?
How do i style my hair in K-Pop style?
What's your opinion on dreads (Dreadlocks)?
How do you control frizzy/ static prone hair?
Does my hair look better straight or curly?
Which is Best: Blond or Brunette Hair colour?
grow alot of hair in 2 weeks?
special effects fishbowl question...?
Can i use powder bleach with average shampoo/conditioner?
Anyone know what this Emo Hair is called?
My hair needs help!?
pleasee help with hair!?
Kelly Carlson Hair style how to?
Can you twist dreadlocks too much? Will they thin out?
Need ideas on how to style my hair for prom !?
help meeee !!?
how to use hair straightneres and should i apply a gel before straightening?
How do I get hair dye out?
How should I do my hair? (pics.)?
Hairstylists PLEASE HELP!!?
Whats wrong with my mom?!?
I want my blonde hair back!?
What Hair Straightening Shampoo is Right for Me?
Is renpure shampoo and conditioner residue free?
Do you think short hair or long hair is more atractive?
best way to get rid of head lice???
What hair product does he use?
Do your think DUMB BLONDES are dumb?
I'm going to get my haircut like this? What do you think?
Ladies: Chest hair or no chest hair?
Where to get hair dip-dyed in Durham?
i have ver long hair... but its dry n more tangles... so when i remove tangles hair falls off immensely?
Curly or Straight?
What are the best quick/instant weaves your bought?
How can i make my hair like this but to school and for it to last ?
where is the best AND affordable place in limerick ireland to buy hairextensions?
what hair color do you have? ?
my hair is fried from my straightening iron. -.- ?
What would be the healthiest way to get micro braids?
How can I stop my hair falling out?
What hairstyle would be look good on this face ? ( It is not my pic but it is my college asignment please help?
for fine damaged hair how can i help it?
why does my hair get greasy even if i only washed it yesterday?
Are you curly or straight haired person? and whats your hair color?
ok how can i look purteo rican if your not goin to answer than dont talk?
Is henna a good way to color your hair?
who thinks Ashley Tisdale has SHARP hair??????
What do you think of my hair?
How often should I wash my hair?
I use to have long hair now i want it back?
Hair Tips-specifically growth and care?
semi-permanent hair color-ers. ?
does strong chamomile-tea work as a silver-shampooo?
Hair Color Suggestions?
Formal hairstyle ideas?
should i take out the blonde in my hair?????????????
Wella Color Preserve Hair Products? Straightning Balm?
how to make your thick and rough hair silky and thin?
Is it true that if I pluck one grey hair, seven will grow back in its place?
should i change my hair back to blonde? or keep it like this? Or maybe black?
Vintage pin-up hair do's for short hair?
Sizes on a haircut, what does it mean?
Help!! Hair Dye Trouble!?
Women, would you like to be with a man that loves to care for your hair?
is it true that washing your hair in cold water it makes it more shiney?
Ashy toned hair colours.?
Hair help/advice! Please answer!?
I have brown hair and I want to go to a blonde hair color, but I don't know shade of blonde I should get?
Should I get it?
What is a good hair straightener. and why?
Help My Hairs Fried & Falling Out?
Tough Names for tough dogs?
pictures of side swept bangs ?
What would be the healthiest way to get micro braids?
I have straight hair how can I do my hair curly?
What cool hair ideas??
should i dye my hair dark brown? [pics included]?
Side or middle, shorter or longer? Please answer I need some opinions?
For hair, is there certain proteins needed to keep hair healthy
Scared of dying my hair?
I am 16 year old girl.I shave my underarm hair.Is it ok?
do box dye semi permanents dry out hair?
Girls, Does my hair look better shorter or longer?
How to get Selena Gomez hair?
How to get hair out of a brush or comb.?
What do you think of my bangs?
my hair is brown will the lemon juice thing work on my hair ?
The Best hair product for thin hair blondes?
What hair color is greatest with the best results for at home use?
How can i get my hair to start growing again?!?
What are some cool hairstyles to try?
HELP! Question about bruising after a brazilian by sugaring?
Does this hair color work on me? pic.?
waving lotion and relaxer kits?
How do you get a guy to like you?
How do I cut my hair like this?
do you still ask your mother to do some hair styles for you ?? like what kind ?
I want to dye my newly rebonded hair. It will damage my hair?
how to smoothen my hair? plz help!?
how much do hairstylist ask for...?
How can I turn black hair to blond without bleaching?
Should I curl my hair outwards or inwards?
Iron-out on hair???
what kind of hair weave does tyra banks have. where can i get one and are they expensive?
What can i do for my hair?
help!!????!!!?? its an emergency?
How do you make your curls last in your hair all day?
good straightener?? tips plz?
is this a good picture? honest opion pls?
if ur a female with facial hair, how often should u shave?
What color should i dye my hair?
How to do this with my hair? ill answer yours!?
I Got My Hair Cut, now it is SO short, is there anything that can make it longer?
Rainbow hair, professional or not to be working at a salon?
Where would I get pre natal vit. from?
The box lied?
Would I suit blonde hair?
Would i look good with blonde hair?
which hair style look better on me?
My step-sister put hair removal creme on my head whilst I was sleeping, I'm a 15yr old girl, what should I do?
how much costly to straight my hair.i hay a silky hair.?
what do i do im loosing alot of nut hair?
Is it Bad to wash your hair every day?
What kind of heat tool would get my hair like this?(pictures)?
Lightening Dyed Dark Hair?
Dyed brown hair to blond?
how often do you wash your hair ?
Need help with hair....?
For high school and college girls only...?
Does hair have feelings?
is it better to have extensions sewn in or glued?
What do you think i should do with my hair?!?
What's a good curl control product?
Need serious advice from a stylist about a chemical burn from haircolor @ salon.?
Straightening my hair everyday?
Long hair on guys?
How do I cut my own hair like Brookelle Bones?
What should I do to my hair?
does anyone know a site where you can change your hair style & color?
How can i get my hair like those puerto ricans hair?
has anyone used a good treatment for thinning hair and seen good results please tell me?
Hair growing out ? !!!!!!!!?
I want to grow my hair longer faster. Can anyone give me any tips?
do you like this color hair?
Should i qet side banqs? [Pictures]?
how do you remove head lice eggs from your hair?
Nedd info on loose perm?
what do guys think of red hair?
What is a good hair style without showing my ears?
Hair under neck but no hair on chin?
curly or straight how does my hair look better?
Hair loss!!!already??? HELP!!!?
what do you tip a hair stylist in minnesota?
I want my hair dye out !!!!!!!!?
Can you permanently straighten naturally curly hair with a flat iron?
L'Oreal's Styling Clay?
Will layers make my hair look thicker or thinner?
is it bad to wash your hair everyday? and if yeah, then why?
can i perm it without it commin out again?
Should i get a mohawk? I am 15 and have light blonde hair. How much hair should be cut off the sides?
Brookelle Bones inspired haircut?
Platinum blonde hair....?
What are some good technics for hair styling?
should i get low light or dye my hair darker (pics)?
What to do if my hair got little bit burnt with fire?is this a serious thing will anything happen to my hair?
Which haircut is suitable for short curly hair?
How to make pin straight hair "bouncy" and "full of life"?
Better for your eyelashes???!?
Do you know any tricks to grow hair fast?
What do you think of gold colored hair?
my hair highlights,and color?
Does any one know how to do this hair style?
is it better to have my hair/eyebrows died in a Professional hair cutting store or just buy the kit myself?
hair straighteners which ones should i buy?!?
how to get hair like Francia Raisa from secret life of the american teenager?
Is Olive Oil good for hair?
Shall i go a lighter blonde (pictures inside)?
i have a really big problem?
How can I remove color that bled into my hair from a pony tail holder??
How long do I have to wait before coloring my hair again?
I need help with making a hair bow?
How do I make my hair so it looks like rikku's hair in final fantasy x and x-2?
i've dyed my naturally brunette daughters hair light blonde since she was 5 now shes 11 is that sick?
How do you style straight hair that will not hold a curl?
How to do this hairstyle?
how can i avoid splits in my hair?
Does anyone know a simple way to wear my hair? ( picture included )?
please hair help??!?!?
wat colour should i dye my hair?
what hair color looks best wit green eyees?
Interesting hairstyles when you have chin-length wavy thick hair?
What hairstyle should I have?
does my new hair look good?
How can ya tell if girls like you? Which ones are the right ones?
is it better for your hair?
Help Me With My Hair Please ` ? ! ''/?
Am i considered a brunette if my natural hair color is darkest brown?
What can i do with my hair?
wanting to go blonde!!!! 10 points?
I Have Blonde Hair, Does That Make Me Stupid?
Do I look better with long or short hair?
how fast would GNC women's hair skin & nails work if your not over 18?
Does blow-drying your hair dry it out?
hair problem?
Does putting lemon juice in your hair really lighten it?
is it ohkay to iron hair everyday?
Hair problem! Male?
My hair is stuck between wavy and straight?
Putting Red Dye Over Black ? Help ?
what are some cute ways to style my curly hair?
how do you know when your hair is too thick?
Why does my hair change so much after I wash it?
In the eighties, did you have a perm?
How do i make my hair look like it has lots of volume???
please tell me which straighten do you think its better?
Uh oh... My hair!?
Hair question?
Is it better to leave your hair till it gets greasy and then wash it or wash it before it gets greasy?
How do I get my hair like this? (Pics)?
do you think this is right?
Garnier Nutrisse Multi Highlighting dye?
does TRESEmme split remedy sealing serum protect against heat appliances?
How to curl really thick hair?
why am i bald??
How can I grow my hair out faster and heavier? without having to buy any products.?
I am putting black in my dark blonde hair and I want it to be crazy?
how to use dry shampoo?
i want my hair to grow
How do i convince my mom...........................…?
hairstyle? help please?
How do i get wavy hair .? ?
help dying my hair!!!!?
is it normal for hait to fall every time im in the shower!?
15v year old with a mustache shadow?
I am 21(male) and i am losing hair real fast. I simply love my hair. How do i reduce hair fall?
what happens if i put a golden brown dye on my quite blonde highlighted hair?
Can you recomend hair products?
Where can I get Emma Watson's headband?
Blonde And Purple Highlights: Yes or No?
Are dreds hot?
whats the name of rihanna's hairstyle in her video "umbrella"?
What's the latest new hair style for long hair?
where can u findhair braiding weave in anderson IN.?
HAIR TROUBLE!!!!! HELP????!!! :)?
What can i put in my hair to make it soft?
What would be the best way to set curly hair at night?
I ruined my hair!!!!!!!!?
why my hair loose everyday?
How do I pull my bangs up like this?
can i darken my hair with this?
Hair help????????????????????????????????????…
Picture inside, should I cut my bangs like this?
What color should I dye my hair?
what is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the word beautiful?
Will I look better once I grow my hair out? pic included?
should i put some pink streaks in my hair?
split ends and regrowth?
Should I put aussie 3 minute miracle in dry or wet hair?
Where to find or bur Mink Oil in London?
What bangs would look best on me?
Hair Help! Fauxhawk, Messy Hair, ect.?
Short haircut with a rat tail in the back?
can any one tell me whare i can get pubic hair extensions?
What can i eat or do to make my hair longer? (no extensions or weeves)?
Girls: asap hair help!!!!
what is the perfect haircut for somebody with really straight hair?
Do you like this hairstyle (Girls and Guys) pics included?
Do you think this length is too short???! HELP !PIC INCLUDED!?
What is a good haircut for guys who have big long curls?
Hair Fall Problem !!! Please Help ?
How can I find a good hairdresser, one that will cut my hair right?
my mom found a hair solon with everything in it and its been used for like 10 years......?
Is edible mayonnaise a good hair conditioner?
Girls say they like my hair all the time?
would this haircut look good on me?
Girls what hairstyle do u like better for a guy?
How old does my baby boy look now after his first hair cut?
Can I use a hair iron on damped wet hair?
Would i look good with side bangs? (pics)?
I need cute, up do hairstyles for medium length hair with LOTS AND LOTS of layers?
How can I get this hair?
Is strawberry blond considered red or blond?
What are some cute and easy hairstyles for me to do in the morning?
i have new hair. but idk if i like it...?
Does my hair look better spiked or just down? Pics...?
Is there anyway to make your hair grow faster than usual?
i have a curler and the spring that is in between the two metal parts broke.?
What do you think of the Wet2Straight flat iron?
Random pube question,HELP?
How do you do your hair like this?
how to do scene hair with medium length hair?
Do girls like boys with curly hair or straight hair?
What is the best easy homemade conditioning treatment for highlighted hair?
highlighting hair blond that is white ontop&grey at neckbase- suggestion dont want too look like wee in snow?
What gel should I use?
my hair turns green when i go ina pool or a hot yub?
Do you like my hair its pink?
Best shampoo and conditioner?
Do you know about hair bath?
I got a perm a while ago and now, I want it straight for good without any chemicals, solution?
Which hairstyle suited me better?
is hair removal permenant?
my hair needs HELP . any suggestions or tips?
What is the best hair style for 5'10", 135 pounds, dark brown hair, dark green eyes...I have long hair and I a
What is your favorite shampoo and conditioner?
how do i part my hair like this and style it just like this?(pics included)?
should i get side bangs?
My mom wont let me die a strip of my hair !?
any ideas on how to make my hair grow faster?
can i have straight hair without a straightener??
How to cut my hair like kristen stewarts?
How to get your hair to grow faster?
New Straightener! I am asking for one for Christmas... which professional brand is best?
Can women assist me with this?
Curly, frizzy hair help!?
Dry and brittle hair treatment?
Do you like short hair?
What do the ladies think of hairy men!?
Can you get your hair thinned if you think your hairs too thick?
Which one for frizzy hair?
Should i dye my black hair platinum blonde like Marilyn Monroe?
(girls/ hair professionals) hair help!?
How to get rid of frizz and flyaways for good?
Should I get my hair cut like this?
Are ' Comb-Overs ' bad even thought it makes you look prettier then before?
Straighten hair with milk?
I missed a few spots when I dyed my hair.?
girls:answer plzzzz~?!??!?!?
How do I trim my hair? can I do it myself? I'm a guy?
Girls - when it comes to YOUR hair...?
Questions about curly perm?
is hair gel hurts hair and what is the pest hair product ????
How do I get this hairstyle?
which hair style should i pick....layered or straight?
HELP!! hair dye and cut!!!?
I get really bad dandruff..?
i want long straight hair but it curls and won't grow?
what is the ideal haircut for me?
Hair extension help!?
What to do with long, fine, frizzy hair? Read details:?
what did the indians use to make their hair grow?
Red ombre advice and growing hair out?
should i dye my hair blonde revised?
Sharpie dying a wig black?
Help i done a hairstyle but cant see it from the back?
How do you tell if your salon stylist is good?
Will dish soap degrease my hair?
Why are some blondes stupid?
How would straight hair look with curly bangs.curls that are vertical,like drop down?
Who is a Brunette?
Why did Ultress stop making Champagne Blonde?
isit true that you cant have naturally black hair. excluding black & chinese people?
Should I get bangs?!?!?!?
Do you prefer Before or After? (Hair pictures)?
My hair stylist says apply product to hair from the ends up, why?
Blondes or brunettes?
total honesty no guessing, do you grow hair in the inner and outer parts of the elbow9 the elbow area basicly)
For girls who cut their long hair short, why'd you do it?
I just cutted my hair, and noticed that my hair is alike a guy in class and his friend , 16 boy help?
Hair dying disaster please help?
my bangs are way too short?
Is there anyway I can get a sleek bun with a sew in weave?
What kind of shampoo do I need for my thin, frizzy hair?
OMG yall i did the stupidest thing in the whole entire world. Read on......?
What color should I dye my hair? (Pictures included)?
question about dry hair?
What is the name of your shampoo?
10 points how can i plz how can i ....?
calling all redheads?
Could I do this with my hair?
How to fade vibrant hair that I have had for 3 weeks?
How do I do my hair like Louis Tomlinson from One Direction?
How to stop hair from getting oily so fast?
Anyone ever tried the Miss Jessies "curly buttercream"?? I have a question?
What kind of hair dye is a good burgundy?
I dyed my hair from a blonde color to a brown and my hair has some green in it. How do I get the green out?
Could I pull off Cat Valentine's hair?
Hair style ideas after treatment?
Will I look good with alot of blonde highlights?
What can I do for damaged hair follicles so the hair will start to grow again?
What color should I dye my hair?? *Pic*?
How can I get wavy mermaid-like hair?
how to get rid of wavy hair?!?!?
new hairstylee for meee!!! yay or nay?? pics?
Does hair spray damage hair?
help me please please please hair problem!?
Is my hair a total disaster?
How can I have wavy hair everyday?
Advice on dying my hair?
I need to get my bleach blonde hair back to my natural color, light brown. how do I do this pretty cheaply?
I need a new haircut!?
How do you make your hair wavy?
how should i dye my hair?
How would I describe these bangs to a hairdresser? (pictures)?
How should I ask my mom to let me dye my hair?
How do I get my hair to look like this?
Should I get side swept bangs?I'm nervous to do it. I need help!?
My hair keeps falling out in large amounts throughout the day. ????Help please???!!! ASAP?
whats sexier curly or straight hair??
I bought the PINK GHD STYLER from Sephora; there's no serial number! HELP!?
My hair turned purplish gray from toner shampoo?
Hair? Should the style stay short-ish or go long?
Can someone help me with some style tips for my curly hair?
Is there a way to lighten your hair that isn't bleaching?
Side Bangs?
Which do you prefer Curly or straight? (Hair)?
Hair Extensions.?
How do you get rid of or controll dandruff?
Question for fellow hairdressers....?
Is blonde hair brown eyes a light tanned skin pretty (100% natural)?
guys..would you prefer girls with straight hair or wavy hair?
I permed my hair how to remove.?
you believe in natural colourants for hair?
Clairol Colorflirt, please help!?
I have a dance 2nite...?
how long does curling last?
Is it hard to give yourself a buzz cut?
How many grams of hair extensions do I need for 24" hair extensions?
How to curl my thick hair?
Sunsilks Beyond Brunette???
How Many Inches Will My Hair Grow In 7 Months?
What hair looks best on mee? pics too:) answer please!?
colorzap or colorfix to strip my hair?
Does my hair look scene? (boy)?
is there anyone that likes redheads?
Do you like your natural hair colour?
i am 14 and my hair is falling out?
Does anyone know what is the hairstyle of the little mermaid?
how do i stop my hair from thinning..(only 19 years old)?
how to maintain chemically straightened hair?
will dye cover the uneven bleaching spots on my hair?
is $300 dollars too much to pay to get a hair weave?
Re-dying your Hair?
Do guys dye their hair anymore?
Deep red tips?
Long hair or short hair?
best treatment for frizzy hair?
How to dye my hair exstension?
What hairstyle is best on me?
bald guys survey?
Would I look ok with dark brown hair?
What is a good product to use with a hair STRAIGHTENER or without a hair straightener?
what hair dye can I use in my hair that will make it look blonde but dont have bleach in it?
Do any black men have naturally straight hair? Why do most have curly?
any good straiting creams and heat protectors for flat ironing ?
Minoxidil different products effect?
will me and my boyfriend b together in 40 years?
i am having hair fall problem anybody can you suggest me which oil is best for hair . i am using coconut oil?
What color highlights would look good on black Hair? 10 POINTS?
Frizzy thick hair!!? How to tame it?
Do I look better with brown or blonde hair?
should i get a drastic haircut?
I have already curled my hair. How do I keep it springy & curled??
How could I get my dyed brown hair to teal?
Straight bangs or side bangs?
How should I change my hair?
Questions about semi formal?
what do you think?? (pictures included)?
Does my hair look bad dark?
What's the name of this hair color?
Doe's LA Long Aid curl activator gel work in full blown african american natural hair?
hair help fast ! best answer 10 points
what shampoo should i use for my asian hair?
Are there any semi-permanent purple hair dyes that do not need bleach?
whats the best baby lotion bought in stores?
My hair is sooo dry and nappy...what do I do? NEED HELP!?
How can I get into the habit of not wearing pony tails it causes split ends?
How come no one gives my hairstyle ideas??? Please tell me some now???
Hair care tips please?
Lee min ho hairstyle! Help!?
would these bangs suit me? (pic) PLEASE HELP GETTING MY HAIR CUT TODAY?
What shade of blonde is this?
Do you think i shuld cut my hair? Or keep growing it?
Best hair product....?
Do you think its okay to die your hair at age 14?
hair help!!?
What to you think of long hair? Opinions?
how do i grow my hair faster?
what are the best vitamins for hair??
How do you bleach your dark hair blonde?
How do i make my hair flat!!!?
how do you make your hair grow without going to a beautican?
girls do you like men with hairy body?
Good products for scene/emo hair?
10 points - what is this hair colour, tones?
I have a bit long hair and wanna straighten it without chemicals how to do it?
Why is my hair frizzy now?
how do you....?
Do girls find 360 waves attractive?
what is the best shampoo for grey hair, no coloring, no perm?
PRODUCTS that hold my hairstyle really good and last longer?
Do people like other people with double crowned hair?
Which looks more pretty??? Long or short hair????
Koolaid hair???!!?!!?!?
Do you like blondes or brunettes better?
Need help with bleached hair/semi permanent color?
is it ok to get a trimmer for your friend if she has hair on face?
Can anyone tell me if there is a dominican hair salon in Memphis, TN or surrounding areas?
What should I do about my hair?
Can someone please help me with my hair! how to go bleach blonde?
What's a good shampoo and conditioner?
I am 20 years old and I already have gray hair?!?
Can you wash FAKE hair?
Should i dye my hair again?
what color would go best?
should i do more purple in my hair?
How do black people get hair like white people?
Does cutting your hair with home (not professional) scissors damage your hair?
Should I go lighter or darker (pics)?
What's the best solution for naturally curly hair that's frizzy(for minors)?
how to even out hair with bleach?
hair cut ideas ? pleasee?
a hairrr question :D ( picture :P )?
i have a problem with hair colouring...?
why does my hair get so damaged?
I got a hair cut too short?
Is it healthy to let your hair get greasy?
Random Question: If you shave your head, will the hair grow back?
one of my frend(male)wants to remove hair from his back it totally safe?
Other ways to lighten your hair without die?
How long until I can wash after a hair color at salon?
How do I not look like a boy when my hairs' in a ponytail?
Why is my hair falling out?(13yr girl)?
Should i dye my hair semi-pink?
I dyed my hair purple...... Can I eat peanut butter?
Purple shampoo?
wat is electrolysis for hair removal.tell me in detail?
yesterday i dyed my hair with permanent honey blonde dye how long should i wait to redye it with?
Whats the best hair product?
Straightnin hair? I need tips!!?
What does Gel do for your hair and which brand is the best? I never used it....?
What is the best highliting products for your hair?
What exactly is a "one color process" from a beauty salon? Will it cover highlights?
why is my hair falling out?
What color will look the BEST on me????!!!!?
Why is my hair greasy after showering?
Does my hair look better blonde, black/brown or ginger (pics)?
i m a bank officer. should i keep my hairs short or long?
What will happen if you dye over green hair?
how would I look with auburn hair?
My hair is really weak?
which is a good Indian brand hair shampoo which will make my hair straight?
Does straightening shampoo actually work?
I want to dye my hair burgandy but it won't take the color. What should I do?
Does straightening your hair lighten it?
blonde hair question?
Does a "u shaped" haircut look require a certain hair texture?
do you think i would suit scene hair?
My hairstyle makes me look hideous, please help?!?
How do you make your eyebrows grow faster?
Do guys like long hair or short hair?
Should I dye my hair brown? (pic )?
Frizz Ease hair serum?
what to do with my hair?
deep purple highlights with bright brown hair?
blonde hair?? u decide?
I want to get mesotherapy for my hair because my hair is getting thinner but the problem is that I perm my hai?
What are some quick and easy styles that come in handy when your hair isn't looking it's best?
how do i get my extensions to blend better with my hair?
Do you think I should dye my hair blonde? *10 Points!*?
Should i die my hair blonde and get extensions?
can you get your hair dye to fade faster?
How often to wash hair for Asian people?
Highlights have gone brassy and just look terrible!?
How to make hair thinner?
Does my hair need trimming (Pictures in description)?
So if my hair grows at about 4-8 inches over 8 months, where abouts would it be in relation to my shoulders?
Cheap Hair Extensions?
Is Shampoo bad for your hair???!! 10 points!!?
Would I look good with forehead bangs? (pic included)?
whats the strongest holding mens hair gel i can buy at QFC/bartells?
As I've hit puberty i've noticed more and more body hair. Is this normal?
How on earth are you supposed to curl hair with GHDs?
Sweat in hair? (easy 10 points)?
curly hair?
I have seriously thin hair.... how do i fix it?
What is the best shampoo and conditioner?
best way to dye dark brown hair red?
i want my hair to lay down im a guy?
Should I get side bangs?? (pics inside)?
Yikes! How can I fix this hair?
What highlights should I have (if any) with black hair and a dark complexion?
how do you keep you're hair shiny??????
hair issues?
Have you got blonde hair?
What type of hairstyle? Only use a gel and a comb and u part it like braids except the gel lays it all down???
where are Cosmetolgy schools in dallas?
Is there really a way to get my hair to grow ? <3?
straighten my hair without using straightner?
whats your must haves shampoo brands ?
Keep it or dye it? Please help (with pics)?
What should I do with my hair (pic)?
Whats you favorite kinda guy/girl(hair,eye color,skin color, personality)?
Is it good to condition hair without shampooing on dry hair?
i recently shaved my head and my gf has not seen it what kind of look should i expect?
What do you think of my long hair (pic)?
Should I cut my long hair?
Do I pull off pink streaks?
what home products are ok for dry hair...?
cool hair style ideas?
can anyone tell me how to get vicks out of my babys hair washed it 3 times still cling on?
i need cute hairstyles!?! (w/pictures)?
What hair straightener do you recommend?
what do you think of this hair cut?
does anyone know or can refer me to a good hair salon for women?
ok girls help me with this one?
Since I am tanned with black hair, would red under the black look pretty or two streeks that frame my face?
Should I get my haircut like this?
Hey people! Does anyone use a CHI straightener???
Does vitamin c and fish oil pills help hair grow?
What kind of bangs are these? How can I explain it to my hairdresser?
I NEED HELP ON HOW TO DO CORNROWS!!(IN HAIR) please halp i need them step by step and fast!!!1?
What is better..Pic 1..Pic 2..Pic 3? (male)?
how to reverse/cure receding hairline?
What kind of short hairstyles suit my face?
what is the best way to take care of your hair?
What color should I dye my hair?
Does anyone know of any good websites that have pictures of kids (girl) hairstyles?
How can I repair my hair?
What kind of hairstyles can i do to my hair???!!! 10 EASY PTS!!!!!!!!!?
blonde or brunette?
why is my arm hair blond along with some areas on my thighs? both my parents are haitian but i was born in USA?
who do u like better blondes or burnettes?
i straighten my hair a lot? its getting boring..?
Do you think I am thick?
Whats the name of this hair style from Big Bang?
Highlights in a box?????
What hair salons are good for highlights in the uk? :)?
How to grow you hair out!?
Can You Use Mane and Tail with Dr.Miracle?
what are the best curling irons?
what is the price of hair cutting in cut & style salon?
How to keep your hair straight?
Do i look better with black or blonde hair?
How much would I have to manage permed soft waves/is it possible?
Be honest, does my hair look 'fake'?
how can i get that messy look in my hari like brad pitts hair short on the sides and longer on top but messy?
Does my BLONDE look ORANGE to you? *PICS*?
My hair is super thick! any suggestions?
Would I look good if I cut my hair like this?
Can you dye your hair twice in a day?
what shade of brown would look good with olive skin?
what color should I dye my hair (pics)?
Hair Problem!?
I want to come hair on my whole face.?
Dyed my hair and overslept! ?
Hair thickeners? Ones that help the growth? safe for a 2yr old?
should I let my hair go gray.?
What is another name for Quiff?
Ladies and girls: What type of razor do you use to shave your legs?
What Hair Style?
My hair is dead, help?
What do u do with unwanted hair porducts?
How to get these curls? Perm, curlers, or curling iron?
What do u think of this hairstyle?
Never cut or trimmed my hair. Is that bad?
Has anyone ever used this color toner?
any good sls free shampoos available in the uk?
how can i make my hair grow faster?
HELP how can i style my medium length hair?(need something new for school)?
how would you remove dandruff from your hair?
How can I use hair conditioner ?
What looks better with girls hair down or up?
Which shampoo is the best?
arm hair problems?
How do you get a preppy hair style?
How do I go blonde?
how do u get nappy,course hair to get really soft n smooth like white people hair?
if you had spongy hair and you got a perm , if you don't get anymore perms will it be like it used to?
can you actually tell a difference in your hair...?
Have you ever asked someone, "Is that your real hair?"?
Where can I get a good wig?
What is the best semi-permanent hair dye?
Dry hair and split ends Please help!?
Should I dye my dark brown hair ombre? (picsss)?
Does anyone know how I can get hair like the J Crew models?
Are there any permanent hair removal creams?
Balding men -- good or bad?
i have fried my hair how do i save it?
how long does your body move when your head is cut off?
how to remove hair knots from fine white hair?
how should i style my hair (read details)?
Your Opinions On Scene Hair?
hi GIRLS i need your opinion! which hair colour would suit me best?? HHHHHHHHEEEEELPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!?
who knows grandma esters hair growth secret???
Should I dye my hair darker or lighter?
Does anyone have pictures of Feria Blush blonde [light reddish blonde]?
thinking about going blonde to brunette...?
What should I do with my hair? (pics)?
Do girls like guys with long hair?
Why are blonde glamour models signifacantly more attractive than red, brunette or dark haired models?
How do i try to like a gut that i don't like?
how can one stop hair breakage?
Professional hair HELP!!?
where is a good barber school in Arizona?
how do i select a suitable hair style?
What color will bleach hair dye turn black hair?
is eeg is good for hair?
Ok so the haircut i got was a little shorter than i wanted, how can i make my hair appear to be longer?
Cute Ways To Put My Hair Up?
Please help with my hair!!
I want to naturally lighten my hair, using lemon juice?
I need ideas on how to do my hair?
Should I get a brazilian?
I HATE my natural hair!!!! [PICTURES]?
Should i get Ryan Shecklers old hairstyle or new hairstyle. And should i get my ears pierced like him?
Hair question.......?
what to do with my hair? i have no idea?
I have a question about my hair?
what colour should i dye my hair?
I noticed I have a hair line, that finishes at my upper back, like a horse mane, is that normal?
My hair is hard to curl. How can I curl it with a straightener?
I've got a make-up and hair question?...?
how can i flip my hair with my straightener?
Does black hair dye ever come out?
How can I get nice waves/curls without spending ages doing my hair?
What are bangs?!?!?!?!?
Is dark hair and pale skin pretty?
Rate from 1-10 (male hair) Thanks!?
Know any websites for hairstyles for brides with short hair?
Ladies: If you had the chance to have long hair would you?
How do I get that flat iron burn smell out of my hair?
Help... I Need Hair Ideas For Long Sorta Curly Hair...Please!!?
Will I damage my hair too much if I go blonde?
Temporary hair dye please???
how do i prevent my hair from hard water?
How do I spike my hair?
im a scater woundering if the fad is long or snort hair and what are good styles?
what sort of hairstyle should I do?
what hair colour should I die my hair?
Can my face shape get away with bangs?
better blonde hair or brown hair?
The haircut for me or should i try another?
hair help :/?
**Do I look better with full bangs or side bangs?? pics included?
Can damaged/fried hair be repaired?
What hairstyle should I get and what kind of look would fit my face shape?
What size perm rod? (picture included) (easy question)?
Explain this picture in 3 words (Please)?
Does massaging your scalp help hair growth?
I am lightskinned black and my hair is down to mid-back, I don''t like chemicals so how do I do it...?
I'm wearing invisible braids as a hairstyle for prom, should i curl down in spiral curls or pin it up n a bun?
How can I protect my hair from pool chemicals and fading?
14 year old girl-- receeding hairline?
What should I do with my hair for prom?
curl my hair??? **(PICS INCLUDED)**?
how to make ur hair shiny and alive w/ good effects?
My hair won't stay straight!!! Any suggestions?
What accessories have you got in your hair right now?
Wash out color? Help?
prenatal vtamins?
Okay embarassing question.....?
Hair products for men?
How to remove pubic and butt hair?
what do you think of this hairstyle?
Bleached my hair.. turned orange after a while?
What else can you do with a bob with bangs hairstyle?
How can i straighten my curly hair,any home treatment?
Is my hair a total disaster?
help convincing my mom?
I accidently shaved my vey small mustache..!! :( :(?
Dyed hair yesterday... color coming out in shower?
My hair is frying, shorter and shorter!?
advice on bleaching hair with dreads?
Does lemon work with lightening your hair in the sun.?
How much would it cost to dye your black bangs purple?
Is it out of the norm to not want facial hair?
How to go about creating this hair.?
Help w/ hair cuts???
what is the best suited hairstyle or haircut for an indian round face?
Why do I have so much body hair?
What haircut sould I get? (pics)? u like thin man with curly hair and glamorous?
how many times can I dye/bleach my hair in 8 months?
I wanna get a haircut, but who do i trust?
Can you get this haircolor with highlights?
How do I fix my hair like this?
HELP me with my boring hair!?
why do people get grey hairs at their young age of 21 or 22?
Is using flat iron after a hot oild treatment bad?
How to keep my hair straight?
How to know if my hair is damaged?
GUYS: What type of hair do you like on girls?
I had my head shaved today to raise money for charity. What are your thoughts ?
Homecoming tomorrow, help with dress and make up?
Who would stand out more in a crowd, a blonde with blue eyes or brunette with blue eyes?
Rate, steryotype, best feature, age, haircolor?
what to do with my hair!!? its so boring now!!! help plz!?
Do you use conditioner for your hair?
Scrunching hair??????
Not washing hair Robert Pattinson and Me?
I heard baby lotion is good to style your hair with. Is it true? Is it ok to style on dry and damp hair?
I need a new hairstyle (Pictures)?
hiar dye question involving bleach and a really upset teenage girl.?
Do hair products ever expire ?
How long for red hair dye to fade?
How to grow long hair?
I'm considering getting dredlocks, where should i go in L.A?
My mom won't let me dye my hair!?
Best way to remove pubic hair?
Would I look better with short, medium, or long hair? (pics included) plz answer!!?
What color should I dye my Hair?
Rate Me and Hairdo Please! (picture)?
Whats better blond, brown, red or black NATURAL hair?
how do i get my hair like this??
Is 15 too young to get a Brazilian wax?
I'm 16 years old and my hair keeps falling out?
What do I do with my hair to make it look nice when put up?
Guys only: Do you find blonde or brunette more attractive?
pale skin & blue eyes - black hair?
My hair has lost all it's "sexy"...?
do guys like girls with short hair.?
can you think of a name for my mobile hair business?
why would britney spears shave her head bald?
What hairstyle would look good on me???
Why is it when a girl has short hair, she's labeled as a lesbian?
What colour should I dye my hair?
can i use the coffee to darken my hair if i have natural red hair?
How should my hair be for a visitation?
your eyes color and your hairs color!!!?
Poll: What color is my hair? (pic)?
How do I combat oily/greasy skin & hair?
why is hair different as you grow up?
do u think itz sexy to hav red hair?
Anyone know a way to achieve medium honey blonde hair without dying and or bleaching?
tomboy trying to be girlie any suggestions?
Do you like my hair?
My natural hair color is brunette, but I died my hair blonde. Does that me I am a dumb blonde now?
my girlfriend always spikes my hair. y do u think she always wants to spike my hair?
please help with hair problem?
Do girls like long or short hair?
Am I an emo for dying my hair black?
how much tip do you give your hairdressers?
What do you think of the john frieda 3 day straight hair thing?
What are some deparrment stores that have 100% ceramic flat irons?
What colour should i dye my hair? [pics]?
Hair help! Hair help!!!! please help A.S.A.P!?
i dyed my hair yesterday and i want to do it again today what will happen?
What color should i dye my hair?
Hi will I am mixed with half black and half white..I have more of the black kinky hair?
Girls Please Answer: Hairy Dudes Or Less Hairy Dudes?
How do i grow my hair long?
will it break my hair>?(hair straightener)?
GUYS ONLY! please read and answer (:?
Reliable Hairstyles! ?
is bald a hair style ?
responding to Glastograsy?
bumps/swelling after bleaching hair?
girls do you like boys with long hair or short hair better?
Im looking for pictures of black hair with red or white highlights? Can anyone give me lins please??
Will my 17month olds hair ever grow back if it was pulled out?
i have a perm can i still straighten it?
is my hair short,medium, or long? (with picture)?
Should I get my hair darker or lighter? green eyes and light brown/dirty blonde hair?
How can i get rid of a Brazilian blowout?
would you consider a shaved head a hair style?
does anyone here flat iron their roots only?
Are men more attracted to women with long hair or short hair, and why?
where can i find punky colour hair colour stockists in montreal.?
how do the get little hearts, stars, etc. for your name?
Why do some old ladies dye their hair blue?
does anyone know how to do the " zig zag part on the top of your head?
If you dont wash your hair for 2 - 3 weeks does it wash itself?
How to stop hair colour fading away?
What Hairstyle Out Of These? (PICS) More Girl Answers Please?
What color hair should I have?
How to bleach your hair with peroxide?
do women wax their chests?
What part time jobs allow un-natural colored hair?
What color do you think i should dye my hair?
I am a guy that wants to dye his hair...?
Do you think any guy can pull of this haircut?(without looking gay or weird)?
Which vitamin is better for hair?
Does anyone know a site??
cute hair dou for catholic schools week?
is ti true that when u put birth control pills in ur conditioner helps ur hair get stronger?
Does pink hair match with dark brown hair?
I need some advice from Samy about my hair.despierta america/samy hair stylist?
How should i get my haircut?
are there any comments out there concerning Silica Capsules?
How to style short bob hairstyles (read description)?
Bush. Shaved, unshaved or designed (eg stripes, trimmed, patterns)?
what a good hair color? :]?
which is the best place near birmingham uk for hair transplant
Should I bleach my hair again?
What color is my hair?
Splat washables? Help?
What is the best salon to go to in Vancouver B.C?
How to get The "Wet Hair Look" ALL DAY?
Is it safe for a pregnant woman to take prenatal vitamins & Biotin at the same time?
Faux Hawk Hairstyle?
Fruit Acid Dye. What is it and is it permanent on your hair?!?
How do i add *PIZAZ* to my hair?!?
Have any of you used semi-temporary hair dye?
please please please answer?
What is her name someone please?
hair for school dance?
how can i grow my hair ASAP?
My daughter has bleached her hair and put a pink colour can she go swimming chlorine in pool ?