What's best for lightening hair, lemon juice or chamomile tea?
Wigs: What are the best sites for synthetic wigs?
redheads, brunetts or blondes???
Should I Cut my hair?
can i use certain products/take certain vitamins to make my hair grow faster?
what makes ur hair grow faster?
I have dyed red hair?
any advice?????
i want hair like this...realll bad !?
what's good to strenghten dreadlocs?
What are some good hair products for wavy hair?
What style would this hair cut be? HOW DO I MAKE A BOW?
40 volume bleach kit?
I just shaved my mustache for the first time in 3 years!!?
.s! which name is better for a blonde boy?
will head and shoulders make my color fade?
can straighting your hair make it shorter?
What hair colour would I suit?
Does conditioner give you dandruff?
help! im 13 and how do i ask my mom to let me shave my legs?
How do you darken hair?
I'm looking for a great cheap home made conditioner for dry hair?
how much is this going to cost?
Witch hair cut would "fit" me?!?!?!? photos...?
Side swept bangs question?
Is light brown hair considered blond or brunette?
Is black hair an attractive color?
What color should I dye my hair????!?
what is the first word that comes to mind when you see my picture?
Wanting to dye my hair a shade or two darker?
Question about hair!?
Help please!! What do u think of my hair?
Can i fix this haircut?
what can i do with my hair (picture)?
Should i die my red hair?
Which hairstyle looks better on me?
Is it possible for both parents who are red-heads to have a brunette haired baby?
is this guy hair or girl hair?
how do i get swept bangs?
What colour should i dye my hair?
does DOVE SHAMPOO is good for hairs or it has wax in it?
What could I do with my hair?
What looks better my old hair or new hair?
I have rich red hair, what color of highlights would look good?
can someone give me some hair styleing tips!!!! thanks!!!?
How do you like your mans hair?
Black Girls...what are some good but affordable brands of hair (please dont say sally's)?
Wheres a non-search engine site that has lots of downdos for prom?
which is a better hairstyle for me?
Do you think I would look good with dark hair?
Does the Jon Frieda Go Blonder shampoo and conditioner actually work?
how to have a tidy hair?
Please help, easy 10 points (pics included)?
Which are the best salons and stylists in New york city for thermal reconditioning treatment?
Haircuts for me? Please help!?
what hair colour is best on girls?
what is the best hair coloring for caramel complexion?
Curly Hair?
Blonde women or women with red hair? What are the most beautiful in your opinion? Why?
What curling methods work best for what types of hair?
where can i find some good cheap long clip in hair extensions?
how long are 14 inch remy extensions?
What color Should i dye my natural curly hair?
im going bald and im only 15!?
Should I box dye my hair?
What do you think about young men who use "spray on hair" to cover up thinning hair?
how long is the Joker hair from the dark knight?
emo hair girls?!?!?!
I cut my hair really short, does it look good?
Can you always tell when someone has a weave? Guess again?
when should boys cut there pubic hair?
do all readheaded people have freckles?
trying to get a job in salon? any advice?
whats a good way to style medium lenght hair?
Does Boys Hair Grow Faster Than Girls? I have a Question for the guys. Especially the ones with the Long hair.?
im looking for a unique name for my hair salon?
What style wig is to buy?
have you tried laser hair removal?
Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment....anyone try this?
hair styles for school, with hair extensions?
Does my hair look best straight or curly? (pics)?
Wanting to dye my hair a shade or two darker?
What color is my hair?
Questions about red hair : How do you maintain the color?
how can you last you hair long.......?
what type of scene hairstyle would suit me?
What is the best hair product for damaged hair?
Would I look bad with an unnatural hair colour?
Which haircolor looks best on me? Here are pictures of me with diffrent colors.Brown,Blonde,Black.?
Should i get a haircut, (pics), if i do itll be really short like a buzz
do you like ginger hair?
Which shampoos work good?
Help! what are some different hairstyles that would look cute?
What hair color looks better on me?
do you think my hair is pretty naturally air dried? (pics)?
What do you think about scene hair?
Frizzy hair help?!?!?!?
hairdresser quote,is this about right?
shiny hair?
Do Girls like blokes that are fully shaven ?
I need a cheap straightener...suggests?
Does weave have to match in color?
I Can't Seem To Find Any Products To Make My Hair Not Frizzy, But Not Oily Either?
Should i dye my hair this color?
not wash hair for 2 days?
Why do people have hair?
Funky Hairstyles?
a great hair do for the night out on the town like clubbing?
What can help make me hair grow?!?
What color should I dye my hair? [pics]?
do girls like boys with facial hair or clean shaven??
What is the best shampoo and conditioner that is good when i straighten my hair or leave the natural curls?
how to make anime hair?
Does anyone know the ph balance in mizani shampoo?
So is it right to ask for a free haircut?
brown or blond hair?
Any links for hair styles for medium legenth straight hair?
I just dyed my hair and now cant get it out of my
Lemon juice in my hair help!!!!?
wich looks best on me short or long hair? (pics for both!)?
Bleached blonde hair with dark eyebrows??
my hair keeps losing hair it keep falling off idk if its season ccauae when i put in pony tail i dont do hard?
hair extension weft help?
What hair color would look good on me?
Which hair style?
do you use hairspray everyday? if not, when do you use it (girls only)?
how do i make my hair curly? and actualy stay curly..?
I need a remedy for poofy hair. I have long hair, but it poofs when it tries.?
Do you think my hair would loook good in dirty blond?
Besides GHD what's the best hair straightens?
Hair cut help!?
what should i do to my hair, pics?
Does waxing ur bikini area REALLY hurt A LOT?
Would red hair look good on me or should I pick a different color?
I want to dye my hair dark brown but i'm not sure..?
My hair is getting very dry because of weather, dryer and iron, What are the best shampoos or treatments?
Do I look better with blonde or brown hair?
If i have dyed my hair yesterday and i hate the colour can i dye it again today?
hey i have alot of hair on my head should i shave it?
Do I use deep conditioner when my hair is wet or dry?
What should i do with my hair?
Best hair straightener for thick hair?
I know a pure auburn would wash out my skin but ...?
how should i get my hair cut my mom says i have to get a haircut thursday?
Is high & tight a good hairstyle for a 16 year old guy?
Which hair/picture do you like best? (pics included)
Hard water is ruining my hair - help?
Should i dye my hair blonde?
What do you do if your hair is strait and you want it curly?
What is the best way to cover grey hair? ?
I have a few grey hairs on each side of my head and don't want to change my hair colour? Any ideas?
Will i see my hair in 3 days?
What style can i do to improve?
i want to dye my hair to dirty blonde. how many colors does it consist?
Nice n Easy hair dye help?
SEE PICS..Hate My Hair.. SEE PICS?
Cute/Pretty hair ideas?
What do you think of my hair color change?
How can i get my hair shiney and soft?
How to make my hair wavt tommorow?
who is short stacks hair stylist?
why do women buy $5.00 hair for weaving?
My scalp shows through my hair?
What color to dye my hair?!?
is scene out of style?
Guys - Do you find girls with short hair attractive?
How can I slow down my hair?
cute, fast, and easy hairstyles for thick hair?
I am looking for good synthetic or human hair for weaving between 30"-32" long for a cheap price.Anyone?
what do u do when youve had long hair and you just got it cut short?
I have an awesome straightener, but it's not working on my hair. Help?
where to buy hair straigtener cream?
brunettes or blondes??
long hair on men?
What do you tip in a hair salon?
should i get side bangs?????
*Ladies Only* Do you like men with long hair, short hair, or bald?
how long do i leave lemon juice on my hair to get the orange out rust?
Black females only please????
Highlights - salon or home?
Does anyone know of any products that protects against humidity?
What is your hair color?
What are some good protein treatments?
I've straightened my hair, now what do I do?
How can i make my hair grow really long in about 1 month?
i am using GVP 1'' Ceramic Flat Iron: Compare to Farouk CHI Original.?
i take a shower for 40 minutes how can i cut down my showers?
how do you use hot curlers?
help with hair? i sometimes straighten but ugh?
what is your favorite hairspray?
If your boyfriend asked you to grow your hair longer would you do it?
Is it wrong for a boy to see his reflection in a fish take and think that its a girl behind him ??
long hair or short hair? (pictures included)?
My hair is so long and thick and I cant do anything with it!?
Would this damage your hair?
hair help, bangs or no bangs, pictures inside!?
whats with racism of the blonde goddesses?
Hair problem! Overall I've straight and fine hair, but there are always a few hair that curl out.?
Anyone have any hair coloring ideas that would look good on me?
how to prevent gray hair and to make my hair thicker?
would these hairstyles look good on me?(piks included)?
How can my girlfriend try to grow her female mustache?
I want to have long hair, Should I grown hair on back of my head?
How to get a 1940's curl?
the rave about morroconoil oil.....?
Short hair or Long?
what clippers are better wahl or oyster?
i dye my naturaly dark brown hair blonde and red (extremely bright red) so when i color my hair and when?
How can i convince my mom I need a new hairstyle?
Want to go platinum blonde .?
What is a day walker? or a night jogger?
Would you go blonde for summer?
Messy/shaggy long hair cut?
should i cut my hair?
Is it okay to do this while using...?
My hair is totally damaged and looks terrible! Help!?
what hair style is better ?
how do i get the wave at the front of my hair?
Quick question about straightening hair??! Will pick best answer!!?
what color should i dye my hair?
Is synthetic hair, real hair ? ?
I have 8 kids already. What do I name my triplets on the way?!?!?
Is there a hiar dye that will turn my brown/red hair a purple/brown colour?
Simple Question- what colour are your hair and eyes?
I'm getting my hair cut and colored tuesdayy...IDEAS?
getting my hair re styled?
I need hair tricks for wearing my hair up?!?!?
What's so wrong about parting your hair down the middle?
is my hair TOO blonde?
What's a good shampoo and conditioner to use after a Brazilian blowout?
help me!!??!!?
What are some easy up-dos?
How do I find a White-Westinghouse curling blow dryer?
Reviving Synthetic hair?
anyway to make hair grow faster?!?
Thin hair wont stay straight!?
Does the newest form of hair removal, that laser thing, actually work?
what color should I dye my hair?
ive always had my hair blonde but recently dyed it brown, now i want to go back blonde.?
Where can i get one of those really really nice chi straiteners that are like 180 dollars?
how should my hair be on award day?
Which hair would you prefer?
Do you girls like this hairstyle?
how could you bleach your hair?
What is the best hair care technique to prevent my hair from looking like an anime character in the morning?
i need to grow my hair at least 2 inches in 2 months, how can i do it?
which is better to use, gel or mousse?
How to get bangs/fringe like Hannah Simone?
Hairy back?!?
What are your opinions on my hair?
What should i do to my hair for the first day of 5th?
why we have hair?
What is the prettier hair style to boys....side pony tail?? or down?
Is there any good tips on how to make your hair grow faster?
What would you call this hair color?
BLondes or BRunettes?
In general do guys prefer blondes or brunettes?
how do I get my hair 2 stay down with out making it hard?
Can anyone suggest natural hairstyles for type 4 hair?
hi plz help me how to get black hair?
Wanting to be a hair stylist?
I need ur quick opinions!!!!!!!!!?
First time dying my hair? What happens?
how to handle curly long hair?
How many times should i wash my hair within a week?
how do you grow hair fast?
What colour should I dye my hair?
How can I lighten my hair?
Hola . . . hair problems?
How can i get my hair to grow faster!?!?
guys: do you like it better when girls leave their hair natural?
What should I do with my hair!!?
what celebrity should I get my hair highlighted to if I have dark brown hair, olive skin, and brown eyes?
My teenage daughters get white flaky bits in their hair after using certain shampoos. It's not dandruff.?
Does anyone know where I can find ethnic hairstyle pictures?
if my mom says no should i dye my hair any way?
Do you tip hairdressers...?
Would this hairstyle suit me?
hair dye please helpppp?
Would I look good as a blonde? with pic!?
Is it better to wash my hair with hot or cold water?
How much would a keratin treatment/semi permanent dye cost all together at a hair salon?
Bored of my look, advise,please?!!(pics)?
My hair is wavy, frizzy, and it has no shine.What hair product is better for a natural soft look?
What shampoo and conditioner do you use?
can you get sewn in extentions on a graduated bob?
Hairstyle help your look??
Trimming.. "down there"?
What's worse doing to your hair..using gel or a hair straightener?
how do you curl hair extensions?
how do u get ur dreadlocks to thicken up?
get rid of frizzy hair?
Hair question?
How do i get a scene hair cut.?
Hair Straightening?
How Should I get my Haircut?
What is/are your favorite shampoo/conditioner(s)?
how can i make my hair to grow faster?
Help!! On HighLights??
do you think short or long hair is better?
Is my hair to short for extensions?
Should i dye my hair blonde?
Should I keep growing my hair or cut it short again? I'm a boy (pictures)?
How long will it take for my hair to grow out?? please help mee?
Should I dye my hair black? [pics]?
how to grow long hair!?
I have awesomely straight hair, but?
Blonde or brunette? Take a look at my pics and decide?
hair dye help?
cutting ponytail?
What hair color do you think this is?! ( I need answers quickkk)?
soft curlers?
How can my hair grow longer PLEASE HELP?
Guys: Whats better for a girl- staight or curly hair?
curly hair products?
What Shampoo is Best ?
How do you take care of dyed relaxed hair?
Do i shave off ALL my pubic hair, i don't know what to do?
What hair color should I go?
the makers of curlmaster?
wavy hair problem help?
which side bangs? info inside?
Brittney? colors? rainbows? ponys?! help?
best dye to avoid those pesky ginger tones?
Is there a way to make your hair grow faster????
Would you rather have hair or eyebrows?
What color should my hair be?
Can I use ICE spiking Gel (mens) to get curly messy hair for girls?
Hairstyles for crazy hair day?!? 5 STARS?
Sick of watching my dry and damaged hair!?
I died my hair and it stained my do I get it out?
i want to cut my hair short pic included?
What's the best way to take care of dandruff?
It's been about 6 months since the last time I did my relaxer?
What must i do while my hair is fastly falling?
what kind of pills to use for hair tinning?
I'm losing more hair than usual?
where is a place where you can get cheap hair extensions in houston?
before and after??? is it good?
prices for extensions!?
OMG!! please problem!!!?
What would happen to my hair if i dyed under my hair red?
How do you get rid of dry,flaky,scalp buildup? This is sometimes thick and stubbon-help?
HELP! might have just ruinned my hair forever!?
I'm a ginger. How can I dye my hair with koolaid and have it turn out brighter?
how should dye MY HAIR FROM BLOND TO RED?
What Kind of Hair Would look best on me? [ PiCS ]?
Is my hair the right length or should I go longer (ladies)?
I want to buy a hair straightener.Which brand and type should i buy?
Females: Do you have long, medium or short hair?
I have about 3 in long hair, 2 and a half crowns and i am looking for a new styles.?
How can I force my mom to buy me a new straightner?
Does straightening my hair damage it?
I have thin hair. Should I dye it light, or dark?
hair scare?
How many days do I hav to wait before I can tie my hair after a rebond?
do hair skin and nails vitamins work?
I cut my side bangs too short?
Ideas of how to do long black hair look nice?
Bad haircut... How can i make it grow?
What is a really good heat protectant for your hair?
Hair color shampoo?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
We are going camping. How can I keep our hair from looking greasy?
I am so hairy how can I get rid of it?
What should I do with my hair?
What do you think of the Wet2Straight flat iron?
hair for tomorrow?
Will the ApHogee hair products do me any good?
PLEASE HELP!!! How can i do this?!?
i want a new haircut. would a full fringe suit me? if not, what else could i do? picture included!?
for electric shavers and razors, is foil (flat) or rotary (three triangles) better for male?
Which Hair color makes eyes look greener?Blonde or Brown?And which makes skin look darker?
Do you have your bangs to the left side or the right side?
Which Flat Iron Should I Buy?
All over color over foils?
can you explain to me the difference between these hairstyles?
is there a way to remove color from your hair.. like hair dye?
Girls, Do you like guys with long hair or short??
goldwell says mix one part dye to two parts colorance.The dye is a tube (creme?)--how many ounces conditioner?
my hair never stays stright, help?
pointtss very fassttt. just answerrr correctt!?
If you have bugs in your hair willl they go away on there own?
I need help from all women who dye there hair.?
How can I make my hair grow back faster with in a couple of weeks or months?
Why isnt my hair curly anymore?
how do u mmake ur hair grow faster?
what is the best way to take hair dye of your skin?
why shouldn't girls shave her arms hair?
What do you think (Hair.)?
Which hair cut do you like better.......?
What is your favorite way to do your hair? work, school, going out, etc...?
I have black hair and I want to go blonde. Will it suit me?
how do i get perfect hair like mariah carey?
HELP!!!! My hair is impossible!!! Advice is appreciated.?
what's good for taming fly aways and keeping hair shiny and smooth?
is there any way i can make my hair like chinese ppl.?
What's a good brand curling iron I could get from Target?
I trying to grow my hair long any suggestions on the yuck stage?
why blowdryer is best for curly hair? BE SPECIFIC!?
Poll: what should guys do with their pubic hair (girls only please)?
Insecurity about hair issues?
how should you cut curly hair? should you wear it straight or curly when getting it cut?
how often should i dye my hair,my hairstylist dyed my hair 3 weeks ago colour does not look so good already?
Dying my hair?(pics)?
Do I look better with brown hair or red hair?
Why did my bleached white hair fade so fast?
How do I get back to my natural hair colour?
Perm or No Perm???
Pictures of blonde peekaboo highlights in dark brown hair?
Do girls like men with natural blond hair?
New haircut for long hair please?
How to dye your hair purple ?! help please :)?
Should I dye my hair blonde?
where can i buy fake clip in hair extensions cheaply over the net?
Suave Sleek-Like it or not?
What is the best shampoo for voluming your hair?
i have curly hair. i was wondering if i blow dry it and then flat iron it straight if it would damage my hair?
Will drinking water help hair growth?
how to scrunch my hair?
How to get thick curly hair straight?
Does my hair look better natural or straight?
i am 11 with gray hair what do i do?
Horse shampoo for human hair?
Can you help? PLEASE!!! THIS IS BUGGING ME!!!!! Probaly the easiet s!!?
do women prefer longer or shorter hair on blokes?
how do i prevent sweating my parts back at night?
are mullets making a come back?
Will my hair be weakened or damaged if I use conditioner for styling (left in hair all day)?
would this hairstyle look good on a girl??
what color should i dye my hair???
Hair help please ? 10 points ??
How do you do an elephant's trunk?
What type of hair rollers work?
What do you think should be in a hair care kit? Specifically?
why is it when your hair is short it seems to grow faster than when it is long?
Will stress related hair loss reverse, and hair grows back?
Can you use coconut body oil in your hair?
what age do wearing two pigtails/plaits become childish?
I am 5ft 3in and my hair is past my butt any hairstyle ideas?
Ideas of how to do long black hair look nice?
If I don't wash my hair everyday, it gets supergreasy and itchy!! Why?
Help with styling thick hair?
Would I look good with this hairstyle (PIC INCLUDED)?
Would I look okay with a hair style like this ?
Do you think belly button rings are sexy??
What can I use to grow my hair?
Is my hair ugly? EVERYONE at school says it's ugly. :'(?
Why do I have single coarse hair?
Do sock bun curls really work ?
Does hair grow faster when you trim it ?
Which color is the best one for greecy hair?
Black guy with hairline problems ?
what is the latest hair style?
I need help on what hair style I should do for an Interview?
is is some kind of garnier fructis shampoo and conditioner that don't take your relaxers out?
Where can I buy one day hair dye?
do i look better with curly or straight hair? my hair is naturally curly fyi?
Have you found any shampoos or conditioners that are good for taming winter static and frizzies?
is there anything u can do to make u'r hair grow faster?
Please answer my hair dye allergy question?
how to get rid of body hair?
is it bad to dry and straighten your hair everyday?
Who first used the balayage hair highlighting method and how was it discovered?
Why is everyone against my hair?
Would i look good with red hair?
orange hair help!!!!?
what color should i dye my hair?
Which semi permanent or demi permanent hair dye is best?
How to get healthy long hair like Miley Cyrus?!?
Is the Redken All-Soft Line recommended for dry, frizzy hair?
i want a new hairstyle?
How can I make my hair look like this? It looks like adding volume to your bangs...?
is brushing your hair when its wet bad 4 it?
Why can't my hair scrunch?
How do I control my frizz? Also I have these really short hair that don't go into my ponytail.what do I do?
I dyed my hair, using Nice n Easy Natural Black, came out extremely dark?
How can I get this hair cut ?
Is this good to make my wavy hair straight?
which hairstyle suits me?
Which haircut looks better and WHY!?
do side-sweep bangs like jessica simpson's look good on someone with an oval shaped face?
Bleaching hair just after dying?
I messed my hair up and a salon is not the answer I cant afford it so I have to do it myself can you help?
I am getting Scene Hair but...?
Help? Does my hair look better straightened or not?
Hair, straight, curly, or big and poofy?
I want to dye my hair blonde?
Short hair styled or long hair?
Which is better for a girl with blue eyes? Blonde or Brunett hair?
Is it possible that i'll go bald?
should i color my 3yr olds' hair?
How much does it cost to get red streaks in hair?
is it wierd that my mate Ginger lewis eats pubes?
Should I tip the girl that washes my hair in a salon?
what are the reasons of loosing hair?
Why has my hair stopped growing?
Haircut with lice?? 10 points?!
How much does it cost to get your hair dyed at a salon?
Long OR Short hair on me (pics included)?
do women think its gay if a guy doesnt have much body hair?
Long Hair!! Want a new look!! (Pic Included!!)?
I'm new with extensions and i dont want to damage my already damaged short hair. How do I not damage it more?
How to grow hair longer in half a year?
I cut my hair to short any ideas how to make it look nice?
i got black hair will garnier olia deep red work on me?
Is this cute or an ugly hairstyle?
What hairstyle would look good on this kid?
What hats to wear with a shaved head?
Hair Extensions for African Americans?
Q: How can you make your thick hair thinner?
Girls, question. Do you like guys with long hair or short?
I have a lot of hair growing out of my ears anyone got any suggestions on the best ways of ear hair removal?
advice on bleaching hair with dreads?
Please help with my hair!!
what name brand is the best for flat irons?
How can I convince my mom to let me bleach my hair?
Are the chemicals in air coloring really bad for your health?
Why do girls do this?
Hair help. Easy 10 points?
What do you think of this Haircut?
Hair is damaged from straightening - what can I buy...?
Where do you go to find the BEST hair colorist in southern NJ Sewell, Depford, Cherry Hill, Marlton?
what is the best color of highlights to get in your hair?
What can I use to grow my hair?
Which hair colour do I look better in?
do you think trimming your hair makes a difference? even when trying to grow it?
Which picture do i look best in?.. *Pictures Included.. Obviously!*?
what haircut should i get (my pics included) PLEASE HELP!!?
Hi.what hairstyle do u wnt to give bollywood actress Vidya Balan.bun/braid? ponytail or something else?
is it wierd that my mate Ginger lewis eats pubes?
Hair dye: should I go to the hairdresser's?
ways of waving your hair without heat?!?
dont want to grow mustache,wht do i do 2 get rid of it?
What colour should I dye my hair (Photos)?
I have a question for users that use a hair straightner?
Straightening curly hair!?!?
Hair Plus Shampoo and Conditioner?
whats the best hair cut for a gay guy?
My hair is really long people tell me to cut it but i dont want to .What do u think i should do?
hair strait but humid HELP!!!!?
What hair colour? Please help =]?
which photo should be my profile picture?
your favorite shampoo and conditioner?
How long after relaxer can i dye my hair?
curlers are actually making it frizzier?
What color should i dye my hair? (pic included)?
First time hair color!?
whats a pretty hair color for me?
What's the BEST kind of shampoo/conditioner you've ever used?
Poll: Blonde or Brunette?
Can you Nair your pubes, because I'm not sure if there is a reason you shouldn't?
How do you make pastel stay in your hair?
Different kinds of micro beads for hair extensions?
what can I do with my hair?
Can electrolysis thin facial hair on men?
swimmers hair help!?
What to do about my hair !?!?
Mane N Tail Products ( semi relaxed hair) ?
Dreadlocks: hot or not?
one for the ladies...hairy chest or smooth chest?
How's my hair?
I think I look too young with this haircut, pics included?
Help!! I made a mistake by cutting my hair to chin length. I miss my long hair! How can I get used to it?
I have very fine hair. I want fluffy hair. Do you use a shampoo, conditioner or product that adds fullness?
i need to dye my roots?
Hair Help? 10 points!
Any idea when the next Great Clips coupon comes in Gig Harbor, WA?
Style help please!!?
Will wearing a ponytail make my hair grow slower?
Does Fredric Fekkai Apple Clarifying Shampoo Really work?
Is It Easy To Dye Brown Hair To Black?
Where can I buy a professional blow dryer that can do the job right. Need a good blo it job type of dryer?
bangs or no bangs? what do you think?
Minoxidil different products effect?
I want longer hair!!!?
What is the best shampoo?
black women short hair styles?
How many times a week do you wash your hair?
Whats the name of this site?
what hairstyle should I get?
do you prefer natural hair,dyed hair or hair with highlights?
Does having extensions help your hair grow?
Does anyone know of any locticians in or near Harlem?
any girls out there who think there good at giving hair advice?
What shade would my hair be?
My hair is wavy, dry, and thin. But I....?
What are some fun summer hairstyles?
why do the Russian girls wear such H-U-G-E hair bows ?? they seem cute though ?
Bangs growing out? keritan shampoo?
what do u think of this style?
straight hair?
What should i use to make my hair go white?
why do people say that blondes have more fun?
How do you grow your hair out really long in at least 2 months or less?
What is the cutest way to style shoulder length hair?
How can I look better in general?
Products... What do you use?
I'm about to cut my sister's hair RIGHT NOW...?
Which hairstyle should i wear tomorrow??(pix) hurry i nedd answers by tomorrow morning.?
how do i grow my hair faster?
do they sell luxy extensions at stores?
why do girls think that they are saying something better than her friend. insted they know that they r wrong?
How should I style my hair/should I cut it?
hair extensions?
Does anyone know any websites where you can upload your face and change hairstyles?
how can i make my hair black?
Getting pink hair to go away? HELP!?
Where can I find a link to the full sized version of this picture?
Straight or Curly/Wavy ... you decide?
i need a picture of someone with hair like my avitar.?
Would my sister look good with side swept bangs?
I rebonded my hair yesterday but after shower i have curls plz tel me a solution please dont i used lolan gel?
10point! which name sounds classy?
Ladies / girls: How long does it take for you to wash your hair?
how do i thin out my thick curly hair?
What color hair streak?
should i layer my long curly hair?
My hairdresser told me to buy blue shampoo because it keeps the copper tones out of my blonde hair?
Hair Despair!?
Is there any hair dyes that's only stay in for like a week or two?
do u like bleach blonde hair with jet black underneath?
my hair is getting so thin , and i am only 16 years old girl :(?
Should I wear my long hair down with my ball gown?
OH MY GOD HELP ME please!!!!?
What should I do to my hair?
my hair is wavy. how do i make it have tight curls?
new haircut!!! i need help plz.............. =)?
How can I make my hair softer?
does anyone know how to remove ZOTOS hair dye off skin?
HAIRSTYLE help :)? bangs?no bangs?
HELP...i colored my hair and it turned out way too dark..any suggestions?
Why is my curly hair always look and feel so so dry and parched?
Straightening hair......?
Why this is happening to me!?!?
L'oreal HiColor & HiColor hightlights help!?
Wig or not to wig??
I have dry hair and wavy hair problem.. How can I fix it?
Me and my friend want to dye our hair black?
what woman has the best hair?
will i loose hair if i straighten it?
what are cool hair does????
Heres a ? to all da guys....?
What can I buy to make my hair stronger?
can you put hair extensions in an up do?
I love long hair,but I'm sooo tired of this style my mom likes to do on my hair all the time ! embarassing :-(?
girls: what hair type do u prefer (curly or straight or wavy) and what type do u have?
Do hair on moles grow faster then then hair not?
How do i make my hair curly for waves?
how can i make my hair completely straight without using straightners"?
Should i get a haircut?
Best way to get rid of bikini line hair?
Chlorine good for my curly hair?
simple but firm hair styles for long strait hair?
If I get color stripped out of my hair, will it ruin my hair?
How do I teach myself how to frenchbraid my own hair?
Black hair care help?
Will the color hairspray last over night?
what hair style would suit me to wear on a daily basis??
any good sls free shampoos available in the uk?
what makes your hair grow?
where can i buy "american crew" hair products in Leeds?
Any Hair tips? (Read Details)?
Should i cut my hair?
is wen hair cleanser 100% natural?
i need summer hairstyles?
does my hair look horrible?
Fun ways to do your hair?
HOW or how LONG will it take for my hair to grow way longer?
What's wrong with my roots?
I have black hair but have light skin and want to go light brown with blonde hilights any suggetions?
curly hair.......?
Hairy legs?
how can I get all the color out of my hair without damaging it?
is there a way to make my hair grow faster?
Does hair dye have an expiry date?
How to do this hairstyle?
what is the quikest way to get the colour out of my hair?
Hair changing colors?
Help! Im getting my haircut tomorrow!?
Are cheerleaders mostly blond? Fact or myth?
how can i fix my hair??? PLEASEHELP!!?
Step by Step instructions for Katharine McPhee hair! Help!?
what are some homemade hair colorings?
Do I need to be more specific when asking for a haircut (male)?
Paul mitchell super skinny serum?
Yikes....I'm going brunette Wednesday....should I do it? Or should I stay blonde?
I messed up my hair. I cut it wrong. Please help. (pics?)?
HAIR LOSS..pls help me i am losing a lot of hair for the past 3 weeks,my hair now is very very very thin?
How to get side swept bangs?
Do you dye your eyebrows when you dye your hair youself?
if my hair is red and i add dark brown dye, will my hair be brown?
how to fix my hair when its completely dried out after it dries?
how to grow my hair long in a short amount of time?
help me (people who cut hair)!!?
Do guys perfer curly or straight hair? Blondes or brunnettes?
black hair salon in wisconsin?
Does black hair dye ever come out?
10 point..which name is better for a blonde hair boy?
how long will it take to grow back my hair?
blonde or brunette, which do you prefer boys and girls??
Could an emo hairstyle work for me?
what is the perfect hairstyle for a 48 yr old. blonde with thin hair, but she looks 38?
What is the treatment for hair loss?
Punky hairdo...have to straighten it need help!?
I hate my hair color. How long should I wait before redying it?
what can i do with really short hair?
Which Side bangs should I get?
What type of hair cut should I get?
Why does my biracial hairBlack/White grow straight then curl when it gets longer, why not curly from the start?
if u have black hair & u put hydrogen peroxide in it, wut color wuld it turn out?
What should I do with my hair? (pics)
How can I make my hair softer?
i want to dye my hair to dirty blonde. how many colors does it consist?
Would it look bad if i dyed my hair black :D?
How do I get demi-perm color out of my bleach blonde hair?
what hair dye should I get? pics?
I am African American, and I want to know how to style my hair with a flat iron? <<pics include>>?
What color highlights for blond hair?
Foxy locks or luxy hair?
Is it rude that my hair dresser asked me if I washed my hair for her?
What do you guy's think of my purple hair? :)?
are blonds really dumber than brunettes or other hair colors?
How do you get hair to stop breaking off?
What should I do with my hair? (Color, bangs, perm, etc)?
Looking for an ethnic hair salon in Plant City or Brandon,Fla. can anyone recommend one please?
Hair Thinning & Hair Lost?
13 year old and want a perm?
What are some good websites for updos/hairstyles for homecoming dance?
California state board cosmetology question?
how do i get shiny hair after straightening it?
Question about dying my hair!?
What's the best, hottest hairstyle for men?
my hair is too falling so suggest the right hair oil?
is it normal not to have hair in my oxters?
What hair color should I choose?
Best Shampoo with Amazing Smell?
Senior pictures?
what do you prefer brown or red hair?
Does the straighter Remington T-Studio work good?
In need of a new hair style and color!?
Should a girl part her hair on the left side or the right side?
I cut my hair, does it make me look masculine?
Static hair after cut?
Are there any salons in Rhode Island that do dreadlocks?
ok so i have long hair and on the sides it pings out help?
should i dye my hair a blonish color?
I'm 30 yrs old female & noticed that I already have 20 over gray hairs.?
Should I d this to my hair? Pics inside.?
what is the best way to shape eyebrows without plucking them?
i need some hairstyles that look really pretty pleasseeee?
A good place to get my hair braided in east england?
is there a way to straighten hair (relaxed) w/o a hair straightner :[?
Which prom hairstyle do you think would look best?[pics]?
What are bangs?
Hello Gurls, would you love a guy with a BEARD?
what do you think when you see someone with pink hair?
What crazy colour goes well with auburn red hair colour?
How To Grow Hair Fast.?!?
how do i make my faux hawk not clumpy?
which hair colour is best trend?
Has anyone ever used "The Wave" it good?
Why are people so obsessed with my hair?? Help 10 points!!?
Does ombre hair look good in the winter?
What does "dip-dye" your hair mean?
willl i look okay with these bangs?
help me with my hair! (pic included)?
I did something really really stupid and I don't know how to fix it?
I have black hair, how can I get my hair to be auburn with henna?
How can i ask for this haircut?
help me with my hair!!!!!?
Damaged my hair badly?
what hair color would look good on me? (pic inside)?
Please help! How do you make your hair grow faster?
dip dye kool-aid hair?
Yay or Nay???
How can i convince my mom to let me die my hair?
my hair gets greasy after 1 day?
What is the difference between hair conditioner and hair mask ?
I am 27 years old and losing my hair, if I speak to a doctor about it will I get laughed out the surgery?
do you think this hair is nice?
Have you ever used a spiral curling iron?
My hair gets greasy to easily, advice?
Hey does anyone know how i can get my hair like this?
Blonde or Brunette?
chewing gum in my hair?
How can I persuade my parents to let me shave my legs?
Aussie Hair Products?
Should I Shave My Arm Hair?
omg i just killed my hair! its sooo shorT! help?
what curling irons does taylor swift use?
I have sum fine facial hair esp ard my chin n above my upper lip. Will waxing helps?
i have really black hair and everytime i dye it brown, it wont show up, so what should i do?
why do I see so many Blondie's dying their hair black.?...?
any1 have any idea where i can find past issues of seventeen (preferably online)?
MEN are you taking care of that nose hair and hair coming out your ears ?
Dying my hair in the summer?
How long does it take to see results from Mane n Tail shampoo and conditioner, also...?
My hair is really thick and i need some style ideas.?
What colour should I dye my hair?
How can I get really natraul looking waves in my hair?
How do I get my hair looking dead straight?
What are the least damaging ways to lighten hair?
Will my hair change colors?
What color should i dye my included?
Perrie Edwards Hair, Makeup And Style Tutorial?
what color should we dip dye our hair?
How To Get Hair Like This?
What's the best shampoo for my hair type?
how do you make hair grow ALOT more faster?
What hairstyles can I do on my medium hair?
how to straighten my hair??
If you have bleach on hair and dye it a different color will it fall?
what is your fav. haircolor?
Do I look okay in these pictures?
people with afro hair, does all your hair shrink when you wash it?
Can you use lemon juice tp lighten your hair?
What hairstyle is 'IN' right now?
What hair color is this?
How to create scene hair without getting in trouble at school?
would i look good in this hair color (pic included)?
How should I do my hair?
How long do I keep bleach in my hair for?
Deciding Hair Colors!?
What hair colour would suit me?
New Ha Hair Straightening Irons question!?
How do you remove the yellow tones from gray hair?
should i use gel or moose?
Anyone know any cute haircuts for guys like longish spiky pictures?
would this haircut go into a ponytail?
What is the best drugstore hair straightener today?
my hair is really thick and curly...i want it straight but when i straightin it and i go.....?
Tips to healthy hair ......?
any good homemade hair dyes ?
How often should you use a shampoo that gets brassy tones out? Should you use the Conditioner to match?
should i shave my facial hair ?
How do i correct a bad hair color?
Haircuts under $30 in melbourne?
When I Bleached My Hair?? Why did it do this?
What haircut numbers should i ask for i want to spike my hair?
how do i ask the hairdresser i want my hair cropped?
*URGENT* Pleeseee answer quick what color hair is this?
Should I shave my arm hair?
Hair idea that i have ?
What's your secret for healthy growing hair?
should i go blonde?
Is anyone in mid west Ohio interested in Natural professional dreadlocks?
isit true that you cant have naturally black hair. excluding black & chinese people?
Quick Hair Treatments!!!?
how can i do scene hair w.o layers?
Was I right of doing this
Is it true that women wake up with beards on their 40th birthday?
If I put dark brown dye on vibrant purple hair will it be dark brown?
Please tell me about infusion hair salon?
How to keep my curly hair?
What color should I dye my hair?
What is the best curling iron to use if I want spiral shaped curls?
what should i do with my hair?
How do you keep weaves from itching?
who do you think is better blonds or brunets?
What's the best age to dye my hair?
is it weird that im a guy and i straighten my hair?
Do you use a comb or brush on your hair?
do you have a ponytail?
What is the best way to trim and cut dead ends on curly hair?? r?
How to grow out 'scene' layers. Any suggestions for haircuts?
A hair serum that works really well?
what is the best product to use on curly hair or a way to do?
My hair is SO damaged, would you help me? 10 points!?
Would I look good or bad with front bangs? (pics)
What is your advice for me on how to do my hair!! What are the best hair styles!@!?
Would it suit me ? (pic)?
HAIR DYE HELP!!!What are hair dye prices in Ohio?
What is the real cure for dandruff?
how can I get rid of my dandruff?
red hair,......????? yes or no?
how to un frizz my hair?
Which is sexier? long hair or short hair?
Do you think this hair color would look right on me if I'm the same complexion as my avatar?
Need to get dip dyed/ ombré hair back to one solid color?
What is the average booth rent for indianapolis, indiana hair salons?
Would I look good with dreadlocks?
Will nioxin help for severe hair loss due to stress?
how do u get good lookin hair?
Plucking hair with tweezers?
What is the average life of a hair straightener? And is "Herstyler" a good straightener?
Could somebody give me some hair styling advice?
My mom wont let me buy a straightener, what are some good way to straighten my hair at home?
any suggestions for making hair grow really fast?
Should I dye my hair Blue or Purple?
What number on sides and top?
where can i go to purchase coifco european silky hair products?
IS there an easy way of getting rid of split ends?
how do you get your hair more thin and straighter?
does straightning hair and blow drying damage your hair really??
how do you get this hair?
does this product work?
what is a mullet? and are they still in style?
I want to know about beauty school?
How can i stop my hair from falling out?
Is it a good idea to dye my blonde hair black?
why does man had a public hair?
Are you a blonde,brunette,or red-head? which is the most attractive?
I have a friend who has brown long curly hair, brown eyes, white skin. Would bleach blond highlights match?
I recently bleached my black hair, and it went ginger. Can I just dye it blonde over the top?
Am I better with short or long hair (Pictures included)...(male)?
How to style my hair?
Oh my God head shave regret?
how to get hairstyle like that?
How to make your hair curly and wavy without heat?
I hate my haircut!?
How come with all the advisers he has, no one tells Donald Trump that his hair color looks ridiculous?
Where to get nair for men?
can flat ironing my hair cause hair discoloration?
I need some help with my hair?
What colour should i dye my hair?
What should i do w/ my hair *pic*?
Can someone reommend a good website to find new hairstyles for long hair?
Hair dye and extensions :)?
Do you think my hair would look good with a short haircut.?
What to do about leg hair?
What should I do with my hair?
How to tame my wild hair?
I just cut my hair really short and i hate it tips on how to make it better?
How to keep my hair straight?
Can you straighten your hair if your a boy?
HELP!! Glazing your hair to it natural color?
What kind of shampoo do you use???
Hey guys, i was Just wondering If you prefer long hair or short hair on a woman?
I've skipped shaving for a few days and have some healthy stubble. What would be an amusing topiary style?
Bnags question....for guys and girls....gimme ur opinion!!?
sideswept bangs?
dyed red to blonde....?
need a new hair style pics.?
how do you make your afro grow larger?
how can i get my hair to wave like this?
Is there anything I can do about my hair?
what do i do for the splitants in my hair?
I m 19 and i m losing my hair i dnt knw wat to do i reali dnt want to gt bold ny help plz?
I'm 5'2 how long will my 20 inch hair extension be ?
How do you keep human hair weaves moisturized, and tangle-free?
Can i dye perm hair after 2 weeks?
hair gels or coconut oil?which is the best?
My hair is White in this age(age of 16).....?
What happen if u loose your password?
Which vitamins are good for ya hair??
girls help?
Does anyone know any websites that have cool hairstyles?
What is the best way to color hair? pro or yourself?
What is the best masque to moisturize or seriously repair your hair?
Burning head from head and shoulders?
When can I do this.........?
how to make hair grow faster?
Should I get my hair done (cut & dyed) before or after holiday?
What Hairstyle would suit me?
hair and the sun?
My mom wont let me shave my legs and i'm 13! HELP! ?
Long or Short hair?
What color goes good with brown?
How do I get my hair like this(pic included)?
Help!! I have crazy hair day at school tomorrow!! answer fast?
I am 12 yr boy in 7th grade. Do I need to wash my hair everyday? Or once a week is good enough?
What color do you think i should dye my hair? *PICS* 10 POINTS!!!?
My step-sister put hair removal creme on my head whilst I was sleeping, I'm a 15yr old girl, what should I do?
How should I style my hair for the first day of school?
Should I permanently straighten my hair?
I want to lighten the hair on my upper lip what can i use?
Flat iron for African American Hair?
Can you tease wig hair???????????????????????????
What do you do when side-swept bangs get kinked or go in the opposite direction you want them to go?
What do guys think of girls with dyed hair? In wild colours?
Will my hair grow back?
how much would it cost to get my hair dyed and highlighted?
If you put semi permanent hair dye over permanent hair dye ?
How Do I Get My Hair Like This?
how do i straighten my hair without letting it unstraighten?
How do I colour my hair silver with dialight?
hair styling help please?
Hairstlye help needed: how to do a it?
curly hair?
How would I get my hair to sit like this?
What color should I dye my hair????!?
Is my hair too BRIGHT or does it suit my features well?
Men's Hollister Hair?
Quickest way to grow and thicken hair?
my hair is thick and frizzy. Its a pain to brush...any styles/ suggestions to make it easier?
Okay so I'm about to wash my shoulder lenghth curly hair...?