How to do weeping angel hair?
Which haircut do you like better?
If I cut my hair this short, will I be able to put it in a ponytail?
If I bleach my hair just once, will all of it fall off?
what your Favorite hairstyle on a lad?
how to make my hair look emo?
How can I do the "gunshot wound" hair spikes properly?
are there anything else that is more unhealthy to the hair besides highlights and dyes and stuff like that?
how can i get hair like this?
Thinning hair.. please please please help?
does nat wollf have underarm hair?
Does oiling the hair anyway help in preventing hairloss?
how do you know if your hair is overprocessed?
NEED A HAIRSTYLE NOW!!!! HELP!! =/!!! Best answer 10 points!! :D?
Options other than Brazilian wax?
which hairstyle looks better?
Cutting my own hair emo style??! ASDFJKL;!?
Damaged HAIR! need a treatment?
guys, is red hair hot? or ugly?
10 POINTS! Im naturally blonde, how should i color my hair?
is it true if u put lemon in ur hair itll be a lighter color?
What should i do for my Math Project(: HelpMehhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!(: (please]?
does any other female suffer from facial hair?help?
HOW do i get my hair like this? (scene)?
Should I get this, rember im 13.....but i have the moneyy..?
Is it normal for a guy to shave?
how to deal with naturally frizzy hair :(?
Can I thin my hair this much?
Would this hair look good on me?
Should I wash my hair everyday?
What hairstyle would suit me?
How do I remove my face hair?
I have hair on my stomach,chest and boobs and i am a girl?
why do men get bald with a strip of hair on side why does it not happen to women?
does lemon in your hair exposed to sun really give you highlights?
How do you make straight fine hair wavy?
hair color question! please respond asap?
can boys dye the hair an what is the best color for strawberry red?
Best Hair Colour.......?
What is the best way to prevent razor burn around the upper/inner thigh and the back of the thigh & rear end?
What is the darkest hair dye from...?
I need help on how to get longer hair faster...?
Why Shouldn't You Comb Wet Hair?
I'm oriental and have a long hair i want to get it cut but i don't know what kind
What to do? ill answer yours!?
How to make my deep auburn hair pop. and also be silky and smooth?
I have super fine and straight hair. What type of extension would work the best for my hairtype?
Best shampoos for dandruff scalp and static hair?
does anyone know any females with a piggy or very turned up shaped nose?
WHat haircut?
Does my hair look better curly or straight?
Does anybody Else's hair get really frizzy after you get out of the shower and air dry it?
I have super thick, long wavy hair. how should get it cut?
Which is product is better?
What does alcohol do to hair?
What hairstyle would suit me best?
what are bangs??????????????????????
Which haircolor is prettier to you?
tried to dye my hair from red back to blonde. now its orange please help!!!!!?
how to speed up hair growth?
How do you stabilize hair's porosity?
I want my fringe like this. But how do i describe it to the hairdresser?
my hair is loosing what i do ?
Hair styling ideas please!?
Head Lice how do i get rid?
How do you dye your hair with kool-aid?
what looks better curl's or straight pic?
hair smell?
My hair is so long and thick and I cant do anything with it!?
Dying bang highlights from orange to burgundy?
what type of shampoo will make my hair grow?
Question on cut throat razor.?
miley cyrus can't be tamed hair feathers!!!!!! Please help?
Curly hair pixie cut, be honest!?
What hair styles are cute for school?
Does anyone know of an extremely well working hair straightener?
Help me with my hair?
What hair cut would suit me?
Can you use home hair colouring kits over and over again?
How should I get my hair cut?
can i bleach my hair after i dyed it?
Hair advice(guy) w/ images?
Has any one heard of perfect desserts hair oil spray?
Does anyone know where I can order online Urban Beauty Hair Weave?
hairstyles for my face.. grr help!?
What are some ways to grow hair faster and healthy?
Have i lost the nutrition in my hair from not eating?
Is legit with their hair extensions?
I need a home treatment for dry tangled hair, got any?
i've got wavy hair, is there away to make it straight?
how do you make your hair look like a greasers?
how to make my hair connect with my beard?
How should I cut my hair? help!!! all ideas pleasee
How to make your hair grow long?
what do u think about blue streaks?
how to get hair dye out of you hair?
What can be used on oily hair to clean it?
i want to dye my hair.. again guy?
what are some responses to say when people say u have no hair.?
If you dyed your hair from natural blonde to red, which color do you tell people you have, past blonde/now red
I have grey hair at 27. Should I dye or wait?
Need Help With Nappy Hair?
What's the best hair products?
Im going to a wedding and i have a one shoulder dress, how should i have my hair?
Tricks to Keeping Your Hair Straight?
Sunlight damage prevention for hair?
How to do a hot oil treatment ?!?!?
what is a good hair style for a square face?
Best hair color for me?
What are good products to improve hair growth?
Question About Color?
How can u straiten ur hair without getting split ends??!!! plzzzzz help!!?
Would this hairstyle take alot of work?
Would diluting coral or hot pink make a better baby pink?
What color should I dye my hair (Pics)?
whats the fastest way to make hair grow bak?
Which semi permanent or demi permanent hair dye is best?
why r ppl jelous of my rich attiute and blonde hair??help!!?
How soon can you condition your hair after getting a perm?
where can i get a trim?
how can I make my hair look messy?
do you think im attractive??
Do I look better with curly hair or straight hair ?
Why has my scalp changed colour?
if i have really bad dandraugh how do i get rid of it?
what the best treatment, shampon and conditioner for damaged hair?
Suggest a haircut (short if any) Pics included?
if theres any red marks on my head right after i shaved it does it just mean my skins irritated?
Does my hair looks pretttyyy...*wink winks*?
how do you make grosgrain ribon curl? (Like for hair bows)?
Picture of a hairstyle that I have trouble achieving!!?
How do I change my hair?
whats the reason for scalp itchness?
Can i re-dye my hair or not?
what brand name of hair weave does tyra banks use?
Need help with this hairstyle.?
Can Aussie shampoo and conditioner make a black girls hair silky?
I shaved my head again and my mom is mad. What do I do?
POLL: What is your first reaction when you see someone with natural red hair?
I need help with a new hairstyle?
best ever hair style?
how to overcome this dry hair problem??? i hate to see my hair like this... can u send me a good advise pls???
Is there any reason to why a teenage boy's beard grows in patchy?
Is apple cider vinegar bad to leave overnight?
How can I color my hair silver?
what is a good electric razor or shaver for male(little to mild hair) for mouth and chin area?
curly or straight??????????????
Should I cut my hair?
how to stop your scalp from itching?
What is your opinion on the mullet hair cut?
What color should i kool-aid dye my hair?
what is the best aerosol hairspray for BIG scene hair?
should i go a bit blonder?
What should I do with my hair?
How to get hair out of a brush or comb.?
What hairstyle would best suit me?
How do I get this hairstyle...?
should i put some brown hilights in my hair?
i need some self esteem. help me?
Please help!?
why did all the black people at my school hate my hairstyle while all the white people loved it?
how do I keep my hair from nasty curls?
please help with hair!?
Professsional Hairdressers only...?
what does a hair pick do?
Which is a good make for a straightner other than Chi?
Hair up or down? [photos]?
My hair is straight but its frizzy what can i do to lose the frizz?
I Want to cut it all off!!!?
Good hair spray / products to protect against sun?
How to dry hair with no heat?? no damage?
what hair style is the most popular to wear to skool?
Should i die my hair?
What age is too old to wear your hair in pigtails?
how can i not go bald in the future or make my hair line go back?
whats a good cut for this summer?
How can I make my hair less frizzy?
Is there any advantage to trimming my hair before or after I dye it?
HAIRCUT HELP!!!!!! Please!!! Easy 10 points! (pics included)?
why would britney spears shave her head bald?
Should I cut my hair like this? I need some opinions, PICS?
What is "hair with body"?
quick question please?
what is your natural hair color and is your hair long or short now ?
Leave in Conditioner as Heat Protection?
Does anyone here also think that pigtails are sexy?
How can I keep my hair from frizzing and curling in the rain?
Would this hair colour suit me ? thanx?
GUYS: What type of hair do you like on girls?
what is difference between rebonding & straightening?
Do you think brown hair would work on me?
How do i get a curly afro?
i have not showered in a week what shoultd i do?
could i pull off the shaved head look? pics inside?
I dyed purple underneath my hair can i still work at mcdonalds?
What is the best conditioner?
Help, with my hair?:D?
Haircuts for face shapes?
demi permanent hair dyes?
GreenHouse Effect for your hair ?
Would you consider her hair long?
how can i trim my hair decently?
what do you tip a barber?
How to get my hair taller ?
Is it normal for my hair to be turning blond even though I'm 20?
would i look good with blonde hair?
frizzy haired people, what shampoo do you use and how does it work?
What haircut do I ask for if I want hair like this?
How to change hair from red to purple?
What works for african permed very dry hair?
Is it true that if you dye your hair too much it will turn gray?
Could I pull off red hair?!? (pics!)?
how many times can I dye/bleach my hair in 8 months?
Blonde, Brunette or Red?
Still cant find the name?
How do I make my hair grow fast?
16 year old female - hair loss?
Has anyone bought "Secrets To Growing Black Hair Long"?
hair question .... does putting your hair up make it shorter ?
question for the ladies?
Can someone help me find pictures similar to the haircut I want?
Im a dude and i have hair down to my shoulders should i cut it off?
what is the best shampoo and conditioner?
What can you do to get the perm smell out of your hair?
how should i cut my hair?
What are some cute, non-damaging things I can do with my hair?
Home remidies for soft and strong hair?
How much should you tip when you get your hair cut and colored?
Is this woman's hair roller set?
Does my sister look better blonde or brown? (pics)?
I need hair help! FAST!?
Does being blonde make you more popular?
which hairstyle suits me?
What should i do with my hair its really dry and flakey as well as stiff?
Would I look okay with red hair? [picturess]?
Hair Straighteners For Men?
I have stick straight hair, how can I get it to have those jst got out of bed sexy waves?
where can i buy Biosilk products in DUBAI?
How much should you tip you hairdresser at Christmas?
I want to bleach my hair but..?
How much should I tip my hairdresser?
How to maintain and prevent dreadlocks from clumping at the scalp?
what is the appropiate amount to tip a hairstylist or hairdresser ?
Suggestions for new hair style? =] (pics included)?
How should I get my hair cut?
My curlformers don't return to their spiral shape...?
When you want to buy a wig, do you need to try it on first or is it enough to buy it off the web?
Doing a Hair Transplant, is it a good idea? Does it look original and does it hv any side effect, after that?
is she pretty?PICS...?
How to get hair like this?
quick and easy hairstyles?
Volumizing Hair Mousse?
Which way does my hair look best? links.?
where is the best permanent hair straightening hair salon?
Cute hairstyles for sports?
What's the best Bleach to use to bleach your hair?
Should I get a hair cut?
Do girls like long hair or short hair on guys?
Professional Hair Straighteners like Maxiglide or Instyler?
Im gonna get my hair cut but I need someones opinion on what kind. (pic of me included)?
Should I wash my hair before getting a perm?
how do i bleach my hair without dieing it?
Is fishtail braiding my hair bad for it?
question about hair...................?
I have a very short haircut it is tapered around the sides and back . I need a really good pomade for black?
Should i get my old haircut back?
What is worse for your hair? Straightning or blow drying?
How to get your hair to grow?
What hair colour should I go?
The best hair line for curly & straight hair?
Do any women find red hair on a man attractive?
Is it Normal for a 20 year old to get a brazillian wax?
Swimming lessons are really taking a toll on my 6yr old daughter's hair. What can I get/use/do to correct it?
Why do men lose their hair as they get older?
Great Clips or Supercuts?
needing hair ideas asap?
Would i suit shorter pixie hair (pictures included) ?
Guys - Do you find girls with short hair attractive?
Has anyone tried the new herbal esscences line of Dangerously Straight?
what hairstyle for prom??!!?
Where can i go in philadelphia (center city) to get a cheap hair cut?
ladies tonsuring hair?
what kind of weave did singer aaliyah mix with her hair?
What's the best Shampoo/Conditioner for damaged hair?
am i going bald?.................. pics included?
what type of hair die do u use?
Why is my hair so weird like this!!?
how to convince my mom to let me dye my hair for freshman year of high school?
What is up with my hair straightener?
i hate my hair?
Do girls prefer long hair or short hair on guys?
Would I look good with bangs?
Emo/Scene hair! I need it!?
I need a haircut, what style should I go for?
What are good ways to prevent lice??
What Are Some Good Hair Products?
Shampoo suggestions for my hair type?
How do you relax your own hair with a cream relaxer???
someone please answer this.?
Weave hair extensions hurting?
straight or curly hair?
What do you think of my ankle length hair?
Hair extensions in rockford Illinois? ?
I am 19 years and have white hair. What is dying?
QUICK! I want to go out and tan AND lighten my hair...?
What is the best way to straighten your hair without damaging it?
does my hair look better straight or scrunched?
1st off am i cute and wat should i do with my hair?
where can i get cheer hair curlers?
Do girls prefer goatees, mustaches, beards, or clean-shaven faces?
Where can i get one of those really really nice chi straiteners that are like 180 dollars?
Curly Hair?
I need a good medium hair style, please help. ?
Color Oops or Colorfix?
Is it safe to get a relaxer in my hair after i just had highlights two weeks ago?
how to fix hair dye PROBLEM!?!?!?
where can i find?
question for girls??
Professional or drugstore? please give me advice!?
I have very thin and rough hair. What should I do?
What are the instructions for using sally hansen's hair remover creme ?
I got my daughters hair cut and she looks like a boy now, what style can I give her to look more feminine?
How would this color look..?
Which haircut would be best for me?
Braid/Pigtail/or hairstyle for dance performance?
What hair color would look good on me?
How to straighten Natural Curly hair?
do those rollers which you can purchase from the dollar store etc. actually curl your hair nicely?
how often should i pluck my eyebrows?
where can i buy human raw hair in bulk?
What do you call this hairstyle?
Why are people so scared of short hair?
A few questions about extensions .?
Is it true that hair grows back 'stronger' or longer if you shave?
How can you describe this hair style to the hair stylist ( pics included ) ?
short hair?
Anyone out there have an excellent hair coloring product recommendation that covers resistant gray hair?
I have silver/white hairs at 16. How do I dye my hair white?
What hair color is this? It's a really dark brown but has red highlights in it but more brown less red?
What colour level and shade is hair in this video?
jonh frieda frizz-ease?
Does anyone know who this is?
whats really good with cha?
I want to buy big sexy hair "what a tease"...?
What should I tell my hair dresser?
Is it bad to straiten your hair everyday?
girlz plz help me!?
Easy and quick gothic or punk hairstyles?
How can I dye my hair black without damage?
How can I get my hair like this [picture]?
Best Shampoo and Conditioner for my hair (that smells nice too)?
has anyone used the burt bee's shampoo and conditioners?
question for girls with mohawks?
Which Looks Better(Pics Included)?
Please answer my hair dye allergy question?
Which hairstyle looks better on me?
What celebrity hair style would look best on me?
Does hair really grow back thicker when you shave?
Where is the best place to go to get locs in fayetteville north carolina?
Blonde or Brunette?
when coloring your hair, can you use 10 developer even though the bottle says to use 20?
Does my hair look Korean/KPOP?
how can i keep my hair out of my face while running?
I have straight hair and i want a way to make it look like its naturally curly!?
Can I leave in CHI Infra Treatment?
what to do my with hair before school!
My hair is so thick that it takes 30 minutes to 1 hour to untangle. How do i get rid of my tangles????
best remedy for dry, damaged har?
better hair colour on me? (pictures)?
What do YOU do to make your curly hair look good?
i dyed my hair black and hate it HELP????
Homecoming hairstyles??
How can I reduce the grease in my hair?
are blondes more attractive than brunettes?
I`m an African-American, I have been using Sun - In on my hair...?
Miranda Cosgrove hair color?
How can i make my hair thicker?
I want to dye my hair a ultra light natural blonde and put Black and Pink streaks in it?
how do i spike my hair??
i need my hair blonde.?
Summer is fast approaching, what do you ladies think of guys shaving their heads in the summer?
How should I cover up this bald spot?
What type of weave do you use for long box braids just asking bac use I want my box braids long?
Does my hair look better curly or straight??
if my mom says no should i dye my hair any way?
wut is the best color highlights for my hair?
Which is prettier? Straight, wavy or up?
How can i get my hair to grow really long?
ladies wig magazines tobuy wig after looking at magazine?
which shampoo is good for normal hair type? please suggest..?
How can i make my hair thicker?
How can you keep your hair pin straight and frizz free?
Why do cheerleaders wear high ponytails?
Gabrielle Anwar Burn Notice new hairstyle?
Hair extensions not matching?
how long are is your hair?
Would chalking or dip dying your hair work for medium color brown hair?
I think my edges are coming out...?
How long is this guys hair?
What is your favorite eye hair color combo?
hairr trouble! please helpp ASAP(:?
My hair is naturally straight but I wake up with it wavy/frizzy why!!!!?
What's the longest time you will allow your hair to go unwashed before washing again?
Can your hair still grow from split ends without having breakage?
Hair dyeing question.!!!!!?
which hair color should i keep?
HAIR - please help me with my hair?
guide to the healthiest hair?
How to do this braid?
Which hair style is best layered or curled?
How can I get wavy hair without using heat?
Hairstyle help? (pics)?
Does anyone know of a good hair salon in Long Island, New York?
Do you know of any salons in San Francisco that have computers to try different hair colors and styles?
Why is my hair falling?
how can i get rid of split ends and keep my hair straight?
What is teasing?
Where can I see what my hair looks like dyed?
How often should you get your hair trimmed?
Change the way hair grows in?
do u think i should cut my hair like this?
John Frieda deep cherry brown hair dye?
Does Color B4 (hair Color remover) work on dark hair?
Washing hair with two dreadlocks?
dreadlocks pllllllllllllllz hellllllllllp?
Need help growing my hair (for a boy)?
how do people get rid of lice?
How to grow you hair out faster, & what to use?
Should i self die my hair or get it done?
Dream Catchers Hair Extensions by Paris Hilton? Please help!!!?
Would I look good as a blonde? Photos available?
do i look better as a blonde or a brunette? pictures inside.?
Which hair style do you like better RYAN KWANTEN on the show Summerland or Ashley Parker Angel?
What kind of hairstyle do girls like?
What should you do to get your hair to grow back?
Dark Brown Hair. And Dark Purple Highlights. What do you think.?
Hair questions & Split ends!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
what kind of glue do you use to put tracks in?
what can i do to get more bounce and volume to my hair?
Blondes or brunettes?
How to straighten hair?
Best drugstore hair dye or highlighting kit?
how often do you wash your hair?
Does picking at ur hair cause hair loss?
do girls like guys with hair on the chest?
True or false: Coffee and hair...?
I want to know how to make my hair silky again?
i m 21 year male and am fedup of the way i look. i want a makeover.where can i get it in Delhi. please helpme
How long would it take me to grow my hair to my waist?
Hair help.. Help me out people?
How to get this hairstyle? plz help 10 points?
Why does hydrogen peroxide barely change da color of my hair?
Blonde,Brunette or Red Heads??!!?
help with curly frizzy hair?!?
have u ever died ure hair platinum blonde or close to white did it turn out good did u like it?
Wot colour hair is best on a girl? byz plz?
can i do hair out of my house in ohio or travel to peoples homes and do hair if i have my license?
HELP!! im so confused! Help me decide how to cut my hair!?
Should i cut my hair on my own?
Should i get a japanese or Brazilian straightening treatment?
Can anybody help me???
What shampoo should I use??
How to reduce the hair falling?
i have like almost medium length hair and i want really long u have any tips on how to make it long?
Is my hair medium, short, or long? WITH PICTURE!!?
I permed my hair how to remove.?
how do i get my girlfriend to stop picking my scalp ?
Help with split ends?
How old were you when...?
Do you think this is a good haircut for me?
would i look better with blonde or darrrrk brown hair?
how do i get wavy curls like this. ?
I need help with my hair PLEASE?
What's a reasonable price to pay for half head of foils?
how do i dye my hair??????? homemade dye? PLEASE HELP?
My mum won't let me highlight my hair. ?
girls do u have long hair?
hair care clinic in Delhi?
I cant keep my hair straight for longer than a few hours...?
How to keep you hair shiny and straight?
what is the best hairdryer to use?
what is your best shampoo that you have used ?
Can loose, tight wavy human hair be straightened, and if so, does hair get curly when washed again?
what scene hairstyle should i get?
should i cut my hair..........?
Houston Texas/ sugarland?
Can I dye my hair with other drink powders?
My hair is falling out/thinning and i'm only 15?!?
I dyed my hair with washout dye but dont like the colour ( honey dark blonde) , can i dye it with permanent...?
which hair style would look good on me?
Should I bleach me hair?!?
I wanna get my hair cut...any idea?
What colour do i dye my hair next...?
I am considering having hair extentsions, glued ones, will these damage my hair a lot?
+~+ How can i have a strong hair +~+?
I want to be a cosmatolgist when i grow up.?
What prenatal vitamins will help hair growth ?
cute quick updos for shoulderlength hair with sidebangs?
What hair colour would look good on me?
How long is your hair?
My hair is pretty straight and i really want it to be wavy, what could I do?
what should i stick to Curly hair with straightend bang or pin straight hair?
high lights on my hair.?
What are the goods and bads of short layers?
I am 40 can I get away with this?
What color should I dye my hair?
how do i get frizz free soft shiny hair at home?
how to keep your red hair dye longer?
Would purple and pink dip dye suit my hair colour?
how long can i keep my dreads braided w/o the loc'n up together?
My hair never stays in place?
I Need Opinions Please!?
Would this color hair look good on me?
Damaged hair not taking color very well?
What shampoo should I use on my chinese daughter??
is it ohkay to iron hair everyday?
Hair style right for me?
What better for waves, a wave cap or a du rag? Which gel is best?
What does the sugar pill in birth control contain?I hear its good to crush and put in ur hair directly.?
what is the hairstyle called that my avater image is?
If you have dandruff in your hair, can that potentially cause dandruff on the face too?
What is the best dry shampoo?
Is it okay to dye straightened hair?
what is the best product to use on curly hair or a way to do?
should I shave my....?
I need some hair help!?
how do i iron my hair with a colthing iron or should i ?
frizzy hair?
Which hair color looks better on me?
what are some cool ways to dye your hair?
help please ! picture includedd !?
will hair gel cause baldness, hair thinning, or a receding hairline?
long hair tip help!!!!?
For the Ladies.. Do you find guys with long hair attractive?
how do you manage thick hair?
How do I get my dad to let me dye my hair?!?
Is it safe to bleach my hair?
Can I Get Some Gel Help?
why does my hair between my eyebrows keep coming back?
How can I get my hair to look like this?
how hair for long and big hair?
castor oil for hair growth? which one should i use?
what do you think of this hair style?
hair dye, black to blonde?:):)?
plz help!! tips to get rid of...........?
whats a good item for removing body hair?
what do guys prefer?? straight hair or curly hair?
Should I dye my hair blonde or chocolate brown?
Can I mix hydrogen peroxide and olive oil to lighten my hair?
Please let me know, what is the website of "M & J ACADEMY,CHENNAI"?
I need ideas for a new 'do.?
what is beauty?
I shaved my head due to slightly receding hairline. My GF loves it, but do other girls?
How do you get natural highlights in your hair?
Haircutting tips for ethnic children's hair?
what would u do if...............?
Should I dye my hair back to blonde or should I dye it black?
Seriously, what makes your hair grow at it's fastest? Are there special vitamins or conditioners out there?
what is hair mascara ?
Travel size bottles. conditioner vs shampoo?
How to make my hair curl better?
Kerastase bain for thinning hair any good?
what can i do or use to make my hair grow longer or faster?
i want to grow my hair up to my shoulders but parents and teachers are not allowing me.What shd i do?
Temporary Black Hair Dye Help!!?
How do you get extremely healthy looking, glossy hair?
Which hair color looks best on me? Picture*?
Do I look better blonde or brunette? (pics included)?
Color oops and hair dye?
okay i have dark brown hair and im trying to bleach it?
Cute hairstyles for middle school?
when i straigten my hair it flips. how do i stop that?
why do women cut their hair?Is it to get noticed or to showoffs?
If we evolved from primates why don't we have hair all over?
which way should i....?
What should I do? Please help?!?
Hair Help (pics)?
Best way to lighten hair?
My Hair is all one length. How do I change it?
how do i get wavy/curly hair, like Miley Cyrus (before she cut it all off)?
Im 14 and I just got the Nature's Bounty Hair, Skin, and Nails vitamins. I'm 5'5 and weigh 130.?
What do you think about me?
What color would you dye this hair?
Are people jealous of me because I've never dyed my hair?
i have long hair,so what shud i ask i my hair dresser if i want short hair with blonde highlights?
Did you hear my sister was jealous of my friend’s long hair before?
This Dress This Hair = (: or :(?
My husband is going to loose her hair, do you have any suggestion??
how do i get thinner hair?
What is the color of my HAIR!? HELP pic included!!?
do i look better with straight hair or curly?? [pics]
my hair is so plain, what can i do with it?
Is it ok to leave work early for hair appointment?
Which one of these works better ?
What is this hairstyle called?
Why is my Hair Falling Down?
can anyone tell me how to maintain hair!!!!!!bcoz i am too fussy wid my hair?
whats the best hair dye 2 buy if ur hair is dark brwn or black ?
Should I dye my whole hair red?
My hair gets darker? It was blonde when I was a child...?
Is it okay to use food mayonnaise on hair or should i get orangic hair mayonnaise?
What hair is the prettiest? Pictures.?
How long do I have to wait to dye my hair?
How do you do the "beach wavy curly" do??
hairrr heellppp !!!!?
Ok stupid question but, what is the best shampoo in your opinion?
if i bleach my hair pink would it fade?
If you wash your hair before you get a relaxer will it affect the perm/relaxer?
Dandruff - how do you get rid of it if all the usual stuff fails?
will long layers make my hair look longer or shorter?
GIRLS: be honest, do you...?
What color is my hair & eyes? (pics)?
Layered hair for an updo?
Is there a way to get straight/er hair without a straightener?
Thinking of coloring my hair two toned.. what do you think?
how much do solia flat irons cost?
Am I Able To Relax A Mohawk And Still Be Able To Spike and Dye It Without Going Bald?
what brand/type of vitamin is best for growing hair longer?
i want Highlights???!!?
Im getting a haircut i have long hair i want to get like Justin biebers hair what do i tell the hairstylist?
um yes can sum1 tell where i can get silver high lights like silver die do they sell it?
i have just been on holiday and my hair look shorter?
which hair colour is best trend?
Do you take the shampoos and conditioner bottles from hotel?
How do french braid?
ladies in need ur advice please..?
I have really long hair past my shoulders.. should i cut it to my chin?? do guys like short hair??
How do you fix dry, frizzy hair?
How do u get rid butt hair?
what should i do with my hair? Help please? (:?
I have a heart shaped/long face. What is the best haircut for me?
What age does hair loss occur?
how will i keep my hair healthy and straight?
What would I tell a stylist If I wanted my hair cut like Ashley simpson's?
Would I look better with short or long hair?
How do I make my hair like this?
Should i dye my hair?
Products for dry/frizzy hair?
I need hairstyle suggestions from the ladies?
What will make my hair grow?
HELP! I need help with like some ways or hairstylyes for long hair!!?
Does braids really speed up hair growth....?
Help me choose what colour dye to use (pics)?
I really want my hair to grow!?
how do i change the direction my hair goes?
What color should i dye my hair (PICS)?
red hair color question..?
What color should I dye my hair? (pic included)?
How Does Temporary Hair Dye Work?
Fanci-full temporary hair color?
More bouncy curls????!!!?
problem with my hair?
i want to get my hair shaved on one size ?
What are the best dandruff products that get rid of flakes fast?
how to reduce my hairloss?
Are These Partial Highlights?
How to wear hair and what shoes to wear for a formal reception?
Manic Panic dye experts help meeeee?
Blonde or brown hair? which one looks better on me?
Lightening hair?
How to get your boobs to grow. ?
How can i get these bangs from this video on the girl?
How should i wear my hair for halloween?
hey i just cut my sisters hair. can u tell me what you think???? thanks!?
Should I dye my hair black?
facial hair on women? odd hairs?
angled hair??
shaving pubic hair..?
I need help finding mohawk pictures.?
can u ppl suggest vich shampoo shd i use?
How can i keep my hair straight?
Why is my hair falling out so much at age 13?
i need help scrunching my hair.?
Having a hair dye nightmare?
What's wrong with my GHDs?
how should i cut my hair? PLEASE HELP (PIC INCLUDED)?
how can i grow my hair faster naturally?
I've been bald for several years. Will rubbing mustard on my head make me grow hair?
Curly Hair Help!?
guys what do you prefer long hair or short dark brown hair?
How do i get temporary hair dye out of my hair?
Mens haircut help????!?
High PonyTails or Low Ponytails?
Should I cut my hair short, or grow it long? ( pic included)?
Should I stay blonde or go brunette?
My hair is always greasy?
haircut helppp :]?
I wash my hair once a day, help?
what's a good pomade to keep bangs to the side?
How to make hair grow faster?
Is going natural with hair crazy?
Can you dye your hair blonde if its blue?
Will this ruin my hair?
What is the difference between a ceasar haircut and a half caesar haircut?
Which shampoo is better DOVE SHAMPOO or GARNIER FRUCTIS??
Blond or Brunette, Which is better ?
To blonde,or not to blonde?
hair suggestions????
How do I soften my prickly arm hair?
Where is the best place to get a haircut in downtown Seattle?
how can i get my natural wavy hair back?
Is this hairstyle ok?...?
What perm is best to use?
Whats the best style for hair? ?
How do I get my hair to look like this [pic included]?
about 3 months ago i got my hair permed...?
what would be a good hair style for a guy with a round face, pics would be appreciated.?
Are pony tails still in style?
should i apply heat protector on my hair before or after i straighten it?
what is the best way to get rid of the brassy, orange color of my roots without bleaching my hair?
Sol.../slo... straightener?
How do I get healthy hair again?? Help please.?
what is the best straightner?
Why did the African Americans get kinky hair?
Teasing Hair!!!!!!!!?
Blonde hair Hairdressers disaster at New Year - now it will not take colour for more than 2 washes!?
How do you put long really thick hair into a bun?
Cute Hairstyles For Medium Hair?
What color should I dye my hair?
Can red hair dye go over black hair?
How do I camouflage my real hair under a wig without a wig cap?
I hate my blonde hair/blue eyes?
Which shade of blonde would look best on my skin tone?
How often should I trim my ends?
should I dye my hair?
what does it mean when a pack of human extension hair wefts says remi but it also says yaki on it as well?
what will happen if i straighten my bratz hair ?
can i dye my hair a medium blonde? blonde experts please? :)?
Autumn, how to care your hair?
i have really nappy hair because im samoan!! &&i need to know what is the best flat iron needed for my hair??
Is it bad to wash your hair twice in 1 day?
What is the best type of shampoo and conditioner?
What is the best brand of shampoo and conditioner for very dry, thick, and bushy hair please?
My hair is blue black now. HOW CAN I GET IT OFF VERY FAST????
why is like everybody dyeing their hair blonde people should stay their natural color!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What is a great hair straigtener!?
How Do I get Curls in My Afro hair?
what are the best products for frizzy .thick hair? shamp+cond Serums ?
Should I get my hair cut?
anybody know any cornrow (braid) design websites?
What is the BEST HAIR STRAIGHTENER ever?!?
How to stop hair loss?
Places in Houston to get Hair Straightened?
what would you say the colors of her hair are (pic included)?
how do you make your hair?
I have curly thick brown hair!?
any dandruff tips please....?
how would i get this type of hair?
Does blonde hair make you look thinner?
Shampoo and Conditioner for coloured hair?
Is this all healthy for my hair?
How do i get my natural hair color back?
Blonde hair, yes or no?
i have head lice i dont want to kill them?
Do i look better with curly or straight hair? (pics)?
Would you rather have curly or striaght hair?
Please help me with hair !?
I need a little help???? thankkks..?
About that wavy hair?
Anyone know any music to cheer up a guy who has just had a bad haircut?
What are some home remedies and vitamins to stimulate hair growth?
What hair color works best with green eyes?
How do i get my hair to be like this?
On a scale of 1-10 what do you rate a "Chi" straighten iron?
Are nexus hair care products good for damaged hair?
What hair products are best?
I really need a new haircut and i need some ideas?
Leave in conditioner?
hair growing ;]?
Which hair care line is better for naturally curly hair, Pantene pro-v curly or herbal essence totally twisted?
is washing your hair everyday unhealthy?
hey dudes, i have a serious problem of hair fall. will tresemme help me?
Hairstyles for black textured hair?
Is it just jealousy or what?
Can anyone suggest a good gel/mouse for smooth sleek hair that does not make my hair look oily.?
My hair is pretty straight and i really want it to be wavy, what could I do?
how to get hair like Francia Raisa from secret life of the american teenager?
I'm a man with a dilemna. How should I get my hair cut today?
How much hair on our heads do we lose each day?
What hair color is this (pic)?
Favourite hair colour?
I need help...what colors should i put in my hair!!?
shaving arm-pit hair help?? 10 points!
Hairstyle.highlight. Dip dye?
Ok well I'm getting a new hairstyle on thursday and I wanna know your opinion.?
Do you know any hairdressers that would like to work in the Middle East ?
how to look good with either long beautiful hair or short fashionable hair cut/?
does castor oil helps to stimulate facial hair?
Do you straighten your hair everyday?
What should I do with my hair?
How much damage does dying your hair cause?
How can you make your hair curly without curling or doing a french braid?
can i make 3/4 wig using hair clip extensions?
Texturizers for African American hair.?
omg!!! please help me!!!!! PLEASE ANSWER!?
Damaged hair not taking color very well?
How do you remove hair unpainfully ?
Another hair dye question. Help?
this is awsome?
Which haircut looks better...?
Where does Brookelle Bones get her extensions at?
Ladies: Long hair or short hair for a guy?
Dying my hair red, Think this will suit me?
If I dye the underside of my hair?
I have really thick brown hair, I want blonde highlights?
my hair is long and thick how do i get my hair thinner?
My hair is fine and feels dull any ideas?
What is better for getting rid of lice eggs? Mayo,Peanut Butter or Oil?
:) answer mwah plz tata?
What do i use for getting rid of pubic hair (Sorry gross i know)?
What's the best shampoo you ever used?
Does someone have a picture of scene hair before they teased it all up?
why does my hair still look dirty?
I'm 15 years old and my hair keeps falling out?
Grow my hair in 2-4 weeks?:?
does conditioner removes oils in our hair?
What color should my hair be?
I'm still this a good cut for me?
Would you date a blonde haired guy?
Is multi-colored hair pretty?! [pics]?
does anyone know a good brand for purple hair dye?
Messed up damaged hair?
how do you get gum off your hair?
Should i keep my hair like this or should i dye it back? (pic)?
Makeup and hair advice on my Halloween costume?
How can I make my hair softer?
is it bad to straighten your hair daily?
if you apply milk and honey to your hair would it make your hair softer?
How Can I darken my hair at home?
Vegan hair products for afro?
how can my hair be straightened and stay straightened? which products?,... they all seem to not wrk for me?
What kind of hair products to use for a biracial child's hair?
How to grow my hair longer?
I did Organix Keratin my throat hurts..what to do?
Can you use any ceramic flat iron on wet hair?
Ombre hair on medium short hair?
I need emergency hair help?
Whats Your hair routine?
What is this hair style called?
Girls: What should I do about chest hair?
Does Anyone Know Any Unique Hairstyles For Long Hair?
did you like your last haircut?
should i cut my hair short?
what brand of hairspray is best to use to keep curls in place?
style for rainy day!!!!?
GHD IV my hair dresser think they are overated, anyone else agree/disagree?
Help me chose my hair color?
Why do humpbacks have hair growing from the tubercles on their heads?
How Can I Lighten Dirty Blonde Hair?
Ashlee Simpson Picture?
What are cute thrown together hairstlye for basketball?
whats your fav braid extenction hairstyle?
What is wrong with my hair?
HELP!!change my hair and make up !!! *pictures * ?
How can I get curly hair?
How do you layer your bangs?
Blonde, Brunette or Red?
How much do you pay for a mens haircut at a salon (not a barbershop)?
Where can i buy bright hair dyes?
If you have long, Italian, naturally curly (traind to curl though), thick, frizzyish hair...?
a metis dyes her hair red is it sexy or not ??§§§§§§§§§§§?
ok I 'am in a predicament I did the stupidest thing ever I used sun in! I have an appointment to have it fixed
how to curl your hair with rollers?
mainly for women...simple question?
How to put clip in extensions in thick hair?
Why shouldnt you shave your facial hair if your a girl?
how do the electricity at work regulations affect the use of electrical equipment in the salon?
how can i get my hair wavy?
will brushing your hair make it grow?
I am a 18 years old boy and my hairs are getting white. What i do ? Don;t suggest me to use dyes.?
hey girls do you like sideburns in a guy or not?
How often do you wash your hair?
My hair keeps getting into my eyes...?
What is this hairstyle called?
Get rid of my hair dye?
Is Biotin good for the hair?
how should i die my hair(pic included)?
QUICK HELP!! hairs orange?
Why does my head smell?
Does a hot oil treatment helps cure dry scalp and dandruff?
i have curly hair the length is about to my shoulders i straighten it once in a while but ......?
Where can I find a cheap ghd straightner?
how do i get my hair like this?!?!?
do you think i should perm or highlights.?
Would I suit this hair colour?
curly hair,more loss at front of face,splitends,dry.,not growing long giv a solution?
Why isn't my hair growing?
Which haircolor is prettier to you?
how do i grow long hair?
Why is it wrong for men to curl their hair?
GIRLS do you prefer a mans lower region to have hair or not to?
Would You Let Your 14 Year Old Bleach Her Hair?
best hair weaves/extensions in los angeles ca ?
Best blonde hair dye?
Could I pull off a pixie?
What can I use to safely clean hair oils, and hair spray off of my ceramic flat iron curlers?
What is the best haircolor out there? Why dont people stay with the natural haircolor they were born with?
Please help, I have got really bad facial hair what's the best method of removal?
Is it okay to straighten your hair everyday?
How much do 8 inch hair Tracks? [human hair + glue]?
Do you think light golden brown would suit me? (pic included)?
Please help me. i really need some help.?
naturally curly hair.?
LONG HAIR VS SHORT HAIR. please give me an opinion!?
Should i thin out my hair?
Cleaning hair cutting shears?
How to get color out of hair without bleach.?
Growing my hair out?
What is a good shampoo to stop hair from shedding?
Could i bleach my hair without my mum knowing?
how do i keep my hair straight while im sleeping? its not wet by the way.?
Why do some people shower/bathe twice a day?
does any one have a used / broken surfboard that they are willing to sell?
does tea-tree oil help hair growth?
How do you remove Lipgloss out of your hair?
What hair style should I change to? Do I need to change? (pic included)?
Curls: Straightening iron or hot rollers?
Shampoo Buildup Help?
How to make my hair grow faster(Things i can do at home with no/low cost needed)?
How to grow my hair out?
how to grow your eyebrows fast?
Can you use a Norelco 7140XL Electric Shaver for your head?
best black hair box hair dye?
How do i make my hair grow faster? ><?
I want to dye my hair red, like Hayley Williams?
What should i do to my hair?
how to prevent greasy hair?
Products for dry/frizzy hair?
How to wash my natural 3c hair?
Does anybody know?
Do I look better as a blond or brunette?
how to keep straight hair straight after you get out of the shower...please help!?
Will dark brown dye cover the orange?
can your boobs grow from driking alot of milk??
i wanna die my hair but im not sure if it will look good.?
Should I cut my hair?
Will my hair be flat again?
this one for girls.....?
I'm in Jr. High and I have sorta wavy hair and i'm having trouble fixing it in a way that looks really cute.
Girls, which products do you like for your curly hair?
What shampoo is the best?
Which haircut should I get?
What kind of face do I have?
how would I style my hair this way?
step by step on how to dip dye my hair?
If I dye my hair black would I have to keep redying it?
i heard splat hair dye stains skin...?
How to style your fringe like this? PIC?
Straightt or curly hair?
need opinion!?!?
can anyone tel me bout the latest in hairstyles for men?
What colour hair would suit ME?
Hair glaze & chorine?
What store can I buy "not your mothers" way to grow hair shampoo and conditioner?
If I have burgundy hair what kind or dye should I use to put blonde highlights?
Im Going To Dye My Hair Black What Color Should My Bangs Be?
What should I tell the stylist when I go get my hair done?
hair breakage from coloring my hair blonde what can I do to stop it. I am African America?
What does I.Chi mean?
!10points which last names do you like best?
Where can I get mild shampoo for my hair?
Hair Clippers sound loud and shaking violently (Power issue)?
Im 15 and i dye my hair and straighting my hair like 4 times a week?
How to make my hair straight since my hair is very rough, alot of dryness, dandruff alot of problems so.?
How to dye hair brown to blonde for 1 day?
Does anyone have any good shoulder length hair styles or hair cuts?
What is a good shampoo too use for oily hair?
Be honest - better as a blonde or brunette?
these side bangs on me? ur opinion plzz?
How do you get your hair to not be frizzy?
I bought some Brazilian deep wave hair? What to use in it?
How to straighten hair?
medium choppy layered haircut?
Does anyone have any cute medium/short hairstyle ideas??
does guys mind girls with armpits hair?
wat do u think about this picture?
How to put volume in a bun?
Is there a way to make your hair grow longer, quicker?
Greasy Hair? Its really annoying i have to wash it every day or it looks horrible the 2nd day. Any Tips?
how do i cut kid's hair?
wanna ask a q about my hair there should be to pic up there with my hair dark and blonde?
is this true?
do u think i could pull of a mini curly fro ?
Shampoo that is specifically for your hair type?
13 year old ,losing hair, washing it everyday?
do you think i shud have my hair cut really short?
I have brownish reddish hair, but i want blonde hair with straight across bangs. how would i look?
how many times do we need to wash our hair in one week?
solution for keeping hair healthy and moisturized when straightening it?!?
What wild color streak would look good for naturally red hair?
im blk and i have natural curly hair im talkin good hair.... do u like natural r straighten hair on females???
How Come People With Curly Hair Want Straight Hair And ..Visa Versa .!?