Does any think these are good pictures.?
What should I name my tumblr?
Should I feel this way about a cast photo shoot that we have to do for a play? ?
what is the name of the object use in a photo studio to cut passport size photos apart?
Do you like this picture?
What do you think of my photos?
How to do a light trail using D5000 step by step please?
What's a good camera with amazing quality?
What do you think of this budding photographer??
Im only 13 but I want to take some photography classes?
how to take passport photos at home.?
Can someone change the background of this image for me?
What do you think about nude male representations in arts?
what is the best school for an mfa in documentary film/video production?
Which picture is better?
How can I get a good clear picture of a coin as I am getting a lot of glare with my camera?
Is Photo School worth the money?
What is the best but not so expensive DSLR Nikon camera out there right now?
where can i get more pictures like this?
Im looking for a place online or program where i can add cool effects to photos.?
how do u put different pics on ?
Bill Brandt: Behind The Camera qoute?!?
I spilt water on some photographs wil they be ok?
where can i buy 12" by 12" picture frames?
Do you like having your picture taken and why?
How do you become a site model?
looking for a site model;dont have a camera;?
Picture size? any way to resize?
Has anyone used the new Nikon 85mm f/1.4G on a D700? How did you like it? Can you point me to any results?
how to show smell in a photograph?
Best apps for words on photos?
What's your favorite picture (that YOU have taken)?
konica minolta biz hub 162?
Are these photos legal for use?
I feel like I am the most unphotogenic person ever?
Can film negatives be flipped?
Does anyone know where I can find the picture of a face in the sky from 9/11?
how do you add that kind of faded lights effect to a picture?
How do you make cool pics??
Is there a website where i can age my picture for free?
is a nikkor 50mm 1.8g a good lens for my nikon d3200?
Where can i find photoshop jobs online?
Who is this a photo of?
what is the meaning of red star patch?
How can i tell what size lens my video camera is?
how do i use the high speed shutter function on a Magnavox CVR-330?
Do you need an external flash to bounce off a reflector for studio/outdoor lighting?
Canon 550d focus during video ?
What do you think when you see this picture?
where is the "a Sailor's kiss" statue?
How many photos can be taken on a Lomography Color Negative 400 35mm using a Fisheye One?
Somewhere which has HD background images?
How should I structure a vignette for this picture?
Best dSLR camera for a beginner?
Does this picture look too edited?
what is a good ameture camera?? For a beginner photographer?
Photography to be Photographer?
A cheap tripod for Manfrotto head?
professional photographers please help me out here!?
In photoshop how do you...?
What are your opinions on this photograph?
Are there many differences in photographs when using a Digital vs a Manual?
How do you get your photography published?
What type of camera is in this photo?
Is this a pretty picture?
Do you think I could be a professional photographer?
how can i give the photo samples to my client?
How much should i charge for full publishing rights for a picture i took?
Best camera settings for taking pictures of fireworks without a tripod?
Kodak z915 or Fujifilm S5100?
Format question ********?
Why do I look better in a mirror than in a picture?
good ways to take pictures with a friend?
Tips for Kodak Z980 !? HELP?
Please can somebody help me? i want to work in film but have no clue how to get started anyone can help?
What would be a good caption for this photo?
Good art school in NY for photography?
how can I change the background of my photos taken while remodeling the house?
Does anyone experience skin irritation when exposed to darkroom (photographic) chemicals?
Photography websites?
name of an art photographer who takes portraits of people they know.?
any tips on how to get special effects on the catchlights on the eyes?
Harsh Sunlight Photography Tips?
EASY:: Will You photoshop this picture really quick? It will take like 2 minutes!!?
band posters....?
Should I invest in a Nikon D800 or D7000?
Website that had many galleries of photographs of abandoned asylums?
Any one know of some really good Photo editing websites?
Is the right side too weighted in this picture?
Free Photo color editing software?
what is a good magazine or book to learn about photography and cameras?
ABSTRACT Professional Family Portraits????????
How to transfer pictures from one SD Card to another but still shows up(playsback) in the camera? Photography?
Good photography cameras?
I am doing pictures for a girl's wedding tomorrow. She can't afford much. Should I charge less?
help with pictures?
How can I leave one object's colour in a black and white video?
Cheapest alternative to a high-end DSLR is a film SLR?
Wedding/Reception photography- HELP!!!!?
Online Photo Collages?
i need some photoshoot ideas for a male?
where is the manual release handle on elite gates?
i am doing a photo competition . some ideas please ?
How do I start a photography portofolio?
is their a website that allows me to submit my photographs and people comment on that ?
What do you think of my photos?
How do you get rid of the red light when taking pictures on the > sony alpha nex 5 Camera ?
does walmart sell digital cameras for under 60$?
Photo editing help please?
What is wrong with this picture?
Picture Finishes and Cover?????????????
Do these pics interest you at all?
What causes pictures to stick to the glass in a frame and how is it prevented?
Photography assignment ideas?
Photo editing studio advice?
What is this?
How do I take pictures of the moon and clouds without overexposing the moon and underexposing the clouds?
Are these pics good for a 13 year old?
How is my photography?
what type of camera is this? were can i get it?
I am looking for ideas for a creative and fun Halloween/Fall photoshoot?
What happens to photos that aren't picked up?
what do you think using macro lens with extension tube..??
How do you stop your hands from trembling when holding a camera?
How to build a home darkroom to develop color photos?
What are some good webistes for editing pictures?
Photograph or Painting ? Which is more realistic in your opinion ? A photo of a scenery or a painting of the .
How set up ISO for fujifilm fine Pix S1730 camera to 800?
What do you think of this photo I took?
um which picture looks better?
I need some help (Photography)!!?
Do you noe of any shop tat offers mug printing services?
How can I make magazine cutout pictures look nice if I can't afford to frame them? I have about 100 of them.?
Photoshop crop tool question. Can somebody tell me if this is right, and why?
Best caption for this picture...?
How do you get a photographers pass to Concerts/Gigs?
light writing photography help please?
What othe things can i do with photoshop?
How was this photo edited?
Video camera help!!!?
Noise Reduction?
Does this photo look good?
Which lens should I get for my Nikon d3100?
should i continue with my photogrphy or not? i would like it to be a life thing...?
Photo of my friend, B&W or color better?
How to make a downloaded picture have an effect from one of the effects on Photo Booth?
What do you think about this picture?
Question about macro [really close up] photography?
pleeeeease heeeeeeeeeeeeeelllllllllllllp.?
where can i find puertorican layouts for myspace?
what are photos called that have a darkened background?
it´s easy to find models to pose nude for first time photographer? is it expensive?
How do you do this photo editing effect?
Can someone please help find this photo?
As I told you earlierMy Pentax camera is K1000 having originally SMC Pentax-A Zoom lens 35-70 mm lens which I?
Adobe Photoshop!?
How did the famous aviation photographer Frank Schaefer died?
How to maintain high quality photos?
How to get the stars effect on top of my picture..?
Am I a good photographer?
What would be diffucult about being a photographer?
How to get your photo taken with a girl?
how do i make a picture im taking a circle?
I am looking for a GREAT photo editing site, similar to picnik, picmonkey, etc. Any suggestions?
my picasa pictures recovery?
Instagram photos dont look good?
How often do you use autofocus?
Photography picture questions?
where can I develop 120 format film?
How to edit photos professionally?
What should the optimum size be for photographs on a website?
When I photograph the sun, why does a black dot appear in its middle?
How to get more comments and fav's on my flickr photo stream?
How do I retrieve deleted photos from my camera's memory card?
when i take a pic in the mirror my flash shows up in the pic but I can't turn the flash off because it 2 dark
How do I get a RAW image to a JPG?
What's the cheapest DSLR camera?
for other pro photographers....?
what is the name of the female photographer who re-inacted old murder scenes?
Picture definitions exp full length full face ext.
Help on photography ?
Film Professional Bodies or Associations HELP?
Does the photobucket staff SPY on your pictures?
Why is it when you take a picture in the mirror you cant see yourself in the photo?
how to make a olan mills style photo with two faces?
why do some people look great in photos but not in real life? (and the other way around)?
What makes the picture: The Photographer or The Model?
How can I increase the clarity of a scanned photo?
How can i change large image resolution to small resolution. for my Sony w me?
info on landscape photography....basic facts, jobs, colleges, etc?
Personalized Glass Frame?
how can i get a picture like this on my camera?
Wedding Photogs....Icing on your cake?
Are you a wedding videographer?
Have you ever bought a used camera?
i have a web site for my photography buisness and i would like to post my work/pictures on my site...however i?
how to make one photo with two of you in it ??
How to post a flash image on a forums thats on my PC ?
How do you merge photos so its like a panorama?
Do you ever copy another photographer's style?
Why wont the shutter release work for the ae-1 program?
Help me Find a good 'red-eye' software package?
Which picture looks better?(graphic design/art)?
Extracting parts of foreground in Paint Shop Pro X2?
If I use Paint Net how would that effect my Picasa 3?
What do you think of these Pictures?
Where can I get some professional photographs taken on a budget?
where can i find pictures from camp?
What is wrong with my photos?
What is the easiest coolest way to put a photo album online? Like Flickr, but with my choice of music and back
I'm going to Alaksa, what would be the best camera/equipment to have/get?
How to format nikon d7000?
Canon student discount? Photo?
Do picasa albums embedded on a website update automatically...?
Where can I buy 120 film(Los Angeles)?
Do you know what kind of effect this is for pictures?
What is the best way to store polaroids?
Need help with a Nikon D40, and telephoto and wide angle attachments. I am not sure how to make them work.?
Is HEq6pro as dood as Eq6pro sky watch gm mounts for photography?
how do i format my memory card into my HP Photosmart M415 camera so itll work?
GHOST?! in picture...?
Windows VIsta Wallpaper?
I need help finding a photography app for the iPhone. Description is below?
Photography: What is Bulb Setting And How Do I achieve it?
Does the image engine algorithms greatly affect the Signal to noise ratio on a sensor?
Should I sell my Camera Gear?
Photoshop pros: What is the purpose of creating layers and masks?
Anybody good at super-imposing people into pictures? I need a favor for school project.?
Looking for photo studio to rent hourly?
Any body know ,Where I will convert16 mm film DVD format?
If I take a bus will they show a film and provide a restroom?
How do you put pictures onto a flash drive from Picasa?
Would you sacrifice your artistic vision to please a client?
Does this picture look proffesional?
Is my best friend pretty, she is insecure?
Do you need a fix?
My Picture Copyrighted?
im looking to see what a picture is worth the number is D42495?
How Does This Picture Look Familiar To You?
Will I be a good photographer?
does anybody know where I can get that poster?
What do you think of my pics?!?
How do the apaches move there home?
Cute camera poses................?
I have a MF/AF switch on both my camera body and lens, which do I use?
does anyone mind looking at my photography?
another name for media photographers?
GIMP Image Editor help!?
How to add space effect on a picture?
What is the best camera and type of lens to buy for taking photos of wildlife and landscapes?
How big of a border for my picture?
Look at this link and answer this easy question?
Chance Of Becoming A Director Of Photography?
i have completed and want to do photography and videography. What salary should i expect after it?
what are some things to use to cover the face besides a mask?
Adding watermark to multiple images?
Do think it is annoying when people with no photography knowledge answers your question?
Research and resources for a period piece photo shoot.?
okay how old do i look in THIS picture?
How can I get better at photography.?
Canon Rebel 10.1 MP SLR Digital Camera?
what do u see??????????????
how can zoom the picture when it on email?
How do I impose faces over a picture?
what is the best 50mm lens?
SONY A100 SLR, Duplicate file names, how do I change it
furreal this time, haha how pretty?
When will digital have the same resolution as a sheet of 8x10" film. Same resolution as a frame of 6x7cm film?
PC vs MAC for a professional photographer, does it matter which one?
Need photograph of an old pier/boardwalk!! Ideas?
New Billboard Picture In Houston Of Me...What Do You Think?
Does anyone know what photo program you need to add select color to black and white photos?
Do you know anything about AGFA Photo Printing?
Photo Chemicals?
where can i find still life photos of fruit in baltimore,md?
How do I add hair in GIMP?
Please provide me basic beginner tips on Photography?
where can i get some pictures of betty boop in her birth day suit?
Can you look at my photographs?
People professional in photo effects?
I need some photography help?
Do all polaroid cameras print photos.?
What's the best free online photo editing program?
Most popular digicam nowadays?
setting for moving pictures?
I need help deciding between these two Nikon lenses?
are these any good?
how do i take a phote of myself in this contrast?
Aspiring Photographer! Can I have some help!?
how do i compare life to a blurry picture?
How do I become tumblr famous?
where can i get some pics of baby bats and megabats and bats at night??????????
A lighting question?
how do models get paid?
Beautiful Picture of Me?
Digital Camera For Intermediate Photographers?
Where can I get some professional photographs taken on a budget?
What is your definition of pornography?
What are the optimal focal and aperture ranges for the AF-S Nikkor 18-70mm 1:3.5–4.5G DX lens?
how do you make pictures like these...?
How can i make textures look HD ?
Are all professional photographers feminine acting?
How to find inspiration when you live in such a dull town?
how much does a photojournalist make a year?
Please tell me what you think..?
Do you like this pic I took?
Can I use a digital camera to copy slides negatives and photographs?
What do you think of this photo from my first experience with film?
I am looking for superimposing photography programs on the web, anyone have any suggestions?
Do people look more attractive in real life than they do in a digital camera photo?
Petersen's Photographic Magazine!?
In photography why you have to edit your photo?
How do you make black and white photos with color in them with paint shop pro photo x2?
Where can I get yearbook pictures to view online?
How do i set up a camera to record some one with out them seeing?
Is there a software available for free that works like the software in Dove Evolution?
is there a site where they show before and after photos on the topic of age?
If i have a two year degree in photography would it help me on my way to get a degree in industrial design?
Do you use the cardboard backing inside a frame?
How do I upload pictures from my Kodak digital camera to my computer?
what are your honest opinions on my photography?
Can someone tell me what my face shape is? Photo included?
who is the hot babe on the ad for this service?
photography ideas on colour?
Trade my DSLR for a Micro-four-thirds?
question on photography?
How do I blur the background of a pic on my camera?
program that allows you to put sunglasses on your photos?
What is a Tele Macro lens?
Looking for a Student Photographers.?
An truck was stolen at my work, we have the man on film, but I cant unpixel the image to see his face. Help!?
Issues about the Exilim EX-Z80 camera!?
Instagram? photo>??etc??
Which is better Canon or Nikon?
Can somebody help me to know how is like working with an Italian photography studio called White Loop Studio?
Why can't I save JPEG images in CS5?
Do you like these 2 pics?
how cool do these pictures look?
Photographers I am I pretty?
What's a good program I can use to create a digital photography portfolio?
Photography question?
does anyone want to buy posters for home /office or any room needs a special touch?
Who has more rights to a photo: the photographer or the model?
Learning about film photography?
What are some basic stuff i can do on photoshop?
Is there anywhere that you can buy polaroid spectra film cheap?
Photomatix Professional License Key?
photography, where to start?
question about cameras?
Is it a waste of time to have expired film processed? Will the pics still be there?
what is the name of this model?
I want to learn Motion Capture- any ideas?
Is your camera ever around when you really want to capture a moment?
slide show help?
where can i find inspiring films ?
what is the name of the female photographer who re-inacted old murder scenes?
30 POINTS TO WHOEVER ANSWERS BEST i am a young photographer and i wana share my work on a website!?
Question about Nikon 50mm 1.8 Nikon?
Need To Buy Movie Camera With S-video. Any Suggestions?
Nikon 50mm 1.4G - soft/unfocused photos?
Could someone explain this for me please?
I have a pair of photo-gray glasses. I am wondering, if they are polarized or not?
if i delete picture in photo gallery does it delete in my pictures?
How can I make a digital copy of a 24" x 28" photo?
whats a good funny website( Pictures)?
What would getting a neutral density filter do for me?
Could i get the sharp photos with canon 50mm 1.8/ canon 60D body? So, what are the tips to achieve ?
I want to do a photo shoot with my boyfriend. Anywhere I could go in Toronto?
What do you think about this picture?
I'm I any good?
photographer course?
Is standing out photos...?
I have a ? if u could send me fairy pictures?
Give an example of a large lens opening and explain how this would impact exposure and depth of field?
What is aperature??
How do you make one object in a picture color but the rest of the picture black and white?
when i caputere a photo i will see small spot in baground picture?
Doing my first modeling shoot(male) advice?
Can I make enough money as a Professional Wedding Photographer?
I need some tips on photography?
Restoring Photo at walgreens?
were can i take photography classes in Columbua GA?
What should I do with my photography?
Question for camera experts?
Where can I go to get my picture professionally taken?
How do i put three photos side by side with one another?
Do you like photography?
What kind of photo editing is this called?
Getting into photography- what type of camera should I get?
What is the difference between pattern and rhythm?
what film speed to use for wildlife photos?
Advice/Criticism on my photos.?
What is the difference between a 50mm lens and one that is adjustable to the 50mm range?
What do you think of this picture? (not a rating picture)?
Sigma 70-200mm f/2.8 opinions?
Out of the box model photography ideas?
Looking to get professional pictures taken?
where can I find free stock photos for my goth website?
please ctique my photograph?
I need help photoshopping a fishing picture ?
How do you get this little image thing?
Where can I get Golan Yosef's full biography and photos?
What kind of image editing is this called?
Got any good tips for photograhpy and taking pictures?
Nikon or Canon?
Does anyone know how to convert RAW images into JPEG?
what do you think of my photo?
Comments and Opinions?
Image size on my digital camera?
where can I find really great harry potter wallpapers?
should I put the porno polaroids of my ex on the internet?
Photoshop question regarding Lab color?
what is tabular grain photographic emulsion?
How to I get a panoramic photo in the correct format to take to a store for printing (done from elemnts 8)?
Is it normal for a regular camera to distort certain facial features and make you look different?
Does someone know the production date of this cameras?
where do I find a good quality full length photograph of a woman dressed as a flapper?
One time use cameras-expired film, will the photos turn out?
How can I turn my three bedroom house in to a movie studio?
which dress do u like better? (pix included)?
Anybody know any companies that buy photography,or good websites that buy photography?
What is twice as quick as a shutter speed of 1/100?
Please help decide.?
Are there any good photo spots in Mustang, OK?
looking for a picture...?
Photographer in San Fransisco...I think?
What is the largest amount ever paid for a photograph in a private transaction? At public auction?
please critique my work?
my face is asymmetrical?
Why is photography considered as an art?
Where can I get the best & cheapest A4 photograph paper?
Land Film Polaroid Shooter 2 film?
What's a very good but affordable (i.e. under $200) camera for Candid Photography?
Photo Shoot Party For A Group Of 7,?
Photography Help Needed!?
Advice for Shooting a Wedding?
Photo album / Photo Book Online store?
can i sell this???
What would you call this picture?
pretty or not?
where can i find a school that offers a scholarship in a course in photography?
how do you make a photo black and white on gimp?
30" x 30" soft cube shape box for photos in daylight?
Is there any way to find a pic of constellations with the figure sketch on top of the stars?
How can I become a photographer?
What do you think of these football pictures (midget/peewee)?
Im looking for a good moddelling agency for my baby in London?
What do you think of my photos?
How to take Wedding Pictures?!?!?!? Need Help!?
Origin/info on this picture?
Why???? Do people insist on PHOTOSHOPPING?
How do I know the resolution of a picture to whatever printing size is good before printing?
Do you think this edit is good on this picture?
where can i see some Wainscoting Product Images?
does anyone know where to get paper frames for the 4 strip photos?
do you know a site where I can post my photos and get people`s opinion?
Where can I buy 8mm film for my revere 8 model 77 camera?
i need to know Margaret Bourke White techniques, concept and her influences.?
Can anyone provide me with a good photograph of an elephant gun?
What's The Name of the Women(an) Who Took Self-Portait Pictures Of Herself in Various Styles Of People?
Which picture do you like better?
What common place objects would come up As very colourful during microscope photography?
Dust on my DSLR mirrors?
When is an amateur is not an amateur in photography?
How Can You Put Other People's photos On Your Cover Photo ?
Any good, easy, fun, no download, no signup, online, unlimited photo editors?
have you ever taken nude pictures of yourself on your digital camera?
Photography/Graphic Design Thesis?
tips for a photo set and the location?
Do you think the photography mags are pressurised into overrating new equipment?
I am an inspiring photographer. I love taking/editing pictures. Can I get an honest opinion?
what is this filter/effect called?
How can i edit a santa hat on a picture of my cat or bunny?
Who is this model in this black & white photo?
burning candles??
What are your opinions on this picture???
How old do you think I am in this picture? and is the editing good?
my husband wont stop taking photographs of me ?
Experienced Photoshop users?
home-made headshots?
What do you think of my photos?
Imagepro Print & Go Photo Lite?
How can I make my pictures in high resolution smaller? I am looking for an easy way.?
Writing about a selected photograph... how to begin?
Best sites for editing photos?
Which photo is better?
Need some opinions on some new photos I took today?
2 photos stuck together from condensation (?) How do I peel them apart without ruining one?
How do you get the 'fish eye' effect on your camera?
Digital Photo Frames??? do you know much about them?
Does anyone know how to take black and white/sephia pictures with a Kodak Easyshare C1550 camera?
Photography Robots help?
I would like to take some photography and videography classes in AZ.?
free posters?
where can i go to enter photography contest, with pictures of animals.? please.?
What is the name for photography of womens body which look like other things/images?
What settings should I use for outdoor newborn photography?
tumblr name suggestions?
Please recommend some older, high-res, 4:3 ratio [1600 x 1200] IPS monitors for photo-editing...?
What colors to wear for outdoor engagement pictures?
ringflash for photography?
How do you get your pictures at a certain tint?
am i model status? (pics)?
a random person wants me to take off the watermark in 100 pictures. how much should I charge per picture?
What's a good basic point-and-shoot digital camera that's good for an amateur photographer looking to improve?
senior pictureS?
I am publishing a calendar with local scenes. Some photos are of kids in a parade. Do I need a signed release?
Any photographers out there? I have the pentax istDS it's showing the bats are dead when there new. is it brok
Comments/Concerns how I can improve this image?
How come i look weird in pictures?
Pregnancy photo shoot ideas?
What do you think of this photo I took?
what is the difference between a zoom lens and a telephoto lens?
How to Make Photo Edits?
what are editing picture websites that a lot of asians use?
Camera and photography help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
EOS 1D Mark 2 Sports Photos?
What time of day is best to take a good picture of my leopard gecko?
Polaroid one600 Film Assistance?
ideas for my photography gcse journal book?
Is there a way to save in JPEG from a NEF file without loosing the vibrant colors?
How to load film properly in a Minolta x-700 & other facts?
In what ways could I make money from photography?
what do you think of my photography?
Which camera is best for a beginner?
headshots- commercials and print?
what about this picture?
Question for professional photographers? (Shooting at a concert)?
How does I switch my tamron macro lens to manual shooting?
How do you edit pictures on photobucket mobile?
Photo-shoot/camera questions?
How to take great city skyline photos?
Please help us - re: our wedding photographer & negatives?
What is the term ISO means in SLR cameras?
Photographers on Y!answers!? photography.?
Vintage Photo Shoot Dallas, Tx?
Is there a photography website where you can ask questions to people?
Is two packets of 16 batteries enough for qn off camera flash ?
picture of an 11 year old child?
How can you remove bluriness from a picture?
Picture day ?
How can i eddit multiple photos at once?
i really want to get into modeling but im too small?
what is a good photography theme?
place to save photos?
best bridge cameras to buy?
Looking to buy a Professional Camera?
Which is better non-filters or filter cigarettes?
how big does the photograph have to be to sell good?
Honest opinions on my work?
components of film chemicals ?
On a dslr, when are filters necessary? can switching off and on filters on the lens damage the threads?
what kind of camera is good at taking great photography?
Ok, can anyone find a picture of.......?
Nikon d5100 how to get depth of field?
How/ where can I find a Director of Photography?
HELP Does anyone no any sites to download films?
Help with Canon lenses?
where can i shoot a music video for a child?
How do you edit with Gimp?
Can you tell me any photographers who photographed Graffiti/Street Art?
Where can I get a manual for a cannon 1218 camera?
What do you think of the photo i took?
Where can I find some good wallpapers representing a snowy mountain?
You're Opinions on this Picture?
Do the colors hurt anyone else's eyes?
Which one of my scenic photos is your favorite?
Hey i am planning to learn photography from Karl Taylor. Any suggestions or views on this?
how do i change aperture f stop settings on a canon 600D?
What software should I use to open RAW images in Windows?
What does this camera pose mean?
how do u had these effects on this picture?
Could someone crop out a person from my photo?
How do you make those "Hey did you know" pictures?
Do you know site about....?
How do i put a moving image on a plain image?
how long does the kodak playsport battery last?
Can you name a known modern art photographer who takes black and white art photos?
Photography question?
Is saving pictures off the internet a form of reproducing the image?
Out of these photos, which is your favorite? Why?
Editing pictures.. should all of the photos have the same tone?
Getting started in photography?
is recording of yourself dancing on video a different "view" rather than dancing in the mirror?
Do you know of any photographic artists who's work includes portraits of individuals in their own bedrooms?
How can I print pictures from my cell phone?
is this telescope a good price and good for a beginner?
What do you think of people recommending hobbyist learn on a 35mm film camera?
canon eos 7d cf card?
Where can i buy a descent fisheye?
How to cut an image and paste it into another photo?
How do I find the exposure in a picture?
What are the picture frames that are long, and have 3 pictures to put in it?
sigma 70-300 dg os?is this lens any good with the optical stabilization?
What would be a good medium-format camera to start with?
Is this a good deal on a Used D300?
what is difference between portrait and landscape photos?
Do you like my photography?
What are some easy action-shot subjects I can create at home?
Selling a Photo?
What do you think of this photo?
thanks for answers ealier but dont know whether to buy canon g10 or canon 450d.((I only take scenery picts))?
best nikon lens for newborn photography?
How do I remove a photo as "background" on my monitor?
WHAT are the 7 rules of being professional at photograaphy?
What are these types of pictures called?
Did anyone catch the online coupon code for 10 cent digital prints to order online through CVS yesterday? ?
what is a really good photo editor?
What 18mm-200+mm lenses can be used with Sony's Nex 5?
how can a DSLR get a depth of field like a point and shoot (i.e. everything in focus)?
What does shoot in "raw" mean?
Why is Margaret Bourke-White such a celebrated early photographer?
How many users of Sony R1 shoot RAW?
please help me those who have accounts Animoto pro or plus, should share because I really need?
where can i combine and edit two photos together?
where can i find free artistc photos of most beautiful faces in the world ?
wildland smith and rice international awards natures best photography 2012?
how do i place a picture in my back ground on my space?
Affordable soft wear for photo editing?
Corel Paint Shop Photo x2?
What is this photo effect called?
Project name ideas for my photography?
More photo opinions from you lovely people?
Help with Photofiltre??
What are some steps, tips or tricks in being a professional photographer?
Trying to make my pictures look rustic on photoshop?
What do you think of my Photography?
How can merge a handwritten note on a paper to another photo in photoshop or gimp?
i want a softwere to creat digital map of my city at free of cost?
What kind of film does my camera take and where can I get some?
is The Nikon N75 35mm SLR a good camera?
Could you look at my photos and let me know what you think please?
Can I Put A Copyright Symbol © On My Photography ?
What's the difference between ISO and shutter speed in a digital camera with full manual functions.?
Nik Software cheaper for Lightroom than for Photoshop?
Does any one know what has become of former-photographer Veronika Zemanova ?
post secret?
where can I sell an amazing picture?
What kind of picture edit is this, and what site can i do it?
Does a different speed film affect how a picture looks?
Professional Photo Studios in Chandigarh?
Which picture is better?
What represents 7am and 7pm for you?
Are there any good photo rating sites?
I was told to look up my name look at a picture?
Does anyone know of a website that you can post your photography on?
Could you define the technique of 'the decisive moment'?
I would like to know how to submit a picture when answering?
I want to mount a picture outside in bright sunlight and Az. desert heat and want it to last forever. smile?
How do people make special photo effects?
Photography settings, need help!?
What's a great name for a photography that's not a classic cliché?
Best settings for taking night photos with Sony DSC-HX1?
Really into photography, what camera should I buy?
How long does a lens last?
which adobe software should i download?
need help editing pictures?
What is the best place in UK to have my digital photos printed on canvas?
Can DSLR snap photos exactly as they look on the screen?
Which of these pictures do you like best for the theme community?
Should I purchase photoshop?
What do you think of this picture?!?
where is a good place to download black ops hypnosis course for free?
webcam effects when you take pictures?
how to accept critism?
camera phone photo memory question?
Can you like my Photography Page?
Problems with my nikon n4004s?
How do I use a Polaroid SX-70 Sonar ? I mean, this SONAR device, is it an automatic focus or not?
lindsay lohan photographer?
How do i make individual albums on photobucket?
Where are some nice places to take engagement pictures in the Cleveland area?
What can I shoot out of my Cannon to put more moving force to the target?
Change a Digital Pictures Appearance?
Where can i go to get people to buy my naked pics???
How do people make these kind of pictures?
Looking for a camera to take photos with a vintage look?
What's a good camera to use for photography?
if someone lived in michigan would you photogaph me all alone in my home?
Quick manual on a nikkon d5100?
How do I make a picture like this one?
Why are people so rude to me??
What's good location in Minneapolis, MN for senior portrait?
What are some great Photo Editors?
Please give me any photography tips that you have!!?
Sunset/Sunrise Photography =)?
What is the best Tripod?
Do i have a chance of winning this competition?
what s the best photo shop to use for retouching?
Where can I get really good shots of the London skyline?
where do i find presets for lightroom 2?
which lens is better and why?
I don't know how to write a bio for my photography site.?
Picture re-sizing help?
How much is a Hasselblad 500c (not c/m) w/ Carl Zeiss Planar 80mm f2.8 lens in good condition worth?
What can i photograph to show good colour in a photo for my as levels?
how do i make my pictures bigger?
Where can I find a good gallery of Pulitzer winning Photos on the web?
Photo Shop help plz!!?
Need a nice unique title through which i can i show my childhood time!! something unique,short and simple...?
How should i pay my wedding photographer?
Any tips for someone afraid of having his picture taken?
Does anyone know a good camera bag?
What do you think of my photography?
What camera do you use?
Lighting objects in photos with GIMP????
How do i make a picture like this one?
HELP!!! i need ideas for father-daughter portrait poses!?
Photography college programs on Long Island for high school students?
What's the etiquette when 'firing' a photographer?
Which type of disc should I give for senior pictures?
My phone suddenly takes blurry pictures?
photography: which one's better ?
A camera using an autofocussing system is 3 m away from the subject of the photograph.?
what would be a good name for a photography business name?
How can I shear my photographs with other Photographer?
Can any1 help me out what effect does this photoshoped picture has? or give me some tips?
Camera with infinite long exposure?
for photography geniuses out there.. i really need help!?
what is the difference in zoom on digital cameras... read down?
where to go/get my pet photos scanned/into t-shirts/mugs?
What are the differences between the highlights, midtones, and shadows in Photoshop?
Selling my photography online, where how much?
Could somebody please criticize my photos on flickr?
what do u think about these pics? are they good?
Can i trace over an image to create my own artwork? is it messing with the copyright of the photograph?Thanks?
Please HELP. Who has the tutorial for GIMP?
I was wondering if my photography was any good, could you please take a look and leave a comment. Thanks?
What is the best epson or HP paper weight for portfolio pages?
does anybody know a website where you can like edits your picture like blingee but a website besides blingee?
4 pictures with a title in one frame?
what can you make with an umbrella with no handle?
Can you please tell me which picture is best? Its for a photography contest.?
can i get some bokeh focus help?
How to submit free standard search listing in ? This is a hobby (bird photography site, no ads.?
if i want to be a photographer....?
What are the things on the right side of this picture?
Question about my Nikon D3100?
Why do i look so ugly in pictures?
Where can I purchase a roll of paper for a photo background?
How does this photo make you feel?
What websites can I crop a head and put it on a body in a different picture?
What are the steps to becoming a pro photographer?
freelance photography?
How to edit in faded circles in picture?
hi can anyone tell me where i can put like a picture on a picture like but make it blend in with the picture?
In a DLSR camera, where is the aperture? Lens or camera body?
How should I set my camera for shooting pics for night skies?
Artists and Photographers PLEASE HELP!!
I am trying to find the Charles Baker Art Gallery in Georgia. Help?
What is the best photoshop????
Focusing on a subject in photography?
I'm into photography, but I'm a beginner. What should I start with?
Where can I get a lens cleaned in Adelaide?
Photography questions?
Help me to find this !
what cost for a photo-print for size 20" x30" (20x30 inches)mail /pickup?
I have out dated Kodak B&W photo paper about 400 sheets 8x10. Can silver be recovered from it?
are there any stores in california that give discounts on film development?
photograpy places like pitcure people?
Which photographers are there that look at the idea of memories and holding on to them?
How much do models get paid?
can someone show me a picture of a cthulu?
what is the new photo shop like?
Family portraits on the beach?
How much would you pay for these Polaroid cameras?
what is the name of the camera in this photo?
Problems w/ shutter speed & aperture on my camera!?
Sigma 18-50mm F2.8-4.5 DC OS HSM for mid range zoom on my D7000?
Is buying a used digital DSLR from Ebay to risky?
what qualifications do you need to do a HNC in photography?
how can i minimize a photo size?
Any suggestions for taking night pictures with a Nikon Coolpix?
What can I take a photo of?
how do you enter your viode on wekinz to the contest?
Is there an Ausralian version of amazon or ebay?
What do you think about my photography ?
is there a name for a photography style where you..?
my daughter wants a better camera for christmas she loves to take artistic photos?
Are my photos any good?
How do you get a pic like this?
How can I edit a picture to make it like the one on the Paramore album cover?
Can prints be made from old black and white negatives found in the attic?
How to shoot a long exposure waterfall in daylight without filters and have the image not washed out?
Do you like these pictures I took?
David Cozen UK focus puller/film crew movie set looking for any picture of him?
photography courses what do you do?
im crying, close up pics?? please answer?
Why can't British film makers hold the camera still?
What kind of camera should I get?
What should I charge to photograph this wedding? I don't usually shoot events. (Please read description.)?
does have a picture editor?
What's this photo effect called?
what color is sand..?
Professional photographer questions?
Where could I print film for cheap?
What are some good things to take pictures of for a photo class?
What do you think of this picture???
is there any online photo sites to back up personal photos for free?
A store to find old cameras like a Diana?
Will this tripod work?
Professional Photographers: How can I get valuable training without attending Photography School?
My pictures?
What do you think of my edited flower pics??
Opinion on my photography?
Which 2 pictures should I submit to a photo contest?
What do you think of this photo?
What is the best Canon dslr available?
Will a Hasselblad camera made in 2009 be obsolete in 20 years?
Is the Wacom Bamboo Pen and Touch worth the extra $30 compared to Bamboo Pen.?
How can i make money from photography or something related?
Where can i get a good film camera and how do i develop the film by myself?
How to get models changed for a photo shoot with no changing facilities?
does anybody know what her name is ?(picture)?
Sexy pictures?
How to get a shooting star effect/object in Sony Vegas?
Has this picture been photoshopped?
What is The best dslr camera for professional use?
what is a good resolution for a digital photo frame?
rate my photography.?
where is your favorite spot to take pictures and what gives you inspiration?
Photography Final piece A level?
What is a good underwater camera for under 150 dollars?
How to frame a pic that i only have on my phone? pls help...?
What is important on a Digital Camera?
Can you link me to any images you consider a 10, please?
how to put two pictures side by side?
please help.need to link a web site to mine, who can print and send picture orders,ordered from my website?
i want to make my boyfriend a collage picture frame?
What photo shoots would you like us to do in the future?
Is 20 x 30 A Big Picture?
As a photographer how much do you use photoshop?
how do i make the skin realy pale looking on photoshop?
what is the best way to view kodak photo cd's on my computer?
images of traditional clothing in Brazil?
Can anyone help me with making a panoramic photo?
Starting a photography business what backdrops to start with.?
What are your opinions on this photo?
Do I have what it takes to be a model?
opinions on this picture?
When photographers take a portrait, how do they make the person's skin look flawless?
Weird pictures on!?
Where in Belfast can i find a company specializing in digital displays and small and large print format?
How do you combine several pictures into one picture with each picture viewable?
how can i make my pictures look like they were taken in the 90's?
photoshop pictures which is better?
What is photography so great? PROJECT?
How do you take good photos of cats?
what are some good professional-ish cameras?
Help me name this picture, please.?
what is my black labs name?
What does a professional photographer do?
Is it ok to print out a professional photo for personal use?
i want to make photography my new hobby
Besides the home website, where is the best place to find a variety of plug-ins for Ifranview?
A question about monitor calibration?
Is this a good picture? technically how could I improve in your opinion.?
Need advice, suggestions!?
where do I get grants for a nude photography show, or I need some help to print and frame my work?
can you use anything other than glass to do this skittles under glass effect?
what is the proffessional photography? how to take a proffessional quality picture?
Is it legal to use other peoples free stock photos to sell online for a profit?
What causes a black spot covering one eye in a photo?
An amateur photographer, if i want to show my pics, how can i make sure that nobody uses the images without my
Nude photos for the husband...?
17-40mm or 10-22mm canon lenses help to decide!?
how many pictures can you put on a floppy disc?
do you think chromatic aberrations should be less with higher apertures?
when does the sirius come up?
What kind of CAMERA took this picture?
What photo is better? Technically? Artistically? Pleasing on the eye?
opinions on my photography?
Photoshop vs.
I really need your help!! Thanks .?
Would I need GCSE photography to take it at A level? I developed an interest after we chose our options?
Will a 1024x764 picture look terribly bad if I order it to get printed in 5x7 size at Walmart?
How do I get into photography?
When getting a model to sign a model release form, should I do a carbon copy and give them a duplicate?
software to design band logo and superimposing it on a picture?
What should i take pictures of?????????
How to take good pictures with Fujifilm Instax Mini 25?
Are Gingers Dieseased?
Good camera for a teen trying to get into photography?
did andy warhol take photos or paint pictures?
Okay, wedding photographer question here. Is this shot tired and outdated?
how could i capture such wonderful picture even when using digital camera only? >~~ need tips please?
How to photograph fish?
How too get your picture like this?
get art money to work?
has anyone taken a picture with a digital camera and got images you can not see just by looking?
How do you take a picture of something on your phone?
Does this texture work on this photo in your opinion?
Landscape photography, Can I learn intermediate?
what do u think about this picture?
how do you get this effect on your camera? (pics)?
How can I get more votes in this contest?
Would you rather take the picture or be in the picture?
Does anybody know how to make pictures like this one?
I need a creative title for something about photography?
Photography Brief.... Nobodies?
if a picture says a thousand words, what are some of them?
How do you make a picture look like this?
Witch picture looks better? i need constructive criticism!?
how to be a photographer at the dew tour?
blowing up a photo to fit a frame?
Stupid question about lenses?
do i have a big nose? picture included.?
What tripod should I use?
Can anybody find this picture for me ?
The best way to store pictures for viewing?
Can I layer two photos?
has anyone taken headshots with studio one?
How Much Do YOU Use Auto-focus?? Persentage Wise?
how can i give the photo samples to my client?
What are those pictures called...?
Only for photographers or graphic deigners: Who are the best photoshop retouchers in the world?
A question abot photographing artwork?
Does anyone one know of any good canvas websites?
Nikon D7000: autofocus question?
Black & White Short film, requesting youtube comments?
How can i create an effect similar to this..?
What type of pictures do you like best? black and white, sephia, or color ones?
Is The Ohio State University's photography program as good as they say?
How to make my picture look cool on twitter like those of my friends?
Who else is fed up with stupid questions?
Okay I'm looking for the name of a famous photographer. Here is a list of pictures I recognize by him...?
Are any of these photographs worth printing and putting up in my home for people to see?
Do you use FLICKR or any online photosharing website?
Washington school of photography review?
can somebody tell me where i can find a picture of falling stars?
anyone know the 411 on 126 size kodak film?
how to put all my pictures from iphoto into a time lapse?
How to make one of these pictures?
does anyone know a website I can go to to get picture straight from the books of Little house on the paririe?
when is on photobucket, how can you place words on images?
I'm confused with aperture.. help?
Photography Names??
could i model (as a hobby)?
Should I Go For My Dream ?
Is there a way to make pictures like this?
What kind of jobs can I get with a degree in Photography?
What do you think of my pictures?
If camera lens are circular, then why are pictures Rectangular?
Which app lets me blur out a photo?
Is there a way to share photos with friends and family for free where they don't have to sign up for the site?
photographers,what is the longest you have waited,to get the perfect shot?
i want to become a wild life photographer so what im supposed to do? plz help?
if i replace a photo on tumblr, which i already published, will it lose its likes and reblogs?
How do you rotate a movie from your camera that you took sideways?
how do you think this photo was edited?
Free online software to frame photos?
How did I do on these portraits? (Comment and Critique!)?
What kind of stock video footage is in demand?
Kodacolor VR 100 Film?
Photographer who looks at the theme of park?
Is this the future of D-SLRs?
Diana Mini film help?!?
what do you think of her?
Is my Photography any good?
What photos should I put in my portfolio?
photography camera??????
What books belong in your photography library?
what do you think of my photos? and what can I do to improve?
Affordable DSLR camera?
How do you make those picture cut outs like the ones you find at photobucket?
Canon 550d T2I. Focus points on taking pictures of two newborns?
Do these photos fit the themes of...?
Company photo id paper??
Is the a program that can............?
how do you become photographer and how much do you get paid?
HELP! how can you check the times that a person pressed the shutter release button on a DSLR camera?
How do i take a picture like this?
Good camera under $200?
Any pensive music or good song to put on a montage?
The Influence of 20th Century Painting on Photography?
I am looking for some sincere advice on my photography...?
I want to use 800 or 1600 speed film in my 500 speed camera, what do I do?
What is a good 6-8 megapixel camera?
A few questions about boudoir photos?
Who is in this photo?
What is the difference between good and bad photographer?
why wont my instagram photos finish processing?
To photo edit a picture, would it be better to photoshop it first THEN resize it OR resize it first THEN edit?
What is the name of this Picture?
Removing shade in photography?
What do you thnk you would do?
127 film and and vintage camera help!!!?
LADIES. . .do you think it's weird to pose for erotic photographs?
How can i photograph smoke?
When can overexposed lighting be justified?