Why am I going to dye my hair?
Braids on natural hair?
any hair help?
About to get a new flat iron?? Opinions?
How to grow my hair an inch per month???
Are blonde headed people really as dumb as we think?
should i chop or not HELLLLPPPPPP?
If you color your hair with crayola marker, will it make your hair fall out?
Should i stop taking biotin pills if my weight is going to be increas if i stop taking biotin pills?
Are you suppose to wash your hair w/ hott or cold water?
what color should i dye my hair?
What colour is your hair?
curly or straight??????????????
Should i dye my hair brown, picture. ?
Are these cute bangs?
Is it healthier to blow-dry your hair or just let it air-dry?
What do you think of side braids.. neatly?
Bought hair that is water-based,washed it need to know how can i get it back soften?
How can I make my hair color/dye fade?
Do chicks dig bald guys?
read desperate measures in skin and body plz?
What sort of haircut is this?
is it going to change my hair color if i use shampoo made out of henna?
What are the best vitamins, homemade solutions, foods or hair products to make my hair grow?
is it wrong to sleep when hair is wet?
how do i change the direction my hair goes?
Hair style Help. (Picture Of Me Included)?
which curling mousse should i use?
How do I naturally lighten my hair?
What is the Best Hair Products to defrizz your hair?
Will you cut your hair how your boyfriend likes it?
What Is The Best Way To Curl My Hair?
Hair too dark?? I need some help?!?
what about highlights????
Do I look better with blonde or brunette hair?? (:?
How should I dye my hair to make it look more scene/emo?
in hairdressing what is the appropriate use of razors?
How can you style your hair with a 2 inch curling iron to make it look like Jessica Simpsons?
What shade of brown is my hair?
Blonde... is it me?
For people who straigten their hair a lot.......?
i really dont know what to do with my hair? please help il choose best answer?
How do I look to you?
how much does it cost to have your hair high lighted at jc penney?
OMG. I think I want it but I'm scared. HELP!!?
Do you like my hair straight or curly better?
i have aslim face , i want to khnow , is there any soulution for it.?
how can i reduce greasy hair?
Can I add tea tree oil to a regular shampoo?
Step By Step of Updo?
i accidentally left in my hair conditioner........?
how to style spikey hair?
Blonde's,red or brunnettes which have more fun?
Hair loss, should I worry?
Which hair color suits me best?
should i dye my hair on my own?
Can someone with thick hair ever go short or does it look ridiculous? what are the best styles for thick hair?
What Do I Do??? Hair Help!?
Can I bleach out black/extremely dark brown hair dye?
is there anyway i could get short?
Is there any easier way to get the tipe of waves like when braiding your hair and combing it out again?
Cute ways to style short hair? <3?
How can i go dark to blonde?
i am trying to highlight my hair with foil should i roll top straight back then sides or part hair in four sec
What's the best hair cut for a person with a square-shaped face?
hellow.. deepa suffering from hairloss from 10 yrs.i tried ayurvedic n many,but no use.?
when i go out after straightening my hair,it goes all poofy and there any way to stop this happening?
Getting Ombre ends! Question?
How to get my hair soft?
how to make my hair layers grow faster?
Should I dye my hair pink?
What do you think of this haircut?
my hair is really dry and poofy. its not curly but its also not wavy. i have no clue what to do with it! help!
Is this totally ugly?
So I have swim practice every morning before school and need some help with my hair!?
can i have straight hair without a straightener??
where can I find Dippity do styling gel at a retail store in Spokane, wa.?
What does hydrogen peroxide do to facial hair?
what is the best hairstyle that will suit me?
im dying my hair black and pink?
Have you got blonde hair?
please please how do i do this from straight hair?
Buzz cut hair with a small pony tail?
Best shampoo and conditioner?
Which hair-color looks better on me? (PIC)?
Are Micro Bead Extensions safe? More questions:?
coloring my hair blue?
What product can I use to remove mineral deposits from my hair?
Is it possible to get split ends?
shaving your chest hair will make them grow thicker than before?
How to use hot oil hair treatment step by step?
punk hair cut?
Have you ever cut off your layers?
Hair coloring advice: Could I pull this off?
Will this help prevent split ends?
Is there a Home Remody ??? ?
which hair cut is sexier a rat tail, mullet, or a combo?
does my hair look good blonde or should i dye it a different colour? if so what colour?
Which one will look sexy n cool? Curl hair or straight?
Would I look good with straight across bangs?
I hate my new short haircut! How do I get over it?
What does it take for u girls to dance with a random girl @ a club?
questions about Veet easy wax roll on kit?
Best hair color (over the counter) for gray coverage?
How do I get Alex Turner's hair from Humbug?
Which is the best shampoo?Please help?
How can I get my hair like this?
Any one like cornrolls (braids)?
How to make my hair grow longer? Please Help!(:?
whats is longs hair too you?
What hair colour would I suit? Pics?
Has anyone had a bad experience w/Hair Club for Men? My fiance did. Let me know.?
what is the name of the bang that goes all across your forehead but is longer on the side of your face?
shampoo & conditioner for frizzy dry hair ?
Which hair color suits me the best? HELP NEEDED?
Do you like the NEW herbal essecence shampoos?
Dry...Thick...Frizzy...Messy...Curly-ish… ?!! HELP PLEASE?
what do people put in their hair to get a mohawk?
which one looks older?? curly hair or straight? (pics) (:?
Is it bad to shampoo hair everyday?
Hairstyle? Dip dye. Highlight.?
How bad is my hair loss?
What are dreadlocks??????? Seriously, I dunno what they are.?
why is it not considered racist to constantly bully gingers?
Why does the back of my hair grow slower than the front?
how can i make my hair curly?
I have a foot long nose hair....?
Tips for manic panic hair dye?
Hair Help, I Have pictures.?
if you have hair like a black person what can you put on it to make it look good healthy and smooth?
how do you disconnet this a count answers?
Where should I put the streak in my hair?
Hair color brand ?
Is my wave cap working?
If i use hair gel everyday should i wash my hair everyday?
How do I blend in black hair with dark brown and red extensions?
Dying my hair! Please read & answer I'm clueless:p?
What would happen if someone got an emo haircut and they had really curly hair?
what color hair do you have?
how should i wear my hair to a casual day at the movies with someone i like , but we dont go out ?
Tryin dyin my hair !!?
What hair colour would suit me? (pics inside)?
John Frieda Sheer Blonde highlight activating shampoo on virgin black hair?
OK! i need help with my hair?
Girls, does the feel of having long hair 24/7/365 drive you crazy? Feeling your hair tickle your face and neck?
Flat iron or blow dry hair straight?
How can I get my hair to grow quicker?
Ladies, when it rains, do you wear a raincoat??
How do i get my hair to style like this?
my hair is thinning and falling since last may be 6-8 yrs...nw im 28..and now have noticed areas of baldness.?
how do i make my hair less frizzy?
Help with haircut situation please?
Best solution for dandruff?
What color should i dye my hair? pic included.
Straight hair with volume looks bad?
I need help with 80's party hair...?
How can I make mousy brown hair look better?
How do I "STRIP" out a perm if I want to lock up my hair.?
Would I look good with a buzz cut?
What do you know about highlighting your hair ?
I want a unique hair color! but im clueless??
Hair Extensions Question (:?
to the women. do u like a guy with long hair or short hair?
How to strengthen my hair ?
what jobs can you do with pink hair?
I need a new haircut. -pics-?
anyone use Shapley's MTG to grow their hair faster?
if you bleach hair, then dye it, then bleach again then dye again what will happen?
Where can I buy Tigi hair products in London for a low price?
A whole lot of dandruf?
What haircut should I get??
how would i look with straight, black hair?
Is there any way to make your hair grow faster?
Do you like your natural hair colour?
Should I relax my hair the Japanese way? Yes or no? Why or why not?
i dyed me hair black and now i cant go back!?
i blew a bubble with bubble gum it popped on my eyes!?
Where is a good place to get custom full lace wig done. I am looking to go to new york city or new jersey?
I have not used in 1 month, but i need to take a hair test next nonth! That's not 90 days,any 1 know if Max wo?
which is a better hair style 1 2 or 3??
how do i straighten my hair the "right" way?
My hair is naturaly wavy but i wont it curly how do i get it like that?
I'm sure your all sick of this question but...[pics]?
What do you think: long or short hair?
why do they have dye for your hair?
Please help! If you cut off all your hair does it grow back differently??...?
Do barbershops still use razor strop to sharpen blades?
Help with split ends?
what to do to my hair???????
What is the best way to make your hair,very,nice and thin?
can we make stuff?
Ag Graham's Hair Color?
Are you supposed to condition your WHOLE hair or just the tips?
Wahts ravens home address?
which do you prefer, before/after(pics of me)?
Which hairstyle best suits me?
what is the best way to handle thick hair?
Is a mowhawk sexy?
How would this hairstyle look on me>?
my hair highlights,and color?
Different Hair Styles?
Should I Dye My Hair?
What type of hair do I use?
Looking to change my hair (pictures included)?
i have a quiestion about food colouring in hair?
whats the best prduct on the market for frizzy hair?
Poll: How often do you wash your hair?
How can I get black permanent hair dye to fade?
Myyearbook Pictures??????????
Dying hair with food colouring?
You think i look good with...(pic. included)?
Why is it recommended not to use anti-dandruff shampoo 2 weeks before a relaxer and 2 weeks after?
What year was 1942 again?
Is there a salon in the Philadelphia area that does Brazilian Blowouts for black women?
Which hair color would look best on me?
I want to grow out my bangs, but I'm not sure what to do when they get to that irratating lenght any ideas????
Girls like short spike hair or long hair guy?
Hairstyles for my camp?
How do you get your hair straight?
what colour of your hair???????????
is there a way to dye hair in red, and keep the color for a long time?
Hairstyles help please!!!?
Should I wash my hair with olive oil soap?
What are some good Hair Straighteners?
How do i make my hair stay flat and not poof out?
how to get rid of a basement smell i treid mothballs and mop with purex and it just wont workand airfreshener
Does your hair grow long if you eat bread crust?
beauty tip! =)?
What color should I dye my hair for summer?
For people who want to dye their synthetic hair extensions...?
Would these bangs look good on me (w/ pics)?
Hair help? Not sure what i can do to fix the problem.?
What kinda hair style for guys do girls like?
What are the advantages of using shaver/trimmer instead of razors in regard to skin look and feel?
help with my hair!!!?
Girls do you like boys(13-18) when they let their hair grow natrualy and then pull it back in a ponytail?
How to cut my hair myself?
Hair is getting thinner?
Spray or mousse to lift my hair roots?
Do girls care if guys have facial hair?
How much time will it take for the regrowth of upper lip hair after threading?
wat is exactly ''teasing'' ur hair?
Which Hair Style Looks Better?
HAIR EXTENSIONS?! foils hairdresser. crisis?
How to do ombre hair look with honey?
Platinum Blonde Hair?
Does my hair sound pretty?
Do you think this would be a good Idea for a Hood Hairdryer.?
is there any cure now for male pattern balding?
Can anybody tell me the rate chart of Jawed Habib hair salon?
Blondes or Brunettes? Which is better?
how do u curl ur hair?
why does my hair come out when i use conditioner? does anyone else have this problem? thanks?
Which color of hair highlights would be best?
What is a good strightner besides a CHI?
Does my hair look better up or down?
Do deep conditioners and hot oil treatments help your hair a lot?
Can anyone recommend a hair salon in Blackburn, Lancs?
Can you recolor hair after dyeing it ?
is 50 dollars too much for a haircut?
I straighten my hair practically every day.?
destroyed damadged dead hair?
What color should I dye my hair(picture included)?
Would it work if I straightened my hair, then curled it with a wand?
Haircut help (no bad comments please!)?
which of these looks better?
facial hair???
Do you prefer long hair or short? And why?
Girls Only!!!?
Should I dye my hair red?
What are some ways to straighten your hair?
Would a tan boy look good with blonde hair?
What colour should i dye my hair?
I dyed my enire head purple, and I love it, but I want to go back blonde?
My hair will not tone--advice?
would red hair dye look good on natural red hair?
What do you think of this haircut???
Is my hair getting darker?
A lot of people say i should get lots of layers..put in and have it choppy what difference will it make?
would my hair be fine if i slept on it?
Which is more preferred? Long or short hair?
I am 16 year old guy with dark brown hair, but i want to dye it jet black. How do you do this?
Im going back to the hair salon for a fix it cut. Should i tip?
I saw this question and i dont know what micros are?
My hair falls out all by itself?
How can I get longer hair faster?
Why isn't my hair soft, shiny, and silky anymore?
how much do braids cost?
Hair extension question 10 points!!!!?
My hair is thick and wavy and wont stay strait and not knotty.?
How to dye hair brown after it's been bleached and dyed red?
Good electric blue semi-permanent (or demi)hair dyes?
Keep hair from getting greasy?
What color does my hair look best?
How should I wear my hair to prom?
Dry shampoo week away ? x?
Need some cute hairstyles?
How can i make my own hair dye?
How do you do Cher Lloyd's hairstyle in Want U Back?
Which is better, gel or wax for man hair?
Can Sally's beauty store help me?
How Do I Get Lauren Conrad's Hair Color?
whats is longs hair too you?
Shave down there....(both guys and girls answer please!)?
Crimping hair problems...?
do you think this haircut will look good on me?(pics)?
What color are firetrucks?
How do u be scene???????
How to style your hair like photo?
Would I look good with bangs? Pictures! :D?
what are bangs? (american slang)?
John freida three days straight help 10 Points?
hair build up problem?
What is the best way to get hair glue out of my hair?
What do I ask for if i want side swept bangs?
What should I dye My Hair?
SOS!!My hair needs help! How do i get rid of split ends???
what is a good gel/wax/moose that will hold hair in place and keep it soft but not make it hard or crunchy?
What is better for fast, healthy hair growth? vitamin e oil or olive oil?
Should you pay if your hair is wrong?
whats the sexiest...?
How can I know if these extensions are any good?
curly hair-->straight hair?
How to make chocolate brown hair fade FAST?
I have very thick hair. and i just really wish i had it a bit thinner. how can i do this?
Is shaving your head the only way to get rid of dreadlocks?
hair emergency! how can i make hair wavy using no mousse?
Are Batiste dry shampoos any good, do they actually work?
can I make my hair blond with splat bleach?
what girls in here like long hair on a guy?
how do i make my hair thicker?
Can you dye your hair twice to get a lighter blonde?
every time i blow dry my hair i end up with all thiss flyaway hair along the top part of my head?what can i do
Best short haircut for my girlfriend?
What shade of brown is my hair?
What type of braids are these??
Boys, what do you think when you see a pretty girl with short hair?
Make your hair silky and shiny?
are ionic hair straighteners better really?
How long will it take my hair to grow using a natural hair system?
Is my natural hair color dark brown?
I need major help with my hair and split ends.?
Why aren't you suppose to shave your thighs?
what are some cute hair styles for short hair? Ethnic hair?
How often should you wash your hair?
new da vinci hair dye? help?
Whats the best Garnier Fructis shampoo and conditoner?
Dying my black hair: I want red tips!?
where in Bristol can i find a hair salon taking on apprenticeships .?
I have very dry and curl hair how i will make it straight & shiny which cream i can use?
How do you feel about mullets?
Instead of doing the 'Big Chop", could i just let the perm grow all the way out of my hair?
Does black dye fade after having bleached blonde hair?
do you switch shapoos?
Hair extenstions? Help??!?
Does Layering your hair actually make it thicker?
Would I look good with front bangs?
Do up do's or down do's suit me more?
does instylers really work?? or what other straightner is bettet?
are there any ways to lighten hair naturally?
Is Snow White's hair in a bun or just really short?
How can i make my hair stay curly without hairspray?
How do I get bubble gum out of my son's long curly hair without cutting it?
short hair suits me? :p?
Male here plz hair problem?
is it still scene hair if you dont tease it?
How do I naturally highlight my hair?
do you think red heads are ugly?
what will get the yellow out of my bleached hair?
Will you view these hair extensions for me?
What hair colour would suit me most?
one question?
how to do different hair styles?
Is gray hair good or bad?
I dyed my hair slightly blonder earlier (3 hours ago). I still have a little dye left in the container...?
I have remy keratin bonded hair extentions and all equiptment to attach them?
Why do hairdressers charge more to cut a females hair?
do you think long hair would look good on me?
I Want To Dye My Hair?
What is a cute hairstyle.?
Hair straightening problems?
How do you make your hair straight with no heat?
What should i do with my hair?
How often do you wash your hair (girls and boys)??
Do you break the rules of No-Shave November if you trim?
your eyes color and your hairs color!!!?
hair volume with no build up or residue?
if i wanted to dye my hair two colors meshed into one, would it damage my hair?
what are the differences between hair relaxing & re bonding?
Three questions about hair?
What would u do if the lady at the salon cut you're hair short on one side?
my friends tell me that i dress very shabilly?
Do some people’s hair grow one inch per month?
i dyed my hair black and its naturally dark brown. how can i remove the dye without going to a professional?
best hairstyle for men?
My hair takes forever to grow!?
I dyed my hair Light Auburn..Why are my roots BRIGHT RED?
How do i make my hair do this?
How do I make my hair thicker ?
what hair colour is best on girls?
Passed out drunk got my head shaved?
Am I spoiled????
What hair style suits me? Pic included?
Help with curly hair!?
How to lose hair between eyebrows forever unibrows ?
what should i do...?
Which is better???????
How do i get my hair to poof at the top like rockabilly chicks?
Will Color oops take out red dye?
Does rinsing your hair with camomile tea and going in the sun really make it lighter?
Can you wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo after a pre-poo treatment or do you use regular shampoo?
what is the fastest flat-iron that u can use on damp hair and about how long does it take?
My hair is weird in the mornings?
OMG I just got back from getting my hair cut. I told the asshole to...?
Medium length haircuts with bangs?
How do I get wavy beach hair?
Do I look better with straight hair or curly?
Hair question! Men and girls welcome to answer:)?
What color should I dye my hair?
How to scissor cut my hair (guy)?
What shampoo and conditioner should i use if i have long, thick, and dry hair?
Do people assume a girl is gay if she has short hair?
Justin biebers hair cut?
Does my hair look good straight? (pix!)?
How do you get wavy hair like Madonna's?
what do you prefer strait or curly?
what color should i dye my hair if i am wearing a dark pink dress to prom?
has anyone tried the new herbal essences shampoo??
Do you think it would look bad if I dyed my hair blue without bleaching it (see details)?
I have some considerably thick hair, and it's somewhat dry. I want to make it softer, but keep dandruff away?
is manteo high schools principals hair real?
HELP!?!?! My GHD's are going wierd, how to fix them? who to ring?
New summer haircut maybe?
do you like my haircut?(before and after pictures)?
Dying hair? Please help?
Can I leave in CHI Infra Treatment?
do women like men with braids or a clean cut?
How to care for human hair wigs?
Hairstyles for a blonde 14 year old?
Shiny hair?
Which do you prefer - Brown, Blond or Red hair?
I cut my hair, is it bad?
Why do Guys like girls with Longer hair better than shorter??
Help! How do I get wavy hair!?
From a females stand point, I'm a male with a rat tail hair style. What's your opinion on this?
does anyone know whats better for hair spa or hot oil for falling hair?
How so you manage curly, thick, frizzy hair with stuff at home?
What could have been a better way to get this hairstyle done?
Will ISOFLAVONES prevent body hair ?
which hairstyle do YOU think looks best? (pictures)?
how to lighten dark brown-henna'd hair?
balsam and shampoo...?
Changing hair texture from African to Asian?
Is light brown hair considered blond or brunette?
does drinking 8-10 glasses of water actully do anything for your skin and hair?
how do you frost just the tips of your hair??
Best Redken shampoo for my hair?
Help keeping my hair the way it was?
My hair is boring i need a new hairstyle?
Blonde Or Brunette? *Picture included*?
Were can I find a haircut to fit my face and my hair type?
How to curl really thin, straight hair...?
pic included! what color should i dye my hair?
I need a new sexy, edgy haircut - guys & girls -help!?
If you were going bald, would you just shave your entire head instead of waiting for it to happen naturally?
While proceedin 360 waves........?
opinion about gals with short hair??
If I dyed my dark brown hair black, would it look good?
What can I do to make my straight hair look good for a special occasion?
How to my hair blahh...?
Hair colour question...?
Can I bleach over a semi permanent dye?
Does dimeats have funny hair?
Ladies only please: I'm bored, so what's a good adult toy to use at work while I do manicures for my clients?
what color should i dye my hair? pics included :)?
WHat is the best heat protection spray?
Greasy Hair? Its really annoying i have to wash it every day or it looks horrible the 2nd day. Any Tips?
Thick hair and migraines....?
any one from san diego braid hair for cheap?
will shaving the pubic hair be itchy as it grows back?
Hair Cut/Style Advice Pleeaasse! What Would Suit Me?
I need hair styles for...?
Which hair color looks best on me?
what do u do when you have curly hair and want it straight?
Which is better natural instincts or loreal healthy look?
Question about dying my hair?
Brown or Red??!?! HELP?
Can I dye and frost my hair both in 1 night without screwing it up?
I Need Your Help!?
Should I wash my hair before I color it at home?
What hair color do you think is the prettiest?
wedding hair ideas...?
Does anyone know a good place to get a great haircut in Houston?
If my father is bald, does it mean i'll go bald too?
Dark brown colored hair to bright red?
how can i get beautiful hair?
How can I cut my bangs like Kristen Stewart's at home like in the pic below?
my friend wants me to dye her hair but we both have no idea what colour help?
Ok..How should I cut my hair so Its easier to straighten?
Please help!! Hair question?
What does it mean when someone bleaches their hair?
I love short hair, but I don't want people to think I'm gay?
How can you dip dye your hair temporarily?
How Much Hair Do You Need to Put it in A Weave?
How tall are you?
Do you think that I should dye my hair blond?
How often should I straighten my hair?
I'm 35 but worry that wearing a ponytail is too young for me. Do you think it is?
I just moved to the DFW area, and I'm trying to find a good hair stylist... any recommendations?
how to make my hair lighter without dying it?
for the girls here, tell me what you prefer, should i shave my hair pubic hair, or leave it?
What color highlights are these lowlights or underneath let me know?
How can I get rid of the hair on my fingers permanently?
Anyone know a great stylist around Southington, CT?
What (medium hair length) hairstlye should i get?Plz help!Pictures would help you for best answer!?
Why do people assume I'm stupid and a ditz because my hair color is blond?
Should I cut my hair shorter ?
Which hairstyle looks best on me?
how to make Mohawk with medium length hair?
How long does your hair have to be to cut it off for Locks of Love?
Bored with my hair!!! Help :(?
How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
How to make hair healthy and not damaged?
Question for Girls: Do you prefer shaved or hairy armpits?
what kind of haircut should i get? pics included?
What's the best curling iron?
Is color pulse good?If so,what color of color pulse? Thanx!?
Wearing Hair extensions during rain?
I need a answer on my hair ?
Growing My Hair Longer?
Should i bleach my hair?
Should I get the SEDU flat iron / hair straightener?
I just bought a Farouk Chi Ceramic Hairstyling Iron[1"]?
my parner ( female) has very dry hair (frizzy) is there anything that will improve this.?
How to get my flatten and remove dandruff from my hair?
can i use yogurt with egg in my hair instead of curd?
how can i get my hair to grow faster? ?
What hair style do u recommend? (please read extras)?
is there any natural treatment for hairloss?
My Hair Fell out????!!!?
How to get my hair like this? (pictures)?
Girls, do you find these types of hairstyles dirty or no?
Wella high hair products?????
will a mohawk scare people when i get one?
Split-End Pulling? Help?
Shaved head or not?
how to make your hair curly?
would i look good with blonde hair?
How much did you pay for your last haircut?
What exactly does sun-in do to your hair?
Shiny hair?
why does hair dye run days after its been applied,when it states clearly on the box that it's permanent?
How to get gcse o'level question papers of internet any special web. I have to revise from exams.?
can baby shampoo really grow your hair?
how to get this hair?
What is a good way for a woman to remove facial hair?
my hair is pretty long shall i .....?
New hair color?
CLICK HERE PLEASE i need serious help please!!!!?
does anyone know a free website to see how you would look with a different hair colour?
I have waist length hair but people continually tell me to get it cut shoulder length or higher.?
What are some tips for coloring really long hair at home?
Does anyone know a good hairstyle that will get me a boyfriend?? i'm 13 and i am desperate!!?
how can i get my mom to let me shave my legs?
Male Haircut question. Please help
what's a good hair style for a round face person i want to cut my hair short?
I need my hair cut how to I ask for this?
How many Biotin Hair,Skin, & Nails 1000mcg pills do you take a day if your 16?
Straight hair or curly hair ?
Ladies, what is the best men haircut?
prom night hair do?
What is your favourite product to get away frizz from yoru hair?
Rate it 1 to 10.?
macadamia healing oil treatment?
I wanna get my fringe (bangs, if you're in america) like this....?
which do u prefer: Blond,redhead or brunette?
I am mixed and my hair is a disaster!?
Shampoo Question? Plz Help:)?
A cheap way to get smooth hair?!?
So I bleached my girlfriend's hair, and it's kinda dry?
Should I dye my hair and get bangs?
how to dry my long,wet hair as i have to leave early for college.also have to tie them dryers plz.?
can the sun make hair kind of orange?
what do girls like better on boys long or short hair??
where can I go to find pictues of black hair ponytails?
What should i do with my hair?
How can I get my hair to grow faster?
Where can you get feather hair extensions?
Sister wants to go brunnete?
Would red hair suit me?
Is it possible to use..?
Curly hair or Straight?
How to get my hair back to my natural color.?!?!?
Are boys/young men spending too much time on thier appearance?
I MIGHT be getting my hair cut next weekend. Should i get it emo scene or somethin else but i really want scen?
why the hell do girl burn their hair with a flat iron then ***** about how their hair is tragic?
What color should I dye my hair? (Pictures included)?
Please, Please, Please help! (I need lots of answers) i need help by 6 to nite!?
How do I get my mom to let me dye my hair the color I want?
Terrible streaks!!!!!!!?
How to make my hair more curly? (In a guy)?
I'm a girl with a mohawk...guys do you like it?
A lot of people say lemon jucing ur hair is BAD idea...but alot of people say its ok.? whats the truth?
if I dyed my hair tonight?
i was just wondering if anybody has any good hairstyles for an oval shaped face?
I am a girl of 17years and i have a few private hair,how can i get it growing fast.?
How do I convince my mom to let me dye my hair blonde?
I am looking for a good straightener for my hair,its med length and very curly and thick.?
New Unique hairstyles?
What can I put it my hair to make it grow a little faster?
is my sister's hair better natural or the way she dyed it?
My children are mixed black and white. I need to know the RIGHT way to deal with their hair.?
Growing out my hair? Help?
Do hair style reveal personality? Are women with short hair more aggrasive than long-haired feminine ladies?
How can I get my hair like is use to be ?
Does anyone know of a home remedy to get rid of dandruff and ease severe scalp irritation?
Should I wash my hair everyday ?
epilating around collarbone?
can i used Clairol Born Blonde over my brassy highlights?
how do i make my curly hair silky?
Would i look good with bangs like Demi lovato?? PLEASE help me out!?
How to grow my hair an inch per month???
My hair grows too fast?
hair EMERGENCY. pleaseeee
how can i get this stupid knot out plzz help!?
what is the definition of towel dry hair?
Where can I buy Farouk Chi hair straightener?
need help with spiking up hair after blowout????!!!!!!?
how do you get beachy waves help please?!?
Do you dye your hair first and then perm straighten it? Or is it the other way around?
do u think short hair w/ side bangs is cool?
i would like to knw wat hairstyle would suit me?
What hurts more threading your eyebrowa or waxing?
how do i get my hair that is black to be blonde?
girls only, do you like boys that have brownish red hair?
What are some easy morning hairstyles?
what color should i dye my hair?
What did she do to her hair? (Picture)?
i want a new hairstyle?
Help with summer hair!!!!!?
how to feel less pain while getting your waxed?
i need a good straightener!?
How to make frizzy/curly hair into silky/wavy hair?
how can I stop or prevent my dandruff?
Wig Shop near Seattle area?
I get my hair cut today-should I get bangs?
My bangs curl up and make little ringlets and i try to get rid of them but i cant. How can i straighten them?
Help! Need a treatment for my hair...?
i need a hair cut with a new and exciting stlye?
Can using gel really cause hair loss?
How do I get my hair to be wavy?
what color should I dye my hair (pics)?
any Good hair straightening cream?
what are these Hair straighteners/flat irons called?
why did some of the women at college say this?
Do I look Better With Curly Or Straight Hair?
Side swept bangs question?
What is a word that starts with O that relates to Colonial Times?
where provide cheap and relatively good hair extension service?
how do i fix my hair please help no ones answering s?
i bleached my hair and need help with color...?
how can i make my hair grow fast with homemade items?
how do i make my hair thinner?
Hairstyle ideas, for a elegant day?
Hair Tips!? 10 points to the 1st helpful person!!!! I PROMISE!?
What shade of Linda would suit me?
can I use a flat iron to heat up a bobby pin to do pin curls?
how long does your hair grow if you braid it each month.?
i want to know if i should cut my hair or not. it stops at my shoulders and it is damaged.i want a bang also?
How much does it cost to buy real hair?
what hair dye color should i use?
what is your favorite hair and eye color?
How can I make my hair look better?
ok i need a hair cut im a man i have culry poofy hair thats corse and dry?
Platinum blonde will not take red coloring?
how to get my pale yellow/blonde hair to a platinum/bleach colour? bleach again or toner?
Dying hair blonde or light brown?
what are some good hairdos for chin length hair?
Which do I look better with..?
Help! My dad wont let me straighten my hair!?
names of cutee scene haircuts!?
What is ur opinion on the sedu straightener?
Which hair style looks better on me? (Pics)?
How to get curls in long emoish hair ?
What colour should i dye my hair?
Do you think my hair is long enough for a ponytail?
SHort hair cuts?
Did I pull off the haircut?
Is this ok to do with my hair?
Why do people wrap foil around a hair straightener?
hair style help?
What is the best way to make your hair,very,nice and thin?
humectant products?
What happens if you strip your black bleached hair?
What's better on girls - side parting or middle parting?
I have curly layers, I hate.?
I want my hair to be straight, but no matter what I do, it just waves up an hour or so later.?
curly hair vs straigth hair?
Bangs or no bangs? (pics included)?
How do i straighten my hair?
hiyyaa!! hair help pleasee!!?
If a woman shaves her head, how long would it take for it to grow out about 3-4 inches?
can you put a dark brown hair dye over fire red hair?
How can I stop my hair from getting tangled so easily?
What colour is your hair?
How often do you wash your hair...?
my hair feels really coarse. help.?
blonds or brunettes?
Are there any good dominican hair salons in the Baltimore area?
good haircuts?
hi i dnt knw wat color it is?r=1228783111?
Is curling hair everyday with heat harmful to your hair?
What do you think i should do?
long or short hair??(pics)?
what do you think of this haircolor???
Anyone ever use henna to color their hair?
help with hair (im a guy)..........and i do pic best answer?
How to get Chris Drew hair?
What do you think I should do? Im SCARED.?
If I wanted my hair dyed this colour(s), what would I ask my hairdresser for?
Anyone gone through hair school and worked full time? If so, how did it work for you?
Would I look good as a blonde? PICS!?
Inexpensive products to help thick, curly, frizzy, color treated, medium length hair?
please help !!!!!!!!!!!?
Hair help! Hair help!!!! please help A.S.A.P!?
Isoplus Castor Oil, Thoughts?
I'm looking for some1 who does micro braids, but can you come to my home to do it? I live in cincinnati/oakley
What hair should I do...?
Is curly or straight hair hotter?
Thick, curly hair to straight and thinner.. wtf?
I need cute hair ideas...?
Should I cut my hair short again(pics)?
Is My hair goign to fall out..?
Does anyone have ideas of how to get rid of brassy and golden tones in hair?
How do you make grey hair look blonde?
what can b done to make freezy hair healthy n shiny?
Don't know if I should thin my hair, people are telling me not to but I really want to.. Help?
My hair still stains everything?
Does flexi rods work on milky way hair ? Somebody tell me please : ) ?
What hairstyle should I get?
Are bangs in?
Which Flat Iron should I buy?
is there any kind of volumizing product that won't make my hair super hard and stiff?
Do girls like guys with gelled hair?
Some good hairstyles..?
Should i reverse perm my curly hair?
best platinum blonde shade?
If I shave my head, would my hair grow back to how it was before?
How do I do my hair like this in the bun. Picture included?
How do i look better, w/ bangs or without?? s b/a?
Why can I not grow a beard?
how do i get the orange tint out of a bleached blonde?
Curly hair help please?
Best way to curl hair with a flat iron?
I have a medium dark, brown hair, and i was wondering how i can lighten it without dye.?
should i dye my hair dark or keep it lighter??(pics)?
Loreal vs Revlon hair dye?
What colour should I dye my hair?
how can i get pin-straight hair w/o flait irons every day and blow-dryers or japanese hair straightning?
Long Hair?
Are there any salons in NY or MA that need hair models for Keratin Hair Treatments?
What coloured highlights should I get?
How to manage curly hair?
What hair dye would you use if you wanted to get this hair color:?
Biotin for hair growth?
HI, I have died my hair a dark brown colour, my old colour was mousy brown, and its gone brassy, HELP!!?
I have a problem with my hard and damaged hair. Suggestions on how to soften it?
What does it mean by "don't wash your hair every day"?
Blonde to brunette?
my hair goes down to about my shoulders. what hairdoos besides a ponytail can i do??
Which of these girls has the best hair?
Poodle Hairstyle, Lucy Ricardo?
How can I make my hair not frizzy when it's curly?
is it gay for a guy to straighten his hair?
Is hair coulor remover from boots harmful to damaged hair?
Shaving, do you think it is gross not to?
Pls advise natural remedy to prevent hair loss.?
Weird hair on my eyelid?
How often do you clean your hair brush?
can redheads go blond?
Should I have curly hair or straight hair?
Are there secerets hairstyles on weeworld?
how do i put hair back on my ?
Which hair color do you like the best and why? 10 points?
Will it damage my hair if I use gel and anti-humidity hairspray every few days?
Help! My hair is so greasy!?
Is this worth it........?
how do i make my hair grow fast??? sum one help lol?
How do i get orange out of my hair after highlighting it blonde?
Best Highlight Color?
does my hair look ok like this?
Where did the word 'sideburns' come from?
does anyone?
Frizzy hair problem ,is this frizzy?
How do you find easy quick hair styles to do in the morning?
I suffer from male pattern baldness.can OJON generate hair growth.. would it bring back my lost hair?
How to make my hair thicker? (teen guy)?
. . .Which hair color should I dye my hair?
Are bangs hot?
How is a hair straightener made?!?
HELP?! is my hair going to fall off?!?
(Boys Only) Which color hair on a girl do you think is better or pretier-- a blonde, a brunette, or a redhead?
Help Me With My Hair? BEST ANSWER!?!?!?
what is the best way to handle thick hair?
Is it bad for my hair to shower twice a day?
Girls: What is your favorite hairstyle on a guy?
Does WAXING make your hair thicker or thinner or the same?
Is Corioliss iron a bad straightener?
I'm getting my hair cut soon...?
long or short hair on me?
A Question for Ladies Who Spend Alot of Money Having Their Hair Done....?
What do you think of red hair?
Help with straightening my hair!!?
how do u use a straightener?
help!! I just had a baby & my hair is falling out.?
What is your opinion on dreadlocks?
Im scared...?
Dying my tips of my hair?
hair help!!!! i used color fix from black hair and now its brown with blackish streaks?
I'm 16, and I have gray hair!?
What straightner do you recommened?
would i look good with short hair?
raccoon tail hair help?
Where get this hair product?
How to make the perfect hair curl?
Where could I have left my hairbrush?
Where do black guys go to get their eyebrows cut?
should i chop my hair off?
How do i get my hair this color?
I have honey beige coloured skin, but I'm hairy everywhere. They're black, fine hairs, but they show.?
drandruff help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
Does it bother you, Guys and Girls plz?
What Hair product would u recommend for a guy?
How to get wavy hair..?
Hair greasy? Help please. 10 points.?
How to get rid of split ends with out getting a trim?
What is a good permanent pastel lilac hair dye? which brand is best?
Is it just jealousy or what?
Every time i mousse my hair it gets frizzy and it really pisses me off. what should i do?
For the girls with waves?
is it possible to make your hair thinner by a hairdresser?
do guys like really long hair?
What do you think? (pix)?
For those who have used Manic Panic Flashlightning bleach: what was your experience, was it difficult?
What hair color would suit me best?
is this real hair or extension??and???.....?
How much do you tip a hairdresser. She rents her chair, but is her own boss. Midwest rate.?
How should I change my hair?
can i use L'Oreal heat protection and anti frizz serum at the same time?
im 15 and i have no facial hair but i have alot down ther and in my pits how come i dont on my face?
How can I straighten my hair without a hair iron?
what should i put in my hair before i curl it in spiral curls with a curling iron so it is not frizzy?
curly or straight?????????????? me make a decision..?
What are some hairstyles for "next day hair"?
i wanna mohawk?
Hair Style for back to school?
Which one is more attractive: Blonde or brunette? (in a lady)?
is a happy ending of love a fairytail?
What do you think about dark skin and blonde hair?
What do you think of my hair? too much?
Why is everyone against my hair?
Hair extentions/ HELP ME!!?
What hair color would help neutralize my yellowish skin?
My hair grows a 1/2 an inch a week, (NO joke...ive measured) Does that mean its pretty healthy?
does living in a humid place make your hair go all fluffy....?
Dip dying blonde hair?
I just dyed my hair.. is it bad?!?
i have long hair.about to my belly button.should i cut it short?or leave it long?
What haircut should I get? (pic included)?
straightening hair???????????
how do i get my hair like this?
Does my hair look pretty?
i wont to know your opinion on people who dye their hair whacky colors.. what do you think about them?
What are different types of fake braids?
would this haircut look good on me?
Question about this Solia hair straightener...?
Pictures included! What hair cut would suit me? Should I grow my hair out really long? or cut it short?
i'm 21 and wearing pigtails today what are your thought around that?
brunette hair?
my eyelashes are falling out like crazy , what is the reason and how can i stop it and grow some..???
How do I style my hair like this?
Help!! Hair Dye Trouble!?
Whats the best pomade, wax or hair gel to use for a cool look?
Which Hairstyle is best for me? (pics)?
What color should I dye my hair (picture included)?
Men: do you like girls with black hair?
Has anyone tried Color Pulse from L'oreal?
like the blonde or brunette?
A question for females.?
Washout hairdye???
Am I 'White' Enough to Pull off Blonde Hair?
if i have long, dark brown and i want to dye it...wat color should i dye it??
Does anyone know how to keep hair from falling out?
Which one do you think would suit me best?
Best hairstyle for me (ladies only)!?
What is the best smelling shampoo/conditioner ?
What can I do with my bangs??
how can i get my hair wavy like this?
Perfect curles?
may a mother require her 14 year old daughter to wear school-appropriate hairstyles ? braids/pigtails?
about bleaching my hair? please help it's important!?
Can I use Jerome Russell powder bleach after using Adee Phelan hair colour remover?
Hair coloring advice: Could I pull this off?
I hate my new perm...can I wash it out right away?
What is a good permanent pastel lilac hair dye? which brand is best?
i am 15 ,i there something i can do to get my hair straightened?thanx!?
do you think i look better as a blond or a brunet?
"floaty" weightless hair?
Do you like my hair better natural or straightened?
Please help! How should I treat this situation?!?
I get bullied about my hair, do you think i should straighten it?
am i too blonde? pictures?
what is the style for round face ?
Bleached hair, two tone what colors can i use to where its all the same color.?
How can I treat over processed chemically treated hair?
If you don't wash your hair every day, what do you do?
when i get my weave sewed in how should i take care of it?[details please]?
Why on my avitar i cant get to black hair?
what should i do with my hair for picture day(pics)?
i dye my hair quite alot i need help?
I'm 15 and wear daily my super thick hair in a waist-length,heavy braid,my mom won't let me cut?
How do u fix you're hair? (for a school poll)?
why is my hair always greasy?
should i get a haircut? (pic included)?
How many ways are their to fix my hair?
Question for teenage girls?
How can I get my hair Piecey like this?
How to store clip in hair extensions?
What colour hair would i suit? pic.?
does anyone know??
I want longer hair, but I don't want to poison myself.?
For those of you who know me and those of you that don' u think this hair style is me?
Can anyone give me a direct link to a virtual salon or place where I can try out hair colors on myself?
would you like it if a guy french braided your hair?
Best clip in hair extentions?
How would this hairstyle look on me?
what should i do to my hairr?!? (pic)?
Would this work???!!!?
As a black woman, what hair product can help dye my hair blonde?
Girls-help! Hair problems and products!?
Questions about coloring my hair and how it will look?
My friend insulted me just now on the phone!?
Can you use a clarifying shampoo from the same brand of your daily shampoo and conditioner?
is it bad to use conditioner?
my hair is not growing and i need tips.?
how do you tighten lose ends for dreads???
How should i cut my hair?
(PICS*)So..which hair color?
Question for black and yelow people?
Mitzi....Blonde or Brunette???
how long does permanent hair straightening stay?
is it true that if you use the juice from a lemon it can make your hair lighter? or is it a old wifes tale?
How would a salon/hair stylist fix dark dye splotches in my hair?
Is it even worth it to bleach my hair?
Biotin for Hair Growth?
How to get more volume in hair?
How should I do my hair on school picture day pictures please?
How can I striaghten my hair without a flat iron?
if i girl has hair on her arms does it gross you out?
i want my hair to look like this....?
better straight hair?
Which Hairstyle looks better? (^; (Pics)?
Is red hair a turn off?
How can I get Sheri Moon's hairstyle in House of a Thousand Corpses?
should i keep a ponytail??
why do people suck?
What can I do to make my child's hair grow?
I have strawberryblonde hair and freakles does that make me ugly or look ugly?
Should i get my hair cut like this? (pics)?
Natural hair color enhancement and coffee grounds?
10 point..Help me choose a last names, which one do you like?
Blondes vs. brunettes?
Hair problems?!?!?!?!?!?
could i pull off hayley williams red hair?
how do you make your hair long faster>?
Does the japanese straight perm slow down the growth of your hair?
What shade of Linda would suit me?
what hair color is this?
Which shampoo is best for preventing hairfall?
medication has thinned out my hair--How to make it look thicker QUICKLY!!?
Please Help, I have a Question about Hairsyles?