Best smelling shampoo?
Kick-but hair colouring ideas?
What should i dye my hair?
What are some good anti-dandruff shampoos and conditioners for African Americans?
Kool Aid Questions?
I need hair advice! Is there anything I can do to fix my hair?
I want to shave the side of my head? (pics)?
What color should I dye my hair?
can you bleach over hair that was bleached four months ago?
Hair Problems. Please help out :[?
Can i safely use a hair conditioner meant for chemically treated hair on my hair which has never been colored?
Hairdresser in NYC?
What kind of red hair dye should I use?
My hair stylist put glaze over my highlights. how can I wash it out?
can i see the hair color at kmart?
im a boy and i have thick hair, i want my hair to be thinner, is that possible?
hair styles?
what is hair straightening?
help!!! im gunna cry.?
What length hair do you prefer?
How can my hair grow faster?
Do I look better with short or long hair?
Is it healthier for my hair to brush when it's wet or dry?
do I need to be more specific when asking for a haircut (male)?
Which haircut should I get???plz help?
are men with ponytails a turn on or turn off?
Can someone give me simple directions on how to cut my own bangs?
how do you get hair dye off floors and tables?
Should I use hair dye from Sally's instead of drugstore hair dye?
Do I relax my new growth again?? Hair Help?
Are wet-to-straight straighteners bad for your hair?
hair trouble please help?
How much would bosley hair treatment cost?
what would be the best pair hair straighteners?
How much does it cost for a wash/hair cut at Ulta's salon?
Is this a really good hair straightening product? Does it help/work?
how do i cut my hair "scene"?
what hair color would look good on me? *picture?
What are some shampoo's that will help my hair curl better?
n rage hair dye can i use with recently highlighted hair?
Hair Disaster?! Bleached my hair and now it's completely dead.!!!!?
What are the best products to use when you have curly and thick hair as an African American female?
Do you like my new hair ?
Blonde girls or brunette girls?
What you think about sporting a beard?
-almost every female wants long hair. but what are the negatives of having longer hair?
Teal, Magenta, or Purple for the under layer of my hair?
What percent of women shave their forearms??
My facial hair is patchy, and I want to grow a full beard. Is there any way to make it fill out?
where can i buy tourmaline flat iron styler in the philippines? NOT in the Home Shopping network?
i'm planning to have a new haircut.. i want to have side bangs... do you think it's cool?
What color should I dye my hair?
My hair turned this greenish gray color. How do I fix this?
what is the best shampoo for a dry hair?
how can i make my hair look like this?
What Color should I dye my hair?
i need help with my hair?
Naturally curly hair?
is it bad if my ball hair is white and im black?
Does dying your hair with kool aid show up on dark hair color?
how to deal with naturally frizzy hair :(?
Should I ombre my hair?
Guys: Straight hair, curly hair or messy bun?
Should i dye my hair light brown or keep it blonde?
How do you NOT brush your hair?
Is curly or straight hair better?
Do you brush your hair?
Ahhhh, bad short haircut:(?
is vatika lemon shampoo is good for oily hair?
I have noticed a marked increase in my hair loss.?
How long will it take for my shoulder-length, curly hair to reach me waist?
What haircut looks best on me and why?
What color was Carmen. Ejogo's hair in sparkle?
Can split ends heal after they've split?
Do you think I would look good with longer hair?
Is Minoxidil 5% suitable for woman with hair loss due to tying hair too tight.?
Need hair advice: How to prevent extremely long hair from falling out?
what my name says about me?
where can I buy the fragrance of Gee you hair smells terrific?
i want to dye my hair since i always.. highlight it. i have dakr brown hair naturally and brown eyes.. and?
How do I get my hair to do this?
Stylist completely messed up my hair and school starts tomorrow?
How to get frizz free wavy hair?
Would this hairstyle look good on me?
Should I shave my head?
does guys mind girls with armpits hair?
What hair colour do i suit more?
bleach or not?
Wanting to dye my red hair a light blonde. What do you think? pic inside,?
which hair color looks sexier with dark brown eyes?
I have rusty water and it is changing my hair color any suggestions?
is it normal for clumps of buildup(of dread wax) to be in some parts of some dreads?
Whats the best way to curl my 4 yr old's hair?
What are these white particles on my hair? not dandruff!?
How do I dye my hair 2 different colors at once with box dye? ?
can anyone recommend a good conditioner for coloured hair?
what toner can i use to tone down orange brassy look to bleached diped hair?
Is it bad to use only conditioner, and not shampoo?
How can i make my hair like this but to school and for it to last ?
How do you feel about this hair dye? I am a dirty blonde (naturally) and never dyed my hair but it keeps getti?
Kerastraight treatment?
How should I do my hair?
Will lemon juice really lighten hair color?
How to get Blue Semi-Permanent Hair Dye out?
add'g pink dye to blonde hair?
Is my hair ugly? [& How old do i look :D]?
how do yu control dry and frizzy hair?
is it common for women to have hair on their belly? what can they do about it?
Ladies: Long hair or short hair for a guy?
should i get this hair cut?
What would a FEMALE say a sexy chest looks like on a man? Hair,no hair? Muscular chest or semi-muscular, abs?
How can i stop my hair from breaking off?
How should I do my hair for gradation?
how long will the waves last on if you put rollers on ur hair?
Does damaged,dry, frizzy and thick hair still grow?
Advice/solution for young male with significant hair thinning?
Do you love jesus?
which are really hotter? Blondes, brunettes or reds?
GIRLS I NEED HELP...over here?
please help me with hairstyles?
shud i color ma hair at the age of 13???
what hair dye should i buy?
Could I pull off being a blonde?
is olive oil good for applying on hair?
how can i stop my five year old daughter hair from breaking off she is african american w/ natrual hair ?
where can i find the hair product "bump it's"?
My hair is how: Straight or wavy?
Question about coloured hair??!!?
What hairstraightners should I buy?
which do YOU think the best product range for hairstyling is??? Garnier or shock waves?
Dark Brown hair to Blonde?
i want to dye my hair like really blonde but im not sure what do you think ? pictures?
Maganda ba rebond ng INDEX SALON (commonwealth branch)?
What should I do with my hair?
Hair styles for black males?
Is my hair really that ugly? D:?
Can anyone tell me how to correctly use Pantene's Curl Defining Scrunching Gel?
Is moroccan oil good for hair? as in, will it prevent it from getting split ends?
Does L'Oreal Excellence HiColor (Permanent Creme High-lift for Dark Hair Only) really work?
How do I grow thick, mushroom hair and keep it down on the top?
i feel kinda out of the "woman" loop....?
generally do guys like curly or straight hair?
Permanently straight?
Are you happy with your natural hair?
Do you like this hairstyle? (pic included!)?
How do you straighten your hair?
15 years old with a bald spot help!?
can u get serious disease if you straighten your hair like every 2-3 days?
what do you think of this hair cut on me?
Short hair or Long?
Are ghd's really worth the money?
Should i get my hair cut like this?
I so wanna have emo hair.?
I need help from people that have gotten a buzz cut!?
What are the best straighteners for shoulder length thick hair?
Quick! Should i trust my mum to cut my fringe?
what should i do?
would this hairstyle look good on me?
Where can i find a good hair cutter place?
What do you think of girls with one side of head shaved ?
Is it ok to only shampoo your hair once a week while conditioning it every morning?
what wen conditioner do I get?
Weave Question.... How long after a perm to you wait to put in a weave?
Why does my hair get poofy when ever I brush it?
Why is my hair falling out?
All opions wanted! What do you think about....?
Does my hair color look decent (picture)?
Whats more cuter short or long hair?
hair color for tan color?
Olive oil hair treatment help?
what color is my armpit hair?
How should I wear my hair if I'm going into town to go shopping?
i want my long hair,how it is possible?
bleaching my hair? need a quick answer:)?
what is the name of the new punk rock hair salon on congress & oltorf in Austin Tx?
What mens hair style is this?
Male opinion on hair extentions?
How do i get my hair to style like this?
Why did my first grey hair at age 8??!?
Which hair length is cuter and more popular?
how to grow my hair longer?
What are the best products for curly hair?
I have extremely thin hair and it's depressing HELP!!!?
Best Teen Hair Styles?
How do you tell your GF that she needs a haircut?
Split ends!!! Anything to help!!!!!?
Would blonde hair suit me?
My hair used to be curly and now it's straight?
How long will my hair straightener last for?
I need a new style?
Do you know of a good hair salon in VA Beach?
How can I grow my hair faster?
How do u make big soft curls with a 1 inch curling iron?
Hair Coloring/Extensions?
How do I get my hair to go faster and longer?
Has anyone used Avedas Sap moss Hair concentrate?? If so what were the results??
is it gay if i bleach my hair?
What exactly is a body wave perm? what does it look like?
Hair wax product on his hair?
What should I do with my Natural Hair Now???
What type of hairstyle is this guy's hair? Is it layered hairstyle?
Do have you have any suggestions for a haircut/style for wavy hair with a round face?
Hair Growth??
what style of hair would i look good with?
How do you protect chemically treated hair from chlorine? Is it safe to swim?
If you're bored... take this survey!! :) [girls]?
I have very dry and curl hair how i will make it straight & shiny which cream i can use?
What can be used to make hair shiny?
would this haircut work on curly hair?
Perm suited for thick medium length hair?
Do you think that I should dye my hair blond?
hairstyles for thick wavy hair????? answers ASAP plz?
My hair is boring, what should I do to it?
Help with messy hair please?!?
Girls like guys with shaved legs or legs with hair?
how to prevent baldness? somebody?
I want to get hair extensions and i live in NH and idk where theres a salon that does them?..tnx!?
Best Haircut?
Wavy, Straight, or Up for everyday looks?
What country do you think milkmaid braids originated from? (pic attached)?
what color would my hair come out to be?
Will squeezing an orange on hair really lighten the color?
How to make my hair look thinner ?
What hair color should I dye my Hair?
When applying dip dye should I wrap foil round the bits I've done?
how would i learn hjow to do hair extensions?
Getting my hair like this? (I'm a guy)?
would it look stupid if i died my hair blond nd had brown eye brows?
Does Anybody Know how to get my hair to look like Marouane Chamakh?
Is it good to condition hair without shampooing on dry hair?
What can i do to keep my hair for it not to get frizzy after it dries?
what kind of hair styles do you were?
do you think i should tell my mum i'm going to dye my hair?
how can i make manic panic hair dye last longer in hair extensions?
this is a weird question about pubic hair?girls onlyyy?
how to get hairstyle like that?
which hair colour do you like better?
Can I dye my hair with jello?
Who has the perfect haircut idea for me?
What Hairstyle should I use?
how can i make my hair silkier ?
For health growing hair how often should i wash my hair!?
Flexible hair rollers?
Me and my friend are making a video and we have no idea what to do. Can you please help?
do you think i should get highlights?
Could I pull off Blonde or Red hair better? Other recommendations?
whitch hair style looks better on me? (*pic*)?
how can i make my hair to grow faster?
Do you think this girl has hair extensions?
how much is a haircut at salon de manila?
Why doesn't Simpson doesn't keep her roots bleached?
I have dark brown, sometimes wavy- sometimes curly hair, any ideas for hairstyles?
i have been growing my hair for 4 months?
Need advice on African American hair care?
Where to get TreSemme Heat Tamer Spray?
how do i curl my hair under tighter with a chi?
Do you think my hair looks better curly or straight? (PICS!!?
will brown hair dye cover this up?
how do i spike long hair?
What is the best way to protect my hair from split ends?
Good Hair Straighteners?
What looks better.. Curly or Straight?
Where can I find wash out pink hair dye?
how do i get my hair looking nice and shiney?? please?
Straightening hair the next morning after dying it?
frizzy haired people, what shampoo do you use and how does it work?
How do you make your hair grow fast?
How do you use hair velcro rollers?
Could you see me in this 'cut? :] (PICS)?
Question about dying my hair?
Is straightening your hair damaging?
What do you think of...?
Is it rude that my hair dresser asked me if I washed my hair for her?
should i go blond? *pics?
which do you prefer, before/after(pics of me)?
bleaching over highlights?
So I have semi curly hair but it gets really frizzy, it get's oily but not too oily. Help?
im a 19 yr old guy since jan 2006 i have hair loss, but not causing any problem, but how i can stop this ?
is it to much for the first day of school? ?
has anyone used the new Nutriheat Hair Nutrition Dryer is so can you let me know if its any good thanku?
Should I get my hairhiglighted again?
Help with hair color remover?
What's going with my hair salon? What just happened?
I want to get my hair dip dyed???
I want waist lenght box braids!?
Cutting off my hair and donating it?
What Do You Know About Perming Your Hair?
What colour hair do u have?
How much would it cost to get a half head of cornrows?
should i dye my hair red?
i am losing hair, some real time solutions to grow my hair back?
Is there such thing as natural DARK red hair? like closer to Black then brown?
How can I dye my hair blonde from black?
How long is your hair?
Please help me with my hair! It's orange!?
What color hair should i do? 10 points best answer?
I have VERY dry and frizzy hair.I have tried every product that I can think of?Any suggestions?
Where Can I Buy Lee Safford Hair Products Online?
What hair style should I have?
If you have dyed your hair in the past, how can it ever be healthy again??
Permanent straightening...?
how long to wait before bleaching my hair?
how to get healthy hair?
I have dark brown hair and I want to die my hair blonde. How do you think it will look?
when can i next dye my hair?
Hair dying / toning / lightening. HELP!!!!?
Keratin - a way to keep your curls?
Will Bleaching My Hair ONE time damage it?
Is there a remedy for balding?
Please answer, I wanna die or highlight my hair, what color should i get?
What Hair style would look good on me ?
please suggest me some permanant hair removal method and some address in bangalore where i can go for it?
i hate my hair!?
What type of hair cut should I get?
Some people say that colouring damages hair. Is this true?
If i curl my hair tonight...?
I need a fresh haircut..Im 14..{Picture Included] GIVE ME A FRESH HAIRSTYLE?
To curl or not to curl...?
Cute Hairstyles for Fall/Winter?
guys: do you like black hair?
for electric shavers and razors, is foil (flat) or rotary (three triangles) better for male?
How can i lose hair here ?
omg dandruff is killing me!?
any help with my hair?
I need advice on a hair cut but no one will help!!?
Messing around and got hairbrush stuck in thick hair?
Would you get pink highlights on your hair?
How do you get popular at school?
What color is my hair going to be after i dye it?
Men's Hollister Hair?
Healthy Hair Tips?! help pleaase.?
what looks better curl's or straight pic?
I'm a girl and I have a mustache?
ok... im a girl... i got hair problems
WHich HaIRR COloR LOOKs THe bEST?!? pics inculded?
Would burgundy hair look good on tan skin?
Where can I get a hair-style like?????
how to round off a dreadlock?
What is the best smelling shampoo out there?
What are 3 differences between human hair and some other specific animal?
Ombre hair on medium short hair?
HELP! My hair is coming out.?
girls do you like your hair straight or curly?
How to get my thick hair back ?
Help with gappy fringe?
How to Grow hair on a Bald Spot?
Why do girls hate cutting their hair?
Tips On Hair Growth ?
Does Mira Hair Oil work?
Do you think I would look alright with short hair??
I dyed my hair black. How can I change it to medium brown ASAP?
I just teased my cat's fur!!!!!?
What is keith urbans hairstyle called ?
Is relaxing your hair basically the same process for dying it?
Opinions needed please!!!!?
New hairstyle (picture included)?
Senegalese twist or sew in weave?
Does cutting your hair actually make it grow faster?
How long will it take for my hair to get it like Alex Evans' hair?
easy step by step hair styles?
Using mousse on dry hair?
my hair is always frizzy looking, should i shave my head off (im 19 yr old)?
Should I get a fringe? Or should I keep my hair like it is?
Would you let you 16 year old daughter dye her hair?
Hi,I was just wondering if anyone has heard anything good about Kast Hair Studio on Newport Dr in Port Moody?
do i look better with longer or shorter hair?
Do you like my new hair? pics?
Shall i die my hair black? (Im pale)?
Why does my hair feel so GREASY?
What will happen if i use John Frieda radiant red?
How can I keep straightened hair straight throughout the day?
Why is blonde a color only for hair and not for rooms, crayons, etc.?
Thick, Frizzy, Curly Hair!?
what should i do with my hair at disneyland?
Help with straighteners?
Coloring Hair Extentions?
is it embarrasing for an 18 yrd old to be watching high school musical?
my hair are dry , curly nd thin. So which shampoo of matrix suits me best?
How can i get natural looking wavy hair?
Water is bad for your hair ?
Different hair style please!?
I dyed my hair black, but I dont like it - how do I dye it back to dark blonde w/o damaging it too bad?
How to style your hair like photo?
My hair comes out is it because i work out every morning and don't only wash it once a week?
How can i get my fine straight hair to curl?
what are pineapple flips as a hair do?
Color Glaze question!?
if brittney spears shaved her head, how does she magically have hair so quickly??
i am 21 how much is the minimum wage for my age?
does this hairstyle fit me?
What is the Best Facial Hair Style For Round Face?
what do you call the haircut that Reese Witherspoon have in the movie Sweet home alabama.?
question about mixed hair?
Which is a better flat iron: the CHI or the T3?
I want some kind of bangs. What should I tell the hairdresser that would look best on me?
what is the healthiest hair style ?
My Hair is really greasy?
Hair ideas for going out?
How do you get rid of split ends? Without Cutting your hair.?
Coloring my hair blonde. I need your opinion(:?
Does Someone Have Scene Hair Pictures That Would Suit Me?
Question about how to get my hair a certain way?
What would a FEMALE say a sexy chest looks like on a man? Hair,no hair? Muscular chest or semi-muscular, abs?
How much does a normal haircut (no layers or bangs, just straight across) cost?
What Hair color would look right on light skin African American females?
What is THE BEST hair straightners out there?
Some cute hairstyles?
Is hairloss due to perming permanent? S.O.S...Helllllllllllp.....Please!?
what are the cheapest hair extentions out there that actually look natural?
How do I get 80s hair?
What type of hair dye should I use?
How Do I Get My Hair To Stop Breaking Off And Retain Length?
HELP!! What color highlights should I get?! *PICS!!!!!***?
Best Manic Panic color for me?
I need some help figuring out what color should be put in my hair.. Please help?
My permanent hair dye is washing out?
blonde or brunette??
Should i use Head%Shoulders shampoo?
what's a good website to find pictures of unique hairstyles?
10 points - what is this hair colour? and what dye can I use to get the same colour?
How can I make my Hair Curly?
Is beeswax good for all types of hair?
Hair Extensions........ ?
Do eyelashes stop growing back?
I am a str8 guy and I would like to know what's the best way to shave my legs?
Hair Cut??? Should I get this one???? Will be picking best answer!?
how should I wear my hair to a job interview?
what is it called when you get numbers or an image in your hair cut?
Is this True or False?
can women colour their hair?
What do you think of ghd salon styler wide straightners?
Wavy Hair?
i have jet black hair but want to change the colour?
I really want to go dark....?
Does any one know of any good hair salons for african american hair in Columbus, Ohio?
Putting a hair texturizer in my hair?
ANY IDEAS for an interesting hair cut?
Hair loss at a young age?
Does anyone know how to cut hair like this? (picture included!)?
What colour did you dye your hair last time?
i have realy curly hair and i need some new hair styles have any ideas?
im sick and tired of my hair (PICS)?
Hair help pleaseee!:D?
Is it safe to highlight my 7 year old's hair.?
get rid of black hair dye?
How should I do my hair? Picture included.
Buying weaves/wefts??????????????
dying hair?
I have crazy hair....someone HELP!?
All you girls with bangs?
my hair is very damaged. how can i help it get healthy again?
Thinking of changing my hair but I don't know what to do with it? Suggestions?
Fade-out hair dye, colors, brands?
pink highlights...?
My hair is Black with blondish highlights?
How can i stop my hair from shedding?
Should I get this haircut? (pics)?
any solution of very rough n dry hair,,,,/?
my friend said that u can get cancer by putting hairspray too much I dont know if i can believe it true
How do i do corn rows? I need a website that includes step by step instructions with pics please?
Where can you get hair color that washes out in a few washes?
Is their permanent straightning of curly hairs ?
How do i get this hairstyle?
Is there a hair dye that wont dry out my hair?
is there any way 2 grow hair on your head?
Advice for ingrown hairs, down there?
hair question/girls?
if i dye my hair black will i look emo?
If I use head and shoulders will it remove my hair color?
how can u stop hair fall?
does anyone know how to strip black hair dye out of hair?
Does Rahua work better than Hair beauty plus?
Can i wait at least 3 months to trim my split ends?
My haircut is very short and ugly is there any ways I can grow up by today ?
Curly or Straight?????
please women only?
Please help, easy 10 points (pics included)?
Are there any products to repair fine thinning hair in women?
Am I ugllly?
loreal natural match ?
Cute ways to do long hair?
what should I do with my hair?
Highlights or Streaks?? (hair advice needed)?
Is 'bleach' just any shade of blonde hair dye, or is there a special product called 'bleach'?
How to do your hair if you have glasses?
my hair absolutely hate me and i'm sick off it?
How to ombre hair blonde?
should i shave my pubic hair?
Need ideas for a new hairstyle?
When I dye my hair my roots are ligher than the back of my hair. What can I do to get the same color all over?
Is Tyra Banks hair a wig?
Do you know a good shampoo to make my hair soft?
Can I dye my uneven bleached hair or will it look bad?
what makes you hair grow really fast?
How important is it to have natural hair colour (or highlighted blonde)?
I am totally stuck with hairstyles...?
What color should I dye my hair?
Should I get a buzz cut for vacation?
How do I make my hair grow extremely fast!?
Do I look better with blonde hair or dark hair?
I am thinking of having my hair cut what do u think of this one?
what should i do to my hair?
Few months ago i got they were step cut. now wen i want long hair, they don't look good.?
What is the best shampoo for oily hair? I see shampoo for normal, dry, but never for oily.?
I want to get my haircut, what do you suggest(pics inside)?
Choppy hair?Should i?LAYERS PLEASE help!=]?
how to grow longer hair?
What hair texture would look good on my face?
FOR BLACK WOMEN ONLY.... a question about our hair....?
Do you like this haircut? (pic inside)?
how do i get rid of underarm hair?
DO YOU LIKE THIS?! (please answer)?
Shall I go blonde or ginger (pics)?
How do i get orange out of my hair after highlighting it blonde?
Do you think it's True? Do Blondes really Have more Fun?
Hair Twistys(Details Inside)?
My eyebrows are very thick.I don't want to pluck them or anything of this sort.I just want them to look better
What Color Is My Hair?
Has anybody tried that WEN HAIR CARE? I really want to try it but sounds too good to be true.?
How to increase face and body "fur"?
Should guys be aloud to have long hair?
Girls would you spend 65$ to get your hair colored?
What are some good boy hair tips for a prom?
Hairdressers: how can I lighten my hair?
What are good hairstyles 4 ppl with a Tyra Banks 4head?
Do you like my hair?
debating getting a pixie cut- opinions?
What do you think is the best hair style??? Layered?
Would taking b complex vitamins and massaging hair every night speed hair growth?
Is it "gay" for a guy to use hair Straighteners?
Would I look good with hair like this?
if you have curly hair .. do you straighten it or wear it curly?
Is it normal for a teenager who is just turning 14 to shave?
TIGI Self Absorbed Shampoo and Conditioner?
What color should i dye my hair? ( with picture)?
Are girls with long hair more attractive or those with short hair?
How can I convince my mom to let me go natural?
A really good inexpensive hair straightoner?
Why does my hair fall out so much?
Does anyone know who this is?
Does using heat protectant make your hair greasy?
Has anyone had problems with Raw Color hair dye?
Do you think my hair would look good like this...?
Help with frizzy hair?
What is the most popular hair colour in your neck of the woods?
Why is my hair turning curly?
Basic Pointers on Cutting Your Own Hair?
Will rebonding job ruin my tinted hair?
What brand is good 4 a straightener?
i need a hairstylistsor people's help with my hair?!?
L'oreal HiColor & HiColor hightlights help!?
i have got hair problems and need help!?
Lightening hair?
can anyone tell me some home treatment for dry hair?
Does anybody know any good hair removal treatments?
How can I get curly hair?
Do i look good with this hair?
I have ten year old stepdaughters who's mother just highlighted their hair (extreme) isnt this a bit young?
How can i make my hair grow really fast?
Teen Male Hairstyle Dilemma?
How should you style curly hair?
my roots grow too fast, how often is it safe to bleach?
How do you grow hair properly... and fast..?
Cute short, choppy/layered hairstyles?
How do you stop fly-away hair (aside from blow drying)?
what would u do when your hair is dry?bt u dnt hav enough money to spend?
does short hair look good or bad on heavyset girls?
Hair is falling out, any help?
L'Oreal Natural Match hair color?
I have straight hair but its puffy (READ DETAILS)!!?
Advice for Natural Hair Care?
Should I let my daughter dye her hair pink?
deep conditioners available in india?
make the color come out of my hair faster?
how many inches of hair do you need for hair to reach the shoulders?
Do i look good or bad? I want to look good because i have low confidence and i'm a shy person.?
Does your hair grow back darker after getting blonde highlights put in?
how do I ask for this specific hairstyle- Neil Patrick Harris look?
does any one know.......?
Whats the best COLOUR hair for someone with GREEN eyes?
I bleached my hair then dyed it black, can I bleach it again?
would this be a good hair cut for inside?
More styling tips?
Is shampoo harmful to hair?
help with hair removal spray?
good haircuts for wavy hair?
I want a new hair Color?
does using tweezers eventually kill the hair follicle?
Hair advice please?????
How Long Would I Take Me To Grow My Hair This Long? [pic]?
My bangs curl up and make little ringlets and i try to get rid of them but i cant. How can i straighten them?
does japanes straightening really work?
Is a faux hawk considered punky?
Is it a good idea to dye my hair dark if I'm pale?
Hair do problem!!!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!?
What haircut looks best on me and why?
have you ever tried the mayonnaise hair mask? plz answer.?
I'm a boy, should i straighten my hair?
ladies wig magazines tobuy wig after looking at magazine?
Best hair studio/salon in Ottawa Area?????
BEST SHAMPOO?! :) what you think?
Im gonna get my hair cut but I need someones opinion on what kind. (pic of me included)?
Hair growth remedy/tips? 10 points?
How should I go about choosing a haircut?
if i put conditioner in black hair dye will it lighten the dye?
What Colour Should I Dye My Hair? [Pics Included]?
what is a really good shampoo/conditioner for color treated hair?
How would I dye my bleached hair back to a natural Asian black color?
Should I cut my hair???
How Can I Grow My Hair EXTREMELY LONG Within 4-5 Months?
is motions a good hair product to use?
What is your natural hair color?
How do I dye my hair so the underneath is a different color?
Ways to make hair grow faster!??
I am attempting to do my own dreadlocks...?
Is it okay to straighten your hair everyday?
What color hair do you have?
Can anyone give me tips on how to get my bikini area completely smooth when shaving???
I want to dye my hair?
How to ask parents for a buzz cut?
what shampoo and condis. should I ........?
How do I make my hair look like the wolf-guy from the Evanescence music video?
What is the hair growing process for a male with thick curly hair?
.s! which person sounds nice, interesting?
how can i get my hair to stay wavy for awhile?
Is there a hair dye for changing natural blonde to black? If so can you tell me the brand and where to find it
what can i do with my hair please help!?
what the best brand for a straightner besides CHI?
How often do you wash your hair?
im short would it be beter with a long hair weave or short hair weave?
Which style looks best?
What is the best drugstore hair straightener today?
hair problem????
Brunets or Blonds?
Can hair that has recently been permanently died black be bleached to a light blonde?
Coloring from Reddish-Brown to Dark Blonde?
I am black... I orginally had hair past my shoulders I tried to go natural and all my hair fell out...?
want to dye my hair from brown to blonde.. please help!!?
Ladies what kind of facial hair to you prefer on a guy ?
what color should I use to get strawberry blond hair? Professional guidance please?
Would this haircut look good on me?
Ok so I want to go back as a blonde....?
any one now any cute easy to do hairstyles??
Which picture do i look better in?
hmm..model? ♥ important?
Dear redheadbro, when you address me do not take that tone of voice with me GOT IT!?!?
How do I make this bun?
I look ugly now that i got bangs help!!!?
Recently moved to D.C. and I need a good salon to go that is great at colouring hair.?
i want to have a korean hairstyle?
i need a real hair experts?
Haircuts under $30 in melbourne?
Should I dye my hair or not?
Has anyone else done locks of love?
Is texturizing gel the same as mousse?
How do people with really curly hair style their hair?
Where in St. Paul, Minnesota can I get a good, clean haircut?
Are mullets fashionable?
urgent urgentttt, hair problem..?
can ay one tell me why i dont bother brushing my hair?
What can I mix Splat pink hair dye to get a light pink?
Is there anybody here in this section who DOESN'T like Hair Weaves/Extensions?
Tell me some home made tips to get straight, long,shiny & silky hair.?
Is this really mean to do?
How can I get my hair back natural?
I want to dye my hair differently, websites or suggestions?
do you think this hairstyle would look good on me?
What should I do with my hair for school?
Haiir Die Help Pleaseeeeeee?
hair extentions. will it look wierd? (PICS!)?
Girls: What should I do about chest hair?
HELP! Question about bruising after a brazilian by sugaring?
do you guys think i should get bangs? (picture)?
Where can I get a straightening iron cheap?
Problem with hair. What can I do?
where can I find wigs in toronto ?
i have wavy ,poofy , frizzy,and curlyish hair and i cant do anything with it but straiten it.?
Help me with my hair lol!?
What is your favorite hair color?
How often do you wash your hair??
wat pictur do u like better of me long hair short?
Girls, Long hair or short hair (pics)?
What hair color would look best on me other than red???(IM ASIAN)?
How can I reduce hair loss? I want as many suggestions as possible?
Will chlorine wreck my extentions?
Do guys really care whether a chicks hair is long or short?
How do I fix my fried ends?
im always looking for products to enhance my tight interested in biolage's products.good?
Why does red hair dye get rid of black dye?
Can anyone tell me what is the best product & method to make highlights in a chemically straightened hair?
how do i flip my hair out on the bottom? my hair is about 3 inches below my shoulders.?
my hairs really dry?
How should I get my hair cut to reduce frizz and still have a great cut? (Any tips appreciated)?
What shade will look best?
Cans someone help me?
Does anyone know of any good websites that have pictures of kids (girl) hairstyles?
How do I straighten my hair?
would black hair suit me?
Can itching your head all the time damage hair follicle's ?
Dyeing hair?
How do you create this hairstyle?
How should I bleach my hair?
desperate for ideas! help please?
What color should i dye my hair ? Pic .?
shall i have my hair like this?
what is the reason hair loss? remedy?
Chi hair question?
do you use shampoo or soap when you wash your hair?
Does Mens Rogaine Foam Work?
Should I purchase a new comb?
how do you get gum out of your hair?
What do you think of Princess Dianna's hair styles?
Can i pull off this haircut?
Which hairstyle do I look best with? (Pics)?
What do you think about Linsay Lohan's new blonde hair?
hair growing?
will it harm my hair if i use conditioner every day ?
need help for a hairstyle (im a guy)?
how to make hair grow faster?
Best way to dye black hair blonde?
Can I strip the color out of my hair?
what colour should i dye my hair?
What is the easiest way to keep hair straight?
is this 4MH mahogany cool toned?
15 and my hair is falling out!!!?
All you girls with bangs?
i coloured my hair with a drugstore hair colour?
How long should a mans pubic hair be?
home made easy recepies for shiny hair?
GIRLS: what do you think of long hair on guys?
Should I dye my hair dark brown?
do u like full bangs?
Products to get wavy hair?
long or short on?
How do you clean a hairbrush's bristles at home without buying any specific cleaning materials?
do people still straighten their hair or is it out of fashion?
keeping short hair style helps reducing hair fall?
Do you think it's appropriate for someone to dye their 8 year old daughter's hair?
Why do i have Vertical oily lumps in the back of my head like train tracks.....When i squeze oil comes out.?
Lately my hair seems as though it is "thinner" I have tried shampoos but no luck any other remedies out there?
my hair was too rough after using fructose conditioner... how i will over come from this...?
Any body know the best beauty ,makeup and hair training institute in india?
hair tong help ???
What color should i go?
How do you do Brown UpSwept Hair?
Does she look better with long or short hair? Please answer?!?
Does a guy with long hair look better then a guy with short hair?
Which is worse? Finding a bug in your sandwich or hair in your soup?
Do you like this girls hair? What do you like/dislike about it?
Can you mix creme developer with Beyond the Zone?
How much should quality extensions be?
Do you shampoo or condition your body hair?
i need to dye my hair pastel purple?
Have you ever.... cut your own hair?
i want to do that thing when u flip back part of your hair with bobby pins??
Which hairstyle fits me best?
i want to dye my hair like really blonde but im not sure what do you think ? pictures?
is it true a man has a best hand to cut hair?
What color should I die my hair?
good hair texture cream?
How to remove koolaid from hair in 2 days?
After a long time of waxing does the hair stop growing as much?
My hair seems to not be growing?
I want to get DREADLOCKS... any salons in the Boston area w/ a good rep?
What to do with my hair?
How do I lighten my hair naturally?
I have long hair and want to cut it?
How to help my damaged hair?
QUESTION ABOUT " Hair Cuttery"?
How can I get my excessively straight hair to have more volume and wave?
when a guy married a lady they first time sex and the guy saw his wife with armpits hair will he still kiss?
What type of bangs are these?
gonna get a haircut?
Those of you who have gotten your hair chemically straightened/relaxed/TR'd, was it worth it?
how can I add more volume to my hair?
What is the best straightener?
Hey all :) I'd like some suggestions as to what would be a nice hair color for me.?
Is it me or is this just one of the coolest hairdo i've ever seen?
Does Anyone Shampoo/Condition Their Armpit Hair?
Does biotin really help hair growth?
Getting Hair in to a Afro?
Is it really necessary to wash your hair?
its been 5 days since i washed my hair and its really greasy!!?
I Want To Grow My Hair so I Have A Fringe (You Know, The Emo Style Fringe?) But My Mum Wants Me To Get My Hair
How can I make my hair grow faster?
Has anyone tried keratase soleil hair products?
Do you think my HAIRCOLOR looks TOTALLY FAKE? (please see picture)?
Favorite hair product ever?
How can I make my layers stand out?
Long or Short? Cant decide :(?
What is a good hair salon in Charleston SC that won't charge me a fortune?
i have dark hair and wanted to know if it would be possible to dye hair white?
Blonde hair with dip dye?
Do you think I should?
I want to dye my hair..!?
How long should I leave this hairdye on for?
Which hair color suits me? (pic included)?
How should I cut my curly hair?
How do I prevent my hair from falling out?
Unnatural hair colors for dark hair?
Can a straightener kill lice?
If I recolor my hair, will it come out the right shade?
i have curly hair, how do I keep it shiny but not too big?
Pic included.. What color?
prenatal vtamins?
My hair is like a light brown,and i want dye my hair like dark brown or black with Blonde bangs.?
i got my hair highlighted today...?
Does NATURALAXER really work? Does it permantly damage the hair or alter it?
how to grow your hair faster?
What hairstyle do you like better on women and which do you think is worse?
Straight or Scrunched??!!??
Whats The Best Haircut For My Round Face?
Why does my hair keep falling out?
Is it okay to use Argon hair products on colord hair?
Should I get this hair cut ?!!?!?! ( P I C S )?
how much is a mens cut and colour at a saks salon?
What are some good hair products to smooth down hair?
How long did it take Jim Morrison to grow out his hair in the People are Strange video?
Blonde or Brunette?
Would going brunette suit me?
What is your favorite type of Hairstyle on a guy?
How should I where my hair on my first day of school?
What hair die would be similar to this?
i recently dyed my hair a dark red you think i should redye of go natrual?
my natural hair colour is ginger i hate it but i dont want to die it because it takes ages plz help me......xx?
What's hotter red hair or blonde hair?
Would my hair look good cut like this?
How to do your hair and mke up egyptian style?
Emo haircuts for guys?
thinning hair?
how can recover dandruff ?
What is the best styling product to use on naturally curly hair, that won't cost a fortune?
problem with keeping my hair strait.?
Should I wash my hair everyday?
How can you permanently straighten your heir?
What will pink kool-aid dye look like?
How do you do a poof just right?
How can i remove my body hair?
what kind of haircut do you think i should get (pics included)?
How does permanent hair dye work?
color of hair?
What are some teen websites I can go to that only deals with African American hair?
Want to see what diff haircut might look like?
What should I do with my hair?
Is this ok to do?
Any ways of helping hair grow faster?
what can you do to mAKE HAIR GROW FASTER?
How damaging is bleaching your hair?
What hair color should I go with?
why does everyone like love me and get furious when i don't call them?
Dyed dark hair - how to go light again?
how do emo kids or scene kids get their hair so soft and thick?
every time i blow dry my hair i end up with all thiss flyaway hair along the top part of my head?what can i do
Cute hairstyles for middle school?
Should I Do This With My Hair?
Does anyone know of a trustworthy and economical laser hair removal in OC .. Haunting facial hair due to POV? ?
Hair Color Help!!?
I have thick hair, will a straightner make it thinner?
Hair? Hair and Hair?
Hair art question. Can this be done?
I just bought a curling iron and it works well but i dont know how to curl my hair?
Does pink hairdye fade darker on lights hair or dark?
Do guys like girls who wear their hair down or up?
Hairdressers messed up my hair, it turned ginger! I'm bleaching it myself...?
Help with hair colour. I want to go bright red!?
i want to get japanese hair straightening what is the best place in queens NY?
I got chemical straightening yesterday&today my hair appeared to be pussing in the front. What's Wrong?
how do i convince my mom that i should get side bangs?
What are some quick and easy hairstyles I can try with long curly hair?
i have a greasy hair problem?
should i starighten my hair or keep it curly?
when shampooing your hair,do you rinse and repeat?
Can you find a pic of a haircut off the neck in the back, but longer than the jawline in the front?
3 clipper length in cm?
On the top of your head, the place where your hair seems to scroll outward from, what is it called?
Why do people hate black hair?
I would like to have a kinda dreadlocks look without actually looking ratty anyone have a suggestion?
Can thick curly hair be cut into a bob?
I have thin hair. Should I dye it light, or dark?
What is the sexiest hair color in your opinion? (guys and girls!)?
how can i make my hair grow faster than normal?
How soon can I redye Blonde hair?
if your mom tolled you not to dye your hair blue would you do it anyway?
What hair care system is the best for my hair?
multiple looks-which one is the best for me?
What is the best product drugstore brand haircolor?
my hair got little bit burnt with fire,'ll anything happen to my hair?
whats the normal thing for a 17 year old to do about upper lip hair?
where can i purchase nickey clarke products?
Links to some awesome hair styles? (10 points)?
Is there a way to regrow hair that was lost due to poor nutrition or pulling?
Why wont my goatee grow!?
what si permanent solution for dandruff?
Why do most people have an issue with Ginger haired females?
What hairstyle should I do with my hair?
I'm so bored of my hair. What can I do to it?
How do you achieve this hairstyle?
do guys like long hair or short hair?
New hairstyle? new make up what? (pic)?
How to cut side swept bangs like these? (Picture)?
what is the solution for bald head and how to maintain my hair?
What do you consider to be LONG hair??
I want to dye my hair a different color what color should it be?
How to get my hair like Michael Jackson's?
what color should i dye my hair? picture included.?
I have fairly curley blonde hair, how do i get it to be only wavey?
How to stop hair loss for woman, and how to norish hair?
Why do so many black women have short hair?
would i look good with a " bob hair cut"?
What shampoo and conditioner would you all recommened?
what would happen if i put household bleach on my dyed black hair?
Which is better: long hair or short hair?
what do you think of curly hair?
Black hair dye? questions?
Going to be using XXL Live Colour in Red Passion ?
Do you think blue eyes would clash with blue hair?
im growing my hair natural but im affraid to cut my hair real short?
Need some information on Laser hair treatment?
I have blonde hair and i want highlights !!!???!?
how do u braid your own hair? like braid it behind your head if u kno wot i mean?
are foxy locks Hair extensions Real human Hair ?
Treatments to rejuvenate hair?
please answer!!?
How can I get my hot rollers to stay in my hair?
how should I wear my hair to homecoming?
I am a male with long hair, Should I wash it every day or no?
How to get blonde hair naturally?
How do you french braid hair?
My hair falls out a lot, please help?
What can I do with my hair?
Bohner...what to do with it?
What other hairstyles would suit me???
What's happening to my hair?
help, home hair dye disaster!?
Any coooool hairstyles for middle school?
Does anyone know where you can get those hair curling/straightening pills that loreal is supposed to have out?
How to get rid of really bad split ends?
i want to dye my hair really light blonde like white blond what should i do?
what fade is this haircut?
Which curling wand is better?
Are there complications with dying brown hair red?
Help with scrunching hair?
please help my hair !
How to get my hair to stay pretty?
Hows the GHD straighter work for thick wavy hair?
how much does long black sew in weave cost?
How to arrest hair fall????
At what age should I let my daughter dye her hair?
Do blondes really have more fun?
What do you think of my new bangs?
Dip Dye Kool Aid Hair with Boiling Water?
do you prefer curly hair or straight?
How do i get a neon light green hair color WITHOUT having to bleach it?
How can i make my hair a lighter blonde?
Justin Pierre Hairystle?
Girls you think this is a nice hairstyle ?
What colour should I dye my hair?
Hairstyle?!? Do u like it?!? plz help!?
((for girls only)) Is there supposed to be hair down there? Please answer asap thanks.?
Which Hairstyles nicer?
Looking for men's hairstyle advice?
how often should i wash my hair?
Would my hair be considered bleached?
Would i look good with this color hair??! pics!!?
I feel like I can't do anything with my hair anymore. Help?
i am a guy and i have hair 3 inches above my knees, i need help?
Red Rays or Fuchsia Flash?? check out the website!! U PICK AND IT DOES MATTER!! =D?
where to donate hair in oakland?
Best Gatsby wax for spiking?
blonde or brunette?
Does anyone know where i can find pictures of hairstyles when its short on one side and long on the other?
girls help me pleaseeeee?
black cherry hair dye?
Would it be bad to bleach my hair again?
Could I pull off this colour ?
How long would it take to regrow your hair after you shaved it bald?
My teacher can get her hair curly even by the roots. How can I do this?
How do I make my hair grow long?
i have a question about a hair color?
Stupid question, but where do I buy ribbons?
what can i do to make my hair lighter without bleach?
Raw/Manic Panic/hair color questions...?
what color should i dye my hair pic inside?
help with dieing hair clairol natural instincts?!?
What colour should I dye my hair to bring out the brown or the green in my eyes?
How can i make my curls last longer?
Does anyone know where I can find pictures of gothic or punk hairstyles for men?