What color should I dye my hair?
Do you think that blondes are "more fun" ?
What haircut should I get??
Shouldd I cut my hairr? *pics*?
umm i have just cut off my hair what should i do?
What is the best hair gel/wax that won't make your hair look hard?
Should I use shampoo everyday?
What is your hair color?
What are some cute shoulder-length hairstyles?
wut's the best way to remove pubic hair?
Are side bangs hard to take care of?
Do you wash your hair daily?
What's the best way to hide grey hair?
which is the best anti dandruff shampoo?
Can I wash my dreads?
Do eyebrows grow back after someone shaves them off?
Anyone know of a really good blow dryer?
Why does my hair feel weird?
20 inch Hair extensions?
I want to dye my hair differently, websites or suggestions?
My sister wants to get neat dreadlocks, but doesn't know how to do it. How can she lock her hair on her own?
Best hair for a tiny head? Plz help?
What are some awesome sites for hairstyles for 10-11 year olds?
What color should I dye my hair?
if you looked like this...?
Do you think this haircut would suit me? Need all opinions please :D?
How do I make my hair not frizzy?
how to put mini dreads in?
whatever works best gets 10 points?
Hair care!!! Pleasee help!?
hair styles?
What face shape do I have?
How should I do my hair for prom? [Pictures]?
Anyone know a way to fix an impulsed hair cut!?
how come when we straighten my hair it goes kind of straight but looks kind of..........wavy? i guess?
Hair grease smells like Shampoo..?
What kind of tea bags can dye your hair a cold brown color?
can a kid use texturizer?
Need a new look? Something subtle or dramatic?
28 years old female and balding and thinning?
i cut hair on the side as a hustle and don't own a barber'ss license?
Please suggest me any good genuine doctor or clinics in Bangalore which cure Hair Fall(other then Dr. Batras).
can someone please tell me the name of this hair cut and/ or send more detailed pictures of it? thank you:)?
How can i get a haircut like this?
Is there a way to make hair grow faster?
does N*E*1 have a good website that i can get some pics of designs for my 8th grade graduation 4 black people?
HAIR PROBLEM... i need help y'all!!!!!?
My hair???????????? ?
Offensive Sun Silk hair commercials?!?
what should i do with my hair?
Best heat protecters!?
My hair is always up in a bun, what can I put in it to keep it healthy?
controlling yellowing hair?
how long does curling last?
How to prevent Hair Falling ? Tips.....?
Why is my hair really hard to straight?
How can I make my hair healthy fast ?
Want to permanently get rid of 60-70% of ALL Body hair. Laser or Electrolysis?
4 boys do you like girls with curly or straight hair?
hair style ideas PLEASE?
do i look better with blonde hair or black hair?
Is It normal for a girl to have hair on....?
why do all grandmas cut their hair short and curly, the grandma look?
does grey hair attract you?
Is it possible to get my ******** waxed?
How should I spike my hair up in the front? Answer if you are a girl only?
Can i bleach my hair more than once? What kind of blach can i use?
Any websites I can go to for hair dye/ styles ideas?
how do i take out or remove semi-permanent hair dye?
What is the best way to maintain shaved sides like Rihanna?
hair removal for male cd?
Easy question s!!?
How to get big soft bouncy curls?
How can I learn to do color at home?
What is the name of this vintage up-do?
Do you think my hair looks good like this?
my hair never stays stright, help?
What other hairstyles can I try ?????
where can i get follicare shampoo?
wat makes your hair grow faster?
Blonde,Brunette or Red Heads??!!?
Should I go Blonde or Brunette
hair COLOR emergency?
Need hair ideas after swimming in school?
what is the name of the best conditioner for medium wavy hair?
what color is your hair????
regis hair salon?
i have always been blonde should i go brunette?
i have long hair but i dont want to cut it. what shall i do?
Does drinking a lot of water help your hair grow?
Why does hair dye not stain the scalp - but stains other parts of the skin?
I am in Pennsylvania and would like to know what beauty schools offer the japanese hair straightening techniqu
Do you know any black hair salon open on Mondays in chicago?
do black eyebrows look good with blond hair?
Can you return Jerome Russel Hair Spray Color Back To Walgreens After Opening Seal?
mom says i cant dye hair?
Would I suite a Buzz cut / will it look good, please help asap?
i HAVE to dye my hair black!!! help!!!?
Do Guys........?
ahh hair issues. i need some advice?
Hairstyles for thick hair?
Why won't my hair grow? :(?
how do you keep hair tidy in the morning without showering?
what shampoo straightens natural hair?
Help. Hair question!?
Does an Ivy League Hair Cut work very well with thick hair?
Should i get bangs?
Can anyone give advice on wrapping my Hair?
Head and shoulders fading colour?
my hair is curly and want to get them straight but without using any straightner machine.any idea??
Would I look good with red hair?
Where can I do virtual haircuts for free?
Cute shoulder-length bob layered cut?
PICS INSIDE: Should I wear my hair straight or curly to my graduation ceremony?
How to get my hair soft?
How does thinning out your hair work?
I need help with my hair color!?
what is the best moisturizer for coarse kinky hair?
Would I suit blonde hair?
I shaved my hair off completely (I'm a girl) how long to grow back?
How about guys with long hair?
I Cant Grow Facial Hair?
How do you make you hair longer?
How do you make brown hairdye stick on top of bleached hair?
Do you need to bleach your hair before using semi-permanant blonde highlights.?
i wanna change my hair to .....?
Im 17 and I think my hairs falling out. What are the signs that it is?
Bleached hair... help?
what would happen if you didnt wash your hair for a year?
Hair cut ideas neeeededdddd :D?
How do I research a location to start my own business?
Would Dark Brown Hair Suit Me?
Can you scrunch your hair with hairspray?
I don't feel pretty help?
How can I make my hair straight?!?
how to do beach waves?
How do I bleach my dirty blonde hair several shades blonder? I don't want platinum blonde...?
I got a relaxer about a month ago, and I'm noticing that my hair is breaking off and falling out badly!?
My hair gets greasy after only 26 hours, esp. scalp?Do you know some product that can prevent scapl from this?
WOuld I look good with bangs??
kerastase shampoo and conditioner?
what is a really good shampoo/conditioner for color treated hair?
how long does hair need to be for a ponytail?
Wax for dreads????????
would this cut look good?
I want to take the dye out of my hair?
Is there any good tips on how to make your hair grow faster?
Good flat iron for a bob?
What shampoos leave your hair soft and smooth?
Will normal hair dye get red kool-aid out of hair?
do i look better with curly hair or straight hair :)?
How do I get the "Gotti" haircut, The Blow out or Tape up?
Can i blow dry my curly wavy hair to straight?
Is there a good video on how to curl hair with straightener?
Help! I tried to colour my hair blonde from black and it has gone ginger!?
What would you call this hairstyle? Can anyone help me find a better picture to show to the lady?
?Curly Hair or Striaght?
Is Revlon ColorSilk permanent color actually permanent?
Do you have long or short hair?
i have back hair... how much of a turn off is this?
Girly things to do when bored?
Do you really think there are dumb blondes?
How many times a week should you vacuum?
how do you remove greasy oily vaseline type substenance from tennager's long hair. nothing is working?
what do you think of my new hair?
how long does it take you to blow dry?
What do you think of older guys with pony tails?
colouring my hair?
What is in your opinion, the best shampoo and conditioner?
getting hair cut friday! help!?
What color should i dye my hair (pics.)?
Don't you just LOVE picking BIG chunks from your scalp with your nails??
How many inches are the Color Fiend hair extensions?
does mane and tail make your hair stronger?
How do I deal with oily hair?
Need New Hair Style?
I love styles so I need an hairstyle to come up with.?
Splat or directions ???? Help?
What's the best way to get perfectly straight hair?
Hair ideas?
do you think dreads look better with dark or light hair?
What are some ideal hair colors for this description ?
I want more volume in my hair.?
How Should i do my hair ? ?
Do I look better with wavy or straight hair? *pics*?
People have been telling me about theis Japanese hair straightening sytem, more infot please?
hair... what is in for the spring??
How would you describe this guys hairstyle?
How do I dye my hair platnum blonde?
how do i do my hair like this??? pic inside?
hair tips? hair growth, speeding it up?
A good remedy for damage hair????
there is any?
Do I look better with straight or curly hair?
How to make your hair black WITHOUT dying it?
is there any way i can make my hair grow faster?
hair straightner question?
How to make my hair look like I have abrelaxed perm?!?
.s! which last name is better?
New haircut? Suggestions!?
What do you think about red hair?
Itchy scalp!? Help please?
How many women shave their pubic hair completely off?
Does ANYONE know how to remove red tones from dyed brown hair without bleaching?
3 inches of hair cut ?? Help ?
Does our hair ACTUALLY get wet when we bathe, swim, and or sweat?
Girls! Hair help?
isnt there like a sunblock product for hair gets really dry in the sun?
Dying my blonde hair black?
Whats the fastest way to make your hair grow?
Blondes or Brunettes?
What is your hair color.?
What Shade Of Blonde Would Suit Me?
i want my hair cut but i cant think of a haircut idea im 14 and i need a funky but not too crazy haircut style
So i want to dip die my hair blonde, and ive got dark brown hair.?
How can I dye my red hair to a brownish color?
what hair care product do you reccommend?
Will this haircut be good for me?
I want to bleach my hair?
dying my hair brown from blonde... help!!?
Best drugstore clear gloss treatment?
just took shower and am I'm going to straighten hair in morning, i have really curly ringlet hair, ....
What are top brush on highlights?
How can I remove stains from hairdye?
how to blend and fade hair properly?
i have really staticey hair even after I straighten it how can I stop it?
Can someone recommend a product for Bi-Racial hair???
curly hair or straight??? blond or brunnette???
Will food coloring be better than Splat?
How i can use brylcreem?
My hair is a night mare!! HELP!?
Can I get layers in my hair?
what happens when you brush your hair alot?
Where can i get 6% peroxide and oxidizing powder to bleach my hair? PLEASE HELP!!?
wuts da best product for hair growth for a 14 year old girl?
i want to dye the botton half of my hair but...?
Mustache hairs become brown. How to make it black without dying?
Does aloe vera ACTUALY promote hair growth?
How to get tight curls like this w/o heat or perms?
I have long hair, but it looks soo dry. What should I use to make it less so...?
Can you recolor hair after dyeing it ?
How can i get curls in my hair?
Does it bother you that your wife (or girlfriend) wears a wig?
Help for guys only?
Can I use Regaine (Rogaine I think in the USA) with a shaved head?
Blondes or brunettes?
how can i save my damaged hair?
Do you like my new highlights?
is it safe to bleach your hair with clorox?
What's the best straightening cream?
How to get rid of orange/yellow in bleached blonde hair!?
Are you boobs Fake, have you dyed your hair ,do you use lenses???
What would you say my hair color is?
Are there any hair salons named Lil'Cays?
Charged extra for long hair?
Which one looks better? (pics)?
which brand of human hair is suitable for micro-weaves?
How should i get my haircut?
I just started growning my hair out and it is very straight and i want the shag curly look what can i do???
Hi I am a 12 years old boy and I want to know is using hairgel is harmful.?
hairdressing interview tomorrow, help!?
Can anyone tell me where i can get hair screws?
can you explain to me like about hair dye???
how can i make my hair like this?
Recommend good brand of henna hair dye?
dying my hair black and white...?
What is the one thing that you do to yourself to look better?
thicker hair?
what kinds of gel/spray should i use 2 make my hair curly-ish/wavy-ish?
Where can i fine a laser hair removal place in Germany?
How to stop my hair from getting lighter?
Should I dye my hair blonde?
Need to find an AMAZING hairdresser in Toronto ! Suggestions?
I have greasy hair and I can't wash it tonight?
Do you have THICK hair and wish it were thinner?
I am a teenager and I lose a lot of hair?
How do I keep my dreads from growing together?
Would I look good in black hair?
How can I straighten my wavy hair without frying it? Or using a straightener or blow-dryer.?
what do you think about hair extensions? pik.?
shortish spiked black hair on guys. is it attractive?
What haircut looks smart on business men?
i am a male i am bout 5'5 i am chill i have short curlyish brown hair i have brown eyes i skate a lot?
i want to cut my hair what should i do with it?
I want my hair to be smooth, sleek, split end free, and no frizz...?
What is a good shampoo too use for oily hair?
Need Help With Dying My Hair A Different Color?
I have dark brown hair, how can i die my hair blond without turning it orange.?
How do I stop my hair from crimping when I curl it.?
im bored with my hair?
If I color my hair today can I go swimming later day?
what's a good hairstyle for me?
Good electric blue semi-permanent (or demi)hair dyes?
Help! How Much Would This Cost?!?!?
Does anyone know where I can buy Vitamin Essentials hair care products in St. Louis, MO?
What do you think of my hair? PIC?
Best brown hair color?
What hair color looks best with green eyes?
clip on/ or headband hair bang?
Does your hair look like your avatars?
Should I dye my avatar hair blonde?
How to get your hair not to fizz up!!?
what color highlights should i get?? and should i even get highlights?
Does it Help to blow dry your hair to straighten it Faster?
What do you call thisss?? This hairstyle when I get my haircut? (pics)?
what product do you use for the best(hair product)?
do i need a
if i have pale skin and blue eyes?
How fast will my hair grow?
how long should i leave the foils in my hair for?
what dark brown hair dye will cover bright red hair?
Could I pull off blonde hair..?
Help! Dyed my hair bright red?
Achieving the "wet look" hairstyle for men or just plain no frizz?
How long should I wait until I wash my hair? I just had it straightened. And didn't know if it was like a perm
does no!no! hair remover work?
Dove Extreme Volume, or Pantene Extreme Volume???
So...Hair Perfume, anyone?
What do you think if half shaved scene hair?
Whats a good hair dressing place in Taunton?
I have dark brown hair and i want to get pink and blonde hightlights, will it look good?
What can I do for my fine, limp hair?
Girls i need your advice?
can henna dye hair light brown?
should I straighten my hair for tomorrow?
How often do you straighten your hair?
how can i make my hair not dry?
how do i really volumize my hair when straightning it.....without bump-its?
How does Kim Kardashian get her hair so volumnized in the front ?
How can I grow my hair longer without using any hair products ?
what color highlights should i get(PICTURE)?
JERSEY SHORE HAIR CUT??????? how can my stylist fix my color job?
What do u use on barbie doll hair to make it look new again?
how often should i straighten my hair?
Stright hair?
I am Of Asian Ethnic... Do You Think I Should Go Blonde?
What is the use of taking a biotin tablet daily? Share ur experiences from using BIOTIN vitamins?
how do you get this out of your hair?
who iz prettier?? && wat color should shawnee dye her hair?
I dyed my hair, do you like it?? --pic--?
if you put permanent marker in your hair, will it stay?
HairDo Extensions?
What are the "natural oils" that we have on our scalp?
How can i grow my fangs naturally? I am a human. Tell me tips and tricks, naturally making big fan every thing?
How should I get my hair cut, what's the coolest haircut you've ever seen (Pic included)?
Need Help With Hair Styles!?
How keep white/blonde hair from yellowing?
My Hair won't grow!!?
whats your haircolor.. ?
what kind of brand is the best for dying hair?
I'm dying my hair, what should I ask for?
would any one recommend botanicals soft and beautiful hair relaxing cream?
Is it bad to flat iron hair often?
Will I look better as a BRUNETTE? (with pictures)?
can a woman use nair to remove hair from her ?
have anyone use bodiphier before?
What color is this guy's hair?
what can i do to make my hair grow faster?
is there anything I can do to make my hair thicker?
ADVICE!!!!!!!!!! mom will kill me if u guys dont help me :(?
Can I cut my curly hair while on ponytail?????.!!!!! HELP PLZ!?
how to make your hair wavy?
how long till my hair grows like this?
How to apply full lace wig leaving natural hair out to the front?
Any DIY help for severly dry & damaged hair?
what to do about the arkward stage?
is it realy bad to dye your hair threes times in the past 4 days ?
What color hair should i use? (pic)?
Do eyelashes grow back?
what hairstyle do you think is hot for women? and why?
is it bad to straiten your hair every day?
Why don't women have facial hair like men.?
what is a good hair weave store in austin tx?
Should I re-dye my hair?
What Kool Aid Color Should I Dye My Hair With ( See Details)?
safe hair dye for teenagers?
All you boys out there what hair styles do you like on girls that really turn you on.?
Is beauty depends on the colour of a person?
How do I keep my hair from curling ?
Should I get my hair fixed?
what hair color would look good on me!?
My hair won't grow :(?
is it okay to pluck gray hairs ?
What image does a 27 year old woman with long straight black hair portray?
How could I get the long waves like Jillian Barberie sometimes has?
Will you do my hair?
What is the best straightener on the market?
Western Mass. Black Hair Salons?
can a help you grow more facial hair?
Help Hairy arms and legs!!!!!!!?
What should I do with my hair? ?
How do I get nice waves?!?
how do people get rid of lice?
How do girls/women feel about guys who are losing their hair?
Badam oil is good for skin and hair?
Am i going to be bald?
which hairstyle is best for a party?
Ladies, how do you make your hair smell REALLY good?
How long does it takes to see difference on taking biotin?
what does nappy mean?
I need hair helpp pleaseee!!1?
Hairstyles for a dance?
Can bald men get lice?
On a scale from 1-10, do you think she's pretty?
What do I ask my hairdresser to get this sort of hairstyle (male)?
Guys, do you like stright or cruly hair better on girls? and why?
Why do i golden yellow strands in my dark colored hair?
Does excessive use of gel leads to hair loss?
what color should i color my hair?
I think my hair is thinning; What do I do?
whats the most populated color of hair around the world?
what should i do to my hair to make it lighter?
Hair ideas for homecoming dance?
should I have scene hair?
What Hairstyle/Haircolor would flatter me best? ( Picture )?
curly or straight hair?
Girls do you like long hair or short hair on a guy?
for anyone that colors their hair, what to do when it's frizzy & dry?
How long do biotin make your hair grow?
very damaged hair, how to get it back?
Straightening hair help?????
What's a good hairspray?
whats the difference between a shape up and tape up haircut?
Does anyone know where to purchase wgs like the ones that female celebrities (e.g., Beyonce, Tyra) wear?
Blonde or Brunette?
should i grow my hair out?
When should I be seeing results?
How long does it take for hair vitamins to work?
I NEED HELP WITH HAIR?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?
is it bad to use too much hair gel /styling gel?
How can I get my hair wavy without using gel or a curler?
Best shampoo and conditioner for dry and frizzy hair?
Whats a good way to make your hair grow faster?
Girls, do you find these types of hairstyles dirty or no?
What is the best heat protection spray?
What is 'sun in' and where can you get it from? :)?
help!!!!!!!! is she lieing to me???
is curly hair pretty?
PLEASE HELP ME QUICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
do you think i should keep my hair like this?
how much it would usually cost for an underarm waxing in san diego?
My part is looks like it got thinner?
how do u mmake ur hair grow faster?
What hair color would look best on me?
is it true..?
Should i dye my hair aqua or pink?
What's the best hair color for tan skin?
Thinking about making dreadlocks? got a few questions :)?
Will my hair be flat again?
I need a picture of a haircut....?
looking for harringtons hair salon in 85 guildford park road, surrey?
I just dyed my hair with just for men & it looks too dark, & i stained my ears, how can I fade my hair quickly
Help me out please! (10 points)?
How much would this cost approx...?
hair cut ideas! please im getting my hair cut tomorrow & well i want so suggestions please!!?
How many times should you straighten your hair with GHD's?
How should I get my hair cut?!! PICS.?
Does anybody have any websites that has good hairstyle ideas?
black cherry hair dye?
I live in Indianapolis and I'm looking for best doctor for hair removal under chin?
Should I get a color strip in my hair?
how do you get long hair?
What colors should I dye my hair? (pics)?
Do I have to go to the hair stylist again to get side-swept bangs?
how much weeks,month,and years does it take to grow dreadlocks and after a few weeks how will they look?
Can anyone recommend a good barber in Cleveland?
Which do guys like Burnett's or Blondy's?
which is batter Indian gooseberry juice or its dried pieces boiled in coconut oil for increasing melanin?
I need some help with my hair???
was a haircut a good idea?? Is the long or short hair better? (PICS included!!!)?
Should I change my hair? (Pictures)?
what products r good to protect ur hair from heat?
what can i do with my hair when it is in pigtails?
Hairstyles? What can I do?
[PIC?!] would I look good with long hair?
Getting rid of dry brittle hair?
I got my haircut yesterday, she cut off 2 in. w/out asking me! what do i do?
Should i dye my hair like this?
How can I get the same colors as Miley Cyrus?
Hairrrrrrrrrrrrr pleaseeee help me! First one with the best answer gets ten points?
I'm going bald and my mom can't accept it?
I have a grease spot in my hair that wont go away?
Getting new hair extensions! Help me :)?
i want to grow lik 4 more inches of hair i was wondering how long?
what would make you try a new hairstylist?
how do i get the red color out of my hair without out killing it?
How do I keep my hair straight all day?
Straightening African American hair without a perm s?
Ive been washing my hair with mane & tail shampoo with this really nice conditioner for like three months.?
What is your take on people with outrageously colored hair?
i am so ugly and my eebrows are so horrible :(?
What should i do with my hair? (Look at the pic and tell me pls.)?
Natural hair masks please?
how do i get rid of split ends?
I'm a woman but I want to grow a mustache?
Hairstyle help for a semiformal dance!!!?
Should I get layers or leave my hair at one length? (long hair, pictures)?
How do you use normal conditioner as deep conditioner?
how much does the average cosmetologist make in NYC is it diffrent for a color specialist???
Dyed hair or natural? (on girls)?
need help finding a color for me?
what do you think of this hairstyle?
How to get emo hair if im mixed ?
What is a tow head?
Do I look better as a blonde or as a brunette?
Is it true that if you cut your hair is grows really fast?
POLL:do u have curly or straight hair? ?
What is the hottest hair color right now?
What is a good hair strightener?
I have pale skin, blue eyes what colour should i dye my hair?
How to make hair extensions curly?
I have dyed red hair?
Does hair grow from the root or the tip? And does trimming make it grow longer and faster?
Hair extension help for hair that's fallen out?
hair cut advice please!!?
home made hair treatmets?
help i need help with my hair?
I have a medium dark, brown hair, and i was wondering how i can lighten it without dye.?
Will my hair ever grow back? After anorexia?
Weave on clips to make homemade clip-on weave?
is bob hair in or out?
How long will it take to grow my hair long?
Can I get a barbar to shave my tongue?
Why does my hair feel so GREASY?
What should I do about my split ends!?
Is there anyway to wash out things like pomade from hair ?
what do you call that hair style when your hair is up.........?
What happened to my hair?
Why is my hair really hard to straight?
Blondes or brunettes?
Clip on Bangs from
dying my hair !? help!?
Blonde or Brunette ?
Stylish men's hair for a longer forehead?
how do you make your hair grow?
Can i have my hair semi re bond even though i just got it cellophane a month ago?
how can i make shaven head looks hot?
Should I shave my pubic hair?
How do I make my hair healthy again?
Can I color damaged hair with demi permanent color?
Any transitioners or ladies who already transitioned from relaxed to natural?
What shampoo/conditioner should I use at home for Japanese Straightened hair?
do guys like curls or straight hair more? thin or thick hair?
Can a black person dye their hair jet black?
How can i make my hair thicker?
GIRLS!!!!!!!!(20 characters) answer?
Dip dying tips of hair with kool-aid?
should i go blonde or a dark brunette (pic)?
I've dyed my hair...what can i say to my mum?
Should I get a flattop haircut this Christmas?
How can i get my natural hair color back?
Is curly hair more attractive than straight?wavy?
would a perm suit her or not? pic inside?
What colors can I do with my hair?
Why do people think blondes are slutty and fake?
Speeding up hair growth?
l'oreal paris hair color remover on blond hair?
How to keep hair clean without having to wash it?
What do you think about new Spears hairdo?
what new hair style shoulod i hav?
would i look ok with Bangs?
Help please which shampoo?
could i pull off this hair? [photoss]?
HELP!! My roots are lighter?
How do I use a bun/doughnut ring?
argan oil :) Help ?:/?
What is the reason for hair loss and dandruff??
Can a female Marine have full bangs?
SOS!!My hair needs help! How do i get rid of split ends???
Does my hair looks pretttyyy...*wink winks*?
My hairdresser owns the shop and charges me $125 to highlight my hair. I give her a $5.00 tip.?
My haircut is horrible.?
Which of these hair colours suited me the most?
What shampoo and conditioner products will stop frizz?
how do i describe emo boys hair?
What's the most you would pay for a haircut?
How long apart should i trim damaged hair(i want to grow longer hair)?
How do i get vaseline out of my child's hair? I've tried ordinary shampoo but I'm getting nowhere. Thanks
how to stop Gray hairs ?
I'm out of updos!! PLEASE HELP!!?
How can i naturally color my hair wierd colors?
Hair ideas for concert?
How can i get my hair to grow quicker?
whats so great about the chi straightener?
where to go for voice leseon.?
what shampoo or conditioner can i use to make my hair shiny?
What is the best hairstyle for long, wavy hair?
My mum won't let me highlight my hair. ?
Who pulls the hair from their eyelashes?
iam 25 f and almost bald i want to do hair transplant in dubai is it available. is it helpful ?
Why is my hair falling out a lot more? ?
Never had my hair this long, does it look alright?
What is the best shampoo/conditioner to use to have sleek, shiny, silky hair?
Bleaching hair advice?
would i look better with blonde or darrrrk brown hair?
Applying my own extensions - Help!!!?
What happens when you put lotion on your hair?
Will my hair look cute give me your honest opinions???
Where is a good site to look at pics of possible har dos? I am in a wedding and need to figure out how to wear
hair cut help??
do women feel resentful that men have short comfortable hair?
Does your hair stick up when you wake up?
what hair style would be best?
where in the uk can you buy mane n tail shampoo?
Do i look better with short or long hair???
Enjoy Shine and Smooth hair product?
How can i get my hair to look like this????
Hmm.. blue highlights in my hair? *MALE*?
Enliven Hair Gel...........................?
Is Loreal Vive a good shampoo?
me and blonde friends r wondering.................guys!?
My hair is thick, curly and dry !!?
i am taking homeopathic treatment for my thyroid as it has helped me a lot?
Why does my hair always have a inverted v shaped gap in my fringe?!!!?
How long do you have to wait after a perm to wash your hair?
I haven't left my house in over a year and now I want to go out but I don't know how to do my hair anymore and?
Vans or Converse???????
what are some cool hairstyles for a teen girl with medium lenth/long hair??
How would you achieve a hair style like this? (Boys hairstyle)?
Going from blonde to black, how do i get back to blonde?
Whats your opinion on red hair with green eyes?
Do you thinks bobs are cute?
Blonde vs Black?
Curly, Frizzy Hair... Help!!!?
Where is the best hair salon in Barcelona?
Will straightening my hair damage my hair?
do all girls with natural black hair have a moustache?...I am fro sweden and all in my village are blonde.?
Is there a better hair supplement to make my hair grow faster?
I have really curly, frrizzy hair are at home perm treatments good?
For the ladies..... Do you prefer a guy with spiky hair or regular hair.?
hair rebonding?
What to do with curly hair?
What is a good DRY hair wax for men, for sale in the UK?
What is the best hair straightener?
What's the best over the counter bleaching kit to use on hair?
I can't get the hair i want :/?
i want to cut my hair like Rachael ray.i need the steps to do it. help?
who invented heated hair rollers?
How can I get hair like this?
Is this possible to do this for your hair?
whats the in hair styles?
which hairstyle would be best for me?
what scene haircut should i get?
shaving the side of my head ?
What are some all natural hair product lines?
what hair color do guys actually prefer on girls? or does it not matter as long as she's pretty?
How to get wavy hair?
need a new hair style? pics included.?
arghhh! help what is the best shampoo for frizzy hair??
When do you think a woman looks better in short rather hair than longer styles?
am i pretty??
Will Chi 44 iron guard also make my hair smooth or just prevent it from more damage?
apprentice hairdressing?
Looking for a back to school haircut?(pic included)?
How do you quickly fade your hair colour?
Pros, cons and personal opinions on dreadlock wax?
What kind of haircut should my sister get, pictures included...?
does shaving your head make your hair grow thicker?
Whats this hair cut called?
wetting hair that is cornrowed?
i want hair like this...realll bad !?
do guys prefer brunettes or blondes?
What hair color go good with dark red? (natural red hair)?
My hair is frizzy and curly and poofy?
Change shampoo every month or use one type forever?
How do I get fairer hair and lighter eyes.?
Question about dying my hair?
Did anyone try Loreal Feria? i was thinking of trying the iced mocha?
What color hair would work? (pics))?
Haircut help!! Pics included?
how much would it cost to get my hair dyed and highlighted?
Good flat iron for a bob?
plz help me girls??????
What hair color should I dye my Hair?
Is 11 alright to shave?
What color hair do u have?
How do I get my hair like this?
help!?!?!?!?! EMERGENCY?
What would this hairstyle be called?
Does your hair stick up when you wake up?
Hair Help? Semi-formal hairstyle for chin length hair?
is it possible to change the shape of your hair follicle?
How to dye my dark brown hair lighter with less damage?
is it true that if you braid our hair befor sleeping it will grow faster ?
The real difference between salon and box hair dye?
dying hair with grey covering hair..?
What Hair Color (pic)?
How to make a Christmas Hair bow?
i want to dye my hair really light blonde like white blond what should i do?
Fastest way to go from dark brown hair to light brown hair?
What can I use to grow my hair?
what can I do so that my hair doesn't raise up anymore?
This is my prom dress, any suggestions on a hairstyle?
alicia keys hair?
Hair help! I need help with my hair?
Has anyone found something that works for extremely thinning hair in women?
Does anyone know a good beautician in the Decatur, IL area?
Does this growth seem fast to you?
I wanna dye and cut my hair?
What can I use to grow my hair?
is there any salon here in the phils that make good rebonding?
Straight hair?
Help with static hair?
Emma Watson's hair color from One Night Only's 'Say You Don't Want It' video-?
What would you rather?
Does Anyone know How to make hair......?
which pre natal vitimin should i buy for thicker and healthier hairs? any name ?
Hair color for pale skin and blue eyes?
Does the wind affect your hair if you put wax, like it does if you put gel on your hair?
Why do people think brunettes are boring?
Hair problems?
Great place to get hair foiled/highlighted in Tampa Florida?
What color to dye my tips?
if you have hair like a black person what can you put on it to make it look good healthy and smooth?
Everything I need to know about human hair extensions?
Can tell me,who is the worlds coolest and popular women and girl ? also tell me how to be attractive.?
what is the best hair colour?
Permanent hair removal cream for men in Kolkata?
How can I make my hair frizzy?
Best Hair Products for Blondes?
should i change my hair?
How can i dye my hair naturally?
How long does it take you to straighten your hair? (and HELP with the puffiness!)?
I want to remove hair on my chest/ stomach and I don't want my mom to catch me in the act.?
Hay I was wondering if there was a website called metrostyle,it suppose to show hair styles?
should i go blonde???
Square Face?
One for the girls.. is facial hair off putting or sexy???
Would I look good in a bob hairstyle?
My curls never stay separated after I curl it?
as many answers as possibile new hair color and style?
How do I get my hair like this? (Pics included)?
Help - hair related.....?
Lip Hair?????????? oh no, help me?
Are perms really bad?
Would this hair style look alright on me?
Does it suit me blonde?
My hair is so frizzy?
why is it not considered racist to constantly bully gingers?
would i look good as a blonde?[pictures]?
Do you think my hair looks better curly or straight? (PICS!) ?
Ways to cure fried hair?
how can you make hair blonder without dying it? (please help)?
Can I use a white toner for my hair if my hair is dark blond?
Which hair colour do you prefer on me?
If i strip then dye my hair back to blonde after its been black, will it look terrible?
What is hair wax and how does one use it?
Why do we have pubic hairs?
how can i get Tulisa curly hair?
Can I dye my hair & highlight in the same day?
If I wash my hair with baking soda, will it affect my hair color?
How can I make my hair soft everyday?
body wave for thick hair?
what brand of hair coloring for bleach blonde almost white be the best?
How do you get straight hair without losing the volume?
i have medium dark skin, dark hair and dark eyes. WHich contact color would be best for me?
How dow i get scene hair?
Can I change from red hair to a caramel brown?
What product or vitamin can make hair grow fast? I heard fish oil but I'm not certain--help!!?
What is the best blow dryer to get? I have thick hair and need heat settings.?
Hairdressing portfolio?
What hair dye can i use to make my hair color look like this easy 10 points?
I am 18 and wat to shave my head. But my mom says no. Should I od it anyways?
girls do u like the guys whom shave their legs and chests?
CALLING ALL WOMEN! i need shaving advice?
Splat and hair questions?
How to make my straight hair Wavy?
Im growing my hair? Want to keep it healthy?
Friend is 13! she is very worried..found white strand of hair ..pls help?
Who can I get my wife to cut her hair very very short?
help with with my dry AFRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
How do i make my hair thin?
Which do men prefer long hair or short? And why?
Does putting mousse on curly hair help?
Any ideas on how to revamp my hairdo?
A few questions about sewn in extensions?
what color highlights in side bangs?
what will get the yellow out of my bleached hair?
How to dye tips of hair white?
are hair colors and dyes harmful in the long run?
Cutting my own hair...?
Why do people go gray at their temples and the crown of their head first?
Why aren't there any Black Beauty Shops/Salons that are upscale and treat people fairly???
What is the function of pubic hair in human body?
How to get this hair cut?
I am attempting to do my own dreadlocks...?
If i have dandruff and i want to bleach my hair?
When you straighten your hair with a flat iron how long does it usally last ?
How to grow eyelashes ?
what do you think of this haircut?
Has anyone else's natural hair color changed without dye?
Deep wave vs wet n wavy micros ?
how the hell do i straighten my hair?
Help with hair color.?
Are braided extensions bad for African American hair?
Plss help i used anne french hair remval cream nd now after a week i m getng red spots it is worring me alot?
What to wear and do hair on camera!?
Which hair color looks the best on me? Blonde or brunette?
What is a really good hair straitner?
Have you given your hair to Locks Of Love?
how do i perm my short hair?
can you put hair dye in a 2yr old? --- is this website a scam or legit?
Anakin's hairstyle, how?
i'm 30 years old and i'm 115kg i don't know how to lose weight and keep it. i need help?
which hair looks better?
What colour should I dye or highlight my hair?
how can I make my hair grow faster, it seems that since I quit eating meat my hair grows slower,?
how long until i grow this out ?
Should i get pink tips? I have light blonde hair that is short and i am a guy?
Is tying your hair every single day bad for me?
What color should I dye my hair?
what looks better??
BLONDE OR BLACK? (pictures included)?
please help with pictures ?
Best products for Curly/Frizzy Hair?
Girls................................Do you like guys with long hair?
Does anybody else have little kinks in their hair?
How do I tame this hair?
Do men look better with a few inches of hair or a short shaved haircut?
what is the best product to use after straighting hair with flat iron?
Hairstyles for poofy hair?
ideas on how to have my hair for school?
Do you really trust a hairstylist with your hair? ?
flat iron question! Should i buy a new one?
i need help with my hair please!?
hair up or hair down for a pub visit ?
What do women think of men shaving their legs?
Should I curl my hair dirty or clean?
Good shampoo for thick curly hair?
I don't know what hair style to do can you help?
do i look better with brown or blondde hair?
I used a relaxer in my hair over a week ago, my hair started falling out because I used the wrong one.?
Haven't washed my hair in 3 days..?
what number should i get for my haircut?
Im a girl and if i shave my head......?
I am trying to find out where I can purchase the thermal hair fusion machine for example the 3200 or 5000 mode
sould guys have short or long hair?
How to make your hair grow faster?
can you go to any salon to?
How should I cut/style my hair? Photos included.?
hair help please! :)?
Will I regret cutting my hair?
Can I dye synthetic hair extensions?
Is it okay to leave a hot oil treatment in for 8 hours?
Is it hard to wash honey out of hair?
I have my hair blonde now and i want to go brunette? This is my picture?
I have dyed blonde hair, is it safe for me to wash out dye my hair red?
Offensive Sun Silk hair commercials?!?
i need a new haircut..?
hair growth?
How to keep hair straight during the day?
Do you like this hair?
What is the maximum time limit for hairs to grow after chemotherapy?
Should I shampoo my chest hair?
I really want a haircut and need other peoples opinions please?
should girls get rid of pubic hair ?
how can i get my scene hair like these scene hair links?
What haircut should i get?(pic)?
Getting Bubzbeauty's hairstyle :]?
What color is your hair?
Do you think female celebrities wear to much weave/ extensions?
how do i get my hair thinner?
are dreadlocks good looking on white people?
answer asap about hair?
how do i get lose curls with only these.......?
How do you make hair stand up in spikes???
Girls - what do you think of boys with long hair?
Poll: Blonde or Brunette?
how do i get my hair like this??
How well does red hair dye dye dirty blonde hair?
Is there a temporary/wash out hair dye that washes out quicker than Natural Instincts?
Am I the only person that thinks Justin bieber has the worst hair ever?
10 point which name is better for blonde hair boy?
Im blonde (but not bleach blonde) and i want to die half of my hair black underneath.?
What color hair should a girl named April have?
Bleaching black hair so I can go back to a brown?
Do you like my hair?
How can I wear my hair for my cousin's wedding?
What's the difference between wavy hair and curly hair? Don't they look very similar to each other?
Manic panic on dark hair!?
Should i get a haircut or not?
Is there any way to save my bleaches damaged hair?
Do Dove Shampoo works well with dry hair & Unmanagable Hair?
How Do I Get the Stink Out of My Hair?
Is there any way to know whether a fringe will suit you...?
How to get rid of split ends and prevent them?
Can one keratin treatment be enough to cause hair loss?
Should i be brunette or golden? (pic inside)?
What is a good temporary hair dye?
besides wax what is good for twisting dreadlocks?
what color should I dye my hair? PICTURES INCLUDED.?
do girls really think that a just woke up and got out of bed hairstyle looks good?
what is with all this talk about split ends and having a trim to make your hair grow faster?
Semi Brown dye on blonde?
Curly or straight? (PICS) ?
Should I get Blonde Highlights or Dip dye?
OK maybe u can help me..?
My hair is totally fried, I need a quick fix (family pics coming up) any suggestions??
What's the worse hair mess up you've seen on someone else?
What color would you call this hair?
GUYS: Do you prefer girls to have long, medium, or short hair?
Where can i get Herbal essance shampoo?
How should I get my hair cut? (pics)?
would i look good with scene hair?
Will manic panic work?
I wash my hair 2 times everyday, how to keep it straight without harming it?
Hair Mousse??????
Which hair style do you think would be best for the first day of high school[pictures included]
Should I go blonde?
how long does it take you to put your extensions in?
How should I fix my color problem?
how do i make my hair grow in a different direction?
want to dye my hair brown but no what shade.?
What are some cute hairstyles for curly hair?
how do hair salons actually STYLE your hair?
Does waxing your upper lip (girls) the best way to remove the hair?
I am 19 years and have white hair. What is dying?
Could I pull off this hairstyle?
How to keep my hair curled all day?
How do you grow long hair?
I have used a ton of products, but I cannot get my hair to stop being dry! Are there any inexpensive options?
sebastian crude clay?
Glaze makes my hair look darker - please read details?
Would Platinum blonde hair look good on me?
How do I know if I'd look good with Blonde hair?
Ugh, my mom won't let me color my hair black!?
english spoken is easy´╝č?
what is the best hair style for a blonde at age 48? with thin hair?
Help me with my bad hair?
Shall i stay Blonde or go Brunette?
i want my hair cut "scene"?
I bleached my purple hair and it turned hot pink!!! Help?
Do boys like long hair, or short hair?
How do I make my thick hair dry as quickly as possible?
Healthy Hair?
does blond hair dye work on dark brown hair?
What can I do about my dry hair?
Are cheap shampoos good for hair?
Is it okay for me to wear my hair like this to an interview?
I have blonde hair but I want it to be(plz read detials)?
What color should I dye my hair? Pic included!?
how can i make my hair soft n silky?
Do you....?
Elchim 2001 vs. T3 Bespoke Featherweight hair dryers?
Where can I buy maroon/deep red hair dye?
How do i get the "just got out of bed" hairstyle and make it stay all day? (also known as the "messy")
Mahogany Brown without the copper effect?
Should i get this hairstyle?
Hair loss, any ideas?
how should i do my hair for school?
Do you think a dark person would look nice with red hair?
I just put lemon juice in my hair to get highlights and im afraid it will ruin my hair! what should i do???
Black belly hair?-- needs help removing it!!?
if anyone kNOWSSSSS !!?
do you most suit your hair up or down?
Styling Tips for Chest-Length Hair?
how do i get flow in my hair as I let it grow out? (guy)?
is this a good picture? honest opion pls?
are you blonde,brunette,red,or black haired?
Is my head inhumanly large?
What colors would go good with dirty blonde hair bucuz im thinking of dying my hair?I need answeres fast?
Kool aid dip dye help?
Where can i get a good hair cut in phoenix?
Hot brush curling iron or regular hair tongs, which is better? ?
does prenatal vitamins help your hair grow?
Should i go from long blonde hair to short black hair?
How do you make your hair grow faster really long?
would shaving your legs make the hair grow back to be darker and thicker?
How should i do my hair?
How do you shave "down there"?
I have red hair. Should I kill myself?
Do u think I would look good with black hair?
How can I care for my hair correctly!!!?
What should I use to spike up short thick hair?
hair ideas?
How can I make my hair grow faster?
What is a good hairstyle for a full face?
What is better for your hair deep conditioner or hot oil treatment?
how can I tame my frizzy/wavy hair?
Is there any way to make my hair grow faster?
How can i make my short hair flat?
My scalp gets really greay, really fast, How can I help it without washing my hair everyday?
If your barber is left/right handed, can that result in uneven hair at the sides?