if I want long hair should I cut it (not as stupid as it seems)?
Conair You Curl Curling Wand Help?
Has anyone ever actually left the house leaving their hair straighteners on?
Anyone think I should cut my hair?
Is there a way to get your hair to grow faster?
Dandruff cures.......?
Is my hair too emo'ish for my age?
how can i get my wavy hair back?
Hair!!:What type of prenatal vitamins are good for growing your hair?
Can I wear my hair like this to work?
Why is my hair really hard to straight?
i have 2 hours!! need a hairstyle now!!!! pls pls pls?
Im a 16 year old boy and i want to know what kind of hair style would look good on me?
red or black??
What color should i dye my hair?
I have long straight hair...and I need some ideas?
How to use these in your hair!?!?
Is this hair wavy or curly? (PIC)?
hey guys what do you think?
What is your favorite eye hair color combo?
How can I grow my fringe quickly?
How to make my hair curly?
i am white and getting a partial sew in?
what type of shampoo would you like to see in future?
fast hair growth for young black men?
Embarassing Happy Trail problem?
Is there something than a straghtner 2 make my hair strait?
what color hair do you have ?
i cut my hair every 3 wks and i still have lots of split ends why is this?
what would u call this haircut?
would i look alright if i got hair extensions?
How Can My Hair Grow Long?
How much hair do I need for a mini afro?
how can i deal with my hair?!?!?
Which hair shampoo is better?
what hair color goes best with pale skin?
If my girlfriend dyes her bleach blonde hair black, when and how will she be able to return to bleach blonde?
should i buy two bottlesof hair dye?
falling hair problem?
Can i stick hair on my face and make it look real?
Visible scalp through hair even when it's dry?
what is this haircut called?
Will purple hair look good on me if my skin tone was that of Tyra Banks'?
what should i do to my hair for abercrombie interview? PICS INCLUDED?
What to do about my bobraz weave?
Haircut ideas!?
how do i get rid of my thick hair and turn it in to thin straight hair?
What leave in conditioner do you think i should use?
anything that makes ur hair shiny?
My friend is always throwing his hair to the left or right with his head. Does this mean anything?
Whats the best heat protected for a straighter?
Where do I get a good hair straightener?
Is there a way to naturally make your hair just a little blonder?
My cousin is 15 & she has pretty decent hair. Do u think she should put a texture softener on her hair?
Whats Andy Biersack's natural hair color?
i am 23 yrs old,i have been getting lot of grey hairs how do i stop it?is there any medication to cure it?
How to know if a Salon won't "mess up" on bleaching your hair to blonde?! (s!!!!!)?
why does my hair fall out everytime I take a shower?
Please answer: What hair color would suit me? PICS!!!?
Brown or Black Hair? (pics inside)?
Hair questions: Bleaching, and going from dark red to blonde. Easy 10 points?
Will this haircut suit me?
curly hair!!!!?
What hairstyles can I do with really short hair ?
is coloring your hair while your a teen a mistake?
what are some cute hairstyles for fall?
How to get rid of oily hair?
I dyed my bleached hair and it's me?
how can i get taylor swift's curls in the video 'our song'?
I know this girl that doesn't have any hair at the back what should she do 2 it!!?
should i dye my hair or not?
i want to know if....?
How do I explain this hairstyle to a hairdresser?
Dove.....Sunsilk......Pantine....which brand Conditioner is good?
my hair is falling speedly,i m 28, n just before 3 month i delieverd a baby by sizerian.what to do?
I'm 14 years old and losing hair..?
is there anyway to get rid of split ends without having to cut your hair?
I have Jazzing Hair Dye But It Says Towel Dry Hair And I Tried So Should I Do It Dry ?
is there any shampoo which will give me curls in my naturally straight hair?
Is anyone on here part of the Lush Forum ?
I have really thin hair, how can i thicken it ?! HELP !?
Where can I get scene/emo hair?
Is washing my hair everyday bad?
Which do you prefer Brunette or Blonde?
I dyed my hair brown yesterday, can I use bleach to lighten the ends tomorrow?
What can I use besides flexi rods to get spiral curls with no heat?
Dyed hair 5 days ago and I have roots again and my colour has faded? Help?
Why am i so attracted to white girls with tans and dark hair?
How can I get purple hair like Katy perry?
does shampoo make a difference to how fast your hair grows?
What colour should I dye my hair?
guys answer please...?
Girls! Hair help?
what is the best hair gel in india?
What is your opinion on the Conair Infiniti You Style Multi-Functional Styling Iron?
Help me out ppl, which is more common??????? Pleez answer, let's try and get 100 answers!?
What are some really good shampoo and conditioner brands?
Hair like Oli Sykes or Never Shout Never?
Is it Normal for a 20 year old to get a brazillian wax?
How do i make my hair grow at least one inch?
Will I have to bleach my hair?
quick way for a teen to make money?
How grow a afro hair big?
Girls: Do you find bald guys alright appearance-wise?
How to get rid of scalp buildup?
Should i Die my hair Black with blue streeks?
What are some drawbacks & advantages to wearing a weave? I've never done it.?
Can i have your opinion on a haircut?
Hairdresser burnt my sculp with hair straightners?
Does my hair look alright?
wheres is a free online site where i can vertually change my hair color and style without leaving my house?
My hair is really nappy!?
a side fringe with layers?xx?
manic panic green dye?
Human hair extensions with undercut?
I want my hair to be over a inch longer before I go back to school?
Best straightener out there?
If i let my hair grow out for 8 months where will it approximately be?
my mom wont let me shave?
How do I convince my mum to let me get a hairdresser training head (and how to bring it up!)?
I'm going to die my hair 2 colors what should they be?
would I look okay if I dyed my hair red?
Is her hair frosted? (PIC INCLUDED!)?
need perm to spike hair.?
low alcohol or no alcohol hair products?
How to create this hairstyle?
How do I get rid of pimples that are kind of on my forehead and in my hair partly?
Need some blond-ness help!?
Girls would you sell your pubic hair on eBay?
Is this hair color cute or too unnatural?
Is Vitamin E Good for Your hair? Swallowing or Opening the pill??
How can I copy Taylor Swift's hairstyle?
Recommendations for hair curlers??
Teen pregnancy? Please tell me I'm not the only one..?
I'm a little bit bored of my hair... (pics) what should I do with it?
I have really fine STRAIGHT long hair. How can i keep it curled all day ?
what are pineapple flips as a hair do?
Dark brown to auburn?
why females maintain long hair?
Girls/Ladies,If you went bald would you wear a bad fitting wig or would you go around with a bald head?
if i use 1.2 oz of hair dye how much developer do i use?
What are ways a stylist can make your think wavy/curly hair permanently less frizzy?
How do I get rid of dandruff through traditional method?
i have natural curly hair i am Latina and i want to stop using so much gel what can i use so it could be soft?
Some boys were making fun of me at the mall because of my hair?
What are some nutrients I can take to promote hair growth?
How often is it safe for someone to take a full relaxer? i mean say like someone has had their hair from root?
Why Bother Growing Hair Out When You Can Just Get Extensions?!!? Stupid?
I Need A New Scene Name!?
Which of these is best for your hair?
i have light brown hair, what color highlights should i get?
What sort of shampoo and conditioner should you use on your pubes?
Ugh!!! Help me please?
how do you get the wavy look for straight hair?
what the best hair style for men to wear?
im going threw caffine with drawl help?
whats better?
there is a school dance coming up what should i do with my hair?
Should I cut my hair (pictures)?
What hair colour would suit me?
which looks best? [ pics ]?
I have glossy and shiny fingernails?
Dry coarse hair treatment?
What Is A Good Leave-In Conditioner?
♥Are hair vitamins safe to use for any age?
Best Drug store shampoo and conditioner?
ugh i dont like my red hair!!! everyone says its cute but im afraid guys dont like red hair?
What do you think of my hairstyle?
Do you think I should get my hair cut in layers instead of just having it all the all the same length?
I just got a pixie cut and relaxed my hair. How do I maintain my cut and maintain healthy hair?
haircut help. please!?(pics included)?
Making dreds and need help?
Has anyone used the sedu flat iron?
how can i get long heathy hair?
I've heard of the Babyliss hair straightener, does it really work as such?
Would i look good if i dyed my hair black?
I need help with curly hair!?
Hairstyles for Prom??
my hair, i wnat it emo?
Guys: Which hair length do you prefer better?
My hair is greasy! Eww i know.?
curly hair?
paul mitchell straightener.?
Removeing Black Hair Dye?
Blonde hair help please!!!?
what is the best hair product to use on a mixed toddler?
How to get longer hair?
my hair r too thin and small ,my dosen't groww at all and i like to have long hair ,i take care of them lot .
Shouldd I cut my hairr? *pics*?
what is the best hair dye to use? I want my brown hair dyed into a deep, dark, rich auburn-brown.?
I want to know if i should die my hair from my natural brown to a very light blond almost white.!?
How to fix dry lusterless brittle hair?
Should I go darker or blonder?
how do i become a hair weave distributor?
What's better on girls - side parting or middle parting?
10point Which name is better for blonde hair boy?
I got a horrible haircut!?
How can i stop my hair from breaking off and grow witbout cutting it?
hair growth after hair loss?
ways to make my hair grow!!?
Why do men like bimbos with orange skin, fake breasts and blonde hair?
How do you scrunch hair?
What are the best...and worst shampoos for your hair??
I am looking for a new look.?
will my hair get messed up if i get it permed?
What sort of hairstyle should I go for?
should i cut my hair short or should i keep it long?
I need a new hairstyle (pics inside)?
GIRLS! What length of hair do you prefer on a guy?
how to get my curls back?
How to cut side swept bangs like these? (Picture)?
Poll: what colour hair do u have?
Men only please! How often do you get yopur hair cut!?
how do i get my hair like this??
Why would my Hair go from Straight to Curly once I moved one state over?
Shaved head ? she wants a razor cut, me clipper cut. should I let her have her way. TU for positive feedback?
what should i do with my hair?
can you help ?!?
Best shampoo and conditioner?
I never had highlight's I am light skin and have brown hair so what color should I highlight my hair?
Question for Girls: Do you prefer shaved or hairy armpits?
How do people do this with their hair?
my hair colour is fading and i think it is because of lack of sun. What can i do?
how to make our hair soft?
ive had the same hair cut for around 20 years?
How to prevent hair from falling???
What do you think of a low side ponytail?
who dyes their hair more guys or girls?
When talking about hair, what does 'CG' mean?
Do you think blonde hair would suit me?
hairstyling short hair?
I want Emma Stone's hair color?
Can you share some natural hair care that are effective?
Im transitioning from permed to natural hair. Are kinky twists a healthy tranistion hairstyle?
Hair Tips!!!! please help?
i have problems with my hair when i put it up in a ponytail i get little "frizzes" that pop out .......
how do boyz like gurls to wear there hair and how they dress?
is brown hair sexy?
how long will it take for my dreads to thicken?
Guys---Blondes, Brunettes or Reds?
What does it mean when you have gray hair at a young age?
Will my hair really look that thin if I...?
Hairstyle for wavy thin hair?
I want to dye my hair or get highlights, what do you think?
hello i have a hairstlying question?
Good laser center in Los Angeles,Glendale ,Burbank for Hair removal and spots cleaning?
Every summer I highlight my hair. What color should I do this year?
Can I use castile shampoo on my newly permed hair or will it wash it out?
Color with color... Black to Brown?
Where can I get kanzashi hair pieces?
Could I Pull Off This Hairstyle..?
Clip-in Hair Extensions?
Dark roots in hair??
which hair color do you like best? (pics?)?
(girls)plz answer this(pics)do i look better with short hair or long?
Ombre hair, salon or home?
how often should i straighten my hair?
hair problem please help?!?
Does orange hair really turn girls off?
Guyz,what can i apply in ma hair for fast growth nd smart only home remedies please?
What is the best method of making your fly away hair stay put, with out the use of heavy chemicals?
how can i fix damaged hair?
I need a new hairstyle! everyone else here?
should I cut my hair short or keep it long?
How do I keep my cornrows looking fresh?
How do I get my hair to stay flipped back?
What do I ask for to get my hair like this?
what can I do to have healthy looking hair?
where to find photo regarding website of hair style?
What hair straightener should I get?
what is your natural hair color and is it the same now or have you changed it ?
How should I get my hair done?
Flat iron burn, what do I do?
how to make hair grow faster?
How should I take care of my natural hair?
My mom won't let me dye my hair?
i got highlights without my parents permission what do i tell them?
My lil sister has thick wavy hair is there a way to keep that straitened? (Straining iron we tried )?
What is a good hair cut I could get?
I need a recommendation on a really good flat iron?
what st ail can i do for my hair?
Can someone tell me the name of this haircut / link me some pictures?
What hairstyle should I wear for Thanksgiving?
my hair gets really oily really fast how can i keep it from getting oily too quickly?
curly hair in rain help?
I want Andy's old hair cut... What should I do ?
Problem with Velcro Rollers?
Is parting your hair in the middle the new style?
how do i curl my hair?? i need help!?
i want a straightening iron where should i get it from?hurry up i have to get one today?
Does anyone know the easiest cutest hair style?
what's a good treatment for growing hair ?
bangs like this out of style now?
Thin, coloured streaks? get 10 points?
Do ingrown hairs grow back normally?
what is the best kind of flat and curling iron?
My hair color cast green even with a red base how do i correct it??
How can I get my hair to look like this + with my extensions?
How do I get rid of highlights?
shood i cut my hair like this?pixx inside>>>>>>>?
where can i find a hair brush with soft and plastic bristles on it and is flat not round?
What's the best braiding techniques & hints for caucasian hair?
Girls... Any tips on using hot rollers?
Homecoming Edgy Hair Ideas?
HAIRRR! (: (for people in Tennessee only.)?
Does this colour and style of hair suit me or does it look horrible?
if there any way then what is the best way to get static out a hairbrush?
should i get straight bangs? :)?
how can I make my hair curly without a curling iron or hair rollers?
Would this look Good!(pics)?
Pros and cons of weaves?
aussie 3 minute miracle deep conditioner?
What's the best....?
Is it better to get a haircut with wet or dry hair?
hav u ever cut ur own hair?
How can I style my hair, without a greasy look?
I need a hairstyle, what should i get?
Should I get my hair relaxed or just cut some off at get extensions?
How can I take the brassy caramel brown/red hair out of my hair?
What hair colour . please. ?
How often do you take a shower???
Which Flat Iron Is Better?
Can you do accent highlights with Henna hair dye?
What is the sexiest hair color in your opinion? (guys and girls!)?
Whats a good website where there are easy how to's on how to do my hair? i need something simple yet also cute
why my hair gets oily when i straighten it ?
How to control dandraff?
HELP with Foil?
Would I look good with black hair?
does anyone know how to keep your hair soft and smooth all day?
What hair straightener should I get?
I was just wondering if most men prefer brunettes,or blondes?
Split Ends, Dry and Damaged Hair?
can they help me please?
I'm in NEED of hair tips!!?
Does this kind of red match my skintone?
What can I do with my biracial dry hair problem?
For girls who knows alot about hair?
i bleached my hair and it turned orange!!?
who likes pure black hair color?
How should I dye my Hair?
What are split ends?
i have side bangs and layered hair. i Need some ideas on how to st?
How do you do this hairstyle?
how do u get straight hair when its wavy?
How do i get my hair like this?
Help! Straight Long Bangs or Side-bangs?
What type of hairstyle can I do with wavy hair?
how come when we straighten my hair it goes kind of straight but looks kind of..........wavy? i guess?
using gel?
A question for girls with curly hair!?
What can you do when your hair grows so slow it seems like it isn't growing at all?
what do you think of long hair on guys?
For the ladies..... Do you prefer a guy with spiky hair or regular hair.?
Which curling wand should I have?
How do I make split ends less noticable or prevent them all together?
How can i get better hair naturally?
o.k guys this ones for use....Do you like women w/long locks or short?
It is disgusting when men shave their pubic area.?
What color should i dye my hair?
would i look good with scene hair?
8th grade hairstyles?
Who Do You Think Is Prettier?
Do hair conditioners temporary alter hair texture?
Where do i find a list of hair salons that use Loreal Maji line? CA?
What are some cute things i can do with my hair?
Blonde of Brunette?
Im bored with my hair what should i do with it?!?
What heat iron (hair straightener) is best for avoiding fried hair?
Anyone Use " Hair Skin, & Nails Pills"? Or Vitamin E for hair?
How to fix highlights...?
how to make your hair grow as well as thick?
What color hair do you find to be sexier?
Hair styles for thick hair . (men)?
Those of you that do your own highlights in your hair at home, what brand do you use?
Whats the best hair style for curly hair?
If I wan't to dye my hair, what color should it be ?
Will my lip hair come back darker and thicker if I use Sally Hansen lip hair removal?
dying the tips of hair red?
Which hair colour would suit me the best?
what to do if my hair got little bit burnt with fire?is this a serious thing will anything happen to my hair?
How tall are you?
Nair Pretty??
is this haircut and color cute? =) thanks xoxo?
how do i get straightish hair when i have really curly hair?
Dry, Dyed, Damaged hair!?
im so bored with my hair!!!!?
How to strip off black hair dye?
What's the best thing to do for my hair right now? (Gatsby)?
how can i cut my bangs by my self?
Hair/Makeup and shoes advice?
can hair be relaxed after having it rebonded?
Should I cut my hair???
anyone using the jhon frieda mousse???
Are highlights in or out?
What should I do to avoid getting my hair butchered at the salon?
Would i look good if i dye my hair blonde or leave it the same and get straight bangs (pic included)?
How do i get my hair like this?
Are flat irons safe for African-American hair?
Is there any site where I can try a new virtual haircolor before I dye my hair?
how do i get bangs like this?
Does any one have any good websites that have formal hairstyles???
How can i get hair like liam payne?
What's a good bleach i could use?
What to do with my hair?
What should I do if i missed some spots when I dyed my hair?
How to get zayn malik hairstyle?
I have really curly hair, and it gets dry and frizzy very fast.. how can i make it curly but looking nice..?
How can I make my hair thicker ?
Should I stay curly or go with a short haircut?
Good hair ideas for black hair?
can i use mane n' tail shampoo?
To leave in wash out conditioner?
my hair is black what are the best highlights that I can use?
How do i get my hair to grow fast?
how to style my hair like this?
Should I cut my hair?
Which hairstyle (with pictures) do you prefer?
Should I do platinum blond/lightish med. golden brown highlights?
FOR THE GUYS...which is hotter, girls with long hair or short?
plz plz help?
So I'm Asian and I wonder if dark red will fit me?
Wedding hairstyles...?
i am trying to grow my hair out faster before christmas '09 help!.?
im cuttin mii hair shaorter would this style look ok pic included?
Is there a way to get short eyelashes to grow longer?
can i use vinegar to steralize a shaving razor?i have no bleach handy?
When should I dye my hair?
what is your rating on this hairstyle? (1-10)?
Where can i find BedHead here in the Philippines?
What will help my hair grow?
Is thigh length hair gross or pretty?
how do i get these kinda of curls(pics)without a curling iron?
Can highlights just change color?
how to get rid of knits/lice?
My hair turned this greenish gray color. How do I fix this?
Do you think it would look bad if I dyed my hair blue without bleaching it (see details)?
What colours should i get my hair coloured?
HAIR EMERGENCY! lol big hot curlers?
How to repair extremely damaged hair?
Help! My dad wont let me straighten my hair!?
whats the best, brightest blonde dye or bleach i can buy either in store or online?? goldwell?
i've just used garnier nutrisse pre lightner does any one know how long it is before i can colour it agen?
Anyone have ideas on how to style short, thick brown hair? I am so tired of the same old headband routine!?
How many strand of hair loss a day is consider normal?
Dish soap on hair for residue?
ok!so my st8ners r 230 degrees (hot i know!)my heat protection spray is upto 200, so is it stil protected?!?
wa can i do to my hair so its less greasy the next day?
I am having sooo much trouble keeping my curls in...?
I'm regrowing my beard. I need some suggestions.?
Does this hairstyle suit my face?
Does my sister look better blonde or brown? (pics)?
my hair smells so bad?
i need a new haircut/hairstyle? *pic*?
How can you take the dye out of your hair?
Hair tips for dressing a girl as a guy for a movie?
what do you think about loreal feria hair color?
Is it bad to use dandruth shampoo if you dont have dandruth?
Brown or blonde hair?
how do you gurls get ur hair so straight....?
Should dye my hair or leave it black?
Gonna dye my hair this Friday, but what color shall it be?
how to get Lauren Cyrus' hair?
Is there anyway of getting this color hair without bleaching or using permanent hair dye?
How can i stop my hair from falling out?
What is the best way to get rid of dandruff quickly - I am getting married in 3 weeks.?
So im dying my hair......its already blonde (done in the foils by the hairdresser and quite blonde)?
What kind of shampoo and conditioner is the best?
If I dyed my hair twice with natural henna, would my hair colour go brighter?
My best friend wants to dye her hair dirty blonde? How will it turn out?
Curly perm on mixed hair?
How can I straighten my hair without damaging it?
how to shave my pubic hair?
HELP ME!! hair falls out when i finger detangle it?????? 10 points best answer!?
What can I do to make my hair non puffy?
What is the best hair straightener?
My hair is horrible!!! Please help!!?
Is it possible to cover up your baldness using a comb?
I want to cut my hair...any suggestions?
Help me.I'm dirty blonde and my hair goes down to my butt.My peers say cut it, what do you think?Please help!!
Which is the better bleaching kit brand:Manic panic or Special Effects?
Hairspray ... do you like the smell of it?
17 and already losing my hair. Olive oil?
Cutting my own hair...?
Can I get highlights/roots done even though I used Sun-In?
i have long hair and am thinking of cutting it.?
Curly or straight hair?
Have you ever seen a ginger person with grey hair?
how to make your hair straight if it is curly?
Will biotin work with dyed hair?
We are bored!! very Bored got any ideas about what to do???
How can I speed up eyebrow growth?
What shampoo/conditioner should I use at home for Japanese Straightened hair?
how would you describe kim or kourtney kardashian's hair?
What should I do with my hair? I want guys opinions too!?
I have blonde eyebrows, and I want to dye my hair brown ?
How can i do this hair style?
I'm going to be a 7th grader and i have long hair. Any suggestions for a shorter hairstyle?
My hair is really damaged from straightening it; how can i fix it?
what color should i dye my hair........??????
How much do you pay for your hair cuts?
How do i ask my mom to shave..??
Does anybody know how I can get white hair?? I'm 14 and would like to dye my hair white!!!?
does eating eggs help hair grow because it contains biotin?
OMG my hair...Help!!?
how can stop the hair falling?
my hair is falling out?
what makes ur hair grow faster?
Would I look good with red hair?
Shampoo for chemically damaged hair?
Red Hair? What do you think?
I have really short hair (pic included), and i'm thinking of getting extensions...?
Hi i need cheap hair places in washington?
Can anybody suggest?
I shaved my head yesterday does it look okay?
How frequently can you die your hair w/out completely ruining it?
How can I get my hair to look radiant, golden blonde?
Guys dying their hair?
How can I get my hair to be really shiny and soft?
I got bangs! Do they look good on me?
What hair color would look best on me? Blonde, Brunette, or Auburn?
Where can I get a wigs?
how do you grow your eyebrows?
hair style is this a cool style??
does any body know any websites for african american hair tips besides motions and isoplus?
Should I straighten my hair before I bleach it?
help with hair?
How to two tone dye my hair?
I have thin and dry hair (not too long). What shampoo and conditioner do you recommend?
what is a good way to make my hair grow faster?
Is there any way to make my hair grow faster other than pre-natal pills?
Good hairstyles for school?
What bangs would suit a heart shaped face?
which color?
does anyone know of any salons in detroit that offer weaves for affordable prices?
What hair color would look good on me?
Dying two different colours in my hair?
i have a very short hair and it has not even grown a inch since laster year, or tow years ago. wqat can i do?
How come when I used the Cantu Shea Butter leave-in conditioner it flakes up in my hair?
what is the best way to cover Gray's?
Is my hair colour lame?
How to help with split ends?
Ahh! Can someone please help me and not laugh?
How can my curly, frizzy hair be turned into beachy waves?
How should I wear my hair tomorrow?
can you use jolen bleach on your hair?
Need some good advice.. dyed my hair too dark.?
Hair dying qustion need help?
Which one is suitable for a party? and my hair isn't that long.?
Guys, what do ya think! Girls what could I do with my hair, cut and color! Pics!!!?
How do I get my hair like this?
Would i look good with this hair?
Does anybody know how I can get white hair?? I'm 14 and would like to dye my hair white!!!?
Does chamomile tea lighten hair?? Please answer!!!!!!?
Would my hair look good curly?
if u shave on the thigh, dont your're thigh hair get spikey?
who is this person and can i see more pics of her hair style?
Some hairstyles for short hair?
How to stop fringe from flicking out at the ends?
all the people can answer this question!!?
What's the best way to get green hair from chlorine back to blonde?
What color should I dye my hair? (Pic)?
Which hair straightener is the best???
Where is there a good salon in providence RI that can deal with different hair types?
Hi my name is Mounika Im facing a problem with severe hair loss can i use olive oildaily to hair?
Who has used Axe Shower Gel + Shampoo?
is this her natural hair??
My sister wants me to ask, what is a good haircut for a short, overweight 57 year old woman?
I'm going grey, is it better to dye it or grow old with grace?
How do you wash your hair?
Quick! Should I but the topstyler by instyler?
what are some good styles for LONG & THICK hair?
Someone mentioned 'dry shampoo' in another question. Who makes this?
Dying blonde hair to red.?
Cute, unisex hair/brows?
Does anyone have pictures or a link of auburn hair with blonde highlights?
Is there really no at-home hair removal systems that work?
When should my curling wand come?
can i dye my hair while pregnant?
Which one looks better and professional on a black male 16-21 dreads,twist, or braids?
what is the effect of using hair conditioner everyday?
Which hair color should I have? HELP!?
Do I suit scene hair?
Are GHD straighteners really any good?
why didn't my hair turn out right?
How to straighten hair?
what is the best hair relaxer?
Rate it 1-10. Do you like?
Can you please help me think of hair styles?
How long should I wait to re-dye my hair?
Does anyone know where to buy RAW Hair Dye in the UK?
What haircolors would look good on me?? (pics)?
My hair gets REALLY greasy.. how many times a week should i shampoo?
Silly question but...The science behind facial hair?
Im thinking about dyeing my hair, any idea's or suggestions?
Hair ideas for Greek Goddess costume?
What colour would you say Beyonce's hair is?
What are banggs!!(hair)?
can flat ironing my hair cause hair discoloration?
does anyone use herbal essences here ?
Should I let my daughter dye her hair?
Which one? ((((((((((PICS)))))))))))))))))?
Help! How can I fix thick and frizzy hair?
what should i do if my hair is damaged due to chemical treatment?
How do I get my fringe to be straight without using heat?
Advice: How do I keep big afro hair dry in the rain?
I have long brown hair and i am really bored of it!?
Herbal essences natural instincts Temp hair dye?
Can hydrogen peroxide (the one you would use for disinfecting cuts) fade hair color?
how to my hair grow faster?
has anyone with thinning hair used a good shampoo or treatment that actually seen good results please tell me?
How long until Sun In starts to work?
White hair why plz read and thibk and answer?
How should I do my hair for homecoming with a strapless dress?
does mane and tail shapoo and conditioner actually work?
I have straight hair.and it used to look really good. but now it all ways looks really!?
what places in australia do hair weaves?
Does washing hair affect growth?
My hair stylist told me about a type of HAIR EXTENSIONS...I can't remember what they are called!?
Brookelle Bones hair?
About to get a new flat iron?? Opinions?
is TRESemme smooth and silky a good shampoo and conditioner?
red hair color question..?
How do you dye your hair with food colouring?
my hair gets oily really fast?
How do you get thick hair?
shampoo and conditioner?
How can i explain these bangs?
I recently colored my hair....?
is it weried for an adult to use jhonsons babby shampoo?
do you like this girls hair?
Which shampoo is better Schwarzkopf Boncare or Garnier Shampoo+Oil?
Have you ever got pissed off and wanted to cut of all your hair?
What is the proper way to tip a hairstylist who owns her own shop and is the only operator?
Could i pull off black hair? pics included?
why won't my hair straighten?
What is the best shampoo for long hair?
Why dont YOU wear your natural hair?
How can I get my hair to act like it's wet all day long?
whats the best product to use on my curly hair?
how will emerging technology change cosmetology?
What's "In"?
which do you think is better? hair straighteners or hair dryers? (to straighten hair)?
Where should I get my hair cut in Paris?
What is it with men and hair?
is my hair gunna be fried??
What is a good mens shampoo?
what can i use to stop human hair from shedding?
Will It look stupid/funny if you curl short hair?
Why do you get grey or coloured hairs never half half?
Dreadlock question! Need help please!?
I have really curly kinky dry hair but I've always loved strait hair what should I do.?
What is the best treatment of hair loss?
How can I use henna as a conditioner without any coloring?
Can I dye black over bright red?
Do you think Blonde hair would look ok? (Picturee)?
hey girls i need an opinion?
Help me with my unmanagable mane?
Does anyone know where I can get Jherri Redding shampoo? I am running out and can't find it anywhere anymore!!
Why does the top of my hair feel sticky?
I just got my bangs cut and they were cut 2 short. how can i make them grow back faster???
I'm a brunette, my boyfriend keeps asking me to dye my hair blond, I'm just worried about my complexion??
Is there a way to permanently straighten your hair?
Is it okay to use a conditioner once a week or so?
how do I make my hair softer n silkier?
Best hair products for natuarally curly hair?
Should I cut and donate my hair to locks of love?
has anyone used Agree shampoo, is it the same scent as the 1970?
looking for pictures of outrageous hairstyles?
r there n e precautions to prevent the hair from split ends??
I dyed my hair too dark, do I need to remove the color or can I just redye it the lighter color?
How can I protect my hair from pool chemicals and fading?
How do u fix hair w split ends???
How often do you wash your hair?
do u thinkk..................................…
Which is better? Nair Spray, Nair Cream, Veet, No!No! or the MicroTouch?
to get rid of orange hair?
hair extensions question?
What do you think of my new hairstyle, please???
How long will it take for me at a salon?
What hair rollers are bigger? Help please!?
what colour should i dye my hair (with pics)?
What kind of salary can a hairstylist make?
Help please no time to expplain just answer this!!!x x x?
Back to school hair style? .s!!?
Want to colour my hair?
Is there a way i can make my own semi permenant hair dye?
Any ideas on a new hairstyle for me? Please help!?
how do you micro braid fine hair? and what are you suppose to put on it before you micro braid the hair?
Blondes have more fun?
What Color Should I Dye My Hair?
What do you guys like?
I really want scene hair is this an accurate pic to show my hair dresser? :))?
What would u do if the lady at the salon cut you're hair short on one side?
what kind color should I dye my hair...?
I want to go blonde.?
What is some tips for hair that is frizzy and split-endish?
how can i get rid of natural waves in my bangs?
what do you think of frizzy hair?
What color highlights go best w/ black hair ???
after ear surgery need something to keep both ears dry when washing hair any suggestions?
I want to dye my hair! what color?
What type of perm is this?
What color should I die my hair - and what style? (read my details below)?
What is your opinion of this braid style? (pic)?
why does everyone want scene hair?
Does anyone know what is water wax?
should i dye my hair blonde or brown?
Should I wear my hair curly or straight? [picturessss]?
my hair changed outta no where....?
Is Biolage a Good Hairspray?
okay someone on this told me that this depends on the shampo so does anyone no the density of herbal esencses?
I really have curly hair whitch hairstyle should i have short or long hair?
Should i get dread locks or just keep my long hair?
What Are Some Easy Ways To Make Your Hair Grow Faster && Way Longer? (:?
How to take hair dye out?
How fast does YOUR hair grow?
What questions to ask a cosmetology school?
Which hair color would look best on me?
Does any1 know any good hsirstyles 4 girls?
Should I straighten my hair?
Getting rid of hair permanently?
How can i style my hair wavy?its shoulder length long?
do u like dark brown hair or black hair with tan skin?
Can you straiten when wet?
How to make hair look like this?
What should I do with my hair?? (pics)?
How can I surely and safely dye my hair grey?
Removing semi-permanent hair dye?
what are cute ways to do your hair?
I dyed my hair a few days ago and it didn't really show up. Would dyeing it again make a difference?
debating getting a pixie cut- opinions?
how to stop hairfall?
I want to cut it ALL off, Should I?
Will a perm smooth and unify my curly hair?
How can I keep my hair from flipping out? And dip dye-ing questions?
Do you like short hair?
All over color OR highlights?
Have you ever tried dyeing/coloring your own hair and was terrified to see the very very bad outcome?
i need hairstyle tips pleaz.. ill b ur friend.. lol but seriously ne tips?
Do you like this hair cut? and how do I maintain it?
How do i get my hair like my avatars?
Just dyed my hair...?
How to get wavy hair for a long time without using heat?
How should I cut my hair?
which hair cut should i get? (pics included)?
How do you use a blowdryer w/diffuser properly?
Will this make my hair grow fatser?
My hair has become very dry this winter. Whats the best conditioner for overdry winter hair?
What is a product for remover the hair?
Do i look better with striahgt hair or curly hair?
Why SHOULDN'T I get dreads?
how do i protect my winter?
what color should i dye my hair next?
whats the best shampoo to use that isnt over 20-25 dollars a bottle? right now i use pantene pro-v?
Is growing this much hair weird?
How do I keep dark brown hair dye from fading?
It's a ten miracle spray?
how to get really soft hair?
What do you call a Jura (hair bun) pin in english?
new scene hairstyle for school? 10 points?
is this true???
Is there any way of getting rid of these curls?
Frizzy wavy hair cheerleading?
Ok! Here's an easy one. What is the obsessive, compulsive desire to pull (or cut) body hairs?
Perm to curly naturally curly (frizzy) hair?
What is your advice for me on how to do my hair!! What are the best hair styles!@!?
should i give to locks of luv?
Do you like to wear your hair long, short, curly, or straight?
How do I repair dry,frizzy, broken hair?
How do i keep my hair from being frizzy?
whats a cool name for a website?
A question for men and women.?
a question about head lice !!?
Quick fix for getting smoke stink out of freshly washed hair?
Should I apply this treatment to my dry unmoistered hair?
How do i make my hair grow out again??????????
what should i die my hair?
How many inches long do you think this hair style length is? ruffly?
I have thick hair what should I do with it?
Do guys like curly or straight hair? ?
how do i get this hair color?
Is this a good hairstyle for me ???( Pics included)?
A good shampoo for severe hair loss please. I have bad hair loss.?
GIRLS... what hairstyle fits me best (pics included)?
Method to curling short hair?
Hair color ideas. 10 points best answer!!?
how long do you have to wait in between coloring your hair?
how do i get my hair to grow?
How do I make my hair healthy again?
is this a good back to school hairstyle? im trying out something new.?
Would you rather have short healthy hair or long with split ends?
How do I get rid of my Oily hair?
What is the best hairstyle for a petite woman over 40 with a long face and youthful appearance?
what colour highlights for black hair?
How do you get your hair in a messy bun?
are faux hawk sexy?
I need your opinion!!! =] ?
Tresmme heat protecting spray- whats your opinion?
Do you have the Kiyosaki Hair Styler and if so how much does it cost.?
what is the alterative name for reddish hair?
do you wear your hair up or down most of the time?
I want to grow my hair faster?
Do you guys have any type of tips for me?
I am 13 and have got no under arm hair is this normal ?
Should I dye my hair back to the original color?
is this a good hairstyle for me ?
How do you make hair straight?
My hair is very thick & very long ?
What hair cut do most models with long layered hair have?
is brushing your hair when its wet bad 4 it?
Does hair dye work well down under?
Do I look better with straight or curly hair?
How can I get my hair to stop being oily?!?
whats the best hair color for a light brown complexion?
Dandruff control please?
How can I retreat my hair?
When you do a french braid?
i have curly hair whenever i straighten it?
this is a survey! please take!!?
Color fiend comb-in hair dye?
Hairstyles for school x...?
how to keep relaxed African American hair moisturized?
is it okay to diy your hair if you havent washed it in over a week?
A new hairstyle and how get my mom to say yes?
How to tone down the redness of my hair?
What color should I dye my hair? *pictures*?
Does anyone know where I can find a wig like this.....Rihanna style please help!!?
What color should I dye my hair?
what color should i dye my hair next ?
How to Get a Messy Backcombed Bun?
should I glaze my hair or just use a deep conditioning treatment?
I'm a 14 year old boy with hair problems help me!?
I have long naturally curly hair. I wear it up Victorian style. Name good shampoo and coditioner and leave in.
Should I get my really curly, long hair thinned out or layered?
How do you get black hair dye off the skin?
Help with hair !!! Thanks?
Should I get a pixie haircut?
Describe this to a barber?
What's your favorite shampoo and conditioner?
Please help, my mom shaved my head bald!?
What face shape and facial features does a middle parting suit?
ideas for long hair sick of straight and plain?
Is hairloss due to perming permanent? S.O.S...Helllllllllllp.....Please!?
My hair is falling very much how i have to prevent it please give me answer?
Girls how do you get read of your Pubic hair?
Ok I have had pink dye for over a year and I'm getting sick of it how can I get rid of it?
how much does it cost to get your hair bleached and how bad is it for your hair?
how much to tip a hairdresser?
What hair dyes do I need to get this type of hair color?
i want to dye my hair blonde?
What colour should I dye my hair???
How do you know your scalp is for sure clean?!?
cute messy updo pictures..kinda messy ..?
Will a perm smooth and unify my curly hair?
Can anyone suggest hairstyles for v. thick/wavy hair?
How to get blonde tips?
Any new cute but simple hairsyles?(:?
hair problem!!?
products for straightnening hair .. ?
What is the best brand for hair products?
How do people with really dark hair dye it blond then?
has anyone tried chemical straightening for the hair?
what hairstyle will make a 12 year old look older?
What can you do to make your hair grow faster?
Short layers on top of long hair?
Shaving off curly would it grow back out?
i need help with my hair!!!!!!?
does my makeup and hair look okay or is it ugly?
Would my hair curl......?
What's the best way to 'permanently' get rid of small patches of hair (around the eyebrows)? Thanks!
Do you think pink highlights would be cool ? or stupid?
HAIR CURLING CERAMIC TONGS?! by VISIQ, 3 in 1 set? worth it?
Bill Kaulitz new hair, WTF?!?
What should I do with my hair! TEN POINTS!?
Is it true mayonnaise helps repair split ends?
Would I look good with Auburn hair?
How to thin out really thick hair?
if i had my hair permanently straightened.........?
whats your eye color?
stop growing of underarm hair?
Best way to wear hair while traveling in car?
does Catwalk curls rock by Tigi shampoo/conditioner work?
I want dreads...?
Dr. Miracles Products?
what do i do when my hair is falling out?
can i dye my hair with hari gel or hair spray in it or will it not come out correctly?
Are Halo hair extensions good quality?
(GIRLS) How can I straighten my hair on my own?
What is George Bush's IQ?
Whats Andy Biersack's natural hair color?
I am getting my hair cut what should I change it to???
What cool hairstyles?
How should I get my hair cut?
I'm getting my haircut in a couple of hours and i still dont know what to do. Heres a pic?
Bleaching hair???? helppp?
TRESemme Split Remedy?
Do I look better with long hair or short hair?
Can someone explain a 'how to' for a certain hairstyle?
How to straighten hair?
Haircut help!! Pics included?
i have hair to my chin how do i style it so it has more body?
is there a way to permenantly straighten your hair? or for at least a while? thanks for answering!!?
What haircut should i get?(pic)?
Plz help me!?
How can i do shiney moon zombie hair?
Does Fantastic Sams do good emo/scene haircuts?
Natural or straight for my winter formal?
What colour should I dye my hair?
Hair product buildup off of Straighteners/curling irons?
Can you get your hair straiten if you have curly hair?
Hair question, please help?
Do you have to be over 18 to buy waxing strips or hair removal cream?
im black and im trying to get straight hair anytip on how to do it pls?
whats can i use to make my hair grow,that really works.?
hair gel for men do you think??...?
Do women really find bald men sexy and attractive?
Looking for a good anti-frizz product...and suggestions?
Should I get this hair cut?
How Can I Make My Hair Really Shiny?
im getting my hair cut tomorrow should i get it cut or grow it long?
Should I go with an ashen shade?
Ladies, I need help with my hair. Growing out the black, the blonde is on the top?
natural remedies 4 split ends?besides trimming...?
new haircut,what should i have my hair cut like?
Would I look good with caramel highlights?
where can i gat a sample of imfusium 23 leave in treatment on the internet?
Rhyming riddles scarlet hair?
What hair volumizers work best? Names of products?
do guys prefer long or short hair on women?
How do you make your eyelashes grow longer?
what color is your hair?
what hairstyle was out in 1982?
What should I color my hair? *Pic*?
fun random questions have fun!?
is my natural hair ginger or what?
Blond or brunette?
Should I cut off my eyelashes?
Getting a haircut today....whats cute?
Hair, cleaning product bleach?
Does Mira Hair Oil really work?
Ok, need help?
What does it mean if you have hair on your breasts?
Short Hair help??????????????????????
White hair at a young age?
help dealing with anti-dreadlock people?
How to get my bangs like this?
if you have curly hair how do you straighten your hair?
short hair !! first day of skool?
How can I convince my parents to let me get a haircut ?
Need hair tips for african american hair!?
Do these Bangs Look good?
Can you dye your hair twice in a day?
What other hairstyles can I pull off?
What to do with my hhair instead of using heat?
What should I buy if I want to color my hair? What in a store?
How do you properly slick the edges of your hair and twist them?
How to grow out 'scene' layers. Any suggestions for haircuts?
How can I get static out of my hair?
should i dye my hair blone or brown?
Peek a boo links.?
Washing hair everday harm my hair?
my friend needs a new hairdo (pic)?
How do i get my straight hair curly?
How to strip color from hair?
What color is your hair?
What's the best hairspray to use?
Fun ways to do your hair?
Which suits me better, lighter hair or darker hair?
what color is your hair?
Wanting to lighten dark brown dyed hair with highlights at a salon?
Is this hair cool? (Pic included)?
Question on hair?
What color streaks would you put in your hair?
I want this hairstyle, I know its a tape up but i don't know what to tell the guy. Like what number and stuff?
I'm a guy with curly hair and I need to straighten it without using a straightener?
i need hair help! thanks xD?
please help with hair!?
What is the name of jeremih haircut?
Need a punkish hairstyle!?
cheap hair color brands?
How To get hair like this?
Question on hair dyeing?
Does anyone know how to do these hairstyles?
Hair color tips? help me, please? Easy 10 points :-)?
is a ten year old girl allowed to have highlights?
How much is too much when coloring your hair? How often is safe?
what is the best shampoo for african american/black hair?
Advice on making my hair healthy again?
How do i keep my hair from tangling in the pool?