Do you like this hairstylee ?
what color should i dye my hair? pics?
How should I cut my hair(if at all)?
which hair color product lasts the longest on hair?
split ends??
did your mum or dad ever cut your hair before?
Does waxing ur bikini area REALLY hurt A LOT?
Which haircolor suits me best?
how do i get my hair to look like this? 10 points!?
My hair refuses to bleach how do I fix it?
short hair or long hair??? (includes pics)?
Do you like my new hairstyle?
Hair tips for dressing a girl as a guy for a movie?
hair styles to do wit bangs?!?
hey,i have problem with my very curly creates a lot of mess and makes me look horrible,?
Which brand of shampoo works best for you?
Girl's only: What side do you part your hair on?
Whats the best way to get rid of nits and the eggs?
what will happen if i cut(trim) my leg hair with scissors?
Is this the most ridiculous response to a question you have ever read?
Should I stay with my hair color?
Need a new hair style for long blonde hair. What web sight will show me differant styles?
is razoring and angle layering a common practice? Or would I have to find a high class salon to do it?
hair colours for pale skin?
does anyone have any good pictures i can see for updos for prom? i have long hair.?
how much does hair transplants cost?
Will my face look thinner with straight or curly hair?
I just got a pixie cut and relaxed my hair. How do I maintain my cut and maintain healthy hair?
How can I make my facial hair grow faster?
Is it okay to wash your hair without using conditioner?
How can I help my hair grow faster?
Is wholesfoods the only store that sells beautiful curls leave in conditioner kinky to curly by alaffia?
What colour would my hair turn if I used L'oreal casting creme gloss Plum 316? (Pictures included of my hair)?
I got my hair permed and it made my ends frizzy, and I want to dye it to brown, is it a bad idea to dye it?
Im just really bored so.....whats your eye color?
who here is "emo"!?!?
cant curl my hair... help?
i bleached my hair two weeks long till i can dye it again?
what would you call this hairstyle ?
I need to know if practical joke or serious?
I am getting a haircut in less than one week and I am tired of my boring hair. Any suggestions?
What can I do with my hair for an 80s night?
what is some ways i can grow my hair out ( like 6-7 inches) ?
Girls, what do you think of long hair on guys?
hair looks dry,thin, and lifeless?
Is it normal to shave all pubic hair?? GIRLS...?
Hairstyle for College guy?
Can I use runny hair mousse?
Im 15. hated what i heard from the Hospital. any thoughts?
*New* Side bangs won't stay flat....?!?! (Picture)?
hair help!!!!!!!!!!!pics included!!?
Really good YouTube beauty and hair gurus ?
First Day of School Outfits and Hairstyles ?
do causian hair grow faster then afro amercican hair???
Why is my happy trail hair darker than the rest of my bodily hair?
How do you blow dry curly hair straight? I request that you post a website that shows how to dry hair straight?
How much is a haircut for a 14 yr old?
Plucking hair with tweezers?
anyone know anything good on fringe clipss? would like some opinions?
whats prettier blondes or brunettes?
why do pubic hairs stop growing when they reach a certain length?
Hairstyles for school and stuff?? :) easy 10 points!?
what product makes your hair grow FAST?
bleaching hair at home?
opinion about gals with short hair??
is it bad to wash your hair everyday?
What color highlights/hair dye? (pictures)?
how soon after dye-ing my hair can i do it again? i don't like the colour.?
What to do to get my hair growing fast?
i wanna get my hair cut long layers but i want to be able to wear it in a bun and a ponytail?
how do i get rid of head lice?
Is having a MUSTACHE just like having a little pet on your face?
What is your favorite shampoo?
How do i fix a bad haircut (i'm a guy)?
What happens if you put blonde hair dye over purple/red hair dye ?
Do you prefer your woman to have short, medium, or long hair?
how do you do your hair like mandy moore on a walk to remember?
Can I use Demi permanent hair color?
Are perms very damaging?Any more or less than highlights?
What kind of hair extensions should I use if I have naturaly curly hair?
how can i do my hair for the first day of school?
How do you shave your hair? Girls only please :)?
How would I ask for this haircut?
Should I ombre my hair?
What would be a good haircut?
How often should 12 year girls wash their hair?
losing hair. should I see a dermatologist?
Do you think light golden brown would suit me? (pic included)?
Would people call me a fake *****?
why do girls dye their hair black?
does pantene pro-v really put wax in their ingredients which makes your hair grow slower?
sewn in extensions for hair?
I want to dye my hair red but I don't know what color to use?
Do I Look Good With Brown Hair (Pic) ?
Hairstyles for teen boys?
Which Side should i Make my side braid on?
A new hairstyle for me?
im 13 my hair is just past my butt. natural light blonde...but do guys really like long hair?should i cut it?
Hair dye problem? sis is freaking out!?
Is there any way to keep my hair with that wet/texturised look?
who is best in bed a brunette or blonde?
how do u create a account on
What hair straightener should I buy?
Do you have any gray hair? If so, how old are you?
i have frizzy hair. what kind of hair products should i use to make them more managable?
Is there any products that I can use to make my hair curly temporarily?
Can SUPER thick wavy hair get a short cut?
What items i can use to color/dye my pure black hair?
In how many days can I re-dye my hair ?
how do i make my wavy hair straight in humid places??
I'm 16, and I have gray hair!?
Any hair suggestions? (:?
what is the hair growth product that begins with letter N sold in hair salons only?
should i do more purple in my hair?
Doing my hair tips purple?
about lasar hair removal?
Does my hair look better curly, straight, or up?
does purple hair dye work on orange hair?
does spagehitti really make your boobs grow? cause mine arent growning?
black hair? 13 years old? (includes pics)?
how to you get the shine off extensions?
Do you think I could be a model?
Does beer make your hair grow?
Which is the best hair dying product?
Is my hair "weird"?!?
what should i do with my hair?
what hairstyle fits me? please help me!?
how did you come up with this network anyway?
What color should I die my hair?
How to make frizzy/curly hair into silky/wavy hair?
are braids russian traditional russian hair style?
Did you like your perm?
Who had a mullet ten years ago?
why do some people on here get so rude?
The ends of my hair were bleached, then I dyed my whole head brown. If I lighten my hair will it turn out even?
hair problems?
Best shampoo/conditioner? your opinion...?
Going to bed with wet hair , will it be fully dry 7 hours later?
question of permed hair?
How should i wear my hair for my first day of high school?
Weird oder/bad smelling hair lately? Please help!?
i need hair tips?
I have curly hair, and straighten it EVERYDAY, but it's beginning to get a chore, how can i make it last?
What color should i dye my hair??
Who else is fed up with this "blonde pride"?
how can i keep my hair straight...?
Can a put a dark blonde hair dye on brown hair?
Is it possible to get straight hair by using a curling iron?
is it okay to leave in non-leave in conditioner?
Will I be able to go back to blonde after dying my hair purple?
I'm looking to dye my hair but I don't know if I should dye it jet black or platinum blonde?
what should i do to my hair? highlights? dye it?
Does this hair color suit me (photo)?
Did Frank Sinatra have red in his hair?
Why do girls have such long hair?
how should i dye my hair??(pics included)?
Shaving off curly would it grow back out?
How to straighten My Hair?
I just got a hair cut today and its shorter than i really want, any ideas to make it look longer?
Is It Ok To Put A Mixed Perm In The Refrigerator?
Whats this hair style called?
my hair won't grow
Which do you like better? (Pics inside!)
What color should I dye my hair?
What is a good website for hairstyles for curly shoulder length hair?
How do I get my hair to look like this? (Picture included)?
how do emo guys keep their hair strait?
Grow long hair fast? Thanks(:?
I am lossing my hair......?
How can i color kanekalon synthetic hair fiber?
Hairstyle Pictures? Help?
is it possible to do an Ombre hair look on already colored hair?
what type of hair dye should i use on my hair?
Hair help please ?? Ugh! pictures included?
What hair extensions last longer?
How do I keep my hair from geting so oily without having to wash it everyday?
What haircut would look good on me? What Hair color? (Picture included)?
would red hair.....?
How to easily get wavy hair?!?
y am i losing my hair win im onley 18?
if i use one n' only color dye remover will it ruin my hair and will it leave it to my natural hair color?
should i leave my hair as is?
some one please answer would black hair suit me?
I have dark brown hair and im dying (tinting) it plum. What will this fade to?
Is it bad to spray sunscreen for your skin on my hair?
What should I do with my hair?
Short hair or long- which do you prefer?
How can I get rid of green pigment in hair without dying it? ?
Does anyone know the name of this chick, 'cuz I like her hairstyle for prom?
how can get my hair curly ?
What is the best straightener for thick curly hair?
How do I grow long healthy hair?
Redken All Soft vs Matrix Biolage Hydratherapie?
What comb or brush do you use for your hair type?
hair removal methods?
what shampoo should I get ? s?
Going blonde, with natural dark hair?
Hair color advice please? :)?
How should I cut my hair? > > [ pictures ]?
which is better at turning black hair to light brown: loreal or schwarzkopf?
If my hair is really dark, can I dye it with Kool-Aid?
Why do I love platinum hair so much?
Straightening my hair at night or in the morning? When I shower in the day and straighten it, it looks good, v?
Serious Need Hair Help!!?
How long does it take for bangs to grow out a little bit?
Flakeing and ing from gel with my dreads?
Is there a way to treat your hair as if it looked like you just woke up (frizzy and messy)?
Best hair style in high humidity?
my mum says that i shouldn't change my shampoo!!!?
What are some good straightners?
If I were to get my hair colored and glazed...what exactly does that mean?
How to keep curls flexible and lock in?
How should i cut my hair?
has anyone used Garnier Multi-Lights highlight kit?
Hair Question. What do you think?
Would I look good blonde? (PICTURE INCLUDED)?
Can you recommend a good set of hot rollers?
How much does a thermal straightining cost? My hair is falls halfway between my shoulder and elbow?
How much do salons charge to dye hair?
how do i make my hair grow longer?
I can't have my hair past my eyebrows and it is longer and I can't cut my hair and if people think it is long?
What would be a good haircut for me?
Best haircut place in Delhi?
Should I dye my hair black/ dark?
A really good inexpensive hair straightoner?
what typs of hair styils can i use ?
do chicks like long hair on guys?
Where in Washington state can I get facial hair transplants? Also, how much? Thanks?
would i look good with blonde hair?
I used a conditioner for two months but now my hair falls?
would it look stupid if i died my hair blond nd had brown eye brows?
Temporary Hair Dye(not Halloween hair spray)?
how long does kool aid dye last in hair and how do you remove it?
What's a good heat protectant?
What kind of haircut does Ariana Grande have in this picture?
hair rebonding..........................?
my hair is naturally stright and poofy. and i tryed everything to make it look wavy and beachy it never works!
how can i ask a girl if i can wash her hair?
How long should I wait after dying my hair to dye it a different color? Please read details?
Please Answer, which Haircut would Look good?
which is generally better blonde or dark hair?
blonde, brunette, redhead, or black hair?
What color is Selena gomez's hair in this photo?
I tried to lighten my hair and I'm wondering what went wrong?
would i suit blonde ? what colour should i go ? pic included?
add'g pink dye to blonde hair?
Is there targeted hair growth?
Which hair style is better?
Girls.. what hair do you like on guys?
Filling your hair? Or re-pigmenting?
Which semi permanent box dye is good?
hair dye, black to blonde?:):)?
I want to open a salon in my home,what should I do to start?
Make your own "Self Cut System"?
How does my hair look ladies?
hair help?
Hair extensions!! helpppppppp!?
which kind of color hair do you think looks the best?
Is there targeted hair growth?
hair gone wrongg !!!!?
Do you think 360 waves are out of style?
which do you like better?
could you guys tell me what's all fuss about blondes?who likes them?
What color should I dye my hair? (pics included)?
Can anyone guess what brand of shampoo I use?
What is the best shampoo, oils, ect. for an African American female with permed hair?
hair help?
Best drugstore shampoo and conditioner?
hair colors for an 'autumn'?
if I want long hair should I cut it (not as stupid as it seems)?
How Do i Keep My Hair Streight? Its Nice Inside The House , Then i Go Outside &Big Bushy Waves,Please Help?
how u feel if Vinny B shavin his head?
I straightened my hair but it's still poofy!?
Remedies for excessive facial hair???? Help!!!?
i am looking for a place or someone near san diego who does dreadlocks effectively.?
how long does the color stay in when you color your hair with sharpies?
would this look good on me?? (pics)?
Long hair or short hair on me?
will suave volumizing mousse if i put it in my hair to make my hair stay curly after i curl it catch on fire?
What's the next best weave under Remy?
Ive Gotta Fringe Question ?
are blonds really dumber than brunettes or other hair colors?
what are some hairstyles an african american teenage girl can do for school?
Baby Hair !!! Please help meeeee :D?
13 years old and hair falls out alot in the shower plz help?
fun random questions have fun!?
How to dye hair brown after it's been bleached and dyed red?
someone please explain why...?
To trim or not to trim?
whats your favouite hairstyle???
How to make straight hair wavy??? plz help!?
How do i get hair lightning bleach off my hands?
Anyone know a good way to make your hair grow fast???
How much do haiR extensions?
frizzy hair?
what color hightlights will go well with black hair?
I have REALLY thick hair......Please Help!!!!?
i need advice........?
Will pink splat washable hair dye ruin blonde hair?
I'm thinking of cutting my hair for cancer?
What turns your head more, a blonde, brunette, red head or black haired beauty?
would i look good with bangs like thiss?
I have side swept bangs.. but i dont know how to fix them everyday. How do i fix them like Ashley Tisdale's?
Guys hair should be - Curly or Straight?
I regret cutting my hair off short. Help!?
what color should i dye my hair?
i have a question about my hair!?
Will this haircut fit me?
Jake UK model Scout : Could you answer this question please :D?
where can i buy a split ender from egypt or Kuwait ?
Ok I saw this infomercial for a thing called the HAIR BUMP I need a phone number or website?
Why do some girls nots shave/wax their mustache?
My hair is SUPER straight and won't do anything!?
How do I ask for this scene hairstyle at the salon?
which hair straightener is better : remington s9000, remington wet 2 straight or remingon s8102 ?
Facial hair on women?!? help!?
how long does hair grow in 1 day, and in one week, and in one month?
hey i have alot of hair on my head should i shave it?
Girls do you like men with sideburns or without? What's more attractive?
the rave about morroconoil oil.....?
I want to dye my hair black?
how do you die a black guys hair red?
who do u like better blonds or brunettes?
How can I get my hair like this? (pics included)?
I want to cut my hair like really short, like boy short, but i want it to look feminine?
Lost a bet and voters can pick my haircut and color?
hair problem?
Would demi lovato's bangs suit me (pics)?
Should i dye my hair brown?
Should I keep my side swept bangs, or get front ones?
i don't like my new haircut. how can i make my hair grow faster?
How Often Can I Dye My Hair? What Dye Should I Use?
Nice and wavy hair? (look below)?
how do you grow your hair long?
Will putting lots of blonde highlights in my hir make it fall out? ?
pls tell me the steps of how to apply conditioners. when to apply, precautions if any etc?
Should i go completely blonde or keep the highlights? Pic included?
Does short hair for a woman meet the Disney Look?
light skinned with black hair and blonde underside..good idea?
GIRLS do you like longer hair or shorter hair better?
Do you like my old hair or my new hair more?
Blonde Hair?
How can I fix badly damaged hair from a stupid product?
question about biracial hair!?
how can i get the red to stand out?
How to take care of curly hair?
Stupid haircut!!?
What should i do with my hair? Video Incl.?
how much does a hairdryer costs?
Shampoo: Made my own but turned out too oily...does anyone else make their own?
Hair help? I need opinions?
double checking if bangs would suit me?
can you help me???
What is your favorite hair color?
I have the weirdest hair ever?
Which hairstyle do you think?
LADIES/GIRLS,have u ever had your hair cut at a barber shop?
should i keep my hair 2 inches or grow it to 7 inches i am a 13 year old boy?
Antique, pale brown hair color?
Will my baby hair ever go away?
y is there always a problem in sign in messenger?
I have brown hair and I want to go to a blonde hair color, but I don't know shade of blonde I should get?
Bleached hair and it turned orange help?
can i use mane n' tail shampoo?
how can i make my hair go lighter without dying or stuff?
Thinking of getting a perm?
Dying hair blue with manic panic without bleaching. HELP!!?
What's the best brand of curling iron under $100?
what kind of brown is this?
Biracial daughter's hair?
How do you do bun messy updos?
How did African Women grow their Afro Natural Hair Long down their backs Thousands of years ago without hair p?
i want to get coontails i my hir?
Grow 5 inches of hair in 2 weeks?
What is the best hair removal cream?
What will bleaching do to my hair?
Just because you highlight your hair red on dark dark hair, is that considered scene or punk?
Would highlights look weird? (Picture Inside)?
what different styles of braids are there?
how to convince my mom to let me dye my hair again?
what is scab hair?
How many times do you wash your hair a week?
best hair colour for girls?
How to make my hair wavy/curly without gels, mousse, or curlers?
.s which last name sounds posh, rich?
Hair Question From a Guy?
Whats ur fav hair color?
how do i dye my hair with kool-aid?
What haircut should a round face male get?HELP PLEASE?
How do i make my hair grow faster?
how we should select our life partner?
Does anyone know??
Which me looks better in your opinion, I am considering short hair?
Whats a good hair dye to dye my hair with?
Where can i get a good hair cut in phoenix?
Ladies, what is the best men haircut?
I have thick,curly,dark hair and i wanna add color!?
What is the closest black hair salon to Hemet?
When is it too old for a guy to still have long hair?
Flat iron fried my hair?
How can I get rid of oily hair?
Looking for a good anti-frizz product...and suggestions?
How long will my hair be...?
would i look good with an emo cut?
Curly haircuts for women ?
How long will it take to grow these highlights out?
A few questions about extensions .?
can u put tracks in ur booty?
I have a unibrow, should I shave it?
how do you prefer my hair (pics)?
Is blonde better than brenetes>?
WHich haircut looks the best?
Anyone know Any decent extension sellers on eBay?
Going back to my natural hair color?
Desperate perm help!?
Blondes or brunettes........?
Hair help. getting hair styled different?
How do I get rid of my mustache?
How can I keep my hair straight with the humidity?
i dont kno what color to dye my hair!!!?
Do you like my new highlights?
any cute hairstyles for school?
The name of the color hair beyonce had in the irreplaceable video?
im 17 and have afro hair thats short like paris hilton real hair.How can i make my hair grow longer?
Would the lemon juice technique ever fade?
where can I find a place to purchase Sunsilk products in Houston, Texas?
What kind of hair would suit my son?
argan oil :) Help ?:/?
How do you manage African hair, when left out over a weave?
How to make my hair straight?
What is the best way to manage curly hair?
how do i get wavy curls like this. ?
Dying my hair from light brown to blonde?
how to make my hair colour burdandy?
Should i change my hair??
Its about my hair..?
How to style hair like this? (pic)?
At age 11, is dye okay? 10 points best answer :-)?
s.o.s. with hair???????
My hair is unable to straighten with relaxer?
is brylcreem good for a wet slick look comb over ?
Girls. How important is a guys hair to you?
How long does hair chalking last?
im thinking of colouring my hair red, do you think it would suit me?
What's a good hairstyle with a female w/ shoulder length hair and in layers????
My hair won't stay striaght all day , :( ?
how can i get hair like this?
easy hair styles for thick hair?
What different hairstyles can I use for school?
how can i get bleached red hair dye out of the under layers of my hair?
My curlformers don't return to their spiral shape...?
Triple Barrel Curling Irons?
TAKE THIS SURVEY!!!!!!!! TEENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
how can i make my straight hair stay culry without alot of hairspray?
what ype of haircut does big tone have with his tail?
Would it look good if i dyed the bottom of my hair red?
What hairstyle would suit me?
Which is the best curl booster: Redken Fresh Curls or Kerastase Oleo-Curl?
how to increase hair growth .any home remedy age21yrs?
how to make hair grow?
Is it okay to use curling iron for my hair almost everyday? are there bad effect?
ok just wondering i am homeschooled an i really want .........?
Which one would you rather have?
For the girls, what are the best hair styles for males?
Have you ever cut off your layers?
Should I die my hair Dark Blue or Dark Purple?
I need a really good straightener and some styling tips?
Girls - short hair or long hair on guys?? Please dont say it depends...?
I heard that if you dye your hair......?
Is it gross to wait 4-5 days to wash my hair?
What are ways a stylist can make your think wavy/curly hair permanently less frizzy?
is this hair color vulgar for a 15 year old?
What do you think of this hair?
how can i stop my five year old daughter hair from breaking off she is african american w/ natrual hair ?
does anyone know a good a really good website for wedding hair styles?
Is Epistick good for hair thin removal? (upper lip)?
what is an adequate tip for a $100 haircut?
Flatiron frinze! please help... i wanna know!!!!?
I need some hair help, PLEASE!!?
Girls would you spend 65$ to get your hair colored?
Does your mustach grow back faster when you shave or is it a myth?
coarse hair question?
10 points. 5 people names, Which one of them sounds nicer?
Should I keep dying my hair?
How to lighten arm hair?
Is it ok to straighten my Guinea pigs hair?
blonde or black hair woman?
Recommended hair straighteners?
Do bald people get dandruff?
How to get shiny hair?
split ends!!!!!????
help me find some pictures of dark brown hair with a real thin layer of blonde ontop? (pics inside)?
How do you remove chlorine from recently dyed hair?
What kind of haircut do you think I should get?
GIRLS! shall i grow my hair or keep it short?!?
How can i lighten my red hair without bleach?
What hairstyle would look good for going to a wedding tomorrow?
How to make me have shhaved head forever?
Does Color Oooops really work? i have a great plan buut idk.?
What hairstyle would look good for going to a wedding tomorrow?
what color is your hair?
Anyone know how to do a messy bun?
I have a fairly long hair, i want to have short buy modern hair. Any ideas? i am a guy btw?
How can I make my hair straighter if I'm a boy?
What is the best hair salon in northeastern Ohio?
I need a small size prenatal vitamin to grow my hair. What can you suggest?
Will blue shampoo noticably enhance ash tones?
Can anyone reccommend a good place to have my hair thermally reconditioned?
should i go blonde or what should i do with my hair?
Cute ways to dress up short hair?
Do you pluck your eyebrows?
what colour should i dye my hair? (PICS)?
How should I cut my hair?
Fly-away hair?
GUYS, do u like straight or curly hair better?
to girls only?
i have a long black hair...!how can i do it for celebration?!?
would black hair be good?
what is the new hair trend?
help me please!!?
Girls are guys with dark brown hair attractive to you ?
Do you like my new hair?
Why does your hair turn gray?
Blondes: will you be using tip 7?
How do you dry your hair?
How Can I stop Plucking out my Eyelashes?
how to make your..?
*teenagers only* if you saw a girl who had........?
What colour is your hair?
Whats the best way to get rid of head lice and their eggs?
what can i do to make my hair soft?
my daughter keep getting head lice i have all the bugs gone but i cant get rid the nits ive tried every thin?
Best Chi Hair Straightener for my hair?
Are side bangs going out?
How can i get hair like Amy Winehouse's?
Is this still in style?
What volume developer?
What do think of the product Wen for your hair?
locks of love salon in las vegas?
Please give your opinion(pictures included)?
Semi permanent hair dye? medium brown to auburn?
i dyed my hair blue .. does it look alright?
girls with short hair ????
HELP! Hair emergency!?
What should I use for my thin and dry HAIR?
Who knows that Beyonces hair is fake?
Is it okay for a guy to bleach his hair?
Is this okay for a protective style?
Why does beard hair sometimes not come in like everyone else?
Hair problems, share your thoughts!!!!!?
Which Shampoo is good for regular Use - For Dry Hairs, Ayurvedic or Baby Shampoo?
how can i ombre my hair with a box dye?
what brand of bleach and developer from a store will turn my dark hair platinum blond?
GIRLS ....HOW do YOU like a Guys..............?
What's the best haircut for a guy?
What Hairstyle Will Suit Me? Pics Included?
What haircut looks best on me and why?
is the mullet still in fashion for a 17 year old???
How to get my flo back?
hair too dry. how do i keep it looking wet?
how do you tied your hair into a pony tail so that the top is straight with no bumps?
i start having some hair on my pubic ,how can i get red of it????
will this hairstyle work for me???
how to turn natural hair to curly/wavy hair?
where can i buy feather hair extensions in philippines?
Transiting from relaxed to natural, is it to late to go back?
I am trying to find the cobellarange for hair, the serum and it seems to have gone without a trace!?
What does lemon do for you're hair?
Can somebody suggest hairstyles for me? I'm a guy.?
my hair won't grow. what can i do to help it grow?
overnight straight hair for curly hair?
where can i find facial hair dye for woman?
Can you dye your hair with kool-aid ?
Do you think my grandma is too old towear her hair long? It's partly grey, and she wears it ina bun sometimes
whats the better hair straightener remington or babyliss for wet and dry hair?
Pubic hair on women?
I read somewhere that if you give yourself a head rush it will make your hair grow faster, does it work?
I need some help here.... I am growing out my hair?
What order should I do this in?
Is Indola profession hair color good to use as a 1st time user?
my hair is brown, if i bleach it, and it turns out..?
Question about boy's curly hair?
what are bangs? is it an american term for a hair style...?
I have short hair and kids stare at me?
i need to know if i should do my red highlight before or after?
How should I do my hair?
Getting new hair extensions! Help me :)?
Girls with frizzy hair, can you help me?
Low folic acid and B12, losing hair?
WHY do you use cosmetics? ...... & for that matter remove hair?
Any where to get Synthetic dreadlocks on the East coast?
What do you think of girls with one side of head shaved ?
What hairstyles can I do with straight/wavy hair?
Why is this happening?
Hair help!!?
do you use shampoo???????
Would it be wrid for a guy to die his hair?
How do I darken my eyebrows slightly without dies?
What to do with my wavy hair? Help!?
Do you like Short, Shoulder, Or Long hair lengths better?
Which suits me better?
Anyone know how a good hair dye that will dye my hair this color red and actually show bright???
what is the best straigtening iron on the market?
What is this hair style called?
How do i straighten my hair like this?
I have trouble with my hair color fading. What is the best brand of hair color to use to keep it from fading?
calling all curlyyy haireddd girlsss?
a good hair mask for dry frizzy hair?
HELP!!!!!!!!????? How can i straighten my hair?
What happened to my hair?
Permanent Hair Loss Solutions?
Emo/Punkish Hairstyles
Can you change curly hair to staright hair without a flatning iron?
HELP!!! OK, so I love big loose curls....?
I have jet black hair, and i wanted to put one streak of outrageous color in it. What color should i use?
How to look like Veronica Lake?
How can I get my hair like this? (pic)?
the best way for my hair to grow?
Indigo henna for dark brown hair? Will it work?
Frederic Fekkai Silky Straight Ironless?
Does my hair look okay, just got it cut?
how to grow long hair???????????
What Is Good To Use On Dry, Frizzy Hair? I've Tried Almost Everything Under The Sun, Any Advice?
hair extensions?
whats the difference between mobster hair and greaser hair?
How can i do a high pony tail and messy bun?
Cute Hairstyles for a formal dinner?
What shampoo do you use?
What percentage tip do you leave a hair dresser?
Pink underneath hair....what color to dye rest of hair? (pics)?
Best thing for greasy hair?
which style should I choose?
(PIC INCLUDED) what color should I dye my hair?!?
Question about hair dresser products?
Who i get rid of dandruff?
im 20 i got grey hairs i want permanent natural treatment to make mine black forever?
How can I get my hair to grow longer?
HELLLPP! How to get hair dye off my forehead??
How to fix a "cowlick"?
i have REALLY curly hair whats the best flat iron?
Ways to Build Stamina.?
My hair is light brown with dark blonde roots- How to dye my hair light blonde correctly?
Can you straighten hair with a curling iron??
Interview at a hair salon?
I have very dry hair how can I treat it?
Babyliss or GHD straighteners?
Can I get this style with a perm?
how to stop Gray hairs ?
Should i dye my hair blonde?
Girls wearing a Snapback with curly hair?
How can i see her.?
Highlight touch up, Root to Tip?
ok i straighten my hair everyday.???
how do i style my short hair like this?
Which kind of hair dye to use?
My hair is very dry, any recommended products?
what do you think of these? HURRY?
What shade of blonde would look good on me?
what hair color is good for a chocolate color woman?
im cuttin mii hair shaorter would this style look ok pic included?
Curly vs Straight? (pics) :3?
is there any good shampoo and conditioner for me?
Shaving...Girls!? help please?
What is prom really like?
Dying hair blonde...?
What do you think I should do? Im SCARED.?
When i grow up i want to be a hair dresser... any advise from anyone?
Guys shaving body/pubic hair?
Would I look tacky if I put some pink or purple streaks in my hair at the age of 50?
HELP Making Hair Grow Faster?
Would I look alright with red hair?
Is there something you can use to get gasoline smell out of hair?
I'm a black male, and I want to start cutting my own hair any advice?
How can an always-been-a-blond get up the nerves to dye her hair dark brown?
My hair is black, I want it to be brown?
Will FERIA POWER REDS make my hair clown red????
What is the in style hair for 2012. well that is for ultra short hair?
I need a really good hairspray! I means REALLY good! (one that can hold "scene" styles)?
What hair colour goes good with green eyes?
Do you like this hairstyle?
Anybody have any ideas for cheer hair other than the usual curls?
What kinda hair style for guys do girls like?
What color hair do they put on a drivers license for bald guys?
Any Pictures of Cassadee From Hey Monday's Hair?
what a good type of hair straightener/curling iron for african american hair?
Blonde up and downstairs?
how do i make my hair look like this...?
If i dyed my hair brown would i still be a dumb blonde....?
tied back hairstyles?
Do women see this as a compliment?
what color should i make my hair next?
what hair cut / colour should I get?? with pic?
i have dark dark brown hair and i want to dye blue streaks, help..?
Keeping Curly hair straight when raining?
What's the most I should b espending for a hair updo for say prom or a special occasion?
Growing mustache problem?
please please how do i do this from straight hair?
do you cut hair around a Shipoo's eyes?
How do you properly wrap thick african american hair?
(Male) Growing hair out!?
Whats the diffrence bitween wax and gel?
How do you get good curly hair?
Your opinions on possible haircuts?
Manic Panic help??? D:?
I want a scene hair cut help?:)?
Should I dye my whole hair red?
I have VERY dry and frizzy hair.I have tried every product that I can think of?Any suggestions?
How many times in a week do you wash your hair?
When shaving how do you tell which way the grain is?
how do you curl curly hair?
How long will it take to grow my hair to my boobs?
I have hair problems. Can you help me? More details below...?
where can i find urban haircut style?
do chicks like long hair on guys?
What is the difference between the chi hair straightening and the japanese hair straightening?
Is my hair too blonde??
What happens if i put bodywash on my hair,instead of shampoo?
Green hair dying for a guy?
How to lighten black hair without bleach?
What do you think of the curly wet hair look?
Hair salon in Fresno CA?
Which hairstyle is best for me? [pics]?
aqua / teal highlights. do you think they look cool?
butt hair?
hair & eyebrows matching???
Dying hair over a color.?
Do anybody use JOJOBA OIL for there hair and scalp , if yes , Please can you post the RESULTS.?
how do you sleep??????????????????????
For the girls, are light waves or perms in style right now???
why is black hair hard to grow? Or why does it not grow as fast as white people?
Anybody know how i can get reasonable priced hair extensions?
Would it be offensive to wear a poppy as a hair-clip on Remembrance Day?
Good removable hair dye?
im 13 and i have long black hairs on my arms?
Do you prefer dyed hair or natural? (Boys and girls)?
Help I Need a New Flat Iron?!?
What colour should I dye my hair?
How do I get 80s hair?
Dark arm and stomach hair, should I bleach?
I want to bleach my dyed black hair! What's the best way? As Ive had huge problems in the past!?
Dying hair blonde...?
the percausions you must take to safeguard clients and collegues from potential risks and why this is imorten
does shampoo make a difference to how fast your hair grows?
Does blond or black hair color look better in a latina?
what can i do with my hair? and please dont tell me to cut and donate it.?
Ladies, have you used Feria?
n rage hair dye can i use with recently highlighted hair?
Where do I find ciramic iron in Tampa,FL???????
Really bad dandruff! what can I do? girls?
i shaved down there and it feels like a guys face after they shave?
thinking about going blonde?
I dyed my hair(pics included)?
Do you think its abnormal or wrong for a man to shave his private area smooth?
How do I look (pics)?
Has anyone tried the wen hair care stuff??? Does it work?
What color of my hair looks better on me [[pics]]
im a girl with excessive facial hair. is plucking a good option?
How short should I cut my hair?
Best grooming cream for men?
caucasian blue eyes male dye hair black goth?
can i do hair out of my house in ohio or travel to peoples homes and do hair if i have my license?
What do u think of this haircut? ?
does daily masturbution affect hair density on head?
does anyone know where i can get brazilian braids or hair extentions for a great price?
give your own personal opinion, what is the best shampoo & conditioner you have ever used!?
Should I get a perm or dye my hair?
Should I get a pink hair bow?
how to spruce up your hair?
will this help my hair?
How to make my hair soft silky and manageable?
do i look better blonde or brunette (pics) same as before but with links?
lightening hair?
I really need a new haircut and i need some ideas?
Hair blonde with brown underneath? opinions!?
would i look better in black or blonde hair?
Cool, New Hair-dos!!!?
Medium Auburn to Blonde?
How do I make my poofy, thick hair into thin, skinny hair?
Over-dyed my hair! Pale yellow. Ugly? Help! Picture included!?
Can electrolysis thin facial hair on men?
Should I dye my hair red?
anyone know how to increase hair density?
how do i make my hair look emo?
Might get a full fringe ?
how much dose it cost to get scene haircut ?
What should I pay a friend who is a licensed cosmetologist to cut and color my hair?
how can my hair stop falling?
How to get hair like this?
Would i look good as a blonde?
Is this bad for my hair?
Do you like my hair????? (photos)?
what colour should i dye my hair?
any websites on hair cuts?
What hair color is best?
How to grow my hair thicker?
What is a concentrator (hairdryer)?
would i look good with this hair color?
How do you make blonde hair shine amazingly?
Can someone suggest a hair style for a 12 year old BOY that lots of teens have ?
fastest way of getting rid of dandruff?
is there any way of growing your hair quickly?
do you know of a good inexpensive hair color product for grey hair?
How To Grow Back Your Eye Brows?
I dyed my hair about a week ago and it's rurning white on the tips shoulld I cut my hair?
What's more in? Curly hair or Straight hair?
what is a way to get your hair feeling sof and keep it straight? My hair always curls up in the bottom. Always
my hair is to thin so my mom says i cant have layers since its to thin so what other style could i have?
2 inch hairstyle for guys?
Do you think this hair colour is ginger?
what hairstyle would suit me??
Hair Question From a Guy?
Can I color and perm my hair without damaging it?
Hair help please n_n?
Do girls really like messing with their hair daily? If they had choice, would they want short hair like guys?
I want to lighten the hair on my upper lip what can i use?
What hairstyles are best for my head (give honest answers for 10 EASY POINTS!)?
How can I get my hair like this [picture]?
Curly hair and straight hair?
How do I get my hair thicker?
How can I speed up eyebrow growth?
shud i keep my hair long or short??
What do you think the female movie stars use to make their hair so incredibly shiny?
How can I straighten my hair w/o a hair straightener?
How to get that hair!!And is mousse and leave in conditioner same?
i have a short curly black hair.i tried many oils,but its not growing.what to do?
I have already dyed my hair, can I dye over it with a different colour?
Chemical straightening?
My Son got a Haircut I don't agree with. Should I Stone Him?
Any information about GUYS getting hair relaxer?
concerned about my hair? please help only 17 /?
what's the haircut called that DJ Khaled has?
what color highlights should i get?
easiest ways to straighten ethnic hair?
I highlighted my hair and it turned out a very brassy color, please help!?
How do you get dread locks?
where did people get the stupid idea that blondes are dumb?!?!?
what is really ''in'' now?
How many girls are natural down there?
will long layers make my hair look longer or shorter?
what do you prefer, curly hair or straight?
Why does my hair feel so GREASY?
Should I cut my hair?
Emo/Scene hair! I need it!?
how can i make it seem like i cut myself?
[pics]do you think i would look bad if i got my hair done like this?
what hair colour would suit me?
does coconut oil make your hair grezzy and oiley?
Do you think dark hair is more attractive than blonde hair?
What are some good haircuts out at the moment?
Girls, do you like underarm hair?
How do I get that flat iron burn smell out of my hair?
Clairol Natural Instincts question?
Will bleach damage my hair a lot?
how to change mushroom haircut?
Why is it important to blowdry your hair before straightening it?
my long hair is getting annyoing, but i dont want to cut it. any tips?
Best volumizing shampoo and conditioner?
Can i use color treated products if my hair isnt colored?
How should I get my hair cut? (pics)?
whats the best way to lighten hair without using bleach?
Hair Help please...need answers?
Would Hair Pastels/chalk work on darker hair?
what do you prefer.. light brown hair or medium brown hair?
How to keep my hair straight?
i have light blonde hair and often wonder if i would look good in dark brown streaks?
my hair is short now,what can i use to make it longer faster?
What side should you part your hair and what factors determine that?
This means a lot, I want this certain pacific haircut, how do i manage to get it? Please help?
Does Strightening Your Hair Everyday Damage It?
What is a hair weave? (Black people help)?
What if I were to dye my hair all this color? Would it look bad?
What do you want to be when you grow up?
How do I make my hair grow faster?
When I straighten my hair, why does it always go back to wavy after about an hour?
is it better to have clean or unclean hair before bleaching it?
Is it safe to remove pubic hair ?
Semi-Permanent hair dye vs. Demi-Permanent?
How to get loose waves?
My hair is curly and i can never doing anything with it!?
what is the difference between the ghd kiss and the ghd pink ?
would highlights like these look good on me?
What hair color would look best on me?
how should i do my hair!?
My mom is making me get braids?
how 2 fight dandruff on the hair scalp?
I have blue eyes and pale skin do you think I could get away with dying my hair black?
I have ginger hair what should I do?
How long can I keep my gel twist in without them locking?
How can I get my hair cut ? *[pics]*?
can i dye my hair over kool-aid dye?
whats wrong with the square?
How long will it take for me to grow my hair(PLEASE ANSWER)?
Blonde or Burnette???
Curly hair or straight hair ?
How do you to stop colored hair from fading?
what would be the best hair style to have when you re going to be riding a Harley Davidson motorcycle?
Is my hair to long or should I let it grow a lil bit more?
What do you think of this hairstyle? Opinion's?
questions about how to pick the right hair colour?
which hairstyle suits me?
why do people think Im pretty?
What is the best make of hair straightener?
Want to die my hair! COST?
How can I get my hair to go longer ?
When is i the right time to shampoo?
has anyone heard of using hydrogen peroxide for lightning hair instead of bleach? help?
Any tips to make my hair grow faster?
I straighten my hair alot and i can't step outside without it getting all frizzy.What products should I use?
Do Bald People wash their hair??
i have herd that people only use a little part of our brain...?
On a scale of 1-10 (10 is the best ), how good would bangs look good on this person? Describe why,?
how do i Straighten my hair without a hair straigtener?
Hair cut!!! Help!!!?:);(. ..?
Water is bad for your hair ?
Hairstyle for Picture Day?
Help!!! what to do about my limited possibilities?
Did this woman deserve this?
How to get rid of dryness, split ends, breakage? HELLLLP!!!!!?
how do i grow my hair long FAST!!!?
Do you have to straighten hair before curling it?
Would this hairstle suit me ? Thanks?
what hair dye?
is it safe to base my scalp with jojoba oil before a relaxer.?
Should I grow my hair?
Where is the best place to get you hair straightned?
is there a website that shows many styles of haircut for men ?
A hair question for the girls?
We all know that alot of men are now wearing dreads, How many think that that is sexy?
Best hair extensions?
Can you bleach/dye dreadlocks?
Is it bad to wash your hair everyday?
What can I do so my hair grows faster?
hair colours for pale skin?
How do i get Bubble-gum out of my hair?
i got my haircut :( what do you think?
OMG!!! I hate my bushy dry crinkled hair Hellpp any advice please?
do i look better with curly or straight hair?
Do ladies like body or no body hair better?
I'm getting "scene" hair in a month or so, but I don't know what to ask for?
is straighning your hair once a week bad for your hair?
Tips to make my hair longer?
How should i convince my mom to let me dye the ends of my hair rainbow?
Is dip dye hair still in?
Wht is the best way to grow hard-to-grow african american hair?
Cute hairstyles to hide?
Does anyone have any good hair secrets?
my hair is shoulder length how long would it take me too grow my hair to my lower waist?
A problem with my hairrrr...?
is it bad for your hair when you staighten it?
Has anyone ever dyed their hair while everyone is sleeping?
How to curl wet hair over night by putting it in a bun?
How to control wavy frizzy hair?
can someone please help with my hair!?
would this hair color suit me (PIC) ?
I shaved my pubic hairs!?
What inventions did Madame CJ Walker invent?
Should I wash my hair everyday ?
if i dye my hair blonde will my personality change?
how can i do my hair like this...?
Hairstyles for crazy hair day?!? 5 STARS?
Deep conditioning relaxed hair???
Do you put your hair up or down when you sleep?
whats peoples problem with curly hair?
I color my hair and it is really dry, dull. Can anyone recommend something from my kitchen to treat it?
what type of bangs would u say this one was??
would i look better with long or short hair? (pic)?
What should i do for dry hair?
My daughter has bleached her hair and put a pink colour can she go swimming chlorine in pool ?
What hair color would be most flattering on me? [pics]?
what hairstyle would be best for me? [pic]?
Thick, wavy-ish hair. In need of a haircut?
Know of any good box hair color to go from medium brown to cool blonde?
i just got a buzzcut! should i keep it? pics
how to keep hairs strong and shiny?
Will this Hairstyle suit me?
Any good hair proffesional?
What kind of shampoo is good for relaxed hair?
could i pull off bangs?
why do we (girls) like red heads?
how can i style my hair like this?
can you put hair dye in a 2yr old?
looking for a new look ,ihave really thick hair,dont know what to do with it its about shoulder lenth,hate it?
dyeing my hair but my mom said no because.....?