How do you put your name on your photos?
What film SLR camera does Peter Parker use in The Amazing Spider-Man?!?
For my art project I have to re-invent and then photograph myself as a building..Any ideas? Please helppp?
What are some documentary ideas?
I am looking for a significant Japanese photo/picture.?
Whats the difference between erotism and the next step?
How do I fix the pen tool in photoshop?
Can Nikon P7100 take light painting?
What is a good digital SRL camera for an aspiring wedding photographer?
looking for a transmitter & receiver for my canon 50d?
Can anyone tell me where i can find a good college for photograpghy?
How do you give the vintage or rather the dream like effect for a photo using photoshop ?
what is the picture normal format in centimeters?
Where can you buy a photo album for 8 x 6 photos in UK?
Does anyone know any proffessional artists who specialised in digital image manipulation?
what type of photos go in a model portfolio?
how to transfer pictures from snap fish to my pictures/picture?
will video recording an extremely bright light break the lens?
What do you think of my photos?
Can I use pictures of my University from the website?
How to merge a photo?
Looking for photographers..any advice?
What is the best way to convert a .jpeg to a CMYK format?
How to chek Lens Compatibility For a SLR Camera?
Why do some people get suspicious when they see someone walking around with a camera just taking pictures?
what is the best c d to down load pictures from your computer to the c d then take the picture c d to?
can someone help me find a picture of vietman?
how do photographers decorate their water mark?
What are some easy to use, cheap film cameras?
B&W & Sepia...?
fake magzine cover for my digital picture?
how to change dpi in galaxy ace?
Please describe this picture in as few words as possible?
Which picture do you like best and why?
I am the photographer at the beginning stage> Please tell me what is the focus point to make good one?
Can somebody provide some examples of fear, phobia or superstition photographers (except josh hoffine)?
How can i capture 3D image using Kodak M863?
Pictures in Miami...?
photographic,photographer,photography,ph… & photograph. ok- besides those words ,please tell me anoth
which picture better?
How do I become a photographer?
What do you think of these photos?
what is chromapline proof?
What is your favourite online photo editor and what do you like about it?
Can you show someones identity in a photograph and does adding text help this?
How can I make creative pictures like these?
what do you think Of me?
Should I get the iPhone 5 or the Gallaxy s3?
How to use interval timer setting on nikon d300s?
2 Parts: In your opinion, what is the best digital camera? And what does the industry use?
Any tips on photographing a baptism/christening for a beginner?
Window problem 4 dance area?
Why are my XMAS pictures all blurry?
How do i look in this picture?
How to do a light trail using D5000 step by step please?
Instagram pictures help!?
A Level Photography...?
What's the best way to become a Fashion Photographer ?
WHat do you think of my photography?
how to use a blog as a photography website?
Can i create a stop motion picture using actually video footage rather than photos?
Where is this picture from?
Which Photography course would be best for me to study at University?
Photo magazine appropriate for a 13-year-old beginner?
Do you think this photo looks professional?
how do i create one giant picture out of several pictures? is there a good program for this??
Do you look more like your reflection or your image in a photo?
How do u make a collage of pictures with picasa??
What is the name of the software,with which U can Collect pictures ...?
Thoughts on these abstract shots for college ?
If I supply picture framing materials, how much would a picture framer charge per hour or piece?
Cute/colorful photography ideas?
Question rephrased.My photo (36X10) taken 1957.Cannot contact photographer.Photo nostalgic.?
Tell me what you think about my work.?
Has anybody ever tried pinholing a 35mm camera body cap?
What kind of photo album will not destroy my photos?
should i be a photographer?
Fonts Photofiltre?!!?!?!?
Where is a good darkroom in NY?
how do i make graphixs on the computer useing my pictures?
photo final please help?
Is this a good camera for me?
Photography class which pic should I turn in?
Mugshot height chart for my Photography project?
Black tape for covering camera details?
What does a professional photographer do?
How do you resize your picture.?
When it comes to editing the overall photo (not just blemishes etc) do you think less is more?
Where can I find more of these pictures?
Is Oboma a brand of potoato chips?
Which is stronger: a 0.40X or a 0.42X Fisheye lens?
What's a good basic software for a beginning photographer?
Affordable radio slaves? HELP?
Do you think this is a fun idea?
which is the best english online photography website ?
what is slag tag??? I found a photo site at but no one has uploaded pictures yet...?
are these photos impressive?
How do you reduce the photo size?
So what do you think of this photoshopped picture?
How can I start a career in adventure photography? What kind of equipment would I need?
I'm making a photo slideshow of my daughters prom. What's a good song for it?
pictures of motion with a manual SLR camera?
Critic my photogenic work?
I get pictures but just X?
Which is better for editing pictures .Gimp or photoshop?
Whats a Good Camera i can use for any Photography class?
Best school for photography?
What do Hollywood Stills Photographers make?
How do you organize your lighting gel collection?
what do you think of this photograph?
Is it easy and fulfilling creating your own photography business?
make new photo look very old effect in Paint Shop Pro 7?
where can I find free large format images of Charlie Chaplain on the internet?
ray ban lens replacement!?
any idea about this two picture's ?
Should I Post This Pic On Bebo?
Northeast of england portfolio?
I have a quick jpg picture question?
Where can I take photography classes near Folsom, CA?
flat rubber printing blocks with photographs?
How do i make a picture look like this?
What settings should my camera be on for taking pictures of the night sky?
What's the best place to take photography lessons in Chicago?
Creative Name?
Does FX lens works on DX body?
what size to edit 1600x1200 for an 8x10 print?
How do I make my pictures brighter with a fast shutter and no flash?
How/ where can I find a Director of Photography?
what are some good locations for photographers to take photos in temecula, ca?
What is art school like?
can somewon say me i ever in real see adriana lima?\?
I need to find black and white fotos of old district six Cape town - Where ?
I am looking to make a picture into a cartoon picture. (Like the simpsons type of cartoon.)?
Photography narrative project ideas? ?
Can anyone recomended me some camera that suitable for the beginners and travellers?
Canon Rebel T2i, Picture quality?
Major question?
Please suggest about my photography ?
remove ink I don't know how without damaging .?
My Kit: Photography... Your thoughts?
I want more picture of Elvira-3956 -?
want a lecturer based in mumbai teaching photographic art direction?
focus points canon5d?
what do you think of this? (art,pic)?
Somebody help me how to cut around photo.?
Interview a photographer?
will this cap fit my lens?
What or who is paparazzi?
How to eliminate RED EYES on pictures?
Hi! I want to enlarge an image on the web so that it looks like a series of dots, can anyone help me????
who like how my photo look?
Will taking pictures in lower quality keep you from resizing them later on your computer (to upload)?
Tasteful but needs to reveal sexiness?
What do you think of this picture?
Which type of lens should I buy to take pictures in day light and indoors portraits?
Is this a photograph or a graphic ?
If you died and were reincarnated as a camera, what would you want to be?
If I have a $400.00 lens, do I need to put a UV filter on it, or should I strictly use the lens hood?
Please tell me about a Vintage Velbon Tripod MS-3?
Where can i safely submit my photography to be reviewed?
I'm a 13 year old girl and I want to be a photographer?
i'm thinking about photography . . . can i make it?
What did I do wrong with this photography photo I took of the snow?
need a photo of a never ending heart?
In flickr, when someone has a set called "explore" what does it mean?
Glitz photo for pageant, please help!?!?
Should I just forget about my dream to become a photographer?
18-55mm lens good lens for filming YouTube?
Is there a wed sit were i can print art from through mt computer?
Which picture do you like better?!?
what description would you say about this photography image?
I'm an experieced photographer from India. Is anybody willing to approve me as a photographer in Europe or US?
How do you do the B&W photos with one thing in color?
What is a free RAW converter?
Rate my photo......?
nikon p90 for begginer photographer?
some constructive criticism on a photo I took. Thank you :)?
what to do before going to a pictorial?
Is this a good picture or not...?
Questions about Photo Contests?
a photo store in don loaghaire,ireland?
Where is the access code on the Senior Pictures from Prestige Portraits?
My face is ugly in some photos but when I look at the mirror its different from the photos not as ugly as them?
What stores will print out pictures that have been Picnik'd?
If Saddam Hussein and George W. Bush got in a sword fight, who would win?
Combining Photos????
How to take better pictures?
Why are some decent looking people afraid of being photographed?
Free Pageant Picture Editing?
Where can I rent Photography equipment?
what is the F-stop that puts all the middle range in focus?
Are there any real pictures from the 50's?
Opinions on my photography (round 6)?
What a nikkor 35 f/1.8 lens be a good candidate for portrait/quincenera photography?
How do I take a picture of a flying bird?
battery grip (vertical grip) for a E520?
What is an 'aperture scale' on a camera?
can i use a polarizer and an ND filter at the same time? will it cause any unwanted outcomes?
Do you prefer black and white grey-scale or colour photographs?
How do i make a portfolio?
Which pictures is the best?
My wedding photography was so blah?
Need help with a name for a photography business...?
does anyone have bleach for the ds? if you do haha we should play against eachother using wi-fi?
How would i fix this panoramic photo?
Does anyone know any sites where you can put a picture of your face where someone elses is?
What's the average that a Professional Photographer makes a year?
how do i fix this?
Does Costco Photos do front and back flyer type pictures?
hi guys laaast question: how do i improve this photo?
how to download pictures from my computer onto my dig. picture frame?
How do I organize a panoramic photo in which a class takes their picture in the shape of its graduating year?
How do you enhance lip color and eye color using photoshop?
Does anyone know where I can find pictures of Ed Sanders IX?
Are my photos any good?
Who is the hottest nude model?
What's an interesting event to photograph?
Modeling Software?
SLR Lens compared to point and shoot Lens...?
Can you help me?
How do you find pictures of Brent Ashabranner?
Can anybody help me to find the contacts of French photographer Pascal Chevallier? Please?
Heart collage picture?
How to do light graffiti with a D60?
Where can i find a photographing courses in egypt?
Just bought a Nikon D3x, how to professionally advertise?
Question about DSLR settings?
Music video cameras...?
What would the date be from this picture?? How to decipher the date of a picture taken from a camera?
How do I make a picture look like this one...?
How can I Emulate an old photo using a digital camera?
What are some good things to photograph around the house?
Does anybody know who this is? (image link)?
Who tells kids they should be "models"?
Why do I look totally different in my photos?
What do you think of my pictures?
macro lens questionsss?
Help me find a picture please?
Who should get the money? -- Video Contest?
what is kelseys last name?
How do you know if you went overboard with editing your images ?
Will you help me find a camera?
What is the best digital camera?
Information on modeling?
with a 6 mega pixel camera what is the largest picture a can enlarge to without getting a blurry pic?
Can you pay a photographer to take photos of you even if you arent a model?
What's the best programs for editing portrait photography?
how can i restore old photos?
how do you make 10 pictures into one that looks like a video like a slide of pictures like a person dunking?
How do you remove blur from an image?
Feedback on my images please?
What are some photographers known for having good composition?
If i could make a film that you recommend about NYC what would u suggest?
Anyone with a really good computer picture program please help me!?
How do you know when to use the correct ISO, shutter speed, and aperture/f-stop?
I'm taking a picture with "green" as the central theme?
My pictures never come out good!!?
Does this look like professional photo?Help!?
SX-70 Polaroid Sonar OneStep Help?
Does opening the film compartment of a polaroid camera expose the film?
What's the name of this woman?
What is it called...?
What is the name of this picture?
what website can i go to to get quotes like this?
Private property photography?
take a look, what do you think of this photo?
Where can I find a good telephoto lens for a film rebel?
Does anyone know how to reach photographer Heather Egidio? I bought photo in FLA and never recieved it .?
How to get photo fx for pictures?
Which one do you like better - or neither?
Why does photo paper have a gold edge after going through the devloper and fix?
does anyone know any good pic editor programs,I was looking for a program that can turn pic's into a cartoon
Can i have some tips for taking proffesional photo's of nature. What do people like to see?
How do I improve these photos?
How can i insert another image on top of another?
How do you do the multiple pic thing?
ASL and Photography Collages?
What is the best resolution to use when digitizing standard color 35mm slides?
Trying to enlarge a photograph and it will not enlarge how to enlarge it will decrease in size only?
Thinking about becoming a Suicide Girl Model?
is this not one of this most gorgeous girls ever? She is flawless don't you think?
is it possible to get a particular picture from a film roll developed?
Is there a way to have a picture on flickr appear only in a set and not on photostream? Or perhaps...?
Is being a photographer worth it?
Is this a good sports photo?
What camera is this girl using? HEEEELPPP?
Only answer if youve gotten lots of photography apps from itunes!?
Please could someone take some photos at Saratoga?
any suggestions for facebook cover photo?
Any tips on cold weather photography?
what is the difference between a Rokinon, Bower, Opteka, and Phoenix 650-1300mm lens?
Where do i get vintage effect modern HD photos?
Websites for Photography Supplies?
No.2 Folding autographic Brownie?
How do I get a copyright my photography?
I'm interested in medium format digital photography. Is there a reasonably priced medium format digital camera?
is there any photographers or photography places in victoria that would be able to give me an apprenticeship?
people say i suck at shooting but can you help me then?
fotoflexer: how does it work???
Help, what do you think!?
Is It Possible To Make Money From Photography, When Taking It Up As A Hobby?
Does anyone know of any good online photography contests that are free?
which pic is better?
High End Phone or Digicam?
I want to know how to transfer my photos onto canvas to look like paintings, any info would be helpful. THANKS
does this picture make you cry?
have you heard of the Yashica EZ F521? do you like it? ..thanks(:?
Two of the same people in one photo?
Why are all the pictures missing there glass?
What is a lustre print?
My photos I took of zoo animals behind glass all came out blurry. How do I prevent this in the future?
rate this nature pic? (link included)?
Who developes TMAX film?
How to publish photos in international publications?
help for school, making a model?
What do you think about the lighting in this photo?
which one of my friends (if any) looks good?
FUJI S9600 , when i take a photo indoors the lighting on the photo is coming out great,what setting ??
WHAT DO YOU THINK OF MY PHOTOS? do you think i could make money?
does anybody kno how 2 take 2 picture at one time on a digital camera?
i have an incredible photo of a group of sailboats in a very popular race.?
what is the name of this poster?
I was at the NY MoMA in 7/2007 and saw photos of dilapidated Soviet-era buildings. Anyone know this?
What gear specifically do I need to shoot a low budget indie film. My budget is $3500?
I am looking for a good (easy to use) photo management software to manage photos from my digital camera,?
how do you put two photos together on picnik?
PDF format to JPG format .?
My photos vaca rate?
what do you think of my photography?
Should I trust the "Photo Booth" on my Mac?
Which version of Adobe Photoshop should I buy?
Anyone know anything about Photo Impact Pro? (nova development)?
Is it worth the upgrade from 50mm 1.8 to 1.4?
photographers who do buttons, jewellery, cute vintage looking fashion things?
polarizing filter questions?
How do I take professional looking portraits in sunlight? Mine always look like snapshots, despite the pose.?
Where can I find a photo editing program?
Photographers that specialize in photographing hands?
Why is the quality in this picture so bad?
Who is the world cup winner country?
Is this trigger/reciever right to trigger off a strobe/flash? or is it just a shutter release?
where can i look at new, cool rustic photography?
How to re import pictures from camera to computer?
Photographers help with terminology?
How can I convince my parent that DSLRs are better then point and shoots?
how do i take pictures where its directed to one object and the background is entirely blurry?
does someone here recongnize the girl in this pix?
I want a camera that I can take great pictures with. Which one should I get?
i want an advice about whether i should stop doing photography or not ?
When Webshots files are converted to JPGs, is image quality lost at all?
Could you list some 'full mechanical' film SLR's?
Where can I get a HIGH resolution of a Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer saluting?
I am trying to find information on how film and television cameras deal with color, specifically purple.?
modeling pictures?
Which do you like better??
What do you think of this photo?
whats something about photography everybody should know?
Do you have any pictures I can see that you have taken with your Nikkor 85mm PC Micro lens?
What do you think of my photography?
Does anyone know how to change faces on a picture with photoshop?
fake magzine cover for my digital picture?
What would you have done differently in taking these photos? Constructive criticism needed!?
18-135mm IS STM for T4i/650d?
Urgent !!! answers answers answers?
Any ideas for a photography logo?
Ok this is about picture editing plz help!!!?
How do I Photoshop an image with white lines on it so it looks like it has geometric "string"?
Anyone have any photo shoot ideas?
I am looking for a spot for wedding pictures and am having troublegetting the right idea. I also dont want to?
How is the Renaissance and Photography Linked?
What is a Photographic Engineer?
what is the answer for 6x4+0/3?
Where can I get a Minolta Autocord for under 100$?
Minolta X-300. Battery cover won't turn?
I have a photo site already; I live in Asia and I want to sell my photos; how can I do that?
Does anyone know a Photographer who does adult photo for a spouse?
What is the 'New Objectivity' art/photography movement?
please rate this photo i took?
Does this photograph of a girl look photoshopped?
Can anyone give me advice on taking my photo with a digital camera?
Darkroom in Vegas?
Where can i find photos taken on top of tall buildings looking down on the street below ?
Photo permission rates for scholarly book?
How to remove mold from old slides.?
Do I resemble anyone famous ? Picture Link Inside?
Does anyone know of any beautiful places to do photography in around sacramento or grass vally?
Question about Tumblr?
Where can I get good poster prints from professional photos?
What's the name of the black blob pictures that couselors use?
What are the best photography spots in New York (for 35mm B&W photography, not touristic pictures) ?
Is this an ugly photo?
What do you think of my photos?
how do i edit a pic so that it's mostly black and white and one object is colored?
where do you find rottweilers ?
Where to get immigration photo taken? Not the same as passport photos?
When I shoot digital pictures indoors, they sometimes have a yellow hue.?
Can someone find me a picture of a dinner plate in the process of breaking?
Tips for baby photography?
where can u order a personalized portrait puzzles that's 500 pieces for a cheap cost?
where can i get more pictures like this?
what kind of tripod should I buy?
What do you think of my photography?
what does a photographer means to the world or to you?????\?
websites to share photography/poetry?
can anyone find this picture full size?
What is the oldest camera that you still use?
DSLR: Still need a lens cap? If i already have a lens filter?
accidentally opened the back of my camera, now picture count is at zero?
Who is this?!?
Do you like my pictures? Pictures included?
Does anyone know where/what this picture is of?
Anybody have any photography suggestions?
Images of countries? A photograph signifying a particular country?
please helppp.?
What's the etiquette when 'firing' a photographer?
What do the orange numbers on the bottom of a picture represent?
Where can I sell my photographs?
Do National Geographic buy unusual photos of nature?
How do you unblur a Picture?
what is the best magazine in photography?
What do you think of my picture =]?
What is a good camera?
Is there anything that you can do, photographically, in a darkroom that can't be done with Photoshop?
Is there any good quality 'slim' Digital cameras available in the UK?
Why do people think that they can buy a DSLR and become Magazine and Nat Geo Photographers Overnight?
i have a print which is a photomontage of a suspension bridge(possibly goldengate) going into a corridorand th?
10 Points : ))) Please Answer This ?
How to make your own dark room?
Is it illegal to change the picture of money and use it in a poster)?
how to take better pictures ?
How can I store my prints?
what do you think of my photography?
I want to be a Photographer do I have to go to college?
Who was Annie Leibovitz influenced by?
I used a q tip on my camera lens, canon ef 70 - 200mm usm, cause i accdiently touched it and got a finger?
is this picture of OBAMA fake?
how can my wallpaper clarity can be increased even we magnify the image?
I need help to find something regarding pictures?
Why tripod is important to shoot for night view photo?
PHOTOGRAPHY SECTION arent all digital cameras making the computer world more dangerous?
How do I change the lens metadata in Adobe Lightroom?
Do you like this?
why do black guys love jewelry?
What are some good tips for shooting a wedding?
What is the best camera for filming a documentary film?
How do I turn a 15 minute video into a time lapse?
Can someone please explain how to scan a colour negative and how to scan it as a A4 and how to dev. in ph-shop
where can i find a free website where i can watch some free loli?
Resize digital pics for picture frames. Any websites?
What are the fundamentals of photography?
How do high speed cameras work?
Help me find this picture!?
I need help finding a picture!!!?
Out of which of these two pictures do you prefer?
what do you think of these photos?
what can make a camera look more nicer?
What do I need build a home photography studio?
How do i do a picture like this??
Video/photo/after effects help pls?
What kind of lights do i need for my photo shoot?
What are some household objects i could photograph?
Looking for something I can get my photographer friend?
Can someone help me with a problem with my pictures?
Where can I find this picture?! (Please help!)?
BANYAN TREE picture.....jpg image.....very good resolution?
what is this in the picture?
Good Site Model Names?
Are my pictures good????
reducing pixels of picture?
How can I make my photography look better?
Do pictures placed in your adobe photoshop get put out on the web for other viewers to use/see?
Which photo do you like better? The Before or After?
how much time is 100 feet of 16mm film?
How to take great photographs?
Help with photography Diet....?
How to put copyright on photo so that it cannot be removed or edited by any means by other party ?
Do you like my style of photography?
Photographic memories ?
where can i take old pictures and refine them?
Long exposure/Bokeh with the e-pl1?
I want to become a photographer?
About this photo?
Photography beginner needs advice on cameras?
Looking for this external flash photography guide online...?
Any basic tips for taking pictures?
where is a good place to get canvas prints done?
Do you like to take black and white photos?
Why does my picture turn out black?
a creative way to display johnny cash records?
What are some unique photoshoot ideas?
where can i find an all time low poster besides at a show?
How do I pose 5 people?
If you have you pictures in an album, can you delete them from your camera roll?
What's a good use for a cheap tripod when you are done with it?
Las Vegas lighting... please help with settings :) ?
Picture pose ideas?
Honest photo criticisms/advice.?
what is the hourly rate for a professional photographer?
Picture of a girl infront of a lake?
Where to get a iPhone 4s tri-pod with adjustable head?
How would you rate my Photography skills?
Can someone please edit this picture for me?
How do you know how fast your lens is?
how to use paterson electronic enlarging meter, i can´t turn it on?
what is the difference between purism and minimalism?
Photography question.?
Best Camera for a Graphic artist/photographer?
Does anyone know some free photo-editing software?
Photography Final Major University Project?
What do you think of my blog on tumblr?
what do uljjang use in editing their pictures?
Is it possible at present to take pictures of the past events?
What do you think of my photography?
poses for a photo shoot?
film for Agfa Optima III?
Who is this in this picture?
Do you think these photoshop effects look good on these images ?
I need help with photo's!?
is this a good gift for a twilight fan? Photoshop picture?
Looking for a good portrait lens for a Canon 450D. Any suggestions?
What DSLR should I get?
I have a gossen digisix light meter and i dont know how to use it...please help?
Can anyone tell me anything about Doc Ross the photographer?
Theres this Tumblr picture I dont understand?
How to take those saturated looking photos?
How can I earn money from unique and unusual nature photographs I took?
How Do I Use Gimp Photo Editing?
new pics, what can i change?
How to unblur a picture that someone intentionally blurred?
Is it true that if you become a wedding photographer you will never look back?
My photography was stolen and published?
should i trade out higher mega pixel for image stabilization?
how do you put writing on pictures?
follow on tumblr...................?
i took this picture is it good? (abstract art)?
What's up with people making this face in pictures?
can u suggest me a camera?
Can you take photography classes at home and really benefit from them? If so.. any recommendations of schools?
Who is the person on this picture?
Which photograph is the better photograph?
Panorama Creation Program Requiring Minimal Involvement?
How to take good photos of yourself with a digital camera?
what photographers should i look at for my project?
Symmetry = Beauty! Is It True?
Which site model is this?
How do i make pictures likes this?
what do photographers use props for in portraits?
How do I look in this picture?
I'm thinking about giving up on photography.?opinions.?
Photography research - help?
Where is somewhere I can send a modeling portfolio?
How to make a photo signature with Lightroom?
Where could I find framed black and white photography that lights up?
Texture or no texture?
How can I find a professional photographer to view my pictures online and give me advice ?
A picture editing question?
How to remove a very old photo stuck to framing glass?
Which full-mechanical SLRs would you recommend?
Why the time is always 10:10 in all the clock snaps?
Which lenses should I bring for a week in London?
How can I made a lookbook collage?
Pictures for modeling portfolio?
Black and White vs. Sepia picture?
Do you have a good caption for this photo?
Where can you sell photos online if you are under 18 years of age?
Are there any substitutes for 600 film?
For digital photography editing what's a better monitor...The HP LP2475W or the Dell U2410?
I really want to make a Extremly Low-Budget Film but what should I use for scenery and it has to be cheap.
I think this photo is kinda neat how bout you?
What color would you paint the sky and why?
why, whenever i take a picture on my samsung d75 do horizontal lines appear on the image?
Can someone just edit a christmas hat on to this pic plz? (thanks!)?
Do you guys like these photo's and can you say tips to improve?
art on my bedroom wall?
What would happen if I crop less then 4 x 8" if I have it printed in 4 x 8?
How do you make photos like these?
Where can i find a REALLY good photography software that can blend skin tones and more?
You know those site models?
Is there a underwaterhouse for fujifilm jz250?
Advance knob on Yashica-C TLR broken?
Site Modeling Name Ideas?
For people with instagrams: how does @lizmonster edit?
How much should I charge for photographing a friends wedding?
Any photographers in the house? Please come here I have a question?
How does the pinhole camera oparete?
is this a good start for photography?
Should I shoot in 18 fps or 24 fps?
Need help! beautiful pictures, but when i put them on a disc the quality goes down?
do you like my photos?
Wide Angle Comparison - Sigma 10-20mm f/4-5.6 vs. Nikkor 12-24mm f/4?
I need help with photo's!?
using "GIMP" how do I make colored eyes on a black and white photo?
Do you like to trade photos? I do.?
Best caption for this picture...?
Tips for my photography business (to stay safe.)?
Anyone else get tired of hearing about "crop factor"?
Could I make it as a model?
Do camera lens work with any SLR camera?
Is it possible to change a black and white picture back to it's normal color?
How do I develop positive film?
Film photography: Bracketing shots on a single frame?
What's the best program to edit photos?
What are some good photo contests I could enter?
Where Can I Print A Photo (High Quality) Made Larger?
is it legal to use a camera to take some pictures in a store and later post the pictures online?
Holga 3mm mod help!!!?
Photography Help please?
What photo effects does Spartan Race use for their pictures?
Hi, is it really worth asking a question on here?
Is there a blanket release form that, I could have the coordinator of event sign for rights to use in my port
Where can I find these kind of pictures?
I can't take good pictures!?
Where can I RENT a good quality fat suit from?like which professional costume shop would have this in stock?
Please help me in Photography?
What is a good Photography magazine?
How do you take a picture and have everything but the object of the picture be blurry?
Help with the name of a new flash diffusser.?
how to make maximum resolution print (flex printing) out of canon 450d ?
Does anyone know some unique Still Life Photographers?
Can you please tell me where the infrared filter on photoshop is?
What do you think of my photography?
TUMBLR! Can you tell me what you think my tumblr says about me.?
What size photo from istockphoto should I buy?
Please look at this pic Tell me what you think?
Has anyone taken courses through the New York Institue of Photography online?
Whats a good camera for a beginner at photography?
Where can I find a market to sell pictures I have taken?
Which Photo Looks The Best?
How can i find multiple pictures of the same person on photo bucket?
Please, critique this photo?
Film photography themes/ ideas?
What steretype does the media hold in terms of body image?
If you buy a photo from a professional photographer, are you allow to do whatever you want with it?
Does this photo look blurry?
How do I get pictures of the moon on my camera?
Photo editing For computers.?
What is possible with Photoshop?
can cameras lie?
do you think pictures are more truthful or mirrors to how u look?
Uploading my photography?
Selling Photo Prints online?
Will an infrared camera affect photo developing paper?
Who loves to photogragh? Tell me how it makes you feel?
how do you combine two images to make one?
What type of camera is best for a beginner photographer?
How to do the galaxy background on pictures?
How to make 'levitating objects' photos?
can we see 3d image printed on paper with the help of 3d polarized glasses?
Good Title For This Picture?
Where to put my mirror for clear reflection?
Beginners Photography Books?
Which picture is better?
How do I upload photos to photobucket?
Is this a legal photography competition and do I still own the photo when submitted?
How would I prove something with band photography?
What is a bin window?
Your smart Opinion: A picture is worth a thousand words? why do you say so?
What feelings are evoked by this pic?
Anyone know a pretty place to take pictures in or around Tulsa, OK?
what sort of camera should i buy?
Is fun photo box safe?
What do you think of my photography?
How does the gender of a photographer affect their work?
Pictures in Miami...?
Help a Beginner?
professional photographer?
Is it hard to make a living as a fashion photographer in NYC?
How Do I Make A Photo that i have already taken Have A White background?
If i want to become a modal do i have to buy a portfolio?
where can i find the best stock photos in southern California for my web design and graphic design jobs?
what are the benefits of going full frame?
Are photography and filming jobs hard to find/get?
What do royalty free photographs mean ???
i took this picture right before a thunderstorm..orbs??
Photo Graphics?
I need a AKC name for my Siberian Husky?
A bit of bird action, any comments or feed back, I took this today?
How do i blur out a picture?
Which would you say is the best picture?
Picture Ideas.?Pleaseeeeeeee.?
Can someone search for a picture for me?
a picture of 7/8 on a circle?
Any tips on how to prevent blinking when someone is taking a photo of me?
I've been looking at the Canon EF 180mm f/3.5 L USM Macro Lens, and have some questions..?
What do you think is better? Printing pitures at home or at a photo shop?
Is Canon A-1 a good photocamera for a person who wants to try film photography?
What's the safest way to print sexy photos?
i need a free picture editor please with no **** PREMIUM OFFERS that piss me off :)?
Is my photography good enough to be sold?
How important is a UV filter for DSLR photography?
Are my pictures good?
Need some advice about this situation?
Where to get photo age progression for my daughter?
What exactly is "image ready" and when is it used?
Does any one work at Wolf/Ritz Camera? How much did they start you off on and what exactly do you do?
What do you think?
Where can I find photography lessons in Khobar, or Bahrain?!?
I'd like to be a photographer...where do I satrt? (I will choose best answer)?
how to get past and present pictures?
What is the most essential lense for the Canon Rebel XT for doing wedding photography?
Some photos I took this morning, of things I found on our beach.?
Why do police always let things go when your a girl but when your a boy you get in huge trouble..favoritism?
what is the best wedding photographer website you've seen lately?
How would you calculate Wide and Tele Convertor like Canon350D?
What are some Good things to do for light painting photography?
Analog Versus Digital Art?
Wanting to be a photographer, what experiences should i get?
What is the best camera for photography?
I need to know the name of a photographer. The person had done this amazing venice carnival portfolio. Guesses?
Does anyone know how to merge pictures? ?
What do you think of my photography?
Is it odd to give someone a photo as a gift of themselves?
RAW shoot transfer to Jpeg?
Name for photography blog?
i need help with digital cameras?
Which photo do you like best?
How to make stop motion video in cs4?
Which online digital picture upload site do you like best and why?
How do you put the pictures from the camera to the computer??
Photography homework help?
What is the best way to achieve black & white digital photos?
Is it possible to be a great photographer with this?
please tell me courses related to film industry?
In photography, wtat's meant by `Bokeh'?
What do u guys think of these pics? Are they any good? Which one do u like the best? Opinions please :)?
Are 'picture plane' and 'depth of field' the same thing?
Help, anyone who edits photos?
what type of lense cameraman usually use to diffuse an object, or to make object appears lighter in color?
i'm doing a short film on human and nature for my collage assignment...could anyone help me with some ideas?
What is the blue scope effect called????
Online Digital Photography Class?
Light & Shutter speed aperture?
What kind of photography website is this?
How to get both SHARP subject and SHARP background?
What is the technical term for mounting product pictures on room scenes?
Where can I print an 11x17 photograph?
I want to Print Photos using my printer what Paper should i use?
Do I have to use my real first name to be a sitemodel?
Photographers help? - Lens for gig shoots?
What polaroid camera can I use this film in?
What kind of battery can I use for a Cannon EOS ELAN?
Some questions about critique and photography?
how do you photoshop a photo to like this?
does anyone knows how to do this effect on a photo?
Who buys paparazzi VIDEO?
How much dose a photography camra cost?
What impact does the film industry have on society?
Where can I find a photo editing program?
Fireflies at late dusk?
USD modification and photoshoped picture?
Where can I download free photos/clip art?
I'm a beginner photographer... Wat do you think of my photostream?
I need some pictures of people that look like this...?
where can i get my pinhole camera film developed?
posing app help plz :)?
how can i make sure people dont steal my pictures from tumblr?
How to make One Direction edits on Instagram?
this might be weird?
Hi, can someone plz fix this old pic or tell me how? Much appreciated.?
how do i save my image after using LAB color mode?
Can you help me with making a calendar on Snapfish?
What is a good, professional camera for a new photographer to use?
How do you put a picture on the picture thing on this website?
how do i put front on photoscape?
Is it worth putting a L series lens on a 7D?
What do you think of my Photography?
What kinds of jobs can a professional photographer have in the movie industry?
how do you become a model?
Where is the best place to buy prints of photos?
Will a opteka baby death (size 37mm) fit on a vx1000?
Which photo should I keep?
What are some good picture editors ? ((:?
Do you like any of my pictures?
A Russian Leica Copy?
Adobe Photoshop Cs3?
does anyone know where i can find that popular internet picture of.....?
I just recently started my own photography business. The business is good but not great right now. With trick?
which stock image site has the lowest prices?
What can PHotoshop do for this, that nature didn't?
What do you think of my photography?
I have a bump photo shoot on thursday an have no idea what to take :/?
Can anyone recomended me some camera that suitable for the beginners and travellers?
Cheap medium format film cameras?
I have my Olympus slr camera OM1 WHAT IS it worth. Is it obsolete or how is it comparing to digital ones.?
I need your advice on my photo essay?
In flickr, who chooses which photos go into the "interesting in last 7 days"?
Free Photography Contest?
please help movie maker or photo story 3?
does anything change if lens have more or less curve?If so why?
where can i find this?
Pick between the two!?
Copyright. I have made a graphic of a car from my own photo. Do I need the car-makers permission to use it?
On Gimp (the photo editor), how do I make it so that it stops "buzzing"...?
Why can't British film makers hold the camera still?
can you make light graffiti with sony cybershot dsc-w55?
Nikon D80, where can I get the cheapest one?
Do you know of any models or celebrities that look like this?
How important are manipulators such as Photoshop and Paintshop Pro to your style of photography?
I want a professional camera to take pictures of kids. Also I want it to be not heavy. Which one to buy?
Finding a picture to talk about in class?
school of photography in USA.............?
Elite Model Management Online?
Can transparencies also be called OHP forms?
Is it possible to shoot a black and white picture using a digital photograph?
What lens should I get next?
Anyone know a website for editing wedding photos on Photoshop?
What is the best nikon lens for aperture (blurry backgrounds)?
What do you think of these pictures?
How do people on instagram get the galaxy effect on there pictures.?
How do i brighten the screen up on a samsung s1070/i cant see the picture im taking?
what do ya think about outdoor wedding photo?
tips for using manual focus?
Should I do photography as a career? Please help!?
Does wal-mart do senior pictures?
I NEED HELP... Which would be better for photography?
what fraction of 60mm is 20mm?
what is a hyphin?
Can anyone give me a list of welsh photographers who focus on the theme of home?
for photo lovers out there: how do you store your photos and keep them safe?
if give a photo developer my film rolls can they find out what is on them without developing them??
Are there any cameras that are like disposables but that you don't have to dispose of lol?
If i remove the memory card from the camera... will i lose the pictures?
Who is the photographer of this picture?
What do you think of my photographs?
I can't change my photo?
Should I make a photography welcome packet?
Does anyone know any good websites with photography info?
Interesting photography tutorials?
what is the difference between a Rokinon, Bower, Opteka, and Phoenix 650-1300mm lens?
Selling Photos on the Internet?
wedding pics blurred dark and grainy pls help?
Which picture is better?
Where Can I find professional photography in the Chicago area?
does any one know the name of this picture by kikki smith?
Gettign started in REAL photography... What kind of camera? digital or darkroom? costs?
I want to add something to the lens of my camera that makes it more proffecianal looking?...Like?...?
Can there be cameras at lady Gaga's 2/22/2013 concert?
Why do I not look anything like my pictures?
Where can I find a good digital photo printers in London?
35mm films that are ok with airport x-ray?
How do you get a picture that is stuck to glass out without tearing the picture.?
Portrait lighting....?
Need help with Helios-44-2 Lens?
Where can I find something similar?
do u know how to make a picture like this?
Where to edit photos? For free.?
Who else is upset about the current Polaroid situation?
where can i find this lens?
Pinhole Camera?
What to wear at a modeling photo shoot?
Would you go pro, and still use the Canon 7D?
who remembers?
How do you start selling your OWN photographs? Eg: landscape, portraits etc..?
How does a person get into professional photography?
I don't know how much to sell for? Opinions?
where is a great place in washington state to get pictures taken?
What do you think of my photo's?
Anyone remember those bil-board posters?
Photo: why do I look so bad in my bikini?
Best way to photograph through a chainlink fence?
compact cameras that doesn't dirstort your face?
Examples using long exposures/shutter time....?
Do you think my photography is any good?
quick question. Does 8 instant Color Films on a Polaroid instant camera mean 8 photos or ?
How do you start modeling in NYC?
What do you think ?
where is a site were you can make your pics move and glow?
Is it against copyright laws to make copies of photos you paid for? or just any Photographs?
Senior week sprit ideas/help?
what are the names of the best photographers in the world ?
What is the best camera for photography?
How do I get my sunsets to be the same colour as they are?
picture two toned color?
I need some honest opinions on my "photography"?
How to shoot a still figure and light trail?
Slideshows with music?
Whenever i take a snap i get a red-eye photo. How to avoid red-eye?
I would love to get started in photography?
What is the best camera for sports photography?
How do I create a photography site like Albert Watson?
What do you think of these pictures?
How do you change the starting image on a camera?
how can i find a picture?
How can i make my photos llike this photo
How do you make your uploaded digital pictures smaller?
Photofiltre brushes???
Do you like my photoshop?
Ha anyone taken the New York Institute of Photography it any good?
I need 100 questions about my favourite things, that i can answer in pictures?
Do you think it is weird to photoshop a celebrity into a picture with you?
Which Is The Best SLR For Beginner....?
Is 20 too old to get signed by Ford Or Elite models?
Does anyone have any tips on how to direct models?
Lighting objects in photos with GIMP????
Can you take a picture with color splash on the Fujifilm Finepix jv100?
How do I read my camera?
Help me name my photography company please!!?
photobook at home help plz?
a GOOD college for photography?
Where can i find the advert that parodies the Last Supper but with entirely topless models?
i want to set up a dark room?
How do i make my pictures look professional like this?
My photography, what do you think of it all?
PRADA ads!!!!!!!!?
What is the best digital professional camera?
What is a good website to develop photo for DSLR cameras?
Guidelines for displayingty on a photography website?
Photo Editing---PLease Help with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
are id cameras just crappy or do they usually white-wash people's pics?
How do i upload a picture of myself on this site where the exclaimtion point is?
How do you put pictures in the background of of word?
Photography Critiques, Please?
A question about tumblr.?
Should I buy a pre-owned Canon Powershot S3 IS from amazon?
How Do You Get Bold Bright Colours When Developing Colour Film?
Which is better Nikon or Canon?
how to be a good photographer?
Where can I find these pictures?
Photography.Suggest methods you would use to create "mood" in a landscape?
Whats a good way to make sure my pictures look good?
where can i do a course on photography?
Are there any photographers looking for an in shape, experienced male nude model?
Which picture do you like better?
does any one know how to edit their pictures zombie effect?
Has photography shifted from a masculine hobby to a feminine one due to automation?
Backing material and glue brand. Archivally, how do you attach a photograph to a mounting board?
Is there a website where I can upload a picture of myself and it shows me other pictures that look like me?
As a photographer, how do I make myself "invisible" at a wedding while still capturing the vital shots?
Holga 135 underwater? What harm could it cause?
studio portrait theme ideas!?!?
how to make photos like this? LINK?
what video camera filter was used to give that look in dido's white flag?
I entered the Biennial 2012 Worldwide Photography Biennial Exhibition benefiting Save the Children?
Whch picture do I look more attractive in?
I have a NEXTAR 5.6" DIGITAL PHOTO FRAME. How can I transfer photos from camera, PC or USB to memory card ?
Why are fast lenses more expensive than slower ones?
unique family photos idea?
I can make a difference by.....?
Do i need a good camera to be a photographers..?
What kind of adhesive should I use for mounting Hockney-style assemblages?
im 17 and quite interested in photography. Waht would the best and cheapest camera to buy ?
Where can I find good samples for news letter Layouting, I just need good reference?
Help with purchasing a new photography lens.?
Which photo is better?
is it possible to change things on the photo ?
does anyone know how to edit?
How can we call a photographer "A Professional"?
How to take awesome night photos?
Rate my photos, constructive criticism welcome! What do you think?
any websites where you can make your eyes black as if you were poessed or somthing?
what's a good caption for this picture ? :]?
Are photography "businesses" the new lemonade stand?
will you check out my tumblr?
What do you think of this photo I took?
Photoshop Help: How do I add text to a photo?
Twin teen girl photo shoot ideas?
Accessories for fujifilm S2940?
Have you actually read all of the books you recommend for photography?
looking for someone to make realistic fake nude of me for someone?
what college should i go to if i'm thinking of being a fashion photographer?
I want to start charging to take peoples much should I charge?
Basic facts about the human eye, and are there cameras that take pictures the way an eye sees?
Can anyone name this Dorothea Lange photograph?
What event in history would you like to have photographed???
am i a good photographer?
whats the app where the photo looks shaky with red and blue outlines?
need Bettyboo models to buy?
How do I ask my sister to pay me a little to photograph her wedding?
What types of images are best for PNG file format?
Who is your all time favorite photographer?
What does this picture look like to you...?
Can I be a supermodel?
Professional photography...?
What's a good name for my cosplay group?
where can i find cool film cameras?
How to edit photographs to get a glossy finish?
How to center Pictures in Windows photo gallery?
How would you describe the moment when you feel like you get "THE shot"?
IAdults only please.?
What do you think of my photographs ?
Are Sony and Nikon cameras the same?
What Is A Website Where U Can Make Pictures Pretty?
where can i ger an image of the Clayton Guitar pick without clayton written on it?
Is there a website where i can download professional royalty free video clips?
My Picture.....?
is there any Local(Los Angeles) Photo Shops that devolop black and white film?
I'm doing a photography project for school. I'm doing murder scenes I need some ideas!?
Can I get any tips for Photography?