Why do some of you females spend at least 3 minutes brushing your long hair in front of the mirror before bed?
Does that (Proline) Hair Food really work on your hair? Does it really boost hair growth?
how can i get my hair color to lighten with out the use of bleach?
I am trying to find a good brand of hair care products for my 4 year olds hair. Any suggestions?
my mom wants me to get a hair cut and i don't know what kind i should get? pic included?
Please help! How do you make your hair grow faster?
well, i am 21 m and i am losing my here in a very quick rate, is there any way to stop these from happenning ?
Does my long hair make me ugly?
My new look!! showin' a lil luv 4ppl who helped me!!?
Dark streaks in Brown hair?
i dyed my hair black in feburary, can i dye my hair red without bleaching now?
Are flat irons safe for African-American hair?
Fast way to make your hair grow?
how do you put in kinky twists?
Is it okay if you didn't get all your conditioner out when you showered?
Can girls have short hair without looking "like a lesbian"?
Need help! What kind of hair dye?
PLEASE HELP hair problems!!??
I hate my curly hair !?
Hair Dye!!?
low lights or highlights?
How to put a ribbon in your hair like colette carr's?
How do I find the perfect haircut for me?
How to dye my hair (color ideas please)?
From where i can find Best Male hairstyle Pics for Round and Square face ?
How can i make my hair grow longer and faster ? Help!!?
What color should i streak my hair?
Have you ever cut your own hair?
this could be really confusing but my bright red hairdye doesnt take to my roots? Help!?
how do you curl your hair with a straightener?
Super long hair?
Do i look better with short or long hair?
How do you feel about women having Afros?
How do I go from jet black(dyed) hair to blonde?
Should i bleach my hair blonde?
EASY hairstyles?? 10 points best answer~?
hairstyling question?
How can i make my hair thinner and fewer?
Do you have long or short hair?
Hair Shape up but a big forehead?
Men's Body Hair Removal...any suggestions?
I need help with pureology?
Have You Ever Gone Into A Hairdressers,And Regretted Coming Out ?
okay, what can my hair be classified as?
Easy hairstyles for school?
What's better for my hair?
After you dye your hair at home, are you supposed to see the results right away?
how do u make ur hair grow faster?
What Is A Good Leave-In Conditioner?
How do I get all the "red" out of my hair to go blonde?
Weird hair parting at the front of my hair?
More scene hair like this?
should i dye my hair red?
What hair cut/ color looks best on me?
why do people get gray hairs? i have a few and im only 23?
FUE Hair Transplant in Dubai?
How do you get gum out of pubic hair.....???
Blonde hair with red highlights, does it make you attractive everywhere you go?
Does curly hair grow out before it grows down?
Does my hair have to be clean and dry before re dying it?
What do I do with 1 grey hair?
how should i get my hair cut?
Is there a way to change my hair color from red brown to just brown?
Would I look good with blunt bangs?
Where can I get my wigs cleaned and reset?
blonde hair blue eyes?
Angel of Death hair and make-make-up?
My Roots aren't changin??
Change the way hair grows in?
I dyed my hair lighter. But my extensions are a bit too dark. Help?
my questions below?
Do you like this haircut :] (pic) ?
dark brown to red hair coloring help?
guys, ...................?
Do you have hair like......,.?
How do I manage my hair?
could i pull off this hairstyle?
Help!! I have Shoulder length hair and I'm going to grow it out BUT I straighten my hair?
I have bleach blonde hair, how do I achieve Ash Blonde?
should i try a shorter hair style?
HELP ME!!! how do you get rid of split ends?? 10 points to whoever helps!! the mostest!
What colour is your hair?
Is it alright to use body bath or shower gel for my hair (dreads) instead of shampoo?
Which hair color looks best on me?
dying the tips of my hair blonde?
How to make your Hair grow faster?
How to comb my hair? which style is good for men?
Am i the only person who doesnt really like straight hair?
can i learn how to cut hair?
curly hair, i am done with it!!! :( :( >:(?
How do I get my hair to grow longer faster?
what is the best shampoo and conditionar?
i need some really go hair straightners for my really thick hair?
how come no ones into black hair now-a-days??
Would a hair dye patch test do as much damage in an allergic reaction as putting the dye in your hair?
How to I get my hair like this?
How can I fix my damaged hair?
how can i make my hair more blonde and less ginger?
Where do you part your hair when you are dying the top and bottom different colors?
My hair is greasy all the time. what shall i do?
When should my curling wand come?
why does hair change?
What shampoo & conditioner can I use for the best results?
Can anyone tell me some good websites for girls haircuts?
Bleach highlights to black hair?
What kind of haircut should I get?
who is better blonds or brunets?
Getting Bubzbeauty's hairstyle :]?
you see news every day ?
Can I get a hair cut with gel on? My hair is soft with gel?
how to make my hair less curly?
best way to get my hair silky shiny soft AND NONE OF THIS MAYONAISE, HONEY, EGG, VINEGAR BULLSH*T?
Hair problems,,, help please!!?
how to make front poof like ery1 b doin?
How to get my hair like this at home?
Does Lemon Juice Really Work?
What do you think of this haircut?
What would the gratuity be when getting my hair done?
How often should you use a shampoo that gets brassy tones out? Should you use the Conditioner to match?
How can I get my hair to do that cool wavy thing?!?
Help! Please. 10 points for best answer!?
I want to do something different with my hair. Any Ideas?
best straightener for my hair?
What salon do you think is best in terms of hair rebond which offer less price?
where to get cheap hair jewels?
I want to dye my hair black?
How to style this haircut?
Did I tip my hairstylist well?
this is a weird question about pubic hair?girls onlyyy?
how to keep un-greasy hair?
What color should i dye my hair?
would you paint your pubic hair?
Which hair color would look prettier??
How should I have my haircut?
Does Garnier Fructis: Sleek and Shine cause hair loss?
Please Help, Embarrassing Problem?
Maganda ba rebond ng INDEX SALON (commonwealth branch)?
What are good pills to take for stimulating hair growth?
Can someone save my hair!?
What is the best way to bleach medium dark brown hair to a platinum blonde?
What are the best home remedies for hair? (that ppl have actually tested)?
What color would you rather dye your hair?
hair scruch?
How can I wash out my semi-permanent hair dye FAST?
women only. Is the hair on your head the same colour the as your pubic hair?
Is it true if you trim your hair regularly it will grow faster?
Straight or scrunched?
What is a good hair product that will get you the wet look?
putting manic in shampoo and conditioner in order to keep my color red from not fading?
guy trouble?
should i grow out my hair or get extensions (pics)?
whats a better hair color, brown or blonde? ( im a blonde) lol?
Mane N Tail Products ( semi relaxed hair) ?
Do you prefer straight, wavy or curly hair?
Do You Need Nappy Hair For Comb Coil Twists?
What color should I dye my hair?
Poll: What is your natural hair color?
I have blue, purple, and yellow hair, & I want to dye it black...?
what can i do 2 my lifeless hair 2 make it shine?
anyone have curly, frizzy hair?...?
is it bad to wash my hair everyday?
Anyone know of a good website for men's hairstyles?
How do I dye over permanently dyed hair?
Question about Black-American hair: Is it safe to perm my hair after I put a semi-permanent dye on it?
How can I tell if my hair will be curly when it grows longer?
Should I dye my hair blonde?
what do you tip a hairdresser if the job is average and the bill is $125?
If u are a girl and u cut ur hair so so short do u think it owuld look like a boy look?
My mum wont let me dye my hair ideas?
ANY IDEAS for an interesting hair cut?
goatees vrs clean shaven?
Is pantene a good brand to use?
Olive oil on hair?
Who Is This? And would I look good with this hair?
when will i be able to get braids?
how can make my hair soft?
does anyone know how to get better clothes than someone cool in your school?
what is the best salon in the world ?
How do you make fish braids?
What kinds of hair care products can be taken in airplane carry ons?
Dying my hair? Crazy colors :P?
Thick, wavy hair, can I cut it super short?
A really bad haircut!! please help!!?
im 15 and..?
guys : is long hair pretty?
Facial hair.. and women?
Hair dos for highschool for curly hair with full bangs?
Question about perms?
how fast does a teenager's hair grow?
HELP!!! Please good hair ideas for a dude?
guys: do you like black hair?
Hair follicle drug testing?
How can I minimize red in my brunette hair?
Is having a MUSTACHE just like having a little pet on your face?
I put my hair up a lot---how damaging is that? Lately, I've bee using just hair elastic & combs.?
Please help with unique hairstyles!!?
how can my hair grow faster?
Does thick hair grow faster than fair hair?
Good haircut for asian men?
If you had a mustache what colour would it be?
Ladies: Can you make your hair wavy if it's straight? If so, how?
Can you use any ceramic flat iron on wet hair?
how to convince my mom...?
what should i do with my hair?
hair help question please and thank you
Hairstyles for crazy hair day?!? 5 STARS?
Blonde or Brunette??
how much time do you take on your hair every day?
How can I get rid of heavy dandruff?
hi ive just finished chemo and 5weeks after my hairdresser said he could chemical straighted my hair i have ha
is 13 too young to dye your hair?
i color my hair and when i dried it with the towel the color came off. what should i do?
Help Me On My Hair !?!?!?
Is there any method to get extra hair growth off ur body?
Hey i was wondering if any1 could tell me plz what my mates hairstyle is and if so what does he use or do it:)?
how can I make my hair thicker?
what would happen if i permed my hair?
8th Grd Gradution Help!!?
Straight or Curly hair?
good colors for ombre hair?
does anyone know about electrolysis?
I cut my bangs really short and I don't know what to do?
ANYBODY know were i can get my hair braided at a good price?
How do i get my hair to grow back for a black person?
What Can Make An African-Americans Hair Grow Longer?
I was wanting an opinion about what color highlights to put in my hair.?
Can you get rid of pubic lice with a nit comb?
Do you prefer curly or straightened hair?
my friends hair is really nappy, what shouldshe do?
How short should I cut my hair?
Tips or little secrets c: ?
can a hairdresser give you a good hair trim without washing your head?
I bleached my hair and then i dyed it but now its back to blonde?
Does chemically straightening your hair work good?
What hair color do you suggest? (with pic)?
Blonde hair, yes or no?
why is my hair falling out so much?
how long have you gone without washing your hair?
Can rainbow hair look good and not stupid?
is dying hair with hair dye a good idea?
do i look better with curly or striaght hair? be honest?
If I mix these two colors will I get the red i want?
I need a new haircut!?
Is my hair auburn or ginger?
Long Hair or Short Hair?
Which suits me better Curly or straight hair? (pictures)?
I love her hair do you?
Would I look good in bangs?
Do I look better with as a blonde or brunette? (pics)?
which hairstyle should i do out of these two?
Hair removel cream (veet)?
How to do my hair for school?
How can you grow yoru hair out longer and FASTER??!?! without using hair growing shampoo?
I want Andy's old hair cut... What should I do ?
i need girl names for my book i am writing for a girl with blondish red hair freckles?
In the video Corazon by Prima J! Hairstyles help?
what should i do with my hair for halloween?
Is it too soon to re dye my hair?
How can I make my hair thinner without using thinning shears?
How do I do this braided half up do style?
How to get my hair to be smooth and shiny?
Hairdoes for short hair?
Why do men grow beards?
my mom won't let me use any hair products!?
How can I get wavy mermaid-like hair?
i have a big ingrown hair on my pubic area?
Did i pull off the haircut I got?
What does hair,nails,skins tablet exactly do?
after getn bleached hair at the salon can i dye it blonder at home?
I posted a previous question about my damaged hair and my hairdresser's suggestion to cut it very short.?
I died my hair black and i wanted to get it stripped and dye it light blonde, will my hair be ruined?
What's the best hairspray to use?
What is your opinion of "unkempt" hair?
Are hairdressers all trained to the same standards.?
Do girls like Emo guys, or surfer guys?
how to prevent greasy hair?
will my hair fade back to brown?
Does my hair look better curly or straight?
Do you like guys with Brylcreem in their hair?
Hair what should i so?
Tips for straightening your hair?
How to do my hair for concert?
are thermofibre hair extentions good?
Can I grow a beard at 14?
dying hair 101 help please? would black to brown hair work?
What can i do with my hair?
What can happen if i hold on hair dye on my hair too long?
Is there a hair mousse by the AVEDA brand?
blonde hair?
do you like people playing with your hair?
How can i get this hair dye out?!?
POLL: Do you like long hair or short hair for the opposite sex?
i dyed my hair but it came out retarted lol?
Redheads: hot or not?
How to get perfect hair?
Dying dark hair purple?
Can i wait at least 3 months to trim my split ends?
What colour should i dye my hair ?
Which curling wand is better?
Blonde hair with brown dye, keeps fading red?
I have long hair and It like splits on my forehead. How to stop it?
What kind of hair dye should i use?
(Just out of curiosity) How to dye your hair to get this effect?
What color would my hair turn out?
Good leave-in conditioner for long, dry curly hair?
do hair color removers really work?
Michael Jackson Hair-80's Dress up?
Do you like your hair?
how do I dtye my hair blonde?
My Hair Falls Out When I Straighten It And Sometimes When I Brush It, Is This Normal? Will I Get Bald Patches?
what does silk protein do for hair?
how do u deep condition hair?
what kind of cute hair styles can you have with curly hair!?
How Can I Get My Hair To Grow Longer, Faster?
I have lots of frizz and fly away hairs?
I am getting my hair highlighted and I was wondering....?
how should i do my hair?? help!?
How to make hair better?
I want to learn how to do tee tree braids but I don't want to pay for a video.Any books or websites i can go 2
looking for a good conditioner for african american hair, or any great tips.?
if i go to the beach everday...should i shampooo everyday as well?
Can women assist me with this?
Which is best hair transplant doctor in Bangalore?
My sister, 10, just caught Lice! her hair is down to her waist, straight, and healthy. What should we do?
does my hair look okay ? Pics?
Hair color tips? help me, please? Easy 10 points :-)?
what colour should i dye my hair?
Anything so my hair won't get damaged by my flat iron?
why do people think blonds are stupid?
How do you take care of coontails?
q. for guys: which girls u like more with short or long hair and why?
I use to have long hair now i want it back?
Is it safe to use "Nair" on your head?
How often should you wash your hair?
where can I find wigs in toronto ?
I had my hair rehighlighted, but bits have gone too pale-what can i do thats cheap?anything i can use?
How to make your hair NOT too puffy after you braid it?
Fast ways to do my hair?
Should I dye my hair back dark brown?
can u dye your hair when pregnant?
How do I help my frizzy hair?
what are some good websites with a lot of hairstyle pictures?
what are the best hair straightners?
salt/pepper hair recently bleached blond...HOW LONG must I wait to try to soften color with more dye?
How to make my hair lighter?
does the name 'Vega' sound more like a little girl with curly brown hair or curly blond hair?
How do I die my hair with Mio?
My wife has very thick, tough hair. What conditioner/or treatment would soften her hair?
does stat detoxifying shampoo work?
Would I look weird with a buzz cut?
I m a black girl and I want to keep my natural curls lookin nice . Does any one have any tips? products?
What will happen if you put perfume in your hair?
what hairstyle should i get ? (10 points for your help ?
I'm getting my hair dyed tomorrow, so I don't condition it when I shower tonight, right?
I"m 16 and I'm a girl.I'm depserately losing my hair. What can I do?
Do you lose hair if you spray deodorant on your head?
could i pull off red hair? [pics]?
What hair color would go best?
Is there a site I can go to that displays step by step how to pictures of haircutting?
Anyone know what this Emo Hair is called?
hair question,help?
Is it safe to lighten hair at home with bleaching kit?
Where to buy bright hair dye in london?
has any one tried the babyliss 'you curl'?
How do you choose a salon to go to?
Is my hair long enough to get this haircut?
attention: hair straightener debate please help?
This may seem like a stupid question but...?
Maintaining colored treated relaxed hair?
I am a male with long hair, Should I wash it every day or no?
If i cut my hair in layers will it go curly?
Do you think I should cut my hair?
whats an emo?????
How to get loose curls with a curling iron?
How do you manage a wavy perm?
how to ask my mom this?
do u know a good shampoo to tone down a very blond hair?
how do I get my hair like this(black guy)?
can you dye human hair for weaving with dye you use to dye your own hair with?
how to increase hair growth mine is chemically treated and im using oils and biotin but not happy?
what product at like brooks can i get to get my hair color the same as in the picture below?
Which hairstyle looks best here?
Do women really find bald men sexy and attractive?
Are peoples hair limited to certain haircuts?
does colouring hair cause hair loss.....? my mother told putting hair colour can cause pre-graying....?
BRUNETTE GIRLS: How would you describe yourself?
how could i style my hair? (pic included).?
Summer wedding, hair up or down?
How do i straighten my curly hair?
I miss my long hair!?
How do i style my hair in K-Pop style?
What is a great shampoo?
should i keep my hair long?
Cute Hairstyles; not cuts?
I'm getting this hairstyle! What do you think of it?
how do you keep your hair straight in the summer!?
Head and Shoulders Shampoo?
how long can i keep my dreads braided w/o the loc'n up together?
Do I look like a boy now that I cut my hair off? you like a guy with a short haircut or long hair?
what is this color?
How to make hair curl naturally?
what must one do to get rid of split ends?
Hair extensions ?!?!?! which do i get !?
how do i help my hair grow faster..?
What brand of shampoo and conditioner do you use?
what's the best straightener at walmart?
i have had my hair highlighted with bleach and i think its too blonde. what can i do to tone it down a bit?
Are GHD straighteners worth the money?
Question about curling hair??!?
Should I continue with my block fringe?
my hair is about shoulder lengh and it's blond i want to do something with it what do you think.?
what colour shall i dye my hair? Easy 2 points !!?
How old were you...?
shaving & women?
Which is more damaging to your hair?
do you know why what causes hair breaksge?
I have red hair and its really thick. Its about shoulder length. Im getting it cut soon should i do layers?
What should I do with my hair (pics)?
Is Chestnut hair common in a guy?
What's the average cost to dip dye your hair in a salon?
I need help choosing my new hairstyle!?
I straighten my hair, but it never stays that way, it goes messy quickly, advice ?
Where could i find the episode dialogues of "What i Like about you"? Plz help!!?
How do you get pin straight hair?
neeed a long punk haircut ... help... pics please... i also need colors...?
I have short hair, layering done. How can I tie them clutcher, banana clutcher, or side pins etc etc.?
Hair extension glue remover touble!?
Can you dye black hair....???
What can you do to make hair softer and shinier?
prom hair, up or down?
How can I get my hair like this? (pics included)?
What color should I dye my hair?
How many girls shave their private parts?
I dont have a straightener , so how too straighten my hair ?
Will this help my hair grow?!?
wat is the fastest way to straighte my hair if my hair is wavy?
Websites to see what I would look like in different hair styles?
How can I make my hair really curly?
i have sooo much hair. its so freakin thick. what do i do with it?
african american BIG CHOP question?
How do I make my hair less damaged? D: HELP!!!?
Can Black people chalk their hair?
How do I keep my dread from frizzing up?
do girls find facial hair attractive? ?
Which is better for your hair?
What colour should i dye my hair (PICTURES INCLUDED)?
If I have a wedding at 5pm and pix at 2pm, what's the earliest I can get my hair done without it falling apart
Where can i go to get a CHI hair straightener for less than $140?
omg should i get pink tips(pics)?
How to wear hair and what shoes to wear for a formal reception?
Is it possible to get straight hair into tight waves?
How do you get your hair 2 grow back?
How long apart should i trim damaged hair(i want to grow longer hair)?
why hindu nonmarried girls wash underlg hair with cow.urine or milk? is it hindu culture?
Is this blonde theory true?
What do they call that hairstyle that Ala from Psycho Cyborgs has?
My hair is Falling! Someone help!?
how to treat thin/fine/possibly balding hair?
what curling iron did she use?!?
First time dying my hair please help....?
Why should I get my hair cut by a pro like my GF told me to? Why can't I cut it with a knife & mirror?
Biotin? How fast does it work?
best shampoo/conditioners/hair products for thick long straight black kinda damaged hair?
What is this hair accessory called?
Which is better for straighting my hair, the Instyler or the Chi?
how would you know what types of bangs fit your face shape?
Ag Graham's Hair Color?
how to overcome this dry hair problem??? i hate to see my hair like this... can u send me a good advise pls???
Would you rather have long hair?
i need a good cheap flat iron?
Dandruff - how do you get rid of it if all the usual stuff fails?
How much do you pay to get your hair done?
Is this a nice hair color for my wedding?
Before or after?(pics)?
Recently more of my hair seems to be comeing out than normal when I am in the shower?
im a boy and im wondering how do i achieve natural curls in my hair?
Is it ok to wash my hair in the next day after hair relax?
should i cut my hair...? im scared lol?
what's a good place for up-do ideas for a great 50'ies style hair? for a wedding?
i need a good hair conditioner?
Is it true that watching slow moving objects such as turtles will make my hair grow faster?
Wella Color Preserve Hair Products? Straightning Balm?
IF you have started to crochet dreadlocks do you have to start over?
i need some new hair styles ?
Should i dye my hair like this?
What would I tell a stylist If I wanted my hair cut like Ashley simpson's?
For Girls...?
do you prefer bangs or no bangs?
Do red tips look good on black hair?
does my hair look better curly or straight?
how do i make my permed curly hair look shiny and wet all day?
What is a great shampoo and cond. to buy at a store(not a salon)?
What is the best hair smoother/straightener?
Would I look good with Zooey Deschanel's hairstyle? (guys only)?
how can i spike my hair so that it gets really hard?
Help! Can I pull it off?
how would i find on old friend on here that i havent talked to in about 1 yr?
Will It Be Longer?
i have a really big problem?
shaved arms?
I am a natural blonde, are their any others that have ever dyed their blonde hair, Did it grow back blonde?
hair salon question?what is it called?
What should i do to make my hairs silky and shine?
Would this haircut look good on me?
What do I do with my hair??
How can I make my hair super silky soft?
should i shave my head? SEE PICS!!?
would my hair look cute like this?
How can I make my black hair to before silky and smooth?
Any suggestions?
Ladies what does this mean?
Im thinking about dying my hair from blonde to very dark???
How many strand of hair per square inch???
How can I get this hairstyle?
WHICH HAIRSTYLE do you like best??? Pics.?
Does Main n tail work to make hair grow faster? (Only for those who have tried it.)?
What can make hair grow longer? Brushing, cutting it, etc?
Is Splat ok to the scalp since it's a stain?
How do I get all the "red" out of my hair to go blonde?
HAIR COLORS ! Which hair color do you like the best !! Pictures! ?
I just got a brand new haircut!!! ***PICS***?
Best Gatsby wax for spiking?
what helps your nails grow faster?
Does anyone know a really good straight iron that is under 20 dollars?
extensions needed!!?
HAIRSTYLISTS: Be Honest...Do you always sanitize your instruments after you've dropped it &/or after a client?
How can i do my hair like michael Jackson in bad?
Can i dye my brown hair red with kool aid?
Beautiful Brunettes - What Impression do they give?
what's the best hair brush for a dry hair?
Like my new hair? xD Also, how many of you do your hair in the morning?
What flat iron / straightner is the best?
i want to dye my hair.. ? (PICTURES)?
How to get over the fear of going natural?
any tips 4 growing hair longer..?
how to make your hair wavy?
good suggestion to make hair shinny tried lemo and vinegar?
Do u guys think brown hair wit blonde streaks is pretty? thx for yall who answer.?
How do you use loreal semi permanent hair colourant?
How do I make my hair wavy?
What do i do if i have the BEST boyfriend?
How do I get rid of red hair dye on black hair?
Need a hairdo!?
whats a good scene name for me?
will it hurt my dog to dye her fur with temporary hair dye?
does spagehitti really make your boobs grow? cause mine arent growning?
Where do black guys go to get their eyebrows cut?
I wanna get a mohawk, help? (I'm a girl?)?
My hair is at nipple length? how much longer until its below my breasts?
why don't some guys think redheads are hot?
Have any tips to keep my hair without frizz?
At first i used a machine ,then a blade and now the hair is darker?
Am I short 4 my age?!!?
what shampoo will make ur hair grow longer fastest?
how to remove this hair color?
What kind of shampoo do you use?
i need 2 change my hair pattern by striaghtin r curling bt my hair is so thin suggest me names of sum haircut?
Getting a basic job with semi long hair (guy)?
would i look bad as a blonde?
I want to get my hair done!!?
good shampoo for dry,wavy,unmanageable hair?
I died my hair black but now i want to go to a dark or medium brown. How do i get the color i want?
What should i do to my hair?
Can I have a pony????????
how can i cut my hair on my own.?
what hair dowe shoud i do for medium long haired person?
Is it bad to wear your hair in a ponytail everyday?
Why do some girls nots shave/wax their mustache?
Coloring my hair at home?
Getting haircut in an hour.. Help me choose the style. (Pictures Included) & they work now. :)?
How long does it take to grow my hair to 6 inches?
what does everybody think about dreadlocks?
i wanna color my hair?
I have sevear hair fall problem.Could u suggest some Herbel regime to get a long & Healthy Hair?
what can i do to my hair?
seriously what will happen if I use this "Light Reddish Blonde" on my medium golden brown hair?????
Why women like to change the color of their hair?
Asdf. What haircolour should I try next?
what do the numbers on hairdye boxes mean?!?
What kind of flatiron should i buy?
Loreal hicolor lift in red, for dark hair only?
do chicks dig guys with long hair??
Who has had hair extensions, and what was your experience with them?
my friend wants to know a good hair dyes?
Does eggs help take a relaxer out of your hair?
i want to highlight my hair.. im not sure what will suit me..?
my hair falls just below my hips and ive noticed its stopped growing....?
would supercuts be able to do something like this?
is it bad 2 put ur hair in a ponytail?
can you do hair extensions? and live in andover england?
Is there any way i can straighten my hair without damaging it?
how to get super healthy hair?
What are all the body parts of a women that hair grows on?
5000 dollars hair transplant?
My hair is at my chin right now....?
should i let a girl put braids in my hair?
Ladies you like long hair or short hair?
What do women think of men who want curly hair and get perms?
Is this true ? (about hair & nails)?
Are there any lefty females?
What do you think of Ariana Grande's hair color?
DO you think I would look good with Black hair? (view pic)?
Bangs or no bangs ????
[PIC?!] would I look good with long hair?
Hairstyle ideas for long and wavy hair?
i need cute hairstyles!?! (w/pictures)?
Do you think I should get dreads?
School photos are tmrw, HELP?!?
GIRLS i need more of your thoughts on my hair! (got pictures for you)?
what is general pricing for great lengths hair extensions & removal?i want them put as red highlights?
Do flat ironing your hair damage your hair?
how to cut my hair?
How do you get your hair to smell good?
Using a flat iron on wet hair?
i am suffering a lot of probs.coz of my hair fall i am just 22 but i am fade up to deal with d rob....plz plze?
How do I do a sock bun for my hair?
Are there any EXCELLENT men hair style websites?
How old where u when ur mom let u shave ur legs?
How to keep our hair soft and silky?Mine is thick and frizzy.What type of conditioner is best for me?
[GUYS] With or without bangs?
What color should I dye my hair? PLEASE HELP!!?
What is the best shampoo and conditioner for blondes?
Long hair cut short??? Should I get a bob?? PIC!
long hair for guys? or not?
Uneven hair problem :(((?
how do i grow my hair longer in monthes
Should I cut my hair or keep it long?
What Are Some Good Hair Products For Dry and/or Damaged Hair That Won't Break The Bank?
What COLOR should i DYE My HAIR? (Pic INCLUDED)?
If I put in temporary hair dye, can i curl my hair without ruining it?
What foods stimulate hair growth?
What's an inexspensive way to make hair soft?
Hair Help!! i have strawberry blonde hair and i dyed it brown can i dye it back to strawberry blonde?
thinning curly/wavy hair?
what do girls really think about guys with long hair (shoulder length or longer)?
how should I get my hair cut?
Why am I, a 14 year old girl, experiencing hair loss?
Would blonde hair look good with brown eyes?
can you die ur hair with grass?
I am a 18 years old boy and my hairs are getting white. What i do ? Don;t suggest me to use dyes.?
What is the best styling product for making a faux hawk/mohawk?
I bleached my's orange! Help!?
I colored my hair, it came out green, what do I do?
Is this worth it........?
How should I get my haircut?*Pictures*?
Does Anybody Know Where?
Red or blonde hair: I really need opinions because I'm not sure what looks better. ?
I feel like I don't look good with my hair down?
highlights/foils in black hair?
Hair experts - will Ombré hair work to solve my problem?
Dying my blonde hair black?
How to get hair like this ?
do you think i could sue my hair dresser for desroying my hair?
Well if you have the face and brown hair with bangs then you would look superhott?
Whats a really good Bonding Blue for hair extensions?
What should I do with my hair? ]':?
Girls what hair style do you like lads to have?
Ho to do my hair like this?
how do you.....?
i bleached my hair 2 months ago. what would happen if i dyed it brown now?
Permanent Perm?
question about shampoos?
Do I look better with long or short hair?
Caring for a new perm.?
What product can strengthen hair when it's breaking?
What can I do to keep curls from falling?
SERIOUS QUESTION! Please help I'm actually really confused!?
How to cure damaged hair?
why are sulfate-free shampoos not sold in stores?
I want silky hair how can i get it my is puffy?
What can I use to dye my eyebrows?
what shampoo do u use and why?
How do you get volume in your hair and how do you prevent your hair from falling out?
how do you get your hair to grow ?
does my hair look nice?
Tips for thick, half curly, poofy, frizzy hair.?
What is a HAIR convention?
How to get coconut oil out of hair?
Would blonde hair suit me? (picture included)?
If smoothing of hair is done then how frequently we have to do it ?? please help me in this?
Can I color and perm my hair without damaging it?
website you change your hair?
Would this hair colour suit me?
Does anyone know if i can get Paul Mitchell UTA toner in the uk?
Curly Haircut question (easy 10 points) pleas help!?
What do you really think about Red heads??
How do I grow facial hair quicker?
Can some1 help me?
what color should i dye my hair (picture)?
does anyone know the type of hair bootz of flavor of love 2 had is it brazilian she said???
Any advice for hair knots?:/?
Hair coloring?!?
dye hair black?
In my case would putting my hair in a ponytail damage it?
I had my hair chemically straightened with x-tenso, but I want my curly hair back. Can I perm my hair?
how much do you tip for a mens haircut?
Hair help, please~!?
What's the best shampoo you use or used?
I have thick coarse hair. what can I do?
hair straghitners good or bad?
How should I care for my almost waist length hair?
i never really do my hair but i wnat to do something nice for the 1st day of school what should ido?
How to colour our hair?
Need help with hair!!!!?
I want to color my highlighted hair at home...?
Any websites I can go to for hair dye/ styles ideas?
Please help me!! I need ideas?
Potable water made my blonde hair dark?
I would like to go for permanent hair dye,please recommend shades for an indian colour tone?
I have brown hair and im thinking to have hightlights but idk what color i want?
The best (reasonably priced) hair straightener?
What do you think about a girl with pink hair?
Should I die my hair? (pic)?
Do deep conditioning hair treatments work?
i just got my hair cut and i don't like it and nobody else does eather.what 2 do?
what shampoo should i use to make my hair longer?
any help with my hair?
how can i make my hair grow in 1 week like really REALLY fast ?
How to keep curl in my hair?
Where is the best place to get Hair Infusions in Atlanta?
What shade of blonde is this?
Chi flat irons?
Bangs growing out? keritan shampoo?
Too much volume, dry hair, big mess!?
which way does my hair look best (pics)?
Should I dye my hair? w/ pic?
Aphogee treatment?! I have a question!?
where i could get my hair dyed for 40$ or less close to or around Newport Beach?
How much does it cost to get your hair dyed at a salon?
how can i do a messy bun without using a dohnut?
What color highlights should I have, and where should it be around my hair?
I have dirty blonde hair, I want to get my hair to chocolate brown... 10 points?
Whose hair do u like most?
do you like my hair colour?
how do i cut my satin strands hair extension?
i have ereally thin hair. how do i make it look thicker.?
how to stop my hair gettin so greasy?
HAIR Straightning question?
How should I wear my hair for the holidays?
why is a mullet hairstyle so called?
really easy 10 points :)?
How do I make my puffy hair straight?
i want for my hair to grow longer, i've never actually let it grow but would like to: Any tips?
which hair iron should i chose.?
How do I get my hair like this? (Pics included)?
My hair is falling out!!!!?
At what age does (or did) your hair go grey?
Is their any ways to make dark roots less obvious?
Where can I buy hair wigs/hair extensions/hair weave like the stars such as Tyra Bank wears?
Please could you tell me what hair cut i would suit (Image)?
What do you tip a hairstylist? What if they are the owner?
how to get my hair like alyson micalka?
What type of hair rollers work?
every time I have a shower and brush my hair after it pulls strands of my hair out is there anything I can do?
Help for damaged hair??
Fast ways to do my hair?
Special effects hairdyee? HELP?
Can i layer curly frizzy hair??!!?
How do you get rid of burnt hair smell from hair.?
i have a really hard time curling my hair..any tips?
is hairdressing a good job?
What is the best way to grow african american hair while in braids?
What color Highlights should I put in my hair ?
do you get ever bored of having long hair?
I have dark brown hair and I wanted to dye it (temporarily) what's a good color?
Which hairstyle should i get?
hiii is frequent use of a volumizer harmful for the hair ??how can i make optimum use of a volumizer ?
why love is so unfair?
should i chop off all my hair?
Im going to dye my hair brown?
Home highlighting reddish hair? what to use?
Which do you perfer??
How can i fix this hair crisis?!?
What should i do with my hair ????? pictures ???
How should I fix my roots?
Girls do you like guys with strawberry blond hair?
do you shave your pubic hair? Im a girl. and I dont know if I me?
What are some really cute hair styles?
i am a black girl and i want to dye my hair blue? does anyone have any pictures of black people with blue hair?
How do I part my hair when my baby hair...?
I want hair extensions, what should i go for?
can you use polyester fabric for wax strips?
I'm considering dreadlocks. What say you?
What do you think of red heads?
Best Redken shampoo for my hair?
for people w/ curly hair..........?
Do blondes have more fun???????
my hair...should i get it purmed?
Girls.....Do you prefer hairy..........?
Would this hairstyle?
How to make my hair thicker/ grow faster?
what color should i dip dye my hair? please help :)?
can i pull this off? opions? also links n pics<3?
i need a new hairstyle!! what would look good (pic included)?
Which is better, a Sedu straightener or a HerStyler?
Are there really any hair products that promote fast hair growth. If yes what is the best for a natural afro?
How to get light and flexible hair?
Does anyone have a recipe I can use to make (at home) an herbal detangler spray for my young daughter?
How to control greasy hair?
OMG hair dye please helpppp?? EMEERRRRGANCYYYY!!?
I'm a filipino girl and I want to dye my hair, would palty hair dye in milk tea look good on a filipino tan?
how much do you pay people that wash your hair?
What color blonde would suit me?
Can anyone tell me where i can get hair screws?
Are two boxes enough?
GIRLS ONLY!!!!!!!! arm hair?
what color should i dye my hair? (i have pics)?
how do i get black hair dye out of brown hair without bleaching it? (gradually, instant any way)?
When will bold spots and mullets be fashionable again?
Whats the new ''do?''?
Does Anyone Know Where I Can Find A Pic of The African American Hairstyle Called The Garden Twist?
help hair dye disaster?
How to arrest Hair fall?
How to do my hair like this Help!?
How long will a perm and extensions take?
How are hair extentions attached?
I need help with my hair?
what is a good hairstyle for someone with an large nose?
My hair won't listen!?
How do I tone hair? PLEASE HELP.?
Is a shampoo and blow dry optional to do at a salon when you get a haircut?
why do people suck?
how do i dye my black hair white?
How do you know what shape of face you have?
should i cut my hair?
What should i do with ma hair? 10 POINTS?
Hair Waver??
What the hell happened to the Mullet?
My hair is thick, curly and dry !!?
hair help!!!! i used color fix from black hair and now its brown with blackish streaks?
Is there ANY possible way to make your hair grow one or two inches within two or three days?
Can I straighten my hair follicle?
Where is a good place to get hair done for graduation?
My body is hairy, what is the best way to get rid of the hair without making it grow thicker ?
My hair is dried out what can i use on it so it not so dry HELP PLEASE?
Can I dye my hair is I did a few days ago?
Manic Panic SHOCKING BLUE~ Over copper bleached hair?
Advice on new hairstyle?
I have really short hair and i don't know what kind of style i can uz.HELP ME!!?
how do i get my mom to let me dye my hair????????????
have dandruff,synus..problem with hairfall..can any one give solution natural treatment ??
What are some good hairstyles for tomorrow?
what can i use to scrunch my hair that just lays flat when i curl it?
should your eyebrows match your hair color?
Curly or straight?!?!?!?
Should I dye my hair GREEN?
How to get rid of split ends without cutting my hair?
how do you roll your hair on strips of cloth?
Is this a good hair color?
What are some good adjectives for beautiful hair?
which shampoo should you use to get kate middleton's hair?
Hair problems!!!!!!!!!!!?
my hair fall stopped because of biotin does it mean its temporary?
What color should i dye my hair?
My hair isnt short but its not long either. any ideas on how to fix it?
What percentage should you tip a hair stylist?
Guys do you prefer blondes, redheads, or brunettes?
my hair smells so burnt1?
Products to get my hair straight?
I have a problem of hair anyone can help me to find out wat should do????
Will dark brown dye cover the orange?
Any suggestions from hair stylists out there?
Hair help A.S.A.P!!!?
My hair! too dark an too many red tones :( .s best answer? x cant go to hair dressers, dont have the moneyx?
How should I do my hair for...?
problem with my hair extensions?
do u think i would look ok with scene hair?
Is Jean Grey's hair in x-men red copper? if not what color is it?
how can i get my hair like this?
does anyone know how to get 360 waves?
Any hair dressers on line? I need help!!!?
Natural strawberry blonde to light blonde?
Can anyone show me a good hairstyle for me?
How long does it take for hair to grow?
are they hazel or green?(pics included-eye color)?
Short or long grow or not to grow? pics too?
what color highlights should i get with brown hair???
I've got streaked blonde hair....?
I have long straight hair and want to know how to get the natural curl look?
How To Get Straight Hair?
should perms be refrigerated after opened?
Can you help me please.My hair is thin and not growing.?
My girlfriend has shaved off her "WELCOME MAT" and i dont like it because it dont look or feel the same
How long does your hair have to be to brush aside?
Should i dye my hair pink?
Guys what do you like better? Brown hair with . . .?
I have frizzy hair and need help. (read additional detail)
Biotin help? clicky here?
Do most guys like blondes?
I can't find pictures of hair black, with a blonde fringe -_- Help me find some?
how can i get my hair to grow longer faster.?
grow alot of hair in 2 weeks?
how old do i look.. and?
steaming caps for your hair..?
How long can I keep my gel twist in without them locking?
what is the best shampoo for natural curly hair?
What is the best hair straightener?
Multi Colored Hair?
Can someone recommend a good semi permenant hair dye?
What should I do with my hair?
Where can i get jhd straighteners from the high street shops?
Do hair 'flat irons' work?
hair help!?
should i cut my hair?
How to get my hair like this?
How often do you bleach your whole head blond?
ladies please help?
Brazillian Blowouts?!!!!!!?
What shampoo is really good to keep your hair really soft?
Can you cut a pizza into 11 pieces with four straight cuts?
Where can I buy real hair hair extensions online?
Is Tyra Banks hair a wig?
the Facts and Tips of: Hair Secrets?
should i cut my hair like this?
Would i suit darkist/honeyish bllonde hair (includdes pciture)?
How can a guy grow his hair long?
do you cut hair around a Shipoo's eyes?
Would this make my hair lighter? PLEASE HELP...?
I'm looking for a home treatment to extremely dry hair, help!?
do u think curly hair is better than stright?
What would happen if I left conditioner in my hair for more than 10 minutes?
Removing hair die at home?
What is the color or ur hair !!!!!!!!!!!?
Short hair style advice?
Is it good to use a lot of different shampoo/conditioners?
I need an answer. I am desperate.?
would this hairstyle look good on me?
How can i fix my damaged hair?
My natural hair color is brunette, but I died my hair blonde. Does that me I am a dumb blonde now?
What store exactly can I buy Matrix Men Form Putty-Pliable Molding Putty 1.7 oz in Tucson, AZ?
does anyone know how to add body to your hair without curling it the night before?
where can i get a product that makes my hair heavy?
Simple haircut helpp?
Greasy clean hair (help please!)?
what is the best thing for getting rid of or preventing razor burn?
Ok, from looking at my 360 profile picture, would I look ok with a shaved head.?
How often should I use Aussie Moist 3 Minute Miracle Deep Conditioning?
i have red hair, and i want to know if i can bleach it to a yellow colour and put a white toner on it?
If my hair is dirty blonde, would it be ok to put black highlights in it?
How do you do Scene hair?
should i get my hair cut really short?
can you chalk dye dark hair? does it come off?
hey girls can you help me out?
how should i grow my hair long?
blonde hair blue eyes.?
Do you know what it does?
I am a diabetic and my hair grows but then starts to fall out. When I comb or brush my hair it is always a lot?
French hairstyles anyone?
What's color goes great with hot pink?
i have black eyes but when i was born i had golden hair WHY?????????????????????????????????????…
Looking for an organic shampoo & conditioner - No alcohol, harsh chemicals etc.?
are there any men that like redhead women?!?
Ladies, I need your thoughts with my hair.?
Is it bad to straighten hair every day?
from last three yrs my hairs not growing long what can i do fr that while i have creley hairs?
how do you make your hair like this?
I'm thinking about getting highlights for my hair, but i dunno what colour to get, i am a brunette any help?
How many of you girls starighten/curl their hair all the time?
Do I have alopecia or a thyroid problem?
How long does your hair have to be before you can get corn row braids?
What's your hair look like right now?
does any one know anything about lighting dk. brown hair. how to do it right.?
Your favorite shampoo?
Good barbers in North York (Sheppard Yonge area)?
what vitamans will help your hair from falling out?
What are some cool things to do with your hair?
Good hair straightener?
How do I get my hair to look like this?
Does Ovation hair really work?
I am lossing large hair every day please tell advise to prevent so please?
i dye my hair black all the time?
I would like to get a scene haicut but i have a round face and i have very natural curly hair can that work?
How do I re curl my bangs quick?
Step by step hairstyles?
what shades of manic panic should i mix?
Questions about curly perm?
Semi Color Rinse then Permanently Dye it?
Do u think that girsl at the age 11 should be dying their hair colors?
which pastel/candy floss pink hair dye lasts the longest?
hair cut styles???????
Dying My Hair With Manic Panic, Which colour?