why do boys not like pubes? - ?
If I have a henna tattoo can I still bleach + dye my hair?? ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ?
What happens if I wash my hair with just conditioner and no shampoo?
hair styling help please?
Does lemon juice lighten hair? :)?
which hair color looks best on me (pic included)?
where would i find nioxin shampoo, do they work for poofy hair, mine gets poofy while drying.?
I have red highlights,and i notice that there on the verge on fading.How can i stop or slow down the fading?
What do you think of my hairstyle?
what is inner locking, when it comes to hair weave?
Dying hair stawberry blonde tips?
should i dye my hair this color?? please help!?
my son has hair about 6 inches below his waist, what should i do?
Why does my hair get so greasy?
Is sweat bad for your hair ?
New Haircut Suggestions..(PICS!)?
Would I suit Side Bangs or Not?
Women only! Would you mind if a guy dressed as a woman was at your hair shop getting his hair styled like you?
can you have naturally blond pubic hair?
Is it okay to not cut your hair?
im so mad!! plz help girls?
I noticed that my hair has been getting very greasy...?
How to make mens hair thicker?
I have fairly curley blonde hair, how do i get it to be only wavey?
how do i look with bangs?
How can i get the rest of my facial hair coming in?
What are bangs [in your hair] ?
Party hairstyle ideas?
Help!! I need addvice!!?
How to do a hot oil treatment ?!?!?
Short haircut that wont maks me look like a kid?
What are the Instructions for Oglvie's Home Perm Extra Body?
how would i style my hair like this.....? [PIC INSIDE]?
have u ever died you'r hair o rput streaks in it?
What hair style would I look best with?
how much notice do i need to give employer?
Which way does my hair look better?
How do you properly wrap a towel around your head?
is it bad for your hair if you mix togetha differnt brands of conditioner if they make your hair easy to brsh?
How to lighten hair without hair dye?
what should i tell my hairstylist?
hair color?
I'm 16, how can I prevent my hair from excessively falling out? Would a haircut do?
What shade of blonde?
Where do you get Color hair dye?
Going Natural...what are some GREAT products?
what is a vigaro hair process and what website can i read up on it at?
Get it chopped off?
What would be a good color for a guy to dye his hair ?
My mum wont let me dye my hair blonde :(?
Which Haircut Is Best?
Guys, Curly or straight hair on a girl ?
Selena's Hairstyle!! Help!! (pic included)?
I need pictures of a hairstyle with blonde on top and brown or black on bottom layers?
should i die my hair bleach blonde or brown??
help me (people who cut hair)!!?
greasy hair cure please!?
my stylist cut my bangs too short. any ideas on what to do until the grow out?
How do i style my hair in K-Pop style?
If you color your hair, will it grow back a different shade?
Blonde's or Brunettes?
Does anybody know where i could find this color hair dye?
How to get hair like louis tomlinson? Ill answer yours!?
How do you get your hair thick again after having kids?
Best facial bar for really dry skin?
For a guy who keeps hair very short, what is the best option for greying hair?
How can I keep my hair straight all day?
what hair color would you call this?
Dying my dreads with henna for the first time, & would appreciate some help?
What do you think would look best?
How can I grow my hair extremely fast?
Why do guys love blondes so much?
Shampoo/Conditioner recommendations??
What should I do with my hair?
is it normal to have hairier legs at the bottom and less hair at the top of your legs?
What is it called when you do this to your hair?
What is a good haircut for thirteen year old girl?
what hair colour is this?
Straight hair or curly?
What Do You Think Of My Hair?
How to make my hair shiny, silky and smooth?
LEG HAIR.....bit of a problem?
hairstraigtening allrit??
how to get my hair and make-up like this...?
blonde hair colors with highlights and lowlights for nude beige skin?
Hey guys, I was just wondering if this is a v-cut hairstyle?
I'm thinking of cutting my hair. Can you recommend websites with pictures for me to get ideas from?
Should I keep my hair short or let it grow out? Im 36 what do you think?
Bleaching hair an dye questions.?
Why does my edges keep falling out?
First day of school is coming. What should I do with my hair?
hair color?
Do you like my hair????? (photos)?
I am going to be dying my hair black tomorrow and putting red highlights in it. How long should I wait?
Faster hair growth? Please help.?
Which of these haircuts do you like better?
Pictures for blonde hair with red and brown highlights in?
Can my hair be blue black by using the henna hair dye?
prices for extensions!?
What color should I dye my hair? [pics]?
how to get paint out of your hair?
How to grow out your hair? also how long will it take?
Do guys use conditionor?
My hair has gotten really greasy?
How to use diffuser?
How to control my hair fall?everytime i did my head bath i found a lot of hair please give me some suggestions?
New Haircut Suggestions..(PICS!)?
can anyone tell me how to do shiloh's hair style in can't hold on?
Would I look weird with a buzz cut?
Any ideas for hair color?? (pictures)?
Garnier causing hair loss - Is there a shampoo like this brand?
How do I get my hair to look like this (Miranda Kerr picture)?
Cute Hair Cut!!!?
Did anyone from India use panasonic hair styler EH8465 or EH7926 ?
Hair help with bangs!!?
Major hellllppppppppppp!?
Blondes Or Browns ?
What should I do with my hair?
What colour hair looks best on me? (pics included)?
I had short blonde hair and tried a permanent auburn color for a new look and i hate it!?
How to make my hair grow longer? Please Help!(:?
Should people with red hair avoid wearing red?
How to lose hair between eyebrows forever unibrows ?
Is it possible for a Black woman to grow waist-lenght hair?
my hairr???????????????????????????????????…
Need help choosing a hair color please?
Do you think i would suit a bob?
ok so i have long hair and on the sides it pings out help?
Advice on hair colour?
My hair extensions satrted splitting after a week?
help with dying hair!?
Does any one know anything about the new relaxed and natural breakage defense products from pantene?
which kind of curling iron is the best?
What shampoo helps greasy hair?
Can I use Garnier color with Ion developer? Please help me out?
why does it coast so much to get your hair cut?
can i pull off this hairstyle ?
Should i let my 10 yr old bleach streaks in her hair and then die them electric pink?
Can you dye your hair with Sally Hansen?
When bleaching my hair, why should I avoid getting it on my scalp? What are the bad effects it has on scalp?
Bleaching/dying yaki hair extensions?
how do you roll your hair on strips of cloth?
i love emo boys, i love emo hair styles, emo boybands, emo girls look fer cool to, no bad comments please..?
hair product?
Will the mullet ever make a comeback?
I have pink hair! help! ?
Hairdressing question?
What's the best type of hair straightener to get?
Baldness vs. really short hair for men: no difference, or what?
Should I dye my hair bright red?
Can I have some ideas on good hairstyles for tomorrow?
i want to learn hair styling what should i do?
I'm thinking of changing my hair color? What color would you recommend? (pic)?
what colour is your hair?
dieing my hair pics included?
How should i cut my hair please help?
What is the best shampoo to use?
how do I stop my split ends from coming?
my long hair is getting annyoing, but i dont want to cut it. any tips?
GIRLS... Do you find guys with long hair more attractive or guys with short hair?
How should I get my hair cut? (pics)?
Idea hair for a year 10?
Hair color Question! Please help?
I'd like to grow my hair out?
I just grew my hair out and the ends are dry. Any suggestions?
Is special affects a good brand of dye to use?
Does anyone know what this hairstyle is called?
Help! I want to dye my hair! But I'm only 12!! How do I convince my mom?!?
What is a tow head?
Email address to detail's beauty salon in indianapolis?
Is my hair color light enough to dye pink?
Hi I am a 12 years old boy and I want to know is using hairgel is harmful.?
new hair??? What do you think? (pic)?
I need a little help???? thankkks..?
What color hair you like the most?
i'm planning to have a new haircut.. i want to have side bangs... do you think it's cool?
what color is her hair?
Why is my hair so damaged?!?
Flat Iron cause Permanent hair loss?
This question is for the guys... Do you prefer women with short or long hair?
whats her hair color? PICTURE INSIDE?
How long does it take for your hair to grow one inch?
Does vaseline make your hair look better?
are emo guys hawt?????????????
Cute hairstyle ideas for school?!?
would it suit me ? (pic)?
why doesn't my hair comb?!!?
Do Hair Vitamins Make Your Hair Shed...?
spray on highlights?
im going to get my bangs trimmed?
How do i grow back my in a week?
does mexican hair products work on black people?
hair removal !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
If I have frizzy hair, should I use friz-ease?
is there any way to speed up hair growth.?
What color would look good in my hair?Pics?
my hairs are very dry n life less,how do i make it shiny n lusturous?
What Can I Use Instead Of Gel To Slick Up My Hair.?
How to grow more facial hair?
Any Home Made Hair Dyes?
I have 10V-N color, can I use it on my virgin brown hair without having to lighten it?
Shampoo+Conditioner for dry coarse hair?
link to a website with hairstyles for men?
Hairstyle advice?10 points for the best!?
what haircut would go best with an oval shaped hispanic face, that has REALLY THICK brunette hair?
I have very hairy legs. Do girls really mind? I'm 15.?
Is it true that there are few Black salons in Colorado?
which haircut is it ?
Can anyone tell me how to correctly use Pantene's Curl Defining Scrunching Gel?
I dyed my hair yesturday and it looks horrible !!?
what can i do to my hairs to get longer faster??Gosh!i'm tired of waiting...?
how can i remove bubble gum from my hair without cutting it?
what celebrity of our Indian women uses to extra shine and smoothness of their hairs as i saw on TV?
How to get Selena Gomez hair?
How to make thick bushy eyebrows look better without removing any hair?
do men like girls with long hair and heavy fringes? or without a fringe? (is a fringe sexy?!)?
Shall I start dying my hair?
How can i get my fine straight hair to curl?
My stomach has hair on it !!! I'm a girl !! ?
how does Kourtney Kardashian Kendal and Kylie Jenner get their wavy hair?
Good 360 wave method?
What color to dye my hair?
help picking next haircut?
Is it possible to get wavey/curly hair through a perm?
Anyone know what color this is?
Help with Natural Hair dye?!?
Why is my hair is falling out?!?
dark brown hair color blue/violet base COOL?
what do you think of these highlights for dark brown hair?
How to do my hair like this Help!?
How to do this hairstyle?! Desperately need help before Halloween?
I need a new hairstyle, can anyone help?
Should I get a new hair colour? (pic included)?
I'm 5'2 how long will my 20 inch hair extension be ?
Justin Pierre Hairystle?
how canlope cruz's bangs grow so fast?
Should I be brave and get my hair cut short?
what do u think about hair???
can shea butter help thinning hair to regrow or slow down?
What should I do with extra hair extension hair?
Please suggest me..whether i can go for re bonding for my hair?
Oh my gosh! Hair dyeing accident?
hair styles...?
Why am I scared to cut my hair?
will sew-in extensions pull out my hair?
do I look better with straight or curly hair?
i have a weird hair color?
Should i dye my eyebrows too?
Hair dye question?
Girls Only! Do you like curly hair or straight?
What color should streak my hair with? (pic included)?
Hair color? need some input ?
Natural Blonde Vs Natural Red Hair?
Girls. Do you think i should cut my hair?
what can I do with my long hair after I cut it off? Can I make a wig to wear or something?
When can I do this.........?
I have cut my really long hair, short! (pics)?
Is there any women out there experincing hair thinng? if so, what did you do about it?
Advise on dying me hair ? Please open !?
From Curly Hair To Straight ...? ( Boys )?
do you like my hair scrunched or straight?
Anyone Use" Hair,Skin & Nails Pill????
Should I dye my hair now or wait?
my hair after sleeping becomes rough what can i do for it to be stable can any one answer?
anyone got really long hair? is it necessary to get it cut regularly whilst growing?
I need a recommendation on a really good flat iron?
Does straight or wavy hair look better? (pictures)?
new hair style suggestions?
What hair color should i get?
Where can i buy Sunglits products?
orange hair after bleaching. help!?
Have you ever used the sassy extensions from Sally's? ?
What Kind Of Haircut or Bangs do you call this?
Does Curly or Straight hair look better with me?
Before or after? (pics)?
how to get healthy hair if the hair is very thin & looking dull?
What can I do with my thick hair?
how to make clip in hair extentions?
Can I use Rogaine along with a hair growth treatment?
Will someone please help me find this hair color!?!?
Im tired of same old straigthening of my hair, help?
summer hairstyles for long curly hair?
My mom is 47 short should her hair be ?
why does my hair get frizzy at night-time?
if my hair is really long should i cut it even tho my dad says NO ?
What is a cute way to wear my hair? I need something different!?
would i look good with scene/indie hair?
Is it damaging to press hair?
Help hair turned purple!!?
I'm starting a new school and want a new hairstyle...
I have been doing the stuff to get 360 waves for a few of days and I am getting waves on the top but thats it.
Whats the best style for hair? ?
Why does my hair now flip outwards?
Opinions on this hair color idea?
Could I pull of really short hair?
is it girly for a guy to do his own hair?
How can you grow hair faster!?
Blonde streaks on guys??
Where is a good priced salon in Reno, NV?
Dying my hair a different colour?
how do i get rid of it?
Getting Layers?
does alum powder really work? well bina say's it does. should i use it?
Permanent Hair Extensions? What is the process?
what hairstyle will make a 12 year old look older?
is it possible to use colour B4 on black hair and turn it dark brown?
How to get rid of a red tint in my hair?
are there any good websites that have great haircut pictures?
whats your favorite hair color?
How can I get my hair colour back natural?
I Was Thinking About Getting Kinky Twists...?
i need to grow out my hair fast!!!?
Is there a way to stop hair being greasy without washing?
advice for the barbers :)?
help me please!!?
I just got my hair bleached profesionally, how can i wash it out?
how do you srunch your hair?
When to use what strength peroxide?
Hair extensions for males + thinning of hair.?
What scene cut should I get?
why only men are facing this problem?hair lost! is there a way to prevent it or cure it?
Do my bangs look weird?
What Color Should I Dye My Hair (PIC)?
i ahve thick hair and i want to get it thinned but i dont want it to end up frizy what do i do??? HELP?
What colour is your hair?
curly or straight with this top?
How do I style my hair like this?
How can i get longer hair?
Does coconut oil actually work with hair?
Which hair color should i go for?
I have very frizzy hair. I use a smoothing shampoo and condiitoner, antifrizz, nothing works. Any suggestions?
How do I thicken my straight bangs(layers??)?
My hair went orange instead of blond?
how can i fix damaged hair?
Does anyone know anything about getting your hair straightened in Japan.?
Do you like this hair color?
i shaved a small section of my leg hair just to see how it would look, will it grow back different?
I blow-dry my hair every day and often use a straightening iron. Now my hair looks fried.?
Funky Hair color..?
To what degree does Sage actually darken hair?
what's the best way to learn how to do cornrows?
How much does demi permanent dye damage your hair?
What type of hair cut does she have?
i have long hair and am thinking of cutting it.?
how do I braid my hair like Rachel McAdams if i have short hair?
LEAVE-ON conditioner need to wash it off or not?
Hi I'm 13 and losing hair?
How much does Matrix:Biolage shampoo and conditioner cost?
what color streaks or highlights should i get??
where can i buy a cheap gdh hair straightener - not using online?
Will straightening your hair once a month still damage it?
New style/color suggestions fo me?
whats the diff. speed of hair growth?
how do i keep my hair straight whithout using a straitener, gel, or spray? HELP!!?
what's a good smelling shampoo/conditioner?
Does my hair look better straight or curly?
My hair grows so slowly!?
Has anyone used a hair texturizer or hair softener?
What do you kids think about guys with really long hair?
Dyeing my hair from blonde to black?
Websites that will keep you up for hours?
How to make my hair wavy/curly without gels, mousse, or curlers?
A spot in my hair turned white and I'm only 18, does anyone know why?
What is this hairstyle called?
What style of wig should a cross dresser get ?
how do you natrually get blonder hair?
My Hair is very damaged, but i dont want to cut it because i want long hair...what can i do..?
wat should i tell my hair stylist if i want my hair like this:?
I would like to have a kinda dreadlocks look without actually looking ratty anyone have a suggestion?
my eyebrows are too skinny?
Best Shampoo Out There?
Prom Hair-do??
Ladies Would You Have Something Weird Done To Your Hair For Money?
drinking milk good for hair, or bones only?
How should I do my hair?
How to get rid of underarm hair.?
What hair colors go well with tan skin and brown eyes?
My hair is a nightmare. (pics) Please help!?
How do you crimp your hair?
Will this haircut fit me?
Help! My dad wont let me straighten my hair!?
for Anyone?
Would my hair look good in a pixie cut?
Would short hair suit me?
Can I use soap to wash my hair?
What is the brush that you use for a perm called?
(Girls Thoughts) On red hair men?
how can i make my hair grow faster?
Bored with my hair, what should I do with it?
If a cut is 40$ approximately how much is a color?
what shampoo should i use ? VERY greasy hair?
Would i look good with Blonde Hair?
I brought a garnier conditioner and shampoo just now with coconut oil, i have oiled by hair now.............?
How can i grow my hairr long and beautiful?
How do you use a curling iron?
Hair Donation?
My hair used to be kind of wavy and now it barely is is their away to help it become wavy again.?
How do you dye hair using food coloring?
how should i get my hair cut (pics included)?
Please .s. Sew in weaves ?
Could I pull off going blonde?
Can You Get Hair Like This Without Heat??!?
If I put Vaseline on the ends of my hair, will they be less dry?
Will my daughters hair grow back?
Hair extensions?
How can i make my hair grow?
Minimum length for getting a perm?
How do you dye your4 hair with Kool Aide?
POLL: which hair style and part do you find is the most attractive?
How Does Miley Cyrus Do Her Hair like that ?
Please help with hairstyle ideas?
Which Side bangs should I get?
I have naturally curly hair that frizzes in humidity, also fine hair. What product can I use on my hair?
do i look better as a brunette or a blonde? (pics)?
What would happen if someone got an emo haircut and they had really curly hair?
How can I get curls like this?
what do you think of this hair style?
best hair remover?
Is this hair still in style?
What are some creative pretty hairstyles for my hair? im a brunette and my hair is up to my shoulders?
what lightens hair colour?
My hair sucks!! I hate it!!! I need some advise for what to do with it!?
does cupcake pink eventually fade into a gross orangy-pink?
How do I achieve this Jessica Simpson hairstyle look?
What is the best way to comment on a baaaaad hair dye job ?
How should i color my hair?
Why does my hair only grow to my shoulders?
Is it possible to make a homemade hair dye?
I need a wedding hairstyle?
Blonde vs Brunette.....?
Would Sun-In lighten bleached hair? If so, sun or blowdryer?
bangs or no bangs? what do you think?
how can I make my hair stringy?
Which hairstyle is better? 15 years old male
what is the best hair color for a female?
I really want better hair?
I need Runner style hair?
which hairstyle should i get?
why is it that not everybody cant be a blonde?
Hair cut and colour that will suit my an oval face shape?
White Rain Shampoo..?
Can wearing a hat too much cause your hair to flip up?
Hair growth and tips? Xxx !!!!!?
Hairstyle help =]?!!?
Hair problem?
My hair is really thin....please help?
How to get these kind of bangs/fringe?
what hair style would suit me ,,guys :-);-)?
how to do this bun,anyone know or has found videos on how to do it?
How do you do your hair like this?
How much would 20 inch sew in extenions cost?
Is it rare my hair changes color in the sun?
Why Do Burnettes think thier soo much better then blondes?
Why do I dye my hair luminous pink?
When you perm your hair do you have to you the neutralizing or can you use normal shampoo?
Hair stuff?
What should i wear on the first day of 7th grade?
How do u go pee when hiking? Do u take TP with u?
why does hair frizz?
Girls..ur opinions plz.. (pics)?
Suggestions for a new haircut?
Do you find redheads attractive?
How can I keep my hair like this?
Is this hair scene or emo hair?
How long will it take for me to spike my hair?
I need help about grey/silver hair?
which hair style would suit me?
How long is Crystal Gales hair?
Pills to help with hair growth?
what hair salon would you recommend in melbourne?
can i dye my hair that colour?
How can I get my hair straighter?
how to do my hair help please?
What color hair do you have?
What shampoo is better for your hair?
hey girls do you think that guys with sideburns , look more older or more manly or that is just not true?
any help with my hair?
curling my hair?
What brand of hair dye has the most pastel colors, please help?
how can i make my hair stay straight all day?
how do i do my hair exactly like...?
Where can I buy Redken liters for colored hair cheap?
which hair color do you prefer for me?
what will make my hair grow faster?
how can i get long hair.?
Does my hair look better straight or curly?
what color is your hair? Natural or dyed.?
Has anyone here ever used the japanese relaxer that's only used in salons I hear it makes your hair silky?
how do you keep your hair in good condition when your on holiday ?
What's a good hair product to take off the volume of my hair?
Does my hair look better straight or curly?
I dyed my hair and I hate soon can I dye it back and will it work?
would yellow hair dye last longer than red?
will my hair stop growing if i curl my hair just once?
I got a perm in january, and it is now july, how long will it stay in?
Which looks better?
How to make my hair longer?
how long can i keep my braids hair on.?
Can i mix hair-dyes to get the color i want?
Can I bleach my hair and color it at the same time?
How long does it take to grow a eyebrow back while using a soft brush?
glue in hair extensions can i so them myself?
Help with straight hair!?
How to make yourr hair look wett?
How do I straighten my hair? With out a striaghnter?
Im a girl and I wanna shave my head?
if we wash our hair with bear will they become very silk?
Straightening hair...?
does ur hair fall out a lot for no reason?
What hairstyle can a hispanic male with straight hair have?
How to control dandraff?
does permanently straightening ur hair damage it?
How do i get my hair curly with a heating iron?
How long should a mans pubic hair be?
How can I give my hair more volume w/o using heat?
i am 14 year old girl and im black...i have pretty long hair but how do i make it longer and straighter??
If i just dyed my hair, can i scrunch it with white rain mousse?
Does washncurl shampoo really work well?
What's the best way to wear curly, medium length hair while I'm growing it out?
girls:what is the best way to get off facial hair?
Need ideas on how to style my hair for prom !?
what do wispies look like?
short or long hair on boys ?
Should I cut or keep...(MY HAIR)?
my friend ruined my hair?
How can I grow my hair faster longer?
I want to dye my hair......?
long hair or short hair on girls?
Does anyone know what this type of weave is called or where i can purchase this weave in the UK!?
What do to with oily hair but dry scalp?
What is the Diffrence between Magic Straight Perm and Rebonding Perm?
Why won't the color stay?
Do you shave or wax your pubes and underarm?!?
Women only pls - When you shave your legs how much will it grow back in two weeks ?
How to make hair grow fast?
How come blow drying straight is better than flat irons?
is it true brunette is the new blonde?
I have these little hairs around my ears, and they always stick out when I put my hair up. Its annoying, help!
How often do yall wash your hair?
Super long hair?
Attention Hair-Know-It-Alls?? :D?
What should I do with my Natural Hair Now???
highlighting hair at home?
Black To White Hair. How can I dye my hair white?
Does Egg's help soften your hair??
would these hairstyles look good on me?(piks included)?
Instructions for french braiding!!!?
Is it ok if I put hair mousse to my frizzy curly hair?
Should I cut my hair 3 inches?
I Cut My Own Bangs, Do They Look Okay? Opinions!!?
How do you think i should cut/dye my hair?"Photos inside"?
Should I get a pixie cut?
Is this hairstyle cute?
hair prob!!!HELP!?
When can I wash my hair?
How fast does the hair grow?
What color streaks look best with brown hair?
How can i convince my mom I need a new hairstyle?
Which is a good make for a straightner other than Chi?
Will Leaving Perm in My Hair for Less Time Make It Less Straight?
Cute things to do with hair for picture day? 10 points!?
I'm writing a story, and I need a name for a girl with golden brown eyes and dark brown hair.. Help?
should i dye my hair blonde. what do you guys think i'm a brunette by the way?
How can I get my hair to a lighter red?
i need a change?
how do I make my wavy hair smooth? (PICS)!!?
How should I wear my hair for an interview?
How Long Will It Take For My Hair To Be Long Like This? (pics)?
How do I get my hair to grow? It's really short.?
anything to make your hair grow quicker? serious answers?
Am I the only person that thinks Justin bieber has the worst hair ever?
What kind of braid/twist hairstyle is this?!?
Graduation Picture Hairstyles..?
10 point which last name is better?
Why doesn't hair grow behind your knee?
Do you know any tips to help hair grow?
Where can I find a kid hairstylists that has a car, plane, or train chair that he can set in to get a hair cut
why is horse hair used for wigs/hair extensions?
How do you get wavy hair completly strait?
Hello gorgeous hair extensions!!!!!!?
Can i use a highlighting kit to dye half of my dark brown hair to blonde? would it dry out my hair a lot?
Dying dark hair light brown?
I need new hairstyles.. (Pics)?
Is red hair hard to keep up with?
please help about my hairs?
What's this hairstyle ?
What is the diference between darkest brown and dark brown hair?
How does this haircut look?
Will dying my damaged bleached hair back to light brown make it healthier and stronger quicker?
do girls think guys with long hair are gross?
I need help?
What do i do to make my hair curly like Miley Cyrus?
How can I make my clip on hair extentions unnoticable ?
Do girls usually like long hair or short hair?
How long will it take for my permant hair dye to wash out?
My daughter has bleached her hair and put a pink colour can she go swimming chlorine in pool ?
Which hairstyle is better?
Is hair color safe for a 22 year old?
How do can I make my hair curly?
How to make my hair grow?
looking for the best place to get full body laser hair removal for men in sydney. any suggestions?
how long does it take for hair to grow long?
Why do so many hispanic women dye their hair blonde?
Can you help me? I've been trying to decide but I can't.?
how can i get my hair cut/done like Jessica McLeod as Paulina from Mr.troop mom?
do you think i could be a blondie? (Pics)?
Where can I find a Hair Salon that participates in donating for Locks of Love in San Jose, Ca?
*HAIR DISASTER*.. please help?!?
any where in Lincoln city U.Kthat my son can get a mohican haircut fairly cheap?
I just got my hair trimmed but was bored with it. I kinda wonder if i should get side bangs.What do you think?
Vitamins to help hair growth?
HELP! How to keep my hair straight when straightened!?
Fast ways to do my hair?
Redken Glass safe for hair?
how come hair is so hard to handle?
my straightener totally like died out my hairr?!?
is their another word for fresh?
Should I get fusion extensions? Or cut my hair in a bob?
How can I lighten really dark brown hair?
Some questions about bangs? 10 points!?
Hair Color Ideas For Me! (Picture inluded)?
does anyone now the indian recipe for hair growth?
How should I dry my hair if I have dandruff?
what shampoo is the best for any hair type?
I'm planning to buy one of those hair straightening irons.does it damage hair?
How long does Garnier Nutrisse Intense last?
Girls. How important is a guys hair to you?
What are some good temporary hair dies that last for 3 months 5 stars to the first responder!?
very damaged hair, how to get it back?
What are some tips/tricks for growing long healthy hair?
what is better long hair or short?
What would you choose?
how can i keep my hair pin straight all day?
help with oily hair?
how can i dry my relaxed hair after washing it without damaging it to much?
how do i make my hair puffy?
Be honest - better as a blonde or brunette?
Will I get made fun of if I die my hair?
what haircut should i get?
Do you think the Conair Pro Color Accents is good? What about Loreal Color Pulse?
how do you get your hair like this?! (pic included!!)?
what would you suggest?
Should dye my hair lighter/blonde?
Has anyone used Pro-extensions?
she bald now wanna put da blame on her beautician????
what hair style should i do for....?
I want straight hair like this!How do I get it?
how can i naturally make my hair healthy?
Which is sexier: Curly or Straight Hair?
Is coloring hair harmful in anyway?
is my hair wavy or straight?
Hair dye or hair chalk?
How should I do my hair? [pictures]?
is there any way i can make my hair like chinese ppl.?
What are the main problems you face with your hair?
Do men like short hair or long hair?
Bleached hair, two tone what colors can i use to where its all the same color.?
Do dyes with "red undertones" make hair brassier than dyes in ash colors? (((PHOTOS)))?
Do you like this braided hairstyle for summer?! (pics)?
What's your fave haircut?
is it cool for a girl to have a short hair like a guy?
which hair colour?? (pictures)?
How can I grow my hair longer faster?
my dad has hair down too his waist should i be embarrassed?
using gallop horse shampoo on human hair?
How do you make your hair grow long quick?
SuperCuts, PerfectLook, or MasterCuts?
okay, so i had my hair black before.. and i hated it, so i died it three times (a lighter shade) to get the b?
HOW DO I GET MY HAIR LIKE THIS!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
I have silver/white hairs at 16. How do I dye my hair white?
im 13 and have facial hair?
What color to dye my hair?
I was at the hair salon last weekend and my hair dresser said I have oily hair, is this a good or bad thing?
I'm thinking of changing my hair color? What color would you recommend? (pic)?
My hair is so Damaged, is there anyother solution then just cutting it off?
perm hair problem?
My hair always frizzy what shall i do?
what should i do with my freaking hair?
What's the best hair color on a guy? Is it bad for a guy to dye his hair?
Whats the best way to get rid of frizze?
How do I get my hair cut like this? (pic included)?
Hey guys....what looks best on a woman, long hair or short funky hair?
Why does hair turn gray at a young age?
do u prefer long hair or short one ?
just blew my short coarse hair straight. should i have?
is mayo really good for your hair, and if so why?
How to get rid of flyways!?
My hair are falling out badly,and I'm only 14?
What are the longest red hair you ever seen in your life?
do i look better with curly or straight hair?
Which hairstyle????? pics?
which bed head product should i get for thin long hair?
Should i dye my hair and change my look? All opinions!!!?
NEED HELP ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!(Man)?
Hair falling out everytime I color my hair?
to girls with long hair?
My daughter would like me to do rag curls on her tonight... i tried them last night but i didn't like how ...
How to make your hair black WITHOUT dying it?
Hairstyles appropriate for school?
Curly Or Straight? Which is better?
whats the latest hair styls girls?im a hair dresser?
Why do I get split ends so easily?
What do you think of this hairstyle?
How do I get my hair super blonde without frying it? It's naturally dirty blonde/light brown and currently ?
What will happen to my hair if...?
how to get stronger hair?
How to do highlights?
Where are the fabulous hair stylist in Boston?
how to get dark brown hair dye on my head?
Hair dye question, Need help from people with pretty hair?
Do any women actually like bearded men?
which hair style looks better on me ???
Need some good hair care products?
how do i make my hair thicker?
What hair extensions last longer?
Should I dye my bangs pink?
Tips to prevent hair loss?
How great are Flat Irons?
Is it normal to chew on other peoples hair?
how can i make my hair even more curly?
OK.. Guys... Do You Like Girls With Straight hair, or Curly?
Ugliest haircut/hairstyle???
what should i get a flat iron or a straightener?
what is your fave hairstyle?
Whats your take on facial hair?
If I use a flat iron almost everyday will that ruin my hair?
hair treatments around the house?
Does anyone know how to get rid of frizzy hair? I cant seem to get rid of it.?
Help finding the BEST hair straightener!!!?
Has anyone used babyliss thermaglass hair straighteners before?
does anyone like this hairstyle?
Which color? what should I do? 10 points?
Would you spray my chevvy. With crotch wax??
At home hair dye/roots?
SHoudl I change my hairstyle (pics)?
how do i make braid extensions last longer? And how do I keep my scalp healthy with braids?
What products should i use to get the best of my wavy/curly hair?
What do you think about this hairstyle?
How do I grow my hair?
i have long hair an it seems dead but i dont want to cut it all off i want to keep the length but...?
What would you say to ur friend that is a girl ..if u saw they had hair armpits?
Cheap ways to cute fried hair?
Does anyone else ever get weird urges to cut all their hair off?
Forehead hair loss it obvious for a teenager.?
how to make hair grow faster!?!?
do monkeys have eyebrows?
Best highlighting kit? xxxxxx?
Geisha Hair?
I am disappointed with my hair.?
what can yuu use to make my hair lighter?
Thoughts on side/under cut?
Would Aveda Blue Malva fix my hair from looking orange in sunlight?
can you dye your hair over another hair dye?
Fringe of hair?
How can i style my hair wavy?its shoulder length long?
Want to dye my natural red hair blonde - which products?
best haircolor for fair skin and dark green eyes?
What is the best "deep conditioner" for fine, thin, but very dry hair?
How to get the "Scene" hairstyle?
If you have REALLY thick hair, how can u make it alot thinner w.o using a straightner?
what is a good color to die your hair ?
hi my hair is vry much dry hair,pls tell me wat 2 do for this?
Will I ever grow facial hair on my cheeks?
how to get sillky shinny hair?
What's my best physical feature? (PICS)?
Which way do I look better?? (pics)?
HAIR. +++++*****picture***++++++ PLEASE HELP ME?
ways to put up girls hair and how?
how can i grow my hair about an inch within the next week?
Itchy spot on my scalp burns when I use hairspray?
How Can I Make My Hair Grow Faster?
why do sme men get bald and others dont?
How should i cut my hair?
iwant to make my hairs long guranteed ans.?
moroccan argan oil shampoo dries out my hair!?
Is this hair scene or emo hair?
Should i shave my pubic hair?
do i suit flat hair or spikey?
What is your opinion (see picture)?
where is a good barber school in Arizona?
short or longer hair on me (pics of both)?
Do you dry your hair naturally or do you use a Hairdryer?
how to make my hair long in a month?
How do u dye you hair blonde without going to buy the dye?
do i need a hair cut?
how to get shiny hair?
which would look better, brunette or blonde?
What is the best smelling shampoo for girls?
Why isn't my hair glue lasting?
how old do you think i look? i know bad picture. too much sunlight. :0)?
How to make my damage hair become healthy?
How to get a platinum blonde hair?
What should I do with my hair?
Can anyone tell me who these people are?
if you have curly hair how do you straighten your hair?
How to take good care of my hair and at the same time keepup with style?
Do i have a red or ash tone in my hair?
how can i get this hair colour ?
what sort of haircut would suit me (picture of me included)?
Brunettes or Blondes?
advice for my curling perm. pleaseeee help?
Do you think I should grow my hair out? [pic]?
Home made hair cream for frizzy hair ?
Are eyebrows considered facial hair?
Do you think i could pull off bleached blonde hair?
Can someone help me picking a hair do?
Should I cut my long hair?
HELP! Hair Does'nt work with hair gel..?
How do your make your hair grow longer and faster?
Colour b4 HELP! straighteners altering colour after use?
Do you like blonds?
Some advice on my hair please?
How much is hairstyling school tuition?
Thick Hair Tips!?
what can i use to stop human hair from shedding?
Is it possible to take out dye?
How should I cut my hair? What style?
Can you explain to me some cute hairstyles and how to do them. Also include a pic so that I can see better.?
how shall i do my hair?
can you hear me yet?
What is temporary comb in color?
Which wig would look best on a caucasian girl?
do females have armpit hair?
Hair color/cut help?
How can i do this with my hair?
Will lemon juice put highlights in your hair?
I want to go blonde!?
I blow dry my hair every morning, what can I use to make it not looks so fried at the ends?
blondes? what do you think of them?
long or short hair?!?
girls: do you have a pixie cut?
I went to a hair supplier today and they gave me white bleach but my hair is dark brown? white or blue powder?
What color hair would look good on me?
Sick of my dark hair with my light skin! HELP
How to make my hair wavy/curly without gels, mousse, or curlers?
What's the best anti-dandruff shampoo?
i had my hair chemically straightened but did not do any effect at all it remained curly?
does anyone have a Sedu hairdryer or straightening iron?
Are there any Dominican hair salons in Dallas, TX?
What is a nice hair color for african americans with darker skin I currently have dark brown?
You good with hair? Just 1 minute of your time to help me with mine would be nice!!!!?
Attention all hair ppl!!!!?
I'm going to relax my hair, but I'm scared it will become course...?
How can I fix my bad haircut? Please help.?
Colour B4 help, "fading" back to dyed colour?
Could I pull off these bangs?
Long Black Hair on a 13 year-old boy?
What Hair Colour Do They Put On The Drivers Licence of Completely Bald People (no Hair On Head At All)?
How can I get my hair like Christofer Drew?
what can a person use to get vaseline out of hair??
how to make hair grow faster!?!?
Would this haircut suit me? (pictures)?
I used to always straighten my hair but I've finally decided to try to go w/ the natural curl...?
what would happen if you just put 30 volume developer in your hair?
what color is your hair?????
if i do myhair in a french braid wil it look good when it comes out? ?
bumble and bumble hair products?
would i suit blonde and why do you think that?
ways to put up girls hair and how?
Hair styling question!?
My hair dye turned gray!!?
how do i get my hair to curl?
Poll: Which Bangs do you like the best ??(pics)?
Help with hair problems!!?
okay i have dark brown hair and im trying to bleach it?
plzzzz help meeee?
I have short hair and it's pretty thick. I have got it very thinned out so that I can style it.?
Tips on hair growth please?
What should I do with my hair?
do any of you girls like to put your bf's hair in girly styles?
how to make my hair layers grow faster?
is flaxseed oil pills good if you want your hair to grow?
yes i have had perms and its breaking off bad?
Water affects to my hair?
would i suit long hair? options please?
what shall i do with my hair?
I have very long thick hair and have to brush my hair a lot to avoid lots of tangles, I need a new brush ?
How to prevent growing a mullet?
Anyone know the name of this haircut..?
If I wanted my hair dyed this colour(s), what would I ask my hairdresser for?
do you think bangs are in or out?
Whats the difference between brown hair and brunette?
Niall Horan- Haircut question.?
AN EASY QUESTION. Do you like this hairstyle?
Can I dye my hair back to its natural color?
Hair Painting with Garnier Nutrisse?
Hair Extensions... Need your input.?
Question about oval face shape?
Pink Hair extensions on a 6 year old?
will my hair turn orange if i dye it blonde?
How often to you wash your hair?
Need an awesome haircut!!?
How do i get my hair really straight in 2 hours?
have any white girls ever gotten cornrows?
How to create big hair?
Hair styles for shoulder-length frizzy, curly hair?
dark brown hair color blue/violet base COOL?
How can i keep my hair strait???
does anyone own a chi hair straightener? ppl have tld me it is the best...can anyone back this answer up?
Bio Ionic Ismooth or the CHI Turbo?
do u like me better with CURLY or STRAIGHT hair? (picture)?
How often do you shave your legs?
Any tips for maintaining recently straightened hair?
Clip in hair extensions.?
Can you take out hair if you have alot?
Should a guy use hair conditioner?
hair dying question...?
how do you make your hair straight?
What color hair is this?
i want 2 keep long hair like john abraham, but my hairs r not very soft. pls tell me what can i do 2 make them
What should i do with my hair?
how can i straighten my hair pin straight, and keep it to stay?
does anyone know how to get Christina Milian's Curly hair?
how do i fade pink out of my hair really fast?
Orange hair HELP!!!!?
what is a good way to wear my hair for formal?
boring hair.. how do i change it up?
Does african she butter grow hair back?
Would this suit me??? Please help?
when a man gets older he starts to lose his hair.?
Is my hair pigmented correctly or do I have a problem?
Guys with long hair ? do you guys have this problem? or girls?
what kinda hair?
Hair Twistys(Details Inside)?
bored w/ hair... help?
How to make curls look alive and non-frizzy?
Which do you prefer.... Facial hair or no facial hair?
how can i make my hair grow fast?
what colour is my hair?
Will vinegar make my hair look silky?
What should i do to get thick long black hair?
How Do I Get Hair Like Kristen Stewart's Hair ? Pics Included ! ?
Bangs or no bangs? What do you think?
is it ok to wax underarms?
How to get thicker hair?
What bangs fit my face?
Sally Hasen Salon Effects?
Hair accessories rules?
what is the name of the hair style in the video ?
Hair Dye Question? 10 Pts!?
if i put food coloring in my hair will it come out?
What are some cute hair styles for people with shoulder length hair?
How do I get my hair to comb back?
crap!! waxing help imediatly plz!!?
I have medium brown hair, Im considering dying it chocolate/cherry?
curly hair ideas??????????????????
do anyone know a very good hair product for dry scalp?
What color should I die my hair?
Natural prom hairstyle photos please?
why does hair go greasy?
will my hair get darker?
is tresemme heat tamer spray better or suave heat protection spray?
what color should i dye my hair? PICTURES INCLUDED?
hi ive just finished chemo and 5weeks after my hairdresser said he could chemical straighted my hair i have ha
How much would it cost?
DOes anyone know of a good African American hair salon in Boston ?
What should i do with my hair? *PIC*?
Why my hair seem to stop growing??
...before i get this straightener?
Should I dye my hair AGAIN?
which of these looks better?
i have black hair, and i want highlights..whats a good color?
i have been trying 2 change my hair direction 4 10 years but failed. what's the solution?
What do you think of my ankle length hair?
how can a guy get his hair to look like this if i have wavy jb style hair. pic in desc.?
Hi, can anyone recomend a good male hair dresser in the Black Country area?
I really want to get highlights but my mom said no, how can i convince her to let me get them?
which type of hair straightener should i ask my boyfriend to get me for christmas?
How can I repair my damaged hair?
Do girls like men with hairy backs?
Biracial Hair (black?
can you straighten curly hair with a blow dryer?
What is the best female shaving razor? shaving razor?
How long will coffee keep my hair darker?
whats the normal thing for a 17 year old to do about upper lip hair?
my gf wants to dye my hair pink. Should i do it?
Should I style my hair "emo"?
is a real site?
Is super curly hair pretty to you?
How can I grow my hair another foot?
Shaving pubic hairs and what guys prefer.?
Will dying black hair with red henna twice brighten the color??:)?
how do i get straightish hair when i have really curly hair?
I pulled out my hair extension help!?
What kind of haircut should I get?
Does this look cute?
what do i do? red to blondee?