Best way to keep hair straight when sleeping?
what color hair do you think would look nice with olive skin?
how do u color ur hair w/ lemon juice?
y did brittney spears shave off all her hair?
Lightening black hair with lemon?
what hair style<for short hairs??????
dandruff issues, need help.?
Should I become a hairstylest?!?
Using coffee to stain hair?
Was cutting my hair a huge mistake?
how do i get my hair from being relax to like this without using extentions or fake hair(i'm black)?
To speed hair growth, how should you do your hair at night?
How do I keep my hair Curly?
help with hairr:] thank you?
what are some cute hairstyles?
Do straightening shampoo's and conditioners really straighten hair? Or is it just another waste of time/money/?
Do I look better bangs or no bangs? What hairstyle would suit me? Please help!?
is it good to put egg in your hair?
How can I make my uncontrolable hair controlable?
Looking to get a new haircut, I don't know what style of haircut fits me. Any advice (pictures inside)?
my husbands hairs are falling badly,some cheap remedy?
i have strait layered hair and bangs what do i do with it ?
Should I leave my hair as it is or change it?
Making curls with Bantu Knots on relaxed hair?
I need a new hairstyle?
Where can I get Kerastase products at a cheaper price?
Why do hairdryers have a "cold" setting?
If a girl has naturally tan skin what is the best hair color for them?
LADIES, just a survey ......Do you prefer guys with or without facial hair?
hair help!!!!!!!!!!!?
what is life really about?
Are Blondes or brunettes prettier?
Really bad split ends?
Did anyone try Loreal Feria? i was thinking of trying the iced mocha?
If someone has dreadlocks,how do they wash their hair?
Braids on natural hair?
Advice for child's curly hair?
I have long hair, should i chop it off?
how much does it cost to have your hair bleached at the hairdressers?
Can anyone give me some links to a site where I can upload a picture of myself and try on hairstyles and?
How much does claires hair mascara cost?
how to get rid of dandruff?
how long does it take for hair to get thick after u shave it for the 1st time?
which blonde hair dye can I use?
First time hair color!?
Do you think she looks best as blond or brunette?
anybody have any good advice for cute hairstyles for long hair?
Okay, no one has answered my question, I am going to my ball, and I am dying my hair purple?
what shape face do i have?
Straightner HELP!!!?
blonde or brunette? pictures included.?
What color should I dye my hair? (Picture)?
Can you die your hair with Kool-Aid?
Best way to straighten hair?
Which hair style looks better???
how to dry my long,wet hair as i have to leave early for college.also have to tie them dryers plz.?
(Picture) Would emo hair suit me? (need opinions)?
how should i get my haircut? pic included. plz read!?
which of these hairstyles look better?
how do you straighten your hair?
What is the best relaxer (at home and ones at a salon) for sensitive scalps?
Why won't my husband let me buy some new hair straighteners? They only cost £100.?
What's your favourite hair colour?
should i shave my chest hair?
why black women get weaves and straighten their hair from a black man?
Why does my hair feel like straw the day after i wash it?
How do you feel about people who shave their head? Do you think it is socially acceptable?
Should I dye my hair? Help!!!?
I have tried to dye my hair at home from bleach blonde to brown?
Ladies: Which hairstyle do you like better?
as a bride can i wear a tiara plus have small tiny flowers in my hair too?
i need help from someone who knows about hair color!! .s!! help!!?
Whats a good straightener??
dying ym hair at home black to brown?
What looks better (Pics) A couple questions?
How can I achieve this Helena Christensen hair color with Matrix SoColor?
what shall i do with my hair tonight?
is it weird for a guy to straighten his hair?
short hair or long?
What kind of hairstyles are popular with the "Hipster" subculture?
why doesnt my hair grow?
Braiding with layers?
hair help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Which blonde hair color is the best at lifting brown demi-permanent color?
long layers....picture?
what is the cutest hairstyle for school?
what r the in hair style for teens?
What faceshape is this?
Would it be unprofessional if I were to grow an afro?
Seriously, what kind of haircut is this?
How much electricty will my remmington hair straightener chew up? READ?
Thinking about dying my hair pink?
is washing your hair everyday unhealthy?
should i make mi hairstyle a mohawk even tho im a gurl...if so then ow do u make a mohawk 4 gurls w/o shavin..
Can you curl hair with a straightening iron?
What color hair do you have?
do yo like the ojon hair products?
I Need a New Haircut!!!?
my child just got her hair cut her hair short. help to make her feel better by naming celebs with short hair?
Grow hair long in 3 weeks?
Does dying your hair the fist time damge it???
Would I look O.K with a lighter shade of brown?
How to keep curls into my hair all day?
What should I do with my hair?
Anyone know where I can get my hair colored exactly like this?
(MANIC PANIC EXPERTS)How to get manic panic Ultra Violet not to be blue?
how do i get rid of fly aways,split ends,and frizziness?
Girls! Hair help?
What's the best hair-care product to control winter-dry frizz?
How can I KEEP my hair straight?
Can hair dryers from Japan be used in Canada?
how to grow back your hair faster?
How much should I tip my hair colorist?
hair issues?
Does anyone know of any good free sites to look up emo girl haircuts? or just a good hairstyle site in general
fun hairstyles for shoulder length hair.:)?
will i look ok with platnum hair?
how can i get rid of my dandruff without using dandruff shampoos?
would this hair color look good?
So I need some ideas for my hair.?
is it safe to use tea tree oil on children for hair lice.?
Are there any asians with natural red, blonde or brown hair?
How blond will my hair go if I use lemon?
{{GUYS ONLY}} Help?
shaving at a barber shop?
My uncle is becoming bald and is only 20 what should i do to make him happy?
link to a website with hairstyles for men?
Best vitamins to have strong nails and long hair?
If a boy that has bangs is he gay?
How hot is the haircut?
In my new hair salon, do you think we should do children's hair?
Girls - short hair or long hair on guys?? Please dont say it depends...?
is there any way to make your hair grow faster?
what is your favorite hair color?
What color should I dye my hair?
I straighten my hair every day and I have split ends and my hair is damaged. How can I get rid of the beakidge
Pink ombre with blonde streaked black hair?
How Can i Get my hair longer?
What color hair dye would look best with a medium brown natural hair color?
what can i do to make my hair grow faster?
Does my hair look better Straight or Curly?
does anyone know where i can find out how to do my hair like kristen stewarts in twilight?
Should I stay curly or go with a short haircut?
which haircut should i get?
Attention Girls!?
How to straighten your hair?
Lots of volume in straight hair?
who thinks red heads rock!!!!!???
Is long hair or short hair really in right now?
Whats this hair color?
if you dye your hair with kool aid does it come out?
why dont they make burberry headbands anymore :(?
i got my hair bleached and dyed blonde professionally two days ago?
how long does it takes for you to straighten you hair?
How long is 14 inches of hair?
is my hair gonna grow long by next week?
how to keep my hair healthy ?
Can I get blonde hair if My hair is dark dark dark brown?
Good Hair Conditioner?
Does getting a hair cut often really help with growth?
need a haircut (pics)?
Good shampoo & Conditioner for curls?
blonde or brunette?
Do ginger people really smell of piss??
How would I look with dreads?!?
Is garnier only for white people?
how can you get the hair inside your nose to stop growing?
i want to be more blonde - help?
Would scene/emo hair look good on me?
Women, do you like chest hair?
Which is best for Afro hair?
Reviving Synthetic hair?
good way to get thicker hair?
My kids are biracial and their dad and I disagree on how to manage their hair.?
I'm planning to dye my hair black and highlight it..?
Help! All Girls.........!?
Beauty school, * 10 pnts best answer*?
Dark hair to Lighter Brown?
My hair is REALLY thick and it gets really frizzy, what is the best shampoo or product to cure my frizzy hair?
guy question?
Hair question!?
Hair Colors And Styles?????????
which hair is better Indiremi by bobbi boss or Rain moisture Remy?
Hairy arms on girls???
Kristen Stewart's NEW hair?
so what now?:)?
Would this hairstyle suit me? (pic included)?
Can I dye my hair champagne blonde over the pale yellow and orange in my hair?
Why do people refer to blondes as dumb???
has anyone used nixion?
i want to get like a punk short layers and stuff but idk what to do got any ideas????
How should I change my hair?
can lack of sleep affect the body in your hair?
What's The Most Effective Way To Get Rid Of Facial Hair?
how to co-wash your hair?
Lost a bet and lost my hair?
do guys like the natural look?
Thick Hair?
Please help me...?
Do girls/women think long hair is sexy?
what do guys want down there?
How do I get my natural Blonde Highlights show?
HELP!!! How can I get my hair like this? I HATE MY HAIR!!!!!?
Should older women have long hair?
How can I keep my hair style without washing my hair every day?
Tips On Growing Hair ?
Scalp gets oily quick, and ends get staticky?
how to be a cool person?
Vintage pin-up hair do's for short hair?
tired of my look!?
Is teasing bad for your hair?
Ellie Goulding's Hair?
Why does the hair on our body not grow unless we cut/pluck it, unlike the hair on our head?
What color should I choose for my hair?
Permanent or semi-permanent hair colour?
i HATE my hair so much !?
What is up with my hair!?!?
Should I dye my hair this color? (pic)?
Would I look good with long hair?
which hair color looks sexier with dark brown eyes?
My hair is SOOOOO frizzy! I need help! please read details.?
what should i do for crazy hair day at school tomorrow??!!??
Bed Head flat iron?
Why does my hair look different in photos?
I want scene hair that looks precisly like...?
Best hair straightener/flat iron?
Do I have to tip my hair dresser? Does it make me cheap if I don't?
Tips for frizzy hair?
Any tips for greasy hair?
how to fix hair straightners?
How bad is a straight perm for your hair?
Is long hair or short hair really in right now?
Thin hair wont stay straight!?
I need an extra cute hairstyle to wear for the first day of school.?
How do u get soft waves in your hair?
My shirt turned yellow after bleaching it?
What happens when you apply gel to dry hair?
How can I grow my hair faster?
How can I make my HAIR GROW FASTER?
I have long and super straight hair what are some good hairstyles?
my hair is messy/spiky kinda like my avatar i wanna change im thinking shorter shud i shave it off?
Hair dye strand test question?
Headphones and hair loss?
how do i really volumize my hair when straightning it.....without bump-its?
I've got a few grey hairs, how to hide them or get rid of them please?
Can henna in Paul Mitchell products build up and cause breakage if you lighten your hair?
does horse shampoo help your hair?
How to get rid of arm hair without shaving?
Should I stay blonde or go dark for winter?
BOYS- do you like longer or shorter hair better?
I'd like to dye my hair purple. Your opinion? Pics*?
Thoughts on side/under cut?
Should i get my hair dyed with blonde fine foils ontop or thick or just blonde throughout my fringe?
Whats your favourite hair color? Brunette, Blond, Black?
idk what to do with my hair(pics)?
Do you perfer curly hair? or straight hair?
is it painful to get your hair dyed?
How do i get my hair like this?
How do I dye my hair blonde?
I know girls with hairy armpits?
How would I describe this hairstyle to a hairdresser?
Is my hair really that ugly? D:?
if there any way then what is the best way to get static out a hairbrush?
Bangs Or No Bangs? PICTURES INCLUDED! Please answer!! =)?
Hair Dying Questions?
I'm about to dye my hair and I need help?
I need some hair help!!?
Minoxidil different products effect?
What shampoo and conditioner do you use?
does this have a certain hair type name?
Did I brush myself Bald!?
Why am I losing my hair?
ok so i have curly hair and all of my friends have straight?
Would i look good in bangs?
Should i go blonde?
Hmmm straight or curly hair ladys? =) (pics)?
Best anti breakage shampoo/ conditioner?
Balding Men. Cut it short or not?
how do you get your hair to curl out?
how can i make my hair more blonde and less ginger?
concerned about my hait? only 17:(?
Should I get blonde highlights (pics)?
help! answer about palty! hurry!?
Loosening tightly curled hair?!?
what do i do? red to blondee?
Me + Hairstyle = ???
How to get my hair straight?
How to get Luscious Curls?
gym first period; i need help with my hair badly!(10 points!)?
If somebody has straight hair then will it also look good wavy?
Do you think this haircut looks okay?
Im growing out my hair,is it bad to straighten it while it grows out?
Scrunch hair!! pleasee help!!!?
my hair dosent go the same way i brush it!!?
Why doesn't my hair curl the right way?
How Should I cut and dye my Hair? pics!?
terrible haircut! HELP :'(?
i had my eyebrows done pencil thin some time ago.but it makes me look can i grow them back neatly?
Light auburn or dark brown?
Do more men like blondes, red heads, or brunettes (this includes black hair) the most?
How to grow my hair fast and get it in better condition?
Guys: Curly hair or straight hair?
Why is my hair 2 different colors?
My hair's extemely dry and dead, but would it be okay to dye it?
What is a good tip for a wash and cut to give the hairdresser?????????
Should I get this hair cut?
How to get super big voluminous curls?
cornrow length?
HELP headlice again!!!! 3 girls long long hair, how the hell do i get rid of em and keep rid of em????
Is it possible to make lazer epilation in my hair line, so my forehead can look a bit bigger?
hair gets knotty sooo quickly?
how can i put more body in my hair?..?
How long can you keep henna hair dye AND HOW DO YOU STORE IT?
I need my hair to grow faster!!!!?
What number when doubled exceeds it's half by nine?
ladies..short, cleancut hair or long hair for men?
what should i do to my hairr?!? (pic)?
hair stripping help????????
would having long hair this long suit me?
what the fin of love?
Keratin hair straightening lasted 2 days!!!!!!!?
Will Kool-aid damage your hair?
How to turn naturally black hair to brown.?
As we grow older , our hairs on the head turn pale or off white. Does our hairs near also turn pale ??
What are the goods and bads of short layers?
my friend wants to know a good hair dyes?
What do 13-15 y/o girls think of armpit hair on guys their age?
how can i make my hair grow faster?
I cut my hair, does it make me look masculine?
brunettes or blondes??
Graduation Picture Hairstyles..?
I need a new hairstyle for 7th grade. My hair is blonde, shoulder length , pretty straight,?
Heat Challenge* how long should i not straighten my hair?
My naturally curly hair is frizzy!!?
What is this haircut/style?
Is it safe to color my hair?
Beginner tips for cutting scene hair?
does my hair look really weird?
What can i eat or do to make my hair longer? (no extensions or weeves)?
if a woman is blonde on top is she blonde on on the bottom?
If i dye my hair bright red will it fade to orange?
My hair is turning mousy brown, what is happening to me?
Can Black People Have Ginger Hair?
What kind of a haircut is this?
What color shall I dye my hair? [PICC]?
Can you go swimming with a 27 piece hairstyle?
Would I look good with this haircut?
would i look good with brown hair?!?
Any ideas On how to do emo hair?
How to straighten hair?
i have a really hard time curling my hair..any tips?
how to live with curly hair?
Does the sun lighten or darken your hair?
What is best for curly hair?!?
invisible braids or tree braids? HELP!!!?
how to remove hair without hurting?
What are some good Blonde Pre Lighteners?
facial hair?
does any one have prom hair ideas prom is today and ihave no clue how to do my hair?
does anyone think a red head like me is pretty?
Why is my hair stiff at the roots?
Home Hair Treatment for split ends/dryness?
Help!!!I need some hairstyles (rd below =])?
Blonde, Red, or Brunette? {Pictures}?
Will making an afro hairstyle burn my hair??
where can I find good looking updos?
How do i make my hair grow long kinda fast?
What to do with my hair?
Do i look better with neat or messy hair?
Am I a ginger if I have freckles but black hair?
What does super rich wash shampoo mean?
what color should i gett?
I am 22yrs...4m last 6 days i am lossing my hair like anything. plz can any one help lyon hair gain gud?
Why Is My Hair Wavy&Straight?!?!?
Is it Dangerous to Wax your scalp? Your Face?
Is this possible to get this hair style? Please Look :) Hairstyle Ideas?
what hair is better short,medium,or long?
Reviews for Revlon hair dye?
how old do you have to be to highlight your hair?
is pantene shampoo better than dove? i need to know or are they both bad?
What would be the right hair dye for a 64 yrs old , Indian male having medium complexion and body weight.?
whats a cool color to dye ur hair?
I cut my hair to short any ideas how to make it look nice?
What do you think of my new hairstyle, please???
what woman has the best hair?
Havent dyed my hair for 4 months..can i just put dark brown over the faded black?
Black hair dye box please help! Senior prom!?
When is it okay to redye my dip dye?
Is 2 french braids cute for 12 year olds?
How can i get my natural black hair to bright red?
Hairdyeing? Should I or not?
what color should i dye my hair??? (pics)?
should i change my hair colour to blond? (it looks good for me dark brown and blond) so which one is better?
How can i Spike my back? Easy 10 Points!?!?
Everything I need to know about human hair extensions?
What is 'sun in' and where can you get it from? :)?
is it better to be ginger or bald?
Im 15 and when I get my ged and get 18 I wanted to go to comestology and do hair snd makeup could I do both at?
is there anything that makes hair grow on the head?
EEK!!! Hair!?
****** up my hair.... any one know any AMAZING updo's?
wat r difference between dead ends n split ends?
Do you colour your own hair or go to a salon?
wut color hair do u have?
Scalp massages and wild grow hair?
Haircut For long Asian hair for guys?
have you ever dyed your hair before?
Is this worth it........?
whats so great about the chi straightener?
Is it wrong for a boy to see his reflection in a fish take and think that its a girl behind him ??
I want to dip dye my hair, but what colour?
Will color 1b hair extensions blend with color 1 hair?
Where can I buy hair bleach in the UK?
Help! I dont know what to do with my bangs Pic included!?
what is the history of the U.S. draft?
Static in my hair....................................…
Should i dye my hair pink or aqua? I am a boy i lost a bet with my girl cousin.?
whats your favourite hairstyle???
What is the remedy for greying of hair at a premature age ?
How should I change my hair?
What hair colour looks best if you're tanned?
Any hairstyles for long hair..?
**Will one of these haircuts look good on me? **PICS**?
My hair gets oily again 2 days after washing it! Help please?
Would you prefer thick or thin hair, straight, or curly hair on a girl?
getting bold spots on the side of my head?
What is the best shampoo for long hair?
how do i keep my hair heathy, & still straighten it?****?
Why do some parts of the body have different colors of hair?
Megan Fox hair? HELP PLEASE!!?
How many inches does a woman need to have cut off her hair before a man notices?
Which hair color do you like best?
How do I get my difficult hair to be a medium/dark very ashy blonde?
Help Me On My Hair !?!?!?
Question about Black-American hair: Is it safe to perm my hair after I put a semi-permanent dye on it?
how to make your hair grow faster?
What kind of dye color should i put in my hair for my completion?
Is this true about hair?
Cute hairstyles for long, straight hair?
Do i have a nice face or is it just my hair that makes me attractive?(pictures)?
I have questions about dreading hair!?
Do you like my new hair?
Can you use shower gel to wash your hair?
How to get zayn malik hairstyle?
help on going blond ? :]?
what to do about dried sweat on hair?
how can i make my hair grow faster?
How Does My Hair Look Better?
Can I get into college?
i'm getting a haircut soon...need a new style.. help please?
First day of 7th Grade Hair!
Do you like my hair?
if i dye my hair black will i look emo?
what are some good hair salons in calgary?
If u know please answer?
Do you have any gray hair? If so, how old are you?
should i cut my hair?
How to blow dry a faux hawk?
What is the difference between lye and no lye perms? And what does anyone thing of Dudley's perm?
Will Dying my hair after Sun-In make it fall out?
Where can I buy some Wildroot Cream for hair?
do you find bald or balding guys sexy?
Would i look good with chestnut brown hair? (picture)?
should I cut my hair to shoulder length or keep it really long like it is.?
How much are the clips for hair extensions ?
My hair is really thin and strait, what are some good hair styles for my hair?
I don't know why...?
If i get a perm in my hair to make it curly, can i still striaghten it if i want?
If a girl has naturally tan skin what is the best hair color for them?
Am I really THAT ugly?
My hair is split apart in small sections, why?
Will dyeing my natural hair make it fall out or get damaged?!?!?!?
are the owners of jd and victor's hair studio gay?
I have stubborn dandruff! What do I do?
What can I do with my hair?!?
Hair weave or extensions?
how do you make you hair not look choppy on the bottom. 10 PTS!?
hair straightners?
can I dye my hair darker now?
Help for hair?
Okay, pre-lightening my hair tomorrow help!?
john frieda?
best hair stylist in chicago?
do boys like curly hair on girls or straight hair?
if someone wanted there hair to stop growing, would getting split ends make it work?
When they dye your hair in a salon do they make sure not to get it on ur clothes?
Does a woman with dreadlocks longer than her knees attact you?
do you prefer women with long hair or short hair?
Does sportin' waves Work?
poofy waves?
How to manage natural ethnic hair?
a cute hairstyle?
What race in the world do you think has the best type of hair?
who is better brunettes or blondes?
Should i cut my hair short?
Is this considered a "professional" haircut?
Should i do It or not ,to my flat iron burned hair ? please help?
Hair styles?
I need a product to help my hair regrow?
Which is sexier,...blonde or brunnette?
Home-made Hairmasks To Make Hair Shiny And Silky?
I was balding, and now I have a full head of hair, could this be the reason?
what should i do with my hair?
here can i find zury?
Is protective serum a must when straightening?
What should I do with my hair to change it completely? (pics)?
My hair is really damaged need some help ? (I'm mixed race White english & Black jamaican)?
My boyfriend doesn't like my hair but i love it should i change it??
Clarifying shampoo for colored hair?
Hair Ideas for dance?
Favorite hair product ever?
Should I finally cut my hair?
What will it take to get my auburn-dyed, permed hair blonde again?
How to ged that "bed head" sort of look?
What shampoo do you use????????
What is the romantic colour?
I got a perm in january, and it is now july, how long will it stay in?
What is consider too much makeup?
Whats the best hair style or color for me.?
I overbleached and dyed my hair and now it feels like hay. What should I do?
hair bleach made skin itchy?
i have big cheeks do you think ponytails/buns look good on me?
What can you do to stop your hair getting greasy quickly?
does Nair Shower Power for men remove pubic hair?
How should I do my hair on school picture day pictures please?
Blonde or Brunette???
How do I adjust my hair clipper blades for a sharp cut,Andis T outliners is the name of the clippers?
What hairstyle would suit me? [Picturesss]?
Why are bald men so arrogant????
what hairstyle should I get? :)?
Help! I need an answer ASAP!?
Why is my hair falling out?
What Type of hair style should I do for my type of hair?
What grade of haircut is classed as a 'skinhead'?
This is a question for girls...Should a girl shave the upper part of her legs above knees?
blondy?Am I really?
if you have blonde butt hairs, will constant pooping dye them brown?
salon style highlights...?
Whatif i have naturally straight hair would this haircut look the same[pic inside] please help?
Chi hair color - can i lighten ontop of wet haircolor?
what would reduce my nose oiling?
Flat iron...?
curly puerto rican hair help!! 10 points?
Does tanning in salons affect your hair?
I cut my bangs really short and I don't know what to do?
Where can i get a digital perm in houston, tx?
What don you think of GHDs?
Ive lost my wig has anyone found it?
can fresh male sperm or semen on scalp help you to regrow hair?
I have hair problem!?
how do i get this hair?
how to make hair grow?
hair cut help!!!!????!!!!!!!?
friend is coloring my hair, good idea?
if your stylist is the owner of the salon, do you tip her?
Should I highlight my hair?
Do look decent with my new haircut?
Will blonde hair suit me?
Todays my first day of school and my hair smells like smoke... HELP?
What does hydrogen peroxide do to facial hair?
Do i need to bleach my hair after going bright red to make it brighter?
Bathing Our Kids Together?
What can You do against hair loss?
Can I wear my hair like this to work?
Does peroxide really make you go blonde?
ladies...your first thought when you see a guy with long hair/ponytail?
straight hair/perme hair question?
What should i do with my hair? *PIC*?
What do you think of blondes, 'blackheads', redheads, brunettes...?
I want to dye my hair a reddish purple colour?
Could I pull off a buzz cut? Pics inside?
New Haircut? Looks horrible?
Red hair help, pleaseee? 10 points :)?
How do you make a french braid?
What colour should I dye my hair?
do girls find facial hair attractive? ?
what hair cut should i get for summer haircuts?
can someone give a link to get a hairband like this?
POLL: How many people have cut their hair because their partners asked them to?
Haircut problems?
GIRLS do you thank long hair looks good on guys?
Hair color!!? Died and now want it back to natural?
What color hair do u have?????
Suave Sleek Anti- Frizz Cream Reviews'?
how often should i wash my hair.?
Hair dying advice, pleeease?
How do I use hot rollers without the bend or kink that the securing clips leave behind?
how can I get the frizz out of my hair?
what hair color should i go?
Why does my hair keep falling out??? I'm loosing SO MUCH!!!?
Did dustin hoffam have a hair transplant?
What is a great hair straigtener!?
my hair is falling out.?
Should I cut my hair into a bob?
Women Vampire Hairstyles ideas?
is it better to be ginger or bald?
Dead hair!!! Please answer?
what is syrum, is it really helpful for dry and shineless hair.?
Reddish hair on Asians?
Wet Curly Hair! Help?
whats a nice hair style?
Will it damage my hair if I straightened it when it's not really wet?
You would make my day if you help?
How can i make my hair not look as long?
how old do you have to be to have your first gray hair.?
what do you tip a hair stylist?
Which Side bangs should I get?
cutting myself? Help?
How to get Manic Panic out?
shiny, healthy hair??????????
How to do flat twist on one side of the head ?
Are you a person who can easily determine if a girl has a natural blonde or a bleached blonde?
grey hair at thirteen ?
How to avoid parts in bangs?
what are cool hair does????
Girls Only: Which hairstyle is hotter?
Should I go blonde? Honest opinion please!?
Shampoo or conditioner that makes hair grow fast?
What do I do about flaky Scalp?
homecoming hairstyle helppppp?
If you were to dye your hair what color would it be?
Dying hair red after bleaching?
Help with my frizzy hair!?
I'm dying my hair two colors, whats the best way to keep em from mixing ?
Help. My hairs dead. how to fix this?
should i do dip and die or rainbow dip and die?
How should I do my hair?
Can I dye my hair from reddish purple, to dark brown?
Pink Hair Dye In Australia :)?
Ive got very very curly hair and want it staight?
hair dye warning label: DO NOT USE AS AN ICE CREAM TOPPING?
My Remington straightener won't turn on?
what is better curly or straight hair?
Hair dye allergy test question! Please answer! :)?
What do they put on your driver's license for hair color if your bald?
my hair wont straighten?
What (neon) color should I dye my hair?
how do you make your hair grow faster?
Visual kei hair tutorial vid?
I hate the way my hair is thin and blonde and my eyebrows are brown and kinda big. What can I do to help this?
bangs or side bangs this fall?
Could I dilute ordinary household bleach and spray it on my hair to turn slightly blond?
How do I get My hair healthy after dying it so many times?
Short, Mid-length or Long?
how do i get my hair to grow longer and faster?
HAIR LOSS.plss help hair now is very very thin and you can also see my scalp..?
Is It normal for a girl to have hair on....?
DO you like Kevin Jonas with straight hair or curly?
how long for a fauxhawk ?
Bleached hair, two tone what colors can i use to where its all the same color.?
Do you think rihanna is naturally pretty?
why does my hair look silver under bright light and sun?
is straightening your hair bad 4 your hair?
Hair Growth Naturally?
Tell me..What is a Good Hair Style for A 37yr Old women?
Dying my hair questions? Help please(:?
what color to dye my hair?
Where can I sell my hair in Arizona? It is a gorgeous color of red and waaay long, but I don't want to donate
What shade of blonde will suit me best?
list a bunch of possible ways to wear your hair?
What colour would you say this is?
Greasy Hair?
What make up would go with my hair colour? TEN POINTS.?
Do I look better with long blonde or short dark hair?
Bleach is developing and it feels very warm?
Uneven hair problem :(((?
My freaken split ends?
Which is nicer; straight or curled?
do you prefer curly or strait hair?
who should i give my foot+ of hair to?
Why do women pornstairs shave their muff? Do men really prefer bare or hair? Preferences please!?
i want to dye my hair red, but...?
How do you create this hair style?
Is it healthier for my hair to brush when it's wet or dry?
are side bangs hard to deal with to you?
how to take out mirows?
which are the best ?
Should I cut my split end?
help??? do you wash before dying?
hair help needed ASAP!!!!!PLEASE?
What should I do to make my hair dense and thick, specially in herbal things like amla?
do those 'curling' shampoos really work?
My hair is wavy, frizzy, and it has no shine.What hair product is better for a natural soft look?
how to make my highlighted hair blonder?!?
suggest a good brand of hair colour?
i want highlights but i might risk my hair falling out cuz it might over process it wut should i do?
I bleached my hair, and now it's this yellow color and I don't like it?
how to do a taper haircut?
How can i cut my hair to look like this?
Should I wash my hair everyday?
Rebonded hair a year ago... Is it still damaged?
so my hair is medium length and gets terribly frizzy even when products are used. help?
Should i have my hair cut like this? Pictures! ?
Cameron Diaz's bob (hair in There's Something About Mary)?
Do girls like this hairstyle on men?? ?
How long should I wait to flatten my hair after putting bleached highlights in my hair?
OMG! HELP ME! eeh!!?
hey i just donated my hair to locks of love does any 1 else do that?
HELP ! Please , my hair is falling since I moved to a new country !?
What is your favorite Loreal Hair Color?
What kind of wigs can I use heat on?
does my hair look better straight or natural?
Hair tips for frizzy hair.!?
Which one?
Fringe/Crest/spikes hairstyle for boys?
How can I naturally darken my brown hair?
Is this a good hair straightener?? ?
What exactly r split ends, how do u know if u have them, and if u do have them then how do you get rid of them
Do I Look Good With My Hair Like This (Pics)?
Do you think this color hair would look nice of me?
How to get this kind of wavy hair overnight?
(pic) Should i do something with my hair?
long hair hard to maintain (guy)?
I just cut my hair like selena gomez... help?
Pics included!! Hair help!!?
How can I fix my dyed hair?
I need a new look,for a hispanic female?
I'm going to dye my hair with kool aid what color should I do ( see details)?
What do you think of my hairstyle?
Should i get a haircut?
do those rollers which you can purchase from the dollar store etc. actually curl your hair nicely?
10point! which name sounds classy?
Does hairfinity vitamens actually work and is it safe?
Picture of a hairstyle that I have trouble achieving!!?
what kind of hair can get braids?
is color harmful for hair.i m black hair turning into heena better.?
how to grow your hair faster?
What color would you dye this hair?
What do you think of my new haircut im 14?
What do you do if your hair becomes sore?
Witch hair cut would "fit" me?!?!?!? photos...?
Would I suit dreadlocks? :)?
Which Shampoo is good for regular Use - For Dry Hairs, Ayurvedic or Baby Shampoo?
ANY IDEAS for an interesting hair cut?
raccoon tail hair help?
Are there any EXCELLENT men hair style websites?
How do I make my hair wavy?
my hair is frizzy and I want it to be longer but how?
I need help with my hair (highlights)?
Does my hair annoy people?
what color should i make my hair next?
I want soft, natural curls on my hair, I have STRAIGHT hair, but i want to curl it like those famous stars.?
Platinum Blonde Hair?
What is the Best thing to do?
OMG... look what happened to my hair!! (pics)?
Do i look better with straight hair or curly hair??
What can we eat to make hair darker?
Hair color? At Home? Salon?
.s..which name is better for a blonde hair boy?
Whats the difference?
Is it weird for girls to shave there arms?
can you make your hair grow really fast? :)?
why is my hair suddenly like this?
How to remove hair dye?
what should i do with my hair for formal?
Why is my hair so thin? n falls?
what hair color would look best pics!?
What is a blow*** please help?
i hate my hair it is uncontrollable?
pubic hair care?
were do i get a eamail adrease?
how can i keep my hair stright?
i have wavy/curly hair and its nice when i style it with mousse/gel but when i let it airdry its really frizzy
Girls, Would You Wear Shorts With Hairy Legs?
How to do ombre hair look with honey?
my hair is so greacy!!! help please?
Will I ever get my healthy hair back?
what is the best treatment for frizzy, curly long hair?
Curly hair or straight hair? Which makes you smarter?
help, sould i cut my below the waist length hair or leave it alone ? help me decide?
Is there a shampoo that makes your hair grow fast?
(Girls)How do you prevent your hair from sticking up?
Do guys prefer straight/curly/or wavy hair?
Big forehead situation?!?
how to apply hair extension with micro bead?
Why are you dying your hair...?
What's wrong with being ginger?
what do girls think about male facial hair?
What are some cute hairstyles?
What is the best product out there for helping your hair to grow without side effects?
what is chief keefs hairsyle called?
what is this hairstyle called?
What can I do with my weird eyebrows?
Teasing your hair......?
What hair color would look good on me?
What is a good hairstyle for a round face like mine?
my hair is so unmanagable!?
what color hair do gils like on guyz???
how do I make my hair grow longer for my wedding?
I keep losing my hair and i'm only 16?
What color should i do my hair, i have blue eyes?!?
How do I camouflage my real hair under a wig without a wig cap?
GIRLS!!!! What Colour Hair Will Suit Me!?!??!?!?!?
how do i fix my loose iron plate on my hair straightener?
I take 3 biotin vitamins a day, what are other ways to speed up my hair growth?
Hair removal on a male?
How do you dry your hair?
How often should you really wash you hair?
Need some advice on hairstyles...?
What will my hair turn out like if I put dark brown ontop of bleached hair?
Im a 20 yr old woman. I have facial hair. I know women do but I have a lot of dark hairs on one side?
Why do girls cut their hair short???
What shade of Blonde hair goes well with fair brown skin?
Angel of Death hair and make-make-up?
what's the best do? and french braids question.?
Does anyone know anything related to hair loss due to anesthesia?
how should i do my hair?!?
How to pass a hair drugscreen?
If one pulls out white/grey hair, is it true that more grow back, if so why ?
how to get scene hair?!?!?
How can I get my hair like this?
Could I pull of a pixie cut?
how do you style this hair?
What hair color would suit me best?
Garnier Fructis Help?
which style should i shave my lady garden?
Im 14 and I just got the Nature's Bounty Hair, Skin, and Nails vitamins. I'm 5'5 and weigh 130.?
how do i make a feather hair extension?
BANGSS!!!!! help fast?
Hmm...Which curls/waves look better?
Hard Hair.?
What color would look good on black hair?
what is the best hair color for a female?
Should I get bangs or not?
like the blonde or brunette?
Peroxide to get green out of hair? PLEASE HELP? ;p?
Put red splat dye over not completely faded purple bangs died by punky colours? What'll happen?
"scene" haircutt helpp pleasee?!?
How can I make my hair shinier??
why do u girls do this??
Girls......Any good ideas how to hide roots ?
I need a new haircut! ( pic provided)!?
How often do I do deep conditioning treatments?
What color should I dye my hair? (Picture included)?
Is it true that if you cut your hair is grows really fast?
how to do a messy-bun?
How does my hair look here?
Should i dye my hair blonde?
Mahogany Brown without the copper effect?
do u think i would be gay if i was tp straighten my hair. (guy)?
Has anyone out there ever worn a hairpiece? How was it like?
Do you think that girls look better with their natural hair or fake hair?
should you wash your hair before you dye it ?
Is red hair a turn off?
What straightener do you currently have...(survey!)?
would this hair color suit me (PIC) ?
Why isnt my hair curly anymore?
Can I bleach out black/extremely dark brown hair dye?
Best shampoo and conditioner for dry and frizzy hair?
How long was the longest hair you ever seen in person?
my mom wants me to get a hair cut and i don't know what kind i should get? pic included?
grow out my fringe !!!!!!!!!!!!?
have you used glue in hair extensions?
can i redie my hair after dieing and putting a toner in?
what style of hair would i look good with?
My worst fear is growing facial hair, i never want to grow facial hair, Can i make it so i can't grow any?
does mane n tail shampoo really make hair thicker or adds volume?
Who is the real enemy of beautiful hair? How do you fight it?
when you dye your hair does it kill lice?
What's wrong with my hair?
Your opinion on guys with.....?
Would this hairstyle look good on a round face? <pics>?
blonde or brunette?
Anyone use the no no hair removal from sephora or never have again ovc?
How to get rid of dandruff from really long hair?
Is my hair too short to do pin curls?
Need some tips on my hairstyle? (male)?
Is curly hair really that out of style?
Greasyness in hair ..............?
Hair toner question??????????
How can I make light brown dye stick to bleached blonde hair?
straightening irons?
how much dose it cost to get scene haircut ?
black hair with neon green tips?
i have trouble getting my small eyes to "pop" with make-up, any ideas ??
Hair dye infomercial?
Is it safe to dye hair if it doesn't touch skin?
Do bald men...?
What hair color do you find most attractive?
Is my pet unicorn safe?
What looks better on me???
If I said I wanted scene hair, would the person at the salon know what I mean?
the hair dresser butchered my hair !!?
Hair. Layers. Side Fringe/Bangs. Helppp.?
Would dark brown hair suit me? (picture included)?
how to get my hair in a high up messy bun help ! ?
Is this hairstyle ok?...?
Hey anyone out there that thinks....................?
What is the difference between curly hair and straight hair? Why are the textures so different?
whould i look good with red hair?
How strict is locks of love with their 10 inch minimum donation? Mine is around 9,would they still take it?
How do I get my hair to curl like this? ?
How often do you wash your hair?
Can somebody help me with hair problems?
What happens if your allergic to your hair dye?
What is a quick cute hairstyle!?!?!?
Do i have to much make up? Is my hair good?
Hair removel cream (veet)?
what is the best product for a black man to bald his head with?
Why do I look better with my hair up than with my hair down?
Haircare that doesn't use palm oils?
Bad haircut... What should I do?
split ends??
was ponytail a men's hairstyle of the 1980's?
Girls, how important is a guy's hair-style ? can it make or break his pulling power to you personally ?
brazilian or bald,what do u prefer?
why hairis falling and how can it be reduces?
how do i get my hair to grow?
how long will it take for me to grow out my hair?
Dyed my hair blonde tonight, would it be ok if died it darker tomorrow?
Does anyone know the easiest cutest hair style?
does lauren keyana palmer have long hair?
Brazilian Treatment and Coloring Hair?
How can I get my hair to stop being oily?!?
Razored hair to dread?
am i pretty? pics. please answer?
10 POINTS! Im naturally blonde, how should i color my hair?
very long hair???????????????????
ladies who's hair is better david beckam or the main dude from twilight?
i need some hairstyles that look really pretty pleasseeee?
What is a good shampoo/conditioner to use if your on the swim team and swim everyday?
Where do I find Hot headbands?
Supercuts highlights????(:?
Thinking of dying my hair..would this look good?
What colors would go good in red hair?
BOYS- do you like longer or shorter hair better?
Could I pull this look off? (Pics :])?
whats better,long thin hair or long thick hair?
what is the best hair dye to use? I want my brown hair dyed into a deep, dark, rich auburn-brown.?
I have really frizzy hair?
does anyone know a good beauty school in oklahoma?
if i tone my hair will it turn white?
Is there a Japanese or Korean hair salon in Scotland?
any tried RPR detox my hair shampoo and RPR fix my frizz conditioner? is it any good?
How can i grow my hair long?
I'm wondering what kind of hair to get, here are the options.?
What color should I dye my hair?
Please help me, time is very limited!?
Do i look better with straight or curly hair?
Does anyone know of a good detangler for black hair. I'm trying to hold off on a perm.?
Whats the fastest way to make your hair grow?
silky hair?
Who does good microbraids in North Carolina?
Girls and guys-How should I do my hair for the dance!?
how should i cut my hair?
I heard using a silk like cloth wrapped on your hair while washing helps your braids last longer (no frizz)?
What kind of streaks should I do in my hair?
Why dont my hair clippers work?
Ladies..what do you think of guys with ponytails?
How do you control frizzy/ static prone hair?
i have my real hair braided in micros. can i dread my hair as it grows from the root with a relaxer?
Jake UK model Scout : Could you answer this question please :D?
Will i seem fake with hair extentions?
HELP!!! Wedding in 2 days and i strill dont have a hair style...?
How should?
Can anyone give me some links to a site where I can upload a picture of myself and try on hairstyles and?
What kind of hair style should I try?
Natural Hair Masks For Dry Weak Hair?
help with a 3-Barrel waver???
Does anyone remember what line came out with sprays to make your hair smell good?
how can i do my hair like kristen stewart's hair?
what the best way to get rid of split ends?
Do u use johnson's baby oil in ur hair? Do u like it?
What razors are best for shaving my head?
do you think i would look good as a redhead??
what is the lastest hair style?
How can I wear my hair in pigtails without getting a headache?
Do You know how to get slick straight perfect hair?
why wont my haird stay straight, why does it always go flat? give me ur advice people x?
What are some different ways to do your hair with bangs?
Hair emergency!! please help?
i want to get hilites but in the sun i have dark brown hair gets red hilites?
which type of conditioner should i use for my hair?
Does anyone use biotin?
hair care clinic in Delhi?
Going To Get Scene Hair, Any Tips Or Whatever? Also Picture Needed!?
Thirteen year old girl hairstyles?
how do you get thicker hair?
Does this hair style look OK on me?
How can i get dark teal hair? (10 points)?
are there any such products available to dye your beard eyelashes or eybrows, permanent colour?
will hair dye remover get out highlighted blonde hair?
Do I look better with bangs or no bangs?