SCENE HAIR ?!?!??!?!?!?!?!? (pics included)?
Hair dye question please help!?
is coloring your hair while your a teen a mistake?
How well does professional hair straightening work?
Is this hair myth true?
What is a way to stop dandrift or sumthing that iches in my head?????HELP PLZ?
I just got my hair trimmed but was bored with it. I kinda wonder if i should get side bangs.What do you think?
Asian Hair Straightening/Relaxing treatment?
Does anyone know how to tame my hair?
For Girls...?
What do you think about my new hair color?
Does Romney Think that Obama has nice hair?
How do you properly scrunch your hair with curl mousse? How do you do it? How much mouuse do u apply ?
What's a good hair product to help me with my split ends?
how should you use a thinning scissors? across your head or down the centre?
how can i make my hair longer?
Where can you get hairdressing hair treatments cheaply in the uk?
should i dye my hair dark brown ? [pics]?
Growing hair product?
Which name is better for my new hair salon?
How to look like justin bieber such as hair style?
I need help dying my hair with a demi-permanent!!!?
(Only answer if your a girl)if u have straight hair do u want curly?If u have curly hair do u want straight?
Do you think blonde hair will suit me?
I would like to open a beauty parlor in Miami. where would it be the best location??
where is your crown hair...?
Do I have good hair scale 1-10 (pic)?
what do you think of my new haircut?
While i grow out my hair what is a good way to style it to keep it out of ky face?
How to tease ur hair?
would this work for me??
Do men prefer women bald or natural hair down there?
How do i retwist my dreads and how often should i retwist them?
Hair is breakable, help?
My mom doesn't think im ready to dye my hair but i do, am i?
Do I look better with curly or straight hair?
How to keep your hair scrunched all day?
Hair help! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What is the best way to remove glue out of your hair?
Is it possible to get a messy bed-head look with straight fine hair? What products would I use?
I'm 14 should I shave my pubic hair?
How can I keep my hair super, super healthy for...?
My hair is really damaged, what I can do to help it?
as a bride can i wear a tiara plus have small tiny flowers in my hair too?
Stripping hair color?
What color is Bigen hair dye medium cherry brown?
How much does it cost to have your hair braided? Can you wash it afterwards?
where can i find directions on how to roll a spiral perm?/?
Clairol Natural Instincts question?
where can i get temporary hair color spray?i want it in coimbatore .?
Ladies, how do you feel about hair on a man's body?
how do i get this hair style?
How long should i wait to dye my hair?
HELP! what hair colour would suit me? pics inside? :)?
Where did Debby Ryan get those slouchy hats for the movie, Radio Rebel?
I posted a previous question about my damaged hair and my hairdresser's suggestion to cut it very short.?
what do women between 18-30 prefer...hairy chest or waxed! ;-P?
Does anyone know how to clean burnt hair off of an hair straightner?
I have curly hair and it's a frizz monster! Help?
can you use a table spoon of manic panic and save the rest?
How can you cut your hair to look like Gabriella Montez in HSM 3?
Any Personal Opinions On Eyelash Perms? ? ?
How to get Cherry Kool-Aid out of brown hair?
I got a perm from a salon and they screwed my hair up, if they won't at least refund me what can I do?
do you have long or short hair?
I want a new hairstyle, what do you think?
Sweat in hair? (easy 10 points)?
hair color? 10 points?
Why do chinese girls always have thin hair..?
Is it a good idea to sleep at night with my hair wet?
Nice n Easy hair dye help?
how can i tame grey frizzy hair?
What would happen if i let my friend who is a blond use my brush. Would I start growing blond hair?
Is this a good hair dryer? Help and advice needed.?
Can I put blue highlights on my brown hair without bleaching it?
What's my haircut called?
AM LETTING MY HAIR GROW LIKE andy sixx from black veil brides?
How can I get my hair to curl like this..?
Should I or shouldn't I...?
Is there any treatment for the dandruff?
How can i remove hair from my to get it SUPER BALD? HELP!!!!?
Will this work in my hair?
Hair won;t stay straight
my hair gets very greasy help me?
Is there a natural shampoo I can use to make my hair soft?
How is blow drying your hair bad?
what is the problem with gingers?
How long will it take my hair to grow my waist?
which do you like better?
How do i make my hair grow faster?
What's better clip in extensions or a sew in, does it just fall out of your head? What are the facts about?
Why does pubic hair stop growing at a certain length, yet the hair on your head grows continously?
Whats the best way to get rid of split ends.?
how much would it cost me to get my hair washed cut blowdried and dyed at Toni&Guy?
cheap, good smelling,long lasting hair products for after straightening?
how do i get my hair like this?
Any tips on faster hair growth?
Color Fiend Hair Dye?
how do i get rid of nits out of my 5 year olds hair tried all the lotions?
Which of these is best for your hair?
i'm getting my senior pictures taken and i don't kknow what to do with my hair?
What's the best way to make your hair grow faster?
Which hair products can be used on dry hair?
How do i get my hair to look like this???!!!!????
What would be an awesome hair style for a 12 year old.?
is it normal for a girl to dye there hair green or blue?
Who is the hottest blonde?
Should men shave their pubes?
Indian natural/water wave hair extentions?
Do i look better with straight or curly hair?
do you wash your hair after using the pool? if so why?
How do I style my hair to be like this?
does washing your hair too much cause hair loss?
I need to know if there is a grant for the Wards Corner Bueaty Academy?
How many hairs does the average human being have on their head?
How to get Die OUT of hair .... dose dish soap work?????
is it ok to shave pubuc hair?
Do Bald People wash their hair??
How can I get my hair flat ironed straight?
Should I put blue and purple highlights in my hair?
Have any good hairstyles?
dandruff problem...a really really serious one!!?
What is the best way to get rid of frizz in your hair?
im wanting to dye my extensions but need help....?
color live XXL blonde dye? to curl it easy....?
I love to dye my hair red and I do it often,what can I do for the dryness I get from frequent dying?
How blond will my hair go if I use lemon?
how to find the best hairdresser in NY?
well i just bleached my hair?
Do any girls shave their arms?
Which Hair Colour Do You Like Better On Me? (Photo's Included)?
Blonde highlights back to brunette?
i want a short mohawk!?
straighting my hair what products to use?
What is the best way to remove hair around anus?
is this organic olive oil conditioner from guardian good? (pic attached) *.s.?
Haircut!! Emma Roberts! Need Help!!!?
I have silver/white hairs at 16. How do I dye my hair white?
Hair Problem Help ;o Please...?
Can I just test for a barber license if I already have a cosmetology license in California?
I have naturally curly/frizzy hair and I'm scared to wear it down. What can I do?
If I use this recipe for semi permanent hair dye,will it wash off?
How do I make my curls more bouncy?
How can i help my hair grow longer and healthier?
If i have dandruff and i want to bleach my hair?
How should I get my dad to give me a buzz cut?
Girls, what do you do with the hair on your stomach?
I want to get my hair back to normal..?
should men condition their hair after every shampoo?
What conditioner and shampoo used for curly hair to make it straight?
I wanna know is this shampoo good?
Where Can I Get Hair Extensions?!?
How to style my hair?
I want to dye some of my hair, without bleaching it?
'm trying to grow long hair, Is it okay for me to blow dry my hair?
Do you have to have your hair short too wear Clip-In extensions ?
This chick at work says she washes her hair only once a month?!!!?
What hairstyles can I do on my medium hair?
Batiste dry shampoo for dark hair?
i have hair on my chest. help?
my hair is brown but my eyebrows and goatee are blonde, how do i dye them...?
How do I keep my hair nice over-night?
Is paying 350+ for a haircut too much?
what is the best hair style?
I have dark brown hair and i want to lighten it to light brown. Help!?!?
can i perm it without it commin out again?
what are the best product for getting longer hair?
If I bleach my hair from black to brown will it do much damage?
I love te way my hair looks when its wet, is there a way to make my hair look like that all day?
i need ideas!?
Im taking prenatal vitamins...?
What do you think of her hair?
What do girls prefer on a teenage boy curly or straight hair ?
THE GOOD BOY OR THE BAD me please...?
how do i get wavy curls?
hair dye???
How can I get my hair straight?!?!?!? HELP?!?
Help with frizzy hair?
what color should i dye my hair? (pics)?
Would you be attracted to a man who had long shouder lengh hair with Gray in it?
Should I get the Justin Bieber haircut...?
Which types of haircuts could this be?
Do girls like guys with long hair?
Thinking of changing my hair but I don't know what to do with it? Suggestions?
Rainbow hair - how to blend colours?
I'm a girl, and have been shaving my face for do i transition from shaving to waxing or bleaching?
i'm a black male from the carribean...why is half my hair curly & the other half regular black man hair?
Do you like this haircut on guys??
Home remedies for oily hair?
how do i know when to put spike hair?
which haircut would look better?
(PIC) what would suit me more, my current hairstyle, or a shorter hair style?
Can women use "Just for Men" hair color products?
whats this haircut called?
my mom keeps saying these hairstyles are most proper for well-behaved,proper school-aged girls (i'm 14)? agree?
I need help with my hair for school?
Is there any scientific name for those little blond sprout ling hairs?
hair and make up tips?
What do you girls like to hear from a guy in ur class?
If jyst met a g I rl and i complimeny her hair and telk her hiw pretty abd shinny it is?
I Have Shoulder Length Naturally Curly Hair...What Are Cute Ways To Wear My Hair?
My friend is gonna color my hair, I want something wild, any ideas?
Does my hair lenght look ok.?
How long should hair extensions last before you need to replace them?
semi-permanent dye over highlights?
is it ok to blow dry your hair once a week?
i'm getting my hair cut next week.?
How do I dye black hair brown?
I want to dye my hair black with blue highlights. How do I go about that?
how do u straighten yout hair for it to be really straight the whole day?
should i go blonde again? *pics*?
is there a website that i can find a picture of?
What's the best product for bleaching your hair?
In order to have morning curls, fo I have to braid my hair while it's wet ?
Is it ok to dye blond hair brown at home?
Looking for picture of Kiera Knightly to bring to stylist tonight. The Bob cut she has.?
Do you know any website were i can buy cheap wholesale 3/4 wigs and hair peices? 10 points?
when i get out of the shower after washing my hair, my scalp itches like crazy. why?
Cute wayz for hair like mine!:)?
My gf cut her hair for me--was this mean?
how do you straighten you hair?
Has anyone used suntan oil in their hair ?
Do you need to blow dry hair before straightening?
Do Turkish men like blonde hair and blue eyes ?
Perfect scene hair cut?
GUYS ONLY! please read and answer (:?
How can I straighten my hair w/o a hair straightener?
brunettes or blondes?
what shampoo will help oily hair? ANSWER PLEASE FOR POINTS!?
Does platinum blonde hair suit me or should I change it (pic included)?
why wont my nappy hair relax?
Head shave bet, should I do it?
Help with my facial hair?
I wash my hair 2 times everyday, how to keep it straight without harming it?
is mayonnaise a good conditioner to use in the shower?
I bleached my hair and put toner in it, but it's still yellow?
How to shave lightning bolts in my sideburns?
Spiral curls for natural hair? .s?
How do I straighten my bangs?
please i need help i need a way 2 grow my hair longer pleaz help if u have any ideas?
your favorite hair salon?
okay is it creepy to say this to a girl off the bat? (Im a guy)?
do you like wearing a very high ponytail ? or tied a bit lower ?? ?
How should I do my hair tonight? Opinions?
Is it Wrong for a Boy?
Long Term Transitioning Hair Styles For Going Natural!!?
Do you know any websites for bangs hairstyles? I am getting bangs tommorow and I need to look 4 pics of bangs.
where can i take make up and hair style courses?
What is the best shampoo and conditioner?
Side swept bangs on wavy, frizzy, thick, long hair.?
I have hair below my knees and i am a guy, i wear it in a bun or pony tail, its silky blonde?
i have an oily do i get rid?
is my hairstyle a little too crazy or should i keep it?? (pic)
What color of hair do guys and girls like?
Best way to get your hair to grow faster?
hair color is slightly different when I side part?
Hair color help please?
Does anyone know of a trustworthy and economical laser hair removal in OC .. Haunting facial hair due to POV? ?
haircut for a square face?
how can i get my hair back to blonde now ive dyed it red.?
Should I go blonde....?
DC AND MARYLAND SALONS!! I have decided to make my hair natural and stop relaxing.
Hai to everyone. I have a big problem.please any answer my question.i have a problem of dandruff and hair loss
Guys only. Jet black hair or black brown hair?
how can i renegotiate my hair modeling contract?
what colour should i dye my hair?
do i look better with straight or curly hair?
how to improve my looks and feel happier with myself?
how is this beard style called?
Haircut help? Please answer before Friday afternoon!?
Any advice for flat hair?
How do i get these curls?
Would blonde suit me? (PICS)?
should i dye my hair i need you opinon?
Will head and shoulders help me fade my vibrant pink hair?
How do I get white hair? NOT PLATINUM.?
Girls what hair style do you like lads to have?
Do you enjoy getting your hair cut/done?
I have curly hair natural, but when I put it in a french twist, it sticks out every which way,7 isntthat curly
how to make hair grow faster?
r bangs cute w/ shoulder length hair?
Why is the bottom layer of my hair frizzy?
What medications can help with hair loss?
Important hair dying question!! [Please Answer]?
Is it possible to straighten your hair so much it becomes straight?
what do you think? Pics included?
Would this hairstyle look fab or "ick" on me? (pics included)?
Best way to get remove of public hair?
Bleached hair turned green hair?
Having second thoughts on getting my hair cut. What do you think? (pics)?
How to style a cheap halloween wig?
Do you know of any cool hair styles to do for medium length hair?
How do I get really pretty hair w/out a lot of money?
How long do I have to wait to dye my hair?
Blondes are best?
How do I make my hair grow fast?
When you see a man with a toupee.......?
Would blonde be a good color or a bad mistake?
what would be a good hair style for round faced blonde blue eyed girl? and makeup tips?
I have really curly and kinda puffy hair can i straighten it out???
highlights or layers?
is it okay to use differennt perms for my hair or should I stick with the same on.?
can you use differnet kind of styling products and a pressing comb on the brandy's hair?
how do you get curly scrunched up hair?
I dont know how to make a ponytail?
umm i have just cut off my hair what should i do?
What is your favorite hairstyle on a female?
What colour should I dye my hair?
Do hair salons (for employement) generally have strict tattoo rules?
What is a good hair gel that provides a long-term wet look?, preferably a cruelty-free product. ?
What Shampoo is good for frizzy hair?
how can i get the red to stand out?
How do you bleach your hair?
Would I look good blonde?
I need to find something that I can put on my skin to get off hair dye.?
Just cut my own hair?
curly hair??
whats your eye color?
Keratin Treatment questions.?
Does my hair look better blonde or Brown?
do you have to tease scene hair?
Guys ONLY please: Opinion on my red hair.?
How can I keep my hair from being so oily?
1940s Hairstyles?
Do I need to have a special type of haircut to make a messy braid?
Can you teses your hair when....?
Putting my hair up in a pony tail?
Hair disaster help please?
is there a website for African American women to find stylish hair designs? and corn rolled styles?
Got my first perm today. Now it's just fizz?
I'm not sure about this Wet 2 Style thingy....?
can sum1 help me with my uneven dread loc sides?
Pictureee-> Do you think I should dye my hair lighter?
need more volumee in mt hair?
hair style help?
what is hair staning?
Look good for my school camp in less than 2 weeks?
How to Grow hair on a Bald Spot?
My hair is really frizzy, poofy, and thick...What should I do with it?
Is There a way to possibly grow your hair longer, faster?
I have natural curly hair and it is really annoying and i don't know what i can do with it HELP!?
Best Hair Straightener: Sedu or Solia?
I have ginger hair what should I do?
how do i curl my hair with hot sticks??
How to get surfer girl hair, look and attitude? helppp?
What shampoo makes your hair curly?
i want to do something new to my hair help me outtt!?
Redheads: hot or not?
Are there any foods that make your hair grow longer?
shall i go for rebonding? i think they'll not damage my hair?thanx!?
Hair cut and hair length question help please(:?
How can we call this kind of hairstyle?
how to speed up hair growth?.................................…
Temporary highlights for my brother?
I eat my hair and im scared that I might have a hairball in my stomach what should I do?
Do I look alright with longer hair?
Make Up question girls? help?! ASAP?
what can i use to make myy hair thicker????
Do I look better with straight or curly hair?
poll : do u like ur hair ?? =) natural ! without any products?
How to 'spike' longer hair?
What's the best hairspray for the short feathered 80's look?
I accidently dyed my hair too dark?
tanned skin, hazel eyes and blonde hair?
what makes your hair grow faster?
Have you given your hair to Locks Of Love?
Dying the bottom layer of my hair?
What colour should I dye my hair?
Does 'Viviscal' hair loss treatment actually work?
My Hair is too Dry what can do to fix that?
question on dying hair?
I have dreadlocks down my back but have been getting dry scalp lately and it's getting bad any solutions?
Help with short hair!!!?
Do I look better with curly hair or straight hair?
Cheerleading hairstyles?
What haircut should a round face male get?HELP PLEASE?
what are some good hair styles..Short hair styles for men..?
micro beaded or tape extensions for thin hair?
Hair tips!?
(Pics included) Do i look better with wavy hair or straight :D loads of answers please :D?
How can I make a hair piece from my cut long hair, so I can use it and attach it to my ponytail?
long hair or short hair?
What color dye would go good with dirty blonde hair?
i'm getting my hair cut next week.?
how do i get my hair to part down the side?
Deep conditioning relaxed hair???
I don't want to hurt my hair stylist's feelings, but I need a change?
Do I look better with short or long hair?
Should I continue with my block fringe?
So called BFF???
Are there any manic panic stockists in Adelaide, South Australia?
Help! I don't know what do do with my hair!?
GUYS!! BLONDE(me) or brunette?
To all the guys out there who do more take seriously blondes or brunettes?
how do i get back my naturally curly hair from when i was a baby?
Difference between a hair razor and a razor?
is this a cute hair cut?
Should I go for this hairstyle?
Hair styles & highlights?
Why do men prefer women with long hair?
black cherry hair dye?
i m suffering from hair fall in past few months . it is happening for the first time to me ... what to do?
how would i cut steps into my hair?
Any ideas for my next haircut....?
striaghtening question..?
anyone have any good ideas for a homecoming updo?
Which of these is the best Mousses/gels to use for scrunching my hair?
organic ingredients for 4a/4b hair?
I need a good hairstyle for homecoming. but i dont want it to be an updo.?
I colored my hair blonde, but it's naturally brown, roots are showing. Should I color it back?
Question for girls?
does my hair look good?
what shampoo and conditioner brand do you love the most?
how do i lighten hair coloured with a permanent dye?
How do I do a messy bun?
is curly long hair or straight long hair sexier?
whats a good hair straightener to get?
Please, Please, Please help! (I need lots of answers) i need help by 6 to nite!?
Can someone recommend me a good shampoo?
How to get my hair like Harry Styles?
Dyeing previously dyed brown hair ash blonde?
what's the best hair cut for girls?
when i shave my legs im left with black spots whree the hair was, and when i wax they go red, what can i do?
What's wrong with my hair?
What about pubic shaving?
Paul Mitchell PM Shine CLEAR?
How do I get my hair silky and straight?
How do I get the "Gotti" haircut, The Blow out or Tape up?
On the show The Suite Life On Deck Debby Ryan has a really cool hairstyle how do you do it?
Can anyone tell me what is the name of that hairstyle. Thank you.?
i have really hairy arms?
Lemon juice?
I was wondering how so I style my "baby hairs" on my head to be like J. Lo's? What is the best way to do it?
how to care for human hair extensions?
Does hair look longer either half up and half down or all down?
How to get the perfect ponytail!?
Everyone has been asking about how there going to do there New years hair and its kind of making me want ?
What should I do with my hair?
Guys with long hair ? do you guys have this problem? or girls?
What do I ask for if i want side swept bangs?
My friend needs more opinions can you help her?
what do i ask the hairdresser if i want my hair like this x?
what proper hairstyle can i go for a special occasion?
Do I look better blonde or dark? *photos*?
Teens: What color hair/eyes do u have?
I straightened my hair without using heat protectent..?
Hair extensions not matching?
Bikini Waxing age restrictions?!!?!!?
How do I use hair conditioner?
good hair dye? pic included?
Buzz? Should I? [[pictures]]?
What Do You Think Of My Hair?
How can i make my hair look like in this picture?
is washing you hair everyday bad?
What hair color suits me better (photos)?
Where can I find clip in hair extensions in vancouver?
How do I grow my hair long without it looking goofy / unkept in the process?
How to get super hydrated hair?!?
Does anyone own a mason pearson brush?
How do I Display Hair Clips ?
Are permanent dyes harmful for African American hair?
Is there any solution for white hair?
How long will it take for me at a salon?
What hair colour do you think looks best?
Best hairspray for my hair type?! best awnser!!!?
Should I go blonder?
redhead?? would i suit it?
I would like to know if i should highlight my hair red, if i have med/long brown hair.?
should hair be kepted moist in summer months??
suggest me a few hairstyles...pls help mi.... :]?
What do you think?
How should I get my hair cut and what is my face shape? (Pics)?
I want to dye my hair.Wat colour goes well with black hair?
Haircut, good or bad? (PICS)?
how to get wavy hair without heat?
Which hair looked better? *Pic* & promised 10 points!?
who is rusty nuts?
How to make my hair stay unbedibdeded?
what the best product to regrow black hair?
best way to do at home highlights?
I have ONE little blister patch above clit in my pubic area where the hair grows its freaking my out?
Going back to my natural hair color?
What are straightening hair products that aren't greasy?
Hairstyles to impress a guy?
Does blow drying your hair affect how it grows?
How do I grow my hair back?
Do you think that getting a magic straight perm will cause hair to grow slower?
Apply mousse to curls?
curly HAIR..PRETTY..or
where to get pink and blue hair dye?
Best shampoo/conditioner for colored treated hair?
Sharpie dying a wig black?
help! answer about palty! hurry!?
HELP, A BUNCH OF IDIOTS ANSWERED MY QUESTION...Can someone intelligent answer me?!!?!?
What is your hair color?
Is washing your hair everyday bad for it?
How can I contain my frizzy hair?
what ingredients do I need to straighten my hair?
is it ok for teenagers to use kids shampoo?
do you need a crimper to crimp your hair?
Where can I buy clip on bangs in Atlanta, GA?
How do I make medium - tight ringlets stay in place all night?
how long for braids?
How can I tell my friend that her hair smells like fire?
Going to get my hair cut what to ask for?
I think my hair is alive?
What can I do? I just got a bad haircut!?
Im African American and my hair is naturally curly and it is so nappy, its starting to dread, I need help?
why do people get grey hairs at their young age of 21 or 22?
How do I find a good hair stylist?
How do you get dread locks?
Which hairstyle is better on me AND WHY?
i need cool emo short hair cuts with pics?
how do you control frizz??
which is more appealing,long or short hair women?
Where can I buy temporary hair dye in New Zealand?
Faux hawk question?
What should I wear if it is going to be in the mid 50's 2moro?
How do I use a three tong curler?
How To Use Olive Oil For Hair Growth?
how to wear my hair to school?
i straighten my hair a lot? its getting boring..?
Do i look better as a blonde, or a brunette?
Any solutions for Dry hair?
why do your hair shed ?
which company is really up to something with hair cloning?
Do burnt ends still grow?
I straighten my hair, and how do i get rid of the fried look at the ends?
How can i cut my hair like Leda Monster Bunny's?
what colour is you hair?
Does shampoo damage your hair at all?
Ideas for styling short hair...?
How do I eliminate greasy roots?
my mom has 3 years of cutting hair and she is a pro but do u think its to soon to open her own salon.?
Girls:hair question????????????????????
if your hair is straight and gets tanged real easy how do u make it stay straight besides hair spray?
A girl with mustache hair?
Does anyone know any websites that names all the different types of hairstyles for women?
i am goin on a night out and want my hair up any1 no any good sites where i can get ideas from?
Hightlights or Lowlights?
How to cover hair at school to avoid trouble?
want a new hair style, any ideas please?
Do side bangs look cool on guys too?
How Well Does The In-Styler Work?
**** Whats a girls favorite hairstyle on a guy? ****?
For women.Why are you so negative when you see another woman with very long hair?
can wet to dry straighteners work on dry hair only?
how does brooke hyland do her hair?
what color hair would i look good with ?
girls only plz answer my question?
Why does my hair feel so GREASY?
Eric Szmanda CSI haircut ?
I want to darken my hair back so whats the best way to dye your hair without damaging it or drying it out?
Do Highlights hurt ur hair?
Highlights for a guy - what do you think?
How to get overnight curls ?
want to color my hair, but is it risky?
does short hair look good on curvy women?
can i pull of white hair?
my hair is wavy and frizzy...what's the best way to make it look better?
What do you think of this hairstyle?
I have blonde hair and I was thinking of switching to strawberry blonde...good choice?
Is my natural hair color dark brown?
Women, do you like your guy to?
Do I look better with wavy or straight hair? *pics*?
How to grow my hair longer in a month?!?!?
What should I do with my hair (w/ pic)?
Will the baby hairs (on my hairline) ever grow back?
what can i do for very oily hair?
would it look ugly.....?
Is it bad for my hair to wash it every day?
can someone give me a pic of the hair color 33t?
Why do I bleed when I shave my pubic hair when hair is not fully grown out?
how to obtain semi straight/natural waves hair? or defined frizzy-free curls?
why cant the ends of my hair get super straight?
Differential colors of pubic hair? Puberty help!?
When should I was my hair?
could I die my hair blond even if I have dark hair?
help mi wat should i do with my hair i wanna cut it if i dont find anything else 2 do..?
Hair by the bundle: 1st time buying, I'm going to get a full weave W| top out should i get 2 bundles?
Why does Scott Hartnell have ginger, foot long, public hair on his head?
is my hair too long for a perm?
Do you remember "Fabio"?
Does black dye fade to gray?
Bleaching hair?
haircolor n haircut that suits me?
please suggest a hairstyle or haircut for me. Thanks?
Do I look better with curly or straight hair?
What shampoos make hair really healthy/grow longer?
can i used Clairol Born Blonde over my brassy highlights?
Hair Emergency! What can i do ?
how to get my afro back?
*Does hair dye and thermal protectant react when dying your hair?*?
Are highlights in or out?
Just below chin length hairstyle?
is anyone good with hair?
the best cheap brand straighteners?
Kerastase bain for thinning hair any good?
HELP ME PLz !!!!!!!!!?
What hair colour is this?
How much should quality extensions be?
Do you think it wierd for a guy to shave his arms?
How would I look without my hair (photoshop included)?
How long do you think the ombre hair trend with continue?
i have long ginger hair how should i wear it to school tommarrow?
is this hair cut to edgy for me?
hair straightener help please?
Where can I buy Ice Spiker Hair Gel in covina?
what color should i dye my hair?
What fringe would suit me the best ? Help please!?
Which Remington hair straighteners should I get?
how do i find the right hairstyle?
I need help with making a messy bun?
is a spiral perm easy to fix when you dont have much time in the morning?
Haircut for small, oval face and small forehead?
How to have my hair styled?
If I let my hair get long will I look like a German male prostitute? Picture Die Hard German stereotype...?
About the curly perm ??????????????
How do u make your hair grow faster?
What is wavy hair?
is it true that if your hair is dirty that will grow faster?
Braiding hair in pigtails, cute or not? ?
Anyone know any music to cheer up a guy who has just had a bad haircut?
hairrrrrrrr helppppppp????
i need 2 change my hair pattern by striaghtin r curling bt my hair is so thin suggest me names of sum haircut?
A good shampoo/conditioner?
Dip dye hair in kool-aid?
Redhead wants to dye hair ! Any ideas on what color to dye underneath hair only not whole hair !?
How can I style my hair my hair crazy?
hairstyle ideas? you like?
where can i get green hair dye?
What is hair Infusion?
How long does it take you to straighten or curl your hair?
i'm a natural red , and my style is out dated.?
How long does it take hair to grow back?
Reddish brown to light brown AT HOME hair dying?
what color would look good underneath (shadow) light brown hair?
Suggestion for hairstyle
do you think this scene hair will look right on me?
Frizzy hair at the ends?
which company is really up to something with hair cloning?
How can I get my hair to be light brown naturally/ with home remedies?
How often do you flat iron your hair?
low lights or highlights?
curling iron help????????????????????????????????
I'm looking for inexpensive products for static electricity in hair?
How to make my natural hair grow?
Should i cut my daughters hair?
Do you have to get your hair cut off if you want layers !!!? you wear a shower cap?
i have thin hair and always wear it in a bun...?
Important HAIR problems! please help, thanks?
Help! does this work?
Hair cut/style question?
Bald Spots?
Does anyone know how to deal with my hair?
HOW or how LONG will it take for my hair to grow way longer?
My daughters blonde hair turned green after swimming, what can I do?
My hair is falling out HELP PLEASE IM Scared?
how can i get my hair like this?!?
My hair is falling out A LOT ?
I cant decide what color I want to dye my hair!?
Bedhead manipulator , need help please!?
girls! do you prefer men with blonde, brown, black or red hair?
DOeS this hairstyle LOoOK GOOd on ME!
Want to dipdye my hair, but I don't know if it suits me. Need some fashion advice!?
omg i just killed my hair! its sooo shorT! help?
Okay I have to curl my hair in less than 2 hours for a show...well i only have non-hot rollers will it work??
Can mashed avocado be used as a hair conditioner? Why?
This fall what do u think is more stylish? curly or straight hair?
How do i dye my hair? Will this work? Should i do this? Help!!!!?
I really want to cut my hair, Should I?
How to vasten chest hair and mousthache?
Is this girl good looking?! (I had to ask)?
am i crazy, i want to dye my hair like dark red? *pictures.?
What shampoo works best for falling hair?
what hair color is this?
How does thinning out your hair work?
this question's for the ladies?
Is there an age limit on full Bikni Waxes?
if i shave my arms?
My wife wants a Chi Hair Straightener for Christmas?
I have straight hair.and it used to look really good. but now it all ways looks really!?
how can i make my hair happy and be the BEST owner? i dont want split ends too. at all. is it possible?
How can I get waves in my hair (***** hair)?
How long does it take for you to straighten your hair?
removing hair at a salon?
What color highlights should I get?
Ginger it that bad?
What is the best hair salon in northeastern Ohio?
My ends are seriously damaged, what is the best products to bring them back?
How to stop my bangs from parting in the middle?
Is it bad to straighten my hair every day if i just got it colored?
10 points..Pick 2 names that are better for blonde hair boys?
Hi,pls ans my q,my hair become loose 2 scalp from 4years,i m not saying it is unhealthy but it falls rapidly?
how stop hair thinning and curling?
Do girls like guys with brown hair? often do you wash your hair? Everyday? Every 2nd day?
Should I have my hair up or down on the first day of school?
Any ideas how to tease your hair without backcombing?
My hair is awalf dry after a perm.What should I use?
How can I get my hair flat ironed straight?
How long would it take to get my hair back?
Long hair? Yes please!?
which one is better Nisim shampoo for hair fall or the castor oil?
How Can You Grow Really Long Hair Fast?
Any disadvantages to using a hair thinner on the hair?
if my hair is blk. what color will peroxide turn it???
Would i look okay with darker hair?
shampoo help plz?
What's wrong with my hair?
what should i get for a hair cut?
Should I Shave My Hair Off?
!10 point Which name sounds rich and successful in his life?
can you help me with getting rid of Nits!! Little blighers!?
Prenatal vitamins... do they really make your hair grow?
How should I dye my hair? please take a look?
I have a grease spot in my hair that wont go away?
Who, besides myself loves long hair on display all over their pillow each night while they are sleeping???
Who has the latest hair styls?
My Hair is all one length. How do I change it?
What hairstyle do you recommend...?
Hey. My dad is opening a beauty salon for women (Hairdresser).i need a classy and catchy name any suggestions?
i bought got2b magnetik styling gel have any buddy used this stuff befour?
what are the colors available for l'oreal cellophane?
Will my hair continue to grow this fast?
Help on Hairstyles!!!!?
tied back hairstyles?
L'oreal HiColor Blondes for dark hair?
Home redmies for burned / dry hair ?
Is it possible that i'll go bald?
What are your opinions on African American hair?
What do men prefer? Women with soft silky long hair or a sexy short haircut?
anybody knows nice and comfortable hairstyles for kids.?
Why won't my husband let me buy some new hair straighteners? They only cost £100.?
What hair product should I use to make my hair look wet for a long period of time? @least 3 hrs.?
How do I keep my hair straight and frizz free?
Clippers vs. Scissors?
Help with hair!!!!!!!! experts!!!!!?
I dont know how to...?
i want my hair soft again?!?
what should I do with my hair (pic)?
Ladies: Should I cut my hair (picture inside)?
how much do you tip your hair stylist?
How do to keep my hair silky and smooth looking?
Should I grow a beard?
What is hair made out of.. And how is it formed?
Hair dye help, asap please?
What are good straighteners apart from ghds ?
What Could I Do To Make My Hair Grow Super Fast In Like 2 Or 3 Months ?
What are some good hair curling tools or strategies that really work?
Short or Long hair?? Gimme your opinions!?
What is the best flat iron on the market?
! ! ! ! ! Family guy, The Simpsons or Futurerama ! ! ! ! ! WHICH ONES BETTER ????
how to cut your hair like Coleman from 50 pills?
should i? how?
Which hair color looks best?
I just highlighted my hair and its orange, what can I do?
Do anyone know where Can i dreadlocks my hair in Penang ?
im cuttin mii hair shaorter would this style look ok pic included?
what color is ur hair/eyes?
hey how do yall like my new hair???(picturezzz)!!!and how should i...?
how to scruch hair???????????????
i want to cut my hair mysely but i dont know how?
How to get hair like Kristen Stewart?
Why do a lot of people like LOOSER curls more than TIGHT curls?
what hair color looks best wit green eyees?
What shampoo do you use to wash your hair?
is pubic harir always the same natural color as head hair?
what do you think of blonde guys?
Where are some hair salons that do a emo/gothic hair near Danforth & Coxwell in Tornto?
my boyfriend asked me to cut his hair for him. should i cut it all off and leave him bald?
My hair is weak ,curly and small. How to get thick straight black hair?
What does Jello Do for your hair?
What would happen if i dyed my light intense red auburn hair magenta?
I'm 17 and i have like adult armpit hair.?
How to cut "scene" hair from the start?
What is this Kal Penn Hairstyle called?
whats a "natural" way to make brown hair closer to blonde?
Hair breakage question please help?
I enjoy having lice, is that weird?
Where can i get Nisim Fast Shampoo and Conditioner?
What do your think of this hairstyle?
I dyed my hair red (I'm naturally blonde) and it faded to a bright pink so then I wanted to go blonde again...
Advice for child's curly hair?
need more volumee in mt hair?
My hair is turning white?
How do i grow my hair? 10 POINTS BEST ANSWER?
Where can I get a light blue toner? PLEASE HELP.?
How long can I leave my hair before relaxing the roots?
Do you think long hair on girls is tacky?
Would I have to bleach my hair or lighten it before dying my hair purple?
What would be a good hairstyle for a male, with very thick hair? (pic included)?
How do you get wavy hair to go straight?
PLEASE help me, answer pleasee its very important to me, thanks in advance !?
i am a boy, who has shoulder length hair, besides a ponytail, what other ways can i wear my hair
Natural hair masks please?
do i look good ???!!!?
Opinions. What to do? (Picture)?
school trip!? help plzz?
Is schwarzkopf live xxl ice blonde a bleach?
girls and guys advice!!?
How long does it take hair to grow?
Will this haircut look good on me? I'm a guy that really wants a new short haircut! PLEAsE HELP ME ASAP!!!!!!!?
Does your hair get damaged from dying it?
Should I do this?
I'm female and my hair has fallen out in the top. I have a bald spot right up front. What should I do?
how do you stop a hair rinse from staining and ruining your clothes and bed linen?
Blond or brunette?
I need help with my damaged hair?? HELP!!?
What are some good hairstyles for someone with medium length hair who is a bridesmaid for a wedding?
Is it ok to wash my hair in the next day after hair relax?
Is hair color safe for a 22 year old?
Does chlorine affect coloured hair?
Hey for the girls out there. I want a new hairstyle and i dont know what hairstyles are hot these days!?
How to get this hair colour?
Blunt Cut OR Point Cut? Hair Thinning?
How to get your hair really wavy?
Do I pull off pink streaks?
what should I do to look better?? (pictures)?
Does drinking coffee make your butt hair grow ?
what kind of shampoo will help my daughters hair?
Question about hair roots?
I have short hair and its not long enough for the clip on styles of hair pieces any suggestions?
Should people streak their hair grey?
what color are kristens stewarts highlights in new moon?
how do make my hair grow ?
For thick hair should you use two bottles of hair dye?
My hair falls out a lot, please help?
i am looking for a new hair style my hair is natural, it is always in braids i want to try something new!!!!!!
Stop hair going curly?
how do you keep your hair 'down there' tidy? shaving or trimming??
How do I make my hair soft and smooth again?
why people are selfish and lier ?why people not understood me?
my hair is black and i wanna bleach it!! damaged will it be?
how would you get this hairstyle?
me and blonde friends r wondering.................guys!?
How to keep my real hair from separating from my extension hair in the wind?
Why do I suddenly have super oily hair and dandruff?
Manic Panic SHOCKING BLUE~ Over copper bleached hair?
what do you do with damaged hair? Is there some products to use?
would it be awkward for this?
How should i get my hair cut?
How do i make my hair look less greasy today?
WHy is my hair falling out????
I can see the scalp in the front of my hair...where you part it..I am 21 and not losing hair..what gives?
how can I keep my hair straight?
where can I buy physique percision wax?
How can i fix my emo hair?
is this out off style?
10 points for the funniest and most unique answer!?
Would my hair look ok, if it were dark brown? [pic]?
whats this hair style called?
what are some websites with tips on how to fix your hair?
Whats the name of this hairstyle, and do girls find this hairstyle attractive?
what is it called when you shave stripes in your hair near sideburns?
How long can I leave my hair before relaxing the roots?
how can i remove hair from my face?
Colored my hair few days ago, thinking of going a shade darker.?
Best curling tong!!?
I have naturally curly hair, have been straightening it now its wavy would a perm put the curl back in?
How to straighten without heat or at least get rid of frizz from wavy frizzy hair?
what do i do? red to blondee?
How do you control frizzy/ static prone hair?
can you help me??
What is the best Anti dandruff shampoo?
How fo I grow my hair?
i love a women that keeps her hair hooked up am i the only one and her nail done?
how to take of your brazilian hair?
crazy hair day ideas please help?
short haircut for 17 year old girl?
Do you know how to braid ribbons into hair?
how to prevent baldness? somebody?
is there a way to make you're hair longer???
how to do you style your hair like this?
eyebrows will it hurt!!!?
is there a way that i can get rid of greasy hair to only wash it like every couple of days?
split ends, help!!?
Is going gray,really that bad?
Get My hair dyed red? WHat you think girls? (Pics)?
Do you think pink hair is pretty? Or silly?
What colour should I dye my hair?
Where can i get wave pomade in Singapore?
How and where can I get a good men's haircut for longer hair?
do you cut your own hair?
how do you feel about blonde hair with brown brows?
What vitamins should I take for my hair?
What can I do about my dry hair?
Is there really a difference in hair cutting scissors & other scissors?
How do you go natural from a relaxer?
You would make my day if you help?
How do i make my hair straight??
How do I straightened my hair?
mixed chicks products?
Why have I had grey hair since I was 14? Is it a vitamin diffeciancy??
how long does it take to grow out a side-fringe?
about how much should it cost?
How long does cool aid stay in your hair?
do you like this red hair color?
Can u help me desscribe the hair of my avatar?
What colour of hair do I suit best and what colour should I dye it?
how much would it cost for me to get a loose perm? my hair is about 5cm past my shoulders. and i live in aus?
I want to let my hair dry naturally with no hair dryer or straighteners but it goes really fizzy?
Does anyone know where I can get a photo of that new trendy carmel colored hair?
Dry shampoo for coloured hair?
Why is my hair turning curly?
what color are your eyes and your hair?
What can I put in my hair to keep it looking naturally curly?
how to achieve neat spikes at the front?
how to take care of black?
Is there a word for brown hair?
Ideas for styling my hair for homecoming?
How do u ask a question on Answers?
what is the best hairstyle for?
I want to try a new shampoo and conditioner?
My hair is short and it's ugly HELP?
2 year old hair tips?
straight hair to wavy hair? help EASY TEN POINTS!!!?
What color should I dye my hair, or should I even dye it?
what hair color do i look better in?
What do guys like more,short or long hair?
Dark brown colored hair to bright red?
Please help, how to get a massive knot out my hair?
i am 15 ,i there something i can do to get my hair straightened?thanx!?
good haircut choice? PLEASE ANSWER.?
Curly or Straight hair?
hair help plzz!!!!!!?
10 points for this answer! How to dye hair Kool-Aid?
My girlfriend dyed her hair and I miss her long hair what should I say?
What kind of hairstyles do guys like on girl?
Guys what do you think of short hair on girls?
I have blonde hair but im thinking of putting light brown highlights, will this look good?
Hair Help! Blond or Brown?
Do extensions look okay with an aysmetrical bob like frankie sandfords?
my hair is puffy, damaged, and kind of frizzy.?
Do you think my pigtails in this picture look too childish?
14 year old girl shaving hair for charity?
what to study if you want to MAKE hair products?
How to keep my hair looking good overnight using no heat?
Ladies: Which is better, baby smooth or stubble?
i want my hair to thick ,longer and black. so shinning too .from megrina?
Sally Hasen Salon Effects?
Need Help Ladies! SALON hair products ?!?
tell me about sho nuff barbershop in st charles?
Bright red to copper hair?
im black and im trying to get straight hair anytip on how to do it pls?
Black women: hair help? Please?!?
how to become a Professional Hair Stylist ?
do you think i will look cute with blue hair?
Unnatural hair combinations?
should i dye my hair? (picture)?
I'M GoING To CoLoR mY hAiR PiNk. AnY aDvIcE?
Best bleach kit to prepare hair for crazy coloring?
Grey/Auburn Brown Color Fading In Hair help?
How do you grow your hair longer ?
How often do you straighten your hair?
I'm 26, and i like my hair kind of long, I am a brunette, how long should my hair be?
whats your favouite hairstyle???
What extentions should i use with a wave nouveau perm?
Any ideas for cute straight hairstyles?
Should I ditch being blonde?
Hair and Makeup ideas/ pictures/ suggestions?
hair help!?!?!?!?
Hair catastrophe ! help!?
does anyone have a recent photo of a womens funky mullet hairstyle? preferably a shorter style?
If i use deep conditioners and hot oil treatments can i get my old hair i had before i hit puberty?
Blonde vrs. Brunette?
I need a new haircut style. Any suggestions?
I've skipped shaving for a few days and have some healthy stubble. What would be an amusing topiary style?
What color should i dye my hair?
Flat ironing hair......?
How to avoid Premature grey hair ? and suggest me some naural colorants?
How do I get my hair like a emo girls?
i have long hair 2 inches more than can i give then style because i m fed up of 1 style only?
is motions a good hair product to use?
how can i make my hair grow fast?
Do straighteners really damage your hair?
How can I go blonde?
What color is my hair going to be after i dye it?
I look like a guy with my short hair?
obsessed with redheads...?
How can I get my hair a brighter red color?
How can i get really long hair?!?
Do I look better with Black hair or brown?
What do you think of scene hair?
would i look good with dark or light brown hair?(pic)?