I have VERY thick hair, I don't like to straighten it every morning, any products, or suggestions?
How Long Does L'Oreal Paris Superior Preference Last?
why does my straightened hair have little hairs sticking out?
how do i die my hair blond with home stuff?
what do boys prefer in general?
I have dry, damaged, dull hair?
should i die my hair blonde and get tatoos?
Should i shampoo my hair twice daily?
does shampooing evry other day and conditioning every day really work?
how can i get my hair curly...?
how can i get my hair to look like this?
Someone help me, my hair is dead?!?
Youtube's channel, dedicated to curly-haired people?
My boyfriend has really long curly hair, how should we cut it?
If I have brown hair can I dip dye it with kool-aid?
Curly hair or straight hair on me?
which is better? PLEASE ANSWER! I NEED ANSWERS!!!!?
how can we avoid side effects after hair colouring?
Should I get this haircut?
after 6-9 months after rebonding,will the hair be at least less curly than before rebonding?
whats a good straightner to curl hair?
cute korean hairstyles...?
does my hair look better dark blonde or platinum blonde? (pics)?
Teasing your hair......?
what is the best volumizing hair shampoo?
2 tone hair color?
(girls)plz answer this(pics)do i look better with short hair or long?
Why do people try to recommend store bought products like Pantene????
somalien hair question?
Ok i have this dilemma!?
Got a pink streak, can I wash my hair?
How can i make my curls last longer?
Would I look somewhat decent with jet black hair and light blue eyes?
are pale girls with dark brown hair sexier than tan girls with blonde hair?
please help!!! major hair disastor:(?
I have split ends like crazy!?
Is my hair too dark should I dye it lighter (pics)?
how do I bleach my hair blonde?
To Black Women with NATURAL HAIR or just a TEXTURIZER... please help!?
where can I find a picture of Kate Gosselin's current hair cut?
what can i do to make my hair lighter?
Are perms/relaxers hazardous to our health?
is curly hair for girls really that unattractive?
This may seem like a stupid question but...?
Should I cut my hair?
How can I get my hair back natural?
Why do my GHDs keep beeping?
how can we grow our hair healthily?
What are some really good shampoo and conditioner brands?
How fast do male eyebrows grow?
is the gvp flat iron a good one?
my hair is damaged ! someone help me ?
what do you think about hair extent-ions?
Blonde the red undertones?
whats the best shampoo and conditioner?
Would black hair suit me?
How can I volumize or curl my hair cheapely and instantly?
How can I turn my dark brown hair into more of a lighten golden color without dying it?
Short or long hair. What's the fashion for this season?
two questions about hair?
how to make my hair look emo without cutting it pls help?
I have a pony tail of hair that my daughter cut off a few years ago. How do I go about selling it?
Someone please help me!!!?
Does n e 1 know of hair styles 4 busy teens???
where can i find the hair product "bump it's"?
Wearing Orange with Strawberry Blonde Hair?
What do you think of...?
How long will it take?
what should i do with my hair?! (pics)?
Different colors for black hair?
Are there any other people that find long hair SOOOOO sexy????? If so why?
what haircut suits my face???
need a new look.?
whats the point of nose hair?
Will a pixie cut suit me?
I need a new hairstyle can anyone help me?
Best kind of perm for me?
should i cut my hair like this?
Sakura Cosplay wig...Where can I get one?
I have unbelieveabley straight hair, but with a slight wave. How can I keep it straight?
hair sticks?
I Have 2 Hairs Grow From The Same Pore Is There A Name For This?
Could i use garnier nutrisse ultra hair color red shades intended for dark hair, on my faded brown/red hair?
GHD problems. Can anyone help?
Poll: What's your natural hair color?
stuck on how i should cut my hair ... picture ... please help!?
i need to find someone that can do tree braids?
What face structure do I have? Oval, circle, square, ect.?
How to fade pink hair? Dyed with splat 2 1/2 weeks ago? What works best?
wat haircut should i get? Any streaks, colors? Pic including, price of Streaks?
What do you think of ginger hair?
how often do u wash ur hair?
Can you recolor hair after dyeing it ?
do you??????????????????
Should I due my hair black/ dark brown?
How do you like my new haircut?!?
What hair colour suits this description?
anyone know a site i can go to to find cute hairdo's for work?
How often do you get highlights?
should i cut my hair or keep it long?
getting bold spots on the side of my head?
Hair Color Product that won't damage it?
senior pictures?
died black hair back to natural colour?
Am i ugly?
i bought vo5's extreme reworkable putty and need some help?
How do I get my hair wavy?
How would I do my hair like this?
How much biotin should i take for hair growth?
What do you think looks better?
Products to make my hair healthy again?
would i look good with dark brown hair?
How can I get salon quality highlights at home..?
what is the best treatment for thinning eyebrows?
new hairstyle?
Can I dye a lighter color over dark - dyed hair?
how long will it take a average person's hair to grow 5inches?
Is it possible to get my ******** waxed?
can i sleep with lemon juice in my hair to rid dandruff?
Should I pay my hairdresser again if I'm going back to get it re-cut a second time because I'm unhappy?
Why do I cut myself ?
long, medium, or short hair on dudes?
Does it come as a shock to you that I cut my own hair?
Which hero dosen't change his hair style in any film?
vitamin B complex tablet for prevention and growth of hair?
How Many Inches Will My Hair Grow In 7 Months?
I have less than a week to get my hair moisturized. What can I use??!!?
Any good websites for prom hair?
What age should you start dying ur hair?
How can i grow facial hair fast!?
Accidentally used ethnic hair care! Help!?
wat 2 apply (something natural) , 2 GROW MORE heavy 'thick' & 'shiny' eye-lashes + eye-brows ?
Ladies what kind of facial hair to you prefer on a guy ?
Help with hair styles?
I really want a shorter haircut!?
How can I make my hair healthy?
Short Haircuts/Hairstyles?
does anyone watch Criss Angel??
how do you make your hair grow?
Does anyone know how to use a curling wand without making your hair all frizzy and weird?
Thick hair what to do?
For women ONLY!! ?...Do women find bald guys or guys that shave thier head attractive????
Guys: Curly hair or straight hair?
What do you think i should do with my hair? [PIC INCLUDED] :)?
What are some good men hair products that keep a dark Caesar haircut smooth and black ?
Good hair products, specifically shampoo and conditioner, for wavy hair?
whats the best way to straighten afro carribean hair without a relaxer i have iron plate straigtheners?
short lesbian haircuts?
Is this a cute hair cut?
Ladies: What do you do about extra eyelashes?
How can tell how long will u stay together?
Which Hairstyle Looks Best On Me?
does dying your hair darker make it stronger and healthier?
I have black hair already bleach now its a very light gold color i want white hair what vol should i used?
Would i look good in bangs?
Would it look good if i dyed the bottom of my hair red?
Losing hair what should I do?
What colour should i dye my hair?
s star-flower oil good for you hair?
I don't know how 2 wear my hair!!!!?
best way to dye natural black hair mid brown ?
I need hair tips I need new styles and a way to leave the shampoo scent in :)??
does red hair look good on girls?
Is it possible that my very curly hair will go straight as I grow?
I need help with my hair!!!?
How can I make my hair curly?
Anyone know of any Brooklyn Salons that are reasonable for weaves and extensions?
Do you think this color hair would look nice of me?
how 2 get rid of arm hairs? please help!!?
Should I get scene hair?
Hair question..?
Can I use an Aphogee treatment immediately after dying my hair??
Would red and blonde highlights look good on light brown hair?
Shall I go blonde or do I look better brunette?
I don't have time to wash my hair, how can I make it not look gross?
What's a shampoo I could use?
Shaving for a party - help?
Can you scrunch your hair when its DRY? Like use gel? No?
Blond to Brown?? Please help!!?
What would be a fun, interesting, wild hair style?
What is the easiest way to scrunch hair?
I want to dye my hair red?!?
What is the best flat iron to get and what product should I put in my hair before straightening?
How can I get hair like zac efron?
Which haircut? Pictures included!?
how can i thin my hair?
How do I tame frizzy and wavy hair?
what is the best natural shampoo?
My hair feels dry to me?
how short should I cut my hair? Pix included. 10 points!?
I'm a Junior in High School and I grew an under-the-chin beard. ... Should I keep it? ... Am I to young?
I hate having dark body hair?
What color should I dye my hair?
why can't women of color grow their hair long?
what haircut would suit my face?
has anyone ever had their hair semi permantly straightened?
i damaged and fried my hair ?
HAIR HELP: My hair is greasy but I have dandruff... What do I do?
I dont know if sex influences on hair growth or not?
whaat should i do with my haaiir?
dying hair. color question?
Can I dye my previously dyed hair lighter?
How Do I Get My Hair Straight Without A Straightner?
Stripped hair black turned orange then died it dark golden brown and turned orange brown how to get it brown?
How Can I Get My Hair Like This? (pic)?
how do i make my hair look good when its greasy?
How do i style my hair like this..?
Im gonna get my hair cut but I need someones opinion on what kind. (pic of me included)?
Question about curling hair??!?
what can I do with my short (down to shoulder) hair?
what should i do with my hair?!?
I need to shave my pubes but I don't have hair clippers, is there an alternative?
How long does it take to grow hair?
Scene hair styles (not to label)?
What color should i highlight my hair?
rhianna had such sexy hair when she first come out then chris woman beater came along and she had uggo hair si?
Where can I buy Vanessa Collection wigs in Detroit Michigan?
Will cutting off 1/2 an inch off my hair get rid of split ends?
Do you like my new Hair?
Which hairstyle???????
What is a good product to use on my hair to eliminate the frizz when it dries?
dye and condition at the same time?
my mom got me the instyler ...... but after wht i heard idk?
How common is hair loss for young women?
Hair colour question?
Has any one tried Punky hair colors. Are they better than Manic Panic hair dyes?
Which hair do you like better on him? [Pictures]?
How to style hair for homecoming!?
What does coconut oil do to your hair?
Question about bleaching hair and dying it purple?
After having already bleached my hair, how long should I wait to bleach it again?
how to make big hair?
What do you think about red hair.?
Conditioner that makes your hair SUPER SUPER soft and shiny?
do men like girls with long hair and heavy fringes? or without a fringe? (is a fringe sexy?!)?
if your mom tolled you not to dye your hair blue would you do it anyway?
Why do so many black women have short hair?
how can i change my boring hair into something awesome?
What do i do if i have the BEST boyfriend?
I have blonde leg hair should I shave?
i cut hair and i was wondering what was the best trimmers with the sharpest blade can any pro help me out?
i need some self esteem. help me?
curly, straight, or wavy hair??????
I dyed my hair last week... Is it okay for me to dye it again?
I have dark brown hair and I want it blonde?
Longest lasting BRIGHT red hair dye?
Is Redken Keratin in Salon Treatment good for hair or or bad?
What African American hair care products promote hair growth?
How do I explain to my barber how to taper the back of my hair?
best dye to avoid those pesky ginger tones?
Am i pretty? and what should i do with my hair? (pic)?
What would happen if i added peroxide to a colour?
What color hair do you think looks best on girls?
should i cut my hair?
the one with bloned hair or the one with the brown?
Can I dye my hair without bleaching it?
is there anything that can make your hair SILVER?
what style of hair would i look good with?
How to curl your hair using a straightener or flat iron?
I recently chemically straightened it at home. How can I get it curly again?
Im an African american 12 yr. old girl. am i gross if i dont wash my hair every single day?
A pale girl with blonde hair or a pale girl with redish brown hair is more attractive?
Does Boys Hair Grow Faster Than Girls? I have a Question for the guys. Especially the ones with the Long hair.?
is it safe to base my scalp with jojoba oil before a relaxer.?
Do I look ok without bangs, or should I keep them?
Hot or not?????????????
thinning hair?
Hair Glue Situation....get it out!?!?!?
haircut for thin blonde hair?
does it look good when a dark mexican girl has her whole head pink or red?
Question about bleaching hair?
how should i cut my hair ?:)?
is use of henna for coloring hair harmful?
Cutting my own hair...?
(pic) should i cut my hair like this?
what would be a good natural leave in moistorizer for male african american hair?
do i look better with curly or striaght hair? be honest?
Any recommended hair frizz shampoos and/or conditioners?
Does anyone have a home remedy for hair loss??
Idont understand how they do it!!! Please help!?
Is it true your hair shouldn't be washed every day?
What's a good hair dye to dye brown/red hair dirty blonde?
Do you prefere brunnete or blonde hair?
How do I get beachy waves using a curling iron? I have naturally wavy hair?
How should I get my bangs cut? (Pics)?
How does the hairstyle look?
How can i stop my hair from breaking off?
Do you think pink hair is ugly/trashy?
Best shampoo to use when you have well water?
what hair colour do u like?
if u get suspended from answers are they supposed to delete ur e-mail address?
I'm a girl and in my early 20s, why is my hair thinning?
Straightening hair...?
Should I cut my hair? What do you think?
bleach blonde to brown do you have to go orange first?
Hair is DRY and damaged!! what should I do?! anything you swear by?
How to make your hair grow if you are an african american?
how to turn permanently straight hair to curly hair?
If I dye my hair yellow will boys like me more?
I have pale skin & want to dye my hair BLACK..bad idea?
For thick hair should you use two bottles of hair dye?
my hair is naturally frizzy what do i do with it?
my hair and layering it?
shave my mustache or not?
I need help finding......?
Cutting pubic hair?
Pleazzze Guys... Hair advice needed!!!?
I have real long hair, but it's very thin. What is the best product that i can use to make it thicker???
what should i dye my hair? picture included!?
What hairstyle will compliment a square/oval face?
What do girls like better on boys long or short hair?
For all of you with NATURALLY thick hair...?
Can I dye my hair twice in one night?
Sum hot hair styles to do??????
How does this redvelvet hair color look on me? ( PICS)?
how do i style my bangs/fringe?
How do you get aburn hair color out?
what is the best hair shampoo and conditioner in the market for color hair?
how do i spike my hair perfectly..?
Should guys grow their hair super long?
Would straight across bangs would look okay on me?
I am Of Asian Ethnic... Do You Think I Should Go Blonde?
What is THE BEST hair straightners out there?
Prevent greasy hair ?
what color should i die my hair?
in the morning when you wake up how do you make your hair straight?
hair dye not working!?
I have Jazzing Hair Dye But It Says Towel Dry Hair And I Tried So Should I Do It Dry ?
how can i make my hairs silky using some home tips as a bit dry?
Why do some hair conditioners make your hair feel hard after you rinse it out?
Unnatural hair colors for dark hair?
curling iron?
Purple hair dye on brown hair?
Is the KQC Professional Ceramic Styling Iron with X-Heat any good?
What shirt and hair style should I wear today?
i was dreaming that i was brushing my hair and nothing but lice n big bugs were coming out and i was crying an?
How Do You Make A Hair Bow Out Of A Bandana?
I want to let my hair grow and I don't want to cut it...?
Is it rude to take a picture of the haircut you want to a salon or barbor shop?
Is there a way to get straight/er hair without a straightener?
Is sulfate free is good for your hair?
where can i get a decent haircut?
Clean way to shave your head?
how can i grow my hair longer?
whats are bangs?
What shade of Blonde should I go? Picture included?
are all blonds dumb?
Where could I get glittery hair spray?
What happens if I use black conditioner on my brown hair?
when doing a sew in does it matter if you sew in the hair completely underneath the braid or is it necessary?
Blonde hair or black, plz help?
What do women think of men who want curly hair and get perms?
Where can I get Kinky Twists Done in Kansas City?
what haircut would suit my face?
What is Hair smoothing treatment?
i dyed my hair toay and i didnt really like the color, can i dye it again in the same day?
i think that blake lively from accepted has theee most gorgeous hair..?
im going bald and im only 15!?
One for Americans. What proportion of ponytails donated to Locks of Love actually goes to kids?
laser hair removal ! help i need to know if i went to the right one!?
im very curios about this hair stlye?
how do u get rid of greasy hair besides cutting it all off?
How to Straighten Hair with Volume?
Who Is This? And would I look good with this hair?
What hair color will look good on me?
any tips for helping your hair grow longer?
hair ideas for school?
what else could i get done?
are short hair cuts still in?
When it comes to grow hair, which vitamin is better: Biotin or Prenatal vitamin or both?
Cutting my hair super short right now?
Hello I have waves on my head going straight across but when i get a haircut some of them fade away?
My hair is gets greasy after one day.. Help?
Do I look better as a blonde or as a brunette?
I really need a new hair-do!?
What are some good shampoos to use?
My dad got furious that i dyed streaks of my hair green?
How long do you think her hair is?
Help, My Hair is Falling Out!!?
Which is better? Manic Panic or Punky?
Are Whiting American Cape fly fishing feathers safe to use as hair extensions?
I don't feel pretty help?
Hair Style Ideas?
hair problem?
how do u use bleach to dye hair?
Bangs on me?
How can I dye my red hair to a brownish color?
How can I get my hair like this?
How do you dye your hair when you have dark brown hair and no bleach ?
what color kool aid should i do for highlights?
Sew-ins South Wales area?
School Hair cut :) what should I get?
Bleached Red to Platnium help?
Whats the best kind of non-permanent hair dye?
why is my hair falling out?
Problems with my glueless lacefront wig?
How to regrow hair on the crown of my head.?
Would blonde streaks look good on me?
help taming my curly hair?
Orange hair HELP!!!!?
Hair cut too short and not growing back?
How do i get my hair like this? pic is included?
what else could i get done?
What do u do if u have koolaid in your hair, and it won't come out, even after washing it?
what is better for leg hair removal? Twiz or wax?
what hair colour do u prefer?
What do you think damages your hair the most?
Is it possible to grow hairs on my bald head?
What did she do to her hair? (Picture)?
Which hairstyle do girls find most attractive on a man?
hair problem!!?
Help! Horrible Hair!?
Does drinking coffee make your butt hair grow ?
I have thick, dark brown, shoulder length hair. I need help finding an appropriate hairstyle.?
EE! Where can I get a CHI with a lifetime warrenty?
How Does Miley Cyrus Do Her Hair like that ?
i want to dye my hair,but i'm not sure what colour would be good for me?
is it possible 2 get hair folicle transplants on the n.h.s?
is this hair good for my face shape?
HELP!!!! My hair is impossible!!! Advice is appreciated.?
Thick or thin hair? Thin or thick eyebrows?
My hair wont stay straight -.-....?
how would bangs look?
Which shade should i go for highlighting my hair, they are dark brown, almost black?
Questions about coloring bleached hair?
Should i dye my hair blonde(pics included)?
Home Remedy?
what is the best hair product to make long hair stright?
how can i curl my hair and make it stay permanent?
How long after bleaching and putting a rinse on your hair do you have to wait before recoloring to change it?
I want to dye my hair chesnut red and have a new haircut, ¿your opinion?
men who have facial hair what are the reasons you keep it on your face?
Would I look bad with a buzz cut?
which are cuter side bangs or straight bangs?
Do gurls look nice with short hair??
okay. so i want to grow out my hair but i have very bad dead ends.. how do i get rid of dead ends?
what color you think i should dye my hair?
what would the result be if i mixed light brown hair color with burgendey hair color?
Hey everyone! Umm..I'm wondering if you guys have ever use a conditioner that really works for u guys hair?
How can I style my hair this way?
I have damaged, dry, brittle and falling out hair? D:?
How do i get rid of smeely hair?
How would I look blonde? (pic included)?
Do you like your hair ?
what are cute hairstyles for very long hair?!?!?
How to thin my long hair?
what color hair do they give to bald guy on his driver's license?
I Shaved My Pubic Hair && it Itches Now !! Help ? Please?
How should I have my hair to be girly?
From a females stand point, I'm a male with a rat tail hair style. What's your opinion on this?
Why wont the peroxide work on my hair?
Have you use the CHI HAIR FLAT IRON?? Is it really good?
should i straighten my hair before i go to the haircutters? (i have curly hair)?
Hair styles for thick hair . (men)?
Curling my hair to School?
Products to help hair grow FAST?
My hair has one wave in it and it looks really bad..ive tried to straightin it but no result...can anyon help?
is it safe to use tea tree oil on children for hair lice.?
How to get dandruff free hair?
What color should I dye my hair?
I used to always straighten my hair but I've finally decided to try to go w/ the natural curl...?
Wanna dye my hair a different color,pictures included,what would be best?
How should I get my hair cut? (pictures are included)
Ombre with stick staight hair? Fall colors?
I don't know what to do with my hair?
My hair is dirty blonde what is the best colors to streak it im looking for a change?
does anyone know how to help me with my hair problem?
Has anyone ever tried?
Combing my hair back?
whats a good hair dye to use?
do men prefer shoulder length (mid) hair or long hair?
need wedding hair style with only 5 days to go?
Just curious about everyone's hair regimen!?
what hair color is this? I was thinking it was dark blond.?
Have somebody experience with Charles worthington shampoos?
Does anyone know a good hair straightner and where can you find it?
which type of conditioner should i use for my hair?
How to get my hair to grow fast!!!?
is manteo high schools principals hair real?
hair emergancy i need an expert?
has anyone heard of Hair Formula 37? It's supposed to be a hair vitamin that speeds up your hair growth.?
Is there really no bleaching needed for Loreal Excellence Hicolor?
How long does eyebrow hair take to grow back?
would this hair cut suit me.
What has actually helped you grow your hair faster?
Do they sell Afro sheen in Walmart?
What hair dye should I get to match headkandy melted chocolate shade??!?
how canlope cruz's bangs grow so fast?
Natural and organic hair and body product companies that ship to Africa-- Specifically Kenya?
How fast can my hair grow if I just wash it and dont use any heat?
How Come after you girls spend so much time and money on your hair....?
A man 20 but my hair "refuses" to grow long. In fact it remains v short & grows unevenly. Wa' coo be the
Blonde or Brunette????
im light skinned (black) and i wanted 2 put streaks in my hair,which color would be best?
What are some techniques I can use?
Tips for growing hair?
Which hair color would looks best on me? (pics included)?
which one looks better?
Could I see some pictures of long side swept bangs?
is there such thing as ``black`` hair?
Ladies: Should I cut my hair? Would I look better with short hair?
what is the best shampoo and conditioner you have ever used?
If I want to dye part of my hair a ginger orange, will I need to bleach it?
what do the numbers on hairdye boxes mean?!?
Natural redheads: hot or not?
my hair seems to be falling out???
wut color highlights???
What color to dye my hair?
Which haircut?
Question about Hair Dying?
can i redie my hair after dieing and putting a toner in?
What is the best hair color for hazel eyes?
My hairs very rough & dry ? What should i do to make them beautiful strong and silky?
i have curly dark hair, i'm 24 years old guy, but i want a change, suggestions?
opinions on this hairstlye...?
Just because im blonde--doesnt mean im dumb....?
What shampoo and conditioner can I buy for my hair type?
How do I get emo hair?
Which hairstyle do you think looks better?
Do I let her?
Do blonde highlights look bad in dark brown curly hair?
Hair dyed too dark help?!?
is it to young for a 14 year old to get there hair highlighted?
How to crimp hair and neat waves?
Would I look good with red hair?
Blowdrying, how often, good kinds, HELP?
My hair extensions satrted splitting after a week?
My hair goes curly when it's damp!?
How much do you tip your hair dresser?
Do girls like this hairstyle on men?? ?
Frankie sandford hair on me?
Any ideas on shiny hair ?
Does Dr. Miracle hair growth formula work?
What hair colour would I suit?
Wy do people hate mohawks on girls?
is this short hair cut cute/sexy or ugly?
Do my new bangs look bad?
Hey im a 14yr old african American girl who wants white people hair? what products should i use?
Whats a good shampoo and conditioner and a product for keeping my hair straight all day?HELP ASAP?
What are the best hair dyes for vibrant colors? And last the longest?
what shad of black hair color look good on indian medium complexion, and what kind of makeup goes with it?
How much is it to get a haircut in New York?
I have a round face and I want a new haircut?
Would I have to bleach my hair?
bleach blonde white or yellow?
i wanna dye ma hair ?
Lower maintenance blonde hair?
What is this haircut called?
does anyone know of any good videos for teaching how to do cornrows?
how do you make your hair grow really fast?
if brunettes have brown hair and blonds have golden hairand redheads have reddish hair...then?
What happens to your hair if you mix 30 volume creme with 9 activator?
how do i make purple/blue demi-permanent hair dye come out faster?
dying and highlighting hair?
Rebonded hair is Super Boring...Do U agree?? & why is almost every girl rebonding their hair??
What should I say to this girl?
If my hair is dry can I French braid my hair over night and will it look good?
Does my hair look better curly or straight?
What do you think of this haircut?
britney spears.............bald!?
is it right for guys to straighten their hair?
What color should I dye my hair[pictures]?
i just cut bangs across my face?
How do you get dread locks?
my hair is freakishly thick... how do i thin it?
I am 22 yrs of problem is premture graying of hair?
If I get my wavy hair chemically straightened will I still have to "touch up" my hair with a straightener?
In need of help with hair straightener?
Natural leave-in conditioner?
Hair questions.......?
How would I style bangs like these?
Is it possible to redye hair after coloring without damage?
Straightening hair tips ?
Should a 37 year old woman have long hair?
What is this hairstyle called?
What is the best product (store bought), for color and highlights?
I need to write a state petition for receiving my liscense. How to I go about searching for an example on it?
how do you make your hair grow faster?
i dye my hair to much. and its so dead. how can i make it healthier?
black hair salon in london for weaves!Your recommendations please!?
I am looking for a new look.?
Prenatal vitamins vs Hair, skin, and nails?
I am 17 years old when i wash my hair and comb my hair fall more?
Should I cut my hair?
how do i dye my hair blonde? (:?
what do you think of hair gel on girls?
will my eyebrows grow back after being cut?
Which hairstyle fits me best?
Why do I have single coarse hair?
I can't do anything with my hair! Any ideas?
Why shouldn't you use colored hair spray on bleached hair?
Reversing a reverse perm?
straight or curly?
Grow Hair Products n4 Black?
top of my hair thin out?
What products can make my wavy hair curly?
Girls, should i cut my hair short or grow them long?
Can I Cowash with ANY conditioner and than follow with the Knot Today Leave In and Kinky Curly Curling Custard?
getting my hair done tomorrow?
Is it possible to use Wella white lady with 10 volume peroxide?
How do I fix my greasy hair?
does my hair look better curly or str8? pics?
seriously,is their any latest invention regarding Hair Regrowth?
Do you like long, blond hair..?
I'm a hair dresser and I refuse to do black's hair anymore. what can be done about this?
How much are you suppose to tip the hairstylist?
I dyed my hair a natural light auburn colour but it has turned dark brown?
Any good hair moisturizers that smell good also?
Hair my parents will agree on? Help.?
hair growth questions?
Any hairstyles for my thirteenth?
Can I use a clarifying shampoo from the same brand as my shampoo and conditioner?
cute scarves where to get?
I have really dark brunette hair and I want to know what kind of high lights to get...?
Do girls like facial hair on guys?
What color should I dye my hair?
I'm a 23 white skin Iranian girl my face is round and my hair is dark and almost wavy and alittle dry...?
I have dark brown hair but I want to get highlights, what color should i get? (picture included)?
wax or shave?
Has anyone every graduated, from the Aveda Institute cosmetology program???
What can I do about my severely damaged hair?
whichhh is better??? pics...?
How long does it take shaven eyebrows to grow out to normal?
Which one looks betterrr?! (Picss)?
Does anyone know what this hairstyle is called??? like forreal?!?
Would Tamil Wives really like their Husband's moustache?
My teacher said nobody can be born with naturally black hair?
hair milk?
I'm a 39 year old man. Should I dye my grey hair.?
Anyone tell me how to take care of my African American daughter's hair?
How long does my hair have to be?
Would brown hair with light brown highlights look good on me being hispanic?
is there any way to learn how to do my own up-do's for my hair?
How Do i Keep My Hair Staright ?
Does any one Like Slick Hairstyles?
How long does a Professional hair color job last?
Why do people with short black curly hair,add all these rugs,tea cosies,wigs,coloured hats,why, let it go?
what can you use to color a synthetic wig?
Hair dye- how long can i leave it mixed for?
how can i keep my red??
Which hair style below do you like the best (with or without the fringe/bangs)?
i was dreaming that i was brushing my hair and nothing but lice n big bugs were coming out and i was crying an?
Hello do guys like red hair?
What Color Should I Dye My hair? (PICTURES)?
when i go to korea, should i get a wave perm?
How much hair do I need for a mini afro?
How do i get these curls?
how old do i look? (:?
What color should my hair be?
Why do so many black women have short hair?
what is a wave?
Why can't people with 360 Waves get waves on their dominant side?
How do you trim your own hair properly?
whats the best haircut for men at the moment?
I accidentally cut my sister's head off.?
What do you think about women with gray hair?
Do you need to blow dry hair before straightening?
Do I look better with Black hair or brown?
anygood treaments?
What kind of shampoo&conditioner stop oliy hair?
do you have to tip people who style/cut your hair even though it's expensive enough anyways!?
Sleek Med Spa - Laser Hair removal - Does it work?
what color should i dye my hair PICTURES INCLUDED?
Which would do less damage to my hair two high lifts or one bleaching?
girls only......?
"My Spring It" hair removal?
is my e-mail address perfrct????????
I was diagnosed with TE telogen effluvium would a wig damage the hair that I have left.?
Shaving down there? Should I do it?
I have soft black hair, i need help about dying itagain!?
What is a hairstyle i can have while i wait for the top to grow for a side pomp?
How do you remove glued in weave??
How do I wear wavy tracks when my hair is straight?
how do I tell my mom that I cut my hair with safety scissors?
Does anyone know the name of the store where i can buy lobe wonder patches for strecthed earhole.?
Do most of the girls like face hair ? 10 point for best ans?
Whats a good way to get rid of your mustache without it growing back hairier? (Im a girl)?
my hair keeps falling out?
Hair goes static and messy?
How to make your hair not look greasy?
How many times shampoo?.........?
Black dye...... won't come off!?
How to keep dyed hair full and healthy?
Where can I find a good locktician in the Boston, MA area?
my hair gets greasy after 1 day?
I haven't washed my hair for a month but..?
is red hair hiteous or cute or what have you?
is it safe to get your hair straightened twice in a month?
Where can I get Emma Watson's headband?
honest opinion on my hair and make up i need advice please :]?
(Picture included) How can I style my hair like this?
What Is the Best Hair Growth Product on the Market?
What do you prefer? Blondes or brunettes? and Why?
i have kinda wavey hair and i dont really know what to do with it!!?
What vitamins can I take to increase hair growth?
10point! which name sounds posh for a blonde hair boy?
hairrrrrrrr helppppppp????
Do layers make your hair thicker or thinner?
Should I curl or straighten my hair?
Can head lice just disappear?
Do any of you girls know any tricks to making my hair grow out fast?
Best hair gel for men?
Tips on braiding layered hair?
looking for the best hair salon in Edmond - help???
Do you think girls with brown skin and blonde hair are pretty?
Which one is the best: blue black hair or normal black hair?
What is the best way to grow out my short hair?
How do you straighten naturally curly african american hair?
Can i apply a tiny amount of olive oil to my hair?
frizzy hair - what to do?!?
will using styling wax in my hair cause it to fall out?
Ugh, my mom won't let me color my hair black!?
fool moon and hair?
should i cut my hair?? pic included?
where can i have cheap and good hair extensions in Singapore?
V care Trichology Hair Clinic is 100 % Fruad?
club dancer abroad question??
what hair colour will suit me?????????????????/?
Is it weird to say that I have never straightened my hair, and Im a 13 year old girl?
Dyeing my hair?????????????????
What is a good hair style for back to school?
Natural ways to lighten my hair? Leave in remedies?
i dyed my hair but now the roots are showing. What should I do? I don't want to keep dying it the same color.
Any Yaki Hair similar To Remy?
My Hair Is Driving Me Crazy!?
how to properly put clip in extensions in ?
Get Wavy Hair Overnight?
would this hair cut fit me?? (pics included)?
perm versus natural. will my hear break?
Why do guys prefer blonds?
I have severe hair fall and baldness too. I think it is a hereditary problem. Any treatment found effective?
I would like my girlfriend to go completely bald. Any advice on how to convince her? She has really long hair.?
what type of hair style can i wear to skool but is different to everyone else but they wont make fun of me?
What straighteners do you have?
I got a new haircut, help!?
Where can I buy a Hannah Montana &Miley wig?
How Can I Get Curls and Straight hair with no heat?
Can I bleach my hair again?
I have really dry hair.. help!?
do u like hairs on ur haed or being bald?Give reasons.?
Elipator, threading facial hair...?
Will my hair ever grow back? After anorexia?
how do you make your hair like this?
How can I get my hair to be "piecey" when i curl it?
I need a hair colour expert?!?
if your hair color is a darkest brown and you try to dye it a chenut red will it turn out right ?
What short hairstyles would suit me?
is dying your hair bad for it?
Thinning your hair?
(PIC INCLUDED) What should I do with my hair?
How can I add some grey color to my hair without dying it permanently?
What's most popular in hair styles for women in their 20's and 30's?
if my hair r not cut then in which style I could open them?
do you think i can pull of red hair? [pic inside] or do i just stay w/ my.........?
what are some cute hair dos from wet to dry?
How to get yellow/gold color out of bleached hair?
wearing a wig to help me through the stages of growing out my hair?
Should I straighten my hair or leave it natural tomorrow, for fun answer?
Questions with dreading methods...?
Natural Way To Lighten My Hair ?
Anyone tried the damage hair remedy at aveda?
How to make my hair less greasy?
Where can i find good black hairstylist in Sugar Land area?
What are the best steps to curling your hair at home?
How do I use wax to bond weave?
ANY blacK females know bout hair care!~? read this please :}?
What hair colour do you think looks best?
How can i get this hair off my chest????
Do You Think...?
Hi hair-experts, i really need some help here?
What is a good deep conditioner for black, relaxed hair?
i have drak brown hair iwant lots of highlights so what colors would be good?
what is the name of this hair cut??? and would it look good on me??
What color should i dye my hair if i have red hair?
What color should I dye my hair? :3?
how do i make my hair lighter?
Hair dye that would match this color?
indian women could u give me hair tips? what oild to use how to wash hair please help me!?
Does anyone know of a really good hair salon in Missouri?
How do you make a hair switch (hair extension) out of your own discarded hair?
best professional bleaches you recommend?
As a child/teenager (former or current), were u ever forced to get a cut/style you hated?
What do people think about kids getting their hair punked out in a wacky color?
Where can i get temporary red hair color.?
What web site could i go to for hairstyles that shows what it looks like on my face?
Is it bad for hair to use straightening iron everyday?
help i have really really frizzy hair..!!!!?
How to get choppy layered Chinese hair?
where can i buy natural indigo powders in bangalore ,,it is actually used for hair dye,,,,,,,thank u?
hair breakage.!!! Wat can i use?
How should I do my hair for homecoming?
LOOK do i look better short or long hair?
How to get color out of hair without bleach.?
How can I get nice bouncy layers? (mine are limp!)?
Milla Murray Shampoo?
How do i get grease out of my hair?
how old do i look???? pixz, chek it?
How do I get Massie's hair in The Clique?
I have a SNEAKY . SHADY.plan and quite a bit of lying is involved. please HELP !!!! THANKS :P?
Which types of hairstyles do you guys think I can pull off with my type of hair?
is hair straightening good for hair?
is it still scene hair if you dont tease it?
Please help! Hair pills for the rest of my life?
Do up do's or down do's suit me more?
how could i straiten my hair with less damage?
Fake clip-in dreads using horsehair?
do you think I'd suite this hairstyle? (pics included)?
what to do with my hair?
Me+ Haircut=good/bad?
How long does it take to curl your hair?
I Need advice about my hair please xx?
Why does the shaver pull hair..?
what do you thing of this haircut?
Hair question? I had long naturally curly hair that was fine and thin but looked full because it fluffed out?
What is a very easy/simple/fast hairstyle to do for school days?
i used a hair remover on my eyebrows for like hair growin above them and now it looks like i shave............
Girls, what haircuts do you like more?
How do the Japanese get their hair in 1. an afro and 2. dread locks? I think it's the coolest! is it a perm
who is better blonds or brunets?
What good products is good for curly hair?
advice for my curling perm. pleaseeee help?
How do I make my hair do this for Homecoming?
What are some cute, pretty, and easy to do hair styles for the Valentines day dance???
What shampoo makes your hair grow faster?
I want to cut my hair short.. but.. how can I hide it from my mom?
red hair to blonde!!!!help.?
does shampooing 3 times a day has an effect?
Do you like the hair?
i brought a phillis electric shaver 7100 series and would like to buy new shaver heads for it?
I'm 49, long thick blonde hair,short bangs but when it parts it shows my scalp like I have thin hair, what
What hair colour should I get?
Can I dye and frost my hair both in 1 night without screwing it up?
if a woman is blonde on top is she blonde on on the bottom?
My hair is very damaged and frizzy, what can I do to repair it that isn't too expensive?
what to ask for at the hairdressers tomorrow?
Where can I find a good hair specialist?
how to keep my side bangs straight?
Okay no stupid answers for this please;?
Would it be weird if I asked a barber/hairstylist if my hair is thinning/going bald?
would this hairstyle look good on me???+pics ☆ (ulzzang/scene hair style)?
what do you do when your hair turns colors when it touches the sun?
Girls, do you prefer boys with longish hair or short?
can you somehow straighten your hair with a curling iron?
How do some girls get their pony tails so straight, spiky and pointy?
Where does the "grease" in hair come from?
oily hair?! help please!?
How to make my hair look like I have abrelaxed perm?!?
thin hair on the side of my head?
Should I keep my hair curly or should I straighten it? (pics)?
i dyed my hair about a week ago and didn't get any results?
i need some suggestions!?
hair help pleassssse :D?
Have thick, curly hair- brunette, and while I'm not losing hair, its one of my fears that...?
How to grow a big Afro after a big chop?
Is the old wives tale true, that if you pull a gray hair out, 2 will come in?
Does anti-dandruff shampoo & conditioner make your hair grow faster?
Do guys like long or short hair?
Does Zinc cause hair loss or helps hair grow? (ZMA) i want to boost testosterone without losing hair?
my hair needs HELP . any suggestions or tips?
should i cut my hair? pics included?
Whenever I colour my hair my scalp starts to really itch an hour after and I get like a stinging feeling?
What should i do after shower with my frizzy dry wavy hair?
how to thicken hair that's been thinned out.?
POLL: curly or straight hair?
dyed hair dark, how long should i wait to re-ombre it?
I need red hair! Can anyone help?
do you think this is a good formal hairstyle or casual or both?
MEN: is it true that most men have a bit of a thing for red-headed women?
How to explain this haircut?
best hair transplant in chennai?
Where in Washington state can I get facial hair transplants? Also, how much? Thanks?
How often should us black women wash our hair? At first I thought it was once a week, but now............?
What colour should I use for my hair. I want to get it coloured.?
fudge beach bum?
how do i get a perfect fringe?
My hair started growing coarse after I cutted with clipper?
Does anybody know about chemically straightening your hair? (ireland)?
how to get wavy hair without heat?
Chemically Straightened Hair?
How can I put my hair back if it's short?
What hair color would look best on me? (pics included)(10 pnts 2 bst ansr)?
Why do we care so much about hair!?
Curly hair for men HELP?
has anybody got any photos of people with BLACK HAIR? please xxx?
Would I look good as a blonde?!?
Scene Hairstyle pictures?
How many times in a week do you wash your hair?
What should I do with my Hair?
Is this an ingrown hair by my crotch? Sounds gross, but its serious!?
How can i treat my damaged hair?
What is the most homemade remedy making hair grow more and shine better?
i got highlights without my parents permission what do i tell them?
Help? Trouble with parting my hair?
The real Facts about Sew in Human hair extensions?
How can I keep straightened hair straight throughout the day?
perfect 10 medium reddish blonde, on medium blonde hair? any one used this colour before?
How should I get my hair cut?!! PICS.?
i want a change for my hair?!?!?!?
Can you curl manic panic hair?
Long graduation cuts?
repost with picture: help with bangs!?
what hair color looks good with green eyes?
crazy hair day ideas please help?
New Hair!!!!!!!!!!! Really need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DESPERATE, 10 POINTS! along with my love forever!?
Do people like red hair? Haha?
How to do my hair like this...PLEASE ANSWER!!?
What's a good hair jel for a guy?
Would it be too much of a contrast if I go from long brunette hair to short and blond like my Avatar?
Changing my hair coloring?
Hair lightening again? UK?
did seen the kalyug film? which is the hair style of actor?
do girls like guys with buzz cuts or long hair?
If I have burgundy hair what kind or dye should I use to put blonde highlights?
should i tell my wife to shave her chest hair ?? its embarrassing?
what are good products to use for shinier hair?
Would I look good with dreadlocks?
i want to dye my hair blonde.?
Do fleas like human hair? ?
should i shave my head?
Is it safe to bleach my roots?
How can i get my hair like this?
How can I make my hair like this?
if you dye your hair,do you get black roots even though you don't have black hair??
I need a specialty hair person?
Any cute hair styles for a brunette with "past your shoulder" hair?
Should I Get Extensions? (pix)?
Where can I get a light blue toner? PLEASE HELP.?
Hair advice/help! Please answer!?
Anyone else growing out their dyed hair?
How to get fuller hair?
I need a new HAIRSTYLE!(pic)?
I am so tired of my hair. Any ideas?
should i wax................?
How to make hair grow faster!!!?? 10 POINTS!!?
How long will it take for my hair to grow past my chest?
how can i get rid of these bloody headlice?
What color should i dye my hair?
Should I Get My Hair Cut Like A Guy's?
Instead of lighting my hair with lemons I wanna use honey ,how do you do that??? Please help mee!!!?
y do people dye their hair blond if blonds r so stupid?
Wella Color Preserve Hair Products? Straightning Balm?
how can i get rid of dandruff?
Can Hair Texture Change With Time?
How to get this hair colour?
Should I go back to short hair?
Hair dye information?
is bleaching your hair again after 3 days bad?
What is the hair shade Jena Malone is wearing on the movie "stepmom"?
i have light brown hair, but i miss my blonde hair! which color looks best on me? here are some pictures .?
Straight or Curled? (Pics included)?
what will get the yellow out of my bleached hair?
jobs for soon to be college freshman in baltimore maryland?
what color should i dip dye my hair ?
Which shampoo is best for dandruff?
Age old question; how do I get longer, healthier, thicker hair? Are there any tips or tricks?
How can i remove hair from my to get it SUPER BALD? HELP!!!!?
how 2 control hair fall?
Does using a straightning iron damage your hair ?
How can I grow my hair faster?
I'm a filipino girl and I want to dye my hair, would palty hair dye in milk tea look good on a filipino tan?
i need to buy european hair in ukrein for wigs .do u know?
If I have clip- in hair extensions...?
Enliven Hair Gel...........................?
How to make my hair healthy/grow?! Supplments/oils?
is it wrong to style your pubic hair?
Different hair styles please i need more ? ?
I want to get my hair dyed. But I don't know what color?
Does the Sunsilk anti-flat shampoo work?
Hair Pros Plez HELP BIG TIME>>>...............?
What is the best shampoo for curly, dry hair?
What color should I dye my hair?
any tips on getting healthy curly hair because mine is thinning?
What colour should I dye my hair next?
would you let a 13 year old dye her hair?
Does shampoo damage your hair at all?
The mullet... is it really coming back? Or is it still going to be the earmark of a lesbian trucker?
What do you prefer?
i have got flat hair what can i use to poof it up?
My hair gets knots really easily how can i prevent getting knots like that?(My mom calls the knots a rats nest
when should i wash my hair after dying it purple?
How do I look? and what looks best on me for hair?
Blondes,reds or brunettes??
My hair???????????? ?
Is my haircut bad? PIc included!?
where to get hair cut for lots for love?
dose anyone know where i can get banana shampoo?