how would I style my hair this way?
Dr. Miracle's Temple & Nape? I have never heard of it. Can it GROW receding hair for a white male? What works?
What is a good haircut for a round face?
i have a some questions about weaves ?!?!?!?
How do I get my hair really long?
how can i hide my clip in hair extensions???? HELLPPPPPPPPPP?
How come shamppo comes in different colors but the lather is always white?
Have you heard about Romantaque - The New Hair Minimizer. Seems that it is voted an award from INDIA US Forum?
: ) i want to dye my hair a like medium golden brown color?
How can I get my hair to look like this?
hair fall from fast 6 months?
What is the difference between tools and equipment?
How can i make my hair grow in a week ?
I think my hair is thinning and has too much falling out!!!!!!?
the left side of my hair in the back is thinner what can i do to fix this problem?
How Do I Get Rid of Baby Hairs?
What product should I use for curling my hair?
what style bests suits a wavy, thick hair?
Hair extensions first time need advice?
Do the girls care if a guy's chest is hairly?
Lightening Dyed Dark Hair?
My hair is brown and I want to die it just to have something different. Any suggestions?
Is it ok to use Rogaine foam to grow facial hair?
Which of these side bangs would look good on me?
you thoughts on leave in conditioner?
Should I dye my hair red?
Is facial hair attractive on a 15 year old?
Will my dye fade completely?
Can you use horse shampoo for human hair?
Should I thin my hair out behind my mom's back?
Do you think I should grow my hair out? [pic]?
Help with micro braids?
have u ever died you'r hair o rput streaks in it?
what color should i dye my hair?
To all my ladies.?
how can i get my hair like this?? (pic included)?
wat r some good hair styles for girls going into 8th grade?
I have shoulder length straight hair and I want some new hair style ideas. Any suggestions?
should i leave my hair how it is?
Hair dye Brown to blonde?
My hair seems like it's not growing. Or am I just impatient? Il love you forever if you help me.?
part of court for friends quincenera -need ex of hairstyles--needs to be and up do or half up and down?
Which one is prettyer?
Questions about this hairstyle? (LINK)?
How can i grow a fringe with think hair (male)?
The ends of my hair are very dry, dead and KNOTTY! from straightening it...PLEASE HELP!!?
Hair extensions? Price? Good/bad? Where? Why?
What is the longest you've went without washing your hair?
I have a double crown in my hair, what do I do?
are you good with beauty?
How do you straigthen your hair really good?
Should I get this haircut ?
Bleaching my black hair questions!!?
do you know were i can get a good hiar cut in san antonio tx!?
Where do black guys get their eyebrows cut at? I see some with lines in their eyebrows?
Is curly hair atractive to some guys?
I cut my bangs to short so how long does it take to grow them out?
Things to do with medium hair?
What hairstyle is good for a teenager? Any tips?..?
Girls:Hair questions!!!!?
Do you think i should die my hair black...?
Which hair colour is sexier? Black or Blonde?
should i cut my hair?
how can lighten my hair without dye?
I need a cheap straightener...suggests?
What is best hair extension salons?
How To Grow Back Your Eye Brows?
How long should I leave my hair between bleaching and dying with Directions?
How can I get my hair back natural?
What's the best shampoo?
what do you think of cassie's hair in this pic?
Do any of you have any ideas/examples for a cute way for a girl with medium-length hair to have semi-dreads?
where can i find ic black hair product in toronto?
Black Hair?
My Hair Is Driving Me Crazy!?
Could I pull off classic block bangs/fringe with my square jaw? (pics)?
What haircut should I get?
GIRLS! shall i grow my hair or keep it short?!?
When should I wash my hair?
My dad says he's going to shave all of my hair off if I dye it?
Can you lose leg hair?
i really hate the colour of my hair.. ideas (pics) ?
Help with hair growth ...?
straight hair. and i mean verrry straingght!?
Which are good hair transplant centres in Pune / Bombay & what is the cost?
!! Problem with hair straightening !! PLZ help me?
Will this haircut suit me? (PICTURES)?
make hair grow quicker?
Which hairstyle looks better on me?
What color hair do i have?
How can I get my hair to stop being oily?!?
my hair is brassy, how can i fix it?
What are some cute and easy hairstyles for me to do in the morning?
what is the best hair treatment...?
How should I have my bangs cut?
How do I combat oily/greasy skin & hair?
What colours should i get my hair coloured?
my hair is medium in lenth how can i grow my hair very lenthy?
High PonyTails or Low Ponytails?
is scene out of style?
What hairstyle should i get?
if you straighten your hair with...?
When Should I Start To Shave? (Girls!)?
Do I look better with lighter or darker hair?
Ways to make my hair less greasy?
the best hair straiteners???
Any good website that makes custom necklaces?
Hair dying question.?
what are the best curling irons?
Does the Wen hair care really work?
What shampoo/conditioner is good for dry & itchy scalp?
whats your eye color?
What's a good hair straightener for around $100?
Best battery powered straighteners for camping?
If I dye and highlight my hair light brown will the dark brown in my hair show?
please where can i find Protista Pro i hear that it will help with hair growth?
Best Shampoo & Conditioner?
How should i get my hair cut (picture!)..?
How long after a weave should i relax?
How do you make your hair into a faux hawk?
can someone tell me how I should do my hair it's long?
what can i use to stop my hair from dropping out?
Getting a razor haircut?
Whats your favorite tv show?
what color should i gett?
i have slip ends. how to cure them?
Would This Hair Style Work?
whos hotter: blondes or brunnettes?
Which hairstyle is best?
how do i scrunch my hair?
i need a cool hair style but my hair is really wavy and i dont know what to do with it?
Is it okay that i havent washed my hair in a few days, and today i am going to dye it?
Im thinking of getting a perm. is it a good idea?
Ombre hair help please?
i am goin on a night out and want my hair up any1 no any good sites where i can get ideas from?
How could i wear my hair?
are there any men that like redhead women?!?
do you think I would look good with this hairstyle?
Where can i get a straight perm?
What can I do to keep my hair from always tangling?
Anyone got any good websites for photos of curly long hair styles for men?
I'm 13,i want to grow a beard i have just a little bit,how cam i make them grow more and taller?
Do you think this is weird? Women shave their legs but their arms.?
Red hair bleeding everywhere?
How to dye the tips of my hair?
Does argan oil benefit fine, oily hair?
stupid hair :S(pics included)?
Black women, why oh why must you straighten your naps?
How do I braid my mixed race child's hair?
How can you describe this hair style to the hair stylist ( pics included ) ?
How do you create a beehive?
i have a v serious problem of hairfall i have tried all kinds of things n still nothin's workin out plz suggst
How do i get waves in my hair?
Just curious, if an African-American woman has those glued in weave, how often do you wash your hair?
What colour hair is better?
should i shave off my leg hair?
Should I cut my long hair?
which one do you like better?
Hair Ideas For Layered Hair?
Do you think i could pull off red hair? (pics included)?
How would I go about coloring my hair permanently on my own?
I dyed my hair a permanent soft black. How can I go lighter?
How can I fix my orange roots? I have blue hair!?
Best hair extensions? any suggestions?
What hairstyle should my mom get ?? picture - 10points best answer?
how can you get rid of dandruff?
Box dye on.bleached hair?
What color CAN i dye my hair?
How Can i sell my hair?
What shampoo for extremely oily hair?
Girls, what do you think of this haircut on men?
Is there any product that can make dry, rough hair really soft and silky...?
Which do you like better? [Pics]?
I am 16 year old girl.I shave my underarm hair.Is it ok?
I have thin hair and longer bangs but I can never make them stay to the side of my!?
What can help my hair grow faster? :(?
are redheads pretty?
What is the best hair color for a caramel tan or lighter shades of brown?
Damaged, falling out hair?
My girlfriend keep asking me if I would mind if she cuts her hair short, what do I say?
Should I get a wig or bleach?
I have thick hair but i want to get beach waves...?
I need a new hairstyle. Any suggestions?
Robert Pattinson's style?
If I grow more hair on my head and cut hair on side of my head, does it make me look taller?
Burning Hair braids. Afro-Americans... How do we know?
how much money does a beginner cosmetologist make in the hair and makeup business?
what is the best and easiest way to remove bikini home?
question about flat ironing hair?
What is your favorite curling tool for hair?
Biracial curly hair question: Why does my hair feel this way?! D:?
quick and easy hairstyles?
Pink and blonde tips?
How to go dark reddish brown to light golden brown?
which hair colour looks better?
If my hair is dry can I French braid my hair over night and will it look good?
How can I make my hair look like this? (picture)?
What hair colour/style?
I need longer hair.. how?
Hey guys, need help scrunching straight shoulder length hair?
Do i look better with long or short hair?
which one looks better?
I have natural brown hair an I want to go blonde is this a good idea ?
Which hair cut should I get? -pics-?
what is the cause of varicose veins?
Anti-frizz hair product, anyone?
Curly Hair- Do you think its ugly?
how can i make my hair smell nice?
How to make hard hair soft?
Are highlights still in style?
What colour should i dye my hair (PICTURES INCLUDED)?
how to make your hair less greasy?
what color of highlights go well with dark brown hair?
can you use veet hair removal on the pubic region?
Prom Hairstyle Help???
Where can I get a hair sew in weave halifax?
How often do you wash your hair?
Where can I find some websites on step by step hair styles for really long hair?
Cute hair parts for girls?
Can I stop my hair getting greasy so quickly?
How should I get my hair cut (pics included!)?
Which is the best oil for your hair?
i cut my bangs short but they don't look good, what should i do?
ok like i dont know what color(s) to die my hair?
Im pregnate & iwanna cut my bangs. But iheard it not healthy.Is it true ?
Which hair color looks best on me? (pics)?
I have been unable to find Aussie 3 minute miracle the past couple weeks . . . I am worried! Any news?
Opinions on girls straighteningg there hair?
How can I remove permanent hair dye, it isn't a recent dye!!! HELP!!?
How do you do Britney Spears hair like it was in this picture?
What is a good hair salon in Charleston SC that won't charge me a fortune?
Are She straighteners any good? ?
how to apply hair extension with micro bead?
should i trim my bangs??
i love red hair i dyed it red but it looks sooooo dark how can i lighten it up?
my hair is falling & i have dandruff problem.also my hair becomes slowly in white colour.pls advice.?
How can I stop red hair from coming back!?
New hairstyle!?and bulb hairstyle!?
I have a hair question?
How do you do a french braid?
Ladies, a question for you: do you prefer long hair or short hair on a gorgeous man?
What kind and color do you like in a guys hair?, please only girls answer!?
Do you think pink highlights would be cool ? or stupid?
plz suggest a good shampoo, conditioner to smooth out frizzy broken hair?
My hair.........? :(?
would this be a really daft idea?!?
do guys find brown hair boring?
should i keep my hair red... or dye it black with other colors in it???
How can I get my hair like Amy Adam's :)?
Do anybody use JOJOBA OIL for there hair and scalp , if yes , Please can you post the RESULTS.?
how do you get waves ?
Has anyone ever tried?
bed head products that keeps your hair natural texture?
How long for Electrolysis treatment?
what is this hairstyle?
What happens if you use to much hairspray?
I need help with my damaged hair?? HELP!!?
how much do hair extentions cost and where can they be bought?
How can i style my hair the way they do on the new season of Laguna Beach?
Can you buy hair developer for semi-permanent dyes?
The name of the color hair beyonce had in the irreplaceable video?
Is it better for your hair to wash it every day or every other?
Why do guys tell girls what colour to dye their hair?
What colour should I dye my hair (picture)?
blonde hair girls vs red hair girls?
How do you do a twisting french braid?
how to pin curl?
Would this hair color look good on me?
How can I get my hair like this [picture]?
curly hair like selena gomez?
Girls looking for a haircut?
I dyed my hair black a few months ago but I want my blonde back, what can I do?
Is Vivica A Fox Intrigue weave good?
How can I get my hair to grow back and prevent stress?
Is it a good idea to sleep at night with my hair wet?
Excessive washing causing Oily Hair?
Would I look good with a buzz cut?
Which toner do I use after I bleach my hair?
Long or short hair?[PICS INCLUDED]?
What should I do to my hair??? i want a change.?
dirty hairstyles for fine hair?
if i dye my hair blonde, will it make me dumber than i are?
Which shampoo and conditioner is better for red colored hair? Pantene or Garnier?
How should I style/color my hair? [picture/info]?
Straight or curly hair for prom? (with pictures!) HELP!?
Herbal Essences Pin Straight? (10 Points Best Answer)?
How to style someone's hair like Johnny Cash?
Black or blonde hair??????please help!!!!?
What color hair do you have?
Any ideas for crazy hair day?
i have hair on my chest. help?
Brunette Vs Blondes; Boys Which do Yous Prefer On Girls Blonde Or Brunette?
Do people with really pale skin look good with black hair?
Dying my hair in the summer?
Do I have a good face for short hair?
what colour hair would suit me, i want to dye it?
I'd like to wear a low ponytail in my friend's wedding... ?
I would like a hair removal method that works, any suggestions?
What color would suit me better?(pics)?
is it ok to leave in a little bit of conditioner in your hair..?
How can I get my hair like this?
What product do you use to prevent curly hair from frizzing?
Why do girls and women remove the hair under their arms when it is the sexiest feature that they have?
how long should i wait to perm my hair?
Why do so many guys like blondes?
best hair styles for women over 50 and blonde?
what is hydrating your hair?
The Perfect Low-Lights?
for the people?
Unique and fun hair ideas?
where is a place where you can get cheap hair extensions in houston?
Hair Extensions question?
Who knows how I can get my hair this colour (pics)?
what can i do to fix my damage hair ?
How do i make my hair look less greasy today?
do you have any jobs in jacksonville florida that is for babysitting or childcare?
In your opinion are redheads ugly?
How to wash my hair without a shower?
Do people like red-haired girls?
what hair products do and dont test on animals?
straightening my hair?
getting my hair perfectly wavy..?
Can you give me a website for updo's?
My hair keeps falling out in large amounts throughout the day. ????Help please???!!! ASAP?
what to do about getting a too short haircut now looks like a man?
SomeOne help Please. brand new hair curler?
Hair hair . Cute :) help plz .?
Can I dye my hair with other drink powders?
Should I cut or try to save my hair?
Does anyone know the average price of getting your hair cut and layered?
which photo shows my new hair colour the best?
The least damaging hair dryer?
My Hair is Dry and Very Rough. What to do for smooth,silky and shiny hair.?
What Shampoo/Conditioner Should I Buy?
im cuttin mii hair shaorter would this style look ok pic included?
Should I be brave and get my hair cut short?
Women only: What do you think of this harstyle?
I'm new with extensions and i dont want to damage my already damaged short hair. How do I not damage it more?
New hairstyle? Maybe?
A good curling product?
What do u think looks better? blond or brunnette or red?
Need new hair cut, or style =] [pics]?
What brand of hair products work best with dry damaged hair?
how to straighten hair really good?
how do i straighten my hair?
Best hair dye for a ginger / redhead ?
My wife got her hair cut, and I don't like it - how do I tell her without seeming selfish, or should I LIE?
Im think of dying my hair black but scared it will make me lk pale do you think it can b pulled of?
do any of you girls like to put your bf's hair in girly styles?
what hair color?
Why do boys tend to not like short hair on girls?
i have ereally thin hair. how do i make it look thicker.?
What is the best way to keep your hair straight longer than one day?
Buying hair color what hair number is this color?
how did flappers from the 1920's get that wavy hairstyle?
Could i get a buzzcut with the back of a face razor?
What stores have hair clay in ohio?
I hate my hair. Should I cut it all off?
which look is better on me (pics)
Where can I buy feather hair accessories for parties?
Ladies: ever have a stylist screw up your hair so bad it brought you to tears?
How do I style my hair?????????
leaving the hair loose?
looking for some gothic hairstyles?
What color/colors should I dye my hair?
My Hair Color? Ideas?
Do I look anything like Taylor Swift?
Does putting your hair on rolls (sponge -like) harm them if you don' t blow-dry, but just leave them overnight
Is black hair boring?
how long should you have your afro until you get dread locks?
is redken 5ng caramel too dark?
Straight Hair Help? (Open to anyboby)?
Can I use a straightner?
Heat protectant dilemma.?
Do I really look like a younger (mid 30s) Dr Phil?
If i plait my hair really tight tonight will it be wavy when i wake up tonorrow?
Which way do I look better? (pics)?
i have blonde hair and i really want to dye it black do u think it will look good???
Does "One Source Hair, Skin &Nails" Multivitamin Mineral& Herb Work?
i hate it when people judge on hair color also the fraise blondes have more fun?
What's the best shampoo and conditioner from Garnier Fructis?
How to get NATURAL highlights???? Help now plzzzz?
i really cant decide, should i really get higlights !?
How soon can I re-dye my hair?
hair dying help! 10PTS best answer!?
Question about hair roots?
every had a gray hair that turned back to brown at the root?
what does VO5 matt clay hair product look like when it is in hair?
an amazing christmas gift?
How to get rid of greasy hair?
Is it true using hair styling gel daily,can make you go bald early?
How many years will it take?
guys, what's your favorite hair length for girls?
Curly hair or straight hair?
what hair style should i do for....?
How many haircuts do you get a year?(approx.)?
Short and curly hair - Dry or wet cut?
Should I dye my hair auburn?
How often should you wash your hair?
I need a new haircut. Any suggestions?
What race do you think I am?
Pubic hair questions - I am curious and would like an answer?
Will this dress suit red hair?
Tresemme curl care- supposed to make hair crunchy?
I am born on June 5, 1978... what is my lucky number?
What colour to dip dye my hair?
how do you get rid of split ends?
can any one tell me whare i can get pubic hair extensions?
help me with my hair! (pic included)?
okay girls with nice hair do you wake up wash blow dry and straight iron your hair every single morning?
what does anyone think about blacks having blonde hair?
how good are clip in hair extensions?
what hairstyle should 47 year old women have?
How To Lighten My Hair ? (naturally)?
i want a new look for christmas?
What color should I dye and how should I get my hair cut?
How to make hair look like this?
Why does my hair do things with informing me?
How can i stop my hair from breaking off?
UGGHHH!!! I have thick shoulder length curly hair wat styles can i wear?
Hair Relaxer Question?
i am a 20 year old who has been losing his hair for a while now. should I shave it off, or let it come off?
Why does my hair look 'perfect' after 3 days without showering?
how to make your own styling creme?
i put blonde dye on my hair ,its gone orange,could i put brown dye on my hair now to get it back to normal ?
Split-Ends, I Need Help!?
i need a new hairstyle!! what would look good (pic included)?
hair gel help?
I am going to die my hair soon! But idk what color to go! HELP! pls?
How do I make my hair pretty again...?
What is this haircut/style?
anyone know anything good on fringe clipss? would like some opinions?
Is sweat bad for your hair?
blonde hair colors with highlights and lowlights for nude beige skin?
Can u pluck out the pub-hairs?
What is it called......?
What is the best hair care line for black hair - shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer, hair mask.?
do eyelashes grow back?
Want to go blonde but I'm scared it won't suit me?
Have any of you used semi-temporary hair dye?
WHiCh haircuiT should i gEt?????????/?
what kind of products is good to promote hair growth.?
How to make a mulan hair piece?
I cut my hair Zero? do I need to buy a new shampoo?
be normal guy or emo guy ?
Should I change my hair color?
When should my curling wand come?
why cant men grow more hair than women???
does anybody know a remedie to get rid of lice?
I have dirty blonde hair, what color should I dye it underneath?
guys, would u rather go for a blonde,red head,brunette,or a brownie?
what is hair infusion extensions ?
How do I grow my eyebrows back!?!?!?
Should I go blonde or keep my hair dark?
Can I make a natural faux hawk with a cowlick ?
Does anyone know what the numbers barbers use relates to in actual length (cm, inches etc)?
Any well known conditioner and shampoo combo?
Do women like it if you pull their hair gently?
How do I blend hair extensions into my real hair?
What is a really good hair straightening product?
Where do i find a wig like Ciara the rapper wear?
How to cure hair loss other than going to salon?
Which hair would you rather have Thick Or Thinn?
What are some products that help with curls?
I have bright blue eyes and white skin with pink undertones..Can you reccomend haircolor that would?
Do you know anything about New Options Hair care products?
Effects of keratin treatment on permed hair?
why cant i make my greying hair go blue, what gives it the right for it to go grey.?
How to do temporary hair extentions?
Hair dye caused a head ache while pregnant whats the worst that could happen?
Do you think this haircolor is pretty? Tell me your opinion!?
Got haircut - only 1/4 inch but I feel I got scalped. A friend told me about Chop shock - what is that?
Will dying hair back brown after a bad blonde dye job make my hair red or green?
Has anyone had a wave nouveau perm?
split ends?
How long will it take my hair to grow back out?
I have good waves but i want the 360 waves does anyone know how to get them?
Is it gay or normal for a boy to get his eybrows done?
What highlights would be good on a dirty blonde?
hair loss at 13 years?
I have very straight and thin hair, how to give it more body and wave/curl?
i want to get my hair cut..?
Am I to young to dye my hair?
I am sick of the wearing my hair the same old way.?
I want to get rid of my ombre hair?
Does target have ghd how much is it? Where I can find it other than online?
what makes hair grow faster and longer?
is there a website that shows many styles of haircut for men ?
I need a name for a new hair salon. one word . please. :)?
I'm thinking about relaxing my daughters hair. Imputs needed please!!?
Hair dye problème, please help ..?
has anyone ever heard of the japanese straightening treatment?
are these safe to do/ take to grow hair faster?
Suggest best brand of silicone serum.?
Where can one buy vintage decorative hair combs?
Why do we have pubic hairs?
Does the whole lemon juice and sunlight method work for lightening hair?
Good removable hair dye?
How do you wash woth a mohawk?
Why do men lose their hair as they get older?
i feel like im the only teenage girl going bald?
does japanes straightening really work?
How can you tell if hair is real?
Which hair colour looks better?
Which hair style do you like?
How Should I Do My Hair and Makeup For School?
Are you a brunette or a blonde?
how to make hair grow pleasehelpwhicharetheshampoo?
boring hair.. how do i change it up?
How Do I stop my hair from falling out a lot?
How often do you trim your nose hairs?
i want a hair cut But how should i do it?
I was diagnosed with TE telogen effluvium would a wig damage the hair that I have left.?
bleaching dyed black hair???????
question about long hair?
[[pictures]] Do i look better with straight hair or curly hair?
i love red hair i dyed it red but it looks sooooo dark how can i lighten it up?
brazilizn wax?
how do you do your hair like mandy moore on a walk to remember?
died my hair last night, do u like?
GUYS AND GIRLS!!! This ones for you! Which do you prefer??
black hair?
Any Suggestions of What I Can Be Doing?
How do I trim my hair? can I do it myself? I'm a guy?
How much longer does Manic Panic's AMPLIFIED forumla last in comparison to the classic cream?
what damages hair more,...ammonia or peroxide?
what is the best shampoo & conditioner?
curly hair question!!!!?
hair help...?
GUYS: Do you find "hip length" hair attractive?
How often do you get a hair cut?
What's the weirdest mustache ?
why is my hair so thin?!! im having so many hair loss....?
How to get nice silky hair when your hair is dry and frizzy?
your hair is your?......?
Any recommendation for hair cut? I feel my hair is too pathetic.. I'm looking for a long hair style?
i need to grow my hair out quickly by the august 11th. How?
"going to wash that gray right out of my hair" i cant remember what product used to sing it & what year?
How do you do dreds on black women hair?
How can i get my hair to stop shrinking when i wear it curly?
Tips for manic panic hair dye?
My hair is really dead! HELP!?
how should i wear my hair for my first marine ball?
when to detangle curly hair?
how to get curly/wavy hair long fast!?!?
I dyed my hair from a blonde color to a brown and my hair has some green in it. How do I get the green out?
PLEASE HELP can I get my bangs like the woman in this video...I AM IN DESPERATE NEED OF HEELP.?
how can i have good and strong hair?
How do i fix a bad haircut (i'm a guy)?
does costco sell Chi Silk Infusion?
Haircut help!! Pics included?
what color should i die my hair?
I need hair color dyes or gels of colors e.g. blue or green or purple or pink or something like that?
How would straight hair look with curly bangs.curls that are vertical,like drop down?
what grades do i need in school to do this ?
Depo Provera causing hair loss, or just stress?
Help in hair loss treatment?
Help! My hair was blonde put a demi in it now its orangey/red. I want to reverse it!?
I shaved my pubic hairs!?
Best Chi Hair Straightener for my hair?
At Home Body Hair Waxing question?
how do you stop your hair from getting static'y or frizzy after straightening it with a straightening iron.?
Does anyone have any tips on combating hairloss. I'm 23 and have the hairline of a 50 year old! :(?
did we ever find out why ginger haired people smell so bad???
Hair Styling tips?
I have short curly hair and I want to get clip in extensions. Do you think if i go to a salon the,,,,,,?
Where can I buy Schwarzkopf "natural and easy" hair dyes in London?
How much are hair extensions? (ballpark)?
Sunsilk hair care products???
Suggestions please?
I'm 35 and I have been growing some grey hair, would it be weird if I had my hair colored?
How can I make my hair softer?
Ladies...How much do you pay for your haircuts?
please help, should i cut my hair short or keep it long?
i have SO many white hairs and im 15!!!?
what is your opinion of "emo" hairstyles?
Do girls have hair on their legs?
Can I put a dash for red colour in with a natural base 7 to put on bleach blonde hair?
What is the best shampoo for curly, dry hair?
Can I dye black over bright red?
what are some cute easy hair styles?
what looks cuter braids or pigtails?
I ordered "Hask Placenta" instant hair repait tratment, in a yellow tube. Is this a leave-in product?
whats this hairstyle called?
what r good makeup companies can you go to for eyebrows if your blonde and have light eyebrows?
Can you do this to thin hair?
Did I pull off the hairuct?
Hairstyles for medium (A little longer than chin length) length hair?
does anybody know a good product for straight hair that frizzes?
i dyed my hair toay and i didnt really like the color, can i dye it again in the same day?
what does full foil with tint, partial foil,& partial foil with tint mean?
i''m from new orleans, and i'm starting a beauty supply store, where can i buy wholesale weave?
should i get bangs? i need lotz of answers plz...?
Should I go for boys with blonde hair or brown hair?
how to keep straight hair straight after you get out of the shower...please help!?
Hair dying qustion need help?
Hair cut ideas.....?!?
Dying my hair blonde! Good or bad idea?
my husband wants sporting waves in his do we make them?
I'm losing my hair and no one believes me?
HELP how can i style my medium length hair?(need something new for school)?
Is rogaine 5% not available for women? I see only 2% for women?
Is it just me, or is this girls hair really huge?
What hair salons are good for highlights in the uk? :)?
i have a question about hair?
Haircuts for slightly wavy frizzy hair?
se my picture im satisfied from my look what changes in personality i have to made?
what kinda of hair style should i get?
how to naturally lighten your hair?
why do i always have greasy hair ?
should i cut my hair? i cant decide!?
What shampoo and conditioner do I use for greasy hair?
HELP! anyone know excellent hair saloons in subang jaya?
What comes first haircut or color?
my skin tone is beige so what color should i dye my hair???
I want bangs but should I ?
I just waxed my sideburns...?
Ok, My Hair..?
oily hair and not enough time to shower on busy schedule, HELP!! is there any fast at home remedies for this?
Me and my friends were wondering, who is hotter?
How long will it take for my hair to grow back?
what do u call people with black hair?
Should i get Bangs? Please look at my Picture.?
how should i cut my hair?
what specific hair colour is this?
what is fue hair transplant?
Does my hair look better curly or straight?
Please .s. Sew in weaves ?
Help!!!I need some hairstyles (rd below =])?
If you look bad with a buzz cut does that mean you will look bad with short spiked hair?
What should I do to my hair (pics included!)?
conditioning treatment and style
do you think i would suit a bob?
How should I get my hair cut?
What kind of haircut would you suggest?
where can i get a sedu?
Is it a good idea to use lotion on ur head?
Should I brush my hair with the conditioner in it to detangle?
Werid hair... I have questions on it.?
!10 point which last name do you like better?
im a guy, my hair is curly. i want it straight , what can i do?
Where can i find indian remy human hair half wigs?
scene hair thingy?????????
what is the best product for......?
How can i make my Edges (( front hairline)) straight.?
Nartual parting in hair!! help!......?
does mane and tail really make your hair grow faster?
How can I make my hair grow longer?
Which hair straighteners would you recommend and why ?
I dyed my hair yesterday and it didnt turn out right?
my cousin has spots on his hair?
Does anyone find short haired women attractive?I personally find them very sexy!?
What to do with my hairrr [[Pics]]?
Girls, do you prefer short hair or long hair on a guy?
best hair straighteners?
Any hairstyles that can be done in approx 5 minutes with wet, straight,long (to my waist) & very thick hair?
Do you dye your hair or are you all natural?
Would you girls care?
my sister got a really bad hair cut what should she do?
Does hair really clash with clothes?
How can i get the rest of my facial hair coming in?
How to create volume with long hair?
how should i dye my hair?
Do you like this haircut?(SEE DETAILS!)?
Teen girl hairstyles??
which is prettier on me straight hair or wavy?
Does relaxing your hair cause hair loss for the future?
Cute ways to style my hair when it's wet?
How can I get my hair to grow faster an stronger? and heal and prevent split ends :)?
Where can I get a hair extension kit not that expensive?
My x bf keeps calling me a slut cuz i went out wit 1 of his friends,should i try to get bac at him 4 it?
how should i cut my hair??!!??
should I cut my hair? (pics)?
Anyone know a website that has a lot of cute long and medium hairstyle photos?
Help! I accidentally put body wash in my hair and I can't get it out!?
which hair cut is better Steps or Layers ?
hair rebonding is like a straight hair..?
How do you get your bangs like this?
Hair problem please help?
Who's right me or my wife?
the best years, samantha bests' hair?
will me and my boyfriend b together in 40 years?
hair MESS up?
i want to cut my hair what should i do with it?
How to dye black hair auburn?
What's the best way to straighten curly hair?
What haircut would look good on me? What Hair color? (Picture included)?
Poll: How much was your hair straightner?
which hair product makes your hair shiny ?
How do you make hair stand up in spikes???
How do you prevent split ends?
Looking For a New Hair Style?
Hair Straightener Good Idea For Guys?
Dying my hair? Crazy colors :P?
How should i get my hair done?
How can I make my hair longer faster?
Canadians women only please... Hair question?
Did I Pull off the haircut?
Is it weird for a black guy to have blonde hair?
10 points...which name is better for a blonde hair boy?
bangs , bangs , and bangs?
i am a dark complection fem,tell me the shade in loreal,and any threatment after sahampoo for wet look,daylong
What color should I dye my hair?
any dandruff tips please....?
What are the best Hair Straightners on sale ?
where can i get 6% peroxide and oxidizing powder to bleach my hair? PLEASE HELP!!?
I don't find myself very attractive.What do I do to help this problem(I have a untamable hair problem)?
Girls do you think this is cute?
New hair extensions! Please read :)?
How Can i make my hair thick?
dyeing my hair..but just washed it?
when you take a shower what temperature water should you use to rinse your hair?
what do i need to buy to color my hair with professional supplies?
would i look good with bangs like thiss?
OMG horrible haircut! help help hepl! PLEASE?
good hair shampoo and conditioner?
My natural hair color is a dark/medium reddish golden blonde?
Poll: Do you straighten your hair?
will pink and blonde go together????????
wavy or straight here? pics of me inside?
Whats all over my scalp?
Fire Truck Red or Bright Purple hair?
How to dye black hair successfully?????
Is 46 years old too old to have waist length hair?
How can i get my hair to grow faster?
Do you think that getting a magic straight perm will cause hair to grow slower?
How do you lighten hair naturally?
Should I shave all my hair off? Please read (:?
What are some good make-up and hair ideas?
i have a lot of hairfall what to do (i prefer homemade tips)?
Is this true about hair?
What color should I dye my hair? (pic included)?
Should i be brunette or golden? (pic inside)?
what should i do??
10 points which name is better for a blonde hair guy?
What can I do with my weird eyebrows?
i am fed up of dandruff in my hair does somebody know how to get rid of it?
does my hair suit me? picture inside?
How to keep my hair straight?
I got a side fringe (side bangs) and I hate them?!?
What are some easy, fast, and cute hairstyles :)?
My hair stylist told me about a type of HAIR EXTENSIONS...I can't remember what they are called!?
what are some good boy teen hairstyles?
do I look better with short hair or long?
How to make hair look gross and weird for Halloween?
What is a good hair color for me?
What can i do to help my hair grow faster?
Will Golden Brown hair dye work on dark brown hair ?
Bleach kit gone terribly wrong, please help!?
my daughter is mixed race and has very curly hair?
Type 3C Curly Hair Porosity... damaged, or not?
Blondes or Brunettes?
is a ten year old girl allowed to have highlights?
Can you help me find the perfect up or down-do for my first date? I WILL CHOOSE BEST ANSWER!!!!!?
Can I dye my purple wig?
Ideas for hairstyles for school?
How long will my beard be?
Help me with my hair? Please!?
Do girls look better with long hair or short hair?
Will shaving my legs every night make the hair grow back faster?
how should i cut my hair?
Does your eyebrows grow back?
chocolate brown hair?
do girls like chest hair?
how can i get my daughter to like her curls and stop begging me to get a perm straight?
Which Of These Hair Colors Looks Better On Me?
besides hair vitamins, is there another vitamin that promotes growth and healthly hair?
Do you agree? It is better to cut your own hair?
Is this much hair fall normal?
Is this haircut cute? (Pic Included)?
Where in Houston can I get a Hair Braiding Specialty Certificate?
what does 'no base' in relaxers mean?
What would you recommend to my hair? It's a bit dry and it does not have a style.?
My hair grows a 1/2 an inch a week, (NO joke...ive measured) Does that mean its pretty healthy?
Brazilian blowout Vs. Hair relaxer?
is there a clipper [shaver] that has levels between 0 and 1?
Should I dye my hair Brown?
Is it safe to bleach my hair again?
How long should your hair be before getting dreadlocks extensions ?
Would I look good with red hair?
I have a dance tomorrow and I need hair opinions!?
guys, ...................?
I trimmed my pubic hair and now it's
How Do Change Your Hair Colour Using Adobe Photoshop?
blonde? brunette?
Can Japanese Hair Straightening Look Like Bieber Hair?
How do you think this would look on me?
Do u think that with all the new formulas for regrowing hair, that people will still be going bald in 10 years?
red hair dye (Ariana Grande)?
Help?. How to get semi-permanent pink dye out of hair, without damaging it alot.?
what does hot oil do to your hair?
Im going to get a curling iron but I need to know what to get?
Black hair dye which takes out faster?
How can I get my hair blonder?
best hair cut for fine thin hair?
How can you make designs for short hair?
How should I cover up this bald spot?
Can this work, and I'm serious?
Head pimple(s) and hair dye?
Will epilating result in permanent hair removal?
how old can u be so u can dye ur hair?
How do I dye my hair 2 different colors at once with box dye? ?
Minimum Length to Straighten Hair?
Hairstyle for 16 Year old?
Quick and easy school hair?
For indian girls and women only!?
how do i look bald? tell me?
When I straighten my hair, next day or two, it becomes super greasy, what should i do?
would you pay $165 for a straightener?
I am black and have natural curly hair. Any products that are natural and not that expensive will help me out?
Should I keep growing my hair or cut it short again? I'm a boy (pictures)?
How should I cut my hair?
How can I get my hair to look like this?
Dip dying hair advice?
What is the best shampoo for fine oily hair?
I need a really cute hair cut! HELP! And i need help with other stuff!?
What product can strengthen hair when it's breaking?
why do people have a problem with people with ginger hair?
Does my hair look better straight or curly?
Can I wash highlights out of my hair? If so what do I use to wash them out?
are you frustrated after a visit to the hair stylist?
what should i do with my hair? keep it short or grow it?
What better for waves, a wave cap or a du rag? Which gel is best?
tips for hair growth?
i have new hair. but idk if i like it...?
how do i make my hair straight?
How to make your hair grow?
What's better blonde or brown?
What can you do for a cowlick in your hair you know the thing that makes your hair stick up?
Good hair products and shampoo?
Would it be weird if I have a beard at 15?
Hairstyle advice pleaseee? :L?
i have red hair and people are really mean to me, also because i have one blue eye and one yellow eye! ?
BEST Straighteners?
i have curly frizzy hair that is damaged...?
What's your opinion on facial hair on men.?
mustache hair??? how do i remove it?? its really really looks bad
How can I get proper facial hair?
Removing hair die at home?
what is the shelf life of coconut oil?
I want highlights. What can I use, that is just a household item or something u don't have to buy.............
i dyed my hair black and hate it HELP????
Is non-permanant hair color with no ammonia damaging?
should i do my own hair extentions?
flat iron?? Help.............?
What color should i dye my hair?
how can i get my hair to curl? I've tryed moussee but it didn't work.?
What is a good drugstore hair toner for orange/yellow hair?
What happened to my hair?
should i go blonde?????//?
What can I do to keep my split ends from sticking straight up in the winter, so it isn't as frizzy & weird?
How to become a Laser hair tech?
Best style for hair dye? 10 points for answer! please?
Should I get a relaxer or perm in my hair to make my hair straight?
How would I do my hair like this?
tired of my look!?
Who's better blondes or brunnets?
How do stylists layer hair to thin it?
I need a nice hairstyle for school PLEASE HELP!?
henna? whats the best henna to put on hair?
What do I do about my hair. I'm really upset?
How long does it usually take for hair to grow about 6 to 8 inches?
i have a square-ish round face and i want bangs help? :)?
I`m going to a mostly white served hair salon?
Get brass out of light/medium brown hair?
What's the best way to clean a hair brush?
Does anyone know what kind of hair to use for wavy box braids?
I just dyed my hair and...?
How would you describe this haircut to a Barber WITHOUT showing it to them?
Does biotin for your hair really work?! I accidently used the clip size 2 to cut my hair..?
Used L'Oreal's hair lightener, hair turned orange-y and it's uneven, help?
what do you guys think of my?
what kind of straightener does Gabriela Rodriguez use?
Which shade (Brown) should I dye (Bleach?) my hair?
Should I dye my hair pink?
how to blend and fade hair properly?
my hair keeps falling out and it is turning gray and im not even 30?
Mall trip hair styles?
How long after getting highlights should i wait before i go swimming?
How does this girl do her hair? x?
how can i make my hair blond without dying it... its light brown?
Can you use a red glaze on non-red hair?
What would be the major of a person wanting to create natural & organic hair and skin products?
ok boys another question for you!?
what do you think about dreadlocks in women??
will this haircut suit me?
Why do I look so bad with buzz cuts?
How to get am emo hairstyle?
Bleached hair, two tone what colors can i use to where its all the same color.?
Does the Paul Brown straightener last long?
Hairstyles for Halloween?
What's going with my hair salon? What just happened?
I need a hair colorist EXPERT in Santa Rosa, CA. Grey hair, resistant greys.?
How long does it take to dip dye your hair with kool-aid?
Loose Big Soft Curls?
i hate my frizzy hair?
Do I look better with Black hair or brown?
what color should i die my hair?
Dying my hair...?
Which of these side bangs would look good on me?
how can i make my beard longer or thicker?
Why are people telling me that if i dye my hair blonde it wont go the blonde i want it in one day?
How do I get pink splat out of my hair?
Can I hide dark roots with highlights?
do you have a side fringe?
How to grow long hair?
Where can I get Agree shampoo?
Giving your perm volume?
My hair keeps falling! Why is that?
I am in a desperate need of a SPECTACULAR hair colorist in Pittsburgh!!!!?
natural wavy hair and hair products?
shampoo and conditioner question?
What do you think of redheads?
what's the secret for nice shiny black hair aside from using conditioner and special oil/mayonnaise?
is washing your hair every day bad?
how to get my hair like this?
What hairstyle should i have? *picture* x?
I tried to lighten my hair and I'm wondering what went wrong?
What kind of hairstyles are popular with the "Hipster" subculture?
Color for dark brown hair!!!?
hair dos 4 shoulder length hair....?
washing micro braids?
how aply on hair pantene pro_v oil replacement?
how can i make my mohawk easier to spike?
My hair is dropping after rebonding, what do I do ?
What is the best way to remove hair all over the body without experiencing pain?
help!!picture inside?
Will dyeing my hait black be bad?
africas best maximum strength gro?
does wavebuilder wave texturizer work?
Does my hair colour suit me ?
Can anyone tell me about the LIV diamond irons?
how should i do my hair for prom?
if i wash my hair and put gel and make...?
please hair help??!?!?
What kind of perm would make these curls? (picture)?
i'm a guy,18,and i want to lose arm hair 'cuz its embarrassing,how? without the use of waxing etc.?
why dose aussies sprunch spary make your hair hard and mousse make your hair feel light wight?
what do i do with my permed hair?
micro link hair extensions?
Why is it if you have straight hair you have to curl it, and curly hair you straighten it?
What color should I dye my hair? (pics included)?
Should I get my Hair Cut/Dyed Like this?
how many times can I dye/bleach my hair in 8 months?
i just got hothead pink temporary hair dye/gel ---any tips on getting the color more visible?
Where can I buy Flexi Rods?
answer asap about hair?
Cute things to do with hair for picture day? 10 points!?
How do guys make there hair nice and soft but still stay in place the way they combed it?
I can never get my hair looking the way it does after I leave the hair salon. Tips?
Have you ever heard of a Jade Plated flatiron?
whats the best style of haircut for a gentlemen in his 40S?
what could i do to my hair to make it look better?
I have very curly hair. What can i do to make my hair straighten faster and easier?
How can i get my hair less frizzy and more straight in 45 minites?
i have short thick hair frizzy hair help!!?
How would i look with long hair?
Is it bad to straighten your hair when its wet cause my mom said it burns your hair?
i need a good hairstyle?
My new Remington S6500 Hair straightener (Sleek&Curl) LED stops flashing when its heated up, is that normal?
Do I look better with or without bags?
hair: have any of you tried this?
What hair style would suit me?
How can you get your hair to be really straight?
dose almond oil or olive oil helps to grow thick and gorgeous hairs which one is to be use?
why is my hair falling out?
Ways to make your hair grow faster?
What hair spray wont make my hair feel stiff?
brunette OR blonde?
What are some cute braided hair ideas for Sadie Hawkins dance?
Where can i buy hair color spray in Sunway Pyramid?
when perm hair how long do i have to wait before i can die it?
I'm a naturel red and want to dye my hair ,tips please?
anyone stripped there hair at home?
Your Opinion On These Highlights In My Hair!?
I need Flat iron help...PLEASE!!!!!!!!!?
Does my hair look better straight or curly? (Pics included)?
can you recommend a reasonable hair salon in nyc for a college student. i just need a trim?
How to tame poofy, fluffy hair?
Hey there, does anyone have any cute hairstyles for curly hair?? PLEASE send in pictures for me! =D?
Is weird that a 12 year old is getting grey hair?
Is this a good hair color for me?
Should I dye my hair a really pretty brown and dye my bangs either magenta or hot pink?
What is the best way to grow out hair color?
How do I get my hair like this?
what is a good curling wand to purchase?
I am opening a hair salon soon and need help thinking of a new name?