I need pics to edit!!! please help?
photoshop makeover #1 slideshow (how do u like it?)?
diana mini counter doesn't move forward?
What are some good photography ideas?
Any teenagers interested in Photography who can share their pictures?
how to put the photos in the middle ?
would you consider this sexy, or flat out vulgar?
will my YN-460 flash be strong enough to shoot through a 50" translucent umbrella?
site that will turn my picture into poster?
wavy neon lights on facebook pictures HELP? >.< :P?
Purposefully Adding Digital 'Flaws'?
i am buying a pentax k-7?
What mode to use when shooting wedding with a Nikon D90?
yea, I have a cell pone that takes 5 megapxl shots, I was thinking of doing some pics of my friends, how much?
How do you feel about the Minolta x-700?
there is a picture of a punk rock dude leaning over, kissing a princess does anyone know where i can find it?
what type of photography methods do you know?
where do you go to enlarge a photo and transfer it to a t-shirt?
Can some one make a script for me 2-3 mins?
How are my first photo's with my new nikon D40?
Photo-Shoot Time! :) Need Some Ideas!?
Masking layers in Photoshop
Suggest a FILM camera SLR for me....?
Do you think this picture is over edited?
Beginning Free Lance Photographer, can anyone give me any tips? Please only serious answers.?
How can i be able to upload my photos, with flickr.?
Is it ok for me to use pictures from flickr?
Im in need of an mentor asap where should i look??
what is a style of print with sloping letters?
can anyone help me? 24p vs 30p?
Wht sitemodel is this?
Is photography an art? Why?
Looking for a 19th century collection of photographs of children and people who died before their time?
Add people into your pictures?
Best Camera for a Graphic artist/photographer?
Can I please get an honest critique of this photograph?
would i get 200 canisters taken of me if i where taking them into creamfields?
What are the cameras for youtue called?
What are some of the disadvantages of using a zoom lens for wildlife photography?
What are your opinions about those that buy an expensive SLR only to leave it on auto?
What is a very good camera that takes very good professional-looking photos? (Not over $1,500)?
How to apply perspective in Photoshop?
Can you help me come up with a caption for this photo?
Can i use another battery on my camera?
how and i swap faces in a picture for free?
Help Choosing Model's Pics?
How do i put me into another photo?
Best photograph for book cover;?
When professional photographers?
How do you pronounce the last name of photo-journalist James Nachtwey? (Please no guessing!)?
I need help, self porttrait project! Which pic. is better?
Does anyone have experience selling photos online, through ifp3, Shutterfly or any other sites?
Need a 16:9 aspect Ratio for pictures.?
what should i set my shutter speed to when taking a picture of moving water?
Need Help With Picture?
What Do You Think Of My Photography?
If you ever buy photoprints?
How does digital photography differ from traditional photography?
difference between Nikkor AF lens and Nikkor AF DX lens? What is better?Why ? Thanks !?
Good Lens For Photojournalism?
Why do the camera flash makes me look ugly?
Can you do this on photoshop?
Can anybody recommend me some good books with pictures of nature? sunset, sky etc. ?
How do i become a model?
Could I ever be a photographer? As my profession? (pics)?
Who is your favorite photographer?
How do you pot picture in your backgrounds?
Does anyone has an image account?
I shoot digital, should I use film as backup camera body? What type of 35mm film would I use?
I have a question about digital cameras.?
A question for the professional photographers?
how can i get template for picture pofolio so i can put on line?
Does anyone know of a good free photography pricing template for a photography business?
Nikon D5100 or Cannon 60D?
My face is changing in my pictures throughout the day .?
What kit do I need for event photography?
Is it considered cheating to digitally add contrast to a photo?
Which picture, one or two?
Are kissing pictures really that bad?
How do i get pictures onto a memory card to put in a digital frame?
Do all photos taken on Lomo LC-A's come out with vignetting and high contrast?
Affordable camera for amateur photographer?
I'm searching for a good website where find photography competitions?
where i can get high resolution images for free in internet??
What do you think about my photographs?
Do you think Lifebox is a good name for a photography business?
Macro Photography lenses.?
what is the difference between a Mamiya m645 and a 645 pro?
name of the software?
I need help figuring out photography?
Will a photo taken in 8M F (3264 x 2448) and shrunk to (1600 x 1200) be better quality than a 2M (1600 x 1200)
would anyone edit a photo for me?
how do u do that?
Is there a point to printing out photographs anymore?
Any professional photographer willing to join as business associate on mutural benifical tearms?
Selling your photographs over the internet?
What are the different types of journeys?
Is anyone else quitting YA because of censorship in the Photography category?
which picture is better? :)?
tell me what a ruff draft on photography?
take a look at my photography and tell me what you think?
What type of camera is the best for me?
Can you put pictures from Kodak Easyshare back onto your camera, and if so how?
Argus Autronic 35 or Kodak Instamatic 124 ?
When in the Photography section and you see a spammers answer are you tempted to go to their site or purchase?
where can i go to?
How do you give a poster a rough texture to give it a professional look for framing?
pictures on sets...?
When did macro photography first get started? What is it's history?
where can i find pictures taken by the Canon A720 IS?
Does anyone have the original picture?
how do you make pictures blurry in the background but the object in focus?
What is the best camera to get for photography?
A question about time-lapse photography?
can you tell me your thoughts on these pictures?
Need opinion on Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX9K, or recommendations for a Ultra Compact Digital Camera?
Is 12.2 mp good for perfesinal photography pictures?
What is a good photo editing program to buy?
how do you make a picture with 2 or 3 of my pictures that flashes?
Question about this photo.?
what is a creative name thats easy to remember for a photography business?
Is it better to get the picture properly exposed and composed ..or is it better to fix it later with software?
How do you spend your time? researching? shooting? viewing?
Ideas for baby photos? 10 points asap?
Need help on charging a client?!?
Photo! Please Help someone?
Is her picture photoshopped?
What colour background should I get for my school picture?
when a guy is posing nude for an art class, do girls really notice the size of his penis?
What effect is being used in this photo?
What do you think of this picture?
The Glif or the Sidkic iPhone tripod mount?
what's a good cheap camera for uner $30?
How do I photograph my art with a digital camera to achieve the same quality as scanning it?
what is a really high saturation 35mm film?
I am looking for a Certificate in Photography in Sydney area.?
How do I record in Black & White on my digital camera??? s. for best answer!!!?
Does anyone know how I make a print of a painting?
How do you edit a picture to make it look like this?
What do you think?
How old do i look?Which picture is better?Out of 1-10 what am i?
What do you think of this photo?
Does anyone know where I can get a Spart Media Card?
good digital cameras?
how do you line up eyes on a daily photo project?
What is Shirin Neshat's main message she wants to convey in her photographic works?
would you do a photo shoot surrounded by balloons?
photographers, what kind of lighting do you use?
Photography studio backdrop with bed sheet?
What Basic Equipment Do I Need for Semi-professional Photos?
I take pictures really well so?
can i get photographs of rajat tokas?
Why have these images come out so badly? (Studio Lighting Q)?
where can i find this?
What are some good photo editing programs?
i want to become a wild life photographer so what im supposed to do? plz help?
Do i have what it takes to model? picture included?
How to make my photos vintage?
why didn,t people in the old days smile in pictures? pre 1930.....?
why do my photos turn white with long exposure time?
Photographs - Does anyone have any they are willing to share?
about a picture?
How many Pixels per Inch(PPI) for 4.5*3.5cm passport photo?
how to capture good photos?
Is stellar photo recovery completely free?
Picnik photo editing help?
Photography for Beginner? Where to begin? s?
how so i put a picture onto my picture frame over here????
Which Holga is Better? 135 or K-200N?
Where in London can I find a camera shop(s) that repair classic cameras?
Whats the significance of a laurel wreath and a fleur de lis used together?
what good photo editing apps are out there?
Opinions on these 2 images ?
List of good colleges in america both public and private!!?
Photo Shoot with way to keep street on fire?
In which situations might a photographer use controlled lighting?
Wedding Photography Tips?
please suggest me good one (in digital camera) which one would be best?
Is this an error?
Has this photo been photoshoped?
Name suggestions...?
Should we lie to keep people happy?
photography page on Facebook....?
Help with famous photography sites?
i got a smudge on my digital camera lens... what do i do now?
Is there a way to prevent people who look at my photos to save them on their computer?
what are some good photography contest websites?
How to SPICE UP SOME Photography?
What camera and shutter speed to create this?
Should I comment on his picture?!?
Is this Good Photography for 14 yearold (Pics)?
what do you think of these pics?
How can I become a celebrity photographer?
What do you think of my photos?
Is this a photograph?
Has anyone on here ever used this film?
Has Digital photography hurt professional photographers business?
Copyright and Photography with Chromokey...?
120 film....?
Am I a good enough photographer ? maybe go pro...?
Okay so I have the Nikon d3100 and I wanted to buy new lenses for my camera. I read reviews on Nikkor 50mm 1.8?
I am scared about my degree in photography?
Best 4" x 6" Photo Print Quality on Epson?
Minolta maxxum 5000i manual control of aperture and shutter speed?
Is 40,000 dollars a good amount to film a documentary with?
Is it possible...?
Are the images from royalty free?
what am i?? cute?? ugly?? alright?? decent??
Need advice in finding a right angle lens for my cannon rebel XTI. In the true Ben Shahn style.?
be kind and help me?
Is it bad to have the subject facing away from the camera?
What pixel resolution should my digital photos be for good quality 4x6 prints, ordered online?
Should i tell my manager about these pic's???
Can you look at my pictures and tell me what you think?
Getting a photoshop picture printed?
where can a get digital prints in matte finish (and in los angeles area, hopefully)?
how do you crop images together like people do with celebrities?
How to make a justgirlythings picture?
Critique/comment my Photography?
can i get the photos of the class graduation of littleton nh year of 2007?
I want to place a border around a photograph in Photoshop.?
How do I change the background of a picture to white using Adobe Photoshop CS3?
are these good pictures? any tips?
what is the best picture that you have seen?(on the web)?
Photo Calendar concept for 2009: has possibilities or a dud?
I'm going to Daytona Beach. Any good places (besides the obvious beach) to take photographs?
what camera maker still makes medium format film camera?
Where's a site for picture?
Where can i go to get pics?
Photoshop masters.....
If you're house was burning down, would you photograph it?
How to create and apply actions in Photoshop Elements 7?
Ideas for poses ???Plz?
Whats the best tablet for taking pictures with ?
how can I edit pictures such as reducing red eye or cutting someone out of a picture?
rotate tool in photoshop?
need Info on Tamron 28-75 F2.8 lens Is this a good wedding lens, Have the Tamron 28-200. need another lens?
Do you think my photography is any good?
where can i get free HDR ,photomatix software ?
What is the resolution to print a image of 12X12 inches in photo shop ??
What is the best camcorder I could use for shooting high definition short movies?
Background of Ussiri Thammachote?
Can you edit a photo by slimming it in lightroom?
Looking for a photo by Helga Tiewes?
Most famous photograph ever taken is? Thanks.?
Film making/photo programs?
How do you write a good introduction to a photography essay?
Do you take pictures at a funeral?
What's the name of a peice of art that's basically a picture made up of a whole bunch of littler pictures?
iS there like a website where you put your picture and another person, and it like morphs them into one person
How can I be a good photographer?
how can i improve my photography skills ?
Does anyone have a lead on holocinematic or holographic stage design and how did you do it?
Flash brackets and bounce flash devices?
Levitation in Photoshop...?
What's the lighfastness of Polaroid Transfers on 100% cotton rag paper? What has been your experience? Fading?
Are any of my pictures good?
Attempting HDR?
How do i go about getting a job in Fashion retouching?
Where to buy a Film Camera?
Download full version Fake Camera for free?
sunrise or sunset?
Best iPhone app to photograph the night skies and fireworks?
What do you see? What is this a picture of?
Photoshop Question... how can you make a small image bigger without it look like lego!?
Help on sports photography lens!?
Adobe gamma on cs4...?
What is the real name of "toy cameras"???
What would be the most interesting things to photograph in Las Vegas?
Do you know any artists that use people in photo-manipulation?
how do i become famous?
How should my umbrella lights face?
How do you feel about this picture??
How can I automatically easily split a photo exactly in half using Paint Shop pro?
Why are some people more photogenic than the others?
I dont get a picture on ifunny?
Should I continue with site modeling ? ?
What can I use as an alternative for fresnel lens?
Rate my photography!...?
Photographers: Do you have any photos I could retouch? (portfolio)?
Can you make a career from independent photography and make a good living?
What is wrong with this picture?
old photos,the remove photo does not work?
Photography/Graphic Design Thesis?
what kind of camera do studio's use?
Looking for professional photo paper what's the best kind?
which picture is better ?
How many photos can 32 MB hold ??
Can I post these pictures on my tumblr blog?
what does a shutter speed of one mean?
Who is the artist of this famous photograph?
WHen is the best time to shoot some sittings of kids in my den?
How do I get my tones like this?
How much should I charge for this photography job?
Taking photography, and need help
how am i suppose to tell what kind of photographer someone is?
The pinhole in the camera acts like what type of lens?
Is it worth having two DLSR Bodies?
How do I change a dark color photo to a lighter color with a free photo editor?
Pictures bright on camera but once on computer they are all dark?
What can i take photos of for my colour as level photography project. needs to be something different?
how can I make a picture collage where all the pictures sorta fade into each other?
Do university's provide cameras to photography students?
do any of the alternative photoserviices offer the exact same look, feel, and features as y! photos?
Photography with Nikon d3100?
What do you think of this video? Mount made with Adobe Flash?
Why do digital camera pics look so bad? (of me..)?
Model Editing WotLK for WoW?
Who owns these pictures?
Polaroid border on myspace photos?
What year do you think these pictures where taken?
Is this a good picture?
What is a cool picture website that has edgy type pictures?
what is a creative pose for the turnabout dance pictures with my date?
Which is the most memorable, Photographs or Videos?
how much does a photojournalist make a year?
how should i get my photography noticed?
Did I ruin my roll of film?
What is a word that covers both photography and filming?
anyone know where to buy polaroid 600 instant film? uk.?
what are my options for getting better zoon?
how do i place picture of item i am selling on ebay?
Any good photo gallery/communities that don't critique?
How do i take flash photograhs of my cat?
Is it possible to take photos using expired film?
can you name my model and tell me where there are pictures?
Camera lens help?
Do I have a Model inside me?
Is the girl in this attachment pretty ?
Picture editing..please help?
Do you think I'm pretty?
Full-frame chip sensor - Advantageous for amateurs?
How much zoom an 18-135mm lens can give?
Does Auto White Balance ever work for you?
Photoshoot themes??!?!?!?
How do I stop my camera from shaking when i press the shutter?
Dig. Photog Class... How to change (lower and raise) resolution and ISO/DOF?
what is the password for national photography cheerleading 2012 states MSAC?
Can I enter the same photos in more than one contest at the same time?
Portfolio Critique?
I Have A Qustion About Flickr?
What is the best film to take indoor photographs under tungstan light?
nice captions for fbook pictures?
Do you have faith in the trinity or do you depend on Photoshop?
i heared that red looks good in pictures. do i look good in a red tshirt in my avatar?
Where can I get a black and white photo of the workers balanced on the steel girder eating lunch?
I have pictures on my iPhone but the quality is bad, how do I improve it?
Any advice on lighting for indoor digital photos?
what is a way to decorate a photo ? handmade?
good professional cameras?
These are embarrassingly bad pictures, but which ones better?
Would you hire a budding photographer for your low-key event?
can i find shutter shades in a store?
Where can I buy professional quality DVDrs?
How do I trigger my YN-560II flashgun from my 60d Hot Shoe mount?
Photography:Do you think this is morally wrong?
Im trying to increase the resolution of a photo...?
Removing blur?
How to charge as a photographer?
How can I get crystal clear pictures?
elisabeta nole?
Critque me!?
what you think of this photo?
Do you like my PHOTOGRAPHY?
Do you think in 30 years, many digital photos will be lost due to being dead technology?
What do you think of these pictures?
Is there a photo site that will let me put 2 photos together to make one panoramic photo?
How do I make my sister realise that 2x in the Taylor Wessing exhibition out of 3 years means something?
where can I find pictures of the hollywood sign?
I have Canon Canonet GIII QL17 and the film door seals are flaking/peeling. Any replacement kits available??
What battery for Pentax SP1000 and how do you use meter ?
Do any of u have a headshot picture of the following?
what do you think of my photography?
Racism?Will it ever stop?
How do you combine 3 photos into one?
i wanna start using photoshop?
How do you take a picture of lightning?
where do i go to get a copy of my w2papers from walmart?
Where can I buy cheap picture frames?
Am I good enough to one day become a photographer?
Cute small group picture poses?
i love adriana lima what can i do ? plz say me and i even dont know her!?
New to the world of photography. What focal length do you recommend for a wide angle and telphoto lense?
Where can I find a picture like this?
critique these shots?
Is it okay to be a photographer who uses photoshop?
where can i find pictures taken by the Canon A720 IS?
Why is 35mm cameras better than digital cameras?
Ever done a 365 days project?
How much does a Photographer make ?
i want to frame some pictures but need the white borders. what are these borders called?
I'm looking for a type of picture frame.?
I've seen this picture a lot lately, but i don't really get it?
how do i load film?
Where do you find all of those cute pictures you see on other people's websites?
How much would a John Phllips Sousa glossy 8x10 autographed picture be worth?
Where should I go to learn about Camera Filters?
ideas on pictures?
Photography Books For Beginners?
how do you reduce size of photo?
Does anyone know where this picture is from?
Who is in this picture?
Do you like my photography?
why is the sky blue?
Photoshop Cs2-Vignetting.?
Is my photography good?
What sort of camera do I need to buy before I can call myself a photographer?
what camera should i buy? nikon or canon?
What are the best camera for photography?
What is this photo app for the iPhone called?
Good photography or not?
What is the best Canon dslr available?
do you think my picture is nice?
How to remove background in photos online?
how to get your photos published in a national journal?
do I look like a man in this picture?
Soft box problems not working?
I accidently opened the camera, is it worth developing the film?
What are the best angles to take pictures of a live rock band performance?
Looking for this male model?
What do you think of my first try at portraiture?
is there a way to add a picture to angel wings. Is there a free software out there? to use?
Can You Set Your Digital Camera To Like A Professional Type Of Setting?
If i take photos myself of a bag & use it for my website banner & i dont show any logo/trademark can they sue?
please critique?
how to put four pictures side by side?
can anyone reccommend any photographers who photograph nature/trees?
Do spontaneous photo's give a better quality than staged ones?
I'm very interested in the filmmaking process and would like to learn more.?
Tips for tennis photography with Nikon D3100?
Some Ivy League university has among its photography courses?
How do you make a picture look like this?
How do I edit pictures on Google's Picasa and then put the edited pics on Microsoft Word?
what is a photgraphy portfolio?
Young and dumb? What is up with modern photography?
Art homework! Help?!?
Your Help Please. Thanks.?
What are the best photography schools in California?
I have a poster of photographer Jerry Uelsmann's Thomas Center Exhibition in 1979. Anyone buying?
What are some free ways to reduce video noise and grain?
how can i photoshop a greyscale image to just have color in some areas?
I want to become a photographer do you have to have a degree to become one?
when is the kodak z981 coming out?
can I store my digital photos in my mail,if yes then how?
Okay I'm looking for the name of a famous photographer. Here is a list of pictures I recognize by him...?
What is the width and height of a picture w/ 800 KB?
Art Photography Giants?
Conversion formula for CMYK values to Lab values?
How to pose sports teams and individuals for pictures?
Fixing pictures?
Replace Shutter Mirror?
Can I get someone in trouble if they have nude pictures of a nude girl from school?
i try to open a picture in photoshop but
Where can I download images for free? I want to get photos so that I can make A4 psoters for my bedroom.?
how can i make a photo look like this i mean the person looks black?
Do you know where I can find Vogue Magazine Archives?
Why do some people's faces look different with every picture?
Settings for a sunny beach shot!?
How do i make a picture like obamas?
Also how do i get my negatives developed and how much will it cost?
What do you think about this image ?
night shooting with black and white film using a Pentax ZX-M?
Do you think i have any potential as a photographer? (Pics)?
Problems with portrait photography?
Lightroom: how to correct these edges?
Cheapest And Easiest Way To Learn How To Be A Photographer???
Who is your favorite photographer?
Mamiya: Best camera?
I have wanted to do commercial print work as a male model ?
What is a 'daylight studio'?
Motion Picture Film Blowups?
How to make your pictures look good.?
does the television camera add 10 pounds?
Can anyone help me find a picture like this?
i'm looking for a site like picnik, but totally free!?
pics of beaches n cities in Asia pacific?
photography as art.wat does this mean?
How do I transfer my digital format film to 16mm film?
Noticeable difference in a 2 feet by 2 feet print (nikon d90 vs. panasonic lumix GF1)?
i took a photo at work?
Cheap disposable cameras: Where is the best place to have the film developed?
photobucket ..?
How much should I charge for monthly photo-shoots? Should I charge at all?
I'm sending in a head shot for...?
picture editing!!!!!!!!!!!?
Any programs for download/purchase that will allow me to do this? - 10 POINTS?
How do you determine how much flash zoom you need when photographing?
where can i learn basic photography for free at home???
Why do I always look so awkward in pictures?
Is the 17-40mm a big step from kit lens?
When using flash at night, what's the minimum shutter speed to use?
If I use the "m90" feature on my manual EM Nikon camera would it affect my pictures?
Why can't I find !
Does this picture have good editing?
Canon 5d mark 2 .. what is the best picture style for shooting portrait ? and how I do it ..?
Do you use manual or auto focus?
What is damping head in tripod?
How do you edit a picture to make it look like this?
s. best answer!!!!!!! !okay, so i'm entering a photography contest...?
what album is violent pornography in?
Taking photos with a backdrop?
Where is the best place (online via mail) to have professional-quality digital photos printed?
Can you share someone's picture on deviantart to tumblr...?
how do i change a JPEG picture on my comp to a JPG or a GIF?
do you like the pics i've made this w'end?
what do you think of my photography?
Do you prefer to be behind or infront of the Camera?
where can I download a simple and free template to create a basic staff photo id card to be printed at home?
Can you use a digital camera like a good ole fashioned manual camera to take great black and whites?
I'm really struggling with Uni, please help me...?
a title for a magazine that you're making in art class that's about you?!?!?
How do I become a model? :)?
what do you think of this photo?
I need help decided which DSLR to buy - I can't spend very much, I want to go with Nikon.?
How can I take pictures and images and change the size and shape?
Where can i go to take some landscape photos within an hour of DC?
Everyone says my photos are bad. Why?
Photographers Only? Is this cheating if i spray water on my subject such as a flower to make it more pretty?
Taking pictures of candles?
Is there any famous photographers who do movement in there images?
what do you think of my picture?
Is this great?
which picture do you like best?
Does anyone have images of Greece inc houses, landscapes etc?
I guess i asked it wrong regarding the landscape photos...sorry?
Does anyone know anything about the Diploma of Photography course at Southbank Institute of technology?
Abercrombie Kids Model?
How should I go about making a film dryer?
How to put that brightness on picture without camwow?
How should appear in the class photo tomorrow?
Normal people post pictures? any ideas?
Can you make a stop-motion movie with Nikon d5100?
The clouds are overexposed ?
Learning photography for beginners?
I was wondering if my photography was any good, could you please take a look and leave a comment. Thanks?
is it better to get matte or gloss for studio quality photos?
Camera's best for photography?
What is his face shape? (Picture Provided)?
What are Every-ones New Years resolution?
Photo Sizing Help Please!?
How Do You Add Colour To Some Parts Of Pictures But Leave Others Black And White?
Shooting my first wedding. And meeting with the couple. Help!!? pictures are messed up??
Where do i Start?
what kind type of degree do you need to be a Professional photographer?
Risky Business; High demand/ High Risk photographs would be?
Lomography experts? What am I doing wrong?
Photoshopping background and multiple photos in 1?
What do you call these snl sketch interval pictures?
Photography Essay? Need Ideas HELP?
How do I wrap an image on another with Gimp?
Looking for lens adapters?
i neeto be able to take photo apart and change it add text?
Names for video and photography business?
can someone arch this picture please?
Do you think I am a good amateur photographer [pics]?
Has anyone had experience with MPIX.COM and their Endura Metallic paper print? Was color fastness excellent?
I took a really nice picture of my Cat, my sister said it should be on a card or something?
what editing system/ software would i use to edit pictures like this :?
macro lens questionsss?
how do you get your picture to be black and white with still some color without downloading anything?
How can i take a picture of something glowing?
Getting ready for FALL senior photos. Help?
How to smile for a school camera pic?
does anyone know where i can buy wedding albums in a bulk?
A few photo critques!?
Can someone try to un-blur/re-focus this picture for me?
can i use preview or anything else that comes with a mac to change a photo from portrait to landscape ?
Quotes to put on a picture of myself?
is photography art? .?
Can you help identify anything about an old Asian photograph?
post pictures from flicker to craigslist?
iPhoto 08 effects?
does anyone know of any good websites to enter photo contests?
I am trying to put a picture online but it says the picture must be 300 pixels how do i do this?
photo editing help !!!!?
Can you use photoshop to restore a photo thats been damaged by sunlight?
Joker Newpaper themed photoshoot. I need your opinion please! (easy 10 points)?
What kind of Camera do Paparazzi's use?
Do professionals use Auto Focus on their DSLR's ??
Where can i get photos for free that are not copyrighted?
How does copyright affect me as a photographer?
what is this a picture of?
What do I give to the employees when i go to deveop my disposable camera??
Are there pictures of Sidney Price III?
way are one half of my negative dark then the other.?
how to reach duck tours for photos?
what do you think of these pictures...?
Is there a freeware photo editor that lets you turn the photo black and white and leave some of it in colour?
Free Photo color editing software?
Adobe photoshop premiere elements 6?
How do you carry your light meter?
what is the best time of the day you should photograph or take photographs?
What do you think of my Photography?
Which lens combination for Pentax K100D: Tamron 18-200 or Pentax 18-55 + 50-200?
i am not decided what to enroll this sem, i was thinking about attending spanish or fashion photography class?
Photo divided into three panels?
I need a photography name :)?
Anyone used studio 24 catalogue?
Do you think a nikon D50 is better than a nikon d3100?
Where can I get cheap picture frames?
kodak easyshare C513 NO SOUND.. HELP?
hi i need sonic the hedgehog birthday cake and plates napkins and a table cloth to please?
Any tips for shooting wedding portraits?
Which photo of me do you think is best?
create meme multiple pictures ?
Do you like this picture?
Is there a way to send pictures I took of Coca Products to them?
imaging/editing software?
Film,prints,negatives??? Developing color film?? Help?!?!?
Verizon phone with the best camera for photography?
What are some good photography blogs?
What good is it to have a fast shutter speed?
how to apply critical lens to siddartha by hesse?
Could someone comment on my photography?
just wondering if anyone is using I stock photo to sell there photo's?
photo printing on windows vista?
where can i get nice nature pictures?
What's the best deal for a photo shoot and makeover party in Kent (Or near Kent?)?
Slow shutter speed in a Nikon L20?
can u put these pic together?..just wondering.?
how do you ask a company for use of a copyrighted photo?
Help with this picture question ?
whats a good program to edit pictures and add liek cool stuff to it ?
Selective coloring, do you use it?
what would be a good standard lens for a rebel g camera by canon?
what are some of the cool things u can do with photos online?
What is the first thing you think when you see this photo?
How do you make pictures with other pictures?
Good amateur photography tips?
tips needed for photography shoot around 9am . (sunrise 5:49). and location?
How can I take a picture of the bathroom mirror without getting a flash or me in the way?
Are my photos creative?
How do you charge for college campus photography?
What is a good but relatively cheap fisheye lens?
advantages of black and white photography?
photo Christmas cards using four pictures?
How can I achieve this type of photo with my DSLR?
Does keeping modeling lights on studio strobes alter the lighting?
What is the most cliched image you can create?
What do you need for a simple indoor photoshoot?
want to know that is the best compact photo printer or a stand alone printer or in all in one printer?
I just bought instax mini 7s polaroid but I don't know how the film works?
To all you photographers out there....!?
I dont want to look fat in a picture!?
can you give me some comments and critisim on my photography?
I have an odd request but I would be very happy if you photographers could help me out?
What Do you think Of My Photography?
how to get pictures of a meteor shower?
what does this thingy do (again)?!?
How can I earn money online with photography?
How can I add "Color Splash" to black and white photos without paying for a program like Photoshop?
Trying to find polaroid spectra af instant camera film?
Im doing a promo video what would be some good original action ideas to shoot?
How do I picture with more than one of myself in it? What software should I use? Is there any free software?
What does 75-300 millimeter lens mean?
i have a revere eight model 99 camera and need any and all info including images HELP?
What’s the best advice you’ve been given to take great pictures?
how can I make my photo look like this?
How do I change the exposure time on my eos 20d to 8 seconds... To take pictures of a waterfall?
Darkroom chemicals on skin?
How do I make pictures look older?
would I be a good photographer?
the film roll was empty?
What is an ideal job involving travel and photography upon entering the Air Force?
On a dslr, when are filters necessary? can switching off and on filters on the lens damage the threads?
What is fine art photography?
photographic developing cost The cost,C, indollars,to delelopeand print n photograhs isgiven by equ C=0.28n+4?
is Annie Leibovitz still working for vanity fair?
What is a better aperture?
I'm looking for a beautiful photography webpage?
Did 1932 Kodaks take Pictures in color or just black and white?
how would i make my photo's less grainy?
how did Wolfgang Sievers become a famous photographer?
What so you think of this photo?
How much should I pay to take photos of someone's home?
how much is a jc penney portrait membership?
beginner photography help me!?
is there any free vidio crop editors?
Does anyone know how to do this effect ?
looking for a good camera.. need some help!?
Macro Filters Or Macro Lenses? What do you prefer for close up pictures?
How is my photography?
Does anyone now where to find a smaller picture of this?
Does anybody know where to get really nice senior pictures?
flickr users?
Question for Photographers (About wedding photography)?
Sexy brand name for a modeling website!?
For Photography, would you reccomend a digital or film camera?
Native PPI for 5D Mark III?
What would be the most interesting things to photograph in Las Vegas?
Does San Fransisco State or San Francisco City College have a better photography program?
Can u tell me 5 factors that affect dominance in a picture??
being a it a good job?
IPhone 4s Flash When Taking Pictures?
Other than the XPan did Hasselblad ever make a 35mm camera?
I think Santa Claus has already delivered to Japan and eastern Asia. Anybody get a picture of the fellow?
There's any photography app?
Editing a photo in black and white (with red roses)?
universities that do photography in the u.k?
sigma 120-400 any good, im considering it for my 400d?
Partially nude photographs?
where are nightlclub flyer designers getting the pictures for the flyers ( hot women, trendy models, etc)?
Can someone make my hair look brown in Photoshop (*pics)?
got a new vivicam 3105s disc got broke dont know how to work it any one know?
How should i take my picture?
whats the best way to find blogs on a variety of subjects?
what is the first thing that comes to your mind when you see this photo?
any chances i could model ? picture included !?
Anyone know of any neat collage ideas? [senior pictures]?
Who is the person on this picture?
Rate My Pictures?
does nikon d70s have an internal memory for taking photos?
is the picture necessary?
How do I become a model.?
Nikon D800 & Canon5d mark2?
How to take a professional photo of ...?
How do i use my boyfriends photo as my wallpaper on my phone ?
Do you know anything about AGFA Digital Photo Printers?
i either want to be a photographer or a sculpter, which one should i be???
Check out my photography please?
what do you think of these photos?
I'm looking for a picture that reprosents an agoraphobic or agoraphobia..what kind of image can i use?
what is the best wide angle camera for taking interior shots of my rental apartment?
What are some tips to photograph tennis? What is the best position to place myself for shooting?
which picture do you like the best?
Rate my photos please?
Does anyone have any pictures similar to this?
What lenses ? for wedding photography?
What Did You Photograph Today?
are there any good wildlife photography courses for beginners?
Trade my DSLR for a Micro-four-thirds?
What do you think of these pictures?
What are the 3 type of eye views in photography?
Do you think this is a decent photograph?
What is the difference between those 2 pictures???
Edited, does this photo look bad?
What type of film does my PRAKTICA MTL 5B use and what kind of battery?
What are the limitations when using a flash outdoors on a bright day and what can you do to correct it?
Is the Casio Exilim Ex-750z a good buy?
Where can I find that picture of a few rich people on the surface walking over a bunch of poor people in the s?
Do you think I am good enough at Photography?
what is photo post processing ?
What are some good poses/ideas for taking pictures?
What are some sites i can sell my photos on?
What do you think of these pictures?
do professional photographers change lighting on pictures based on the one being photographed?
I need a name for my business.?
How old does he look?
how does a copy machine copy an image and print it out just by having a bright light scan it?
french name for a style of photography?
What is the difference between the Holga and the Diana?
I would like to make personalized scrapbooks for people. How do I get started using the internet?
is there any online photography competetion only for point-shoot users?
Can Someone tell me who this model name is???
Which of these pics is funnier?
Who's that fashion photographer from Japan that shoots models looking dead? (Like, layed out next to a crash)
is the academy of art university san Fransisco a good school for an aspiring photographer?
why when you are out in the street your eyes in the middle become small and inside bigger?
Does anyone know any good modeling agencies that aren't high priced noty required?
Why does the time come out wrong when I transfer my pictures from my camera to my computer?
What defines a "true macro"?
Where can I study photography for free? I'm Brazilian and want to study abroad.?
How do you digitally extend a set in a video?
Where can a child model in CT or find an agent?
Every time I take a pix w/ my DSLR, I get an orange dot on my photos? Help!!?
I'm in search of a specific Fisherman photo.?
Fujifilm FinePix S4200!!?
what is a 4x5 cut film holder is it different than a 4x5 film holder?
Why are all photo print sizes have different aspect ratios?
Is there any tablue on using/combining aperture and shutter?
Whats a good advanced photography book which is not more than $20?
How do you do this special effect to photo?
What kind of camera takes pictures like this?
how do you make a photo have some color, while rest is black and white without the function on a camera?
Looking for an Annie Leibovitz print or poster?
My dream career is photography but I don't know how to get my work promoted?
picture editing help pllzzz?
On What Website Can I Find The Other Picture That This Weight Loss Product Was Shown With?
minolta srt201 rokkor-x 1.7 50mm?
what are some websites where you can enter photos in competitions or fun?
about Girl Tech IM Me by Radica?
A question about a picture?
how to take a picture of a colored photo?
what comes to mind ,when you see this picture ?
Photography question.?
answer this...displayimage.php?album=lastcom& cat=0&pos=0?
Where can I find commercially use HD images websites?
best way to display graduation pics?
Does anyone have any experience with Naneu Pro bags?
Is there any website from which i can download or take pictures/photos at free of cost?
okay is this picture real?
help with photobook project?
Changing the picture?
printing photo books?
any body know any website that show you some technique about photoshop?
Why do people ask ?
Which is truthful...Pictures or Mirrors?
what is this effect called??i really need to know?
There is a photographer who specializes in musical performances. Male. Anyone know his name?
Does this picture look proffesional?
What is the best lens for canon eos 5d ?
Camera settings at night?
Would you let a girl take your photograph on the first date?
Please Help! How do i make a photo like this?
i want a 60's poster?
How do I get the best results for my sophomore yearbook picture?
Which brand lens is good ?
Is this picture ugly..? o.o?
What is your opinion of this photo?
how can i make a fake sonogram on my pc?
What are some good ideas for engagement pictures?
I currently own a canon rebel xti. I am an amateur but I was offered the oppertunity to shoot a wedding.?
professional picture app?
Does anyone have experience taking infrared photos with the Canon XTI?
Where can I find a picture of Ray Charles?
Am i pretty? (pictures) (fixed)?
How do you make a black and white picture with a splash of color without having to buy photo shop?
Can anyone give me a photography assignment?
help finding famous steel worker photo?
Can anybody tell me from where can i buy Green screen suit for my studio?
What are somer eally good qoutes for photo captions?
Taking a quality photo of the moon or the setting sun.?
where can i get inexpensive portrait backdrop kits?
AF Nikkor 50mm f/1.8D lens with the camera D3000?
How do I make an underexposed photograph using a 550d SLR canon?
How can I make a large quantity (2-3 gallons) of thick, clear, slime that is non-toxic, and water soluble ?
How old do you have to be to work at JcPenny's Portrait Studio?
What kind of business could I implement for graphic design and photography?
What is the difference between large depth of field and small depth of field?
I loaded my film in my lomography fisheye correctly but I don't think it's taking pictures. What should I try?
where can i get free clip art of cleaning supplies, people or products im doing comm. cleaning and need help?
I need a good caption for this picture!?
Little photoshop favor to ask?? (please help me!!!)?
Do you like these photos from Paris ? Any comments, critiques and suggestions for improvement appreciated?
i was playing with my camera today...?
photographers that worked with jim brandenburg?
is Polaroid 990 film compatable with spectra 1200 si camera?
professional camera help?
I need a moleskine or photographers ideas book for my photography course, any recommened moleskines or books?
I want to start doimg newborn photography with a dslr camera. Any tips? lots of questions!!?
Photographer's rights to posting images online?
Why do you like photography?
Sister Photoshoot ideas?
Please Tell Me What You Think.?
What photography quote/s is/are your favourite?
what can i do to start a photograph career?
Where can I find film for my Mamiya ZE quartz?
Print or Slide Film?
I am looking for a specific photo. I hope I can explain?
Senior portraits question?
Can I take action shots with the camera Canon EOS Rebel K2?
What is a good digital camera to get for professional photography?
How do you make those cool pictures on Photobucket?
What is the best IR filter to get, my spending limit is $20?
Understanding Nikkor Lenses?
i made a collage...and i need creative ideassss?
how are picture with blurred background achieved?
How can i get a film internship, or a job related to this field, in south florida?
Ideas for a photography project title?
pricing for a photoshoot?
what is the color of water hydrants in northern california?
What is the free version of Photoshop called?
how do you make pictures like these?
is this a good idea for a film?
Why bother with shutter and aperture? I just dont get it.?
Am I a good photographer?
Where can I take a photography course in South Florida?
How is the picture taken for the cover of this month's Vanity Fair June 2007? What technique was used?
Where is this picture from?
Where is this place (Vol II) ? (photo link)?
horse penis photos. where can i find them? college project.?
How do I edit a picture to look like this?
Close-up photos?
Need to buy cheapish camera for school and I need model suggestions?
What is the name of the popular selective coloring children photos?
Does anyone know the best place to get pictures printed onto canvas cheap?
So I want to get a book of my Photography made. How would I go about this and who should I contact?
Family pictures? Which is better target, JC Pennys or Sears?
Split image/ collage? Photography question?
what is photobucket? what does it do?
What kind of things should I scan to make brushes out of?
Whos your favorite wildlife photographer?
Glue on lens HELP PLEASE?
What brand is best for photography ?
Need a good name for a photography blog!?
Does anybody know what andrea hallett uses to edit her photography? ?
which picture should i use?
how can i make money by posting digital pictures on the internet???
Since only 1 person answered this simple question last time, I'm asking it again?
Is the picture of the pretty girl a color picture or B&W with a touch of yellow?
Which picture would be better (For Tomorrow) ?
Is It Possible To Make Money From Photography, When Taking It Up As A Hobby?
how do i take pictures like thomas mathew?
Normal people post pictures? any ideas?
Nikon FM10, Is it a good SLR camera for beginners?
What would happen if you exposed b&w 35mm film on the wrong side?
what's a good program for editing photos?
is Canon PowerShot SX260 HS a good choice ?
Best Cam & Lens for newbie, for portrait photography?
Where can I find high quality images?
in this picture by john quidor
What is the best professional camera on the market today for a reasonable price?
How do you like my pics?
Can you help me figure out a name for my unique photography business?
Do you like these pictures? ?
How Can I Make Pictures Like This?
Opinions on these food images ?
Transfer photo slides to computer
I have put in a roll of film and wound it on a bit, but then opened it to make sure it had wound on...?
How do I achieve this color effect?
What should i do?!?!?
what do you need to set up an amatuer photographic studio?
When the last factory shuts down who is going to step up and make their own film?
does anyone have any creative captions ?
how to become a photographer for national geographic?
I'd like to try out photography..but how!?
Is 120 film ruined if the back falls of my camera?
am i any good at photography?
How to find film making, work? read:)?
Critique my Photography?
What's a good low-priced tripod for someone who 6'2" that supports a DSLR?
Independent Film Producer?
what can I wear for head shots for a photos shoot??
Macro photography - advice on reversing rings?
how can i photography this phobia?
Could I Have Some Critique of My Photos?
can somebody fake a picture nude for me?
What do you think of me?
theres this new camera and id like to know the name of it if anyone knows?
How does this picture make you feel?
Please rate my photograph!?
photo booth?????
Does this movie frame have high key or low key lighiting?
Do you know where I could find Madagascar the film, which is clear and not blurring online?
advice on earning more in stock photo? and also should i diverse in more than one stock photo agency?
What do you think of my first attempt in photography?
what makes a good photgraph / photo ?
What is a good but relatively cheap fisheye lens?
I need a quick release plate for my Velbon cx440 tripod and I can't find one online that isn't out of stock?
Can I make light graffiti with this camera?
Professional photographers-What are some places to order coffee table books and things like that?
What on earth is Photoshop?
what is the minimum resolution to take pictures in if i want to later print the a CLEAR 4x6 picture?
Memory Card error......How to get picture back?
Is a scam?
Resizing picture to portrait size, how?
Can anyone offer advice and constructive criticism on my photos please?
wich best image editor to use for 2012?
How can I convince my parents too....?
Photography Question - How Can I Make A style wall sports poster?
Is it a lower F-Stop Setting for a blurry background?
How does taking a photo with high shutter speed tie in with the theme identity?
my little sister wants to cosplay, any ideas?
Group photo shoot for 6-8 people or more if there can possibly be more...?
Photoshop experts please help me?
which photo do you like better?
Is it necessary to have an Auto Focus camera when doing Landscape photography?
Best camera for photography?
Can disposable cameras go out of date? what does it mean if they go past their date?
Short clips ideas?
im a photographer please give me ideas for a domain name?
Is the infrared film used for stills photography available on 35mm for shooting movies?
Name of this photo styve?
Which picture of me is better?
What do you think of these wedding photos?
I am looking for a digital camera that allows to take multiple photos without any waiting time cheapish?
5_5_5_5= 8? _ can either be -,+,/, or x or the _ can just be taken out to equal 55?
How could I incorporate my mom's passing into my senior pictures?
Photographers - do you get offended when people say that they would love to see your photo on their wall?
How can I do colored smoke? Idie/ hipster photos type?
Conon EOS 400D?
Info on this picture?
How does this edited band cover look?
What does the Auto and Manual mean on a Film Camera Lens?
can a kodak easyshare MD853 take black and white pictures?
W0W sticker photos?!?
what should I know to become a photo assistant?
wedding photography - urgent help and tips?
lovers of the arts?
I want to take photography for A-level but ... ?
What is the best online blog/photogallery?
can anyone tell me where to search for "in" free,online books?tq?
Help me to find a photograph....?
What DSLR camera & lens would you recommend for photographs of pets and people?
can you rate my photography ?
Provide at least 5 Curiosity questions about photography?
Peoples views on my photography? FLICKR LINK?
are my photographs good or bad? ?
what do you think of Google photo software?
Where can I download Vocaloid Models? And how do I open them in MMD?