Greasy clean hair (help please!)?
how can I get hair like this???
Bang styles for hair?
Is it just me or does thin hair never stay straight?
Is there a way to get rid of split ends bu not loose your hair length?
my sister got a really bad hair cut what should she do?
Hairdresser Cost???
Would this haircut look good on a guy with big ears/big nose?
how to reduce hair fall?
how do I strip the color off of bleached hair?
lemon juice to lighten hair color???
What days should I wash my hair?
How to achieve this hairstyle?
What's a good way to make my hair stay in curls? It always falls in like 10 minutes!?
How Do You Make Dry Hair Look As Good As When It's Wet?
Do you have a favourite Shampoo?
Would I look good with Red, Brown, or black hair the best?!?!!?
i need agents illegal immagration?
help! i need to dress up like the 90s how can i? ps my mom wont let me go shopping. And how was their hair?
What are your thoughts on my haircut?
Can anyone please tell me the best way to keep my hair from being frizzy?
do u prefer boyz wid long or short hair?
Would I suit red hair?
Are girls supposed to shave their pubes?
easy wat to cut your hair like that?
what is the use of trichogen scalp lotion?
why is my hair so greasy?
Is there any way to lighten black hair without damaging it with bleach?
Hair Cut Problem!!!!?
Please help me do my hair for my uncles wedding TOMORROW! TY :)?
whht would go best with me?
I have black, and i want highlights...?
I'm scared! Why is my hair and eyes changing colour!?
would i look better with curly hair? pic inside?
Prom hair ideas!?please help ?
What Color Hair Does Your Avater Have?
What's the best treatment for hair with dry,broken ends? got it damaged because of treatments I availed..?
A cute hairstyle with curls?
What do you think?
What should I do about my hairy legs?
What is the best way to grow hair naturally?
What's good shampoo to help hair shine?
What's your preference?
my hair is going to be greasy tommorow nd going holiday cnt wash it cause going early wat to do nd if i wear i
How much damage does a perm do to your hair?
best straighteners?! please answer?
How can I get rid of anal hair?
How do I make my hair grow longer fast and safely?
can you shave your head with an electric razor?
help please!!!!my hair is so thin coz of rebonding?
What is a good website to see cute up-to-date hairstyles?
what color should i dye my hair?
What hair cut and colour would suit me?
What color and style of highlights would be best in light brown, thin and fine hair?
Long Hair!! Want a new look!! (Pic Included!!)?
How should I wear my hair for 8th grade formal? :)?
Is there any possible way to make your hair grow faster?
what is the most popular hairstyle for women 30-40 years of age?
Help Help!!!!! Should i do it or not?
Why are no hairdressers open late on a Saturday?
i hve hair on my uppper lip how can i remove it?
how to fix my hair when its completely dried out after it dries?
How can I get my hair to grow back and prevent stress?
guy hairstyle question: how do guys get that "shocked, spike" look? any websites online to refer to?
has anyone heard of Hair Formula 37? It's supposed to be a hair vitamin that speeds up your hair growth.?
what can i do to keep my hair straight?
I got a side /fringe and it's all wrong! How long until I can try at a new bang/fringe?
how do i put beads on the end of braids?
Can you use Procolor Accents if you have extensions in your hair?
Why doesn't my hair stay silky?
What is the best shampoo for dye damaged dry hair?
Should she straighten her hair, yes or no?
Birthday hair?
This is a silly question for any who care to answer?
2 tiny questions about boy's hair highlights (dye)?
How do I make my hair NOT poofy after it dries from being wet?
how do you girls like a boys hair to be like (facial and normal hair)?
Teen Girls! Have I achieved "Sexy" Hair?
People who have had there hair thinned out?
What is a great hair straigtener!?
Olive oil and eggs for hair?
how do u use bleach to dye hair?
do i look best with long hair or short hair ? ( pics )?
well i am 16 and never coloured my hair but i want to so....?
Are you supposed to tip the owner of the nail or beauty salon if they are the one who performs the service.?
Is it ok for a twelve year old to get their hair dyed a solid color?
Should I dye my hair red?
Can you curl natural curly hair?
guys whats ur fav hair on girls?
i have a bad hair cut what should i do?
split ends!?
Why do I have so much trouble with putting my hair in a ponytail?
Girls! Hair removal..what is the best?
is it okay to part your hair on the side as a girl?
is it bad that i shampoo my hair everyday?
How to make hair grow faster?!?
What should I buy to get curly hair like the dude in the pic below?
for 11 years old girl which is better : plucking or shaving hair under armpit?
im 13 and i have long black hairs on my arms?
What are some of the bad things that you have done to your hair?
What should i do with my hair (pics) ? (:?
When should I wash my hair?
Do you like this girls hair? What do you like/dislike about it?
How long does hair bleach need to be left in to turn normal blonde?
How can I get my hair from a wine red/black colour back to my colour before which was kinda orange?
Any good recipies for homeade, natural shampoos and conditioners?
help with curly frizzy hair?!?
How old are u when u start getting gray hair?
Would you rather have long hair?
I hate my hair! Suggestions?! (with picture)?
How can you make hair grow faster?
What did my hairdresser mean? Is she right?
how to increase hair growth ?
help me please!!?
Color boost shampoo with feather hair extensions ?
does eyeliner damage hair?
I need a hairstyle, what should i get?
High ponytail or low ponytails?
People always make fun of my hair?
I want to temporarily color my hair black (without damaging it) but I don't know where to start! Help!?
How should I cut my hair ?
are those curlying shampoos really working? i have straight hair and i see those adds on tv that promise curls
What can I do to make my hair thicker? I don't want my scalp to show through anymore!?
What is the best permenant/temporary hair dye?
how to pump up thin hair?
wht to do to make ur hair grow longer?
Do I look better blonde or brunette (photos)?
how can i get rid of the hair on my stomach and back , its really noticable and black... im only 16 ?
please explain my weird curly hair phenomena?
how to put hot rollers in my hair???
if i sit here and cut off my split ends will it help me hair grow? lol?
Hair Suggestions for a fairy?
a male perm?
my mom keeps saying these hairstyles are most proper for well-behaved,proper school-aged girls (i'm 14)? agree?
From long blonde to a dark pixie crop *pictures*?
Girls:do you like brown hair or blonde hair on your boys?
Do u think blonde streaks will be good for a dark brown hair??
Using a flat iron on straight hair?
How to make hair grow very fast?
Is it weird for girls to shave there arms?
what color eyes do you have?
ladies... is this haircut attractive on guys? (pic)?
What's this men's hairstyle called?
How can you mak naturally curly hair tighter curled?
planning on going natural ... any advices?
is redken 5ng caramel too dark?
What hairstyle fits the best for fat girls?
If I washed my hair with Suave Shampoo will it keep my hair color from fading quickly?
Hair Problem!!! 911!!!!!!(Photo included)?
Why does hair grow in different directions - specifically on the crown where you get the swirly effect.?
Wanna dye hair...dont know what color. plzz help?
Appropriate hairstyles?
I Just Got A Texturizer About 2 Weeks Ago ..So Can I Get A Perm.?
is there any way to make your hair grow longer?
whenever you use a chi straightner is it really damaging you're hair?
Which one first mousse or leave in conditioner?
I really want this type of haircut!?
How much did you pay for your last PROFESSIONAL haircut / color / perm / etc?
How can I get my hair to look like this (picture) 10 POINTS !?
Bleaching hair without damaging it at all?
will there ever be an easy one time one step to permanenly remove unwanted hair by a lotion or something?
how to get soft hair?
what should i do with my hair at disneyland?
How can i make my hair straight.......without a straight iron?
Does pool water damage hair?
Can you dye hair from jet black to chocolate brown yourself?
Human Hair Wigs advice?
Please can you help with my ponytail problem?
need advice with hair colour :)?
What shampoo is good for keeping static out of my hair?
which hair do u like better, they are all me, so its not one of those "who is prettier" type deals lol. HELPP?
Please help!! Hair question?
Should i get a flat iron or a curling iron?
Should I go BRUNETTE?
What is the history of Dred Locks? Why are they called "Dreds"?
I had died light golden blonde hair and wanted to go dark (disaster) help?
Should I wash my hair before temporary dyeing it?
do you think natural blonde look better than fake blonde hair?
My hair is greasy all the time. what shall i do?
How can I make my hair grow really fast! (read description)?
Why do get my hair to look like this? (I have extensions)?
What can I put in my hair to make it grow faster?
What to do about leg hair?
why the heck did i do it?
Pink highlights?
which colour will suit my hairs?
why do people have a problem with people with ginger hair?
how to grow hair fast?
How drunk would spongebob be?
How can I convince my mom to let me bleach my hair?
What type of hair suit to girl ?
questions about Veet easy wax roll on kit?
I live in India, and what to use, which can make my hair silky?
pink highlights...?
Do bald people get dandruff?
How often would you get this hairstyle cut to maintain?
Help with a Hypothesis :)?
how do u "bump" up your hair?
hair help!? ahhhhhhhhhhh?
bleaching body hair is causing a lot of discomfort. My skin feels v prickly for those 10-15 minutes?
Should I stay brunette or go blonde?
Microbraids... BSS hair help!!?
hair dye removal much will it cost replace the carpet?
I dont know if blonde would suit me.. ?
What's the best hair colour for me?
how would i look bald]?
are there any more ways to curl hair?????!! please hurry?
What is the most easy way to get bleach blonde highlights back to brown without going to a salon?
how to make my hair colour burdandy?
i am 17 and i want a good haircut. i have long shiny ,black hair ,straight,&neatly maintained. wat style do u?
How to make your fringes look longer!?
I'm 13,i want to grow a beard i have just a little bit,how cam i make them grow more and taller?
Which mane n tail shampoo should I use?
My hair is dropping after rebonding, what do I do ?
Do Chi Flat irons have some sort of warranty or gurantee, from the manufacturer?
how do i get ready under 30 minutes!?
Who is this? I need help, please?
Does anyone know what the numbers barbers use relates to in actual length (cm, inches etc)?
Does streightening ur hair affect it?
Would I suit red hair or purple hair?
Please help me regrading this. Serious Problem....?
I don't find myself very attractive.What do I do to help this problem(I have a untamable hair problem)?
curly hair or straight hair? just pick one.?
What is wrong with my hair?
Would this be considered double highlights or color and highlights?
Guys please answer. (girls too) HAIR QUESTION.?
What is a good flat iron to buy?
I want to dye my hair a different color..but i don't know how i want to do it. i posted a pic please help?
how can i soften my beard permanently its very hard as i shave regularly?
Hair Extension clips- can you only sew them onto a weft?
how to fade hair dye?
Big Chop Experiencers?
how long should your hair be before you start dread locks ?
Should cut all my hair off?
I have brown hair but want to add some blonde to it, like maybe have a blonde fringe. What do you think?
Swimming lessons are really taking a toll on my 6yr old daughter's hair. What can I get/use/do to correct it?
anyone gotten hair extensions before?
what hair straightener is the best?
Do guys like girls better with short hair or long hair?
Blonde or brunette?
Shampoo's & Conditioners?
Do you like long, blond hair..?
Should I get a blowout fade or a fohawk fade?
I just dyed my hair and i HATE it! please help! ?
What are the longest brown hairs you ever seen?
Long Black Hair on a 13 year-old boy?
Is it bad to straighten/curl your hair while it's still wet?
i hav thin hair. whether layer or step or feather cut suits me?
do people actually LOOK at your hair?
How long will it take for my hair my hair to grow?
Miley cyrus's hair in hannah montana 'you give lunch a bad name'?
what shampoo and conditioner does everyone like best?
Whats wrong with red hair?!?
If I highlighted my hair and it came out wrong, how long should I wait to try to highlight it again?
Easy hair styles for blonde curly hair that is just past shoulders?
is it ok for boys to use hair straighteners and tongs?
what is the best stuff to use for bleaching and coloring hair?
Do Prenatal Vitamins really make hair grow faster?
is there a home remedy to lighten or remove a very dark unwanted hair color?
how should i do my hair for picture day 2maro?
Which color do you like the best? easy 2 points! =)?
Where can I find pictures of short cuts for straight hair? Preferrably for older women....?
Co-washing hair method?
would dreads suit me?
i need help finding the preficte shapoo for my hair....?
Need hair colour will this one would suit me?
Is brushing my hair everyday VAIN?
Hair cuts at home in Mass????
I want to my natural hair curls to start from my roots not by my ears.?
OMG I just got back from getting my hair cut. I told the asshole to...?
What is a really sexy hair style for medium size hair and won't curl?
What shade of brown is Eleanor Calders hair?
Should I cut the hair?
how do i pluck my eyebrows and like get the right shape and everything?
make it grow?
what type of clip in extensions should I get for natural african american hair?
Can I dye my black hair without bleaching it?
A New Hairstyleeeee..?
will blonde hair suit me ?
dose any one know any new hair do's?
Should I wet my hair before dying it?
Does hair replacement treatments really work? my boyfriend is going bald..?
My hair is really damaged ! how should I treat it?
What is the best way to get rid of.......?
Which one of these highlights do you like the best?I like the first one.?
Can I have a Haircut Michael Cerveris?
How To Create Sexy, Beachy Waves?
i am 18 but still dont have hair on face ...light mustache though do i get it ..?
How do I get my hair cut like this? (pic included)?
what is the best thing to use for dandruff besides head and shoulders?
i would like to change my hair style,suggestbest&&cheapest shallon in bangalore & chennai?
Katty Perry HAIR [Please help]?
long, medium, or short hair on dudes?
What would happen if I used brown dye over blue hair?
HUge Hair Short CUt Very BAD?
should i get bangs?
hairdressing interview tomorrow, help!?
How do I achieve this hairstyle? PICTURES INCLUDED?
What colour should I dye my hair (Asian Girl)?
Good hair straighteners?
Do you think it's a good idea for me to wear braids? African-American?
Would I look good with black hair?
can anyone recomend a hair straightner?
Should i dye the tips of my hair blue?
I'm a being vain, but I want a few opinions. Which is better?
Would It be possible for me to dye my hair back to my natural color?
how to do beach waves?
Hair help ?
My 3 years old just cut her hair and I need suggestions on how to fix it.?
Hair advice about foils and dyed hair?
how do yu control dry and frizzy hair?
Wanting to dye hair red?!?!?
need help choosing a hairstyle?
My hair is fried, I hate my hair color, what do I do?
I just bleached my hair and I need a blond hair color that will get rid of the yellow with minimal damage.?
Ashley Tisdale Haircut?
What Color Of Hair Would I Look Good With?
does castor oil helps to stimulate facial hair?
Questions on at home hair bleaching?
Quick Ten points how can i stop my hair getting oily so quickly i have to was it every day?
Do you prefer girls to have long or short hair?
dying hair... what color though (pictures)?
Wanting to dye my hair a shade or two darker?
Do Girls Like Guys With Long Hair? W/ Pics! (Fixed LinkS)?
what can you put on micro braid wavy hair to make it shiny and extra wavy.?
I need some hair options?
How to get semi-permanent teal hair color out of hair?
I have a bald spot and i am a 13 year old girl! And you have an answer to this then could you please explain !
hair help please! :)?
What color will bleach hair dye turn black hair?
does girl like there guyz to be hairy or fully waxed?
is my hair too short??
What should i do with my hair (pic included)?
is it true that hair straighteners.................?
Do you have to wait inbetween dying your hair?
Which is the best pitch/jet black permanent hair dye?
What do I do with my half-straight half curly hair?
What are some cute brunette girl names?
how do i get black hair dye out of brown hair without bleaching it? (gradually, instant any way)?
will braiding my hair in a zillion braids make it wavy?
Would Platinum blonde hair look good on me?
I'm going to bike (bicycle) to school since Summer's coming up...what should I do to my hair?
what are the best kind of straightners?
do females have armpit hair?
does a de mi permanent hair dye going to stain the pool?
Where can I buy a tiger in London?
Hair Dying Questions?
Do I look better with short hair or long hair?
How often should I trim my hair if I am trying to grow it out?
grow hair in a week!?
Bangs with glasses Yes or No?
Have you ever tried one of Toni Brattin hairpieces?
How can i get my hair to grow faster?
How long does your hair have to be to get feed-in braids?
I want to strip the colour out of my hair so I can redye it?
How do I curl my poker straight hair? it needs to stay in all day.?
How do you make ur hair perfectly curly?
how can I lengthen my hair without drying and damaging it with heat of hair dryers?
how would this hairstyle look?
How can you die a streak of your hair without bleaching it?
my hair keeps falling out and it is turning gray and im not even 30?
would i suit blonde haaaaair? please help (pics inside)?
Shaving tips?
What your favorite hair style?
Opinions on girls with short hair?
Which colours better.? Urgenttt.?
how much does a hair relaxer cost?
What's the best heat protectant?
How do I make my hair look thicker ?
I need to make my hair soft. Can anyone help?
How can I relax my hair without damaging them?
What color should I dye my hair?
How long until redye hair?
Dandruff..dandruff..dandruff Please Suggest Me?
does shaving make your hair grow back thicker?
What shampoo and hair spray can I use to stop my color treated hair from oxidizing in the Florida sun?
how to get rid of dandruff?
Why Bother Growing Hair Out When You Can Just Get Extensions?!!? Stupid?
would it be okay if i started to shave my arms?
I have olive skin & hazeal eyes should i color my hair blonde?
Should I go lighter or darker with my hair (pics)?
Do you like my hair curly or straight better?
how to do hair for cheer?
How to go dark reddish brown to light golden brown?
Any advice for bleaching and dying hair?
How can I grow my hair out FASt while using a straightener?
Do you prefer me brunette or blonde? Photos?
sleek straight hair or french kiss-me curls...? i cant decide, help! guys?
what do YOU think of red hair?
Does putting too much hair gel in the hair have any health risks?
Guys, What Do You Think About Girs With Short Hair?
I got my highlights done and they are orange...?
Would a front fringe suit me?
do you have split ends???
are sidebangs good for me?
Hey. I'm 13 years old . I need new hairstyles! I wear my hair down almost everyday. It's also very thin. HELP!
would you shave your head bald for a 100 billion dollars?
Im a girl and if i shave my head......?
Help with Dip-Dye hair colors?
Would Emma Watson's Hair Color Suit Me?
hair straighteners for asian hair? best brand?
Hairstyles in the 60s or 70s?
How can I grow my hair longer and faster?
I'm 16 and have hair on the top of my feet?
Buzzcut help?
Ahh! I dyed my hair blonde but instead it went yellow. What do I do?
is it fine if i cut my own hair instead of going to a hairdresser?
hi i care about how i look and im a guy?
Do you think that I should have cut my hair?
If i stop wearing at hat, will i stop losing hair?
hair color....what color ?
What braid style is this?
How do I get rid of the grease that appears 20 minutes after showering?
What`s the best way to keep Ur bangs out Ur face when Ur growing them out?
Relaxed my hair today but need to do my hair next week and my hairstyle involves dyeing.?
What do you think about this men's hairstyle?
How to make hair less puffy?
How do you get hair to grow faster?
Easy hairstyles for school?
What color highlights should i get?
Is it true that when you shave the area that u shave grows back faster?
Wanna cut my hair... Any free websites to get ideas (with photos) of fashionable cuts?
Is my hair color washing out?
Would there be a problem if I use henna on my hair, after I dye it with chemical dyes?
how do you get your hair curly without using a curler?
Got a curly perm...(regret it) and want to transition back to natural hair please help???!!!?
Did i look better with long hair? :'(?
I am desperate for a new hair style. Help please? x x?
do you think their is such thing as a dumb blonde?
women: how much do you spend on hair care each month?
Which hair color looks best on me? pics?
Girl facial hair? Normal?
Humid Hair!!!!! HELP?
I need help on how to get this hairstyle!!!!s and 5 stars?
Why is it that when I use *hair conditioner* my hair becomes dull and when I don't it is bouncy & tangle-free
What are different ways i can style my hair when having my bangs cut like this ? (pics included)?
Hair cut ideas.....?!?
Interested in new hair straightner?
Poll:- Favourite Hair Colour ?
How to Wash Dreadlocks?
Why does my hair smell bad?
How to let the hair dye grow out?
how can i keep my hair in good condition?
Why wont my hair grow?
How can I shave my 3 month old hair?
do i look better with curly or straight hair? my hair is naturally curly fyi?
Which parting looks better on me?
I have blonde hair. Do you think I should die it brown or stay blonde?
Im growing my hair? Want to keep it healthy?
нєℓρ! ι нανє αℓσт σƒ ѕρσтѕ! 10 ρтѕ 2 вєѕт αηѕωєя!!?
Help with hair dye product?? :)?
how to make your own bleach?
Bangs or no bangs? Cut or no cut? Hair help?
Hello everybody! i need your help my snake hurt its leg.?
how do you write a grant proposal?
i've always been told that you do you tip the owner of the hair/nail establishment, is this true?
good not to wash your hair?
what is ythe best staightener i can get form a salon for long, thick. wavy it affordable?
Hair trade extensions?
Would my hair look good... (pic inside)?
Is there any shampoo for boys in the world?
Does brazilian blow dry really work?
Question for hairstylist's?
What does it mean if you have hair on your breasts?
i have reali curly hair, i av ghd's but they dont keep my hair straight.what are the best straighteners? x?
Short Hair???
Koolaid dye in my hair?
Do you think my hair looks good like this?
I just recently started using professional shampoos, like Matrix?
What hair styles can i do?
What is "hair with body"?
Does straight or wavy hair look better? (pictures)?
Short hairstyles for a 16 year old boy?
would i look good in bangs??
Humid Hair!!!!! HELP?
What color looks best?
need help with dreadlocks?
WHat hair color is this?
what do u put in ur hair before flat ironing it?
help with 4 year olds hair?
is it okay to bleach hair with household bleach?
Hair problem: is it possible to be parted in 3 sides?
How much will salon charge to make my hair platinum?
Is there a salon in the Philadelphia area that does Brazilian Blowouts for black women?
Do u believe in god?I do.And I luv it so tell me do u?
how can i make my hair grow quicker and faster?
Question for teenage girls...?
To Dry or not to Dry?
Where can I buy some Wildroot Cream for hair?
What's the difference between cheaper hair straighteners vs. those expensive ones?
Can hair, grow even though there is split ends in it?
Do i look better with side apart hair or middle ? :D?
Best Shampoo/Conditioner for oily hair?
How do you get your hair to grow? faster?
does N*E*1 have a good website that i can get some pics of designs for my 8th grade graduation 4 black people?
any idea of what style hair will suite me?
I need Help!!?
do you think this hairstyle would work on me (pics included)?
What Kinda Haircut Should I Get? Its Really Important! Please Help?
how do you get BLUE dye out of your hair? QUICK?
girls do you like men who spike their hair without gel?
Best thing for greasy hair?
Is it good to wash your hair everyother day or more?
Is long hair hard to take care of?
HELPPPPPP!! s best answer!?
which fringe do i look better with??/ pictures are included... ?
Straight across bangs or no bangs?
why do i keep getting split ends?
how can i make my hair grow faster?
why can you not dye your hair after you put henna on it? please answer quickly?
Long hair or short hair better?
what color should my hair be?
how should i get my hair done b 4 school?
What hair die would be similar to this?
Any female here had her hair cut really short at a barber shop, what was it like, would you suggest it others?
What hairstyle?
I just dyed my hair and i HATE it! please help! ?
Have you ever complained about a haircut?
Can I pull off a pixie cut?
Is it bad to wash my hair everyday?
i need your advice, girls.....?
Aside from black what else other hair color will look good for asian?
how do you put up your own hair when wearing a wig?
Where to get weave done in the Bronx, Harlem, or Manhattan? For around $60-$80.?
Does anyone know how long men wore their sideburns in 1970?
why is blonde hair with tan skin so ugly...?
answer this..................................??…
What is the best Hair Straightner Overall (easy 2 points)
Bald spots after suave keratin infusion shampoo?
ohkay so i have really straight hairr. but i want something like this.. pic inside!?
my hair is thin and i want to make it thick again...what should i do?
Get 10 points to answer this question?
which is the better shampoo?
Is it bad to wash my hair without conditioner?
poll:whats the coolest hair color AND why?
Dose moose help your hair curl?
Blonde or Brunette, It doesn't matter to me.?!?
How do you cut an uptown fade?
is hemp conditioner grease good for afro's??
Hair washing questions!?
Should i get a japanese or Brazilian straightening treatment?
I need a way to make my hair longer.?
do i look worse with long hair?
are black hair considered brunettes?
What will people think - now I have a Nike Tick in my hair?
What are good hairstyles 4 ppl with a Tyra Banks 4head?
i finally convinced my mom to let me dye my hair blonde, but my hairdresser refuses to do it?
Hair colour would suit me? Am I a cool or warm?
How do I grow my hair REALLY fast?:\?
What do you think of this hairstyle? Opinion's?
what can i do with my hair [photo included]?
Having some hair color problems?
how do i fix it?
girls only!i need ur help?
Is it ok to wash my hair every day?
Would any one date a girl with strawberry blonde hair?
Hair question ??? What age.............?
My 11yo daughter has very thin, long hair. It keeps tangling, it's awful. She doesn't want to cut it short!
i need some self esteem. help me?
How should I do my hair? (Braid)?
Which bangs should I get? *PICS*?
How can I get my hair back to how it was?
How to get silky and smooth hair for MEN?
Hair Color Suggestions?
how to persade your parent to let you die your hair?
Layered hair for an updo?
Is it bad to straighten your hair everyday?
Contemplating growing hair out - need opinions (girls only - pics included)
Should I cut my hair?
What color hair do you find to be sexier?
What do you HONESTLY think of my hair? [pics]?
Is washing your hair everyday bad?
What do guys like better curly or straight hair?
how hot do ghd hair straighners get?
Does anyone know where to buy cordless hair straighteners?
Which straightening iron will make my hair look like this? (PICS INCLUDED)?
any Good hair straightening cream?
how come i have white hairs?
Best hair color (over the counter) for gray coverage?
Some questions about hair glazing?
Should I curl my hair for school pics?
What can i eat to make my hair grow longer?
How to make your hair white / platinum blonde with home hair dyes ?
im sick of my hair ...what to do??serious help!!?
Girls, what hairstyle do you like the best on guys?
What is a good conditioning treatment for ethnic hair. my hair is dry and shedding?
What hair color would fit me? (Picture)?
Blonde issues. -.- Please help?
how do u "bump" up your hair?
quite embarrassing question>>>>>?
What is the rarest hair color?
What would you do?
what is a way to get your hair straight without using a flat iron?
10point! which name sounds posh for a blonde hair boy?
What should i do with my hair?
What do you think about short hair on girls?
Getting a short hair cut! Help!?
Hair Dilemma!?
What color highlights should I put on my hair?
if i shave my arms?
Going to dye my hair blue and I have powder lightener what volume should I use to make it blonde?
Blue or Red?
i have Marianna's Cream Peroxide Developer, what else do i need to bleach my hair?
What do you think of this hairstyle? -Easy 10 Points-?
how do i get my hair like this?
What color is your hair???? Mine is black with some brown in it....?
Ladies,Hairdressers, Please Help me.?
Would I look good with black hair?
Does anyone what color nicole richies hair is??
Good hair styles for school (brown, think hair, little past should length)?
my entire body is covered in hair???HELP!!?
what is the best natural conditioner for my curly frizzy hair?
12 years old, want to cut hair by myself?
If a dude, age 17, has curly hair, how long is he allowed to grow it without looking slightly stupid?
boys and girls-- do u think this haircut will suit me?? ^10^?
long blonde hair hairstyle pictures???
will a malibu treatment help you pass a hair folicle test?
To cut my hair or not to? If so, what style?
What shampoo is the best?
How long will it take to grow my hair to somewhere around my back?
How can I make my blonde NATURALLY lighter?
How long will it take for my hair to grow back after I shaved my head completely bald? ?
I just got a Revlon Straightner and it doesn't have gold plates, but it says it has ceramics.?
Im after a rough looking hair style what would suit me best?
What ethnicity do I look?? Crazy hair?
My Hair is so dry do anyone know a good shampoo?
How do your make your hair grow longer and faster?
what color should I dye my hair
Is this a good hairstyle for me ???( Pics included)?
going to a new school what hair style should i have?
how can i repair my split, dry ends?
chocolate brown hair color...yay or nay?
How to Grow hair on a Bald Spot?
How do u flat iron your hair?
i have very dry hair..what can i do to make it look more soft n shinny?
What haircut did Justin Timberlake have in the 90s?
hair problems.........?
help me get a good haircut?
light bangs,and side bangs help?
Weathered weave?
How to make homemade hair rollers!? Help Please!?
Any hair styles for straight, medium-long hair?
How to get healthy hair?
Poll : Does blonde hair look good with tanned people ?
Where can i get this from...?
what hair style suits me better?
very very thick, dry, straight hair.?
Any good Hair styles with extensions?
how should i get my hair done?
which brand of hair dye?
test test test?
How long can you leave directions hair dye on?
Coconut oil for hair?
Questions about Keratin treatment?
Accidently sprayed nail enmal in my hair?
How can I get my hair like this?
How to achieve this hairstyle?
why girl like to keep long hair?
Best hair color for teenage guy, 16 years old.?
Can anyone give me some good advice on how to cut your own hair?
how should I style my hair?
I want to dye my hair white?
Would black hair suit me?
How to re-twist my dreads?
Is it okay to wear a wig if it gives me confidence (used to be suicidal)?
How to make my curly hair look nice in a hat?
how to do traditional rags on my daughters hair?
Going back to blonde?
Hair style to suit for oval shaped?
Where can I get a decent haircut in Holland, Michigan?
How much time does it take you to grow a few inches of hair?
whats your natural hair color?
how long should your hair be before you start dread locks ?
What would Mayo do to my hair?
How many times a week should you vacuum?
What colour should i dye my hair? ?
How can i get my hair like this?
do i suit my hair and its cut?
what are "bangs"?
i need a curling iron?
Is a bob cut unfeminine and unattractive?
is it normal to loose a hundred stands of hair a day?
How to get this hairstyle? plz help 10 points?
How much do haiR extensions?
What do you think of this hair color?
how often should a girl wash her hair?
Should I have curly hair or straight hair?
How do i make my hair longer?
Do i look better as a blonde or brunette?
how do u make hair grow longer?
Could I use a blond hair dye as an alternative to bleach?
how can i style my hair?
Jet black extensions ??? Help !?
My friends wants to cut all her hair off?
How much do highlights usually cost? (uk)?
How do you remove facial hair?
HAIR HELP! wondering if anyone could help me out?
The best hair line for curly & straight hair?
My hair is frizzy everywhere what can i use?
will people make fun of me if i dye my hair red?
Does my hair look better straight or curly?
What are some ways to get your hair from straight to curly?
Elchim 2001 vs. T3 Bespoke Featherweight hair dryers?
I'm trying to dye my hair a wine red without bleaching it?
What is the latest "trendy" hairstyle/haircut for Fall/Winter 2006? Especially for round faces.?
i find flakes all over the scalp of my head. how do i remove them and prevent their return?
What hair spray or gel could I use to help my curls?
are jhon freida proudcts good??
Hair Trends - rebonding straight or sexy curls?
How should I have my hair done for semi formal?
do you think it is too hot to have your hair down ?
Why do people hate straight hair?
what are some original hairstyles?
Do you think I would look better with or without bangs?
how can i.............?
Got a game on friday and cant decide how to do my hair?
Questions about wen hair care system?
what can i do to make my hair silky?
I have been blonde for two years. Should I go back to my natural brunette hair? Just yes or no!!!?
How do you feel about your hair?
Help with Hair cut (Pics included:])!?
Do I look better with lighter or darker hair?
Big Hair?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
should i dip dye my hair??? (10 points)?
What haircut would my face suit?
How do i get my hair like this?
What hair conditioner is similar to Pantene but cheaper?
would i look good with this hair cut?
Is it better to wash your hair the day you curl it or the day before?
Hair dandruff question?
Can I fix burgundy hair?
is it bad to iron your hair at the age of 13?
Does anyone know of a home made hair mask that helps my hair grow faster?
If you color your hair with crayola marker, will it make your hair fall out?
How to do a hairbow for curly short hair?
What is a good hair product to use when curling your hair?
Should guys have long or short hair?
eighth grade graduation tommorrow,NEED HAIRSTYLE IDEAS?
I have extremely frizzy hair, help!?
i am not a rich person but can i growth without falling hair.plz tell me prapare advice?
PLS give me some information?
how keep hair straight!?
How do you use tony and guy texture paste?
Should I dye my eyebrows?
Do you like this hairstyle ?[PICS]?
Should I use Rusk Elimin8 to remove color from my hair?
how do i make my hair flat as paper?
I had straight hair and also of a sudden when I become a teenager my hair turned curly. What's up with that?
Is this hairstyle too eccentric?
what should i do w/ my hair on the 1st day of school???
How can I easily style my HAIR when I don't wash them?
Would this hairstyle suit me ? Pics included =]?
What to use for my hair??Picture?
Just curious when you are taking a shower, and your shampoo/conditioner is all gone, do you ever add water?
I have fine hair but would like to curl it any advise on how to make the curls last?
what can I do?
Is there a way to get rid of black hair dye?
do other people like being ginger?
Is it necessary to shave hairs around the ***??????????????
which haircut would you suggest?
Is it safe to put hair lightener in my dyed hair?
what do u need to get long and beautiful hair?
does anybody knows where i can buy?
I Have a problem with My Hair?
What makes hair grow faster?
Can anyone help me find a good treatment for my dry hair?
What type of bangs should I get? Bunch of pictures..?
HELP ive just dyed my eyebrows black and i look like groucho marks, What can i do????
Why won't a sock bun work in my hair?
Do women prefer men to have long hair or short hair?
how old do you think I look? (before and after)?
What are some different ways to style an almost shoulder-length bob?
my hair is thin and it looks bad i think its because i have dark hair and have bleached it out a lot?
How do you get your hair to grow long, fast? ?
Holes(split ends) on ends of hair?
help on going blond ? :]?
I have a NY cosmetologoy license can I transfer to a Florida license?
how do i tame my pubic hairs?
Maintaining colored treated relaxed hair?
Why do I have really thin hair?
Do any of You Know about this dye?? (easy question)?
What Should I Do With My Hair??
How often should I wash my hair?
How do i get my (dyed) hair color to fade?
whats your favorite hair color?
Does My Hair Look Really Strange To You [Pictures]?
My hair is soooooo thin!!!! I need a hair cut!!?
would I look better with short, medium, or long hair? (pics included) plz answer!!?
Threading Good or bad?
i need straight hair ??? anyone help??
what color should I dye my hair? (pictures included)?
Can I put developer in my bleach and color?
What should I do with my hair?
Whats the best place/website to get hair extensions.?
what is tha best way 2 get gum oout of ur hair?
which hair color do you think looks best ?
i have frizzy medium sized hair and its not thick at all. its shorter than zack afrons. any cool hairstyles?
how do i denap ma weave?
places to buy in texas the Merkur Moustache Eye Brow Razor?
My short hair is cut in choppy layers with long bangs, I want some fat curls..How do I do it??
Is is better to take a shower at night or in the morning?
how should I dye my hair for my 18th party blue,green or purple?
Ladies with natural, kinky hair satisfied with shampoo & blowdry or press n curl at a WALMART salon?
What do I do with 1 grey hair?
Hair coloring question !?
Marijuana ..............?
Should I get my hair cut like this? [Picture of me and haircut I want]?
good way to treat hair?
What's a good hairspray for men?
do i need a haircut because i think it is to long?
Girls: How long do you spend styling your hair each day on average?
I've heard that horse shampoo and conditioner can be really good for your hair, is this true???
What's Yours FAVORITE HAIR Products?
what will make your hair grow long?
Straight hair...curls?
For shoulder length and longer hair, what brand of shampoo/conditioner do you use and why?
Im a guy and How should i do my hair?!?
How can i make my hair more longer and healthier?
How do I get hair like this personn?
what colour shall i dye my hair?
How do I take care of cornrows with weave added; when I excerise religiously and sweat as well. ?
who finds puffy hair attractive on girls?
OK, all you curly haired people, I need help. Please give me tips on what products really work to tame frizz?
how can I make my hair staight without straightening it?
what color eyes do you have?
how to style ? this stupid hair !?
My African hair is breaking what should I do?
what color hair does this person have?
whats a cute way to make a ponytail?
How should I get my hair cut? (or not)?
Is there a way I can straighten my hair without heat?
Keratin hair straightening lasted 2 days!!!!!!!?
hair scrunching! help please :]?
how can i get rid of those little pieces that always stick up in braids?
Can I go red or auburn? (with photo!)?
I Want To Die My Hair. Should I? Help Please!!!?
Why do most old people dye/paint their hair?
Is it possible to dye hair with blue Mio?
What color should I dye my hair? (Picture included)?
Should i curler my hair or straighten it?
Does water based permanent dye work?
should i keep the bangs?
I'm having hair trouble ! D:?
Can electrolysis thin facial hair on men?
What Hair Style Would I look Good In?
how to avoid splittings in hair?
Terrible Haircut! (PLEASE HELP!)?
what color hair should i have?
whats the voltage for the hair straightener : Vidal Sassoon VSST2504 Conair?
what color should i dye my hair?
how to get this look?
flat irons!! hair straighteners?
Question about men's hairstyle?
Can I use more developer (6%) than hair dye to get α more lighter color?
How do I grow my hair very quickly?
how to get rid of Dandruff???????????????????
whats your favorite hair style for a guy ?
Recommend layers?
new hairstyle? help meh!?
Frizzy hair....?
What shade of blonde would look best? ( Pic Included)?
plz suggest a good shampoo, conditioner to smooth out frizzy broken hair?
Why is my hair falling out?
Do guys like girls who wear their hair down or up?
can i use olive oil as a hair oil ?
Am I able to go to a hairdressers without knowing what I want?
hello, i want to grow dreadlocks, i shaved my head yesterday as starting from scratch?
would you like to rub my head?
How is a cute way to wear my hair but keep it out of my face???
should i re-dye my hair red (theres pictures)?
my hair used to be blonde but it turned brown. does anyone know any ways to get it blonde again?
How do i get really curly hair?
Is there any way to perminantly streighten hair, or straiten it without using a hot iron??
Why are my eyelashes thinning ?
I want to get this hairstyle but...?
Does mane n tail make your hair grow faster?
Help with my hair:( please?
i was dreaming that i was brushing my hair and nothing but lice n big bugs were coming out and i was crying an?
how do you remove gum from hair?
Why should girls brush their hair?
what are some good hair products for short natural hair?
Blondes or Brunettes ?
How do I start to grow my Hair?
How often should you watch your hair ?
what hair color will suit me?
How fast does hair grow? I need a specific answer...?
Questions about Keratin treatment?
How do you know what shape of face you have?
Garnier Nutrisse, Intense Reds? Do they fade?
What should i do with my hair for a reasonable price thats good?
I want to dye my hair black?
I have really thick and long hair and I need help with ideas on how to put it up for sports.?
How to get rid of body waves.?
How to have permission for a haircut?!?
i want to get highlights(pics included!!)?
Whats jillian rose reeds hair color .s best answer(:?
I have brown hair at the moment but i want to dye it, here are some photos n tell me what u think?
My hair is really dry and frizzy. Any ideas for some hair products to help?
Should I go dark chocolate brown or dark red?
Help with my HAIR!! D: (pictures :D )?
Hair color ideas? 10 points best answer!!?
What are they going to do to my afro textured hair?
Any products that helpl the growth of hair?
Girls i have medium blonde hair should i get highlights or streaks?? If so what color?
Hair, cleaning product bleach?
What shampoo is better Suave or Pantene?
Messy bun for straight hair?
I am 22 year old boy. I am having problem of hair loss.?
How do i treat my frizzie hair?!?
Does putting lemon in your hair then using heat instead of sun work for lightening the color?
Do you have curly hair?
I dyed my hair black, but I dont like it - how do I dye it back to dark blonde w/o damaging it too bad?
Fair skin, blue eyes. What hair colour?
I have curly, dry and very hard hair. How can i get silky and soft hair and how can i get healthy long hair?
Do blonde's or brunettes have more fun?
i have long hair, and its curly but i want a really short hairstyle that's good for summer. any help?
Is blow drying your hair better than just waiting for it to dry naturally?
which hairstyle??(pics)?
which tablets do people recommend from holland and barrats (hair)?
do you have split ends???
How can I get my hair to grow faster?
Does my hair look bad now?! *PICS*?
HAir cut ?!! size??
hair cut ?
besides head & shoulders how do i get rid of dandruff!?
how can i get my hair back to blonde now ive dyed it red.?
My bangs haven't grown out and it's been 8 months. What can I do?
Does anyone have a Jheri Curl?
I've put highlites in my hair and waited to relax it a month now I have bad breakage in the back. What to do ?
what are the differences between hair relaxing & re bonding?
I'm black with thick hair how do I make it straight like black celebrities.?
why do we have bad hair days?
10 point if u want!just answer dis, im not kidding..<3?
Does mane 'n tail?
How do I straighten my hair without a hair straightener?
What should I do with my hair (pic)?
im considering a new haircut,a buzz cut has been sugested my hair is like my a buzz worth a go?
blonde highlights?!?!?!
Should i dye my hair blonde?
Whats your favorite Hair Straightening Iron? ?
Why wont my mom let me semi dye my hair?
What is this hairstyle called?
i dyed my hair lightest ash blonde?
can you sleep with your hair scrunched with junk in it?
for bleached-blonde highlights for black hair, can you bleach it THEN put blonde dye?
Mexican hair styles?
How long should i wait to re-dye my hair?
what shampoos do u guys use?
UK only: What do you think is the best hair thickner on the market?
Best Hair Straigheners?
Nubian twist question?
how to keep my hair straight!!?
Poll: what looks better on a guy short or long hair?
can hair dye damage my hair?
why does the conditioner always run out before the shampoo?
How should i get my hair cut?
Is hair color safe for a 22 year old?
Shampoo / conditioner question?
is long hair on guys still cool?
Can anyone help me choose a scene haircut please?
i need a new hairstyle?
what are some good "scene" haircuts?
Which Hairstyle looks better? (^; (Pics)?
Hair/Makeup and shoes advice?
What do you do to take care of your hair on a regular basis?
What do you think of this hairstyle?
How do I grow my hair very quickly?
girls help I need a body bleach for thick dark hairs around and under belly button?
Should I get bangs, what do you think? Pics Included!?
What do you think of this hairstyle?
Do you think blonde hair will suit me?
I want to be a hairdresser is that odd?
I have straight hair, i reeeaally want it curly! help 10 points!!!?
What type of hairdo is best with a strapless gown?
How to dye my hair like this?
Which hair cut is more cute- curly or straight?
When is it time for a highlight touch-up?
how do i get hair like patrick j adams (the guy from suits)?
What is the best hair straightener or flat iron?
is there anything better than gel?
I need help with a good haircut pic?
is pantene shampoo better than dove? i need to know or are they both bad?
dry, rough, looks dirty hair?
What are your thoughts about permanently straighting hair?
Should I wax or pluck my eyebrows?
how much are hair extensions at jcola hair salon?