What to do with thick eyebrows? =(?
hair loss and smoking?
What are good hairstyles for Oval-ish round-ish heads?
How do I (MALE) grow my hair long without it looking messy?
is a real site?
Scrotum hair removal?
I'm Having Hair Loss?
How can I straighten my hair and make thicker?
i am fed up of the adds of shampoo plz tell me which is a good one for all hairs.?
hair help...?
Should i get my hair in this style?
is it weird for a guy to shave all his body parts?
Where can I find a high-quality hair salon in the Tampa/Clearwater area?
what color is my armpit hair?
i only want girls to answer this question?
What shampoo/conditioner should I use?
Girls do you prefer long-haired guys?
I have curly hair. Should I get bangs (pic)?
Do thinning scissors work well?
Good Hairsatles, for my type of hair ?
What hair prouducts keep your hair straight?
Should I dye my hair Cotton Candy Pink or Lilac:)?
Best hair straightener?
is shampoo the same as body wash?
Alternatives to the pony tail?
female emo haircuts without losing length??
If you use a flat iron every day, does it damage the hair?
will dying blonde hair brown make hair stronger?
What do you think of my ankle length hair?
good shampoo?
should i dye my hair brown? im blonde?
Why do people tease ginger people....?
What color should i do my hair, i have blue eyes?!?
If smoothing of hair is done then how frequently we have to do it ?? please help me in this?
Buying 100% enemy human hair for braiding?
Ideas for my hair? Please and Thank you!?
what do you think is the best color for the hair which last for a long time?
i need help for my senior pix?
Should I cut my hair? What do you think?
i have thick, long, but slightly frizzy hair. how do i get sexy, SUBTLE waves a la Beyonce Knowles? Help!?
How can people who dread hair tell which way to twist?
Should I cut my hair short or not?
What's a better hairstyle long or short?
What can I use to help my hair grow?
Should I get a perm?
why isn't it good to shave your pubic hair?
Why pin curls?
I wanna have highlight for my dark brown hair with out damanging it at all help and i want it temporary....?
so I want to bleach my hair?
How are curling tongs measured?
HELP ME...please and thankss? :) this is to get your attention!!!?
what are the natural tips for reducing hair fall and what lacking in my body?
Hair help! Need lots of answers.?
13 year old ,losing hair, washing it everyday?
How can i wash my hair without water or dry shampoo?
SO BORED WITH MY HAIR! (picture) Tips?
got browny red hair, how to enhance colour using makeup?
How to tell someone they should get a new hairstyle...?
What do you think of this hairstyle?
is there any way to speed up hair growth.?
Im 14 and was wondering if.....?
Pics of short hair styles?
How do I grow my hair out fast?
Do you like my new Hair?
What helps fried hair grow faster and become healthy again?
Hair color that will cover my dark brown hair?
new hair cuttt?
how do i get my hair straight?
Any tips 4 on coloring u'r hair?
where can i find lakme the hair product?
how long before i see less hair falling out.?
What will be the color if i dyed it blonde with the non permanent in my hair?
How do I make my hair curly? Professionals and Amateur Beauticians Welcome to Answer...?
whatever happened to that pill which restores gray hair to its natural color? i believe it was made in the UK?
Blonde or Brunette?
armpit hair? :\ ugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
shampoo, shampoo, what one?????????
are hair serums as effective as heat resistants?
Dyeing my hair from ginger/red to ultra violet?
I Have Damaged hairr! :S?
hair done bad. needs help on what to do with it?
do u know a good shampoo to tone down a very blond hair?
How can I get my hair this color ?
Hair experts, dry shampoo help?
For those of you with blonde hair, have you even gotten both highlights and lowlights...?
i have brown hair right . but i wanted to dye it black only at the bottom do you think it would look nice?
ew my hair is greasy?
what hair products would you use to style thick hair?
Does straightening your hair ruin/damage it?
What are the herbal remedies to reduce hair fall? How to get thick, voluminous hair?
Keep hair dark or make it lighter? pics?
Where on the internet can I find pictures of Black hairstyles?
do you think this is a stupid school rule?
Would I look good with this hair?
How to get my hair longer? tips..?
i dyed my hair red and it came out pink !?
for girls: what shampoo do you use?
Ombre hair & extensions, already blonde?
Do you like when the hairdresser runs his hands through your hair ?
how hair for long and big hair?
How can I give my hair "body"?
Would this seem cheap?
Do I look better with blonde or brown hair?
New Haircut (pic)?
How to do cornrows in your hair.?
i need a youtube video that shows how to do this updo?
How to get gum out of hair?
I Want Waves in my Hair Please Help?
How long does it take hair to grow back?
my mom wont let me wax my upper lip, she thinks that it'll grow back darker and thicker, is that right?
what do girls like better on boys long or short hair??
Can I use blonde hair dye over bleached blonde hair?
I am thinking about getting my hair dyed with the blonde on top and the black underneath?
Is it possible to have children with blonde, brunette, red hair and black altogether?
if i wash my hair and put gel and make...?
Please rate hairstyles - boys and girls (as many as possible) (pics included)?
Girls with long long does it take to cut your hair?
Good Curly hair shampoos?
if you died your hair blue with wash in wash out die and your hair is blonde will the colour still be there?
What's something I can do to my hair? (w/picture)?
If I use this (link included) on my hair to remove the black hair dye I've had since April, will it work?
Hot brush curling iron or regular hair tongs, which is better? ?
Do you ladys know what hair means to a guy?
does any1 know if main and tail shampoo is sold in boots in galway?
am I the only one here that thinks its sissy for a so called man to have long hair?
I have realli greasy hair?
What are cute scene haircuts for girls?
would i look bad blonde? honest opinion, easy ten points?
whos hair is hotter?
How often do you guys wash your hair?
What do I do with my hair? If I sleep when it is only a little damp I wake up with a very itchy scalp :(?
what hair products should I use?
Black hair.....:/?/????its annoying?
What hair prouducts keep your hair straight?
is minoxidil 5% topical solution that good?
What will look better ?
red head or brunette?
What are some good products for bleached hair? o;?
Hairstyles I can do with my half black half white hair?
i got my hair colored dark brown (proffesionaly) then washed it like 6 hours later, will it faid?
I have a basketball game in 3 hours and I want to impress this guy I really like, how can i do my hair for it?
Hair question. Please help it will only take a sec!?
My hair is all frizzy help!?
Why did Brittney cut her hair?
How long will it take to get my hair dye out?
What is the best cure for thinning hair?
I would like to dye my hair?
what color would you say my roots are?
Can you dye over red hair dye?
For the girls - What male hair styles do you find attractive (include links to pics please)?
Which hair color suits her better (pics)?
My Hair Doesn't Curl Well. How to Fix This?
do any body got some new hair styles i can try?
What is in Sweet N Low that causes hair color to stop itching and burning your scalp?
How do you weave hair?
How to get thick hair?
what is you hair colour?
I am a 17 yearold lad with long hair, whats a good and easy to do hairstyle.?
alice cullen hair cut?
Do side bangs hurt?
Hair styling ideas....?
how do i cut my wavy, thick, black hair, half way down back?
hOW CAN i MAkE mY hAiR lONGER ??!! hEllPP!!?
Do you like the "wet" looking hair ?
Is there a straightener that straightens wet?
Whats a good hair color remover?
where can i find pictures of 70's hair styles ?
i need a new hair style. i want lots of layers with side swpet bangs but i cant find anything help?
What hair style do you prefer?
I have really thin hair. Is there any way to make it thicker?
Slight reaction to allergy testfor hair dye, should i use it?
what do you think of my hair cut? pics included
what is the shelf life of coconut oil?
Who does Malikia Arora khan's hair?
What shade of hair is ash brown?
What to do? Ill answer yours!?
This is me!? You tell me what colour I should dye my hair, and why!?
Do you prefer blondes or brunettes? Or both?
What brand of shampoo do you use?
Do you like my new hair?
What are the names of Black hair shops in Sacramento, CA where I can buy hair or get my hair done?
What Are The Best Straightners Around .. ?
is it heathy to wash your hair everyday?
Advice on new hairstyle?
please respond the word apple if you have brown hair, cantalope if blonde, juice if red and green if purple?
gurlz how much money would it take for u to shave ur head bald?
Am I Able To Relax A Mohawk And Still Be Able To Spike and Dye It Without Going Bald?
thinking about dying hair blonde?
which is better????????????????????????
Good hair styles for this color?
how should I wear my hair the first day of school?
How To bleach my hair?
How does hair color help your complexsion?
Question about cosmetology school?
Why do women change their hair style or color all of a sudden? Does this mean something???
Looking to get a really hot hair cut and color in Apache Junction AZ - Any clues to where I might go?
How to curl your hair using a flat iron?
Does honey really lighten your hair? How much?
Short haircut idea? What looks best on me? (pic)?
Does anybody have pictures of dark brown hair that has both highlights AND lowlights? PLEASE ANSWER!?
Would my hair lok okay like this? (pics)?
What can I do to keep my hair from being greasy/wet-looking?
special effects fishbowl question...?
Bleaching my hair and then bleaching it again?
what color is your hair?
How do you get thicker hair?
I really need help PLEASE!?
what are good shampoos and conditioners?
How long should I wait to flatten my hair after putting bleached highlights in my hair?
Does anyone know all the compenents for a blow dryer and when they were created?
How does Henna the dye for hair work?
What can I use to straighten frizz natural African American hair without chemicals?
What are your secrets to amazing healthy hair?
Does Japanese hair straightening really work???
would u rather have curly or ginger hair on your head?
do u like Bella's hair in "Twilight"?
How to make hair grow faster?
What to do with scabs after getting cornrows?
Hair questions.......?
What hair cut do most models with long layered hair have?
What is the best place to get a hair cut in INexpensive but great quality?
About how much would it cost to get bangs, a trim, and layers?
How can you tell when your hair is dead and stops growing?
I dyed my hair black a few months ago but I want my blonde back, what can I do?
I want to do something new to my hair. Any ideas?
If I ~ loosely ~ put my hair back in a scrunchie while it is wet... will it still break my hair ?
What do you think about this hairstyle?
i have thick wavy hairand im trying to think of a new heair style help me?
how much is cheap mousse?
People think I am a boy?
Question only for people who have used Aphogee 2 step protein treatment!?
should I dye my hair blond or black?
How to take care of my type of hair and what are some good hairstyles?
hair color advice (pics)?
Can someone send me a ?
do you cut your own hair?
Pictures of My Avatar's Hair Style ?
what are styles i can do in 10 minutes?
Do most women own/use a hair dryer ? like a large precentage of women like using a hair drayer and how often?
wats the best product 4 dying hair permantly black?
Is shampoo bad for hair?
Does a chin-length bob with sideswept bangs look cute?
can someone help me with my hair?!?
should i make mi hairstyle a mohawk even tho im a gurl...if so then ow do u make a mohawk 4 gurls w/o shavin..
what color should I keep my hair?
What's your hair process? To straighten or whatever?
do people still straighten their hair or is it out of fashion?
cute hairstyles for a girl?
Will my hair go green?
What kind of shampoo/conditioner should i use?
Guys: favorite hair color?
i have dry, curly hair how do i make a fohawk out of it?
I am things of dying my hair and chaning my look.for a guy?
Will my hair become damaged if I straighten it regularly?
I just colored my hair at home. But the dye fell on my skin and isnt comin off. how do i get it off? HELP!!?
Will my hair be fine if i dye it blonde?
What ingredients in shampoos or laundry detergents causes hair to fall out?
Side hairline cuts in before side burns why ? Im 16?
is there any medication &/or treatment on hair loss,losing of hair's color &similar of its features,esp.on men
i have been growing my hair a little over two month's is that long enough to get my dreads?
anything to make your hair grow quicker? serious answers?
how to grow my hair in a week?
can you bleach over hair that was bleached four months ago?
I want to make my hair longer., how?
what are some good hair styles for thick hair?
Haircut Styles?
Whats the worst that could happen? Packet hair dying?
i have blonde really curly hair what color should i dip dye it?
My hair has blonde highlights, can the tanning bed....?
I wanna wash my hair again.?
what's the Sexiest hair color???
Hair extension questions?
Hairstyle Help?!?
TUGAIN 2 or FOLIGAIN HAIR LOTION.. which one is more effective for hair growth...?? plzz help...?
How to have scene hair with short hair?
how do you do finger waves in your hair for black women what do you need?
Could any one let me know the average cost of Hair Transplant would be? How safe and reliable is this?Thanx.?
does strong chamomile-tea work as a silver-shampooo?
best shampoo/conditioner you have EVER tried?
I'm addicted to facial hair, is that bad?
Perms? the process and damage?
Do boys find ginger hair pretty?
Help dealing with finding the right hair dye?
How do you like the new hair color?
On a scale of 1-10 what do you rate a "Chi" straighten iron?
shaved arms ?? help?
Is it out of the norm to not want facial hair?
how to get curly ends like ariana grande?
My hair use to be curly curly now it's just curly wavy more wavy :(?
is this hair style still in?
What is the best shampoo and balsam for color-treated hair?
Is it alright to just leave your pubic hair alone?
Hair Color over mehndi is safe or not?
My bf decided to take a razor across my upper lip! Will it grow in faster and thicker??!?
What does your hair look like?
hair!!! help me!! pictures inside!! SCENE HAIR?
Should i cut my hair emo-scene?
What do you really think about Red heads??
Anyone know of any websites that show "realistic" haircuts?
Do you have bad hair days?
Hair Dressers ?
i want my hair soft again?!?
What colour do you think I should dye my hair? :)?
Hair Straighteners for cheap?
How can i lighten my hair without a bleach as iv got black hair.?
What is the popular hair style in the world?
What is a really good heat protectant for your hair?
My hair is fried, like chicken, it is badly damaged. Does anybody know how to fix this?
Ladies... what do u think of my hairstyle? (pic)?
Girls Only (But I also would like opinions from guys.) Hair question?
My hair is curly & dry but I like it silky & soft. Can anyone pls tell me How can I make my hair silky & soft?
I want to start growing out my hair naturally what steps should I take?
Would I look good?
home made hair softeners?
do you think that side bangs or front bangs are cuter?
Had my hair cut today but I hate it,... need advice...?
Straight or Curly hair?
My 11 year old is coming out of a relaxer, and her hair is badly damaged. What can I do?
Hair Dye- Black?
If you dyed your hair from natural blonde to red, which color do you tell people you have, past blonde/now red
I want a rebel hairstyle and i don't know how i should cut my hair.Can you give me some ideas of hairstylings?
HELP! I need a great shampoo and conditioner?
Do u think i should dye my hair lighter or darker? pic included?so unsure so reasking?
Would my hair look good black?
Question about pubic hair please?
Layered hair for an updo?
how do you get chewing gum out of hair?
help with my hair?
Dreadlocks a turn off for girls?
for women: o.k, men can join in....?
Ladies, Do You Prefer a Hairy Guy or One Who Had Laser Hair Removal?
i want to know if there is a good parlour in mubai whch can offer safe straighteneing at an affordable rate?
Do I have split ends? (Picture included!)?
My hair goes really greasy after 2 days after i have washed my hair?
How do you do Brown UpSwept Hair?
what color hair do guys like better on girls blonde or red?
could i be blonde?? [[pics inside]]?
Hairstyles for medium hair past shoulders?
quite embarrassing question>>>>>?
Any other guys with poofy hair ? Anyone know how to solve it?
What is the name of Brad Pitt's hairstyle in the movie Killing Them Softly?
what about hair extentions?
how to make hair straight without using hair-perming or go somewhere and take a rebond or relax?
what is the difference between hair conditioner and hair masque..??should we use both ?
NTM Silky Touch and other NTM products?
Does hair heal over time?
Help with blending dip dye/ombre hair better so its more of a "gradiant"?
I'm going all natural. What's next?
How come whenever white men have afros people always come up to them and say 'you should get cornrows'?
is smoking pot bad?????
What is the key natural smoothening ingredient in Pert Plus Fruity or Pert Plus Moisturizing Oil essences?
what is the best hair-thickening shampoo/conditioner?
Is there a way to take out relaxer,and if there is, how?
MY Freakin hair problem [curly]?
Best Layers & side bangs? Pictures pleaseee(:?
How Much Is Micro Link Hair Extentions In Amarillo please Help !! (:?
Bleaching hair for the first time. Will it fall out?
What should i do with my hair?
Should I cut my hair shoulder length? My hair is long brown and wavy. People love it long.?
What is the appropriate tip if any to give a hairdresser who does booth rental? Isn't she her own boss?
Hair Ideas...I have kinda long hair that is fine?
why is long hair going out of fashion ?
why r ppl jelous of my rich attiute and blonde hair??help!!?
What can I get instead of highlights ?
How do I go from pink hair to blue hair?
can swimmers have short hair?
Best shampoos and conditioners for my hair :)) <3?
i want my hair to look WET and curly ALL DAY!!!!?
How can i get my hair like this?
How to make my hair look like I have abrelaxed perm?!?
is lakme k.therapy product better than redken?
blonds or brunettes?
Hair color done right?
hair gel-alcohol free?
i need help with dying my hair?
lhave used evermatin for last 5 month but there is no improvement. but there is loss of hair going.?
Guide me into Jared Padalecki's hair (Supernatural Season 1)?
do you like short, medium or long hair?
how would i do my hair without any heat or special curl shampoo treatment like kristen stewarts? (links below)?
girls and guys!! does long hair look sexy? and short hair look cute?
Hair changing colors whyyyy?
GUYS: Do you prefer girls to have long, medium, or short hair?
where can i get hair extension in the philippines?
anyone no where i cn find pictures of massage movements in hairdressing?
A good, relatively cheap hair straightener?
getting rid of dandruff?
A Short Shampoo and Conditioner Survey!?
What is a reliable brand of hair dryer?
How do you remove nipple hair??????????????
what is a steem roller????
Semi-Permanent Hair Color?
would i look good with purple streaks?
Who said that males can't have long hair? Girls, what are your thoughts?
How do i use Velcro Curlers?
How can i convince my parents to let me dye my hair?
Do I look better with Black hair or brown?
How can I style chace Crawford's hair style?
Hair help?
Pictures of cute inverted bob haircuts?
the hair dresser butchered my hair !!?
My ex boyfriend loved to french braid my hair. Do any of you girls have a man that can do this?
How can I get thinner hair?
What do men think of women with facial hair?
Girls, do you prefer guys with long hair or short hair???
How to remove Color Jamz hair dye?
Perm Problems! Help me please!?
formal hairstyle ideas????????
My girlfriend tried to put highlights in her hair, and it didn't go too well, any ideas?
Best Moisturizers for Black female's hair?
Shaving your facial hair?
clip-in hair extensions ?
Hairstyles with braids in!!!?
i want to dye my hair?
I have hair on my stomach,chest and boobs and i am a girl?
Relaxed my hair today but need to do my hair next week and my hairstyle involves dyeing.?
Would scene/emo hair look good on me?
Can i bleach and dye my hair in the same night?
Homeade hair remedies?
What hair straightener should I use?
how to improve the texture of my hair?
how much will permanent straightening of hair cost?
how can u get the perfect small curls??
Lee min ho hairstyle! Help!?
How do I bring out my natural curls?
Is there a way to straighten my hair WITHOUT heat?
What side should I part my hair?
hair rebonding is like a straight hair..?
How to get my hair blonde?
Where in India (online) can I buy a bangs cutter?
is red hair attractive on a girl?
How to lift fresh dye off of hair? if that even makes sense.?
Hi guys , Please read?
How do you stop hair dye from bleeding out?
Girls, do u like afro's on black guys or fresh clean cuts?
Poll: Cute styles for wavy hair?
Girls: Hair question?
I had a chinesse straightening relaxer (don't know the name!) done to my hair...but now... HELP!!!?
Cute hair styles for pink hair?
I want to grow a goatee, do i keep my mustache?
what is a good kind of shampoo and conditioner?
Is my hair too long for extensions?
My friend always wears her hair up, now...?
How long does it take to grow a eyebrow back while using a soft brush?
I cut my bangs to short so how long does it take to grow them out?
Can I dye already dyed hair?
Protein shampoo?
Products to get my hair straight?
is my hair better straight or curly?
Does anyone know of any pictures of medium-long straight layered hair but that doesnt look too choppy?
Guys tell me which one is better?
My hair is really straight and boring, how can I make it curly?
Do I look better with dark or light hair?
Should I trim my undercut or let it grow? Help!?
Need help as soon as possible?!?!?!?
Which haircut do you guys like better?
what would be the best way to brush and clean a wig?
Should I dye my hair?
should i shave my facial hair ?
So if my hair grows at about 4-8 inches over 8 months, where abouts would it be in relation to my shoulders?
Need women's help please, Ive been wondering what hair style do women like on men? :)?
Just colored my hair and wondering if I can use Nexxus Split End Mend shampoo?
how should i get my hair cut?(pic included of my hair now)?
Does hair stop growing at a certain length?
will chlorine affect my dyed bright red hair and how ? need help!!!?
Should I do my hair like Ashley Tisdale?
Where can i go to get a good up-do hairstyle?
What do you think about dark skin and blonde hair?
which haircut shall I get?
What shampoos and conditioners would be best for me?
can i learn how to cut hair?
girls, if a guy liked something different, lets say licking and kissing your shoes, would you let him do it to
How can i make a banana hair clip?
I'm looking to dye my hair but I don't know if I should dye it jet black or platinum blonde?
How to make my hair not dry ?
Where can I find a good hair specialist?
where can i purchase this hair from overseas and online?
How do I make my hair thicker?
Help me with new hair color ideas? Urgent(pics included)?
I hate my hair its ginger and no guys look at me !?
What color hair dye - blonde to dark brown?
Where do I look better?
sun in on medium dark hair?
what are some good colors to dye your hair if you are afircan american for the summer? that is in style now?
More hairstyles for school?
Thicker Hair??????????
I need advice please.......PICS?
ladies, please give me your thoughts!?
What color should I dye my hair? (I have a picture)?
what should i do withn my hairr? change it or keep? (pic invluded duhh) :}?
I'm 10 and I want to know if dyeing my hair black will make me look more mature? im blonde so plz answer?
My scalp is dry but it looks oily?
serious hair delima! profesional or from the box?
My hair is failling out like crazy?
How to "Grow Up"?
Help, I have Split Ends!?
How do you ask your mom if you can get your hair dyed?
I have been searching for pictures of short hairstyles, but no websites of magazines show the back views?
Is my hair long enough for cornrows? Pic included?
im a guy and want to straighten my hair!?
Can I use my Body Lotion for Hair? Is it Safe?
Formal updos for Posh Beckham bobs!?
What do you think of my new hairstyle, please???
I have baby fine hair and slightly overweight and short. Would like a hair cut that will help me look young?
Curly or straight hair? Which one?
I would like to try bangs what do you think?
dying my hair over highlights?
John Frieda Luminous Color Glaze?
Did you guys see Danielle's hair on the last episode when she won America's Next Top Model?
do bald people wash their hair?
What are some alternatives to shaving?
where exactly can i get Paul Mitchell tea-tree shampoo and conditioner?
How to get scene/emo hair?
How do I persuade My Mom to Let Me Dye My Hair?
How can i stop my hair from doing this?
Does male n tale make your hair grow faster ?
I need a hair colour expert?!?
natural or dyed hair?
How long does your hair have to be to get extenstions, and name some things that help your hair grow?
Aveda Vs Bumble and Bumble?
im a girl,I want to shave my head bald,I wanted to know how long will it take my hair to regrow till shoulder?
I have hair loss due to: thyroid problem as well as severe Iron and B12 deficiency. How do I treat them?
Should I shave my head?
i want a new hair style,would this style fit me pics included?
How to get a curly top. (for African american men hair )?
Why do girls cut their hair all short? Do they realize how ugly it is?
Please help!!! HAIR HELP! 10POiNTS(:?
Want to go platinum blonde .?
whats a good hair style for a Spanish person or a blak girl?
Question about Hair-Bleaching?
I have shoulder length hair .........?
which hair suits me best?[pics]?
Has anyone got these babyliss curlers?
How to make hair grow faster?
layered hair?
Why Do Guys...?
I want to get my hair cut, but my B/F wants me to keep it long!?
Is It okay to dye your hair every 5 weeks?
Should I get My Hair Thinned?
Whats your favorite hair color (you can add highlights)?
haircut helppp :]?
what can i do to improve my appearance?
Lemon Juice in HAIR?
is hair straightening good for hair?
Will my hair be orange?!?
Is there anyone else who can't blow dry their own hair ?
is it bad to flat iron your hair everyday??
Is my hair red or orange?
Best way to shave pubic hair?
Dead hair!!! Please answer?
my hair is really flat?
What can i use or do to my hair to make it grow and stop breaking?
Does Anyone know why this would be?
Dry and brittle hair treatment?
Can you/ what happens if you straighten permed hair?
Does Wash & Curl really curl your hair?
I am 48 and never put color in my hair. I would like to experiment with color-what would you reccomend?
How to keep my hair green?
How would I explain this haircut to my hairdresser?
African American Hair Salons in Massachusetts?
What is the right day to wash our hair?
My hair gets oily really fast! What should I do?
can i do hair out of my house in ohio or travel to peoples homes and do hair if i have my license?
I love to dye my hair red and I do it often,what can I do for the dryness I get from frequent dying?
whats this haircut called?
pleasee help with hair!?
Do you like Winter or Summer, and want the pool or the snow?
Would purple peekaboo highlights look good?
Tell something about hair infusion salon?
Guys please answer. (girls too) HAIR QUESTION.?
Should I keep my hair short or let it grow out? Im 36 what do you think?
do the girls who show off their hair for shampoos wear wigs?
my face is really dry!?
Do You Like Girls With Short Hair?!?
Black hair dye question?
What type of haircut should I get? (picture inside)?
i heard that when you use birthcontroll your boobs get bigger and your butt gets smaller... is that true?
hairstyles for teen girls?
how can i make my hair silky straight?
how to overcome greasy hair?
please help me im only 15 and this to help my life?
Ways to thicken up hair? ten points :)?
how should i cut my hair? (pictures included)?
How should I wear my hair?
If I dye my hair blonder, will I be able to get it back to my original colour?
Aspartame and Rogaine for women...?
GUYS, is it attractive for girls to have armpit hairs?
Do Guys Like Curly Hair or Straight hairr?
What colour should I dye my hair? (pic incld)?
should i cut my hair?
what does it mean when a pack of human extension hair wefts says remi but it also says yaki on it as well?
80's formal hair make up and exesiories ideas?
damaged hair?
Blonde highlights, to medium brown hair, now I want to dye it brownish blonde? HELP!?
Good hairstyles for a round face?
Why is the hair at the nape of the neck called the kitchen?
hair like this.. ?
I want to get hair extensions to add color to my hair?
Is treseme actualy a salon shampoo ?
I have blonde highlights but they kind of have a greenish tint?
Infiniti Flat iron: good or not?
any tips on how to get thicker hair my hair is really limp and looks so dull and thin?
What's the most permanent cure for dandruff?
how we reduce dandruff with an homemade method?
Anywhere i can get these feather hair extensions?
Do u like it when your lover's hair smells like cigarettes?
What colour eyes is the sexies?
Is it possible to ombre my hair?
How can I have straight hair naturally?
headshave website?
What kind of girl would you think of if you heard this name?
Hair down there?
how long does a permanent wave hairstyle last?
Can someone define this haircut?
would i look right?
Poll: long hair vs short hair?
How does henna hair dye turn out on already chemically dyed red hair?
what hairstyle would go good w/ a cute yellow empire waist gown?
Where can I buy macadamia deep repair masque?
What's wrong with my hair?
Whats the best shampoo/conditioner?
Do you like ombre hair?
My mom won't let me have long hair. What should i do??
Is there any way i can keep my hair straight all the time without straightnening it?
What's your remedy for dandruff?
i want to lighten my hair naturally?
Will color oops get black out of my hair?
hair growth?
If i donate my hair how short will it be?
whats better for light blonde hair curly or straight?
BACK-TO-SCHOOL hairstyle?!!?!!?
Are these hair clips good?
Is this fair or should i not care!?
Please help me decide what color I ought to dye my hair?
Hair Dye- Blonde to black. How many times would I need to dye my hair?
Which hair cut would look best? (Pictures!)?
What shampoo/conditioner is the best in repairing damaged, crazy split-ended hair?
Which of these is the best Mousses/gels to use for scrunching my hair?
Is cinnamon and honey really good for hair loss?
big help please !?
why are pig tails on a girl two tails what pig has two tails..?
Advice on dyeing my hair or not?
Is it alright for men to use Biolage?
which shampoo is the best!?
what hair colour would suit me? i have a pic!!?
Coloring hair and doing ombre?
what is best shampoo/conditioner to get...?
I have long black hair and I want to do something different anyone have any ideas?
"Age appropriate" hair cuts or styles?
My hair is ORANGE. please help?!?
hey indian gals out there dont ur moms force ull to put oil in the hair??
Do i look better with dark or blonde hair?
A texturizer caused my hair to get thin and fall out. What should I do to restore my hair?
hair spray?
How to add developer to hair dye?
How do I do a fishtail braid?
how to straighten my bangs?
(pic) Should I get the bob cut?
if one has fine black hair, then dying it light ash brown will it make the hair thinner than usual?
Whats another way i could wear my hair?
Does Japanese Thermal Straightening works on African American hair?
My mum wont let me dye my hair blonde :(?
what to do with ma hair? (pics included :P)?
how to get this hair?
Why am I losing my hair?
What hair colour is best for me?
where can i find this please answer! ?
I have thin hair that sticks up and I want it down?
Which looks better on me,Blonde OR Brunette?
A Short Shampoo and Conditioner Survey!?
hairloss at the age of 20?
hair probs frizz?
Hey do u think i would look better with brown hair? (boy) "Pics inlcuded" 10 PTS!?
If I am 25 years old and I am starting to notice a few gray hairs, what does that mean??
Curly Hair??
Will i turn ginger, HELP!?
are my side bangs to short??
I have dandraff how many times a week should i wash my hair?
Hairstyle help, please?
boys with long hair?
What should I do about my hair?
I need a haircut, what style should I go for?
short or long hair?
if you buy clip in hair extensions can you curl them and scrunch them and straight them?
if i sit here and cut off my split ends will it help me hair grow? lol?
Can you dye your hair while breastfeeding?
What to do? Ill answer yours!?
Tips on Growing hair faster.?
Why does my edges keep falling out?
If using a flat iron. How do you keep ur hair from smelling burnt?
How to grow out 'scene' layers. Any suggestions for haircuts?
which is better?
How do you make long hair wavy?
All I need is a simple opinion about a haircut?
Sizes on a haircut, what does it mean?
Would job interviewers think less of you if you had blue highlights in your hair (Male)?
How should I get my hair cut?
pretty ways to pin long hair with bobby pins?
what to do to my hair?
Scrunched hair help???
What hair cut would suit me?
Please Help Me !!! (pictures included)?
How can I get my hair an even color when I still have some bleach in my hair?
Haircut, good or bad? (PICS)?
does natural curly hair look stylish when its wet?
i want my hair like this picture is her hair parted or in bangs ?
whats the best shampoo and conditionair for me ?
How does lice look like?
Natural highlights for brown hair and how do i get my hair 2 not be so frizzy?
Has anyone used Garnier Ultra-Lift Browns hair color?
how long would fudge last in my hair?
Mom's making me have blonde highlights. How do I tell her to stop?`?
whats a good hair shampoo?
What's your opinion???
what is the name of this hair cut?
how do i manage frizzy, poffy, mosturized hair?
How do you lighten dark hair?
Do I need to know exactly how I want my hair when I go to get it cut?
is "18" 90g of remy hair extensions good?
Can i bleach my hair more than once? What kind of blach can i use?
Will I suit growing my hair super long?
Should I get my hair cut?
should i get my hair cut really short?
what color should i do my hair?need help =[?
I dyed my hair with washout dye but dont like the colour ( honey dark blonde) , can i dye it with permanent...?
Whats a good nick name for a red head?
Why don't old women ever have long hair?
How do i scrunch this hair?
How do I make my hair longer, faster?
Baldness vs. really short hair for men: no difference, or what?
Need ideas for hairstyles?
how far am i from shoulder length hair?
How long will it take to grow these highlights out?
Can asian people grow their hair to be as long as a white person's?
do you think I'd suite this hairstyle? (pics included)?
how to keep curly hair not frizzy!?
how much should you tip a barber for a 7 dollar cut?
What is best for to stop spilt ends in hair?
Have any of you ever used Magic Shaving Powder to remove pubic or anal hair?
What type of haircut is hers? How do I get my hair like that?
How to go dark blonde at home?
Burnette's going Platinum - is it hot?
Would this hairstyle?
How do I prevent hair from getting static after I curl/straighten it?
My hair is dark brown and I want highlights but i don't know what color highlights I should get! Can you help
What color should I get for hair and tips?
How to stop my weave from itching?
How to have wavy hair w/out the frizz?
is my hair better long or shorter?
How long does it take for hair to grow to 4-10cms?
Hair And Make-Up Styles Suitable For School.?
Should I put olive oil on my scalp if I don't have dry hair?
how do i make my curly hair permanantly straight???
how do I repair split ends in my hair?
Does getting layers make your hair thinner or thicker?
Dying hair from dark brown to blonde?
Anyone know any good hair growth products?
How should i do my hair for picture day?
which hair best suits me? pics?
how would i look as a blonde?
My hair is straight and boring, how do I make it wavy in under ten minutes?
Thinning hair?
Who i get rid of dandruff?
Growing twist while playing football?
I hate this time of the month...?
If I put Lemon in my hair..?
can a salon makeover actually alter one's appearence?
Does sunshilk really work?
How to reduce hairfall and what diet should be followed to promote hair growth?
what do you think of my hair?
Dying the ends of my hair again..?
Which do you prefer??
i really screwed this one
Do you think long hair should only be for younger women?
Do you like short or long hair?
Whats the best heat protected for a straighter?
Females - what do you pay for a haircut?
Do guys really care if a girl wears hair extensions?
Are there anyways that you can reduce arm hair without shaving it or waxing it?
My hair is really thick. It was really long and cut straight across. I wanted it short. They razored it.?
how do you fix your hair after a bad bleach job?
Why does my hair get so greasy?
Girls,honestly which hairstyle looks better?
I need major hair help
Can I use manic panic bleach more than once?
do you like these bangs?????? (pics)
does my hair look better wavy or straightened? (pic)?
How to make an afro look smaller?
How much do highlights cost? (Uk)?
How do I make my own hair dye?
How different/similar are these haircuts?
Would my hair lok okay like this? (pics)?
does anyone have...?
i have curly i want to straiten it but without bonding?
my hair has really bad split ends, and its like dead.?
Do girls like emo hair?
Hair Extensions in barrie?
how old am i wats my hair color and eye color?
good hair dye?
How can I make my hair grow 6 inches in 6 months? (1 inch per month)?
Okay i need advice on a new look.?
If I were to colour my hair, What would that colour be? (pic) ?
Bleached hair colored blue and trying to dye it another color.?
Can you get extensions on medium length hair?
Where can I find woodworking plans to make a hair dryer holder?
Does really long hair look good on girls?
Do I look better with long or short hair? (pics)?
Will dying hair back brown after a bad blonde dye job make my hair red or green?
pictures for the hairdressers?
My hair comes out is it because i work out every morning and don't only wash it once a week?
hair grow faster!!!!?
my hair tone is very roug and a little bit curly, what should i do to make them soft and straight(male)?
Loreal Hi-Color in Intense Red on all the listed things done to hair? Please help!!?
dying my hair !? help!?
how can i get my hair like this? (pix included)?
How would this description of a hairstyle look like?
Washing hair with beer?
How can i remove black hair dye from your skin?
any tips on keeping my curly hair straight?? ?
HAIR!!!! hehe?
is it possible to have black hair????
Where could I buy orange dip dye?
i need hair tips part 2?
why is it that blondes are suppost to be stupid and brunettes are boring?
what is the best Hair Straightener??
The hair between my eyebrows keep coming back!?
Do I look better with Black hair or brown?
can you bleach your hair with regular bleach?
Is Holiday Hair open on the 4th of July?
1 m blonde with fair skin tone sum light freckles on nose i want to go dark hair colour)unsure whic colour 2 g
Need help curling my hair?
Why do we love getting shampooed at the hair salon?
do you prefer curly hair or straight?
Is My Hair Short ?
i was wondering where could i buy Kanekalon Braiding fiber in singapore?
GIRLS: Does anyone know how to get, perfect hair?
Tips for curling short hair?
How Often Should I Wash My Hair?
How can I do my hair for a semi-formal dance?
how can i get college information?
hey girls am havein a prombly with hair?
Is this considered to be a gay haircut?
need to get my cosmetology license renewed and i need an application where?
What shoud i do with my hair?
How do you properly wrap a towel around your head?
hair help please! :)?
"Professional" longer hairstyles?
Why aren't people supposed to brush their hair when its wet?
whats a good flat-iron to use if ur hair is wet?
Can I pull off a brighter red *pic included*?
Do you think blonde hair would suit me?
Help! I want to dye my hair! But I'm only 12!! How do I convince my mom?!?
to the ladies out there with natural locks, how do u do it? how did u start and maintain them?
What is a good product to use on my hair to eliminate the frizz when it dries?
The ends of my hair are very dry and brittle and I have split ends, help?
Dyeing my armpit hair green-any tips?
How to use hot oil hair treatment step by step?
is ion straightener good?
am i pretty or am i the oppisite ??? answer plzzz?
Ive been washing my hair with pantene pro v expressions and my hair feels oily about 3 hrs later whats happnin
is it gay for a guy to dye his hair?
What are the possible reasons for hair fall ?
How to get rid of long nipple hair?
Is it possible to grow your hair over 1 inch per month, if so how?
Does my hair look better curly or straightened?
Does anyone know what hair color this is?
Hairstyle, should i cut my hair, (pics)?
I wanna shave my head?
because of colouring and perming my hair is breaking. what can i do?
i want to buy an attachment for my trimmer for stubble. can you direct me to one?
Can you dye your hair from black to red?
When can I dye my hair again (lighter)?
What can I do to get rid of the red tint my hair has...specifically hair dye without red tint?
Would I look good blonde? (pictures)?
how to find a punk hairstyles?
Are extensions a good idea?
Manic panic is it good?
wat do u have 2 do 2 take care of yo braids to make them last long?
What does shampoo look like when it's dry?
SERIOUS QUESTION: what happens if you put hair growth suff in you hair when you already have LOTS of hair?
15 years old with a bald spot?
black hair orange roots...HELP!?
what are bangs? is it an american term for a hair style...?
How can I become a salon professional in Southern California?
hair help/tips?
when making a hair bun what do you do with the end after coil and pin?
What type/level of developer do I need? I need hair dye help!?
can aloe vera prevent hair loss?
i want to get my hair shaved on one size ?
Advice on hair colour?
What hair products can I use to style my curly hair?
Which shade of blonde would suit me, 10 points...?
What would a FEMALE say a sexy chest looks like on a man? Hair,no hair? Muscular chest or semi-muscular, abs?
What is another name for Quiff?
I dyed my hair and it was supposed to be a gold color. It's red now; does that mean the red will fade fast?
Loooking for a new haircut...?
conditioner for curly hair?
cool dye jobs for bobbed hair?
Haircut help!! Pics included?
Curly hair help please?
how 2 do hair like this pic?
how can i get my hair to stay straight??
Whats your favorite Sephora Hair Product?
How much does a normal haircut (no layers or bangs, just straight across) cost?
how can i scrunch/wave my stick straight hair?!?!?
I have naturally black coloured hair, what shade should I dip dye it?
Would I suit red hair?? :)?
How do i keep my hair curly?
Best way to wear hair while traveling in car?
long hair or short hair??
Do you think this hair cut would look good on me?:)?
Are layers still in style?
urgent! i just highlighted my hair at home and I think i messed up?
Is it weird to go to the doctors with.....?
should i cut my hair or keep it long?
What shampoo can I use to make my hair smoother and straighter?
Should I dye my hair before prom or wait?
What is the best beauty salon in Atlanta, GA??
would you like it if a guy french braided your hair?
which way does my hair look better?
does shaving actually make hair grow in thicker when it grows back again?
i got a bad haircut, how can I make my hair grow a cm or two overnight?
highlight placement off the scalp?
OMG! my bangs look horrible!?
How can I get thicker hair?
Which one looks nicer, blonde or brunette?
How much should you shampoo?
how to braid hair in cornrows?
What kind of haircuts are best for women with fine wavy hair?
Nicki Minaj and Rhianna and other artist, hair poker straight and stays that way but goes back to Afro? Why?
what r sum good hairstyles???
Blonde or Brunette?
What can i do about my mustache?
dry hair dilemma?
How to dye hair bleach blonde to dirty blonde?
What is "hair with body"?
What is the best shampoo for shine?
Can i straighten my two year olds hair?
When can I start shaving my legs?
should i dye my hair brown?
Hairstyle Ideas for Thick Hair?
is it safe to use petroleum jelly(vaseline) on my hair as a substitute for hair gel?
I permed my hair 5 days ago is it okay to get a full sew in?
how can i dye my hair dark red without getting the stuff that bleeds or temporary plus i have really dark hair?
platting hair, without getting it frizzy next morning?
I am having sooo much trouble keeping my curls in...?
Toning blonde hair to get it white?
do u know any hair websites for short curly hair styles?
How to get this hairstyle?
is it bad to have bangs?
Step By Step of Updo?
wuts the difference in high-lights, low -lights, and tri - lights? cuz i wanna get my hair done?
Do hair conditioners temporary alter hair texture?
I have red hair (red, not ginger) and i wanted to do something completely different, but not sure how... help?
Would I look good with a Monroe and brown hair and blonde highlights?
what do you think of a 13 year old girl getting rid of her hair in the upper lip?
How can I get sculpted, defined like miley in these pics?
How often do you wash your hair?
Help picking out a prom hairstyle!!?
Is their a website that selects the best hairstyle and color for the frame of your face and features?
Girls please answer, I need as many answers as possible?
is it true that a men's haircut with only scissors grows back differently than when using an electric razor?
dont u hate ppl who have punk type hair? in fruity colors?
what haircut would look good? I have thick wavy hair...
Do you think my hair looks good like this?
How to reducer hair loss?
How much do hair extensions usually cost?
ok its thebigest pary and the theme is ABNORMAL i look GREAT but how should i do my hair!???HELP FAST!!!!!?
good hair straightener?
What are some good everyday hairstyles?
14 year old girl shaving hair for charity?
Does anyone know where I can get pictures of a female fauxhawk hairstyle?
Is It True?
Can anyone tell me a cure fore hair falling?
What do think of the product Wen for your hair?
how to wear your hair to a wedding?
What hair dye can I use to get a darker, shiny-er black (picture included)?
Would I look good with brown hair?
would this haircut look good on curly hair???
How do I get my hair from not getting messed up in gym?
Fringing my hair?
What's the difference between highlights & lowlights?
Is there a way to chemically straighten your hair? Or like a product that would straighten my hair?
Help,I am 17 and losing a lot of hair!?
Am i better brown or blonde?
Is there a permanent hair color that you can use right after getting a perm.?
Is it safe to go to bed with wet hair?