What does "Too smart for your own good" mean?
Which picture do you like better?
Does anyone have information about Sigma XQ High Power Zoom 1:4.5 F70mm~230mm Macro System?
What is the biggest advantage of having a full-frame sensor on your DSLR?
Picture Frame help!?!?
Film tips on camera angles, movements, techniques?
How can I make this effect on gimp or photoscape?
i have a sony dsc-t70 and want to take nice pictures. any quick tips?
Where do you find inspiration for your photography?
Is Adobe Lightroom good?
Where can i find baby photography props in india?
Pics of guys in rain/water?
Do I have the right to take pictures and film in school?
I want to add something to the lens of my camera that makes it more proffecianal looking?...Like?...?
Famous photographers that do tumblr like photography?
Who are the Lumiere brothers and James Clerk Maxwell?
What is better for me? film or digital?
should I buy the nikon 80-200 2.8 vr or the 80-400 4.5 vr, my concern is low light in churches?
should i get retakes on my senior pix?
How to take pictures of yourself with a computer?
Where can I take photography classes near Folsom, CA?
what you think of my picture editing?
Which photographs do you like? Don't like?
How to I get started in alternative modeling?
I want to be a self employed photographer, how do I go about this?
what do you think of my photography?
the camera where the photo comes out straight away?
camera recommendation (GOOD SLR)?
Does anyone who know this model is?
How do you put pictures in a question?
How to protect glossy photo-paper?
What is a good gift for a photography lover?
What type of camera?
Lighting Equipment Help?
how to trigger external flash by using the cameras pop up flash WITHOUT using any wireless transmitter.?
i am looking for a picture of man and woman on a bed..the mans got angel wings and the picture is sepia?
Get rid of stuff under slideshows?
Pros or just a person who knows about cameras which is better?
do you think i have a chance at photography?
Macro Photography lenses.?
Am I pretty??
Why is are this persons eye so red? Is it red eye?
who has send nude pics of themself?
will a Soligor T-mount 450mm lens work with a Nikon d3100?
How to edit pic lyk this?
how do you audition for LVA photography?
What is this a picture of?
Which One to Buy Canon EOS 500D or Canon EOS 550D?
Is the picture supposed to be this way when taken with a fisheye lense?
I can't add images for for sale on cragslist?
Canon 7D + Canon EF 35mm f/1.4L USM Lens = Good on low light situations?
Photography question: Do you prefer Nikon or Canon SLR camera?
how does a video camera capture and optical illusion...?
Free editing software?
Will my pictures improve??
Art or not!?
I need to print some photography forms online?
im trying to find the best online school to learn photography, from basics to professional for a career?
i need a name for a photography business. my name is kaylee, so you could use that?
how can i make a picture on an id fade?
How do you get popular on instagram or tumblr?
Optics/photography question!!!! What is the technical term for this....................................…
Fujifilm FinePix S4200!!?
Any ideas for a timelapse video?
How can I get a close up shot of my dogs eye?
frozen film? Past expiration date?
How can I read a Dejur Amsco Model 50 light meter?
Would love some honest feed back and constructive criticism on my photography?
Can i use Kodak Advantix film with my Canon Rebel?
What Is The Best Photo Hosting Website?
do you like my photography?
How do I cut pictures and paste them on power points?
Can you make this picture look airbrushed for me?
what object an you use like a tripod for camera!?
Interpret Cindy Sherman Untitled#138?
making my picture black and white?
What do you think of my photography?
can some won find me a picture of this?
how to do this photo effect?
i'm trying to find out information about a konica minolta rp503?
Photos needed of the Parkway hotel, Leeds, or its Coconut Grove Ballroom in the 30s or 40s?
30 POINTS TO WHOEVER ANSWERS BEST i am a young photographer and i wana share my work on a website!?
defination of hell and heaven?
in photography, a fast shutter speed is____?
Photography ideas for the magic of a moment?
Am i really that bad?
What do you call how fast a camera takes a picture?
Why do people in the old-school 1920's-1930's films move so fast?
What is the market for digital cameras likely to be in 15 years?
Photo, mirror, or video? :|?
Have any ideas for a theme to use in my photoshop class project?
Food Photography: How to make it look better?
Where in the U.S can I find beautiful landscapes and fields like these?
How do I create a diptych in photoshop CS5?
Who uses instaproofs?
Good Film Schools in Midwest?
Nikkor Lens?????? help?
Photoshop experts... help. Collage problems still... I wnt to change the DPI?
Do the images produced by body scanners in U.S. airports really resemble nude negative photographs?  ?
How can I zoom in on a picture...?
Professional Photographers?
Tumblr follow for follow?
How to clean a Inkjet print. Adhesive!?
can anyone reccommend any photographers who photograph nature/trees?
how should i name my photography copyright?
type in adobe element 7?
photography question?
Contact lens help??? Pink rim around my lins???
Are these pictures any good?
If you carried a camera with you all the time, what kinds of thngs would you be most likely to photograph?
There any institutes in London or in India where I can learn Autodesk lustre?
Does anybody know what andrea hallett uses to edit her photography? ?
Sony Dsc-W100 manual exposure.?
do you like these pictures of me?
Can you upgrade the lens for the Nikon Coolpix L100?
My instagram says I have more photos than I actually do?
Can someone please photo-shop a photo for me?
I'm new with photoshop.?
What lens should I get for my DSLR?
What is the best camera for dentistry photography?
Is there a website that has a gallery of Male fashion pictures?
how to take pictures of fireworks at night using Sony A33 ?!?
What do you think of my photography?
How do i edit a photo text?
Looking for comments/critiques on this photo ?
what do you think of ID cards with retina recognition and finger prints.?
What is the name of the guy who took nude photos of consenting women of all ages and published them in a book?
Question about Photography class?
how do you stop glare on cameras?
Art homework helpp!!?
How can i trigger multiple flash strobes with Fuji x100?
Have you seen this picture?
what is the definition of a characteristic curve in photography?
How would i become an action sports photographer? Im 14 what would i do?
Do all lightstands have the same connector; how do I attatch a light?
What are some interesting photographers who photograph reflections?
Where can I photograph cars in a junkyard?
what is the purpose of a photography business?
pet publishers?
Hey!I posted a link early to my photography but it wasn't the full gallery, I would still like opinions?
Studio Strobe Flash and Guide Numbers?
what do you think of my photography?
What are some mid-term goals to be a photographer?
People have said my photos are overexposed or have terrible exposure.?
Can I use pinterest pictures for my blog?
How to cover a collage?
are you good with photoshop? i really really need help!?
How to remove a very old photo stuck to framing glass?
What is a good digital/film camera for me?
I want to make a large photo out of many littler photos in a collage to make the large photo - 10 points~?
What othe things can i do with photoshop?
Does Anybody Know This models Name? ?
comment on my photography pleease :]?
Are these photos "deep" enough? Do you get them? Do you like them?
My Holga accidently got advanced - how do I safely rewind the film?
Does contact lens make your eyes bigger? Any contact lens? With degree or without degree.?
can anyone give me ideas on how to take naughty pictures for my husband?
How much should I pay a friend who is helping me take some pictures for a photo montage I'm putting together?
I have been asked to do a photoshoot?
I found an Ansel Adams matted 8x10 photo of a shoreline. Where can I find out how much it is worth. Not signed?
Which picture do you prefer?
Urgent!!! Please Help!!?
Help with a photo shoot (make up artist)?
Is it okay to be a photographer who uses photoshop?
looking for images similar to this one?
Which Camera: Nikon D90 or Nikon D5000?
Are these photos "deep" enough? Do you get them? Do you like them?
is there a way i can get a thomas kinkade photograph backdrop? if i take pictures and i have a photo shoot?
Where can i edit pictures?
How Do I make the edges of a pic. look dark and then blend to the picture in the center?
Can you take the glare of a picture?
How to contact photo publishers?
What are the steps best taken to take a story and make a major motion picture?
cool photography ideas?
Have you ever seen the famous photograph entitled "Afghan girl" by Steve McCurry?
Directed towards photographers?
is my lil sis better photographer than I am?
430EX II Questions Please - 10 Points.?
b&w photography film project?
Where can I get free pics online?
Are you a professional photographer?
what do i have to do 2become a famous photographer?
How do people do these to their pictures?
mario testino urgent help?
Your real opinion on my photographs?
what is the answer for 6x4+0/3?
Can a seventeen year old girl take artistic nudes?
How to open someones eyes in a picture?
Getting photos taken?
How do you copy/save a picture from this photography site? Help please read.?
full frame sensor= pro croped sensor= amateur?
Need help looking for a good photography course in Perth!!!!!?
Is Nikon a publicly traded company? If not, why do some photographers promote it so shamelessly and zealously?
What is a paint can camera?
Whats the best lens I can get with 280 dollars?
Help for a newcomer in the photography world ?
what is a general for spacing pictures?
Does anyone about harry potter................?
im a paint shop pro dumbie!!!?
Opinions on my website layout and colors?
D5100 or d3200.WHICH IS BETTER?
What do I need to know about Glamour shots before taking them?
What do you think of my photography? [link in more info]?
I need pictures that show emotion?
I want to add snow effects into my pictures. Any free photo editors online?
Why do photographers think they deserve to be paid so much?
pic of a lady w/ an afro, and her head tilted back.. HELP!! i cant find it!! anyone know a title or URL?
Street: TLR or 6x6 folder camera?
can someone tell me how to get this effect on a photo?
Do some models really work for TFP?
Images and/or photos are blocked from my favorite adult website?
How would you show this?
Do you consider photography Art or Industry?
disposable cameras with a vintage effect?
Is this trigger/reciever right to trigger off a strobe/flash? or is it just a shutter release?
What type of battery does the Minolta XG-2 use?
Shooting in overcast nights at a stadium?
Where can I find a free download for a permission to reprint photos?
there is a famous picture of workers eating lunch on the side of a building that is under construction......?
do you know where people go to edit these photos ?
I took a picture for my photography class. What do you think?
What resolution/size should my photos be for a slideshow?
what kind of picture would portray persistence?
Colorblind: can you tell me the color of this picture?
Can someone describe this photographs LIGHT, TEXTURE and VALUE? Itd help me alot?
On "Paint Shop Pro" can you edit multiple photos at once?
Do you know the artwork/photograph called 'Arms'?
photography skills.. or not?
How do I get on a Digital Flat Panel Monitor the real color to be printed in a photograph? I want to calibrate
HELP me pick a name for my photo album?
anyone else work for pca?
How do i put pictures on facbook?
Whats the best color setting for the Nikon d7000?
3mp picture size?
Take at look at my photography?
question about makeing a water mark (for copyright)?
WHAT is pawz favorite thing to do in the morning???
Help with Videoing in Low lighting?
If you get married at the Justice of the Peace and still have brides maids an guests???
how hidden camera is employed in imbestigador?
Does anyone know where I can find high resolution images of landscapes in disney movies?
Photography competions for teenagers, uk with prizes?
Why do you not like snapshots?
Please give me any tips you have about using a Nikon coolpix L10!!?
what do you think of my photo?
Is a kodak Easyshare a good digital camera?
Website to upload photos on from a wedding?
What's is a budget-friendly lens to use with Canon Rebel XT for outdoor photography portraits?
What are these type of pictures called?
How can I get the film look, cinema look, from a MiniDV camera that shots in NTSC?
Photoshop Elements HDR?
naked pictures?
do photographers make alot of money??
I want to start photography and I don't know what kind of a camera I should buy?
have u ever seen adriana lima in real?
somking photgraphy?
How to add this to pictures?
good name for my photography?
How to change background color in the picture?
How can I print a poster online?
is there any website where you can upload your face and see how you look with different hairstyles?
I bought a digital camera and all the pictures I took of me were very unflattering....?
what does anyone think of the Fuji FinePix A600 digi cam for reasonable family photos.?
How to remove background in photos online?
who knows anything about editing/airbrushing pictures?
What do you think of my photography?
I think my photography sucks, can someone look at it?
how do i get pictures not taken with digital camera on my pc.?
What is an appendix and how do I write one for my portfolio?
Is there a software that helps create 8x10 , 5x7 or 3x5 photos.?
Anybody know any good Tumblr themes?
How do you get SNL style pictures?
What song do you think of when you see....?
I'm interested in becoming a photographer... could someone please give me some advice?
Examples of homage in photograhy/art/design?
Holga Film?
hints on taking good pictures?
What product works best for cleaning & restoring picture photographs.?
What do you think about mine and my sisters photography?
Help! How do I get photos in black and white but with colour ontop using photobucket?
what are some things i could improve on in my photography?
is thermal image considered art?
How can i become a professional photographer?
Any software is available to increase the Megapixels of the cameras i already have?
Photography Question?
Can anyone make fix this photo?
How do I take the perfect picture?
What's your favorite WW2 photo?
how to get these results for a photo (photoshop?)?
Photography Or Snapshot?
some good, (not rude or pedantic) photography feedback?
what do u think of this pic?
What do you think of my photographer? I'm a beginner!?
I have a vivitar 8400 camera, that has a picture in hard drive that would like to print. how is this done?
How to build a photography website?
Good, yet affordable camera for an amateur photographer?
which photo should i put for beauty pageant?
best lighting for home studio?
my camrea has no that going to cause any problems with my photography?
would like some feedback?
What do you think of this Photo?
This question is for all the PROFESIONAL Photographers out there?
Anybody have photos I can use for project?
What does TFP mean or Time for Prints?
What is the difference in buying a 18-55mm lens with a 55-200mm lens...vs. buying a 18-200 lens in photography?
Human to Na'vi generator... Looking for a site that will alter a person in a pic to resemble a Pandora native?
What do you think of my people photos?
What do you think of this picture?
Will old antique film camera's go up in price?
Explain the advantages of the tintype and the many other names this process had?
Using the NIK plug-ins VS Aperture 3?
What is the equivalent of Nikon D300, D700 and D800 in Canon?
Does anyone know where I can find a pic of a baby inside a pumpkin?
i want to upload my photos to my profile?
I'm looking for a pic. of a young girl swinging from her father's/brother's hands.?
Do professionals use Auto Focus on their DSLR's ??
Photography Help Please?
Which photo do you like best? (pics)?
How is the Renaissance and Photography Linked?
What are your thoughts on this shot? Is it art? Do you mind that it is a digital fabrication?
School pictures.... any tips?
do you use tripods when taking pictures?
How Can You Put Other People's photos On Your Cover Photo ?
Picture idea for extra credit?
How do I make only a part of my photo color?
Hi, I have a Tokina 105mm/2.8 and I was wondering if anyone knew what is was worth?
Look for Indoor Photo shoot Locations in Chicago or surrounding areas?
Looking for a picture with barefoot feet, green apple, girl is on tiptoes kissing the guy, HELP!!?
Which photo is better? I can't choose.?
My Colorsplash flash stopped working with my SLR camera all of a sudden?
Can I Change The Background of a picture if its white?
Where in NYC can I buy 3D Glasses (Red+Cyan)?
where can i upload a picture and get a fisheye effect?
How am I going with my photography?
Picture for a "Best Friends Forever" senior superlative?
A photo I took was used in a newspaper? Is this allowed?
How do I get copywrited? I am an amature writer.How do I begin? I want to present my work,HELP ME.Please,Thanx
PHOTO-EDITING question... can you tell me how this is done to a picture?
which is the best macro lens for canon 400D?
why do i always look uglier in photos while my friend always look prettier in pictures?
i want to be a model does any one know how i can become one?
Why is it so expensive to get film processed now?
What is a good editing sites for photos?
Advice for an amateur photographer?
Lighting kit questions?
How do I photo shop someone in on an Olympus Camera?
which picture do you like the best?
Should you pay for a modeling portfolio?
How Do I Create A Picture Production?
I am looking for bridal house in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia can anyone help?
What types of photos impress people the most?
How is the First Amendment related to photography?
For christmas I gave my Hubbie a photo album of tastful, black and white nude pictures of myself?
Photo mosaics with ability to view individual images?
Whats the best media storage device/ picture viewer?
Why did my digital photos come out blue?
what is the difference in a neutral density filter 2-4-6-8?
What kind of DSLR camera should I start out with, if I want to become a professional fashion photographer?
How to put two pictures in one. ?
Good cameras for photography that will take quick photos that aren't blurry?
how does shutter speed affect aperture?
why no pictures , just text, picture frame blank?
just starting what do i need?
Does a camera lens hood really make a difference?
how to direct a film?
What consumer machine cuts photo's into wallets,8x'10,etc?
can I lubricate my tripod so it pans smoothly?
Stupid question: How do you pronounce "f/2.8"...?
How would I turn this negative into a positive (photography)?
What type of prop would be good for a 6mnth old pic with a motocycle theme?
Think you're good in photo editing without Photoshop?
Can someone suggest me a fashion photographer and glamour models in Delhi?
Find a place to decorate my pictures?
railroad tracks in houston?
what is the best way to get into glamour/everyday modelling?
Looking for some opinions on my portfolio. Strenghts, weaknesses etc?
what does this thingy do?!?
how to photograph surfers?
what does effect does the change of a camera lens have on a picture ?
I'm supposedly 'photogenic' ... But what does this mean?
How do I use a Taron MX camera?
photo's of what is really out side.?
online photo editor?
for a 2x teleconverter....?
exilim ex-s770?
have i stolen an image?
What should i take pictures of?
Do you know of any REALLY good websites for editing pictures?
Animate image or resize icon?
how do you shoot/edit a video to make it look like this?
Kodak Camera?
What do you find beautiful?
do i HAVE to credit the wedding photographers?
how to put one picture on another?!?
What is the message of the film "Dogville"?
Photography help: theme where i am?
Photofiltre help!?
A Level photography analysis?
what do you think of my photogrphy?
Digital SLR cameras!!?
Best Time lapse Program?
What type of battery does the Minolta XG-2 use?
would anyone like a photo airbrished/digitally edited?
what tupe of setting should i use to get clear shots of a fire breather in a night club?
How do i edit my picture to look like this? pics.?
Can I please have some constructive critism on my photos?
Opinions about this photo?
What does this say?
Hi, Im looking for free stock photographs for my websites. any ideas?
How do I enlarge bmp images?
Good photo printing shops near IIT?
How to get the most out of my nikon d3100? How do my photos look?
Ideas for a amature filmmaker ? :)?
Photoshop this pic...?
I'm doing a report and would like to ask all photographers how much basic supplies cost added together?
anyone know a good site i can download so i can superimpose some photos?
what are some websites to post your photography on?
How did this happen (pic included)?
Where can I find the photograph of parents searching for baby thought swept out to sea?
Is the 14-42mm kit lens a good lens for photographing flowers with the olympus epl1?
Why does my camera have the shutter open for longer when I have the LCD live view on?
solid black and white photography?
What kind of cameras where used during the 1940's?
Is this picture ok for facebook?
Gimp physical enhancement?
Can someone tell me what type of machine this might be?
I need a subject for my photography project.?
Can you be videographer AND photographer?
Am I a good enough photographer ? maybe go pro...?
I really need to find a good scanner for 8x10" negatives. What are you thoughts on the Epson 3200? Any others?
Best Table Top Video Camera?
Where can i find free video backgrounds for chroma keying?
how do I start a photo bucket contest?
Should I go into photography?
photographers out there!?
What do you think of this Blog? I find it pretty wacky, is this what New Zealander's are like?
im trying to recreate a photo?
Photoshop programs, or cameras, to achieve a "professional" look?
Critique this picture please?
Does anyone have any good songs to use for a digital slide show?
Berenice Abbott: Portrait of Sylvia Beach Confirmation?
A good computer for photography?
Whats the difference between Nikon ML-3 and ML-L3 wireless remote.?
Who is the person on the photo?
can anyone give me info how to get a portfolio started for my modleing career?
What kind of work do you do as a freelance photographer?
How do i become a model?
How can i crop a picture???
What dose stopping down mean in photography?
What is the best Canon lens for street photography?
How to upload photo here?
Do you care when people notice or look at you when you are photographing?
Is this a good shot?
I need a good software for making panoramic photos?
Can anyone name this photographer?
i need a picture of..?
Who is the BEST Photographer in the WhOlE wOrLd?
What crop should i apply to a 35 mm film image?
What photo editor should I use for this?
What does everyone think of this picture?
How do I give my photos a duller. flatter tone?
Isn't it a shame that photography is not universally recognised as an Art?
Who wants to edit a photo for me? (: 10 points?
What do u think about my photographs?
Can I "lock" .jpegs so that no one else can edit them?
Name something that kids take pictures of." Can you guess the number one answer given?
Ideas for my Photo Shoot?
how do you make your picture look like this?
Anyone familiar with this famous photograph..?
How do you create a panoramic image (photo stitch/merge) on Pixlr?
Why arent they uploading??
how can i make my pictures look like this without photoshop?
I need a good camera, Help?
filming skateboarding as a job?
what do wild life photographers do?
Can you help me find the address of the Aquanet hairspray Manufacturers?
i am looking for a photoshop software. which is the lates and best version to edit my photos and add effects?
Can she become a famous model? What could you rate her?
Is my picture coming up,or is it just a red x?
The best photography camera for an amateur ? ?
Do I have a Model inside me?
where the best place to get photos printed i the UK?
why near my cheeks it looks lopp sided in pictures?
What is it called when you edit a picture of a cat or something over your face?
Instagram photo caption?!?
What are some good colleges to go to to study photography?
Help with finding the right website!?
my aperture is stuck on my d3100?
How can a photographer be sign to an agency?