I want to become a professional photographer....?
How to compare film developers? (HC110 vs DDX)?
tips on my photography?
What is a good way of finding models to shoot when in a foreign country (UK) and never having shot people?
how do i crop a picture onto another picture??!??!?!?
QUICK! Can you tell me how to fix this picture?
What do you think of these photographs? and which do you like best? which seem most amateur/professional?
How to get a band press pass?
many series of twilight film has been diffuse?
Why do I look fine in real life, but TERRIBLE in pictures?
Got a link to a clip art file of photo album "corners"?
How to fix my blurry dark photo?
Is there a better point and shoot camera in this price range?
Name of the photo quality?
how do I get an effect of soft light without photoshop?
Step way back and look at the Big Picture. (what)?
what stores sell disposable tips?
Developing photos from a disposable camera.........?
Do you actually have a legit copy of Photoshop?
I need amazing places to take senior pictures in San Antonio & surrounding areas!!?
Picture or mirror? Which do i trust?
hwo can I reasarch free animated film?
what do you think about this picture?
Tips on how to be more photogenic?
A Familiar object in an unusual Place or Setting?
should graphic art. 3d digital design be allowed in a photography contest or are they too different?
Do you think my photographer did a good job? (Slideshow)?
I have a vivitar 8400 camera, that has a picture in hard drive that would like to print. how is this done?
Do you still shoot 135 film?
Taking a photo everyday for four years?
I need a green screen kit... what one?
How do you print your own pictures onto canvas?
How do you spend your time? researching? shooting? viewing?
How professional photographers find and keep finding Commercial/ advertising jobs?
Looking for good websites on developing black and white film?
Does it seem as if I could possibly have a talent when it comes to photography?
Does this picture show up too dark?
What do you think of these pictures?
was Robert Mapplethorpe's art influenced by him having aids?
Can my Yashica CS-220 AUTO Work with my Nikon D50??
Can you identify the subject in this image?
Does anyone know where this picture is from?
I'm looking for a photograph....?
where do i go for high repute photography in delhi with reasonable rates?
How should i take my picture?
How many different types?
What is a good subject to photography?
I've been hired to photograph my first wedding.?
Is this a good picture? Please answer it's important :DD?
What is E-6 slide film developing.?
How to get the stars effect on top of my picture..?
How come i look weird in pictures?
how do i lighten photos that look dark?
How do I clean my SLR lens without leaving streaks?
What kind of lens was use to achieve this effect?
are you a pro photographer that works for him/her self?
Senior picture question!!?
What kind of pictures can I take?
What format camera did Mr. Weston use to take his famous "Pepper" photograph?
Is it possible to shoot such image with a AF-S DX Micro NIKKOR 85mm f/3.5G ED VR?
What picture should I photoshop?
How does this photograph make you feel?
What is the difference in these two lens?
Does 35mm film work on a canon with 40mm lens ?
I`m a member of a camera club and each month we have a themed competition.?
What kind of lens adapter should I get?
What site is good to find pitures?
Photo Help on gimp!!! 10 points!!! ASAP?
Fisheye free photo editor?
Another question about large prints - possibly done on a canvas?
Is their a relationship between black colour and darkness, wite colour and brightness?
Whats the best way to submit my resume?What do i but on the cover page?And how do i make it eye-catching?
Good photo printing shops near IIT?
How can i find bangladeshi model actress nude picture?
Which picture looks better?
What should I name my photgraphy business?
where can i buy 500 watt photoflood bulbs?
Is it possible to get a teleconverter for a 18-200mm or 70-300mm nikon lens?
other then the obvious camera, what does it take to be a photographer?
Are my photos good enough to sell??
LOOK! How does someone even get a body like this?
What if I develop 400TX film with Kodak RA2000 developer for imagesetter?
how to become a site model?
I need a photo contest idea?
Photography, like this picture?
Photo editing program? HELP HELP HELP!?
Are there any sites comparable to picnick? ?
In the hierarchy of art, where do you place photography?
Why are Canon users so cocky and think it's better than Nikon?
with paint brushes smudge tool Best photo editing program on the market??
How do i take flash photograhs of my cat?
How do you put your name on your photos?
how do i find a picture?
Where can I get this or similar...? ?
How do i keep images saved from online high quality?
Does it matter if cellphones have 40 megapixel cameras ?
link to the 'Wanderer' horror photograph?
Blinking or missing an eye ?
Can I sell a picture that uses stock images?
where to learn?
Is it possible to clean the inside of a camera lens?
Can you tell the difference between a picture of a sunrise and a sunset?
Is my photography good considering experience level?
How can I fake cry for a photoshoot?
Is there a Fisheye Lens app?
Does the Nikon D50 have a macro setting?
Looking to sell a 25th anniversary woodstock poster?
Can anyone help me find a picture of Marlon Brando's roof?
Photography courses in America?
How can I manually set the file numbering on a Canon EOS 30D to a specific number?
Do you find a more elitist attitude in the photography community?
add on fisheye lens?????????
what r u doing?
Best camera for photography?
abandoned buildings in Medway?
where can i get some of David Moore's photographs? ?
how do you do that double photo thing in pictures?
Site to Blow up Pictures?
looking for a good photo gallery?
Has point and shoot technology greatly improved in recent years?
crop an image out a picture?!?
What do you think of this picture?
What is a byline.....?
Getting a Photography Degree online?
How could I become a model?
What does "shot in any medium mean" ?
What Nikon camera should I buy?
How do I blur the background of a pic on my camera?
Lighting effects for live concerts?
how do you get your picture like this??
Whats a decent pro photo editor (not CS\2\2) and for Mac?
How do I take ultraviolet pictures?
Can I have some constructive criticism?
Im looking for a certain photo...?
does the omni bounce diffuser for the canon 430ex flash also fit the 420ex?
How do you resize photobucket pictures??
I don't know how to make a histogram. I have the data, but don't understand how to do it.?
Why does infrared film have to be loaded in the dark?
Name some common misconceptions that I can take pictures of? (nature, animals, objects, life,etc)?
Why am I so ugly in photos?
Which digital camera?
where can I find calander kits that I can make at home?
Why does my circular polarizer affect only one side of the frame..?
What kind of camera did pro-photographers in the 1930s - 1950s, use?
How do you like my photo?
transfering a picture into a blanket?
What is a good name for a photography business?
I want to get into photography but I don't know how to get started. Any advice?
----Do I have any photography talent?----?
What are some good online photo editing websites?
Hi i would like to enter my child in a modeling agency?
My parents bought me a 600$ camera, now i'm a photographer?
Where can I find real reviews of New York Film Academy? Or anyone with experience with them?
Cool Time-Lapse Photography Ideas?
Which DSLR camera brand produces the best quality photos?
What is shutter speed?
Do you know the of name the artist and where I can find their adaptation of a photo of Kiyomizu Dera temple?
How can you tell if a photograph "speaks" to you?
Will you critique my bear photos?
to all photographers please!?
If being happy was a colour what colour would it be?
COVER CD!......10 points!?
how can you determine if two different photos are of the same person?
What camera(s) did Diane Arbus/do Amy Arbus use in their photography?
What's the thing with people taking their picture in the mirror?
Does anyone know where I can find pictures of Ed Sanders IX?
whats the best way to cut a picture for a locket?
can anyone suggest me a good but cheap 49mm autofocus zoom lens?
photography, how does aperture effect shutter speed? vise versa?
Does anybody know what these "creatures" are called?
Why are most photographers pompous and arrogant ?
Coverting multiple color images into black and white at once?
what do you think of this picture ?
Photograph Analysis Help?
Do you like this photograph, or would you consider it too weird?
How do you superimpose a still image to a video.?
which lens should I buy between canon 70-200mm f/4 L and Sigma 70-200mm f/2.8 apo dg ex macro hsm lens?
how many feet of film does a 16mm film of a half hour contain?
How to prevent hand shake in photography?
is there anyway to like put different pictures together? read below?
How to get photos of kids jumping on a trampoline with a nice brokeh background?
How old do i look?Which picture is better?Out of 1-10 what am i?
Photography tips please?
Anyone knows what is HDR on some flikr's photos.?
Any good sites, for a white background to be put onto a photo?
Can a swimming pool tester kit make photos?
An 79 focal-length lens is used to focus an image on the film of a camera. The maximum distance allowed betwee?
What are some cute picture captions?
what is a macro report?
who is the first photographer?
Does any one work at Wolf/Ritz Camera? How much did they start you off on and what exactly do you do?
Printing shops in Sydney?
Does anybody know where I can find this desktop background?
where can i buy instant cameras in mumbai with the film?
How can i find the info of a person whos photo is with me not the other details?
How many of your shots actually make it to print ? What is your shots taken to print ratio ?
Is there any free websites that provide high quality artistic pictures?
WHICH PHOTO do you prefer?
How can i take a good pic of myself? ?
Topics for photography competition?
What do you think would be a good theme? Please help!!?
How long does it take for you to process the wedding images?
Where can I get a cartridge of 126 film developed?
What kind of exposure..?
When I transfer my photos to Adobe Bridge are they permanently saved?
Ideas! I need some opinions on a name for my business.?
Of these two, do you prefer the single arch, or the whole bridge ?
Which photo do you think I should use for my senior picture?
what do you think of my photography?
Does anyone use a ringflash or o-flash for ourdoor photos of people?
D5000 for wedding photography ?
What background and poses should I do with my ACUs for my senior pics?
Do you know any reflection/shadow photographers?
Faster shutter speeds?
black and white with a touch of (brighter) coulour on photoshop?
I need some ideas for....?
Box Brownie?
What are some websites were i can sell my photos?
Getting pictures done @ Babies R Us in the photo center.?
Would you agree that without mistakes?
What is it that makes a Photographer?
Photography help?
Why are some camera store employees rude?
What does it mean if a picture is out of focus?
How do I get candle wax off of color photographs?
Will videos ever replace photos?..?
Beginning Free Lance Photographer, can anyone give me any tips? Please only serious answers.?
Do you think most photography studios do internships?
Does anyone have an unedited photo with one or more of these qualifications?
What's the best way to take a picture of a half moon?
could i be a model?
Anybody know where can I get the cheapest photo print? especially for size 4x6? How much ?
Help with a photography shoot I am doing?
Does anyone know a website where u can download ur picture and put it on the FRONT of a disc?
where can i get football images for photo printing?
Help with bokeh please?
do you think i have potential by looking at my photography?
Ok so I see people recommend diviantart alot here.............?
Why do eyes turn red during photographs?
when a film offers you meas,some pay,copy, and credit?
Does my horizon line make you feel whoozy ???
What does RAW mean exactly?
help with finding some pictures?
trying to get some boudoir pics taken for my bf?
Where is the best place to develop pictures?
In photography, smaller lens lengths generally mean wider shots with less depth of field, right?
Canon S3 IS -- changing shutter speeds and aperture value? umm...i'm a beginner?
What should I charge as a Photographer?
can you help find this picture for me?
I'm looking for a good photography school. Please help.?
I want to do event photography of an actual event as it happens instead of just people standing in front of a?
Was purpose of picture obtained?
pictures cropped together?
camera question?
could i be a model? pics?
About Flickr...........editing photo steam?
where can I find backgrounds for a karaoke video?
Do you like my friend? [picture included]?
How to load film properly in a Minolta x-700 & other facts?
Has anyone ever bought a photo cd from
How do I know how much I should charge for my photographs?
A picture with lines on it that changes depending how you look at it?
what should I name my business???
what are some good photography themes?
How do I add hearts to a picture?
can you help me?
What do you think of these photos? Any suggestions would be great?
A good camera for a newly photographer?
How does one bring out the sparkle in eyes?
Where can i have a photo made into a poster and where to sell?
how do i take and edit good pictures?
i would like to start my own photography buisness and want to know the best way to print photos?
when is first u guys/gurls make love???:D?
who is the photographer who created a single image out of the current race population?
Camera shy! How to get over it??
Converting a 6x4 photo?
How to blur the background and show all the body?
How to print enlargements in a darkroom?
Who gets right of way if two photographers find themselves shooting in the same place?
Best performing metal-body film SLR?
How do you make photos look vintage on iPhoto?
Photography Project Help?
How do you achieve this lighting effect?
How can i remove dark brown spots from a old black and white photo?
how do you make a pictue black and white, then change one thing to color?
Where to put a 'tag' on a photo?
Is Guidance taken as a band name?
Which camera is best for starting photography?
How to take good pictures of yourself?
Digital imaging editing software help?
accidentally opened the back of my camera, now picture count is at zero?
What settings do I set my camera to capture a photo like this?
Does shutter release also focus?
Property in Photos?
Photography 2 class projects/assignments to do?
Photography on a budget?
which is better,Canon SD780 or Cannon 1400?
what do you think of these pics?tips?
How to take good senior pictures?
whats your alternative to photoshop?
Does any body photograph natural face images in trees,I do?
Am I pretty?
Diana+ vs. Holga camera?
Why wont the picture show up on the computer?
do i have a big nose? picture included.?
i need a david hockney idea?
i want to be a photographer.....?
how do i load photos on ebay?
Should I get a polarized lens filter for my camera?
am i any good at photography?
cutting with a razor?
Is the camera in the Diana F+ kit flash ready?
Model agencies???`?
Film for vintage cameras? Experts only please!?
How long can modern colour photo prints be expected to last?
Please honestly critique any of these photos!?
Can a guy in his thirties be a cosplay photographer?
does anyone use "photoflood" bulbs for their lighting?
How to be a photographer?
What do you think of these photos?
Ideas for making a picture slideshow for my bf for our 2 year anniversary?
How might different art forms influence photography? please help!!!!!?
Do you feel you look like a totally different person under different lighting?
Where can I find a copy of Annie Leibovitz's picture of Bill T. Jones?
nude pics?
Do you feel the branch sticking out the side of the birds head is too distracting?
external flash or new lens for wedding photography?
Did you see this question?
how would you make a cut out image appear more blended into its new background?
How do you edit a photo to whare you get color on one spot of a picture and the rest is black and white:?
Is their a relationship between black colour and darkness, wite colour and brightness?
What makes a great photo?
okay what do you think of these pictures?
How do I upload a picture from my camera roll to instagram without having to crop it?
Why do i look so ugly with the camera flash?
Does anybody know any famous minimalist photographers?
Amateur photography learning the ropes?
Where can i find some adobe photoshop brush downloads for adobe version 6.0?
Would anyone like to critique my photography?
Blue rooms london... URGENT!! Do I have to pay at the end of my photo session?
how can i add colour to a black and white photo on adobe photo shop?
Is there any website that depict how living things pee; yet do not have any pornography?
Where are some good locations in Phoenix, AZ for outdoor pin up photography?
How To Get Started With Amature Photography?
KODAK Easyshare z990 MAX?!?!?!?!?!?!!?
Which set of Photos are more accurate, I am confused?
what does devloping mean??
Focus question on the film camera Canon EOS Rebel T2?
What is the maximum load capacity of the 685B monopod?
What can I do with pictures I have on old slides?
Is the right side too weighted in this picture?
I can't upload photos on my Photobucket?
Finding a Picture please help :]?
what type of photos go in a model portfolio?
Where can I find photos from the 1600's?
Where can I get yearbook pictures to view online?
Cost of a photographer to do shoot?
How do I make an image trnasparent and then put it over another image.....?
What do you think of my photography? I'd like some advice/feedback please!?
where can i find sheets i can print of my child name for her to print and /or color to hang on their wall?
would you do a photo shoot where you were surrounded by balloons?
how do you edit pictures so that only one color shows?
Nikon D800 vs. 5D mark iii?
I really have two questions, but both having to do with photography.?
From what angle is the Sunlight hitting these objects in this photograph?
I bought a new Canon EOS 400D. I just want to know, why images are darker when the shutter speed is increased?
can u please help me to find a name for my photo studio?
How to be a good photographer?
creative photography ideas?
I need help!?
any ideas for senior portrait poses?
how do you hold on to love?
is there any agencys that take on short models in the uk? with no fees?
How do people sell their photography?
I am about to do my first wedding assignment to shoot. Which lenses that I already have that would be useful?
how do you film a scene with black lights?????
Photography Brief.... Nobodies?
I'm looking for a transparent eagle design for my web page?
Are professional digital cameras allowed at NYC comic con?
Why does the world hate photographers?
Picture issues please help:)?
why the best friends die or are too fahr?
Good Photo Contests?
Where Can I Find This Picture Thing?
Picture of this girl?
Please photoshop my roots out of these photos?
which photography place should i apply for?
is it legal to print a picture from google images, etc. frame the picture and sell it?
How to make a circle in an image - like this...?
How can I convert a stitched and edited spherical panorama image to a cylindrical panorama (and vice versa)?
What are your thoughts on this osprey photograph I took today?
Who is this ?
Does anyone know how to copywrite a picture so if I use it on note cards it cannot be reproduced?
I'm looking to get my first DSLR?
Locations for Fashion Photography shoot in London?
"INTRO" magazine circa 1967 - Does anybody remember it?
Black & White or Colour?
What do you think??? (pics)?
How do put my name on the photographs i print?
when being photographed on the beach what is the best choice of clothing for a family of five?
What could I do better with this photograph?
what are these pictures called?
Anyone know how to open password protected photo from Pbase?
600d or 60d lens and camera recommendations?
Can you recommend some contemporary photographers that do experimental works, with dark room manipulations..?
How good is a SAL1870 lens?
Please show me your best selective color photo and tell me why you isolated that particular item?
Is this the answer to 90% of the "photography" questions?
I'm photographing my goddaughters soon...any suggestions for poses or props?
Pixir image help! I don't know how to use pixar! Need to know for homework?
Names for a photography business?
Is it possible to find out in which program was the picture made?
photography cameras! help!?
Need help with my SIGMA lense ?
What is the difference between those 2 pictures???
50mm 1.8 mark 2 lens.Tips on taking good images in portrait and landscape,and macro.I just ordered one and?
What is your opinion?
What is the best camera to use to shoot a documentary?
Is this the greatest page on the internet?
how do you change your picture on y!A?
Rate this picture for my class?
Quantaray Tech-10 70-300mm f/4.0-5.6?
Where To Put Captions On My Pics.?
Questions about modeling?
Great sites for downloading funny pictures..?
How can I create a "collage" in Aperture?
Is there a program that can enhance a blurred picture and make it clearer and increase its definition?
You help me Can i get the themes that way cant see any one on my memory card folder what the name of theme?
The pictures which are on the front and behind of Euro banknots.?
How do you like my photography?
Questions about artistic balance?
Camera by use of crane system?
how do you take a person out of a person out of a picture on windows photo gallery?
website name with interesting articles and pictures?
my picture will appear on the cover of an "arabic" magazine. what do you thinK?
best bridge cameras to buy?
Are these good pictures? New at photography?
On Paint Shop Pro X, how do I remove (color over) a part of the background. Thank you.?
How can a teen make money from photography online?
How much to charge for Graphic design and photography/photo editing?
What would be a good tumblr name for me?
Should I be proud or ashamed?
things that can take a photograph?
Does anyone on Y!A know how to spell?!!!?
Filters and lenses = headache?
Where can I find this pictures?
What do you think of my beginner images?
Why did this photo turn out so bad?
Who is your Favourite Photographer?
If middle is 18% grey then is dark higher or lower?
does the camera ever lie?
anyone have access to getty images?
what do you think of my photography?
What's wrong with photobucket...?
what should i take pictures of ?
What are 10 good pictures to take on my digital camera?
Looking to Get Old Fashioned Photos?
editorial content what does it mean?
Cute pix????????????????????
What do you think about this picture?
Which photo is better and why?
art high schools with a specialty in photography?
The best way to organize digital photos and save them for my kids?
What are some good websites to find photos and what are some good free photo editing sites?
What are the best settings for taking ceremonial photos using my lumix fz50?
Aperture 3 help for apple mac?
PHOTOGRAPHY : Lab tachnique - courses in miami ?
Can you do this on photoshop?
Best way to edit a photo so it looks retro?
whats the best school of photography?
what is the best mode to use for everyday picture-taking?
How much do you think i should charge for my photography? (photo attached)?
how can u do this?
I am looking for good pictures of a, woven basket, horn of plenty with fruit?
Photo Editing Question?
a website to decorate pictures (photography)?
Can a hucker see my disktop or what am doing at the moment or a picture i have cropped?
Can u take hundreds of small pics to make a big pic?
What's that brown colour in old photos called?
Where can i find some pictures/info about a former D&G model called Frederico?
Tips for taking a good yearbook picture?
famous photographers who photograph faces/decoration?
Easy 10 points. Please read.?
What are some free photo editing sights?
What are some good film cameras for a beginner?
Help with Entry Level DSLR or SLR camera suggestions!?
How come I se my lazy eye in photos but not when I look in the mirror?
Girls: Rate my picture 1-10?
Good schools for photography?
Is there a laminator to borrow in West Lebanon NH?
About places that u can see the view of...?
cool pictures?
How can a new photographer find a job or some kind of promo?
Do slides still exist?
With built-in flash in digital camera, how to take pictures with correct exposure?
Is there any lens that fits this?
How Do I shoot in B-Mode, when I don't have a B-Mode on my camera...?
Do you consider the paparazzi as photographers?
Pictrue sites?
will apollo transparency film work with kodak ESP C310 AiO?
Can anyone tell me how to take a picture of an aquarium? Mine are always blurry.?
what pictures were they?
Which pixie??? (With PICS)?
Best program for resizing photographs?
How do i get my picture like this?
Do you like this photograph? ?
What would the best laptop choice be for a photography student at the Art Institute of Philadelphia?
Tips for a beginning photographer?
How do you save pictures to a 4g?
Do SLR cameras really need a filter? What is Aperture? Am I buying the right lens?
Sexy calendar shoot ideas?
Camera lens..and sand?
Which picture is better quality to post ?
What would you suggest as the best camera for a professional photographer?
What does the quick flash (like half a second) on DSLR camera do? On the minus magnification on my Canon T4i?
how do i rotate eyelashes on gimp?
If you edit a photo is it still considerd photography?
how do u get an object in color on a balck and white photo?
Are INOV8 filters good quality?
Dpes this pic scare you?
if you could only choose between bw or color film, which would you get?
Help with my Lomography Holga camera?
Any good quotes for editing pictures on picnik?
How does everybody make their pictures look cool?
How important is optical zoom??!!?
what stores in nj sell lens hoods for a canon camera need it asap!!!?
Does anyone know where this picture is from?
Help me find this picture!?
Why are there weird streaks in my pictures?
How do I photograph something up close, like 18" from the lens?
what is the best photo website disigner?
Where do I get old negatives developed?
Is this a pretty picture?
Aspiring model need to know where to purchase a model book/portfolio case?
What should I name my camera?
i want to show some good pictures but how to make a link for them. can someone help?
Critique Photography Please?
What do you think about this picture?
My husbands wants to take photos of a nude woman ?
Should I do modelling or stick to Photograhy?
How can I make some extra money selling my photography or using my photography skills?
Contrast theme for Photojournalism?
abobe photo shop or corel paint shop pro?
Photo editing software??
Does anyone know if I can type a copyright symbol on my keyboard.?
What's the best camera angle so I can take a good picture?
Nikkor AF-S 50MM F1.8G or Nikkor 40MM F2.8G DX Micro?
question: what is the history and development of photography?
Photo album name for me and my bf?
What is this camera technique called?
Does any one know of a qulaity photo restoration service?
okay... i need to know things about photography?
is there a difference in lenses for shooting video or if you are photographing?
What sizes of prints can you get for the instant Walmart photo service?
How can you make a photo on the computer....?
How can I become a model?
I want to work for studio ghibli, but I don't know what though...?
where can i find pictures taken by the Canon A720 IS?
Photography school?
Would you work in a mortuary?
does ANYONE know this PHOTOGRAPHER???!!!!?
easter/spring pictures...?
Help how do you get a picture by your name?
What would alice in wonderland be like in reality?
How much does 1000 ft of 35mm cost?
Would this be a stupid profile picture?
What are the major storage places? theres public storage, and theres.... etc ...?
How do you feel when you put your own images up and people say you stole them ?
statire project?
Can You Look At My Pictures and Tell Me What You Think?
Photographers & graphic/web designers: Why are my photographs appearing different on my website?
Pick 2 of 6 photographs!?
How do I do Frame by Frame in flash of a imported video?
what can you not see in the picture?
Why do I look so bad in photos with flash?
Photography effect? :} (+Pictures)?
affordable camera for GCSE photography?
what would be a good photo of people in their own invornment?
Question to anyone who's a photographer...?
How to become a freelance photographer?
Anti graffiti poster "TAG THIS RIDE THIS" for los angeles metro bus?
How do you "Woll Smoth" a picture in Photoshop?
I've to research photographers/artists/craftspeople that have used patterns/texutres in their work.?
Help with photograph effects?
Female Photographer?
Shooting Ilford 3200 speed B/W 35mm film for the first time?
How can I achieve this type of photo with my DSLR?
How can I take a good picture?
Am I a good photographer?
how can i find a picture to put on of jamica to send to my facebook page?
Who are they? (pictures included)?
Is this photograph too "tacky" to put in my portfolio?
Which Nikon lense should I choose?
photobucket help....its about editing?
Photography questions!!!?
is the p510 not a good camera for REAL photography?
Does anyone know how to work the site to store with walmart for digital pictures?
Good? Bad? Worse? Photos and link included.. =]
Nikon d90 or d40 Which should I buy?
Cool black light tricks to make?
How often do they make new and improved lenses?
Can you name any photographers that have taken photographs within a business for documentary purposes?
what is a CCD?
can anyone give me an idea on how to separate pictures that have gotten wet?
Where can you find pictures like these?
Where is the best place to get inexpensive custom canvas prints online?
FL Summer Photography Classes?
what lens do you recommend for this?
What should i do?!?!?
do you know any photographers who specialise or have pictures from behind a gap in a fence/wall/hedge?
How can I find a certain size image?
free photo to cross stitch converter?
I am looking for a digital camera that allows to take multiple photos without any waiting time cheapish?
How would I go about submitting photos to a site for inspection?
What emotions can be expressed through water photography?
When might you experience light ‘fall off’ when using a made-for digital lens on a films camera?
download horror flim
What should i take pictures of using my tripod?
I really need some help with some photos I found in my file please use photoshop?
is doing a photo project on drug addicts cliché/bad taste?
sticking photo's on my wall?
I want to make my photography site better!?
How do I do this photoshop photo effect?
Besides the f-stop, ISO, Lens, what other adjustments are there to make for the perfect picture?
how do people see me:the way i see myself in the mirror or like i look in the camera????
What is it like to have a photography press pass for a concert?
Plz help i cant apload photos on my instagram ?
Will my 1200W generator run my Studio Max II strobes?
My photographer gave us our proofs in boxes that were 5 1/2 x 7 1/2 by about 1" high. Where can I get these???
Anyone know how to do a 'Batch Conversion' for several images from RAW to Jpeg in Photoshop?
I wanna know how to make these pictures?
Whats a good website to post your photos for opinions?
what first professional camera should i buy?
Which camera will give better performance?
is there a site somewhere on the internet where i can get a copy right thing to put over my photography?
what are these called?
i took firework pictures for the forth and?
Picasa Help ?
Are sun flares artistic or trashy?
Is the fujifilm S4000 bridge camera any good?
Is my photo editing too much or just right? (Pictures)?
Overexposure Correction help needed!?
What kind of Professional photography camera should I get?
How late is too late to take good pictures on the beach?
Please give your opinion...?
I have photographs from the Korean War, some are very graphic, i.e. dead soldiers are pictured. Interested?
How to edit photos? Online?
What's the point of taking pictures of yourself?
Is this is a good photo?
why does it take so long to store long exposure shots?
Do you like this?
photo editing site??
need a part time job?
Are there any Voigtlander (Cosina) users out there?
Looking for a public school with a photography degree?
Posing as Opposed to Candid Shots?
Can I post these pictures on my tumblr blog?
Why do some people photograph buildings, trees, and flowers so much?
How do I corrct reflection of myself on digital camera screen when I want to take a picture in sunlight?
Buying a DSLR...body only?
Real Camera?
I received an email called 'the real meaning of words' and there is a photo in it...?
What is your opinion of this image?
Why do I look so different in the mirror compared to the camera?
How do I become a professional/known photographer?
How would you describe the appearance of the star Fomalhaut in this NASA photograph?
What are some contests for High School news crew to enter?
In a picture, how do you blur the background & color splash?
How much should I charge for filming and editing ?
Do you think this caption would be ok for this picture?
Is there an automated way to blur out faces?
I'm having a photo showing to launch my photography business?
What is this image from?
How can I improve my photography?
Photo editing like Colossus (details inside)?
What do you think of my photographer? I'm a beginner?
Is this a good short film for my school?
I have some Photography Questions?
Why would you want a shallow depth of field when taking pictures?
What camera do you recommend for photography?
What effect is being used in this photo?
What is the thing called that holds your negatives while they are exposed onto the paper?
where can i find old high resolution photographs of the united arab emirates?
Flickr photo question?
What other classes should i take for .....?
photography schools in nyc? (10+ points)?
Can someone help me figure out how to edit a picture like this?
Does a online photo-editor exists where you can blend photos?
Take a look... is my photography good? :)?
whats wrong with my light painting?
How do you detach the lens hood on a Sony A200 18-70 lens?
pictures....any opinions?
I would like to edit my 360 photo to black & white. Can you help me?
Does slow shutter give some photos this effect?
Digital versus old fashioned photography?
I would like to create a really basic line drawing of an aperture in photoshop?
What kind of camera do i need if i want to be a photographer?
How much does a horse journalist and photographer make a year?
How to edit photos to look like this? (PHOTO ATTACHED)?
Is there an app where you can make the border around a photo white?
Is photography a good career path? Advice please!?
Rate this picture I took, please?
What do you think of these pictures?
is it possible to use digital photo frame as a ebook reader?
Could I have your opinion of this sunset?
tokina 11-16 vs sigma 8-16?
how do you get many views on Flickr?
Challenge: What is this photograph of ?
how do you become a wildlige photography?
please find me a lighting kit for photography?
HDR with D40?
Where can i find Photography lighting and backdrops?
A few questions about boudoir photos?
what is the best way to get into glamour/everyday modelling?
30x30 cm photo frame?
is there a place where I can rent a camera lens or studio?
in photography, a fast shutter speed is____?
Photography and Business at A-Level?
How can I do a 'cross processed' effect for a video?
i want to be a filmmaker? sorta.?
shutter speed?
canon rebel xti! Zoo Photos Please Help!?
why closed my account?
guerilla photographers and film producers tell me your tactics and stories of no permit projects?
how do I create a high resolution 300dpi image?
Red carpet event - advice?
What do you think of this picture?
question in photography?
What's a good type of professinal digital camera for under $200?
I want to make a funny little moving picture, got any ideas of what i should do in it?
...why some times ...panoramas.....?
help me with his name! (picture!)?
What is a lustre print?
Question for Old School Photographers?
How can i take a nice self portrait picture?
i have studio lamp lights no clue what to do... help?
how to do light graffiti with a finepix s2900?
Model photography for larger models?
Can someone help me with my photography homework please?
How to convince my mom?
where can i find dvp 300 resolution pictures of coney island?
Photography business?
How do people blur out certain parts of a photo on the iphone?
What kind of film for a Minolta XG-A 50mm?
Question about SD cards for digital cameras?
NIKOND7000 problem with noise in pics?
How do you make a picture collage on the iPhone?
How much do senior photos cost?
Does anyone have an image of 'conventional silver halide grains' which are present in photographic emuslion?
would people trust a 16 year old photographer.?
Athletic Fashion Photography?
Newspaper ad for photography contest.?
Mirror vs. camera vs. real life?
where can i find b/w photos of old factories'engines?
How can you change a pic to black and white then put some of the color back?
how to work with photography & artwork in affiliate programs ?
is my camera good enough?
Where can I convert digital photos into 35mm transparencies?
Can you sell your images on even if you are not US Citizen?
need help with a photography assingment!?
Why do I not look anything like my pictures?
Are certain dslr cameras better at photographing different things?
What should the perfect caption be?
Can anyone reccomend a good free online video tutorial for DSLR photography?
what is the best qulaity SLR 35-mm camera?
surfaces in photography?
Where do you spend much of your quality time?
Do I have the right to post pictures I took of a group of children on my website?
Is it normal for a camera to spark when you take a picture for the first time?
compressed air help?
what cameras has Nikon stopped manufacturing?
how is artsy nude photographys a form of art?
Photography Career Help?
Prints of photos at walmart price?
What company makes high quality photo books in Canada?
How many things can you come up with that are black & white?
how do i use the cloning tool on gimp?
How can i get the effect like in these photos?
Can you directly upload photos to computer with an old digital camera?
Where can I find this photographer?
What would be a good camera to start off with if I was to be a photographer?
Who is the model in this picture? pls give me the name if anybody knows?
Help me choose a lens for my Pentax dslr?
Looking for a photography/video camera? What brand?
How do people show pictures on a video, while still talking?
How many world famous photographers can you name?
Name 5 actors,actress,and models who have beutiful eyes?
do you like my photography!? (PLEASE.)?
How can I make a photo fuzzy and warm feeling?
photographers focusing on the human figure?
Good vacation pics slideshow song?
Dope Editing website Facebook Famous / Tumblr Famous People Use ?
Is there any good photography private or classes I can take in MD/VA/DC area?
what are some good photo editing sites?
Best season to take these pictures?? :)?
burning candles??
Know anything about miracle picture editing?
I want to use a watermark on my photographs that I take, but I don't want to use my name.?
how to put four pictures into one?
Photography themes needed asap!?
I need a good flash for my Canon 60d for event photography, any pointers?
I competed in aascf for states 2012 how do i get the photos of national photography (website) ?
tell me what you think :)?
Any advice for a 13 yr old girl that loves taking pictures?
New to Photography?
Interesting Picture?
How do you get photos to look like this?
Is there an adaptor that'll get a Nikon fit Sigma lens, on to my Canon body?
why do you use lens paper only once?
who is this model?! *in profile picture*?
I need a photo caption for my 5 month old puppy!?
canon digital camera advantages?
How does a professional photographer take pictures?
does anyone know the name of this site model?
amateur photographer. what do you think of some of my photos?
Can an atheist get insurance against acts of god?
how do i blow up a picture?
What program is best for creating anaglyph photos that isnt shifty and wont give viruses to a mac?
Can someone identify this child model for me?
zenit photosniper 12 film problem?
What is the best Way to spot a fake Movie Poster?
At GradNite do you have to have a chaperone for every 10 people or can you wonder off by yourself?
Can someone tell if a photo has been altered just by looking?
What is "regi metcalf"?
Need tips from expert photographer?
which photo is better?
Is my Photography any good?
some more of my pics.?
Canon 5D Mk III: About the 2 memory card slots?
How do I remove motion blur from a picture?
Feedback on my photography?
I want to join the Bridges Transition site but you need a site id and i dont have one, what do i do?
Greatest portraits ever?
What is the best quality digital camera that will provide good zoom and pixels as well as a decent price?
does anyone no how to get or make a moving pic?
What do you think of my photographs?
Good photography ideas for in the house?
why do I get this weird lines during video or photo?
I'm looking for a photograph....?
Coping with stress from photography?
Pics turned into posters?
What do you guys think of photography as a proffession?
What is the best photo for my book?
Does anyone know if the Pentax k10d is a infra camera will its effects be enhanced when placing a red filter?
What are those pictures made up of hundreds of little pictures called?
are there any online editors that have the lens flare effect besides lunapic ?
Is there a Website where you can add water images to your photos you want to print?
how to capture thunder from a digital camera ?
Photo Collage software.?
Can any tripod work with any digital camera or camcorder?
Wide Angle or Telephoto?
I need some tips for first time 'family photography'. Help please?
Names for a Photography Line/Company.?
do professional photographers use effects?
What do the berets in the picture signify?
look here urgent?
Can anybody give feedback on the quality of the canvased prints by Kodak?
What happens if your negative film strip touches another one?
Aviary Image Editor Trouble?
finding female models - wages for models?
How do people take pictures "holding up the leaning tower of pisa" or some other landmark?
Which is a better profile picture for me ?
What will it take to be a professional photographer?
What is the best/top rated photography school in Calgary Alberta?
Should I start modelling? X?
Is this a good Picture....??
Which picture should I put into the school yearbook? =]?
Website to upload photos on from a wedding?
I'm studying photography and I need to practice the tecniques recently learned due I'm looking for?
Can anyone give me ideas for themed pictures ?
what do you like of my photography?
Good photography college ? Ohio ?
how much should amateur models and models with no experience be paid?
How can I recreate this brown, aged effect in a black and white darkroom?
Critique my new baby portraits?
Do you like Sunsets or Sunrises?
I'm really struggling with Uni, please help me...?
Is there a simple one-step publication to understanding photoshop 'layers'?
what to put in a photography portfolio for a college interview?
Picture of a hippo that is 640 X 640 pixels? Please help.?
Can you give me a website which will give me money for photographs for callander?
Wat kind of digital cameras are nice for sports?
Question 2. Photo taken from plane. What are these strange lines ?
What am I doing wrong in this photo?
Do i need to change the F Stop when double exposing medium format film?
Is a photographer a great career financially?
How do i make a picture look like a renessance painting?
Camera for Photography Help !?
Does anyone know any sites like this one that will post to the uk?
How do people make special photo effects?
Where can I take a group of regular photos(not digital)to be made into a collage?
where can i download photography books for free or read online for free.?
A picture of me and my car... what would be a good angle shot?
How can I write an essay on "if I were a film maker" ?
Where do you get your inspiration and ideas from?
Why Lightroom cannot open RAW files?
Rate my photograph!?
Do I owe the client a refund?
I want to hire a male model in Memphis, TN?
Whom should I email to get a photo/press application for the Honda Civic Tour 2010?
is this a good camera?
How to fix a HORRIBLY Underexposed Pic??
How do you create image rollovers (that appear to pop up and down) in Dreamweaver?
What's the difference between a monopod and a tri-pod?
How can i sell an idea to sony ?
I need the full version of this picture ?
Help with poses for my husband and 2 brothers.....?
Am I good at photography (pics included)?
pixels and dpi?
why can't you take pictures in the mall?
Is there any way to make a fuzzy picture clear?
A photo editing site? PLZ?
Does my darkroom need to be dark 100% of the time?
Can anyone mention some of the photography sites where one can create an account and upload photos?
Is there a way to convert pixels to 1's and 0's so a picture can be enlarged without distortion?
in arts -the part of a picture that seems to be behind the main object?
How to take a nice nude pic?
how can i become a site model?
i want your opinion on this girl?
Does this make sense to you?
I want to get into photography but I don't know how to get started. Any advice?
can i find a short term course in photography?
how did he do this effect?
how do you change a black and white photo to its real colour?
Photography GCSE Final Piece.. Need Ideas!?
Do you agree with the Australians regarding models and modeling? (details inside)?
matte box what diffrence?
At what point do I "deserve" a DSLR?
What do you think of my photography skills?
Do you prefer the colour or black and white version of this photograph?
Photo effects........................?
how to make the color black?
are both the Panasonic DMC FZ30 and Canon G5-11 "bridge cameras"?
Is it possible to get press credentials for a blog?
video effects, give a try to answer this?
there is a picture of a punk rock dude leaning over, kissing a princess does anyone know where i can find it?
What's the best photo editing program for a Photography studio?
help i need to get some pictures printed?
Why don't they do this to point and shoot cameras?
would you?
I need to modify an existing ad via photoshop (irony) or create a new ad with existing images. Any ideas?
What is the name of this photo app? Commonly used in tumblr.?
what film does instax mini 10 use?
is 10.2 megapixels good quality?
how can i do this to my picture?
how do you take a photo from above yourself, by yourself?
how do you put an image from google as your myspace or project playlist picture.?
Canon T3i + 50mm 1.8 or T2i + 50mm 1.4 Which would you get?
Photography: What represents fantasy?
what is the best college for going major in photography?
What camera do most people on Tumblr use?
Where to get 120mm film processed?
what do you think of my photos?
will you judge these ten photos? ?
Some good fisheye lenses?
Does contact lens make your eyes bigger? Any contact lens? With degree or without degree.?
Managing Shutter Speed Canon PowerShot SD1100 IS?
who is your favorite instagrammer?
cute poses for boys for photographs?
Which One Should I use(Pictures)?
Whats the point in having a high aperture lens? It doesn't seem like people use it?
How would I go about making a Photography book of Pennsylvania State Parks?
35mm Camera for Street Photography, under £100?
where can i buy prints by Mitch Ikeda of the Manic Street Preachers? (to hang, not in a book)?
How would a lomography Action-Sampler cope with fuji velvia 50 colour slide film?
A question to professional photographers... do you believe in the notion of being photogenic/ unphotogenic?
senior project on photography? answers please?
What's the biggest wedding and reception you've ever photographed?
will film photography be disappear? any one know a good web address to find dark room, paper etc equipment?
Help me make my pictures like this!?
how do I edit a photo so that its in black and white but certain things in the picture are still colored?
As a photographer, what is your dream?
Stuck finding a book about a film director(i think) buying a photobooth, HELP!?
How to fix brightness/lighting on a photo?
I need a really cool background for my business cards. Any ideas. I own a surveillance company?
Photography classes near Sacramento California?
a website to decorate pictures (photography)?
what is a good macro lens for a Canon EOS 60D?
how can i make special effects in home films like magic?
What can disrupt a photograph at the point of being taken?
iv edited these using photoshop.. could u peepz plz comments.. i want to print dem as posters for my room..?
what kind should i buy...????PLEASE READ!
We are getting married on the beach. Photographer is included in our package..we don't get prints but a CD
famous christmas tree photographers? (don't have to be THAT famous?)?
What resolution do you use for emailing photos?
Where is Robert Frank?
35mm film in a holga?
Problem photo ?
Why doesn't anyone notice me ?
How do you shoot in black and white on the Sony Cyber Shot DSC-W570?
How to layer 2 photos?
is it true that photos(by camera) make you look wider?