I am sooo ugly, how do i became pretty?
Can you/ what happens if you straighten permed hair?
Was it wrong for me to bleach my kid brothers hair even though he's not my biological brother and he's black.
How can i do this hairstyle by myself ?
When can I straighten my hair?
Going to the Hair Salon Tomorrow...Hair Ideas???
Do You Think Hot Pink & Black Hair With Suit A Black Person?
could a hairdresser take my hair from black to dark brown with out bleaching it?
i want to know how to do a good hair style using wax?
What is the best permanent hair straightening method/relaxer for thick wavy hair?
What's your hair style?
What colour should I dye my hair?
Why does my leg hair get prickly the morning after I shave them?
What hair colour suits me best? {PICS!}?
my hair and hands feel greasy all the time,why?
Ways to make your hair grow really fast!??!?
Is hair striaghtneing damaging my hair?
curly or straight hair?
How do I get my hair to be like Scully's from the X-Files?
What is the fastest way to get gum out of your hair?
What is a darker black, Jet Black or Real Black?
how old do you think I look?
do guys like the natural look?
What are my options on hair dye?
someone please help me!!?
I just recently got my hair its very dry and breaking at the ends!:( what do i do?
is this new haircut cute?
should i cut my hair?
I need help about my hair!!?
is guava shampoo effective for removing dandruff?
where can i buy the wax for hair especially the gatsby wax here in new jersey?or here in maryland?
What helps your hair grow really fast?
How can i do my hair after i swim?
Wut should i wear now that i have cornrows when i go to sleep?
Method to curling short hair?
How can I make my hair 'curly'?
what should I do to look better?? (pictures)?
Does anyone have step by step instrustructions on how to do wedding updo hair styles?
Any tips for hair growth?
Which hair style looks better? (pics)?
will it hurt my dog to dye her fur with temporary hair dye?
Colour B4 by Scott Cornwall- Colour darkening because of chlorine?
how do you get rid of split ends?
hairstyles helpp??!?!?
what colour should i die my hair?
Why does my hair smell like mildew?
Theres got to be a faster way of drying my hair takes ages.. with hairdryer! help?!?
Where can i get some mane and tail shampoo and conditioner?
Is there any possible way to curl hair without a curling iron?
How can i make my hair straighter?
how can i keep my hair straight all day?
Is it worth it to have your hair dyed by a professional?
Matrix Sleek Look Flat Iron Limited Edition, How hot does the straightener get?
dying my hair a different color?
How do I grow my hair longer???
what hairstyle do girls like men to have ? ?
Hairstyles for school please?
Whats your favorite shampoo and why?
Why does red hair dye get rid of black dye?
how do u make ur hair grow faster? i there such a way.???
How come when i dye my hair it fades in like a week it sucks :(?
How to get Hayley Williams bangs?
What's the "best bang for the buck" hair straightener?
is there a website for black hair styles?
Splat Hair Color help...?
I put a texterizer in my daughters hair in January of this year. She has super thick curly hair naturally. it?
If I straighten my hair a lot will it loose it's waves?
Can I put nutella in my hair?
Should I get bangs?
Can anyone tell me what type if haircut this is?
best temporary hair dye?
would you let your daughter dye her hair purple?
What to do with shoulder length curly hair?
brown hair > blonde hair ?
what is hair rebonding?
What Should I Do With My Hair (I have pics included)?
What color hair would best suit me? *Pictures!*?
Is it true that if you have 1 grey hair.....?
Anyone know of any natural or home remedies for baldness that really work?
Scene/Emo Hair?
Would I look good with hair like this?
Should a brunettte dye her hair red?
CAN you use NAIR on PUBIC HAIR?!?!?
what can i do to get rid of my split ends?
I have already purchased my own much should I pay at max to get my extensions sewn in?
I recently got magic straight for my hair...?
what's the best product to use in your hair when you straighten it to keep it from being damaged?
what do you think of my hair ?
do you use hairspray everyday? if not, when do you use it (girls only)?
Advice needed please?
Really curly hair alert! Help needed urgently!?
How can i lighten my arm hair?
What do you do to keep your bangs from curling or flipping at the sides?
I have a problem......(look below)?
Where can I get Copolla Keratin Treatment done in Orlando?
best hair style for my face shape?
Dying hair with food colouring?
How Can I Get My Hair Like This???????
Do I look better with curly hair or straight hair?
question about dying my hair, blonde to brunette?
products to lighten and highlight hair?
Does anyone know how to use this hair thiing and what it is used for?(pic inclluded)?
Is my hair long enough to get this haircut?
My girlfriend tried to put highlights in her hair, and it didn't go too well, any ideas?
*New* Side bangs won't stay flat....?!?! (Picture)?
what can a person do about dry flyaway hair?Looking for a natural recipe?
Should I dye my hair black?
What haircut suits a woman with an oblong face, a pointed chin and a high hairline? Thanks.?
I have straight hair , but it gets tangel from the back alot -.-?
I would like to know what i can use on my hair to keep the ends from becoming dry and britle, i am a black wom
I have been wanting to dye my hair pink with koolaid forever, but my friend recently did it?
will my hair look good with blond highlights?? (with picture)?
today what happened ..................?
any one know of a all natrual hair care brand?
Anyy Cute Hairstyless?!?
How can I grow my hair longer?
mixing peroxide and powder bleach!?
What color will my facial hair be?
does anyone know about any good websites for hair updos?
How to do hair like this??????????????
do causian hair grow faster then afro amercican hair???
does hairsil accelarator work?
who is Manni Wu?
girl in video this video... her hair...?
Maxi glide?
Tips for healthier Hair?
what scene haircut should i get?
When a shampoo says "For dry hair", does it mean the shampoo is made for that kind or hair or it gives you it?
How long should your natural hair be for a braidless sew in? Does length even matter?
How fast will my hair grow?
what should i do to my hair?
Why is my hair getting lighter?
I'm male, have jet black coloured hair and have olive skin. Whats the best colour to dye or highlight my hair?
what semi permanent hia rdye do you reccomend for me...?
Natural Hair Help!!!?
Is a flat iron and hair straighter the same thing?
Hair lose, scalp pain, with New clear shampoo?
how can you make curls last all day?
Should i qet side banqs? [Pictures]?
i can never get a messy bun but when i try to it never looks good or falls out easily can any one help me??
Which is the correct way to straighten your hair?
Someone felt my hair and said "you have white people hair"?
Advice/solution for young male with significant hair thinning?
What colour is your hair?
Dry frizzy hair....need advice.?
do you like my hair dark or should i have kept it blond?
How to curl your hair withot a curling iron?
Directions toner on dyed orange hair?
How do you make your hair grow faster!!????!!?
For the Avacor users, can you give feedback?
How Should I Get My Hair Cut?
how should i cut my hair ....?
do it suit my hair better blonde or brown? pics included.?
I just got highlites and it looks bad.. helpp???
Hair dye problem.......?
Longer Healthier Hair Faster?
how do i get my hair to curl?
Modern easy hairstyles!?
Question about washing hair?
Thinking about shaving my head. What do I need to know?
Is bedhair spray goOd ?
Is it true your hair goes lighter in the sun?
Which haircut? and what about the back? Whats the back look like?
Hair removal from embarrassing places?
Poll: Ladies: Do you like a hairy chest or smooth?
What part time jobs allow un-natural colored hair?
is this unhealthy? straightening hair situiation!?
having a bad hair day.?????????????????????
Can i wear hair clip extensions eventhough im still suffering from hair loss?
Shaving and trim question im 13?
do girls like guys with facial hair girls only?
How to make shortish natural straight fringe look better?
which straightener should i get?
how often do you shampoo?
would dark red hair suit a south asian skin-tone?
why do i get hair on my upper lip..I hate it?
What do you think of this haircut?
how do i do my hair like that?
How do you make armpit hair less visible?
Girls-what, in your opinions, are the best shampoos and conditioners around?
TJ Maxx: Used straightener/flat iron?
Eyebrow problem??
Hey all :) I'd like some suggestions as to what would be a nice hair color for me.?
Going black to blonde now a light orange need some help?
I have the "Scene" cut, but it always goes curly by the end of the day...?
all hair dressers...NEED SERIOUS HELP!?!?!?
What are some curly hairstyles?
Different ways you can dye brunette hair blonde?
I'm thinking of growing my hair completely out?
Hey does anyone know how i can get my hair like this?
What to do with my hairs?
Long hair.........?
how can i get my hair to look like the old ryan sheckler?:)?
How to do my hair for school?
how to grow your eyebrows fast?
Should I thin my hair out behind my mom's back?
underarm hair!? help!?
what color highlights should someone with dk brown hair have?
does anyone here have naturally straight hair??
Have u ever changed the colr of ur hair?
Please suggest homecoming styles?
I was thinking of growing a mustash...?
Who has bought clip in hair extensions????
Does anyone know Primp Hair Salon Hours?
how old do you think a teen should be to get highlights???????????
does hair qrow faster?
Im think of dying my hair black but scared it will make me lk pale do you think it can b pulled of?
what color should i dye my hair?
I had a very bad hair cut, and my hair is not growing like for 3 months, half inch has not grown at least.?
Should I die my hair black?
can you recommend any short hairstyles for women?
how often should you wash your hair?
Would this hair color look good on me? Any suggestions?
how do i stop my hair form going greasy?
my hair cuts at the middle of my back head, its so noticeable, wot can i apply, its so embarasing.?
How to curl extremely straight hair?
Why does hair grow back faster after you shave?
does everyone's hair only grow 1/2 an inch per month?
Who knows of tutorials for hair styling for men?
haircut help. please!?(pics included)?
how do i make my hair like this?
Should I use shampoo everyday?
How to avoid dandruf?
how to put in two 7 piece hair extensions?
How can I make my hair look ok?
*New* Side bangs won't stay flat....?!?! (Picture)?
Does a new hairstyle make you more confident?
what kind of pills to use for hair tinning?
I need a updo that is really cute:)?
girls help?
Dark Brown hair with Chunks of highlights or thin highlights?
how do i make my hair grow?
Tips for Curly hair?? Thank-you I will appreciate it so much. :)?
How to make your hair curled overnight?
blonde or brunette?
When I braid my hair, it turns out crimped. not wavy. HELP!?
a different hairstyle for 6th form?
has anyone heard of using hydrogen peroxide for lightning hair instead of bleach? help?
consistent electric shaves?
I have straight, thin hair with layers in it. How can i style it to add volume without using alot of products?
how can i get a ' Justin Bieber ' hairstyle?
what are some good flat irons to straightening black hair?
Cute Hairstyles; not cuts?
Would I look good if I cut my hair like this?
How Do I Curl My Hair Without Gettting A Perm?
Any tips for growing long hair faster?
how long can i keep my braids hair on.?
Dying hair question ?.....?
I want this hair style, how do i grow it like this ( the guy from south of nowhere)?
where can i buy sophist-o-twist hair accessory?
guys and you prefer girls with short or long hair?
Where can i buy Sunglits products?
Does Chest hair look good on a guy?
Out of these two pics which hair do guys like the most?
Why Does My Hair Smell Bad?
Short hair style for my face type?
Natual Blonde hair changing colour! wanting to avoid dyes!?
I got a "Fohawk" does my hair look better? PICTURES INCLUDED?
What is the best way to remove medium brown hair dye from gray hair? It was applied seven days ago !!!!!?
what is ash blonde? , please help easy ten points, picture include.?
Hair rebonding done in the United States? This is a treatment done to hair to straigten hair permanently.?
what products can i use to prevent damaged hair especially by the temples?
Is it true that if you cut your hair it grows faster?
How Do i Create This Look?
have blue eyes, what hair color would make them stand out?
Why doesnt anyone know what regenepure shampoo is?
People who stay in the Metro Detroit area..Where can I find "Bohemian" hair at? Looking for 16 or 18 inch.
how old do you think i look?
Should I let my daughter dye her hair pink?
Is there a way to get big curls/waves with a small barrell wand?
First good answer gets 10 points!?
How to get rid of split ends without cutting it off?
Unmanageable Dry hair! Help.?
I have dark brown hair right now but I want to dye it a blonde, yet I really don't want it to be to dramatic.
Which hair cut would be the best for me to go with? (Pictures)?
what color should i dye my hair? (pic included)?
It is good to get your hair done?
where can i find a web site that has pictures of men with beards or facial hair..mustaches, goatees,?
DAMAGED HAIR, help please!!?
Should I cut my hair (picture included)?
which hairstyle looks better?
hair ideas?? plz help!!?
do you like?
my hair changed outta no where....?
Do they sell Afro sheen in Walmart?
what is the coolest way to wear your bangs?
Do girls like medium length hair on boys?
How to keep the ends of your hair dry in the shower?
Keep the buzz cut or let it grow?
Im going to get a curling iron but I need to know what to get?
whats a nice hairstyle for a date?
Where can I purchase Remington tight curls model # h-21sp besides Ebay?!?
leave in conditioner?
my girlfriend..... help?
i have really dry hair what shampoo should i use?
So I dyed my hair for the very first time, last night and...?
How can I get my haircut like this?
how do u scrunch hair :] i need help please?
If you're a blonde and your roots are brunette, what's the chance of you going all brunette, and how long?
were can you find hair dye that only stays in for 1 month? and does it damage your hair?
is there any of the got 2 b hair products?
"Ladies" Do you find Pony-Tail (on men) hair style attractive.???
What is the longest a black girl's(relaxed) hair can be????????????????
What do you guys think of this haircolor? I Included a picture this time. Opinions?
i've just dyed my hair brown??!?
I want to dye my hair blonde?
i am getting my haircut in a few days ,which hair style is best?
permanent head hair removal?
What is the best treatment for wavy hair with dry split ends?
what can make a mohawk rain proof?
How do I do this hairstyle?
Hair Waver??
straight or curly hair...BOYS answer also?
Do guys like long hair or short on a girl?
I have hair to my shoulders and it been like this since my teens it wont get any longer how to get it longer?
cute messy updo pictures..kinda messy ..?
What is the best hair dye on the market today.?
Before i go to sleep i don't have tangles in my hair when i wake up i do?
should i dye my hair pink?
Very damaged hair !!!!?
If I went bald, would girls still go out with me?
How old were you when you first shaved ur legs?
What kind of hair do i have?
What can I do with my hair?
Why is my hair so greasy?
Are ApHOGEE products good for sheading hair?
What do you think of people who dye their hair green?
How do I get my hair like Miley Cyrus in the new Hannah Montana episodes.....?
Do I look better with short mildly styled hair, or medium hair?
How do I grow my hair as long as this picture, how long will it take?
10 points. How to make hair stay curly?
Distributors of Italy hair products in dubai?
Can you still grow healthy hair and color it at the same time?
When I have my hair blow dried at hairdresser it's beautiful at home it sucks. Sh'd I consider shaving head?
is there any NATURAL way to make your hair grow?
Would this haircut suit me? (pictures)?
would my hair look nice with....?
Why do i have to aply conditioner just on my ends?
what can i use that makes my hair grow real long real fast like in 2 wks?
how do u straighten ur hair with a flat iron??
Do you think I would look good with dark brown hair? I am a guy.?
what hair cut should i get?
will a mohawk scare people when i get one?
I want to strip the color from my hair with One 'n Only Colorfix, what should I use after to get it lighter?
easy question..i want to get my hair layered...?
Natural ways to lighten my hair?
Have thick, curly hair- brunette, and while I'm not losing hair, its one of my fears that...?
Who is a better hair transplant surgeon Dr. Hasson or Dr Wong? Which to choose?
Is there a bure for Hair loss.. for a teenager..evryday a lot of my hair shedss... what should i do???
Has Any Body Used Paul Mitchells Ink works????
How do I add more volume to my hair?
What should I do with my hair and/or make-up?
How do you achieve this hairstyle?
How do I do corn rows?
where can i find good hair cuts and how can i find out if it will look good on me??????????
Ladies do you prefer hairy chests or clean cut chests for guys?
Can i perm sinthetic hair?
Is it ok to dye washed hair?
guys only please?
Pixie haircut please help?
my hair is falling out and it gets greasy fast?
how to make your hair red with henna?
just me some good shampoo for oily hair?
(girls)(or dudes, i guess lol)Should I shave?
i'm growing my bangs out, and they look horrible right now! what should i do to keep them looking good?
What are your thoughts on my haircut?
i havehair just above my shoulders angled down from the back of my neck. My hair looks....?
Do you think that this hair cut will look good on me?
What would you do if you got overcharged for a haircut?
I think my hair is thinning; What do I do?
Should I get a short haircut?
Good hair dye/contact combos?
No Clue What To Do With Hair, Help?!?
What color should i dye my hair?
How light can i go with dying my hair? pic included, helpppp?
What is the most beautiful hair color in women?
Pantene or Loreal Vive?
What hair color would look best on me?
I'm a 16 year old girl thinking of getting a buzz cut. Opinions?
Is this hair brand good quality.?
How to prevent red from fading?
is it bad to use shampoo everyday?
How do you dye your4 hair with Kool Aide?
Hair styles?
Is there a way to curl your hair faster?
Accident. put shampoo inside bottle with hair dye?
what kind of shampoo do I use for washing dreadlocs?
I put peroxide inmy hair and it went an orangy colour, rather than blond??
Girls, which hairstyle do you think suits me better?
should i go with this so called emo/scene hair?
what color streak should i put in my hair?
What's the best way to clean a hairbrush?
I used BW/pure white then applied a red dye and my roots are tangerine orange? What semi-rinse should I buy?
Would Nice 'N Easy Color Blend Foam be right for my hair?
Quick question: i have used Tressemme mousse but.. 10 points?
Can a big-headed chick have a short hairstyle?
Hairstyles appropriate for school?
how can i get nice waves if i have really curly hair?
What's Biosilk for?
What curling wand is the best?
How to prepare wax to remove hair?
How would you describe Cece Frey's haircut? {pics included}?
I have short hair. Spikey in the back and a layered bob in the front...?
Anyone knows a good hairdresser for a scene haircut is SA?
I hav a lot of hair on my legs. Do i need to cut or shave it or is it nice for a MAN to have hair.?
can anyone show me some really cute hair styles for black women or girls?
Hair straightener?
when was hair dye invented?
****** up my hair.... any one know any AMAZING updo's?
I am Portuguese, Irish,English and Scottish, How do I know if I'll look good Highlighting my hair Blonde?
i have recently got my hair smoothening done..can i continue with my herbal shampoo or shall i switch over to?
help with washing my hair?
What hair cut should i get?? (pics)?
Where can I find heat-resistant pouches/mats for flat irons in Singapore?
Nioxin hair products?any change since u using?
My boyfriend told me that he was tired of my brown hair so I dyed it blonde...?
My hair is naturaly very curly. O yea. And frizzy!! Wut can i use to un-friz it!!?
What hairstyle fits me?
how do i look my best 4 my first date with my boyfrend we r going 2 the movies?
How do I get rid of hair static?
why did my hair fall out after a perm?
Blondes or Brunnettes??
which vitamin helps hair and nails grow faster?
How to get lots of volume in hair?
Good electric blue semi-permanent (or demi)hair dyes?
Is bleaching your hair really damaging?
if you keep straighening your hair every day for a while will it eventually become thinner??
How to add more hair to eyebrows?
Help! I hair dye gone WAY wrong!?
I have front bangs/fringe. Need hairstyles?
How do you make your hair grow longer?
Please help me with my hair!?
how often should i crochet?
hair help...[[pics included]]?
Girls do you wash your hair every day?And does it look greasy ever. Please help!!!?
Girls, Does my hair look better shorter or longer?
Hair Topper and Hair Pieces for Caucasian women with thinning hair?
why is my whole hair extremly curly but the very top is wavyish?
Can someone explain to me why African Women care so much about their hair?
I have new growth (after a relaxer maybe six month ago) do i keep.......?
Guys: Which do you prefer in a woman, curly or straight hair?
Why is my hair so greasy?
How do you make your hair grow longer?
What do you think about the head of my avatar ??
What do you think? Picture inside.?
blonde hair dilemma pleaseee help?
Is it okay to take folic acid pills?
Which hairstyle would look best?
What are some cute hairstyles I can try?
Should I stick with going lighter with my hair, or go with chocolate brown (pic)?
My Hair OMG! PICS!!!?
Is there any shampoo's which take colour out of dyed hair?
what happened if you fried your hair straightning it too much?
Can Rogaine help me grow my hair faster?
Need simple hairstyles!?
Can hair be naturally greasy or is it greasy because you don't wash it often enough?
has anyone used Super Biotin 6000 before? im trying to make my hair grow A lot faster than it does. any help?
Is there any demi-permanent hair dye that works on dark hair?
Why do most men find bushes on girls sexy?
How long does it take to curl your hair?
Hair growth please help?
How to cut my hair myself?
1-10 What would you rate me! I'm curious!?
wat is ur hair color?
This cold wheather poofs up my hair! >.<?
I have a pixie haircut....?
GETTIN THAT GREASY LOOK plz i cant fly!!!!?
How do i get guys to look at me without breaking school rules?
POLL: Blonde vs Brunette?
How to prevent dry, damaged, split ends?
Should I do my hair like this?
my boyfriend is only 18 and hes loosing his hair already is there anything he can do to stop this?
Which looks better on me short or long hair?
Do girls like long hair or short?
How can I make my Hair Curly?
If I wash my hair today after getting it permed last night, will the perm wash out? I want it to.?
Long Hair or Short hair=HOT...?
Where can I find Sun-In in Canada?
Extreemly damaged hair...will I have to shave my head?? I'm only 15?
Scene hair? I thinking of getting it?
Hair problem here!!!?
BLACK HAIR DYE/Kristen Stewart's or Kim Kardashian's haircolor?
Braided Dance Hair Ideas?
it is about laser.?
how do i use matrix socolor honey cream grey't?
Do I look better bald or with hair?
should I do it????!!!?
How to get rid of dandruff?
what color should i dye my hair?
Poll:Curly or straightt hair?
How much biotin should i take for hair growth?
can i dye my hair when already dyed?
I dyed my hair ombré but the base color turned out too dark. Would vinegar or lemon juice lighten it?
Maybe dying my hair, and need opinions?
why do skaters grow long hair and wear skinnys?
How should i cut my hair to get a scene queen look?all i know is that its layered and colorful!?
i justcut my drk brn hair shoulder length & want some color tips?
What color should i dye my hair?
Will vinegar in my hair mess up my highlights tomorrow?
Which of these deep conditioning treatments sound the best?
how many millitmeters is a number 1 haircut and how many is a 5?
blondes or brunettes?
What does coconut oil do to your hair?
What colour to dye hair?*Pic*?
What should I do with my hair?
What color would light pink hair dye fade to?
which hair would suit me?
can any one recomend agood conditioner?
What i do to stop the breakage of this perm? Please help?
how much does a body wave cost?
What is your favorite color?
Could I pull off black hair?
I'm twenty two years old and I found a gray hair!! WHY?
how can i get less greasy hair?
Helppp!!!! Is the conair infinitee good!?
Dye hair question, pls help ?
Does any1 know of a vacant location thats hair salon ready in the DFW area to lease or rent around n/ne/nwDFW?
what does VO5 matt clay hair product look like when it is in hair?
Do you find redheads attractive?
What to do instead of straightening hair?
Im losing my hair?
What do you think of this hairstyle?
do you like blondes, brunettes, redheads, black hair, or all?
Do you prefer GUYS with LONG HAIR or SHORT HAIR ?
how do get glue out of hair after you've had an EEG?
W0Uld THiS hAiRSTYlE l00k G00d 0N ME??? [[PiCS iNClUDED]]?
Teenage beauty gurus on YouTube?
I have long jet black hair. What kind of highlight color should i use.?
How do I grow metalhead hair?
hair ideas for a 13 year old?
What's Deena Nicole Cortese (Jersey Shore) New Hair Color on Season 6?
Which curling iron size do you recommend?
I just trimmed my pubs for the first time in 4 years. I have a lot of pubs shavings. What should I do with it?
how to get good looking hair?
About Straight Layered Hair , [ Please answer this .. its all im asking ]?
Velcro rollers??? 0.0?
I just recently got my hair its very dry and breaking at the ends!:( what do i do?
Is the short hair or medium? pic inside btw?
Dye my hair - good idea?
Should I do anything with my hair?
hi all im looking for some names for my hair-salon going to be a family salon for all ages any ida thanks?
Is salon shampoo really better for your hair than shampoo you buy at the grocery store?
just waxed my legs, what do i do now?
u can make ur hair lighter with lemons?
can anyone recommend what i can use for dry and thin hair? often a itchy scalp?
cute updos for shoulder length hair ?
What shade of brunette is good with Asian people?
i have thick hair and it doesn't stay straight what do i do?
I am 13 years old and I have light brown hair color and I want to go darker for fall and winter. Please help?
should i grow out my HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Is there any way to make hair that looks like this into that?
HELP going blonde (pics) ?
How do I get my hair like this?
Hair color won't take-used bleach to remove brown home color-used Color Silk Dk Blonde-color didn't take
what haircut??[PICS]?!?
The shop ruined my dreadlocks?
I'm going bald and my mom can't accept it?
would you give me some hair advice?
Whats a good hair style for me?
I have a hair question?
After plucking a hair how long does it take to grow back?
Why does one side of my hair look greasy after I blow dry and straighten it?
im wearing my hair in a poof, with my bangs out.?
How can i regrow my hair?
What is the solution for VERY dry hair?
how do itake my hair dye off.i hate the color what can i do ?????
How much do hair pro extensions cost?
how do you make hair dye fade faster?
Any good products to treat bleached hair?
Any cute hair styles?
who do you think is the best hair designer in the world???
guide to the healthiest hair?
i want to know if i use a GHD straightner everyday will it ruin my hair ?
should i dye my hair color jet black?
hair helppppppppppppppppppppp?
Is Ombre The Hair For Me? (Pictures Included)?
I'm a guy and I grew my hair long what hair cut can I get something cool?
Veet hair removal for first time shavers??
I got a horrible haircut help!?
How in the world do you do this?
Should I dye my hair Brown?
Can I put Hydogen peroxide in a hair dye to help make it ligher when dying for the first time?
What hair do you like best?!? (pics!)?
how do i get my hair like this?
just dyed my hair from black to blonde and need help ASAP!!!!!!?
Hair questions: Bleaching, and going from dark red to blonde. Easy 10 points?
How come cornrows are not seen as often as straight hairstyles?
how do u protect ur hair from the sun (no unhealthy hair products)?
Do you think it's a good idea for me to wear braids? African-American?
growing long hair tips?
whats the best way to get your hair cut into rockerabilly style like a pompadore?
Im sick of my hair, how should i get it cut?
Help! I really like this hairstyle but will it suit me? [Picture of the hairstyle and picture of me inside!]?
where can i purchase this hair from overseas and online?
How do I grow my hair super long?
Salon ripped me off, what should I do?
how can i have shiny brown hair?
Hairstyle help? (pics)?
SHOULD i dye my hair blonde? pic inside?
hair straightner question?
help me what kinda hair should i were?
Quick fix for greasy hair?
how to grow my hair longer without taking vitamins and without putting anything in my hair?
Is there a certain side a side swept fringe should be on (left or right) for females?
Would this haircut look good on a guy with big ears/big nose?
I bleeched my hair today, and parts of my hair have melted.. AND PARTS FELL OUT! WHAT DO I DO?
my hair is falling out?
How do I tell my boyfriend to cut his hair?
how long does it take for your hair to get lighter with lemon juice?
i have really curly black hair and i would like to get a new haircut what haircuts would look cool?
I don't know??????????
s! How to braid hair to get lax/wavy hair?
If i let my hair grow out for 8 months where will it approximately be?
Im dying my Hair but i dont know what colour i should use?
If we had a child what would you think the hair texture would be?
What haircolor should I get (pics)?
Atoms atoms atoms yay?
Pictures of Swoop Bangs?
looking for good hair salon?
If we evolved from primates why don't we have hair all over?
Shaved or unshaved? (female)?
do you prefer short hair or long hair?
how do I keep my hair curled?
how long does it take to blow dry your hair?
What color is yourrr hairrr!!!!?
what hairstyles/updos would looks best with this dress?
what hair color would complement my eyes?
Which side should I have my bangs?
How do I do my thin hair?
What is more attractive,Guys with long hair or short hair?
i'm getting my hair stripped..?
(Girls Only) Do i look better with long hair or short *pics inside*?
Does this haircut look good on me? (pics)?
how do i use a protein filler before coloring my hair?
Hair Style Suggestions?
Are these Partial Highlights?
Would I look good with blonde hair?
Hair fallage any advice ?
Is there any women on here who has trouble with excessive hair loss?
How would my hair look like this? pics included?
Is it good to get deep conditioners for hair and why?
What is a good conditioning treatment for ethnic hair. my hair is dry and shedding?
If you've got quite long hair and when you put it in a pony you want it to look short how do you do it?
Everytime i grow my hair real long, it starts turning brown,and it becomes weak. so i start from scratch.Why?
what hair styles ?
Can bald people get a hairline fracture?
Permanent pink hair dye?
would i look good with short hair?
What color and brand of hair dye would give me the brightest orange?
Please help me with my hair! It's orange!?
Will I suit this hair colour?
how do you get straight hair?
Can you color over ombre hair?
The sun lightened my hair and it's going orange, what do I do?
Does vitamin c and fish oil pills help hair grow?
What shade of black should i dye my hair?
what is the name of this haircut?
what shampoo shall i use?
Which suits me better? blonde/brown, pics?!?
is thinking too much and having a problems can cause white hair???
How to get long hair?
Do guys in university straighten their hair?
does any1 know any shops in bradford where i could buy hair bleach from?
How can I grow out my eyebrow-length side bangs before school starts ?
How to manage hair and care it?
Do you prefer your woman to have short, medium, or long hair?
How do I get my hair like this?
How to lift fresh dye off of hair? if that even makes sense.?
if i want a new hair cut should i let the person cutting my hair just go at it?
How do I Get Herbatint Out Of My Hair?
What curling iron should I get?
Color depositing shampoo? (Red)?
What does feeling stubby mean? (10 points)?
The hair between my eyebrows keep coming back!?
how do i make my hair grow very fast before school starts?
My daughters hair is falling out - What do I do?
Does my hair look better straight, curly or wavy? [pictures]?
Can I cut my split ends between regular hair cuts, or will it ruin the shape of my cut?
I need a new hair cut?
My hair is frizzy and has loose curls, Any products that can help?
Can hair dressers just shorten your hair with the same style?
i have really curly and frizzy hair, so when i straighten it, it gets really really frizzy, what can i do ?
Should I get bangs straight across?
my hair is coarse , how can I get more straight so it looks more spiky?
Redheads, do you think this is kinda offensive?
Do you think I would look good with bangs?
How can i get my hair to look like this?(without a perm)?
Will products like hairgel or hairspray etc. make hair fall out?
Homecoming hairstyle help?
Do girls like guys with short or long hair?
What shampoo is good for hair loss?
i died my hair porple?
I just cut off all my hair. How do I remove the remaining short hairs left?
Iam 17 n iam curved i want to look slim n ma neck is lift it looks really weird when i tied my hair ?
How do you grow hair longer, faster?
pretty hair :)?
Cut my hair or Not to? Girls need your help?
Do you like my hair like this?
does rainsoft damage hair?
Where to find the best Afro Kinky hair extensions?
Dream Blonde by loreal...good or bad?
Can I dye my hair blonde temporarily?
boys! do you prefer curly or straight hair on a girl?
My hair falling like anything !!!Don't want to take further risk by using anything. Suggestions please...?
what is the best hair color for a female?
Suave brand shampoo in the pewter colored bottle?
who should use sculpting lotions?
Girls Poll: Do you use a claw clip to hold your hair up?
What color is Miley Cyrus' Hair in these pictures?
How to get straight hair?
How do I get rid of Greasy hair...FAST?
I will be bleaching my hair today, is there anything I should know before doing it?
do blach women have unwanted hairs ?
Guys what do you think about a woman in her 20's that wears braided pigatails? Is it stupid looking or sexy?
How do i make my hair grow longer?
Niall Horan Hair? BEST ANSWER?
are side bangs hard 2 style?
Could I pull off a Halle Berry haircut?
i have lots of hairs on my body what should i do?
My hair is dark brown with a purple/reddish tint, i want to go to a medium brown......?
Is there any way I can change the direction in which my hair grows?
Why do some young women want to 'go blonde'?
How to get rid of oily hair?
Should I not use a deep conditioner when my hair is greasy?
My mom wont let me die a strip of my hair !?
VERY hairy belly - A turn-off?
Do you think I Will look good with red highlights?
What colour hair and eyes do you have?
I have front bangs/fringe. Need hairstyles?
tips on highlighting my hair?
how to get hair/bangs like this?
what colour hair would i suit?
Does straightener damage your hair very badly or is it ok?
What can i do for my hair?
How does hair tangle?
What is the cause for my little hairs that keep falling?
How can I style my hair like this?
On a scale from 1-10, do you think she's pretty?
hair color help............?
Should i Straighten or curl my hair?
I need hair help please?
What kind of hairstyle do I need?
looking for a short scene haircut/style....?
where can I buy charles worthington dream hair lustrous locks moisturising shampoo for dry or colour treated h?
Can you tell me how to do her hair?? [Picture]?
do u like colorful hair(pic)?
The ends of my hair are very dry and brittle and I have split ends, help?
This isnt a joke.... There are blondes, Brunnettes, and Redheads... What do you call a person with black hair?
my sistas!!!!!!!!?
how can i make my hair look better with out a straightener?
How Can I make My hair Grow Fast IN a few days without bying any expensive products?
blonde or brunette? (pictures)?
How long are you suppose to keep shampoo in your hair before washing it off?
i cut my bangs short but they don't look good, what should i do?
Is Supercuts in Westfeild Startford City good?
what can i do to my hair so that it stays sleek and staraigh longer? Like 10 hours?
Split ends, please answer :)?
How do I eliminate greasy roots?
Hair colour would suit me? Am I a cool or warm?
how much is the typical hair extension.?
what are some cute but fairly simple hairstyles?
The sun lightened my hair and it's going orange, what do I do?
Do girls like hair on boy's chest,arms and legs ?
Have you ever shaved your pubic hair? Why?
what hair color(s) would look best with really white skin and bright blue-gray eyes?
Best treatment for dry hair?
should i dye my Hair blond?
What hair color will look good on me? (Pictures)?
Do you wash your own hair or do you get it washed?
How can I grow my hair faster?
What do you think of this hairstyle?
Hair tips,mixed hair?
do you wear your hair up or down most of the time?
IS REVLON colorsilk...ammonia free safe for the hair?
am i pretty? rate me 1-10?
This is getting rediculous...My hair.?
Bleaching My Hair...?
Which of these choices of hairstyles would look best on me? [Pictures]?
Random pube question,HELP?
how do guys want it down there like really should i shave bald bald with nothing or just a little be specific?
whichare the best herbal methods of losing facial hair permanently?
What haircut do you prefer out of these two?
How can i make my hair not look as long?
Just died my extremely light blonde hair to a medium brown and it turned out with that green tinge!!,!?
I am nineteen and my hair falls out like crazy!!!?
Would my hair look good blue?
to perm or not to perm?(pictures included)?
What happens if I ( black person) wash my hair everyday. What are the side-effects ive heard of some?
Is it bad to wash your hair only once a week?
Is hair growth really limited for some?
What are other options?
How to perfect straight hair?
My hair wont stay straight and i use ghd straighners?
What is the best solution to remove bubblegum on hair ?
what hairstyle should i chose (pictures included)?
How can I make my hair go down?
intensive homemade hair treatment?
How can I fix my orange roots? I have blue hair!?
I wanna shave my legs but I don't know how to tell my mom?
i want to dye my hair but its kind of a hard choice.. help?
What should i do to my hair for summer school tom need the anwsers quick and fast please i'm in a rush HELP!!!
what should i do to fix the frizzies, and keep my hair from going everywhere?
does color shampoo change hair colors that isnt that color?
Am I chubby? Honest opinions please. [Pics inside]?
Can you really get great Highlights from home?
Does my hair look better before or after?
How to get hair dye removed from your hair?
What's a good way to curl my hair with no heat?
Why is my hair different colors?
hair coloring...should i do it?!?
What is the best way to get cute hair from wet hair overnight? ?
Isn' t it an old wives tale that if you shave you (for girls) mustache, it will can back thicker and coarser?
hi... plz tell me how to make my hair soft and smooth as well as straighten in home made products itself ???
How to get this hairstyle? plz help 10 points?
Can I mix conditioners?
how do i really volumize my hair when straightning it.....without bump-its?
How do you look good with red hair?
With a jean skirt and black leggings, straight or curly?
who makes more money? a photographer or a hair stylist?
Where can I find Affinage B Red?
any solution of very rough n dry hair,,,,/?
wanna ask a q about my hair there should be to pic up there with my hair dark and blonde?
Does my side bang look like it's too thick or over too much?
do u think this will work good??
what color brown should i choose for my hair? color if im tanish color?
which one do you like better?
Somebody help me my hair is a disaster!!?
where can you buy a clip in messy bun?
Can I dye my hair from reddish purple, to dark brown?
how to stop my hair looking greasy?
How to style this hair style?
what color should i dye my hair? (PIC)?
How to look really unique?
Hair from black to blonde?
is my hair "scene"?
how can i get my hair like this?
girls.... how can i make?
I have realli greasy hair?
Are mullets out of fashion?
Are the results of colored hair really that horrible?
How long do i have to wait to get my hair like this?
I have long, silky, black hair and i want to .....?
Hair salon in manhattan please help makeover!!?
How often do you straighten your hair?
Does anyone have their hair permed?
What hair color would be good for me?
What would happen if you used shampoo and conditioner for red hair on purple hair?
mm.. just wondering if left to right or right to left parting is better. I want the more wicked one.?
How do I get wavy hair?
Does Garnier Fructis make your hair fall out?
Aren't those "crocks" soooo ugly?
how can you grow your hair?
I'm 33 and look 16, how can I cut my hair to look a little older?
someone help me!!!!?
what is a sexy way to put back my hair?
What Does Emo stand For? easy ten points?
Chocolate Brown Hair Dye?
how to curl my hairr?
where can i find this please answer! ?
Do you think its abnormal or wrong for a man to shave his private area smooth?
I had straight hair and also of a sudden when I become a teenager my hair turned curly. What's up with that?
I have psoriasis which hair dye do I dye with?
Where do you normally buzz your hair over?
How should I do my hair for homecoming?
what colour should i change my hair to? Pic included?
how to grow hair SUPER fast?
is motions a good hair product to use?
What hair color looks best with blue eyes?
What Shampoo should I use for my Hair?
where can I buy tricospherous de barry in L.A.?
how to prepared the fruits salad?
i cut my bangs too short.. school dance coming up!!?
I am so bored with my hair!! how can i change it?
Should I start shaving?
what is a good guy's haircut?
Apart from permanent dye, what should I use to colour my hair that will last through a three month holiday?
What will happen if I re-dye it?
What is your natural hair texture?
HELP dying MY hair!!!!EASY pointss!!?
Can henna in Paul Mitchell products build up and cause breakage if you lighten your hair?
Does light blonde hair or dark blonde hair look better with green eyes?
Questions about curly hair?
Best deep conditioners? UK?
What's this haircut called?
once you mix the dye, how long is hair dye good for?
Do people with short foreheads look good in bangs?
what can I do to make my hair be less FRIZZY?????
ideas for a haircut?
Is this a good Hair Style for me?
Products to buy to bleach hair?
I found a vibrating object?
How to get hair like this? (pics included.)?
i want to dye my rust colored hair to bright red?
Why is my hair so damaged or always ithches so bad?
Does it bother ya if you have a really bad hair day??:)?
yesterday i got my hair dyed a few shades darker then my natural color. too dark, will it fade with time?
How should we treat our hair to be healthy?
Should i bleach my hair snow white?
Should I go back blonde?
How can i lighten my red hair without bleach?
how long do i need to wait to dye my hair after dying it with henna?
what kind of haircut is this?
Whats your favourite way to do your hair?
Long or Short hair?
do you prefer curly or strait hair?
color of hair?
What's the perfect shave for sensitive skin?
should i do a mohawk?
which color should i dye my hair?
I get dryness on my hair ends.What can I do to avoid it?
How much is to much when it comes to hair falling out?
I have lots of frizz and fly away hairs?
hair question deperate please!!!?
How do you strip color from hair?
whats up bo?
which way should i....?
Dish soap for hair advice ?
Does my hair color look decent (picture)?
Hair extensions... Help!?
Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Creamy Aloe Shampoo?
my hair looks like should i cut it now!?! helpp (links included)?
anybody know of any miracle hair products they swear by?
how do you style your hair with a curling iron?
How may people on here are licensed cosmetologists?
GIRLS - please help me decide whether to keep the beard (pics included)?
How can I dye my dark hair?
Hair products that help with Dry Ends?
How to get straight hair naturally?
Can you dye your hair with Sally Hansen?
Do I look better as a blonde or with black hair?
hey if my sideburns doesnt grow, can i use hair growin' sprays?
how do you make grosgrain ribon curl? (Like for hair bows)?
Suggest a treatment for falling hair?
how do i fix my hair?
BAD haircut?!?
What hairstyles would work/look good with blonde really thick hair?
Whats better, straight or curly hair?
Is 35 too old to have really long hair?
How does this hairdo look?
how can i avoid static hair when styling?
any shampoo for daily use?
WUD THIS HAIRSTYLE SUIT ME?(pics inside)xxx?
which hairstyle do you like the most on guys?
What should I do with my hair ?
does girls find long hair on a black man attractive ?
What should I do with my hair?
How many of you girls starighten/curl their hair all the time?
hair/makeup/anything help pic included?
what's the best hair care?
Best Hair Transplant in Delhi?
Why do guys like girls with dark hair?
Did I tip my hairstylist well?
Do u dye your hair yourself or go 2 the hairdressers?
de-frizzing/smoothing my frizzy thick wavy hair for a guy, and nah i dont wanan use a hair straightener?
What would be the best way to eliminate or control Dandruff?
I used to know the answer to this question. which comes first, the perm or the hair color?
Girls with frizzy hair who do cardio everyday: What do you do about sweaty hair?
would this hair cut make me look better?
How do you make poofy, frizzy, curly hair go straight without frizz?
Why is my natural hair color grey?
ok umm i got straight hair kinda long but i want it kinda curly... like skater boy curly?? need help!?
Can i leave conditioner in my hair during the day?
What is this hair style? (see details)?
Which is better- curly blonde, straight blonde, or wavy blonde- long- hair?
HELP curl hair...?
How To Keep Your Hair From Getting Statically ??
my hair is so thin is there any natural ways to resolve this?
I died my hair to a lighter color, and i want it back to the original color.?
Why in the world does this happen?
What hair dye will match my skin tone?
what kind of hairstyle dose nathan drake have?
ghd straightners.?
Have you try Shen Min to grow hair?
What is the best way to remove pubic hair?
What type of blonde is this called?
Is food coloring dye really bad for your hair?
How do you get gum out of someones hair?
What are bangs [in your hair] ?
is there any way to slow down the hair growth on my legs?
I'm trying to set my hair but i dont know how to use the clips to hold the rollers firmly to my scalp, do you?
I have very fine, dark blonde hair; should I get layers cut.?
Help! i really need my hair to grow faster!!!!?
if i have pale skin and blue eyes?