opinions on flat-irons?
i have realy flat hair, how do i mack it have body?
Blondes or Brunettes?
What's a good hairstyle for Asian guys?
Should I shave my legs or leave them hairy?
I am opening a salon for girls only.What services would you like?
I'm 15 and wear daily my super thick hair in a waist-length,heavy braid,my mom won't let me cut?
Would I look good blonde?
Which curling wand is better?
Does Mane 'n' Tail work?
What face shape and hair type is well-suited for bangs?
What brand of shampoo do you use?
I have let my perm grow out. But now my natural waves won't lay down. How kind of hair style do you suggest?
Does loreal colorzap work?
Hair toner? bleached hair?
Should I highlight my hair?
is it okay to leave in non-leave in conditioner?
Has anyone tried The Revo Hot Air Brush if so did you like it? Was it worth all that money?
If i have black hair can i dye it red ?
ways to style this bob?
Can 2 showers a day be bad for hair, skin?
How do I get my hair like this?
how to style hair like nathan dreaks?
How to grow hair a little faster?(2-3 inches)?
What are the best dandruff products that get rid of flakes fast?
How damaging is straightening and coloring your hair?
Does any one know the difference between a texturizer and a silkener?
what goes with my eyes?
Where can you buy jolen creme bleach?
How can i get more volume to my hair?
am i the only black sista' who was born w/ red hair?
A few things I need to know about hair extensions.?
How short should my daughter get her haircut?
What is a good hairstyles?
how do get i remove black hair dye from my hair without getting it chemically removed?
Don't want to cut my hair... tips on how to make it look equally nice/healthy?
Should I dye my hair black?
if i dye my hair blonde, will it make me dumber than i are?
I want a new haircut and I really like Rhianna's Inverted Bob..Should I get that one?**((PIC))**?
When I shave my armpits, the hair grows back the next morning. How do I prevent this?
How long does it take to strip out black hair dye ?
3 barrel iron/volume?
Guys do you prefer long or short hair on a girl?
What colour should I dye my hair (photos)?
I'm bored with my hair, what can I do?
is the use of Straightner harm the hair?
Would short hair suit me?
what is the best way to straighten hair,lfor thin hair?
i dye my hair quite alot i need help?
New haircut? Cute or no? *PICS*?
Annoying oily hair!?
Do you know of a product that will get the cig smoke smell out of hair without washing it?
I have very curly hair, and I want to know how can I straigten my hair.?
How do I get my hair this color blonde (dye, bleach, tips, youtube, etc.)?
Blonde, brunette, or redhead, which one do you think has the quickest temper?
Problem with hair? please help only 17 :(?
How should I get my hair done for prom?
Is there anyone that has the great lengths hair extensions? If so, is it really worth the money?
Do you like this hair style?(Pic included)?
why is my hair falling out?
What's an interesting but normal hairstyle for longer hair?
Anyone tell me how to take care of my African American daughter's hair?
What's the best way to PAINLESSLY get rid of hair for a long period of time?
After washing the dye out of my hair is there any way to make the color lighter?
Does eating shampoo make you high?
Does my hair look better long or short?
What can you do to make black hair grow?
whats your favorite hair color?
What do you think about her hairstyle?
Why Does my Scalp Smell Even After I Wash it?
What color does my hair look in this picture?
Just short hair or balding?
What waxing brand do you recommend?
Can a white, blonde girl have these bangs?
any ideas for a new hairstyle or color? I'm bored with mine!?
How do you get scrunched waves in your hair?
How can I make my hair curly without using heat?
Question about coloured hair??!!?
Can a female Marine have full bangs?
Hair styling tips for a Southern girl?
Any hair styles for straight, medium-long hair?
is it wrong for a man to shave his legs, chest and other body hair?
Are side swipe bangs still in style?
How do i get the green out of my hair from swimming?
should i cut my hair like this...?
how do i get curls like this? (pics included)?
How do I get curls like this?
What color highlights would look best on a redhead?
Hair coloring question.?
Temporary red hair dye for natural blonde?
what shampoo to use??
What's so bad about red hair?
Is Her Hair In Layers? (image Included)?
will suave volumizing mousse if i put it in my hair to make my hair stay curly after i curl it catch on fire?
Where can I buy Ice Spiker Hair Gel in covina?
would i look good with a short hair cut?
What color highlights are these lowlights or underneath let me know?
how do i do my hair like this?
Can you use shower gel to wash your hair?
Judging by this picture?
If i shaved my head, would my hair grow back with natural layers?
Your opinion on these hair styles?
Is there a website or software to see what you'd look like with different coloured hair?
Do I look better with bangs or without bangs?
What kind of hairstyle should i go for with my face shape?
HELP!!! fried hair!?
What hairstyles would work for a 19-20 year old student teacher?
Two bald spots on each side of the front of my head ?
how could you bleach your hair?
why does my hair get so damaged?
How long does it take you to straighten your hair?
L'Oreal HiColor HiLights?
How can i make my hair grow?
How do girls do it?
homecoming hairstyle helppppp?
What should i do with my hair?
What color should I dye my hair? And a new cut maybe?
Is 80$ a month too much for a guy for haircuts?
What is a 180 haircut? ?
Why do MEN go BALD and not women?
Looking for a web sit that has toddler boys summer hair styles I can print. I tried super cuts and google .?
What makes your hair grow fast?
can anyone tell me step by step how to do a warp in my hair so it can be straight?
y do men grow thier hair as long as ladies?
Should I dye my hair?
Is ginger ugly? What do you think?
Looking to change my hair (pictures included)?
What hairstyle is better?(pics inside)?
how often do you straighten your hair?
who thinks brunettes are hot?
Hair cutting & styling courses in Jerusalem, Israel?
What colour should I dye my hair?
What color should I dye my hair? (Picture)?
What are some methods for growing out a medium length haircut?
Would this work on my hair?
My hair won't grow HELP!?
wavy curly thick hair and im a guy?
Does chlorine affect coloured hair?
what color hair is prettier?
what color headband would go well with dark red hair?
Which is your favourit Redhead Blond Brunette Chocolate Honey Vanilla?
im hispanic?
Do you wash your hair at the sink, or in the shower?
Hair Style Advice?
short emo/scene/punk hair suit me?
Why are people so against weave or hair extensions?
What color should I dye my hair?
hairstyles 10 points!! quickest and best answer?
can anyone tell me?
Manic Panic hair-dye?
Whats another way i could wear my hair?
what do you tip a haircut?
what color should I get highlight? gold or pink?
how many times a week do u need to wash ur hair?
My hair is breaking, should I dye it?
How do i keep my hair from getting frizzy overnight?
How to style my hair?
bullied cause of hair?
bleached blonde hair to reddish brown, to semi permament black?! help me pleasee:(?
Hair Styles...with links.?
Long hair and short layer a bad idea?
I have color treated hair, can I get a body wave at a salon?
Blonde, Brunette or Red?
Can I dye my hair after it's already been bleached?
Best hairstyle for heart shaped face shape men?
when i go out after straightening my hair,it goes all poofy and there any way to stop this happening?
Thinning hair.. please please please help?
how can i get my hair like this.?
I need a new hairdo!?
Sallys Salon Supplies?
i want to get long bang that i can sweep to the side but they need to be straight to do that how do i do that
what is the best shampoo for fine thin hair?
Black guy trying to straighten hair?
i have a curly and very dry and damaged hair.i once permed it and it damaged my hair moreu know any products?
What to do with my (Half straight, half wavy) hair?
If you have a longish oval face but not because of a big forehead, what haircut should you get?
what is the best way to get rid of lice with out having to cut very thick, long hair?
i want a really cute hairstyle for this upcomming spring and summer.. any websites that you may know of..?
what hair color would look good on me?? i want a bright red or a light golden color almost like blonde?
does anyone know the model number of ghd medium irons plz?
My hair used to be curly and now it's straight?
does organic root stimulator olive oil relaxer have negative reviews?
I want to do highlights myself, what kind is best?
How do I keep my hair from frizzing up?
Hairstyle question?
Does laura bush trim, shave, or let the bush go wild?
L'Oreal Excellence HiColor highlights red will my hair turn out lighter red if I use it on my dark blonde hair?
I need to do something different with my hair?
Do you prefer a black women with their natural hair or relaxed?
whats a good moisturizing conditioenr? my hair is so dry!?
Hair styles for shoulder-length frizzy, curly hair?
going to a new school what hair style should i have?
my hair is always frizzy what can i do?
I have extremely dry hair, what can I use to rehydrate it?
Yikes, I just had corrective color done on my hair and it is SOOOO dry. I've been conditioning it like crazy
On guys do you like long hair or short?
Is it possible for a tanned person to have red hair?
PLEASE ANSWER-how to do a messy bun ?
Would blonde streaks look good on me?
Is there another way to get rid of my split ends without cutting my hair?
can u use fake hair for dreads?
What category would this go under?
I can't braid my own hair ?
Black Hair.....?
Does my hair color look natural?
do i look better with straight or curly hair?
Bangs with glasses Yes or No?
how can i dye my blonde hair silver to match my roots?
How often should I wash my hair?
How do I make my hair look better?
Poll;What colour do you like best?
Wich Is The Best Flat Iron?
Why Don't All Pale People Have Blonde Hair ?
How to get dandruff free hair?
what do you call someone with black hair ?
I have brown hair with blond highlights and I want to do something different but not sure what any ideas....?
I'm sick of it. Please help.?
should i cut my hair shorter? (pics!!!!)?
is there any way i can make my hair like chinese ppl.?
Hair Extension Help!!?
How to get my hair healthier and curlier?
where in dubai can i buy brazilian and indian human hair extensions at reasonable prices?
please I need a Dominican beuty Salon in south Orange County in California pleaseeeeeeee?
How do I use my Chi Flat Iron effectively?
How does someone get there hair like this?
What are the hair prices for Fantastic Sams?
How to remove black hair dye ?
my hair always smells bad?
What's the best school for a Hair design program in Vancouver/lower mainland?
Is it weird when girls have a little hair on their arms?
What shampoo do you use?
Dip dying my hair yay or nay?
What causes grey hair (other than age)?
Is 80$ a month too much for a guy for haircuts?
i am jst 24 and my hair are turning grey. how to stop them?
What shop in england can i get purple dye from that will last 2 weeks?
HELP! I am about 80% grey?
What would you call this hair color?
Does anyone know how to make hair have that 'just got out of bed' look?
What are some tips that make my hair grow faster??
Can I just pour peroxide on my hair?
do you think my hair......?
Hair Dye-ing ! What website ?
hair dying question???
what hair color and hair cut/style shall i have?
If I bring a picture of the hair I want to a hair stylist could he get my hair like that?
Hair help!! Picture Included! Will pick best answer!! ♥?
Do I look better blonde or brunette? *photos*?
How do I put red highlights in dark black hair?
Is curly hair more attractive than straight?wavy?
Best volumizing shampoo and conditioner?
Whats stripping your hair?
Where should a girl shave?
what is the hair growth product that begins with letter N sold in hair salons only?
should I dye my hair just small streak blond?
Would cornrows suit me?
How to pass a hair drugscreen?
wavy or straight on me?
what colours your hair?
I am going to be getting my hair done on friday does anyone no any good colors to die it or do u no a website?
How to grow my hair out without looking stupid?
How to get rid of leg hair?
Why do people think that it's Taboo for women to have very short hair?
how do u get a career back on its feet after folding a business and no capital?\?
how do i get my hair like this??? for people that has done it and knows all the steps!!!?
What the time now???
Ladies, do you prefer a man with a clean shaven chest or do you like chest hair?
Can you straighten a wig? you like guys with short, cleancut haircuts or long hair?
What color should i highlight my hair?
Short haircut idea? What looks best on me? (pic)?
I use Alterna Hemp Hydrating Shampoo and conditioner?
is my hair too blonde?
what color hair is the prettiest?
Best shampoo to use????? hair experts?
as anybody used a laser comb to help thinning hair? if so does it work? and where can i get one from?
Why are blonde's considered so sexy?
How do you dye your hair with food colouring?
Benefits of wearing your hair up? Or down?
what's the cause of..?
What color or hair would look good on me?
what colour should i highlight or peekaboo my hair?
platinum blonde ??? ???
suggest me a home remedy for making my hair soft n silky its too rough n coarse?
I need help, with dying my hair. please help?
how do i get black hair dye off of cream colored walls?
Can't keep hair straight!?
Why is my hair frizzy?
Why am I losing hair?
what should i do with my hair?
how to do my own hair streaks?
How should I do my hair? How should I act?
What should i do with my hair? *PIC*?
Whats a good website to find cool hair dews?
Bollywood hair?
How long does human hair grow in 1 month?
How should I do my hair ?
why does everyone say that there hairdressers tell them to "stay away from pantene"?
How to make hair straight but flowy at the same time?
Poll: Which side do you wear your bangs/fringe on - Left or Right?
what made your hair grow faster?
Hair Salons in Santa Monica?
tips on scrunching hair?
I need a chi starightener?
Sunsilk Advertisment - "May and Sue"?
what should i do??
how often do you use conditioner?
i'm an 18 year old guy, i wanna get more facial hair...are there an tricks to do this?
your favorite shampoo and conditioner?
can i put permanent hair dye over demi permanent and get the same results?
does normal blond hairdye work on natural dark brown/black hair with out bleaching it?
girls answer this one for me?
Would you say my hair is too long?
is it harmful to dye my hair this often?
Does hair infusions work with kinky hair?
What hair style do you call this?
What do I need to do to get my hair healthy again?
what is the customartytip for a hairdresser - getting a hair cut?
curly hair...please help?
Marlon Brando haircut?
whats the secret for making your hair grow ? can it be with then a week or so :(?
Does anyone know what kind of hair to use for wavy box braids?
How do I explain scene hair?
What ot do with very thick hair?
I am wanting to dye part of my hair pink (just a section) but the dyes I have seen seem to fade fast... help!!
What will happen if I stop washing my hair?
i just had a baby, and some of my hair has become thick and brittle, what causes this?
How to go from brown to blonde hair?
how do you remove nail glue from hair?
Remember AGREE?
can you chalk dye dark hair? does it come off?
VERY effective split end mender?
do you know any tricks to get rid of dandruff?
what is the history of black hair?
Is it true that if i put pee on my face hair will grow?
How can I make my hair stay in place when I go outside?
How do I get my hair to be like this?
Did hair of arm grow thicker if shave them?
When you have butt hair, then when you poop, does the poop forever secretely stay in the butt hair until you s?
can you oil your hair after washing out the keratin treatment?
how much does the average barber make?
Tips for black (african am.) hair?
Would this look suit me? How can I get my hair to do this?(pictures)?
Can you get straight bangs with a cowlick?
What are some good tips on growing you hair quicker?
What can I do about an uneven hairline?
What is the fastest way for my hair ta grow out ?
Should i cut my hair short?
What comes to mind when you see a guy with "scene" hair?
Why does my hair go puffy after thinning?
What color should I dye my hair? (pics)?
Thinking about dropping out of school to be a cosmetologist?
How can you grow yoru hair out longer and FASTER??!?! without using hair growing shampoo?
hair greasy after shower?
I am looking for pictures of different haircuts for girls.?
Straightened hair is too flat?
What do you call this hairstyle?
this question is the question you need to answer.?
What hair treatments do hair salons do to make your hair really soft, shiny and silky?
My stomach has hair on it !!! I'm a girl !! ?
What's the best hairstyle.....?
I need to grow my hair ASAP?
If I am 25 years old and I am starting to notice a few gray hairs, what does that mean??
how can people shave their pubic hairs without getting those red bumbs?
stylist for black hair in nyc?
Do you think everyone could look good in blonde?
Why? why does it not look right?
Does straightening your hair ruin/damage it?
Does hydrogen per oxide makes hair growing from roots permanent white or bleached?
Should I shave my whiskers, or let them grow?
Ladies: Should I cut my hair? Would I look better with short hair?
Sexiest woman's hair color?
i have brown hair do i use bleach to dye it cause i wanna dye it green?
Is this a good haircut?
I am mixed and my hair is like black ppls hair n me n my mom don't know what I can do to get it straight.....
I'm male, have jet black coloured hair and have olive skin. Whats the best colour to dye or highlight my hair?
What's the difference between a stylist and a junior stylist?
which is the best battary oparated hair remover for women ?
How long does Manic Panic Vampire Red really last?
if my hair is naturally curly can I make it look like stacey's from TLC's what not to wear?
Should i get dreadlocks?
How can I get my hair like this?
I'm getting a perm and would like to know if there are any websites that show before and after pics?
How do I get my hair back brown from black?
Why is my hair so damaged?!?
My hair is no longer dying properly?
scene-type hair 4 curly hair plz help!!!!!?
haircut help?!!!? (pics included)
what is the name of this hair cut?
What is a good color to highlight my hair?
i want to get a perm but i dont no what kind of curl to get? Suggestions??
Should i Dye my hair black?
Manic panic hair lighting kit ?
How to you get rid of dandruff?
Do you want to know which hair care system can gives you sensationally healthy and urban-savvy hair?
Haircut for 14 year old?
do guys like brown hair or blonde better?
OK SO SEEN AS I'VE BEEN CALLED TRASHY BLONDE, Does this colour brown look better on me, (Photos inside)!?
If you dont clips your ends of your hair, would it fall out or shred?
CURSE of the Cowlick - any haircut/styling suggestions?
Any advice for flat hair?
I really curly hair that starts right at the roots, so what is something...?
Girls Only?
♥Can u put baby oil in your hair?
Straitening hair?
I dunno if I should cut my hair victoria beckham style for my wedding! I need help :(?
How can i stop my falling hairs to prevent baldness, if anyone can help on this plz ?
what scene hair cut should i get?
Am I that bad? (pic)?
Help on some new Hairstyles?
whats the best shampoo out there that u could buy at walmart?
Why do most of the Koreans have thin eyebrows?
Should I cut my hair/ would you consider it too long?
What would you say to ur friend that is a girl ..if u saw they had hair armpits?
Updos for picture day?
Need some good advice.. dyed my hair too dark.?
So I dyed my hair for the very first time, last night and...?
My hair is falling out, i dont know what to do :'[?
How do I make my hair straight and stay straight?
(((((((((((((Should I Dye My DAMAGED Hair Blonde)))))))))))))))))?
if i got extentions braided in but im Mexican does my real hear continue to grow?
How to take care of curly hair?
HELP -- !! IDEAS or SUGGESTIONS for a new hair style!? [pics included ]?
HOW TO FIX DAMAGED HAIR ?? please help?
Can cannabis show up in an hair strand test?
haircut/haircolor help?
Is a bob cut unfeminine and unattractive?
GIRLS HELP!! how to get rid of this pubic hair???
How to tell your haircut person / barber?
I have a ton of frizzy baby hairs around my hair line and they look awful. What do I do?
shiny hair?
Is egg and mayo really good for the hair?
got2be crazy sleek....pleasee answer! I need help!!!?
Are you supposed to wash your hair everyday or not?
Bendy Roller Question!! Please help(:?
how to get waves?
How Do i Keep My Hair Staright ?
Is there a semi-permanent hair colour that I can buy to cover a small amount of grey hair?
I have alopecia and have a 2 moon like design bald spot should I go bald?
Matching hair extension colour?
do you think blonde hair and brown eyes (both natural) is pretty?
How do you get rid of or fade black hair?
Help Styling my Naturally Wavy/Curly Hair?
What are some updo hairstyles?
Im getting a hair cut on friday?
What types of perms are these ?
About that wavy hair?
my hair is too short to style?
How can I have flipped hair (male)?
Is there camel saliva in shampoo or conditioner for human hair?
how to fix my naturally curly hair?
Red Hair? What do you think?
Please HELP! my hair...?
What is best shampoo for women if u want long straight hair sliky hair?
I am a brunette should I go blond?
Need a hairdo!?
what hair color looks best on me? (pics)?
Getting my hair thinned?
Why do guys like girls with dark hair?
if i have dark brown hair is it possible to bleach it untill it turns white?
what would happen if i mixed bleach in a hair dye bottle?
Would i look good with blonde hair?
I'm 16, how can I prevent my hair from excessively falling out? Would a haircut do?
Why does it matter that Hair Straightener damages your hair?
Tips for blow drying hair?
Does manic panic hair dye work on black hair?
i am looking 4 websites which can give me an ideas of hair style 4 my wedding?
Do birth control pills make curly hair go straight?
Women ONLY plz.?
what are the best clippers to use to do lineups and edgeups? and what model of the brand.?
Is revlon frost and glow okay to use on thin hair?
Is there a hair expert here that can help me with my hair?
How do I straighten my hair?
how do i get lose, sexy, wavy, tousled curls/waves? it would help if these answers came from a proffessional?
What hair color do you like better?
Do Women Prefer Men with Smooth or Hairy Legs???
Would I look good with bleach blonde hair? ( pic included)?
How to get cute loose curls?
why do people have a problem with gingers?
who has more fun blondes or brunettes?
Whats the deal with 40 volume developer versus 30 volume?
Teasing my hair?????
i am a black girl and i want to dye my hair blue? does anyone have any pictures of black people with blue hair?
Girls pleas answer my Q (am a teen boy)?
how to add brown in the middle of black and blond hair to achieve ombre effect?
Where can I get my sew in done in North Carolina?
Do you think that this hairstyle would suit me?? (pics)?
do u like my new hair style ? pic?
would i suit this bob hairstyle?
is there anything i can do to make my hair grow a lot faster?
How big are 70s Afros? in inches?
Women, do you like chest hair?
Im gonna get my hair cut but I need someones opinion on what kind. (pic of me included)?
what is a really good defrizzer for hair?
i need suggestions!?
how do you get chuwing gum out of hair ?
I need to keep my hair straight all day! Help!?
I hate my hair I need some help please!?
how hair fall prevention occur?
Red Hair Dye Help!?
FOR BLACK WOMEN ONLY.... a question about our hair....?
why is my hair shorter. my hair has gotten shorter after i looked in the mirror and was touching it?
how can i keep my hair pin straight all day?
teen hair loss!?
DOes Brazilian treatment cause cancer?
do this hair look chavvy?
Short haircut for a Redhead???
i read that 94% of girls shave their private parts, is that accurate?
Ladies: How much do you pay for hair cut on average?
I worry that people think I am a fake blonde?
Long graduation cuts?
My mum has braided my hair and it looks horrible!?
How to dye just the tips of my hair?
what do you think of this hair color?
Are expensive shampoos better than cheap ones?
has any one used coconut oil on there hair?
Does cutting the ends of your hair make it grow faster?
How do you naturaly lighten your hair?
How do I get my natural hair color back ?
Guy seeking a woman's opinion for hair styles?
What shampoo and conditioner do you use?
My scalp is flaky and dry? Help?
What can I use to wash hair for clients at home?
A cure for dandruff?
which one do u think?
Long straight blonde hair ideas?
I think I have had an allergic reaction to my hair dye?
Concert hair help!!!?
needing to change my hair :)?
African American hair and controversey?
Where did the hairstyle of cornrolls come from?
girls....short or long hair on men?
Do I have a big forhead? pics included???HELP?
My hair is orange help!!?
Formal hairstyles for long hair?
what was all the hair products madame cj walker came up with?
How can i dye brown over my red hair with little damage?
Are you learning how to braid and weave using video tutorials?
what haircut makes people look more mature?
hi iam really worried about my hair fall?
What color highlights would look best on a redhead?
I'm a guy & my hair reaches my knees. I was wondering what the girls out there thought about this?
I need my hair to grow faster!!!!?
Hair by the bundle: 1st time buying, I'm going to get a full weave W| top out should i get 2 bundles?
How do I make the blow-dried look last all day?
Why are blondes 'better'?
Questions about red hair : How do you maintain the color?
Is there a version of this hairstyle for thicker hair?
related to the question curly hair blues?
Thermal reconditioning?
What is a good hairstyle for me?
What can you do to make hair softer and shinier?
How Would You Describe a Boy With Brown Hair and Blue Eyes?
How do i get rid of smeely hair?
Please suggest something for restoration of facial hair.?
would I would look good with this haircut?
Is Cameo Hair Salon any good?
How come my hair looks so grease by the end of the day i washed it everyday?
How to make hair grow fast?
does this guy like me like i do him or did he just use me for sex?
hair question? please help : ]?
How many hairs do you have on your head ?
Shave my arms?
my hair are all burned by doing regular pressing,what should i do to make them beautiful shiny and straight?
tell me some home made recipes for fast hair growth and healthy hair.?
HELP how can i style my medium length hair?(need something new for school)?
What do you think of this hair color?
How to feather my hair?
How long does Manic Panic Vampire Red really last?
What hair color would best suit me?
My hair is dark brown and I want highlights but i don't know what color highlights I should get! Can you help
Shampoo Commercial question?
What Color Is Your Hair?
Is chest hair on guys gross or no?
How many times can I use this hair care home remedy in a week: 1/3 cup of olive oil & 2 tbs of honey?
How long do you think the sleek straight hair look will last?
Why does everyone think that only long hair is feminine and short hair is boyish?
Should i let my hair go grey?
Where can I buy some good, but cheap hair straighteners?
which is more beautiful short hair or long hair?
Which hair treatment is better for removing frizz but leaving the curls?
i hav dandruff in my hair tried evy shampoo but its geting worse ppls help?
Do you still need to trim your hair every 2 months if you have no split ends?
Do you like this hairstyle?
If I dye my hair, will I ever get my natural colour back?
When I Bleached My Hair?? Why did it do this?
i hate my hair!?
straighting hair......?
What color hair???????
Can I go back to blonde?
Birthday party hairstyle... any ideas?
Homecoming hair help?
What color shall I dye my hair? [PICC]?
my hair is itchy?????????????????????
What color of feather extenstions what look the best with (natural) red hair?
Would this hair color combination look good on anyone?
Can you use Rogaine if your 15?
Should i go toward blond or brunette??? (pics included)?
help with dying my hair?
How Can I Get My Hair Like This(Pics)?
is it bad to flat iron your hair everyday??
Question to all Females about chest hair?
what color should i dye my hair should i get bangs?
How to keep the ends of my thick hair straight?
I need a good hair salon near 525 Lexington Avenue, NY NY?
Wut is your favorite color hair??
Help with straighteners?
Hair question?
i need some nice styles for twisted hair for a boy of18?
How can I make my hair thicker?
does anyone know of a website to find out which hair style wud suit me best??
How should I style/color my hair? [picture/info]?
Should i wash my hair every other day?
whats the best straightener and how much does it cost?
How do you get straight hair to go curly?
What do you think of this hair?
I want to buy a Chi Hair Straightner for my wife, but I'm not sure which one is best or right for her.?
Does anyone know what color(s) hair dye Hailey Williams uses?
Blonde streaks on guys??
I have really dry hair, anybody know of any home remedies to help me?
what should i do to my yellow hair i want it white blond?
Does anyone think that dark brown/ auburn hair with pale skin looks nice?
Are two boxes enough?
what's better blonds or brunettes?why??
Would i suit blonde hair?
Herbal Essences shampoos ?
what hair color do you have and what type of hair?
science project about hair dye?
my child just got her hair cut her hair short. help to make her feel better by naming celebs with short hair?
Will FERIA POWER REDS make my hair clown red????
should I do it????!!!?
YOUR favourite youtube beauty gurus?
Bleaching my hair .... need help!!?
Should i use Sharpie?
Ladies, do you prefer a short cut or long hair on guys?
What should I do to get rid of my dark roots and even out my hair colour?
What colours should i get my hair coloured?
think my hair has stopped growing?
Where can I buy a Hannah Montana &Miley wig?
Will nit combing fade hair dye?
How can i make my hair straighter?
Will my head blow up if I mix together two colors of kit hair coloring to get the color I really want?
i naturally have dark brown hair can i ever dye it blonde?
How can i dye my dark brown hair blue?
What is your least favorite hair color?
What temperature do you put your straightener...?
HELP! Hair help really needed!!!!?
What is the best products for my hair?
How to make a punk/emo hair style with longish hair....?
How to get hair like shakira in waka waka?
How can I repair my damaged hair?
I have Aussie Hair Insurance Leave-In Conditioner Spray and im not sure how many squirts i should apply?
how to keep your hair neat overnight ?
Chocolate Brown Hair Dye?
should i dye my hair black(pics)?
im thirteen years old and im?
How do I make medium - tight ringlets stay in place all night?
which is better hair black or brown ***PICS*?
hot tools curling iron advice uk?
Do guys with hair longer than their ears look hott or gay?
My hair is relaxed and used to be full. Now it no longer is. Are there natural remedies?
Does having a beard portray you in a bad light.?
help on a temporary dye for hair?
Dying hair with crayola washable sidewalk paint?
I would like to go for permanent hair dye,please recommend shades for an indian colour tone?
How do i get my natural colour hair back?
Do you think this length is too short???! HELP !PIC INCLUDED!?
Why does my hair feel so greasy?
How do I get my hair to not be greasy?
Does lime juice lighten hair the way lemon does? Would more/less be needed for the same results?
do guys like curls or straight hair more? thin or thick hair?
Is it safe to get a relaxer in my hair after i just had highlights two weeks ago?
White things in my hair after the Avacado hair mask ?
What is infected hair follicle?
i neeeeeed wavy hair this is for all you sexy hair gurls that giv out advice plz help me?
Just for men hair color?
how can i keep my hair extremely straight all the time?
what colour should i dye my hair?
I have 4 cowliks in my hair what do i do?
What color would look good on me as highlights?
every how many weeks are you supposed to get your Hair trimmed?
What are some ways to make my hair soft and shiny?
Yay or nay to chest hair?
how should i get my fringe done?
I have straight hair , but it gets tangel from the back alot -.-?
how do i prevent sweating my parts back at night?
Do you have a color that you hate? if so, Why do you hate it?
What shorter haircut would work well with my hair?
what color contacts should i get with black hair?
Is the Bio Ionic Ismooth a better hair straightener than the GHD?
how often should a hair spa treatment be used?
can you have curly short hair?
Should I do PINK hair or RED hair?
Which colour do I suit better? (photo's)?
What would look better.????
would i look ok with Bangs?
Why do guys show their leg hair?
Easy to do hairstlyes for school?
Why don't you get rid of your neck hairs?
How to get hair like River Song from Doctor Who?
i want to die my hair black or a dark brown but idk if i should i have light blonde hair HELP pic incled.?
long, short, or medium hair?
What is the difference when doing this to ur hair?
i want short hair!!!!!!!?
Help me choose a nice haircut
would i look good in curly hair or ugly
Who Invented curly Hair?
OMG... look what they did to my hair!!! (pics)?
Opinions on this hairstyle?
How do I get side bangs?
how can i get my hair to lay down without a lot of chemicals or grease?
Black Hair Salon in Brooklyn?
I've been growing my hair out for two years, maybe has grown 3 inches I really need help.?
What hair color should I dye my hair?
What are some ways to deep condition hair, other then using conditioner?
Help with my new haircut?
Why? why does it not look right?
should i wear my hair straight or curly to school monday?
Do girls prefer long hair on guys, or short?
What brand of hair straightener do you have?
How to cut curly mixed hair?
What is the average cost at a hair salon to dye my hair?
What do you think of this hairstyle?
how do i prevent sweating my parts back at night?
Product for thicker hair?
What actress has the best hair style?
can I blow dry my hair during my period ? HELP PLEASE !?
I was balding, and now I have a full head of hair, could this be the reason?
How to get beachy waves (curly hair)?
Thick hair........?
Am I a stalker? Is this considered stalking? I posted this question twice. Everyone thinks its stalking. Is i?
school is i tomrrow what is a great hair style? give me a web site showing how to do the style?
is my hair more"emo" or more "scene" hair? with picture!?
Is it bad to dye hair 2 days in a row?
should i get a devilock?
How to grow out my hair!?
what are some really cute hairstyles?
Some hairdye help, please?
Chi Ceramic Hair Straightener!?
Lads poll: curly hair or straight hair?
What hair color should I chose?
What does Jello Do for your hair?
what redhead shampoos and other hair products enhance your natural color?!?
Do you think I'd look good with blond hair, or should I go darker?
Is washing your hair every day bad for it?
Tell me the names of these haircuts.just plz tell me the names of these hair is gi?
I starightin my hair and is it bad I know it is but I only do it every 2 days?
how long will it take for my eyebrows to grow back?
which color hair is best for me?(pics)?
i've herd you can get sunscreen for your hair, what would be the best for natural red hair ?
Is shavng of the pubic hair common among women ? What % age shave ?
Trying to get hair back to natural color?
should i dye my hair black(pics)?
If I bleach my hair, can I use a blonde hair color over it?
curly hair problemo!! need big help!?
How do you get silver hair?
Best shampoo for somewhat dry hair?
How do you make a mans hair curly?
how do i convince my parents to let me dye my hair?
What time of hair cut is best for long face, short forehead & large nose?
What color should i dye my hair?
Girl talk: So I am getting super bored with my hair and if anyone knows any cute quick styles for school.?
Should i dye my hair or keep it the way it is?
My friend says my hair is very dry. What should I do to make it not go dry anymore?
why do people think blonds are stupid?
how to grow butt long hair.?
can someone find me picture of a hairstyles that has one of those humps in the middle like fergie or gwen ?
how can you remove black hair dye?
do boys with long hair look cool?
My hair has blonde highlights, can the tanning bed....?
what hair coloring product will work best for black hair.?
Need hairstyles that will fit my face [pic]?
where can i buy GHD IV'S wide?
Is it possible for your hair to shrink?
Do you find black or blonde hair more attractive on girls?
Am I using too many sprays for my hair?
Do i look better with brown hair or blonde?
I have brown hair would john frida go blonde work to go lighter?
I dont want my hair to be DEAD!?
Hair extentions/ HELP ME!!?
Should I shave my armpits?
Which shampoo is best for keeping my hair wet and soft?
wut is LMAO?
Long hair get what hairstyle?The hair is a little less.?
Is it bad to put your hair in a pony a lot?
science project about hair dye?
How to find your type of hair (Relaxed)?
do you think its to young for a 13 year-old to have a scene/emo hairstyle?
is it true???
Where can i buy some candy pink hair dye?
Do you think i would suit brown hair?"?
My hair is too soft HELP!?
Is it bad if you flat iron your hair every day?
Hair color question? (pic of my hair included)?
How can i curl my hair with straightners ?!?
how do I fix my hair to look like this? (pictures provided)?
have you tried head and shoulders shampoo?is it good shampoo?
Lost in Blue?
I am a black kid that looks cute but i still get no girls and i sing chris brown alot/?
Can you go swimming with a 27 piece hairstyle?
what kind of hair color would work on dark hair?
how to do my hair curly with braids?
which one is best bajaj almond drops OR dabur amla hair oil ?
stop my hair from falling out?
M y hair is very dry and dull?
what is the best methd for women to remove their body hair?shave, depilate, wax, laser, other?
I got a relaxer about a month ago, and I'm noticing that my hair is breaking off and falling out badly!?
Is there a home remedy for removing THC from your hair?
How long does it take for my hair to be thick again?
Once your hair is cut can they take root elsewhere on the skin if they aren't showered off right away?
If you bleach your hair and dye it with semi permanent dye will it fade to your natural hair color?
Hair dye harmful for health? Please help! Read details :]?
How can i treat my damaged hair?
Hair help, please~!?
wierd question.?
My hair for today, crimped/wavey/own style?
my roots grow too fast, how often is it safe to bleach?
14 year old girl with hair issues...?
Is it okay for me to use Gatsby if I'm black?
How would you do an "insane prom queen" costume (15 y/o)?
What should i do.........?
What do you think of Pantene shampoo & conditioner?
What hair cut looks better?
Can I store unused hair dye after mixing it?
What color shold i dye my hair for the first day of school?
short emo/scene/punk hair suit me?
what type of shampoo should I use for my thick, wavy hair?
Colorists Expertise PLEASE!?
haircut help. please?
how can i get rid of my greasy hair?
should i cut my hair if so how?
What are some easy, fast, and cute hairstyles :)?
Where is a good place to get hair extensions done good and reasonably priced in the LA/ Inland Empire area?
very damaged hair, how to get it back?
Why is white hair usually thicker?
How do I make my hair wavy?
Will my hair fall out?
Should i get my hair cut like this?
What color should I dye my hair? :3?
should i change my redish hair color?
What is the best hair color for a caramel tan or lighter shades of brown?
Is it true that Horse and Mane shampoo helps ur hair become longer and healther??
Want to hear something really funny?
Is it safe to go to bed with wet hair?
What's the best hairstyle for a blonde, longhaired, California girl?
Is it normal to have clear or yellow clearish urine?
How to avoid Premature grey hair ? and suggest me some naural colorants?
where to buy chi curling iron in dallas texas?
How would i prevent my face from becoming oily?
Hair curling by myself?
How long will my hair grow with biotin?
do you go? [.s]?
how to curl my hair without an iron?
I am a 5 foot 1 inch male and need to find a good hair style?
what ype of haircut does big tone have with his tail?
what color should i dye my hair?
how can i make my hair thicker?
how do i get scene hair?
What kinds of haristyles look best on people with a square face?
is it better to be ginger or bald?
need more opinions what should i do with my hair?
Blondes or Brunettes?
how can i get my hair to look like this?
How can you stop from going bald?
Do you think hes cute?
How should I do my hair?
How do you clean hair straighteners?
hot or not ? or ? ?
Guys are blondes or burnettes hotter?
I need hair help!? Best answer chosen in 1 hour?
Do you like the look of a girl with quite a pale face and dark brown/black hair?
A question to Black Women?
how can. .. .?
Which is best Hair Transplantation place in California?
Are there really attractive bald guys out there?
How to do double strand twists on hair?
I have brown hair want to go blonde, but..?
I have REALLY dry and frizzy hair. I'm the only white girl at my school with an afro.Any suggestions?
why all people are not using a condionter and when they using a condionter they never do shampoo?
I went to the beach this past week, I came home with pink hair.?
What do hot girl like better guys wit hshort hair or guys with long hair.?
Hair Straighteners Silk 2?
does mane n tail shampoo really work?
Side bangs for rounder faces?
thinning out my hair?
What is the largest hair salon in Midland, TX?
How do I bleach black hair dye out of my hair?
Help finding a shampoo that makes hair shiny?
Help!!! ASAP easy 10 points!!!!?
Short haircut idea? What looks best on me? (pic)?
(Picture) Would emo hair suit me? (need opinions)?
how much does hair color, hair cut, and highlights cost?
How do i make my hair grow faster?
Guys, what do you think of girls with thick hair?
Should guys have long or short hair?
how to get REALLLY straight hair?
girls i need your opinion on my picture?
What hair color?
Is it bad to tease your hair?
when was the hair dryer invented, and by whom?
If you had my hair how would you style it?
Do women prefer men with black or blonde hair?
(Girls Thoughts) On red hair men?
How can I dye my black hair into a lighter color like maroon?
Is Outre Sol Yaki Good hair or No ?
What is the best hair straightener?
What color is your hair?
i need 2 know wat shampoos da best 2 cure dandruff! plz help me!!!?
What starts with a C and ends with T, is hairy, oval, delicious and contains thin whitish liquid?
does oil make hair grow?
how to tell when your hair is dirty?
What is the best african american product you can use to make the hair grow back,after a relaxer is put in it.
I dyed my darkish brown hair golden medium brown?
How should I get my hair cut? (picture)?
Don't you hate it when someone tugs your ponytail?
Can't keep hair straight!?
If you know alot about hair, can you look at these 2 pics???
Hair questionnn helpp?
how do i keep my hair straight without a straightening iron?
how do i get my hair more scene?
Can anyone tell me if there are any stores that sell Viviscal Woman?
what color to dye my hair?
Scene hair without being drastic?
how long before baby's hair goes curly?
how to remove dandruff from hair?
can i cut my upper cheek hair with a scissor?
my hair is so light blonde that if i got highlights they would be almost white what other colors could i try?
i need help with my hair?
Hayley Williams Bangs Help!!?
How can I grow my hair out like 3 inches in 2 weeks?
How do you straighten EXTREMELY thick hair?
is avril lavignes hair medium ash blonde?
Should I get my hari cut? [I have pics]?
What do you thonk of people dying their hair?
Scene or emo hairstyles for a square-ish face?
Hair tutorials on YouTube!!?
How can I make my hair grow faster?
How can I easily style my HAIR when I don't wash them?
How do you use a hair straightener?
'Doo Gro' users, I just started using this product and have a few questions?
Is bedhair spray goOd ?
Facial hair question?
Do you think pink highlights would be cool ? or stupid?
how do u do a mohawk? some people braid they hair to make a mohawk did you know that they do it in new jersey.
Cute hair styles for teens?? HELP?
2 questions?
What color streak or peek a boos should I get for my dark brown hair?
How do i ask my parents if i can get a scene hair cut?
major hair problem emergency!!?
How do I remove brassy color?
I permed my hair how to remove.?
how do you get your hair from smelling bad?
what color is your hair??? and how long is it???
What color should i dye my hair? (pics)?
I am an 18 year old male and have hair all over my chest and stomach ugh -__-?
My mom won't let me have long hair. What should i do??
Will someone help me with this hair style?
For girls who cut their long hair short, why'd you do it?
Sew-in weave? help please.?
what`s the name of this haircut?
what is the best crimson hair dye?
Split ends, any advice? easy 10 points!?
when i straighten my hair my ends always frizz out. Is there a way i can keep my ends from gettin frizzy?
Blondes or brunettes?
Is Dye HARMFULL to ur Hair???
how can i moisturize my hair???
best haircolor for fair skin and dark green eyes?
HELP! Hair keeps fading ginger?!?
How can I grow 6 inches of hair in a few months?
Which hair oil works best?
Who has any hair styling suggestions?
how should i get bangs? straight across or side?
I am looking for a simple hairstyle?
i need advice oh hair stripping?
How to lighten black hair to a lighter color?
Girls only: Hair problem?
What color should I dye my hair[pictures]?
i wanna get my hair cut long layers but i want to be able to wear it in a bun and a ponytail?
Semi-permanent hair dye - damge hair???
Are highlights still in style?
Do you think these need waxing?
which hairstyle suits me better?
hair colour?
best hair colour for girls?
What diameter/size curling iron should I get?
Can I perm my hair if... ?
need some good shampoo and conditoner that works good for frizzy hair? i used herbal essence dont like it?
What hairstyle would look best? I have an oval face?