me and my friend are argueing, what color should i dye my hair? [linkss.]?
Did Fuzzy Wuzzy ever find an effective hair replacement program?
Damaged hair what to do to repair?
Should i just cut my damaged hair off?
Human hair extensions..weave?
Shampoo for oilyish hair ?
is there anything natural i can use to lighten my hair?
How many times should I use Colour remover?
Who has a better hairstyle Bill Gates or Donald Trump?
Perfect Straight Hair?
i accidently used selsum blue (dandruf shampoo)after it expired?
i(26 male) have thinning of hairs all over the head some broken and small hairs can some one tell the cause?
What should i do with my hair?
Can I.......?
what should i do with my hair? (pic included)
Some advice on my hair please?
straight or curly???????????????????
Do you think I look better with short or long hair?
I'm so frustrated with my hair....?
Does my hair look better now or before I got it cut [pics]?
does alum powder really work? well bina say's it does. should i use it?
Is my hair long enough for cornrows? Pics included?
Is it true that if you shave your hair will grow back thicker?
has anybody ever heard of a hair extension brand called Dream Catchers? If so, are they any good?
How do you get bleached hair soft again?
Are my parents being unfair?
what shad of black hair color look good on indian medium complexion, and what kind of makeup goes with it?
how do i get floam out of hair.?
Can baby shampoos be used from adults?
Omg I have dandruff! help!?
fire haircut?
do i look better with straight or curly hair?
Best shampoo/conditioner....?
how should i wear my hair?
How can i grow more facial hair fast?
[PICS] Is my friend ugly??
Hai cut Ideas? Cut tomarrow?
Black Hair Color for a Liqht Skinned African American.?
Should i get my hair cut like THIS?? (pictures included)?
how come white trash girls on vacation in mexico get corn rows or beads its so ugly?
What hair style should i were on the first day of Year 7 ?
10 points .Choose two names you like most?
i have a hair color disaster please help?
Help Hairy arms and legs!!!!!!!?
how can you make your hair grow faster?
Ok someone just asked if they should cut their hair and have bangs? can someone pls tell me wtf bangs are ??
how to remove lice and fleas on hair?
Has anyone had the JAPANESE HAIR STRAIGHTNIG done?
There is white flakes falling from my hair and/or scalp?
If I want a more noticable/prominent colour when dying my black hair with henna, should I leave it shorter?
How can you make your hair grow faster?
Which hairstyle would you prefer?
im so tired of straightenin my natura hair but my hair is ugly ? ?
Do ionic straighteners really work?
Hair problems?!?!?!?!?!?
I need my hair to grow faster!!!!?
How blond will my hair go if I use lemon?
Is it bad to wash your hair everyday?
why do women insist on buying false hair?
What kind of vitamin makes your hair grow?
If I straighten my hair, will it become frizzy near an indoor pool?
How regularly should the average person wash their hair?
What should I do with my hair? I need something new?
What is the technical name for a hair doctor?
How should I cut and dye my hair?
New haircut for me? Help please!?
what is a good shampoo and conditioner that WONT dry out my hair
how long does it takes for you to straighten you hair?
How can you get wet hair to dry straight overnight?
Why do my ears stick out of my hair?
How to make long hair look short without cutting?
Curly hair?
When is it too early to wear makeup and dye your hair?
Do you think Asians look good with dyed blond(e) hair?
do skin top wigs with no fringe look real at the hairline?
what color should i dye my hair?
I have thin ,fine hair,what shortstyle cut would be good to make it look thicker ?
I have very sparse scalp hair. Can anyone help me with how my hair can re-grow?
What are some good curl-enhancing products that I can buy at the local supermarket or chain drugstore?
wat do guys think of girls with blue eyes?
What influences your decision to visit a certain "hair salon" or beauty shop?
k im going to ask again........?
What do you REALLY think about blondes???
Heat protecters/serum?
do you think it's ok not to rinse out all the conditioner from my hair?
My hair??????????? Help?
How long does it take for ur hair to grow with horse shampoo?
I wash my hair every 3 days and 2 days after it's greasy again what should i do ? please help me !?
What hair color is this?
what to do with my hair?!?! pic included?
Help with hair colour. I want to go bright red!?
How much do your haircuts cost ?
what are some good hair products for short natural hair?
i have short hair and a side partion and my skin is little nit dark so wat hairstyle should i go for ?
Hair people! What colour should i dye my hair?
Tight Tapered hair cut? ivy league questions?
What developer should I use on my hair?
What is the girl emo scene hair called?
Best Shampoo & Conditioner?
Recommendation for a good shampoo for normal hair?
Hair color mistake! Please help!?
can i make 3/4 wig using hair clip extensions?
Why doesnt my hair grow longer!?
What is a great hair coloring kit or frosting kit?
If i mix purple and clue coolaid into my conditioner will it take out all the brassiness out of my hair?
How much tip (approximately) would I give to the hair stylist for about a?
Men- Do you prefer long or short hair on women?
How do you do Hair Wraps? or is there a site that tells you how? Thank for your help.?
How to grow more facial hair?
Do these suit Oval face shapes?
Do I have to have a certain type of hair texture to get loose natural curls?
How much does it cost approximately to have your hair permanently straightened in the UK?
How can I make my baby's hair curlier?
Body wave?
How do I get super straight hair?
how to keep my hair straight all day?
Anyone know what color this is?
Dying my dreads with henna for the first time, & would appreciate some help?
hair color look ok on me? (pics)?
Blunt Cut OR Point Cut? Hair Thinning?
GIRLS what are your thoughts on chest hair on guys?
Do I have to bleach my hair to dye it red?
Highlight questions on dark brown hair?
I really want to change my hair [pics]?
how we reduce dandruff with an homemade method?
Girls what hairstyle do u like better for a guy?
What should I do about my frizzy hair?
If i just dyed my hair yesterday can i dye it same color today to make it lighter ?
how can i fix totally dead hair? (its changed from brown to blonde, chlorine)?
does it help your hair grow if u keep it down more?
Should I get side swept bangs?I'm nervous to do it. I need help!?
Do you prefer curly OR straight hair?
Should I buy Hot Tools Helix AdjustaWave Deep Waver or Bed Head Dual Waver?
Can guys have hair dyed red underneath black on top?
Thinking of buying a GHD it worth the money?
is it weird to..?
Hair split ends thingy treatment question?
Good straighteners, hair dryer and curler?
14 year old boy with long hair and likes to be feminine?
Hair for a school picture?
I dont know how to make a ponytail?
Dip dying hair blonde?
how do i style my hair like this?
Would you spray my chevvy. With crotch wax??
How can I keep my hair from being so oily?
hair gel for men do you think??...?
Is it cute when girls wear their hair like this?
aussie 3 minute miracle deep conditioner?
Can I dye my hair from black to blonde without bleech ?
what is the ideal haircut for me?
What length is considerd long hair?
Straight hair question 10 point?
What color is your Hair?
How do i get my hair like, really straight?
How long does it take for eyebrows to grow back?
Which does my hair look better in?
What hair colour is this~? =]?
Do blondes really have more fun?
How long will it take my hair to grow this long? *pics! :)?
Awesome emo hair dyeing ideas?
what the best product for straightning my hair?
What's your favorite haircolor?
When i get my hair straightened is goes kapooow?
i want a new haircut. would a full fringe suit me? if not, what else could i do? picture included!?
Would an updo or a downdo look better with a strapless prom dress?
What color would go best?
How should I get my hair cut? (pics)?
Need help on dying my hair?
How do you use Tresseme Heat Tamer SPray?
Are there any hair styles that could make my face look rounder?
blond or brunette?
Is there any way I can naturally lighten my hair?
I am growing my hair out and I currently have a mini-afro. I have abot 1 1/2 to 2 inches of hair but?
What do you think of these names......?
My hair's frizzy! Help?
Can I have blonde highlights on top of a medium brown semi-permanent hair dye?
do most women shave their pubic hair?
Has anyone ever dyed their hair with kool-aid before?
HELP Ways to stop hair from matting ?
i have a square-ish round face and i want bangs help? :)?
Straightening natural/transitioning hair?
I have black hair and I want to go blonde. Will it suit me?
Brown hair dye/spray for a costume? Don't want it to last for more than 2-3 days...?
Best way to get rid of unwanted hair on your hands and legs?
platform hair artist?
Is It True You're Not Suppose To Wash Your Hair Everyday?
How do you prevent ingrown hairs when shaving? particularly body hair?
Not allowed to Shave?!?!?!?!!?
How does my hair look best (pics)?
Ladies, What Is Your Favorite Hairstyle?
wat kind of haircut should i get!? HELP!?
Which is your favorite shampoo?
What hair cut should I get?
Should I dip dye my hair pink?
can someone help me with my hair please its gone very wrong?
Hair foils? Help please :)?
would it suit me ? (pic)?
I want longer hair; anyone know of a proven hair growth treatment that works and doesn't involve pain?
Any ideas on how to scrunch hair?
Hair Loss because fungus?
Can anyone describe business professional hair styles?
What colour should I dye my hair? [pics]?
I was thinking about changing the color of my hair?
Okay. I am looking for a bonnet dryer so I can wrap my hair instead of blowing it dry. Does any one know of a?
Which hair color suits me best (photos)?
Girls, do i look better in long hair or short hair?
how hair fall prevention occur?
Why don't people like red-heads?
should a 13 year old dye thier hair?
where can i buy nixon products in kansas city?
My hair is thinning in the side why?
Do I have split ends?
how to make henna in your hair look brown?
I have a girl mustache and I shaved it once, and every1 laufs at me outside cos i got a real thick one so help
how should i do my curly hair? (i have options i need to know which one sounds more reasonable)?
What should I do with my hair... (pics)?
Any ideas for a new hair cut? See description!?
Tresemme curl care- supposed to make hair crunchy?
Is it ok to rebond my hair after cellophane treatment snd with hair color after twenty days?
What do you think about front bangs????
is their such thing as dreadlock extension?
How to get long hair fast with no products?
Is it better to only wash my hair once or twice a week and use dry shampoo in between?
blue streak?
best way to use hairspray?
Dying my hair purple to brown?
Which shampoo works better..............?
real or not? need answers!?
Im having trouble keeping my hair straight!?
is layered hair in style?
Nair hair remover lotion?
I am attempting to do my own dreadlocks...?
How to make my hair softer?
Would hair extensions be a stupid decision?
where can i buy nixon products in kansas city?
What do you call this hair color?
What does a step haircut look like? Could any one please show me some pics of it.....?
what's the best hair straightening cream that can be used at home?
Would this be a good hair color on me?
would i look good with scene hair?
Could someone please list some good protein enriched Shampoos?
does anyone know how to get Christina Milian's Curly hair?
Money-saving tips for going to the hairdressers (Generally, but mainly about Liverpool, ENgland)?
Thinking of buying a GHD it worth the money?
I'm a man with a dilemna. How should I get my hair cut today?
What do you think of me?
Nonpermanent hair coloring that I can sleep in?
How to tame poofy, fluffy hair?
Can anyone help me on which hair dye to use?
How To Dye My Hair Blonde From Virgin Hair?
where is a good web site to look for concert tickets?
How should I do my hair for a big party in LA? HELP FAST!?
ijust asked a question some said ishould get highlights nd the others said go darker what should ido? plzhelp!?
Teen pregnancy? Please tell me I'm not the only one..?
What are some cheap products I can buy at walmart, so I can half and half dye my hair?
things to do with your hair on a daily basis???
girls & their hair ?
What are some hair cuts that would look good with a round face?
How should I get my hair cut?
Which type of hair is attractive curly or straight?
How can I grow my hair out?
Any cute hairstyle ideas for teenagers with short hair?
first day of school (kinda) hairstyle? read description please?(pics)?
what can i do for getting long silky shiny hairs?
Dying hair help!?!?!?
What colour hair would suit me?
Any ideas for a new hairstyle?
Girls, Would You Wear Shorts With Hairy Legs?
good/ not too expensive hair straightners?
Hair high lighting!!?
Problem with oily hair?
blonde or brunette? help?
What is a vintage hair receiver vanity jar and what does hair receiver mean?
Is it true that if you pluck a grey hair several will grow in its place?
My hair dye keeps fading half way down?
k im going to ask again........?
long or short hair on a guy.. i'm thinking about growing it out...?
Would I look good with this hairstyle?
What are some sulfate free shampoos I can find at the drugstores?
can african men grow facial hair?
hair dye, which colour??
my face is long so can u pl give me advise what type of hair style suits me? i am tall n slim.?
what haircut??[PICS]?!?
How do you make your hair curly with hair rollers?
What's the best colour hair?
the best hair style-pictures if you can?
HOW to calm frizzy curly hair?
Celebrity Styles?
What are some teen websites I can go to that only deals with African American hair?
Hi, Looking for a color from Revlon for hair, Called Red hot brown glaze. Can't find it anywhere Thanks Mia
Do girls like slicked back hair ?
Do Girls Like Guys With Long Hair? W/ Pics! (Fixed LinkS)?
Is 13 to young to dye ur hair?
Does nickie minag have real hair.?
Shall i get a haircut?
Help? I want to grow my hair, but I can't stop using heat!?
What can i eat or do to make my hair longer? (no extensions or weeves)?
I brought a garnier conditioner and shampoo just now with coconut oil, i have oiled by hair now.............?
How do I soften my prickly arm hair?
how do i make my hair grow faster?
girls please look! should i cut my hair?
where can i buy a wig in the state of pennsylvania?
How to go ginger from dyed dark brown hair?
Would i look good with honey blonde highlights?!?
How many rollers are needed to do a roller set?
Blue, purple or dark green hair?
Tell me a simple formula of things to mix to make my own shampoo, that is not based on comercial shampoos?
What do you think of my new hair color??
Any ways to dye dark brown hair to red?
Can I put toner+developper in my shampoo and still have it work?
is it better for your hair?
Do you think kool-aid will dye my hair?
Why do Blonde girls get soo much more attention that Brunettes??
intervals between hair colour?
changing hair color from dark to light?
Hair Gaurds?
Suggest me a new hair style!!!!!!!!?
What will hapen if i straightner my hair too much?
In how many days can I re-dye my hair ?
Would my hair get badly damaged if I dyed it light dirty blonde from very dark brown? How damaged would it get?
okay so what is the exact color of beyonces hair in the ring the alarm video???????
What kind of flat iron is this?
Is short hair really uncool? (pics)?
I HAVE A MUSTACHE?? what should i do?
i have really black hair and everytime i dye it brown, it wont show up, so what should i do?
what is your hair colour and what is your favourite hair colour?
Can your curl your hair when it is damp?
Really -___- am I too young?
How should i cut my hair?
what is a good 2 inch straightener to purchase?
how do i straighten my hair without frying it?
I have thick, frizzy, curly hair. Help!?
Does anyone live in Santa Barbara, Ca??
what is the best hair colour in the world?
Why are people so mean to Redheads???
Want to die hair and get contacts in a theme?
what hair style would suit me ,,guys :-);-)?
Does hair grow back thicker if you wax your arms (men)?
Can my hair straightener damage my hair?
Which is better? A Curl Wand or a Curling iron?
MY hair smells AWFUL FROM thisk product i used. i have to go in 10 mins, help!!! i need something to mask it.?
Are there haircut schools that give cheap haircuts around boulder colorado?
to my black females where are the good cosmetology schools at in long beach and L.A.?
how can i get my hair cut/done like Jessica McLeod as Paulina from Mr.troop mom?
What are some good spray in conditioners?
Attention Girls!?
Is there any way I can just temporarily dye my hair?
Pink and blonde tips?
my hair needs help!?
i want to dye my hair red with blonde high lights?
Best Hair Dye for brown to golden blonde?
Do guys like long hair or short hair?
Best Non Greasy Hair Product For Men?
What color should I dye my hair?
Help me with my hair lol!?
Do you think this haircut is cute?
Does anyone know why your hair falls, cause my hair like falls like with 50 strands at a time and i shower.?
How often should I wash my hair a week?
What are some easy ways to do my hair if i'm going to the pool and want to look hot?
Can you add highlights to hair that has already been dyed?
Fix my bangs? (pic included)?
natually golden orange hair dyed it black 3 months ago . want to go back to my color asap ? HELP?
Hair color suggestions?
I want to have long hair, Should I grown hair on back of my head?
What's up with the half-shaved head hairstyle?
Salon hair birthday parties?
how can i make my hair grow fast?
Extremely oily hair!?
Mini Hair Straightener- Is it worth it?
Shave my head: yes or no?
My boyfriend hates my dyed black hair, but...?
how can i get my hair to grow? ~ i'm afriacan american~?
Hair extentions website?
which way should i dye my hair red n black or black n red?
people who use ouidad..?
This may seem like a stupid question but...?
how can i stop my hair from looking/getting greesy?
does rogaine really work on hair loss?
can you dye your hair 2x in one day?
how to bleach black hair your hair wit regular bleach.?
smoking cases hair lossing.?
who thinks blonds are hot?
i want to get long bang that i can sweep to the side but they need to be straight to do that how do i do that
help- limp lifeless hair?
I need a cute hair style! Pictures please.?
What are some new hairstyles that I can try ?
i always had long hair but now it is damage what is the best growth treatment to use?
How to have naturally messy looking hair?
hair straightening tips...NEED SUM PLZ!?
how can i get my hair to growwww?!?!?!?
how do i scrunch my hair?
how can a guy get his hair to look like this if i have wavy jb style hair. pic in desc.?
Getting my hair colored?
Which picture do you see?
Could I pull off red hair?
does my hair look best with...(pics included)?
how to stop my hair fall from getting worst?
is it possible for an asians to have blonde hair?
Anybody know this hair product or can name a good one?
my hair is frizzy, why? what can i do?
Do girls like the emo hair look on guys?
long or not?
How to keep curly hair nice overnight?
What color should I dye my hair if I have fair colored skin ?
I need a new Hairstyle!?
What haircut should I get?
Do I look better better with my hair combed up or down ??
Revlon colorsilk permanent hair coloring?
Can I have my hair dyed after a perm?
I feel gay asking this but.. girls help?
How to do a blow out?
I'm 16 and I just got my armpit hair?
Does picking at ur hair cause hair loss?
I just recently got a perm and the curls came out too tight, how do I loosen the curls to get a wavier affect?
How do you get soft curls on a curling wand?
how do i get my hair bone straight after a year of not relaxing it??
I cut my bangs really short and I don't know what to do?
How do u dye black hair blonde?
How can I get my hair to be more straight or wavy?
Dyed my hair too light of Flaming red manic panic.?
how do i straighten my hair with a blow dryer?
Dying your hair = Rebellious?
Whats so special about GHD straighteners?
Will I ever get my healthy hair back?
Is there any hairdresser around that can lighten light brown hair to a nice lemon colored blonde?
blonde highlights on hair?
will it still show youve smoked within 90 days, if your hair is shorter then 1/2 inch?
Would I look good with Black hair? (picture included)?
Why girls are so interested in growing hair around world ?
Does this pic look ok?
What happened to my hair?
What is the best hair tips or styles that is quick and easy (like in less than 5 min.) ?
tell me what's ur opinion ? i need urgent answer to decide someone?
prom hair, up or down?
Do you think mustache hairs that catch on fire really stink?
is remi goddes deep wave nice?
My hair is really damaged, what I can do to help it?
would orange streaks/chunks look good in my hair?
Hair help?!?
What does hair,nails,skins tablet exactly do?
How many times should you straighten your hair with GHD's?
Good,cheap extensions???
Blondes, Brunettes or Redheads?
nutiva cocnut oil...?
Help please??
Suave Sleek-Like it or not?
how do i cut layers in my hair? and please answer my other question please?
is it better to wash your hair in cold water or warm water or does it not matter at all?
hair color opinions? (:?
which is the best anti dandruff shampoo?
Anyone know of a good hair straightener?
i'm considering dying my hair blonde, ?
Does anyone know if i can get Paul Mitchell UTA toner in the uk?
Are clipin extensions good to use?
has anyone used Super Biotin 6000 before? im trying to make my hair grow A lot faster than it does. any help?
Is it in style to have bangs or no bangs?????
i hate my frizzy hair?
How to make my hair grow faster?
Can anyone recommend a good hairdresser in Philadelphia?
Is this a good picture of me? Be honest!?
What is a good product to use with a hair STRAIGHTENER or without a hair straightener?
Do you like this hairstyle on me?
I'm a hair dresser and I refuse to do black's hair anymore. what can be done about this?
Any hair advice, please?
How to make my hair nappy?
Help I need somebody to tell me what shampoo is better to kill lice!?
Need advice from a hairdresser asap! fuming.?
What is hotter,blonde or brunette?
ever use "got 2 be" hair care products? any success on frizzy, curly, short , wirey hair with amind of its
demi-permanent RAW candy pink dye?
What should i wear on the first day of 7th grade?
Should I stop washing my hair everyday?
How do you find the right hair stylist?
im very curios about this hair stlye?
My hair is sticky and hard in the back after a shower?
does my hair look better curly or straight? and why?
How to get my hair like this?
I am turning 26 tomorrow and i am going to get highlights of blond and red in my hair?
Which are the best and reliable hair treatment center in California ?
What color should I dye my hair? s best answer?
Best products for my hair?
YOU and YOUR hair? Take the survey!?
how do i get this hair color?
Should i die my hair for high school Brown with highlights or blonde??
Hair colour with no Ammonia ?
Did I pull off the hair color? [pics]?
I want scene hair but i have a big nose and oval-ish head?
greasy hair?
What colour hair do you have?
L'oreal paris studio remix modeling fibre paste?
Girls: How do I ask her?
Is it really nasty for a girl to have hairy armpits?
What do you think of guys with long hair?
What haircut is this and how is it done/styled?
i want bangs really bad!?
Black hair with pink tips ?
What is your hair color?
What hairstyle should I get? Opinions please!!! :)?
Would this be good for my hair?
What Color hair is this?
Can lemon juice turn my hair back to blonde again.?
help for curly hair that i always wear straight? NEED HELP?
What are some good hairstyles for school?
My hair is breaking off and is badly damaged. What products are good for that?
my hairs started becoming grey and i wanna use a hair colour?
How much would it coast to turn my hair like this?
Would My Friend Be Able To Pull Off This Look?
Hair and makeup for dance? Help!?
Where did go TLHW(long hair world URL )?
I have been dating this guy for about a month and already he wants me to change my hair from blonde to black..
What color should I dye my hair?? (pictures)?
What's a good curling iron to buy?
How can i achieve a hairstyle like this? (picture)?
What do I do when my bangs get long enough?
Does anyone have a hairdresser in Phx AZ who specializes in color & has vision for a good cut??
How long do you have to wait after a perm to wash your hair?
Did i pull off the haircut I got?
how to get rid of the white stuff on the ends of my hair?
Girls, please help! I have stupid short bangs...?
what should I do to grow my hair long?
cute korean hairstyles...?
i want my hair to be longer how i can do this?
should i keep my hair long or short?!?!?! help! ppic. included?
koolaid hair dying question?
I have a really weird question about shaving hair (not just on your head)?
Ombre hair? but not from dark to blonde?
My hair is turning mousy brown, what is happening to me?
My hair is greasy! Eww i know.?
Are you susopse to lose ALOT of hair in the summer or am I going to be bald if it keeps up ?
Long or short hair?
whats the best brand of full head hair dye that is long lasting, cheap and fast to apply?
How can I get Blonde Highlights out of my hair?
What should i do.........?
is there a shampoo that will make your hair brighter?
Can a full fringe be cut back into a side fringe?
What number(#) is this mens haircut?
How do you moisturise and seal your hair?
how can i get my hair to go faster. i've heard prenatal vitamins work. can someone please tell me what works?
Do you lather, rinse and repeat?
Inexpensive products to help thick, curly, frizzy, color treated, medium length hair?
is my hair "scene"?
Do you like red hair?
dye my hair darker? (pictures)?
Would bangs look good on me?
How can I get my hair Piecey like this?
My daughter has natually blonde hair , she's dyed it black for two years, how does she saftly go blonde again?
is it gay for a guy to dye his hair?
ghd straightners.?
Which hairstyle???
Is there a possible way to braid sowing string?
Will a clarifying shampoo dry out my hair?
Do you think blondes are popular?
how to take of your brazilian hair?
Would i look good with black hair?
To cut, or not to cut?
Should my mom and I get matching perms?
How to Style a Fringe Like This (Ellie Goulding) its cut practically the same, how to get it to sit like this!?
would you vote on a hairstyle or suggest one? (pics included)?
How do I grow a fast mustache?
i need to get hair off my chest, legs, hands and butt.what should i do?waxing or shaving.?
I completed over 1200 hours of barber school I would like if I could transfer them to another barber school?
rate picture from 0-7 .... after that I'll send you follow up questions?
Why does Wella koleston special blonde fades so much?
What is this hair style called?
Does dying your hair over and over again cause damage?
Why do i have split ends if i never.....!?!?!?
HAIRSTYLES FOR TEEN!: What to ask my hairdresser for this hairstyle? (10 POINTS!!)?
how to dyed hair super black?
Wet to Dry Flat Irons? (any good ones)?
Help?My natural curly hair is gone. :'(?
Hair dye troubles, can you help?
What hair growth regimes have worked best for you? Viviscal has been the best for me - 1 inch in 1 month now.
Kind of a weird question but is there a way to change my natural hairline? (details inside)?
who do you like the best? T.I ,or Yung Joc , or Lil Jon?
I am a natural brunette, Can I go blonde?
My hair is black, i've just bought bleach a toner will it go blonde?
My friends kid has lice that she REALLY wnts to get rid of, any sugestions?
Would Sun-In lighten bleached hair? If so, sun or blowdryer?
Would I look good with this hair color?
What can I do to my hair?? (photos included)?
how do you make your hair grow faster?
Is growing this much hair weird?
Does anyone know how to dye my hair wooly?
how much do highlights cost at supercuts?
Black hair, or highlights? Pictures AND video:)?
Does applying castor oil or other specific oils/vaseline help for thick eyelash growth ?
hi i have a hair fall mine is oily hair, tell me what i can do in my house without going to doctor or parlour?
Style help please!!?
I shaved my hair off completely (I'm a girl) how long to grow back?
This is a dumb question, but how do you do your hair half up half down?
Are texturizers meant for short hair?
where can i get a good cheap haircut in NYC?
I am wanting to dye my hair jet black... i also wanted red in it should i have red on top or on bottom?
How do i get my hair like this?
is this cute? easy 2 points!?
How to make your hair healthier?
recommended straighteners?
Ugh! my hair?
Okay i have kinda long hair and we are having a toolbag themed party. how do i get my hair more douchebag like?
Fellas, would you still go out with her if you found out she was ......?
what color should i dye my hair <pics included>?
What does it mean when "It needs weekly brushing to remove dead hair."?
how to do hair for cheer?
hair treatment between sew in weave?
should i keep my hair long or short?!?!?! help! ppic. included?
What should I do tomorrow night? My hair goes frizzy when it rains.?
Can i get brown highlights for my blonde hair at home?
clip on weaves?
blondes or brunettes??
Anybody good with hair give me advice?
Bedhead or Chi Straightener?
How did Tim Conway Jr. cut his hair like Rory Emerald if he wears a Donald Trump toupée?
I Need A Haircut,Help?? Pics Uncluded?
New growth.?
do you find straightening your hair a pain?????
anyone any idea how i braid my hair?
should i get a side swept bang or no?
Damaged hair: Ways to get my hair length and strength back?
what do you think of this haircolor???
some girls said curly hair is dorky and i should straighten it?
I'm so jelous of girls hair and lives and personality etc?
Why is my baby's hair getting thinner and thinner?
i have prom and i dont now how to do my hair ?
Do think brunettes are attractive with blonde highlights?
Ahy one heard of HairOmax oil and capsules?
Is my scalp sensitive? Is it hereditary or can medication cause sensitive scalp?
Should I get bangs?? [20 char]?
Scene Bangs question?
what haircut/color should I get? pictures included?
What are the best hair rollers to get?
how can you keep your hair strait for the day whithout it getting tangled or messed up?
What hair colour . please. ?
Considering getting dreads, need advice!!?
how to make my hairs long?
Should i get this haircut???
should i dye my hair blonde? (i have pictures)?
at fantastic sams how much would it cost to get your hair bleached and then colored?
What color hair would look best if I dyed my hair? (picture)?
How long will it take for my hair to grow back thicker?
Would this haircut look good? (Pics!)?
Is it safe to use a flat iron on a doll's hair?
Removing Splat Hair Dye?
how do i make my hair lighter?
where can i find whole pictures of yoanna house's haircut on her season of ANTM?
okay which ways do i look better?
hair trimming?
removing underarm hair can improve risk of CANCER?
i have natural straight, thick hair. i want curls!?
HAIR HELP! Urgent!!!?
How to stop hair fall?
How do you make the spirally curls with your hair?
will all colors of kool-aid turn gray?
How to curl hair like this?!?
What inexpensive shampoo is good from extremely friend and split ends?
Head and shoulders fading colour?
Do you girls like facial hair?
how do you get those pictures of those cartoons?
Dyeing hair blonde to bruttenette?
my hair is really curly like this , is there any straightener that would work and if so what kind and if?
Japanese straightening perm?
Graying hair, process reversal?
Which zayn malik hairstyle do you think is the best?
what is a hairstyle that will make me look really pretty?
where can i find herbal essences amazon gold hair color, without having to order it online?
if you shave once will your hair grow back thiker and longer?
how do i get soft, longer hair?
2 inch hairstyle for guys?
What is the girl emo scene hair called?
What are the goods and bads of short layers?
Similar ceramic straighteners like the CHI straightener?
best shampoo? hair issues?!?
Do I look better with short or long hair?
Dying your hair when pregnant?
Hair takes so long to dry?
What's a good conditioner for me to try?
what hair color is this? link to pic?
Im sick of my hair, how should i get it cut?
How can I get hairstyle like this?Amy Lee's hairstyle from Going Under by Evanescence?
How can I dye my hair green?
how do i make my hair lighter?
What vitamin(s) are best to take to stimulate hair growth?
help! how to remove black hair dye!?
Girls/Women i need your help! 10 points?
where can i buy those head bands that go around the forehead?
How does my hair look best (pics)?
what is a good hairstyle for a black and puerto rican guy?
how can i make my blonde hair lighter?
is this gross?
What shampoo affectively increases hair growth?
Which cost more a hair relaxer or a perm?
what shampoo or spray or serum can i put on my hair to leave them straight all day?
Is braiding your hair with extensions regularly bad for your hair?
what hair colour shade is this?
Are there any barbers who still use a razor strop?
brunette or blonde???????????
How do i make my perm hair back to my natural hair?
Best Hair Products to make hair healthy and shiny?
do i have a squared shaped face?
Has anyone tryed the Herstyler flat Iron?
what is a hairstyle that is alot like scene hair but with no colors besides the asian mullet ?
what colour hair for green eyes and fair skin?
if you look at your pc with your head straight and your eyes shifted to the left all day can you get crosseyes
What Are Methods Of Creating Healthy, Stronger Hair, Without Having To Buy Expensive Products?
Tips for oily/greasy hair?
Is it good to ........................................…
What hair waver would you recommend?
ok now that i have a good idea for clothes what about hair??
Are there any good hair tutorials on how to get Taylor Swift waves?
how do you get rid of a part in your hair?
How to get rid of my side fringe?pics?
What hair colour looks best if you're tanned?
Would I look good in a pixie cut?
What's the best store bought hair dye?
Electrolysis: Is it safe?
What the fashion in girls hair?
What is the best hair product?
how do i get curls like this? (pics included)?
how much are chi flat irons?
Could i dye my hair blonde?
hair dye help i need the name?
If I put lemon juice in my hair and sit in the sun will it lighten?
Who had a haircut at home?
how high are emo bang supposed to go?
dying over highlights?
Do you like girls with dusky complection and short hair?
long hair in school?
Is it true that if you pull a grey hair out 3 will grow in it's place?
Apart from eggs which other foods are good for your hair?
What colour should I dye my hair (picture)?
Please help, I'm going to cry. Hair breakage from bleach!!?
i want to die my hair black or a dark brown but idk if i should i have light blonde hair HELP pic incled.?
How do I stop my hair from falling? 10 points.?
I'm looking for a new hair cut. What's the best look for spring?
hair and shampoo question lol (: plz read though :O?
Online place to buy bumble and bumble hair products?
What do they call those hairstyles.....................?
where can i find photos of sexy 2006 hairstyles?
I am loosing my hair what can i do?
Is my boyfriends back too hairy?and how should I break it to him?(picture link)?
Explain this picture in 3 words (Please)?
Help with a curling iron, tight and super loose curls?
How often SHOULD you wash your hair?! what counts as healthy?!?
Fringe help!!!!!!!Please awnser!!!?
Does this hairstyle suit me (pic included)?
do boys like long hair or short hair on girls?
what do i do for the splitants in my hair?
swimming pool is ruining the condition of my hair any ideas?
should i dye my hair blonde?
what should i do with my hair? (ASSHOLES WILL BE IGNORED)?
Why wont my bangs grow?
what is better?
My white polyster blouse has a hair dye stain on the inside collar- is it toast?
Should i Die my hair Black with blue streeks?
What color blonde to choose...?
L'oreal paris healthy look after effects?
How can you make your hair grow long fast?
Grow hair in 2 months?
Will bangs look right on me?
How can you tell your hair is moisturized?
Does gel make ur hair fall out???
What r my options as a hairstylists ex. booth,commision,hourly???
Need help with my hair! PICS!!!?
i have red hair, and i want to know if i can bleach it to a yellow colour and put a white toner on it?
What shampoo should I use??
I have another question about nicole richies hair...?
How can you quickly lighten your hair without using bleach?
If I use Sleek Look straight polish by matrix,will my hair always be straight even if it got wet? Forever??
do girls bald??
do hair extensions ruin your natural hair?...and how long do you leave them in your hair?...?
Head Lice Nightmare!?
Straightener help! please please help me! easy easy easy 2-10 points!?
i am going to get a mohawk and my gf will do it but how do you cut a mohawk?
What hair gel does cristiano ronaldo use to get that ultra strong hold wet look?
are any of these alcohols bad for the hair? cetyl, benzyl, stearyl, cetearyl, and oleyl? i am doing research.?
is it ok to dye your cats hair?
What is the best hair growth product out there?
Can over-thinking cause you to get white/gray hairs..?
Where should I go to get the best highlights in my hair?
Can i use Loreal color pulse on my highlights?
Help with dip dyed hair! :(?
i want to make hair style simple?
What do you think of this hairstyle?
Where to buy "Body on Tap" and "Lemon-up" shampoo?
Where can I find a good hair stylist that can work well with curly African-American hair--preferably Atl. area
hair transplantation ! how much does it hurt?
GIRLS:hairy legs or shaved?
Does family dollar sell hair bonding glue?
How do you curl your hair with straightners?
I dyed my hair black about 8 mouths ago?
Does anybody know how I can convince my parents to let me get my hair cut?
Shaved my
One direction fans can you help me?
products to u for a mohawk what works really good?
prevent hair falling?
teen guy needing hair help?
whats in parazone thick bleach my daughter drank a cup?
Is it bad to iron your hair??? Please Help!?
My hair is mohawked! Help me!?
is it cool to have 1 big long eyebrow?
Dying hair help!?!?!?
how should i cut my hair?
do you tie your hair up when you're sleeping?
the best way to make really really long hair curly?
how to make hair straight all day?
What kind of shampoo/conditioner do you use?
Did I pull off the look?
clip on weaves?
Detailed instructions on how to braid my own hair?
what color should i dye my hair?
What do you love/hate about going to the hairdressers? I'm getting my hair done later!?
how to prevent dry hair?
any price value to an old curling iron dated in the 1930?
I don't want to trim my hair?
Where can I get a permanent purple die for my hair?
Are girls with short hair sexy??
what color hair dye is dark brown but makes your hair look black from far away?
should i get side bangs?????
Does light blonde hair or dark blonde hair look better with green eyes?
Will dying my hair black and straightening it hurt it?
How to dye hair with kool-aid?
needing help with what colour to choose to dip-dye my hair with....?
How to make visible that your curly hair is long?
Is paying 350+ for a haircut too much?
blonde v brunette?
mixing homemade hair conditioner with store bought deep conditioner?
How would i get my hair like bradley cooper in this picture thanks guys :)?
I have too thick hair!?
What helps fried hair grow faster and become healthy again?
my hair is falling out.?
A cute japanese anime looking haircut?
does the solia straightener work?
Will ISOFLAVONES prevent body hair ?
GHD hair straightners?
what can you do to mAKE HAIR GROW FASTER?
Idont understand how they do it!!! Please help!?
Is short hair really THAT unattractive?
I want my hair to grow faster?
If I get my ears pierced will it hurt too badly?
GIRLS at what length is hair to long on a guy?
should my hair be black or stay blonde?
Do guys like long or short hair on girls ??
I have been out of school scince 2003 is there anyway I can go take my test again w/o any schooling?
easy !.s..which name is better for a (blonde hair boy)?
I have been out of school scince 2003 is there anyway I can go take my test again w/o any schooling?
How often do you wash your hair?
Curly wavy or strait hair what's sexier?
My hair is majorly frizzy. I have tried everything I know to do. None of the products for white people work on
Does pantene anti breakage shampoo and contitioner make hair dye fade?
How to stop hair loss?
Is garnier frutis a good brand?
My hair never seems to dry?
Dyeing my hair for the first time? Help me!?
What is the coolest hairstyle??
Questions about the "no poo" method?
should I shave my....?
wt can help in reducing dandruf?
Temporary hair dye please???
What should I do with my hair? [I have pics]?
If I permanently curl my hair, am I able to use a flat iron to straighten it?
Would I look good with dreadlocks?
How to get brassy tones out of hair from box dye?
do women shave their armpits and legs? girl and women only!!!?
i have really greasy hair especially underneath and at the roots help!?
Does Pro 10brandy hair protein Sensational hair weave come in regular relaxed weave?
Have you ever had a home hair dye kit go wrong and give you the wrong color?
Is it really necessary to wash your hair?
Any natural hommade hair colour ?
uggh i am so sick of it!?
how do u scrunch hair :] i need help please?
How do I do my hair these ways?
how do emo kids or scene kids get their hair so soft and thick?
howt to use the hair conditionars?
what hairstyle looks best *pics*?
How old does my hair make me look?
Why do people hate black hair?
How should I get my hair cut?
Good Curly hair shampoos?
What hair coulour is this? (pic)?
if you ever got blonde highlights at the salon in walmart i would want to know if they did a good or bad job?
Do girls like the stubble beard look on guys?
Emo/Punkish Hairstyles
Is there anyone that has the great lengths hair extensions? If so, is it really worth the money?
What haircut would I suit? So confused?
How do i keep my hair under control?
good way to treat hair?
Really short hair on a girl?
Do ladies like shaved head guys?
My hair got lit on fire, what do i do?
just dyed my hair for the first time ever. please help. did not get much change.?
I have shoulder length blonde hair! should I get it cut? Or is it sexy?
I got some kinky twist in last wk and they look and feel heavy it reminds me of dred locks what went wrong?
Lightening dirty blonde hair?
So i want to change my hair color but it's black?
I want to know after you have colored your hair black for years how do you get it lighter, a reddish brown?
should i do dip and die or rainbow dip and die?
Can anyone give me any links to indie-ish type hair styles?
will i look emo if i dye my hair black and blue?
How to get hair like this?
whats a good hair straightener to get?
How hot does the Vidal Sassoon Answers Ceramic Hair Straightener - Coarse Hair get???????
What hair color do you think this is?! ( I need answers quickkk)?
Do I look better with Black hair or brown?
Hair color from bright blue to red?
I feel gay asking this but.. girls help?
i only have hat hair on one side of my head what do i do to get the other one to go up?
How to make your hair unbelieveably soft and shiny? and how to get rid of acne!? EASY 10 POINTS!?
black hair?
av u got the cermic tech straightning irons customer enquiry number please?
Would I look good if I cut my hair like this?
Is blue magic good ir bad for your hair?
what are the best hair extensions to get if I have to color them?
How can I get my hair wavy/curly?
Bleaching Vs Lifting? Help Me?
I Need Help Dying My Hair!?
Prom is tomorrow night, hair?
is there any way possible to grow my hair four inches in four months?
My hair is naturally straight and thick and doesnt curll.?
i just got a perm today,can i wash it,or wet it today also?
is there a natural way to make my wavy hair straight?
How to make my hair more silky?
New Hairstyle Suggestions....?
How to create this hairstyle?
What kind of hair do you think is the sexiest?
what exactaly are hair extentions?
Coconut oil -- what's the purpose?
best shampoo or conditioner for dried out hair?
Does tanning in salons affect your hair?
A birthday's coming up and I need opinions!! *pictires included*?
how can you cure oily hair?
I need a Human wig, where is the best place to buy one?
How do you straighten your hair so it's not frizzy?
Bleach really thinned my hair out :/ how to make it thicker?!!!?
Is my hair too girly?
what kind of hair iron that doesn't burn my hair and straightens and curls my hair but under $100?
Review on Nature's Bounty Hair, Skin, & Nails?
How to die your hair blonde?
Which Shampoo?
I am a female 45 and my hair is blonde. Why am I losing my hair, is it due to stress?
How do I style my hair like this?
Does my hair look better up or down?
Want to get rid of belly hair?
is avril lavignes hair medium ash blonde?
What is the fastest way for my hair ta grow out ?
How to get nice side bangs?
Trying to get a good stylist job?
How to grow out my hair the right way?
How can i treat my terrible split ends?!?
Do bald guys lose some of their eyebrows?
Should I dye my hair?
I dyed my hair black - was this a mistake ? *Pics*?
what is the best way to prevent drandruff and hair loss?
Best Turquoise hair dye?
Do you consider red hair ugly?
Which one of those hairstyles would suit me ? Please help?
hair like this for sr pictures??
how to be a cool person?
I'm a natural red head but i died my hair blonde should I go back red?
Would this hair color look alright..?[pic]?
Michelle Obama Biography...?
what can i do to prevent the hair on my legs to grow back so fast after i shave?
I have dry hair, which i am losing by thousands, please help !?
Where is a the best place to get a "good" haircut in the McKeesport / White Oak, Pa. area?
Looking for a leave in hair condition cream recipe?
Should I cut my hair like this?
Is there any treatment of early baldness?
Boots Home Straightening Kit?
Can i bleach my hair more than once? What kind of blach can i use?
hi ive just finished chemo and 5weeks after my hairdresser said he could chemical straighted my hair i have ha
Do I need to use a conditioner with Head and Shoulders 2-in-1 Dry Scalp Care shampoo+conditioner?
what are styles i can do in 10 minutes?
Ive got very very curly hair and want it staight?
Hello!!!!!! Emergency!!!!!!! Answer ASAP!!!?
Every time i brush my hair it gets a lot of static in it. how can i stop this?
Hair cuts..................?
I just got my hair cut too short?
How to get loose waves?
What do you think Lady Gaga's next hair color will be?
What does it mean if you have hair on your breasts?
Would I look good with a Monroe and brown hair and blonde highlights?
How do you get Clean Windblown Hair?
Which hair color looks best on me?
I need your help on what to do with my hair (perferably girls to answer)?
wats sxcier?
How long do u keep conditioner in your hair?